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Heat (BTS)

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He went for a walk.

First time alone.

First time without a butler accompanying him.

Of course there's nothing wrong with that, he enjoyed Seokjin's company. But today, it was a rainy day. Rain is something very sentimental to Hoseok, it was very comforting to him. His sleek black dress shoes skid slightly against the pavement with his all black wooden umbrella decorated with gold accents.

Gold Accents?

Of course he could afford it. Does he like to flaunt it? No. He couldn't really care the littlest bit about his wealth but of course he can't change that image, especially since he's the son of the most wealthiest man in all of South Korea. Does anyone know about him really? No, and he'd rather keep it that way.

Being alone in a house for years does something to you.

The environment around Hoseok seemed so light and quiet, he felt as if his steps could be heard a million miles away. There was pattering against the concrete because of the rain and people going about their day. Even slight music playing across the road from him in a café, the smell was blissful but he prefers Seokjin coffee. However, all he could hear was his footsteps the most, it been like that for a couple of miles now. When will he go home? He doesn't know, he's always home...

Although Hoseok swore he could only hear his footsteps, he started to hear faint mewls as he approached a gradually got more audible the closer he went to sounded hurt..

"It's probably just some kitten..poor thing", Hoseok thought to himself, "always so many strays around here..".

As he approached the tunnel and looked into it, he didn't find a kitten considering it was dark inside the tunnel, just silhouettes of trashcans. He scoffed as he thought he officially started to lose it, being home alone in a house for 9 years does something to you, especially if you didn't really like the outside world. Hoseok was about to turn back around walk back home until he heard it again. That hurt mewl. He proceeded to walk back inside the tunnel, past the trashcans...that's when he saw it. The light from the lamp post shone on the deathly pale skin and raven hair of a naked person in front of him...but for some reason, they had ears..

A hybrid in front of him. They was curled into a ball, gripping onto its sides as it continued to mewl. Hoseok stood in front of it, shocked and frozen, he had to do something. The hybrid didn't seem to notice him at first until they heard the sound of an umbrella closing. Their head shot up to see Hoseok and quickly as he could to back up against trashcans, wincing due to the immense pain he was feeling in the process.

"Hey! Please calm down. You're obviously hurt", Hoseok bent down to offer his hand to help but the hybrid slapped his hand away. For some reason, the hybrid had the face of regret for doing that and suddenly flinched.

This was not okay, something was wrong here.

"Please don't be afraid of me..I just want to help you, you're severely harmed. Please let me-"

"Don't touch me!", the hybrid roared, "I don't want to be around another disgusting wealthy scum...I'd rather die..", the hybrid's voiced withered at the end of that sentence. If anything, that broke Hoseok's heart.

Hoseok felt as if he could relate to this poor creature, just by his words already. Hoseok came from a really selfish rich family, he didn't really have the best childhood. All they cared about was money, he wasn't interested in that or what his family's name stood for. He was a kid. What kid would be worried about that? He just wanted someone to be around. So when he got Seokjin as his butler at age 16, Seokjin being 18 at the time, he had someone to talk to and just be around. He felt great. But this wasn't about him right now was it?

"Whatever you think I am, I'm not. I'm sorry that whoever made you have this view did what they did to you but I hate people like me too," Hoseok frowned, the hybrid looked up at him, although Hoseok couldn't see his eyes, he knew the hybrid bored their eyes into Hoseok's, "I'm not leaving you here for dead because if I do, I'll feel shitty and guilty. I promi-"

"Please be talk too much.." the hybrid looked down at the dewy concrete, "..just leave me alone.."

"No, you have to come with me, I don't care if I have to carry you through this rain on my back, I'm going to get you treated. You're now my responsibility.", Hoseok said frantically, "after I get you treated, I'll bring you back to your owner-"

"No! Please! Please don't!", the hybrid backed up against the wall, in a stage of fright. It left Hoseok bewildered, something was definitely wrong here, "t-they still have poor Jimin"

"Who's Jimin..?", the hybrid didn't answer him, they was still in the state of fright.

Hoseok knew he couldn't stay like this forever so he just helped him up. The hybrid was hesitant to go on Hoseok's back but Hoseok was patient until the hybrid gave in and went on. He gave the hybrid his coat to wear and the umbrella to hold as he ran as quickly as he could to his mansion. It was quiet a walk but he knew he'd get there in a shorter amount of time by running. The hybrid was light, Hoseok could feel his ribs against his back, none of this was adding up to Hoseok. Maybe they had left the house and got lost, got beat up by a few rich people when they asked for help but that could also seem unrealistic. They were naked for god's sake.

"What if they...oh god..", Hoseok's blood began to boil but he slowly calmed down when the hybrid's arm wrapped around him tightly and its tail wrapped around his waist. Hoseok didn't stop running until he reached his mansion.


"Mr. Jung, you're back earl- oh my what is this?", Seokjin furrowed his eyebrows as he saw the view in front of him. Hoseok's breath was heavy, making soft clouds in front of his mouth, he was also very wet, and a hybrid on his back, raven black hair in contrast of their pale complexion, ghostly pale complexion.

''Seokjin, quickly run a hot bath for the hybrid, while the tub is filling up get them some clothes and tend to their wounds. I have to call Namjoon immediately.", Hoseok rushed inside the mansion with the hybrid on his back.

"Yes sir", Seokjin quickly bowed, closing the umbrella and putting it away before carefully taking the hybrid off Hoseok's back. Hoseok took off his soaked shoes and socks as he ran up to his room on the second floor. He almost tripped on himself as he grabbed the telephone alongside his bed and dialed Namjoon's number. Three rings passed, a deep voice emitted from the other end.

"Hello, this is Doctor Kim, how may I help you today?"

"Joon, it's Hoseok. I need you to come to me as soon as possible, I found a hybrid while I was taking a walk today. They were in a tunnel next to a dumpster. They look like they're about to drop dead any second, they're so pale and in need of food. Seokjin is currently bathing them but I really REALLY need you to come right now!", Hoseok pleaded with every cell in his body, his hand gripping the back of his hair in stress.

"Hoseok please calm down. I'm coming right now, maybe in 10 mins. While I'm coming, make some thin soup. We don't know if they're malnourished or not but if you say they look like they're about to drop dead then they mostly likely are. Just prepare that and light sandwiches, we don't want them fainting. Also be careful of any fractures they might have, we don't want it getting worse." Hoseok heard shuffling in the background, meaning that Namjoon was really coming asap. It made Hoseok warm inside and thankful. "I'll be preparing a check up on him, is that all for now?"

"Yes, thank you so much Namjoon"

"My pleasure"

Hoseok waited and waited, tapping his feet lightly against the floor. It's been 15 minutes, neither Seokjin, the hybrid, or Namjoon have came yet. It was starting to make him worried as the soup cooked on the stove. The soup was the least he could do. And as if some god read his mind, there was a knock on the door. Hoseok trudged to it and looked to find Namjoon smiling, his deep dimples revealing itself. "Hello."

"Welcome", Hoseok moved from the door to make the doctor walk inside. They walked to the dining room table so that Namjoon could prepare his gear and supplies. Unwrapping new needles, collecting some liquids in them, he put on gloves and stethoscope around his neck. In his briefcase he also had wraps and casts in case of any fractures, he also had more supplies and so on and so forth.

"Where is the hybrid?", Namjoon questioned, not looking up at Hoseok as he took out test tubes and more needles from his briefcase. The poor hybri-

"To be honest, I don't kn-"

"Mr. Jung" Seokjin poked him head out of the bathroom "and Mr. Kim", Seokjin bowed politely, Namjoon doing the same, "I've prepped them well and did the best I could in treating they're wounds. Shall I bring them out?"

"Please do", Namjoon gestured to the seat right in front of him, Seokjin nodded before carefully guiding the hybrid to the chair. They was dressed in all black. Black shirt, black sweatpants, black socks, and black slippers, all too big for him. But then again, Hoseok wasn't really a small person. As the hybrid took a seat in front of Namjoon, they kept their head down with their ears down as well. Their hair was washed and dried, covering their eyes still while the tail flicked behind them, agitatedly.

"Seokjin, please go check on the soup", Hoseok whispered into his ear, Seokjin nodding before walking off. Hoseok took a seat next to Namjoon as they both stared at him.

"Is it okay if I ask some questions?", Namjoon asked politely, the hybrid just nodded, still looking down at the ground. "What's your name?"

"Min Yoongi", they dully responded, Hoseok felt so stupid for not asking for his name originally.






"March 9th, 1993"

"I need to take your height and weight, can you please step on the scale beside me?", Namjoon asked softly to see if the hybrid can walk. Yoongi stumbled a bit getting up but walked to the scale and stepping on it, it read 114lbs. Namjoon sighed before standing up with a measuring tape and measuring his height after Yoongi had gotten off the scale, "5'9..", Namjoon mumbled to himself before gesturing for Yoongi and him to sit down.



"I had a feeling you were", Namjoon smiled at himself, "How long has it been since you left your previous owners?"

"About three days ago.."

"Three days doesn't make a person, or hybrid in this case, go malnourished", Namjoon furrowed his eyebrows, taking his eyes off his clipboard to look at Yoongi, "there can only be two ways that's possible and that's either you're not a big eater or they starved you...which one was it?"

"....starved me", Yoongi's voice became really low and barely audible, Seokjin had walked back in the dining room now, signaling to Hoseok that the soup should be done in 15 minutes.

"May I ask why?"

Yoongi fell felt like the whole world stopped because no one moved, they were all just waiting for the hybrid to get comfortable and speak.

"...They wanted a petite body to use at their disposal for their sexual desires", the way he said 'their' had so much venom on it, "they wanted me to have a very petite body so they would starve me for days, weeks even. But they also wanted to keep me alive so they would give me bread or porridge every once in a while. They even beat me."

"Beat you? For what?", Namjoon and Hoseok couldn't see anything considering that his head was down and he was now covered in clothes, hell, Hoseok couldn't even see it before hand because of how dark it was outside.

"They would beat me if I gained 1kg or any form of baby fat, and considering I was beat so harshly and still had to listen to their orders, I was also beat for moving too slow for them as if they didn't just abuse me. They'd just go at it for at least an hour before making their body guard drag me a dungeon of theirs and cuff me against the wall. I guess I escaped because they didn't lock it tight enough and my arms just slid out"

The whole time Hoseok was hearing this he was fuming. This was not what he was thinking at all, similar in a way, yes, but not at all what he wanted to hear. Boy, was he gonna get back at those owners... The whole time Namjoon was listening to Yoongi speak, he wrote down key details before resting the clipboard down on the table.

"I'm gonna need to examine you so if you don't mind, and are able to, can you stand up for me and lift up your shirt?", Namjoon was cautious considering he didn't know yet if the hybrid had fractures.

Yoongi nodded and stood up. He hesitantly fiddled with the hem of the shirt he was wearing before pulling it up above his collarbones, it was such a horrific sight to see. The expressions of everyone's face dropped, a 'Jesus Christ' escaped from Namjoon's lips and that's scary coming from a doctor. Namjoon touched slightly against the deep purple and black bruises that decorated his torso, you could see his ribs almost clearly. Yoongi winced at some of the touches from Namjoon, his eyebrows furrowed as he concentrated. There were finger bruises around the top of his arms by his armpits and it infuriated Hoseok to the max. When Namjoon motioned Yoongi to turn around, there were long slashes along his back but they were looked like they were getting somewhat healed. Namjoon told Yoongi to sit back down as he placed the stethoscope on his chest above his heart. He ordered Yoongi to inhale and exhale deeply, moving the stethoscope to his back and doing the same thing there. He wrote down some numbers on his clipboard from what Hoseok could see and continued to examine his legs. If anything, Yoongi's legs looked worse than his whole torso, his owner really wanted to break his legs so that he couldn't get anywhere. When Namjoon pressed a certain part of his ankle, Yoongi let out a little gasp. Namjoon grabbed one of the wraps and carefully wrapped his ankle and put it back down the floor. The whole time this was check up was happening, it was deathly quiet, just little instructions given here and there and Seokjin checking the soup. It felt so suffocating to Hoseok. Namjoon tied a blue rubber tourniquet onto Yoongi's arm and prepared the needle and tubes to draw blood. Yoongi grimaced to the feeling of the needle poking in his vein but Namjoon was quickly done after drawing 3 small tubes of blood and disposing of the used needles and rubber tourniquet. He checked his temperature and pulse next before writing down those results on the clipboard before speaking.

"Normally, hybrids heal on their own but considering you've been malnourished for a while, your body is doing the best it can to heal you with the energy it was left. You seem to have a small fracture in your ankle so that's why I wrapped it but so far everything else seems fine. I do have to check your blood at the clinic since I can't bring my whole office here", Namjoon chuckle, making light of the situation, "but otherwise you have to make sure you are fed and are resting" Namjoon directed that to both Yoongi and Hoseok. "There is no way I'm letting you go back to your owners as I cannot do that as a doctor and as a close friend of Hoseok. I'd sign you up for adoption again after you regain your energy but I wouldn't want another episode like this happening if you were in the situation of being adopted. I'd much rather you stay with Hoseok but then again, it's not my choice. Which one would you prefer?"

Yoongi looked up briefly before looking back down at the ground, "I guess Hoseok...", that made Hoseok smile.

"Good choice, and Hoseok, which one do you prefer?", Namjoon looked at him with a face that said 'I swear if you don't take him-'

"Well...obviously I have to take care of him, I don't quite trust anyone outside", Hoseok mumbled.

"Perfect", Namjoon clapped his hands together, "I'll get the papers done after I finish with the usual hybrid check ups."

"Usual hybrid checkups?", Hoseok questioned

"Yes, I need to check his urethra to make sure it's not blocked, sperm samples, prostate, and sensitivity. I have everything prepared", Namjoon reassured them, "also Hoseok, after all of this is done, I'm going to need you to search up on my clinic's website of basic hybrid information. I don't think you know much about them", Hoseok shook his head, "I thought so, make sure to do that tonight. Otherwise, I'd like to get started on the second half of this check up."

Namjoon carefully grabbed a needle with reddish pink fluid inside of it, "what's that?", Hoseok questioned

"It's an aphrodisiac called Dionysus, it's used on hybrids to make their sensitivity heighten whether it's for sexual reason or punishments, of course not like beating punishments, something like a calming on, and affect them for a couple of hours. In this case, I'm using it for the sexual reasons so that I can get his DNA and that the process can go faster." Namjoon explained as he inserted the needle into Yoongi's vein, "it should start working in like 30 seconds to a minute." Namjoon made sure to get every last drop into his vein before disposing of the needle. "Yoongi, when was your last heat?"

"Like...a week before the beating", he mumbled

"Your next heat will be in 3 months then", Yoongi nodded to that, "and hyung, I know I literally just mentioned it but I can't stress this enough. I really need you to read the hybrid basics to know what you're doing and how to take care of one. He'll need to get milked soon but I don't know when, you'll have to see his symptoms.", Namjoon deadpanned him, Hoseok sighed heavily and nodded.

"Mr. Jung, the soup is almost ready", Seokjin looked at his watch briefly as he stood by Namjoon's side next to the kitchen, "hopefully it will be done by the time Mr. Min's checkup is done, yes?"

"I mean, it gonna take a while. You might as well put it on low heat when it's done or just reheat after" Namjoon shrugged, "up to you"

"Understood", Seokjin put his hand over his heart before dropping it back down by the seam of his pants.

At that moment, a low rumbling emitted from the small hybrid in front of them, like purring. Hell, Yoongi was purring. "He's affected by it", Namjoon calmly announced. Taking his rubber gloved hand, he waved it in front of Yoongi's face, "still with us Yoongi?"

Yoongi's tail wrapped around his right leg as his leg swayed a bit, his purring dialing a bit more up but he heard Namjoon and nodded, "yeah.."

"I need to check your sensitivity, meaning I will be needing to touch you. It is okay if you don't want me to, I can let someone else do it or you can. Which one would you prefer?", Namjoon spoke slowly so Yoongi could understand everything he was saying. Yoongi repeated his actions of swaying his leg and purring before responding with a faint 'you' to Namjoon. He ordered him to lift up his shirt again, which Yoongi complied to, and started roaming his hands softly over Yoongi's torso. Over his chest, down to his stomach, over his waist and hips before trailing back up to his chest. Yoongi did wiggle a bit to the slight touches and let out tiny whimpers, but it was until Namjoon started playing with his nipples that Yoongi let out a stretch of whimpers and fidgeting. Hoseok was the only freaking out considering that Namjoon was pretty calm about the situation since he does stuff like this on a daily, and the fact that Seokjin was just staring as if nothing erotic was happening in front of him. Hoseok was really the ONLY one freaking out.

"Mhm..ahh ah", Yoongi whined, still holding his shirt up for Namjoon until Namjoon caressed his torso again.

"U-um, what exactly is this checkup for again?", Hoseok's voice broke for a second, showing that he was a little bewildered by this whole thing.

"Well, you're going to need to have sex with Yoongi when his heat comes around so this is just to see what makes him aroused in case he's in need of milking or cumming faster while you two are having intercourse. You can opt for sex toys in case you aren't in the mood but your hybrid will be whiny and needy either way. Another option is suppressants", Namjoon explained, motioning to Yoongi to pull his shirt down as he grabbed the clipboard, writing down something before putting it back down on the table, "I'll of course tell you all that he likes after this is over but for now, I need to proceed", Namjoon gave a small smile to Hoseok before turning back to Yoongi, "I need to check your urethra, prostate, and will be needing a sperm sample from you Yoongi. Are you still with us?"

Yoongi nodded, hands in between his legs. Namjoon gave him a little 'good boy', which seemed to make Yoongi purr a bit louder before going back to his previous volume. Yoongi took his pants off slowly, letting out the tiniest whimpers considering he's very sensitive. The threes male sat right in front of Yoongi, watching and waiting for the hybrid to take his time. As soon as he got them off, they noticed a dark wet spot on the front of Yoongi's underwear. It caused Seokjin to cough and excuse himself to the kitchen and Hoseok to blush, but then again, Namjoon is use to this so he's pretty calm. He goes to grab a long metal rod, similar to a metal chopstick, and grabbed a tiny tube of lube, coating the rod.

"Yoongi, I need to put this in your urethra so I'll scoot closer, okay?", Namjoon reassured, pulling his seat more in front of Yoongi's legs, knees touching each others. Yoongi opened the top of the underwear, not being able to see anything from Hoseok's point of view but everything from Namjoon's. Hoseok watched as Yoongi held his cock in place for Namjoon to carefully enter the metal rod his dick's hole, the hybrid threw his head back and started panting. It didn't seem painful as he didn't sound like he was in any pain. Namjoon made sure it wasn't painful, he'd never do such a thing. But Hoseok didn't seem to be in the best state, he started to feel uncomfortable just watching what was happening before him. Seokjin had the decency to walk away but for some reason Hoseok was just frozen in place, not taking his eyes off them.

"Hyung, if you're feeling uncomfortable go get some air. I can tell because of the way you're tapping your foot", Namjoon chuckled at the older one's reaction, not moving his eyes from what he was doing. The rod began sinking down with ease, "it'll be over soon, maybe 5-10 minutes from now"

"Yeah...I should do that, huh?", Hoseok scratched the back of his neck, "I'll go do some of that hybrid research like you suggested", Hoseok gave a nervous laugh before bowing to the two and walking upstairs to his room. For some reason, his heart was beating a million miles per second, Yoongi looked so...vulnerable and cute and Oh no-

He just met the hybrid and all he wants to do is protect him.

Taking a deep breath, Hoseok took out his phone and went on Namjoon's clinic's website. His eyes scanned the top row of the website and spotted the page that said "Hybrids; Get to know your Hybrid". Pressing on it, it took him to basic information on their tail actions, are in heat, in need of milking, and how their bodies work. He exhaled deeply, scrolled down to the topic of "Hybrids: what do their tails mean?".

'Hybrid's tails are the upmost important things that hybrids need to watch out for as it it usually a sensitive part of them besides whatever else makes them sensitive. But to tell what their tail actions mean instead of basing it off of the usual "they're mad" or "they're happy", We'll go deeper into as to what it means. When a hybrid's tail is flicking agitatedly, it doesn't mean they're mad, it's actually the opposite. It's when they're the most tranquil and calm/happy. They feel safe and calm when it is in this state so always make sure to look out for that. When a hybrid's tail is straight down and barely moving, that's when they're mad and/or sad. What ever you did to make them feel this way, please adhere to it unless they're going through something please attend to their needs. When a hybrid's tail in wrapped around their arms, they are in need of attention. This means that they miss(ed) you and want your affection, please give them that attention. When a hybrid's tail is wrapped around their waist, they usually want to be left alone, it can be a good thing or a bad thing, make sure to ask them about it or think back to the events before hand as to why they needed to be left alone in the first place. When a hybrid's tail is wrapped around their thigh, this means that they are aroused. Whether it's their heat, in need of milking, or they are just in the mood and need to be sated. Please refer to the subtopics of "Hybrids: how to tell they're in heat", and "Hybrids: when they are in need of milking" for more information. It is important to keep your hybrid happy as they do the same for you.'

Hoseok thought he was reading some new language considering he had to obtain this new knowledge about hybrids. It was very helpful considering that Hoseok has Yoongi's consent of ownership but it's also like taking care of an actual pet. Well...they are part...anyway-. Hoseok pressed of the subtopic "Hybrids: how to tell they're in heat", and started reading the new information.

'Hybrid's have heats. Heats are when a hybrid is sexually aroused and feel an overwhelming desire to mate/breed, they might not seem like their usual selves. It's not your typical A/B/O ranking where there are omegas and such but hybrids are basically similar and different. Similar in the context that you would put them in the same category as all three A/B/O but different as to they aren't ranked as an individual Alpha, Beta, or Omega. When hybrid's are in heat, they can get sated in many ways whether it's through penetration, getting penetrated, or solo. Although it's not recommended for them to do it solo, it is still a way for they to get relieved, just more impatient. To tell your hybrid is in heat is when their body temperature rises higher than usual. At first you might think they're sick and have a fever until they start panting, whining, whimpering, moaning, and are calling you telling you that "it hurts". This might get mixed up with milking in some cases but please refer to our "Hybrids: when they are in need of milking" to obtain more information. Heats usually last 4-7 days which is why we strongly recommend sex toys if you burn out easy. Heats only come during what ever range is set for your hybrid as not all hybrids are the same. Hybrids have a lot of stamina compared to the average human but in case you want to increase your stamina, we recommend stamina foods or pills at your local clinic. Be sure to plan to get them before hand in case you want to keep up with your hybrids heat. Hybrids can go into phantom heats when stressed but that usually lasts for a day or 2. Hybrids are only sated through EJACULATION inside of them to make them feel "full" '

Hoseok's heart stopped when he read '4-7 days' of hybrid heat...and phantom heats?! EJACULATION INSIDE?! Don't get him wrong, Hoseok has a lot of stamina considering he works out and builds it up but Yoongi's a hybrid...someone save him. What's the range for Yoongi?! Hoseok went to the last subtopic "Hybrids: when they are in need of milking".

'Hybrids need milking exactly once every month, which is why we do urethra checks at the clinics. If the hybrid's urethra is blocked, it's going to be hard for the hybrid and is unhealthy for them. Milking is when hybrid's have this urge to just ejaculate, obviously this goes for all genders of hybrids. Milking is different from heats because hybrid's temperature doesn't rise, and they are usually in their state of mind and are aware of their surroundings. They'll usually just tell you that their genitals are aching or sensitive. Milking lasts for and 30 minutes to an hour, after that they are sated. They like it when their owner or someone who is available to milk them but they also don't mind sex toys to help them, some even prefer penetration. An easy way to tell is if they start grinding against something to relieve the ache.'

Hoseok isn't a virgin, he's had sex before and it was alright. But this was a new level of sex in his book, it was like a marathon he had to run for miles and miles beyond him. It's making him feel unsure as to if he can really take care of Yoongi but then again, he doesn't trust the outside world to just come and do what his previous owners did to him. So he shall fulfill his duty. Hoseok quickly skimmed the subtopic "Hybrids: how their bodies work" section and is basically told him how Hybrids can adjust to any size as they were made that way to fulfill their owners needs but said it was mandatory to prep them no matter how much the hybrid pleaded, that they aren't always the same as all hybrids considering some would want to top or some are versatile, etc. As soon as Hoseok finished reading, his brain feeling like scrambled eggs, there was a knock on the door. Hoseok walked up to his room door to reveal Seokjin standing in front of him, his cheeks dusted a soft pink.

"Mr. Kim is about to head out, would you like me to escort him or would you like to?", Seokjin politely questioned.

"I'll do it, is Yoongi's room prepped?"

"Of course Mr. Jung. He's currently eating the soup and light sandwiches at the dining table. Dr. Kim will tell you information when you head downstairs."

"Thank you for all your help Seokjin. You may take your leave as I will see to you Monday."

"Thank you Mr. Jung", Seokjin bowed

"Please just call me Hoseok", Hoseok chuckled, "we've known each other for a while now"

That made Seokjin smile a bit, "Okay then. I'll see you Monday, Hoseok", Seokjin repeated before following Hoseok down the stairs.

When Hoseok reached downstairs, he saw Yoongi sitting at the dining table, softly blowing air at the tablespoon full soup before consuming it. Namjoon packed up all of his things except a few papers that were stapled together. Hoseok walked up to the doctor, who was currently putting on his long coat, and greeted him again.

"Seokjin told me that you have to inform me on a few things?", Hoseok reminded the doctor, who nodded before speaking.

"Yoongi is malnourished, obviously, so keep feeding him like this for the next week until further notice. His urethra is unblocked so milking will be easy, so will his heat. Considering his heat was a week ago, June 19th, his next one will approximately 3 months from now; around early-mid September. Hopefully you have read all of the heat and milking subtopics?", Namjoon made it sound more of a question which Hoseok understood by but nodded to, reassuring he read it, "good. He's very sensitive around his torso area, mainly his nipples. The slightest touch can make him purr but especially with the aphrodisiac in his system he's more sensitive to it. You can ask him if he wants nipple piercings. His pulse rate is normal, the more he is fed the more the energy in his body increases so his bruises can heal. And finally, the aphrodisiac will last about 4-5 hours so it'll wear off when he's asleep.", Namjoon gathered the papers in his hand and handed it to Hoseok, "if you're planning to go to his previous owners to buy him off of them, this is the termination contract. It's basically papers claiming that they have given full custody of him over to you. They'd just need to sign on the lines on the second page. Other than that, when you get full custody of him you need to start buying him clothes and necessities like sex toys and such. I'll have to run his blood test at the clinic to make sure he's free from any disease or any blood related problems like diabetes. If you'd like more of the aphrodisiac, let me know."

"I don't think I need any", Hoseok nervously chuckled, "but thanks for the offer and thank you for your help."

"My pleasure", Namjoon gave him a small smile as Hoseok led him to the door.

Seokjin left 5 minutes after, giving Hoseok a tiny bow before heading out the door as well. The mansion soon after fell quiet, just two living beings in it. It was usually like this even when Seokjin was here but it was just more..deathly quiet. Hoseok walked to the dining table and sat in the seat across from Yoongi, resting his chin on his hand as he examined the hybrid's movements. He noticed his tail flicking behind him so he's calm at the moment, Yoongi's eyes seemed to be glued to the table as he zoned out and ate. After 3 minutes passed by of Hoseok just staring at him, Yoongi spoke to the orange haired man.


"Is the soup and sandwiches good?"

"Yes, is that why you came over here?"

"No, I just came to check up on you", Hoseok smiled, he tested the water and touched Yoongi's neck, making him stiffen, "warm"

"It's because of that red stuff, I hate it. It always makes me feel weird", Yoongi scrunched his nose for a second and Hoseok swore it was the best second of his life because it was just so cute but he couldn't help but feel saddened by what Yoongi said.

"Always? You went to the clinic often?"

"No. My previous owners used it on me a lot so I'd be very vulnerable. They'd use it for my punishment but for their pleasure", Yoongi softly spoke before taking another sip of his soup.

"I'm very sorry to hear that...It'll be over in 4-5 hours so don't worry. I won't ever use it on you again unless it's for clinic purposes.", Hoseok reassured him, Yoongi just nodded and proceeded to eat.

However, there was this burning question in him that desired to be answered. Yoongi stopped eating and looked at Hoseok through his long bangs that covered his eyes. Hoseok grimaced at the bandaids on his lip and his left cheek.

"Why?" Yoongi simply asked

"Why what?"

"Why did you save me? Why do you care? What's your intention?"

Hoseok became agitated by his question but answered away with a smile, "If I left you to die next to a dumpster, I'd hate myself more than I do now. I wasn't going to leave you there and be another one of those 'rich people' that you despise so much. If anything, I'm not like that, I've never even had a hybrid before, clearly. I'm sorry as to what your owners did to you happened but I'm truly not anything like that. It's just that when i saw you, I saw how vulnerable, weak, and miserable you looked and it felt like a reflection of me. My only intention was to help you and take care of you. As your soon-to-be new owner, you'll be free, you can leave anytime you want and you can come back too. It's all up to you.", Hoseok explained calmly and reassuringly, he saw the way Yoongi's head snapped up when Hoseok said he'd be free. It's the first time he's really clearly seen Yoongi's eyes, dark...hollow like orbs.

"...I appreciate this a lot, truly I do. It might take me some time to get use to you as the current state I'm in should be obvious as to why.", Yoongi's tail flicked as his ears rose up slowly, feeling at ease.

"Now, if you don't mind me asking, who's Jimin?", Yoongi's whole body became stiff, Hoseok regrets asking the question but it's not like he could reverse time so he continued anyway, "you've mentioned them a couple of times."

"...Jimin is another hybrid I know, best friend too. He's a Jaguar hybrid. I've known him for 4 years, him being 16 turning 17 a day after while I was 19. Although my breed is rare, his is second to rare and considering he was rare, he was trained in another area. It was only specialized for the best of the breeds in the world. My former owners had favoritism for him because of the training he had. He's always well mannered and well disciplined so he never really caused trouble, he's oblivious too...", Yoongi's words trailed off as his tail and ears went down as he continued talking, his head weighing below his shoulders, "when I'm too spent from beatings or from being used, they would use him for their needs...considering that I'm gone, they're probably doing so much worse shit to him right now. They probably think he helped me escape, I should've thought this through..this was a waste of time, you know that right?", Yoongi rose his head and stared deep into Hoseok's soul, making Hoseok feel he should tell the truth to every like he told in his life.

"Why do you say that?", Hoseok furrowed his eyebrows at the raven haired male

"My owners probably sent people out to look for me. Last time people tried to buy me or Jimin, they'd agree, take their money, and then kill them on the spot. What you did was a waste of time, when they find me, they're gonna either kill me or beat me to a bloody pulp. But not if I beat them to it. You should've just left me to die, I was close to it anyway-"

Yoongi was caught off guard by Hoseok laughing with his whole chest. Hoseok caught eyes with Yoongi and calmed his laughter. "Yoongi, I already signed the papers, I'm making sure that I'm getting you", Hoseok cringed internally at 'I'm getting you', making him feel like a creep, "don't worry about the people, I have my own 'people' too. And since you mentioned Jimin, I'll get him too. I'll make sure Joonie does a check up on Jimin too and then I'll get you two your necessities. Just please have faith in me-"

"You talk too much", Yoongi frowned, standing up from the table Yoongi stretched his arms and yawned, "I understand Mister Jung", that was the first time he called Hoseok 'Mister Jung', "but I'm quite tired. I appreciate the food a lot. I'll see you in the morning, yeah?", Yoongi waddled away to his room, scratching his scalp right behind the ears. He was limping half way so Hoseok jumped to help him to the room but got denied, "you're too nice, I can do it. I'll see you later.."

"Y-yeah?! And call me H-Hoseok", Yoongi had closed the bedroom door behind him, "p-please..?"

Hoseok hit his head on the table and groaned, "I promise Yoongi..". Hoseok gathered Yoongi's used dishes and utensils, walking to the sink and scrubbing the suds into the bowl. His former owners had 'people'?. 'People' Hoseok's ass. Hoseok had 'people' too...well...'person' but he was still 'people'. He sulked as he walked up the stairs to his room, back hunched. He entered his room, walking past the mirror that stood opposite of the bed and picked up his telephone before dialing a number. It rung a couple of times, waiting for the other line to pick up. It eventually did.

"Hello?", a deep signature voice that only Hoseok knew emitted from the other side

"Taehyung, I have a request for you. I need you to come with me to a hybrid's owner's house tomorrow. I need to get papers signed and to get another hybrid off their hands"

"And who will I be killing, Mr. Jung?"

"I'll tell you when you come and if it's necessary. It's only necessary if they try anything first of if their people try to first"

"Understood, but if nothing happens?"

"If nothing happens, you'll still get paid. I wouldn't leave you empty handed Taehyungie", Hoseok cooed at the monotonous male on the other side of the telephone.

"Understood, I'll see you tomorrow at 9pm?"


"Have a nice night, Mr. Jung"

"Please, call me Hoseok", he rubbed his eyes in STRESS, why can't anyone just call him Hoseok. He's literally known everyone for a long time, even Namjoon has the decency to call him Hoseo-

"Have a nice night, Hoseok", Taehyung repeated, fixing his error

"You too Taehyung", Hoseok smiled as the call went to dial tone. He hung up the telephone and walked to the mirror in front of his bed. He ran his orange hair, tugging at the ends of it before letting it go. He looked a mess but he doesn't really care....or feel like changing...therefore he just plopped on his bed and drifted off to a hectic ass day tomorrow.


"Jungkook, you have a big job to do today,", Hoseok clapped his hands whilst walking down the stairs, he seemed to be in such a good mood

"And what will that be, Hoseok?", the body guard bowed by the door, "you called me on my day off so I feel that it will be very important"

"'I'm going to be off on a very important errand that could possibly lead to death but who knows?", Hoseok shrugged nonchalantly, putting his long violet velvet coat on.

"Shouldn't I be go with you then?", the deep browned haired male furrowed his brows, his doe eyes following Hoseok's every move

"It requires Taehyung, it's way too dangerous and plus, I need you for a reason"

"Well obviously. What do I need to do?"

"I need you to protect Yoongi, he's in the guest room on this floor", Hoseok referred to the room by the hallway next to the stairs, "He's a Panther hybrid and from what I've seen, he's very anti-social. I'm consulting with his owners today to get ahold on custody for both him and his friend Jimin who is a Jaguar hybrid. They aren't the best hybrid owners", Hoseok filled Jungkook on the information, making the younger fully understand what's going on.

"I'll make sure to take good care of him, but if I may ask, why do you need Taehyung if you're buying two hybrids off of the owners? Why would this possibly lead to death?"

"I was told that these owners of his are scammers, if someone wants to but them, they set a price. When they are given the lump sum, they set out people to kill them or do it themselves and keep the money that way. If this does happen, Taehyung will take care of it, not that big of a deal really"

"I mean, it's a big deal considering that you need to bring your assassin", Jungkook mumbled lowly, Hoseok chuckled at his cuteness

"It's fine, I'll be okay. If you excuse me, I need to check up on Yoongi to make sure he's okay. You know how to cook, right?"

"A little"

"Well in case you aren't capable, there's some soup in the fridge, heat it up and give him light sandwiches with some water. He's very malnourished."

"I understand", Jungkook bowed again before taking off his coat and putting it on the coat rack by the front door.

Hoseok walked to the guest room that Yoongi was sleeping in only to see him sitting up, staring at the wall in front of him, "hey Yoongi"

Yoongi turned his head to face Hoseok, his hair still in the way of his eyes, "hi"

"I don't understand how you can see me through that hair in you way," Hoseok huffed, he walked to the dresser next to Yoongi and retrieved a pink hair band that was fluffy and tied at the front. He gestured Yoongi to lean his head down, which he complied to. Hoseok put it on him so that it pushed his hair out of the way, it also revealed his forehead and deep brown eyes, "better". Yoongi looked at him and started to rub his thighs together, his tail was wrapped around his thigh, all while making Hoseok raise and eyebrow, "is everything okay? Did the aphrodisiac wear off?"

"I'm pretty sure, it just aches...", Yoongi winced at the pain he was feeling

"What? Where is it? Is it the headband? I'm sorry", Hoseok must've not have noticed it yet...

His thigh Hoseok...his THIGH-

"Is it your bruises? Should I call Namjoon?"

"It isn't the bruises either..."

"Then what is it?", Hoseok furrowed his brows, maybe he forgot to read something on the website, "Is it inside? Am I not feeding you well enough? I knew I should've given you a second bowl, " Hoseok pinched the bridge of his nose, he's already starting off as a bad owner until he saw shuffling underneath the sheets again, he suddenly became curious. "Can I take a look? Maybe your wrap unraveled?"

Yoongi only nodded, looking away. Hoseok slowly pulled the blanket off of the hybrid's legs...Yoongi's hard on was pressed against the sweatpants he was wearing. Hoseok was left wide eyed as he put it back over him and stood up from the bed, "wow, I am so sorry- this is- um, wow. Well I don't know what to do.."

"Didn't you read what Namjoon said to search up..?" Yoongi tilted his head, blush covered his cheeks as if he is not HARD right now

"I did.."

"I hope you know I'm not saying anything just so you can remember", Yoongi started to lightly rut, making Hoseok freak out

"Right! Oh my goodness", Hoseok felt Yoongi's neck, making the smaller one still his movements, "You're not blazing hot..oh my- your tail! You need milking!", Hoseok realized, his heart stopping

Yoongi nodded and continued to slowly rut as soon as Hoseok took his hand off his neck, "please..."

"I-I can't, I have to go in a few minutes", Hoseok frowned as he felt like a dickhead for leaving a hybrid in need of milking, "...but um.... I should probably help you take your pants off.. so that you don't feel so restricted..i-if you don't mind.."

Hoseok walked up to the Panther and laid him on the bed softly. his hands swiftly untied the drawstrings of his sweatpants before trailing to the hem of it. He was so hesitant to do it, his fingers just stayed hooked around it. He's acting like such a virgin, he's had sex before but he doesn't know why he was feeling so weird.

"Can you continue please?" Yoongi shyly asked, "it hurts and I kinda want this done with"

"Yeah...yeah sorry", he tugged the pants off of him and dropped it on the floor. He saw a clear outline of Yoongi's hard on, pre-cum stained through his underwear. Again, he froze for a second but snapped back to reality after he was Yoongi move. Hoseok stood up and walked by the door, "I'm sorry, I can't do this. I have to meet your owners now. If you don't mind, can I make my body guard do it? I assigned him to take care of you until I had come back. I promise to help you out next time. Is that okay?"

"Yes...anything that will make it go away will be fine", Yoongi sat up on the bed, grabbing the pillow he was laying on and started to grind on it. Hoseok had to leave-

"Great", Hoseok wiped his sweaty hands on the sides of his coat, "I'll go get him"

Hoseok felt as if he was going to die from cardiac arrest if he didn't leave that room. "Hoseok, Taehyung is here", Jungkook announced, Taehyung stood by the door with his usual expressionless fade, his hair is now dyed blonde rather than last time. It fits him.

"Oh thank god", Hoseok dramatically placed his hand on his chest, "Jungkook, I added something to your assignment"

"And what will that be?"

"I need you to milk Yoongi..."

"Um...okay. May I ask what 'Milking' is?"

"You'll find out, please go tend to him now", Hoseok patted the confused male on his shoulder before heading out the door with Taehyung.

They walked to the car, Taehyung taking the driver's seat while Hoseok hopped in the passenger before Taehyung drove off.

"What's the name and address of the owners?", Taehyung asked monotonously, looking straight ahead. Hoseok told him the address and it didn't seem to be that far from where Hoseok was, by car at least.

"The owners are the Soo brothers, Seyoon and Jaeho. They came from a noble family but became rich through their step-father. Apparently, he owns the biggest chocolate factory, sad really." Hoseok informed the younger male, who nodded to everything he was saying.

The car ride was rather quiet..but then again, he was use to this if he was with Taehyung. Hoseok had known Taehyung since his early teen years. He was thirteen and Tae was ten . Taehyung had broken into Hoseok's house whilst his family was asleep. Luckily, Hoseok was up because he couldn't really go back to sleep. Hoseok immediately reacted by grabbing a bat. He saw that someone was in his living room, he was about to knock Taehyung's lights out until he had a gun right in between his eyes. Taehyung hushed him before backing away with some food in his arms and left out the door, Hoseok was frozen in place even after Taehyung left. Taehyung was brought up as a child assassin after being orphaned as an infant. A group of people found him wrapped in a blanket in a cardboard box and decided to raise him to be a criminal. Eventually, the same thing happened two years later, Hoseok and Taehyung being in the same situation. They made truce and became friends afterwards. Taehyung somewhat stopped doing assassinations but only works under Hoseok's orders, only if Hoseok needs him.

" you have a significant other?", Hoseok looked at Taehyung's straight face with anticipation

"No..and even if I did, I don't think they would be okay with the things I do", Taehyung turned a sharp left before driving smoothly again.

"How come you always seem so down? Are you okay?"

"Yes, I'm fine"



"You're no fun, you can never keep a conversation. Crack some jokes."


"Fine, what do you do these days? Anything for fun?"

"I work and sleep until I get a call from you. Which is like, once in a blue moon. As for fun things? I sleep.."

"That's very depressing."

"How? It's fun."

"Come move in with me, you live by yourself, don't you you want company? I have plenty of guests rooms."

"No, you have too many people in your house plus a hybrid. I'm not all about big crowds."

"Hey, Jungkook and Jin only come for 5 days a week. Jungkook only had to come today to make sure Yoongi was fed, protected...and to be milked."

"Still, no thanks"

"Come on", Hoseok whined, "just think about it at least"

"I dont wan-"

"I'll pay you extra"

"I'll be there tomorrow"

"Wow", Hoseok was hurt, not really but you get it, "all I needed was to add more money. This isn't friendship, this is bribery"

"I was just joking", which made Hoseok's eyes light up, both because he was joking for the first time and because he had hope, "doesn't mean I'm actually moving in tomorrow", all of the hope left..."I'll think about it"

The car ride took 30 minutes to reach the house of the owners. Taehyung had dropped Hoseok a block away so that Taehyung can set up his weapons to aim at the owners. Hoseok stuffed the papers in the inside pocket of his coat before walking up to the door. He took a deep breath before knocking. Soon after, an old butler opened the door, he looked stingy but gave a good attitude for someone who look like he hates his life.

"Good morning sir, how may I assist you?", he looked about 60-70, he should be in a retirement home, not a butler.

"Good morning, I'm here to talk to the Soo brothers.", The old man raised his sharp gray eyebrow up with a concerned look, "oh sorry, my name is Jung Hoseok. I'm sure you've heard of the 'J&M corporations' before, you look wise"

"Well Mr. Jung, they are not here at the moment"

"Yes they are, I know they are. No one just leaves their butler at home", Hoseok smiled at the old man's scolding scrunched up face. He opened the door to let Hoseok in, Hoseok giving a small 'thank you' to the butler as he entered.

"They are in the living room, down the corridor to the right of you."

Hoseok walked down the hallway, he saw faint candles lit in the background. He heard small mewls as he approached it, the closer he got the clearer he saw silhouettes. He pushed the see through purple linen curtains back, there was one of the brothers sitting on a throne in one corner, scrolling on his phone whilst the other one was in the other corner...he was in front of someone who was on their knees.

"Jaeho, I remember telling you t- who the hell are you?", the brother from the chair looked away from his phone with furrowed brows, who Hoseok can only assume is Seyoon.

"Who is it Seyoon", the other brother grunted, thrusting his hips into it's mouth. Hoseok saw a tail...Jimin

"I mean no harm, I just want to chat", Hoseok grabbed a chair from the side and placed it right in front the curtain. Directly across from him was a window, no one knew except him as to who was on that hill. "All I have are two requests, the faster we get them done, the faster no trouble will be started". Jaeho removed himself from the poor hybrid in front of him. Jimin coughed as he fell to his palms. He was naked and had chain marks around his wrists, his gray hair was a mess because of the grip Jaeho had in his hair. It made Hoseok's blood boil. He understands the purpose of hybrids but he doesn't understand why some of them are treated like shit. They're living beings too. Jimin locked eyes with Hoseok for a few seconds before crawling to his corner by Hoseok.

"What do you want to "chat" about?", Jaeho leaned his head on his right palm, boring his eyes into Hoseok's.

"Well, I found something that supposedly belonged to the both of you", Hoseok deadpanned the both of them for a split second before continuing his speech, "but considering that you don't seem to have collars for your hybrids seems to me that you don't own they aren't yours anyway. Right now, he's getting very well treated at my house. The poor Panther was malnourished and bruised, traumatized would seem like a better word but it seemed like he was use to feeling like that. And he was so skinny, just like you like him right?", Hoseok saw the anger in their eyes and the way Seyoon clenched his fist. "There we go, you know exactly who I'm talking about. Good for you."

"Well sir-"

"Hoseok", Hoseok smiled at them

"Whatever, we don't appreciate how you have come to our house unannounced, claiming that we beat our precious Yoongi-", Jaeho started but Hoseok quickly shut him up. Hoseok noticed that Jimin has been staring at him since he said Panther

"Don't play fucking dumb with me you ignorant scum, I already know that poor hybrid over there is Jimin", Hoseok looked sadly over to the Jaguar who had tears welling his eyes, "he's sorry for leaving you but you don't have to worry, you'll see him again."

"Damn right he'll see him again because you're bringing him straight to us. He is rightfully ours, we bought both him and Jimin. We have the papers, it's against the law to forcefully take away someone's propert-"

"Oh but you like it forcefully, don't you Seyoon?", Hoseok sinfully smirked at them, "From the stories Yoongi has told me, it seems that you like having power. But besides that, he's not seeing you again because like I said, what collars do you have to prove?", Hoseok looked at his watch, it's been only a couple of minutes and Hoseok wishes he was home, "I had mentioned that I had two deals to make so lets get that over with, yeah?"

"Jimin!", Jaeho growled, making the hybrid jump and tremble a bit, "come here!". Jimin winced as he slowly crawled to his owner, "hurry!"

"Maybe if you gave him time to reach you, he'd be there by now. But since you beat him and barely fed him, he's doing the best he can so wait.", Jaeho rolled his eyes and impatiently waited for Jimin to be by his side. Once Jimin reached there, Jaeho placed his hand on his head and started petting him.

"Well, go on..", Jaeho offered as if Hoseok needed his hospitality.

"First deal, I want to buy both Yoongi and Jimin off of you two", Hoseok leaned back in his chair, "name your price and I'll pay it"

"As if you could afford both of them, you might as well run along with your tail between your legs", Seyoon bellowed

"You want these wretched hybrids?", Jaeho yanked Jimin by the hair to make him look at Hoseok, "these good for nothing sluts?!", Jaeho threw Jimin on the floor, kicking his leg in the process. Jimin laid in that position, in fear of doing anything to make his owners mad. Hoseok tried to maintain his cool, he almost signaled Taehyung to kill the both of them. "I should be calling the cops right now"

Hoseok just smiled, then started laughing. He really hated having to flaunt his wealth but maybe this one time wouldn't hurt, "You two are jokes you know that? You can't even compete with me. Your step-father owns a chocolate shop." Hoseok almost fell out of his seat until his smile dropped, "my father owns 'J&M corporations', my step-mother owns restaurants you've never been to, it's even known abroad. my uncle on my fathers side owns police stations all around and my aunt on my mother's side owns hybrid protection centers across the world. If none of this had rung a bell, I'm the son of the wealthiest family in this country. I could buy this house, demolish it, and have you written up for abusing of a hybrid. Hell, we make your father's little company look like the little bread that you give these poor hybrids so I advise you hand them over. Like I said, I'm not looking for trouble."

"..Jung Hoseok...son of...Jaeho, it's true. It's him", Seyoon showed his brother his phone. Jaeho pierced his eyes into Hoseok, he looked frustrated, upset, and every other synonym in the books.

"In the flesh", Hoseok gave a small bow, "now how much for both of them? $40 million each? that's basically 80 million you have right there. They were probably more than that but since you acted the way you did towards me, I shaved some off the top. Either you take the price or you face life in prison", Hoseok shrugged, "I know this price might seem like a lot to you but it's $15 to me."

"Deal", Seyoon stood up from his seat, the sudden movement made Jimin shake again, "we can always buy another one"

"And that's the other part of the deal", Hoseok countered him off, "I don't want you two purchasing any hybrids ever again. Don't even go near one. If you do, I'll throw in another $10 million.", Hoseok offered, he was rather amused at the ridiculous shocked faces. "And just to make sure you don't do it, I contacted my aunt to contact all hybrid shops and clinics across the board that hold hybrids to not sell it specifically to the two of you. In case you're not understanding, that means no hybrids over seas or here. The hybrid companies do check up every now and then so try to sneak one, I dare you", Hoseok threatened them, "you're basically getting that $10 million for free"

Hoseok took out the 'Owner Termination Contract', that Namjoon had given him the other day, with a pen, "if you may, please sign where all the 'x's are. I already wrote both of their names"

Jaeho snatched the papers out of Hoseok's hands and leaned against the table, signing on the lines before Seyoon did. During this, Hoseok had gotten up from his seat. He walked over to Jimin, placing his over sized coat on him. Jimin was very cautious, "it's okay, I don't bite. But are you able to stand up?"

"Y-yes M-Mister..", Hoseok carefully helped the wobbly Jimin up to his feet. He was similar to Yoongi's height, if anything Jimin seemed to have a more innocent appearance while Yoongi appeared more cold. Hoseok noticed that the marks on his small wrists but it soon got covered as Jimin gripped onto Hoseok's coat for dear life. It literally covered Jimin's whole body to below his calf.

"Here!", Seyoon handed Hoseok the papers and pen back, Hoseok politely took them back and placed it into the inner pocket of his jacket that Jimin drowned in. "When will we get our money?"

"Two days from now, my butler will drop it off", he reassured them. Hoseok suddenly kneeled in front of Jimin, "get on please". Jimin hesitantly climbed on his back and held on tight, the coat draping over the both of them now. He bowed slightly before turning to the curtains when all of a sudden he remembered something. "How could I forget? I heard that you assassinate people you make deals with. I advise you not try that with me. I brought a fellow friend on mine." Hoseok stomped his foot twice on the ground, a bullet shot through the window and right in front of Hoseok's foot, "as you can see, he has precise aim. I shall be going now", Hoseok bowed on last time, Jimin following him before Hoseok started walking through the corridor and out the house. He shortly noticed that he could feel Jimin's soft member rest against his back but that drifted away after he saw the look on the butler's face.

Hoseok saw that Taehyung pulled up as soon as he reached the end of the block. Hoseok carefully placed Jimin in the back seat, putting the seatbelt on him before sitting right next to him and mirroring his actions. Taehyung drove off after they were settled.

"Taehyung, I'm going to need you to follow Jin back here in two days so he can drop off the money. Just in case", Hoseok informed him

"Understood", Taehyung nodded

"I'm also not gonna lie, that bullet that almost shot my foot scared the fuck out of me but I had to keep my cool", Hoseok admitted, Taehyung grinned as he kept driving

Hoseok turned to Jimin, he looked frightened, "no no, it's going to be okay. I promise I won't hurt. You'll be reunited with Yoongi soon, I heard that you two are best friends"

Jimin nodded, clutching onto Hoseok's jacket tighter as if his life depended on it.

"You can rest now. When you wake up, you'll be experiencing what it's like to feel free. How does that sound?", he pet the Jaguar's head to release any tension he had. Jimin mumbled a tiny 'good' before curling up in his seat.

Hoseok felt so giddy, he's actually doing something with his life, he feels like a new chapter had been opened in his life after feeling so useless all his life. He honestly couldn't wait until he arrived at home though. Even through the day just started, he felt so exhausted.

Thirty minutes flew by fast. Two reasons. One of them being that Hoseok was mostly daydreaming and the other being that Taehyung drove like an A.I. Hoseok got out of the car first before reaching for the sleeping Jimin next to him. He held Jimin bridal style as Taehyung made sure that everything was okay and made sure if everyone had everything before driving back to his house. As Hoseok walked to the door, he felt Jimin shift in his arms. Jimin held on to Hoseok's shoulders, his face in the junction between Hoseok's shoulder and neck.

He's so cute..

Sadly, that quickly ended when Hoseok had to ring the doorbell, waking him up. The door quickly opened...the sight before Hoseok..

"Oh thank god you're back", Jungkook's hair was a mess, his sleeves were rolled up above his elbow. He looked drained overall. "He wouldn't stop for a whole hour. He just kept cumming and cumming , I thought it would never end but it did. Ten minutes ago I think. Right now he's in the dining room eating his soup that you told me to heat up.", the poor bodyguard spoke so fast that he could be a rapper. "I-I'll be heading home right now. I need to shower for two hours, my arms are so sore", he walked past Hoseok, "I'll see you Monday", Jungkook mumbled as he stumbled to his car.

Hoseok chuckled as he walked into his house. He kicked the door behind him, closing it as his arms were kind of full. He walked to the dining table to see Yoongi's back facing him, "hey Yoongi, guess who's here?", Hoseok sang lightly.

Yoongi turned around, he still had that hair band Hoseok put on him earlier. He was glad he did because the face Yoongi made Hoseok's heart melt. He stood up so fast, almost knocking the table on the floor, "Jimin.."

Hoseok placed Jimin in the chair across from Yoongi, "I have to call Namjoon for another checkup and to take the papers. You two are officially mine except you'll have freedom this time", Hoseok reassured the both of them, "I just have to get your measurements and collars and..other necessities". Hoseok proudly stood before them, but what he didn't expect was for Yoongi to walk up to him and hug him. Although he was shocked he softly embraced him, petting him a bit. As much as Hoseok would have loved to continue hugging him, he really had to call Namjoon. Hoseok broke the hug and gestured to Jimin, "please give him some of the soup in the meanwhile", Yoongi nodded and went straight to Jimin.

Hoseok went upstairs to ring Namjoon. It took about 3 rings for the other male to answer on the other end. "Hello, this is Doctor Kim Namjoon. How may I assist you?"

"Namjoon, it's Hoseok. I just got home with the papers signed and with Jimin, Yoongi's hybrid best friend who's a Jaguar. I'm calling to see if you can run another checkup on Jimin and for you to collect the papers.", Hoseok spoke softly on the phone although inside he wanted to bounce off walls from how happy he was.

"I'll be over in 20 minutes or so. Is they eating anything?", Hoseok heard Namjoon shuffling in the background, possibly preparing for the checkup. Hoseok went down the steps a bit to peep at what they were doing. Yoongi sat on the table, legs crossed in front of Jimin, spoon feeding him soup while Jimin still clung onto Hoseok's coat.

Why do they have to be so cute?

"Yes, Yoongi is feeding him right now. Please come as quick as you can."

"Alright, see you soon. Bye.", Namjoon ended the call shortly. Hoseok hung the telephone up and went back downstairs.

He saw that they were still in the same position than last time, Yoongi was still feeding him. His tail was swaying softly, he was happy. Jimin took every spoonful given to him, he looked very blissful. They both looked so close. Instead of wanting to stand like a creep by watching the two hybrids being domestic, he decided to inform Jimin as to what was about to happen. He took a seat next to Jimin who didn't seem to notice him until he sat down.

"How are you feeling so far Jimin?", Hoseok gave Jimin a soft smile.

Jimin finished swallowing his last spoonful before responding back, "I-I'm feeling good at the moment. No, I'm feeling great after reuniting with hyung", Jimin shyly looked up at Hoseok. Hoseok understands why so he doesn't try to push anything but Hoseok does catch a glimpse of Yoongi giving a small smile to what Jimin had said. "The soup is great by the way"

"You'd have to thank Seokjin but he's not here until Monday unfortunately. But it's okay, it's only two days away.", Hoseok reassured the feline, "but I do have to tell you something", Jimin and Yoongi snapped their heads towards Hoseok, Yoongi's with confusion and Jimin's with fear.

Okay, so maybe he shouldn't have worded it like that..

"Don't worry", Hoseok put his hands up in defense, "I was just saying that Doctor Namjoon is going to be doing a check up on you in a few minutes. He's a hybrid doctor and he's nice", Jimin's face shifted to a relieved one while Yoongi had gotten up to put the empty bowl in the sink before walking back and taking his seat on the table.

"That's good", Yoongi said to himself

"As for Monday, Seokjin is going to be measuring you two for your clothing, shoes, and neck width so I can order clothes for you two. I'm sorry to say that you'll have to wear my stuff until then", Hoseok scratched the back of his head

"It's fine, you smell nice anyway so I don't mind", Jimin smiled up at Hoseok, making his heart jump out of his chest. Yoongi also was in awe from how cute Jimin was.

"W-Well thank you", Hoseok was flustered by the compliment, "other than that, I need to know the both of your preferences toy and other reasons that you two may have"

"Hybrids usually just use whatever their owner gives them as they are set to do that", Yoongi looked at Hoseok dead in the eye

"I mean, I'm giving you two the freedom to pick whatever you want..I-I've never bought stuff like that for myself so how would I be able to choose stuff for you two?", Hoseok felt so awkward talking about this stuff to the both of them, "hasn't there been a time where you didn't like a certain toy or things your previous owners bought you? Maybe did to you? Besides...well..yeah.."

Yoongi and Jimin both cringed at a memory they both seemed to have, "the taser was a pretty bad one...", Jimin mumbled

"T-Taser?", Hoseok questioned

"Mhm", Yoongi nodded

Hoseok sat there in disbelief, "is there any other ones?"

"Watersports was nasty", Jimin furrowed his eyebrows at the thought and Yoongi rolled his eyes, agreeing with him.


"What the fuck were they on?", Hoseok blurted out accidentally, he meant to say it in his head but he was just THAT confused. It made Jimin giggle so he was fine, "I'm sorry. I'll leave you two alone though so you guys can catch up on whatever you missed out. I'll just be setting up the schedule in case I forget.", Hoseok stood up from the chair, "Jimin?"

"Yes Mr. Jung?"

"Please, just call me Hoseok.", He smiled, "would you like your own room tonight or would you like to sleep with Yoongi?"

"Yoongi!", Jimin exclaimed, gripping onto Yoongi's sweatpants. Yoongi thumbed over Jimin'a back hand, giving him a little 'of course Jiminie'

"I'll be putting extra clothes in the both of your dressers in the mean while then." Hoseok politely bowed to the both of them as a sign of respect before gathering some clothes for the both of them.

"So far, Jimin is alright, urethra is unblocked as well. He's not as malnourished as Yoongi was but I say be careful either way. He can eat things like eggs and sausages but don't give him heavy meat yet that will hurt his stomach and take him a long time to digest. Monday, you can start feeding Yoongi eggs and sausages as well. Soup is a good starter to build up malnutrition but not gradually moving to different foods will just make him stay the way he was in the first place", Namjoon informed Hoseok as he started to pack up, "he might need to be milked soon, just look out for the symptoms. Panthers and Jaguars are in the same family tree so they get their heats around the same times and are in need of milking around the same time. The tests for Yoongi will be coming out tomorrow, I'll make sure to call you and tell you. I'll just have to set up Jimin's blood work tonight and you'll get the results by tomorrow night or Monday morning.", Namjoon put on his coat and grabbed his suitcase before placing his hand on Hoseok's shoulder, "good luck my friend"

"Thanks for your help again Namjoon", Hoseok led him to the door, Namjoon gave him a dimpled smile before waving goodbye.

Hoseok locked the door and read the time on his watch, "almost 11am?", Hoseok looked up to see Yoongi running his hand through Jimin's hair while he purred. They were so domestic in his eyes. But again, he had to intervene. "Jimin, are you able to shower or do you need one of us to help you?"

"I think I'm able to do it, thank you. Can you just tell me where it is?", Jimin stood up from the dining room table, Hoseok coat falling off of him which revealed his body. He had markings all over him, Hoseok noticed the frown on Yoongi's face. He frowned too.

"It's down the hall by the staircase, first door to your left", He looked away though considering that Jimin was naked until he felt a small figure wrapping their arms around his torso..and something on his thigh-

"Thank you Mister Jung", Jimin let go of Hoseok and proceeded to walk down to the hallway, "he's very adorable", Hoseok tried to make small talk with Yoongi who seemed to be pretty bummed out. He didn't like how bummed out he looked. "I know I mentioned it earlier already but can I at least know why you don't care about what sex toys I give you? It's your body."

"Like I said, hybrids don't care what you get them, as long as it makes them feel good and gets the job done. No matter what gender. Whether we crossdress or bondage, we're made to like whatever our owners give us. Even though some of that is bull", Yoongi shrugged, "but when we're in heat, it's a different story. We like to feel full of your seed so.."

"Oh yeah, I forgot about that", Hoseok rubbed his face in stress, he's going to have to ejaculate into them..

"I mean, you have no choice unless you want us to die"

"What?!", Hoseok, shot his head up to Yoongi, even more stress piling onto his shoulders

"I'm just kidding", Yoongi chuckled, this was the first time Hoseok has seen Yoongi chuckle and he would do anything to always see him laugh again, he had such a precious gummy smile. "No but thank you for getting Jimin here safely...and for Jungkook's help"

"You're welcome, and you made Jungkook's arms pretty sore"

"We do have a lot of stamina.."

"From what I've read and seen, I can tell", Hoseok acknowledged, "I'm gonna go check on Jimin, make sure he's okay. After him, make sure to wash up. I'll bring you two some clothes", Hoseok gave Yoongi an 'okay?' look which Yoongi nodded to.

Hoseok walked out of the dining room area and down to where the bathroom is. He heard the faucet running for the tub and was relieved that Jimin knew how to work it. It was when he heard Jimin released a pained sound that had Hoseok worried. Not thinking clearly, Hoseok opened the door. "Are you- oh my, I'm sorry.", he should've realized that Jimin was going to be naked in the first place.

"Can you help me? I didn't know I'd actually need it. That needle really messed me up.", Jimin's cheeks was flushed as tears threatened to fall out of his eyes, he sat on the floor in the 'W' position. Marks and bruises covering his body drastically. His tail was wrapped around his thigh due to the aphrodisiac but his ears were flat on his head. Hoseok frowned as he walked to help the feline up.

"Are you that sensitive?", he carefully sat Jimin in the bathtub as the water continued to fill up. He put lavender epsom salt body wash in so bubbles could form and so that he can relax.

"Yes, that red stuff is making me feel weird and also...due to the..beatings from the previous owners.."

Hoseok sighed deeply to that, "I understand, it's okay now. You're safe now.", Hoseok reassured him, "do you need me to wash you or do you feel more comfortable if Yoongi does it?"

"It doesn't really matter", Jimin shrugged

"Right", Hoseok inhaled deeply before exhaling, "right..."

Hoseok grabbed a new loofah from the bathroom closet and waited until the bath water rose a bit more before continuing. He lathered the loofah in the soapy water and carefully ran it across Jimin's chest, neck, and back. Jimin slightly purred to the feeling, pressing against the loofah. The more Hoseok scrubbed, the more clearer you can see what the marks were. Some of them were purple and blue, some green and yellow that you wouldn't notice far away. Some were bites marks. Hoseok took Jimin's left arm and started to clean it, there were deep finger print bruises wrapped around his forearm. Hoseok should've killed them.

"Why did they do this to you?", Hoseok asked lowly, he was infuriated and didn't tear his eyes away from his arm.

"...They thought I helped Yoongi escape so they beat me. Then proceeded to have sex with me right after, calling me degrading names. Mister Seyoon held my arms down so I wouldn't fight back while Mister Jaeho gripped my waist tightly and...yeah..", Jimin spoke softly, looking down at the water, "it's not my fault I was made for these purposes.."

"I'm sorry that you had to suffer through such vile acts as those, no living being deserves that", Hoseok comforted him, finally tearing his eyes away from Jimin's arm. They sat in silence as Hoseok continued to wash him. The sound of water splashing bounced off the walls and low purrs can only be heard if you were close to Jimin. Hoseok's movements halted when he reached Jimin's stomach.

"Are you a virgin Mister Jung?", Jimin asked, baffling Hoseok

"it's Hoseok, and no I'm not", he tilted his head slightly, "why?"

"You won't touch me down there, you've been in the same place for a minute now", Jimin wondered innocently

"Because I want you to feel comfortable around me. After what you told me, I don't think I'm in the right place to do that"

Jimin nodded and took the loofah out of Hoseok's hand. He dove it under the water, cleaning himself throughly. He moaned softly to the touches, Hoseok knew it wasn't intentional as it's because of the needle but he can't help but feel flustered. Who wouldn't be flustered if there was someone a few inches away from them. Hoseok wet Jimin's hair with clean water and poured vanilla scented shampoo in it, making sure to get what dirt and gunk that was in it out. He repeated it one more time before doing the same thing but with conditioner and washing the suds out. Jimin had finished cleaning his legs the same time Hoseok grabbed the nearest fluffy towels and placing it around his arm. He helped Jimin out of the tub, unplugging the stopper, and handed Jimin the towels.

"Dry off, I'll go fetch you some clothes", Hoseok left the bathroom and went to his room to grab some clothes for both Yoongi and Jimin to wear. When he grabbed the necessities, he jogged back downstairs to Yoongi sitting down on the living room floor. His ears and tail were flat and not moving, something happened. Hoseok quickly dropped off the clothes in the bathroom, telling Jimin which pair was who's. He took the wet towels and put it in the hamper while taking out new ones for Yoongi and leaving the bathroom. He went to go see what happened to Yoongi, "Yoongi, are you okay?"

He sat there silent for a minute before speaking, "...I made him get hurt"

"...How much did you hear?", Hoseok spoke in a volume that only they can hear, sitting down right in front of Yoongi.

"Everything up to the virgin question. He got abused and raped because of me, yet he was still happy to see me. Big god damn smile on his face. You know what he said to me?", Yoongi looked up at Hoseok, two tears streamed down his face as he bit his bottom lip, " 'hyung, I missed you so much. I was so worried for you, I'm so glad you're alive'. I was so happy to see him yet I can't help but feel like complete and utter shit. He took the blame for something I did on my own accord. He should hate me right now, I should've taken his beatings. He didn't deserve it.", tears just started to pour out of his eyes, he hiccuped as he tried to wipe the tears away but they kept coming.

Hoseok didn't know how to react, he didn't like people crying. His instinct made him bring Yoongi in for a hug, a tight heartfelt one. Yoongi wrapped his arms around Hoseok's torso and they stayed in that position. Hoseok rubbed Yoongi's back, cooing at him to calm him down, running his long fingers through his raven black hair.

"What happened to Yoongi hyung?", a small voice appeared from behind Hoseok, Hoseok turned his head while keeping Yoongi's head to his chest. Jimin was standing there in too oversized clothes. A white shirt, gray sweatpants, white socks and white slippers while his hair was damp.

"Um, he'"

"Nothing Jimin, I'm just really happy to see you", Yoongi wiped his eyes out of Jimin's view before standing up with his head down. He took off the hair band so that his bangs can cover his puffy red eyes. He shuffled his feet towards Jimin and pulled him in for a hug. His chin rested on Jimin's shoulder while he wrapped his tail around Jimin's waist. Hoseok heard Yoongi muffle 'I'm sorry' to Jimin. The Jaguar threaded him finger through Yoongi's hair..

"It's okay..."

Jimin broke the hug and asked Yoongi a question. Yoongi pointed to the room he was staying in which Jimin led him to. Jimin informed Hoseok that they were going to take a nap so they can calm down. Hoseok nodded his head as Jimin closed the door. Yoongi can take his shower later, this was more important. Hoseok walked up to his room and started writing down the schedule for the next upcoming days. It's going to be busy for the next week or so before he can stop worrying.