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The Hero Of Grand Blue

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Izuku was dead ass tired. He and his classmates went through a lot of weird experiences that normal 1st year Hero Course students have never gone through. First was The USJ Invasion then came the Hosu Attacks where Izuku along with 2 of his classmates had fought Stain and won against them, then the summer camp invasion...Recently during Izuku's internship with Sir Nighteye, they had run into Overhaul and his operations on a little girl to develop quirk erasing bullets. Izuku along with Kirishima, Ochaco, Tsuyu and The Big 3 were part of the Raid on the Yakuza base.

After a tiring battle, the Heroes had won but with the death of Nighteye and the complete loss of Mirio's quirk...At last though they were able to save the little girls life from the damned yakuza, her name was Eri, she instantly took a liking to Izuku and clung to him wherever they went due to her not being used to the new environment...Due to Izuku's role as the frontier assault and his final battle against Overhaul, his display of strength had caught many eyes and his name was now well known in the hero world...

"Tch, I need a break...", a tired Izuku could be seen lying on the couch with little Eri on his chest sleeping. Izuku had also defeated The Gentle Criminal and La Brava during the day of the UA Cultural Festival, now with a valid license his fame increased even more. He also had attained a new part of OFA where he could summon black tendrils out of his arms, he later was informed that that quirk belonged to the 6th User of OFA! Izuku softly stroke Eri's hair while she laid asleep causing her to purr in her sleep making Izuku's heart clench!

As he was deep in thought, he did not see his father-(shit! Fuck!)- All Might observing him, he had heard Izuku's contribution to the Hero World and was proud at his progress. He then called Nezu and Aizawa for a small meeting. Along with him there were 7 pairs of eyes staring at Izuku. They were Ochaco, Itsuka, Momo, Setsuna, Mina, Jirou and surprisingly Nejire too! They had fallen for our Resident Cinnamon Roll and were determined to make him theirs and theirs only, Izuku felt a chill go up his spine and looked around to see no one, he shrugged it off as coincidence but boy was he in some deep knee SHIT!

All Might could be seen in the Principal's Office along with Aizawa, "So... All Might, you wanted to discuss something regarding Izuku Midoriya of class 1-A?", All Might nodded, "Aizawa, how has been Izuku doing in class?", Aizawa raised an eyebrow, "Problem child has been too reckless for his own good but he is the best student I have in class! During the Raid he was able to take down Overhaul by himself even after he had defeated many heroes!", All Might grinned, "I get it All Might, that young Izuku is a great student...but what is your actual point?" Principal Nezu asked earning a nod from Aizawa.

Izuku was now in his dorm room going through some of his old childhood pics with Katsuki (they warmed up to each other and are now good friends), "Damn... I really miss them a lot y'know...Chisa, Ryujiro, Nanaka and Iori..." Izuku said with a small smile, Katsuki smiled looking at the pictures, "Hmm...that Iori was a fucking dumbass when it came to small things like swimming...we always used to get into a fight for small fucking things...", Katsuki and Izuku chuckled at the memory of Katsuki and Iori fighting over an All Might Action figure. Izuku then came across a picture of him and Chisa together at the beach, holding hands and smiling brightly. Izuku smiled as a he remembered what had happened that day...

~Flashback Start~

"Izuchan! Don't cry! I know you will return! Then we can go diving together!", a ,little Izuku could be seen crying while hugging a brunette girl, "B-But I d-don't k-know if i-I will ever r-return!" Izuku said, the girl smiled as tears flowed down her pale cheeks, "Izuchan! I-I'm t-telling you this for s-sure! W-we w-will m-meet again!", Izuku then smiled and dried his tears, "Okay then! Let's make a promise, I will become a Hero and that too a great one and will return! Soon we can go diving together! "the girl smiled, "Okay then Izuchan! It is a promise! And yes after you come back, lets get married!", Izuku then started blushing, "C-Chi-Chan! D-Don't say t-things l-like that!", the girl then giggled looking at Izuku's flustered state, "Pinky Promise?" Izuku said as he raised his pinky finger, the girl nodded happily, "Pinky Promise!"

~Flashback End~

Izuku smiled and blushed a bit remembering his promise, he then heard muffled laughing, he saw Katsuki with a shit eating grinned, "So! You miss your wife?", Izuku's eyes widened comically as he flailed his arms about, "KACHAN! What do mean!?", at this Katsuki started laughing his ass off looking at Izuku all flustered, "Oh y'know what i fucking mean Deku! You forgot your promise or what!?", Izuku's blush reddened even further making Katsuki laugh out even more, "Will Izuku Midoriya make his way towards the Principal's Office! I repeat, will Izuku Midoriya make his way to the Principal's Office!" Principal Nezu's voice could be heard over the PA, "Huh? What does he want? Anyway, after you see through the pictures put it back inside, m 'kay?", Izuku said as Katsuki nodded. A while later he was back with his face pale and in shock... Katsuki saw this and sweat dropped, "Oi Deku! What the fuck happened to you! What did Nezu say!?"

~Earlier Principal's Office~

"So you want to give Young Izuku here a break from Hero activity till this year ends and that too with little Eri?" the Principal asked confused, All Might nodded, "But won't this be like favouritism from your side?" Aizawa asked, "No no, the spring break is going to start anyways so I thought of this as a small vacation and you all know that no matter what Izuku would still study and train himself to control his quirk!" they both nodded knowing how the workaholic student was, "Anyways, where do you plan on sending him? You know there is the Annual UA General Course Transfer Program which would start after spring.", All Might grinned at this, "You see, I spoke with Izuku's mother, she herself wanted this and suggested The Izu Peninsula, he could study at the Izu University as he stayed there! They specialize in water rescues too so Izuku would surely be interested along with the fact that their family used to live there 10 years ago!", Nezu then clapped his...hands...paws, "Its set then! We shall send young Izuku there as a vacation with little Eri!" All Might grinned as Aizawa sighed. "By the way, All Might, you seem to be taking a lot of care of Problem child... is he your son or something?" Aizawa said with a shit eating grin as All Might blushed and sputtered nonsense, Nezu could be seen cackling!


As Izuku narrated the whole thing, Katsuki groaned " Damn it !!! You lucky bastard!" he said as he then suddenly grinned, "That means you can meet your wife again!", Izuku's face was now completely drained as his eyes went white out of shock as Katsuki laughed his ass off seeing his friends state. To make matters worse the other classmates heard their little outburst, "Izuku? You all right? We heard some shouting so we came to check!", Katsuki and Izuku froze when they heard their classmates voice, the door opened as they entered his room, "Huh? Katsuki what are you doing here?" Kirishima asked, "NON OF YOUR FUCKING BUSINESS EXTRAS NOW GET THE FUCK OUT OF THIS ROOM! YOU WERE INTERRUPTING OUR THROWBACKS DAMNIT!", but it was too late as all most all of the class went ahead to see some of the pics, "Aww, Katsuki and Izuku look so cute as children!", Mina said squealing as some of the girls not so subtly sneaked in some few pics of Izuku, then they came across the picture of Izuku and Chisa together, Some of the girls aura darkened, "Izuku-kun, who is this girl in the picture?~" Momo asked as the other girls nodded rapidly, Izuku's eyes widened as he turned and saw Katsuki opened his mouth, as Izuku went to stop him...he was too late...

"She is Deku's wife!", the girls blood froze as the boys cheered, Izuku shot a look of betrayal towards Katsuki who had a shit eating grin on his face, the aura around the girls darkened even further as they glared daggers at Izuku's back, "Deku-kun, is this true?~" Ochaco asked in a way too sweat tone making the boys shiver, Izuku just had a look of horror on his face, "IDONTKNOWHATYOUARETALKINGABOUTHAHA!", with that Izuku pushed out everyone from his room and slammed his door shut, he then sighed in relief, then smiled, he was excited as hell! He was going back to the place where he had left 10 years ago! And he was also being accompanied by little Eri too! Could this day get any better!? He then received a phone call, it was All Might. "Hey All Might!", Izuku said excited, All Might chuckled at his son-(THE FUCK!?)-successor's antics, "Hey yourself Izuku, lemme get straight to the point, you are going to attend Izu University and return when you begin your 2nd year of high school!", Izuku's jaw dropped...

Scratch it, this was the best fucking day he ever had, "But you are not going to tell your classmates anything about this okay!?", "Sure thing All Might! By the way, when am I leaving?", Izuku asked, "2 Days", Izuku's eyes widened, "WHAT! 2 DAYS!?", at that All Might cut the line, "Huh!? hello! Damn it!", he then informed his mother and Katsuki about the trip, Katsuki ranted about how Izuku was lucky spending time with his old friends while they work their asses off!

Izuku could now be seen shopping for their visit to Izu Peninsula and also clothing for Eri. As he was going through the swim wear section he came across the diving section, he then remembered Chisa's passion for diving, he then saw the brand new diving meter along with an underwater camera, he checked his wallet and saw that he had enough and bought both of them, he had heard that Ryujiro had a part time job as a bartender, he then decided to buy him a Tuxedo...and a bottle of whiskey knowing his passion for drinking too.....ANYWAYS! he had later packed and was ready for the trip, he had been informed by Nezu to keep this a secret from his classmate as a reminder as All Might had told him earlier too!

Izuku was also excited to attend Izu University as he had known that due to it being at the sea side, it was great for water related rescues! Eri was excited too, she could now spend even more time with her Onii-Chan and make him stay away from them thirsty girls!


Chisa was a complete mess, her usual stoic and kuudere expression was broken when she heard that her childhood friend/crush was coming back to Izu Peninsula and study at Izu University along with her till he completed his 1st year! Ryujiro was excited AF! His little cousin bro was returning after 10 years! Oh how he was going to make him go through initiation and teach him diving! Nanaka was already planning ways to tease the shit out of him and somehow protect his innocence knowing how her cousin was a pure cinnamon roll! 

Izuku has a lot of shenanigans and tussles awaiting him............should I end here or somefing! okay whatever! (THE FUCK AUTHOR!?)