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Parties and Pregnancies

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There were six things that Denki Kaminari noticed right away when he woke up. The first was that his head felt like it was going to burst open at any moment. The second, that he was only wearing boxers. The third, they weren't his boxers. The fourth, he wasn't in his bed. The fifth, there was a stranger asleep next to him. The sixth, his ass hurt.

It took him a few seconds to process everything, his eyes widening dramatically when he pieced everything together.

"Oh fuck."


*Earlier that day*

Kaminari's best friend, Ashido Mina, stopped him in the courtyard as he was on his way to class, by stretching her arms out, as a type of barrier. "Yo, Denki!! You coming to my party tonight?" She asked, grinning up at him. Mina was a short beta girl with short, fluffy hair that she dyed bright pink. She and Kaminari had become instant friends after partnering up together for a chemistry project their freshman year of college. Now, as juniors, they were practically inseparable.

He grinned back at her, "Hell yeah. It's at your sorority house, right?"

She nodded, "Yep! It'll be fuckin lit, my dude." She put her arms down and started walking next to him, "We already bought a shit ton of beer, but Bakugou and Kirishima are gonna score us some good stuff. And Jirou said that she knew a guy that can get her some weed or something."

"Dope. You know who's gonna be there?"

"Well, Kirishima, Bakugou, and Jirou are definite yeses. And all the girls in my sorority. And since Jirou's gonna be there, Momo's probably gonna come along with her. No idea who else."

"Cool," He paused for a moment, "Are Jirou and Momo a thing? Or..."

Mina laughed, "They've been together for like two years. Still haven't gotten over your crush on Jirou?"

"Obviously. Have you seen her?"

Mina hummed, "Mm, yeah. But, Ochako is more my type."

"Yeahhh, she's hot too."

Mina nudged him, "You gonna get laid tonight?"

Kaminari's face turned red, "No way! That's so trashy."

"Whatever you say~" Mina said, sticking her tongue out, "Be there at 9, 'kay?"

"Okayyy, I'll be there."


Kaminari showed up a few minutes after 9, and the sorority house was already packed to the brim. A few guys and girls from his classes greeted him as he passed by them, and he made small conversation with a few of them, mostly looking for one of his actual friends. After a few minutes, he spotted Kirishima and he called out.

"Hey, Eiji!"

"Hey, Denki, what's up?" Kirishima said cheerfully, squeezing through the crowd to come meet him. Kirishima was a tall alpha man, who was probably what would be created if the sun took human form. He was the nicest person Kaminari had ever known. His boyfriend on the other hand...

"Oy, Shitty Hair. Don't ditch me," Kirishima's boyfriend, Bakugou, grumbled, squeezing in next to him. Bakugou was a hot tempered alpha, who was constantly picking fights with people. He was pretty much the exact opposite of Kirishima, and people honestly didn't know how two people so different could get together. But somehow they made it work.

"Hey, what's up, Eiji? 'Sup, Bakugou." He gave Kirishima a fist bump, then held his fist out to Bakugou, who ignored him.

"C'mon, let's get you a drink," Kirishima said, grabbing Kaminari's hand, dragging him to the kitchen. "Here. Wanna start out by mixing with a soda?"

"Yeah. Do you have rum and Cola?"

Kirishima grinned and grabbed a red solo cup, "Yep!" As he was pouring his drink, Kaminari spotted Midoriya, an old classmate of his a few feet away. Midoriya was a friendly beta with curly green hair and freckles. Kaminari had had a crush on him for like two weeks in high school, but quickly got over it, much like all of his other crushes. He had honestly, at one point, had a crush on almost every one of his classmates, though, so it wasn't a huge deal.

"Hey! Midoriya!" He called out, and Midoriya looked around, confused, until his eyes landed on him.

Midoriya smiled and walked over to him, "Hey! I haven't seen you in a while! How's it going?"

"Pretty good. Hanging in there."

"Nice, nice. What are you studying, again?"

"Electrical Engineering." Kirishima tapped his shoulder and handed him his drink. He thanked him, then turned back to Midoriya, "And you're studying...uh..."


"Oh yeah! How's that going?"

"It's exhausting," Midoriya said, chuckling, "Honestly, I should be studying my ass off for midterms, but Uraraka insisted I get out of the house and come. I made Shouto come along, and I dragged my friend Shinsou out too. He got in a fight with his fiancé again and is moping, so I made him come along. And....I'm rambling, aren't I?"

Kaminari laughed, "It's all good. You still together with Todoroki?"

Midoriya nodded, "Yep! Almost our five year anniversary."

"Shit, has it really been that long? Man, we're getting old."

"Yeah, I guess we are," Midoriya laughed, then his eyes darted to someone behind Kaminari, "Oh! Shouto! We were just talking about you!" Todoroki walked over to the two of them and gave Kaminari a polite nod, then gently put his arm around Midoriya's waist.

"Hey, dude," Kaminari said, "How's it going?"

"Ah, hello," Todoroki said awkwardly, "It's going well, thank you. And you?"

"Pretty good, pretty good."

Todoroki whispered something in Midoriya's ear, and Midoriya snorted, "Oh jeez. I need to see that. Let's catch up later, Kaminari."

"Yeah, definitely."

Midoriya gave him one last wave, then disappeared with Todoroki into the crowd. Kaminari went to take another sip of his drink, but it came up empty. "Wow. I didn't even realize I finished it," He muttered, then went to go get some more.


One hour later, Kaminari was completely shitfaced. He was playfully grinding up on Mina, when he spotted someone a little ways away, awkwardly standing in the corner of the room. In his drunken stupor, he had the brilliant idea to go make friends with the stranger. He stumbled over to him, shot him his most charming grin, and said the first thing that came to his mind, "Do ya like jazz?"

The other man stared at him for a moment, before bursting out laughing, "What is that even supposed to mean?"

Kaminari grabbed his hand and dragged him into the crowd, "C'mon, dance with me." The man chugged what was left of his drink, then set the empty cup on a chair. The two stumbled a bit, both very obviously intoxicated, then Kaminari started clumsily grinding on him. The stranger seemed somewhat hesitant at first, but then started going with the flow. About twenty minutes later, Kaminari leaned closer to the man's ear, "You wanna go upstairs? Somewhere private?"

The man blinked a few times, but Kaminari was dragging him along before he could even give a response. It took the two drunk men a few minutes to stumble up the stairs and find a bedroom that wasn't occupied, but when they did, they shut and locked the door in record time, and their lips immediately connected. It took them a few seconds to navigate to the bed, but when they did, Kaminari had the man on his back in no time.

As the kisses became more heated and clothes were discarded, something in Kaminari's head was telling him that this was a terrible idea, but in the end, it was his other head that won.


Kaminari hissed at the small stream of light that was coming through the blinds, shining directly onto his face. 'What the hell?' He thought, 'Since when did I have a window there?' However, as he started to take in more of his surroundings, his heart sank as he slowly pieced together where he was.

He glanced over at the figure sleeping next to him and muttered, "Oh, fuck."

Kaminari had never gotten dressed so fast in his life. He ripped off the boxers that weren't his, then pulled on the rest of his clothes, not bothering to check if they were put on inside out or not, and got the fuck out of there.

He got about halfway to his dorm, when he finally succumbed to his hangover, and bent over a bush. After he had finished, he sat down in the middle of the sidewalk, all of his previous adrenaline completely gone. He felt around for his phone and let out a relieved breath when he felt it in his pocket. He pulled it out and clicked on Kirishima's number. Kirishima lived in the same dorm complex as him and also had a car, so Kaminari was hoping that Kirishima wasn't hungover too.

After a couple rings, Kirishima's cheerful voice came from the other end, "Hey, Denki! What's up, man?"

"I am so hungover, dude."

"Oh, damn. I'm sorry. Why are you calling me, though?"

"I just barfed in some bushes and I have no energy to walk the rest of the way to my dorm. Are you not hungover too?"

Kirishima laughed, "Nope! I don't get hungover usually."

"Fucking lucky."

"Where are you? I'll come pick you up."

Kaminari looked around, trying to figure that out. "Uhh I think I'm in the parking lot by the science building."

"Okay, I'll be there in like two minutes."

"Thanks," Kaminari croaked, then hung up.


When Kaminari got back to his dorm, he wanted to just pass out and never wake up, but he also wanted to take a shower. He really needed to take a shower. He was covered in various bodily fluids, and he knew that he needed to wash...inside him as well. He knew the chances of him getting pregnant were very low, because he was an omega born from two alpha parents, so he wasn't worried about that at all. Plus, it didn't feel like the dude had actually come inside him, so he figured it hadn't gone too far. It also only felt like the guy had barely gone in.

He almost just went to sleep, but forced himself into the shower, thinking, "I am never going to another party ever again."


There were three things that Shinsou Hitoshi noticed when he woke up. First, he felt like he had been punched in the stomach. Second, he wasn't in his own bed. Third, one of his legs was in a hoodie sleeve.

He groaned and sat up, which proved to be a very poor decision, because next thing he knew, he was puking onto the carpet of whoever's room he was in. He stayed in that position for a good ten minutes, waiting for the room to stop spinning. After he felt like he could stand up without toppling over, he pulled the covers off and cringed when they stuck to his stomach. He looked down at his stomach and his heart sank when he saw a clearish/whitish substance dried onto his skin.

"Oh fuck...." He muttered, "I didn't... Did I?"

He thought for a moment, then all the events from the night before came rushing back. They were still very blurry, but he remembered being dragged into the living room by some random drunk blond dude, then remembered the blond dude grinding on him, then he vaguely remembered being dragged up to someone's bedroom, then everything after that was blurry.

"Jesus...Did I seriously hook up with some random guy at a party?" He groaned, "That's so fucking trashy." He heard his ringtone coming from the foot of the bed, and he felt around, trying not to move too much, because he felt like he was going to throw up again at any second. He managed to grab the cuff of his jeans and he pulled it towards him, hoping that his phone was still in his pocket. He reached into his pocket and sighed in relief when he grabbed it. He pulled it out and looked at his screen.

12 Missed Calls from Neito.
28 Texts from Neito.
7 Voice messages from Neito.

"Ah shit," He muttered, clicking the callback button, then held it up to his ear, slowly trying to get his leg out of his hoodie. It rang twice before Neito picked up, "He-"

"Where are you, Hitoshi?" He asked sharply, and Shinsou winced at his loud voice.
"Sorry, I went to a party with Midoriya and Todoroki, and I must've fallen asleep." There was no way in hell he was going to mention the fact that he also may have had sex with some random person to his fiancé. Oh, did I mention that Monoma was his fiancé? Well, now you know why Shinsou felt he was completely and utterly fucked. Quite literally.

Monoma made an irritated noise, then said, "Are you still there?"


"Do you want me to come get you?"

Shinsou almost refused, but then his stomach lurched uncomfortably at the thought of walking all the way back to his and Momoma's apartment. "Yeah."

"Where are you?"

Shinsou actually had no idea. He figured it was a sorority house, based on what he remembered from the night before and by the room he was currently in. "Uhhh, a sorority house..."

"Wow. Very specific. Thanks," He said, sarcastically, "Do you know which one?"


"Is Midoriya still there?"

"I don't think so..."

Monoma sighed, "Can you go outside and check?"

Shinsou really, really didn't want to do that. "Do I have to?"

"Oh my god, Hitoshi. How much did you drink last night?"

"Too much....Oh wait. I think it's at that girl Uraraka's sorority house."

"I don't know who that is."

Shinsou tried to think harder, "Shit...uh, I think it's called Yuusha...or Yuuki..."

Monoma sighed, exasperated, "Fine. I'll look it up. I'll text you when I'm leaving. You better be outside when I come." Monoma hung up and Shinsou sighed, laying back down.

He glanced down at his crusty stomach and groaned, putting his forearm over his eyes. "What have I done?"

After a few minutes, his phone buzzed with a text from Monoma, reading, "I think I found it. Be there soon."

Shinsou grunted and slowly stood up, trying to avoid the mess he had made, while also trying not to add to it. He somehow managed to get dressed without any huge issues. Although, he was pretty sure his shirt was inside out and he had somehow lost both of his socks and his boxers, so he just had to go commando.

He unlocked the door and stumbled out, almost stepping on a guy passed out by the door. He made his way down the stairs, trying to avoid unconscious people and strange puddles. As he passed the kitchen, a few tired looking girls, each holding a glass of water, silently waved at him, and he gave them a curt nod.

He was finally able to get outside and he breathed in the fresh air, feeling better for about .05 seconds, before his stomach lurched and he keeled over.

Monoma pulled up about ten minutes later and made a face when he saw Shinsou bent over in the bushes. He got out of his car and walked over to his fiancé. "God, Hitoshi. You're a mess."

"Thanks," Shinsou muttered, "I try."

"Come on," Monoma said, putting his arm under Shinsou's, "Let's get you into the car. If you throw up anywhere except in the garbage bag I brought, I'm going to kill you."

"Thanks. Good to know you care."

"Shut up. I wouldn't be here if I didn't care."

"What time is it?"

Monoma checked his watch, "Almost 14:00."

"It's 14:00? It feels a lot later."

"Yes. Stop breathing in my face. You smell disgusting. I can't believe I'm marrying you."

"I am never going to a party again."

"Yeah, you better not. You can't hold your alcohol for shit."

Shinsou laughed dryly, immediately filled with regret. Sure, Monoma annoyed the crap out of him sometimes, but he never would've dreamed of cheating on him. What the hell happened that made him cheat on his fiancé?? He sighed, knowing he had to tell him. "Hey, Neito?" He said quietly, "Um, I just need to tell you-" He looked up at his fiancé's bright blue eyes and stopped. How the hell was he supposed to tell him that he cheated? "Uh, just wanted to say thank you." He looked away. Maybe some things were just better to keep secret. Anyways, it was just one night. It wasn't going to matter in the long run.



When Shinsou woke up again, he felt a hundred times better than he had a few hours prior. After being forced to take a shower by Monoma, he had passed out on their bed, wearing only a pair of boxers. He blinked a few times and rubbed his eyes. He smiled softly when he noticed that Monoma had put a blanket over him and a cup of water on the bedside desk while he slept. He stretched and pulled on a hoodie before heading into the living room.

"Hey," He said, and Monoma looked up from the book he was reading.

"Oh, hi. Feeling better?"

"Yeah. Thanks." He sat down next to Monoma, who closed his book and set it on the floor.

"I'm sorry, Hitoshi," He said, sighing.

Shinsou raised an eyebrow, "What for?"

Monoma narrowed his eyes at him, "What for? For our fight we had yesterday."

"Oh yeah..." Their fight felt like it had been so long ago, when it had barely been a day. He couldn't even remember what their fight was about. Something pointless, probably. "I'm sorry too. For going to the party. Especially without telling you."

Monoma rolled his eyes. "You're such an idiot," He muttered, moving closer to Shinsou. He rested his head on his shoulder, and Shinsou's heart clenched. Why did Monoma have to be so affectionate in this current situation?? Shinsou was feeling guilty out of his mind, while his fiancé was blissfully unaware of the thoughts racing through his head. He turned his head a little and pressed his lips against the top of Momoma's head.

He had met Monoma during his first year of high school, and they became instant enemies. Monoma had been in one of the two gifted classes in the school and absolutely loved to remind everyone that he was better than everyone. Shinsou was smart as well, but he was terrible with tests, leading to him failing to get into one of the gifted classes. He wouldn't have hated Monoma so much if it weren't for the fact that Monoma seemed to single him out all the time. However, in their second year, Shinsou was able to retest and got to move up to the gifted class, much to Momoma's dismay. The two bickered like cat and dog for nearly the whole year, until they realized that part of their frustration with each other was sexual frustration, and hooked up.

After their first hookup, they hooked up twice more before actually starting to date. Most of the people in their class were extremely confused by their relationship, but most of them decided not to comment on it. The two of them ended up getting into the same university, and a year earlier (during their second year), Shinsou had decided to propose, which Monoma had tearfully accepted. Now, the wedding was scheduled for the day after their graduation the following year.

"Why are you being so quiet?" Shinsou whispered. Normally Monoma would talk his ear off, regardless of the situation.

"You just...seem off today," Monoma said, and Shinsou tensed up, "Your pheromones smell really weird. Like they do when you're annoyed or stressed out. But you're not yelling at me, so I know I'm not the cause."

Shinsou sighed, "It's...nothing. I'm just stressed." He ran his fingers through his fiancé's hair, and Monoma seemed to relax.

"You can tell me anything, you know?"

Shinsou laughed softly, "God, it's weird when you're being considerate."

Monoma flicked Shinsou's leg, "Well, excuse me for being concerned, dickhead."

Shinsou flinched, then pulled Monoma into a hug. "Sorry. I love you."

Monoma scoffed, "Yeah, yeah. I love me too."

"You're impossible."

"I know."