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King was tired.

He’d been up a good portion of the night guiding a squirrel through childbirth. It had gone smoothly enough, but then there was something wrong with one of the kits and panic had fueled him to help the poor thing before he could go to bed himself and by the time he crawled into Bim’s arms it was past four in the morning. The kit survived, when he went to check on the family in the morning, so it was worth it.

But…King was tired.

His eyelids had been drooping all day. He’d barely made it through breakfast. The other egos could easily tell something was wrong, but King was pretty emotionally fragile when he was sleepy like this. None of them pushed. Bim kept not-so-subtly dropping hints that he should go take a nap, but no, King had stuff to do, he still had to take care of the blind newborns and their weak mother, he had stuff to do.

Despite the ‘stuff’…King still found himself sitting on the floor of the living area, mindless watching the cartoons the Jims had left on before their short attention spans had them scrambling away. His eyes were half-lidded and drooping again. He squeezed his eyes shut, shaking his head in attempt to wake himself up, but that just led to him feeling dizzy and he flopped onto his back. His eyes were still closed. He hummed softly, snuggling against his cape. It was so soft…

King grabbed one edge of his cape and rolled over, cocooning himself in the fluffy material. He burrowed into it, wiggling onto his side and curling his legs up to his chest. He sighed softly through his nose, burrowing further into his cape. It was so warm

He was out within seconds.

Bim frowned as he popped into the manor from his studio, one fist on his hip and running the other through his hair. King had been stressed all day yesterday because of that pregnant squirrel, and he’d promptly run himself into the ground caring for her. He was exhausted. As a result, Bim had been more high-strung and spastic at work form stressing over King’s state. He hoped King had taken his advice and gone to bed.

Sighing, Bim stepped into the living area, rubbing at his eyes with his thumb and forefinger. He dropped his hand, and promptly rolled his eyes with an exasperated little smile. King was passed out on the floor, bundled up in his cape like a burrito and snoring softly. His crown had rolled across the floor, and judging by the calico tail sticking out of it, it looked like Peggy had fallen asleep as well. Cartoons were still playing quietly on the TV

Bim walked over, turning off the TV before crouching down beside King. He ran a gentle hand through King’s hair, smiling softly when he paused in his snoring to nestle down further into his cape. Bim rolled his eyes again before slipping his arms beneath the King Burrito and hefting him into his arms. “Come on, Sleepy Head. Let’s get you into a real bed.”

King snored, curling into Bim’s chest, and Bim just smiled.