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The Universe Favoured Me

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Maggie has a patient who needs surgery that not either of the surgeons in Seattle have done but thee one and only Doctor Cristina Yang has done 4 months back and she's the only surgeon in the world who's done it on a patient who was really in need of this surgery and it was successful. The patient is now living a happy and carefree life, all thanks to the amazing cardiothorassic surgeon. 

So Maggie really wanted to help her patient, so she contacted Cristina and told her all about her patient who's in need of her miracle skills and hands. They made plans for Cristina Yang to come down to Seattle but the problem is that the only person who helped Cristina perform the surgery was Dr Sam Bello, yes Dr Andrew Deluca's crazy ex<span> girlfriend, so it simply meant that Sam would have to accompany Cristina to Seattle to help her do the surgery, Cristina has been mentoring Sam for almost two years now and she is surely becoming an amazing surgeon like Yang.

Cristina and Maggie decided to keep it a secret that Cristina is coming to Seattle in two days, mainly because they wanted to surprise Meredith. Ohhh and Cristina didn't think that bringing Sam along would be a problem, knowing that her best friend is dating Sam's ex and she thinks that the younger woman is no longer crazy about the Italian beau.


Within the next two days they landed in Seattle, Maggie fetched them at the airport and on they're way to the hospital they chatted about how Meredith and the kids are, the patient and Maggie filled Cristina up on what's happening in everyone's lives... weirdly they never mentioned Andrew's name and Sam was just clueless about Mer and Andrew's relationship

They arrived at the hospital and went straight to the attendings room where they found Meredith, Bailey and Alex.

"Hey Meredith look who I found" Maggie announced their presence

Meredith looked up  and her eyes immediately began to tear up " omg Cristina, how did you get here? When? Why didn't you tell me you were coming" she began to ramble while she squeezed the life out of her person's body

"Mer I can't breathe" she huffed

" ohh I'm sorry, I missed you so much"

Cristina breathed " I missed you too and I arrived 30 minutes ago, I'm here to help Maggie on a case" 

Meredith looked at Maggie and said"Maggie you knew all about this? Oh that's why you've been acting weird! You're so sneaky"

Maggie laughed at Meredith " we wanted to surprise you"

"Dr Yang, it's so good to see you" Bailey gave Cristina a hug

Cristina made a face, but she was so happy to see her too, she really missed the Nazi.

"Yang did Mer tell you that I'm her person now" Alex teased her

They all laughed, Alex went to her and gave her a big hug "dude you should visit more often, we miss you"

Cristina smiled hugely at him " only if you promise to buy me a box full of Tequila"

"Deal" Alex replied, they laughed and they all started talking about how long she's been gone,  about the surgery she's going to perform, they also talked about Callie, Arizona and Kepner.


Outside the room, at the nurse's station stood Sam, Helm and Qadri.

They were chatting about how amazing Dr Yang is and how it is in Switzerland.

It wasn't until Andrew Deluca walked up to the nurse's station to put down the tablet he was using 

"Andrew!" Sam excitedly shouted

She ran towards him and the unexpected happened. Just as Meredith, Cristina, Bailey and Alex walked out of the attending's room they saw Sam's arms wrapped around Andrew and her lips on Andrew's lips.

Meredith's heart broke into tiny little pieces, how could he do this to me she whispered. Andrew immediately pushed Sam off of him, he looked at her angrily and that's when he saw Meredith, the hurt in Meredith's eyes, she ran the other way before he could even get to her. All the other doctors stood there, shocked at what they've just seen.

"Why the hell would you do that!? Look what you did now!" Andrew yelled at Sam who was just taken back by Andrew's outburst

She didn't know what was happening, Why Andrew was acting like this, Is he not excited to see me she asked herself and what did he mean when he said 'look at what you've done now'

Why did Dr Grey look like she's seen a ghost and why did she look like she was going to burst out of tears

Just as Andrew was about to go after Meredith, his pager rang, shit he said to himself

He entered the patient's room and Dr Grey was already in there

"Dr Grey, where do you want me?" He asked

Her eyes were red and she looked like she's been crying but right now she tried to look more serious, focused on their patient. She looked at him for a second then turned back her attention to the patient.

After making sure that their patient is stable, Meredith left the room first and Andrew followed, Meredith was clearly avoiding him.

"Mer" Andrew called out and she didn't stop walking 

"Meredith" he said again, this time she stopped walking but her back was still facing him

So he went and stood in front of her, they looked straight into each other's eyes, tears were beginning to form in her eyes

"Meredith what you saw earlier isn't what you think it is, I'm really sorry" Andrew apologised

"Ohh what was it then? If I knew in the beginning that if Dr Bello was to come back, you two would kiss and make up, I wouldn't have bothered myself with this" she said 

" oh really is that what you think? That I would get back together with Sam even after she broke my heart?" Andrew fired back

Meredith kept quiet, tears were running down her face and Andrew looked at her, he felt so bad that he's the reason she's crying right now.

"Mer I'm really sorry, I was coming out of a patient's room when Sam ran to me and she immediately hugged me and kissed me at the same time, that was when you guys were heading out of the attending's room, I pushed her off of me immediately, I had nothing to do with this and you know I'd never hurt you like that. I love you and only you...and our kids" Andrew explained

Meredith smiled when he said the words Our kids, Andrew has been such an amazing father figure to her children and he loves them like they're his own.

"I'm really sorry" Andrew apologised again

Meredith threw her arms around Andrew and she started sobbing, Andrew started to worry.

"Hey babe, talk to me" 

Meredith sobbed harder and after a minute she looked at Andrew and said " I thought you were gonna get back together with Sam, I thought you're feelings for her were back and I thought that the other shoe had dropped. I was scared and I won't lie and say I'm not, I really am, you've become one of thee most important person in my life and in my babies lives, I don't wanna lose you because that would break my heart. So promise me that you won't leave me, promise me that you won't pick Sam over me, promise me that you'll love me and take care of me forever." She said all of this with tears running down her face

Listening to every word she said, tears had already started to form in Andrew's eyes, that's when he realised that she's in too deep in this relationship, that she really loves him and is scared to lose her. Andrew looked at her and he could see the love in her eyes. She loves him and he loves her.

"Meredith that night when I kissed you on the rooftop I knew already that this was it for me, there was no more games or whatsoever, I wouldn't ruin what we have by kissing my ex actually I wouldn't even try to ruin what we have by doing something stupid, I love you so much that all these other women I no longer see them as women I'd wanna pursue but I see them as my brothers" he lovingly said as Meredith laughed at the last thing he said

"No but honestly woman, I'd never hurt you like that, you have made me an amazing man that I am today and you have given me a big beautiful family, you've given me  and trusted me with your three beautiful kids who are now mine and you are carrying my precious cargo right now, I wouldn't trade that for anything at all" Andrew said to Meredith, he placed his hand on Meredith's belly for a while

 Andrew then took Meredith's hands into his own, Meredith couldn't believe that the universe has favoured her so much that by giving her a second chance at love, Andrew just poured out his heart to her and she felt every word he said, she believed him and she knows that he loves her. That's all that matters.

They stared at each other for a while before Meredith broke the silence  "Andrew I am really sorry for how I acted and for what I said" 

"Its okay, I was also gonna act the very same way you did, if I was in your situation but you were extra" Andrew laughed

"Hey I'm pregnant, what'd you expect!?" Meredith said as she playfully poked him on the chest and Andrew laughed at his girlfriend.

After the laughter died down, Meredith pulled Andrew into a hug and he wrapped his arms around her. They stated like that for a while until they were disrupted by Sam who witnessed and heard every word that was said.

Cristina, Bailey, Alex and Amelia also watched the whole scene unfold, they couldn't be any happier for Meredith and they they started talking about planning a baby shower for Mer

"Dr Grey" Sam called

They turned to looked at her, "Dr Bello" Meredith replied in a neutral tone

" I just wanted to apologize to the both of you, what I did earlier on was unprofessional and it's just that it has been so long since I've seen Andrew so I was really excited and happy to see him but that's no excuse for what I did, so I am really sorry for kissing your boyfriend" Sam apologised

"It's fine Dr Bello, but if that's how you guys do things in Switzerland then we don't do things like that here in Seattle, you're forgiven" Meredith replied with a smile on her face, meanwhile Sam was embarrassed.

Lunch time Meredith, Alex and Cristina went to a cafe down the hospital street, had lunch and just talked about everything going on in their lives.


They all knocked off at the same time and Meredith suggested that they go have dinner at her house, ealier on she also saw that Andrew was in surgery with Webber so she texted him Hey love, I invited Alex over to have dinner with us and Cristina will be staying with us, see you at you

Andrew was busy so he hadn't had time to check his phone.

Immediately when they opened the door to Mer's house they were greeted by an appetizing smell, they all headed to the kitchen only to find the Italian man focused on the food that he was busy preparing.Meredith was happy to see him, she thought he was still in surgery.


"Hey Babe, I sent you a text thinking that you were still at work" Mer said, he looked up to see the three doctors looking at him.


"Hi, sorry I haven't had a chance to check my phone, I've been really occupied" he replied with a huge smile on his face. Alex greeted Andrew and he took out a beer in the fridge, opened it and took a long gulp before sitting on a chair.


"You guys are right in time for dinner, I hope you are starving" he said to them, Zola had just finished setting up the table and Ellis and Bailey were giggling with their mother


"Mer why didn't you tell me that the Italian is a chef too?" Cristina asked her friend, while sipping her wine


Andrew laughed at what Cristina said, "I'm not really a chef, I just like to cook and try new things" he explained


"Dude you are! Jo never stops talking about the dishes you make" Alex added


Andrew smiled at him, him and Alex have become close friends over the course of he's relationship with Meredith and Alex is really a good guy.


Andrew placed the food on the table and everyone took their seats, Ellis asked to sit next to Andrew's right side and Zola was on his left. Meredith pouted at her boyfriend, acting as if she was sad to not be sitting next to him at the table.


They filled their plates with food, once they started digging in they couldn't stop praising Andrew, the food was really good. They started talking about work, Cristina, the weather in Switzerland and the Sam scenario that happened earlier on, the kids were also excited to have their aunt Cristina and they couldn't stop talking to her, telling her about the exciting things they've done.


"Andrew thank you, I can't even remember the last time I ate a delicious meal like this one" Cristina praised Andrew


"Mer you should definitely hold on to him or else I'm leaving Sam behind and I'm taking Andrew back to Switzerland with me" She told Meredith while laughing and Meredith made a face


"No aunty Cristina, Andrew is ours" Ellis argued,  Aww that's so sweet of Ellis Meredith thought to herself and she couldn't stop smiling


 Andrew looked at Ellis and whispered "I don't wanna leave with Cristina" which made Ellis giggle


They ate their dinner, talking and laughing filled the room. Meredith looked at everyone sitting around the table and she couldn't be any happier, she was really happy and blessed.The next two days are really going to be amazing because her person is here and she also can't wait to bring this baby into this beautiful family.

She is truly happy.