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a thousand paper cranes, yet i still can't hear you

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Izuku sighed, his breath forming a little dragon that slithered out of his mouth and into the cold winter air. He needed to go shopping, and not just for groceries and notebooks.

He needed origami paper.

It wasn't because he liked to make origami or anything, it was for his job. His quirk.

 [a thousand paper cranes]

Name: Midoriya Izuku

Sex: Male

Age: Fourteen (14)

School/Occupation: Orudera Middle School, Third (3rd) Year

Quirk: Paper Crane

  • Allows user to, when giving someone a paper crane, grant another’s greatest wish whether or not the person acknowledges it.

[yet i still can’t hear you]

No one people knew about his quirk, with the exception of his teachers (Who basically deemed him quirkless, the bastards), the Bakugou's, almost the entirety of Musutafu,  and his own family.

A family that had been torn apart years ago.

But that was a story for another time.

Katsuki ran up to the boy with his rat’s nest of hair and grabbed his shoulder to turn him around. Deku looked at him, tilting his head to the side and smiling softly. “Where are you going, Deku?” Katsuki said, using sign language as a means of communication with the boy.

Deku brightened slightly and began to sign swiftly. I need to buy some origami paper and groceries. We’ve run out. Katsuki grinned wildly, and grabbed Izuku by the arm.

“I’ll go with you,” He said, and Izuku nodded. The two then proceeded to race down the street, the wind pushing their hair back as they ran to the grocery store.

[act one, scene one]

When Izuku returned to his apartment, he dropped his bags on the floor and took off his too small shoes, setting them down in front of the ledge that led into the house. Picking up the bags once again, he set towards the small kitchen and began to put away his purchases. Eventually, he began to hum a tune, and didn’t even notice, for he couldn’t hear it.

How sad. 

Once Izuku had finished, he went to his room and changed into an all-white outfit, washing the green dye out of his white hair. He was wearing a white turtleneck and pants, his shoes soft black combat boots he had had for years. Finally, Izuku adorned his cloak, the black cloth soft and filled with holes at the edges from years of use. Izuku, unlike others, found it charming. It added character, in his opinion. The cloak, while completely black, had the design of a paper crane on the back of the hood, the design tinted silver so that it shone in the moonlight.

After eating a light snack and tucking his wallet and phone into one of the internal pockets of the cloak, Izuku left for the abandoned garage he kept his cart. In his hand were sixteen packets of silver, navy, and white origami paper, intended to be used on tonight’s run.

Izuku approached the cart, his boots silently hitting the concrete as he walked. Tucking the paper into the hidden shelf in the back, Izuku swiftly set out the notebook and pen that he used to take requests. He began to push the old wooden cart out of the garage, the moon above radiating peace and quiet. Izuku began to sing softly, his voice out of tune and quiet from not being able to hear.

Whenever Izuku went out, he would remember what people had done to him - how they had stolen his hearing-aids to the point where he simply didn’t use them anymore, how they had bullied him and hit him until he was bleeding, how the would scream so loud that it made his ears bleed. He was reminded of how people with disabilities, no matter how small, would always be tormented over something they had close to no control over.

But at least the strangers he came across and helped in the street didn’t know he was one of those people.

At least they didn’t know he was deaf.