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Abduction: The Daniel Masters Story

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The Letter That Changed Everything

It was a typical day for the world loneliest cheesehead billionaire Vlad Masters. He was the billionaire owner of a vast multi-billion dollar corporation that did have quite an extraordinary start-up capital. Although he had following that done everything legit since getting things started in ways that were not attainable by means justified by the laws of normalcy.

He always did have the intellects for business and he'd acquired after getting out of the hospital for the most bizarre reason the greatest business associate anyone in the world could ask for. A gentleman by the name of Ian Kent.

Ian Kent was from good stock. Furthermore, could wheel and deal with the best of them. Not to mention he played the stock market, as well as a concert pianist, played the piano. He had the right amount of attraction and charisma to deal with people on a personal level.

Ian Kent was a native of California, San Francisco to be exact. Vlad was incredibly impressed when he read Ian's resume when he first applied to work at his corporation. Mr. Kent had been an honor student and graduated as class valedictorian both of his high school and at Stanford. That alone would be enough to catch any future boss's eye.

On the personal biography that was required of all of his employees to fill out; Vlad desired to know a bit of their history with their families and growing up just to appear to be a more sympathetic boss. It surprisingly did work out quite well and turned out to have more pros than cons furthermore well it was an immeasurable strategy moreover was serving him well in countless ways.

Ian's tale certainly touched a man who several had imagined didn't have a heart, yet he did. He wasn't completely heartless just vastly unloved and misunderstood. Consequently, he did have quite the emotional reaction when reading Ian's autobiography section of his job application.

Not only did Ian's parents Jay and Elaine Kent operate a prosperous bed and breakfast, but he also supported them with his younger sister, Piper who was mentally and physically handicapped from being born prematurely. He'd hoped by gaining employment with Vlad's company he could ease the difficulty on his parents caring for his sister as they got older. After all, taking care of her wasn't cheap and they would not live forever.

All his credentials along with his family man background furthermore friendly face that helped him rise so swiftly in the company to the point he was now Vlad's right-hand man. Presently he'd left Ian in charge of handling the day to day matters of the business including going over the company's currencies furthermore taxes. Vlad had required a much needed personal vacation from work.

Still, he was sitting in his enormous living room after watching the latest Packers game on a giant flat screen, video chatting with Ian to make certain everything was okay. After all, one does not become "Billionaire of the year" and operate such a thriving enterprise by running a slipshod operation. He may be on vacation however he never let his business go to pieces ever.

"Hello, Ian, just checking in. How is everything going?" Vlad probed in a nonchalant manner to the handsome African-American gentleman on the laptop screen before him. Like the rest of Vlad's possessions, this laptop was also Green Bay Packers Themed. Consequently, it was green and gold and the screensaver was different historical moments of the team and the background was them holding the Superbowl Trophy.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the screen, Ian Kent was discreetly fixing his light cerulean tie on his suit and smoothed his short raven black curly quiff hair. Though his stylish hair didn't hide the scar on his forehead he'd gotten defending his high school girlfriend from a drunk. Still aside from the scar, his light amber eyes and light chocolate skin he made him the ideal poster boy for a young businessman.

"Everything is in tip-top order, Mr. Masters. Workplace efficiency has gone from 48% to 54% thanks to the marvelous ideas from the work environment improvement conference we had last month. That conference extraordinarily improved a great deal here with the company as well as everyone who works here," he replied promptly in a crisp well practice business tone.

"I'm so glad to hear that. Furthermore, I'm fortunate you were able to use your innate charm to uncover what everyone demands were at the conference. Moreover, we were equipped to find a way to accommodate what they all were without going over budget and still work effectually," Vlad replied back in a satisfied tone.

The young man stopped perspiring a little before continuing on with the update. "Well, Mr. Masters if we come to work with positive energy furthermore feeling vigorous then naturally we will work harder and then only good should come from it. We should have another work improvement meeting once a month."

"Are you saying we should either have a traditional suggestion box or would email be better?" questioned the billionaire to his younger partner. It appeared the young man was thinking rather thoughtfully before choosing how to phrase his answer to the biggest cheesehead in the world.

"It might be better if we had both, actually, sir. We have numerous businesses as you have so many different companies and business that make up the whole company. Plus you keep accumulating more each day. It sometimes hard to remember what you're not involved in and what you don't own actually. Since it seems you part of everything that can possibly make money in some manner of fashion.

Also, I think it would be a beneficial idea to have some future events that everyone could get together to blow off steam and bond. More than a company picnic but things along those lines." Ian finished giving his statement to his boss who gave him a sly smile.

"Well, I shall think about it. But how are things going for us in the stocks department?" he asked in a slightly more demanding tone to which the handsome man gave a rapid-fire answer.

"We are doing well in the stock department and should make a quarter million profit by the end of the year."

"That's excellent to hear, Ian. Now, are there any irksome legal matters that I'm currently not aware of?" It was obvious Vlad was not in the mood for unwanted surprises and was testing his partner to see just how good he was at his job. He was not gonna be disappointed at all.

Blushing furiously Ian shook his head. "No of course not! You know Stacey would've dealt with them before you even went on vacation if there was! She's the best lawyer in the country! Undoubtedly you already know that? I mean if you require it, Mr. Masters, I can read to you her employe file for if you need me to remind you just how qualified she is!"

Vlad laughed amusingly thinking of the gorgeous and alluring Ms. Stacy French his Lawyer of all Trades who also happened to be Ian's girlfriend. Chuckling he decided to do some friendly little teasing that only a boss could do to his employees.

" Ian, relax, I already know for a fact how qualified Ms. French is. Why do you think you two are both my most valued employees? I would be lost without either of you. You two are by far the most qualified people I know in the world," to which Ian was again blushing at his boss's compliments. However then Vlad decided to do a little reminding of his own.

"Now Ian you do remember quite distinctly that I've nothing against workplace relationships, correct? That is as long as they don't impede with your workplace performance? Furthermore, your personal lives are kept out of it, correct?" he reminded him while still grinning at the way the man on the screen was starting to perspire. Oh, how fun this was teasing him about his love life when Vlad didn't have one of his own.

"Mr. Masters, me and Stacy, I mean Ms. French and I do keep our personal lives out of the workplace. It's strictly professional during work hours and at the offices. We would never drag our personal business onto the job!" he stuttered to which Vlad just chuckled amusingly again.

"I know you two won't give the office any soap opera drama, Ian. Still, as your boss, I've to make sure to remind you and every one of the rules. Now just make sure she does her job and you do yours and not of your lives outside of work gets dragged to the office, okay?" he became serious once again with one of his two best employees.

"Understood, sir. Well, enjoy the rest of your vacation sir. Chat with you another time or you won't get much of a vacation. See you later. Good day, Mr. Masters." his partner signed off in the most respectful manner of a well-bred gentleman.

"Good Day. Mr. Kent," as Vlad's laptop screen went blank. He lamented loudly as he closed and pushed it to the side. He looked around his huge castle and felt even more miserable.

So far he spent the two weeks off from his multi-billion dollar company in what was his version of the Star Trek's holodecks. A chamber that had such advance holograms you couldn't tell the distinction between what was authentic and what was just a hologram. Vlad kept the best tech and other advancements to himself to improve before letting his company sell them or anything of that matter.

Therefore he'd been spending the last couple of days living out his most intimate fantasies of being with his one true love Maddie Fenton who that IDIOT Jack Fenton stole from him.

His blue eyes flashed dangerously red and he almost charred a hole through the wall thinking about the person he hated most in the world. Every time he thought of him he just started to fume and he wanted to blow up like a bomb.

Jack Fenton what a curse that man had been! He was beyond a nincompoop! That was the understatement of the millennium! No one had fewer brains than that man. Or the fact he was so thoroughly stupid he never realizes when he'd done anything wrong that he didn't even know he should at least APOLOGIZE!

Not once in all this time had Jack Fenton ever once acknowledge it was his damn fault for the stupid portal accident back in college that not only gave him ecto-acne but also ruined his social life and stole Maddie!

However he never even CONSIDERED he did anything wrong! The imbecile didn't get if you had no social life you basically had no life! Moreover again apologizing for any mistake goes a long way. Not that apologizing would do him any good now but it would've been the right thing to do!

Although it was also the unintended result of the accident was giving him ghost powers which now made Vlad half human and half ghost. Sometimes a curse and other times a blessing. Either way, he vowed one day to get his revenge on Jack for all that he had done and when he did Jack would suffer ten times what he'd done to him.

There was a soft click and that told Vlad the mail had arrived. Vlad never really liked getting the mail. It was mostly junk mail, bills and never anything that was personal. After all, he had no family and really no friends so it wasn't like he has anyone send him letters or care packages.

Hence yet again as he scooped up the heap of letters he saw three were bills, two were junk for free coupons to a local gas station and then a letter. A letter addressed to him FROM JACK FENTON.

He nearly burned it with his ghost powers because of his anger of WHY WAS JACK FENTON WRITING TO HIM? AFTER ALL THIS TIME WHAT DID THAT IDIOT HAVE TO WRITE HIM ABOUT?

Still, he slit open the letter and began to read and as he read his blood only boiled more as did his anger.

Jack was going on and on like they were still best buddies. Fool. But the contents of the letter were that Jack was talking about he and Maddie were absolutely thrilled that they were expecting their second child. They just found out it was a boy. Since Jack got to name their first child their daughter Jazz, Maddie got to pick the name of their son and they planned to name him Danny.

The further it went that he just felt telling him about his exciting news and when Maddie's due date was and hope he was well. And then at the end, he had now to fight both ghosts and Maddie's morning sickness and said goodbye.

Vlad was super enraged at the letter and about ready to burn it when his insidious mind realized Jack had just given him the perfect way to get his revenge and at the same time finally get what he had wanted all his life.

The way to get back at Jack and Maddie for what they had done to him was to take the one thing they never should've had and with that, his master plan was already forming in his mind.

Jack Fenton would never get to have the joy of having his son. Vlad Masters, on the other hand, would get the joy of having the perfect half-ghost son and revenge on Jack and Maddie for both Jack ruining his life and Maddie's betrayal.

Danny Fenton would never exist but Daniel Masters would.

It is too perfect. Too perfect.

Ian Kent- Vlad's human business partner.

Pretend Voice Actor Jackson Hurst One of the Main Character on Drop Dead Diva. Played Grayson Kent on the show.

Stacy French- Vlad's lawyer.

Pretend voice actress April Bowlby. One of the Main character on Drop Dead Diva. Played Stacy Barrett on the Show.

This story is being written with a lot of collaboration with Specter14 who also did the cover shot. We both came up with many ideas to be used and some are her property that she is allowing me to use. She is gonna be a big help. Enjoy the story!