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Your heartbeats told me

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”You should go so you don’t get late.”

Tae reached for his phone on the coffee table to check the time, letting out a tired sigh as he stood up and put the phone in his pocket, ”Wish I could stay and finish the drama with you.”

”I don’t mind seeing it again” Jimin said and pulled the blanket all the way up to his chin, feeling extremely cold.

”Promise to drink lots of water when I’m away, okay?” 

”Promise” Jimin replied and gave the younger a small smile before he looked back at the tv screen and sighed as Tae leaned down and put his hand on his forehead.

”I’ll be fine, don’t worry. Now please leave so you can take notes I can copy when you get back.”

”You want me gone” Tae stated with a pout.


”Be nice or I won’t buy that chocolate on my way home” Tae smiled and leaned further down to place a kiss on the corner of Jimin’s mouth.

”Yes you will, because you love me” Jimin smiled back before he pushed at Tae, ”You’re blocking the view.”

”Hmm, I don’t know if you deserve my love” Tae stated as straightened his back.

”Whatever, just don’t forget to buy that chocolate.”

”It’s a good thing you’re the cutest guy in town” Tae replied and blew a kiss to Jimin before he rounded the corner to the hallway.

Jimin giggled at his best friend but his giggle got cut off by a series of coughs, causing him to pull the blanket up over his head and silently curse at his non-existent immune system. 




”Bad news” was the first thing Tae said as he got home and entered the living room where Jimin was laying on the sofa exactly like he had left him that morning, "Bad, bad news."

”Don’t want to hear them” Jimin replied and sat up, his blonde hair a mess and his eyes a little narrowed from just having been asleep.

Tae shrugged out of his backpack that fell heavy to the floor in the middle of the living room before he sat down beside the blonde and handed him the box with chocolate.

”Thank you, you’re the best” Jimin stated as he opened the box and started to stuff his cheeks with the delicious sweets that slowly melted on his tongue.

”So you don’t want to hear about how our dear professor, two hours ago, paired you with Jungkook for the next assignment in Macroeconomics?”

Jimin coughed and choked on the chocolate from the surprise by the younger’s words, he hit his chest and cleared hit throat while looking at his friend in pure shock.


”Yep. The one and only Jungkook.”

Jimin swallowed and shook his head, not quite believing his bad luck.

”B-But have you seen him? And have you seen his friends? They’re mean and they will eat me alive” Jimin complained with his hands covering his face, ”Why me?”

”Don’t worry, I’m going to come with you every time you two meet” Tae reassured and wrapped his arms around his best friend before kissing his cheek.


Jimin sighed as pictures of Jungkook, the Jungkook flooded his mind. Mean grin, mean laugh, mean everything. And his three friends that he always was surrounded by were even worse as they would so very often call Jimin and Tae names when they walked past. One time they even made gagging noises as they were waiting in line in the cafeteria. Not caring that other people around them noticed, not caring about the sad look on Jimin’s face. They were all adults attending university but somehow age had little to do with being human.

Refusing to do the assignment was out of the question. So what choices did he have? He could talk to the professor and beg her to choose another partner for him. But knowing the professor, the chances were zero that she would agree to that.

And giving Jungkook the satisfaction to see him nervously beg, to see him try to get away, was not something he wanted. That would without a doubt be used against him later on by Jungkook's friends.


”No. I can do this” Jimin stated as he lowered his hands from his face and nodded to his own words, ”I’m brave enough… I think.”

”I have a bad feeling about this” Tae whispered and grabbed the older’s hand, searching his eyes.

”I’ll be fine” Jimin replied and forced himself to give the other a small smile, ”Who knows, he might turn out to be a great guy.”

”I highly doubt that” Tae said and shook his head slowly while giving the blond a worried look.

Jimin hummed and looked back down at the box in his lap, picking up another piece of heart shaped chocolate, ”He needs me though, to pass the assignment I mean. That must count for something, right?”

”I guess… it’s just that I’m worried for you. Worried he will hurt you.”

”Well” Jimin began thoughtfully, ”It’s his friends I’m mostly concerned about. They are the ones throwing hateful comments to us… while Jungkook most of the time is quiet.”

”The way he looks at us though” Tae replied and caressed Jimin’s hand with his thumb, ”Like we’re not worth to be in the same vicinity. Like we’re not worth anything to be honest. You’ve seen it too, haven’t you? I almost think that’s worse. That… silent hate.”

”I know” Jimin nodded and put the box on the coffee table before he curled up against the younger who immediately wrapped his arm around the blond.

”But I’m not going to let myself be scared of him” Jimin added in a whisper, his eyes closed and his thoughts circling around the black-haired and he soon found himself falling asleep to Tae's gentle touches in his hair.




”Tae” Jimin smiled and sat down on the edge of the younger’s bed.

”Do you hear me?” Jimin added and giggled at the other who slowly opened his tired eyes to give him a bothered stare, ”We have to leave in ten.”

Tae sat up with a yawn, the cover falling off his chest to instead pool at his hips.

”Cute” Jimin giggled and ruffled the younger’s already messy hair.

”Not as cute as you” Tae said with his voice hoarse before he wrapped his arms around the blond and hugged him as close as he could.

”What’s with you lately?” Jimin asked half jokingly, half concerned, his hands caressing Tae’s warm back.

”What do you mean?”

”You’re much more cuddlier and clingy than you used to be.”

Tae hummed and nosed along Jimin’s neck and over his jaw.

”Maybe I just like being close to my Jimin” Tae whispered and started to trail soft kisses from Jimin’s cheek to the corner of his mouth before he lastly pecked his lips.

Jimin leaned back and gave the younger a confused look.


”Is this sweater new?” Tae interrupted and smiled while letting his fingers brush over the black and white striped fabric.

Jimin smiled back as he looked down at his oversized sweater, forgetting all about the lack of playfulness in Tae’s eyes that got him so confused a second ago. 

”Yes, I bought it a day before I got sick. Do you like it?” Jimin asked and got up from the bed to take a look in Tae’s mirror.

”You look very cute in it. It’s a good thing Jungkook hates us or else I’d be worried.”

”Worried for what?” Jimin asked and turned around to look at the younger with furrowed eyebrows.

Tae shrugged his shoulders and got up to grab his jeans from his chair, ”That he would find you just as cute as I do, I guess.”

Jimin rolled his eyes and hit Tae’s arm weakly, ”What’s with you? Stop being so weird!”

Tae chuckled and reached for his black t-shirt, ”Be nice and move from my mirror. Why don’t you buy one for yourself?”

”Got no money” Jimin replied as he applied his strawberry chapstick onto his plump lips, still looking in the mirror.

”I’ll buy you one” Tae sighed and tried to see himself beside the older.

”You don’t have any money either.”

”Ask Yoongi.”

”I already owe him embarrassingly much” Jimin mumbled and began to fix his blonde hair, not liking the dark roots.

”Then use mine as much as you want to” Tae whispered and leaned in to place a kiss on Jimin’s jaw.

Jimin watched as the younger left the bedroom, feeling more and more confused over the seriousness in the latter’s tone and touches.

”It’s probably nothing” Jimin mumbled in an attempt to convince himself that he was reading too much into it. He then turned his head and looked back at the mirror, adjusting his black framed glasses that always would slide down on his nose.




Jimin watched as Jungkook raised his arm and let his hand push his hair back, the black locks only stayed in place for a second before they once more fell back to his temples, causing him to instead try to tuck the hair behind his ears, his wrist watch in gold reflecting the light from the large windows behind him.

Yoongi studied Jimin before he leaned a little closer to whispers to Tae, ”Why is Jimin staring at the enemies?”

Tae took a sip from his coffee while eyeing Jimin who looked completely lost in thoughts, his hand holding the chopsticks in mid air and his other hand in a grip around air next to his soda can.

”Because of Professor Kang” Tae mumbled and looked back down at his lunch, sporadically playing with the food.

”Oh, right…”

”Hey Jimin” Yoongi added and put his hand on the blond’s shoulder, causing the latter to jump in surprise, ”Are you sure you want to follow through with this? Maybe we can go together and talk to Professor Kang and explain how—”

”I can do this” Jimin interrupted and looked between his two friends before he stood up, ”He’s not going to stop me from getting a good grade.”

”I don’t want you to get involved with him” Tae muttered and looked up at the older, ”There’s no way this will end in a good way. I don’t get why you have to be so stubborn about this. Like Yoongi said, can’t we try and—”

”No” Jimin replied and pushed his glasses further up on his nose, ”As I said; I can do this.”

He took a deep breath before he started walking to where Jungkook and his three friends were sitting around another round table.

He felt incredibly brave until he stopped right by Jungkook’s side, the latter's friends immediately looking up at him while Jungkook kept his gaze on his takeaway coffee. Jimin knew that Jungkook knew he was there, standing right beside him, but the black-haired probably thought it was funny to pretend otherwise, most likely finding amusement in the fact that Jimin was so shy.

As a couple of seconds passed, he started to feel how his braveness slowly disappeared to be replaced with a nervous beating of his heart. He cleared his throat and was instantly met with a mean giggle from the woman and amused stares from the two men.

”Hi, I’m J-Jimin” Jimin stuttered, silently cursing at how weird his voice sounded. 

Jungkook lifted his gaze slowly and looked at his friends, giving them a smirk before he turned his head and looked at Jimin who gulped at Jungkook’s intense stare.

He could feel his heart beat faster and faster while his hands turned sweaty and his throat dry. Why was he so damn scared? And where was his confidence now that he needed it the most?

Jimin knew that he was looking ridiculous with his cheeks and neck red from involuntary blushing, his hands fidgeting and his eyes stressed behind his glasses.

Jungkook’s stare was so powerful that Jimin felt like he would melt to a puddle on the floor in any second now. He flickered his gaze and fixed on a little mole right under Jungkook’s bottom lip.

”And?” Jungkook asked and tilted his head a little, a small smile playing on his lips, a smile that felt more mocking than anything else. 

Jimin knew that Jungkook was taking pleasure in his nervousness, that it probably fueled whatever misconception the four of them already had about him. 

But fleeing now was nevertheless out of the question.

”And uhm, Professor Kang—”

”Just write my name on it” Jungkook interrupted with irritation in his voice, causing Jimin to look back up and meet a harsh stare.

Jimin gulped and shook his head slowly, trying his hardest to stand his ground, to not let the black haired man win.

”N-No. No I’m not going to just write your name on the paper. That’s not how it wo—”

Jimin stopped in the middle of the sentence as Jungkook suddenly stood up and looked at his wrist watch, Jimin noticing two prominent veins on Jungkook’s arm running from his wrist and up to his elbow where his rolled up sleeve hid the rest of his arm.

”I don’t care what you write, but my name is going to be on that paper whether you like it or not” Jungkook stated and put his hands in the pockets of his black slacks, expecting the blonde to stutter in agreement and leave.


”If he hurts my Jimin I swear I’ll kick his ass” Tae mumbled angrily while crossing his arms, his eyes locked on the black haired man that stood tall in front of Jimin.

Yoongi furrowed his eyebrows and looked from Jimin to Tae, ”Your Jimin? Am I missing something here?”

”What?” Tae asked irritated and turned his head, looking at Yoongi with a stare that soon turned softer, ”You know what I mean.”

”I know what kind of relationship you have, but saying that Jimin is yours is…” Yoongi began and looked over at where the blonde was standing again, ”a bit of an exaggeration.”

”You’re deliberately misunderstanding me” Tae replied and followed the other’s gaze, watching as Jungkook’s friends all got up from their chairs, ”I’m just saying that I would protect him, that’s all.”


”No” Jimin repeated and brought a slightly trembling hand up to adjust his glasses again, ”That’s not going to happ—”

”Is he not only weird, but stupid too?” one of Jungkook’s friends said as they got up as well, the other two snickering with their eyes locked on Jimin.

”I don’t have time for this kind of bullshit” Jungkook sighed and shook his head before looking at his friends, ”Let’s go.”

”I-I will not change my mind” Jimin voiced as Jungkook walked past him, causing the latter to suddenly stop in his tracks.

Jimin gulped as he could see Jungkook’s shoulders rising and falling in what he knew was anger. For a second it felt like the taller would turn around and come back to him, say something in a harsh tone in an attempt to make him change his mind. Threaten him with something while his friends would laugh at him.

But all that happened was that the woman beside Jungkook turned her head and called him something that immediately got Jimin to look away, feeling just as hurt as he always would when being called that by Jungkook’s friends. 

He noticed in the corner of his eye how they left the cafeteria but he nonetheless felt frozen to the ground. No matter how much he wanted to leave as well, he just couldn’t. No matter how many times he would be called mean things, the words always got to him  and now was not an exception.

His hands were already hidden inside his sleeves but he nevertheless tried to pull the sleeves even further down, wishing that he could hide completely even though he was standing in the middle of the room with other people glancing a little curiously at him.

He swore under his breath when he noticed that tears was gathering in his eyes.


Jimin felt a hand on his back and then there was a whisper before two arms pulled him into a hug.

”What did they say?”


”Tell me.”


Tae sighed a little before he pulled back and cupped Jimin’s cheeks, searching the latter’s teary eyes, ”Do I need to kick their asses? I can take Yoongi with me and—”

Jimin’s lips formed into a faint smile before he slowly shook his head, ”No. It’s fine. I’m just silly for being so vulnerable to her words.”

”Don’t you dare blame yourself for their malicious words” Tae whispered and looked pleadingly at the older, ”we’ve been through this many times, being called things by his friends, but you know that what they say isn’t true. You know that. You know that the fault is with them and that what we are is something to be proud over.”

”What they say are lies” Tae added and looked into Jimin’s waiting gaze, ”lies that has nothing to do with us. Do you understand?”

Jimin swallowed and nodded, finding so much comfort in his best friend’s eyes that he could feel himself come back from his dark and sad throughs, his self-esteem quickly healing from the hit.

”Good” Tae said back and grabbed the older’s small hand where it was hidden inside the striped sleeve, ”Come, let’s go back to Yoongi, I can literally hear his worried mind across the room.”

Jimin nodded and let himself be lead back to the table where he sat down between his two friends, their effort to make him happy again soon put a smile on his face and before he knew it he was laughing at something utterly silly told by Yoongi who tried his best to make the blond keep his smile for as long as he possibly could.




Jimin sighed and put his pen on the table before yawning and stretching his arms up in the air.

They had been studying in the library for almost an hour and Jimin was getting restless.

Tae glanced at the blonde beside him and gave him a smile before he turned back to his books, ”Tired?”

Jimin hummed and leaned against Tae’s side, putting his head against the younger’s upper arm and closing his eyes.

”We can go home if you want to take a nap.”

Jimin pulled away from Tae’s side and shook his head before he grabbed his pen again, ”I have plenty of work to do and we promised to wait for Yoongi.”

”I know” Tae mumbled and turned his head to look out through the window where students were relaxing on the lawn and benches, the autumn sun shining a little warmer compared to the summer’s harsh light, ”We deserve a break though, don’t you think? Let’s buy coffee in the cafeteria and wait for him outside. Maybe the air will make you less tired.”

Jimin thought for a second while eyeing the many papers and notes in front of him, the heavy books forming a wall on the table, ”I’m just going to write a couple of more lines. If you go ahead and buy coffee I’ll meet you outside in five?”

”Yeah, sure” Tae nodded and started to gather his things, ”Maybe we should make that ten, considering how impossible it is to find your way around this campus.”

”I know, a couple of days ago I got lost when searching for the bathrooms” Jimin confessed with a giggle.

”You always get lost” Tae chuckled as leaned down from where he was standing beside the older, pressing a soft kiss to his temple, ”That’s why I forbid you to travel anywhere outside our neighborhood.”

”I’m going to travel to Tokyo someday though, your worry isn’t going to stop me from that” Jimin smiled and looked up at the other.

”Then I will have to come with you” Tae stated with an amused grin before he turned around and left down the corridor between the rows of bookcases and tables.

Of course it would be fun to travel abroad with Tae, but they both knew that a trip like that would have to wait considering how little money they have left every month after paying the bills and rent. 

But one could always dream.

Jimin tucked a stubborn pink lock back behind his ear, his hair had grown a lot lately and it was constantly falling over his eyes when he hunched over his books.

He finished the last part of his introduction and hurried to gather the books to put them back, knowing that Tae would be waiting for him by now.

The books were heavy and when he finally found the right shelf to put them on, he noticed just how high up he would have to reach.

”You could have helped me before you left” Jimin muttered annoyed and got up on his tiptoes, making himself as tall as he could, almost able to put the book back but unfortunately lacking a mere centimeter.

Jimin made a sound of irritation as he came down from his tiptoes and looked up to shoot daggers at the shelf.

”Too short, are we?”

Jimin gasped in surprise and turned around on his spot.


Right in front of him, so close that they almost breathed the same air. 

Jimin gulped and took a step back, only to immediately bump his back into the bookcase. He looked with stressed eyes at Jungkook and then behind him, searching for his friends but finding none of the them, only a couple of other students with their noses in their books.

”Regarding the assignment” Jungkook began and grabbed one of the books in Jimin’s hold, only causing the latter to cling harder to it.

”How much do you want?” Jungkook asked and let go of the book to instead cross his arms over his chest.

Jimin looked up at the taller, his stressed expression turning to a confused instead, ”H-How much I want?”

Jungkook rolled his eyes and reached back to his pocket to bring out his wallet, his fingers swiftly browsing through the bills.

”Half million won?”

Jimin huffed in disbelief before he put his tongue in his cheek, feeling more angry than scared.

”You have to be kidding” Jimin whispered and shook his head, ”are you seriously trying to buy your way out of this?”

”Yes?” Jungkook replied and closed his wallet and put it back in the pocket of his slacks, ”How about a million? I’ll write you a check.”

Jimin furrowed his eyebrows and dared to meet the black haired’s waiting gaze that spoke of nothing but a hint of annoyance.

”If you think that I will—”

”Just name your price and I’ll have a check for you tomorrow” Jungkook interrupted and brought his arm up to look at his watch.

Jimin’s cheeks were red from anger and his jaw tightly shut while eyes narrowed.

”I’ve put up with a lot of things coming from you and your friends” Jimin wheezed with his new found bravery that he had no idea where it came from, ”but you trying to buy your way out of this is not only stupid and wrong but also incredibly… I don’t know— insensitive?”

”Insensitive?” Jungkook repeated and raised his eyebrows, ”how is—”

”Just leave me alone” Jimin whispered angrily and was just about to turn around to try and put the books back again, thinking that his anger might have made him grow a little taller. But he didn’t have a chance to think any further before he was caged against the books behind him, Jungkook’s arms suddenly on either side of his head.

Cologne and another scent that was a little sweet, probably from shampoo or soap, mixed in the air they breathed. 

Jimin swallowed and glanced upwards where Jungkook was looking down at him, his expression close to portrait the anger Jimin had felt a second before, but now he once again felt exposed and nervous.

”I’m losing my patience with you.”

Jungkook’s voice was low and almost vibrating, full of authority and Jimin felt himself become impossibly small from the voice and the look in the other’s eyes.

”I’m n-not going to change my mind” Jimin replied in a faint whisper, fully knowing that he sounded just as insecure as he looked, but there was very little courage left in him, having spent all on their encounter earlier today.

Jungkook scoffed and shook his head, ”There’s no winning over you, is there? I have to confess that I’m surprised.”

Jimin averted his eyes, feeling like he was starting to burn under the taller’s intense stare, his heart beating so fast that he could hear his own pulse just as clear as the other’s voice.

”Surprised?” Jimin whispered and fixed his gaze on the collar of Jungkook’s crisp white shirt, still trying his very best to seem unbothered.

”I cheated my way through college and I never once was met with someone so stubborn like you” Jungkook began and made a second attempt to grab one of the heavy books in Jimin’s hold. Jimin looked up and met the black haired’s eyes while once again clinging harder to the books in his hold, but this time Jungkook frowned and used his strength to swiftly pull the book away.

”Never did anyone refuse when being offered money” Jungkook continued and reached above Jimin’s head to put the book back on its shelf.

Somehow Jimin wasn’t surprised. Of course this wasn’t the first time he tried to buy himself out, it was what he normally would do and Jimin found that very upsetting.

”You don’t deserve to be here” Jimin muttered before he pursed his lips, trying hard to keep Jungkook from taking his books, but it was no use as the taller was much stronger.

”Don’t you dare tell me what I deserve or not!”

”Let go!” Jimin complained in a harsh whisper when he only had one book left in his hands, ”I’ll put it back myself!”

”Stop being so fucking stubborn, we both know that you can’t reach!” Jungkook whispered back and pulled the last book away from Jimin who scoffed and crossed his arms over his chest, baffled by the taller’s audacity.

”Your phone” Jungkook stated and held out his hand to Jimin who furrowed his eyebrows and looked up at the other confused.


”Give me your phone” Jungkook repeated calmly but with that authority in his voice again, and Jimin noticed how his hands suddenly got sweaty.

Jimin didn’t know how it had happened but in the next second he was reaching out his phone to Jungkook who quickly grabbed it from his small hand, the pink phone case looking a little out of place in Jungkook’s hold.

Please don’t ask about the wallpaper, please don’t ask about the wallpap—

”Who’s the ugly guy?” Jungkook asked with a slight frown, quickly glancing back at Jimin before he started typing, his finger moving swiftly over the screen.

”An actor” Jimin whispered nervously, wondering what kind of mean comment would come next, preparing himself for the worst.

But Jungkook just snorted and handed the phone back to Jimin who got startled by the sudden move, almost dropping the phone in the exchange.

”Tomorrow at 7. Don’t be early, don’t be late.”

Jimin gulped and looked down at the screen where Jungkook had typed in his address and number.

”And don’t you fucking tell anyone” Jungkook added before he took a step back from their close proximity, causing Jimin to exhale and his body to calm down a little from having consider the taller a big threat.

Jimin gave him a small nod and in the next moment Jungkook was making his way out of the library in a brisk pace, his black dress shoes thudding a little against the floor while he looked straight in front of him with his head held high.

Jimin watched Jungkook disappear around the corner before he quickly hurried back to the table where, thankfully, his backpack still was hanging over a chair. Jimin grabbed it and hung it over his shoulder while running to the nearest door that lead outside, hurrying down the stone steps and over to the bench where both Tae and Yoongi were waiting for him.

”Where have you been?” Tae asked with worry in his voice as he looked at the blond sit down beside him.

Jimin chewed on his bottom lip while he grabbed the coffee Tae handed him, keeping his gaze on the green logo on the cup, knowing that the other two were staring at him and waiting for him to answer.

But what should he say?

Both Yoongi and Tae hated the idea of him working with Jungkook, just as much as he did. 

But for Jimin it was almost like a victory, how strange it may sound, to have stood up to Jungkook no matter how intimidating he was, and he would lie if he said that it didn’t make him feel a little stronger.

But would they understand if he explained?

He knew that Yoongi would worry in silence while Tae would nag at him, repeat how much of a stupid thing it was to work with the enemy when the best thing would have been to just ignore Jungkook like they always did and then hope that he and his friends in return would leave them alone.

But what was done was done, and tomorrow he would have have to knock on Jungkook’s door.

”Earth to Jimin” Yoongi said and nudged Jimin’s foot under the table.

”Hm? Oh, I uh… I met Jungkook.”

”What did they say?” Tae whispered, his expression immediately turning softer while he brought his hand to gently rub over the blond's back, wanting to comfort him from whatever mean words had been thrown at him.

”No I— he was alone. His friends weren’t there” Jimin explained and took a sip from his coffee, a little nervous what they will say when they find out that he not only agreed to work with Jimin, but that they are meeting at Jungkook’s place.


”And then what happened?” Tae asked and stopped his movements over Jimin’s striped sweater.

”Then we uhm, sort of agreed that I would come home to him. Tomorrow. To work on the— Tae please don’t be mad at me.”

Jimin turned a little and grabbed the hand that was withdrawing from his back, gently squeezing it while putting his other hand on Tae’s cheek, ”Why do you worry so much?”

”Because I hate him. Because we hate him. Because every time we walk past them, we receive homophobic slurs and rude comments! And he does nothing to stop them so don’t come and say that he’s innocent in this.”

”I won’t” Jimin replied and let go of the younger, ”I just thought that—”

”You just thought about your grades and that’s it! Just like always! You take your grades way too seriously and—”

”Because I’m broke, Taehyung! Because I’ve put all my money into this education and with the ridiculous amount of student loans I’m absolutely terrified to mess this up!”

Tae nodded quickly, feeling ashamed of the way he had talked to Jimin. 

”I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said that” Tae apologized and wrapped his arms around Jimin, pulling the older closer before putting a hand in his blond locks, ”I hate arguing with you.”

”Mmh, so don’t do it then” Jimin mumbled and let himself be calmed down by Tae’s gentle touches.

Tae huffed out a little a laughter and was just about to reply when Yoongi cleared his throat.

”Speaking about the devil.”

Both Tae and Jimin looked up to see Jungkook and his friends on their way to walk past them. 

Jimin refused to look at the woman and the two men, afraid that they would take notice of him and make some sort of disgusted expression, so he thought it was better to ignore them and put his chin back on Tae’s shoulder. But right as he was about to turn his head, his gaze happened to linger on Jungkook who immediately met his eyes.

In reality they probably held eye contact for less than a second, but it somehow felt like much longer than that. The black haired looked at him with a blank expression as he walked past and Jimin could feel how Tae’s arms tightened around his waist.



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Jimin tossed and turned, tossed and turned.

He kicked off his duvet only to drape it over him again a second later. He started music on his phone and closed his eyes, laying completely still with his eyes closed in attempt to more or less trick his body to fall asleep.

But the music soon turned annoying and a minute after he had turned it off, a low, thumping sound could be heard coming from behind his wall and Jimin’s cheeks immediately turned pink. And when he could register moans as well, he quickly grabbed his pillow and got up from his bed, not having the slightest interest to overhear his neighbors’ nightly activities.

Jimin padded out of his room and stopped outside of Tae’s, carefully opening the door that was left ajar.

Tae’s room was bathing in darkness but Jimin knew his way around even though he barely could see his hand in front of him.

”Tae” Jimin whispered as he arrived to the edge of the bed, reaching his arm out to feel over the duvet for the younger’s body.

”Jimin?” Tae mumbled tiredly and lifted his head from his pillow.

”Can I sleep beside you?” Jimin wondered in a whisper, a bit of bad conscience hitting him as he noticed just how tired the other was.

Tae lifted his duvet and scooted over until his back touched the wall, ”Silly, why are you even asking?”

Jimin smiled and put his pillow beside Tae’s, his eyes having got rather used to the darkness by now. He climbed up the narrow bed and settled beside the younger who put the duvet over him and then placed his hand on the small of Jimin’s back.

”Can’t sleep?” Tae whispered and moved his fingers over the fabric of Jimin’s soft t-shirt while their legs tangled a little, Jimin slowly rubbing his foot against Tae’s ankle like he always did when he was close to falling asleep.

”The neighbors…”

”Not again” Tae sighed annoyed and moved his hand over the older’s back.

”I’m uhm… nervous, too. About meeting Jungkook” Jimin spoke carefully, wanting to be honest but at the same time afraid Tae would get upset.

Tae’s hand stilled and Jimin could hear the younger’s thoughts and how hard he tried to keep his calm.

”Just be careful, okay? Keep it short and keep your distance. And you can call me as soon you feel too uncomfortable and I’ll pick you up. And the next time you should meet in the library or something.”

”We can’t. No one can know about this. I promised him.”

Tae went quiet for a moment while his hand roamed slowly on Jimin’s back, the latter thinking that Tae had fallen asleep when he suddenly whispered.

”I still have a bad feeling about this.”

”Taehyung please, don’t say that. It’s not really helping.” 

Jimin shifted a little, wanting to turn around and stop the conversation that only brought him further away from sleep.

”No, don’t turn around” Tae whispered and put his hand on Jimin’s arm, ”Please?”

Jimin sighed and stayed on his back, staring up at the dark ceiling while his thoughts kept running wild in his head.

”I’m sorry” Tae added and placed a soft kiss on Jimin’s jaw, snuggling a little closer.

”It’s fine” Jimin mumbled and intertwined his hand with Tae’s that was resting on his chest, ”Let’s just sleep.”

Tae hummed and in a matter of seconds he was back to sleep while Jimin tried his hardest to follow him but not quite doing so until the sun was on it’s way up.




”So tired” Jimin complained and stretched his legs where he was laying on the sofa with his feet in Tae’s lap, his gaze fixed on the tv screen where a couple were kissing in the rain.

”We’ve been watching dramas for six hours straight” Tae giggled as he checked the time on his phone.

”What time is it?” Jimin asked and turned his head to glance at the younger.

”6:15. When do you have to leave?”

”Now” Jimin replied and looked back at the tv screen, ”but I’d rather stay here and watch this for another six hours.”

”So stay” Tae smiled and leaned towards Jimin, wanting to lay down behind him and cuddle.

”I can’t. I have to get ready and then I have to have a couple of minutes to look for his place.”

Jimin withdrew his legs from Tae’s lap and got up from the sofa, causing Tae to sigh in defeat and flop down to where the older had been lying.

”I’m going to be late” Jimin mumbled as he changed into a pair of jeans and a sweater with broad pink and white stripes, ”too bad.”

He pushed his glasses further up on his nose and let his fingers comb through his hair, figuring that it would have to do, no way the he was going to bother with his looks before entering the house of the enemy.

”I’ll be back before before our favorite starts” Jimin voiced while walking up the sofa, reaching down to ruffle Tae’s hair before heading to the hallway to grab his backpack.

”Call me if he bothers you even the slightest, okay?”

”I will” Jimin called back and opened the front door, smiling at his best friend’s concern. 




”Wow” Jimin whispered in awe where he stood on the sidewalk with his eyes on the enormous house.

I must have walked past it, Jimin thought to himself and looked down at the app on his phone again.

But no. He wasn’t mistaken.

This was the right address.

Jimin looked around him and noticed that there were mostly apartment buildings around, the house in front of him sticking out like it really wanted to shamelessly brag with its fancy exterior.

Jimin put his phone back in his pocket and walked up the stone steps to the front door and rang the doorbell that had a sort of smooth sound to it. Like even the doorbell was fancy.

Jimin didn’t have to wait for long before the door opened and revealed a man in his late fifties looking back at him a little surprised.

”Can I help you?” The man asked and gave Jimin a slightly confused look.

”Is Jungkook home? I came to work with him on an assignment from school” Jimin replied and let his sleeves fall over his hands, suddenly feeling both shy and nervous. The man in front of him was most likely Jungkook’s father and if he was anything like Jungkook, then who knew what kind of words the man would speak to him. 

”Your name is?”

”I’m J-Jimin.”


”Yes” Jimin gulped and nodded, desperately hoping that Jungkook hadn’t talked bad about him to his father.

”Well then” the man said with a slight smile on his lips while he stepped to the side ” you can come in and wait here while I go and tell Mr Jeon that you’re here.”

Mr Jeon?

Jimin nodded and stepped inside before the door closed behind him, the man immediately leaving to go and search for Jungkook, but he didn’t even come so far as leaving the spacious hallway before Jungkook came out through one of the doors, dressed in his usual black slacks and white button up shirt.

”Ah, there you are” the man said before he gestured towards Jimin, ”there’s a Mr Jimin here to see you.”

Jimin cringed at himself for not giving the man his last name, but the cringe quickly disappeared as Jungkook met his gaze and Jimin once again started doubting if this was such a good idea.

”You can leave” Jungkook said and looked over at the man.

”But your father—”

”My father isn’t here, so I decide and I decide that you should go home for the day.”

”Of course. Thank you Mr Jeon. I will unpack the groceries in the kitchen and then I’ll leave.” The man bowed and then he disappeared through the door Jungkook had entered from.

Jimin had no idea what was going on and he felt more and more confused by the second.

Wasn’t the man Jungkook’s father? And why was Jungkook sending the man home? Did he work here? And wow, there’s a chandelier in the ceiling. A chandelier. Who has a chandelier in their hallway? Or is this a hallway or a—

”Are you just going to stand there all night?”

Jimin snapped out of his thoughts and turned his head to look at Jungkook who was standing under an arch to another room.

”N-No I was just—”

”Just hurry, will you. I want this over with as soon as possible.”

”Likewise” Jimin muttered and took off his sneakers and put them beside Jungkook’s five pair of identical dress shoes. When he looked up again, the taller was gone but Jimin assumed he had walked in to the adjacent room so Jimin hurried over the floor and walked under the arch to enter another, much bigger room.

Jimin stopped in his tracks and let his eyes roam from the black leather sofa to the gigantic tv screen on the opposite wall, from the bar counter that curved against a corner to the many bottles on the shelves. 

There was much to put your eyes on, the room looking like it came straight out of a movie.

”Do you have some sort of condition or what’s going on?” Jungkook asked irritated from the sofa, ”Do I need to tell you one more time to hurry or are you completely lacking the ability to hear?”

Jimin gulped and looked down at the floor as he made his way over to the sofa, whispering a ’sorry’ while shrugging the backpack down his arm to instead carry it in his hand.

He glanced at Jungkook and was just about to sit down on he sofa when he noticed how Jungkook scooted away even though there would have been plenty of space between them. 

A sigh left Jungkook that Jimin registered as annoyance.

Jimin bit down on his lip and tightened the grip on his backpack before slowly backing off, deciding that he might as well could sit on the floor instead if he was such a bother for the taller.

Jimin sat down on his knees on the floor and put his books, papers and pen on the table.

”So” Jimin began and cleared his throat, ”I take for granted that you have read the report.”

”Yep” Jungkook replied and eyed the paper in front of him.

”So what are your initial thoughts?”

”That the numbers doesn’t make sense.”

Jimin nodded and made a quick note, ”I thought so too. And I’m pretty sure why and where they messed up.”

”Then you could have written that down at home and we could have skipped this nonsense of you coming here.”

Jimin smiled a little and kept his eyes on his notebook, trying hard to hide his anger, ”How about you just start to write your findings so we can get this over with?”

Jungkook scoffed and shot daggers at the blond even though the latter wasn’t looking at him. He opened his book with exaggerated movements and muttered something Jimin couldn’t catch.



Jimin put his pen down and stretched his arms while glancing up at the taller who was writing something in his book only to sigh and scribble over it in the next moment.

”How much have you written?” Jimin asked and was immediately met with a bothered stare.

”This” Jungkook replied and held up his notes, ”and you?”

”This” Jimin said and showed Jungkook the pages.

”You’ve written all that since you came here?”

”Yep” Jimin nodded and reached his hand out, ”let me read what you’ve come up with so far.”

Jungkook gave Jimin his notes reluctantly, not keen on having him read his stuff, but what choice did he have.

”Not bad” Jimin said after having read through what little Jungkook had written, ”but you can do better. Here, read my findings and then continue on yours and after that we can being with the analysis.”

”And while I do that, you’re just going sit there and stare at me?”

”Nope” Jimin replied with a grin, ”I’m going to watch my favorite drama that begins in exactly 10 seconds.”

Jimin grabbed the controller to the tv and turned around to face the screen that looked like it was wider than his and Tae’s walls combined.

”You’re not serious” Jungkook scoffed and shook his head in disbelief, ”You’re going to watch tv while I work?”

”Correct” Jimin replied and smiled as he found the right channel, his favorite actor appearing on the wide screen, causing Jimin to get a little giddy and so wish that Tae could be there and watch it with him.


Oh no. 

He suddenly remembered that he had promised to be home before the show, but here he was, still sitting at Jungkook’s place while still having a lot to finish.

Jimin’s thoughts got cut off by his phone ringing on the marble table behind him. 

He knew it was Tae calling before he looked at the screen. He grabbed the phone and answered a little nervously, hoping that the younger wouldn’t be too worried.

”Tae… I know, I’m watching right now… I know, I’m sorry… yes I’m okay… yes I will… I don’t know, but not for long… mmh… okay… love you too… bye.”

Jimin put his phone in his backpack and looked back at the screen, a little amazed by how good the resolution was compared to his own tv that would look like a joke next to this one.

”Was that your boyfriend or something?”

Jimin shook his head but kept his gaze on the show, not exactly surprised by the latter’s question but hoping it would stop there and not turn into something worse.

”No. My flatmate. He’s in our class.”

”The blue-haired guy?”

”Mmh” Jimin replied and made a small nod.

”Are you two gay with each other or something?”

Jimin turned his head and looked at Jungkook, wondering if he really had heard that correctly, ”What do you mean if we’re ’gay with each other’?”

”I’ve seen you kiss. You’re obviously gay.”

Jimin scoffed and furrowed his eyebrows, ”I’m gay, yes. Just like your friends so kindly points out every single day.”

”So he really is your boyfriend then?”

”He’s my best friend and we give each other pecks on the lips, yes. That doesn’t make us boyfriends.”

Jungkook put his tongue in his cheek and studied Jimin for a second before he leaned forward a little as to stare deeper into the blond’s eyes, ”You said you love him. You can’t just love someone and kiss someone and then don’t be gay together.”

”Explain to me exactly what it is you mean with ’be gay together’ because I think I’m missing something here.”

Jungkook leaned back against the sofa and crossed his arms over his chest, ”If you have disgusting gay sex. That’s what I mean.”

Jimin snorted and turned back to look at the tv, wondering if the other was joking or not.

But something told him that Jungkook probably were dead serious.

”I feel sorry for you that you have to be immature and mean in order to talk about something so normal and wonderful as two people being gay. But for your information; no, I’m not having sex with my best friend and I never will. Is that answer good enough for you? Or is there something else you want to know about my private life?”

Jimin noticed how Jungkook got silent behind him until he spoke a moment later, like he actually had considered asking something more.

”Still weird to kiss a friend.”

Jimin rolled his eyes and sighed, ”We don’t kiss like a couple would kiss and there’s none of those feelings involved. He’s my best friend, period.”

”Still weird.”

”Yeah, well, I think you’re weird too.”

”I’m not weird.”

”Okay, if you say so.”

Jungkook made an irritated sound and got up from the sofa to quickly grab the controller from where it was laying on the floor next to Jimin.

”No please don’t turn—”

Jungkook turned off the tv and took the controller with him to the sofa, ”I’m not having more of his ugly face on my tv.”

Jimin turned around and put his elbows and the coffee table, ”He’s handsome.”

Jungkook snorted and shook his head, ”Ugly.”


Jimin locked gaze with the taller and noticed something flashing in his eyes. It wasn’t the usual anger, but something close to… 

”He’s the guy on your phone?”

”Yep” Jimin nodded and then a thought crossed him that put a little playful smile on his lips, ”and in my dreams.”

The look on Jungkook’s face was priceless and Jimin couldn’t help not to giggle under his breath. 

The taller was staring at him with his mouth open while that same emotion as a second ago flashed in his eyes, ”That’s just… that can’t be normal.”


Jimin immediately averted his eyes from the black haired, his small smile quickly disappeared as he gulped and looked down at the table.

That hurt.

Jungkook shifted a little and flickered his gaze, the sudden change in the blond’s mood wasn't exactly what he had planned on, ”I uhm...”

Jimin kept his gaze down as he reached over the table to grab his notebook and put it on top of the rest of his stuff before opening his backpack to put his things back.

”What are you doing?”

”Leaving” Jimin replied calmly and hung his bag over his shoulder before he got up, ”or is that too gay for you?”

”But you can’t leave now!” Jungkook exclaimed and hurried up from the sofa to grab Jimin’s wrist, causing the shorter to come to a complete halt on his way out of the room.

”Let me go” Jimin wheezed and shook loose from the other’s grip before he turned to face the taller, making them stand so close that their feet almost touched, ”You’re so damn rude, did you know that? I was anxious and nervous when I got here but I continued to tell myself that maybe, maybe you would treat me with respect.”

Jimin noticed how the taller’s gaze started to flicker while his jaw clenched.

”I hate you” Jimin added with his voice strong and unwavering and he immediately felt proud of himself.

”The feeling’s mutual” Jungkook replied and put his hands in the pockets of his slacks, a grin slowly formed on his face as he let his eyes lock with the blond, ”So tell me why you’re here.”

”I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t have to, believe me.”

Jimin grabbed the straps of his backpack and refused to look away from the man that towered over him, who made his best to look as intimidating as he could and Jimin would have run away, would have been frightened if it weren’t for how furious he felt towards him. It was like his anger fueled his courage and he felt like he could stand there the whole night, just looking into those brown eyes framed by black lashes.

”The first thing I told you” Jungkook began who now had a hard time to keep his temper, ”was that you could write my name on it! And if you weren’t so stubborn, you could have agreed and saved us all from this bullshit!”

Jimin pursed his lips and stomped his foot, ”Maybe if you could have shown some respect we could still be sitting there right now and be writing on the assignment for another hour and then we wouldn’t have to meet again!”

”I’ve done nothing wrong!” Jungkook yelled and put his hands on his sides, ”I’ve invited you to my home and I actually think it’s you who needs to show some damn respect!”

Jimin’s narrow shoulders were rising and falling from his anger and god did he regret ever coming there. Tae was right all along and now Jimin felt nothing but stupid for having thought that the black haired would take this whole situation seriously.

”Then lucky you who doesn’t have to see me here again.”

Jimin shot a couple of daggers with his eyes before he turned on his heel with one single thought in mind; to get away from Jungkook as soon as possible.

”Hey!” Jungkook yelled and took two wide steps before he reached to grab Jimin’s arm and turn him around to pin him against the wall next to the arch.

Jimin gasped from the sudden action and blinked his eyes as he looked up to meet the taller’s.

”I didn’t finish and I didn’t say you could leave, did I?”

There it was again. That low voice that spoke of so much authority and… something else that Jimin couldn’t put his finger on.

Jimin gulped and he could feel his heart start to beat faster and it all felt like a rerun of their meeting in the library.

Jungkook’s golden watch felt cold against his skin where his wrist was pinned to the wall and as he began to breath a little faster on orders from his racing heart, he could again smell the cologne mixed with the sweet scent.

Jimin shook his head slowly and kept his eyes locked with Jungkook. One part of him wanted to flee, desperately. But then one part of him acted weird. Like this was fine, like it was totally okay to be humiliated by the taller in this way.

Get a grip. Get a grip and run.

”I hate you” Jimin whispered and wow did he sound weaker than the weakest, the part of him that wanted to escape cringed so bad that Jimin had to close his eyes for a second.

”Hate you more” Jungkook replied in a whisper that Jimin thought sounded far too soft to be coming from him, ”same time tomorrow. Don’t be early, don’t be late.”

Jimin huffed and gathered all of his strength to remove his arm from Jungkook’s grip, only to stumble forward in the process, realizing with embarrassed cheeks that the other already had let go of him.

He was one millimeter away from crashing right into Jungkook’s chest but somehow he was saved from his last ounce of luck and he managed to get his balance back.

Jimin straightened his back, pushed his glasses back up on the ridge of his nose and pushed away the blonde locks that had fallen over his eyes.

”Goodbye” Jimin muttered and took a step backwards, ”Mr Jeon.”

This time, Jimin reached the hallway without being interrupted by the other.

He hurried to step into his sneakers and didn’t bother to look behind him before he walked out through the door, knowing that Jungkook was staring at his every movement.

Once outside, Jimin took a deep breath of fresh air and started walking towards the metro. He put on his white headphones and started his favorite song, trying his best to think of something completely different than the meeting with Jungkook that had been absolutely horrible, and also ignore the fact that one part of him didn't agree on that last statement.



Chapter Text





Jimin looked away from the mirror and met Tae’s gaze, the younger slowly walking in to the room before sitting down on the edge of his bed.

”Stay home. Please.”

Jimin lowered his gaze and stood quiet for a moment before he put the hairbrush back on the younger’s desk.

”It’s Saturday evening. We can go and see a movie” Tae tried and gave the blond a wide smile, ”Or we can take a long walk to the park! It was ages ago since we—”

”Not today” Jimin interrupted and sat down beside his best friend, giving him an apologetic smile, ”How about tomorrow?”

Tae shook his head before he fell backwards on the bed with a sigh, ”I’m working tomorrow.”

”Then next Saturday?” Jimin asked softly and put his hand in Tae’s blue hair.


”Promise” Jimin nodded and continued to pet Tae’s hair, feeling a little guilty. Which he had no reason to be. But still. The look in the younger’s eyes still spoke of something close to worry and Jimin hated it.

”Let’s watch a movie and cuddle when I come home.” 

Jimin’s words were immediately met with a genuine smile on Tae’s face.

”Yeah, I’d love to” Tae nodded eagerly and sat up, placing a peck on Jimin’s lips, ”I’ll wait for you.”

”I don’t know when I will be home, but I’ll try to hurry to get as much as possible done.”

”But this is the last time you’re seeing him, right?” Tae wanted to make sure and watched as Jimin got up from the bed.

”Yes… I hope so” Jimin replied before he left the room to go and get his phone from his own room.

”I’m leaving. See you later!”

”Bye!” Tae called back and flopped back onto the bed in the same second as the front door closed behind Jimin.

”Please hurry back” Tae whispered and stared up at his white ceiling, ”to me.”





To: Jungkook

Going to be late but it’s the train’s fault for leaving without me./Jimin


Jimin put his phone back in his pocket and sat down on a bench, waiting for the next train to come. He twirled the white cord to his headphones around his finger and wondered if Jungkook would be very angry at him for being late.

Jimin was lost in his thoughts until a couple came to sit down beside him. He saw in the corner of his eye how the couple were unable to keep their hands from each other and how they kissed unbothered by the gathering crowd that waited for the same train.

He wondered if he ever would experience that. The feeling of not wanting to let go, to be impossibly close but yet not close enough. To miss someone and feel that longing that always was portrayed in the dramas he use to watch.

He wondered how it would feel to be deeply in love. Like that love that makes it almost painful to be away from the other.

Because love like that existed. Right? It couldn’t only be on tv. It had to be a real thing.

It had to.

Suddenly, the train came to a stop in front of Jimin who hurried up from his seat, much determined not to miss this departure as well. Once on the train, he looked at his reflection in the window and let his fingers fix his blond locks. He then quickly applied his strawberry chapstick on his lips before he turned around and rested his back against the window, keeping his gaze on the opposite side where the skyscrapers swished by in an increasing speed. 



Jimin took a deep breath to calm himself before he rang the doorbell. He was late and Jungkook hadn’t replied to his text. Not that he expected him to do so. But his nerves hated not knowing if the taller would be in a really bad mood or in a really, really bad mood.

The door opened and the same man as yesterday greeted him and Jimin immediately relaxed a little, surely Jungkook wouldn’t be too angry with him in the presence of others.

”Mr Jimin” the man said and stepped to the side, ”Nice to see you again. I will tell Mr Jeon that you’re—”

”Won’t be necessary” Jungkook voiced from where he was walking down the steps from the second floor, ”You can go home, Mr Lee.”

”Thank you Mr Jeon” the old man said and bowed at Jungkook before turning around to give Jimin a nod and then disappear through the same door as yesterday.

”You’re late” Jungkook stated and walked down the last step before he stopped and put his hands in his pockets, looking at the blond with his usually intense stare.

”Yes” Jimin gulped and took off his shoes to put them on the shoe rack, ”Did you get my text?”

”I did” Jungkook replied without taking his eyes off the shorter, ”Doesn’t make you any less late.”

”Sorry” Jimin mumbled and lowered his gaze while hiding his hands inside his long sleeves.

Jungkook studied Jimin’s small stature before he cleared his throat and started walking to the living room, ”Let’s just… get it over with."

Jimin nodded and followed behind the black haired to the same room as yesterday. 

Everything looked exactly the same, but it somehow felt like ages ago since he was here.

Jimin shrugged out of his backpack and put it on the floor before sitting down at the exact same spot as last time. He then started to unpack his books but came to a stop when he could feel the other’s burning stare on him.

”What?” Jimin asked and looked up at Jungkook on the black leather sofa.

”The floor” Jungkook began and fixed his eyes on his notes, ”it’s cold.”

Jimin blinked his eyes, feeling incredibly confused. 

Was Jungkook just stating the fact? Or was he in some strange way telling Jimin that he wasn’t allowed to sit on the floor? Or was he… no he couldn’t be… or could he? Be offering him to sit on the sofa?

Jimin looked to the side and then back at Jungkook who still kept his gaze down.

”So uhm… what do you—”

”You shouldn’t sit there” Jungkook added and pretended to be busy while turning the page.

Jimin looked around him and didn’t see any other furnitures to sit on so he looked back at Jungkook, silently trying to get him to explain what he meant.

”Then where should I sit?” Jimin asked when the taller refused to look up.

Jungkook sighed and pointed at the far end of the sofa, ”There.”

Jimin shook his head and grabbed his pen, no way he was going to sit on the sofa just because the taller felt some kind of pity on him and not actually wanting him to sit there.

”No. It’s fine.”

Jungkook looked up and met the blond’s gaze, not getting why the he would chose the floor instead.

”I said that you should sit on the sofa.”

”And I said no.”

Jungkook pointed beside him and spoke calmly but with much impatience in his tone, ”Just sit on the sofa and stop being so fucking stubborn.”

Jimin shook his head, trying to appear unaffected even though he was growing worried that the other would say something rude to make him feel even more insecure.

”Don’t act like a kid and—”

”Like a kid?” Jimin interrupted and pointed his pen at Jungkook, ”My soon 24 year old heart takes that as a compliment.”

Jungkook raised his eyebrows and scoffed, ”What? You’re one year older than me?”

Jimin smiled and leaned back on his arms, ”I am? That’s a little funny actually. I thought you were close to 26 or something.”

”Still doesn’t change the fact that this is my place and you have to follow my rules.”

”Your rules?” Jimin asked and leaned forward to place his elbows on the coffee table instead, ”And what are those?”

”That you should sit on the sofa.”

Jimin sighed and drummed his fingers against his book while locking gaze with the younger, ”Do I have a choice?”

Jungkook shook his head and pointed at the end of the sofa again, ”But keep your distance.”

Jimin mumbled a ’fine’ and gathered his stuff before he moved from his spot on the floor to instead sit down on the sofa, getting almost ridiculous far away from the younger.

Jimin brought his legs up to sit crossed legged and then began to eye his papers, ”So should we continue where we left yesterday?”

Jungkook shrugged his shoulders and clicked his pen, ”I don’t care, as long as we finish today. Got things to do and places to be and all that.”

”Same” Jimin mumbled and told himself that he was just as indifferent.


Jimin lost himself a little in his writing, not sure how long had passed when he realized that he probably had written much more than required.

He put his pen down and closed his eyes and yawned while stretching his legs out on the sofa. 

It was so quiet, the only thing to be heard was the muted sounds from the traffic outside and the occasional sound of Jungkook turning pages in his book.

”Are your parents home?” Jimin asked as he realized that he never had seen or heard anyone in the house except for Jungkook and Mr Lee.

”How should I know?” Jungkook asked and looked up to meet Jimin’s gaze, ”I don’t care what they do.”

”No, but surely you must know if they’re here or not” Jimin said as softly as he could, not wanting the younger to get angry with him.

”Why should they be here?” Jungkook furrowed his eyebrows with a confused expression.

”Because they live here?” Jimin replied while he too began to feel confused. Was he missing something?

”What?” Jungkook chuckled and shook his head, ”No, my parents doesn’t live here. I live here. This is my place. My parents have a house outside of the city. And two apartments in the city center. Well, one of them are mine, actually. So—”

”Wait a second” Jimin interrupted and put his hand up, ”This is your house?”

”Yes. Only mine.” 

”And you have an apartment as well?” 

”Yes. It’s much smaller than this place, but it has a nice view over the skyline.”

Jimin shook his head in disbelief, ”You really are a spoiled brat, aren’t you? And Mr Lee is your servant, right? You're 23 years old and you have one house, one apartment and your own servant. What kind of movie is this!”

Jungkook grinned and tilted his head, ”I guess we can’t all be rich, can we? Don’t worry, with this education you might get a good job at a firm and earn a bit of money. At least until I buy the firm and fire you.”

Jimin crossed his arms and pursed his lips before he spoke, ”You wouldn’t dare.”

Jungkook’s grin grew and Jimin got a sudden urge to wipe that mean look off his face.

”Oh I would, be so sure.”

Jimin was furious. His blood was boiling and he was literally seeing red and it didn’t help that Jungkook only seemed to take more pleasure in his defeat now that he had a hard time hiding his anger.

So Jimin cleared his throat and swallowed his rage, suddenly feeling very little interest in continuing working with the younger.

”Let me see your notes before I leave and never come back” Jimin said as calmly as he could and reached his hand out, figuring Jungkook would throw his notebook to him because of the space between them.

But Jungkook just put his papers beside him before he looked at his wrist watch and raised his eyebrows in surprise over how much the time was, ”You can read while I go and get me something to drink.”

Jimin nodded before he started to crawl on all fours towards Jungkook’s seat, but stopped in the middle of his tracks as he looked up and noticed that Jungkook was staring at him with eyes that Jimin thought got darker by the millisecond.

Jungkook looked like he had frozen in the middle of a movement, his lips slightly parted and his arm stuck in mid air.

Jimin gulped and didn’t dare to continue moving while the younger had his eyes on him, so he just stood like that on his hands and knees and silently begged that it wasn’t anger in Jungkook’s eyes because he had honestly no idea what he had done wrong.

”I uhm…” Jungkook began and swallowed, not leaving Jimin with his gaze until the latter’s cheeks turned pink, ”Drink. I need a drink.”

Jungkook hurried up from the sofa and was gone from the room in the blink of an eye, leaving a very confused Jimin behind.

Jimin didn’t know what was going on but maybe that was for the best. He could not help but to feel relieved that Jungkook had left the room without giving him a mean comment when it looked like he might have wanted to do so. 

Jimin grabbed the younger’s notes and read through them quickly.

He was actually a little impressed of the other’s hard work.

Jimin could hear Jungkook come back to the room and approach the sofa so he looked up and put the notebook beside him, making himself ready to move back to where he had been sitting before.

”Here” Jungkook said and handed Jimin a soda can, causing the blond to stay and grab the can before Jungkook sat down beside him, leaving only one empty seat between them.

”Is this poisoned?” Jimin asked and glanced at the younger before he opened the soda, receiving a chuckle from the taller.

”Unfortunately not. Maybe next time.”

Jimin took a couple of gulps before he put the can on the coffee table and brought his legs up to sit crossed legged.

”I have good news for all of us” Jimin began and pushed his glasses further up on his nose, ”it seems like we’re done with the task. We just need to put it together, so I thought I could take your papers with me home and fix some minor things before we hand it in on Monday.”

Jimin watched as Jungkook gulped down the rest of his soda in one go, his Adam’s apple bobbing up and down and Jimin had no idea he had been staring until Jungkook cleared his throat and put the can away.

”Do as you want. I don’t care.”

”Don’t worry. I know that you hate me just as much as I hate you. But someone has to be responsible.”

Jimin adjusted his glasses and was just about to gather his things and go home when Jungkook suddenly spoke.

”What’s that around your neck?”

”Hm?” Jimin brought his hand up to touch his neck, getting the black velvet of his choker under his fingertips, ”Oh. It’s a necklace. A choker.”

Jungkook studied Jimin’s fingers brush over the fabric before the latter lowered his hand and the pink sleeve of his hoodie fell over his small hand.

”It’s ugly” Jungkook mumbled and looked away.

And that was exactly what Jimin was prepared to hear.

Jimin shifted so he was sitting opposite the younger, crossing his arms to look braver than he was, ”Ah, you mean like that place inside your chest where your heart would have been if you had one?”

Jungkook chuckled quietly and shook his head, ”You know nothing about me, so I would be very careful if I were you.”

Jimin gulped in the silence that followed, noticing a shift in the younger’s mood.


”I’m leaving” Jimin whispered and lowered his gaze before putting his things in a pile on the table.

”So you’re not coming back then? We’re finished, I mean?” Jungkook asked while drumming his fingers against the armrest beside him, his gaze flickering a little between Jimin and nothing.

Jimin sat still for a moment and looked at the enormous tv screen in front of him before he spoke, ”No, I’m not coming back here. Why would I?”

Jungkook shrugged his shoulders and reached for Jimin’s soda can, ”So I can poison you?”

Jimin rolled his eyes as Jungkook gulped down what was left of his soda, ”Can’t wait.”

Jimin pushed his glasses up and was just about to go and get his backpack when Jungkook made an irritated sigh.

”What now?!”

”I wish you would stop doing that. It’s annoying.”

Jimin huffed and turned his body a little to look at the younger who suddenly busied himself with rolling up the sleeves on his black button up shirt, ”Excuse me?”

”Pushing your glasses up” Jungkook muttered and pretended to be very occupied with his shirt.

”I’m so sorry to displease you my lord, but maybe you can explain what good my glasses will do on my chin?”

Jungkook glanced at the blond and clicked his tongue, ”Just… get them fixed or something. And they’re—”

”Ugly?” Jimin whispered and tilted his head, searching the taller’s eyes who immediately looked away, ”Just tell me this, before I go, what have I ever done to you? What have I ever done to deserve all of these disrespecting and rude comments from you?”

Jungkook gulped as shame came washing over him and he was so not prepared for the older’s words. And he wanted to find a quick answer, something to argue with, something to make Jimin hate him even more.

But the harder he looked for an answer, the more the truth grew in his mind but that was definitely not something he would ever share. So instead he looked away and hoped that Jimin would drop the topic.

”Tell me you’re sorry.”

Jungkook scoffed and glanced at the older, ”Why?”

”Because you should. Because you owe me an apology.”

Jungkook narrowed his eyes and leaned towards Jimin, ”Never.”

”Do it” Jimin muttered and leaned forward as well, suddenly coming very close to Jungkook’s face which caused the younger to panic and push at Jimin who quickly fell backwards, followed by an immediate cry.

”Fuck!” Jungkook exclaimed and leaned over Jimin who he then noticed had one of his hardcover books under the back of his head, ”Are you alright? Did you hurt—”

”What the hell did you do?!” Jimin complained and brought his hand up to try and remove the book.

”Wait, I’ll help you.” Jungkook put one hand under Jimin’s head and lifted him a little before swiftly pushing away the book and then gently put his head down onto the sofa.

”It hurts” Jimin pouted and looked up at the black haired, ”I hate you.”

”I hate you too” Jungkook replied softly and darted his gaze between Jimin’s eyes and red lips.

”And I’m sorry” Jungkook added in a whisper when he finally let himself meet Jimin’s waiting eyes, ”I’m so sorry.”

Jimin exhaled like he had held his breath for ages and then he made a slow nod, unable to hold his grudge, ”Thank you.”

Jungkook hummed and lowered his gaze to Jimin’s black choker, daring to let a fingertip brush against the soft velvet while he whispered without an ounce of bite to his voice, ”You’re so fucking annoying, did you know that?”

Jimin gulped as his mind started running in all sort of directions. The only thing he knew for sure was that this soft and in some weird way caring side of Jungkook was totally new and he thought that it was such a shame that the younger couldn’t be like that all the time.

A pity, really.

Because this side of Jungkook Jimin didn’t hate.

This side of Jungkook was, to be honest, very likable.

”You’re annoying as well.”

Jungkook swallowed and Jimin swore he could see something flash in the younger’s eyes before it just as quickly was gone again.

”You need to leave.”

”I know” Jimin spoke slowly, his heartbeats racing and his breathing a little ragged for reasons he couldn’t understand then and there.

And Jimin could feel his throat go completely dry while his hands instead started to sweat. And it was all because of Jungkook’s stare that was so intense that Jimin thought that it would set him on fire any second now.

Or maybe he already were on fire.

”Push me away” Jungkook breathed out and glanced at Jimin’s jutting bottom lip before he looked up to meet his eyes that looked just as confused as he felt, ”Please.”

Jungkook's voice was soft and begging and Jimin realized that there was little left of the Jungkook from two minutes ago.

Jimin gulped and forced his hands up, gently splaying his palms over the younger’s black shirt and he could immediately feel the body heat radiating through the fabric.

”Push me away” Jungkook repeated in a firm whisper, slowly getting concerned by the hesitation in the older’s eyes.

Jimin closed his eyes and tensed, putting all of his strength in his arms, screaming at his mind to push, to hit or do anything to get the younger to move away from him but while he gathered his willpower, it seemed like Jungkook only came closer and closer.

”Do it! Hurry!” Jungkook yelled and Jimin snapped his eyes open before slowly shaking his head, noticing in the movements that something was touching his hair.

Jungkook was touching his hair.

”I can’t” Jimin breathed out, his palms barely touching the younger, ”I’m sorry, but I can’t—”

Jimin saw it in Jungkook’s eyes before it happened. He saw him give up. 

Or rather give in.

Jimin gasped and in the next second Jungkook crashed his lips against his.

Literally crash.

Jungkook’s kiss was firm and determined, his closed lips pressing hard against Jimin’s plump ones that got squeezed in the process.

And then he was gone.

Just like that.

Jimin opened his eyes and looked up at Jungkook who still was so very close, their lips almost touching, but yet he was so incredibly far away.

They kept their eyes locked while they breathed the same air, their chests rising and falling like they had been running for days.

Jimin swallowed and noticed how the younger’s fingers disappeared from his hair and now it would only be a matter of seconds before Jungkook would disappear as well.

And Jimin wasn’t sure if he wanted that.

”I hate you” Jungkook whispered so quietly that Jimin barely could hear him.

”I hate you too.”

”Then push me away.”

”I told you I can’t” Jimin whispered and fisted the black material of Jungkook’s shirt, showing him that he was just as unable to make the right decision. Whatever the right decision was in this utterly surreal situation. 

And also to show that some part of him didn’t want to let go.

”Then this is entirely your fault” Jungkook muttered before he once again sealed their lips.

This time he didn’t kiss Jimin just as hard, but still firm and deliberate.

His fingers somehow found their way back to Jimin’s blond locks that felt so incredibly soft that it was no use fighting against the urge because he knew that he would never win anyway.

Jimin gasped into the closed mouthed kiss when he could feel Jungkook’s fingers lightly tug at his hair. Somehow that little sound became a shift in Jungkook who then started kissing Jimin with parted lips, trying to coax his tongue between Jimin’s plump ones.

Jimin was more than willing to oblige and as soon as he had parted his lips, Jungkook’s wet tongue entered his mouth.

Jungkook tasted like orange soda mixed with his own unique taste and Jimin quickly decided that this was the best flavor he had ever tasted.

And he wanted more.

Jimin tightened the grip on Jungkook’s shirt and tugged, causing the younger to collied against his body and thus their kisses to deepen.

This was better.

Jungkook angled his head to the other side, kissing the older with kisses that grew hotter and hotter, and then he angled his head to the other side again, earning himself more humming sounds from Jimin.

And oh god did he love those little sounds.

Jimin was losing himself in Jungkook’s rough, yet warm kisses and he knew that he was drooling, he knew that there was saliva running down from the corner of his mouth, probably due to the fact that the both of them refused to let go and catch their breath.

The longer they kissed, the more Jimin’s fingers started to itch and he soon found himself desperate to touch the younger.

But that would mean something.

And this didn’t mean anything.

This was just something they happened to do. A sudden idea that they just happened to go with.

Jungkook licked inside Jimin’s mouth, over his tongue and over his wet walls.

Jimin hummed a little louder, above his previous whispers and Jungkook’s thoughts took a sudden turn.

Jimin gasped with Jungkook's tongue inside his mouth while the younger suddenly shifted, causing a pressure to form on his member.

Jungkook groaned against Jimin’s lips and moved his hips again, making another pretty sound escape the blond.

”Fuck” Jungkook breathed out as he moved his lips from Jimin’s mouth, wanting to come back there again but first explore that annoying neck of his.

Jimin opened his eyes and clung a little harder to Jungkook’s shirt, wondering if the latter would leave. But then his soft lips came to press against his neck and Jimin thought he would die right then and there.

Jungkook’s lips were kissing where no one had ever kissed him before and the feeling was honestly a little overwhelming.

Jimin whimpered, much to his own embarrassment, as Jungkook started kissing with more pressure and he thought that maybe the younger were about to suck on his skin.

And Jimin didn’t know what to think of that.

And he didn’t get a chance to figure it out, because in the next second his phone started ringing from the coffee table. The pop song sounded loud and clear and caused the whole atmosphere to shift.

Jimin snapped his eyes open and tensed, but he didn’t move. And he could feel Jungkook tense as well, the latter immediately stopping the kisses on his bare neck.

The ringtone seemed to last for an eternity before it went quiet again.

They were both laying still for a moment, not uttering a word, not moving an inch.


And when the phone started ringing again, it was to no real surprise, but it nevertheless killed the last bit of anticipation, making reality crash right into the safe little universe they had created.

Jimin slowly let go of Jungkook’s shirt, fully knowing that there was no turning back.

Not now and not ever.

Jungkook sighed against Jimin’s neck and for a second Jimin thought that Jungkook would pressed his lips down a final time.

But of course he didn’t.

Why would he?

Jungkook lifted himself up on straight arms, his black hair falling over his eyes and Jimin knew that the younger hung his head like that on purpose so they wouldn’t be able to lock eyes.

Jimin sat up and glanced at Jungkook who was sitting a little bit further away, halfheartedly fixing his hair and then tuck back a bit of his shirt in his slacks.

Jimin let his hand run through his hair before he reached for his phone. It was Tae who had called him both times, just like Jimin had guessed. And he had also sent him three texts which of none Jimin had heard.

”I’m not gay… and not… bi.”

Jimin turned his head towards the whisper and looked at Jungkook who kept his gaze down on his hands.

”Okay” Jimin whispered back and studied the younger for a moment, having no clue what to reply more than that.

And besides, he already knew that Jungkook was straight, hearing him prove that quite often.

Still, Jimin could not help but to feel a little… something. A little something that he had no name for and that he couldn’t quite put his finger on. It was just there.

Jimin opened his backpack and packed all of his stuff before hanging it over his shoulder. He adjusted his black framed glasses and got up, circling the coffee table so Jungkook wouldn’t have to move his legs for him to pass.

He stopped in the middle of the room and fixed his eyes on a painting on the wall in front of him. He could immediately tell that it was Dionysus, beautifully portrayed.

”Goodbye Jungkook” Jimin said while letting his gaze travel from the grapevine to the beautiful fabric around the god’s waist.

When Jungkook whispered something back, Jimin was already walking in the late night.



Chapter Text




”But now you don’t have to ever see him again” Tae smiled and leaned against Jimin’s side, ”Isn’t that great? You’ve been so quiet the last days and I could tell that the whole thing was a burden for you. But now you can move on and concentrate on other things, like us for example.”

Tae was beaming but his wide smile soon disappeared as he noticed how Jimin was deep in thoughts while playing around with the food, his chopsticks aimlessly pushing around the rice in the bowl.

”Jiminie” Tae began and put his hand on the older’s back, ”You can relax now. You handed in the paper, it’s all done. No more Jungkook. No more having to go to his house and listen to his—”

”I know” Jimin cut off and sighed, ”It’s just that…”

He kissed me and I can still feel his lips against mine.


”No… nothing” Jimin continued and looked up from the table with the purpose to look at Tae but as soon as he lifted his gaze his eyes fell on Jungkook who was walking towards his usual table, his three friends following behind him in row like little ducklings.

Jimin watched as they sat down and then how Jungkook started to roll up his white sleeves, his friends chatting happily while Jungkook kept quiet, seeming uninterested in whatever their conversation was about.

Jimin studied Jungkook’s profile and how he reached for his coffee, only to suddenly stop his movement to look up and meet his eyes.

Jimin gulped and he could feel his cheeks burn from what he knew was an embarrassingly obvious blush. 

But he didn’t look away. And neither did Jungkook.

And it felt like time stopped and the only thing in focus was Jungkook, every sound and everything around him blurred out until the only thing left was Jungkook and his big brown eyes that looked back at him with the same intensity as two days ago.

”Jiminie” Yoongi whispered and nudged the younger’s arm, ”Stop staring at him.”

Jimin shifted his arm a little, having felt something touch it but he was too busy to care. 

”Jimin, are you listening?”

”Hm?” Jimin turned his head and looked at Tae who looked back at him with an amused smile.

”Did you say something?”

”I’ve been talking for five minutes” Tae giggled and leaned in to kiss Jimin’s cheek, ”But you just keep daydreaming. Care to share what you’re thinking about?”

Jimin swallowed and shook his head, ”N-No I was just… just…”

”He needs to get laid” Yoongi stated and took a gulp from his coffee.

”I what?!”

”He what?!”

”When was the last time you had sex?” Yoongi asked and turned a little to look at the blond with a serious expression.

”Don’t ask him that” Tae muttered with a frown, ”He’s too insecure to talk about things like that. And what right do you have to ask him such a personal question? Hm?!”

Yoongi grinned and raised an eyebrow, ”Are you a little jealous or something? That Jimin might be sleeping with—”

”He’s not sleeping with anyone and you need to—”

”Can you please not talk about me, and also not in the cafeteria” Jimin whispered and ducked his head in embarrassment while hiding his hands inside the long sleeves of his yellow sweater.

”We won’t” Tae reassured and started rubbing his hand over Jimin’s arm, ”Am I right, Yoongi?”

”I was only joking” Yoongi explained while giving Jimin’s back a pat, ”I’m sorry.”

”It’s fine” Jimin replied and looked up from his lap to give Yoongi a small smile. He wasn’t offended by the older’s sudden statement, he was just embarrassed that it was him they were talking about. 

He who hadn’t got laid in a long, long time.

Never, actually.

His only sexual experience being the very awkward and very bad blowjob he gave a guy some hundred years back. The guy had been around his age and they had met at a party and then Jimin had followed him home. Once there, Jimin had kissed for the first time, which he of course had kept a secret because being 18 and not having kissed someone before felt extremely embarrassing. But he had also never given someone a blowjob before. Which he also kept a secret. Unfortunately, it had all resulted in Jimin leaving with tears in his eyes, having heard nothing but how useless he was.

Since then, he had never tried anything with anyone, keeping his sexual desires for himself, taking care of his own want in what little ways he could.

”Come, let’s go outside for the rest of the break” Tae said and grabbed Jimin’s arm to both get his attention and pull him up from his chair.

”Out?” Jimin said and glanced at the windows, ”But it looks like it’s going to—”

Tae leaned close to Jimin’s ear and whispered, ”Our enemy is staring at us. Much better to leave now, before they walk past our table.”

Jimin’s eyes immediately darted over to Jungkook who stared right back at him and Jimin got a feeling that maybe Jungkook had continued to look at him this whole time.

But of course he hadn’t.

Why would he? Why would he look at him at all?

And why was he looking at him?

It made no sense whatsoever.

The only reason Jimin could think about was because they hated each other.

But the surprising thing was that Jimin actually couldn’t find any hate in Jungkook’s eyes. He searched and searched but couldn’t find any.

None at all.

”Jimin” Tae said and pulled at Jimin’s arm again, ”Come on.”

Jimin snapped out of his thoughts and let his gaze move away from Jungkook. He cleared his throat from all the different emotions he felt and grabbed his backpack and hung it over his shoulder before he let his hand intertwine with Tae’s and started walking between his best friends.

What he didn’t notice was how Tae looked behind his shoulder and gave Jungkook a harsh stare before squeezing Jimin’s hand.





”He’s cute but I would never date him. Not even his cat like him” Jimin mumbled tiredly and pointed at a side character on the tv screen. 

”Why date when you have me?” Tae whispered and placed his hand on Jimin’s waist where his t-shirt was exposing his soft skin.

Jimin furrowed his eyebrows and shifted so he was laying on his back instead, turning his head to the side so he could face Tae who had been spooning him from behind.

”What do you mean?”

”Just that we have a good time together, you and me. We don’t need other men” Tae replied and gave the blond a small smile as he let his hand move to Jimin’s stomach, under the fabric of the t-shirt.

”Tae” Jimin whispered firmly and grabbed Tae’s wrist to move it away from him, ”What’s with you?”

Tae swallowed and flickered his gaze, ”W-What do you mean?”

”When you touch me these days” Jimin began with a littler more softness in his tone, ”It’s not like before. I can feel it in your touches, how something has changed. Even the way you speak has changed. And I want to know why.”

Jimin moved to lay on his side and searched the younger’s eyes but Tae refused to meet his.

”I-I’m sorry, I didn’t know that you didn’t want me to touch. We were cuddling and I just—”

”I mean the last weeks” Jimin interrupted, ”Don’t tell me that you don’t know what I’m talking about.”

Tae looked down and fixed his gaze on the hem of his shirt, his fingers nervously playing with the fabric.

”I’m… I…” Tae looked up and dared to meet the blond’s waiting eyes, ”Nothing. I’ve just been a little tired lately. I’m sorry if I have seemed weird or… like I have changed. I’m really sorry, Jimin.”

Jimin studied the other’s eyes for a while, wondering if they could tell him something that Tae didn’t.

”Okay” Jimin nodded slowly, ”If you say that’s the reason then I trust you.”

There was a shift and suddenly the warmth beside Tae was gone.

But he didn’t look up, too guilty for not telling the truth.

Guilty for being jealous.

Guilty for falling in love with his best friend.






Jimin rolled his eyes at the whisper, knowing exactly who the voice belonged to. He turned his head and looked as the woman strut down the short aisle between the tables in the library before she sat down next to Jungkook, leaning against his side before opening her books on the table.

Jimin was just about to put a book back on the shelf but stopped with his hand in midair, unable to focus on anything else than Jungkook.

The younger was talking about something with one of his male friends and Jimin couldn’t help but to stare at his sharp jawline that moved with every word. And those blue veins running along his forearm. 


Then Jungkook moved his hand up and pushed his black hair back, but as usually it only came back to fall over his temples. Jimin knew that Jungkook would move his long, slender fingers over his hair and tuck the strands behind his ear instead.

And that exactly what he did.

And then he looked up, a little surprised to see Jimin staring at him with parted lips and his brown orbs lost in thought.

Jimin had not expected Jungkook to look up at him and so suddenly find his gaze, so in pure shock he dropped the heavy book that fell right onto his foot, the edge of the book hurting him even though he had shoes on.

Embarrassed and with burning cheeks he leaned down to grab the book and put it back on the shelf properly. He then dared to spare the younger a glance, noticing an amused smile on his lips. It was the first smile on Jungkook that hadn’t looked mean, hadn’t looked like suppressed anger and irritation. 

It had just been a little smile, no doubt over his clumsiness.

And when Jimin had hurried back to sit down with Tae, he found himself not hating that little smile on Jungkook.

”This” Tae sighed and pointed at a sum on the screen of his laptop, ”is so confusing. Do you think you can help me?"

”Yeah, sure. If you look at their last annual report, you will see that—”

Jimin stopped and glanced at his bag where his phone had beeped.

”It might be Yoongi, he said he would text us when his class is finished.”

”But he wasn’t suppose to finish before 3” Jimin said and opened his backpack and grabbed his phone.



From: Jungkook

You’re so fucking clumsy. 

How’s your foot?



Jimin’s eyes widened as he read the text, feeling very surprised by the sudden… concern? Friendliness? Lack of disrespect? Well, sort of anyway.

But also the fact that Jungkook had texted him. Saved his number, taken the time to write. And doing so with his friends so close, right beside him. 

Jungkook had texted him and Jimin didn’t mind.



To: Jungkook

Feels a bit broken but I’ll live. 

Nothing compared to how I hit my head at your place though.



”What did he say?” Tae asked and glanced at Jimin who quickly looked up from his phone, his cheeks a little pink but praying that Tae didn’t notice.


”Yoongi of course” Tae replied and furrowed his eyebrows, ”Did his class finish or not?”

Jimin gulped and flickered his eyes before fixing them on his phone again, ”N-No it uhm, wasn’t Yoongi. It was Hoseok.”

”Hoseok?” Tae repeated with surprise in his voice, ”Haven’t heard from him in awhile. Is he okay?”



From: Jungkook


But you’re still annoyingly clumsy.



”Yeah he’s… he’s okay.” Jimin put his phone back in his bag and swallowed as he stared down at the table. He chewed on his bottom lip and tried not to think too much over the fact that he just had lied to his best friend. To who he had promised to never share lies with.

But being honest in this somehow felt worse. How could he possibly explain to Tae what had happened when he himself had a hard time understanding what had happened at Jungkook’s place. 

And Tae would worry. Because he always, always worried about him.

And Jimin thought that he wanted to spare Tae this. Let it be unsaid.

Because Jungkook was after all the enemy. The mean, disrespecting enemy who was surrounded by even more enemies.

But it left him with guilt and the guilt hurt as it spread inside his chest, his head.


Tae looked worriedly at the older while he hurried to grab his hand to squeeze it hard, knowing that the action sometimes helped Jimin. That when he felt that little warmth from someone else together with that squeeze of his hand, he would have something to cling to, something to concentrate on. And it was also a silent promise that Tae was there and would stay beside him until Jimin had calmed down.

”I’m okay” Jimin let know after a moment. He let go of Tae’s hand and pointed at the screen again, starting to explain what it was Tae had asked for help with, like nothing had happened. 

Tae glanced at the blond, not at all convinced that everything was okay.





Tae took a spoonful of ice cream and fed Jimin before taking another spoon for himself.



”You would tell me if there’s something bothering you, right?”

Jimin smiled and scooted even closer to Tae on the sofa, giving the corner of his mouth a peck, ”Of course I would. And the same goes for you, okay?”

Jimin ruffled Tae’s blue hair and was received with a soft laugh.

”Yeah, promise” Tae nodded and smiled happily at the older’s affection.

”Look at this” Jimin sighed and pointed at the tv screen where a couple were walking around in Tokyo by night, ”soo unfair.”

”Aww, don’t worry” Tae began and put his empty bowl on the coffee table so he could snuggle closer to Jimin, ”Like I said, just wait until we have finished uni, then I’ll make sure we can go there.”

”I can’t even afford my favorite chocolate” Jimin mumbled and put his hand in Tae’s hair again.

”We will go there. Trust me.”

Jimin looked down and smiled fondly at the younger.



Jimin flopped down onto his bed with his hair still wet from his shower, causing dark spots to form on the bedsheets. He turned around onto his front and reached for his glasses when his phone beeped from his pants on the floor. He put on his glasses and reached down to the floor to pick up his phone.


From: Jungkook

That stupid drama you like, is it running every Friday?


Jimin smiled at the screen and started writing a reply, having no idea where that giddy feeling he felt came from, all he knew was that Jungkook had texted him again and that he had not expected him to do so.


To: Jungkook

Yes it is. Why do you wonder?


A sudden rusting sound could be heard outside his bedroom door, causing him to look back over his shoulder. 


When the sound disappeared and the water started running in the kitchen, Jimin turned back to his phone, relieved that Tae hadn’t flown in through his door like he sometimes did.


From: Jungkook

You can watch it at my place.


Jimin read the last text again. And again.

Was Jungkook seriously inviting him over to his house? Without actually having to do so? And Jungkook had seemed nothing but uninterested in the drama, so why did he all of a sudden want to watch it with him?

Jimin looked at the time on his phone. He had 30 minutes left before he would need to leave if he wanted to make sure to get to Jungkook’s place in time.

But then he would have to lie to Tae again.

And he really, really didn’t want to do so.

But yet there was something about Jungkook that had caught his interest, something that he couldn’t put his finger on but that nonetheless intrigued him.

A lot.

Seeing Jungkook one last time wouldn’t hurt, right? 

Besides, they would only watch the show together and then he would leave, resulting in him being gone for only two hours. Then he would be back home to Tae again and they would still have time to watch a movie before going to bed.


To: Jungkook

Ok. I’m coming over.


Jimin got up and put on a pair of tight jeans and his black and white striped sweater. He fixed his damp hair with his fingers and was just about to leave his room when his eyes caught the choker on his desk. He eyed it for a second, wondering if it was too much.

He decided it wasn’t and grabbed the choker with the little cat bell at the front and put it on with swift fingers.

”Tae?” Jimin began nervously and entered the younger’s bedroom, finding him sitting on the bed, hunched over his laptop.

”Hm? Oh, you look good” Tae smiled as he looked up at the older, ”want to do something before we watch the drama?”

Jimin gulped and shook his head slowly, trying his hardest to not let guilt ruin his plans.

”Hoseok texted me again” Jimin began and looked away from Tae’s waiting gaze, ”He uhm, asked if we could meet. He didn’t say why, but he said he needs me so I said yes. It sounded… urgent. So I have to leave, now. But uhm I’ll be back as soon as I can, okay?”

Jimin faked a smile and started walking backwards out through Tae’s door again.

”Wait” Tae said and got up from the bed to get closer to Jimin, ”Can’t you tell him to come here? We can watch—”

Jimin shook his head and started backing again, ”Sorry, I promised to meet him alone. I’ll hurry back home, promise!”

Jimin turned around and hurried to the hallway, quickly stepping into his sneakers before leaving a confused and disappointed Tae behind.



To: Seok

I’m with you if anyone asks.


Jimin walked down the stairs to the metro while texting Hoseok. But he could feel how he started to make this much more complicated than it should be. 

Getting Hoseok involved might have been a mistake.

But it was too late to change that now.


From: Seok

Okay… so what has happened?


To: Seok



From: Seok



To: Seok

Just tell Tae or Yoongi that I’m with you if they happen to ask.


From: Seok

Lie to Jimin’s best friends; got it.


To: Seok

Don’t give me bad conscience, please. I’ll tell you another time, okay?


From: Seok




Thank you!


Jimin turned off his music but let his headphones hang around his neck as he rang the doorbell, the door opening only a couple of seconds later.

”Mr Jimin, welcome. Mr Jeon is having dinner at the moment, but you are most welcome to wait for him in the tv room.”

”Thank you, Mr Lee” Jimin replied and took off his shoes, giving the man a small smile before leaving the hallway. 

So awkward.

Jimin entered the empty room and sat down on the large leather sofa before taking off his headphones and place them on the coffee table.

He brought his legs up and sat crossed legged while staring at the enormous black screen while waiting.

Jimin let a minute pass before he grabbed his phone from the pocket in his jeans to check the time. The show would start any moment now and he was not keen on missing out a single second.

So could he just start the tv? Or was that rude?

Well, Jungkook was much ruder so why did he even care.

Jimin grabbed the controller and started the tv, happy to see that the show hadn’t started yet.


Jimin turned his head towards the low voice and watched as Jungkook walked closer to the sofa, dressed in his usual slacks and button up shirt, his hair parted in the middle to reveal his forehead.

”Hi” Jimin nodded and looked back at the tv to prevent himself from staring too much at the younger.

”I was eating” Jungkook explained as he sat down beside the blond who shifted a little, as to pretend to make some space between them but without actually doing so.

”Mr Lee told me.”

Jungkook hummed and then it went quiet except for the sound coming from the tv.

Jimin did his best to not cringe at the awkward silence, trying to concentrate on the drama and also ignore how very close they were sitting and how his knee was brushing against against Jungkook’s thigh.


”Finally” Jimin cooed quietly as the couple on the park bench kissed, ”Can’t you see that he loves you?”

”Is this supposed to be interesting?” Jungkook muttered and looked at his watch, wondering when the show would be over.

”I have been waiting for this to happen for weeks” Jimin explained and turned his head to look at the younger, ”Wasn’t it romantic?”

Jungkook huffed and shook his head, ”It’s not romantic to kiss on a park bench.”

”Yes it is.”

”No it’s not.”

”Ssh! I’m watching this.”

Jungkook rolled his eyes and drummed his fingers against the armrest, ”I don’t get how you think he’s handsome when he’s obviously ugly as fu—”

Jimin made an annoyed sound and turned in his seat to quickly put his hand over Jungkook’s mouth, ”Be quiet or I’ll leave!”

Jungkook grinned behind Jimin’s small hand before he gave it a gentle bite.

”Hey” Jimin pouted and withdrew his hand, ”Not fair!”

”You deserve it. Maybe can keep you from so being fucking annoying.”

Jimin scoffed and turned his whole body towards Jungkook before he crossing his arms over his chest.

”Stop saying I’m annoying all the time when it’s you who is annoying!”

”You think I’m annoying?” Jungkook asked and pointed at himself, ”That’s just funny.”

”You ask me to come over to watch my favorite drama but all you do is talk and talk and if that’s not annoying I don’t know what is!”

Jimin sighed exaggerated as he turned back to look at the tv.

Awkward silence once more settled between them until the show ended and the commercial started running.

”Worst couple of minutes in my whole life.”

”Then why did you invite me over?” Jimin asked and glanced at the younger before looking down at his lap.

”To be honest?” Jungkook whispered and studied the blond’s profile.

”Yes, to be honest” Jimin whispered back and turned to face Jungkook, nervously chewing on his bottom lip while meeting the taller’s eyes.

”So I could do this.” Jungkook cupped Jimin’s blushing cheeks before he quickly leaned in to kiss his plump lips, firm and almost a little desperate, but so much gentler than last time.

Jimin gasped into the kiss, surprised by the younger’s action but as soon as he realized what was going on, he parted his lips and welcomed the latter’s wet tongue.

Jungkook tasted like wine and smelled of his cologne and Jimin thought that maybe he was going completely crazy, maybe he had lost all common sense and maybe he would regret this later, but he wanted more.

Jimin absolutely relished in the way Jungkook was kissing him, his tongue sliding over the the walls in his mouth, licking his tongue, swiping it over his teeth.

Jungkook brought his hands from Jimin’s cheeks to his waist, and fueled by the latter’s small noises he grabbed him tightly and lifted him, placing him in his lap without breaking their kisses.

Jimin smiled into the kiss and moved his leg so that he was straddling the younger, earning himself a surprised huff from Jungkook who immediately put his hands on Jimin’s hips to hold him steady while he deepened the hot kisses.

Jimin put his hands on Jungkook’s shoulders to have something to hold on to as he lost himself in the warm, wet kisses, loving each and every slide of their lips, every moment their tongues met, every time Jungkook grabbed his hips a little tighter only to ease the grip a moment later.

Jungkook groaned as Jimin suddenly pulled back, only so far so that their lips still brushed against each other, but for Jungkook it felt like they were miles apart.

”Just… breathe…” Jimin whispered and closed his eyes while his lungs screamed for air, his breathing ragged and tired, his lips red and swollen.

Jungkook nodded and gulped, he too out of breath.

”This” Jungkook whispered and moved his hand up to gently feel over Jimin’s choker with his fingertips, ”it has a cat bell.”

Jimin blushed and made an embarrassed sound, ”Yes, but before you say that it’s ugly and—”

”It’s not” Jungkook cut off and moved his hand down to the blond’s hip again.

”Oh” Jimin whispered and blushed even more, wanting to say something but didn’t know what so he pushed his glasses up before he cursed at himself for doing so, knowing how much it annoyed the taller.

But Jungkook didn’t seem to bother this time. Or maybe he hadn’t payed attention.

”Come back before I start to think” Jungkook mumbled and put a hand in the back of Jimin’s neck to bring him to his lips again.

Jimin giggled into Jungkook’s kisses and wrapped his arms around the latter’s neck, pressing himself closer to his chest, Jungkook’s white shirt wrinkling against the friction.

Jungkook hummed approvingly and licked past Jimin’s lips that still tasted a little like strawberry from what Jungkook thought was a lipstick or something like that.

Jimin gasped as Jungkook suddenly put his hand on his thigh, but he didn’t mind. And when Jungkook moved his hand higher up, he didn’t mind that either.

Jimin’s little hums were turning higher in pitch and Jungkook took that as approval when he dared to move even higher. But then Jimin suddenly broke away and grabbed his wrist to hold it still.

”I’m s-sorry” Jimin whispered and looked at the younger apologetically with his lips even more redder than before and his cheeks flushed in a pretty pink color.

”Why?” Jungkook whispered back and searched the other’s slightly stressed eyes, confused and a little worried that he had done something he wasn’t allowed to do.

”I’m sorry that I’m… I’m…” Jimin gulped and withdrew his arms from Jungkook, fixing his gaze on his hands in his lap as he mumbled, ”I got hard.”

Jimin bit down on his bottom lip and made himself ready to leave both Jungkook’s lap and his house, fully knowing that Jungkook wasn’t gay and that him being hard probably was the worst thing imaginable for Jungkook.

”Wait!” Jungkook exclaimed and grabbed Jimin’s waist, preventing him from moving away, the shorter’s eyes looking back at him in surprise.

”I don’t… it’s okay, I’m uhm… I don’t mind. So to speak.”

Jimin furrowed his eyebrows and studied the younger’s eyes, trying to find out just how much he was joking.

”You’re not serious” Jimin whispered and shook his head, ”You will laugh at me and tell me I’m—”

”You talk too much” Jungkook muttered and wrapped his arms around Jimin’s back, pulling him against his chest again. 

Jimin yelped but was immediately silenced by Jungkook’s tongue once again entering his mouth and it was right then and there that Jimin felt it.

That Jungkook was hard as well.

Jimin didn’t dare to move even though the friction felt like heaven, afraid that Jungkook would think that he wanted something more. 

But then Jungkook pulled back and breathed against his lips, ”I hate what you’re doing to me. I can’t stand it. Yet I can’t push you away, can’t not touch, can’t not kiss you. I hate it.”

Jimin lowered his gaze and moved his lips slowly to place a lingering kiss on the corner of Jungkook’s mouth, ”I should leave.”

Jungkook nodded but didn’t release his grip on the blond’s waist, ”Yes, you should. But I don’t want you to.”

”Then what is it you want?” Jimin whispered and let his forehead rest against Jungkook’s, closing his eyes while the younger thought on what to reply.

”I want what I can’t have.”

”And what is it you can’t have?”

Jungkook slid his lips over Jimin’s, breathing warmly against the latter’s mouth, ”You.”

Jimin swallowed and let his nose brush against the other’s before he pulled back and stared down on the hem of his oversized striped shirt that was pooling a little around his hips.

Jungkook sighed as he realized that reality was bursting their little bubble, having much rather kept on kissing Jimin forever than having to deal with the real, fucked up world.

”I guess I should—”

”Come” Jungkook cut off and got up from the sofa with a surprised Jimin clinging to him like a koala, ”Let me show you around the house.”

”Oh o-okay” Jimin nodded and let himself be carried by Jungkook’s strong arms from the living room and out to the hallway and then through a door to the left.

”Wow” Jimin whispered in awe as they entered the kitchen and what a kitchen it was.

It was probably bigger than his and Tae’s whole apartment and everything was spotless clean.

”I’m almost never here” Jungkook confessed, ”Mr Lee is cooking all the food I want so I’ve never even used the stove. Not even the microwave, I don’t trust that one to be honest. Do you want anything to drink?”

Jimin shrugged his shoulders and gave the younger a small smile, surprised by the sudden and laid back friendliness that the latter was showing.

”Only if you want something as well. You don’t have to—”

”Champagne?” Jungkook asked and opened the fridge.”

”A-Are you serious?” Jimin stuttered and looked with big eyes as Jungkook took a bottle from the fridge and put it on the black countertop.

Jungkook chuckled at Jimin’s expression and opened the bottle skillfully before pouring two glasses full.

”Take this and stop looking at me weird” Jungkook said and handed Jimin one of the glasses.

”But this is weird” Jimin replied and dipped his nose at the edge of the glass, ”mmh, smells both delicious and expensive and please don’t tell me this actually is expensive.”

”It’s pretty expensive.”

”Noo” Jimin whined and tilted his head, ”Don’t say that!”

”Just shut up and drink. I have a whole cellar with champagne and wine so please just enjoy it, okay?”

Jimin raised an eyebrow and shook his head, ”Of course you have.”

Jungkook chuckled as Jimin brought the glass to his lips and gulped down half of the champagne in one go.


”Delicious” Jimin replied and licked his lips.

Jungkook hummed and put his glass down on the counter beside Jimin and grabbed the latter’s glass to put it down as well. He then moved to stand between Jimin’s thighs before grabbing his hips to push him flush against him, a pretty gasp leaving the blond’s lips in the process.

”You’re greedy” Jimin whispered as Jungkook ghosted his lips over his.

”Mmh… can you blame me?”

Jimin breathed out a soft ’no’ and then Jungkook was kissing him again, his hands squeezing his thighs and Jimin noticed right away that there was more want coming from the younger than before.

”Jungkookie” Jimin managed to utter between Jungkook’s burning kisses.


Suddenly Jimin’s phone started ringing but Jimin was too lost to care, wanting nothing more than for Jungkook to continue kissing him, continue touching his thighs.

Jimin wrapped his arms around Jungkook’s back and found himself whispering a little ’more’ that got Jungkook to groan and once again push Jimin against him, causing their members to rub against each other and Jimin had no choice put to moan.

”Fuck” Jungkook groaned after hearing Jimin’s wonderful moan.

”More” Jimin repeated, ignoring that his phone was ringing again as he wrapped his legs around Jungkook, ”I want…”

”You want…?” Jungkook asked and started to trail wet kisses down Jimin’s pretty neck, causing the older to release a delicious whine.

”You” Jimin replied in a whisper, his head foggy with the burning want that caused him to rut against Jungkook, seeking all the friction he could get.

Jungkook grunted and was just about to lift Jimin up and away from the countertop when the latter’s phone rang for the fiftieth time.

”Okay, that’s fucking it!” Jungkook exclaimed, ”Give me the phone so I can turn it off before I throw it against the wall.”

Jimin gulped and reached for his phone with a trembling hand, his blood rushing in every direction, causing him to feel almost drunk.

He hurried to unlock the phone, wanting to check who had called before he turned it off.


Of course it was Tae.

But that wasn’t what got him to panic.

It was the time and the fact that the last train would leave in only a moment.

”Shit!” Jimin yelled and jumped down from the counter before putting his phone back, his legs a little wobbly, ”I have to run or else I will miss the last train!”

”You have to be kidding me” Jungkook grunted and pushed back his black hair, ”Now?! The last train is leaving now?!”

”Yes! I have like two minutes left!” Jimin hurried to reply before he started running towards the door he thought they had entered through, immediately realizing he was wrong as he instead came to a bathroom.

”Which door?!”

”That one” Jungkook chuckled and pointed at the right door before following behind the older.

”It’s too far to walk” Jimin tried to explain while stepping into his sneakers, ”And I’m afraid of the dark.”

”Wait” Jungkook said and grabbed the blond’s arm, ”I want you to come back.”

Jimin nodded and got up on his tiptoes to give Jungkook a quick kiss, ”I want that too.”

Jungkook stood in the doorway and looked as Jimin hurried down the stone steps before disappearing in the dark, towards the metro.

He then closed the door and started walking up the stairs to the second floor, immediately regretting that he more or less had asked Jimin to come back when he knew that was a terrible idea.

When he knew that what had happened today never should have happened.



Chapter Text




Jimin padded quietly over the floor from the bathroom to his bedroom. The whole apartment was bathing in darkness, causing Jimin to turn on the little lamp on his nightstand that shone with a soft, yellow light.

It wasn’t necessary to have a light on when he was sleeping beside Tae, but being alone in the darkness was another thing.

He pulled the covers up to his chin and turned on his side, trying his best to not think too much.

Or not to think at all for that matter.

But that didn’t work.

Having lied to Tae, twice, did absolutely nothing to bring him closer to sleep.

And then there was Jungkook.

Jimin let his fingertips brush against his lips that turned into a smile from the thought of the younger’s wet kisses and warm hands.

It had been so different this time. Everything had been different, not only the kisses, but how Jungkook had touched him, carried him, talked to him.

So different.

Jungkook had been so… not mean. Instead he had found the younger to be rather friendly, almost like they actually could be friends if they wanted to.

It had been such a huge change to how Jungkook had been previously and how he was acting at uni, that Jimin almost had a hard time believing it was true, that it was the same Jungkook.

Had he really been there a moment ago? Had he really watched his favorite drama with him? Made out with him and then been carried to the kitchen? Had they actually been drinking champagne?

Jimin sighed and turned onto his other side.

Of course it was true. Why would he otherwise feel this heavy guilt inside his chest?

He knew it would be difficult to keep this a secret, especially if he was going to see Jungkook again. And it would be incredibly hard to make another lie, another broken promise.

If he already was anxious, how bad wouldn’t it feel if he continued?

Jimin turned to lay on his back and stared up at the ceiling.

He had to tell Tae tomorrow.

But then he would get hurt, disappointed and angry.

Maybe if he saw Jungkook when Tae was at work, then he wouldn’t have to lie. Then he wouldn’t even have to worry about coming up with an excuse for not being home because Tae wouldn’t know anyway.

That’s what he was going to do.

No more lies. Right?

Jimin turned to lay on his stomach, putting his chin on the pillow. He was never going to get any sleep if he kept his thoughts running like this.

The only think that could make him relax and maybe fall asleep was music, so Jimin sat up and reached for his headphones on the nightstand, only to realize that they weren’t there.

Oh no! 

He had forgot them at Jungkook’s place, on the coffee table!

Jimin sighed and flopped back onto the bed.


The only thing he could do was to text Jungkook and hope that he could bring them to uni on Monday. If he texted him in the morning then he could grab them before leaving his house. 

Jimin gave it five more minutes before he gave up.

On quiet feet and his pillow against his chest he carefully pushed open Tae’s door, left ajar as always.

He put his pillow beside Tae’s and climbed up the bed to discreetly place himself under the covers, trying not to touch the younger’s body in the process.

”You don’t have to be so careful, I’m already awake.”

”Tae” Jimin whispered surprised and put his head on his pillow, ”I thought you were asleep. Did I wake you up when I got home?”

”No, I’ve been awake the whole time. Can’t sleep.”

”Why not?” Jimin spoke softly and put his hand on top of Tae’s that was resting in the narrow space between them.

”How was Hoseok?” Tae asked instead, hoping that the older would answer truthfully because it was now obvious that something was going on and that Jimin was keeping something from him.

Jimin tensed and looked away, even though it was so dark that they hardly could see each other. Jimin noticed how his heart started beating faster and how his hands started sweating.

Truth or lies? Which one?! Quick, quick!

”He’s fine, he uhm… just wanted to talk about some stuff. Private. Stuff. And then I took a long walk and got lost. But I got to the metro just in time for the last train to leave.”

Jimin gulped in the silence that followed and squeezed the younger’s hand in an attempt to calm himself but the longer the silence stayed, the harder it got to pretend being unbothered.

”You smell like cologne” Tae stated after an eternity.

”I-I do? That’s strange” Jimin laughed nervously, ”I haven’t used any so maybe it’s just the softener—”

”No. It’s cologne” Tae whispered before he turned around to face the wall instead.

Jimin put his hand on Tae’s waist and wanted so much to snuggle up against the younger, maybe bury his nose in his neck and let his slow breathing lull him to sleep.

But he didn’t dare to.

And he didn’t deserve to.





The weekend went by in an awkward blur.

They spent the days watching drama series together but they didn’t really talk with each other.

Jimin tried to lighten the mood as best as he could, tried to make Tae smile and laugh but nothing he did worked. The younger was acting so strange and so unlike himself that Jimin would have thought that Tae had found out about him and Jungkook if it wasn’t for the fact that no one else except for the two of them knew.

So maybe he was suspecting it?

The cologne, Jimin thought and looked up from his plate to look at Tae who was playing around with the food on his own plate, if it hadn’t been for that stupid cologne.





Jimin checked his phone more times than necessary, hoping to see a reply from Jungkook every time he did so.

But no.

When class started on Monday morning, Jungkook still hadn’t replied but Jimin nonetheless hoped that the younger had brought them with him in his bag.

Now the next tricky thing was to meet Jungkook without Tae noticing.

Jimin stared as Jungkook went to sit with his friends at their usual table and Jungkook looked back at him as soon as he had sat down.

A little smile formed on Jungkook’s lips before he had to look away again, the woman beside him wanting his attention while patting his arm. She told him something and he nodded at her before glancing back at Jimin.

Jimin could feel his cheeks heat up and at the way the taller was looking at him with that stare that got his knees weak and his heart to beat faster. Jimin knew that his cheeks were red from blushing but he refused to get shy and look away, wanting to look at Jungkook as much as he could, because it had been two days since he last had seen him.

It felt like two years though.

And when Jungkook brought his hand up to tuck a couple of black strands back behind his ear, it dawned on Jimin that Jungkook was handsome.

Or well, maybe he had known that all along, but now he felt able to confessed it to himself, that Jungkook without a doubt was incredibly handsome and se—

”So fucking obvious.”

”Hm?” Jimin snapped out of his thoughts and turned to look at Yoongi who was sipping on his ice coffee beside him, ”What did you say?”

”I asked what the deal is with you and that rich kid.”

Jimin put on a terrible poker face and shoved his mouth with ramyeon, ”I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

”Don’t pretend like you don’t know who I’m talking about.”

Jimin swallowed and glanced at Yoongi and raised an eyebrow while giving him a knowing look.

”There’s something going on between you two, am I right?” Yoongi whispered and leaned closer to Jimin, ”He’s looking at you all the time. As soon as we’re in the same room his eyes locks on you and only you. And you do the same.”

”It’s not like that at all” Jimin mumbled and shook his head, ”We hate each other, remember? He’s our enemy and—”

”Did I miss something?” Tae asked as he sat down beside Jimin, letting his eyes travel over the people in the cafeteria before putting his hand on Jimin’s knee, ”Was the ramyeon good?”

”Nope” Jimin smiled and put the chopsticks down, happy that Tae suddenly was talking to him so care free, a much improvement since the awful weekend, ”But it’s cheap.”

”Let me buy you coffee” Tae said and glanced at the table next to them before kissing Jimin’s cheek, ”Be right back.”

”Wait, are you sure? The coffee is so expensive here and—”

”I’m sure” Tae smiled and squeezed Jimin’s knee gently before he got up.

Jimin smiled back at him and watched him leave to the queue, feeling so much lighter and relieved now that Tae was acting like himself again, but he could not help to wondered what had made him change.

Jimin looked away from Tae and happened to put his eyes on Jungkook instead. The younger was obviously following Tae with his gaze, his jaw clenched and his lips in a thin line while his eyes seemed to be shooting daggers.

It was a completely different expression on Jungkook’s face now compared to just a minute ago. Why was that? Was he upset with Tae?

”I should have brought some popcorn” Yoongi mumbled and sipped on his coffee while looking between his best friends and Jungkook.




Now was the time.

Tae had gone to the bathroom, Yoongi was in class and Jungkook was sitting alone by a table not far from his.

Jimin let his fingers run through his blond hair before he got up, adjusted his pink hoodie and started heading over to Jungkook with his heart beating nervously inside his chest.

”Hi” Jimin said softly as he came up to Jungkook, not wanting to scare the younger who seemed lost in his book.

Jungkook snapped his eyes up and looked at Jimin in surprise before he started to shake his head and give the older a stressed look.

”No no, you can’t be here” Jungkook whispered and looked behind Jimin, ”They might come back any second and they can’t see us together.”

”I just wanted know if you got my text” Jimin said and hid his hands inside his sleeves, feeling more and more insecure due to Jungkook’s cold exterior. 

”What? No I overslept and forgot my phone at home— listen, you have to leave, now!”

But Jimin couldn’t.

He stood frozen to the ground, blinking at Jungkook, having a hard time taking in how Jungkook was speaking to him. Of course he hadn’t expected Jungkook to hug him and ask how he was, but he had expected some sort of respect, some sort of friendliness.

Because right now none of the friends were there, right now it was only the two of them in this part of the library.

And they had after all been making out two days ago. They had kissed each other with burning hot kisses and so much want. Jimin had even felt how Jungkook was about to lift him off the countertop before his phone rang, without a doubt with the intention to carry him somewhere else.

And now Jungkook was speaking to him like this?

”They’re coming back” Jungkook whispered and looked up at Jimin, causing the latter to turn his head and yes, Jungkook’s three friends were approaching, all of them wearing the same ugly frown.

”Leave” Jungkook wheezed with an almost apologetic look as his eyes met Jimin’s for a millisecond, ”Please.”

Jimin gulped and nodded, not wanting to cause any problems for Jungkook who wanted to keep what had happened between them a secret from his friends, just like he did with Tae.

They acted just the same and Jimin had no right to blame Jungkook.

Jimin turned on his heel and realized that it was too late, Jungkook’s friends were approaching much faster than he had thought.

”Well well, who do we have here if it isn’t our little gay classmate” the woman giggled and sat down beside Jungkook, ”Were you here to flirt with poor Jungkook when we were away?”

Jimin closed his eyes and hung his head as Jungkook’s friends laughed and he wanted nothing more than to disappear into thin air.

”We can’t say it’s gay when we’re not a hundred percent sure what it is” one of the guys said with a laughter, ”I mean, what real guy would dress and look like that?”

”I hope it’s not contagious” the other guy said, trying to hold his laughter, ”Okay, listen; everyone hold their breath until it has left, just to be on the safe side.”

Jimin saw red and tears started to sting in his eyes, anger boiling in his veins. 

Because everyone around the table were holding there breaths with puffed cheeks.

Including Jungkook.

Jimin was shaking with anger as he quickly grabbed on of the guy’s ice coffee and threw away the lid before emptying all of the cold content over Jungkook’s head, the ice coffee running over the younger’s black hair and down onto his white button up shirt.

”What the fuck are you doing?!”

Jimin looked at the furious woman who rose from her chair with her narrowed eyes on Jimin, only to be shoved back down by Jungkook’s strong arm. 

Jungkook kept his hand on the woman’s shoulder to hold her back while he had his eyes fixed on the table. Everyone was quiet, not daring to make a move or speak due to Jungkook’s own silence, afraid that they would upset him if they did.

”You’re a coward and I hate you” Jimin whispered and took a trembling step backwards, ”Go to hell, Jungkook.”

Jimin noticed how Jungkook was closing his eyes and if he didn’t know better he would think that the younger was ashamed.

Jimin turned around and hurried back to his table right before Tae entered the library, leaving a shameful Jungkook behind who was desperately fighting against the urge to run after the blond and bring him into his arms while screaming at the world to back off.

”He’s going to regret this” the woman beside Jungkook spoke and shook her head, ”That piece of shit—”

”His name is Jimin” Jungkook wheezed and stood up, his chair scraping against the floor, ”and you’ll leave him the fuck alone, you hear that? No more comments, no more anything, got it?!”

Jungkook’s friends nodded while they looked at him in utter surprise, all of them wondering what was going on but none of them dared to ask.

Jungkook muttered a ’good’ before he walked with determined steps towards the bathroom with ice coffee dripping down over his face.




”I’m moving to Iceland” Jimin sighed and shrugged out of his backpack in the hallway, ”Are you coming with me?”

”Do I have a choice?” Tae giggled and followed behind the older to the sofa where they flopped down at the same time.

”Uhm… no. We will need your money.”

”I don’t have any money.”

”Well, if you ever get some you know what we need them for.”

”Yes” Tae nodded and snuggled closer to Jimin, ”Food.”

”Mmh… you’re right” Jimin mumbled and put his hand in Tae’s blue hair, feeling a little drained from the day’s encounter with a certain tall idiot and from suppressing and keeping his anger a secret from Tae.

”Care to tell me why you’re so tense” Tae whispered and grabbed Jimin’s hand.

”It’s nothing. Just tired” Jimin smiled and squeezed Tae’s hand before getting up from the sofa, ”I’m taking a shower.”

”I won’t be home when you’ve finished” Tae said and glanced at the clock on the wall, ”I have to leave for work.”

”Oh, I had totally forget that you are working today. I’ll try to have some food ready when you get back” Jimin smiled and headed towards the bathroom, already spinning on plans.


Jimin put on a pair of black jeans and a white knitted jumper and applied some of his strawberry chapstick before he hurried out the door, his hair still wet and dripping onto his shoulders but there simply was no time to waste.


Jimin rang the doorbell and waited impatiently for the door to open, having no idea if Jungkook was home or not but guessing that Mr Lee would be there. And he didn’t even want to see Jungkook, he was only going to grab his headphones and then get out of there again. So it would actually be great if Jungkook weren’t home.

”Mr Jimin” Mr Lee said a little surprised and stepped to the side for Jimin to enter, ”I will tell Mr Jeon that you are here.” 

”No, don’t bother, I’m justing going to get a thing I forgot last time and then I’ll leave” Jimin explained and kicked off his shoes before hurrying to the living room, wanting to be kind to Mr Lee who he guessed was the one cleaning the floor.

He walked up to the coffee table but stopped in his tracks as he noticed that his headphones weren’t there. He sighed and looked at the sofa, the floor and every surface around him but they were nowhere to be found.

So maybe he had in fact lost them on the train ride home.

Wouldn’t that be perfect. 

His whole day ruined for absolutely no reason at all.


Jimin turned his head and was met with a very stressed Jungkook.

”Jimin I’m—”

”I came to get my headphones” Jimin said cooly and crossed his arms, ”Are they here?”

”Yes I have them in my bag” Jungkook nodded and started walking back to the hallway with Jimin following behind, ”I saw your text when I got home so I put them in my bag so I could give them to you in class, tomorrow.”

Jimin looked in silence how Jungkook took out his white headphones from his bag and reached them out to him. Jimin was just about to grab them when Jungkook raised his arm upwards from where it was impossible for Jimin reach.

”Give them to me” Jimin said and shook his head in disbelief, ”Give them to me so I can leave and never come back.”

”Jimin, please listen to—”

”No you listen to me!” Jimin yelled and pointed at trembling finger at Jungkook, ”I know that what we did meant nothing, I get that. But you have no right to treat me like you did today! I hate you so—”

”I’m so sorry” Jungkook apologized and lowered his arm slowly to put the headphones on the small, round table beside the door before he continued, ”Before you go on about how much you hate me, I want to say that I’m sorry.”

Jimin sniffled and wiped his eyes on his white sleeve, not sure if he was crying or not but he wanted to make sure he wasn’t showing any tears.

”You’re a coward” Jimin stated and searched the younger’s eyes, finding more remorse than he was prepared for.

”Yes” Jungkook whispered and nodded, ”I am.”

”Your friends are—”

”They’re not my friends” Jungkook interrupted while putting his hands in his pockets, slowly shaking his head.

”What?!” Jimin scoffed and gestured with his arms in the air, ”You hang out with them all the time! You’re constantly with them, every single day, so of course they’re your friends.”

”I know how it sounds but I only hang out with them because I have to” Jungkook said and cleared his throat, ”Their fathers have connections with my father. They’re in the same industry and my father has this plan, ambition, that I should inherit his company and therefor I need stay on good terms with the Song twins and Naree. They’re the ones that’s always around me in school. And their fathers have said the same thing to them, to keep close to me and treat me with respect so that I will remember that when I become CEO.”

Jungkook sighed and brought his hand up to massage his forehead, ”It’s so fucked up.”

Jimin studied Jungkook before glancing at the front door, ”Am I supposed to be okay with you acting like you do just because you don’t want to stand up against your father?”

Jungkook shook his head and took a step closer to the blond, ”No, of course not. I only wanted to explain what little I could. And I’m not saying that you should accept my apology. That’s not it.”

”Good” Jimin said and faked a smile, ”Because I never will. And now I’m leaving. Bye!”

Jimin’s fake smile turned to an honest frown as he pushed past Jungkook to open the front door and slam it shut behind him, hurriedly skipping down the stone steps only to come to an abrupt stop after the first two.

The rain was pouring down over him like the sky suddenly wanted to get rid of a whole years worth of rain in the span of one minute.

Jungkook sighed and raised an eyebrow as he looked at Jimin’s shoes standing beside his own.

The older was not only extremely stubborn and clumsy, but forgetful and incredibly… incredibly…

The sound of his doorbell interrupted his thoughts and when he opened to be met with a soaking wet Jimin, he couldn’t hold back a small smile.

”Welcome to the Jeon residence, how may I help you?”

Jimin was glancing at Jungkook from under his blond locks that were stuck to his forehead and temples, his hands were fisted inside his long sleeves and his white knitted jumper had sloped down his shoulder.

”It’s raining” Jimin muttered and took a step inside the hallway, the front door closing behind him.

”So it seems” Jungkook nodded and looked down at Jimin’s socks that were so soaked that it looked like the older was standing in a puddle.

”My shoes” Jimin began and sighed as he glanced at his white sneakers, ”I forgot them.”

”Yes, you did.”

Jimin sniffled and brought his arm up to wipe his eyes, only to make it worse with the sleeve that was dripping.

Jungkook’s amused smile immediately disappeared as he noticed that the other was crying.

”This day has been awful” Jimin whispered tiredly and sniffled again, trying to swallow his tears but instead they started to run in steady streams down his cheeks, ”I-I hate you and your not friends and I hate the rain and I hate my stupid headphones and I hate everything but I hate myself the most.”

Jungkook gulped and moved slowly towards the blond who was trying to wipe away his tears while his crying only got worse, his narrow shoulders now trembling.

”Jimin” Jungkook whispered softly before he slowly wrapped his arms around him, gently holding him against his chest while making it easy for Jimin to pull back if he wanted to, ”Please put all your hate on me, but leave yourself alone.”

Jimin melted in Jungkook’s arms while burying his nose in the younger’s shirt, a feeling of being safe and protected surprised Jimin who soon stopped crying.

”Better?” Jungkook asked in a whisper and put his hand in Jimin’s wet hair, letting his locks twirl around his fingers.

”I wanted to be angry with you, wanted to hate you, scream at you and tell you to go to hell and stay there” Jimin replied and pulled back a little so he could look up at the younger, ”But you just won’t let me do that and I hate that. I hate that you make it better because then I can’t stay mad at you.”

”I’m sorry.” Jungkook looked into Jimin’s eyes until the older looked away and glanced at his shoes.

”Don’t even think about going home in those socks” Jungkook said and lifted a surprised Jimin up from he floor to carry him bridal style.

”Hey!” Jimin yelled as he hit Jungkook’s shoulder, his cheeks burning red from blushing, ”Let me down!”

”No” Jungkook replied irritated and started carrying Jimin up the stairs to the second floor, ”Your socks are drenched and I’m honestly afraid that you have ruined my wooden flooring.”

”It’s your fault for being an asshole, or else I wouldn’t have been in such a hurry” Jimin stated and maybe he let himself lean his head against the younger’s shoulder.

Jungkook chuckled and carried Jimin through a corridor with doors on either side.

”Is this a hotel?”

”Yep” Jungkook replied with a soft laughter as he opened a door that was left ajar and stepped inside with Jimin in his arms, ”And this is the suite.”

Jimin let his eyes travel around the room, completely in awe at what he was seeing. Dark oak flooring, dark heavy curtains, the biggest bed he had ever seen and along the opposite wall was a tv in the same size as the one downstairs.

”So this is your bedroom?”

Jungkook hummed and put Jimin down on his bed before he walked over to his dresser.

”It’s beautiful” Jimin said and looked around the room some more before lowering his gaze to where he was sitting on the bed, letting his hands roam over the black satin bedsheets.

”It is what it is” Jungkook said and shrugged his shoulders before sitting down on the edge of the bed, ”You need to get out of your wet socks so I brought you these, they might be too big but I don’t have any smaller.”

”It’s fine” Jimin said with a blush, ”I can walk home in my own socks, they’re a little wet but it’s honestly not a probl—”

”They’re fucking drenched, okay? Stop being so stubborn.”

Jimin blushed even more as Jungkook grabbed his foot and started to remove his socks that had stuck to his skin.

”Your feet are small” Jungkook stated and let his hand run over the cold, smooth skin on Jimin’s feet before he cleared his throat and removed his hands, suddenly realizing what he was doing.

Jimin gulped and replied a quiet ’yes’ before swiftly putting on the socks the younger let him borrow.

”Your jumper is—”

”Yes, but I’ll manage. I don’t live too far away. But uhm, maybe you should change your shirt.”

Jungkook looked down and noticed that his own shirt was wet from when they had hugged.

”Why do you always ruin my shirts?” Jungkook asked with an amused smile, ”I had to throw the one had at uni today. Mr Lee said it was a lost cause.”

”You deserved it though” Jimin said with a small smile, ”I don’t regret it for a second.”

”Yeah you’re probably right” Jungkook nodded and looked down at his hands, ”I’m so sorry Jimin.”

”I don’t want to talk about it.”

Jimin yawned and flopped back onto the bed, wishing that he wasn't wearing his wet jumper and instead could feel the cool satin against his skin.

”I hate you and your bed equally much.”

Jungkook chuckled and laid down beside the older, ”I love my bed though.”

”I hate mine. And the neighbors.”

”You got annoying neighbors?”

”Yes” Jimin sighed and turned on his side to face the younger, ”They can be very loud when they’re… uhm… doing naughty things.”

”Naughty things?” Jungkook chuckled and watched as Jimin ducked his head with a pink blush on his cheeks, ”You mean that they’re fucking like horny—”

”Yes! That’s exactly what I mean, happy?”

Jungkook laughed and put his hand on Jimin’s waist, ”Take it easy, I’m just joking with you.”

Jimin hummed and yawned, loving the gently touches on his waist that made him both sleepy and awake at the same time.

”Please stop yawning, it’s annoying.”

”What?!” Jimin huffed and narrowed his eyes, ”Yeah, well, excuse me for being tired!”

Jimin sat up and was just about to move to the edge of the bed when Jungkook pulled him back down onto the covers.

”Where do you think you’re going?”

”Home!” Jimin pouted and looked at the younger.

”No you’re not” Jungkook replied in that low, almost vibrating voice that Jimin had no idea he had missed, but obviously he had because he could feel his knees go weak even though he was laying down.

”Why not?” Jimin asked and gulped while anticipation started to itch under his skin, his eyes searching the younger’s eyes that suddenly turned dark with lust.

”Because I want to kiss you first.”

Jimin gasped as Jungkook captured his lips, kissing him hard and wantonly and all Jimin could think about was ’finally’ and how much he had missed the younger’s lips against his own, thankful that Jungkook took the initiative because he would probably never have dared to.

Jimin parted his plump lips and let Jungkook enter with his tongue, their saliva mixing and escaping through the corners of Jimin’s mouth.

Jungkook was kissing him with burning want and Jimin absolutely loved it.

Jungkook hummed into the kisses and draped himself over the older, placing all his weight on his forearms beside Jimin’s head.

Jimin blushed from the new position that was much different compared to how they previously had kissed. Now Jungkook was laying on top of him, in the bed, with his tongue licking inside his mouth.

Jimin couldn’t help the needy moan that escaped him and it immediately got made him feel so embarrassed.

”Fuck” Jungkook mumbled against the blond’s wet lips, ”You got the prettiest sounds, did you know that?”

Jimin moaned again, because wow, Jungkook told him he sounded pretty and Jimin relished in the praise.

”Jimin” Jungkook whispered and started to trail wet kisses along Jimin’s delicious neck.

”Jungkook” Jimin breathed out and put one hand in the back of Jungkook’s neck and the other on the small of his back.

Jungkook licked over the place where Jimin’s neck met his shoulder and let his teeth graze over the delicate skin before pulling it between his lips.

Aaah-aah” Jimin fisted his hand in Jungkook’s hair and closed his eyes, tilting his head so that the younger got more room as a silent beg for more.

”You liked that” Jungkook said more of a statement before he sucked a little higher up on the neck, loving the reaction he was received with.

”Aaah Jungkookie” Jimin whined and bucked his hips a little, shyly seeking friction against his member that was turning harder by the second.

”Mmh” Jungkook hummed and left Jimin’s neck to instead kiss his lips again, the older kissing him back with more hunger than ever before.

”Fuck” Jungkook huffed out as he realized that Jimin was trying to rut against him. He lowered his body onto Jimin and groaned as he could feel their hard members meet, the fabric of their pants incredibly annoying.

”You’re hard” Jungkook whispered against the older’s lips.

”I’m s-sorry.”

”Stop saying you’re sorry.”

Jimin nodded and looked up at the taller with hazy eyes, his dark lashes fluttering a little.

Jungkook hummed approvingly and started kissing the blond a little more lazily while rolling his hips, earning himself a pretty little gasp with each move.

”More” Jimin whispered faintly, ”Please.”

”You want more?”


”Like this” Jungkook asked with lust dripping in his voice before he moved his hips a little harder against the older.

Jimin let out a string of small moans as Jungkook thrusted against him, the fabric of his underwear and jeans chafed but it also felt so, so good.

Maybe a little too good.

Jimin put both of his hands in the back of Jungkook’s head to hold him in place, wanting their hot kisses to mute his embarrassing sounds that only got higher and higher despite how hard he tried to keep silent.

”No” Jungkook whispered out of breath after pulling back a little, ”Why are you holding back?”

Jimin blushed on his already flushed cheeks and bit down on his swollen lip.

”Just let it out, please, it’s such a turn on.” 

Jungkook licked over Jimin’s bottom lip until the older let it go and then he entered with his tongue again, feeling almost addicted to Jimin’s taste.

And when he continued to grind against Jimin and the latter let go of those pretty sounds again, he thought that he was addicted to them as well.

”Jung… kookie.”

”Jimin… how does it feel? Is it good, hm?”

Mmnaaah s-so good.”

”So impatient” Jungkook smirked and moved a hand down to press Jimin’s hip down against the mattress to prevent him from moving.

”Noo” Jimin whined and tried to buck his hips anyway, but of course it was to no use. But Jimin couldn’t say that he completely hated it.

It was something about being unable to move, being held down under Jungkook’s strong grip and intense stare that made him feel so… submissive?

”You’re mean” Jimin pouted and looked up at Jungkook whose black hair was an absolute mess and his eyes still so so dark.

”Then what is it that you want?” Jungkook whispered while leaning down to lick the shell of Jimin’s ear, ”Hm? Can you tell me?”

Jimin gulped and put his hands on the younger’s back that was a little damp with sweat and the heat he was radiating.

”I don’t know” Jimin whispered and tilted his head as Jungkook started to lick on his neck.

”You have no clue?”

Aaah n-no I—”

”Maybe you want to… make a mess?”

Jimin gasped with his cheeks heating up like never before, trying to lift his hips but the pressure of Jungkook’s hand only got heavier.

”Should I take that as yes?” Jungkook asked in a breathy chuckle, nibbling on the blond’s sensitive neck.

”Yes but…”

”But?” Jungkook brushed his nose over Jimin’s jaw before he slid his lips over the other’s plump ones.

”I’ve never” Jimin began and gulped while gathering courage, ”I’ve never done… anything like that with someone else.”

Jungkook swallowed and pulled back a little, searching the older’s eyes in the now fairly dark room.

Jimin could see something flash in Jungkook’s eyes, something close to lust but… more.

Like… a need. And an excitement he hadn’t seen in Jungkook’s eyes before.


”Never” Jimin replied and hurried to add, ”But I want to!”

Oh, Jimin cringed at his own eagerness.

Jungkook was quiet for a moment, his eyes flickering a little before he wrapped an arm around the older and lifted him up from the mattress to place him in his lap. Jimin hurried to straddle the younger and chase his lips, trying to calm his embarrassment with those kisses that could melt him into a puddle.

”Relax” Jungkook whispered against Jimin’s lips as he brought his hands down to open the latter’s jeans.

”Easy to say” Jimin whispered back and brought his own hands to Jungkook’s slacks.

”What are you doing?” Jungkook asked and looked between Jimin’s small hands and his slightly nervous gaze.

”I’m… should I… I mean, don’t you want to as well?”

Jungkook gulped and studied Jimin’s eyes for a moment before he slowly nodded his head.

Of course he wanted to.

If Jimin only knew just how much he wanted to.

Jimin nuzzled against Jungkook’s neck and breathed in his cologne as the latter pushed his jeans and briefs down, his hard cock immediately springing free and Jimin thought he would die from embarrassment.

”Cute and small” Jungkook whispered against Jimin’s ear while wrapping his warm hand around the latter’s erection, ”Just like you.”

Jimin breathed heavily from the amazing feeling of having Jungkook around him, his big hand closing perfectly around his flushed cock. It felt a million times better than when he would touch himself, no, more than a million times better.

It felt like something he could only have been dreaming about. But now it was real, and Jimin absolutely loved it!

”Are you okay?” Jungkook asked, moving his hand carefully and slowly up and down Jimin’s member.

”Yes” Jimin swallowed and dared to look between them, the head of his cock barely peeking out from the younger’s fist.

”More” Jimin added and looked up to meet Jungkook’s gaze, ”Please, I-I want to…”

Jungkook hummed and kissed Jimin to calm him down a little before letting go of his cock so that he could take out his own from his tight fitted slacks.

Jimin gulped as he realized what the younger was going to do.

And the mere thought of it got him almost dizzy with anticipation.

”Together?” Jungkook asked and received a breathy ’yes’ from the blond before he wrapped his hand around the both of their cock heads.

Jimin looked down again as he could feel his tip brush against Jungkook’s.

And wow.

Just wow.

”You’re huge.”

Jungkook chuckled softly and brought his free hand to Jimin’s chin, lifting his head a little.

”Let’s kiss while we do it.”

Jimin smiled and wrapped his arms around Jungkook’s neck while meeting his lips in a kiss with too much tongue but Jimin didn’t mind because Jungkook was now jerking them off at the same time and it felt better than heaven.

Their pre cum mixed together inside Jungkook’s sweaty fist, giving them a perfect glide.

”So good for me” Jungkook mumbled and brought his free hand under Jimin’s damp jumper to splay his palm over the small of his back.

Jimin felt like he was burning, literally. It felt like a fire had started in his abdomen and he had no idea what to make of that. But when his thighs started trembling and his balls started aching, he suddenly realized what was going to happen.

It was just that it didn’t quite feel as usual, when he would touch himself, and Jimin understood that this orgasm would feel a million times more intense.

”Close?” Jungkook asked and nibbled on Jimin’s bottom lip, his jerking motions getting more and more irregular.

Jimin answered with a whimper as he put his hands on Jungkook’s shoulders, unable to form any coherent words.

”Then make a mess for me.”

Jungkook’s voice was low and heavy with that authoritative tone that Jimin loved, and combined with a sudden firm squeeze of his cock, he threw his head back and spilled inside Jungkook’s fist with a string of high pitched moans escaping his lips.

”Oh my god” Jungkook whispered in awe as he watched Jimin tremble with his head thrown back and how he filled the quiet room with the most delicious of moans.

Jungkook came with a stutter of something that might have been Jimin’s name, filling his fist with his own cum as well, causing their fluids to pour out between his fingers.

Jungkook let go of their softening members and eased a blissed out Jimin down onto the mattress before he hurried over to his adjacent bathroom to wash his hands and wipe pants that was dirty with cum before grabbing a couple of tissues.

”Here” Jungkook said and sat down on the edge of the bed to give Jimin the tissues before noticing that he had already tucked himself back and zipped his jeans.

”No, uhm, I’m fine” Jimin whispered and brought a hand up to fix his messy hair before adjusting his jumper a little.

The silence that followed was incredibly awkward and Jimin noticed how a very unwelcome feeling started spreading inside him and he suddenly longed for a warm hand squeezing his and telling him to breath.

”I-I probably have to leave” Jimin spoke tiredly and got up from the bed on wobbly legs, having to grab the armchair a second.

”Are you alright?” Jungkook asked and got up to grab Jimin but stopping his hand in mid air before pulling back, his head filled with conflicting thoughts and barely restrained urges.

This wasn't what he wanted.

”Y-Yes I’m just tired.”

And anxious. Hold me?

”I’ll follow you down.”

Jimin nodded and walked beside the younger through the corridor and down the stairs to the hallway where he put on his sneakers and grabbed his headphones, making sure to not forget anything.

Jungkook cleared his throat and put his hands inside his pockets, ”So uhm…”


Jimin hid his hands inside his sleeves and gulped down his question.

”See you around” Jungkook said and Jimin thought it sounded so cold that it was hard to believe that this was the same Jungkook as five minutes ago.

”Bye” Jimin said in a whisper and opened the door a little hesitantly, giving the younger a second to speak. But the only think that spoke was the heavy tension and the awkward silence, causing Jimin to leave behind a torn Jungkook while hurrying home in the pouring rain.



Chapter Text




Jimin hurried to the bathroom and threw his clothes in the laundry basket and sighed in relief as he got in to the shower.


Now Tae could home and there would be nothing that said that he had been at Jungkook’s place.

Jimin washed his hair and scrubbed his body with the strawberry shower gel and made sure that his neck was extra clean in order to get rid of all the lingering cologne.

He closed his eyes and let the hot water flow down over him, trying to relax as much as he could.

Let’s kiss while we do it.

Jimin couldn't help not to let his hand travel over his abdomen. He stoped right at the base of his member before brushing his fingertips over his semi hardness, teasing himself. He let his nails grace along the underside, letting out a quiet gasp as he let the pad of his thumb press against the sensitive head like he always would do when he touched himself. 

Jimin put his arm on the cold tiled wall and let his forehead rest against his forearm while spreading his legs a little, he then wrapped his fingers around his cock he had teased to its fully hardness, starting to jerk himself off, a little hurriedly due to the stress that Tae would come home any second and wanting to take a shower as well.

Jimin continued to stroke his cock but began to tug a little harder when he noticed that he really wasn’t getting anywhere. 

He tried to steer his thoughts towards a video he had watched on his phone awhile back, the one where a guy got fucked hard on all fours until he came, and then until he came again. 

The video had helped him come that time, but the thought on it did nothing to help him at this moment.

Jimin sighed disappointed as his member got even softer in his hold and he was just about to give up when a picture showed up in his mind of Jungkook holding his and his own cock. The way he had touched him had been so good, so gentle, so warm.

And even though he had orgasmed more intense than ever before, he now found himself wanting more.

More of Jungkook’s hands on his body, more of his soft lips and amazing tongue on his neck.

More of Jungkook.

Jimin whimpered quietly as he let his thumb press against his cock head again, his member now almost painfully hard.

Aaah s-so big… so full…

Jimin tightened his grip around his cock and stroked himself like that, hard but slow, imagining Jungkook squeezing the base to prevent him from coming.

Please, want to come, I—

Jimin let out a high pitched moan as he spilled long ropes of cum against the tiles. He stroked himself gently, his thighs trembling a little, until he was empty and breathing heavily, his cheeks burning with an embarrassed blush for having thought of Jungkook in that way.

Of them being naked in Jungkook’s bed. 

Of Jungkook fucking him.

Of Jungkook denying him his orgasm.

”Stupid brain” Jimin muttered and made sure the shower was clean before he stepped out. This could never happen again. Never. It was not normal to have thoughts like these about someone you hardly knew, someone you hated and who you couldn’t stand.

Because he really didn't like Jungkook.


Jimin put on a pair of white pajama pants and a his pink hoodie, feeling both cold and tired. He went over to his desk and put on his glasses, noticing right after that his phone had received a text or missed called.


From: Jungkook

Are you home yet?


Jimin furrowed his eyebrows and tried to remember if he had forgot something, again, because why else would Jungkook ask him if he had come home yet.

Shoes, phone, headphones and glasses. 

And clothes of course, but who forgets their clothes at someone else’s hou—


Jimin sighed and sat down on the edge of the bed with the phone in his hand.


To: Jungkook

Yes, sorry for forgetting, but you can just throw them.


Jimin put his phone back on the nightstand, thinking that he wouldn’t get a reply, but just as he was about to leave his room, the phone beeped from a text.


From: Jungkook



To: Jungkook

My socks?


Jimin lifted his gaze and stared at opposite wall.

Had he missed something?


From: Jungkook

Ah, ok.

So you’re home then?


To: Jungkook



Jimin stared at his screen until it went dark, waiting for Jungkook to answer, but he never did.

”So weird” Jimin mumbled and put his phone down before heading to the kitchen.

He opened the fridge and was met with absolutely nothing.

So he opened the freezer instead, but was met with absolutely nothing there as well.

He couldn’t help but to think about Jungkook’s fridge that was full of champagne. 

And it struck him how different their lives were. How they lived, what they liked, what they could and couldn’t do.

Did they have anything in common? Probably not. 

Or maybe they did. Maybe they just didn’t know each other well enough.

Jimin put the ramyeon in the boiling water and stirred.

He had made naughty things with Jungkook but he couldn’t even say that he knew him.

So he had more or less let a stranger jerk him off.

Well, maybe not a stranger, but he wasn’t his friend, that’s for sure. And he most likely never would be.

So was he still a virgin or how does those things work?

Because he came. And so did Jungkook. And it was by Jungkook’s hand.

Or is virgin the term you use when you haven’t had… someone inside you?

Jimin blushed at his own thoughts as he poured the hot ramyeon into a bowl.

”Hello? Jimin are you home?”

”Yes! I’m in the kitchen!”

Jimin brought out another bowl and filled it with ramyeon before looking over his shoulder at a tired looking Tae.

”You’re home” Tae smiled and went up to wrap his arms around Jimin’s waist and nuzzle his nose against his neck.

”Yes, of course I’m home…”

Jimin gulped and put his hands over Tae’s that were resting on his stomach, trying to come up with something to quickly change the subject with, afraid that Tae would ask him something that he would need to reply with a lie to.

”What have you been up to when I was at work?”

Too late.

Jimin fixed his eyes on the steam coming from their bowls and decided on telling half a lie.

”Showering… checking my phone and… stuff. So how was work? Stressful? A lot of costumers? How was your boss?”

Tae sighed and wrapped his arms a little tighter around Jimin while nosing up and down his neck.

”My boss still hates my hair. Says it scares the costumers. But I actually think it’s the opposite. I get a lot of complements to be honest.”

”She should give you a raise” Jimin smiled and motioned for the younger to release him, but Tae didn’t even notice.

”Tae” Jimin giggled and tilted his head to the side, the latter’s hair tickling his neck a little, ”Are you smelling me?”

Tae hummed and nosed behind Jimin’s ear and down to where his hoodie began, placing a soft kiss on the skin before letting go.

”You smell amazing” Tae beamed with a wide smile while he grabbed his food, ”Come, let’s watch something while we eat.”

Jimin smiled back and started walking behind the younger to the sofa, happy that Tae was in such a good mood.

And relieved that the smell of Jungkook’s cologne had disappeared in the shower.

Because he was getting more and more convinced that Tae was suspecting something and Jimin could feel how his bad conscious for lying started to claw inside his chest.


”Hi” Tae winked and lifted his duvet for Jimin to come up and lay down beside him, ”You come here often?”

Jimin laughed and nodded as he put his pillow beside Tae’s and crawled up to snuggle close to his best friend, ”At least twice a week. And you?”

”Every night, actually” Tae smiled in the darkness and rubbed his nose against Jimin’s, ”waiting for you.”

Jimin giggled and pinched the younger’s side, ”Weirdo.”

”Can’t help it” Tae replied while moving his hand under the fabric of Jimin’s oversized t-shirt, feeling the warmth of his back under his palm.

Jimin closed his eyes for a couple of minutes and relaxed to the younger’s light touches and warm breath against his cheek. 


He had craved someone to hold him close since Jungkook had left him alone on the bed.

Jimin could feel the last of the lingering anxiety leave and a calmness take its place.



”You’re beautiful.”

Jimin opened his tired eyes and squinted at Tae while replying with an equally tired voice, ”So are you.”

Tae moved his hand down to let it rest on Jimin’s hip, right above the hem of his boxers, and leaned in to press his lips against Jimin’s. He noticed that Jimin was mumbling something that he couldn't quite catch.

Tae smiled over Jimin's cuteness and closed his eyes.

It was time to stop worrying over nothing.




”Tae… Taehyung, wake up!”

Jimin shook the younger’s shoulder, ”We have like minus two minutes to get dressed!”

Tae yawned and stretched his limbs before sitting up, smiling as his eyes fell on Jimin who hurried up from his bed to get dressed in his own room.


”I’m hungry” Tae complained and stepped inside his black boots, not bothering to tie the white laces.

”We don’t have any breakfast anyway” Jimin sighed and locked the door behind them, ”we’ll have to wait until lunch.”

Tae nodded sleepy and looked at Jimin to say something when his eyes landed on the latter’s neck.

Tae gulped and flickered his gaze between Jimin’s neck and the fabric of his black and white striped jumper.

”What is it?” Jimin asked a little confused as he noticed how tense Tae suddenly had gotten.

Tae glanced at the dark mark below Jimin’s ear before he fixed his eyes on the elevator’s closed doors.

”Nothing. I’m just a little tired.”

Tae closed his eyes for a second and tightened his grip around his bag.

Please let it be something else.





”I hate people” Yoongi stated and sat down on the empty chair beside Jimin.

”Me too” Jimin nodded and looked over to the queue where Jungkook was about to place his order, his female ’friend’ leaning against his side in an obnoxious way.

”Me too” Tae agreed and followed Jimin’s gaze.

”I mean, who puts their shoes outside their door? Hm? Who does the idiot think he is? I scraped my elbow and broke my leg because of—”

”Wait, what?” Jimin furrowed his eyebrows and looked at his upset friend.

”The new guy who is renting the studio beside mine. I tripped over his shoes. I almost died.”

”Is he cute?” Jimin asked and gave the older a smile, ”Maybe he put them there on purpose?”

Yoongi rolled his eyes and sipped on his coffee, ”You’ve seen way too many dramas.”

”You didn’t answer my question though.”

Jimin giggled at Yoongi’s little blush before he shoved his mouth full of food, having more or less starved since the early morning.

”I haven’t seen the guy yet but I bet he’s just as ugly as his shoes.”

Jimin giggled and ate the little that was left of his food before reaching for his soda. He wrapped his lips around the straw and sucked, his cheeks hollowing a little as he greedily gulped down the cold liquid.

He looked up from the table and noticed that Jungkook was staring at him. It wasn’t really a surprise that the younger was looking at him, but it was rather the look in Jungkook’s eyes that got him flustered. Because even though it was some space between their tables, Jimin could easily recognize that look in Jungkook’s eyes that he had seen yesterday.


Jimin knew that he was blushing like crazy on both his cheeks and neck, so he quickly let go of his soda but found it much harder to let go of Jungkook.

Was he maybe even more handsome today?

Was that even possible?

His hair looked extra beautiful and his slacks looked extra tight around his thighs and his white button up shirt looked extra flattering around his muscular upper arms and—

”Uh, Jimin?” Yoongi suddenly voiced, getting both Tae and Jimin’s attention.

”What happened to your neck?” Yoongi added and reached forward to pull Jimin’s jumper to the side a little, revealing the edge of a second dark mark.

”W-What?” Jimin whined with big eyes, ”Don’t tell me it’s a bug or—”

”Did you hurt yourself on someth— oh. Oh…”

”What do you mean ’oh’?” Jimin asked a little stressed and brought his hand to his neck, feeling absolutely nothing.

”No it’s…” Yoongi let his eyes travel over to Tae who looked very uncomfortable with his eyes flickering and his bottom lip between his teeth.

He then let his eyes dart over to Jungkook who was keeping his gaze locked on Jimin even though it looked like his friends were trying to get his attention.

”Nothing” Yoongi replied and shook his head before leaning back, ”Never mind.”

Something was going on. Something that was being kept a secret, Yoongi thought.

Jimin looked from Yoongi who pretended to drink on his coffee even though Jimin could see that it was empty, over to Tae who looked nervous and antsy.

What was going on?

”I’m going to the bathroom, be right back” Jimin mumbled in the awkwardness and got up to leave, but was suddenly held back by Tae’s hand around his wrist.

”Hurry back” Tae whispered and looked up at the blond a little pleadingly.

Jimin furrowed his eyebrows and laughed softly at the younger’s weird behavior, ”I’m going to pee, not fight a war.”

Jimin leaned down and kissed Tae’s cheek before ruffling his blue hair.

He found the nearest bathroom quite easily, almost feeling a little proud for not having to use a map and a compass.

He washed his hands and was just about to take a quick look in the mirror before leaving when the door opened and someone walked in. But Jimin was busy fixing his blond locks and didn’t registered who it was before he was turned around and pushed against the wall beside the mirror.

”J-Jungkook?! What are you—”

”Stop being so damn annoying” Jungkook muttered and held Jimin’s hip against the wall while crashing his lips against Jimin’s.

Jimin gasped and tensed as the younger caught him completely off guard.

But the way Jungkook was kissing him, with such feverish heat and impatience, he felt himself melt and turn submissive within the span of five seconds.

Jungkook was cheering as Jimin parted his lips and let his tongue enter, having missed Jimin’s taste every single minute since yesterday.

”Mmh” Jimin hummed and tilted his head to the other side so that Jungkook could deepen the hot kisses a little more, putting his hands on the younger’s waist.

”Hmm” Jungkook hummed back, his fingers curling around the fabric of Jimin’s oversized jumper, wanting nothing more than to lift the fabric and feel the other’s skin under his hands.

”Jungkookie” Jimin managed to utter as the younger left his lips to instead kiss along his neck.

Jungkook loved the way Jimin was pronouncing his name, causing him to feel even hotter and press his body hard against the older.

Jimin whimpered as their bodies slot together. It was all so, so hot and his brain was starting to fog from the desire building in his gut.

”You look so pretty in the marks I left on your neck” Jungkook whispered and let the tip of his tongue lick over the bruises.

”M-Marks?” Jimin stuttered in a breath, having no idea what the taller was talking about.

”Yes” Jungkook mumbled, nibbling on the delicious skin, ”the hickeys I left yesterday. You look so—”

”Hickeys?!” Jimin exclaimed and pushed hard against Jungkook’s chest who stumbled a little backwards, having not expected the older’s move whatsoever.

Jimin whined as he looked at himself in the mirror, turning his head so that the two dark hickeys showed in the reflection.

”This is bad” Jimin sighed and felt his neck with his fingers before turning around to face Jungkook, ”so that’s why they were behaving so weird.”

Jimin covered his face with his hands and slumped his shoulders.

”You mean your friends?” Jungkook asked with an amused smile, ”Just tell them you hit your neck against… something.”

”Yes, because that sounds like something that can happen” Jimin muttered and shot daggers at Jungkook who had the audacity to chuckle at him.

”I hate you” Jimin said and crossed his arms while pouting.

”I hate you too” Jungkook whispered and stepped closer before put his hand on Jimin’s hips and push him against the sink, ”Come to my place after school. 7pm.”

Jimin gulped and let his arms fall to his sides, again giving up completely on defending himself.

”I can’t” Jimin whispered back, the taller’s lips sliding against his.

”Yes you can.”

”I don’t know what to tell Tae” Jimin breathed out, gilt already filling his chest.

”You’ll come up with something.”

Jungkook kissed Jimin hard a last time before slowly pulling away and if Jimin didn’t know better he would think that Jungkook didn’t want to leave.

”You can go out first” Jungkook said after clearing his throat, walking over to the mirror to fix his hair a little and to straighten his white shirt, ”I’ll wait here for a minute so they don’t… you know what I mean.”

Jimin nodded and hid his hands in his striped sleeves before he turned towards the door.

”Don’t be early, don’t be late.”

Jimin looked over his shoulder and met Jungkook’s gaze, giving him a small nod before walking out through the door with a lump in his throat.

The secrets almost made him feel like he was cheating.

And he hated it.





”Are these yours?” Tae asked with a surprised smile in Jimin’s doorway, holding a pair of black socks in his hands, obviously too big for Jimin.

Jimin looked up from his book, his eyes widening as he realized what Tae had found.

”Y-Yes they are” Jimin gulped and hurried up to grab the socks from Tae’s hands and opened his wardrobe to toss the socks inside before quickly closing the wardrobe again.

”Were those knee socks?” Tae chuckled and scratched the back of his head, a little flustered.

”Yes” Jimin nodded with a blush, happy that Tae just helped him lie.

”Wow” Tae whispered under his breath before he cleared his throat and walked back to sort the rest of their clean laundry.


Jimin paced around in his room after his shower, concentrating hard on coming up with something to tell Tae as an excuse for leaving. He still had a little over an hour before he had to leave but he still had to figure something out.



What else could he say?

”Tae?” Jimin said nervously and entered the younger’s bedroom, finding Tae studying by his desk.

”Hi” Tae smiled and looked up, ”Want to do something?”

Jimin gulped and shook his head, the smile on Tae’s lips slowly disappearing before he gathered some courage for his lie, ”I-I got a text from—”

Tae’s phone started ringing, interrupting Jimin’s speech. Tae glanced at his phone and sighed before picking up.

Jimin backed out of the younger’s room to give him some privacy and went back to his own room to wait for him to finish.

It was from work” Tae called from his room, ”They want me to come in as soon as possible 'cause my colleague is sick and can’t work.

Jimin closed his eyes and sighed in relief.


”Boring” Jimin muttered and threw a jumper behind him, ”Boring, boring, boring and… boring.”

Jimin looked at the pile with jumpers and hoodies on the floor, feeling frustrated that he didn’t own something else. Something cute. Like a pink, soft oversized sweater that actually felt nice to the touch, and not those old ones he had that had turned stiff and lost their colors from being washed for ten years.

He wanted something that was smooth against his skin, something to hide his hands in but that also was cute and… and a little sexy. Just a little bit. 

Jimin sighed a little sadly and grabbed a yellow hoodie with black strings and a pair of black jeans. It would have to do.


Jimin walked down the steps to the metro and noticed that a train was standing by the platform. He hurried down the rest of the steps and ran to the train, getting onboard right before the door closed. It was the departure before the one he had planned on taking, so he would be half an hour early.

He hoped that Jungkook wouldn’t mind.


Jimin rang the doorbell and let his hand run through his blond locks while waiting for the door to open.

And when the door did open, it was not Mr Lee on the other side.

Definitely not.

Jimin blinked surprised as his eyes was met with a rather tall guy around his own age, dressed in blue jeans and a t-shirt with a whale on it, his hair tussled and his expression just as surprised as his own.

Jimin blushed and took a step backwards.

Was this the reason why Jungkook told him not to be too early? That he had a friend over that couldn't know about them, that somehow also was connected to his father.

Or was this guy there for the same reason as he?

”Uh… hi?” the man spoke and shifted on his feet, ”You’re not the pizza guy, right?”

”N-No I’m just… just…”

”Mr Kim! You know very well that it is who opens the front door in this house” Mr Lee’s voice almost echoed in the spacious hallway as he came into view behind the Kim-guy.

”Mr Jimin” Mr Lee smiled and gestured for him to come in, ”I will tell Mr Jeon that you are here.”

Jimin shook his head and was just about to tell Mr Lee that he had changed his mind when he noticed Jungkook walking down the stairs from the second floor, a hand in his hair that looked wet from a shower.

”What’s going on?! Why are you all— Jimin?”

Jimin flickered his gaze between Jungkook and the Kim-guy, getting very stressed over the fact that all eyes were on him and waiting for him to speak.

”So I uh… I was just about to leave” the guy with the whale on his t-shirt said and stepped into his shoes, giving Jungkook a quick smile and a wave before passing beside Jimin.

”Mr Lee, you can leave for the day” Jungkook muttered and kept his eyes locked on Jimin.

Jimin noticed how the man bowed and left, leaving him alone with Jungkook who didn’t look all too happy.



Chapter Text




”You’re early.”

Jimin nodded and looked down at the floor, nervous that Jungkook was very upset with him, ”Yes… I’m sorry.”

Jungkook sighed and brought his hand up to massage his forehead, ”It’s just that… I told you not to be early because my father sometimes shows up before 7. Uninvited, of course. But still…”

”So your father” Jimin began a little hesitantly, ”Wouldn’t want me here.”

”Well” Jungkook replied and put his hands in his pockets, ”he wouldn’t like us to come closer than this, that’s for sure.”

Jimin nodded again and glanced at his shoes beside him, ”Maybe I should leave…?”

Jungkook furrowed his eyebrows and searched the older’s eyes, ”Leave? Why? You just got here.”

Jimin shrugged his shoulders and met the taller’s eyes, ”I know, but… I don’t want to cause any problems between you and your father.”

”Just… just don’t come here any time we haven’t agreed on.”

Jimin tried to be assured by Jungkook’s words, tried to shrug away the worrying feeling he felt, that he didn’t quite know where it came from but it was there and it bothered him.

”What’s the matter?” Jungkook asked and walked up to the blond who was surprised by the sudden softness in the younger’s tone.

”It’s nothing.” Jimin looked away and chewed on his lip, feeling even more insecure.

”Yes it is” Jungkook whispered and leaned down to brush his nose against Jimin’s neck, ”Are you nervous?”

Jimin blushed and shook his head slowly, a smile creeping up on his lips due to the younger’s concern.

”I’m just a little… shy, I think.”

Jungkook chuckled softly against the older’s neck and let his fingers run down Jimin’s arm until he could feel his wrist inside the yellow sleeve, gently wrapping his hand around it.

”Come” Jungkook said and pulled the blond with him, ”Let’s see what we can find in the kitchen, hm?”

Jimin giggled and let himself be lead to the kitchen that once again impressed him with how modern and expensive everything looked, from the black marble countertop to the black fridge and freezer, from the incredible designer lamp in the ceiling to the painting on the wall.

”Is there something you want? Are you hungry?” Jungkook asked and let go of Jimin’s wrist to instead check what he had in the fridge.

”Always” Jimin confessed and jumped up to sit on the kitchen island, ”But I don’t want anything if you’re not going to have something as well.”

Jungkook drummed his fingers against the fridge door, ”How about sushi?”

”Oh, well” Jimin began and tried not to sound too eager, ”I wouldn’t mind that. So to speak.”

”Alright then” Jungkook said and put a whole tray with sushi beside Jimin and handed him a pair of chopsticks, ”eat.”

Jimin laughed and picked up a piece of sushi, stuffing his mouth full with an approved smile on his lips.

”Good?” Jungkook asked and took a piece for himself.

”S’delicous” Jimin mumbled with his cheeks full, causing Jungkook to chuckle and grab another piece, this time feeding Jimin who barely had time to swallow.

They ate mostly in silence, Jimin sitting on the island and Jungkook standing beside him.

”I’m full” Jimin stated and put his chopsticks down, ”thank you. This was very kind of you.”

Jungkook hummed and walked back to the fridge to bring out a bottle of champagne.

”I’m just going to have some of this, or else I will taste like fish.”

Jimin giggled and grabbed the glass Jungkook was handing him, ”When?”

”When?” Jungkook asked a little confused and brought the glass to his lips, gulping down everything in one go.

Jimin smiled a little shyly and drank his whole glass as well before he answered, ”When will you taste like fish if you don’t drink champagne?”

Jungkook huffed out a quiet laughter and put his glass beside Jimin’s before he grabbed the latter’s thighs and spread them, placing himself between before leaning in to ghost his lips over Jimin’s.

”When I kiss you until you can’t think of anything else than me.”

Jimin smiled and wrapped his arms around the younger’s neck, welcoming Jungkook’s wet tongue inside his mouth.

Jungkook sighed into the kiss and put his hands higher on the blond’s thighs, squeezing gently but firm at the same time, earning himself a pretty little moan.

Jungkook hummed, proud for making the older make such sounds with so little effort.

He licked inside Jimin’s mouth, loving the older’s taste, wishing he could taste and kiss his plump lips whenever he wanted, day and night.

That would have been something.

”Jungkookie” Jimin uttered in an exhale, his lungs screaming for air as they pulled back a little, but with their lips still slightly touching, the both of them too afraid to lose the moment.

”Jiminie” Jungkook whispered and placed little soft kisses on Jimin’s bottom lip.

”Who was he?” Jimin whispered faintly after placing his hands on Jungkook’s hips, almost like he was worried the latter would move away otherwise, knowing that his question was personal. But something inside him just couldn’t relax without knowing.

”A friend” Jungkook replied and met the older’s eyes, ”But why does it matter?”

”It doesn’t” Jimin hurried to say and shook his head.

Nice lie.

”I was just curious.”

Jungkook studied Jimin’s eyes for a bit longer, ”You’re not jealous, are you?”

”No” Jimin scoffed and furrowed his eyebrows, ”Why would I be?”

Jungkook grinned and put a hand in the back of Jimin’s neck to guide him back to his lips, ”Let’s just continue where we were, hm?”

Jimin parted his lips obediently and answered the taller’s wet kisses with the same kind of eagerness, feeling how that familiar want started to spread in his gut, causing his skin to feel hot and his heart to beat faster.

”I hate what you’re doing to me” Jungkook mumbled and let his forehead rest against Jimin’s, his shoulders rising and falling with every heavy breath.

”What am I doing to you?” Jimin asked under fluttering eyelashes, even though he was pretty sure what he meant.

”This” Jungkook replied and grabbed Jimin’s hand to place it over his bulge, his hard cock straining against the fabric of his tight slacks.

Jimin smiled and bit down on his bottom lip, palming Jungkook with a bit of pressure.

”Fuck” Jungkook muttered and glanced down between them before he looked up to meet the older’s gaze again, ”You’re a little devil, are you not?”

Jimin giggled and shook his head while putting his hand back on Jungkook’s hip.

”Oh I think you are” Jungkook smirked and let his thumbs rub circles on the inside of Jimin’s thighs, ”You’re only pretending to be an innocent little angel, pretending to be all soft and sweet. But in reality, you’re a teasing little devil.”

Jimin gasped as Jungkook’s thumb brushed over his erection, the light touch felt like heaven and he wanted more of that.

More of Jungkook.

”You’re also hard” Jungkook whispered and let the pad of his finger run up and down Jimin’s bulge, causing the blond’s breathing to hitch a little.

”Of course I am” Jimin muttered and tried to move his hips, wanting the younger to touch him more, firmer, impatience growing in his veins.

”Then we should do something about that, don’t you think?” Jungkook whispered in Jimin’s ear, the latter replying with a small nod and a moan, Jimin’s fingers grasping the fabric of his white shirt.

”Come.” Jungkook wrapped his arms around Jimin and lifted him off the countertop to carry him upstairs.

Jimin clung his legs around Jungkook’s hips and rested his forehead against Jungkook’s shoulder, suddenly feeling extremely nervous.

What did Jungkook want to do?

What did he himself want to do?

Were they going to repeat what they had done last time?

Did Jungkook want to do more than that, or maybe less? Maybe he only wanted to kiss?

Maybe he wanted something that Jimin wasn’t sure if he was ready for.


Jungkook put Jimin down onto the black satin bedsheets and draped himself over him, wasting no time before he kissed down on those plump lips that always were so plush, so red and almost lewd.

Jungkook took the fat bottom lip between his own lips and sucked, causing Jimin to whine and put his hands in his black hair.

”Your lips” Jungkook began and gave them a couple of kisses, ”are so fucking annoying.”

”You’re annoying” Jimin replied and tilted his head for Jungkook’s kisses that were traveling to his neck.

”N-No marks.”

”Why not?” Jungkook mumbled and nibbled on the delicate skin, wanting so bad to give him a couple more hickeys, to leave something on Jimin’s body that came from him, that would remind Jimin of what they had done.

”Because Tae will—”

”I don’t like him” Jungkook said and looked down at the blond while something flashed in his eyes.

”Well, he doesn’t like you either.”

Jimin held Jungkook’s gaze and refused to look away even though a small part of him began to worry what Jungkook would say next.

”I hate when he has his hands all over you, when he kisses you. Friends don’t do shit like that. You’re obviously gay for each—”

”You either shut up or let me leave” Jimin interrupted and put his hands on Jungkook’s chest, ready to push him away if he needed to, ”I am not going to allow—”

”I’m sorry” Jungkook cut off with a slight panic in his eyes before he crashed his lips onto Jimin’s, clumsy so their teeth collided, ”Please don’t leave… I’m sorry…”

Jimin hummed into the kiss and put his hands back in Jungkook’s black hair, loving how the latter’s damp hair had curled a little after his shower.

”I won’t” Jimin assured and found the younger’s gaze again, ”Not if you treat me with respect.”

”I promise” Jungkook nodded, relieved that Jimin would stay. He focused on the soft touches in his hair and lowered his gaze to Jimin’s lips and then to the black velvet around his neck.

”I’ve missed this” Jungkook confessed and let his fingertips brush over Jimin’s choker with the cat bell in front, resting against Jimin’s skin.

Jimin held his breath as Jungkook played with the little bell with his fingers and when Jungkook looked up and met his gaze, they were absolutely flooded with lust.


Jimin immediately exhaled the breath he had been holding and let out a moan that he thought sounded too much for the occasion and a burning red blush took place on his cheeks and neck.

Jungkook had called him kitten with that low, sexy voice he loved so much and Jimin thought that he honestly could come from only that.

”Oh, you liked that, didn’t you?” Jungkook smirked and moved his hand between them, gently squeezing Jimin’s cock through the fabric of his jeans.

Jimin shut his eyes and let out a whine, that too sounding far more desperate than he was. Or so he thought at least.

”Shit” Jungkook whispered and gulped, feeling how his cock twitch every time Jimin moaned.

”Jiminie” Jungkook added and leaned further down to brush his nose against the blond’s cheek, ”What we did last time… do you want to do it again?”

Jimin nodded eagerly and put his hands on Jungkook’s waist, pouting his lips to show that he wanted the other to kiss him, something Jungkook gladly agreed on.

Jimin moved his hands between them, fumbling with Jungkook’s zipper while Jungkook kissed him, his tongue licking deep inside his mouth, making Jimin even more impatient and even more unable to concentrate on opening the younger’s pants.

Jungkook pulled back and chuckled softly before opening his pants himself and somehow manage to push them down to his feet before kicking them off.

”I’ll help you” Jungkook said softly and opened Jimin’s pants as well, ”Off?”

Jimin nodded and lifted his hips as Jungkook tugged the tight jeans down, throwing them somewhere beside them before laying down on his side beside Jimin instead of over him.

Jimin pushed his glasses further up on his nose and turned on his side to face the younger, the satin bedsheets under his naked legs felt just as amazing as he thought they would. He didn’t have a chance to think further than that before Jungkook splayed his palm over the small of his back and pushed him towards his chest, Jimin’s heart raced as Jungkook captured his lips and moved his hand further down until he stopped over Jimin’s butt that was covered by both his briefs and his yellow hoodie.

”You have no idea how fucking annoying you are. You’re messing with my head and I hate it.”

Jimin scoffed but let Jungkook go back to kissing him with the same hunger as before, but this time his hand traveled under his hoodie to stop at at his briefs, two fingers hooking under the hem of his underwear before pushing them down.

Jimin blushed as his cock came free and curled up against his abdomen, leaking a little bit of pre cum onto his hot skin.

Jimin did the same to Jungkook, his hand moving up under his button up shirt to grab the hem of his boxers, pulling them down with the help of the younger.

”Let me feel how hard you are for me” Jungkook spoke low and pulled Jimin’s hoodie up a bit before he let his hand run up between Jimin’s smooth thigh, over his balls and up along the underside of his cock before he curled his warm hand around it, causing it to disappear inside his fist.

”Jungkookie” Jimin whined quietly, his fingers digging into the younger’s shirt as he ducked his head and tried to hide his blushing cheeks.

Jungkook started stroking Jimin slowly, loving how Jimin’s quite small member twitched and leaked in his grip.

”Look at me.”

Jimin gulped from what sounded more like an order than anything else. He lifted his head and locked eyes with the other, breathing out a moan as Jungkook swiped his thumb over his slit to collect his pre cum.

”You liked that” Jungkook smirked and did it again, causing Jimin to release another pretty moan.

”Fuck” Jungkook mumbled and continued to stroke Jimin while he captured his lips, kissing him hard without finesse but with a burning desire.

”I’ve been thinking about you” Jungkook confessed after pulling back to breathe.

”I’ve been aaah-aah thinking about y-you too” Jimin replied and wrapped his hand around Jungkook’s cock, finally having found the courage he needed. His fingers barely reached around the girth, but Jungkook exhaled a pleased sigh so maybe he liked it.

Maybe he genuinely liked it.

Maybe, Jimin thought and listened to Jungkook’s heavy breathing, he wasn’t as useless as he once was told he was.

”What did you think when you thought about me?” Jungkook asked and slid his lips against Jimin’s, having a hard time to not kiss him silly every single second.

”I-I thought about us.”

”Did you touch yourself when you thought of us?”

Jimin nodded and tried to concentrate on jerking Jungkook off, but it was difficult when the latter was making him feel so good at the same time.



”My cock… in the shower.”

Jungkook smiled pleased and slowed down his motions, wanting to tease the older a bit.

”And what did you think about?”

Jimin gulped and shook his head before he released his grip around Jungkook to grab his wrist instead, ”Please, touch me more, I’m almost—”

”I’ll make you come if you answer first” Jungkook whispered softly and stopped touching the blond completely.

”I don’t want to say” Jimin pouted and narrowed his eyes in annoyance.

”Tell me or else I won’t touch you at all.”

”That’s mean!” Jimin complained and brought his own hand between his legs to touch himself.

”Did I say that you can touch yourself?” Jungkook asked in that low, authoritative voice Jimin had secretly missed, making Jimin immediately obey and remove his hand.


Jungkook kissed Jimin’s lips and curled his fingers around his cock again, but without really touching him, ”I’m waiting.”

Jimin sighed exaggerated and lowered his gaze as his cheeks once again lit up with a blush that could be seen from miles away.

”That you… I thought about you denying my orgasm and…”

Jungkook cursed under his breath and went quiet for a moment before he cleared his throat, ”And?” Jungkook asked with a voice full of anticipation, obviously affected by the older’s confession.

”And maybe also that you… that we did naughty stuff. Happy?”

”Naughty stuff?” Jungkook chuckled and began to stroke Jimin slowly again, not wanting to hold the younger off for too long.

”Sex” Jimin breathed out and tried to fuck into Jungkook’s fist, not at all happy with the  slow, teasing pace.

”You though about us fucking?”


Jungkook hummed and captured Jimin’s lips, swallowing his needy moans while working his warm, wet hand up and down Jimin’s erection.

”I thought about that too” Jungkook mumbled against the corner of the blond’s mouth, ”About fucking you… Wondering how it would feel like to be inside you and make you come on my cock. Thinking about how tight you might be.”

”Oh my god” Jimin whined and clung harder to Jungkook’s back, his fingernails digging hard into Jungkook’s shirt, ”Don’t s-say that.”

Jungkook smirked and picked up the speed, ”Why not?”

”Because you’re m-making me come and I don’t want aaaah— I don’t want to come.”

It was truly a bittersweet feeling in his gut. Jimin tried to put up barriers and hold back the oncoming orgasm, not wanting it be over just yet, not wanting to leave Jungkook’s strong arms and hot kisses yet. Not wanting to leave and take the busy metro home when he could stay and taste Jungkook’s kisses for a little bit longer.

But he also wanted to come so so bad.

”You don’t want to come?” Jungkook chuckled quietly while looking down to where Jimin was moaning softly and clinging to his shirt like his life depended on it, his head hung and his toes curling, everything speaking of how much the older was enjoying the touches on his cock.

”N-No, yes, I don’t know” Jimin sniffled and whined, the stupid orgasm was approaching with the speed of light and there was nothing he could do to hold it back any longer.

”Relax” Jungkook whispered while squeezing the base of his cock and then letting go, repeatedly, suspecting that Jimin was thinking of the scenario he had told him about.

”Jungkookie!” Jimin cried out before he looked up at the younger with glossy eyes and flushed cheeks, his lips red and parted.


Jungkook gulped and leaned down to capture Jimin’s trembling lower lip in a reassuring kiss while he tugged at the leaking cock twice. Jimin tensed and clawed at Jungkook’s chest while releasing pretty sounds against the younger’s lips.

Jungkook managed to close his fist around Jimin’s tip just as he came, hard spurts of cum drenching the inside of his hand.

And it was a lot.

Jungkook removed his hand from Jimin and got up to sit on his knees beside him, bringing his hand full of Jimin’s cum to his own cock to jerk himself off. Jimin had come so much in his hand that the cum easily covered his big cock while a large amount dripped through his fingers and down onto his thighs and the black satin.

Jungkook released breathy moans and he kept his eyes on Jimin who had rolled onto his back, his eyes shut and his chest rising and falling quickly. His yellow hoodie was pulled up to his navel which meant that he had full view of the pretty, softening cock.

Jungkook let his gaze travel down to Jimin’s soft, milky thighs that looked surprisingly strong, down to his cute feet and then up to his red, swollen lips and the choker around his pretty neck.

Imagine having him beg for it. Having him right there on the edge, multiple times.

Having him naked in his arms while touching every centimeter of his his body.

Imagine fucking him.

”Kitten” Jungkook whispered under his breath as he straddled Jimin and leaned down to kiss his tired lips, the older hardly kissing him back, probably still blissed out from his intense orgasm.

Jimin opened his eyes, realizing that Jungkook was jerking himself off on top of him.

He gathered some energy and tried to meet Jungkook’s hungry kisses, glad that the younger was back to him, but sad that he would be gone again as soon as he had found his high.

”Fuck” Jungkook groaned and kissed Jimin hard as he came inside his hand. He kept his lips pressed against Jimin’s for a moment before he slowly pulled back and brought his free hand around the one that was holding his member, trying not to spill on Jimin as he backed away on his knees and to the edge of the bed before disappearing to his bathroom.

Jimin laid completely still on the bed while staring up at the ceiling, feeling the familiar pressure in his chest slowly spread out like growing tree branches, weighing down with all its ugly weight on his heart and lungs.

Not now, go away!

He had been in heaven a mere second ago, and now it felt like hell.

Jimin forced himself to sit up and get a grip of the situation, trying to think rationally and calm down, knowing that stress would make it a million times worse.

Jimin started to focus on his breathing, in and out… in and out.

He reached for his underwear and put them on with trembling hands before he scanned the bed and found his jeans by the foot of the bed, somehow managing to put them on even though he felt worse by the second.

He pushed his glasses further up on his nose and brought his hood up in an attempt to feel a little safer, a little calmer, but it really didn’t make any difference.

”You’re leaving.”

Jimin chewed on his poor lip as he hid his hands inside his sleeves and glanced at the taller who just had come out from the bathroom, dressed in new boxers but the same white shirt, his sleeves still rolled up to expose his forearms.

Oh how Jimin would love to feel those warm arms around him right now, to feel a little cared for. A little safe while he came back from his high. Or as for now, his anxiety.

It didn’t have to be much, just a hold of his hand would be enough, just something to help him focus.

Jimin nodded and hurried to look away, turning his back against Jungkook so he could wipe away a couple of silent, much unwelcome, tears from his cheeks.

”I-I uhm, I should get home before it gets late” Jimin whispered a little unsteady before he moved forward towards the door.

”Wait” Jungkook said and grabbed his slacks from the bed and hurried to put them on before catching up with Jimin in the corridor, ”I’ll follow you down.”

Jimin didn’t reply and didn’t look up from the floor, hoping that the sides of his hood was covering his profile and his eyes that he knew were full to the brink with tears.

Jimin stepped inside his sneakers but had to look down to adjust one of them, immediately regretting doing so when the tears he had tried so hard to keep back, came raining down onto his cheeks and directly onto the floor.

Jimin quickly straightened his back and wiped his eyes with his sweater paw, praying that the younger didn’t notice.

”Jimin?” Jungkook whispered and walked a little closer until he was standing right behind the blond, his hands itching where they were hiding in his pockets, tucked away in case he would feel like he did now; to do what he couldn’t allow himself to do.

Touching Jimin now, outside of bed and outside of foreplay and teasing, would be a very bad idea.

A very bad idea.

”Are you alright?”

Jimin gulped and nodded before he moved over to the front door.

”Are you sure? You’re not sa—”

”Just a little t-tired” Jimin replied with his back still against the other, ”I better hurry to the metro. Goodbye.”


One second Jimin was kissing him in his bed, and in the other he was gone, almost like he hadn’t been there in the first place.

Almost like he didn’t even exist.

But Jungkook could hear Jimin’s giggles and cute laughter between the walls in his kitchen. He could smell Jimin’s strawberry scent on his pillow and he could almost feel his body heat linger in his bedsheets.

So of course he existed and he had without a doubt been in his arms a few moments ago.

But now he was gone and Jungkook worried that he never would come back.




”Jimin! I’m home!”

Tae kicked off his boots beside Jimin’s shoes and hung his leather jacket on the wall, not caring to pick it up when it fell down to the floor in front of his eyes.

”Min?” Tae called again before he left their small hallway, confused why Jimin hadn’t called back like he always did when he would come home from work.

He looked at the sofa and was more or less expecting Jimin to be asleep under his yellow blanket with a drama running on the tv.

But the sofa was empty, and so was the kitchen.

”Min?” Tae whispered and opened Jimin’s bedroom door, quietly peeking inside to see if the blond was asleep.

But the first thing that caught his attention was Jimin’s crying and the next thing was Jimin himself who was sitting on the floor with his back against his bed, hugging his knees while his narrow shoulders trembled.


Tae hurried over to his best friend and brought him into his arms, hugging him tightly while rocking him a little side to side.

”Ssh… it’s alright… I’m here now…”

Jimin buried his nose against Tae’s neck and breathed in his scent while clinging to him hard, immediately feeling safe and a lot calmer.

”Jimin… show me your hands.”

Jimin gulped and leaned back to open his hands for Tae who nodded and sighed relieved before he embraced the older again.

”What happened?”

”Nothing” Jimin sniffled and closed his eyes as he rested his head against the younger’s chest.

”Tell me.”


I’ve been seeing Jungkook behind your back and I don’t think that I hate him any longer.

I have to tell you, I want to tell you, but you will hate me.

But I'm selfish and I need you. So I won't.


”It just happened” Jimin lied and pulled back, wiping his eyes and cheeks with his sleeve, ”I don’t know why.”

Tae nodded and intertwined is hand with Jimin’s, knowing that it might make it worse to press the matter, they could always talk about it tomorrow.

”Come, let’s go to sleep in my bed” Tae decided and helped a tired and emotionally drained Jimin up.


”I love you” Tae whispered and kissed the corner of Jimin’s mouth while holding him close under the duvet.

”Mmh… love you too” Jimin replied sleepily, pictures of Jungkook’s brown eyes and beautiful smile flooding his mind.

”There’s something I have to tell you” Tae continued, ”Something I’ve been meaning to tell you for a long time…”


”You’re tired and unwell” Tae whispered with a sigh and pulled the duvet further up to Jimin’s chin, ”Let’s try to get some sleep instead… goodnight Jimin.”




”Three days without uni and work and then weekend” Tae smiled and sat down beside Jimin on the sofa, ”I feel like I’m going to survive.”

”Yeah…” Jimin mumbled and kept his eyes on the tv screen.

It had already been two days without Jungkook’s hungry kisses and warm hands.

I don’t think I’ll survive.

”Yoongi asked if he could come over later, I said it was okay” Tae said and put his hand in Jimin’s blond locks, ”But I was thinking that… after he has left… if we could talk for a bit… there’s uhm, some things I need to tell you.”

Jimin turned his head and looked at Tae with worry causing his heart to speed.

Did he know?

Was he going to tell him that he had found out? That he knew and that he hated him and that they couldn’t continue to live together and be friends because they had promised each other not to keep secrets and always be truthful? Was he going to say that the lies were too much and that he wanted to break up from their friendship?

Jimin nodded and leaned in to peck Tae’s lips, selfishly, earning himself a wide smile that probably were fake because they both knew he didn’t deserve Tae’s sunshine.

”I’m just going to take a walk before Yoongi comes” Jimin said and moved away from Tae’s side before he grabbed his phone from the coffee table, ”I’ll be back in an hour.”

”Are you sure?” Tae wondered and looked up at the blond with a bad feeling settling in his gut, ”You’ll be careful, right?”

Jimin studied Tae’s eyes and recognized a certain kind of worry he had seen before.

”Yes” Jimin smiled and ruffled Tae’s blue hair, ”It’s not like that. I promise. I just need a bit of air.”

”Okay, good” Tae nodded and gave the older another sunny smile before the latter disappear to the hallway and out the door.

Tae fell to the side on the sofa and grabbed Jimin’s yellow blanket, feeling incredibly nervous. But a little excited as well. He had never been in love before and there was something a little thrilling to confess for the first time.

He just hoped with his whole heart that Jimin would take it well and if he was lucky, the blond would grow to love him romantically as well.

Tae smiled and buried his face in the blanket to breath in Jimin’s scent.




Jimin walked for half an hour, a little aimlessly, but as he approached the mall he thought that he might as well stop and buy something to drink.

He took the escalator to the second floor and stopped by one of the cafes. He eyed the menu and sighed. How could an americano cost more than lunch?

He decided it was worth it anyway.


Jimin gave the waitress a small smile and grabbed his coffee, he wrapped his lips around the straw and turned around to leave but stopped right in his tracks as his eyes landed on none other than Jungkook.

And his friend.

Jimin gulped and met Jungkook’s stare and surprised expression, his eyes wide and lips parted.

”Mr Jimin” Jungkook’s friend smiled and pointed at Jimin who took a step backwards, fearing that this man was just as mean as the ones hanging around Jungkook at uni.

”I-I” Jimin stuttered and flickered his gaze between the two men, ”Bye.”

Jimin looked down at the floor and turned around, thinking he could round a couple of table and exit the cafe without having to walk directly past Jungkook.

But destiny wanted otherwise and when Jimin was about to round the first table with his eyes fixed on nothing and his mind racing, his foot got caught in a leg to one of the chairs and he fell flat to the floor. His coffee spilled all over the floor and his glasses landed worryingly close to his elbow.


Jimin could hear Jungkook call his name before a pair of strong arms pulled him up while he just wished that everyone could leave him there with his embarrassment burning his cheeks and racing his heart.


So embarrassing. 

So incredibly embarrassing.


”Jimin are you alright? Did you hurt yourself?”

Jimin looked up and met Jungkook’s worried eyes, the younger’s arms still wrapped around his waist. Jimin had to mentally and almost physically restrain himself from wrapping his arms around Jungkook’s neck, stand on his tiptoes and just kiss him until the end of the world.

”I’m okay” Jimin whispered a little dreamily because maybe he had lost himself in the younger’s eyes even though he wasn’t seeing clearly. He could hear Jungkook say something more but his brain really didn’t comprehend it and all Jimin could think about was how Jungkook’s eyelashes framed his eyes so beautifully, it was blurry, but beautifully.

”Jimin” Jungkook repeated and brought his hand up to gently cup Jimin’s blushing cheek, ”Are you sure you’re okay?”

”Hm? Ah, yes, I’m fine” Jimin nodded as he was pulled back from his thoughts. He cleared his throat as he averted his eyes and realized that he was gripping Jungkook’s dress shirt tightly with his both hands.

Jimin widened his eyes and let go like he had burned himself on the younger, taking a step back and ducking his head in the embarrassment what was eating him alive.

”Uhm, I guess these are yours?”

Jimin turned his head towards the voice and saw Jungkook’s friend reaching his hand out to hand him his glasses.

”I don’t think they broke.”

Jimin nodded and grabbed his glasses and studied them quickly before putting them on, luckily they seemed to have survived the fall.

”Thank you” Jimin said and gave the man a nod, a little surprised to find kindness in one of Jungkook’s friends.

”I should probably buy my coffee and head back to the studio. See you on Saturday” the man said and patted Jungkook’s shoulder before he gave Jimin a little wave, ”See you around Mr Jimin.”

Jimin smiled and waved back with his sweater paw. His eyes then caught something behind him and he noticed that a member of the staff was cleaning up his coffee from the floor.

”So embarrassing” Jimin whined and covered his face with his hands.

”Oh come on” Jungkook chuckled and pushed back his black hair, ”It was an iced americano, right? Just buy a new one.”

”No” Jimin sighed and removed his hands to hide them inside his sleeves again, ”I don’t think so.”

”No? But you had just bought it when I got here. Don’t you want to—”

”I can’t afford a new one, okay?!” Jimin wheezed and crossed his arms, ”We can’t all go around and buy how much coffee we want!”

Jungkook swallowed and gave the older an apologetic look, ”I know, I’m sorry. Let me buy you one? I’ll be right ba—”

”No, I don’t want you to buy me coffee” Jimin cut in and shook his head.

Jungkook sighed a little annoyed and pointed at Jimin, ”You’re being a little brat, aren’t you? Just shut up and let me buy you a damn coffee.”

Jimin scoffed and put his hands on his waist, ”Are you calling me a brat?!”

”Yes I am” Jungkook grinned, ”Now stay here, don’t touch anything and don’t trip on anything. I’ll be right back.”

Jimin huffed angrily and put his tongue in his cheek as he watched the younger walk over the counter and order him a new coffee.

”Stupid rich boy” Jimin muttered, but he stayed in his place and waited just like Jungkook had told him, once again finding himself obedient to the younger’s will.


”Here” Jungkook said and handed Jimin the coffee, a size bigger than the one Jimin had dropped.

Jimin took the coffee and mumbled a ’thank you’ before he turned around and wrapped his lips around the straw to greedily gulp down the cold coffee with his back against Jungkook.

Jungkook sighed a little disappointedly and placed himself right behind the blond before leaning down to whisper in his ear, ”Can’t I watch?”

Jimin stopped sucking on the straw and smiled as he looked down, happy that the cafe was as good as empty but not happy that Jungkook had to be so damn stupid and mean and— and handsome and kind and sexy.


”Aww, that’s a shame” Jungkook whispered and let his lips brush against the older’s neck before he straightened his back and looked around, wanting to make sure that no one had seen his weakness.

Jimin giggled and started walking with Jungkook beside him. They walked in silence past a couple of stores and restaurants, so close together that their arms kept touching.

”So what are your plans for the rest of the day?”

Jimin let go of the straw and glanced up at Jungkook, ”Well, I have a friend coming over soon. And then I’m going to watch a rerun with Tae. And you?”

”I just got off from work so I’ll probably take a shower and watch tv from my bed.”

”You’ve been working at your father’s company?” Jimin asked and moved to the side to toss his empty mug.

”Yeah, he wants me there every day I don’t have classes. Not that I have anything else to do anyway.”

”You don’t? How about hobbies? Friends?”

”I don’t have any hobbies. If playing computer games isn’t a hobby” Jungkook chuckled and scratched the back of his neck, ”And uhm I don’t have any friends, so… yeah.”

”Oh” Jimin whispered and tried to meet the younger’s eyes but the latter was refusing to look at him, ”How about the guy who just left? The guy I saw at your place?”

”Ah, that’s Namjoon. And yeah, he’s my only friend but he’s often busy working and I’m busy with uni…”

Jimin nodded and thought about how blessed he was to have both Yoongi and Tae in his life, two amazing friends he could speak about everything with.

When he decided not to be the worst friend in the world and lie to them, that was.


”Oh… wow…” Jimin whispered and stopped to look at the clothes in the window to one of the shops, ”So cute.”

Jungkook hummed and looked around the place before wrapping his arms around Jimin from behind, nuzzling face in the latter’s neck, earning himself a soft gasp.

”I can’t stop thinking about you.”

Jimin tilted his head a little and put his hands over Jungkook’s that were resting over his middle, ”And I can’t stop thinking about you. I’ve missed your hands, your touch, your voice. Everything.”

”So you’ve missed me?” Jungkook wondered in a whisper, his lips almost kissing down on the sensitive skin below Jimin’s ear.

”Yes… I think I have.”

”I’ve missed you too, so fucking much. Can’t concentrate on anything when I don’t know if… if you’re okay.”

Jimin gulped and nodded, knowing exactly what Jungkook meant.

”When you left my place… you were so sad and I… I wanted to talk to you but I didn’t let myself do it and I regret it so damn much.”

Jimin swallowed and leaned back against Jungkook’s chest, loving the feeling of being held by Jungkook like this.

It felt so safe and so… right.

It felt like he was made to fit in Jungkook’s arms.

And he loved it.


”I… I know very well what we are” Jimin said and turned around to face the younger who thankfully didn’t let go of him completely, but put his hands on his waist instead, ”But it’s hard for me… all of this is very difficult… the lies… the secrecy.”

Jimin let Jungkook hold his gaze for a moment, as if the younger were thinking of something incredibly important, something groundbreaking.

And then all of a sudden Jungkook was kissing his lips and Jimin had to grab the taller’s arms as not to fall backwards from the force, because that’s how he kissed him, like they had been apart for years and not two days.

And Jimin let him kiss him like that.

In the middle of the mall among a hundred people.

In the world outside.

It almost felt normal.


”I know” Jungkook whispered when he pulled back with Jimin’s wonderful taste on his tongue, ”But I nonetheless am going to ask you to come with me home.”

Jimin sighed and looked down, not knowing what to say or do, his mind a complete mess.

”I want to” Jimin whispered and looked up again, ”But I’m running out of lies.”

”Where are you right now?” Jungkook asked, his hands a little impatient as they ran from Jimin’s back and down to his hips.

”On a walk. I’m supposed to be back in a couple of minutes.”

”Tell him you ran in to someone” Jungkook whispered and moved his hand further down to squeeze Jimin’s perfect ass, causing the blond to release a breathy moan.


”O-Okay” Jimin mumbled and pulled away from Jungkook to grab his phone.


To: Taetae 

I ran in to Hoseok at the mall, I won’t be home until late.

I love you and I’ll see you tonight or tomorrow.

Don’t wait up ❤ ❤

Love you to the moon!



This was bad.

Really, really bad.

He was now not only lying to Tae, but to Yoongi as well. Slowly destroying their friendship based on trust and love.

He was tearing it apart, wounding it. And he knew his actions would be the death of it.

He was aware of all that.

Yet he chose to go with the enemy. 


”I have the car parked just outside.”

”Okay” Jimin nodded and put his phone away, deciding to text Hoseok from the car, ”Let’s go.”


”Wow” Jimin whispered in awe as Jungkook opened the door for him, ”Is this really yours? I mean, for real? Your car?”

Jungkook chuckled and nodded, ”Yes of course it is, one of two, now get in so I can close the door.”

Jimin sat down on the white leather and let his eyes roam around the shiny dashboard, the display that was bigger than his tv and all the little details.

”I’m in love with your car” Jimin smiled and met Jungkook’s eyes as the latter started the car, his big hands and amazing forearms looking even more sexy while grabbing the steering wheel.

”My car is unfortunately already taken, but I’ll let you know if we ever break up.”

Jimin snorted and shook his head, ”God I hate you.”

”Hate you too” Jungkook smirked and put his hand on Jimin’s thigh, ”Can’t wait to show you how annoying you are to me.”

Jimin blushed and averted his eyes to look out through the window, trying not to think too much, but nevertheless having to put his thighs together from the heat radiating from Jungkook’s hand, causing a rush of want to spread through him.

There was something picking in the back of his brain though, something he had forgot to do.

But he couldn’t remember what. 

And when Jungkook parked the car on his drive way, all Jimin could think about was how much he wanted him. More than ever.



Chapter Text




”Welcome to the Jeon residence” Jungkook smiled after opening the car door for Jimin, ”I hope you will enjoy your stay.”

”Oh, I think I will” Jimin giggled and unfastened his seat belt.

”You have to pay the entrance fee to the owner first” Jungkook whispered and leaned down to put his hand on Jimin’s thigh while brushing his lips against his jaw.

Jimin gulped and close his eyes, breathing in a whiff of Jungkook’s cologne, ”A-And what is that?”

”A kiss.”

”Oh” Jimin smiled and reached his hand out to place it in the back of Jungkook’s neck, ”No problem, I have a lot of those.”

Jungkook chuckled and kissed Jimin’s plump lips that immediately parted for his tongue. He licked deep inside Jimin’s mouth and earned himself a needy little sound that went through his whole body and caused a flame to lit inside his gut.

Holding back was already incredibly difficult and Jimin did nothing to calm him down.

”Just come here already” Jungkook muttered and brought one arm under Jimin’s thighs and one around his back, lifting him bridal style from the car seat.

Jimin giggled and wrapped his arms around the younger’s neck as a warm feeling spread in his chest.

There was something special about being carried by Jungkook. Not only was it exciting and new, but it also felt… romantic, sort of. Of course it wasn’t meant to be romantic and he was sure that Jungkook just saw it as a fun, teasing thing. 

But it nonetheless reminded him of countless drama episodes of handsome men carrying their love interests. Maybe this was as close as he would ever come to that. Maybe his future boyfriend wouldn’t like to carry him or be strong enough?

Horrible thought.

”You’re thinking too much, it’s not good for your brain” Jungkook mumbled and tilted his head down to capture Jimin’s lips again.

Jimin smiled into the kiss and tried to kiss Jungkook deeper, but it was hard from this position, causing a displeased whine to leave his lips.

”What now?”

”Want more” Jimin pouted and looked up Jungkook behind his glasses where his eyelashes fluttered innocently.

Jungkook grunted and put Jimin down on top of the stone stairs, ”Are you always this demanding?”

”Maybe” Jimin smiled and jumped up in Jungkook’s open arms to wrap his legs around him like a koala, knowing that that was the younger’s reason for putting him down.

”Better?” Jungkook asked and wrapped his arms around Jimin’s back.

”Mmh, much” Jimin whispered, feeling very pleased with this new position.

”Then come back with those delicious lips of yours.”

”What if your father comes” Jimin whispered with a slight worry in his voice as he slid his lips over Jungkook’s.

”He’s still at work” Jungkook mumbled and welcomed Jimin’s inexperienced, but nevertheless perfect kisses.

”Ring… doorbell.”


Jungkook sighed into the kisses and hoisted Jimin up a bit before tightening his hold on the older’s thigh so he could reach his hand out to ring the doorbell.

Jimin giggled and started kissing Jungkook again who just kept pushing the button without letting it go, while they continued to kiss with the never ending sound from the doorbell in the background.

”You’re… going to break it” Jimin mumbled between kisses that were turning hotter and hotter.

”Then I’ll… buy a new house” Jungkook replied and tilted his head to the other side, loving how eager the blond was getting as he could feel him wrap is legs a little tighter around his waist as well as the hand tightening its grip on his black hair.

”Mr Jeon a-and Mr Jimin.”

Jimin immediately ducked his head and hid shyly against Jungkook’s neck.

”Mr Lee” Jungkook said and managed to get his car keys from his pocket and throw them onto the marble table in the middle of the hallway, ”park the car in the garage.”

”Yes, Mr Jeon.”

Jungkook started climbing the stairs with Jimin in his hold, who came out from his hiding place to find Jungkook’s soft lips again.

”Wait, Mr Lee!” Jungkook called after stopping in his tracks and turning his head to look down at the first floor.

”Yes, Mr Jeon?”

”You are not allowed to enter the second floor anytime until tomorrow, understood?”

”Y-Yes, that is understood, Mr Jeon.”

”Tell him to go home instead” Jimin whispered with blushing cheeks and shy smile, ”Please?”

”I changed my mind” Jungkook called down to the old man and smirked, ”I want you to leave for the day.”

”But Mr Jeon, your father has strictly told me to—”

Goodbye, Mr Lee” Jungkook cut off with his authoritative voice, causing a shiver to run down Jimin’s spine.

”Goodbye, Mr Jeon” the man sighed before he left through the front door.

”What if he tells your father about us?” Jimin wondered and met the younger’s eyes.

”He would never dare to.”

”But what if—”

”Trust me when I say that he won’t. Now please stop talking.”

Jimin hummed and obeyed as he closed his eyes and lost himself in Jungkook’s kisses that strangely enough felt reassuring, like the younger was kissing him with meaning and not just desire.

Or was he just imagining things?

Jimin huffed surprised in the middle of his thoughts as Jungkook suddenly sat down on the edge of the bed which resulted in him straddling Jungkook’s thighs while their kisses turned wetter, a little sloppy.

”Off” Jimin mumbled and began to unbutton Jungkook’s white shirt with anticipation burning in his fingertips, causing him to fumble and totally forgetting how to open a button.

Jungkook chuckled and took over, his own fingers working swiftly until he could shrug out of the shirt and throw it to the side.

”Oh…” Jimin whispered and took in the sight of the shirtless man in front of him.

Jimin let his hands roam over hard muscles and beautiful skin.

The younger wasn’t too muscular, it showed that he liked to work out, but it wasn’t too much. It was just…

”Perfect” Jimin whispered with a pink blush.

”Heh, thank you” Jungkook whispered with a small smile, ”Off?”

Jimin looked down at where the younger was grabbing the hem of his pink hoodie. He started chewing on his bottom lip nervously as he thought about what Jungkook would think, how he would react to see him half naked. And he thought about how it would feel to lose the safeness of the hoodie and not being able hide his hands inside the sleeves.

But being in Jungkook’s arms felt safe as well.

And he wanted this. 

He really, really wanted this.


”Off” Jimin nodded and grabbed the fabric of his hoodie before pulling it up over his head and toss it behind him so that he couldn’t change his mind and reach for it.

”Jimin, you’re…” Jungkook began and put his hands on Jimin’s soft waist, ”you’re uhm…”


”It’s okay” Jimin mumbled with a sad tone as he brought his arms up to cover his chest, cursing at himself for having thrown his hoodie so far away a second ago.

”Hey, wait” Jungkook said and grabbed Jimin’s waist a little firmer to prevent the older from leaving his lap.

”Don’t be stupid” Jungkook added and moved one hand to the back of Jimin’s neck so he could kiss him again, this time firm and hard, almost like their first kiss. 

Jimin melted into the reassuring kisses, immediately forgetting about getting dressed again and instead putting all of his focus on the wonderful feeling of having Jungkook’s warm, big hands all over his naked skin.

”Jungkook” Jimin breathed out, his hips moving forward a little as he tried to rub himself against the younger but trying to do so without the latter noticing.

”Fuck, Jimin, you look so good in my lap like this.”

Jungkook kept his lips against Jimin’s as he moved his hand down to the small of his back and let them stay there for a second before he lowered them to Jimin’s ass, squeezing it teasingly and earning himself a needy moan.

”Come here” Jungkook groaned before he fell backwards onto the bed, bringing a surprised Jimin with him and then tolling over so that he got the blond under him.

”Let’s get these of as well.” Jungkook sat back and opened Jimin’s jeans while the latter looked up at him with a waiting gaze and lips glossy with saliva.

Jimin lifted his hips for Jungkook to undress him of both his pants underwear, leaving him completely naked and vulnerable.

Jungkook tossed Jimin’s clothes to the side and hurried off the bed to get out of his own slacks and underwear. It was first when he was about to climb up on the bed again that his eyes landed on Jimin, causing him to come to an abrupt halt.

Jungkook gulped as he took in the sight of the blond laying on his back in front of him. His lips were slightly parted, his eyes shy but speaking of so much lust and anticipation, his cock pretty and hard with the tip glistening with pre cum.

And then it was that damn choker around his neck.

His favorite, the one with the cat bell.

So Jungkook had to take a couple of deep breaths before he moved towards Jimin and draped himself over him, the both of them gasping as their hard members rubbed against each other.

”Jungkook” Jimin whispered, almost breathlessly as he tilted his head for Jungkook to suck on his neck, his hands flying up to touch the younger’s warm back, wanting to feel him under his palms but also to have something to hold on to.

Aaah J-Jungkookie…


Jungkook licked over the red spot on Jimin’s neck that soon would bruise and go darker, he then licked on Jimin’s delicate skin until he reached his ear.

”Tell me what you want to do.”

”You know what I want” Jimin replied with blushing cheeks.

”I think I do, but I still want you to say it.”

Jimin licked his lips and went quiet as he tried to make his cloudy brain work. If Jungkook knew, then why did he want him to say it? Why couldn’t he just say it himself?

A little annoyed and very impatient, Jimin bucked his hips and made them exhale a moan each as their cocks rubbed against the other’s body.

”Jimin” Jungkook warned after clearing his throat, his hand coming to press Jimin’s hip down against the mattress to hold him in place.

”No, please” Jimin begged and started squirming a little, feeling both hate and love towards being pinned down by the younger.

”Jimin listen to me” Jungkook said with a certain tone, causing the older to lay completely still and look up at the other obediently.


”Do you want me to fuck you, is that it?”

Jimin gulped and brought his hand up to cover his face before nodding, his cheeks on fired behind his hands.

”Look at me.”

Jimin sighed and removed his hands, feeling incredibly embarrassed under the younger’s stare.

”Have you ever had sex with anyone before?”

”God you’re so blunt” Jimin whined and averted his eyes.

”Oh come on” Jungkook whispered and leaned down to place a couple of kisses on Jimin’s neck while slowly grinding his hips to make the blond relax.

”So you’re a virgin then?” Jungkook asked softly and trailed kisses to Jimin’s jaw and then lips.

”Mmh… yes” Jimin answered before a gasp, feeling himself melt and burn at the same time.

”So you’ve never been with anyone?” Jungkook mumbled against the older’s parted lips.

”N-No, never.”

”Oh my god” Jungkook breathed out and kissed plump lips, ”that’s so hot.”

”And you?” Jimin asked and looked up into brown eyes, already guessing what the other would say, but he nonetheless wanted to be sure.

”Never with a guy” Jungkook answered and hurried to shake his head, ”A few girls, but never with a guy.”

”But I want you” Jungkook added when he noticed the change in Jimin’s eyes, it wasn’t doubt he saw, but something else that he couldn’t quite read, ”I really, really want you. Like, I’m going to lose my mind if I can’t have you.”

”I want you too” Jimin smiled and put a hand in Jungkook’s black hair, ”I’m very nervous though.”

”Yeah” Jungkook chuckled softly, ”me too. I have no idea what to do, honestly.”

”We need lost of lube so I hope you have that” Jimin whispered with blushing cheeks as he tried to stay calm and collected, even though the thought of having Jungkook fuck him set him on fire and made his cock twitch between them.

”I do” Jungkook said and kissed Jimin’s lips before he sat back and reached to his nightstand to grab a bottle, ”condom?”

”Yes” Jimin nodded and bit down on his lip as his eyes caught the sight of Jungkook cock. How in the world was that going to fit inside him?

Jimin moved his hand up to adjust his glasses but changed his mind and took them off instead, putting them as far away on the bed as he could.

”Something more?” Jungkook asked and put the things beside them before leaning over Jimin to kiss his lips again, trying to make them stay in the moment even though their minds were racing in all sorts of directions and Jimin was practically glowing in the dark with nervousness.

”Then we uhm… we need to stretch me” Jimin replied and was thankful that Jungkook was kissing him between words to calm him and take the edge of the hottest of flames that burned in his gut.

”O-Okay, with fingers, right?”

”Yes… fingers.”

”Yours or uhm… mine? Like, I wouldn’t mind. So to speak. If you tell me how to do it. I could try. Or uh maybe—”

”Yeah? I wouldn’t mind either. So to speak” Jimin whispered before Jungkook had a chance to change his mind, wanting almost desperately to be touched by the younger.

”Then” Jungkook started and brought his hand down between them and rake his fingernails along Jimin’s smooth thigh while nibbling on his jutting lower lip, ”will you be a good boy and talk me through it?”

Jimin gasped from Jungkook’s words and put his hand in the back of his neck to press him against his lips, letting his needy sounds be swallowed by Jungkook’s hard kisses.

”Jungkookie… please… touch me.”

Jungkook hummed and pulled back from Jimin’s lips, a string of saliva connecting them before Jungkook licked over Jimin’s bottom lip.

Jungkook sat back and without a word he reached for the lube and poured some on his fingers.

”Okay” Jungkook whispered and kept his hand still in the air while meeting the blond’s eyes, ”So…”

Jimin gathered every bit of courage and brought his knees up to his chest while putting his arm over his eyes to hide, ”Y-You start with one and then I’ll tell you when you can add another one.”

Jungkook gulped as he studied Jimin’s perfect ass that looked just as smooth and pretty as his thighs. His cock twitched with excitement and he had to take a couple of calming breaths before he leaned down over Jimin, holding his weight on his free arm while moving the lubed fingers between Jimin’s cheeks, fumbling a little before Jimin let out a soft moan.

”Slow” Jimin whispered behind his arm, tensing and shutting his eyes tightly, a little worried now that he couldn’t control the pace himself.

Jungkook whispered something reassuringly and pushed the first finger inside, slowly all the way to his knuckles.

”You good?” Jungkook wondered and kissed Jimin’s arm, ”Please look at me.”

Jimin whined and removed his arm as he fell obedient to Jungkook’s will, just as always.

”Hi” Jungkook smiled and pecked Jimin’s lips, ”and now?”

”Move it like—”

”Like this?”

”Y-Yes” Jimin nodded and grabbed the younger’s upper arms to have something to hold on to, ”Just like t-that.”

”Another one?”

”Mmh, yes, but be gentle, your fingers seems to reach far deeper than my own.”

Jungkook grinned and eased another finger inside, absolutely loving the look on Jimin’s face as he did so.

”Fuck, you’re taking me so well, aren’t you?” Jungkook mumbled against Jimin’s jaw before he started to work on opening him, doing what he thought was right but honestly having no idea if it would stretch him or not.

He felt really surprised at how soft and amazing Jimin felt inside. He started to get a little impatient, wanting almost desperately to enter with his cock, wondering how it would feel like to fuck the tight heat.

To fuck Jimin.

”Spread your fingers” Jimin whispered between breathy moans.

Jungkook hummed and kissed Jimin while he did as told, immediately getting earn with a string of moans that were higher in pitch.

”Continue like that” Jimin nodded a little eagerly and shut his eyes again. The younger’s fingers were reaching so deep and the feeling was so new and so good that it almost was too much but also too little at the same time.

He would without a doubt come if Jungkook would continue to finger him like this. And the thought of how good it would feel to have his cock inside him instead caused pre cum to gush out of him.

”One more” Jimin said a little out of breath while doing his very best to stay cool, fearing that he would come without having been fucked properly first. That would have been extremely embarrassing.

”Then stop squirming and relax” Jungkook whispered and eased a third finger inside Jimin, slow like he had told him, but with a little bit of pressure.

”Should I—”

”Oh my god” Jimin whisper screamed and dug his fingernails in Jungkook's arms while his body trembled slightly.

”What happened?!”

Jungkook gulped and stopped everything he was doing while searching Jimin’s eyes, worried he had hurt him with his fingers.

”M-My prostate” Jimin whispered with his cheeks red and his eyes flickering in embarrassment.

”Yes? What about— oh… that’s… oh… so it’s true then? That it feels good to… okay… well that’s—”

”Jungkook please stop talking and fuck me before I die” Jimin interrupted in a whine as he tried to grind onto Jungkook’s fingers that were lingering teasingly deep inside him.

”My pleasure” Jungkook chuckled softly and kissed Jimin while he pulled out.

Jimin grabbed the lube and handed it to Jungkook who hurried to put the condom on and then some lube before he leaned down beside Jimin’s now aching legs.

”Ready?” Jungkook asked and leaned on his forearm, putting his free hand in Jimin’s blond locks while hold holding his gaze.

”Yes. Ready.”

Jungkook pushed inside, as slowly as he could while listening to Jimin’s focused breathing and small whimpers.

”Jimin” Jungkook whispered and slid his lips over the older’s when his whole cock was buried inside the him, ”You did it.”

”I-I did what?” Jimin asked confused with an expression of slight discomfort, his hands clutching the bedsheets.

”I’m fully inside… how does it feel? Are you hurting a lot?”

”A bit” Jimin nodded and licked his lips, ”But I like it. I-I like that I feel so full. It feels amazing to be honest.”

”Feels amazing for me too. Way better than I thought it would. You’re so tight, like really really tight. And you’re wet and warm. I never thought it would feel quite like this. Can’t wait to move though.”

”I think you can” Jimin said and started chewing on his bottom lip while gripping the bedsheets again, preparing himself for discomfort.

”Let’s kiss, hm?” 

Jimin smiled and let Jungkook kiss him and he could immediately feel himself relax and stay like that when the younger started moving a little back and forth.

Jimin let go of the satin fabric to instead wrap his arms around Jungkook’s neck and his legs around Jungkook’s waist, causing them to come even closer together.

”Wow” Jungkook mumbled as they pulled away to breathe, daring to thrust a little quicker, causing Jimin to scrunch up his nose and let out a series of approving moans.

”Fuck… Jimin you’re—”

Jungkookie” Jimin whined as he started squirming, unable to lay still with the incredible, intense, pleasure hitting him every time Jungkook thrusted deep, his big cock brushing against his sweet spot each time.

”Stop clenching like that or you’re going to make me come” Jungkook warned and started to kiss Jimin’s red lips, trying to make the older calm down a little.

”Can’t help it, it’s your fault mnaaah-aah Jungkookie. 

Jungkook loved how Jimin was moaning his name like that and it fueled him on even more, and the beautiful flushed cheeks and swollen lips forming nonsense words and pretty moans caused him to only get closer and closer to his release.

Jimin shut his eyes and relished in the moment, his back gliding up and down on the smooth satin bedsheets as Jungkook fucked him with more and more force. He felt like his insides were on fire, a slight burning pain where Jungkook was fucking in and out of him.

But it nonetheless felt so so good, and maybe the pain was, oddly enough, only increasing the pleasure. Because it didn’t feel bad even though they maybe should have used more lube and been a little more careful.

It just felt absolutely incredible and the harder Jungkook fucked him, the more relaxed he got and the less it hurt.

But then Jungkook said something that his cloudy brain couldn’t quite catch and all of a sudden he had his leg over Jungkook’s shoulder, causing the latter’s cock to slide even deeper inside him.


Ssh, I got you” Jungkook breathed out and grabbed the small hand that was searching for his, letting them intertwine and rest beside Jimin’s head.

Jimin was surprised over how incredibly well his hand fitted with Jungkook’s, and how safe it felt. Almost like they were made to hold each other’s hands.

”Will you come for me?” Jungkook asked with a low voice as he leaned down to capture Jimin’s lips, ”touch yourself and show me how much cum you can spill with that pretty little cock of yours.”

Jimin wrapped his fingers around his cock that were wet with pre cum from the both of them. He had barely begun to touch himself when his eyes rolled back and he clenched around Jungkook, causing the younger to hiss and bite down hard on his lip, trying his hardest to hold back for another couple of seconds, wanting the older to come before him.

”Kookie I’m going to come, I’m going to—”

”Come for me kitten, come all you want.”

Jimin kicked his foot against the mattress and clutched harder to Jungkook’s hand and then his vision turned white. His toes curled and his whole body tensed and then he came with such force that it literally felt like he was exploding.

”Holy fuck” Jungkook whispered to the sight of Jimin throwing his head back at the same time as long spurts of cum shot out of his cock, reaching as far up as to his long, pretty neck.

Jungkook could almost not believe what he was witnessing.

It was too much for him to be able to hold back, his own orgasm crashing against him like never before.

Jungkook groaned and tightened his hold on Jimin’s hand as he buried himself as deep as he could inside Jimin and in the next second spill inside the condom, his cock twitching while doing so, causing a whimper to leave Jimin who was a panting mess under him.

”Jimin” Jungkook whispered tiredly and pulled out as gently as he could, ”I’ll get you something to clean you with.”

Jungkook let go of Jimin’s hand and moved down from the bed, completely missing Jimin’s stressed eyes and grabby hands.


”I got a wet towel” Jungkook said as he came back to the bed, already dressed in a pair of boxers. 

”You’re not falling asleep, are you?” Jungkook asked as he got up on the bed and started cleaning Jimin who was laying still with an arm covering his face.

”All done.” Jungkook put the towel aside and sat back, waiting for Jimin to sit up.

But instead Jimin’s shoulders started trembling and then there were a sudden sobbing sound.


Jungkook leaned down over the older and removed his arm from his face, revealing two panicked eyes and heavy tears rolling down red cheeks.

”Jimin” Jungkook whispered with his voice full of worry, ”What happened? Why are you crying? Does it hurt?”

”P-Please” Jimin sobbed and looked up at the younger with an almost pained expression and tears flowing in steady streams, ”h-hold me, please hold me.”

Bad conscience washed over Jungkook as he realized that Jimin needed him and that leaving so quickly after they were done maybe were a bad move.

”Ssh, come here” Jungkook said softly and wrapped his arms around Jimin to lift him up and place him in his lap.

”I’m so sorry” Jungkook whispered and hugged the older tightly, letting one hand rub over his back and one bury in his blond locks, ”I’m so sorry.”

Jimin practically melted in the younger’s hold as he buried his nose against his neck and let himself be comforted by his touches, scent and low voice.

”I’m sorry f-for crying” Jimin sniffled and hiccuped as his crying calmed down, ”I can try to leave now if—”

”No” Jungkook cut off and leaned back a little so he could bring his hand to Jimin’s teary cheek and wipe it with his thumb, ”You’re not leaving this house until your crying has stopped.”

Jimin smiled a little through his tears and nodded, ”Okay.”

”You did so well” Jungkook whispered honestly as he met the other’s glossy eyes, ”So so well.”

”Thank you… you too. You did very well” Jimin smiled and ducked his head to hide his blushing cheeks.

”Are you in much pain?” Jungkook wondered and put a finger under Jimin’s chin to tilt his head up again.

”A bit, yes” Jimin confessed and chewed his lips, ”worth it though. I loved it. Every second of it.”

”I did too” Jungkook nodded and let his fingertips play with the cat bell on Jimin’s choker, ”You were amazing and I had a really hard time trying not come even before I got inside you.”

Jimin giggled and started playing with the hair in the back of Jungkook’s neck without even realizing he was, ”I think I fainted when I came.”

Jungkook chuckled and let his hand travel down to rest on Jimin’s thigh, ”I take that as a compliment.”

”You should” Jimin smiled and nodded, ”It felt better than I ever could have dreamed it would. And you were very sweet, holding my hand and stuff. It was… perfect, honestly. Maybe even a little too good.”

”Too good?” Jungkook chuckled and let his hand move softly back and forth on the older’s thigh.

”Yeah” Jimin giggled and tilted his head a little, ”I mean… touching myself will feel so boring now that I know what sex feels like.”

Jungkook huffed out a soft laugh and leaned in to kiss Jimin’s smiling lips, only to stop right in front of them as it dawned on him what he was about to do.

He could feel Jimin tense a little and his hand stop playing with his hair.

Kissing Jimin now, without them having foreplay and without him trying to get him to come home with him might be a bad idea.

Because maybe then it would mean something.

And this didn’t mean anything.

This was causal sex between friends with benefits.

Nothing else.

Jungkook cleared his throat and pulled back, noticing the disappointed look on Jimin’s face.

”We shouldn’t” Jungkook whispered and gave the other an apologetic look.

”I know” Jimin whispered back and gave him a small nod, ”So uhm… I should probably leave then.”

Jimin climbed off Jungkook’s lap and hurried to reach for his glasses and then his clothes while Jungkook got off the bed and put his own clothes on.

Jimin adjusted his hoodie a little and moved over to the edge of the bed to sit down beside Jungkook who seemed to be deep in thoughts.

”So uhm…” Jimin began and fixed his eyes on the wall in front of them, trying to come up with something appropriate to say but all he could think about was things that he probably shouldn’t say.

”I’m not gay” Jungkook suddenly spoke while looking down at his hands, ”even though it… I just don’t want you to… I mean… you can’t tell anyone about this, about what we did.”

Jimin hid his hands inside his sleeves and shook his head slowly, ”I have to tell Tae. And I will, tonight when I get home. He wanted to talk to me about something as well so… I can’t continue lying to him, I just can’t. He will hate me, for sure, but I deserve it. I’ve been a shitty best friend and I shouldn’t have lied to him from the beginning. I’m terrified for how he will react.”

”If you tell him, then you have to make sure that he doesn’t tell anyone else or I’m fucking done for.”

Jimin scoffed and got up from the bed, ”Thank you for being so supportive. I’ll see myself out.”

”Wait!” Jungkook got up and wrapped his hand around Jimin’s wrist to stop him and turn him around, ”When will I see— I mean… when…”

”When you can fuck me again?” Jimin asked and pursed his lips, ”Is that it? We might be friends with benefits minus that ’friends’ part, but I would still appreciate it if you could at least try to… I don’t know, talk to me or something.”

”Talk to you?”

”Yes, talk to me. Try to get to know me or actually try to be my friend, at least out of uni when your ducklings aren’t watching your back.”

Jungkook gulped and let go of Jimin’s wrist, knowing very well what the other was talking about.

”I’d like that” Jungkook whispered and nodded, ”I’m just… not a very good friend.”

”You should give it a try though.”

Jungkook looked up from the floor and met Jimin’s eyes that looked so tired and full of different emotions.

”I should.”

Jimin worried his lip and glanced at the window behind Jungkook.

It was dark outside and he hated to walk in the dark. He really had to hurry home before it got too late.

”Goodbye Jungkook.”

Jungkook’s thoughts ran in every directions possible before he just decided to do it, afraid he would lose even more of he didn’t.

Jungkook took two steps before he reached Jimin and cupped his cheeks before he leaned down to kiss his lips.

Jimin huffed a little surprised into the kiss. But his hands came up to hold on to Jungkook’s hips as on instinct. He then parted his lips, causing the both of them to hum as their tongues met.

They kissed for two or maybe three minutes before Jungkook pulled back slightly, their hearts almost beating out of their chests because somehow it felt like these kisses meant something.

”Will you miss me?”

”Of course I will” Jimin whispered and stood on his tiptoes so kiss the younger a little more.

”In another life I would beg you to stay the night” Jungkook confessed with his hands still on Jimin’s warm cheeks, ”and I would hold you in my arms until you fell asleep.”

Jimin smiled a little although he felt incredibly sad from the other’s words. 

How amazing that would have been, to fall asleep in Jungkook’s arms. To not have to worry, to not having to lie and keep secrets.

”I would gladly have stayed” Jimin whispered softly and removed his hands from Jungkook, ”But I guess I can’t in this life?”

Jungkook averted his eyes and shook his head while his arms fell to his sides. Defeated.

”I’ll see myself out” Jimin mumbled and turned around to hurry down the corridor and the stairs until he reached the hallway where he stepped inside his worn sneakers and headed out into the darkness.

Jungkook waited until the front had closed behind Jimin before he broke down in tears.





Tae read Jimin’s text before he tossed the phone beside him on the sofa.

”Why now?” Tae complained and laid down with Jimin’s yellow blanket over him. Did he really have to hang out with Hoseok right now when they were supposed to talk, when he was supposed to confess his love? They had decided to talk but Jimin nonetheless chose to spend time with Hoseok instead and Tae couldn’t help not to feel both disappointed and betrayed.

They had always taken time to listen to each other, always put their friendship first no matter what.

Tae gulped and pulled the blanket a little tighter around him.

It felt like he was slowly losing Jimin and he couldn’t think of anything more worse than that.

Tae snapped out of his thoughts when the doorbell suddenly rang, reminding him that Yoongi were supposed to visit them.

Tae got up and let his hand run through his blue hair before he opened the door, revealing both Yoongi and a bright sun beside him.

”Hoseok?” Tae smiled and looked behind the two friends to search for the blond, ”where’s Jimin?”

”Jimin?” Hoseok asked a little confused.

”Isn’t he home?” Yoongi asked equally confused.

”What?” Tae laughed nervously, ”No he texted and said that he met you at mall and that you were going to hang out until late…”

”What? But I haven’t been to the mall today. I just met Yoongi in the metro and he asked if I wanted to come with him. And I haven’t seen Jimin for weeks.”

”Not for weeks?” Tae whispered and gulped as he tightened the grip on the door handle, suddenly feeling dizzy and a little sick.

”Oh…” Hoseok said and cleared his throat, ”He uhm… I’m not sure if I should tell you but … he texted me a couple of days ago, asking me to lie to you two if you were to ask me where he was. He wanted me to say that he was with me. I didn’t want to lie to you guys, I really didn’t, but he said he was going to explain everything for you… but I guess he never did?”

Tae looked at Yoongi and the both of them shook their heads.

”So where is he then?” Hoseok asked and looked worriedly between the others.

Yoongi looked sadly at Tae who was standing completely still with his head hung, looking so small and devastated that the sight of him actually hurt.

They were both pretty sure where Jimin was, and that was worse than not knowing at all.




Jimin opened the front door and the first thing he noticed was that the lights were on, which was good because it meant that Tae was still up.

The second thing he noticed was a pair of black boots that belonged Yoongi and the third thing he noticed was a pair of red sneakers belonging to Hoseok.


Oh no!

Oh no no no!

Jimin hurried to take out his phone and open his messenger app.

Last text was the one he sent to Tae from the mall.

Not good.

Not good at all.

Jimin gulped and put his phone back with a trembling hand.

The apartment was dead silent as he walked slowly over the floor towards the living room. So silent that all he could hear was his own heart beating nervously inside his chest.

He took a deep breath and rounded the corner, his eyes immediately falling on Tae who was sitting on the sofa with Hoseok and Yoongi close to his sides.

This was bad.

This was really, really bad.

”Tae” Jimin began with a shaky voice, ”I can explain.”

Tae looked up from his lap with tears streaming down his face, his eyes red and his expression so full of sadness that it almost look like he was… heartbroken.

”It’s Jungkook, isn’t it?” Yoongi asked and looked at Jimin with a hard stare.

Jimin nodded and looked down at the floor, the look on Tae’s face was so painful that he couldn’t look at him. 

Jimin felt relieved to finally have told the truth but also so incredibly bad for having lied in the first place.

”It’s not how you think it—”

Jimin’s sentence got cut off by Tae’s sobs and Jimin immediately went quiet, shame biting his soul with sharp teeth.

It felt like a dust of wind, but it must have been Tae who hurried past him because in the next second Tae’s door shut with force.

”You brought this on yourself” Yoongi said as he and Hoseok got up from the sofa, ”But maybe this will open your eyes and you will finally see what I have known for a long time.”

Jimin looked up and watched as the friends walked past him and then towards the hallway without sparing him a glance.

Jimin waited until the front door closed behind Yoongi and Hoseok before he let go of the tears he had been holding and hurried over to knock on Tae’s door.

”Tae… Taehyung” Jimin cried and pushed the door handle down to enter the younger’s room. But the door was locked, much to Jimin’s surprise because Tae had never ever locked his door before. It was almost always left ajar because Jimin would so often go in there and sleep beside the younger that there was no point in even closing the door.

Jimin called Tae’s name over and over again as he knocked and moved the door handle but it was all to no use.

Jimin gulped and stepped away from the door. He could hear Tae cry from the other side and it sounded so broken that Jimin wished that he could kick the door in and hold him in his arms until the end of time.

But in reality he couldn’t do anything more than to wait for morning and hope that Tae would understand.

Because he would, wouldn’t he?



Chapter Text




Jimin woke up from sounds coming from the kitchen. He reached his hand out and grabbed his phone from the nightstand.

Two hours of sleep. That was more than it felt like.

Jimin put on his glasses and moved down from his bed, the floor cold under his bare feet.

He stopped under the arch to the kitchen and watched as Tae poured up coffee. He was dressed in his black pajama pants that were a little too long, his blue hair was a mess he and looked so so tired.

”Hi…” Jimin whispered and waited for Tae to react, but the younger just stared down at his coffee without giving Jimin a single glance.

”I want to say that I’m sorry, I want to apologize” Jimin continued and walked slowly into the kitchen towards Tae, almost like if sudden movements would scare him away.

Jimin stopped when he reached the counter, leaving a bit of space between them. But from this distance he could clearly see that Tae was crying silent tears, and that hurt. It hurt to see his best friend so sad and with tears leaving his eyes, and it hurt that he was the one causing him that pain.

”I’m sorry for lying” Jimin whispered and dared to move a little closer to Tae, ”I shouldn’t have lied. I know that now, and I knew it from the start. There’s no excuse other than that I didn’t want to hurt you, believe it or not. I thought that if I kept the first time a secret it wouldn’t make any difference. But then I lied again and again, just because I thought that you would get hurt and angry if I told you the truth… because I know how much you dislike Jungkook and…”

Jimin sighed and averted his gaze from Tae’s profile and looked down at his hands, ”It sounds so stupid when I hear it myself… I’m stupid. I just made everything worse and it’s just somehow so typical me to always ruin things, to always mess things up. And it somehow, in some way, feels like I have been cheating on you and I hate that feeling. I hate it.”

Tae sniffled and brought a hand up to wipe his cheeks and teary eyes, his first move since Jimin had entered the kitchen.

”I suspected something was going on, but I wanted to be wrong” Tae said with his voice tired and a little hoarse, his eyes fixed on his mug, ”and I didn’t want it to be Jungkook.”

Jimin nodded and leaned his back against the counter, happy that Tae was talking to him but still sad that everything had turned out like this.

”So it started when you had to do that assignment together?” Tae asked and glanced at the older.

”Yeah… I don’t know how it happened, it just did.”

Tae looked down and stayed quiet for a moment before he spoke, ”So you’re some kind of fuck buddies, or what?”

Jimin gulped and shrugged his shoulders, feeling a little worried by the sudden change in Tae’s tone, ”I guess so, yes. He’s… difficult. But I sort of hope that we can become friends.”

”Do you think he will change?” Tae scoffed and turned to look at Jimin, ”Do you think he suddenly will stop being an idiot just because he slept with you? Life is not a tv drama, Jimin. He’s not going to be your hero, he’s not going to kiss you in the rain and he’s not going to fight for you.”

Jimin frowned and looked at the younger in disbelief, ”What exactly are you trying to say here Taehyung?”

Tae sighed and shook his head slowly, feeling incredibly tired from his sleepless night and drained from all the emotions and crying.

”I’m saying that he’s using you and that it will end in me picking you up like I’ve done so many times before. And I’m suggesting that you should end things with Jungkook now, before it gets too late.”

Jimin pushed back his hair from his forehead and shook his head before he met the younger’s eyes, ”I’m soon 24 years old, Taehyung. I’m a grown man and I should be able to see who I want without you being overprotective of me. You need to stop treating me like a kid.”

”I’m a grown man as well” Tae said with irritation in his voice as he pointed at himself, ”but you lied to me several times because you thought you did me some kind of favor, so don’t come here and say that I’m the only one whose protective!”

”And I shouldn’t have done that” Jimin agreed calmly, ”I really shouldn’t have. But maybe some part of me was worried that this would happen, this discussion we’re having right now. If I would have told you about Jungkook, I’m quite sure you would have reacted just like this, don’t you think? You wold have told me over and over again what a bad guy he is and how insane I was for wanting to be with him. You would have begged me not to see him and I would have listened to you because you always knows best and you’re always right.”

Jimin wiped away something on his cheek and it was first then that he realized that he was crying.

”I wanted to be with him so bad” Jimin added in a whisper between his sniffles, ”I didn’t want you to convince me to stay away from him, and I didn’t want you to worry. That’s why.”

Tae gulped and averted his gaze from the older’s crying eyes. He looked down at his black, now cold, coffee and tried to make up his mind. 

His feelings for Jimin hadn’t changed even though the latter was having sex with Jungkook.

It was difficult though, because he really didn’t like the thought of someone else touching Jimin like that, kissing him like that.

He knew he had to confess his feelings, he wanted to confess.

But now was probably not the time. 

Not now when they were vulnerable and hurt with tears blurring their vision and anger clouding their minds.

Soon, but not now.

Soon, before Jimin would drift even further away from him.


”I love you, you’re my soulmate and I hate arguing with you” Jimin sighed and tried to find Tae’s gaze, ”I can’t stand it.”

”I love you too” Tae settled on whispering but without looking at the older, afraid his tears were still rolling down his cheeks.

”Then let me do my own mistakes. Let me regret and be sad if that’s what it will end in. Let me be the teenager I never had a chance to be” Jimin sniffled and wiped his eyes. 

Jimin kept his eyes on the younger and waited. And waited. But Tae never spoke again. He just stood there with his eyes fixed on nothing, looking so sad and small that it was hard for Jimin to keep his distance.

In another situation he would embrace the younger, because that’s how they comforted one another.

But Jimin didn’t want to that. He didn’t know why, but he actually didn’t want to comfort his soulmate right in this moment.

So he left the room with mixed emotions, but maybe most of all feeling sad that Tae was taking it so hard. Much harder than he had thought.




The weekend was horrible.

They had both been walking on eggshells and not spoken a word to each other. 

Luckily, they have known each other for so long that it worked to be together in the apartment without actually talking to one another. They watched their dramas like always and they ate together, like always. But there was a heavy silence between them, and an awkwardness that almost could be felt in the air. 

They both knew that they had to talk more about what had happened, but together they could be very stubborn and that really showed.

Jimin took his coffee and looked over at their usual table where Yoongi was sitting looking down at his phone, his free hand holding a pair of chopsticks with which he played around with his food. His guitar placed beside him in its black case.

Jimin walked up to the table and cleared his throat to get Yoongi’s attention.

”Hi uhm, can I sit with you?”

Yoongi furrowed his eyebrows and looked up at the blond, not sure if he really had heard right.

”Are you seriously asking me if you can sit with me?”

Jimin gave the older a small nod and waited anxiously for him to answer, worried that Yoongi was too upset at him.

”I don’t know what’s wrong with you, but if you don’t sit with me I’m going to be very disappointed and also very offended.”

Jimin blushed slightly and sat down beside Yoongi with a relieved smile on his face, ”I though that you were mad at me.”

”I’m not mad at you and I never was” Yoongi explained and put his phone away, ”I guess I just felt bad for Tae and maybe I was a little too harsh on you, but Tae had been sad for an hour before you got home and I wanted you to know that it was because of you and your lies and that it could have easily been prevented if you would have been honest from the start. That’s all. And I’ve known Tae for a very long time and so maybe I’m a little protective of him. I hate to see him sad, and you too for that matter. But you really shouldn’t have lied to him when all he wants is for you to be safe and happy.”

Jimin nodded and looked over to where Tae was standing in the queue to buy something to eat, and got a little surprised to see Jungkook standing right behind him.

”Do you like him?” Yoongi asked and followed Jimin’s gaze, ”Jungkook, I mean.”

”Yes… I do” Jimin whispered and watched how Jungkook tucked his black hair back behind his ear before putting his hand in the pocket of his black slacks, ”He’s a spoiled brat and he’s quite rough around the edges so to speak. It can be difficult to reach beyond his hard exterior and find the real Jungkook, but when you do, there’s much to like about him. And I like those little moments very much... But you can’t tell anyone about us. Just so you know.”

Yoongi smiled and nodded as he studied Jimin’s dreamy gaze, ”Of course I won’t. But uhm, so he treats you with respect and so on? I mean, both you and Tae have told me things about him that makes me a little surprised that you want to be with him.”

”No, he doesn’t” Jimin replied and shook his head, his eyes still fixed on the black-haired that was placing his order, ”Not all the time. But I’m not letting it get to me. Maybe that’s stupid of me, I don’t know.”

”It might be, yes. So have you talked and sorted things out with Tae?”

Jimin shook his head again and took a gulp of coffee, ”Not really… we talked a little bit but not enough to make us go back to how we were.”

”Stupid kids” Yoongi said after a moment of silence and pointed with his chopsticks at Jimin and then at Tae who came to sit down by his other side, ”the both of you, stupid beyond words. And you’re also invited to my place on Friday.”

”Movie night?” Jimin asked, happy that Yoongi was changing the topic.

”Yep. And uhm, I have a new friend I want you to meet. He’s coming over on Friday as well.”

Both Tae and Jimin looked at Yoongi with surprised expressions on their faces while Yoongi looked between them a little confused.

”What? I can’t have other friends than you guys?”

”Of course you can” Jimin smiled, ”It’s just that it has been the three of us and Hoseok for so long that it’s a little odd to hear you talk about a friend we haven’t met before.”

”Who is he?” Tae asked and went back to eating his lunch.

”You remember when I told you about a guy renting the studio next to mine, the guy that left his shoes in the middle of the corridor? A couple of days later I met him when we got out of our studios at the same time. I scolded him, of course, and told him that he would have to pay for my medical bills if I ever were to trip over his ugly shoes again.”

”And…?” Jimin smiled and moved closer to Yoongi, intrigued by the story.

”And then we had coffee.”

”And then you kissed and then he told you he’s a single dad but that’s fine with you because you love kids but then it turned out that his ex is working at the same place at him so now you’re jealous but—”

”My dear, dear Chim” Yoongi interrupted and cupped the blond’s cheeks, ”Life is not a tv drama. Understood?”

”Yes, everyone keeps pointing that out” Jimin replied and glanced at Tae who immediately looked away, ”so I’m fully aware that it’s not.”

Yoongi smiled and let go off Jimin to instead ruffle his hair, ”I’m just kidding.”

”Hey! I spent an hour on fixing my hair this morning!” Jimin pouted and brought his hands up to try and get his blond locks back to their previous place.

”Sorry” Yoongi snickered and stirred his ramyeon, ”Are you not going to eat something?”

Jimin shook his head and grabbed his coffee, ”I got no money left this month. So I’m kind of regretting buying this coffee but I can’t live without caffein either.”

Tae swallowed and looked up at Jimin and then down at his lunch and then back up at Jimin before he pushed his plate towards the blond.

”Here. Eat.”

”Tae” Jimin said softly and shook his head, ”It’s your food and you need to eat as well, so—”

”Please?” Tae whispered and met Jimin’s gaze for the first time in three days, ”You need it and you know it. So please eat.”

”Tae, you don’t have to baby me. I’m fine and I’ll eat something when we get home.”

”I’m not babying you” Tae sighed and looked at Jimin almost pleadingly, ”It’s just that we don’t have anything at home… and I'm worried you’ll get sick if you don’t eat.”

Jimin held Tae’s gaze for a moment before he gave in and grabbed the younger’s chopsticks, ”Okay. Thank you Tae, I’ll make sure to buy you something as soon as I get money.”

Tae nodded and opened his soda, feeling a little better now that Jimin was both smiling and eating after the past days that had been difficult to say the least. Not having Jimin curl up against him on the sofa, not having him snoring beside him in bed and swooning at their favorite actor on tv had been hell.

All he wanted was for them to go back to how they were before Jimin met Jungkook. Back to how close they had been then. 

And he knew that it was up to him now, to get Jimin back. But it was hard when he still was hurt from being lied to, but he also knew that he must forgive Jimin and move on or else you would only drift further apart.

”You know that he’s been looking at you for a long time, right?” Yoongi asked in a soft whisper, causing Jimin to snap his eyes up from the plate to look over to where Jungkook usually would sit, knowing exactly who Yoongi were talking about.

His eyes immediately locked with Jungkook’s who looked a little surprised that he had looked up so sudden, but also pleased to finally have Jimin’s attention.

Jimin blushed from the intense stare and let his eyes travel down over the younger’s black button up shirt, black slacks and dress shoes.

All black.

Jimin gulped and closed his thighs together before looking up to meet Jungkook’s waiting gaze.

How was it possible that his cock was twitching with interest from just looking at the younger? Was there something wrong with him?

Jimin bit down on his lower lip and crossed his legs, noticing a slight smirk on Jungkook’s face.

He knew. 

The little brat.

”We should get back” Tae said and broke the spell Jimin was under, causing the latter to clear his throat and manage to break away from Jungkook’s gaze.

Jimin put his chopsticks down and stood up at the same time as Tae and Yoongi. He then heard his phone receive a text so he brought his hand back to his pocket and brought the phone out.


From: Jungkook

Bathroom. Now


Jimin looked up and noticed Jungkook walk pass them and down towards the corridor that led to the bathroom where Jungkook had found him last time.

”I’ll be right with you” Jimin smiled and put his phone away, ”You can go ahead, I just need to pee and then I’ll come after you.”

”But there’s a bathroom right next to our classroom” Tae said a little confused and watched as Jimin walked backwards in the other direction, an almost apologetic expression on his face, and that’s when Tae understood what was going on.

Tae gulped as Jimin hurried down the corridor with an eagerness in his steps.

”I feel for you, I really do” Yoongi whispered and put his hand on Tae’s shoulder, ”But if this is what he wants, then you have no right to try and stop him. I’m so sorry Tae.”

”I love him” Tae whispered and looked down at his black boots.

”I know you do. But you still haven't told him, have you?”

”No… but I will. Soon.”

Yoongi looked at his friend with a worried feeling in his gut, ”Just please be prepared that he might not feel the same about you.”

Tae swallowed and looked up at Yoongi with stressed eyes, ”Y-You don’t think he has feelings for Jungkook, do you?”

”I don’t know” Yoongi replied and stopped as they reached Yoongi’s classroom, ”Maybe not now, but we can never know if he doesn’t tell us. And you know just as much as I do, that we don’t have a say in who he sees or who he sleeps with. We can give him our honest opinion and advice, but we can’t decide over him.”

Tae sighed and leaned his back against the wall while looking up at the ceiling, ”So you think we should just let him do whatever he wants even though he most likely is going to end up hurt?”

”Yep” Yoongi nodded and leaned his side against the wall next to the blue-haired, ”I’m not saying that Jungkook is a good guy, on the contrary. What I’ve seen and heard you two tell me, he seems to be both homophobic, an asshole and a coward. And respect-less. And considering all that, I find it hard to understand what they see in each other. But if Jimin wants to have sex with him regardless of that, then who are we to stop him.”

Tae nodded slowly and closed his eyes from the cold, harsh light coming from the ceiling, ”I agree with you… but I love Jimin. And it should be me kissing him in that bathroom right now, not Jungkook.”



Jimin opened the bathroom door and watched as Jungkook kicked open every stall to make sure they were empty before he turned around to give Jimin a smirk.

”Hello there little kitten” Jungkook whispered as he closed in on Jimin who blushed and took a few steps backwards until his back hit the wall.

Jungkook caged Jimin against the wall with his arms on either side of the blond’s head and leaned down to ghost this lips over his red ones, ”Missed me?”

”Mmh, I have” Jimin replied and exhaled a shaky breath as Jungkook pressed his palm against his hip to pin him against the wall.

”Good” Jungkook smiled and slid his lips over Jimin’s, like he was trying to see who would cave in first.

”Have you missed me?” Jimin asked and pouted a little, his eyelashes bashing cutely.

”Been thinking about you every fucking second. Can’t get you out of my head and I hate it. I’m going crazy when I can’t kiss you and I have no idea why. You’re just so damn… annoying.”

Jimin breathed heavy as Jungkook’s lips slid over his jaw and down to his neck where Jungkook’s warm breath puffed against his skin before the latter came back up to his lips.

”Kiss me” Jimin whispered with Jungkook’s lips teasingly lingering over the corner of his mouth, ”Or I’ll find someone who will.”

Jungkook let out a sound that was close to a growl before he grabbed Jimin’s chin with a firm grip and crashed his lips against the older’s, causing Jimin to whimper but nonetheless part his his lips to meet the other's eager wet tongue.

Jungkook licked deep inside Jimin’s mouth, relishing in the older’s pretty sounds and wonderful taste that he had missed so much.

Too much.

”Fuck” Jungkook mumbled and pulled back to breathe for a second before he captured Jimin’s lips again, so firm that Jimin’s plump lips got pressed back.

Jimin keened and titled his head to the other side to deepen the hot kisses even further. When both of Jungkook’s hands came to squeeze his hips, he saw his opportunity and wrapped his arms around the younger’s neck.

Jungkook groaned and lifted Jimin up from the floor, who immediately wrapped his legs around his waist. Jungkook held Jimin under his thighs and tilted his head up a little to make the kisses easier for the latter.

Jimin moaned softly and brought a hand up to bury his fingers in Jungkook’s black hair, loving how the smell of the younger’s cologne got mixed with the whiff of apple scent from his shampoo.

”Stop… moaning” Jungkook muttered between kisses that were going from hot and hard, to wet and sloppy.

”Never” Jimin muttered back and tugged at Jungkook’s hair in revenge.

”Fucking brat” Jungkook wheezed and pushed Jimin against the wall so he could grind their hard members together where they were growing desperately hard inside their pants.

”N-No” Jimin whined after breaking their kiss. He leaned his head back and moaned loudly while clutching onto Jungkook’s shoulders, ”Stop, J-Jungkook, stop.”

Jungkook stopped immediately and wrapped his arms around the blond to bring him back from the wall, the latter clinging to him like a koala.

Then everything turned silent and what had been a rush of desperate want settled to an almost oddly quietness, stillness.

It was almost as if the moment turned tender.

”You okay?” Jungkook whispered and brushed his nose against Jimin’s cheek.

”Mmh” Jimin began and pressed a soft kiss on the corner of Jungkook’s mouth, ”It’s just that I’m… that I want you. Very much. And you’re teasing me.”

Jungkook smirked and grazed his teeth over Jimin’s jutting lower lip, ”Come to my place tonight. At 8.”

”No… not 8” Jimin said and shook his head, ”There’s an episode on tv at 8 that I have to watch.”

”Then see it at my place” Jungkook grinned with his hand roaming over Jimin’s butt while the other hand held his thigh, ”I have a tv in my bedroom. I can fuck you from behind while you watch your stupid dra—”

”Oh my god” Jimin whined embarrassed and put his hand over Jungkook’s mouth, ”Don’t say things like that!”

Jungkook chuckled behind Jimin’s hand and gave it a kiss before the older removed it and hid against his neck.

A minute went by with them remaining like that, close and unbothered. Silent words and loud heartbeats. 

Jimin almost didn’t dare to breathe, afraid that if he made a sound or moved that it would ruin the delicate moment. 

These little glimpses of Jungkook’s true self were so rare and easy to like, that he didn’t want it to end.

Couldn't they stay like this forever? In this little safe bubble they sometimes managed to create.

That would have been something.

”I hate what you’re doing to me” Jungkook whispered and stilled his hands, and Jimin could almost hear how Jungkook worked against his urges when he was put down onto the floor again.

Jimin had to force himself to untangle his arms from the taller.

Jungkook gulped and took a step back, his hand coming up to push his black hair back before he glanced at his expensive wrist watch, ”We have to get back.”

”They know” Jimin whispered and hid his hands inside his striped sleeves while chewing on his bottom lips nervously, his gaze flickering between Jungkook’s brown eyes and the wall behind him.

They?” Jungkook asked and lifted his eyebrows, stress flashing in his eyes.

”Tae” Jimin replied and looked down at the floor, ”and Yoongi.”

Jungkook put his hands in his pockets and put his tongue in his cheek while studying the older’s small stature, ”Who’s Yoongi? The guitar-guy?”

”Yes, that’s Yoongi” Jimin nodded and dared to glance at the younger.

”Did you really have to tell him? Why does he have to know about us? I don’t like that. And I don’t like him, he had his hands all over your face in the cafeteria.”

Jungkook crossed his arms and looked away only to quickly look back at Jimin, like he suddenly remembered something.

”He’s not your boyfriend, is he?” Jungkook asked with the same stress in his voice as in his eyes.

”No, he’s not my boyfriend” Jimin replied and rolled his eyes, ”He’s my best friend, just like Tae. You know that guys can have male friends without having a romantic relationship with them, right?”

”Are you trying to say something?” Jungkook muttered and took a step closer to the blond until he stood towering over him.

”Yes” Jimin said and looked up at the younger with a calm expression, ”Hoseok knows as well.”

”Oh for fucks sake Jimin!” Jungkook exclaimed and stepped back while covering his face with his hands, ”What have you done?! And who the fuck is Hoseok?!”

”A friend” Jimin said, feeling slightly intimidated by the younger’s change in tone, ”He’s studying to be a vet and he’s—”

”How many?” Jungkook cut in and gave Jimin a hard stare, ”How many more know about us?”

”No one. Just the three of them.”

”And what do you think will happen if it gets out and the Song twins or Naree finds out?”

”My friends will not tell anyone, I can promise you that” Jimin replied honestly and tried to sound as reassuring as possible to calm Jungkook.

”How do you that? Hm?! How can you be so sure?”

”Because we’re friends and we trust each other. Because there are simply no reason for them to tell anyone who I sleep with. Who cares, Jungkook? Who do you think will care that we kiss and sometimes have sex? Honestly?”

Jungkook gulped and Jimin thought it looked like all energy, all will and everything youthful and bright left Jungkook’s body as he almost curled in on himself, suddenly looking small and almost… vulnerable.

”My father” Jungkook whispered and hung his head while letting a trembling hand come up to his forehead, ”My father would care and then he would stop…”

Jimin looked at the younger with a lump in his throat, his heart hurting at the sight of Jungkook like that.

”Stop…?” Jimin whispered and walked closer to put a hand on Jungkook’s shoulder but as soon as he came into contact with him, the younger straightened his back and shrugged Jimin’s hand off him.

Jungkook turned his back to Jimin and cleared his throat while tucking his black strands back behind his ears.

”Jungkook, talk to me—”

”7.30. Don’t be late, don’t be early.”

Jimin clicked his tongue and shook his head, ”I'm not a calend-”

”You go first” Jungkook said and turned around to flash Jimin a grin, ”and then I’ll leave in a minute.”

Jimin frowned and studied Jungkook’s mask that he hated so much and that he wished he could remove and burn, absolutely hating the younger’s sudden turns and fake personality.

Because it was fake and it was incredibly obvious and it was starting to get on his nerves.

The real Jungkook was there, behind heavy layers of hate and insecurity.

If only he could remove that.

”I hate this side of you” Jimin whispered with a look of disappointment before he turned around to leave.

”Yet you keep coming back for more” Jungkook stated unbothered, and Jimin got a feeling that there was an amused smile on Jungkook’s lips.

”Go to hell” Jimin sighed before he left to hurry down the corridor. 

Jimin opened the door to the classroom as discreetly as he could and walked over to the vacant seat beside Tae. He sat down and glanced at Tae who had his eyes fixed on their professor who was giving a lecture about something Jimin couldn’t concentrate on.

A minute later and the door to the classroom opened again and Jimin watched as Jungkook entered the room with his sleeves rolled up and his hair fixed a little better than before he had left.

Jungkook scanned the room and let his eyes quickly fix on Jimin before he walked to sit down beside Naree who leaned against his side to whisper something in his ear, where upon Jungkook chuckled and nodded.

Jimin jumped a little in surprise as something brushed against his hand, he looked down and in the next second Tae was holding his hand that was resting on his thigh.

A warm feeling spread inside Jimin who smiled and intertwined their hands, happy that Tae took the first step. 

Because one part of Jimin had waited for the younger to do so. That part of Jimin was upset with how distant and unfair Tae was being. Then there was another part of him that was ashamed and regretful for having lied.

But maybe this was the start of going back to how they use to be?

Maybe this was Tae telling him that he would try to understand?




Jimin looked at his reflection in his small mirror and let his brush run through his damp hair one last time. He applied some strawberry chapstick and smacked his lips before he reached for his phone on his desk, noticing that he had an unread text.


From: Seok

Hi, how are you feeling? Are things better between you and Tae?

Have you talked things through?

I called Tae earlier but he’s not really saying anything…


To: Seok

We have talked a little bit but not enough…

I don’t know what to say, honestly. And I’m just feeling so torn and confused and it’s not helping that both you and Yoongi seem to take Tae’s side in something that you shouldn’t take sides in at all.


From: Seok

No we are not taking his side, but we feel for him. He was very sad and cried a lot before you got home. But if you have apologized for lying then I can’t see a reason for him still being upset. I mean, you’re turning 24 and it’s about time for you to get some action, isn’t it ;) ;)


To: Seok

omg! Bye!


From: Seok

Lol sorry! XD

But I’m a little curious if Tae have told you anything…


To: Seok

Told me what? He doesn’t even talk to me.


From: Seok

No, nothing. I gotta go, talk to you later.


To Seok:

Wait! Before you go, I want to ask you to not tell anyone about Jungkook and me. It’s sort of important to keep it a secret. For his sake.


From: Seok

Of course I won’t tell anyone :) But I want to know more about him the next time I see you. He seems to be… complicated?


To: Seok

He’s an idiot.

A complicated idiot.


Jimin put his phone in his pocket and walked out of his room to knock on Tae’s door.

Most of all he wanted to leave without telling Tae, without mentioning it.

But they have to behave their age, have to be able to talk to each other without being afraid of hurting the other’s feelings.


Jimin opened Tae’s door and saw how the younger was sitting by his desk with his textbooks in front of him.

Tae looked up and let his eyes travel over Jimin’s tight jeans and his white jumper that exposed his pretty shoulder, his black choker wrapped around his already sexy neck.

”You’re leaving?” Tae asked and met the older’s gaze.

”Yeah… I am. I’m going to watch the episode at his place.”

”Have fun” Tae mumbled and looked down at his books again.

Jimin sighed and crossed his arms while leaning his side against the doorpost, ”I shouldn’t have lied. I am very aware of that and I am very sorry for doing so. But I have apologized, several times. So maybe you should try and meet me halfway? Because right now, I can’t help but to feel that you are exaggerating. Is it really fair to me that you are going around here for days, sulking and bringing the mood down for the both of us when you instead could be talking to me and try to go back to how we were?”

Tae sighed and flickered his gaze, feeling bad for being selfish in this matter, but also feeling sad that Jimin was going to Jungkook’s place. Because a part of him had actually hoped that the blond would stop seeing Jungkook now that they had found out about them, that Jimin would realize what an asshole Jungkook is.

But it seemed to only have brought Jimin and Jungkook closer together.

And he hated it.

”You’re going to end up being hurt” Tae whispered and met Jimin’s eyes, ”I’m sure of it.”

”Tae” Jimin whispered back and shook his head, ”you have to let me go.”

Tae gulped and got up from his chair to stare out his window, turning his back against Jimin.

”I’m trying to. But I’m not sure if I can.”

”You have to” Jimin said and got up to wrap his arms around Tae to comfort him, ”it’s not like he’s going to be my knew soulmate, okay? What I have with him is different from what you and I have on so many levels.”

Tae exhaled and relaxed in the older’s arms, loving to finally feel his warmth and having him near.

Tae turned around and hugged Jimin tightly, knowing very well that he was making it worse for himself by doing so.

But he couldn’t resist.

It was impossible to resist Jimin.

”Tae” Jimin smiled and hugged the younger back.

”I’m sorry” Tae whispered and kissed Jimin’s blond locks, ”I’m just… very jealous.”

”Jealous?” Jimin smiled confused and leaned back to look up at the other.

”Because I want to watch the drama with you” Tae hurried to say and bopped Jimin’s nose.

Jimin giggled and hugged Tae tighter, ”I’m happy to have you back. And I’m glad that you’re trying even though I know you still feel a little betrayed.”

Tae hummed and buried his nose in Jimin’s neck, ”Come sleep in my bed tonight.”

”Yeah?” Jimin smiled and broke the hug, ”I’d like that.”

Tae’s heart was cheering while his brain screamed at him to step back. But Tae’s heart was loud and in the next second he was kissing Jimin’s cheek.

”Not my lips” Jimin warned and took a step back, ”Want to keep the color.”

Tae swallowed and gave the other a small nod, wishing he could keep Jimin home with him.

But then there was that smile on Jimin’s lips that he knew partly came from them having made up, but there was also excitement and anticipation surrounding the blond that didn’t have anything with him to do.

But with Jungkook.

And Tae had no wish to take that away from him.

After all, Jimin deserved to feel like that. Deserved to feel pleasure and have someone give him what he craved sexually.

Even though he hated the thought of Jimin having sex with Jungkook, he knew that it was what Jimin wanted, so maybe he should take a step back after all.

And wait, until Jungkook would leave him.

Because there was no way Jungkook was going turn into a good guy.

No way.

”Jimin?” Tae said just as the older was about to leave his room.


”Have fun tonight. I mean it.”

Jimin blinked surprised at Tae before what the latter had said sunk in.

”Thank you” Jimin nodded and gave the other a thankful look, ”Or else I’m sending you to kick his ass.”

”Oh I would gladly do” Tae chuckled and sat down behind his desk again.

Jimin giggled and blew the younger a kiss before he hurried out to the hallway to step inside his worn sneakers, hoping that Jungkook would be in a good mood.

But maybe that was to hope for too much.

He nonetheless felt a little giddy, excited. He wanted to feel Jungkook inside him again, feel his warm hands roam across his naked body, taste his kisses and wet tongue.

Jimin found himself blushing as he hurried to the metro.



Chapter Text




Jimin rang the doorbell and checked the time on his phone as he waited.


If Jungkook was going to be mad at him for being 15 minutes late, then he was going to walk out the door again.

Sort of.



Jimin snapped out of his thoughts as the door opened and revealed an almost nervous looking Mr Lee.

”Welcome, Mr Jimin” the man said and stepped to the side to let Jimin inside who kicked off his shoes beside Jungkook’s dress shoes.

”Mr Jeon is busy with some paperwork in his study, but he will be with you shortly. Mr Jeon wants you to wait in his bedroom.”

Jimin blushed a little and whispered a ’thank you’ before he headed up the stairs, feeling weird to actually walk up the stairs and not having Jungkook carry him.

Jimin smiled for himself as he opened the bedroom door but his smile turned into an expression of surprise as his eyes immediately landed on the round marble table between the two big armchairs.

The table was full of soda cans, various drinks, two huge bowls full of candy, a big box of chocolate and a bowl with fresh fruits.

Jimin let his fingers run over the box with chocolate before he slowly opened the lid to take a peek inside.


Jimin quickly closed the box and took a step back.

Was Jungkook doing this on purposed? 

Did he know how much he loved chocolate?

”Stupid rich kid” Jimin mumbled and eyed the sweets longingly when his phone vibrated in his pocket.


From: Jungkook

Mr Lee told me you’re here.

You can watch your shitty drama and take what you want to eat or drink.

I have to work for another hour.



Jimin looked from his phone to the table with a wide smile. Could Jungkook read his mind? Did he know that he was weak for chocolate and sweets? 

Either way, it was a very kind gesture to share, so Jimin turned back to his phone while feeling giddy, a light giggle escaping his lips as he thought about eating sweets while looking at the drama on Jungkook’s wide tv.


To: Jungkook

Thank you!!


Jimin smiled and was just about to put his phone back when something suddenly felt wrong, a cold shiver running down his spine.

Oh no.

Oh no no no no!

Jimin hurried to open the conversation with Jungkook and gulped as he confirmed what he had feared.


To: Jungkook




”I’m so stupid” Jimin muttered and waited for Jungkook to reply. He was so used to text his friends with hearts that he hardly reflect on doing so.

But this was Jungkook.

And Jungkook wasn’t even his friend.

And he definitely didn’t deserve any hearts.

Definitely not…


From: Jungkook




”Whatever” Jimin whispered and read the word over and over again.

What was that supposed to me?

Was he angry? Or was he making fun of him?

Jimin sighed at his own stupidness and put away his phone before quickly grabbing the box with chocolate, almost as if he was afraid Jungkook would change his mind.

He got up on the big bed and crawled on all fours to grab the remote control on the nightstand so he could start the tv.

”Ah, perfect!” Jimin smiled as he found the right channel where the intro to the drama was playing.

He laid down on his front on the satin bedsheets and propped his elbows up on Jungkook’s pillow he had decided was okay to borrow. He kept his eyes on the tv screen while his hand found its way inside the box. He grabbed a heart shaped piece of chocolate and let it melt inside his mouth.

”Oh my” Jimin mumbled and sighed with the delicious taste on his tongue. This chocolate was a million times better than the the ones he use to buy himself. Probably because this box cost more than a years worth of rent.

Jimin licked his lips and stuffed his cheeks with more chocolate while losing himself in the drama that was far better than it use to be, maybe because his favorite actor was even more handsome on Jungkook’s tv screen than on his own old tv back home.

”Oh no, you didn’t” Jimin whispered in shock at the sudden turn of events. 

If he were watching with Tae, he knew that the younger would have grabbed his arm by now and screamed behind his hand in surprise. They would look at each other and ask at the same time ’did you see that?’ Tae would curse at the actor while Jimin would shake his head in disbelief and they would not stop taking about the scene for days.

Jimin found himself glancing at his phone that lay beside him on the bed. He worried his lip between his teeth and looked back at the screen, only to reach out and grab the phone in the next second.


To: Taetae

Did you see that?!! Did he just kiss his secretary?!!



Jimin put his phone down and reached his hand inside the box to take another piece of chocolate, but furrowed his eyebrows as his hand only grabbed air.


Jimin blushed as he realized that he had eaten everything by himself and left nothing to Jungkook.

What if he would get mad and ask him to buy a new box? He could never afford that!

But he did say that he could take anything he wanted so… maybe he wanted everything? 

And Jungkook owed him that for being such an idiot.

Jimin got up from the bed and grabbed one of the big bowls with candy and climbed back up in the bed where he sat down crossed-legged and put the heavy bowl in the space between his knees before he reached for his phone.


From: Taetae

Yes he did!!!

What a cheating bastard!!!

Wish I were that secretary though ^ ^

Are you watching with Jungkook?



Jimin giggled and stuffed his cheeks with a handful of candy.



To: Taetae

He’s working in his study :( :(

Left me all alone with candy and drinks.

I’m plotting on revenge.



From: Taetae

Come back home? :)



Jimin gulped as he read Tae’s text.

He knew that Tae wanted him home. That he worried.

That he would be ecstatic if he actually decided to leave Jungkook.

But Jimin didn’t want that. He was exactly where he wanted to be and leaving now was the last thing he wanted to do.

He could feel a slight pain in his gut that had nothing to do with the candy. It was the familiar feeling of being torn that pained him. Torn between Jungkook and Tae. Between soulmate and stranger.

It sounded so weird to put it like that. Never would he have thought that he would one day chose a person he hardly knew over spending time with Tae. He would have laughed at such a crazy scenario.

But now he was here and there was nothing funny about it.

Not at all.

Jimin kept his gaze on the phone until the screen went black and brought him back from his deep thoughts.

It felt like he was lacking the right words, afraid that what ever he would reply with, would make the younger sad. Or upset.

But then again, soulmates does not try to put guilt on each other.

And that’s honestly how it felt. Maybe Tae wasn’t very aware of doing so, but he shouldn’t ask him to come home when he knew how hard this was for him in the first place.

It didn’t feel fair.

Jimin tossed his phone to the side and sighed while grabbing another fistful of candy and turning his eyes back to the drama.


Jungkook sighed tiredly and looked at his wristwatch.

Jimin’s tv drama would be over any minute now, and he was not going to miss a single second of the blond’s company after that.

He threw his pen down on the desk and left his study while pushing his black hair away from his forehead. When he came to his bedroom, he stopped and leaned against the doorpost and put his hands in the pocket of his black slacks while eyeing the blond on his bed.

He was munching on the candy from the bowl in his lap while his eyes were fixed on the tv, his plump lower lip jutting as he stopped chewing and his features relaxed. His white jumper hung low on one shoulder and exposed his delicate skin. It was the same jumper he had worn when he had gone out in the rain, the memories caused an amused smile to form on his lips.

What was it about Jimin that always got him in a better mood? How was that even possible? He barely knew the blond, yet he affected him in ways he wasn’t going to admit for anyone, not even himself.

There was something about Jimin, something he hadn’t seen in another person ever.

There was something unusual with him, something he couldn’t quite put his finger on but that nevertheless messed with his mind.

And he hated it. 

He really did.

Because it was scary and clashed with everything he had been told, everything he had been learned and forced to believe. Everything.

Yet here Jimin was, sitting on his bed with the black bedsheets in contrast to his blond hair and light colored clothes. It was like Jimin didn’t belong here. Like he was a pure, innocent species from another dimension that had gotten lost and happened to enter his world that was full of darkness and self-hatred.

That’s why it was important to not get too close.

Just in case he would get blinded.

For Jimin’s sake.



Jungkook snapped out of his thoughts and realized that Jimin was looking at him in surprise, his cheeks blushing, his hands hiding inside his sleeves and his plush lips going up in a little smile.

Those smiles and blushing cheeks were always getting to him and he didn’t know if they made him weaker or stronger.

It felt like both, in some complicated way he didn’t allow himself to comprehend.

Jungkook removed himself from the doorway and held the older’s gaze as he climbed up on the bed and moved closer until he was right beside him.

Jimin gulped as Jungkook grabbed his chin gently and without a single word captured his lips in one of those firm kisses that they both loved and that always took Jimin’s breath away.

Jungkook hummed and licked a little deeper inside the other’s mouth, having absolutely nothing against the taste of sugar mixed with Jimin’s own taste.

Jimin answered the kiss and let Jungkook’s tongue inside while grabbing the younger’s arm to steady himself a little.

They changed angle and Jimin could feel himself getting hotter as want and desire flared up inside him.

”I can wait if you want to watch the rest” Jungkook whispered against Jimin’s moist lips.

Jimin felt surprised by the softness in Jungkook’s voice. It felt out of place, like it didn’t belong to Jungkook. But he wasn’t complaining.

Definitely not.

”M’no” Jimin whispered slowly after a moment of thought, ”I’d rather be with you.”

”Mmh, I like your answer” Jungkook smiled and kissed Jimin’s lips before reaching for the remote control so he could turn the tv off, ”I don’t understand why you like his stupid face so much.”

”He’s handsome” Jimin pouted.

”He’s the ugliest” Jungkook corrected and put his hand where Jimin’s neck met his shoulder, where his jumper exposed his pretty skin.

”You’re mean” Jimin sighed and picked up a candy from the bowl in his lap and brought it up to Jungkook’s lips, wanting to feed him and also shut him up.

”Say aah” Jimin said when the younger refused to open his mouth.

”Do I have to?” Jungkook asked slightly annoyed.

”Don’t you like candy?” Jimin asked a little confused considering the vast amount of sweets in the room.

”No, not really” Jungkook replied and took the candy from Jimin’s hand and brought it to the older’s lips instead.

Jimin blushed and wrapped his lips around Jungkook’s two fingers while holding his gaze. He took the fingers a little deeper than necessary and pushed his tongue up against them while pulling back and then release them from his pressed lips.

Jimin blushed even more and averted his eyes as he chewed on the small piece of candy.

”You’re an annoying little brat” Jungkook muttered with his intense stare never leaving the blond.

”Yet you bought all of these sweets and drinks just for me” Jimin replied a little cheeky to give back for what Jungkook had said in the bathroom earlier at uni.

Jungkook scoffed and took the bowl to place it on the nightstand, ”How about being a little grateful instead, hm?”

Jimin swallowed and nodded while looking down at his sweater paws, ”I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to be ungrateful. It was really nice of you and I—”

”Hey” Jungkook sighed and grabbed a hold of Jimin’s waist to pull him closer and up in his lap, the blond immediately straddling him with his head ducked but with a shy smile on his lips.

”I didn’t mean it like that and you know it” Jungkook whispered before he pressed his soft lips against Jimin’s neck, ”Did you taste the chocolate?”

Jimin tilted his head and closed his eyes, loving each and every press of Jungkook’s lips and the occasional lick from the tip of his tongue.

”Mmh… I finished the whole box.”

Jungkook chuckled softly and trailed his light kisses up along Jimin’s neck and over his jaw until he reached his plump lips where he stopped and let his thumb come up to drag against his jutting lower lip.

”That’s a good kitten” Jungkook breathed out and let his gaze slowly move up to Jimin’s innocent brown orbs, ”I want to give you more.”

”Give me more?” Jimin wondered in a whisper, not understanding what the younger meant. But then again, his mind was beginning to fog with desire.

”Mmh… never mind” Jungkook shook his head slowly and put his hand on Jimin’s neck again, pulling him a little closer until their lips slot together.

Jimin hummed and put a hand in Jungkook’s black hair, loving how soft the locks felt between his fingers.

”Have you thought about me?” Jungkook asked in the silence when they had pulled back to breathe.

Jimin met the other’s eyes and thought he saw something else, something that wasn’t there the last time he had got the question. Something that wasn’t curiosity, but more close to… confirmation. Not like he was wondering, but more like he wanted to make sure that he still thought of him when they weren’t together.

”Yes” Jimin whispered and tried to so show his honest in both his voice and eyes, ”I have.”

Jungkook nodded and let his hands slide under Jimin’s jumper, his palms roaming over hot skin and soft hips.

”Jungkook, the door…”

”Don’t worry, I sent him home.”

Jimin hummed and whispered a ’good’.

”Did you touch yourself when you thought of me?”

Jimin smiled shyly and nodded before he leaned down to hide against Jungkook’s neck.

”What did you think about?” Jungkook asked in his low, almost vibrating voice that caused a good shiver to run down Jimin’s spine.

Jimin blushed even though the younger couldn’t see him but kept silent, needing a little more heat in his veins to answer truthfully.

”Aren’t you going to answer me?” came Jungkook’s voice, dripping with authority as his hands moved from Jimin’s back to the narrow space between them where he swiftly began to open Jimin’s jeans.


Jungkook smirked as he managed to tuck down Jimin’s pants and underwear a little so he could wrap his hand around the latter’s semi hard cock and give it nice and slow strokes.


”Tell me” Jungkook said and slowed down, ”Or else I’ll stop.”

Jimin whined in defeat and looked down between them where his cock was hard and trapped inside Jungkook’s big hand.

”You were inside me a-and you loved it. You gave me praises and told me how good I was and you…”

”And I?” Jungkook helped while brushing his thumb over the tip of Jimin’s cock.

”You came over my face.”

Jimin gulped and regretted his whole life as Jungkook stopped touching him, obviously disgusted by what he had said.

”That’s” Jungkook mumbled and began to stroke the older again as soon as his brain started working, ”so fucking hot.”

Jungkook breathed heavy as he worked on Jimin’s cock that was moist with the pre cum that kept gushing out in small but very useful drops that Jungkook skillfully collected and smeared over the hot skin.

”I’m doing that next time” Jungkook decided and let his free hand squeeze Jimin’s ass, ”But today I want to try something else.”

Jimin’s mind was becoming blurry with how incredibly good Jungkook’s hand felt around his leaking member, and together with the younger’s low and husky voice it caused the burning want in his gut to spread through his whole body.

”What?” Jimin asked with a shaky voice as he tried to fuck into Jungkook’s hand discreetly while his hands clutched the crisp material of the latter’s button up shirt.

”Is it possible…” Jungkook began a little hesitantly while his other hand found its way past the hem of Jimin’s underwear so he could caress his smooth butt, ”can you… ride? Is that… can a guy…”

”Yes” Jimin replied with more eager than intended, ”I-I mean, it’s possible but I don’t know if… if I can. I’ve never tried, so uhm… yeah I’d love to. Try, I mean.”

Jungkook grinned and let go of Jimin’s flushed member, causing a disappointed whine to leave the older’s lips.

”Then be good and undress” Jungkook ordered and gave Jimin’s ass a little spank.

Jimin muttered a complaint under his breath but did as he was told anyway and got off the bed to undress from everything except his velvet choker.

Jungkook got out of his slacks and underwear quickly before reaching for lube and a condom in his nightstand and then settled with his back against the bed frame.

He watched as Jimin climbed up the bed again and came crawling on all fours towards him, his cheeks blushing and his lips formed to a nervous little smile.

”Come here little kitten” Jungkook whispered and reached his arms out to grab Jimin’s waist and pull him back to his lap where Jimin fitted so perfectly with his legs on either side of his thighs.

”Off?” Jimin asked and pulled his lip between his teeth before he brought his hands up to one of the buttons on Jungkook’s black shirt.

”Mmh, if you want me to?”

”Yes” Jimin nodded and began to open the buttons with surprisingly steady hands, his gaze sometimes flickering up to meet the younger’s stare that got his cock to grow back to its full size.

”Good work” Jungkook whispered and gave the blond a wet kiss before shrugging out of the shirt, ”going to stretch you now.”

Jimin gulped and watched as Jungkook poured lube onto his fingers.

”I uhm… already… prepared myself…”

Jungkook rose one of his eyebrows and searched the older’s eyes, ”Prepared?”

”Yes” Jimin nodded, ”I already… did that.”

”Oh” Jungkook gulped and looked between his fingers and Jimin, ”When I was working?”

”No no no” Jimin hurried to say with his eyes wide, ”at home, I did it at home, before I got here.”

Jungkook nodded and looked a little helplessly at Jimin, ”You could have told me earlier.”

Jimin swallowed and nodded, ”Yes but it’s not like… I mean… you can still use the lube to finger me.”

Jungkook nodded and brought his lubed fingers between Jimin’s ass cheeks while listening to clues in the older’s breathing.

”Yes” Jimin whispered and lifted his ass up a little.

The pleasure was immediate.

Jimin moaned as Jungkook slid two fingers inside him, not with any kind of force, but with a little more determination than on their first time.

A little more confidently.

”Oh… Jungkook… s-so good…”

”Mmh? That’s good” Jungkook mumbled and brought a third finger inside the blond, ”tell me when you’re ready for my cock.”

Jimin moaned and wrapped his arms around Jungkook’s neck as the latter picked up the pace a little, the fingers brushing over the wall to his sweet spot every time.

Jungkook smirked as Jimin’s moans broke and he tensed with his thighs trembling.

”Amazing” Jungkook whispered and started giving the older reassuring kisses on his shoulder.


”Ready” Jimin whimpered and brought his hand back to push away Jungkook’s, afraid he would come if the younger kept going.

”So eager, huh?” Jungkook teased and winked at the older who just gave him a pout and a weak hit on his arm.

Jungkook chuckled and rolled on the condom on his erection before he grabbed onto Jimin’s waist, ”Now show me how good you can take my cock.”

”Don’t say it like that!” Jimin wheezed with pink cheeks before he got up a little on his knees.

”Oh don’t pretend like you don’t like it” Jungkook smirked but turned serious the second he felt the tip of his cock slide inside Jimin who was clutching his shoulder hard with one hand while holding a rather firm grip on his cock with his other hand.

Even though he never had done this with a man before, he could tell that Jimin was lowering himself too fast. He was wet and well prepared, but still too tight to take him that quickly.

”Jimin” Jungkook spoke and searched the older’s eyes, ”Jimin not so fast, take it easy, what if you hurt yourself?”

Jimin swallowed and let go of Jungkook’s member to hold both of his shoulders instead. He heard what Jungkook said but something inside him wanted to be good.

To do good.

For Jungkook.

Jimin sighed in relief when he realized that he had taken all of Jungkook’s big cock inside him.

”Jimin” Jungkook whispered and grabbed the older’s chin to lift his head so he could find his gaze, ”Don’t go that quick another time, okay?”

”But I wanted to be good” Jimin whispered back with a sniffle, his eyes a little glossy and his lower lip trembling.

Jungkook gulped at the sight and noticed how something stirred inside him, a feeling he never felt before. It wasn’t surprising, consider how strange and new everything was with Jimin.

But this felt a little weird. Like he almost… found pleasure in the blond’s state and another feeling came to his mind.

”One day, I want to bend you over and fuck you so hard you’re going to cry from how good it feels.”

Jimin gasped and hurried to hide his face against Jungkook’s neck as he realized he was clenching around Jungkook’s cock.

”Fuck, Jimin, don’t do that” Jungkook huffed out and pinched the blond’s waist.

”Then don’t say stuff like that!”

”But you liked it!”

”Yes I did but just… just shut up or something!”

”I thought you wanted me to tell you how good you are?”

Jimin pulled back from his hiding place and pulled his bottom lip between his lips as he met the younger’s gaze.

”Or don’t you want to be a good kitten and ride my cock?” Jungkook whispered and brought his hand up to caress Jimin’s blushing cheek, ”Hm…?”

”I do” Jimin nodded eagerly and grabbed Jungkook’s shoulder’s again. He felt how both of Jungkook’s warm hands came to hold his hips steadily while they kept their eyes on each other.

Jimin tried to relax just as he had done last time and began to lift himself up slowly, the drag of Jungkook’s cock against his sweet spot felt absolutely amazing. And being so full at the same time was even better.

It was perfect.

Jimin stopped and sank down just as slowly, a low grunt leaving Jungkook’s lips as he did so.

Jimin smiled for making the both of them feel so good and picked up the pace of his movements a little, the initial burning pain now almost gone.

”Wow” Jungkook mumbled and took in the sight of Jimin working hard on his cock, his cheeks flushed and his blond hair sticking to his sweaty forehead. He no longer looked nervous or tensed, just concentrated and a little lost in his own pleasure.

And oh was he beautiful.


”Jungkook… kook” Jimin whined while continuing to rise on fall on the younger’s cock.

”You’re doing amazing” Jungkook whispered, a little taken aback by the older’s sheer beauty.

Jimin hummed between his moans and threw his head back as he more or less slammed down on the cock to bury it deep inside him.

”Shit, Jimin, I’m going to come if you—”

”Help me” Jimin breathed out and straightened his neck again so he could pout at Jungkook, ”So tired.”

Jungkook smirked and grabbed Jimin’s waist, ”My pleasure.”

Jungkook had no idea how he was going to control himself, because being the one to set the pace and lead like this was exactly what he loved to do. And so he happened to start with a much quicker pace than Jimin had worked with, but the blonde was far from complaining.

Jimin clutched harder onto Jungkook’s shoulders and started to let out high pitched moans as Jungkook fucked him in just the right way and he could feel his orgasm build up with an incredible speed inside his gut.

”You’re getting close” Jungkook stated between his groans and slowed down a little, wanting them to go one for a little bit longer.

”Can I take over?” Jimin whispered and bit down on his lip before he added, ”I want to be good for you.”

Jungkook cupped Jimin’s cheeks and kissed him, ”Of course. I’ll let you make us come this time and then I’ll makes us come next time. Sounds good?”

”Yes” Jimin blushed and captured the younger’s lips before he started moving again, this time with a little more confidence as they both were pretty much on the edge of coming.

”You’re fucking amazing at riding my cock” Jungkook whispered and massaged the older’s tired thighs, ”You’re taking me so so good and so deep in your tight hole. I’m so proud of you kitten.”

Jimin gasped from the praises and dug his fingernails in Jungkook’s back while he clenched around him, trying to fuck himself on Jungkook even though he was basically coming.

”Jungkook I’m going to come now” Jimin warned with his eyes shut tightly and his whole body trembling.

”Come for me” Jungkook whispered and wrapped his fingers around Jimin’s wet member, ”Now.”


Jimin slapped his hand over his own mouth as he slammed down on Jungkook’s cock and came all over the younger’s hand and stomach, a string of muffled moans escaping past his hand.

Jimin gulped and panted as he continued to ride in slow and surprisingly steady movements while Jungkook was whispering praises close to his ear.

”Just a little longer” Jungkook reassured and grabbed Jimin’s hip even though his right hand was dirty with cum. He thrusted up against Jimin a couple of times before he grunted and mumbled the older’s name as he spilled inside the condom with Jimin collapsing tiredly against his chest.

”I got you” Jungkook breathed out and wrapped his arms around the older before giving his blond locks a kiss, ”I got you”

Jimin noticed how he was drifting dangerously close to sleep and it took all of his willpower to not give in to the incredibly tempting state.

”No” Jimin whined as Jungkook lowered him down onto the cool bedsheets, his eyes opening to give the younger a stressed look.

”Ssh, I’ll be right back” Jungkook whispered and rubbed his hand over Jimin’s arm before he pulled out and hurried away to the bathroom.

Jimin forced himself to keep his eyes open despite how his whole body was screaming at him to relax and succumb to sleep. But then he could hear how the tap started running and the sound of flowing water caused his eyes to immediately droop.


”… or you?”

Jimin blinked is eyes open and was met with Jungkook’s waiting gaze.


”Oh…” Jungkook whispered and gulped, his eyes flickering a little, ”did you fall asleep?”

”No I-I just… I…”

Jimin sat up while chewing on his lower lip nervously, a hint of anxiety making itself known in his chest.

Oh no.

Not now, please not now.


”Jimin are you—”

Jimin grabbed the damp towel from Jungkook’s hand and wiped away the cum on his waist and some on his stomach, ”I-I need to get home and things like that.”

Jimin hurried to get down on the floor and grab his glasses from the nightstand and get dressed in his clothes that were laying in a big pile beside the bed.

Jungkook looked away and clenched his fists, fighting against his strong urges.

Jimin pushed his glasses further up on his nose and let a trembling hand run through his messy hair.

”See you tomorrow then” Jimin said with the words running into each other as his anxiety started to pull harder on the string in his chest, causing his inhales to become a little labored.

Jungkook furrowed his eyebrows and looked at Jimin, ”Are you sure you’re okay? You doesn’t sound very well.”

”I-I just… I just—”

Jimin grabbed the back of the nearest armchairs and closed his eyes, trying to concentrate on his breathing.

”Jimin” Jungkook spoke worriedly and moved down from the bed to grab Jimin’s arm, ”You tired yourself too much and—”

”I have to leave” Jimin whispered and looked up at the younger pleadingly.

”Yes I know” Jungkook nodded and met the older’s eyes, ”But why the hurry? Why don’t you come and sit down for a sec—”

”Because it’s hard to breathe and I need…” Jimin began and swallowed, ”Tae to hold my hand.”

Jungkook clenched his jaws and looked at Jimin without taking his hand of his arm. A spark of jealousy hit him from the mention of Tae’s name, but was soon replaced with a different feeling, and a thought.

”What if I held your hand?”

Jimin wasn’t sure if he had heard right but as the words had sunken in, he nodded eagerly and in the next second Jungkook was holding his hand tightly, almost like he needed it as well.

It felt a little strange to stand like that, close together while holding hands, and Jimin once again thought that it felt close to normal. That they were doing something normal amid so many other things that didn’t feel nearly as normal.

Jimin sighed as he finally relaxed and felt okay again. He let his head fall forward so that his forehead came to rest against the younger’s chest.

”Thank you” Jimin mumbled into the fabric of Jungkook’s shirt.

”You’re so fucking stupid” Jungkook muttered and brought his free hand up to card through Jimin’s blond locks, ”Why didn’t you just say that you needed me to hold your hand right away? I could have… hugged your something. Why did you just try to run?”

”Because I don’t know where the line is. Because we haven’t talked about what we’re doing. Not a single time.”

Jimin leaned back and looked up at Jungkook who refused to meet his gaze, ”We haven’t discussed any rules or anything. Nothing. So how am I supposed to know what’s okay to ask for or not?”

Jimin’s voice was calm and collected, although tired.

”I know” Jungkook replied and looked out the window to his left, dark clouds moving fast over an even darker sky, ”But I really don’t feel like doing that.”

”Because?” Jimin tried and caressed Jungkook’s hand with his thumb.

”Because I’m…”



”… I don’t know.”

Jimin sighed and let his eyes follow Jungkook’s gaze to the window, ”It would make things a little easier.”

”What would?”

”If you wouldn’t leave me right away after we have… you know what. Because I honestly don’t think that I can go on like this if you’re not willing to hug me and talk to me for five minutes after. If you think I’m not worth that, then we can’t continue seeing each other like this.”

Jungkook swallowed with worry spreading through his veins, reaching out to ever single cell in his body.

”I can do that” Jungkook nodded hurriedly and met Jimin’s gaze while gripping his hand tighter, ”I promise, no problem, I’ll do that. I was going to do that today but you just flew away like a scared bird.”

”You were?” Jimin asked in total surprise and watched as Jungkook nodded, ”Oh… I didn’t think that you… oh…”

”And you could have asked, because we might hate each other, but I won’t kill you for asking me stuff like that.”

Jimin pursed his lips and hit Jungkook’s chest weakly, causing the younger to chuckle and grab his waist to lift him off the floor.

Jimin wrapped his legs around Jungkook and shook his head in disbelief, ”You’re a complete idiot and you should kiss me before I change my mind.”

Jungkook laughed softly and sat down on the edge of the bed with Jimin in his hold before capturing his lips to kiss him slow and almost sensually, very differently to how they usually kissed.

Jimin smiled into the kisses and let Jungkook taste the inside of his mouth, a pleased sound leaving the younger’s lips.

”So when can this idiot see you again?”

Jimin giggled and buried his nose in Jungkook’s neck, ”Tomorrow.”

”I can’t” Jungkook whispered and let his hands rub Jimin’s back under the fabric of his soft jumper, ”I’m working after school every day until Friday, but on Friday night I’m going to hang out with Namjoon.”

”Then why did you ask me?” Jimin sighed and gave Jungkook’s neck a kiss before pulling back.

”Because I wanted to check how eager you are to see me again” Jungkook smirked and winked at the older.

”Bye!” Jimin said and tried to climb off Jungkook’s lap, but the latter just laughed and held him still.

”So how about this weekend then? Are you free on Saturday?”

”Maybe” Jimin said and shrugged his shoulder, ”Depends on if there’s chocolate or not.”

Jungkook chuckled and leaned in to ghost his lips over Jimin’s smiling ones, ”There will be. I promise.”

”Okay” Jimin whispered and put his hands on the other’s hips, ”Then it’s a date.”

”A date?” Jungkook gulped and pulled back with wide eyes, ”I-I don’t—”

”A date?” Jimin asked and blushed a deep red on his cheeks.

”You said it’s a date” Jungkook explained and cleared his throat.

”Oh my god, I did?! I meant a deal!” Jimin hurried to make clear, ”A deal! Not a date!”

”You’re crazy” Jungkook mumbled and sealed their lips in a firm kiss to calm to the blond, ”You shouldn’t be allowed to speak.”

”Then kiss me some more and I won’t” Jimin whispered and relaxed again, silently cursing at himself for being so stupid.

”I have to leave” Jimin spoke when they pulled back to breathe, ”I can’t miss the last train.”

”Okay” Jungkook nodded and stood up with Jimin in his hold, ”Let me carry you down.”

Jimin smiled approvingly and busied himself with kissing Jungkook’s neck as he was being carried to the first floor.

”Be careful.”

Jungkook kissed Jimin a last time before he put him down.

”I will” Jimin replied and stepped inside his sneakers before walking over to the front door.

”See you tomorrow at uni?”

”Yeah” Jungkook smiled, ”See you tomorrow.”



Jimin smiled all the way home, for reasons he wasn’t sure of.

Well, he knew it had to do with Jungkook, but he didn’t know why or what it was exactly that made him smile.

But it had felt good to hold his hand though. Very good. But was that alone a reason for smiling and feeling… lighter? Happier?

The thought of Jungkook made him forget the darkness surrounding him that he otherwise would have been scared of.

Jimin unlocked the door and was just going to put his keys away when his phone vibrated in his pocket.


From: Jungkook

Are you home yet?



Jimin read the text again with knitted eyebrows, feeling slightly confused.

Why was he asking this again?

If not…

No. That couldn’t be.

Or could it?

Jimin blushed a little and smiled as he typed a reply.


To: Jungkook

I just got home…

Why do you ask?



From: Jungkook

Because you’re both stupid and clumsy.

And it’s dark.



Jimin giggled and opened the front door. The apartment was bathing in darkness so the first thing he did was to turn on the lights and kick off his shoes before walking towards his bedroom with his eyes on his phone.


To: Jungkook

Are you calling me clumsy?



From: Jungkook

Are you calling me a lier?



Jimin huffed out a laughter and flopped down on his bed. He really, really needed a shower but it felt so good to lay down and he noticed how sleep once again started to feel incredibly tempting.


To: Jungkook

Oh yes, I am.

But you promised to feed me delicious chocolate next time, so you’re forgiven.



From: Jungkook

I never said anything about feeding, but if that’s what you want then sure ;)



Jimin snorted and reached his arm out to put his glasses on his nightstand before he turned to lay on his side to get more comfortable.


To: Jungkook

Isn’t it past your bedtime?



From: Jungkook

I’m flattered.

And I’m already in bed.

How long are you going to stay up?



Jimin squinted at the screen even though he had lowered the brightness, his eyes tired and his arm too lazy to grab the glasses again.


To: Jungkook

I’m also in bed

I don't know, but I'm still in my clothes and I need a shower. But I'm too tired



Jungkook smiled at the text and turned from his back to lay on his side instead.

A sudden want to hear Jimin’s voice came over him but calling the older was such a bad idea that he had to convince himself all sorts of horrible scenarios to make the want go away.


From: Jungkook

You should sleep then.

Goodnight Jimin



Jungkook typed and hit send as fast he could before something inside him would decide over his brain and do something he shouldn’t.

Jungkook waited for Jimin to reply but understood after awhile that Jimin either didn’t want to reply or had fallen asleep.

He had only written goodnight, so it wasn’t like the blond had to reply. It was just that it had been… fun, to text with him. He didn’t have anyone else to text with like that, except for Namjoon, so it was a nice change to how lonely it usually felt to go to sleep.

Jungkook tried to stay awake though, just a little longer in case.

Just in case.

And when the phone beeped and lit up, he unlocked it faster than ever before.


From: Jimin




Jungkook smiled and let the phone slip through his fingers as he close his eyes again.

”Goodnight kitten.”





”TAE!” Jimin yelled as he ran out from the bathroom with his hair still wet and his socks upside down, ”I HOPE YOU’RE DRESSED AND READY TO LEAVE!”

Jimin grab his black choker from his desk and put it around his neck, thankfully without having to spend two hours on the lock.


Jimin grabbed his phone and put it in his pocket before taking a first and last glance in his small mirror.



Jimin sighed and grabbed his backpack from the floor to hang it over his shoulder.

”I’m waiting in the hallway” Jimin said as he walked past the door to the bathroom that was left ajar.

Jimin put on his sneakers and drummed his fingers against the small table beside the front door.


A minute went by before Tae came out from his bedroom with his blue hair messy, dressed in black jeans and a worn t-shirt.

”Come on” Jimin said and opened the door while Tae put on his boots.

”I’ll get the elevator” Tae mumbled and walked past the older.

Jimin hurried to lock the door and run over to where Tae was waiting with his eyes fixed on the floor.

”Your hair” Jimin whispered and got up on his tiptoes so he could reach a little better to fix the younger’s hair.

”I waited for you” Tae whispered and glanced at Jimin who looked at him a little confused.

”You waited for— oh… yeah I fell asleep as soon I got home. I didn’t even take off my clothes or brush my teeth. But you didn’t actually wait up for me, right…?”

Tae gulped and watched as the elevator doors opened for them.

Jimin pushed the button and leaned against the mirrored wall while looking at Tae who leaned against the opposite wall without meeting his gaze.

”I hope you’re not expecting me to say sorry” Jimin said a little irritated and shifted on his foot.

”No” Tae replied tiredly and shook his head, ”Of course I’m not.”

Jimin softened a little from the answer and walked over to wrap his arms around his best friend, ”What’s with you? Hm…?”

Tae sighed and relaxed a little in Jimin’s arms as he hugged the latter back, a little tighter than Jimin was hugging him.

”I miss you.”

”I miss you too” Jimin whispered, ”I miss having fun with you and be silly with you. I miss your laughter. I wish we could go back to that.”

Jimin pulled back and caressed Tae’s cheek, ”I miss my best friend.”

Tae leaned in to Jimin’s touch and let a hand rub over the latter’s back.

Tell him.


”Jimin I…”


”I… I want that too.”

Jimin smiled and kissed Tae’s cheek quickly, ”Great! So are we watching reruns and eating ice cream tonight?”

”You’re staying home tonight?” Tae asked with a wide smile as he was being dragged out of the elevator by Jimin’s hand.

”Yes, Jungkook have to work so I’m going to be home.”

”Okay” Tae managed to reply surprisingly calm even though his heart was exploding with joy, finding it very hard to hide his excitement.




”Good day fellow friends” Yoongi smiled and sat down by the table where Jimin was practically drooling while staring at Jungkook, while Tae was frowning and shooting daggers instead.

”Wow” Yoongi sighed and stirred his hot ramyeon with his chopsticks, ”this is interesting but also very sad.”

”So uh, I gotta… pee” Jimin said as he suddenly stood up, causing the table to wobble and Yoongi’s food to move dangerously close to the edge.

”I know you’re horny but can you please—”

”So sorry” Jimin said and gave Yoongi an apologetic look while walking backwards.

”Don’t wait for me” Jimin added and turned around to hurry down the corridor.

”Wish I could get my dick rubbed every lunch break as well” Yoongi mumbled but looked up from his food when he realized what he had said.

”Shit, I didn’t mean—”

”Thanks for the coffee” Tae said and grabbed Yoongi’s mug.

”Whatever they are doing and whatever it is they are, they might not stop anytime soon, just so you know. And I honestly think that you need to stop sulking, because you’re bringing us all down.”

Tae gulped and hung his head, ”I know. He told me.”

”Then listen to him! Listen to us! Stop pitying yourself! Be happy for Jimin’s sake and come back to us like the friend you use to be.”

Tae met the older’s waiting gaze and nodded, ”Okay. I will try. I promise.”

”Thank you” Yoongi sighed and reached over the table to ruffle Tae’s hair, ”I know it’s hard, but I also know you’re a fighter.”

Tae laughed and and took another sip of Yoongi’s coffee before he pushed the mug back to the older, ”I’m going to crush you in your favorite video game on Friday, just so you know.”

”Well see about that kiddo” Yoongi said and narrowed his eyes as he pointed at the younger with his chopsticks.




”Get out” Jungkook said to the guy who was just about to enter one of the stalls.

”I said get the fuck out, or I’ll break your arm” Jungkook wheezed and pointed at the door.

The guy swallowed nervously and hurried out the door where he almost bumped into Jimin.

”Did you threaten him?” Jimin wondered and walked up Jungkook.

”Maybe” Jungkook mumbled and pushed Jimin up against the wall before attacking him with his lips.

”That’s so… hot” Jimin uttered between Jungkook’s firm and hot kisses.

”Mmh?… You’re crazy…”

Jimin hummed and put both of his hands in Jungkook’s black hair while the latter started grinding against him.

”Missed me?” Jungkook asked, like always, his desperate lips kissing Jimin’s mouth and then neck and then mouth again.

”You know I have.”

”That’s good” Jungkook mumbled and grabbed the other’s hips to pin him against the wall.

”Miss having you inside me” Jimin whispered and opened his mouth for the younger’s wet tongue.

”Fuck… you’re so… damn annoying.”

”Can’t wait for Saturday” Jimin uttered as they pulled apart to breathe, ”I want my chocolate.”

Jungkook scoffed and shook his head, ”You’re unbelievable, did you know that? No chocolate for you, I can tell you that much.”

”Please” Jimin pouted and fluttered his eyelashes, ”Kook-ah?”

”Don’t call me that” Jungkook muttered and kissed the blond hard, ”And stop looking so…”

”So?” Jimin tried to help and looked at the other with a blank expression.

”Nothing. Just kiss me.”

Jimin huffed as Jungkook moved his hand between them and pressed his palm against his cock, causing Jimin to fist Jungkook’s hair from the pleasure that spiked through him.

”Why are you never playing fair?!” Jimin complained a little breathlessly.

”Because I love how easy it is to rile you up.”

”I hate you” Jimin muttered and hit the younger’s arm, the blue veins on his forearm looking just as sexy as always. And matched with the black slacks and dark button up shirt, Jungkook looked just as handsome as his favorite actor.

Maybe even a little more handsome.

But he wasn’t going to let him in on that.


”Mmh, hate you too. Now let me kiss you silly until we have to go.”

Jimin gulped and parted his lips for Jungkook again, falling just as submissive to the younger’s wish as always.





The following three days existed of hot make out sessions in the bathroom with Jungkook, and surprisingly easy and funny evenings with Tae in front of the tv.

It began on Tuesday when they got home from uni and then on the following three days things got even better between the two friends.

”I’m looking forward to meet Yoongi’s new friend tonight” Jimin said to Tae who was holding him from behind where they were laying on the sofa.

”Yeah” Tae agreed and nuzzled against Jimin’s neck, ”Me too. I’m very curious. And surprised.”

”Yeah” Jimin giggled softly, ”I am too. I will probably make a fool of myself though.”

”Of course you won’t” Tae chuckled and kissed Jimin’s neck.

”Don’t kiss me there” Jimin whispered and brought his hand up to cover his neck, ”It uhm… tickles.”

”Oh… okay, sorry.”

Tae scooted back a little, not liking the fact that he suddenly wasn’t allowed to kiss where he always had kissed him.

”Maybe he’s handsome” Jimin said and turned around to face the younger.

”Yoongi’s friend?”

”Yeah” Jimin smiled and put his hand on Tae’s waist, ”Maybe he’s into guys.”

”No, no and no” Tae said and bopped Jimin’s nose, ”Who ever he is; no.”

”Okay okay” Jimin giggled, ”Point taken.”

Tae studied Jimin’s smiling lips and was filled with a warmth that spread through his chest and reminded him of just how much he loved him.

”Min” Tae began and put his hand on Jimin’s cheek while meeting his gaze, ”there’s something I need to tell you. Something important.”

Jimin smiled without realizing the seriousness in Tae’s voice, ”Is this about my charger? Because I already know that you took it without asking and now you can’t find it?”

”What? No I… I…”

Tae immediately lost his courage and forced himself to smile and shrug his shoulder, ”Never mind.”

”We better get ready” Jimin said and untangled himself from the younger, ”Come on.”

Jimin smiled and reached his hand out to help Tae up from the sofa, ”Cheer up baby.”

Tae chuckled and nodded.

For you.




”Coming!” Yoongi yelled as he walked towards his hallway. He unlocked and opened his front door and was met with the sight of Tae carrying Jimin on his back.

”Piggyback” Jimin giggled and wiggled his feet.

”Did you walk like that all they way here?” Yoongi asked as he noticed that Tae was wearing his own boot on his left foot and Jimin’s sneaker on his right, and Jimin was wearing the opposite.

”Yep” Tae grinned and stepped inside the hallway with Jimin's arms around his neck, ”Lucky, we have about the same size so my right foot might survive, but I’m not entirely sure.”

Yoongi looked between his grinning friends and sighed, ”I’m happy but also concerned.”



”That should be them” Yoongi said and got up from the sofa with a slight nervous smile.

Them?” Hoseok asked confused.

”Yeah he’s bringing a friend. Didn’t I say that?”

”Nope, you didn’t” Tae replied and reached for a handful of chips, only to be robbed by Jimin who was curled up against his side.

Yoongi took a quick look in the mirror beside the front door before he opened.



Namjoon looked between Yoongi and Jungkook with a very confused expression, ”What? You two know each other?”

”You said his name was Yoongs!”

”You said your friend was nice!”

”Wait a second” Namjoon said and brought his hands up in surrender, ”Am I missing something here?”

”I’m leaving” Jungkook mumbled and turned around.

”Jimin is here” Yoongi spoke after getting a soft look from Namjoon, causing the black-haired to stop and look back over his shoulder.

”And you’re very welcome to join us.”



Chapter Text




Yoongi cleared his throat and smiled awkwardly at his three friends on the sofa who looked up at him with waiting gazes.

”Okay, so this is Namjoon” Yoongi said as Namjoon entered the living room with a warm smile on his lips, ”And this is… Jungkook.”

Jimin’s eyes got wider than never before as he watched the younger enter the room, dressed in his usual white shirt, but this time tucked inside a pair of skinny black jeans.

”J-Jungkook?” Jimin began and managed to pull his gaze from the black-haired and over to Yoongi.

”I had no idea” Yoongi tried to explain and glanced at Namjoon, ”It’s a small world, I guess.”

Jimin gulped and looked back at Jungkook who immediately met his eyes. He could feel Tae taking his hand and hold it tightly, even though he didn’t need to be comforted, and in the next second Jungkook’s gaze traveled over to the blue-haired. Jimin noticed the change in Jungkook’s eyes but then they softened somewhat as Jungkook looked back at him.

”Okay so, this is Hoseok” Yoongi said and gestured towards Hoseok who was sitting in the armchair with his snapback on backwards and a confused look on his face.

”Hi Hoseok, nice to meet you” Namjoon smiled and went over to shake his hand.

”Hi, nice to meet you too. So you’re Yoongi’s new studio neighbor?”

”Ah, yes” Namjoon chuckled and nodded with a hint of a blush on his cheeks.

”Taehyung” Tae said and reached his hand out to Namjoon, ”But everyone calls me Tae.”

”Hi Tae, nice to meet you. Cool hair by the way!” Namjoon complimented as he shook his hand.

”Ah, thank you!”

”Hi, I’m—”

”Mr Jimin” Namjoon chuckled and shook Jimin’s hand, ”Nice to see you again. And I’m glad to see that you managed the fall without hurting yourself.”

”Wait, have you guys met before?” Yoongi asked and looked just as surprised as Tae.

”Yes, we have.” Jimin blushed from the memories and shook Namjoon’s hand, ”But very briefly.”

”Jungkook” Namjoon smiled and placed himself beside the younger to give his back a supportive pat, ”Your turn.”

Jungkook frowned as he looked from his friend and over to the boys. Hoseok was looking at him a little curiously, Tae was shooting him daggers with his eyes and Jimin… Jimin was beautiful and looking at him with blushing cheeks and shy eyes.

”I’m Jungkook.”

”Yes” Namjoon sighed and leaned in to whisper, ”Shake their hands, like you do at your job.”

”I’m not shaking his hand” Jungkook muttered under his breath.

”Whose? Never mind, just do it” Namjoon whispered and pushed Jungkook forward.

Jungkook clenched his jaws and walked up to Hoseok who immediately reached out his hand.

”Hi Jungkook, I’m Hoseok. Nice to finally meet you.”

”Whatever” Jungkook mumbled and shook the other’s hand quickly before he glanced at Tae who was shaking his head discreetly.

”For my sake?” Jimin whispered and squeezed his best friend’s hand.

Tae sighed and let go of Jimin to reluctantly reach his hand out while meeting the younger’s disapproved eyes.

Jungkook grabbed Tae’s hand loosely and shook it for a millisecond before he pulled back. None of them spoke a word and as soon as Jungkook had let go, Tae grabbed Jimin’s hand again.

Jungkook crossed his arms and made himself look as tall as possible while fighting with Tae’s gaze and Jimin knew that the two of them would have snarled and growled at each other like wolfs if they could.

”So” Yoongi said and cleared his throat in the embarrassing and also horrible awkward silence, ”There’s plenty of snacks and drinks and I have more in the kitchen. So why don’t you guys decide on a movie while I go and get some blankets since some of us have to sit on the floor.”

”I’m on it” Hoseok said and reached for the controller on the coffee table, ”Okay so uhm, Jungkook? Would you mind moving to the side so I can see the screen?”

Jungkook moved sideways and placed himself beside Namjoon again without speaking a word.

”That one is pretty good, I saw it at the cinema awhile back” Namjoon said and pointed towards the screen.

”This one?” Hoseok asked and stopped at the movie to the left.

”No, that one” Namjoon said and pointed to the side.

”This one?”

”No” Namjoon chuckled and walked over to Hoseok to put his hands over his and move the joystick on the controller to the movie he had in mind, ”This one.”

”Okay guys, so—” Yoongi began but came to a complete stop as his eyes landed on Namjoon and Hoseok over by the armchair, the two of them smiling and talking about something he couldn’t follow.

Yoongi watched them for a couple of seconds before he cleared his throat with exaggeration to get everyone’s attention.

Jimin snapped out of his thoughts and managed to look away from Jungkook and saw how Yoongi pushed the coffee table to the side to put some blankets and pillows there instead.

”Did you decide on what to watch?” Yoongi asked and sat down on the floor.



”It’s good, I promise” Namjoon said and pressed start on the controller in Hoseok’s hands.

”Namjoon here just started a really bad movie so just tell me when to change I’ll be happy to help” Hoseok said and gave Namjoon a cheeky grin.

Namjoon huffed out a soft laughter and turned around to see that Jungkook was standing like a statue in the middle of the room with as frown on his face and his arms still crossed over his chest.

”Jungkook, how about you sit down on the sofa and Namjoon, you can sit here beside me.”

Jungkook watched as Jimin started worrying his bottom lip and glance at the empty seat beside him.

Jungkook gulped and walked over to the sofa, having no other choice than to sit down beside the blond and try to keep his cool.

And his hands to himself.

And his irritation towards the blue-haired under control.


”This is a horror movie” Hoseok stated two minutes into the first scene.

”Correct” Namjoon nodded and opened a soda, ”But it’s not only blood and gore. It’s also pretty poetic, sort of. The scenes between the horror is beautiful and you should all pay attention to the dialogs.”

”Okay so who is walking me home after this?”

”No one” Yoongi hurried to reply and grabbed a bowl with snacks before looking behind him to reach the bowl out for the three on the sofa.

Jimin shook his head and gave Yoongi an awkward smile while both Tae and Jungkook looked incredibly grumpy and annoyed. 

It was almost a funny sight with poor Jimin squeezed between them with pink cheeks and nervous eyes while his bottom lip was being worried between his teeth.

Yoongi gave Jimin an emphatic look before he turned around and put the bowl down.

”We’re watching cartoons after th—”

”Ssh! Can you like shut up for a second?” Yoongi wheezed and looked over at Hoseok with a frown that the latter could barely see in the dark, although he could hear it in the older’s voice.

”Then I’ll sleep here” Hoseok stated calmly.

”No no, you are definitely not going to sleep here” Yoongi wheezed and threw two chips at the younger.

”They’re stupid” Tae whispered and glanced at Jimin.

”Always been” Jimin whispered and kept his eyes fixed on the tv screen, too nervous to look away, worried he would get a heart attack if he were to meet Jungkook’s gaze.

”Hey Hoseok, how long with the metro to your place?”

”Two minutes. By foot.”

”You live two minutes from here?” Namjoon chuckled, ”Then I’ll walk you home later, since I was the one who chose the movie.”

”I like your new friend, Yoongs” Hoseok smiled and nodded approvingly while Yoongi muttered a curse under his breath, slowly leaning towards regretting the whole movie night.


Jimin gasped at the sudden scary scene, causing him to jump in his seat and then whine in embarrassment for having done so.

”Holy shit” Hoseok whispered and flew from the armchair and down to the floor where he crawled over to squeeze himself between Yoongi and Namjoon.

”Seok, I’m warning—”

”Just until… the end” Hoseok whispered and grabbed Yoongi’s blanket to pull it up to his chin.


Jimin squeezed Tae’s hand hard as eerie music started and the main character began walking down a long, dark corridor.

”Is someone behind the door?” Jimin whispered nervously and brought his sweater paw up to hide behind it.

”I don’t think—” Tae began but was suddenly interrupted by Jimin who again jumped in his seat and then buried himself against his side.

”Ssh, I got you” Tae whispered and wrapped his arm around him while his other hand was being crushed by the blond’s surprisingly strong grip.

”Min, you can look now, I promise” Tae giggled and let his hand rub over the small of Jimin’s back while he kissed his blond locks.

”Don’t do that” Jungkook muttered with his eyes burning with jealousy, causing Tae to frown and bring Jimin even closer to himself.

”Do what?” Tae asked irritated, wishing that Jungkook could just leave and preferably never spend time with them again.


”Touch him like that” Jungkook replied and crossed his arms in an attempt to stop the urge to touch Jimin himself.

”What?!” Tae whispered and scoffed, ”Are you telling me that I can’t touch my soulmate?! Who do the hell do you—”

Guys” Jimin said and sat up straight again, his cheeks blushing and his eyes fixed on his lap, ”Please don’t fight. It’s embarrassing…”

”I’m sorry” Tae whispered and leaned in to kiss the corner of Jimin’s mouth, ”Baby Min.”

”Don’t call me—”

”I’m leaving” Jungkook mumbled and got up from the sofa.

”No” Jimin said and hurried to reach his hand out but didn’t quite reach to grab the younger’s arm, ”Jungkook please—”

”Are you leaving?” Namjoon asked and looked up at his friend in the dark room.

”Yeah, the movie sucks. I’ll see you next week” Jungkook mumbled in a reply and gave Jimin a last look before he started walking towards the hallway.

”Jungkook wait” Jimin began and tried to get up from the sofa as well, but realized that Tae was clinging to his hand.

”Tae, let go.”

Tae gulped and let go of his best friend's hand, fully knowing that he had to let go. Of Jimin.


”Hi…” Jimin said, almost carefully, as he stopped under the arch to the hallway, watching how Jungkook was just about to put on his shoes.

”You’re leaving” Jimin stated and gave the other a small smile even though he wasn’t happy at all.

Jungkook sighed and nodded before glancing at the blond.

”Because of Tae?” Jimin asked and tried to sound as unbothered as possible.

”I don’t like him” Jungkook said and leaned his back against the wall while crossing his arms, ”He’s a fucking brat and I swear that he knows exactly how to piss me off. He does it on purpose, I’m sure of it.”

”Does what?” Jimin sighed and walked closer, already having a clue to what Jungkook would say.

”Touching you and kissing you” Jungkook said with his voice full of irritation and suppressed anger, ”He knows that I… that I… don’t like it. He knows that and so he does it to make me angry so that you will get angry at me and tell me to leave.”

Jimin shook his head and leaned against the wall next to Jungkook, the both of them fixing their eyes on Yoongi’s guitar beside the front door, ”You’re imagining things. Tae might not like you, but he would never try to separate us, I can promise you that. I’ve known him for years and we know everything about each other and we trust each other. What you’re saying isn’t—”

”Are they kissing?”

Jimin knitted his eyebrows and looked to the right where he could hear whispers and see a hand and a foot peak out from behind the wall.

”We’re being spied on” Jungkook whispered under his breath.

”No, but they’re really close.”

”Let me see!”

Jimin blushed and turned his head to look up at Jungkook who had an amused smile on his lips.

”So Namjoon knows?” Jimin whispered and gave the younger a soft smile.

”Well…” Jungkook looked away and cleared his throat, ”I didn’t tell him. He just sort of knew. He is like that. He just knows stuff. And I trust he won’t tell anyone.”

”My friends won’t tell either. I promise” Jimin said and let his fingers brush against Jungkook’s arm before he took a step back, ”I have to get back to them.”

Jungkook nodded slowly and glanced at his shoes.

”He wants you to ask him to sta—”


Jimin started to worry his lip as he looked up at Jungkook who immediately met his gaze.

If Jungkook really wanted to stay, he didn’t need him to ask.

If he really wanted to stay then he wouldn’t even be here in the hallway.

When Jungkook didn’t speak a word and let go of their eye contact to instead look at the door, Jimin slumped his shoulders and turned around to leave.

”Jimin” Jungkook whispered and grabbed the blond’s arm to spin him around and then lean down to crash their lips together.

Jimin huffed in surprise but melted almost instantly in Jungkook’s warm, safe arms. He got up on his tip toes and cupped Jungkook’s cheeks to hold himself steady as they deepened their kisses.

Jimin could hear Namjoon and Hoseok cheering in the background, causing their kisses to become more smiles and soft laughter than actual kisses.

”Up” Jungkook mumbled against Jimin’s lips and grabbed under his thighs to lift him up from the floor. Jimin wrapped his legs around Jungkook’s waist and nuzzled against his neck, breathing in his cologne and amazing scent.

So safe.

So right.


”He called you baby” Jungkook suddenly said and brought the blond back from his thoughts.

Jimin leaned back and let his fingers run through Jungkook’s black hair to calm him, ”Yes but—”

”Are you his baby?”

Jimin smiled a little a shook his head, ”No, I’m not his baby.”

Jungkook met the older’s eyes and hummed before brushing his lips against Jimin’s, ”Good.”

It was one word. ’Good’.

But Jungkook’s smooth, husky voice managed to make Jimin both weak and hot and in the next second he found himself releasing a needy whine while his hands fisted the fabric of Jungkook’s shirt.

”Fuck… come, let me drive us to my place” Jungkook whispered and kissed the blond hard.

”Mmh… no…”


Jimin huffed and pulled back from Jungkook’s dangerous kisses, ”Let’s stay and hang out with my friends. Please?”

Jungkook sighed and leaned forward to rest his forehead against Jimin’s shoulder, ”Only if you stay beside me.”

Jimin smiled at the words and petted the younger’s hair. Is sounded so sincere. Almost like it didn’t belong in this context. Almost like it meant something.

But of course it didn’t.

”I promise.”

Jungkook nodded and took a deep breath before he started walking back to the living room with a brightly smiling Jimin in his arms.

”Fucking finally” Yoongi said and gave them a smile, ”Come and sit down, we’re going to play video games.”

”Amazing” Namjoon whispered under his breath while watching Jungkook sit down on the blanket with Jimin in his hold, a proud smile formed on Namjoon’s lips as he was filled with hope for his younger friend.

”So you’re a thing now, or just fuck buddies?” Hoseok asked and grabbed a couple of chips from the bowl to munch on while waiting for an answer.

”So. Damn. Stupid” Yoongi whispered in disbelief and covered his face with his hands.

Jungkook looked away with a serious expression on his face, almost a frown, while Jimin chewed nervously on his poor bottom lip.

”So who’s going to play against me?” Namjoon asked with a faked cheeriness to save the awkward situation.

”Sometimes” Yoongi muttered and pointed at Hoseok, ”I wonder what the fuck is going on inside your br—”

”Hey” Hoseok said and frowned while throwing a couple of chips at Yoongi, ”I was just curious, considering—”

”It’s none of your damn business” Jungkook wheezed and gave Hoseok a harsh stare, ”And if anyone as much as breathe about this, I swear I’ll—”

”Jungkook” Jimin whispered and grabbed the younger’s hand, feeling how the latter immediately calmed down. And when Jungkook’s eyes met his again, they were soft and back to their usual, beautiful, calmness.

”Why the secrecy though?” Hoseok asked and grabbed more chips, not all frightened by Jungkook and his ways.

To this question, Yoongi kept quiet as he actually wondered the same.

”Guys” Namjoon whispered and shook his head, ”As Jungkook said, it’s none of our business.”

”There’s nothing between us” Jungkook said calmly but with his eyes not quite meeting the blond’s, ”And there never will be.”

”Happy with that answer?” Jungkook added and looked between Yoongi and Hoseok with fires once again raging in his eyes, ”Or do you want me to—”

”No” Namjoon said a little tiredly and shook his head, ”That won’t be necessary. Now please can we start the game?”

”Yeah” Yoongi said and cleared his throat, ”You and me first?”


Jimin kept his eyes down, focusing on the hem of his hoodie while he hid his hands inside his long sleeves.

He didn’t know if Jungkook was looking at him or the tv, but he no longer could feel the younger’s hands on his back.

It didn’t feel right.

Never will be.


Of course there never could be anything between them. Of course not. He knew that.

So why did Jungkook’s words cause him to feel… something? Something he couldn’t put his finger on, but it was there nonetheless. A feeling of some sort, that he didn’t like. That he had a hard time understand what it exactly was, but that troubled him anyway.


Disappointment, Jimin suddenly realized, for some reason he felt disappointed.


”You cheated” Namjoon stated and looked at the tv screen in disbelief, ”You cheated!”

”Nope, I did not” Yoongi said and gave Namjoon a gummy smile, ”I just happen to be better than you. At everything.”

”Oh really?” Namjoon said and brought both of his hands up to ruffle Yoongi’s hair, causing a slight blush to form on the latter’s pale cheeks, ”You should brush your hair. You look like an abandoned cat.”

”He always looks like an abandoned cat” Hoseok said and scooted closer so he could put his own hands in Yoongi’s hair and card through the strands with his fingers.

”So you and me now?” Namjoon asked and waved with the controller while smiling at Hoseok.

”I’ll root for you, but I suck at video games.”

”Tae, do you want to?”

Tae glanced up from his phone and shook his head while whispering a faint ’no’.

”Alright, so… Kook?”

Jimin lifted his gaze and was immediately met with Jungkook’s eyes. Soft, almost apologetical.

Had he looked at him like that for long?

”Okay” Jungkook nodded and looked away from Jimin, ”Prepare to lose.”

”Hah, we’ll see about that, little bunny boy.”

Jimin couldn’t help but to giggle and look at Namjoon who winked at him before fixing his eyes on the screen.

”Don’t call me that” Jungkook muttered and hit Namjoon’s shoulder weakly.

”And don’t you dare comment on it” Jungkook added and put his hand in the back of Jimin’s neck to push the blond against his chest, causing Jimin’s lips to collide with his neck.

”Now stay like that and don’t interrupt me while I win this game.”

Jimin breathed out a soft laugher and made himself comfortable against Jungkook’s warm chest while pressing soft little kisses to the latter’s neck.

Jungkook hummed approvingly and wrapped his arms around him to hold the controller behind Jimin’s back.


”Hey Joon, watch out!” Hoseok exclaimed and pointed at the screen, ”He’s to the right, the right!”

”Shut up Hoseok!” Jungkook yelled and moved away from his hiding place on the screen.

”He’s upstairs! Look up! He’s right beside—”

”I said shut up!” Jungkook laughed and let go of the controller with one hand so he could reach his arm out and push Hoseok’s shoulder so the latter fell to the side with a surprised yelp, having not expected Jungkook’s move at all.

Yoongi chuckled as Hoseok sat up again with an amused expression on his face, ”Hey Seok, how’s the rooting for Namjoon going?”

”It’s going great, thanks for asking” Hoseok replied and patted Yoongi’s thigh, ”Sorry for not cheering on you, but I always choose the winning side.”

”Oh fuck you!”

”Are they always like this?” Namjoon asked over the bickering in the background.

”Yep” Jimin replied and brought his hand up to play with Jungkook’s black hair, ”You’ll get used to it sooner or later.”

”Stop talking” Jungkook mumbled and brought a hand down to quickly pinch Jimin’s waist.

Jimin giggled and squirmed in the younger’s lap, suddenly feeling much better with a lighter heart and mood.

It was a little weird that Jungkook affected him in so many ways that he barely knew what to make of half of it. It was just there, feelings he didn’t understand and emotions strange to him, because he had never met anyone like Jungkook before, never befriended anyone like him.

Wait, befriended?

Was that what was happening?

Were they—

”Why are you pausing?! I was just about to heal myself!”

”Because I need to pee” Namjoon said and put his controller in Tae’s lap, ”Here, win the turn while I use the bathroom.”

”But I don’t want—”

”I’m sure you’ll be able to beat Jungkook’s ass” Namjoon winked and got up from the floor to search for the toilet.

Jungkook snorted and glanced over at Tae who looked back at him with a frown and slightly narrowed eyes.

”You will never win over me” Jungkook muttered and turned his eyes to the paused screen.

”No?” Tae scoffed and started the game again, ”We’ll see about that.”


Namjoon hurried back to the living room, regretting to more or less have convinced Tae to continue the game for him and now he feared that he would come back to find Tae and Jungkook with their noses broken.

But much to his surprise, the room was calm and quiet, although there was a heavy tension in the air.

”Tae, you’re going to win” Namjoon said as he looked at the score, ”I mean we’re going to win.”

”Yep!” Tae nodded and grinned, ”I’ve never won with this much before.”

”It’s not over yet” Jungkook muttered and tried to win a few more points before the game would end.

”Two seconds left” Namjoon stated and sat down beside Hoseok.

”Yes!” Tae exclaimed and brought his hands up in the air, ”I won!”

Jungkook cursed under this breath and put away the controller unnecessarily hard against the floor.

Jimin leaned back and watch his friends cheer for Tae who met his gaze with a proud smile on his lips.

Jimin giggled and climbed down from Jungkook’s lap to crawl over to Tae and give him a tight hug, ”Congratulations Taetae.”

”Thank you Min” Tae smiled and wrapped his arms around the blond to bring him up in his own lap.

”Hey” Jungkook complained and grabbed Jimin’s arm, ”come back here.”

”He’s staying with me” Tae said and tried to push Jungkook’s hand away.

”No, he’s staying with me” Jungkook corrected and put his hands on Jimin’s waist.

Jimin rolled his eyes and gave Tae a kiss on his cheek before he let himself be dragged backwards on the floor. He giggled at Jungkook’s action and settled between the younger’s long legs with his back against Jungkook’s chest. He looked back and brought his hand to the back of Jungkook’s neck before letting the latter kiss his lips hard.

”Poor bunny boy lost the game” Jimin pouted and looked at Jungkook with a fake sad expression.

”Oh shut up” Jungkook whispered with a slight blush on his nose and cheeks before kissing Jimin hard again.

”Beautiful” Namjoon whispered, almost in awe, having not excepted Jungkook to show such intimacy with anyone, ever.

That his insecure and lost friend, sort of his little brother, was brave enough to kiss Jimin in a room with people he didn’t trust, came as a big surprise. 

But then again, Namjoon thought and averted his eyes, maybe Jungkook was trusting Jimin who in turn trusted his own friends. 

And maybe that trust were enough.


”Let’s watch another, good, movie” Yoongi said and pointed his finger at Namjoon, ”Sorry but you’re never going to choose again.”

”I know which one we can watch” Hoseok said and grabbed one of the controllers quickly.

”I don’t trust you either” Yoongi stated with a sigh and took the controller from Hoseok’s hands, ”Hey Tae, you can choose this time.



Yoongi looked at Tae who was sitting with his head hung while Jimin and Jungkook were making out with wet kisses right beside him.

”Tae” Yoongi whispered and reached his hand out to caress the younger’s back, ”Come, let’s pick a movie you like.”


”My neck is dead” Jimin whispered with a pained expression before giving Jungkook a last peck, he then turned a little so he could relax with his back against Jungkook’s chest.

Jimin smiled as Jungkook brought his warm hand under his hoodie and began to softly caress his stomach, right above the hem of his jeans.

It felt so warm and safe and just… perfect, that Jimin soon found himself melting into Jungkook’s touches while his eyes started to droop.

It feels like… it almost feels like we are—



Tae shifted a little to make himself more comfortable and happened to look at Jimin who was sitting between Jungkook’s legs but with his head hung and his arms at his sides.

”He’s asleep” Tae whispered and moved his gaze to the black-haired.

Jungkook gave Tae a quick glance before he leaned to the side to look at Jimin’s sleeping profile.

”Jimin” Jungkook whispered and let his nose brush gently against the blond’s cheek before giving it a soft kiss, ”Are you sleeping?”

There came no reply, only warm puffs of air escaping Jimin’s slightly parted lips, as well as some soft snores.

Jungkook sighed and closed his eyes while burying his nose in the blond locks, feeling a little overwhelmed to be with Jimin while he was sleeping.

And in his arms at the same time.

If only.

If only things were different.


”I should wake him up and take him home” Tae said and put his hand on Jimin’s arm to shake him gently.

”Get your hands off him” Jungkook whispered and pushed away Tae’s hand, ”I’ll drive him home.”

”You’ll drive him home?” Tae scoffed and shook his head, ”While he’s asleep? Do you even know where we live?!”

”Guitar-guy” Jungkook whispered and tried to get Yoongi’s attention.


”Where does Jimin li—”

”Don’t tell him!” Tae whispered put his hand over Yoongi’s mouth.

Yoongi rolled his eyes and grabbed Tae’s hand to remove it, ”Is he asleep?”

”Yes” Jungkook nodded and began to work on how to carry Jimin, ”And I’m going to drive him home but I don’t know where he lives.”

”I’m sorry” Yoongi said softly, ”Maybe you just want to be kind and all, but I can’t tell you. If Jimin wanted you know, then he would have told you.”

”We can’t let you take him home in case that’s not what he wants” Hoseok added, ”We trust you, but we also don’t trust you enough.”

”Well, if Tae doesn’t come with you that is” Yoongi said and looked at the blue-haired.

”I’m okay with that” Tae said and glanced at Jungkook.

Jungkook snorted and shook his head, ”Never in a million ye—”

”Jungkook” Namjoon warned and leaned forward to look at the his younger friend, ”If you want to take Jimin home to his place while he’s asleep, then Tae needs to follow. There’s no other way.”

”Yeah, yeah, whatever” Jungkook muttered and got up from the floor while carrying Jimin bridal style, ”Are you okay with taking the metro home?”

”Yep” Namjoon replied and nodded, ”I’ll have to walk Hoseok home anyway.”

”I’ll talk to you later then.” Jungkook gave Yoongi and Hoseok a look each, that said goodbye, because no way these guys were going to become his friends anyway.

”Take his shoes” Jungkook said to Tae and stepped inside own, luckily without having to lean down.

Tae grabbed the blond’s sneakers and opened the door for Jungkook before walking behind down the few steps to the drive way.

”Is that your car?” Tae asked and raised his eyebrows as he took in the sight of the sleek, black car that looked to cost a fortune.

And it probably did.

”Yes, and I need you to get the key from my pocket.”

Tae turned around and looked at the younger’s skinny jeans and then up to meet his eyes, ”You’re kidding, right?”

”Listen, I’m doing this for Jimin, okay? Do you think I want your gay hands on my body? The answer is no, no and no. So hurry the fuck up and grab the key from my left pocket and never let anyone know about this shit.”

Tae sighed and shook his head, ”You always this kind and not at all homophobic? Because wow, you’re—”

”The key, Tae, the key.”

”This” Tae said and reached down in Jungkook’s pocket to swiftly grab the car key, ”Is one of those bad dramas Jimin and I sometimes stumbles over on the tv.”

Jungkook huffed out a laughter but shut his mouth as soon as he realized that he was laughing about something the enemy had said.

Tae unlocked the car and opened the door to the backseat.

”Open the passenger side.”



”No, he’s going to sit in the back with me.”

”No, he’s going to sit in the front, with me.”

”Do you want to know where we live or not?”

Jungkook cursed under his breath and walked closer to the car to put Jimin gently down in the back before fastening his seatbelt and making sure he was sitting securely in his seat.

”Okay, let’s go.”


”Is it safe here?” Jungkook whispered and kept his eyes fixed on the stairs where tiles were missing from the floor, afraid to take a wrong step and lose his hold on Jimin.

”Not really, but we’ve been lucky to not have anything happen to us.”

Tae unlocked the apartment door and held it open for Jungkook.

”Where is his room?”

”You can put him in my bed” Tae whispered and walked past Jungkook to show the way.

”I shouldn’t think so. Is this his room then?”

Tae sighed and nodded and watched as Jungkook began to put the sleeping boy down.

”J-Jung… kook…?”

Jimin fluttered his eyes open a little and smiled tiredly at Jungkook before he closed his eyes again.

”Ssh, you’re home in your bed. Try to go back to sleep.”

Jimin hummed quietly and turned on his side and in the next second he was snoring again.

Jungkook chuckled and leaned down to press a kiss below Jimin’s ear, ”Goodnight kitten.”

Jungkook turned around and left the bedroom put was suddenly stopped by Tae in the middle of the corridor.

”You have to stop seeing Jimin.”

Jungkook scoffed and crossed his arms, ”Oh, is that so?”

”Because he will end up hurt if you don’t. And unlike you, I actually care about him.”

”Don’t you” Jungkook said and walked up to Tae until he was towering over him, ”fucking dare to tell me what to do, got it? You just want me to stop seeing him so that you can have him all for yourself, right?”

”This is not about what I want” Tae said calmly and brought a hand up to run through his blue hair, ”This is about what’s best for Jimin. And that means not getting hurt by you when you lose interest in him and decides to dump him.”

”I’m not going to dump him” Jungkook said tiredly, a little defeated, ”There’s nothing between us so it’s not possible for me to dump him.”

”You know what I mean” Tae said and searched the younger’s eyes, ”He’s my soulmate and I—”

”Then let him decide” Jungkook interrupted and met Tae’s gaze, ”Let him decide for himself and do what he wants without having you interfere with his decisions. If he wants to see me, then that's exactly what he should do.”

Tae gulped and looked down at the floor, feeling a little lost for words.

”I'm too tired for this shit. Remember to lock the door” Jungkook mumbled and turned around to leave.


Tae waited until Jungkook had left before he let go of the rivers that had gathered in his eyes and for the first time in very long, Tae cried himself to sleep.


Chapter Text




Tae stirred awake while opening his eyes slowly. The room was bright and the apartment was completely silent.

He yawned and turned to lay on his side but got shocked to see Jimin laying right in front of him, flashing him a cute smile.

”Good morning” Jimin giggled and leaned in to kiss Tae’s nose.

”It’s a good thing you’re cute or else I would have thrown you out.”

Jimin laughed and put his hand on Tae’s cheek, ”I’m so sorry. But I’ve been awake for an hour so I decided to come in here and wake you up but then I sort of happen to lay down instead of waking you up.”

”You’re weird. Cute, but weird” Tae grinned and bopped Jimin’s nose.

”By the way, how did we get home last night? All I remember is Jungkook putting me to bed so… did he drive me home?”

”You fell asleep in his arms so he carried you to his car and drove us home. It could have been really sweet if it weren’t for the fact that he’s an idiot.”

Jimin smiled and looked down, ”Yeah… he’s an idiot…”

”And he’s jealous.”

Jimin looked up and gave the younger a confused look, ”Jealous? No… no he’s not jealous. Why would he be? I think he just likes to… tease.”

”Tease?” Tae scoffed, ”No no, he’s jealous. Very jealous. As soon I come near you, as soon I even speak to you, he’s there to push me away. Every, single, time. Don’t you get sick of it?”

”No I… I haven’t thought about it like that” Jimin whispered and tried to think back on the previous night, ”It doesn’t make any sense though.”

”Because you’re only fuck buddies?”

Jimin gulped and nodded.

Because we’re nothing.


”Jimin” Tae whispered and grabbed the blond’s small hand, ”Are you sure about this? Is this really you? Do you honestly want this kind of arrangement with him?”

Jimin averted his eyes from Tae’s waiting gaze and started chewing on his bottom lip.

It would have been easy to just say yes. To just keep on forcing himself to not think about it, to not let himself consider possibilities and to not let himself… feel, anything.

But Tae surprised him and now he’s suddenly thinking even though he promised himself not to.

”You should get up so you don’t get late for work” Jimin smiled place a peck on Tae’s forehead before removing himself from the warm bed.

”Jimin, I—”

”I’ll make us some coffee” Jimin cut off and walked out of the room.

Tae sighed and swung his legs over the edge of the bed and put his feet in his soft slippers before walking out to the kitchen, still a little drowsy with sleep.

”Min” Tae whispered and wrapped his arms around Jimin from behind, ”I’m sorry. I know what we talked about and I’m sorry for putting my nose in everything regarding him and you. I will try harder to trust him and I’m going to respect your decision to be with him even if it’s a choice I have a hard time accepting. I’m sorry Min, I really am.”

Jimin turned around in Tae’s hold and hugged him tightly, ”Thank you. I love you.”

”Oh Jimin please don’t cry” Tae whispered and rubbed his hands over the blond’s back.

”I’m not crying” Jimin said and leaned back with tears on his cheeks.

Tae smiled warmly and wiped Jimin’s teary cheeks, ”Okay then.”

”I’m just so happy to have you as my soulmate” Jimin whispered and buried his nose in Tae’s neck.

”I’m happy to have you as well” Tae replied and hugged Jimin even tighter than before, ”You mean everything to me.”

Jimin smiled and pulled back to wipe away a couple of lingering tears before he showed Tae his pinky, ”Forever soulmates?”

Tae chuckled and wrapped his own pinky around Jimin’s, ”Promise.”

”I also want to say that I’m sorry” Jimin whispered and leaned back against the counter, ”I haven’t been the best friend I want to be lately. I feel like I’ve been ignoring you and… I mean, sometimes you look so sad, almost devastated and I get bad conscience because I feel like I haven’t been there for you enough. But you are always there for me, and it’s not fair to you.”

Tae nodded and swallowed before lowering his gaze, too nervous to look at the blond, ”I… there’s something I want to tell you, something I have to tell you. But I’m scared to do so. Terrified, actually. So I keep on pushing it forward even though I want you to know.”

”Tae you’re making me nervous here” Jimin whispered and searched for Tae's gaze with stressed eyes, ”You’re okay… right?”

”Yeah” Tae said and nodded quickly while giving the older a reassuring smile, ”It’s nothing like that, I’m just… I…”

”Tell me” Jimin whispered softly and grabbed Tae’s hand, ”Whatever it is, I won’t get upset. You know me, and you know that I would do anything for you so please share what’s on your mind.”

Tae nodded and closed his eyes to gather courage.

It was now or ne— later.

He could tell him tonight, when he got back from work. He could buy Jimin’s favorite chocolate on his way home and maybe a bottle of wine as well.


”I’ll tell you tonight, after work” Tae said and squeezed Jimin’s hand before he reached behind Jimin to grab a glass.

”I won’t be home tonight though. I’m going to Jungkook’s place and I might not be back until late.”

Tae cursed at himself under his breath before he gulped down the water in his glass.

”Okay, tomorrow then” Tae said and walked up to give Jimin’s lips a peck, ”I have to get ready for work.”

Jimin pouted and hugged the younger again, ”Stay home and hug me?”

”Never” Tae chuckled and put his hand in Jimin’s soft locks, ”But you have fun with Jungkook tonight, okay?”

Jimin stopped pouting and gave Tae a surprised look, not quite believing what he just heard, ”I will, thank you. Wow… I never thought I would hear you say that again.”

Tae chuckled and pulled back from their hug, ”Maybe, just maybe, I will ask you to say hi from me. But then he must stop being an asshole first.”

”That day might never come though” Jimin sighed and poured himself some coffee.





Jimin rang the doorbell and the door opened almost immediately by Mr Lee who bowed and gestured for Jimin to enter.

”Welcome, Mr Jimin.”

”Thank you” Jimin smiled and kicked off his shoes but gulped as he saw a pair of black high heels stand close to Jungkook’s dress shoes.

Jimin looked at Mr Lee with his heart beating fast in his chest.

Was Jungkook having company?

Had he mistaken the time? Was he too early and now Jungkook was ’busy’ with someone else?

The mere thought made him feel sick and he had no idea why.

But suddenly he was filled with such possessiveness that his cheeks blushed in embarrassment but something inside him screamed at him to go and get Jungkook.


”Mr Jeon is busy with a visitor at the moment but you are welcome to wait in the living r—”

”Who is she?” Jimin whispered faintly, not knowing why he asked that, but some part of him probably wanted to know her name before he left.

”Who do you— oh, you mean Mrs Jeon?”

”Mrs Jeon?” Jimin repeated and gulped while grabbing the wall beside him, trying to keep his cool even though his world was crumbling around him, ”J-Jungkook is married?”

”Married?” Mr Lee chuckled and shook his head, ”Mrs Jeon is his mother. Now are you feeling alright? You look a little pale. Do you need me to get you a glass of water?”

”N-No I… I’ll just—”


Jimin turned his head and saw both Jungkook and a woman walk into the hallway. Jungkook looked stressed and nervous while the woman, who most likely was Jungkook’s mother, looked surprised but calm.

”Jimin?” the woman said and reached her hand out, ”I’m Mrs Jeon, Jungkook's mother, nice to meet you. Are you maybe a friend from university?”

”Y-Yes” Jimin nodded and shook her hand, ”A friend from university, precisely.”

”Okay” the woman nodded and smiled at Jimin while studying him for a little longer than what was normal.

Jimin gulped and felt how his heart started beating in a nervous rhythm again.

Did she know?

No she couldn’t.

Or could she?


”Well... I shouldn’t keep you boys waiting. Have a nice evening and— oh, by the way. Your father will be gone on a business trip to Japan from Wednesday to Friday next week.  You will be required to work those days so make sure to plan your studies wisely.”

”Yes, yes and goodbye” Jungkook said and waved at his mother who rolled her eyes before walking out the door with Mr Lee who maybe were to driver her home.

”Finally” Jungkook whispered and wrapped his arms around Jimin.

”Kiss me” Jimin whispered back and got up on his tip toes to brush his lips against the younger’s.

”Gladly” Jungkook mumbled and captured Jimin’s red lips that tasted like strawberries.

He lifted Jimin off the floor and started walking up the stairs while carrying him without leaving his lips.

”Don’t… fall.”


Jungkook opened his bedroom door with his foot and lowered Jimin down on the bed before draping himself over him.

”Have you missed me?” Jungkook asked and kissed the older softly before leaning up on his forearms so he could study the other’s beautiful face.

”Yes” Jimin whispered and brought his hands up to cup Jungkook’s cheeks, ”I have. Every second since I woke up this morning.”

”I’ve missed you like that too. I’m honestly going crazy when I’m not with you.”

Jimin giggled and nodded, ”I’m just like that as well. I can’t think of anything else than you. I can’t concentrate on my books, the dramas, music; nothing. I can’t get you out of my head.”

Jungkook laughed softly and kissed Jimin’s smiling lips, ”I’m not weird then?”

”No” Jimin replied and giggled, ”Well, if you’re weird than I’m absolutely crazy.”

”Crazy and beautiful. Dangerous combination” Jungkook stated and put his fingers in Jimin’s blond locks that sprawled over the black satin pillowcase.

Jimin’s breath hitched as he looked up at the younger with wide eyes, ”Beautiful? Y-You think I’m beautiful?”

Jungkook gulped and flickered his gaze while he sat back and scratched the back of his neck, a slight blush forming over his nose and cheeks, ”Well, I-I… I…”

Jimin sat up with his hair a little messy and his heart beating wild in his chest, ”Are you taking it back?”

”I uh…” Jungkook swallowed and lifted his eyebrows, ”Can I?"

”Oh my god!” Jimin exclaimed and grabbed the pillow behind him and started hitting Jungkook with it, ”Stupid brat! You can’t just say something like that and then take it back!”

Jungkook laughed with all of his heart until he had calmed down a bit so he could grab the pillow that kept flying in his face and throw it beside them.

”Come here you crazy little kitten.”

Jungkook wrapped his arms around a blushing but annoyed Jimin and brought him up to sit in his lap before he put his hands on either side of Jimin’s head to hold him steady while he kissed him hard on his plump lips to calm him down and reassure him.

”I’m not taking it back” Jungkook mumbled after pulling away to let them catch their breaths.

”No?” Jimin whispered with his breathing a little labored from the intense make out session.

”No” Jungkook shook his head and gave the blond a small smile, ”You’re the most beautiful person I’ve ever met, that I’ve ever seen.”

Jimin gulped and felt how his cheeks heated up from Jungkook’s words that also got his poor heart to beat like crazy. He brought a trembling hand up to tuck a couple of black strands back behind Jungkook’s ear and then he put his hand on the latter’s cheek to caress him gently.

”Do you mean that?” Jimin whispered and searched Jungkook’s eyes.

Jungkook nodded and let his hand intertwine with Jimin’s to keep himself steady through his honest words.

”I realized it the first time you were here. I looked at you and I was honestly stunned by your beauty. And it was like hell to me. Because how in the world was I going to work on that stupid task with you while you were looking like an angel, like something pure and beautiful from another place. And when you kept pushing your glasses up and every time you did so, your nose scrunched up a little and it was the cutest little thing I had ever seen and you just kept doing it over and over again until I panicked and told you to stop. Because it messed with me and made feel things that I shouldn’t be feeling.”

Jungkook swallowed and lowered his gaze even though Jimin was squeezing his hand.

”And then we kissed. And it was wonderful. It was… I don’t know how to explain it but it was just… perfect in every possible way. Except that you were a man, so of course I couldn’t allow myself to like it too much. Because then I might would want to do it again and then I would have to deal with stuff I didn’t want to deal with. But then you came back and we kissed again and from that moment I was—”

Jungkook sniffled and gulped as he looked up to meet Jimin’s calm, but teary eyes.

”Go on” Jimin whispered softly and started to caress Jungkook’s hand while trying not to show too many emotions, afraid that would interrupt with Jungkook’s own emotions and his moment of strength and bravery.

”And I… I was beginning to feel confused and I started to wonder what the hell was wrong with me and—”

Jungkook sobbed as his tears began to flow down his warm cheeks. Jimin could see so much pain and sadness in Jungkook’s eyes that it actually hurt him. So was how was Jungkook feeling, if Jimin felt pain just looking into those deep eyes?

The sight of Jungkook was heartrending and Jimin had no choice but to let go of his own tears as he wrapped his arms around the younger to hug him as tightly as he could. 

”Why am I like this?” Jungkook cried and let himself be rocked slowly side to side in Jimin’s safe and warm arms, ”W-Why do I like kissing you and having sex with you? Why do I like you? Why do I… why do I feel like I never want to be with anyone else in the world but you? I’m supposed to hate you, you’re supposed to hate me! I worked on getting you to hate me but then I… I messed up and now look at me.”

”Ssh, take it easy” Jimin whispered and leaned back to wipe away his own tears and then Jungkook’s.

”You’re doing amazing Kook-ah” Jimin continued and nodded encouragingly to get the younger to speak more.

”What’s wrong with me?” Jungkook whispered with his voice so thin and vulnerable that it felt like it was years of insecurity hidden in a question that Jungkook had asked himself so many times that all that was left was a faint breath.

”Nothing” Jimin replied and shook his head slowly while again wiping Jungkook’s cheeks, ”Nothing is wrong with you, do you hear me? Nothing. We happen to like each other and we also happen to be men. We happen to enjoy having sex with each other, kiss each other and tell each other goodnight. Isn’t that a good thing? Hm…?”

Jungkook smiled through his tears and nodded slowly while squeezing Jimin’s hand, ”But what does it mean? For me?”

”I think you are the only one that can answer that” Jimin replied and caressed Jungkook’s cheek.

”So I’m gay?” Jungkook asked and slumped his shoulders, ”Perfect.”

”Well… you like women too, don't you?”

”I don’t like anyone to be honest.”

Jimin burst out in giggles as he collapsed against the younger’s chest.

”Don’t laugh at me when I’m about to faint” Jungkook complained and pinched Jimin’s waist, "I'm crying here! I haven't cried since I was ten!"

”Okay okay, I’m so sorry” Jimin said and cleared his throat before leaning back to meet the younger’s still glossy eyes, ”Listen to me; what you just did is one of the bravest things you can do. You’re an idiot but you’re also amazing and incredibly sweet. I hate you but I also like you very, very much. I’m proud of you and I hope that this can be a new beginning for you.”

”Thank you” Jungkook whispered and tugged a little at Jimin’s jumper, causing the blond to immediately wrap his arms around Jungkook again.

”But it’s scary. I’m scared. If my father finds out about me and about us he’s going to do everything he can to separate us and make it impossible for us to meet.”

”Then we have to make sure that he doesn’t find out” Jimin replied and rubbed his hands soothingly over the younger’s back, ”All I can say is that you deserve to find love one day and when that day happen, I sincerely hope that your father won’t be there to stop you.”

Jungkook gulped and buried his nose in Jimin’s neck to keep himself from saying things he shouldn’t say.

Things he shouldn’t feel.


”How are you feeling?” Jimin asked while pulling back a little, wanting to meet the other’s eyes to make sure he was okay.

”Better than… ever” Jungkook smiled and cupped Jimin’s cheeks, ”I hate that I made you cry though.”

”I’m just emotional. I get like this easily.”

Jungkook hummed and sniffled while a couple of last tears rolled down his cheeks.

Jimin grabbed Jungkook’s hands and removed them from his face so he could let them intertwine and then leaned forwards to kiss away each and every of Jungkook’s tears.

”Jimin” Jungkook whispered when the older slid his lips over his.


”Kiss me.”

Jimin hummed and licked his lips before he took Jungkook’s bottom lip between them to pull a little and then let go with a grin.

”Brat” Jungkook muttered and let go of Jimin’s hands to instead let his own travel up under Jimin’s oversized jumper to feel the warm skin on his back.

”Love when you touch me” Jimin whispered and tilted his head to change angle on the kisses.

”Mmh… love to touch you. Love your… sexy body.”

”You think… I’m sexy?” Jimin asked between lazy kisses.

”Oh yes” Jungkook replied and let his hands settle on the other’s waist, ”You’re sexy and beautiful and cute.”

”Wow” Jimin blushed and started kissing down Jungkook’s neck, ”I like this side of you.”

”What, my neck?”

”Oh my god, no” Jimin giggled and gave the younger a small bite, ”I’m talking about your personality. I like when you’re open and honest and… yourself. I like how you open up more and more to me.”

Jungkook hummed and tilted his head for Jimin to kiss his neck some more, loving how intimate it felt even though they were fully dressed.

It felt weird, Jungkook thought and put his hand in Jimin’s hair.

It's almost like… almost like we’re—


”Did you carry me home last night?”

Jungkook smiled and met Jimin’s eyes after getting a last, soft kiss under his ear, ”Yes I did. You fell asleep in my arms so I drove you and Tae home.”

”Mmh, Tae told me. I thought it was romantic of you” Jimin confessed and blushed while looking down at at his lap.

Jungkook went completely silent and stopped his touches on the older, causing Jimin to immediately regret his words.

”I-I’m sorry I didn’t mean to, I didn’t—”

”No it’s fine, it’s fine I promise, it’s j-just that I… I—”

”Please forget I said anything, I’m so stupid and I need to think before I speak and—”

”Stop talking, I said it was fine” Jungkook muttered and captured Jimin’s lips to silence him.

Jimin immediately relaxed and let himself melt into the younger’s soothing kisses.

”I thought that too” Jungkook whispered so quietly that Jimin barely could hear it.

”That it was romantic?”

”Mmh… that you fell asleep in my arms like that. I liked that. It felt a little strange but I loved it.”

Jimin smiled and brought his hand up to his blond hair and twirled a lock around his finger while looking at the younger a little shyly, ”I was thinking that, maybe… someday, if we both want to, we can maybe… sleep together? Like you can sleep at my place if we’re afraid that someone will—”


”W-Wednesday?” Jimin stuttered with a pink blush.

”Mom said that my father will go on a business trip on Wednesday so how about we spend some time together on Wednesday and then you can sleep over until Thursday?”

Jimin nodded eagerly while smiling ear to ear, ”Yeah? I’d love that!”

”Okay” Jungkook chuckled and kissed Jimin, ”Let’s do that then. By the way, I remember that you like sushi, so how about I take you— I mean, how about we uh, visit, a place. Where they serve sushi. And where we can eat. Sushi. And I pay. And drive. And possibly also pick you up?”

Jimin swallowed and nodded slowly while his ears turned pink, ”I would love that.”

”Okay” Jungkook replied relieved and ducked his head, not wanting the blond to see his cheeks.

”So uhm…”


”Fun fact” Jimin began in an attempt to break the awkward silence, ”I thought you were sleeping with a girl when I got here. I saw your mother’s shoes and got a little worried.”

”You got worried that I was sleeping with someone else?” Jungkook asked softly and put his hands under Jimin’s jumper again.

”Mmh… I don’t like the thought of that.”

Jungkook smiled and brushed his lips against Jimin’s, ”What if I told you that I don’t sleep with anyone but you?”

”You don’t?” Jimin whispered and tried his best to hide his excitement. And relief, maybe.

”No. Why would I, when you is all I want?”

”Don’t say it like that” Jimin whispered and lowered his gaze, still feeling how Jungkook’s lips where brushing against his every time they spoke and their lips moved.

”Why not?”

”Because…” Jimin looked up and gulped as he met the younger’s eyes, ”it sounds like it means something. It sounds like…”

Jungkook exhaled against Jimin’s mouth and settled his hands on the latter’s hips, ”Like?”

Jimin sighed and covered his face with his hands, ”Like something a couple would say, okay?”


”Yeah” Jimin said and removed his hands so he could push his glasses up and then looked out the window to his left.

”I’m reading too much into stuff” Jimin explained and worried his bottom lip before he continued, ”I’m sorry.”

”No, no it’s my fault, I shouldn’t have put it like that” Jungkook whispered and caressed the older’s back.

”We’re fuck buddies, Jungkook” Jimin whispered back and turned to look at the younger, ”But I sometimes find myself forgetting that. Do you know what I mean?”

”I know. Because I also… but I force myself to let go of those thoughts.”

”Because we can never be something? Like you said at Yoongi’s place?” Jimin wondered and hid his hands inside his sleeves. Uncomfortable.

”Jimin I’m sorry, I—”

”No” Jimin said and laughed quietly, nervously, ”It’s totally fine. It’s what we are and I’m happy to have that arrangement with you. It’s just that when we talk seriously like this, I get all these mixed signals from you and it’s… confusing, to say the least. And on top of that, we kissed for like an hour with our friends sitting right beside us, which was a little rude of us but whatever, and I’m wondering how normal that is. For fuck buddies, I mean. To behave like that. And then you carried me home and put me to sleep in my bed and on Wednesday I’m coming over to sleep here and yeah. It’s a tiny bit… confusing.”

”I agree” Jungkook said and put his hands on Jimin’s thighs, ”But what do you want me to say? Honestly? We’re two in this mess and I’m not taking full responsibility for any of it.”

”I’m wondering” Jimin began and took a deep breath, ”if we’re still only fuck buddies or if that has changed.”

Jimin held his breath and brought his hand up to fix his blond locks to have something to do and also pretend like he wasn’t caring so much what Jungkook would answer even though he obviously did.

A lot.

”Changed how?” Jungkook asked and flickered his gaze nervously.

”Like, if we’re going to have casual sex or if we’re going to… you know… date, or something like that. In the future. I’m not saying we should, I just wonder if we can. And also if you want to. Date. Can you answer quickly and end my suffering because I find this very embarrassing. And now you look like you’ve seen a ghost. Is that a no then?”

”Jimin I-I don’t…”

”Okay. I get it” Jimin nodded and kissed Jungkook’s nose, ”Casual sex it is. No problems.”

Jimin took another deep breath as his eyes decided to sting and something inside him to hurt.

”Is it okay if I… leave? Because I don’t really feel so good to be honest.”

”Leave? You’re leaving now?”

”Yes” Jimin said and tried to smile as he gave Jungkook a last kiss, ”I think I need some air to be honest.”

Jimin scrambled away from Jungkook’s lap and began to move towards the end of the bed, ”I’ll see you in school on Monday.”

Jungkook sighed and grabbed Jimin’s waist to pull him back to his lap, causing Jimin to wave with his arms and his face to turn red.


”I know, but shut up and listen for a second.”

Jungkook cupped Jimin’s cheeks while the latter rolled his eyes and waited for Jungkook to say that he was sorry but that sex is all he wants from them.

”You’re getting more and more annoying for every time I see you” Jungkook began and caressed Jimin’s blushing cheeks with his thumbs, ”and if you want us to date then I want that too but I want you to know that we can never be like a normal couple you see on the streets or in your dramas. That will never be us. We will always have to be a secret to my parents. Always. So if my parents are around, then we have to pretend. And when we’re in school, we have to pretend. But, if you still want to date me despite all that crazy shit, then yeah.”

Jungkook gulped and grabbed Jimin’s hand and added, ”Then I want that too. Very much.”

Jimin squeezed the younger’s hand and looked at him with glossy eyes, feeling completely overwhelmed but also incredibly excited.

”I do” Jimin nodded and laughed nervously, ”want to date you, I mean. But I’ve never dated before so I don’t know how and what to do.”

Jungkook chuckled and shrugged his shoulders, ”Let’s just have fun and try to get to know each other and see where it goes.”

”Yeah” Jimin nodded and leaned in to kiss Jungkook’s soft lips, ”I like that.”

”Mm, you do huh.”

Jimin hummed and let Jungkook lick inside his mouth. It was lazy, warm and wet.


Jungkook let his fingernails grace over Jimin’s back, loving the little goosebumps that formed on his soft skin.

Jimin gasped quietly and kissed Jungkook harder to satisfy the new hunger he felt. He grabbed Jungkook’s shoulders and started grinding against him a little, wanting something to press against his growing member.

”Aww, is kitten horny?”

Jimin ducked his head and tried to hide his blushing cheeks, a needy little whine escaping his lips as the younger grabbed his hips.

”Yes… a little.”

Jungkook hummed and brought his hands between them to open Jimin’s jeans, ”What do you want? Cock? Or my fingers maybe?”

Jimin let out a breathy moan and gulped as Jungkook pushed his pants and underwear down, ”Your cock. Please.”

Jungkook licked his lips and nodded before he kissed Jimin and reached for the things in his nightstand.

”I’ve already prepared myself” Jimin whispered as he tried his best to open Jungkook’s slacks.

”Good kitten” Jungkook smirked and sealed their lips again to ease the sudden tension between them.

”Undress for me” Jungkook added in a whisper when Jimin felt relaxed in his arms.

Jimin did as he was told and let his clothes fly in the air as he undressed as fast as he could, wanting nothing more than to be back in the younger’s arms. He then watched as Jungkook put on a condom and lube, his fingers working skillfully but Jimin could nonetheless notice the impatience and it made him almost proud that he had that affect on him.

”Take a seat” Jungkook grinned and motioned for Jimin to sit in his lap.

”Wow, sexy talk” Jimin said unimpressed and straddled Jungkook again, ”It almost turn me on.”

”How about you stop talking and ride me instead?” Jungkook asked and grabbed the older’s waist, loving how Jimin always got so cute when he teased him.

”I absolutely hate you” Jimin whispered and lowered himself on Jungkook while closing his eyes in concentration.

”Mmh, hate you too” Jungkook whispered back and caressed Jimin’s thigh to sooth him, ”That’s it kitten, that’s my whole cock inside you. Does it feel nice to be so full, hm?”

”Y-Yes” Jimin mumbled and leaned forward to rest his forehead on Jungkook’s shoulder, ”I love it. I wish I could have you inside me all day, all night. I love how you stretch me and open me up, I love how you fill me up completely, like there’s not even room for…”

”Room for what?” Jungkook asked curiously and nibbled on Jimin’s bottom lip that looked extra delicious today.

”For your cum.”

Jungkook smirked and let his lips kiss their way down to the blond’s pretty neck, ”Would you like that, hm? To be filled with my warm cum?”

Jimin whined and nuzzled against Jungkook’s neck, ”Yes, I would.”

”Next time, hm? I’m clean so I’d love to try that.”

Jimin gulped and breathed out a ’yes’ while he painted pictures inside his head that caused pre cum to gush out of him and his hole to clench hard around Jungkook.

”Shit, Jimin you— please move?”

Jimin leaned back and grabbed Jungkook’s shoulders before slowly lifting himself up on his knees and then lower himself again, trying to find the rhythm from last time.

”That’s a good kitten, continue like that…”

Jimin moaned softly and tried to do his best, wanting Jungkook to continue to give him praises, continue to tell him he was good, because every time he did, he felt hotter and hotter.

”Look at you riding my cock like you’re made for it. And you’re absolutely stunning, Jimin, so so beautiful with your cute ass full of my cock and drool on your chin.”

”I love it” Jungkook added in a husky whisper while he let his hands roam across Jimin’s sweaty body.

Kook-ahhhh… mmnaah…”

Jimin broke on a moan as he suddenly found a way to get Jungkook’s cock to hit his sweet spot in a most lovely way every time he slammed down.

Jimin’s moans turned higher in pitch and Jungkook had to take deep breaths and concentrate on something different to not come before the other.

”I’m going to come if you keep moaning like that” Jungkook warned and tried to mute Jimin with kisses, but Jimin was too far gone to be able to hold still.

”Here” Jungkook said and brought two of his fingers to Jimin’s lips, ”Suck.”

Jimin could barely register what Jungkook was saying but he could feel his fingertips against his lips so he opened up and took the fingers as deep as he could without choking and then he started sucking.

Hard and almost desperately, loving how the younger’s fingers pressed down on his tongue and how he felt full in every hole.

Jungkook sort of regretted what he had done because wow was Jimin beautiful when sucking on his fingers and wow did Jimin sound even hotter while gurgling and humming with drool dripping out through the corners of his mouth.

Jimin shut his eyes tightly and clenched around Jungkook as he suddenly found himself right there on the edge of his orgasm, slowly but surely tipping over.

Jungkook cursed under his breath as Jimin let go of his shoulder to instead wrap his small hand around his leaking cock to give it firm and desperate strokes.

He then looked up and noticed that Jimin had stopped sucking on his fingers to instead let them rest on his tongue while he concentrated on touching himself.

Jimin came with a shout and when doing so he trembled and clenched on Jungkook’s cock which made it impossible for the younger to not orgasm as well.

Jungkook breathed heavily through his high and wrapped his arms around Jimin as he collapsed against his chest.

”Kitten” Jungkook whispered and petted the older’s blond locks, ”relax and breathe. I’m not going anywhere, I promise.”

Jimin hummed and melted into Jungkook’s soothing touches, letting himself trust and completely let go of his usual worry.

And they could both feel it, the change.

How everything was different this time.

It was there in their minds, in their touches, even in their breathings.

Mutual trust and respect.


”Wow” Jimin whispered while drawing patterns on Jungkook’s naked back.

”Yeah” Jungkook whispered while burying his nose in Jimin’s hair, ”wow.”



”Can I stay a little longer? A couple of minutes…?”

Jungkook smiled a little tired and nodded, ”I would love that.”

Jimin smiled and kissed the younger’s lips softly and let his lips linger for a moment before he pulled back a little and got up on his knees to help Jungkook pull out.

”I should get us cleaned” Jungkook said and searched the blond’s eyes, ”Are you okay?”

”Yeah” Jimin nodded while giving the younger a reassuring smile, ”I’m super okay.”

Jungkook chuckled and kissed Jimin’s nose before he got up from the bed.

Jimin sighed and flopped down backwards on the cool satin bedsheets that he loved so much.


”Can’t wait to sleep beside you” Jimin said when he could hear Jungkook get back.

”I’m not going to be able to sleep though” Jungkook said while cleaning Jimin’s dirty hand and stomach.

”Why not? Oh no, did I snore yesterday?”

”No, but I will be busy admiring your body” Jungkook explained and threw away the towel before laying down beside the blond and pull him into his arms.

Jimin giggled softly as Jungkook nuzzled against his neck, having not aspected such a move from the younger.

”Love your scent” Jungkook mumbled and pressed his lips against Jimin’s delicate skin.

”Same” Jimin whispered and put his hand in Jungkook’s fluffy, almost wavy black locks, ”and your hair. It’s getting long.”

”Should I cut it?”

”If you do then I’m not going to date you.”

Jungkook huffed out a laughter, ”I’m telling Mr Lee to burn all the scissors tomorrow then.”

Jimin giggled and let Jungkook’s hair twirl around his fingers.

”Are you tired?” Jimin asked softly as Jungkook yawned for the second time.

”Mmh, been a long day. My mother was here for two hours and pestered me about nonsense and before that I was on the phone with Namjoon for like five years.”

”Oh? Is he okay?”

”Yeah he just called me to scold me.”

”Scold you?”

”Mmh, he said I was being an idiot and that I treated everyone bad, especially Tae. He said that I need to look over my personality and make some drastic changes if I ever want to make friends.”

”And what did you say?”

”Well, I got… a little embarrassed so…”

Jimin closed his eyes and sighed, ”So?”

”So I told him to fuck off and then he hung up.”

”Ah, just as I thought then.”

Jungkook draped his leg over Jimin and nuzzled even closer, ”I’ll call him tomorrow.”

”I don’t know how he stands you. How am I going to stand you when you’re nothing but a spoiled brat? You’ve got some serious work to do and you should start with trying to be friends with Tae.”

Jungkook sighed and made a disapproval noise, ”Spare me.”



”No, not if you want to date me.”


”Yes, seriously. If we’re going to date then you have to learn to tolerate Tae. He’s my soulmate and will be for the rest of my life. So you have to respect him like you respect me. You have to be nice to him and you have to be okay with him and me cuddling. Do you think you will be able to do that?”


”Yes or no?”

Jungkook clicked his tongue and leaned back to meet the older’s eyes.

Who was he kidding? He would never be able to say no to Jimin when he looked at him like that.

”Fine” Jungkook mumbled and captured Jimin’s lips, ”If that’s what it take to date you, then sure. I’ll fucking buy him a house if that’s what he wants, just so I can kiss you.”

”Well…” Jimin blushed and brought his hand to his chin like he was pondering on something, ”A new dishwasher would—”

”Don’t push it” Jungkook muttered and brought his hand down to squeeze Jimin’s sexy butt while kissing him hard on the lips.

”You’re crazy, Jimin” Jungkook spoke in a husky voice as they pulled away to catch their breaths, ”You do things to me and you’re changing me so much that I don’t even know what’s up and what’s down.”

”Is it good or bad changes?” Jimin whispered and searched the younger’s eyes, ”Because I would hate it if I somehow change you against your will, if I somehow pressure you or force you to something you don’t agree with, that you don’t like. It’s important that you tell me how you feel so that—”

”Amazing” Jungkook replied and caressed Jimin’s cheek, ”It feels fucking amazing.”

”Okay” Jimin smiled and nodded, ”that’s good.”

”I just wish things were different…”

Jimin hummed and rubbed his hand over Jungkook’s back, ”Me too.”

”I hate him” Jungkook said and rolled over on his back to stare up at the ceiling, ”I hate him more than what’s possible.”

Jimin put his head on Jungkook’s chest and was immediately received with gentle fingers in his hair, Jungkook's steady heartbeats drumming under his ear.

”Your mother seems nice.”

”She’s alright I guess. I was more with the nanny than with her when I grew up so we don’t share that bond that I think other people have with their parent. But lately, she’s been… I don’t know, but it feels like she regrets much of the bad things that has happened. I get the impression that she’s having bad conscience and it’s weird. It’s super weird when she suddenly calls just to say that she loves me.”

”Well, maybe she has come to realize what an amazing son she has and now she wants to make up for times she’s not been there for you.”

”We’re talking about my whole life here” Jungkook said and grabbed Jimin’s hand that was resting on his hip, ”Enough about that.”

Jimin shifted until he was straddling the younger, their soft members brushing against each other before he slid up a little so he could reach to kiss Jungkook’s lips.

Jungkook hummed pleased and grabbed the blond’s waist while they lost themselves in wet, unhurried kisses that felt almost like a treat. It was a little new to not be in a rush or have a certain goal in mind.

It was just them kissing.

And it was perfect.


Jimin grabbed Jungkook’s wrist and looked at his watch, the gold a little cold under his touch.

”I have to go” Jimin sighed and let go of the younger, ”Can’t miss the last train.”

”Will you think of me?” Jungkook asked and nuzzled against Jimin’s neck, once again caching the older by surprise with his soft neediness that was such a huge contrast to his otherwise stoic behavior.

”Of course I will” Jimin assured and graced his fingernails over the younger’s shoulder blades.



”Can I text you? Or is that… are you afraid that he will—”

”You can text me” Jungkook whispered and kissed along the older’s neck until he reached his plush lips, ”If I don’t reply, it means that I’m working. But please text me whenever you feel like it.”

”Okay” Jimin smiled with a soft giggle leaving his lips, giddy over everything new, excitement for what’s to come filled him with warmth and made his heart beat a little faster. 


”What are your plans for tomorrow?” Jimin asked while getting his clothes back on, a little stressed because of the time.

”Already missing my cock?” Jungkook asked and zipped his slacks before giving Jimin a wink and a cheeky grin.

Jimin sighed in disbelief and shook his head, ”Is it too late to cancel all future dates with you? I suddenly got this urge to go for someone older instead. I’m thinking 30 plus, stable income, cute house in the outskirts of town and a couple of cats.”

”I think” Jungkook began and cupped Jimin’s cheeks, ”that sounds like a pretty shitty plan to be honest. I mean, does he even have a jacuzzi in that cute little house of his?”

Jimin giggled and shook his head, ”But you don’t have—”

”Oh I do” Jungkook grinned and slid his lips over Jimin’s, ”Two.”


”One here and one in my apartment” Jungkook whispered and brought his hands down to the blond’s hips.

”I hate you” Jimin whispered back before he sealed their lips and let his hands roam across Jungkook’s naked upper body, "When can we?"


"Yes please."

Jungkook smiled and tried to pull away from Jimin.

”Your train…”

”Mmh… know.”

”You can’t stay” Jungkook remembered him and pulled back.

”I know, I know” Jimin nodded and got up to kiss Jungkook’s nose, ”I’ll see myself out.”

”Hey, uh…” Jungkook scratched the back of his head and sighed a little, his walls crumbling and his mask hidden somewhere far away, ”Say hi to Tae for me.”

Jimin looked at Jungkook in utter surprise while a warm smile spread on his lips, ”I will. Goodnight Kook-ah.”


As soon as his front door closed, Jungkook shook his head and pushed his black hair back, ”Oh my god. I’m so fucking whipped.”






”Yoongi my little ray of sunshine” Jimin smiled and sat down beside his friend in the cafeteria, ”You look grumpier than usual. Did something happen?”

”I hate Hoseok.”

Jimin rolled his eyes and patted Yoongi’s shoulder, ”No you don’t.”

”Yes I do” Yoongi muttered while playing around with the food, his appetite lost and forgotten.

”Does this by any chance have to do with Friday night and a certain Namjoon?”

Yoongi looked up and stared at the blond before he sighed and shrugged his shoulders, ”I don’t know… maybe I’m exaggerating and seeing things that aren’t there.”

”You like him, don’t you?” Jimin asked in a whisper and let his hand linger on the older’s shoulder.

”Who?” Yoongi asked and glanced at the blond who noticed something flashing in the older’s eyes.

”Well, you tell me” Jimin said softly and tried to hold Yoongi’s gaze, but the latter cleared his throat and looked away immediately.

”I thought that maybe Namjoon— I mean, I got the impression that maybe he wanted something more than being just friends, but after you guys had left, he actually followed Hoseok home. And I was there sort of thinking that he was joking about it, but then they actually left together and now I feel a little… lost.”

”You’re going to the studio after school, right? Then knock on his door, ask him if you can talk. Maybe tell him how you feel about him…”

”Yeah… but I don’t know how I feel. I just know that Hoseok is banned from my house.”

”Ah” Jimin smiled and nodded, ”I almost believe that. So next time I see you two fighting over absolutely nothing at your place, he’s only in my imagination?”

Yoongi clicked his tongue and gave Jimin a tired look, ”Where’s Tae? I need him to defend me.”

”He’s buying coffee” Jimin said and gestured towards the queue before he took Yoongi’s chopsticks and helped him finish his food.


Tae kept his gaze on the floor and tried to look as small as possible even though he knew it was too late, Jungkook’s friend was already staring at him with an amused look on his face.

Tae begged silently for the fire alarm to go off or something, just something that could save him from the words he knew were about to come.

”Hey Jeon” the friend said and nudged Jungkook’s shoulder before pointing at Tae who was standing right behind him in the line, ”Look at his hair.”

The friend laughed mockingly and turned a little to face Tae before he spoke with a faked concerned voice, ”Did your hair turn blue from all the cock sucking? Hm? Or do you only take it up your ass? Gotta make it as disgusting as—”

Tae could hear Jungkook curse so he looked up and noticed how he place himself right in front of the friend and towered over him with a stern look in his eyes.

”Tell him you’re sorry” Jungkook said calmly but with an authoritative tone in his voice, ”and promise him that you will never speak a word to or about him again. Then you move to the end of the line. And if you don’t, then I’ll tell your father about those withdraws from his account that he believes goes to an insurance company, but that in reality goes to get you higher than Namsan tower.”

The friend gulped and looked at Jungkook with wide, flickering eyes before he turned his head to look at Tae.

”I’m s-sorry and I promise to never bother you again o-or speak about you again.”

The friend swallowed and glanced at Jungkook before he looked at Tae again, ”I’m so sorry.”

Tae watched as the man ducked his head and moved sideways to get pass Jungkook and then hurried away.

”You okay?” Jungkook asked and looked at Tae who seemed both confused and a little taken aback from what had happened.

”Yeah I’m… I’m fine.”

Jungkook nodded and moved forward as it was his turn to place his order.

”What are you getting?”

”I’m having coffee” Tae replied with knitted eyebrows, ”Why do you—”

”And Jimin?”


”He’s not drinking anything” Jungkook stated and glanced over at Jimin where he was sitting with Yoongi.

”No, he doesn’t have any money” Tae explained and shook his head.

”Not even for coffee?” Jungkook asked confused.

”No” Tae scoffed, ”Not everyone can afford to—”

”One cappuccino please” Jungkook began before he looked at Tae again, ”And what do you and Jimin drink?”

Tae smiled a little cheekily and pointed at a picture of a milkshake with whipped cream and two chocolate cookies on the top, ”That one.”


Jungkook grabbed his coffee and was just about to turn around and head to his table when Tae cleared his throat and pointed at Jimin’s drink.

”If you want to treat him a drink, then you take it him” Tae said and grabbed his own milkshake, ”Thank you though. This was very nice of you.”

Jungkook nodded and watched as Tae walked between the tables to get to where his friends were sitting. He took Jimin’s cold drink and sighed. His own ’friends’ would probably see him and ask him a million questions to which he would have to come up with a lie.

But it was worth it.

So worth it.


”Okay, so if I get this right” Jimin began and looked at Tae, ”he bought you—”

Jimin stopped right in his sentence as he saw Jungkook come up to their table with the same kind of milkshake Tae was drinking. Jungkook put the drink down in front of him and gave him a quick glance before he left with a subtle blush on his cheeks.

”Is this some kind of secret code or something?” Yoongi chuckled and watched Jungkook walk away without a word.

”And since when are fuck buddies suddenly buying each other milkshakes?” Yoongi added in a whisper.

Jimin smiled as he brought his favorite drink a little closer, the outside cold against his warm hands.

”We’re not fuck buddies any longer” Jimin stated and looked at Jungkook who was staring right back at him from his table, ”We’re dating.”

”You’re what?!”

”You’re dating?!”

Jimin giggled as Jungkook’s face turned red and then immediately broke their eye contact, most likely having heard Yoongi and Tae’s surprised exclaims.

”Yes, we’re dating.”



Chapter Text




”You’re dating?” Hoseok asked, just to make sure he had heard right, his eyes going to Tae who had his gaze fixed on his textbook.

”Yes” Jimin nodded while smiling ear to ear, ”I know how it sounds, I know that he was our enemy number one and that we were plotting on how to bring him down from his high horse but…” Jimin shrugged his shoulders and looked down to trace the lines of the little bunny he had doodled before, ”I guess things sort of… happened. Good things.”

”So have you told him yet?”

”Hoseok” Yoongi warned through clenched teeth, ”Don’t.”

”What?” Jimin asked confused and looked between Yoongi and Hoseok, ”Told who what?”

”You still haven’t told—ouch! Yoongi what the hell?!”

Shut. Up” Yoongi whispered and stepped on Hoseok’s toes one more time to make his message even clearer.

”You two” Jimin sighed and pointed at the two friends in front of him, one flustered and one irritated, ”are the worst. I don’t get how you have the energy to fight through every. Little. Thing.”

”Well, if Hoseok wasn’t so incredibly bad at socializing, my life would have been so much easier.”

”And if you could have been a little nicer, my life would have been easier!”

”I’m nice!”

”You’re stupid.”

”No you’re stu—”

”You’re both stupid!” Jimin and Tae exclaimed at the same time, causing Jimin to giggle and Tae to smile a little.

”Anyway” Jimin said and cleared his throat when he noticed a slight blush on someone’s cheeks, ”We’re having our first date tomorrow, my very first date actually, and he’s going to pick me up.”

”And then…?” Hoseok asked and leaned over the table a little, ”Movie?”


”Sushi?” Hoseok repeated and scrunched his nose, ”Isn’t that a little… cheap?”

”Cheap?” Yoongi said and shook his head as he gave Hoseok a look, ”It’s the thought that counts.”

”Yeah but he’s rich and loaded with cash, right? He should take you somewhere fancy with lobsters and chandeliers.”

”Or he can take him home, start a movie and put some popcorns on two plates” Yoongi said and smiled, ”dates are not about going to fancy places, it’s about getting to know each other and have fun, right?”

”Nah… I don’t know” Hoseok began and shook his head slowly, ”If I were to go on a date, I would at least expect for him to take me out for dinner. Popcorn is nice but lobster is nicer.”

”And what if the guy isn’t drowning in cash? Hm? What if he’s a struggling student? Do you expect for him to take a loan just to take your ugly ass to a place with overpriced creepy things from the bottom of the sea?”

Hoseok scratched the back of his neck and thought for moment while avoiding Yoongi’s eyes, ”In that case I guess popcorn on plates are alright.”

”You hearing this?” Jimin whispered and leaned against Tae’s side.

”Yeah… wish I weren’t though” Tae whispered back and turned page in his textbook, trying his best to concentrate on the numbers.

”Are you alright? You’ve been so quiet, the whole day. And yesterday too.”

”I’m just… a little stressed over the assignment I guess” Tae replied and glanced to his side to give the blond an attempt to a smile.

”Tae” Jimin began and let his hand rub Tae’s back to comfort him, ”let’s cuddle on the sofa tonight, and watch the first episode with mr handsome again.”

”Yeah, sure” Tae nodded while loving the small hand on his back that disappeared too soon.

”So what are you going to wear tomorrow?” Hoseok asked while putting his feet as far away from Yoongi as he could.

”I don’t know” Jimin sighed and shook his head, ”I have nothing to choose from so it’s either ugly hoodie or ugly jumper. Even though we’re just going to some random sushi place, it’s my first date so I wish I could dress in something he hasn’t seen before.”

”Does anyone of us have something to borrow you?” Hoseok asked and looked between Yoongi and Tae.

”Uhm… I might have something actually” Yoongi said thoughtfully before he got up from his chair and left the kitchen.

”Tae, you got someth— uh, never mind.”

”No offense, but I don’t think leather jackets and safety pins are my thing” Jimin smiled and ruffled Tae’s blue hair. 

”It suits you though” Jimin added and gave Tae’s slightly blushing cheek a kiss.

Yoongi cleared his throat as he entered the room again, holding a pink button up shirt on a hanger, ”It’s old, like really old and it’s—”

”pretty!” Jimin said and got up from his seat to take the shirt and hold it up in front of him, ”I love it. Can I borrow it? You’ll can get it back on Thursday, I prom—”

”No” Yoongi chuckled and shook his head, ”Keep it, please. My mother bought if for me maybe three years ago and I haven’t worn it once. It’s yours if you want it or else I’m throwing it away.”

”I’ll take it” Jimin hurried to say before giving the older a quick hug, ”thank you Yoongs.”

”Tae, what do you think? It’s pink and pretty, right?”

Tae glanced up and was met with Jimin’s wide smile and the pink shirt waving in front of the blond, ”Yeah. Sure.”

Yoongi sat down and watched as Tae gave Jimin a smile that immediately disappeared the second he looked down at his book again.

Yoongi grabbed his pen and tried to get back to where he was before, while wondering if Tae ever were going to confess to Jimin, or if he were going to continue to hide his feelings.

Something told him that waiting too long wasn’t such a good idea in this case.

And that maybe Tae already had missed his chance.





”Taetae” Jimin sighed and walked up to the sofa where the younger was sitting and placed himself in his lap.

”Hi” Tae giggled and wrapped his arms around the blond, ”You okay?”

”I’m nervous” Jimin mumbled and curled up in his best friend’s arms, ”I got butterflies and I feel sick.”

”Well, that’s how it feels to be nervous” Tae said and put his hand in Jimin’s blond locks, ”Try to relax and think… about how fun it will be.”

”Yeah…” Jimin nodded and sighed again, feeling a little tired under the younger’s soothing touches.

Tae let his hand move down over Jimin’s back until he came to the hem of his pajama pants where he stopped and let his fingertips draw patterns on the tiny bit of exposed skin.

The way Jimin would come to him like this, seek comfort and reassurance, and the way they could hold each other for hours and through nights, it almost felt like they were lovers. The shared touches and thoughts, the trust and the bond. What was the difference between this and being more? Honestly? Was sex and kisses the only thing separating boyfriends from soulmates? And what about being boyfriends but without having sex...? It felt a bit like that.

So maybe Jimin was feeling that as well? Maybe Jimin didn’t feel anything for Jungkook yet and maybe he was waiting for Tae to make a move, for him to confess because maybe he was feeling the same? Maybe he wanted more than being soulmates as well?


”When will you be home tomorrow?”

Jimin pulled back and shrugged his shoulders while meeting Tae’s eyes, ”I have no idea actually. Depends on when we wake up and how long I can stay. I think he have to work tomorrow but I’m not sure. Did you ask for a reason or did you just…”

”No, not really” Tae smiled and hugged Jimin against his chest again, ”I just wondered if I should have lunch ready or something.”

”Lunch?” Jimin asked with raised eyebrows, ”You’ve never made us lunch before. We don’t even have any food.”

”Coffee then, I can prepare coffee.”

”Don’t prepare anything” Jimin said and smiled a little as he cupped Tae’s cheeks, ”I might be gone the whole day.”

”Okay” Tae nodded, ”Sure, I get it.”

”I have to shower and get prepared” Jimin said and climbed down from the younger’s lap.

”Shower already? Isn’t he picking you up at 8?”

Jimin blushed and cleared his throat, ”Well uhm… I… I have very dirty hair.”

”Okay…” Tae replied and watched confused as Jimin hurried away to the bathroom with red cheeks.




”Min! He’s here!”

”I know! Can you open? I need five seconds!”

Tae sighed and got up from the sofa to open the front door, very reluctantly.

”Oh, Tae, hi. Is Jimin ready?”

Tae looked at Jungkook who was dressed in dark slacks and tight button up shirt, his black hair reaching right below his ears.

He was handsome.

He could admit that.

But he was also Jimin’s date.

That was much harder to admit.


”He said he need five seconds. That was probably twenty seconds ago” Tae replied and glanced to his side, hoping that Jimin would hurry up so he could escape the awkward situation.

”Ah, okay. I’ll just wait here then” Jungkook nodded and cleared his throat.

”So uh… have fun. And take care of him.” Tae shifted on is foot and glanced back at the younger.

”Yeah, of course” Jungkook nodded and gave Tae a smile, ”I promise.”

Tae was just about to say something more when Jimin came hurrying down the corridor. He gave Jungkook a small nod and walked away to make room for Jimin in the small hallway.

”Hi” Jimin giggled and waved at Jungkook, ”I’m sorry but I lost track of time wow you look great! I mean handsome! And great! Both! Say something. Please. Don’t look at me like that…”

Jimin blushed and ducked his head, wondering what was wrong with his outfit. The shirt was tucked inside his black jeans, his zipper was closed, his hair and teeth were brushed, his blond locks a little fluffy from the shower, his lips red and—

”You look amazing.”

Jimin gulped and looked up from the honest words to meet the younger’s eyes.

”And beautiful.”

”Thank you” Jimin smiled and tried to hide his hands in his sleeves but realized immediately that couldn’t do that with this shirt.

So he started chewing on his lips instead.

”Oh uhm, here you go” Jungkook smiled and brought out his hand from behind his back.

Jimin’s eyes widened almost comically as he took in the sight of what looked like a hundred red, beautiful, roses.

”Oh my god” Jimin whispered and took the bouquet carefully, ”f-for me?”

”Yes” Jungkook chuckled and nodded, ”for you. I hope it’s okay. You’re not allergic or anything, right?”

”No no no” Jimin hurried to reply when he noticed Jungkook’s worried expression, ”I’m just a little surprised. They’re so pretty and they smell amazing and wow, they almost don’t look real.”

”They should be” Jungkook chuckled and put his hands in the pockets of is slacks, ”so they will need water.”

”Water” Jimin nodded, ”right. Can you wait here while I put them in a vase? I’ll be real quick, promise!”

”Sure, I’ll wait.”

Jimin buried his nose in the roses and breathed in.

His first ever flowers.

And they were wonderful.


Their only vase was not made to hold a hundred roses. Jimin felt a little sorry for squeezing them down, but after putting the vase on the kitchen table, he leaned down and checked so that every stem reached the water.

”Done” Jimin smiled as he hurried back to the hallway where he put on his sneakers and grabbed his keys, ”Tae, we’re leaving! See you tomorrow!”



”So where are we going?” Jimin asked and started walking down the stairs beside the younger, a whiff of the latter’s cologne reached him and an urge to just bury his face in Jungkook’s neck came over him.

”You’ll see” Jungkook smiled and held open the door for the blond, ”But you will get your sushi, promise.”

”Roses and sushi on my first date” Jimin said and walked up to the sleek, black car, ”this would make a good drama episode.”

Jungkook rolled his eyes and opened the passenger door, ”Just get in and put your cute butt down.”

”I have a cute butt?” Jimin smiled with a dust of pink on his cheeks.

Jungkook closed the door and pretend like he hadn’t heard that before he got in on the driver’s side.

”Is it far?” Jimin asked and buckled his seatbelt.

”No but if you’re going to ask if we’re there yet like an impatient kid, I swear I’ll drive to the nearest hamburger place instead.”

Jimin drummed his fingers against his thigh while glancing at the younger with a smile on his lips that was hard to hide.


”Are we there yet?”

”Really Jimin? I’m so disappointed” Jungkook sighed and faked a frown.

”I’m sorry” Jimin laughed and reached for Jungkook’s hand that was resting in his lap.

”Are you really disappointed at me?” Jimin pouted and looked innocently at the younger.

”Nah…” Jungkook shook his head and brought Jimin’s hand up to give his knuckles a kiss, ”I can never be.”

Jungkook glanced at Jimin’s red cheeks and squeezed his hand before he had to let go, the older’s hand coming to rest on his thigh instead and the little warmth radiating from him felt more like a wave of heat.

The smallest of touches, the quickest of glances, they were all so much more when they came from Jimin.

So much more, but at the same time not enough.



”No” Jimin whispered and stopped right as Jungkook was about to open the door to the restaurant, ”We’re eating here? No way Jungkook, no way.”

Jungkook chuckled and nodded, ”Come on. Our table is waiting. The food is delicious, I promise.”

”They won’t let me inside” Jimin whispered and crossed his arms, ”You’re not trying to make fun of me, are you?”

”Oh for fuck’s sake” Jungkook mumbled and grabbed Jimin’s arm gently to pull him with him inside.

”You look amazing and stop thinking so low of yourself” Jungkook whispered and leaned down to brush his nose against Jimin’s blushing cheek, ”Behave, kitten.”

Jimin gasped quietly and gulped as Jungkook pulled back and smiled at him right before a waitress came up to them.

Jimin could swear that someone just turned the temperature up, a lot, because no way Jungkook could have that affect on him.

Jimin bit down on his lip and studied the younger’s narrow waist that looked ridiculously good in the tight slacks and shirt.

Okay, so maybe he could.


”Mr Jeon, welcome! We are always so happy to have you here! Please, follow me and I will show you to your table.”

”Come” Jungkook smiled and placed his hand on the small of Jimin’s back as they made their way between rows of tables where people were chatting and eating with the discreet piano music in the background. 

Suddenly the tables became empty and the murmurs died down.

”Here we are” the waitress smiled and gestured towards the table, ”you’re food and drinks will be with your shortly.”

Jimin sat down across Jungkook and gave him a confused look, ”Have you already ordered?”

”Yes, uhm, I had to.”

”You had to?”

”Yeah I kind of wanted to order everything on the menu so I had to let them know in advance.”

”Y-You ordered everything?!”

”Ssh, relax” Jungkook chuckled and tucked a strand of black hair back behind his ear, ”the menu isn’t that big, but I wanted us to have a chance to try everything and I can promise that you won’t be disappointed.”

”You’ve been here before” Jimin stated and looked around in their quiet space with the beautiful decorations on the walls and the heavy curtains framing the windows.

”Once a week. I always sit by this table so I sort of wanted to share this with you. Since we’re about to know each other better.”

Jimin smiled nodded, ”I like the thought behind this. I like getting to know you.”

Jungkook was about to say something more but changed his mind as two waitresses came with their food.

”Oh my god” Jimin whispered as their food and drinks were placed on the table, ”this is… wow. Can I begin?”

”Sure” Jungkook laughed softly and watched as Jimin took a bite and closed his eyes before mumbling a cute s’delicious.

”I was thinking champagne and desserts at my place.”

”I like how you think” Jimin smiled and tried another piece, ”if I can walk after this, that is.”

”I’ll carry you” Jungkook winked before taking a bite.

Jimin blushed and gulped down some water to cool himself, ”So you usually come here to eat alone?”

”Yes. So it’s a little weird to have someone to talk to and… look at.”

”I’m happy you brought me here. The food is amazing, just like you said, and the company isn’t too bad either.”

”Not too bad? Wow, I take that as a compliment.”

Jimin giggled and nodded as Jungkook continued talking.


Time goes fast when you're having fun.

But with Jungkook, time flew in the speed of light and Jimin soon found himself both full and happy.

The date was going amazing and Jungkook was so funny that it felt like his stomach hurt from laughing so much.


Jimin giggled and grabbed the last sushi piece with his chopsticks, ”We are not going to a restaurant on our second date though.”

Second date, Jungkook thought and smiled for himself, that would be amazing.


”And why is that?”

”Because” Jimin began and pointed at his shirt, ”I borrowed this from the forgotten parts of Yoongi’s wardrobe, so next time I will have to either go half naked or wear something ugly.”

”I’m okay with half naked” Jungkook said casually and shrugged his shoulders.

”I bet” Jimin mumbled with his cheeks full, ”It’s a good thing the food is amazing.”

”Oh yeah?” Jungkook chuckled, ”So you wouldn’t mind coming here with me again then?”

”No, I wouldn’t mind that at all” Jimin smiled and pushed his plate a little to the side before slumping a little in his seat before sighing, ”I’m so full.”

Jungkook laughed softly and grabbed his glass again.

”What?” Jimin asked and raised his eyebrows, ”What’s so— oh my god, stop being such a brat!”

”You’re cute when you blush, I can’t help not to tease you” Jungkook said and reached forward to gently grab Jimin’s hand that was resting on the table, ”I’m sorry, I'm childish.”

”It’s totally fine” Jimin smiled and caressed the younger’s hand a little, ”I’m having fun and the food was delicious. Thank you.”

”So should we leave and continue this at my place?” Jungkook asked and searched Jimin’s eyes, ”Or is there something else you want to do first?”

”Your place sounds perfect.”

”Okay, good” Jungkook smiled and squeezed Jimin’s hand before he got up from his chair.

”Shouldn’t we pay first?” Jimin asked a little confused.

”Already been taken care of” Jungkook assured and put his hands in his pockets to stop himself from reaching for the older’s hand on their way out.

Jimin could tell.

And it was fine.

Perfectly… fine.

And Jimin understood that Jungkook wanted them to sit at the table he use to sit at alone, but there was another reason for that as well.

Because there, in the far back of the restaurant, they could hold hands and there they could be themselves a little.

There it was safe.

And that was fine.

Because this was what they had agreed on.

And there was nothing Jimin could do to change that.




”You’re good at driving” Jimin stated on their way to Jungkook, ”it feels safe. And like I could sit here forever, just watching the town pass by my window while listening to you talk.”

”We should go on a road trip someday” Jungkook smiled and glanced at the blond who smiled back, ”We have a cabin three hours out of town. It’s a little secluded but it could be fun. We’ll bring food and stuff and we can stay over a weekend. Just you and me.”

”I would love that” Jimin said cheerily and turned a little in his seat to face the younger, ”we can have a ton of blankets and pillows and drink hot chocolate and watch the stars and take long walks and I can try to cook and we can bring books and movies.”

Jungkook chuckled and nodded as he parked the car on his drive way, ”It sounds like our next date is decided then.”

Jimin clapped his hands and unbuckled his seatbelt before he leaned over the console to kiss Jungkook’s cheek, ”I can’t wait.”

Jungkook hummed and cupped Jimin’s cheeks before leaning in to capture his lips, hard and almost a little desperate.

Jimin melted instantly and couldn’t help the little wanton sound escaping his lips as a fire lit somewhere deep inside him, flames following the blood in his veins until all he could think of was having Jungkook fucking him.

A pair of strong arms on his waist and some luck and then he was seated in Jungkook’s lap, straddling him while kissing him with their tongues licking each other’s mouths.

”Ji… min” Jungkook mumbled and tugged at the older’s pink shirt until it was released from the tight jeans, his hands immediately finding their way under the fabric to the blond’s warm back.


”I… want you…”

”Mmh…” Jimin began and pulled back to breathe, his shoulders rising and falling, his hands sweaty and his body full of anticipation, ”I want you too.”

Jungkook hummed and started placing open mouthed kisses on Jimin’s delicious neck, ”Want to fuck you hard.”

”Oh my god” Jimin breathed out, his hand fisting Jungkook’s hair as he tried to hold himself steady through the waves of want that crashed against him with every kiss on his neck, with every squeeze of his thigh.

”I-I want that too” Jimin managed to utter and then everything happened within the blink of an eye; the open and closing of the car door, the front door, Jungkook taking of his shoes and Jimin’s as well without putting the blond down and almost without their lips leaving each other.


”I need to thank Yoongi” Jungkook mumbled as he unbuttoned Jimin’s pink shirt.

”Why?” Jimin whispered and worked on opening Jungkook’s slacks with the same about of hurried fingers as the younger.

”Because you’ve been looking so sexy in this shirt I’ve been drooling since I picked you up.”

Jimin blushed and huffed out a soft laughter, ”You’re not the only one whose been drooling.”


”Your tiny waist in these stupid slacks and shirt, your soft, long hair and your forearms and your—”

”My forearms?” Jungkook chuckled and threw Jimin’s shirt on the floor before kicking off his own jeans and underwear, leaving the both of them naked and tangled.

”You got stupid blue veins running down your stupid forearms” Jimin explained between wet kisses, his mind slowly fogging from the intense fire in his gut.

”You’re crazy” Jungkook stated as he reached inside the drawer in the nightstand.

”But I like it” Jungkook added and placed himself between Jimin’s spread legs, a lubed finger circling his entrance before slowly pushing in.

”J-Jungkook” Jimin whispered in his exhale, his cheeks blushing from being on display even though the room was only dimly lit.

But there was also something thrilling, something exciting at being under Jungkook’s hands like this.

It was hard to explain but it was something about falling pliant and putting all of his trust in Jungkook that made it so much more… intense. To let the younger do as he wanted, to let him fuck him with three fingers, deep and hard until his own hand came down to stroke his cock because he was right there on the edge, only for his hand to be pinned against the mattress instead while swift fingers continued to fuck him.

That was incredibly annoying.

But it was also so so good.


”I’m c-close!” Jimin whined as his legs started trembling and his thighs wanting to close.

”You can hold it” Jungkook smirked and reached up to kiss Jimin’s parted lips, ”be good and hold it for me a little while longer.”

Jimin gulped and nodded while Jungkook began to whisper praises in his ear but all he could focus on was how almost painful it was to try and hold back his orgasm that was pushing and pulling him closer and closer until he was right there.

”You’re amazing, Jimin, you’re so wet and warm around my fingers and you’re doing so so good” Jungkook whispered and trailed soft kisses along the older’s neck while his fingers worked hard and fast on pleasuring him.

”Coming” Jimin warned while Jungkook was in the middle of praises that somehow had turned more dirty than reassuring.

Jungkook met Jimin’s eyes and understood right away that Jimin was serious.

”What are you— hhhh aah-ah!

Jimin shut his eyes tightly as he clutched the bedsheets and let out a string of high pitched moans. 

His back arched off the bed as he came while kicking his feet.

It was the worst orgasm in his life.

At first.


”W-What did you—”

Jimin was panting and shaking as he opened his eyes and looked down to get it confirmed that Jungkook had in fact denied him his orgasm.

”Oh my god” Jimin breathed out and looked up to meet the younger’s eyes that were dark with lust.

”Holy fuck” Jungkook gulped, ”It worked. You came dry, didn’t you?! It worked and fuck it was so sexy! I looked it up online and I thought-”

”I hate you” Jimin panted and put his hand in the back of Jungkook’s neck to bring down for a minute of wet kisses.

”It what was what you thought about that time, the fantasy you told me about, right?”

”Yes” Jimin mumbled, defeated but not near enough sated.

Jungkook smirked and grabbed Jimin’s legs to push them up against his chest, ”Going to fuck you know, without a condom, okay?”

”Yes, but can I come this time?” Jimin whispered cutely and licked over Jungkook’s soft lips.

”Mmh” Jungkook mumbled and nibbled on the blond’s fat bottom lip, ”How many times you want.”

Jimin whined almost pathetically as lust again blossomed up and pictures in his head of Jungkook fucking him in every possible positions for hours burned behind his eyes.

”There you go” Jungkook whispered and kissed Jimin as he more or less was pulled in, the glide so much easier than the times before.

Jimin gasped as Jungkook went from nothing, to everything.

Rough, hard thrusts that pushed his body back and forth over the smooth silk bedsheets, the sweat on his back doing nothing to keep him in place. 

And he loved it.


Jimin dug his fingernails in Jungkook’s back and while his other hand fisted his black locks, stutters of the younger’s name and lewd moans slipping past his parted lips.

”Kitten” Jungkook said a little out of breath as he hooked one finger under Jimin’s velvet choker, ”what a beautiful mess you are.”

Jimin whined from the younger’s words and when pre cum mixed with lube and caused Jungkook’s cock to reache even deeper, it became impossible to hold back.

”That’s it” Jungkook said and grabbed one of Jimin’s legs to put it over his shoulder, causing the older to gasp and look up at him with hazy eyes.

”You’re so close” Jungkook stated while continuing to slam into Jimin who sniffled and nodded with drool on his chin, flushed cheeks and tears of pleasure in his eyes.

”You know you can come whenever you want to, right…? You were so good and came dry for me earlier… you can spill your cum when you want, kitten doesn’t have to wait for me.”

And in the next second Jungkook groaned, because Jimin was clenching impossibly hard around him and then the blond's whole body tensed up.

Kook-ah” Jimin whispered as he grabbed his leaking cock, barely having touched it before he came hard with long, white ropes of cum staining his stomach and up to his chest and nipples. 

Jungkook watched in awe as Jimin kept spilling all over himself, his small hand still tugging at his cock to release every drop of the almost transparent fluid.

He kept thrusting into Jimin and he’s so so close but as the blond relaxes, he realizes that he have to pull out.

”No!” Jimin pleaded and grabbed Jungkook’s arms to prevent him from moving, ”Continue, please? I want you to come inside me.”

Jungkook gulped because wow that would be amazing but the fact that Jimin already had orgasmed worried him a little.

”I want that too” Jungkook began while catching his breath, ”but won’t you… I mean… guys…”

”I’ll be sensitive but please, go on” Jimin begged and spread his legs on the mattress while giving the younger an innocent look, ”I want know what it’s like.”

Jungkook nodded and leaned down to press his lips against Jimin’s, soon coming back to the same hunger for the blond as before.

Jungkook kept kissing Jimin while the latter wrapped his legs around his waist and pulled him down until Jimin’s half hard cock got trapped between them and Jungkook could feel the other’s cum stick to his own skin as well.

Jimin whimpered from the drag of Jungkook’s cock against his sensitive insides, but each and every sound got swallowed by the younger’s soothing lips.

It had started like a burn, a sting, but the more Jungkook kissed him, the better it felt and suddenly he was craving again.

”More” Jimin managed to utter while digging his feet in Jungkook’s back.

Jungkook was so lost in the pleasure that he barely could register the older’s words, but as Jimin repeated his wish and started bucking his hips, Jungkook got the messaged and with a grunt he wrapped his arms and Jimin’s back to hold him in place as he fucked him so good that Jimin’s eyes rolled back and he started babbling absolute nonsense.

”Kitten” Jungkook mumbled with sweat pouring down his forehead, his muscles tired and his hips stuttering as his orgasm came crashing over him.

”I’m going to fill you with my cum now.”


Jimin could hear him, but nothing could prepare him for the actual feeling.

Jungkook moaned airily and Jimin could feel his cock twitch inside him and in the next second he was being filled and it felt absolutely wonderful.

Hot cum shot against his walls and made his insides feel even warmer and tighter.

”I’m—I’m—I’m” Jimin repeated and started squirming and tossing his head.

”Ssh, I’ll pull out, take it easy.”

Jimin didn’t know what was happening, but it felt odd.

Almost like… he could come again.

Right as Jungkook pulled out and held himself over him with shaking, tired arms, Jimin wrapped his fingers around his throbbing member and stroked himself through a wave of pleasure that only built and built and—


Jungkook’s eyes widened as Jimin came again, this time with not as much cum, but he could nonetheless tell that it felt just as intense.

Maybe more.

”Holy fuck” Jungkook whispered as Jimin’s body trembled and cum once again splashed on his stomach, making him even more dirty.

”Jungkook” Jimin whispered as his arm fell to his side and his eyes closed while his chest rose and fell quickly. 



Somewhere very close to sleep.




Oh right.

He wasn’t allowed to fall asleep. 

And the train, he couldn’t miss the last train.


Jimin blinked his eyes open and gulped as he immediately was met with Jungkook’s waiting gaze.

”There you are” Jungkook whispered with a tired but warm smile, ”How do you feel? I just finished cleaning you and—”

”I have to go” Jimin mumbled and pushed a little at Jungkook so he could sit up, swaying tiredly as he did so.

”Go?” Jungkook gulped and searched for Jimin’s gaze, ”I-I thought you were going to—”

”What time is it? I can’t miss the— oh… oh, god” Jimin laughed softly before he flopped down onto the mattress again, ”you fucked my brains out, I can’t even think properly. I thought I had to hurry home. I totally forgot about our date.”

Jungkook sighed and covered his face with his hands, ”You almost killed me. I thought I was so bad that you got disappointed and wanted to go home.”

Jimin reached up and removed Jungkook’s hands to be met with flustered cheeks, ”You fucked me so good I’m still seeing stars, okay? I came so hard I think I fainted.”

Jungkook laughed softly and nodded, ”I also came like never before. It was insane, really. You’re insane! I thought I would lose my dick inside you when you clenched like that.”

Jimin giggled and blushed before the younger suddenly kissed his lips softly, soothingly.

”Want to see my jacuzzi?” Jungkook asked with a wink, his fingers untangling themselves from blond locks.

”Is it big?” Jimin asked with a playful smile.

”Oh yes. It’s big, wet and hot. And it should smell like flowers.”

Jimin laughed as Jungkook helped him to sit up.

”Come” Jungkook added and grabbed Jimin to carry him bridal style, ”Let’s get us clean.”

Jimin hummed and leaned against Jungkook’s shoulder as he was being carried in the younger’s strong and gentle arms.


”Oh my god” Jimin whispered in awe as they entered the bathroom where candles were lit, the jacuzzi full of hot water and bubbles that indeed made the whole room smell like flowers, ”Oh. My. God. When did you do this? And you’ve even brought out champagne?! And chocolate?! How long was I asleep for?”

”Twenty minutes I think” Jungkook smiled and leaned down to kiss Jimin’s lips before he climbed into the water where he slowly sat down with the older in his hold.

Jimin closed his eyes and sighed as he relax, the hot water soothing his whole body.

”Amazing” Jimin whispered and straddled the younger before wrapping his arms around his neck and rest the side of his head on the latter’s chest.

Jungkook hummed and brought his wet hands up to push back the blond locks that had stuck to Jimin’s sweaty temple before he let his hands rest on his waist.

”Wow… feels so good when you touch me under the water.”

”Mm I does? That’s good” Jungkook mumbled and buried his nose in Jimin’s hair while letting his hands roam over his back and down to his perfect ass.

”Maybe I should borrow your shower” Jimin sighed, ”since you came inside me.”

”I uhm… maybe I can clean you… here?”

Jimin gulped and cleared his throat, ”Yeah I… uhm, sure… I mean I wouldn’t mind. So to speak.”

Jungkook chuckled and brought one hand up to Jimin’s shoulder blades while carefully pushing a finger inside him, causing Jimin gasp quietly but in the next second relax again.


It felt surprisingly good.


Gentle fingers working slowly and carefully while occasional praises left Jungkook’s lips in sweet whispers.

It wasn’t good.

It was perfect.


”I’m sorry” Jungkook said with a small blush on his nose as he put both of his hands on the other's hips.

”It’s totally fine” Jimin whispered with a smile as he sat a little straighter so he could give the younger a reassuring kiss, ”I’m the same. Can’t you feel?”

Jungkook nodded as their erections rubbed against each other under the water.

They were turned on and hard, but left it as that, the both of them finding pleasure in just being in each other’s arms and kissing, the lack of further plans only seemed to bring them closer.


”Champagne?” Jungkook asked and cupped Jimin’s cheeks so peck his lips a last time.

”Yes please” Jimin giggled and climbed off Jungkook so the latter could open the bottle on the table beside them.

”For you Mr Jimin” Jungkook grinned and handed the older a glass filled to the brim with the sparkly alcohol.

”Thank you Mr Jeon” Jimin laughed and brought the glass to his lips.

”Uugh, don’t call me that” Jungkook complained before taking a gulp, ”reminds me of my father.”

”So what should I call you?” Jimin asked and gave him a wink, ”sir?”

Jungkook chuckled and ducked his head, ”Nah, I don’t know…”

”I know” Jimin smiled and gulped down the rest in his glass, ”Bunny.”

”Oh no no no, never. Never. Ever. Somehow I knew you would pick up on that.”

”Aww, but it’s a cute. How about we compromise?”

”On what?”


”Jimin no” Jungkook chuckled and drank the rest of his champagne in one go before putting their glasses away, ”No way.”

Jimin pouted and moved in the water until he was in the younger’s lap again, ”Please?”

Jungkook sighed but the moment the older fluttered his black eyelashes, he knew he was gone.

”Fine. Whatever. As long as you don’t tell anyone.”

Jimin smiled from ear to ear and nodded, the cat bell on his choker jingling quietly.

”Kitten” Jungkook grinned and wrapped his arms around Jimin before moving to the middle of the jacuzzi where he spun around with the older in his hold, water splashed everywhere and Jimin’s loud, youthful laughter filled the entire room as well as something inside Jungkook.

”Perfect” Jungkook whispered as he came to a halt and let his lips kiss down on Jimin’s smile.





”What time is it?” Jimin asked and jumped up in the bed with his hair still damp from the bath.

Jungkook looked down on his wrist watch on the nightstand and sighed a little, ”It’s already 2.”

”2?” Jimin pouted as he fell backwards on the bedsheets they just had changed, ”Already.”

Jungkook hummed and climbed up in the bed to drape himself over the older, ”Wait, I just remembered that I have something to give you.”

”A kiss?”

”No, silly” Jungkook chuckled and got off the bed again, ”Wait here, don’t move and don’t fall asleep.”

”Very easy to say” Jimin mumbled as Jungkook ran out from the room in only his boxers. He lifted the duvet and shifted to sit with his back against the headboard and pulled the duvet up to his naked chest. He then smiled as Jungkook came back after only a couple of seconds, carrying a black little box in his hand.

”This is for you” Jungkook said and handed Jimin the box after climbing down under the duvet to sit beside the other.

”Okay…” Jimin smiled with a little blush on his cheeks, ”did you buy me a gift on our first date?”

Jungkook gulped and nodded before he flickered his gaze and whispered, ”Maybe I shouldn’t have? Maybe it’s weird? But I mean… it’s just a little something and we’re friends, right? Friends can buy gifts to each other… right?”



”Yeah” Jimin said and licked his lips a little nervously before putting on a smile that maybe didn’t quite reach his eyes, ”of course they can…”

Jimin opened the lid and let his fingers move the pink, cheer paper until he was met with a beautiful bracelet in silver.

”Jungkook” Jimin whispered and held up the thin, silver chain, ”it’s beautiful.”

”I’m glad you like it” Jungkook said and smiled a little, ”should I help you put it on?”

”I-I can’t— it’s too pretty, I can’t—”

”Are you seriously telling me to take it back?” Jungkook wondered and shook his head, ”Because that’s not happening.”

Jimin blushed and slumped a little while looking from Jungkook to the bracelet and then back at the younger before whispering, ”Thank you, Jungkook. This is incredibly kind of you and I just hope it wasn’t expensive but it looks really expensive please tell me it’s not real silver or something. You look weird. It’s real silver. And it’s expensive. Okay. Got it. Do I need to insure this or something?”

Jungkook laughed and shook his head before leaning in to capture Jimin’s lips to give him a couple of calming kisses, ”Stupid. Now let me put it on.”

Jimin sighed and held out his hand.

Jungkook grabbed the bracelet and locked it around the older’s wrist but didn’t let his fingers go right away, instead he let them linger a little while looking up at Jimin who gulped and met his eyes.

”Long ago?” Jungkook whispered and caressed Jimin’s wrist gently before letting go.

”Yes” Jimin breathed out before giving the younger a small smile.

”If you ever want to talk, I’m right here” Jungkook whispered and let his hand intertwine with Jimin’s, ”Whenever. I’m right here.”

Jimin nodded and wrapped his arms around Jungkook to bury his nose in the younger’s neck, ”Thank you. It means more than you think.”

Jungkook hummed and caressed Jimin’s back before the older broke away and looked down at the silver chain that was maybe a little too big, but it looked good like that, like it was meant to fall down his forearm a little as he moved.

”And thank you for this. It really is beautiful.” 

”It suits you” Jungkook nodded, ”I’m glad you like it.”

Love it” Jimin corrected with a playful smile before he titled his head, ”You buy all your friends jewelry?”

Jungkook snorted and grabbed ahold of the blond who screamed in surprise as he was being pulled down under the covers and attacked with kisses.



”I want to stop the time…” Jimin whispered tiredly with his eyes closed where he was laying with his head on Jungkook’s chest, their legs tangled and their hands intertwined.

Jungkook hummed and drew lazy patterns on Jimin’s back with his free hand, ”Me too. I don’t know what time it is, but I think the sun will come up soon…”

”You’re coming to uni on Friday— I mean tomorrow?”

”Mmh, I am… Prepare to be kissed in the bathroom.”

Jimin laughed tiredly and squeezed Jungkook’s hand, a little too tired to form any words.

”Sleep, kitten.”

Jimin hummed and relaxed from the gentle touches in his hair and the younger’s heartbeats that for some reason caused his lips to form a smile right before he fell asleep.





Jimin stirred awake to a knock on the bedroom door and a voice saying something he couldn’t quite catch.

”Kook-ah” Jimin mumbled with his eyes half open as he shook the younger’s shoulders gently, ”Jungkook wake up.”

Jungkook hummed tiredly and turned around to face the older.

”Kitten” Jungkook smiled in his dream state while grabbing Jimin with his strong arm to push him closer, ”just five… more… min…”

Jimin snuggled against Jungkook and closed his eyes again, maybe he had just dreamt the knocking.

”Mr Jeon… Mr Jeon are you awake?”

Both Jimin and Jungkook groaned tiredly as they realized that Mr Lee was outside the door.

”Mr Lee” Jungkook called angrily with his voice hoarse, ”I told you that you’re not allowed on he second floor! Go away or I’ll have you fired!”

”Mr Jeon, I apologize but your father will be here any minute. His plane got cancelled. I know that you are not alone so I wanted to—”

”Fuck!” Jungkook yelled as he jumped out of the bed and grabbed his slacks while Jimin looked at him in shock.

”W-What do I do?” Jimin gulped and tried to get a grip of the situation.

”You get dressed and then you leave as fast as you can.”

Jimin stared at Jungkook and watched him zip his pants.


Somehow Jungkook’s loud voice woke him up and he understood just how serious the situation was.

He got down to the floor and with trembling hands he put on his glasses and then reached for the pink shirt, but just as he managed to put his arms inside it, the door bell rang.

Jimin gulped and looked up to meet Jungkook’s terrified, stressed eyes.

”Your father has arrived and I am sorry, but I will have to open the door.”

”Hurry” Jungkook whispered and grabbed Jimin’s clothes to shove them into the latter’s arms, ”we’re going to run as fast as we can to the garage, there's a door on the first floor beside the kitchen. Come on!”

Jimin followed Jungkook out through the bedroom door and down a couple of steps.

But there their journey ended.

Because Mr Lee had already managed to open the door.

And when Jungkook and Jimin reached the middle of the staircase, Jungkook's father was entering the hallway right in front of them, causing the man’s eyes to immediately land on them.

On Jungkook in only his slacks.

On Jimin in his underwear and open shirt.

On their intertwined hands and racing hearts.


Jimin found himself squeezing Jungkook’s hand, afraid that the younger would let go under the harsh stare of his father.

But when Jungkook squeezed him back before relaxing and he knew what it meant. He was left with no other choice but to release Jungkook’s hand that immediately fell to the younger’s side.

”Son!” Jungkook’s father wheezed with his face red with anger, his hands curling to fists and his eyes showing nothing more than disgust and… hate.

”You” the man yelled and pointed at Jimin who gulped under the man’s furious voice, ”get out, now!”

Jimin glanced at Jungkook who looked back at him with a broken look on his face, sadness so visible in his big, brown eyes that it physically hurt inside the blond.

Jimin was once again left with no other choice than to walk down the stairs.

So he did.

”I want you dressed in the kitchen in five seconds” the man wheezed with his eyes on Jungkook before he turned to look at Jimin who leaned down to grab his shoes and carry them together with his clothes.

”Leave” the man spoke with his cold voice and pointed at the door, ”and don’t you dare contact my son again.”


Jimin wished he were braver.

But maybe that wouldn’t have helped anyway.




Jimin closed his front door behind him and took a deep breath before he kicked off his shoes.

He was tired. Worried. A little anxious.

But most of all he wondered how Jungkook was doing. What his father was telling him.

He wanted to text him, call him.

But it was probably for the best to wait a little, until Jungkook would text him first or until it was likely that his father had left.



Jimin snapped out of his thoughts and turned his head to look at Tae who was standing in the living room with a small smile on his lips.

But Jimin could right away tell that something wasn’t right.

”Tae” Jimin said and made his way to the younger, ”are you okay? You look—”

”Can we talk?” Tae wondered and bit down on his bottom lip nervously while meeting Jimin’s eyes.

”Yeah” Jimin nodded and was immediately filled with a concern for his soulmate that momentarily made him forget about his own worry.

”Come” Jimin said and sat down on the sofa.

Tae sat down and together they faced one another, Tae’s hand coming to hold Jimin’s that felt warm and reassuring.

”Do you remember that there was something I wanted to talk to you about the other day? Something important…”

”Yes, I remember that” Jimin nodded, ”I got worried but you said that you were okay. I’m sorry Tae, should I have—”

”No no, it’s okay. I just… I feel like I have to tell you now or else I will go insane.”

Tae laughed softly, nervous as hell but also confident. Because this was Jimin and Jimin was always understanding and an amazing listener.

Even if he wasn’t sure of how Jimin was going to react, he would most likely understand and maybe need some time to think.

But he would understand.

Tae lifted his eyes and was met with Jimin’s waiting gaze that wasn’t quite as usual. There was something there that caused him a slight worry.

But he had to confess to Jimin, now.

He simply couldn’t wait any longer.


”Min, I… I love you.”

Jimin squeezed Tae’s hand and nodded, the younger visibly nervous and… weird.

Why was he so nervous for?


”And…?” Jimin asked slowly.

”A-And?” Tae gulped and looked a little confused at the older.

”I mean, I know that you love me. We’ve been soulmates for years and—”

”No no, you don’t understand” Tae interrupted and shook his head, ”I love you. I’m in love with you, Jimin. I love you more than just my soulmate. I love you and I think that I have loved you for quite some time now. It's difficult to say and I don't exactly know when it turned from our usual love to actual... love. I just know that I want to be more than best friends and I was hoping that... well, that maybe you feel the same. And the reason while I'm telling you like this is that you deserve to know. And also that I don't want things to be weird between us. So uhm... I love you, Min. And I-”

”No” Jimin whispered and gulped as he shook his head slowly, ”P-Please don’t say that. Please don’t say that you love me…”

Tae looked into Jimin's eyes but had to look down when he couldn't stand how the older's eyes flooded.

And then he felt how his hand slipped out of Jimin’s hand.

”Tae” Jimin sniffled with tears on their way down his cheeks, ”I’m sorry. But I don't... I...”

Tae closed his eyes.

And then everything broke into pieces.



Chapter Text




Breaking your best friend’s heart sounds like a weird combination of words.

Breaking your best friend’s heart.

How does one do that?


Jimin knows.

It’s awful.



To: Yoongs

Are you home?

Can I come over?

Something happened and I really need someone to talk to.


Jimin stared at his phone until the screen went black.

He sighed and moved his feet in the sand under the swing he was sitting on, creating little patterns with his worn sneakers.

He shouldn’t have to feel bad.

Because he couldn’t help that Tae had fallen in love with him. It wasn’t his fault. And at the same time he shouldn’t have to be home and comfort Tae, because he wasn’t sorry.

He couldn’t be sorry for not loving him back, that’s not how it works.

And Tae shouldn’t be upset, because what right did he have to give him bad conscience, to make him feel guilty for not loving him back.

Maybe he was the one that needed comfort the most?

Because he was the one who would have to deal with being the one rejecting his soulmate, being the one living with the knowledge that his soulmate has feeling for him and everyday be reminded of how much Tae was hurting. Because of him.

Lost in thoughts, the sound of his phone suddenly beeping caused him to jump a little in his seat.


From: Yoongs

I’m at your place, with Tae…


But we can talk later, or tomorrow after uni?


To: Yoongs

It’s ok.

I’ll try to text Hoseok.


From: Yoongs

Seok is here as well…


To: Yoongs




Suddenly, Jimin felt like the most loneliest person in the the whole world.

From having one soulmate, two best friends and one… and one… Jungkook, he now had no one to speak to.

He wasn’t blaming them though.

Jungkook was probably still with his father and that’s why he couldn’t reply to his texts.

And Yoongi and Hoseok, well they were just comforting their best friend.

Although he couldn’t help not to feel a little abandoned.

And worried.

Incredibly worried.

All he could think about was Jungkook’s devastated look. All he could see when he closed his eyes was Jungkook’s sad and nervous gaze. All he could feel was the younger’s hand slipping through his and all he could hear was his panicked voice as they had to hurry.

But surely Jungkook would text him back any minute now.

Any minute.


But as the day turned to evening and it became too cold to walk around, Jimin decided to head home, still without any reply from Jungkook. Still with his soul heavy and burdened with the fact that Tae was in love with him.

The fact that he had broken his heart.

The fact that they would have to continue living together, sharing the apartment, sharing everything, was almost too hard to wrap his head around. 

How in the world was this going to work?

And being touchy soulmates with cuddles and kisses would definitely not work. What if Tae suddenly kissed with that kind of love he didn’t have for the younger? What if he touched him with that kind of touch he didn’t want anyone else than Jungkook to give him?

What a mess.

What a surreal, unbelievable, mess.


Jimin opened his front door and noticed right away that Tae’s boots and leather jacket was gone.

He sighed and kicked off his shoes before going straight to his room to collapse on his bed.

His small, old, uncomfortable, empty bed.

He rolled onto his front and grabbed his phone from his back pocket and unlocked it.

No unread texts. No missed called.



Jimin put his glasses on his nightstand and buried his face in his pillow, exhausted from lack of sleep and the emotions and worry running crazy inside him.

If only he had a hand to hold.



Jimin stirred awake some three hours later and was met with the room bathing in darkness.

The first thing he did was to reach for his phone, hoping it was a text that had woken him up. But no, still nothing.

Jimin sighed and put his head on his pillow again. He was still fully dressed, and hungry, but he if he only could sleep until his alarm rang, he wouldn’t have to deal with everything that was difficult until after uni.

Or so he told himself anyway.

Then suddenly a giggle and hushed voices brought him back from his thoughts.

Jimin sat up and looked out at the corridor through his door that was wide open.

Was that… was that kissing sounds?

In the next second, Tae and another person came tumbling into view and then Tae was being pinned against the wall by the other.

It was dark outside his door but he could nevertheless see the other person push his knee up between Tae’s legs while kissing his neck, causing Tae to release a string of moans mixed with whispers that got Jimin’s cheeks to turn pink.

This was incredibly embarrassing.

Jimin wanted nothing more than to get up and close his door but it was like he was lost in a trance and found himself incapable of even turning his eyes away.

Then Tae and the other man both let out a moan each and that’s when Jimin realized that the door had to close or else he would witness something he didn’t want to see nor had the right to.

Luckily enough, the couple stumbled towards Tae’s room right as he got up from his bed, causing their doors to close shut at the same time.

Jimin flopped down on his bed again and stared up at the ceiling as his cheeks turned pinker and pinker from the sounds coming from the other’s room.

And when low moans suddenly turned much higher, Jimin hurried to grab his headphones and start some music on his phone.

This was insane, Jimin thought and pulled the duvet up over his head to further mute his best friend’s activity.

Never ever had they brought company home. Never.

He knew that Tae had been with guys maybe three or four times before, because Tae had told him and they had talked about it. But never had he brought anyone home, and now that he came to think about it, he had never even seen Tae kiss anyone before.

So to have witness Tae making out and now hearing him moan and whisper dirty things was almost… surreal.

It almost felt unreal.

But it was real.

And Jimin could not help but to think that this sudden move from Tae felt unplanned, unlikely, desperate and maybe even… bad.

Sure Tae could have sex and see anyone he wanted, but so soon after having confessed his love for him? So soon after having cried in front of him on the sofa and then been in need of comfort from their friends?

Maybe that was the thing; comfort. Maybe that was the reason.


Jimin couldn’t relax until the nosies had died down and it was first then that he found himself drift off to a moment of much needed sleep.





Jimin groaned as he reached for his phone to turn off the alarm.

He waddled to the bathroom, still half asleep, and then out to the kitchen where he poured himself a glass of juice that would have to do as breakfast.

He contemplated whether or not he should wake Tae up, and came to the decision that no matter what was going on, no matter how awkward everything was being, at least they should try to hold on to their studies.

A small smile formed on Jimin’s lips as he realized that he would see Jungkook again in less than an hour.

Prepare to be kissed in the bathroom.


Jimin pushed away a sting of worry that tried to grab ahold of him, telling himself that everything would be fine if they just could talk things through.

And then they could make plans for their next date.

Not worries.

None at all.


”Well well, what do we have here.”

Jimin gasped in surprise and almost dropped the empty glass as a voice behind him brought him back from his thoughts. He hurried to put the glass down before he spun around and was met with a guy he had never seen before.

Or he probably had, in the dark corridor outside his bedroom, because this was without a question Tae’s one night stand.

Quite tall, quite muscular, a tattoo running down his left arm and most likely five or more years older than them.

And dressed in nothing more than boxer briefs. 

”I must be in heaven” the man smirked and walked closer to Jimin who immediately understood what kind of guy this was.

Jimin gulped and grabbed the hem of his t-shirt with both hands to try and pull it down a little further, feeling extremely exposed under the stranger’s intense stare that ran over his naked thighs.

”You a flatmate?”

Jimin nodded and tried to take a step back but was immediately met with the counter, making it possible for the guy to place himself right in front of Jimin and whisper in his ear.

”Why don’t you come and join us? Hm? I’ll take good care of you both.”

Jimin shook his head quickly and tried to turn away from the stranger’s breath agains this ear, ”No I don’t—”

”Or i can watch? God that would be so fucking sexy” the guy began and put his hands on the counter on either side of Jimin, ”Watch you and him all sweaty and needy for each other… but you will have to obey me and I will decide that hm… that he will fuck you and after he’s done with you, I can take over. And then you will have to suck my cock, because damn these are some cock sucking lips right here.”

”Go to hell” Jimin wheezed and pushed the hardest he could at the guy’s arm who luckily got so surprised by the action that his arm fell to his side, giving Jimin the opportunity to escape and run to his room.

We’ll wait for you” Jimin heard the man say cheerily outside his door as he put on his glasses and threw his clothes on.

”Fucking creep” Jimin mumbled and grabbed his backpack before dashing to the front door, suddenly losing all interest in waking Tae up.




Unfortunately, things were not as Jimin had planned when he came to school.

Because Jungkook’s usual place in the classroom was empty, and so was his place in the cafeteria.

And it didn’t matter how much Jimin was staring at Jungkook’s empty chair at the table in front of him, the younger wouldn’t appear.

Jimin gulped as he noticed how Jungkook’s friends were staring back at him.

But he didn’t care.

Because Jungkook was missing and it caused something inside him to hurt so much with worry that nothing in the whole world meant anything.



”So Tae isn’t coming today?”

Yoongi’s voice was soft and a little hesitant beside him, without a doubt careful to not upset Jimin.

”I…” Jimin began without taking his eyes of Jungkook’s empty chair, ”I’ll be right back.”

Yoongi watched confused as Jimin got up and hid his hands inside his sleeves before walking over to the table where Jungkook use to sit.

Jimin cleared his throat and looked with a nervous gaze as the Song twins looked up at him while the woman, Naree, completely ignored his existence.

”What?” one of the guys said and gave Jimin an annoyed look, ”You lost your blue-haired fuck—”

”Ssh! Jungkook will kill us if we—”

”I don’t fucking care. I mean, look at him, he's so obviously-"

”You should get back to your place” one of the twins said and looked at Jimin with eyes that wasn’t as fierce as his brother’s.

”I-I was just wondering if you know if Jungkook is sick or… where he is, because Mrs Kang wants me to hand him a paper… that is… quite… urgent.”

”He’s leaving” the friendlier twin said and was immediately received with a hard shove on his shoulder.

”H-He’s leaving? Where is he—”

”I heard my father talk to Mr Jeon yesterday. He’s taking Jungkook with him abroad, for business reasons, I presume, although the whole thing seemed very unplanned.”

Jimin gulped and nodded while flickering his gaze between the twins, ”And when is he coming back?”

”I uhm, for what I heard, I shouldn’t expect him to come back any time soon.”

Jimin took a step backwards and felt how something inside him screamed at him to run.

So that’s what he did, without thinking twice.

While Yoongi called his name behind him, he ran to the nearest exist and all the way to the metro.

He sat down on a seat on the train to calm his racing heart that for some reason just refused to slow down.

Then it felt like everything moved slowly. The train. The people. Time. Everything so damn slow.


But waiting for Jungkook’s door to open was the worst of all. Not knowing if anyone would open, not knowing if Jungkook even was there.

Or in the country.

Jimin sniffled and wiped away a worried tear before ringing the door bell again, for seconds.

Then just as Jimin let go of the button on the wall, the door swung open to reveal a stressed man in a suit, obviously surprised to see Jimin on the doorstep.

”Mr Jeon is ready to leave and so should you, who ever you are.”

Jimin shook his head quickly and grabbed the door handle just in case this man would try to close the door.

”I have to talk to him, it’s very important and—”


”Jungkook” Jimin replied and got up on his tippy toes to look behind the man in the suit, finding Jungkook walking down the stairs while buttoning his cufflinks.

”It’s okay, Mr Choi, let him in and I’ll be with you in second. Prepare the car in the meantime.”

”As you wish, Mr Jeon” the man said and stepped to the side to let Jimin in before he hurried over to the door that led to the garage.

”Hi” Jimin said with a much more fragile voice than intended, ”I-I’ve called you and texted but you wouldn’t answer and—”

”I’m leaving for a little while” Jungkook said after clearing his throat, his hands hidden in the pockets of his slacks and his gaze anywhere else than on Jimin’s glossy eyes, ”on a business trip, with my father.”

”Mr Jeon, the car is ready and we should hurr—”

”One minute!”

”Yes, Mr Jeon.”

Jimin glanced at the servant who again disappeared through the door, before he looked at Jungkook again, his hands trembling inside his long sleeves, ”How long will you be away?”

”Three months” Jungkook replied in an exhale while shifting a little on his foot.

”Three months?” Jimin whispered and gave the younger a sad attempt at a smile, ”you uhm… you’re leaving f-for three months but wasn’t planning on telling me first?”

Jungkook shook his head slowly while meeting the older’s waiting gaze, ”No I… I didn’t want you to know because then you would come here. Although it seems like you found out anyway.”

”So this is it then?” Jimin asked with stubborn tears rolling down that he hurried to wipe away, but the more his small hands touched his teary cheeks, the more tears escaped his eyes and then he started sobbing.

It felt embarrassing to stand in the middle of the glamorous hallway with the chandelier in the ceiling and gold framed paintings on the walls, crying his eyes out in front of a man he just had began to know and that already was being pulled away from him.

”Jimin” Jungkook whispered faintly as he brought a hand up to caress Jimin’s cheek, causing the latter to immediately lean in to the touch with closed eyes.

”Don’t go” Jimin said and opened his eyes, only to be met with the same amount of pain in the younger’s eyes as he himself felt inside him, "Please don't-"

”Ssh” Jungkook whispered and leaned down to seal their lips.

Jungkook kissed him slow and not like usually.

Passionate, Jimin thought, passionate but slow.

Like it meant something.

Then he felt Jungkook’s safe arms around him and he had to fist the younger’s shirt because unsaid words and sadness mixed in the kisses he was receiving and it made everything worse.

So, so much worse.


And when Jungkook pulled away, Jimin hated how that was all when he craved so much more.

”You have to leave” Jungkook whispered and brushed his lips over Jimin’s forehead, ”Don’t make it harder than what it already is.”

”I don’t want to go” Jimin hiccuped between sobs, his fingers still clutching the taller’s white shirt while looking up at him with pleading eyes.

”I’m so sorry Jimin” Jungkook whispered and grabbed Jimin’s small hands, trying to gently pry them off, "I'm so sorry."

What are you sorry for?


”C-Can I call you?” Jimin managed to utter somewhat coherently.

Jungkook gulped and squeezed Jimin’s hands that let go of his shirt to instead intertwine with his, the older refusing to let go completely.

Jungkook flickered his gaze and breathed out a ”yeah… we can call…”

Jimin hated that Jungkook wasn’t meeting his eyes and he hated that the latter’s faint whisper said to him between the lines that there won’t be any phone calls. Not ever.


But Jimin nodded and pretended, just like Jungkook.

Because that’s easier.

And it’s for their own sake.


Somewhere between Jungkook’s feather light touches on his back and the devastated look in his flickering eyes, Jimin realizes that they’ve made a mistake.

A big mistake.

Not on purpose, of course.

But an unfortunate mistake nonetheless.


Jimin’s grip tightens on the younger’s hand that he’s still holding, desperately.

Fear is burning in his fingertips and then Jungkook cleared his throat and his pained eyes closed for a second.

Jimin knows what’s coming.

He knows, but it nonetheless crushes him.


There’s no smirk on Jungkook’s mask this time, unlike the other times.

It’s more of a blank expression, lacking all of the emotions that Jimin knows is behind.


”Go” Jungkook said and forced Jimin to let go of his hand.

”Jungkook” Jimin whined with tears creating little rivers down his cheeks, the teardrops then falling down on his white hoodie.


Jimin’s hands trembled as they tried to come back to Jungkook, but the latter walked backwards and created a distance between them that was nothing compared to the distance that soon would come.

”Leave before I have to tell Mr Choi.”

Jimin closed his eyes to calm his chaotic mind, his racing heart and the anxiety that began to drag its sharp nails along his spine. 

And when Jimin opened his eyes again, Jungkook was meeting his gaze for a last time before he turned around and headed out through the door that lead to the garage.

Maybe seeing the millions of tears that were leaving Jungkook’s red eyes was the most painful thing ever.

For Jungkook, it was hearing Jimin call his name with that broken voice as he left to enter the garage.


And leaving the country with the look of Jimin's pleading eyes never disappearing from his head, was maybe just as painful.




Later that night, Jimin sat on the sofa with his yellow blanket wrapped around him, his coffee on the table since long cold and the drama on the tv since long ended, now showing nothing more than a black screen.

It didn’t matter what he did to try and ease his sadness with, there was nothing that could take his mind off Jungkook.

And it didn’t help that Tae came stumbling into the apartment in the middle of the night while Jimin was sitting in the darkness on the sofa, still staring into nothing.

A drunk giggle, a fall and then up again into the arms of a man that wasn’t the same as the one from last night. A slam of Tae’s door and then those noises again that got Jimin’s cheeks to turn pink but his mood drop even further.

This was not only annoying but extremely disrespectful as well.

Jimin kept his blanket and hurried into his room where he kicked his door shut and flopped down on the bed to quickly put on his headphones, later crying himself to sleep while missing the two persons that after all meant the most.




Jimin put on his pajama pants and a t-shirt before he went out of his room the next morning, just in case he would bump into a stranger again.

But at least the kitchen was empty for now.

Jimin opened the fridge but the sight of what little food they had caused him to feel sick and he immediately closed the door to instead make some coffee.

Jimin stared at their old coffee maker and watched as strong coffee poured down into the pot. A movement in the corner of his eye caused him to turn his head to meet Tae’s gaze for a millisecond before the latter opened the fridge, only to close it in the next breath.

”Coffee?” Jimin asked and put two cups on the counter, already knowing the younger’s answer.

”Thank you” Tae whispered tiredly and took a small sip.

”The way you have behaved the last two nights is disrespectful” Jimin mumbled, exhausted, and turned around to lean his back against the counter, ”I got no more than maybe an hour of sleep the night to yesterday, and last night wasn’t exactly fun either. I’m suggesting that you stop having one night stands or at least go somewhere else.”

Tae snorted and shook his head, ”This reminds me an awful lot about you and Jungkook.”


How come it hurt to only hear his name being spoken?


”What do you mean?” Jimin asked and turned his head to look confused at the younger.

”You telling me what to do, telling me you’re a grown up who needs to make his own bad decisions and so on, remember? I’m just like that as well Jimin, I’m also an adult who can take care of himself. So stop telling me what to do, just like I stopped telling you.”

Jimin gulped and stared at Tae before he averted his eyes and gulped down his coffee, ”You should know that your ”friend” from two nights ago, the one with the tattoos, was a total creep and I would appreciate it most kindly if you never ever invited him over again.”

Tae knitted his eyebrows and glanced at the older, ”Did you meet him?”

”Yep. He came to the kitchen in the morning and trapped me against this counter and whispered… naughty things in my ear.”

”Naughty things?”

”Yes. Things about you and me and him together in bed. But I managed to push him away and then he went back to you.”

”I’m sorry for that” Tae said and put his empty cup in the sink, ”I’ll try to chose my ”friends” more wisely.”

”Or not chose anyone at all” Jimin mumbled and pushed his glasses further up on his nose.

”So you didn’t listen to a word I said or…?”

Jimin scoffed, ”Oh, I listened, but I might not see the ’adult’ part in all of this.”

”Adults have sex, Jimin! You do too, with Jungkook, right?! And maybe I need it to get my damn mind off things, so I would appreciate it if you would let me—”

”Get your mind off things? You’re using sex as a—”

”Don’t go there.”

”You have both Yoongi and Hoseok to talk to while I have no one!” Jimin sniffled while pointing at Tae, ”You have them both!”

”You just left” Tae said and shook his head, ”I had just confessed my love for you and you just left while I was crying and begging for you to stay and talk to me!”

”I didn’t know what more to say! Okay?! And I had some stupid shit happening right before I got home that day, and I was struggling with that at the same moment that you decided that it was a perfect time to confess your love for me!”

Tae put his tongue in his cheek and crossed his arms, ”He couldn’t get it up or what?”

Jimin slumped his shoulders and shook his head slowly with a disappointed frown on his face, ”You’re kidding, right? Please tell me you’re not serious right now, because if you are then I want you to get out. Now.”

Tae gulped and let his arms fall to his sides before whispering, ”I’m in a really bad place right know, I don’t need your moral shoved down my throat.”

”You think you’re in a bad place right now?! Hah, welcome to the damn club.”

”Wait, Min, I—”

Jimin strode out of the kitchen and changed clothes in a hurry before heading out the front door, leaving a confused and sad Tae behind.



To: Yoongs

Are you busy?


To: Seok

Hi, do you have time to talk?

I tried to reach Yoongs as well, do you know where he is?


From: Seok

Hi Chim, I’m working :(

And Yoon is in the studio, I just dropped him off.

Talk to you tomorrow?



Jimin sighed and stirred his ridiculously overpriced hot chocolate.

It was getting dark outside the window next to him, a couple of raindrops falling on the glass.

The cafe was busy but he blocked everything out and kept his eyes on the rain that now got people running on the busy street outside.


If only he hadn’t slept at Jungkook's place that night.

Then maybe everything would have been good.

Then maybe he could have been looking forward to their second date by now. 

Maybe he could have been sitting in Jungkook’s lap now, receiving wet kisses, feeling warm fingertips on his naked skin, breathing in his scent.


Or maybe not.

Maybe it had been a matter of time before his father would have figured things out anyway.

Maybe it was for the best that they had broke away from each other before it got serious.

”Who am I kidding” Jimin whispered and looked up at the ceiling to force his tears to fall back to where ever they came from.


”Excuse me…”

Jimin turned his head to the voice and was met with a pink t-shirt, pink snapback and pink plump lips.

”I think that all of Seoul’s inhabitants decided to visit this exact cafe at the same time as me, resulting in an extreme lack of vacant seats.”

Jimin couldn’t help not to smile a little at the guy who unfortunately seemed to have been caught by the rain.

”Is it okay if I sit or do you have company?”

”No, you can sit down, I’m here alone” Jimin said and gestured towards the chair across him.

”Ah, perfect” the guy smiled and sat down with a coffee in his hand, ”I mean, not perfect that you’re alone, obviously.”

”I get it” Jimin nodded and gave the stranger a small smile before looking out the window again.

”With that necklace, you look like a lonely cat longing for the world outside, or missing its owner.”

Jimin gulped and turned his head to meet brown, alert eyes that almost looked sparkly under the ceiling light.

”Yeah…” Jimin nodded slowly, ”I guess I sort of am.”

”I speak too much” the stranger said with an apologetic look, ”I’m sorry.”

”No no it’s fine, I’m… I’m Jimin” Jimin said and reached out his hand, ”It’s always nice to meet a friendly soul.”

”I’m Jin” Jin said and shook the blond’s hand while his plump lips stretched to a wide smile, ”Nice to meet you too! And by the way, can you keep your eyes on my coffee while I go and order a slice of chocolate cake? I suddenly got a craving. And you too, right? I can see it in your eyes that you like chocolate. I’ll be right back with one cake each!”

Jimin didn’t have a chance to react before the pink guy was disappearing between the customers, heading towards the queue.

”This is weird” Jimin mumbled and looked at Jin’s coffee while shaking his head, ”But maybe just what I need.”



Chapter Text




”Tell me.”

”Tell you what?”

”Why you were crying when I first got here.”

Jimin sighed and shrugged his shoulders, ”It’s sort of… a long story, I guess.”

Jin nodded and gave the younger a warm smile, ”I’m not working until Monday, which means that you got today and tomorrow to tell your story. It can’t possibly be longer than that, right?”

Jimin stared at their empty plates and slumped his shoulders as he looked up at his new acquaintance, ”Are you sure you want to listen?”

”I’m sure” Jin replied honestly, ”Tell me.”


”What a mess” Jin whispered and blinked away a couple of tears in his eyes, ”I feel so sorry for you. Jungkook is gone, your soulmate is in love with you and now you’re angry at each other, your friends seem to only care about him and in the middle of all this you stand alone and with no one to rely on.”

”That’s pretty much it, yes” Jimin sniffled and wiped his tears with the back of his hand, not at all caring that the couple beside him kept glancing at him, ”But missing Jungkook is the worst.”

”And it’s only been one day” Jimin added with a broken laughter, ”One day.”

”What do you think will happen when he comes back?” Jin asked softly and studied the younger’s teary cheeks.

”All I know is that his father will make sure that we won’t be able to see each other…”

”But his mother seemed nice, didn’t she? Maybe if Jungkook could talk to her and get her help to talk with his father? Maybe she can convince him to accept you and Jungkook?”

Jimin shrugged his shoulders and looked out through the window, ”I doubt that… with a husband like that, I would be terrified to even mention anything about it. Although she gave the impression to be strong-minded.”

”You know… how bad all of this seems, and how lonely you might feel, there’s someone thinking of you every second, someone who misses you and who wants you back in his arms.”

Jimin sobbed quietly behind his hands, absolutely hating the thought of Jungkook being in misery, but at the same time strangely enough finding a little bit of comfort in Jin’s words. Jungkook was probably thinking of him and missing him just as much, and that somehow made him a little less lonely.

They were in this mess together, in different parts of the world but in mind still together.

”Imagine the day he’s back, he’s going to be ridiculously starved for kisses and touches” Jin said and winked at the blonde, ”You better enter one of those stalls so you can lock the door behind you.”

Jimin laughed through his tears and didn’t think twice before reaching for Jin’s hand that rested on the table, already prepared to caress Jimin’s small hand.

”I’m sure you will find a way” Jin whispered softly.

Jimin gulped and nodded while wiping away some last tears, ”Thank you, Jin, that’s nice of you to say.”

”We went on one date. One. And here I am crying over him like I’m heartbroken.”

”Are you not heartbroken though?” Jin asked in a whisper and squeezed the blonde’s hand.

”W-What? No I… we didn’t love each other so I can’t be heartbroken. I’m just… sad. And emotional. I’ve been easily moved to tears since I was a kid.”

Jin studied Jimin’s pained eyes and sighed.

Oblivious or in denial.

Maybe both.


”It’s getting late and I’m in much need of some sleep” Jimin said and gave Jin a tired smile before letting go of his hand.


”Can we—”

Jimin and Jin giggled together as Jin brought his phone out and handed it to the younger.

”You can call and text me whenever you want” Jin said as Jimin put in his number and then texted himself to get the older’s number.

”Thank you” Jimin smiled and handed back the phone covered in purple hearts, ”It means a lot. And I will probably call you sooner than you think, just so you know.”

”I’ll wait for your call like a lovesick teenager” Jin winked and watched as Jimin got up from his seat.

”Don’t make your partner jealous” Jimin smiled and pushed his glasses up.

”I only see my husband on Fridays at 8.”

”Drama?” Jimin asked with surprised eyes.

”Oh yes” Jin said with a giggle, ”You too? The CEO?”

”Me and Tae call him Mr Handsome” Jimin smiled.

”We have a lot to talk about I hear” Jin stated, ”You better call me tomorrow.”

”I will” Jimin said and took a couple of steps back while waving with his sweater paw, ”I have to hurry to the train. See you!”

”See you, bye!”



Jimin walked up the stairs with a somewhat lighter heart than earlier, all thanks to Jin who turned out to be a wonderful person with a personality that really matched with his own.

But he shouldn’t need to have a stranger hold his hand in a cafe when he had three friends that should be there for him and take care of him.

Like they had done before.

What had changed? And how had it turned out like this?

Everyone on one side and he, alone, on the other.

It simply wasn’t fair.



Jimin opened the front door and got surprised to say the least to see not only Tae’s boots but Yoongi and Hoseok’s shoes as well.

Was this how it was going to be from now on? The three of them hanging out without him, without even asking him to join them?

This was wrong and mean on so many levels that the little brightness in his mood immediately went out.

Jimin entered the living room and was met with three pair of eyes staring back at him from the sofa where Tae was sitting in the middle with Yoongi holding his right hand and Hoseok his left. There were tears on Tae’s cheeks and the other two looked at him a little waiting, a little embarrassed maybe, searching for words.

”I see” Jimin said and faked a smile, ”So much for being busy and working, huh?”

”I-I was just going in for three hours” Hoseok explained and looked from Jimin to Yoongi.

”And I was on my way home when I thought that I could come and visit the both of you, turned out that Tae was here with Hoseok while you were out somewhere.”

Jimin shook his head as he could feel tears begin to sting in his eyes, ”Since when are we lying?”

Hoseok and Yoongi looked at each other and gulped.

”You guys have been avoiding me and ignoring me and I’m sick of it” Jimin began with tears slowly making their way down his cheeks, ”You’ve been at Tae’s side since the beginning of all of this and you haven’t even bothered asking me how I feel! I’ve been texting you guys several times saying that I really need someone to talk to but you have both either ignored my texts or just said that you’re busy. Not once have you tried to come back to me and talk to me, not once have you given a damn about how I feel! Instead you’ve been busy comforting Tae like he’s your only friend! I-I thought we were four in this friendship but I was obviously wrong.”

Yoongi got up from the sofa and made his way up to Jimin with an apologetic look in his eyes, ”Chim I’m sorry but—”

Jimin shook his head and took a step backwards with anger boiling in his veins, ”Have you both just forgot about me or are you ending our friendship on purpose?”

Yoongi brought his hand up to massage his forehead, obviously troubled by the whole situation.

Jimin looked over at Hoseok who was averting his eyes as soon their gazes met.


Tae frowned and got up to approach Jimin with his finger pointing at him, ”Get a damn grip, Min.”

”Get a grip?!” Jimin scoffed and brought his sweater paw up to wipe his eyes, ”That’s easy for you to say.”

”Easy for me?!” Tae yelled and gestured with his arms in the air, ”I’m in love with my best friend who is dating a man we used to hate! I’m in love with my best friend and when I confessed to him he ran away and now he seems to hate me! Do you think that’s easy?! Do you not think I cry myself to sleep while struggling with my feelings every damn second?! Trying to hide my emotions, trying to quit loving you! So don’t you dare say that anything is easy for me!”

Jimin sobbed and met the younger’s glossy eyes, Tae visibly emotional and frustrated, just like him.

”Why me?” Jimin whispered and shook his head slowly, ”Why couldn’t you fall in love with someone else? Why did it have to be me?!”

Tae sniffled and let his own tears escape his eyes, ”We don’t choose who to fall in love with, Jimin. It just happens, okay? I’m so sorry but there’s nothing I can do about it and I had to confess, I had to! It was driving me crazy! And it wasn’t fair to keep it a secret, it wasn’t fair to you. You deserved to know.”

Jimin gulped and grabbed the hem of his hoodie to at least have something to hold on to when he had no one’s hand to hold.

”We told you a thousand times that you should tell him” Yoongi began in the silence, the tension heavy in the air, it was almost as if a storm was circling right above their heads, ready for thunder to crash any second now, ”But you just kept on pushing it forward and forward. And then I guess you chose to confess at a bad time anyway.”

Jimin knitted his eyebrows and looked at Yoongi in utter surprise, ”W-Wait, you knew?! You and Hoseok knew?!”

”Yes” Yoongi nodded and lowered his gaze, ”We knew, and is that such a strange thing…? I mean, Tae needed someone to talk to and—”

”Yes, Yoongi, it’s weird. For me! It’s weird when my friends know that my soulmate is in love with me but I don’t!”

”And it’s particularly weird when you and me share the amount of skinship that we do while you’re in love with me” Jimin added after turning to Tae, ”Can’t you see that? Can’t you see how messed up this is?!”

”Oh believe me, I can” Tae replied and crossed his arms, ”I’m incredibly aware of that, so maybe that’s why I need the comfort of our friends. Our friends, Jimin. Not only yours, ours.”

”Y-You keep them for yourself” Jimin sniffled between his sobs, knowing how childish he might sound and fully knowing the jealousy behind his words.

Tae clicked his tongue and let his arms fall to his sides, annoyed that the blonde couldn’t or refused to understand where he was coming from.

”I’m heartbroken and devastated!” Tae tried to explain, feeling more and more frustrated, ”And yes, Yoongi and Hoseok are taking care of me because you have Jungkook! You have Jungkook! Okay?! You have your precious Jungkook you can talk to whenever you want to and—”

”My? My Jungkook?!” Jimin interrupted with eyes wide and more tears rolling down his hot cheeks, ”I don’t have him! I-I don’t even know where he is!”

”But you can call him, text, him, run to his mansion or whatever! But without Yoongs and Seok I have no one! I have no one who listens to me, no one to hug, to comfort me. I have none of that while you have someone who opens their arms for you” Tae sniffled and wiped his eyes hurriedly before taking a couple of breaths to steady himself, ”I’ve tried to make myself happy with getting fucked over and over again, telling myself that with the next orgasm it will actually feel nice. But forcing yourself to like something, trying to moan as loud as possible to make the lies a little more real isn’t exactly fun and I sincerely hope you never will have to walk down that path.”

”Is it now a competition about who has the most troubles and darkness?” Jimin whispered with his narrow shoulders trembling, ”Because you know that I have my own path I dread walking down and the fact that I’m already on my way down that line isn’t exactly fun either.”

Tae gulped and flickered his gaze a little before meeting Jimin’s pained eyes, ”Y-You are? What happened?”

Jimin frowned and stepped back when he noticed that Tae tried to get closer, the younger’s hand out to touch his arm.

”J-Jungkook…” Jimin whispered with his eyes fixed on nothing, ”he… he left the country with his father, for three months. And I-I don’t know if…”

Jimin sobbed quietly and blinked his eyes, hating how the whole room suddenly went deadly silent, all eyes on him, everyone suddenly waiting for him to speak when none of them had cared the least a second ago.

”I don’t know what will happen when he comes back since his father controls him but he will most likely stop us from seeing each other.”

”What?” Hoseok and Yoongi said at the same time, looking at one another before getting closer to Jimin who again took a step back.

”His father won’t let you see each other?” Tae asked baffled by the news.

”He sort of found us together at Jungkook’s place and now he has taken Jungkook with him abroad.”

”Have you called him, texted him?” Hoseok asked, ”Maybe the trip was planned since—”

”No. The trip is made to pull us apart. And Jungkook doesn’t reply, hasn’t once and will probably not do so during the remainder of his stay abroad.”

”Min” Tae sighed and tried to find the blonde’s gaze, ”I’m sorry, and I’m not going to tell you that I told you so, but I sort of did told you so. Remember? I told you that it would end in tears and you getting hurt, right? I told you. But you wouldn’t listen and instead you told me to that you wanted to make your own mistakes and that it was fine if it resulted in being hurt. Well, now you’re obviously hurt and as much as I hate seeing you like this, I also can’t help but to think that you brought this on yourself and that you now need to take the consequences of being so damn stubborn.”

”You told me so” Jimin repeated with a scoff, looking between the three before letting his eyes look into Tae’s, ”I might have been naive, Taehyung, but I’ve never been left by someone before, and I had no idea it would hurt like this! No idea! I wasn’t prepared for all this pain and all this longing. I don’t think anything could have prepared me for how incredibly empty and lonely I would feel. Especially not now that the only people I trust has abandoned me.”

”Chim, we haven’t abandoned you” Yoongi whispered softly and reached his hand out to grab Jimin’s hand, but the blonde just pushed his arm away.

”You barely know him” Hoseok began and put his hands in the pockets of his jeans, ”Weren’t you like fuck buddies just the other day? And you went on one date? He will be back in three months so just wait for him. And when he comes back you can talk and try to go back to whatever it was you—”

”You don’t get it” Jimin wheezed at Hoseok, ”No one of you gets it! I don’t care that I barely know him when I-I miss him more than I have ever missed anyone before! I don’t care about anything else when all I want to know is that he will come back and hold me again, but that seems incredibly unlikely at the moment so excuse me when I say ’shut the fuck up’.”

The others stared at Jimin with baffled expressions, never before had they heard him talk like that and never had they seen such anger in his eyes.

And embarrassed for not having understood the seriousness behind Jimin’s texts, both Yoongi and Hoseok lowered their gazes, ashamed when realizing just how blind and ignorant they had been. Jimin was obviously having struggles that he needed to share with them but somehow they had both ended up with helping only Tae. 

”I’m sorry” Yoongi began and looked up at the blonde, ”We’ve been leaving you behind while only taking care of Tae, ”I’ve been too caught up in my own feel— I mean, stuff. I’m sorry for not paying attention to you better. It sounds… awful, actually, to like someone and then having them removed from your arms like that. I can't imagine how you must feel.”

”I’m sorry, too” Hoseok voiced and brought his hand up to push away a lock that had fallen over his forehead, ”We have treated you unfairly and I understand that you must be both angry and disappointed in us who are supposed to be your best friends. And I have as well been busy with… personal things. And then it just so happened that we knew about Tae being in love with you and that we comforted him on that day when you got here from Jungkook’s place and since then I… I guess we’ve been biased."

Jimin closed his eyes while taking in every word being spoken, every emotion swimming between them, every apologetic gaze meeting his.

And as he let himself calm down between his closed his eyes, a sudden wave of exhaustion hit him and caused him to literally sway on his feet, his head pounding and his chest hurting.

”Min” Tae whispered and made another attempt to reach for Jimin’s hand, ”You’re very tired now, both emotionally and psychically, and I can see what’s coming, okay…? So please let me help you to bed and—”

”No” Jimin mumbled and put his hand up to tell him that he didn’t want to be touched, ”I’ll go by myself.”

”Chim” Yoongi said with his voice full of regret, ”come and sit down with us on the so—”

Jimin shook his head and turned around with a quiet ’have to sleep’ before he left to his bedroom.


”I haven’t worried for him for years and I honestly never thought I would again” Yoongi whispered as Jimin closed his door behind him, ”But here we are.”

”Do you want us to stay?” Hoseok asked and put his hand on the blue-haired’s shoulder.

”No, no I’ll keep an eye open tonight" Tae replied and followed his friends to the door.

”So say hi to Namjoon from me” Tae said and hung up his leather jacket that had fallen to the floor.


”I will—”

Tae turned around and looked a little confused between his friends that had answered him at the same time.

Yoongi then cleared his throat and lowered his gaze while Hoseok flickered his eyes, a slight blush over his nose.

”What?” Tae asked and looked between them, ”Something… wrong?”

”No no, not at all.”

”No I uh… gotta go. See you in school on Monday?” Yoongi asked and pushed down the door handle.

”Yeah well, I think so… maybe.”

”Take care and call if you need us and please call us if it seems like Jimin needs us as well, something tells me that he won’t ask for us again considering how we have… screwed up, more or less."

”Promise” Tae nodded, ”I’ll keep in touch.”




Jimin woke up and sat up quickly.

The room was bright and the sharp light from the window hurt his tired eyes.

But the light wasn’t what had woken him up.

Jimin hurried to grab his phone and was immediately disappointed.

He had gotten a text.

But not from the one he was waiting for.


From: Unknown

Hello Jimin, this is Namjoon. You know, Mr Kim :)

I’m texting you because Yoongi told me about you and Jungkook

last night. He only told me things briefly, but I’m shocked to say 

the least. I was supposed to meet Kook later today and I had no idea

that he left the country.  Is it okay if I call you?

Maybe you need someone to talk to?


Jimin gulped and hurried to add the number before calling.

Why hadn’t he thought of Namjoon? Why did it never cross his mind that he might have known where Jungkook is? But now it seems like he doesn’t, so it really doesn’t make any difference anyway.


”Jimin, hi, how are you?”

”I’m… I don’t know… I just woke up but I think I feel like hell to be honest.”

”I understand. I don’t know exactly what happened but I guess Kook’s dad found out and took him with him abroad, for three months?”

”Yeah that sums it up pretty good. So you don’t either know where he is? You haven’t heard anything from him?”

”No, nothing. No text, no call. As I said, I was supposed to meet him today… I uhm… I know about your date, Kook called me the morning on the day that he was picking you up.”

”Oh… he did?”

”Yeah, hah, he was very nervous and kept asking me for advice but I’ve never really dated to I couldn’t help him much to be honest.”

Jimin smiled and looked down at his lap, ”Well, he did great. He did amazing, really.”

”He bought you something, didn’t he?”

”Yeah, he bought me a silver bracelet” Jimin replied and waved his hand a little, causing the thin chain to fall down on his forearm, ”It’s beautiful.”

”He called me from the jewelry store, about to buy everything plus the actual store. But I advised him not to.”

Jimin giggled and shook his head, ”Thank you, for stopping him. He bought me roses as well.”

”Ah, I’m surprised he didn’t buy the whole flower shop then.”

Jimin smiled and sighed, ”Do you think his father will change his mind?... Do you know him?”

”I’ve met him a couple of times. And Kook’s mother as well. She’s actually kind and… normal. But her husband is… not. She hates him just as much as Jungkook do. But there is a lot of money involved in their marriage, it’s a complicated, rich, mess. I feel sorry for both Jungkook and her actually.”

”Yeah… I do as well.”

”Hey Jimin, I know it’s difficult right now, not knowing where he is and what will happen later. But I think Kook is trying to do the right thing, that’s all I can say.”

”You mean it’s the right thing to ignore me?”

”He has a reason for that. Although I can’t say if it’s a reason you will like, but it’s the reason that he thinks is for the best for you.”

Jimin hummed and fixed his eyes on the pattern on his blue pillow, ”And that’s what I fear, to be honest.”

”You sound like you’re…”

”Like I’m?”


”Why does everyone say that? To be heartbroken you have to be in love and I’m not. I just miss him is all.”

”Jimin I’m sorry, but I have someone coming over and the door bell just rang so I gotta go.”

”Okay but Namjoon, promise to let me know if you hear from him, please?”

”Of course I will, no problems, but I gotta go, bye Mr Jimin.”

”Take care” Jimin smiled, ”Bye Mr Namjoon.”



Jimin put his feet in his slippers and walked to the kitchen, passing Tae on the sofa in the living room on his way. He poured himself some coffee and took it with him as he sat down on the sofa, leaving plenty of space between them, fixing his gaze on the tv screen.

And wow, the silence was extremely awkward.

”Did you get any sleep?” Tae’s voice came, almost a whisper.

”Mmh, I did. Finally” Jimin replied, thankful for the younger’s attempt to break the ice, ”I uhm, I’m thinking about inviting someone over on Friday to watch the drama with. His name is Jin and I met him yesterday at a cafe.”

Tae glanced at the blonde and then lowered his gaze to his fidgeting fingers, ”I’m not home on Friday. I’m going to a… friend’s place.”

Jimin raised his eyebrows and looked at the younger a little surprised, ”A friend’s pl— ah, you mean Yoongi and Hoseok? They uhm, invited you ov—”

”No, no I’m not seeing them. I’m going to… a guy’s place. So uh, I will probably stay the night, so to speak.”

Jimin nodded and worried his bottom lip between his teeth for moment.

”Tattoo guy?”

”Yes, but different tattoo guy.”

Jimin hummed and sipped on his coffee before putting it on the table so he could wrap himself in his yellow blanket, ”Just please be careful.”

”Mh… I will” Tae whispered before they fell back to an awkward silence that felt more and more difficult to break.



The days until Friday went by in slow motion.

Or slower than slow motion.

Jimin didn’t talk much. With anyone.

He was texting with Jin, a little sporadicly every now and then, finding a little bit of comfort in the older’s attempt to make him laugh with memes and jokes.

Being in school without seeing Jungkook was still weird, but as the days went on, it became a habit to stare at his empty chair and he found himself getting a little used to the lack of the black-haired’s presence.


Friday evening was actually fun, thanks to Jin.

The older was like a pink tornado, full of life and joy and just the amount of silliness that Jimin needed at the moment. He would dance his way across the living room to the kitchen, sing his answers to Jimin’s questions and when he laughed from his own jokes, Jimin couldn’t help not to laugh as well because the older was just to incredibly funny and not funny at the same time and again, it was just what Jimin needed.

A distraction. A friend.

Jimin smiled more than he had since the date with Jungkook and it felt amazing to have made a friend like Jin. He turned out to not be only funny, but caring as well as he brought food and even a cake with him, which of Jimin ate surprisingly much. They swooned over Mr Handsome and decided to watch a couple of previous episodes as well.

”Honestly” Jin said where they were sharing space under Jimin’s yellow blanket, ”they have no idea what a great friend they’ve let go of.”

Jimin sighed and let his head rest on the older’s wide shoulder, suddenly missing curling up in Tae’s lap with the latter’s soft hands in his hair.

Or Jungkook’s lap.

With Jungkook’s gentle fingers running along his spine.

If only he were there.


”They were all here last week, when I got home from having met you at the cafe. I was so angry. Screamed at them. Cried and pushed them away when they tried to to come close. They said they were sorry for not realizing how bad I am feeling, but then again, if they only had taken a second to listen to me, they would have known.”

Jin nodded and rubbed his hand over the blonde’s arm, ”That soulmate of yours, Tae, I think I need to have a talk with him. He honestly feels like a little disrespectful brat, no offense but also a lot of offense.”

Jimin shrugged his shoulders and sat straight again, playing with the hem of the blanket, ”He’s also in a bad place right now… I’m very angry at him but at the same time I… I’m not. At the same time I just miss him. I miss him very much. And I miss Jungkook too and I’m going a little crazy when I think about how it’s only been one week since he left.”

”I will have a talk with him as well, when he’s back.”

”And say what?” Jimin asked a little amused.

”Ask him if he ever needs help with his studies” Jin winked before he was received with a push on his shoulder that got him to fall on his side.

”Kidding, kidding” Jin giggled and sat up while Jimin faked a frown, ”He’s a little too young for me.”

”Yeah yeah, whatever” Jimin said and rolled his eyes before his lips turned to a smile again.

Jin yawned and reached for his phone on the coffee table.

”It’s late and I better go before I get too tired to drive.”

”Maybe you can come back next Friday?” Jimin asked as he followed the older to the front door.

”Yeah, I’d love to” Jin smiled and took his snapback in his hand, ”I had a lot of fun today. I’m glad I met you.”

”I’m I glad i met you too. And thank you for being there for me even though we just got to know each other. It feels nice to have someone to talk to when everyone else is… busy or sort of… not here.”

Jin hummed and thought for a second before he leaned a little closer and placed a soft kiss on Jimin’s cheek.

Jimin blushed a little but was totally fine with the older’s move even though it surprised him.

”Did I say that I’m weird because hey I’m a little weird” Jin mumbled with red cheeks, ”I’m sorry if—”

”Go” Jimin giggled and opened the door to push a mumbling Jin out, ”drive safely and call me when you have time. Goodnight.”

”Goodnight” Jin smiled and gave the blonde a wave before he skipped down the stairs.

Jimin locked the door and grabbed his blanket from the sofa and wrapped it around him as he made his way to his bedroom, but something caught his attention in the corner of his eye.

Jimin took a step back and walked into the dimly lit kitchen where his gaze landed on the roses in the vase.

A petal had fallen onto the table.



Chapter Text




”Six weeks left” Jimin whispered while staring at the withered roses that still stood in the vase on the table.

The petals that remained held a grayish ugly color, the little water that was left had the same disgusting color.

Jimin sighed and let his fingertips touch one of the small thorns. The roses had since long lost their fresh, sweet smell. And it reminded him of Jungkook’s scent and how he’s slowly losing the memory of how the younger smelled. 

Even the cologne. How did it smell now again?

And those slightly curly locks of black hair that Jungkook always tucked back behind his ear, how did they feel between his fingers now again? They were soft and smelled a little like apples. But how did they feel?

But Jungkook’s voice and his laughter, that he could still remember.

He had that low, vibrating voice when he meant something, something serious, something he wanted him to remember or believe.

And then his voice would go up when they joked and things were easy, and his laughter was always high pitched and light except for that low, sexy chuckle of his.

Although it felt like Jungkook’s voice was etched in his brain, Jimin wondered if those memories would wither and disappear as well, before the younger would be back.

And there was one more thing he remembered more clearly than anything.

Jungkook’s heartbeats.

Jimin smiled a little as he played with the silver bracelet on his wrist, letting his fingertips run along the material that was slightly colder than his wrist.

It was scary and confusing to miss someone like this. 

It was overwhelming and strange.

”Do you think of me as well?” Jimin whispered and put his hands in his lap while staring out the window where the moon hid behind dark clouds.



Jungkook sat down on the edge of the bed and unlocked his phone.

Seoul 23.19

Jungkook sighed and tossed the phone beside him before he flopped back onto the mattress. He stared up at the white ceiling for a minute before closing his eyes.

”Fuck it” Jungkook mumbled and reached for his phone again.

To: Kitten


Jungkook stared at the empty message, wrote half a sentence and deleted it and then stared at the empty message again.

His mind was in chaos and had been for weeks.

He had done this a million times before; opened a text to Jimin only to write a couple of words that he then would delete before putting his phone away again. 

And sometimes his thumb would hover over Jimin’s pet name until the screen would go black and then he would have to wipe the wet glass and lie to himself a little more, just so that his eyes wouldn’t be too red and swollen when going to the many meetings that his father kept him busy with.

If only he had a picture of him.

Jungkook closed his eyes again and imagined Jimin in front of him with his blonde hair shiny and a little fluffy, his cheeks pink and his lips parted to show the prettiest of smiles while his eyes turned into little half moons, little crescents.

But then Jimin’s bright smile suddenly turned to a frown and the frown turned to rivers of tears.

”I don’t want to go.”

Jungkook could almost feel Jimin grab his shirt again, with his small but strong hands, desperately trying to keep them together.

It had been like hell in that moment, but nothing could have prepared him for how it would feel to actually leave, to actually stay in a foreign land when all he wanted was to go back and hold Jimin.

When all he wanted was to at least call him and hear his voice. At least text him and know that he was okay.

At least something.

But he couldn’t do that.

Because he wasn’t allowed to.

And because it wasn’t fair to Jimin.

How strange it might sound, it wouldn’t be fair considering what he would have to do. What he already had begun to do.


”Son, are you ready for the meeting?”

Jungkook snapped out of his thoughts and jumped a little in surprise as he turned his head to look at his father in the door opening.

”Yes I am” Jungkook began and cleared his throat from emotions, ”I’m ready.”

”Good, good. And we have some important things to discuss in the taxi on our way there.”

”What important things?” Jungkook asked and got up from the bed to adjust his tie.

”We are going back to Seoul first thing in the morning. They called for a couple of minutes ago and apparently the incompetent idiots can’t deal with anything in my absence, so we will have to go back for a week our two and then come back here again. Can you believe it? I wish I could fire the whole bunch, but I guess that would cause suspicion.”

Jungkook gulped and nodded, his mind going in all sort of directions. But of course he felt most of all happy to finally go back.

But then came the worry. And the nerves.

How in the world was he going to be able to go through with what he had to do?

”You haven’t used that, have you?” the man asked and pointed at Jungkook’s phone on the edge of the bed.

”No” Jungkook replied and shook his head quickly, ”Of course not.”

”Good, good. Maybe there’s hope for you after all. Maybe you will turn out to be responsible and honorable just like me. I can’t have a son like that running my company. The rumors would make your employees lose faith in you and they would start to disrespect you, things like that are what can cause any successful business to go under.”

Jungkook averted his eyes and put his hands in the pockets of his slacks to try and hold his anger, his hate, hold his fists to himself while his blood boiled from everything that he had been told through the years, from everything wrong and from every little lie.




Jimin sat down on the sofa and started the tv, the bowl with ramyeon was too hot in his lap so he had to grab a pillow and put under it.

He browsed through the channels and settled for a documentary about cute stray cats.

”Poor things” Jimin whispered before trying to take a bite of the food that would do as both breakfast and dinner.

Then suddenly a rustling sound could be heard from the front door, heavy boots being tossed on the floor and then there was blue hair in the corner of his eye.

”I uhm… just gonna grab a few things and then I’m off again.”

Jimin looked at the younger and nodded before he turned to look at his cats again.

He could hear Tae move around in his bedroom, gathering whatever it was he came to get.

”See you at uni” Tae said as he came walking out of his bedroom, his gaze on the floor instead of the blonde on the sofa.

”Where are you staying?” Jimin asked, causing the younger to stop in his tracks.

”Sometimes Yoongi, sometimes another place.”

”Another place?” Jimin asked and put the bowl on the coffee table.

”Yeah uhm, tattoo guy.”

”First or second tattoo guy?” Jimin wondered, knowing fully well that he was putting his nose in something that wasn’t his business.

Tae glanced at Jimin and gulped, ”First.”

Jimin nodded slowly and closed his eyes for a second before he looked at the other again, ”You’ve been gone for weeks. And I want to say that I’m thankful for that. I would have tried to be somewhere else if I could, so we could take turns on being here. But since I suddenly stand without friends, I can’t do that yet. But I hope to get to know Jin a little better and then stay with him for awhile.”

”They ask about you though. All the time. They worry for you every day, Jimin. They know that they have failed as friends, but they want nothing more than to come back to you. I told them that you need time, I’m not sure if you actually do, but that’s what I have said. Considering that you won’t pick up when they call you, I guess you’re trying to give them a hint.”

”Yes, I need time” Jimin said and tried to blink away the tears in his eyes, ”But I’m also very confused right now. I think that if they were to come here, I would beg for them to never leave.”

Tae nodded and chewed nervously on his lip as he sat down in the old armchair they had got from Jimin’s parents.

”Do you want me to tell them that?” Tae asked softly while searching the blonde’s glossy eyes, ”That you want them to come here instead of calling you on the phone?”

Jimin sniffled and shrugged his shoulders before he sighed and nodded instead.

”Okay” Tae whispered, ”I promise I’ll do that. You need someone you trust.”

”I trust Jin.”

”Someone who knows about you” Tae said and put his backpack on the floor, ”someone who was there when you… were ill. Someone who understands you.”

”Why do you care all of a sudden?” Jimin asked and titled his head, a couple of small, silent tears rolling down his cheeks, ”Why now? Six weeks after everything broke apart?”

Tae looked down at his lap and slumped his shoulders a little, his blue hair falling over his temples, ”Because I needed some distance to understand my flaws and what I’ve done wrong… I didn’t act the way I wish I would have. I said things I shouldn’t have. I got too caught up in my self. Jealous of you and Jungkook. So jealous that I think I found… I didn’t really take it serious, this whole thing with him and you because I honestly felt a bit of joy when you told me that he had left.”

”Joy?” Jimin sniffled and knitted his eyebrows, ”Y-You found joy in him leaving? In me missing him so much that it hurt?!”

Tae nodded and frowned, absolutely hating the pain and disappointment in Jimin’s eyes, ”Yes… I did, but I no longer do. Please believe that. Please, I know how it sounds and I don’t deserve your friendship, I know I don’t. But I’m being honest right now and I’m telling you about the feelings I had then and the feelings I have now. And I’m telling you now, b-because I’m afraid that there won’t be a next opportunity.”

Tae exhaled and covered his face with his hands, his tears wet and his cheeks hot against his palms.

Jimin sniffled and wiped his eyes on the yellow blanket beside him, ”How did we turn out like this? We were inseparable and had been for years. And now I don’t even know where you live and we don’t even… we went from soulmates to nothing and it hurts so bad, Taehyung, it hurts!”

”I know” Tae whispered and pushed back his hair that had stuck to his wet eyelashes, ”It hurts me too, more than you’ll ever know.”

Jimin met the younger’s devastated eyes but couldn’t stay like that for more than a couple of seconds before he had to look away.

”Sometimes when I can’t sleep” Jimin whispered and took a shaky breath, ”I go into your room and I look at your bed and I wish that you were there and that we were good again, that we were together, like before I met Jungkook. Because some nights when I miss him, I simply can’t calm down and get my mind to rest. So I go into your room and just stand there staring at your pillow. But then I only start to miss you as well. And everything gets worse.”

Tae burst out in tears and sobbed while heavy waterfalls fell down onto his lap, his body trembling from the sudden impact of sadness.

”Tae” Jimin whispered and reached his arm out to put his hand on the younger’s back where he was sitting in the armchair with his stature so much smaller and fragile than usually, his tears still running in steady streams.

Jimin had no words. And he didn’t know what to do, or what he wanted to do.

Or what he thought that Tae deserved.

He didn’t want to embrace him and he really didn’t want to comfort him too much, because it was simply too early for that.

If there ever would be a time for that.

So Jimin withdrew his hand and curled in on himself, hating the fact that the younger had put them in this situation.

”I’m sorry Jimin” Tae whispered between now quiet sobs and hiccups, ”I’m sorry for destroying us.”

Jimin closed his eyes and hung his head, trying to take in the other’s words, his apology.

”Do you…” Jimin began and gulped, finally having the courage to ask what had troubled him for six weeks, ”Do you think of me sexually?”

Tae blinked through a couple of last tears, looking at the older in surprise, having not excepting that sort of question at all, although it was a completely relevant matter to question.

”No. No I don’t think of you like that” Tae replied and shook his head, ”But I have feelings for you… romantically and I like… touching you. I do. I’ve always liked our skinship, our shared trust and mutual feelings regarding that. But I… I can at the same time feel how I’ve been drawn to you lately, in a way I wasn’t before I fell in love with you. Like I wouldn’t hesitate a second to touch you and… kiss you, if that were what you wanted as well. It sounds very conflicting and like I don’t know what I’m saying, but I do know exactly what I’m saying and what I’m feeling. And so no, I don’t think of you sexually, and I don’t feel any desire to sleep with you like that. But I do feel like kissing you and have you in my arms, have you back to sleep in my bed, touch you. I think that I still love you. But I’m also on my way of letting you go. I’m on my way to… unlove you? I want you to know that I totally understand how weird it must be for you regarding the fact that we still sort of live together, while my feelings for you are in the way for us to live normally, hell, it’s weird for me too! Believe me! I haven’t been here more than short moments for the last five weeks just because I want you to live as close to before all of this as possible. I would hate if you feel like you have to stay in your room or if you think that I will look at you or something.”

Jimin nodded and sat silent for awhile, trying his best to remain calm and not let his emotions take over, ”Do you think you can not love me? Do you think, honestly, that those feelings you have for me will go away?”

Tae hummed and finally he got the older’s eye contact again, ”Of course they will. I mean, it’s not like I don’t want to move on. Trust me. I want nothing more than to just get these feelings I have for you behind me, find someone who loves me back and maybe someday… if you want that too, be your friend again. Because damn, I miss you. I miss you so much that I’m tearing apart, Min. We were soulmates and suddenly not being that, hurts. It hurts my soul.”

”Mine too” Jimin said while giving the younger an attempt at a smile, ”And in this mess we’re in, I just want you to know that I’m not angry at you for catching feelings, that has never been why I’m upset with you, because stuff like that can happen. What I’m mad about is that you kept it a secret for so long, and then you told Yoongi and Hoseok and the three of you kept it a secret together. But I deserved to know from the beginning, Tae. Because it’s awkward and weird and extremely unfair and… not normal! To cuddle like we use to, to kiss each other’s cheeks and peck each other’s lips, touch naked skin under hoodies and shirts, it’s not okay that you let us do that at the same time as you were in love with me secretly. You should have stopped that immediately, as soon as you realized your feelings, and then you should have talked to me right away.”

Tae gulped and tilted his head, new tears stinging in his eyes, ”I know. I made a stupid decision and I regret it more than you know, please believe that.”

Jimin shook his head and reached his hand out while scooting closer to the edge of the sofa, ”Please don’t cry again.”

Tae didn’t think twice before he grabbed Jimin’s hand, the two of them looking into each other’s pained eyes as their hands intertwined.

”I miss you” Tae whispered, his voice breaking a little.

Jimin nodded and let them find comfort in their holding of hands before the angle started to strain his arm and he had to let go.

Our was that just an excuse?

Tae let him go in the same second as he saw that Jimin was about to move, his own hand staying on the same spot on the armrest of his chair.

”I uhm, I should get going then” Tae said and watched as Jimin wrapped his blanket around himself. It use to mean that he needed Tae to come and join him on the sofa and pet his hair.

But now it probably meant that he wanted to be left alone.

”I can’t believe that you’re choosing to stay at that guy’s place” Jimin whispered and looked up at the younger who had risen from his seat and now stood with his backpack in his hand.

”No I… I can’t either to be honest.”

”After what I told you he had done to me in the kitchen, you still want to see him, even sleep at his place?”

Tae shrugged his shoulders and glanced at Jimin, ”I guess there are things we need, things we have to do that are hard to explain to someone else. And I guess this I my way of moving on.”

Jimin frowned and tried to search for Tae’s eyes, ”I sincerely hope that you’re not using yourself to— what you said back then, about having sex as a mean to—”

”Jimin I can’t… I really don’t feel like talking about that. I better go and— I’ll see you in school tomorrow, I guess.”

”This is messed up” Jimin stated with his blanket up to his chin, ”This is so so messed up.”

”Yep” Tae nodded and put his backpack over his shoulder, ”That’s a pretty accurate statement.”

”I really want to scream at you right and tell you not to see him, but then again, what right do I have to say that. As you said, we are both grown men and we can make whatever decisions we want that doesn’t hurt anyone.”

”But” Jimin added and shook his head slowly, ”we are also young enough to make decisions that’s not hurting others, but ourselves. We are young enough to not realize what kind of consequences our decisions will have, we might think we do, but sometimes we don’t.”

”Is this you worrying for me?” Tae asked before chewing on his lips nervously, his eyes flickering between the floor and the blonde.

”Yes. It is” Jimin whispered.

”Then please don’t.”

”Do you worry for me?”

Tae nodded quickly and let them find each other’s eyes again, ”Of course I—”

”And have I told you not to?”

”Yes, but I—”

”There you go” Jimin said with a small smile on his lips, ”we will always worry for each other, Taehyung. It’s what soulmates do.”

”But we’re not soulmates any longer” Tae voiced, a whispered statement of words he never thought would leave his lips.

”No, we’re not. But I think my soul has a very hard time letting go.”

”Mine too” Tae whispered faintly, ”Mine too.”

Jimin gave the younger a nod and then he fell to the side on the sofa. And with a sigh he pulled the blanket up over his head, causing his world to turn yellow in the same moment as the front door closed.




Jimin had woken up on the sofa the next morning. Still exhausted after both a shower and coffee, he dragged his feet into Tae’s room where he let his brush run through his damp hair twice before he gave up on everything related to his appearance.

”Ugly” Jimin mumbled and gave himself a look that he definitely didn’t deserve.

He went to grab his bag in his own room and put his phone in his pocket.

It still felt strange to leave to uni alone in the morning, to come home alone and to… live alone.

And he hated it.

He leaned against the mirrors in the elevator and looked in front of him in the empty space, wondering how it looked like when Jungkook was carrying him home that night.

He must have clung around Jungkook’s waist and neck. Or did he carry him bridal style from the car? Maybe he kissed his hair and whispered in his ear. It somehow feels like that.

Or did he just bicker with Tae? Maybe both.

Jimin managed to smile a little at the memories of that night. It seemed so long ago now.

Almost like another life.




”Hi” Tae whispered and watched as Jimin sat down on the seat beside him.



Jimin nodded and opened his books, ”A couple of hours.”

”Okay… good” Tae nodded and smiled a little, ”I uhm… I was thinking if it’s okay that I come home after school today, and stay until tomorrow. Yoongi has some plans and I don’t want to be in the way. But only if you are okay with it, of course, or else I’ll try to convince Hoseok or try to find—”

”What about tattoo guy?” Jimin asked and looked at the younger.

Tae gulped and flickered his eyes, ”He uhm… he has… he’s not going to be home.”

Jimin clicked his tongue and looked at the other with a sad look, ”Tae, why are you lying? Are we really not trusting each other more than this?”

Tae sighed and shrugged his shoulders while looking down at the table, ”You have a lot going on in your life, a lot of bad things that have to do with me and I don’t want to give you my own troubles as well.”

Jimin shook his head and reached his hand out to grab Tae’s that was resting in his lap, causing the younger to look up and squeeze the blonde’s hand, a small smile playing on his lips.

”Come home with me after school so we can talk. And yes, you can stay until tomorrow. It’s your apartment as well and I was thinking that I should ask Jin if I can stay some nights at—”

”Min” Tae whispered as something behind the older caught his eyes.

”What?” Jimin asked and studied Tae’s wide eyes.

”Jungkook” Tae said and darted his eyes back to Jimin, ”Jungkook is back!”

Jimin gasped and turned to look behind him.

And there he was.


Six weeks earlier than Jimin had counted with.

His heart began to beat in a crazy pace inside his chest while something inside him seemed to try and claw its way out of him, almost causing him to feel a pull towards the black-haired.

Jimin studied with his surprised expression how Jungkook walked to sit beside Naree and the Song twins. Just like he use to. Just like nothing had happened. Just like it was yesterday he was there.

Jimin then had to turn his eyes towards the professor who started the lecture, although he couldn’t help not to glance at Jungkook every now and then, feeling a little disappointed that he never glanced back, but he had a lot of work to catch up on so it was understandable.


”Hurry” Jimin said as the lecture was over and they started gathering their things.

”Okay okay” Tae smiled and grabbed his stuff so he could follow Jimin to the cafeteria.


”No coffee?” Tae asked as they walk past the queue.

”No money” Jimin replied and hurried to sit down next to Yoongi who was waiting at their usual table.

”Jungkook is back” Jimin stated and let his fingers run through his blonde locks while watching Jungkook pay for something, and when the younger turned around to head to his table, their gazes met for a millisecond and Jimin thought that he was going to melt right there on the spot.

”So I see… Have you talked to him yet?”

”No, but I will soon. I guess he’s just going to finish his coffee before… talking to me.”

Yoongi hummed and nodded, loving the small smile on Jimin’s lips and the hint of blush on his cheeks. He hadn’t seen the blonde like this for weeks now, and he just prayed that their talk would go as usual with a flustered Jimin leaving the bathroom with his hoodie a little wrinkled and his hair a little messy.

Jimin deserved to smile again and after all that had happened, he hoped that the fact that Jungkook was back could bring the two of them close again, even if it meant that Jungkook’s father would try and stop them.

Jimin chewed on his lip as he studied Jungkook sip on his coffee and tuck a strand of black hair back behind his ear. His hair had actually grown since he saw him last, making him even more handsome, if that possible.

His three friends were chatting and laughing beside him while he stayed quiet.

But there was something about it all that wasn’t like usual and that cased worry to grow in his gut.

Jungkook wasn’t looking back at him.

No matter how long Jimin waited.

Jungkook just wouldn’t look back at him, but instead kept his gaze fixed on anything else than him with a slight frown on his face, obviously troubled by something.

Jimin licked his lips nervously and hid his hands inside his sleeves.

Any second now.

Jimin began to feel a little sick. The room swayed a little, his head hurt and something inside him clawed confused inside his chest.

Tae and Yoongi looked at each other as they too noticed the change in Jungkook’s behavior.

Jimin held his breath as he brought his phone out.

Nervous, Jimin thought, Jungkook was just nervous.


To: Jungkook

Bathroom. Now


Jimin hit send and in the next second Jungkook brought his phone out from his pocket.

Jimin made sure that Jungkook was looking at his screen before he stood up and cleared his throat.

”I uh…”

”Just go” Yoongi chuckled.

”We’re studying in the library after the break, just so you know” Tae reminded and was received with a nod from Jimin before the latter hurried away.


Jimin didn’t care to check the stalls and instead he went straight up to the mirror above the sinks and fixed his hair a little, took out his chapstick from his pocket and applied some to his plump lips and adjusted his striped sweater.

He then he waited.

And waited.

And waited.


”Why isn’t he going?” Yoongi whispered and looked at Jungkook who just stayed in his seat without showing the least of interest to getting up and follow Jimin.

Not showing any emotions at all to be honest.

”I don’t know” Tae whispered and shook his head slowly, ”All I know is that this won’t end good.”


Jimin hurried to wipe away a tear and unlocked his phone for the millionth time.


He wouldn’t come.

”I don’t understand” Jimin whispered while his trembling hand pushed back a blonde lock from his eyes.

Jimin swallowed his tears and took deep breaths. In and out. In and out.



”Jimin” Tae said softly and looked up at the blonde who sat down beside him in the library, ”He didn’t—”

”No” Jimin whispered and shook his head, not in the mood to talk about it.

He opened his backpack that stood beside him on the floor, and was just about to grab his books when he saw a pair of black dress shoes pass mere centimeters from his bag.

He looked up and saw Jungkook’s back as he walked up to a table and sat down with his friends. The younger didn’t look up but turned his gaze to his books immediately, even though he must have seen Jimin look through his bag.

Not only incredibly sad and disappointed, but angry as well, Jimin decided to text him again.


To: Jungkook

Six weeks away without a word.

And now you won’t even look at me?


Jimin hit send and looked up to watch how Jungkook reached for his phone in his pocket and stared at the text.

Look at me, look at me, look at me.


Then he could see Jungkook close his eyes for a second, and when he opened them again, it looked like he was going to reply, but his thumb moved too quickly over the screen before the phone was put away again.

Then Jungkook clenched his jaw and hung his head and Jimin knew.

”He deleted my text” Jimin whispered faintly with his eyes still on the black-haired.


Jungkook gulped as he could hear Tae call Jimin’s name. Then someone passed him and he knew it was Jimin before he glanced up to see the back of Jimin, blonde hair swaying as he walked out from the library with fast, determined steps.

Jungkook had to force himself to not run after him, to not grab him and show him just how much he had missed him, how much he was sorry and how much he wanted them to go back.

But he couldn’t.

He couldn’t even keep his text.


”You” Tae wheezed as he made his way to Jungkook’s table, pointing his finger at him while giving him a harsh stare, ”You’re a fucking coward.”

Jungkook averted his eyes in shame and sat in silence as Tae scoffed and turned around to leave.

”What’s his problem?” Naree asked with a frown and put her hand on Jungkook’s shoulder, ”That little piece of shit. Who does he think he his?! And what did he mean with ’coward’? Are we missing something here?”

Jungkook shrugged Naree’s hand away and mumbled a ’don’t know’ before he turned back to his books, pretending to be busy.

Pretending to not feel how something tried to claw its way out his chest.

Something that wanted to go after Jimin.

Something that Jungkook suspected was his soul.

Jungkook closed his eyes as another wave of longing for the blonde hit him.




To: Yooon

Are u still at campus?

Jimin just left and I’m honestly a little worried for him.

I want to go after him but I have to stay for another half hour to hand in a paper.

When is ur last class?


From: Yooon

I can leave in 25.


To: Yooon

Ok. Meet me at the main entrance.




Jimin walked into the kitchen slowly, dragging his feet, his head dizzy and his vision blurry.

He stood on his tippy toes and reached for a glass, immediately regretting doing so when his vision turned black and he swayed from the lack of blood reaching his head.

”Shit” Jimin whispered and grabbed the counter for a moment before he made another attempt to grab a glass.

He drank as much water as he could without feeling too sick and put the glass down on the counter.

But he couldn’t move and his eyes refused to leave the glass.

Jimin gulped as he felt how everything just piled up, up, up and up. Now and then mixed together and caused his heart to beat hard in his chest and his fingers to burn and—



”Jimin it’s me and Yoongi” Tae called out as they entered the apartment and kicked off their shoes.

Tae hung his leather jacket on the wall while Yoongi walked into the living room where he was sure to see Jimin on the sofa, but the room turned out to be empty.

Yoongi moved quickly to the kitchen and was immediately met with Jimin sitting on the floor with his head hung, hugging his knees while his body trembled.

"Tae! Hurry!”

Yoongi fell down on his knees and grabbed Jimin’s head to tilt it up, wanting to see his eyes.

”Jimin both me and Tae are here now, okay? And we're not going anyway. We’re going to stay with you and—”

Tae fell down on his knees beside Jimin with his heart beating frantically, his hands shaking as they pulled Jimin’s sleeves up.


”Jimin open your hand” Tae whispered and grabbed Jimin’s fist.

”Jimin” Yoongi said softly and cupped the blonde’s cheeks, ”Open.”

Jimin opened his fist and reveled nothing but air, causing both Yoongi and Tae to sigh in relief as they squeezed one of Jimin’s hands each.

Jimin immediately relaxed from the comfort and in the next second he was bursting out in tears.

”Y-yoo.. Y-yoongi” Jimin whined through his tears but didn’t need to say anything more before he was embraced by the older who had a hard time not crying himself.

”Come” Yoongi whispered and let the blonde climb up in his lap, the latter clinging to him hard, the blonde’s tears sticking to his skin as Jimin nuzzled against his neck.

”Can you text Hoseok?” Yoongi whispered and looked at Tae who was sitting beside them, his eyes still worried while he chewed on his lip, ”He should be off work today and I think Jimin needs him as well.”

”Yes, of course” Tae nodded and brought his phone out to text the older.

”He’s here in ten minutes” Tae said and looked up from his phone, ”He’s with Namjoon so he’s coming as well.”

Yoongi flickered his eyes and gave the younger a quick nod.

Jimin’s sobs soon turned into sniffles and hiccups instead and that’s when he shifted a little in Yoongi’s lap so he could turn his head and find Tae who immediately met his gaze.

”Min” Tae whispered and gave the blonde an empathic look.

”Taetae” Jimin whispered back and reached his hand out.

”I’m here” Tae reassured and hurried to grab the older’s hand.


”Yes” Tae nodded and sighed as Jimin smiled a little although his cheeks still were wet from tears, ”I’m staying.”



Chapter Text




Jimin could hear the front door open and slam shut from where he was resting in Yoongi’s lap with the older’s arms wrapped around him.

”Jimin” came Hoseok’s worried voice as he hurried into the kitchen and kneeled beside them, his hand coming to caress Jimin’s back while his eyes searched Yoongi’s, ”What happened?”


”He’s back?”

”Yes, he was in class” Tae replied where he was sitting with his back resting against the wall, just like Yoongi, with his hand intertwined with Jimin’s.

”What did he do?” Hoseok whispered with irritation in his low voice as he looked between his the others.

”Nothing” Tae whispered back, like they didn’t want Jimin to hear them but of course he did since he was right there, ”the coward did nothing at all. He just ignored Jimin and his texts and refused to even look at him.”

”What an asshole” Hoseok sighed and shook his head. 

”I’m so sorry Jimin” Hoseok added, ”For everything. For the way I’ve behaved, for not being there for you when you needed us the most. I’m so, so sorry.”

Jimin didn’t reply and he didn’t look up from where was safe against Yoongi’s neck, but the way he relaxed and his crying turned to sniffles and only quiet hiccups, told them that this was what Jimin wanted to hear, this was what he needed; having them close and talking even though he didn’t say something back. Just hearing their voices and feeling the warmth from their hands on his back.

”When was the last time you ate?” Hoseok asked and got up to open the fridge, ”When was the last time you drank? Have you had anything at all today?”

Hoseok opened the fridge and was met with nothing.

”I’m ordering pizza” Hoseok decided and brought his phone out from his bag on the floor.

Namjoon cleared his throat before he kneeled down as not to scare Jimin before he put his hand on the blonde’s back. He met Yoongi’s eyes and held the older’s gaze while letting his fingers brush over the latter’s hand.

Yoongi averted his eyes and moved his hand away from Namjoon's touch to instead rest it on Jimin’s hip.

”Yoongi” Namjoon whispered quietly and tried to get the older to look at him again, but the latter refused.

”Joonie, what pizza do you want?” Hoseok asked while typing on his phone where he was standing beside the small kitchen table.

”Joonie” Yoongi mimicked in a whisper followed by a quiet scoff.

Namjoon gulped and lowered his gaze, ”No uhm, maybe I should go over to Jungkook’s place and wait for him. Someone needs to talk to him because I can’t for one second believe that this is what he wants. If he knew Jimin was sad like this, it would… it would break his heart. I’m sure of it.”

”Oh I think he knows” Tae said and shook his head, ”He saw Jimin leave but didn’t care. He read his texts and didn’t care. He didn’t even bother to look at him.”

”Tae, I’m sure there’s more to the story than him being an asshole” Namjoon voiced while getting up from the floor, ”I know that you all are protective of Jimin and I think that’s beautiful and amazing, but I also think that we need to consider the fact that Jungkook’s father is the real problem in all of this. Please don’t judge Jungkook too hard without having heard his side of the story yet.”

”Well if you find him, then please tell him that he has some explaining to do” Tae said and squeezed Jimin’s hand.

”Of course” Namjoon nodded and looked from Tae to Yoongi who this time held his gaze without looking away.

”So no pizza then?” Hoseok asked and put his hand on Namjoon’s arm.

”Hm? Uh, no” Namjoon said and shook his head as he let go of Yoongi’s stare.

”Next time” Namjoon added with a smile before he walked out of the room and the front door.

Yoongi sighed and hugged Jimin back a little extra, finding some comfort for himself as well.

”Is he sleeping?” Hoseok whispered and leaned down to pat Jimin’s back gently.

”Not yet” Jimin whispered against Yoongi’s warm neck, causing the rest of the others to smile, loving to hear the blonde being both present and relaxed.

Yoongi let his hands caress Jimin’s back a little while longer before he began to feel how his body couldn’t handle sitting on the floor with Jimin like that in his lap any longer, ”We should move to the sofa so we can eat, the pizza should be here any moment now.”

Jimin sighed and pulled back before meeting Yoongi’s eyes.

”Chim” Yoongi whispered and wiped the younger’s cheeks from dried tears before pushing away his blonde locks from his forehead before he met his eyes, ”I’m so sorry.”

Jimin nodded and wrapped his arms around Yoongi’s neck to hug him tightly.

”I’ve missed you. I’ve missed all of you” Jimin said and pulled back, ”Don’t leave me like that again, promise.”

”I promise” Yoongi hurried to reply, ”I will make sure to be the friend you deserve again.”

”Me too” Hoseok let know and smiled as Jimin looked up at him and nodded.

A squeeze of Jimin’s hand and he knew exactly what Tae meant.

”Pizza!” Hoseok exclaimed after the doorbell had echoed between the walls, ”I’ll get it!”

”And you pay!” Yoongi called after him.

And you shut up!

”And so it begins” Tae sighed and helped Jimin to get up from the floor.

”I thought maybe they were over being idiots” Jimin whispered as he and Tae sat down on the sofa close together.

”Apparently not” Tae whispered back before he let go off Jimin’s hand so he could open the boxes Hoseok put on the coffee table.

”Here” Tae said and handed Jimin a slice of his pizza, ”eat.”

”Thank you” Jimin said and took a bite, ”But I won’t be able to—”

”Yes you are” Yoongi cut in and grabbed a slice to himself, ”even if it means that I have to feed you.”

”Why don’t you never feed me?” Hoseok asked and poured soda in Jimin’s glass.

Yoongi looked at Hoseok and raised an eyebrow, ”Because you’re gross.”

”I’m not gross!”

”Well” Yoongi said and looked at Hoseok, ”you bite.”

”I bite?! I don’t bite. I’ve never bitten anyone, let alone you!”

Jimin giggled a little as he saw the shocked look on Hoseok’s face, completely missing Tae’s expression that turned into a warm smile as he heard Jimin’s quiet giggle.

”You bit me last year on my halloween party, which makes me think of this year’s party and the obvious fact that I expect all of you to come.”

”Pfft, what is this?! False accusations amongst friends is a no no.”

Yoongi snorted before he brought his hands up and pointed at his pinky finger, ”See this scar right here, Seok? That’s your doing because of reasons I’m not a hundred percent sure of because yes I was a little tipsy but that doesn’t make you any less of a biter and me a victim.”

”I think you being tipsy says a lot” Hoseok smiled before he grabbed another slice, ”You probably fell and cut yourself on something. At least I don’t remember even being in the same room as you back then.”

”Not in the same room?!”

”Oh oh, here we go” Tae whispered and shook his head.

”I remember being in the same room as you and I remember you biting my pinky so that’s that and end of story.”

Hoseok knitted his eyebrows while he went quiet, his eyes fixed on the table as he tried his hardest to remember.

”What room was it?” Hoseok asked and looked at Yoongi.

”I don’t know… oh! Now I remember, we were in my bedr—uuh no idea actually” Yoongi said and cleared his throat while looking away to gulp down his soda.

”Bedroom, Hoseok” Tae chuckled and winked at the older, ”you bit his pinky in his bedroom.”

Both Yoongi and Hoseok got cute pink blushes over their noses as they suddenly scooted away from each other on the floor.

Jimin giggled and leaned his head against Tae’s shoulder, causing the latter’s chest to blossom and lips to smile wide.

This was something he never thought he would experience again, and having Jimin close to his side like this, his blonde hair tickling his neck, was absolutely wonderful.

”They’re our idiots” Jimin whispered and looked up at the blue-haired.

”Yes” Tae mumbled and dared to put his nose in Jimin’s blonde locks, ”they truly are.”


For Jimin it feels like old times.

Tae holding his hand, Yoongi and Hoseok disagreeing on something about the movie they’re watching, empty pizza boxes and soda cans.

It’s how it should be.

Except for that weird ache in his heart that just won’t go away.



Jimin looked up from his book he was reading in bed, an attempt at trying to calm his thoughts, as Tae knocked on his door.

”Come in.”

”Hi” Tae said softly as he peeked inside, ”I just want to say goodnight. So uh, goodnight.”

”Goodnight” Jimin replied with a small smile on his lips, ”And thank you for today. Thank you for taking care of me and for being there for me. It means a lot… more than you think.”

”It’s what soulmates are for— or ex soulmates in our case, I guess.”

Jimin put his book and glasses on his nightstand before he held out his arms, causing Tae to not waste a second before he sat down on Jimin’s bed and hugged him tightly, the both of them sighing and relaxing in each other’s hold.

”Taetae” Jimin whispered and nuzzled against the younger’s neck, ”Hurry to not love me so I can sleep in your bed again.”

Tae laughed softly and hugged Jimin even closer, ”So uhm, what if I said that I hate you?”

Jimin clicked his tongue and pulled back so he could ruffle Tae’s hair, ”Then I wouldn’t believe you so go back to your room before I kick you out.”

”Okay, okay. I’ll see you tomorrow” Tae giggled and got up to leave the older alone.

Jimin watched as Tae closed his door before he grabbed his phone.

Just to check, in case.

But no.

Of course not.




Jimin, the door!

”I don’t want to open!” Jimin yelled back from where he was getting dressed in the middle of his bedroom.

He put on his white jumper and pulled up his sleeve a little so his silver bracelet could be seen. He grabbed his phone and was just on his way out to the kitchen when the doorbell rang again.

Jimin, please, I just got out of the show—


Jimin sighed and opened the door, expecting some sort of salesperson.

”Mrs Jeon?” Jimin uttered in pure surprise as his eyes instead landed on Jungkook’s mother, dressed in a pretty black dress and a matching coat.

”Jimin” she smiled and peeked inside, ”do you maybe have a minute over to talk? It’s quite important. Do you mind if I come inside?”

”No, uhm, sure, I uh—”

”Great!” The woman said and stepped into the hallway, ”I promise that I won’t be long, and I know that you soon have to leave for class.”

”Yes, that’s right” Jimin nodded and lead the way to the kitchen, ”is… is Jungkook okay? Did something happe—”

”He’s devastated” she said and sat down by the small kitchen table, ”that’s why I’m here, to be honest.”

Jimin sat down across her and chewed on his lip nervously as the woman studied him, ”Is this about… him and me?”

Mrs Jeon nodded and suddenly her expression turned much more serious, ”He came to talk to me yesterday and told me everything while crying his eyes out. Can you believe it? My son, crying?”

The women shook her head in disbelief and continued, ”I knew you two had something going on, because before he left with his father he was… happy. And when I saw you I realized right away that you were the source of his happiness. But now he’s miserable and it’s killing me, Jimin. It’s killing me to see him like this, the pain in his eyes and in his voice, I hate it.”

Jimin gulped as he felt how something inside him chattered to the words being spoken, an immense sadness filled him once again as he realized the younger’s pain that sounded much like his own.

”So to my purpose of being here; do you want to continue seeing Jungkook?”

Jimin looked up behind Mrs Jeon and saw Tae gesturing towards the front door.

Jimin turned his gaze back to the woman and gulped but didn’t hesitate a second before he nodded, honest words leaving his lips, ”More than anything.”

”Then you must give him an ultimatum, I believe that is the only way to give him that little push he needs. Because after all, Jungkook is the only one who can change his current, horrible, situation. He is the only one who can save him from his father’s insane plans to make him the next CEO of his company. It’s dangerous business, Jimin, and Jungkook knows this and he hates it. He hates it so much that he’s getting more and more broken for every day that goes by. But I… I think, I believe, that you are the only who can give him the courage he needs to break free and turn away from his father.”

”But I… I don’t know what to say. And he won’t listen to me, ever since he came back he’s been—”

”Avoiding you? Ignoring you? It’s because he cares for you, Jimin. He doesn’t want you to get involved because he wants to protect you, but the only way of doing so is to let you go and make you hate him. It’s the classic thing, really. And it rarely works.”

”What if I try but he won’t listen?”

”Then you’ve tried, that’s all I’m asking of you. I’m not expecting anything, I just want you to try.”

Jimin sighed and played with the silver bracelet on his arm while his thoughts ran in all sort of directions.

”You would make an adorable couple.”

Jimin blushed and gave her a shy smile, ”That’s sweet of you to say, but I think Jungkook has made it clear that—”

”No” Mrs Jeon sad and stood up, grabbing her purse from the table, ”Nothing is clear, Jimin. Not yet. But hopefully it will be soon, and I’m pretty sure things will be different then.”

”He won’t answer my texts or even look at me so—”

”I know” Mrs Jeon said and patted Jimin’s shoulder without replying to Jimin's concern, ”I have to leave now, but please at least try to talk to Jungkook again. He deserves to be happy and so do you.”

The woman smiled before she stepped back a little, ”I’ll see myself out. Take care Jimin, and I hope to see you soon again, with a smile on your face.”

Jimin nodded and stayed at the kitchen table until the front door closed.

What an incredibly odd morning.

But maybe she was right.

He shouldn’t give up without giving it a last try.




Jimin sat down between Yoongi and Tae in the cafeteria, just like always, his eyes immediately falling on Jungkook, as always.

The younger looked tired with his hair a little tussled instead of the perfect styling it otherwise had, and his sleeves were rolled up a little messily.

Those forearms, Jimin thought as his eyes ran over two blue veins, are—

”I’m thinking of getting a piercing” Tae said and looked at Yoongi, knowing fully well that nothing on earth could reach Jimin when he had that look in his eyes.

”Yeah? You want to be ugly?” Yoongi asked and sipped on his coffee.

”Yes I do if it means that I will never get hit on by you” Tae grinned and leaned back in his chair.

Yoongi scoffed and shook his head, ”Feel safe, kid. I can promise you with the hand on my heart that I will never, I repeated, never hit on—”

Jimin could hear his friends' laughter and words in the background, but he was too focused on Jungkook to really pay attention to any of it.

Then suddenly Jungkook said something to his friends before he got up and started walking towards the elevators.

”Be right back” Jimin whispered and got up to follow Jungkook, leaving his friends confused as they watched him hurry away.

Jimin followed close behind Jungkook and when the younger opened a bathroom door and was about to close it behind him, Jimin hurried to grab the handle and open it so he could enter the small room as well.

”W-Wha—Jimin?! What—”

Jimin locked the door, crossed his arms and stared right into Jungkook’s eyes.

”Well?” Jimin said and tried to calm his emotions and the thing inside his chest that seemed to be cheering from the close proximity to Jungkook, that same magnetic pull causing him to almost be dragged even closer to the younger.

Jungkook gulped and flickered his gaze as he leaned his back against the wall, ”Jimin I—”

”You deleted my texts” Jimin stated and let his arms fall to his sides, already giving up his attempt to seem stoic and angry when all he felt was sadness and disappointment.

Jungkook took a deep breath and nodded, suddenly hearing the older’s voice caused him to break and realized that even if he had missed Jimin so much that it hurt, it was nothing to the feeling he experience now when the older was standing right in front him. So close.

Do damn close and so damn beautiful.

It wasn’t fair that they couldn’t have each other.

Is was fucking unfair.


”Because…” Jungkook began with his voice heavy with emotions, ”because I want you to forget about me and move on. Forget about whatever it was we had and find someone else to date, s-someone else to… you’re better than a secret, Jimin. You don’t deserve to be hidden behind certain times, locations. I could never live with the fact that I was locking you up in a cage when you should be free to fly wherever you desire to be. It wouldn’t be fair to you… it just wouldn’t.”

Jimin gulped and brought his hand up to wipe his eyes with his sweater paw, tears already rolling down his cheeks. Maybe from hearing Jungkook’s voice and being so close to him. Maybe from the words he spoke. Or both, probably.

”We were doomed from the beginning and I was stupid to let you close” Jungkook added and leaned his head back, trying to blink away his tears but the stupid emotions were too stubborn and decided to escape his eyes anyway.

”So you regret what we had? The beginning of what could have been something? You regret that?” Jimin asked and sniffled while looking up a the younger who met his gaze with the same amount of pain in his eyes.

”No, no I will never regret that. Of course I wont. But I will always… blame myself for… getting blinded. For not seeing clearly. For maybe… imagining that things could work when I deep inside knew that it wouldn’t.”

”We both though it was going to work, or else we wouldn’t have started dating” Jimin began and shifted on his feet, ”So we should just give up then? Not fight, not even try? What’s the worst thing that can happen if you don’t obey him?” 

Jungkook lowered his gaze and slumped his shoulders a little, ashamed that he couldn’t say what he wanted to say, that he couldn’t do what he wanted to do, ”I can fight and go against him. But the whole damn company is built upon fraud, corruption and if I don’t take over then I’m afraid that I will get half of Seoul against me. My father will forever hate me and make my life miserable.”

”And he doesn’t hate you now? He doesn’t make your life miserable now? But okay, I get your priorities” Jimin scoffed and took a step back.

Jungkook reached his hand out but somehow his arm fell to his side again, probably due to the look in the older’s eyes that spoke of disappointment and frustration beside broken dreams, ”Jimin please, I beg you, you have to try and understand—”

”Oh I understand alright” Jimin nodded quickly and gestured in the air, ”Old money, Jungkook, is a treacherous thing. And I can see that it got your mind, and well, possibly also your heart in a twist.”

Jungkook gulped and closed his eyes for a second, knowing that Jimin was right.

And wrong.

It was treacherous.

But it didn’t have his heart in a twist.

Far from it.


”I want to be with you” Jungkook whispered with honest, soft words, ”I want that more than anything. I want to spend time with you, date you, hold you… kiss you. See you smile and hear that wonderful laugh you have. I want so much with you. Everything Jimin, I want everything with you.”

Jimin let out a quiet sound, a whimper, due to the younger’s words and how much he wanted that as well, but it hurt so so much when he heard in Jungkook’s voice that it was only wishful, and not something that would actually happen.

Jimin sighed as he wiped his tears, his sweater paws damp from everything that could have been. He then placed himself right in front of Jungkook, so close that their bodies touched.

”Kook-ah” Jimin whispered, causing the younger to burst out in tears.

Jimin met Jungkook’s pained eyes and got up on his tippy toes and placed a soft, lingering kiss on Jungkook’s cheek where heavy tears ran in an endless stream, ”thank you for being my first.”

Jimin closed his eyes as he let his forehead lean against Jungkook’s. He could feel the younger grab his waist only to let go in the same second. Like he couldn’t hold back, like he had to touch him, but when doing so realizing how incredibly hard it would be to let go later. 

Jimin gulped, disappointed and sad, having thought that Jungkook’s hands would stay longer than the blink of an eye.

But he didn’t blame him.

How could he ever blame Jungkook?

”Thank you for my life’s first date and probably the best I will have” Jimin continued in a whisper that was barely audible over Jungkook's sobs, ”Thank you for giving me a glimpse of something I will forever treasure.”

”Jimin don’t tell me these things” Jungkook whispered back, his tears rolling down to his chin, falling on his crisp white shirt.

”It’s a pity” Jimin added, ”that we had to end before we began.”

Jungkook could feel Jimin’s fingers brush against his hip and then suddenly the door opened and closed, and he was left alone.

Jungkook screamed a curse and hit the wall inside the tiny bathroom, causing his hand to hurt like hell and his knuckles to turn red, somewhere bleeding a bit.

Jungkook swore again and washed his hands in ice cold water, hating how the pain in his hand didn’t overpower the pain in his chest.

He meet his reflection in the mirror and saw his red, tired eyes, his messy hair and wrinkled shirt but couldn’t care the least.

Because Jimin was gone so what was the point of anything.


Jungkook left the bathroom and started walking towards the classroom while feeling half dead with his soul crying and biting his heart, screaming at him to do the right thing.

Jungkook gulped and put his hands in the pockets of his slacks.

And then he stopped walking and breathing at the same time as he brought his hand up from his pocket.

There, in his palm, laid Jimin’s silver bracelet.

Jungkook studied the bracelet in silence while people walked pass him on both sides.

This wasn't right.

This was as far from right as you could get.

They shouldn't be in one world each.

They shouldn't forget how the other's touch felt like, how the other's scent smelled, how the other's smile looked.

That wasn't how it was supposed to be.

Jimin should be wearing the bracelet while being carried in his arms and Jimin should be giggling while eating chocolate in his bed. Jimin should be happy and watch his damn dramas on his big tv and Jimin should be sleeping in his arms and be kissed for days on end.

They should have that second date because damn if they didn't deserve to be happy. 

Jungkook closed his hand again and put it back in his pocket before he turned around and started walking the opposite way.

His steps were determined and his head more focused than any time before.

Time to make some changes.

Big changes.




”Okay, so now we wait” Jin said and wrapped his arms around Jimin who immediately curled up against his side where they were sitting on the sofa, watching a drama halfheartedly.

Jimin raised an eyebrow and looked up at the older, ”Wait? I’m pretty sure there’s nothing to wait for.”

”Don’t be so sure my friend. I have a good feeling about this. I can sense him standing there, looking at your bracelet and finally realizing just how serious the situation is, that you have given up and now just want to be left alone. Or something like that. I bet it will give him the kick in his ass he needs to get the courage he needs to break free from his bonds.”

Jimin hummed and snuggled a little closer to Jin, the latter’s pink oversized hoodie soft and warm against his cheek and arm.

”I hope you’re right” Jimin said tiredly.



”Never date a guy if you have to meet in secret.”

”I won’t” Jin smiled and put his hand in Jimin’s fluffy hair, ”if you promise the same.”

”I do, trust me” Jimin sighed and closed his eyes, feeling like he had run out of tears for good.

And hope as well. 



”Your shoulders” Jimin complained and leaned up on his elbow, ”my bed is too narrow to contain the both of us if you're going to lay on your back.”

”I’m sorry” Jin giggled, ”not much I can do about it.”

”How about sleep on your side? I promise it won’t kill you and that it’s something most people do sometimes.”

”A little grumpy, are we?” Jin smiled and turned to lay on his side towards the blonde.

”Just tired” Jimin mumbled and pulled the duvet up to his chin, ”and sad.”

”Bad combination” Jin whispered and grabbed Jimin’s hand, having found that the younger always relaxed when he did, ”sleep and we see what happens tomorrow, hm? Maybe we can have leftovers to breakfast? And then I’ll drive you to school after.”

”Mmh… I’d like that.”

”Now sleep” Jin whispered and squeezed Jimin’s hand.

”I will if you can stop talking” Jimin sighed and put his hand over Jin’s mouth, causing the latter to giggle.

Even though Jimin was struggling to deal with the pain in chest, the older somehow managed to form a smile on his lips.

True friends and soulmates, Jimin thought, are the only ones capable of that.



Tae hung his leather jacket on the wall and looked at the white sneakers he hadn’t seen before and that were too big to be Jimin’s and that without a doubt didn’t belong to Jungkook.

He walked on quiet feet through the dark apartment and noticed that Jimin’s door was fully open. He glanced inside, curious, and saw Jimin’s blonde locks as well as someone beside him.

Tae smile at the sight and how safe and relaxed it looked for Jimin.

Something told him that the other man was Jin. He wasn't sure, of course, but Jimin looked at peace and deep in sleep.

And that was the most important thing.




Tae yawned and rubbed his eyes as he waddled into the kitchen the next morning.

”Good morning, you must be Tae.”

Tae jumped in surprise to the voice and realized that someone was standing over by the counter where their coffee maker is.

Someone dressed in a pair of purple underwear and a white t-shirt. Tae immediately recognized the t-shirt as one of Jimin’s, although it looked much smaller on this person.

The stranger reached his hand out and that’s when Tae lifted his gaze.

”Hi, I’m Jin” the guy said with a bright smile and pretty eyes.



”I’m uh…” Tae said and shook Jin’s hand, ”Tae.”

”I thought so” Jin smiled and winked, ”So how do you want your eggs?”

Jin giggled when he saw the expression on the other’s face, ”I’m kidding, I’m kidding… unless?”

Tae blushed over his nose and scratched the back of his head, ”I uh… I uhm…”

”How about we start with leftovers?” Jin smiled warmly and opened the fridge.

”I uh, wouldn’t mind eggs though. Another time, some time I mean whenever you feel like it or—”

”Yeah?” Jin said and stopped to stare at Tae with his hands holding the containers with the food he had cooked yesterday, ”that’s nice to hear. I mean— good. Good to hear that you like eggs. I do too, just so you know.”

Tae averted his eyes and nodded, ”so do you usually make eggs in the morning or…”

”I haven’t for… six months I think. Last time I made eggs it didn’t go very well so I have hesitated to do so” Jin replied and put a bowl with food in the microwave, ”and you?”

”I… it’s…”

”Complicated eggs? Sporadic eggs?” Jin asked and put a pair of chopsticks in the food before handing the bowl to tae.

”Yes. The last thing.”

”Ah, I see. You have to be careful with those though, so you don't stumble upon a bad one."

”Yes... that's true" Tae agreed and shoved his cheeks with Jin’s food, ”This is fucking delicious!”

”Thank you” Jin laughed and stirred his hot food.

”Oh and this” Jin said before he gestured towards Jimin’s bedroom, ”strictly platonic, just so you know.”

Tae chuckled and walked up to lean his back against the counter, just like Jin was doing, ”Platonic eggs?”

”Yep” Jin giggled and looked at Tae who was standing close beside him, their arms brushing against each other, ”platonic eggs.”



Chapter Text




Jimin heard voices and laughter coming from the kitchen as soon as he opened his door. He stopped under the arch to the kitchen and smiled as he saw Jin and Tae side by side in front of the sink, washing the dishes while joking and having fun, still in the clothes they slept in.

Jimin cleared his throat and waved his hand as the two turned around and looked at him with equally blushing cheeks, the room immediately turning silent and awkward.

”This escalated quickly” Jimin said with a smile before he went over to the coffee maker.

”We uhm…”

”I uhm…”

”It’s great that my two best friends are bonding while cleaning” Jimin said and poured coffee in his cup, ”feel free to vacuum the floor after this.”

 Jimin sipped on his coffee and winked at Tae before he left the kitchen for the living room.

”Okay so…” Tae whispered and glanced at Jin.

”So do you wanna maybe bond over something else than vacuuming the floor…? Not today, obviously, but—”

”Yeah” Tae nodded eagerly and smiled from ear to ear, ”I’d like that very much.”

”So… today?”

”Today sounds great” Tae nodded, only to shake his head in the next second, ”Or not. Shit. I’m sorry but we’re going to a friend's house tonight and—”

”Oh, okay. Another time then” Jin said and wiped his hands on the towel beside the sink.

Tae chewed on his lip a little nervously before he got an idea, ”Do you want to come with us there? My friends are really nice and we’re just going to hang out and watch movies.”

Jin shrugged his shoulders, ”I don’t know…”

”Please?” Tae whispered and let his hand brush against Jin’s.

Jin blushed and nodded, ”Okay. I’ll come with you.”

”Great! It’s going to be fun, I promise.”

”I think so too” Jin smiled and put his hand over Tae’s.






”What did you think of Jin?” Jimin asked on their way to the cafeteria.

”He seems nice” Tae said and tried to not smile too wide, ”He’s very funny and easy to talk to.”


”And gorgeous” Tae sighed as they sat down beside Yoongi, ”why didn’t you warn me? He's like a million times more handsome than Mr Handsome. He's a million times more prettier than anyone in any drama ever! I’ve honestly never met anyone as beautiful as him, no offense Min.”

”None taken. Promise.”

”Thanks for including me in the sentence” Yoongi said and faked a smile, ”Whoever we are talking about, he can’t beat me in looks.”

”We’re talking about Jin, and uhm, yes. Yes he can. So much that I didn’t even bothered to mention you.”

”Ah, so you’ve met Jimin’s new buddy and I haven’t? I sense some serious unfairness going on here.”

”Oh don’t worry” Tae grinned and grabbed Yoongi’s coffee, ”He’s coming to your place tonight.”

”Wow, going a little fast are we” Yoongi chuckled and winked at the blue-haired.

”Better than taking forever like some of us, big hint; you.”

Yoongi scoffed and shook his head, ”My life is a damn mess, yes, but I—”

”Guys” Jimin whispered and tugged at Tae’s black hoodie to get his attention, ”Have anyone of you heard from Namjoon?”

”Nope” Yoongi began and shook his head, ”not in the mood to do either. Why did you—”

”Because I think something has happened with Jungkook” Jimin interrupted in a whisper, his eyes on Jungkook who was sitting at a table as far away as possible, while his friends sat at their usual table while throwing Jungkook angry looks.

Jimin gulped as he studied Jungkook’s profile. The younger had his head hung, his shoulders slumped and his fingers playing with the lid to his takeaway coffee.

Small and vulnerable.

And lonely.

And Jimin gulped and closed his eyes as he could feel it.

How his heart ached.

How his soul longed.

How all he wanted was to comfort and hold, whisper and reassure.

Because whatever had happened, it wasn’t something minor, not something without a great meaning.

And Jimin felt a spark of hope.


”Do you think he…” Tae began and glanced at Jimin.

”I don’t know… I have no idea, but… I mean, he could tell me, right? If that’s the case I mean.”

”Or you can talk to him” Tae said and grabbed the blonde’s hand, ”Maybe he needs you, but is too shy to ask?”

”I don’t think that he wants us to talk when people can see.”

Tae snorted and shook his head, ”If that’s still the case then he can fuck off.”

Jimin sighed and was just about to avert his gaze from Jungkook when the latter looked back him, his doe eyes sad and tired.

But steady.

Jungkook held Jimin’s gaze for what felt like hours and Jimin found himself missing the younger more than any time before. So much that it started to hurt again and Jimin wondered how he was going to survive this, being in the same class and seeing him every day without being allowed to interact.

So Jimin looked away.

It was easier that way.

He felt Tae squeeze his hand and heard him and Yoongi start talking about something because they knew how comforting it was for Jimin if people around him talked when he was feeling down.



Jimin looked up from the table and met Yoongi’s eyes, ”Hm?”

”You got a text.”

”Oh?” Jimin let go of Tae’s hand and reached for his phone.


From: Jungkook

Can we talk? /Jungkook



Jimin gulped and looked up at the younger who already was staring at him.

Does he think I have deleted his number?


Jimin gave Jungkook a small nod and started typing a reply.


To: Jungkook

Ok. Where?


From: Jungkook

Outside, the bench under the big tree?


To: Jungkook



From: Jungkook

Thank you.


”So uhm, I’ll be right back” Jimin said and put his phone away while getting up from his seat.

”Jungkook?” Tae asked and looked up at the blonde.

”Yeah, he wants to talk.”

”Ask if he wants to join us tonight at my place. He’s much welcome if he wants to.”

Jimin smiled a little and nodded, ”We’ll see.”

Jimin started walking towards the exit and noticed that Jungkook was already gone.

He opened the door and was met with the autumn sun but a rather cold wind. He hid his hands inside his sleeves and looked up to see that Jungkook was sitting on the bench, waiting with his eyes locked on him.

”Hi” Jimin said as he sat down beside the younger, his voice coming out in an almost whisper.


Jungkook cleared his throat and thought about how to begin, having so so much he wanted to tell the older that the words suddenly got caught and past his lips came nothing.

Jungkook gulped and tried to get a grip but the more he tried to speak, the harder it became.

”You’re not sitting with the others today” Jimin stated and glanced at Jungkook, trying to help him while knowing how hard it could be to talk sometimes.

”No” Jungkook replied and shook his head, ”Because I no longer have to.”

”Y-You… did you speak to your father?” Jimin asked with his heart beating fast in his chest as he turned in his seat to face the younger.

Jungkook nodded and chewed on his lip as he glanced at the older and gave him a nod, ”I didn’t exactly speak… more… screamed? And sort of kicked a hole in the wall in his office. The security guard came to drag me out while I made a scene ’cause I wanted as many people as possible to hear what a horrible man he is and how he has treated his family.”

”Oh my god” Jimin whispered in awe and grabbed Jungkook’s hand, ”that’s amazing! That’s fucking amazing!”

Jimin gasped and brought his hand up to cover his mouth, ”I swore!”

Jungkook chuckled and looked down to where Jimin was holding his hand, the older’s thumb caressing him lightly.

”What did he say?” Jimin asked with concern in his voice, ”Did he… apologize?”

”No no, he was furious and ranted all sorts of crazy things to hurt me. But I’m done getting hurt by him so I refused to let his words stick.”

”I’m sorry that you had to hear those things” Jimin whispered and shook his head, ”But I’m proud of you… very proud, to be honest. I actually didn’t think you would do it…”

”After what you told me in the bathroom and after finding your bracelet, I realized that I had nothing left to lose” Jungkook said and dared to squeeze Jimin’s hand a little, ”I felt like I had lost everything that meant something and that made me so damn angry that I drove straight from school to his company building and caught him off guard in the middle of a meeting with our, I mean his, most important partners. I can’t help but to feel that I chose the best time ever to bring him down.”

Jimin nodded and continued to caress Jungkook’s hand, ”What will happen now? Have you talked to your mother? She came to see me…”

”I know” Jungkook nodded and smiled a little, ”I went to see her after and we stayed up talking almost until this morning. She told med that she went to talk to you but she also told me that I have given her the courage to file for a divorce.”

”She deserves better” Jimin said while meeting Jungkook’s eyes, ”and so do you. I hope this can be a new start for you and I hope that you won't get any trouble for breaking your ties with him. I hope he will let you be in peace.”

”He has taken everything that was in his name” Jungkook began and shrugged his shoulders, ”my penthouse, both of my cars and some other stuff. Things like that doesn’t matter to me but I think he believes it does, because it does to him. I don’t know what will happen now, but the stocks are already falling and my father is falling with them.”

Jimin smiled as he saw the corners of Jungkook’s lips turn up and he could feel the latter being proud of himself which pleased him a lot.

”You did great” Jimin whispered and let their hands intertwine, ”You did the right thing and you have no idea how proud I am of you.”

Jungkook nodded and swallowed as he slumped a little forward while covering his face with his free hand.

”Jungkook” Jimin whispered and brought his hand to the younger’s back to comfort him, causing the latter to burst out in tears as soon as Jimin’s hand came to touch him.

”Ssh, don’t cry Jungkook” Jimin whispered and leaned closer, ”everything will be fine, I promise you. I will help you get through this, okay?”

”That’s n-not why I’m…” Jungkook began and sobbed while his back trembled under Jimin’s touch.

”That’s not why you’re crying?” Jimin asked softly.

”No” Jungkook hiccuped between his sobs and wiped his face on his shirtsleeve, ”It’s because what Namjoon s-said, about you.”

”About me?” Jimin asked confused, ”What did he say about me”?

”That you were so sad that they worried you had hurt yourself” Jungkook spoke with a little clearer voice as he glanced at Jimin, tears still flowing down his cheeks, ”I haven’t answered any calls or accept any visitors so I didn’t know until yesterday evening— Jimin I’m so sorry for causing you such pain. I’m s-so sorry for everything I’ve done and I—”

”Ssh” Jimin whispered under his own tears as he rubbed Jungkook’s back, ”I’m okay now, I promise. You’re back and you’re right here beside me. I couldn’t ask for more, really Jungkook, I promise I’m fine.”

Jungkook sighed and tilted his head as he turned a little towards the blonde, ”But what if you… but what if you actually would have hurt yourself? Because of my stupid ass? I would never have forgiven myself, never.”

Jimin smiled through his tears and shook his head slowly, ”My friends came and helped me and Tae made sure I was okay every second until we went to sleep. And they even made sure I ate and drank.”

Jungkook whispered a ’good’ and nodded before he lowered his gaze, ”It would never have to come to that if I weren’t such an idiot and—”

”Jungkook” Jimin begged and cupped the younger’s teary cheek, ”What’s done is done. I’m not angry any longer. I’m fragile and sad. But I’m not angry with you and I don’t blame you.”

”You should” Jungkook whispered and leaned in to Jimin’s touch, ”you should hate me and kick my ass and— I don’t know, but here you are, comforting me when all I’ve done is to hurt you.”

”I don’t think I could ever hate you” Jimin smiled and dried the younger’s tears with his thumb, ”or well, I did once. Hate you, I mean. Pretty much. But you deserved it back then, you don’t deserve any kind of hate any longer. The opposite.”

”The opposite?” Jungkook asked and sniffled.

”Mmh, I think you deserve to be hugged and comforted. You’ve been through a lot and you need someone to be there for you, someone you trust.”

”No” Jungkook whispered and shook his head, ”I can take care of myself.”

Jimin sighed and sniffled before wiping away his own tears, ”Don’t be a stubborn brat and let me hug you.”

Jungkook didn’t have a chance to reflect on Jimin’s words before the latter threw himself around his neck and hugged him so hard that he almost fell backwards. But as soon as he realized that Jimin was clinging to him, he wrapped his arms around his back and pulled him impossibly close.

”Kook-ah” Jimin whispered with new tears streaming down his cheeks as he nuzzled against the younger’s neck and breathed in his scent.

Now I remember.

And I never want to forget again.


”Kitten” Jungkook mumbled and buried his nose in Jimin’s blonde locks that turned a little damp from Jungkook’s many tears, ”Fuck, I’ve missed you so much!”

”I’ve missed you too!” Jimin cried and clung even harder to the other, ”I-I can’t believe you’re here, I though I had lost you!”

”Oh Jimin” Jungkook whispered and put his hand in the older's hair, his fingers trembling from the emotions running in his veins, ”I’ve been so fucking stupid.”

”Yes” Jimin said as he pulled back to find the younger’s gaze, glossy and pained but slowly healing, just like him, ”but you can make it up to me.”

Jungkook laughed softly and wiped his eyes again, ”How? Tell me.”

”How about that second date?” Jimin whispered with a deep blush on both his cheeks and neck. 

”Can you answer before it turns incredibly awkward” Jimin added and bit down on his lip, suddenly feeling nervous by the lack of immediate respond.

”Can I think about it for a while?” Jungkook asked softly and caressed the older’s hand.

”Oh… okay” Jimin replied quietly, disappointment hitting him hard.

Were they on different pages already? Or had they been from the start?


”I uhm, have to go. Class has begun and I really need to keep up” Jimin gulped and withdrew his hand before he got up from he bench, ”I’ll see you around.”

”Hey” Jungkook said and hurried to grab Jimin’s arm and pull him back, causing the blonde to stumble backwards and land in Jungkook's lap with a yelp.

”Jungkook!” Jimin complained and tried to get up but started giggling as the younger wrapped his arms around him and kept him in place.

”I was only kidding” Jungkook explained with a chuckle, ”You’re so stubborn, hm? You just flew up before I had a chance to wink at you. Of course I want to date you again!”

”I thought you didn’t want to see me anymore” Jimin said with a fake angry voice before he turned his head so he could glance at the younger behind him, ”You’re terrible, did you know that?”

”I know” Jungkook nodded and winked at Jimin who sighed and turned his head to look down where Jungkook’s arms wrapped around his waist, loving how incredibly safe and right it felt to be back in his arms.

Even if it didn’t mean anything.

It still felt amazing.

”Kitten” Jungkook uttered with his voice low and a little husky as he brushed his nose against the back of Jimin’s neck, ”When can I see you again?”

Jimin cleared his throat and maybe, just maybe he had to put his thighs together for a second due the feather light touch and the tone in the younger’s voice.

”I-I don’t know… do you want to come with me to Yoongi’s place tonight? We’re all going there to watch movies and maybe play some games.”

Jimin turned his head to look at Jungkook and pouted, ”Pretty please?”

Jungkook chuckled and nodded, ”Sure, why not.”

”Okay, I’ll see you tonight then” Jimin smiled and got up from the younger who loosened his grip on him.

”So do you want to walk back with me or… is it… do you not—”

”I’m actually going to skip class. I have to go and buy a car and fix some things.”

”Buy a car” Jimin said and nodded, ”You make it sound like you’re going to buy milk and bread.”

”Is this you saying that you want me to buy you a car as well? Because I can if you want one” Jungkook grinned at the older.

Jimin rolled his eyes and shook his head, ”No, this is me saying that you’re a rich brat and that I’ll see you tonight.”

”Should I pick you up in my new and very expensive car?” Jungkook asked as the blonde turned around to leave.

”No need, I already have a driver” Jimin replied and looked over his shoulder at Jungkook who frowned.


Jimin giggled and grabbed the door handle before turning around to wave at the younger who scoffed and crossed his arms while Jimin disappeared through the door.




”Mirror” Tae said and nudged Jimin’s arm to make him step to the side.

”I was here first” Jimin complained and gave the younger a nudge back so he could continue to fix his hair.

”It’s my mirror” Tae reminded while standing on his tippy toes behind the blonde to get a glimpse of himself.

”We’re soulmates and soulmates share” Jimin mumbled as he applied his strawberry chapstick on plump lips.

”True, but you’re already pretty, you don’t need a mirror.”

Jimin shook his head and turned around to cup Tae’s cheeks, ”I’m not prettier than you and since when do you care so much?”

”Since always” Tae smiled, a blush forming on his cheeks under Jimin’s palms.

”No, since you met Jin for the first time a.k.a this morning, am I right?”

”Right” Tae whispered while averting his eyes.

”That’s so cute!” Jimin giggled and kissed Tae’s nose, ”The fact to you look all bad boy he looks all soft and cute is just— aah it’s so cute!”

Tae chuckled as Jimin fell backwards on his bed while acting all dramatic, it was such a Jimin thing.

A happy Jimin thing.


”You’re crazy” Tae sighed before he flopped down beside the blonde.

”I know” Jimin smiled as he curled up against the younger, ”Jungkook use to say that.”

”So he really cut all ties with his father?”

”Yes, he did” Jimin whispered with a smile, ”You have no idea how proud I am of him.”

”So does this mean that you will date again?”

”We both want to, so yes, we will give the dating another try.”

Tae smiled and put his hand in Jimin’s blonde locks, ”I’m happy for you, Min. I really am. And it feels like the real you is back. The light in your eyes, the honest smile on your lips. It’s because of him, isn’t it?”

Jimin blushed and nodded, ”It is. It’s all because of him.”

”Min” Tae whispered as he saw the older’s eyes tear up, ”Can I hug you?”

”What kind of stupid question is that?” Jimin sniffled and snuggled closer while Tae wrapped his arm around him.

”I’ve missed this” Jimin mumbled while relaxing in the younger’s hold right before the doorbell rang.

”Me too, but sorry” Tae said and hurried up from the bed, ”gotta open for our driver.”

Jimin got up and took a last glance in the mirror while hearing Jin’s distinguished laughter coming from the hallway, causing him to feel a warm happiness for both his best friend and new friend.




Jimin kicked off his sneakers in the hallway and noticed Jungkook’s shoes standing neatly in the corner. Jimin smiled and felt a little giddy to be spending time with his friends and Jungkook. He took a glance in the small mirror beside the front door and let his fingers run through his hair before he walked with Tae and Jin to the living room.

Jimin’s eyes immediately landed on Jungkook who looked up at him with a small smile from where he was sitting on the the sofa with Namjoon and Hoseok.

”Where’s Yoongs?” Jimin asked and looked between the three.

”Here” Yoongi said as he came into view with his arms full of blankets and pillows that the threw on the floor in front of the sofa, ”I need a bigger sofa so I don’t have to deal with this shit.”

”Okay everyone” Tae said to get everyone’s attention, ”This is Jin, my new friend.”

”Hi” Jin smiled and grabbed Tae’s hand, ”Nice to meet you all.”

Tae looked down where Jin was holding his hand and smiled shyly.

”Nice to meet you too” Namjoon nodded with a smile, ”I’m Namjoon and this slightly moody kid here is Jungkook.”

Jungkook snorted and rolled his eyes as he leaned back in his seat.

”Hi, I’m Hoseok, nice to meet you! And that even more moody thing over there is Yoongi.”

Jin looked between every new face and didn’t know if he should be smiling or not, not quite used to their jargon.

Jimin went and sat down on the floor and grabbed a pillow to hug, all while feeling Jungkook’s intense stare on him. Over him. Everywhere.

And Jimin loved it.

He had his most tight fitting jeans on, his white jumper that were low on his shoulders and of course, his choker with the cat bell that he knew Jungkook liked.

Jimin dared to glance to his side and up at Jungkook who immediately met his gaze and Jimin could feel his body start to burn and melt at the same time. He pulled his bottom lip between his lips and tried not to blush but his cheeks were hot as fire and he knew that they could light up the whole room.

What a pity, that the seats next to Jungkook were occupied.

Well, at least they were in the same room again.


”I uh, Yoongi why don’t you sit here?” Jungkook asked and got up from the sofa, ”It’s your place and you should sit—”

”No no, it’s fine” Yoongi said and gulped as he realized that the empty seat would be next to Namjoon.

”I insist” Jungkook said and tried to make Yoongi understand with the tone in his voice.

”Oh, okay, fine” Yoongi nodded and sat down next to Namjoon while Jungkook sat down on the floor but with leaving space between him and Jimin.

”So how did you two meet?” Namjoon wondered and looked at Jin.

”I found Jin first” Jimin said as he managed to look away from Jungkook, ”at a cafe. When you guys had abandoned me.”

”Abandoned you?” Jungkook asked with a frown as he looked between the others, ”You abandoned Jimin?! When?”

”When you were gone” Jimin replied and shook his head, ”I… struggled a lot, with many things. And I had no one to turn to until I met Jin.”

Jin smiled and grabbed Jimin’s hand, ”I’m always here for you.”

”Me too. Alway” Tae nodded and grabbed Jimin’s other hand.

”Count us on the sofa as well” Yoongi added, causing Jimin to let go of the others' hands and hide behind the pillow, feeling very embarrassed at the sudden attention.

”Anyway, Jin and I met for the first time this morning” Tae explained and got his blue hair ruffled by Jin.

”This morning?” Namjoon asked with a chuckle, ”and you’re already this affectionate? That’s amazing!”

”I saw him in Jimin’s room last night though” Tae said and looked at Jungkook with a teasing grin, causing the younger’s eyes to widen almost comically.

”You did what?” Jungkook asked calmly but with jealousy burning in his eyes.

”That’s not—” Jimin began but was immediately interrupted.

”You heard right” Tae said and winked at Jungkook, ”limbs tangled and lips so close that—”

”Tae!” Jimin yelled and threw the pillow at the blue-haired while laughing, ”don’t say that!”

Tae giggled at Jungkook’s expression and grabbed the pillow to throw it at the younger, ”Take a chill pill and get your man before someone else does.”

Jungkook managed to catch the pillow before it hit his face. He gritted his teeth and glared at Tae while Jimin was blushing like crazy.

”Can we please talk about something else or maybe start a movie?” Jimin asked and looked pleadingly at Yoongi.

”Yeah we should” Yoongi sighed and reached for the controller to browse through the movies, ”tell me which one you guys want to watch.”

”That one” Namjoon said and put his hand over Yoongi’s to direct him back to a previous one.

Yoongi gulped and looked down at Namjoon’s hand before he spoke, ”Is this okay with the rest of you?”

Yoongi started the movie while looking into Namjoon’s eyes, having not heard the others' opinions but didn’t quite care because all he could focus on was Namjoon’s warm hand over his.

”Yoongi I—”

”We started off as four” Hoseok said and grabbed a handful of chips, ”and now we’re seven.”

Namjoon cleared his throat and put his hands in his lap before turning a little to look at Hoseok, causing Yoongi to frown and mutter something under his breath.

”It’s incredible” Namjoon smiled before fixing his gaze on the opening scene on the tv.

”I wonder if any couple will come out of this” Hoseok said and turned to wink at Jungkook who just gave him a stare.

”My guess is Jimin and Jungkook, Tae and Jin” Hoseok added.

”You can’t just guess on things like that” Yoongi wheezed and leaned forward to stare at Hoseok, ”That’s none of your business.”

Hoseok frowned and looked at Yoongi, ”One must be able to make some guesses, Yoongs, it’s just for fun and everyone knows that.”

Yoongi shook his head, ”You’re so stupid.”

”Hey” Namjoon whispered and patted Yoongi’s back, ”Take it easy.”

”Anyway” Hoseok said and leaned back, ”A while back I would have guessed for Jimin and Tae since Tae actually fell in love with Jimin, but now—”

”W-Wait what?!” Jungkook interrupted and stared at Tae, ”You’re in love with Jimin?”

”I was” Tae nodded, ”I told him the same day as your father found out about you two. Bad choice of timing, but I had no idea of that. But rest assure and please don’t kill me. I have other… things on my mind now, so to speak.”

Jungkook glanced at Jimin who was chewing nervously on his lip while avoiding to look at the younger.

”Okay” Hoseok mumbled in the silence, ”this turned a lot more awkward than I was prepared for.”

”Because you lack all social skills there is” Yoongi muttered with irritation in his voice.

”I don’t think Seok had any bad intentions” Namjoon said to calm the older, ”He was just trying to lighten the mood. Don’t be so harsh on him.”

Yoongi snorted and brought his hand up to run through his hair.

”I think we forgot a couple” Yoongi said loud and clear, causing everyone to turn their attention to him, ”Namjoon and Hoseok. That’s our final couple.”

”Yoongi” Namjoon sighed and put his hand on the older’s thigh, ”If only you would—”

Yoongi frowned and pushed Namjoon’s hand away before getting up to leave up the stairs to the second floor.

Namjoon sighed and covered his face with his hands while Hoseok looked down at his lap.

”So… who’s going after him?” Tae asked and looked between the two, "Someone have to."

Namjoon turned his head and glanced at Hoseok who nodded slowly with a pink blush over his nose.

Jimin watched as the two got up from the sofa in silence and then headed up the stairs.

”Are they…” Jin began after hearing a door shut on the other floor.

”Stupid?” Tae asked and laid down on the blankets, ”Yes. All three of them I think”.

”Ah, I see” Jin nodded and laid down next to Tae, ”Good thing we’re not.”

”Yep” Tae giggled and snuggled closer to Jin who brought his arm around him, the two of them falling into soft whispers about things the ones around couldn’t hear.

Jimin smiled at the sight before he fixed his eyes on the movie that none of the boys had followed. 

He wished that Jungkook wanted to cuddle like that with him, but it was probably too soon and the younger had a lot on his mind. And he definitely didn’t want to make him uncomfortable.

”I’m going to the kitchen to get something to drink. Do you want a beer or maybe some snacks?” Jimin asked and turned his head to look at Jungkook.

”No thank you, I’m driving so I can’t drink…”

”Oh, so you found a car you liked then?” Jimin asked with a smile.

”Yeah, I did. It’s a really cool one actually. It’s in Yoongi’s garage now.”

”Maybe I’ll see it someday” Jimin said and gave the younger a small smile before he got up, hoping that some water some snacks could calm him since his heart was beating so weird when he was talking to the younger.

Jimin walked up to the kitchen island where Yoongi already had put a couple of bags with snacks. Jimin eyed the bags and tried to decide which one to choose when he all of a sudden was embrace from behind with the warm, safe arms that he loved so much.

Jimin gulped and put his hand over the arms as if he was afraid that the other would leave too quickly, feeling how his soul cheered from their closeness.

”Jimin” Jungkook whispered and leaned down ghost his lips against the blonde’s neck, ”I’m missing you.”

Jimin broke free from Jungkook’s arms and hurried to turn around before throwing his own arms around the younger to hug him as hard as he could.

”Kook-ah” Jimin sniffled with tears in his eyes, ”I can’t stand us being awkward like this!”

”I know, I know” Jungkook whispered and felt his own tears gather as he hugged the blonde close to his chest, ”I hate it too, believe me.”

Jimin leaned back and got up on his tippy toes to cup Jungkook’s teary cheeks.

”Don’t cry Kook-ah” Jimin whispered and wiped away the tears with his thumbs, ”I hate seeing you cry.”

Jungkook sighed and closed his eyes, loving the older’s soft touches.



Jungkook opened his eyes and found the older’s waiting gaze, ”Are we… stupid?”

Jimin nodded slowly and got down onto his feet before he whispered, ”Yes, I think we are.”

”I don’t want to be like that” Jungkook whispered back and leaned down a little while letting his thumb caress the blonde’s neck.

”No…?” Jimin breathed out, his eyelashes fluttering as Jungkook came closer.

And closer.

Jungkook gulped and licked his lips before searching Jimin’s eyes. He received a small nod and then he did it.

He kissed Jimin.

Softly, he let his lips press against Jimin’s plump ones.

Jimin grabbed Jungkook’s black shirt while the latter grabbed his hips. Because the both of them felt dizzy but also eager, wanting to hold the other as tightly as possible while worrying that the other would break away too soon.

But that didn’t happen.

Because when Jungkook pulled back the slightest to search Jimin’s eyes again, the latter got up on his tippy toes and captured the younger’s lips into another, much firmer kiss.

This time their lips parted to let each other in, their wet tongues meeting and licking inside each other’s mouth, the both of them humming as they suddenly remembered the other’s taste.

Jimin could feel Jungkook press his palm against the small of his back, causing them to slot together and a quiet moan to slip past Jimin’s lips.

They could both feel how the pain in their hearts stopped and how something else, much warmer and much lighter took its place.

Something they've never felt before, but that they immediately accepted. Whatever it was, it was amazing and caused their hearts to flutter.


Jungkook hummed pleased into the kisses and tilted his head to the other side, loving how Jimin fell pliant in his arms and let him decide the pace of the kisses.

”Up” Jungkook mumbled against Jimin's lips and tapped his finger against the latter's thigh.

Jimin got the message and jumped up to wrap his legs around the younger’s waist.


Jimin hummed and let out a wanton sound as Jungkook put his hands under his butt to hold him in place.

Jimin sighed into the slow, wet kisses and put his hand in Jungkook’s hair, having missed the soft curls between his fingers.



Jungkook let go off Jimin’s lips and began to kiss his jaw and then further down his neck.



Jimin put both of his hands in the back of Jungkook’s head and guided him up a little, wanting him to kiss right below his ear instead.

”Here?” Jungkook asked and licked over the delicate skin.

Y-Yes oh my god— Jungkook, I…”

Jungkook nibbled on the skin gently before he started licking his neck again, his voice coming out low and husky, ”Come with me to my place.”

”Is that aah… is that a question or—”

”Yes or no?”

”Yes! Take me!”

Jungkook chuckled against Jimin’s neck and started carry him towards the hallway.

”Take me with you, I meant. Nothing else” Jimin blushed and hit the younger’s shoulder.

”Stop squirming” Jungkook groaned and put Jimin against the wall to hold him in place before turning his attention to Jimin’s neck again, this time sucking more than kissing.

Jimin gasped and closed his eyes, fisting Jungkook’s hair with one hand while trying his best to not let out too loud sounds.

Then suddenly the wall trembled a little and he opened his eyes to see that Jin had Tae pinned right beside him.

”I’m…” Tae began and turned his head to look at Jimin, but had to bite down on his lip as Jin moved his hand under his leather jacket and then under his t-shirt.

”I-I won’t come home tonight” Tae continued, his cheeks blushing and his blue hair a total mess.

”I’m not aah— I’ll see you t-tomorrow” Jimin managed to utter before Jungkook came up to silence him with hard kisses, a hint of jealousy burning in the touches on his thighs.

”Let’s go” Jin said and kissed Tae before he quickly put on his pink snapback, grabbed Tae’s boots and lastly grabbed Tae himself and pulled him out through the front door, all in the span of a millisecond.

Then Jungkook placed his hands under Jimin’s butt again and started carry him towards the door.

”Jungkook, my—”

”No time” Jungkook said and managed to open the door while having the blonde in his arms.

”My shoes!” Jimin laughed and started wiggle in Jungkook’s arms as he was being carried down the stairs and down to the driveway.

”I’ll buy you new ones” Jungkook grinned and put Jimin down on the asphalt while opening the garage.

Jimin saw his opportunity and started running back to the front door, his feet cold in only his white socks.

Jimin! What the hell are you doing?!

”Getting my shoes!” Jimin called back with a laughter and hurried up the few steps before he reached the door.

He got inside and grabbed his shoes quickly before hurrying back to Jungkook who already had backed the car out onto the driveway.

”Oh my god” Jimin whispered to the sight of Jungkook’s new car, causing him to stop and stare right there on the spot with his shoes in his hands.

”Jimin? What’s wrong?” Jungkook asked after getting out the car to approach the older with a worried look on his face.

”No I- it’s just that your car looks amazing” Jimin said and smiled up at the younger.

Jungkook sighed in relief and shook his head, ”You’re so damn annoying, did you know that?”

Jimin giggled and parted his lips for Jungkook who kissed him hard again, loving how addicted they were for each other’s kisses and touches.

”Come” Jungkook whispered and bopped Jimin’s nose, ”we should— why aren’t you wearing your damn shoes if they were so important?!”

”Oh” Jimin looked down at the shoes in his grip and shrugged his shoulders before blushing a little, ”I forgot.”

Jungkook groaned and grabbed Jimin to carry him bridal style to the car, ”You’re crazy, Jimin. Absolutely crazy.”

”Mmh, but you like it” Jimin whispered and saw his opportunity to kiss Jungkook’s neck.

No, I love it.



Chapter Text




”Love when you carry me” Jimin whispered and nuzzled against the younger’s neck as he was being carried up the stairs, reminding them of old times.

”And I love to carry you” Jungkook said and kissed Jimin’s blonde locks before he opened his bedroom door.

Jimin clung to Jungkook a little harder as the younger sat down on the bed with him in his hold, afraid that he would let go.

”Relax” Jungkook whispered and rubbed his hands over Jimin’s back, feeling how the latter tensed.

”Are you nervous?” Jungkook asked softly and pressed a couple of soothing kisses on the older’s shoulder where his jumper exposed his beautiful skin.

”A little…”

”Look at me” Jungkook said and met the older’s eyes as Jimin leaned back with slightly blushing cheeks, ”We don’t have to do anything if you don’t—”

”I want to” Jimin cut in and nodded eagerly, ”Kind of very much, actually.”

Jungkook hummed and looked into Jimin’s eyes for a moment before he let his lips slide over Jimin’s, causing a tingling shiver to run through the older.

”So… what do you want to do?” Jungkook whispered before nibbling on Jimin’s plump lower lip.

Jimin gulped and as soon as Jungkook let go, Jimin chased after him for kisses.

”No” Jungkook said and grabbed Jimin’s waist firmly, ”Tell me what you want and then I’ll kiss you.”

Jimin sighed and pouted, ”You just want to tease me because you know it makes me shy!”

Jungkook smirked and nodded, ”Correct. So tell me.”

Jimin shook his head and crossed his arms, not wanting to obey the younger when he was teasing like that.

”No?” Jungkook whispered and drummed his fingers against Jimin’s thigh before he squeezed, causing Jimin to narrow his eyes and bite on his lip as he tried to stay quiet.

”No?… How about now?”

Jungkook leaned in and captured Jimin’s lips before he brought his hand between the other’s legs and palmed his growing erection, causing Jimin cave in and moan against the younger’s lips while trying to rub himself harder against the hand.

”Jimin” Jungkook breathed out as he started kissing the blonde’s neck.

Jimin tilted his head to the side and grabbed Jungkook’s shoulders to hold himself steady while the pleasure increased from the younger’s warm palm that pressed against his bulge.

”I won’t… I can’t… Jimin I want to have you, now. I-I can’t wait.”

Jimin gulped and put his hand in the back of Jungkook’s neck, ”Then take me.”

Jungkook groaned and grabbed Jimin’s waist to swiftly put him down on the mattress, the older’s eyes looking back at him with so much lust that Jungkook wondered how in the world he was going to last for more than a second.

”Kook-ah” Jimin whined and brought his arms around Jungkook’s back as the latter draped himself over him, ”Kiss me.”

Jungkook hummed and kissed the blonde feverishly while at the same time working on opening his own slacks.

”Strip” Jungkook ordered and kissed Jimin a last time before he carefully took Jimin’s glasses to put them on the nightstand before he got out of his pants and boxers.

Jimin began to open his jeans and watched as Jungkook searched in his drawer while dressed in only his white button up shirt.

”Jimin” Jungkook said disappointed and grabbed the bottle with lube before hurrying back on the bed, ”I told you to strip, didn’t I?”

”I uhm…” Jimin mumbled without taking his eyes of Jungkook’s thighs, ”I… forgot?”

Jungkook sighed and leaned down to give Jimin a wet kiss, ”Can you… I mean…”

”It’s a yes” Jimin nodded and licked his lips while holding on to Jungkook’s narrow waist, ”Whatever you wonder, it’s a yes.”

”Okay” Jungkook smirked, ”Get on all fours then. I’m going to fuck you from behind and fill you with my cum.”

Jimin’s eyes widened as he whispered a ’oh my god’, his cock twitching with anticipation from what was to come.

”That” Jimin gulped, ”sounds nice. Very nice.”

Jungkook grinned and leaned back to watch as Jimin placed himself on all fours before kicking off his jeans and boxers briefs, his whole body blushing from the intense stare he could feel on his naked ass.

”Spread your legs.”

”You have to—” but Jimin didn’t have to say anything more because in the next second a lubed finger was entering him and he had to bury his face in the pillow.

The pleasure was immediate and Jimin knew it would be incredibly difficult to keep from coming too soon.

”Good?” Jungkook asked and caressed Jimin’s thigh while moving the finger slowly in and out.

”More” Jimin begged and looked behind him at Jungkook who immediately found his gaze, ”Please? I want—”

Jungkook pushed another wet finger inside him and was earned with a pretty moan that got pre cum to gush out of his hard cock, causing him to seriously wonder if he was going to come untouched to the sight and sound of Jimin getting fingered.

Kook-ah” Jimin mewled against the pillow while trying to fuck back on the younger’s drenched fingers.

Jungkook smiled pleased and poured more lube over both the third finger and over Jimin’s smooth cheeks, letting it drip down to his entrance.

Jimin gasped in surprise to the cold lube being poured over him, anticipation burning in his gut as he knew what would come next.

”Pretty kitten is doing so good” Jungkook said softly and kissed the blonde’s ass cheek, the praise going straight to Jimin’s cock and caused his thighs to tremble.

Jungkook then splayed his palm over the small of Jimin’s back and pushed him down a little while his ass stayed up, ”Beautiful.”

Jimin moaned into the pillow as Jungkook got the third finger to push inside along the other two.

Jungkook watched in awe as Jimin sucked his fingers in, feeling proud for having prepared him so well so far. He let his fingers stay still inside him before slowly curling them a little and then drag the pads of his fingers against Jimin’s walls.

Jungkook cursed under his breath as Jimin let out a string of muffled moans, his small hands gripping the silk bedsheets and his whole body trembling with pleasure.

He picked up the speed from pure curiosity and began to fuck the blonde rather rough, resulting in the sounds from the lube being pushed in and out to make the both of them feel dizzy with lust building and building.

”Kook-ah” Jimin sniffled as he turned his head to look at the younger, ”I’m going t-to come. Please fuck me b-before I—”

Jungkook pulled out his fingers and grabbed Jimin’s waist with one hand while guiding his cock with his wet hand to Jimin’s hole. 

Jimin’s eyes rolled back as Jungkook entered him in one go.

Even though this was a completely new position and even though it had been a while since they last were together, Jimin felt nothing but pure trust in the way Jungkook took care of him, making him relaxed and excited at the same time.

Jungkook panted as he kept his eyes on Jimin’s ass where his cock moved in and out in steady thrusts. His fingers were digging into Jimin’s soft waist and maybe he would bruise but it was nothing they cared about in the moment.

Jimin could feel his lungs scream for more air so he turned his head away from the pillow and tried to get up on wobbly arms while he was being fucked relentlessly.

”Feels s-so good” Jimin breathed out and looked behind him where Jungkook was working with concentration and sweat glistening on his forehead. His shirt was damp and clung to him in a delicious way, reveling his amazing figure.

”Down” Jungkook ordered and put his hand flat between Jimin’s shoulder blades to push his upper body down against the mattress again.

Jimin whined and shut his eyes as Jungkook picked up the speed further, the sounds of skin slapping against skin mixed with Jungkook’s low grunts that rumbled behind him, telling him that the younger was getting closer to his high.

”Kitten” Jungkook voiced out of breath while slowing down. He wrapped his arms around the blonde and helped him up so that the latter was sitting in his lap while being full of his cock.

”Kitten, are you here?” Jungkook whispered and buried his nose against Jimin’s neck while slowly thrusting up into him.

Jimin let out a quiet moan and leaned his head back to rest on the younger’s shoulders, his eyes closed and drool pouring from the corners of his mouth to his chin.

Jungkook hummed pleased at Jimin’s blissed out expression and let a finger slide under his black velvet choker, causing the bell to jingle. He tugged a little at the soft band, resulting in Jimin to gasp and tens. Jungkook cursed under his breath and let his hand travel down to the latter’s cock instead, only to find that Jimin already was touching himself.

”So impatient, hm?” Jungkook’s husky voice came out, ”Are you close?”

Jimin mumbled something incoherent while squirming in the younger’s lap.

”I’m going to fuck you slow until we come” Jungkook whispered and kissed Jimin’s cheek before wrapping his arms a little tighter around him to hold him in place before he started thrusting again.

Kook-ah” Jimin whined and turned his head a little, ”k-kiss me.”

Jungkook hummed and captured the blonde’s lips, his neck straining from the angle but the way Jimin kissed him with his wet tongue and eager lips made him quickly unaware of everything else.

Jimin started stroking his cock a little faster while relishing in the amazing drag of Jungkook against his sweet spot and the heated kisses he received.

Everything felt so much more when being on the edge.

His thumb teasing the tip of his member, Jungkook’s tongue licking inside his mouth, Jungkook’s fingers gently playing with his nipples and the safe grip around his waist. It all felt so much more as his orgasm was right there and it would wash over him any second now.

Jungkook groaned from how hard Jimin suddenly clenched around him.

”Kitten, I’m going to—”

”Me too” Jimin breathed out while meeting the younger’s gaze.

Jungkook grabbed Jimin’s free hand and held it tightly as he stopped thrusting, ”Then be a good kitten and make us come.”

Jimin gulped as he understood that Jungkook wanted him to take over.

And so he did.

Slowly raising himself up on his thighs before slamming down again, causing the both of them to moan out loud.

Ah-aaah Kook-ah I can’t aaah hold-”

”Then come.”


Jimin thought he was going to faint, that’s how incredibly hard he came.

He continued to pump his cock as he shot his cum all over the black bedsheets, all the way up to Jungkook’s pillow, painting long ropes of the white, almost transparent fluid on the satin fabric.

”Oh fuck” Jungkook mumbled to the sight while the older was letting out incoherent words mixed with delicious moans and it was suddenly impossible not to come.

So he did, with a breathy moan, his cock buried deeper than ever inside Jimin, his hot cum plashing against the soft walls that were gripping his cock so hard.

Jimin trembled as he milked himself empty and that’s when he felt the younger fill him up and the sensation was so overwhelming and together with everything that caught up with him, he started to fall forward in his fucked out state, too gone to be able to catch himself.

”Jimin” Jungkook said worriedly as he quickly grabbed the older and pushed him back against his chest again, ”are you okay? Breathe…”

Jimin hummed and let his head fall back and rest on the younger’s shoulder.

”Kitten…” Jungkook whispered and caressed the other’s stomach, ”you came so hard, hm? The whole bed if full of your cum.”

Jimin whined embarrassed and tried to hide against Jungkook’s neck.

”Ssh… come, let’s lay down for a moment” Jungkook said softly and grabbed ahold of Jimin while pulling out and then gently put him down on the clean side of the bed.

”Kook” Jimin mumbled and search the younger’s eyes a little stressed.

”I’m right here” Jungkook reassured and laid down beside him before wrapping an arm around his middle to push him closer to his chest.

”You’re insane” Jimin whispered tiredly before putting his ear against Jungkook’s chest, the younger’s heart beating fast, maybe a little faster than necessary which caused a smile to form on Jimin’s lips.

”Mmh, but I wasn’t the one releasing a whole year worth of cum on my bedsheets.”

Jimin blushed and pinched the younger’s side, ”Don’t remind me of that!”

Jungkook chuckled and grabbed Jimin under his arms to pull him a little so he could capture his lips.

Jimin hummed pleased into Jungkook’s lazy kisses and put his hand in the back of the other’s neck to deepen them a little, feeling like they both needed this.

Jungkook pulled back after awhile and brought his hand up to caress Jimin’s cheek as they breathed heavy and looked into each other’s eyes.

And suddenly there was a tension in the air that hadn’t been there before. They could both feel it as their hearts started beating a little faster again even though they felt like they were floating in a calm sea while nothing in the whole world meant anything except for the one in their hold.

”Jimin” Jungkook whispered and gulped a little as a ton of emotions created a whirlwind inside his chest, ”I like you.”


It sounded so pure, so soft and warm.


It was such an honest whisper that it caused Jimin’s head to spin a little. So he grabbed Jungkook’s hand to hold himself steady, still meeting the younger’s gaze.


”I like you too” Jimin whispered back, his thumb caressing Jungkook’s hand to comfort the both of them, ”very much.”

Jungkook closed his eyes and exhaled, trying to take in the older’s words, trying to convince his soul that he wasn’t dreaming.

This is Jimin and Jimin likes him.

He likes him very much.


Jungkook opened his eyes and was met with the brightest of smiles.

”I like you too, very much” Jungkook said and intertwined their hands, ”If that’s okay with you.”

Jimin giggled and nodded, ”That’s very okay with me.”

Jungkook blushed over his nose and smiled shyly as he lowered his gaze.

”Kook-ah” Jimin smiled and leaned in to slid his lips over the younger’s, ”you’re blushing.”

”I’m not.”

”Yes you are” Jimin whispered softly and kissed Jungkook’s lips, ”and it’s beautiful.”

”No it’s not” Jungkook mumbled and parted his lips for the blonde.

Jimin sighed into the lazy kisses, feeling too tired to argue at the moment.


Jungkook grabbed Jimin and rolled onto his back so that the older was laying over him.

Jimin laughed softly and was just about to kiss the younger in their new position when his expression suddenly turned serious.


Jungkook knitted his eyebrows and searched Jimin’s eyes worriedly, ”What—”

”I uhm…” Jimin said and cleared his throat as he crawled backwards, away from Jungkook, ”You… I… can I use the shower?”

Jungkook leaned up on his elbows and noticed a trail of cum on his leg.

”Shit, I’m sorry, I totally forgot” Jungkook said apologetically and sat up so he could kiss Jimin where he was sitting with red cheeks while trying to cover himself.

 ”Do you want me to carry you to the shower? Or should I get you a wet towel first? Or do you—”

”If you carry me, I might spill on your floor” Jimin whispered embarrassed as he hid his face against the younger’s neck.

”Pfft, like I care? You can come all over my house and I won't care the least. Well, uh except for that rather expensive panting in the living room, don’t come over that. But anywhere else is perfectly fine to—”



”Shut up and carry me to the shower before I bite your neck.”

”Yes sir” Jungkook chuckled and grabbed Jimin before moving off the bed with the older in his arms.

”I wouldn’t mind some biting though” Jungkook teased but was received with a weak punch against his shoulder.

”What? I like marking you” Jungkook said and opened the door to the adjacent bathroom, ”You look pretty with hickeys on your neck.”

”You’re weird” Jimin sighed and kissed Jungkook’s shoulder, ”But I love it.”

”Speaking of you leaking cum on my floor” Jungkook said and leaned in to the shower to get the water flowing while waiting outside with Jimin for the water to turn warm.

”What about it?” Jimin muttered and leaned back to be met with Jungkook’s playful smile.

”Well, I was thinking that… I fit inside you, right?”


”So, other… things, can also fit inside you, right?”

”Oh my god” Jimin squeaked and started wiggle in the older’s hold, ”Put me down and stop talking about… things!”

Jungkook chuckled and carried Jimin into the shower before he put him down under the hot water beams, ”Want me to help you?”

”No. Don’t even look” Jimin muttered and grabbed the soap.

Jungkook stood with closed eyes under the water while letting the older tend to himself, but when he couldn’t wait anymore, he put his hands on Jimin’s shoulders and leaned in to whisper in his ear, ”Hurry. I want to see you.”

Jimin turned around and got up on his tippy toes to kiss the taller, silently telling him he was finished.

Jungkook answered the kiss and pushed Jimin gently against the tiled wall, his hands slowly moving down over the latter’s waist and hips until his fingers brush against Jimin’s cock.

”So…” Jungkook began and wrapped his fingers around the member, giving it a couple of slow, gentle strokes.

”So…?” Jimin whispered and gasped quietly from the wonderful touches.

”Is it possible to—”

”I think the answer is yes” Jimin said, his plump lips chasing after the younger’s soft ones.

”Do you have anything like that?” Jungkook whispered and let Jimin kiss him while he continued to stroke him lazily.

”M’no… things like that are often expensive.”

”Then I’ll buy something” Jungkook mumbled before he started kissing the blonde with those firm, hard kissed that they both liked so much.

Those kisses that said so much more than words could at the moment, that gave them both reassurance and comfort. 

Everything they needed.



Jimin dried his hair and hung the damp towel over the side of the jacuzzi to let it dry before he walked on light feet out to the bedroom, his eyes landing on Jungkook who was only dressed in his underwear. Jimin admired his amazing body before he started to get a little cold.

”Hi…” Jimin whispered with his hand covering his private parts and one arm around his chest.

Jungkook looked up from where he was standing beside the bed and smiled at the older, ”I put boxers and a shirt on the armchair if you don’t want to wear your own clothes.”

”Thanks” Jimin smiled and hurried over to the armchair behind Jungkook where he quickly got dressed in on of the younger’s button up shirts.

”Do you want help with that?”

Jungkook sighed and nodded while examining the new bedsheets, ”I don’t even know where to begin. I’ve never done this before. Well, the pillow thing was pretty easy but this… this is more complicated than our last exam in macroeconomics.”

”You’re such a spoiled rich boy” Jimin giggled and reached up to kiss Jungkook’s nose before he grabbed the bedsheets from the latter’s hands.

”I can help you study” Jimin offered and managed to get the first duvet finished, ”If you need help with—”

”I have a big problem for you to solve” Jungkook whispered and wrapped his arms around the blonde before giving his neck a series of wet kisses.

Jimin burst out in giggles and shook his head, ”Get a grip, Kook-ah.”

Jungkook hummed and continued to press kisses against Jimin’s neck while the latter grabbed the second of the two duvets.

”Done” Jimin said and put his hands over Jungkook’s arms that were wrapped around his middle.

Jungkook breathed in Jimin’s scent and started swaying a little side to side with the older in his hold, the both them closing their eyes while enjoying the silent, surprisingly intimate moment.

”You look gorgeous in my shirt” Jungkook suddenly whispered while caressing Jimin’s waist and stomach over the white fabric.

Jimin smiled from ear to ear and bit down on his bottom lip as his cheeks turned pink.



”Thank you” Jimin replied and leaned his head back to look up at the younger, ”I love wearing it. It smells like you and…”

”And?” Jungkook asked while bopping the other’s nose.

”And it feels domestic” Jimin whispered with his blush reaching his ears.

Jungkook gulped and looked into Jimin’s eyes before he hummed and nodded, his lips pressing against the latter’s forehead, ”I think so too. But I didn’t know you thought the same.”

”I do. It fees like we… like we’re further ahead than what we actually are. And by that I don’t mean that we necessarily will come to a—”

”Please don’t finish that” Jungkook begged and put his hand in Jimin’s hair, ”I don’t like where you were going.”

Jimin swallowed and shook his head, ”Me neither.”

Jungkook smiled a little and was just about to kiss Jimin when he realized something, causing Jimin to stumble a little forward as the younger suddenly turned away.

”I have something to give you” Jungkook said as he walked over to his dresser.

Jimin climbed up on the bed and watched curiously as Jungkook retrieved something from a drawer before he joined him on the bed to sit face to face.

”So I was wondering if you want this back” Jungkook whispered softly and opened his hand.

Jimin studied the silver bracelet in Jungkook’s palm and was immediately filled with a sweet memory.

And then a not so sweet memory.

Jimin looked up from the beautiful chain to meet even more beautiful doe eyes.

”It would… I would love if you want it back, but I totally understand if you don’t want it. It’s just—”

”I would love to have it again” Jimin said with a shy smile, ”I’ve missed it, to be honest. It feels like you’re a little bit closer when I have it on. It reminds me of you and it brings me a bit of comfort.”

”That’s… wow” Jungkook whispered with a smile, ”That’s amazing.”

Jimin giggled quietly and nodded while he pushed his sleeve up and held out his wrist for the younger, ”Will you?”

Jungkook didn’t waste a second before he put the silver chain around the older’s wrist and locked it.

”You have no idea how difficult it was to put it in your pocket. I hated doing it. I wanted to keep it soo bad, especially since I didn’t know if we ever would get back to this. I wanted to have it like a little piece of memory to hold on to. But then I also wanted you to be reminded of me, and maybe miss me as well. Because I didn’t want to be the only one feeling like that.”

”Thank you for trying” Jungkook whispered and cupped Jimin’s cheeks, ”I’m so happy you did because it was what brought us back to this. The things you told me that day, and what you did. It’s all thanks to you that we’re here.”

”Kook-ah” Jimin sniffled and threw his arms around the younger’s neck, ”Don’t ever leave me like that again. Don’t ever tell me that you have to go and that we can’t talk, or not even text. Don’t ever kiss me and say that you’re sorry before disappearing again.”

”Jiminie” Jungkook whispered with his arms around the blonde’s back and his nose against his neck, ”I promise. I will never leave you like that again. And don’t you dare do it either.”

Jimin leaned back and shook his head with glossy eyes and a serious expression, ”I’m not that stupid.”

Jungkook chuckled and wiped Jimin’s cheek from a tear, ”Are you calling me stupid?”

Jimin nodded and put his hand in Jungkook’s hair, ”Yep. Not as stupid as when I first met you, but still stupid.”

”Wow” Jungkook laughed under his breath, ”You’re so kind today, hm? And I who thought that maybe you would like a necklace to go with that bracelet. Guess I’ll have to give it to someone a little more deserving.”

”Oh…” Jimin flickered his gaze and started chewing on his bottom lip, ”And who’s that?”

”Someone you don’t know but who—”

”Okay, bye.”

Jimin started moving to the edge of the bed but was immediately pulled back by a laughing Jungkook.

”You’re so funny when you’re angry” Jungkook chuckled and cupped the blonde’s cheeks to kiss him hard until the latter relaxed and kissed him back.

”Are you seeing others like this?” Jimin whispered in a moment of bravery, having promised himself not to ask that just in case he wouldn’t like the respond. But now he just couldn’t keep the question burning on his tongue any longer.

”No, I’m not” Jungkook breathed out against Jimin’s wet lips, ”Are you?”

”No” Jimin replied instantly while his hands came to rest on the younger’s warm, naked waist, ”I’m not.”

”So it’s only us then?” Jungkook asked softly while ghosting his lips over the corner of Jimin’s mouth.

”Yes” Jimin whispered after Jungkook had kissed him lightly, ”Only us.”

Jungkook exhaled and grabbed Jimin before falling backwards on the mattress with the older over him. Jimin giggled and straddled the younger while keeping their upper bodies together, the heat from Jungkook’s naked skin reaching through the shirt he was borrowing.

”I wouldn’t mind keeping it like that” Jimin said with blushing cheeks while putting his hands in the taller’s black hair.

”I was just going to say that” Jungkook smiled and put his hands on the other’s thighs, ”I wouldn’t mind that at all.”

Jimin smiled and nodded before capturing Jungkook’s lips again.

They kissed to sort of tell the other how seriously they took it.

That this was exactly what they wanted, to be exclusive while they dated, that it was them and only them.

That it was all they wanted, all they needed.

That it was perfect.


Jungkook hummed into the kisses that he let the older take the lead of, wondering how the blonde would react to the change.

And it turned out that Jimin was much more the leading type than he had expected, because all of sudden he had his wrist pinned to the mattress and his hair tugged.

But Jungkook didn’t mind.

He didn’t mind at all.


”Touch me” Jimin mumbled as he pulled back to let them breathe.

Jungkook gulped and nodded before he let his free hand slowly travel up from the milky thigh to—

”You’re not wearing the—”

”No” Jimin grinned and shook his head as Jungkook started to caress his naked butt.

Jungkook hummed pleased as he let his hand roam to Jimin’s hipbone and then down to his semi hard cock that had been hidden under the long shirt.

Jimin cleared his throat and let go of Jungkook’s hair so he could grab the younger’s wrist and pinned that one as well against the mattress.


”I changed my mind” Jimin smirked and licked over Jungkook’s cheek.

Jungkook pouted and was going to remove his hand from Jimin’s grip but felt how the older tightened his hold, causing Jungkook’s cheeks to heat up in a blush and his lips to part.

Jimin smirked and leaned down to whisper in the younger’s ear, his nose brushing against his neck, ”Why the adorable blush, bun?”

Jungkook breathed out a soft moan and closed his eyes as Jimin started kissing his neck, his moist plump lips pressing against his sensitive skin.

”Jimin” Jungkook whispered and tilted his head to give the older more room.


”Touch me… please…”


”No?” Jungkook whispered disappointed, ”W-Why—”

”Because I’m too tired” Jimin replied and let go of Jungkook’s wrists so he could curl up into a cute ball while putting his ear to Jungkook’s heart.

Jungkook sighed and brought his hand up to massage his forehead, ”Jimin you… you’re fucking crazy. Hm? You can’t just begin something like that and then—”

”And then?” Jimin giggled and reached out to grab Jungkook’s hand who immediately let them intertwine.

”And then go back to being this cute” Jungkook settled on saying before kissing the older’s blonde locks, his free hand caressing his naked thigh.

Jungkook found himself being weak for Jimin.

Utterly and completely weak.

And he had no idea what to thing of that.


”Kitten?” Jungkook whispered after a few minutes of silence.


”Can you stay the night?”

Jimin smiled and leaned up to kiss soft lips, ”I’d love to. If I can, that is?”

Jungkook hummed and squeezed Jimin’s hand, ”I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Jimin giggled and kissed the younger’s chest before going back to listen to his heartbeats, ”Then I’m staying.”


Jungkook reached beside them and managed to grab the duvet to put it over them, not liking how the older had turned a little cold.

”Kook-ah?” Jimin whispered tiredly as Jungkook put his hand back on his thigh.


”I like you.”

Jungkook smiled as his heart made a funny thing inside his chest that caused him to feel all warm and happy.

”I like you too. Very much.”

Jungkook felt how Jimin relaxed a little more in his hold and in a matter of seconds the latter was snoring softly on top of him.

”Goodnight kitten.”




”Sleepyhead… wake up.”


Jimin giggled and bit Jungkook’s shoulder playfully.


Jungkook turned around and was met with messy blonde hair and his favorite bright smile.

Jungkook groaned and wrapped his arms around the older to kiss him silly.

Jimin giggled between the kisses and put both of his hands in the younger’s soft curls.

”Good morning little vampire” Jungkook smiled and gave the blonde a couple of more kisses.

”Good morning my human.”

Jungkook chuckled and bopped Jimin’s nose, ”Cute.”

Jimin pouted and caressed the other’s cheek, ”I’m starving.”

Jungkook hummed and reached behind Jimin to grab his wrist watch, ”It’s… 1.30.”

”Wow” Jimin yawned and sat up before trying to tame his hair, ”I haven’t slept this long since I was a teenager.”

”So… what do you want for breakfast?” Jungkook asked and sat up behind the blonde to give his exposed shoulder some well deserved kisses.

”Why do I feel like that was a question with a whole lot of naughtiness involved?”

”I have no idea what you’re talking about” Jungkook chuckled and brought his arms around Jimin to begin with opening more of the buttons.

”Kook-ah!” Jimin complained and grabbed the younger’s hands.

Jungkook sighed and leaned his forehead against the other’s neck, ”Fine. What do you want to eat? Seriously.”

”I want rise and soup and coffee” Jimin smiled as he turned his head to glance at the taller, ”please can we have that?”

”Of course we can” Jungkook nodded and leaned to the side so he could kiss Jimin again, ”anything you want.”





Jimin grinned and turned so he could place his hands on one of Jungkook’s thighs each, ”Milkshake?”

”Sure” Jungkook nodded and laughed as Jimin licked his lips.

”What are we waiting for?” Jimin giggled and got up to get dressed in his boxer briefs before grabbing Jungkook’s arm to pull him up from the bed.

”Wait!” Jungkook said just as Jimin was walking out to the stairs.

”Let me carry you” Jungkook smiled and lifted Jimin up bridal style.

Jimin blushed and hid against the younger’s neck, ”You’re spoiling me.”

”Yeah, but I love it” Jungkook whispered and kissed the older’s blonde mess of hair.




”Tae!” Jimin called out through the apartment as he kicked his sneakers off in the hallway, ”You can’t believe what I had for breakfast!”

Jungkook chuckled and took off his shoes to put them neatly on the shoe rack that none of the owners had cared to ever use.

”Tae! Where— oh…”

Jimin stopped in his tracks on his way to Tae’s bedroom as he noticed the latter sitting quietly and curled up on the sofa.

”Tae” Jimin whispered worriedly as he hurried over to the sofa to sit beside the younger who was crying silent tears while looking down at his lap, ”Tae are you crying? What happened?”

Tae sniffled and let himself be embraced by his best friend, ”Nothing…”

”Tell me” Jimin said softly and put his hand in Tae’s blue hair.

Tae sighed and mumbled barely audible, ”Tattoo guy.”

Jimin cleared his throat from anger and hugged the younger a little tighter, ”What the hell did he do?”

”I went there to call things off since I only want to be with Jin. So I told him so. But he… he didn’t like that and so he…”


”He grabbed my arm and yelled at me. Mean things and disgusting things” Tae sniffled against Jimin’s shoulder.

Jimin gritted his teeth and glanced up at Jungkook who looked just as mad, ”Does your arm hurt? Did he do anything else?”

”No, I-I managed to break away and leave but I got so scared and I-I tried to call Jin but he’s working so he can’t pick up and—”

”Ssh, take it easy” Jimin whispered and motioned for the younger to sit in his lap so he could comfort him better.

So Tae straddled Jimin and let the older rub his hands over his back as he rested his head against the latter’s shoulder, immediately relaxing in his friend’s hold.

”Where does he live?” Jungkook wondered with his voice full of suppressed anger, ”I can go there with someone who knows how to kick ass and then kick some damn ass.”

”No” Jimin said and shook his head, ”there will be no ass kicking and I think the best thing is to just stay away from him. If he ever tries do lay his fingers on you again though, then I’ll gladly send you there to kick ass.”

Jungkook watched silently as Jimin whispered reassuring words and caressed Tae’s back, who looked to relax more and more until he stopped crying all together.

Jungkook didn’t really think when he entered Tae’s room and grabbed his duvet to bring it out to the living room and gently put it over Tae’s back.

Jimin smiled surprised at Jungkook and whispered a ’thank you’.

”I think he’s asleep” Jungkook whispered and sat down close beside them while studying Tae’s closed eyes and slightly parted lips.

”And I just realized that I really have to pee” Jimin mumbled, disappointed at himself for not having gone to the bathroom before they left Jungkook’s place.


”Yes, very seriously” Jimin sighed and gave Jungkook a pleading look.

”Fine” Jungkook muttered and helped Jimin to put Tae beside them so he could get up, causing Tae to sag forward in an uncomfortable position.

Jimin hurried towards the bathroom and he could swear that he heard a disappointed sound coming from Tae who probably stirred awake from the change.

Jimin used the toilet, washed his hands and fixed his hair a little and tried to listen for sounds from the living room but everything was just as quiet as before. So figured he had time to text Jin, just to let him know that he was with Tae.


To: Jin

Tae has tried to call you and I just want you to know that I’m at home with him.

Something happened but there’s no need to panic.

You’re probably panicking anyway, aren’t you?

Call him when you’re off work or come over, I’ll wait here for you.


Jimin put his phone away and walked back to the living room where he couldn’t quite believe his eyes.

Because there on the sofa was Tae. Curled up in Jungkook’s lap.

The both of them sleeping with Tae’s duvet forgotten beside them.

Jungkook had his arms securely wrapped around Tae who in turn was snuggling against Jungkook’s shirt.

It was an unexpected but endearing sight and it got Jimin’s chest to blossom with so much warmth that the wide smile on his face wasn’t near enough showing how happy he felt inside.

He walked on quiet feet to the sofa and sat down beside them to lean against Jungkook’s side. He closed his eyes and was soon lulled to sleep by the other’s soft snores, missing how Jungkook a while later wrapped his arm around him to pull him closer.



Chapter Text




”Min” Tae whispered and looked down where Jimin was sleeping with his cheek cutely pressed against Jungkook’s side.

”Min… wake up” Tae added and reached his hand out caress Jimin’s cheek.

”Mh… T… Tae…?”


”Hi” Jimin smiled and took in the sight of Tae who still was curled up in Jungkook’s lap, ”Is he sleeping?”

Tae leaned back a little and looked at Jungkook’s expression that told him that yes, Jungkook was in fact still asleep.

”He is” Tae nodded and looked back at Jimin with a slight blush on his cheeks, ”I woke up a minute ago and got scared to death. Last I remember I was sitting in your lap, not his. But something tells me it’s okay with you, and him of course, right? Or else I would be thrown out the window by now.”

”It’s okay” Jimin giggled and straightened his back a little, his neck sore from the having slept in the odd angle, ”You were like this when I came back from the bathroom so I think he’s perfectly fine with it.”

Tae nodded and dared to lean his head back on Jungkook’s shoulder, ”He smells nice.”

”Oh yes” Jimin smiled and put his hand in Tae’s blue hair, ”I think I’m addicted, honestly. I can’t get enough so I keep smelling his neck as often as I can.”

”Jinnie smells good too. But more sweet. And I love it.”

”Tae… what happened today, with that guy, I just want you to know that even if I’m with Jungkook, you can call me, okay? Even if I’m at his place, if it’s late or early; call me and I’ll pick up. We’re soulmates, remember? I’m always here for you. Always.”

Tae smiled from the kind and heartfelt words and reached for Jimin’s hand, ”Thank you Min, it means more than you think. I’m so happy that we’re back to trust each other again. I’ve said some stupid things and I’ve—”

”Don’t bring that up again” Jimin whispered and shook his head while squeezing the younger’s hand, ”I’m just happy to have you back as my soulmate and I want us to focus on the future rather than what has happened before.”

”You’re incredible” Tae smiled and shifted a little in Jungkook’s lap so he could wrap and arm around Jimin who leaned in to hug him.

Jimin sighed into the hug and pecked Tae’s lips, just like they used to do, before he pulled back.


Both Jimin and Tae quickly moved their eyes to Jungkook who looked between them with an equally surprised and confused look on his face.

Tae started giggling while Jimin burst out in a soft laughter.

”Hi there” Jimin smiled as he leaned up to kiss Jungkook’s cheek, ”Looks like we all fell asleep.”

”This is so weird” Jungkook mumbled with a hint of a blush over his nose as he looked from the blonde to the blue-haired.

”What?” Tae asked and winked, ”Your hands on my butt or—”

Jungkook’s eyes winded as he quickly removed his hands from Tae, causing the other two to fall into giggles again.

”Not funny” Jungkook muttered but a smile nonetheless played on his lips.

”Is this you saying that you also want a peck from me?” Tae asked and fluttered his long eyelashes.

Jimin pursed his lips to not laugh in the silence that followed.

Jungkook’s cheeks became red and Jimin knew that it probably was from anger and not from blushing, so Jimin cleared his throat and shook his head, ”Uhm Tae, you should probably back away before he explodes.”

Tae nodded, ”Probably yes." But before doing so, he leaned forward and was just about to peck Jungkook’s forehead when a storm came crashing inside the apartment.


Jin stopped in his tracks while panting from having running the fastest he could for the last fifteen minutes. He saw as in slow-motion how Tae was a mere centimeter away from kissing Jungkook’s forehead but then the latter grabbed him and tossed him to the side on the sofa.

Then everyone’s eyes landed on Jin and he had to take a second to understand what in the world was happening.

”Eh… did I enter the wrong dimension?” Jin asked and glanced at the hallway before looking back at the ones on the sofa again, where Jimin was laughing wholeheartedly, Jungkook looked shocked and Tae was hurrying up to greet him.

”Jinnie!” Tae said and wrapped his arms around the older.

”Hi honey, how are you? I hurried as fast as I could from work! I saw your missed calls and texts and I got so worried for you! What happened? Please tell me he didn’t hurt you because I swear I’ll go over there and—”

”He scared me and pulled my arm” Tae whispered and nuzzled against Jin’s neck for comfort.

”He what?!”

”I already offered to kick some ass but they both told me not to” Jungkook said from the sofa where Jimin had taken Tae’s place in his lap.

Jin sighed and hugged Tae even closer, ”I guess he didn’t like what you told him…”


”You don’t ever have to see him again, okay? I promise to protect you and take care of you like you deserve” Jin whispered and lifted the younger up who clung to him like a koala, ”Let’s talk in your bedroom.”

Tae hummed and let himself be carried to his room while Jungkook and Jimin stayed on the sofa.


”You okay?” Jimin asked and brushed his nose against the younger’s cheek.


Jimin hummed and kissed his lips softly, ”I’m so sorry Kook-ah. Were we too much?”

”He was going to kiss my forehead” Jungkook sighed and put a hand in the back of Jimin’s neck.

”I’ll tell him not to try again. I promise” Jimin whispered and met the younger’s gaze, ”Don’t be too mad at him, please…?”

”I’m not mad” Jungkook replied and shook his head before kissing the blonde again, ”I’m just… not used to that kind of friendship.”

Jimin’s lips formed to a warm smile as he brought his hand up to caress the younger’s cheek, ”I hope you can be friends. On your terms as well, of course. It doesn’t have to be anywhere close to the friendship I have with them, but I hope that you one day will be able to have fun around each other.”

”Mmh… I want that too” Jungkook confessed in a whisper, ”With all of your friends. It’s just difficult, for me.”

”I know, I know” Jimin murmured, ”But I can see you’re trying. Like I literally saw you sleep with Tae in your arms and if that’s not trying then I don’t know what is.”

Jungkook blushed a little and hid against the blonde’s neck.

Jimin hummed and let his fingers play with Jungkook’s hair, ”Cute.”

”I woke up to you guys pecking each other’s lips” Jungkook sighed and let his hands travel over the older’s back.

”I know… is it weird for you? Is it difficult for you to see me do that?” Jimin wondered and rocked a little side to side with his arm around the younger who followed in his movements, ”Because if you want to, I can speak to him and decide that we don’t show that kind of affection towards each other.”

Jungkook pulled back and shook his head before cupping Jimin’s cheeks to bring him in for a firm kiss, ”No. I can tell that he makes you happy and I actually don’t mind you two pecking each other’s lips innocently like that. It's just that… he had feelings for you.”

”Don't worry, please” Jimin whispered and wrapped both of his arms around the younger to hug him tightly, ”He’s with Jin and I’m with you. What him and I share is strictly platonic and nothing you have to worry about. And you don’t have to worry that he will come anywhere close to your lips, because I can promise that he won’t.”

”I stopped listening after the ’I’m with you’-part.”

Jimin giggled and hit the younger’s back weakly, ”That’s all you heard, huh?”

”Mmh” Jungkook hummed and pulled back to smile at the blonde, ”I liked the sound of that.”

Jimin blushed and ducked his head a little.

”I like you” Jungkook whispered and tilted Jimin’s chin up before capturing his lips, ”I like you so damn much.”

”I like you too” Jimin whispered back between perfect kisses and soft touches.




To: Jungkook

I miss you already :( :(


From: Jungkook

I miss you too :(

Will you think of me tonight?


Jimin smiled and flopped down backwards on his bed that was so much smaller and so much worse than Jungkook’s bed in every possible way.


To: Jungkook

I will.

And will you think of me?


From: Jungkook

I’m always thinking about you.


Jimin squeaked and kicked his feet against the mattress with a happy smile on his face, feeling incredibly giddy and excited by the younger’s words.


To: Jungkook



Jimin sighed at himself for being so shy.

Why couldn’t he just write it?

He had said it many times already, and last time was three hours ago, so why couldn’t he write it without having to gather courage first?


From: Jungkook

Yes, kitten?


”Cute” Jimin whispered and buried his blushing face in his pillow before he told himself to get a grip.


To: Jungkook

I like you


From: Jungkook

I like you too.

More than anything.


”Oh my god” Jimin squeaked and hugged his pillow against his chest so hard that he couldn’t breathe.

”What’s going on?” Tae chuckled and leaned against the doorframe to Jimin’s room while eating ice cream from a bowl, ”Are you fanboying over Mr Handsome again?”

”Mr Handsome?” Jimin said as he quickly sat up, ”Pfft, I’m so over him.”

”Over him?” Tae asked in disbelief, ”You can’t be serious?”

”Oh yes I am! I have another man I’m swooning over now” Jimin grinned.


”Mr Jungkook” Jimin giggled and got up from the bed.

Tae rolled his eyes and sighed, ”Like I didn’t know already.”

”Know what?” Jimin asked and looked down in Tae’s bowl.

”Get your own” Tae replied and lifted the spoon and bowl up before Jimin would finish his ice cream.

”That looked absolutely delicious” Jimin smiled and tried to look his cutest.

”It is” Tae grinned and started walking to the sofa with the bowl high in the air.

”I want some too” Jimin pouted and sat down beside Tae, ”If I’ll massage your feet?”

”The rest is yours” Tae smiled pleased and giggled as the blonde hurried away to the kitchen.

”Whose money?” Jimin asked ask as he came back with a spoon and a bowl full of chocolate ice cream.

”Jinnie bought it when we were out on a walk while a certain you and a certain Jungkook was making out on the sofa.”

”Keep him.”

”I will.”

”Good. And make him buy more ice cream.”

”I will.”

”And see if you can make him buy a new dishwasher as well.”

”I think you will have better luck asking your man that. Seeing how he’s actually rich.”

Jimin giggled and took another spoon full, ”My man?”

”Yes? Then what do you call him?”

Jimin blushed and shrugged his shoulders before he whispered shyly, ”I call him bun sometimes.”

”Like bunny? Ah, because of the cute teeth” Tae smiled and looked at the blonde who nodded and giggled quietly.

”And what do you call Jin? Just Jinnie?”

Tae smirked and shook his head, ”No, not just Jinnie.”

”Then what else?” Jimin asked curiously before taking another spoon of ice cream.

”Nah, it’s too naughty for your ears” Tae chuckled and winked at the other.

”Too naughty?” Jimin whispered with red cheeks, ”O-Okay.”

Tae smiled at Jimin’s cute embarrassment and stirred the melted ice cream in his bowl, ”But only in bed, of course. We call each other different… names. Sort of. You know what I’m talking about.”

”I… I do, but… we don’t do that. Jungkook and me. Well, he calls me kitten sometimes. But not only in bed. And it’s not naughty… or well, I guess it depends. On the situation.”

”Kitten? That’s super cute! And yes, it can be naughty too” Tae nodded and put his empty bowl on the coffee table, ”And you always wear this choker with the cat bell so I get where he’s coming from. So you don’t call him anything else than bun? Does he like being called that? It’s also very cute.”

”I think he’s getting used to it” Jimin smiled and was immediately reminded of last nights activities.

”So you don’t call him sir then?”

”Sir?” Jimin giggled and shook his head, ”No, why would—”


”Oh my god, no I don’t” Jimin whispered and hid behind his sweater paws.

”Ah so that you know is a thing” Tae chuckled amused, ”It’s what I call Jin.”

”Don’t tell me these things!” Jimin whispered behind his hands, ”I’m getting scared!”

Tae laughed and lowered Jimin’s hands and was met with red, blushing cheeks.

”Guess what he calls me?” Tae asked with a wink.

”I really really don’t want to know, please don’t tell me” Jimin begged with pleading eyes.

”Okay okay” Tae chuckled and rubbed his hand over Jimin’s arm, ”I promise I won’t.”

”I don’t trust you the least” Jimin sighed and leaned back against the backrest.

”So do you top or bottom?” Tae asked like he was talking about the weather.

”I knew it” Jimin said but couldn’t keep himself from laughing at how absurd this was, ”I knew you would ask that!”


”So no, I’m not going to tell you.”

”I can tell you about me and Jin first if that makes you feel better.”

”Nah, trust me, it won’t.”

”Jin usually—”

”Nope!” Jimin said and put his hand over Tae’s mouth, ”Not a word more about what you two do in the bedroom, got it?”

Tae nodded and grinned as Jimin withdrew his hand, ”I’m guessing you bottom.”

Jimin let out a tired sigh as he collapsed sideways onto the sofa where he pulled his yellow blanket over his body, ”Yes. End of discussion.”

”Oh, nice. That was actually a wild guess. So my next guess is; Jungkook swallows.”

”Tae! What the—” Jimin began and kicked his feet against Tae’s side, ”I’m not talking about this with you!”

”So that’s a yes then?” Tae laughed and laid down behind the blonde to spoon him, something Jimin was very much okay with.

”It’s a ’I don’t know’” Jimin mumbled shyly.

”Aww, you’ll find out sooner or later. I mean I’ve already sucked Jin’s—”

”I will move out from here if you finish that sentence, just so you know.”

”Sorry” Tae chuckled and buried his nose in Jimin’s neck, ”I promise I’ll stop now.”

Jimin hummed and closed his eyes while enjoying being held by the younger again, ”It’s been too long since we cuddled like this.”

”Mmh… I know… so I might fall asleep…”

”Mmh, me too. It’s late and we have to get up early tomorrow so I mean…”



”Goodnight Min.”

”Goodnight Taetae.”





Jimin looked up from his books and saw Jungkook enter the classroom a little late. He looked dashing as always in his tight fitted slacks and button up shirt, his soft curls parted to reveal his forehead and his sleeves rolled up—

”We should save a seat for him next time” Tae whispered as he leaned against the blonde’s side.

Jimin nodded and watched as Jungkook disappeared behind them to take a vacant seat in the far back of the room.



”Hi Yoongs” Tae smiled as he sat down beside the older in the cafeteria, ”Rough night?”

”Fuck off” Yoongi muttered without taking his eyes off his coffee.

Tae laughed as he ruffled Yoongi’s already messy hair, ”So what happened after we left? Did they cheer you up?”

Tae was snickering at his own words but stopped everything, including breathing, as Yoongi snapped his eyes up and gave him a death glare.

”Okay” Tae whispered and gulped as he averted his eyes, ”I get the point.”

Yoongi moved his gaze from Tae to Jimin who was looking longingly at Jungkook where he sat down at an empty table.

”Doesn’t he want to sit with us?” Yoongi asked as he watch Jungkook glance at Jimin.

”I don’t know…” Jimin whispered and hid his hands inside his sleeves, ”I guess not.”

Tae rolled his eyes and patted Jimin’s back, ”You should go and ask him. He looks like a lost puppy to be honest.”

”But maybe he doesn’t—” Jimin began but stopped as he saw Naree approach Jungkook’s table with a furious look on her face.

”Jungkook!” Naree yelled, causing the whole place to fall silent as everyone’s attention fell on them, ”Do you have any idea what you have done?”

Jungkook looked up at the woman with a sigh, ”Yes, I do. Now leave me al—”

”Y-You” Naree began with anger boiling in her veins as she raised a finger and pointed it at Jungkook, ”You have ruined everything!”

Jungkook shook his head tiredly and pointed behind the woman, ”Leave.”

”The stocks, Jungkook! The whole fucking company is worth nothing and it’s ALL YOUR FAULT!”

”Calm the fuck down” Jungkook wheezed and got up from his chair, ”Get a damn grip and leave me alone.”

Jungkook watched as the Song twins came to try and pull Naree away, but she quickly shook free from their hold on her arms.

”I am not leaving until you—”

”Don’t you dare touch me” Jungkook said calmly and pushed away Naree’s hand as she was digging her finger into his chest.

”Naree, come on. There’s nothing we can do to stop what is happening. It was honestly only a matter of time before—”

”Shut up!” Naree yelled at one of the twins before she turned her attention to Jungkook again, ”You have destroyed my future! The four of us were supposed to go together and create this country’s most successful company! We were going to have a profit bigger than—”

”No” Jungkook cut off and shook his head while staring the woman, ”That was never the plan.”

Naree knitted her eyebrows and looked at Jungkook in utter confusion, ”W-What do you mean? The plans were right there and waiting for us to take over.”

”Those plans were something my father used in order to gain your fathers’ trust and respect. They were never meant to became reality.”

”You’re not… this… you’re not serious” Naree whispered and shook her head, ”You don’t mean that.”

”The so called ’plans’ were nothing but a strategy to keep you all under his control. They were going to put me as far up as possible while we slowly but steadily became the largest shareholders in your companies. Then without a warning we would turn our backs against you and sell—”

”Shut up!” Naree yelled again while shaking with anger, ”You think you’re smart, huh?! You think you can just—”

”I did you a damn favor” Jungkook wheezed between gritted teeth, ”Can’t you see that? You still have your businesses pretty much intact while it's my father's company that is turning to dust, but I guess you had your eyes on the big prize didn’t you? You wanted that position for yourself.”

Jungkook clicked his tongue and shook his head, ”You were going to try and take my place once I had reached the top, weren’t you?”

”Yes, that’s right” Naree confessed and crossed her arms, ”And I would have.”

”Whatever” Jungkook sighed and brought his hand up to massage his forehead, ”Just please get out of my sight.”

Naree scoffed and took a step closer to Jungkook instead, ”You have no right—”

”Didn’t you hear him?”

Jungkook withdrew his hand from his forehead and looked up to see Jimin standing right beside them with his eyes narrowed and his cheeks in an angry red.

Naree snorted and glared at the blonde, ”Go back and play with your gay friends and let us grownups discuss our business in peace.”

Jimin frowned and crossed his arms to look braver than he felt, ”He told you to leave, so leave.”

”Listen here, you little—”

Jungkook grabbed Naree’s arm and pulled her back from Jimin, causing her to yelp and stumble before she got her balance back.

”Get the fuck away from Jimin before I personally kick you out myself” Jungkook gritted out before he looked at the Song twins who were flickering their gazes, ”I don’t want any of you three to ever speak to me or Jimin or his friends again, understood? I have information that can ruin your careers even further and I wouldn’t hesitate to do so.”

Jungkook watched how the three almost comically hurried away to sit down at their usual table again with their heads down and shoulders slumped.

”Are you okay?” Jimin asked and brought his hand out to caress Jungkook’s arm, but hesitated to do so and instead brought his hand back from the middle of the air.

Maybe Jungkook didn’t want to.

Maybe he still wanted them to somewhat keep it a secret from the public eye.

”Yeah, I’m just angry. She has no damn right to speak to you like that and it pisses me off that we have to go to the same lectures as them. I hate having them around you and Tae.”

Jimin smiled from the younger’s concern for both him and Tae.

It was incredible how much Jungkook had changed since they first met.

He had hated the younger back then. But now his feelings for him were different.

Very different.


”Are you okay?” Jungkook asked and brought his hand up to caress Jimin’s cheek, ”You look a little lost in thoughts? Do you want me to scold her more about how she behaved towards you? Maybe I let her go too easy. Yeah I probably did. I’m going over there to make sure she got the message.”

”No” Jimin whispered and shook his head while looking into the younger’s eyes, ”Don’t go, just… stay?”

Jimin leaned into Jungkook’s touch and relaxed, ”Come and sit with us? Please…?”

Jungkook smiled and nodded as he let his thumb caress Jimin’s cheek before he put his hands in his pockets, ”I’d like that very much.”


”What was that all about?” Tae asked and looked up at the two with a slight worry in his eyes, ”Are you guys okay?”

”It was just some stupid shit” Jungkook replied and sat down beside Tae, ”Won’t happen again.”

”But if they ever say something to you” Jungkook added and looked between Yoongi and Tae, ”I want you to come and tell me right away, okay?”

Tae and Yoongi nodded at the younger before a rather awkward silence settled.

Jimin blushed as he suddenly could feel Jungkook’s hand brush against his back and in the next second the hand was caressing his skin under the hoodie.

Jimin smiled shyly and brought his hand to Jungkook’s thigh were he draw little patterns over the fabric of his dark blue slacks.

Jungkook turned his head and smiled as his eyes met with Jimin’s before he leaned down a little and gave the blonde a sweet kiss that caught Jimin with surprise.

Jungkook chuckled at Jimin’s wide eyes and gave him a couple of more soft kisses.

”I like you” Jungkook whispered against Jimin’s moist lips.

”I like you too” Jimin whispered back before he sealed their lips again.

Jungkook hummed and broke away from the plump lips he loved so much and bopped Jimin’s nose before he leaned back in his seat again.

”Do you guys have to be so sweet? It makes my teeth ache” Yoongi sighed.

”You can be just as sweet with a certain someone if you would stop on insisting being so stupid around each other” Tae stated and winked at Yoongi who gave him a tired stare back.

”I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

”No? I thought he was the most stupid one but now I’m not so sure.”

”Leave him alone” Jimin said to Tae while reaching his hand out to squeeze Yoongi’s hand, ”If you ever want to talk, just call me, okay? We can talk on the phone or I can come over to your place. I’m always here for you.”

”Thank you” Yoongi whispered and squeezed Jimin’s hand before he let go, ”It means a lot.”

”Same here” Tae said and patted Yoongi’s back, ”I mean it, honestly.”

”Thanks” Yoongi nodded and gave Tae a small smile before he glanced at the clock on the wall, ”I better get going to my next class. But I’ll see you on Saturday, right? And you’re coming as well, right Jungkook?”

Jungkook looked up at Yoongi a little confused as he couldn’t remember being invited to his place again.

”Oh, right!” Jimin said and looked at the black-haired, ”Yoongi is having a halloween party on Saturday and we’re all invited, I must have forgot to tell you! I’m so sorry.”

”It’s fine” Jungkook chuckled and rubbed his hand over the blonde’s back, ”I’d love to come.”

”Okay” Yoongi nodded and smiled a little, ”I’ll see you guys soon then.”

The rest said goodbye and watched as Yoongi walked towards the stairs to the second floor.

”So…” Tae began and gave Jungkook a wide smile, ”we have exactly 25 minutes left on our lunch break.”

Jungkook lifted an eyebrow and waited for the blue-haired to finish.


”So I was thinking about that milkshake you bought us another time, remember? That one was pretty tasty, right Min?”

”It was, and it was also very kind of Jungkook to buy them for us. But that doesn’t mean that he should do it again” Jimin said and shook his head, ”If we want something, we should pay for it ourselves.”

Tae pouted and looked from Jimin to Jungkook.

Jungkook sighed at Tae’s cute manners and reached for his card in his pocket.

”Wha— no, Jungkook you shouldn’t—” Jimin began but understood that there was no point in arguing.

”Here” Jungkook said and reached the card out to Tae, ”buy whatever you want but make sure to buy Jimin the same.”

Tae’s eyes widened and his lips parted in a surprised expression as he looked at the card, ”No I was just kidding, I didn’t actually—”

”Take it” Jungkook chuckled and put the card in the pocket of Tae’s leather jacket, ”But don’t you dare loose it.”

”Understood” Tae said quickly before he hurried away to the queue.

”You really didn’t have to do that” Jimin said and brought his hand up to tuck a strand of hair back behind Jungkook’s ear.

”I know” Jungkook reassured and smiled at the way Jimin cared for him, ”But I genuinely think that the both of you deserve some milkshake.”

Jimin hummed as he leaned against Jungkook side again where he relaxed to the younger’s soft touches on the small of his back.

”I like that you’re wearing the bracelet” Jungkook whispered and let his free hand brush over the silver.

”I’m never going to take it off again.”

”Mmh, I like the sound of that.”


Tae cleared his throat and put the tray on the table to bring Jimin and Jungkook back from their quiet whispers and longing eyes.

”Tae!” Jimin laughed and looked all the delicious things on the tray.

”You really don’t have any shame, do you?” Jungkook chuckled and took his card back.

”You said I could buy whatever I wanted” Tae reminded and sat down beside Jungkook again.

”I was just kidding” Jungkook said and patted Tae’s back before he helped dividing the milkshakes and the cakes between the two.

”So there is this amazing café a ten minute walk from—”

”Don’t push it” Jungkook laughed softly.

”Thank you for all of this” Jimin whispered and kissed Jungkook’s cheek before he wrapped his lips around the straw to the chocolate milkshake.

”Oh my god, this really is my favorite.”

”Can I taste?” Jungkook asked and leaned closer to Jimin.

”Sure” Jimin mumbled and let Jungkook enter his mouth with his tongue that greedily licked against his walls and tongue.

”Hey” Tae complained and hit Jungkook’s arm weakly, ”No making out when Jin isn’t here and I have no one to kiss. It’s not fair.”

”Sorry” Jungkook apologized after pulling back from the blonde, ”We should behave.”

Jimin blushed a little and nodded before he grabbed his spoon and started to taste one of the cakes.

”So uhm, thank you” Tae said seriously, ”I really hope this didn’t bother you or—”

”I said it was fine and I mean it” Jungkook reassured again and ruffled Tae’s blue hair but felt a little bad for doing so considering what a total mess it became so he let his fingers linger in the soft strands and tried to fix it again with combing his fingers through it.

Jimin looked up from his plate with his cheeks full of the delicious cake and noticed how Jungkook was playing with Tae’s hair while the latter was busy with drinking his shake.

Jimin smiled at the sight and wondered how in the world they had gone from being enemies to this in a matter of such a short time.

It was amazing and he couldn’t wish for more than his soulmate and Jungkook to become close friends. It was truly a big step in the right direction.

But he still found himself putting his hand on Jungkook’s thigh without really knowing why.

It wasn’t meant to be an act of possessiveness.

And he was definitely not jealous.

So maybe he just wanted Jungkook’s attention when he was done with Tae’s hair.

Yes, that was probably all.



Chapter Text




”Jimin? You’re home” Tae said surprised as he entered the living room where Jimin was curled up with his yellow blanket wrapped around him, ”Are you okay?”

”Yeah, I’m okay” Jimin said replied and smiled a little at Tae before he looked back at the tv screen.

”Weren’t you supposed to be with Jungkook tonight?” Tae asked softly and sat down beside Jimin to rub his hand over his back.

”Yeah… I was… and yesterday too” Jimin sighed and leaned against Tae’s side as the latter brought his arm around him to comfort him.

”What?” Tae said and knitted his eyebrows, ”What’s going on? Have you argued?”

”No no, nothing like that. It’s just that he has a new job and… well, he has to be there. Of course he has to. But I’m just a little… disappointed, ’cause he told me like ten minutes before he was going to pick me up, same yesterday. I know I have no right to be mad or grumpy over that, because I know that it’s important to work, but I just… I miss him. And I had looked forward to spend some time with him. Twice.”

”You need to tell him this” Tae said as he hugged Jimin a little closer, ”Tell him that you don’t like when your plans are being interrupted like that in the last second. Because it really isn’t fair to you. And if his job is that important, then maybe he shouldn’t promise you things like that. Ugh, I feel so bad for you.”

”No, don’t” Jimin whispered and shook his head, ”Never mind me, okay? You have plans with Jin tonight, don’t you?”

”I do… but it feels wrong to leave you here alone when—”

”Don’t even think about it” Jimin said and broke away from Tae’s arms, ”I will text Yoongi and Seok and see if they want to hang out, so please, whatever you do, don’t feel  like you have to stay here with me. In fact, if you decide to, I will call Jin and make him drag your ass out of here.”

”Alright alright” Tae chuckled and kissed Jimin’s forehead before he got up from the sofa, ”I’m gonna change clothes and then I’m off. But listen; if you feel anywhere near anxious, you call me, understood? You call me and if I for some reason wouldn’t hear my phone, you call Jin, okay?”

”Understood” Jimin nodded and smiled a little at his best friend’s concern, ”Thank you.”

”Perfect” Tae said and blew a kiss to Jimin before he disappeared to his room.

I won’t be home until tomorrow.

”Okay, good. I want you to have fun” Jimin called back and checked his phone, just in case.



”We’re going to catch a movie and then try that new karaoke place I told you about.”

Jimin chewed on his lip as a sudden spark of jealousy hit him.

If only Jungkook could have kept his promise, then he would also be having fun tonight.

But instead he was going to spend his night alone.

It didn’t feel fair.


”Okay” Tae said a little stressed as he came out of his bedroom in a pair of new, ripped jeans and a black hoodie, ”I’ll see you tomorrow then.”

”See you” Jimin replied and waved at the younger, ”Have fun and say hi to Jin from me.”

I will. Bye Min!



Jimin sighed as he reached for his phone.


To: Yoongs

Hi! What’s up?

I was wondering if you maybe wanna come over and hang out?


From: Yoongs

I’m at Hoseok’s place, we’re watching movies.

Namjoon is here too. Do you wanna come over?

Btw, weren’t u suppose to be with Jungkook tonight?



So everyone was busy.

Everyone was with someone.

Except for him.

But as much as he wanted to be with them, he just couldn’t crash their movie night. Not now when it obviously was something going on. That would just be awkward.


To: Yoongs

There was a change of plans.

I think I’m just going to watch a movie and fall asleep.

But I’ll see you guys tomorrow :)


From: Yoongs

Yep, see you :)


Jimin frowned a little at the reply, maybe having expected something different.

But then again, he was happy that Yoongi seemed busy and was having fun with the others, he truly deserved that.

Jimin threw his phone beside him and grabbed a pillow to rest his head on as he laid down, still with his blanket wrapped around him and a million thoughts running through his head.


Jimin woke up late to his phone ringing.

Very late, Jimin noticed before he answered Jungkook's call while still trying to wake up from his sleep.


”Mmh?” Jimin mumbled tiredly.

”Hi kitten, it’s me. Did I wake you up?”

Jimin sighed and blinked his eyes, ”Yes. You did.”

”I’m sorry… I just wanted to tell you that I got off work now and if you want to, I can come and pick you up.”

Jimin knitted his eyebrows and tried to make sense of the younger’s words.

”Pick me up? In the middle of the night?”

”Uhm… yes? I want to sleep with you…”

”No” Jimin began and put his hand over his forehead, ”I was already asleep when you called. I’m not going out to wait for you in the cold and then go to your house only to sleep with you because you have bad conscience.”

”What are you talking about? I don’t have bad conscience! Why would I?”

”Because you promised to pick me up twice, only to text me minutes before said time ’cause you suddenly have to work. And now you call me in the middle of the night and want to pick me up? That’s bad conscience, Jungkook, or else you would have waited until tomorrow.”

”I… I… listen, I’m sorry that I let you down twice in a row and—”

”No you listen, I’m exhausted and I need to sleep or else I will feel bad and uneasy. I’m… I’ll see you tomorrow at Yoongi’s place, okay?”

”Jimin, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you and as I said, I’m sorry for having to work but you can’t be mad at me for—”

”Did you know that it’s the first time we’re talking to each other on the phone?”

Jimin gulped in the silence that followed before he could hear Jungkook quietly curse under his breath and take a deep breath.

”No, I wasn’t aware of that until you told me now…”

”The first time you call me is in the middle of the night on your way home from work. No apology or anything until I point it out. You could have called me any time, Jungkook, anytime. But you chose now because you want me in bed. Do you hear how it sounds? Do you realize—”

”I don’t want you in bed like that, okay?” Jungkook sighed a little annoyed, ”I just want to sleep with you. Nothing else. Is that so weird? We’re dating and I want to have you beside me in my bed. But fine, if you rather sleep alone or with Tae then sure, go ahead. I’m not going to ask you twice.”

Jimin let out a sound of irritation and got up from the sofa to head to his room, ”You haven’t listened at all! I just told you about how I feel sad for you calling me the first time like this and it turns into us arguing! And what’s with the ’rather sleep alone or with Tae’? He’s on a date with Jin and I’m home alone so yes, I’m going to sleep alone because you and me also had a date planned, but a certain someone called one minute before—”

”And I said I’m sorry! How many times do I have to tell you I’m—”

”As many times as it takes until you get that I’m sad and disappointed and that it’s your fault that I’m not sleeping in your bed tonight! That I’m l-left alone!”

”Jimin” Jungkook whispered softly as Jimin started crying quiet tears, ”please don’t cry… I’m sorry for being such and idiot, okay? I’m sorry and I will do better. Much better. I promise!”

Jimin sniffled and wiped his tears with the back of his hand, ”I just need some sleep.”

”Are you sure? I can—”

”I’m sure. We should talk tomorrow after we slept, I bet you’re tired as well.”

”Yeah… I am. Maybe I can call you tomorrow morning? And we can pretend like it’s the first time we’re talking on the phone?”

Jimin flopped back on his back and sighed, ”Mmh, I’d like that.”

”Okay, good… try to sleep and I’ll talk to you soon and I’ll see you at Yoongi’s tomorrow.”

Jimin hummed and closed his eyes, feeling so tired that he didn’t know if he was going to be able to say goodnight.

”I can hear that you’re really tired so I’m going to hang up for you” Jungkook spoke softly, ”Goodnight little kitten.”


Jimin fell asleep with his phone still in his hand and his legs still over the edge of the bed.





Jimin ate breakfast while staring at his phone.


And waiting.


To: Jungkook

I’m waiting for your voice :)


It felt a little wrong to actually have to remind Jungkook that he was going to call, because he had looked forward to be a little surprised by the call.

But maybe Jungkook were afraid to wake him up again, and that was the reason for his silence. Maybe he were afraid to start another argument.

Jimin looked at the time and noticed that it already was 12.30.

That wasn’t exactly early.


From: Jungkook

I’m so sorry Jimin! But I was called in to handle a couple of

urgent things at work. It will probably take awhile,

but  I promise I’ll meet you at Yoongi’s, okay?

I’m genuinely sorry and I will make it up to you!


Jimin frowned and slumped his shoulders.

Not really surprised.

But nonetheless very disappointed.

And sad.

Jimin curled up on the sofa with his yellow blanket wrapped around him, just like yesterday, and the day before.





”Min!” Tae exclaimed and took in the sight of his best friend, ”Wow! You look amazing!”

Jimin blushed under the study of Tae and Jin’s gazes.

”I couldn’t have said it better myself” Jin smiled and pointed at Jimin’s eyes, ”Your eye make up is fantastic! And are those— wow! That’s so cool!”

”Contacts, yes. I wanted to make the look complete” Jimin giggled and turned around to take a last glance in Tae’s mirror.

He had bought a pair of black, shiny tights that covered his feet and hugged his legs just perfectly. On top he had a white long shirt that reached just as far as to cover his butt. He had painted his nails black to resemble claws and cute little whiskers on his rosy cheeks.

”Are you guys ready to— hey! Stop making out for one second, please!”

”Sorry” Jin giggled and pushed a clingy Tae away, ”Mr vampire here seems to have a thing for witches.” 

”He should” Jimin smiled and grabbed his phone before he followed his friends to the front door, ”You look very cute in black and pink and stars.”

”I just realized that we’re a team, you and me” Jin giggled and took Jimin under the arm as they walked down the stairs with Tae behind them, ”Witch and cat, got it?”

”What about the vampire?” Tae pouted and tugged at Jin’s pink shirt.

”Sorry darling, wrong universe” Jin giggled but turned around to give the younger a kiss nonetheless, ”But if you’re good, I might allow a crossover.”

”I am good, am I not?!”

”We’ll see tonight” Jin winked at Tae who blushed while Jimin put his hands over his ears.




”Wow, Jimin! Look at you!” Hoseok exclaimed, ”Nice legs!”

”Thank you” Jimin smiled but took a step to hide a little behind Tae, having nothing against the attention but he felt like he needed to get a little used to it before completely being himself.

”Welcome guys! You all look amazing” Yoongi complimented as he came forward with Namjoon close to his side.

”Okay so a demon” Jin said and pointed at Namjoon, ”Seok, you’re boring and Yoongi, you’re Chucky. Right?”

”Yep, that’s right” Yoongi nodded before he pointed behind him, ”There’s already plenty of people here so I’m going to start some music. But feel free to drink whatever you can find in the kitchen and I’ll talk to guys soon again.”

”Is Jungkook here?” Jimin asked as he followed Namjoon and the others to the kitchen.

”No he isn’t. I thought he would show up with you.”

Jimin faked a smile and shook his head, ”He will probably be here in a minute.”

Namjoon nodded and studied Jimin’s expression for a moment before he grabbed a bear from the fridge, wondering why Jimin had such sad eyes.

”Jimin” Tae said and opened a bottle, ”you want me to mix you a drink?”

”If by drink you mean your usual vodka mixed with vodka, then no thanks” Jimin replied and opened a drink that smelled strongly of lime instead.

”Suit yourself” Tae said and gulped down what he had poured himself in the glass before filling it to the edge again.

”And soda for me” Jin stated as he opened a can, ”It’s always so fun to be the driver.”

”I promise I will try to afford a taxi for us next year” Jimin said and hugged Jin with a bit of bad conscience.

”No no, it’s fine! I drank on the date last night so I shouldn’t over do it anyway.”

Jin smiled at Jimin before he turned around and grabbed Tae’s arm, ”Come darling, dance with me and I might put a spell on you later.”

Tae giggled as he was being pulled to the living room where the music had started and people had started to gather.


And so Jimin found himself alone.

He was staring at the opposite wall while gulping down his drink when his phone beeped.


From: Jungkook

I will be a little late, maybe 30 mins.

I will try to hurry. See you soon!


”Yeah sure” Jimin snorted and put his phone on the counter again.


Jimin looked up and was met with a grinning Yoongi that looked happier than he had for quite some time.

”Where’s Jungkook?”

”He’s a little late” Jimin muttered and brought the bottle to his lips again.

”Ah, I see” Yoongi said after clearing his throat, ”Tell me if I need to have a chat with him.”

Jimin shrugged his shoulders and lowered his gaze, ”Never mind. I don’t care. It’s not like we’re together anyway.”

Yoongi hummed and patted Jimin’s arm.

”It’s difficult when you’re not this and not that but instead… I don’t know… it’s just difficult.”

”I know exactly what you mean, trust me.”

Jimin nodded and drank some more of his drink that taste worse and worse with every gulp.

”You look very cool tonight” Yoongi said and opened a drink for himself.

Jimin cringed a little because he noticed how hard Yoongi was trying to cheer him up and staying beside him even though he had a million guests to talk to in the living room as well as tending to the music.

”Thanks, you too” Jimin replied and tried to smile while drumming his fingernails against his bottle.

”I’m nothing compared to Namjoon though. Might be the hottest thing I’ve ever seen.”

”A hot demon” Jimin grinned and swore he could see a light blush over Yoongi’s nose.

”Mmh… too hot I think. Every time he looks at me I get all weird.”

”It’s called horny” Jimin stated and was immediately received with a shocked expression.

”You’re supposed to be all cute and innocent. I think Jungkook has corrupted you.”

”Yes, I think he might have” Jimin mumbled and tried to think of anything else than the black-haired.

”So uhm… Hoseok looks good too, right?” Jimin tried and studied Yoongi’s expression that more or less turned to a frown.

”He didn’t bother dressing out so…”

”But” Jimin whispered, ”He looks good anyway, doesn’t he?”

Yoongi shrugged his shoulders and looked away from Jimin, ”I guess…”

”When will you tell him?”

”Jimin” Yoongi sighed and looked at the blonde while shaking his head, an obvious annoyance in his voice, ”I think that’s none of your business.”

Jimin gulped and nodded slowly before averting his eyes, shame written on his blushing cheeks, ”I’m sorry Yoongs. I didn’t mean to—”

”I’ll see you around” Yoongi muttered and left the kitchen, leaving Jimin alone with his now empty drink.

He turned around and opened another drink from the counter, this one tasting like raspberries.

”I really shouldn’t drink” Jimin mumbled to himself and started to gulp down the strong but sweet liquor.

His phone beeped again from the counter and Jimin knew what the text would say before he read it.


From: Jungkook

I will be another hour late.

I feel so bad :(

Can’t wait to see you though ;)


To: Jungkook

Why even trying? :)


From: Jungkook

What do you mean?


To: Jungkook

Why even try to come here?

You know what, just forget it.


From: Jungkook

Don’t say that. 

I’m trying my best here. I can’t help that the whole 

workplace is a bunch of incompetent idiots .

I will try to come over in an hour or worst case, two hours.


”Two hours” Jimin scoffed and put his tongue in his cheek as he typed his the last reply before turning off his phone.


To: Jungkook

I’m fed up with your excuses and promises.

I don’t want to hear any of it.

Don’t bother coming here and don’t bother calling me because I won’t pick up.


Jimin put his phone back on the counter and bit down hard on his lip to prevent himself from crying.


Why did it have to be like this all the time?

Why could they never just be… happy?

Was it their different backgrounds that made it difficult? Was that the reason why they seemed to have different priorities and ways of dealing with things?

Maybe they simply were on different pages. Maybe he wanted more than Jungkook, maybe he had too high expectations.

There were no excuses though. None whatsoever.


Jimin drank from the bottle with his gaze fixed on the opposite wall again.

Feeling empty and disappointed.

But most of all sad.


”Min!” Tae called as he came into the kitchen with his blue hair tussled and his black and red cape swaying behind him, ”Come and dance with us!”

Jimin rolled his eyes as he noticed how drunk Tae already was.

”No… I’m actually going to head home” Jimin said and pointed at the three empty bottles beside him, ”I’m feeling a little dizzy.”

”You’re going home already?” Tae asked while leaning dangerously much to the right.

Jimin hurried to grab Tae and keep him from colliding with the fridge.

”Where’s Jin? Should I go and see if I can find him?”

”He’s talking to some girl with perfect nails and perfect hair. She’s a pretty princess and I’m just an ugly vampire” Tae mumbled and pouted, ”I don’t like her.”

”Oh come on, don’t say that. Just go and kiss him or something. Or tell him you want to dance again. Your options are endless!”

”Easy to say” Tae stated and patted Jimin’s head.

”And easy to do. At least Jin is here so don’t even come at me with that pout. I won’t feel sorry for you unless Jin actually leaves with her. Which he won’t do. So just go and talk to him” Jimin said and pushed Tae out from the kitchen.

Jimin looked at the clock on the wall and noticed that he had time to try one more drink before he had to leave for the last train.

”I’m just going to take this” a guy said behind Jimin as an arm came around him to grab a glass bottle with water.

”Here’s the opener” Jimin said and turned around to give it to the guy.

”Thanks! Oh god, freaky eyes” the guy chuckled and studied Jimin, ”Wow, you’re a black and white cat.”

”Yep” Jimin nodded and started on his fourth drink while the alcohol buzzed in his veins.

”Awesome! Best costume I’ve seen tonight, by far” the guy complimented and kept staring at Jimin as he drank from the bottle.

”Thank you. You’re very boring though” Jimin said and let his eyes run over the guy’s jeans and t-shirt.

”Ah, yes. I haven’t dressed out since I was a kid to be honest.”

Jimin nodded and took another gulp before he reached his hand out, ”I’m Jimin.”

”I’m Jae” the guy said and shook the blonde’s hand, ”Nice to meet you. Are you here alone?”

Jimin chewed on his lip before he nodded, ”I’m here with friends but I have no idea where they are.”

”Ah, I see. Well, at least you’re not alone anymore” Jae said with a wink before he took a step closer to Jimin.

”So who do you know here?” Jimin asked, wanting to get a little more information on the guy to feel comfortable enough to talk to him.

”I know Yoongi. I first met him through a friend and then me and my band recorded a track in his studio. We’ve been in touch since then and so he asked me a week ago if I wanted come to his halloween party.”

Jimin hummed and nodded, ”Are you a singer or…?”

”No I play the guitar. Trust me, you don’t want to hear me sing.”

The alcohol caused Jimin to giggle and tilt his head a little cutely while letting Jae closer.



Jungkook hurried up the steps to Yoongi’s front door and swung the door open before he quickly took off his shoes and entered the living room that was packed with people.

And after a minute, he caught sight of Namjoon who was standing in a corner while speaking something in Yoongi’s ear.

”Joon” Jungkook said and patted his friend’s back, ”Have you seen Jimin? Is he still here?”

”You came here now?!” Namjoon asked surprised before looking at his wrist watch, ”it’s 1.30.”

”I know, I know” Jungkook said stressed, ”Have you seen Jimin or not?”

”No, I… last I saw him he was in the kitchen but that was when they got here and I mean, that was hours ago.”

Jungkook cursed and let his eyes travel over the room, searching for blonde hair and beautiful eyes.

But no.

He was nowhere to be found.

Jungkook made another attempt at calling Jimin but the call went straight to voicemail.

”Fucking hell” Jungkook muttered and glanced at the arch to the kitchen, he really should look there before driving over to Jimin’s place.

Jungkook walked to the arch and was just about to enter then kitchen when his eyes landed on Jimin who was leaning his back against the counter while talking to a guy who was far too close to Jimin for his liking.

Jungkook gulped as he took in the sight of Jimin in black, shiny tights and long white shirt. And wow, were those contacts to resemble cat eyes?

Jungkook was just about to come forward from the corner when he noticed how the guy brought his fingers up to brush over Jimin’s velvet choker.

Jimin let him.

With a blush on his cheeks.

Jungkook felt how something inside him broke from the sight.

Those cheeks were only supposed to blush for him.

That necklace was only supposed to be touch by him.


Jungkook took a deep breath and—

”No, stop it, I don’t—”

Jungkook snapped his eyes from Jimin and over to Tae who was being cornered by someone just three meters away from him in the living room.

”Hey!” Jungkook yelled but his voice barely reached over the music.

The man was squeezing Tae’s cheeks with his thumb and index finger while Tae was trying to squirm away.

”Get the hell off him!”

Jungkook pushed the man that stumbled to the side, almost too drunk to stand on his own, with a confused look on his face before he was dragged to the middle of the floor to dance with some oblivious friend.

”Tae” Jungkook said worriedly and cupped the older’s cheeks gently, ”are you okay?”



”So…” Jae began and leaned in to whisper in Jimin’s ear, ”wanna go somewhere else?”

Jimin cleared his throat and leaned away from the guy, ”No, I don’t think so. I should probably go and find my friends and try to be a little social before I head home.”

Jae nodded and pulled back from Jimin, ”Yeah, well it was nice to meet you Jimin. I hope to see you again sometime.”

”It was nice meeting you too” Jimin said with a small smile, ”I’m sorry if you though that—”

”No, no, it’s perfectly fine” Jae said and chuckled, ”I uhm… I’m actually going home. It’s pretty late.”

Jimin nodded and chewed a little nervously on his lips as Jae just stood silent and stared at him for a moment before he took a step back and waved a goodbye.

Jimin waved and realized in his tipsy state that Jae probably were waiting to see if he wanted to exchange numbers.

Well, it was too late for that now.

Jimin grabbed his phone and started heading out to the living room on surprisingly steady feet while his head felt the opposite.

Alcohol whirled together with worry and sadness from before and together it made him feel a little sick and unsteady.

But maybe if he could find Jin and—


Jimin stopped in his tracks and grabbed the wall as his eyes landed on none other than Jungkook.

And Tae.

How long had he been here?

And why was he with Tae and not him?



”I don’t know” Tae mumbled and closed his eyes for a second before he opened them again.

”He hurt my cheeks” Tae added and put his hand over Jungkook’s that was caressing his cheek gently.

”I’m going to tell Yoongi to kick him out and never invite him again” Jungkook said and looked worriedly at Tae whose eyes were tired and hazy from too many drinks.

”You’re drunk” Jungkook stated, ”I should go and find Jin so he can take you home.”

”Jung… Jungkoo… k…”

Jungkook sighed and leaned a little closer to hear the older’s drunk whispers over the music.

”What did you—”



Jimin stood as hypnotized as Jungkook caressed Tae’s cheeks with Tae’s own hand coming up to touch Jungkook’s hand.

”Jimin! There you are! Have you seen Tae? I’ve been looking all over for him. I think he had too much to— oh…”

Jin stopped beside Jimin and noticed the same scene as Jimin.

How Jungkook was leaning in so close to Tae that their noses almost brushed.

How Tae shifted a little before he kissed Jungkook’s lips.

They watched it together.

And Jimin could hear his soul cry.


Jimin closed his eyes and turned around before he ran.

He put his feet in his sneakers and swung the door open before running down the stairs as fast as his brain let him without stumbling.

”Jimin?” Jae said surprised as Jimin came running past him where he was opening his car door.

Jimin came to an abrupt halt and turned his head to look at Jae a little out of breath.

”Did you change your mind?” Jae asked and looked at the blonde amused.

Jimin gulped and tried to make sense of the whirlwind of thoughts in his head.


Jimin looked behind him and saw Jungkook coming down the stairs.

”Yeah” Jimin nodded and opened the passenger’s door, ”I did.”


For Jimin it felt like seconds before he got home to his dark hallway.


With Jae who isn’t Jungkook.


With hands that doesn't belong to Jungkook on his body.


With lips that doesn’t belong to Jungkook against this neck.



Chapter Text




Jimin closed his eyes. 

”Not the lips” Jimin mumbled as Jae kissed him higher up on his neck.

Jae sighed disappointedly but didn’t reply before he continued to kiss down to the blonde’s shoulder again.

Jimin squirmed, hating how cold Jae’s tongue was. And his lips felt dry and clumsy against his skin.

It was horrible.

Jimin gulped as he realized that he was holding onto the guy's waist with both of his hands, not because he wanted to touch, but because it was difficult to stand up without holding on to something.

”Wanna bang?”

Jimin furrowed his eyebrows and grabbed the wall instead, ”Bang?”

”Fuck” Jae explained, ”Like I really really wanna fuck your tight ass.”

Jimin could feel how his whole body became cold as ice and he suddenly felt so nauseous that he had to swallow as a disgusting taste formed on his tongue, and he was pretty sure it came from the guy’s words and touches and not the alcohol.

”Or a blowjob?” Jae asked, ”I mean, your lips are made to—”

”No, never” Jimin wheezed and pushed at Jae’s chest with both of his hands in a burst of anger, ”Off!”

”What? You don’t want to all of a sudden?” the guy asked surprised, ”I thought you—”

”I’m a damn mess!” Jimin yelled and brought a trembling hand up to push away his blonde strands from his eyes while he took a couple of deep breaths, ”I don’t want you here and I don’t want to see you ever again!”

Jae furrowed his eyebrows and clicked his tongue, ”But you invited me in and you didn’t refuse when I kissed your neck. That means that you wanted to—”

”That means nothing! You just assumed my silence—”

”Then why didn’t you say no? You could have just said no before we went inside and—”

”I’m saying no now, so get out” Jimin added with a calm voice that didn’t at all resemble the raging chaos inside him.

Jae met Jimin’s eyes and mumbled a ’fine’ as he opened the door and stepped out. Jimin could sense that the guy would ask him something else before leaving, so Jimin hurried up to the door and slammed it shut.


And then there were tears.

A lot of tears.

Jimin slid down onto the floor while his loud, heartrending crying echoed between the walls in the dark hallway.

He covered his face with his small, trembling hands and allowed himself to pour his sadness out that created little oceans on his shirt.

His heart began to beat slower than ever, and then it began to hurt.

His heart, his soul, his head. Everywhere.

And then the familiar stress came that got his heart to beat fast again but for all the wrong reasons. That got his fingers to itch from the approaching darkness and that turned his breathing irregular.

Jimin knew exactly what was coming and he also knew that he couldn’t handle the storm alone.

Jimin tried to take deep breaths as he turned on his phone.

Unread texts and missed calls showed up on the screen and covered Mr Handsome’s face.

Jimin wiped his eyes to see the screen better, but it was hard to read the letters without glasses and in the room that lacked light.

Jimin knew he would feel safer if he turned on the lights, but getting up from the floor suddenly felt like an adventure, like something that would take too much energy.

Jimin hovered his finger over Yoongi’s name before he changed his mind and pushed his phone away that slid over the wooden floor to the living room.

He had to grow up and take care of himself.

He was turning 24 in a couple of days, so he should begin to act like the adult he was. He couldn’t just call his friends each and every time he felt bad.

Every time he was hurt and crying. Every time he felt broken and anxious.

He had to take some responsibility and learn to deal with his own problems without having to be hugged, fed and reassured by others.


”Wipe your damn tears” Jimin whispered between his sobs and brought the back of his hand to his eyes.

”Get up from the floor.”

Jimin grabbed the wall and got up with his head dizzy from the sudden change.

And stop pitying yourself.

Jimin took deep breaths and was just about to try and head to the sofa when the doorbell rang, followed by a couple of knocks.

”Jimin! It’s me! Please, if you hear me, open the door!”

Jimin stood frozen to the ground with his heart beating out of his chest while Jungkook called his name from outside the door.

”Jimin, I beg you, please—”

Then the door handle started moving and Jimin remembered that he hadn’t locked the door.

So in the next second, the door opened and revealed a surprised but stressed Jungkook.

The younger entered the hallway slowly while keeping his eyes on Jimin who looked like a scared deer ready to run.

”Jimin” Jungkook whispered and let his eyes travel over the hallway before he looked at the older again and approached him with slow steps.

Jimin sniffled and took as many steps backwards as Jungkook did forward.

”Jimin listen to me” Jungkook began with so much sadness in his voice that Jimin sobbed while his heart battled with sadness for them both.

”No” Jimin hiccuped and shook his head, ”I don’t think I want that. I don’t think I want to hear h-how you… how you…”

Jimin grabbed the back of the armchair and closed his eyes while he stopped breathing.

”Jimin, are you—”

”Gonna be sick” Jimin mumbled before he turned around and ran to the bathroom with his hand over his mouth.

Jungkook stayed behind in the living room, not knowing what to do, what he could do.



Jungkook snapped out of his thoughts as he could hear Jimin whimper before he vomited.

Jungkook didn’t think twice before he walked straight into the bathroom and kneeled behind Jimin to caress his back.

”I-I hate throwing up” Jimin mumbled with a whine before he vomited again.

”Ssh, it’s soon over, I promise” Jungkook whispered and rubbed his hand slowly over Jimin’s back.

”I hate raspberries and now I have to—”

Jungkook closed his eyes and felt so bad for Jimin who vomited a last time followed by a tired sigh.

Jimin closed the lid as soon as he felt somewhat okay and flushed the toilet before he got up on wobbly legs so he could rinse his mouth and wash his hands.

”Here” Jungkook whispered and handed Jimin a clean towel from the shelf.

Jimin sat down on the toilet lid and wiped his mouth and teary cheeks with his head hung and his chest hurting.

Jungkook gulped in the silence that settled and leaned his back against the tiled wall while studying Jimin who looked so small and fragile where he was crying quiet tears.

Jungkook sniffled and tucked his hair behind his ears before he kneeled down on the floor right in front of Jimin, his knees brushing against Jimin’s toes.

”You and Tae” Jimin whispered with a thin voice before he lifted his gaze to meet Jungkook’s eyes, ”How long?”

”H-How long?” Jungkook asked surprised with his doe eyes open wide.

Jimin gulped and shook his head, ”You don’t have to pretend. I know now, so there’s no need to keep it a secret.”

”Keep what a secret?” Jungkook whispered and shook his head, ”Do you think there’s something—”

”I just don’t get how you had the guts to do it. Right there, in the middle of Yoongi’s living room. Why didn’t you wait or something? You could have kissed in the bathroom or whatever, but you chose to kiss right there where we—”

”I did not kiss Tae” Jungkook said rather harsh as he wanted Jimin to listen and snap out of his crazy thoughts, ”Tae kissed me for some reason, but I pushed him away as soon as I realized what he was doing. If you would just have stayed a second longer, you would have seen that happen. But instead you rushed out and let a guy drive you home.”

"W-What...? You didn't...?"

"No" Jungkook said while shaking his head, "Why the hell would I kiss him?"

Jimin took in each and every word coming from the younger and felt how embarrassment and shame from having made such drastic conclusions mixed with anger and pain for what Tae had done.

”I-I…” Jimin began, finding it hard to find the right words.

Or any words at all.


”I’m honestly so disappointed and sad that you just… that you just decided to think the worst of me. That I kissed him back and that I had something going on with him, something that I, what, would have kept hidden from you? Like I was seeing him and kissing him behind your back? That just shows how incredibly little you trust me.”

”After what we decided together” Jungkook added with tears in his eyes, ”that it was supposed to be only us. Exclusive. Just you and me while we dated. To think I didn’t mean that, and that I would go and kiss Tae in the next breath, it’s just… too much, Jimin. It’s too much.”

Jimin burst out in tears once again and grabbed the towel tighter, ”You had ruined our plans twice in a row and then we argued on the phone and then you didn’t call me when you had promised to, breaking that promise as well! And then you weren’t at Yoongi’s when I got there and all I got from you were promise after promise but you never showed! And then I suddenly see you with your hands on Tae, leaning into him and then you kiss. That’s how it was for me, Jungkook. That’s the picture I was received with and yes, I shouldn’t have left like that. I regret that more than anything. But you must see where I’m coming from.”

Jungkook sighed and shook his head, ”But I didn’t kiss him! I pushed him away and then I was one second away from being slapped by Jin, but fortunately the guy is slow so I managed to grab his wrist. He then yelled at both me and Tae and I just… I honestly feel like a get a whole lot of hate while actually not deserving any hate at all. I admit to having promised you more than I should have and I admit to being an idiot for letting my work come between us. But that’s it, Jimin. None of what happened with Tae tonight was my fault. None whatsoever!”

Jimin furrowed his eyebrows and threw the towel to the floor before he got up and crossed his arms, shame and guilt burning in his chest.

How could I have been so stupid?!

What the hell is wrong with me?!


”B-But you went to him straight after coming to Yoongi’s” Jimin said and watched as the younger got up from the floor before wiping a few tears from his cheeks.

”No” Jungkook replied and shook his head before leaning his back against the wall, ”The first thing I did was to look for you. I found Namjoon and Hoseok but I couldn’t find you. Not until I looked in the kitchen.”

Jimin gulped and flickered his gaze nervously.

”And there you were, with some random dude touching your choker” Jungkook added tiredly, almost in a whisper, ”Then I saw Tae being harassed by a guy so I went over there and helped Tae, just like anyone else would in their right mind. The guy had pinched Tae’s cheeks hard so I only touched him very gently, like a friendly caress to make sure he was alright. He said it hurt but he put his hand over mine, like he wanted me to stay so I did just that, I stayed. Then I leaned forward to hear his voice over the music and that was when he kissed me. Or pecked me. I don’t know. Then I pushed him away immediately, and when I heard Jin’s voice yell at me, I noticed you rushing out the door.”

Jimin tilted his head and sobbed while Jungkook stood and watched him in silence.

”I’m s-so sorry” Jimin whined and covered his face with his hands, ”I’m so sorry, I’m so damn stupid and now I made you hate me.”

Jungkook sighed and shook his head, ”I don’t hate you, Jimin. Don’t say stuff like that. I’m just sad and angry that you were so damn dramatic and just rushed away while thinking I was kissing him, or worse. If we just talk about this when you’re no longer drunk and stressed then we can—”

”I let him inside the hallway” Jimin cut in and looked up with tear drenched cheeks, the painted whiskers and eyeliner a mess.

Jungkook took a deep breath and searched Jimin’s gaze while feeling tears sting in his eyes.

He didn’t think that the night could get any worse.

But maybe it could.


”Please” Jungkook whispered faintly while looking pleadingly at Jimin, ”Please tell me nothing happened.”

Jimin closed his eyes while tears streamed down his face, too ashamed to look Jungkook in the eyes, ”I let him kiss my neck.”

Jimin gulped in the dead silence and dared to open his eyes, but Jungkook had his gaze fixed on everything else than him.

”I let him touch me outside my clothes and I-I… I think maybe he kissed my shoulder and licked over my neck.”

Jimin watched as Jungkook slumped his shoulders and brought his hand up to wipe a couple of stubborn tears.

He looked like a person giving up on something.

And Jimin hated how that something was him.

And the silence.

How Jungkook just stood there with his gaze on the floor and his black hair falling over his temples.


”Say something” Jimin breathed out in a whisper that sounded so loud in the silence that it felt like the ground shook beneath their feet.

Jungkook looked up slowly and let his eyes meet the blonde’s and Jimin started breathing again because Jungkook looked at him so calmly, so collected and he thought that maybe, maybe they could just put this night behind them and he could demand an explanation from Tae tomorrow. Maybe Jungkook would take a step forward and hug him and—

”I’ll see myself out.”





Jimin grabbed Jungkook’s arm in panic, causing the younger to stop in his tracks and turn his head to look at Jimin who franticly shook his head and tightened the grip on his arm.

”Jungkook please, don’t leave me” Jimin begged with regret pouring out of his eyes, ”I acted on a stupid decision made from jealousy and rushed conclusions. I regret not staying and I regret letting him— letting him do what he did.”

Jimin let go of Jungkook’s arm and lowered his head, ”I was hurt. I’m still hurt. And I thought that if you could break our promise, then so could I. Because having someone you like the way I like you, kiss your best—”

”But I didn’t kiss him” Jungkook said again and let the back of his hand brush against Jimin’s teary cheek, ”We can talk when you’re sober. But for now I want to leave.”

Jungkook sighed and put his hands in the pockets of his slacks, ”Goodnight.”

Jimin watched as Jungkook slowly made his way to the front door.

”Did I ruin us?” Jimin asked with his voice surprisingly steady where he he stood in the middle of what felt like nowhere, his hands gripping air in their search for something to hold. Someone to hold.

Jungkook put his hand on the door handle and looked at the older, ”Try to get some sleep.”


Sleep, Jimin thought as he later curled up on the sofa in his loneliness, would not come easy.





Jimin threw his catlike contacts in the trash and took a long shower, trying to get the feeling of wrong lips and kisses away from his neck with too hot water and the scratching of his nails, turning his poor skin red and sore.

He got dressed in jeans and a comfy hoodie that was a little too big but it was exactly what he needed.

He then sat down on the edge of his bed and fixed his gaze on his desk, feeling absolutely exhausted.

And lost.

It was in the middle of the day and he had gotten no sleep, only worry and anger had occupied his mind.


Jimin unlocked his phone and went through his contacts only to put the phone back on the nightstand.

And then take it back and hurriedly type a text before the lack of bravery would tell him to stop.


To: Jungkook

Can we meet and talk somewhere?

Just for a couple of minutes?


Jimin held his breath as he waited for an answer.

He waited.

And waited.


It was Sunday but Jungkook were probably working.

And maybe that was for the best.

Maybe it was too soon to talk.


Although Jimin feared that if they didn’t talk now, they would never.


A rustling sound from the hallway caused Jimin to snap out of his thoughts.



Jimin frowned and went out of his room to see Tae stand in the living room with the cape in his hand, his make up removed and his blue hair tussled. He was just standing there with his gaze on the floor. He looked almost like a statue and Jimin began to wonder if he were breathing or not.


”I’m sorry.”

Jimin scoffed and crossed his arms, wondering whether he should laugh or cry at the absurd situation.


Tae gulped and looked up at the blonde whose eyes were raging fires aimed straight at him.

”For kissing Jungkook” Tae replied with his voice thin like the air itself.

”For kissing your best friend’s date. While your own date and said best friend were watching.”

Tae nodded and looked down at the floor again, his long lashes resting against his cheeks that were blushing with shame.

”I can only remember bits and pieces” Tae whispered with sniffles as tears began to run down his warm cheeks, ”Hoseok told me about it when I woke up.”

”How convenient” Jimin snorted and shook his head.

”It’s the truth” Tae said and wiped his tears with the back of his hand, ”I would never have done anything like that when sober, please, you have to trust me on this. I don’t know what happened or why I decided to do such a thing! All I remember is dancing with Jin and then in the next second Jin and Jungkook were arguing and then I woke up at Hoseok’s place. Everything else was told to me on the phone this morning when I finally reached Jin and—”

”I honestly don’t want to hear it” Jimin interrupted and pointed his finger at Tae, ”You better stay the fuck away from Jungkook, for my sake, for Jin’s sake, for everyone’s sake!”

Jimin was furious and he could see how Tae flinched and flickered his gaze nervously, maybe even scared, but it didn’t make Jimin feel any less angry.

”I thought that you and Jungkook were seeing each other behind my and Jin’s back! I thought you two had a thing a-and that Jungkook had chosen you! I hadn’t seen him for days and when I finally did, he was caressing your cheeks and kissing you. So I panicked and let a stranger drive me home and kiss my neck and touch me. I let a damn stranger in because I was so hurt that I wanted so feel something else. I wanted attention and drench my pain in someone else’s touches. Do you know how fucked up that is?! I was a damn mess because of you! All because you kissed Jungkook without his consent, you made it look like something it wasn’t and you made my heart hurt so damn much that I lost my senses!”

Jimin was crying and shaking and panting as he stared at Tae who had curled in on himself, feeling so bad for everyone he had managed to hurt that he just couldn’t find his voice nor the courage to look into Jimin’s eyes.

Jimin tried to take a couple of deep breaths to calm himself but it didn’t really help and all he knew was that he had to get out from the apartment and away from Tae, ”You better start to act like the best friend I thought you were or you can pack your things and get out for good.”


Jimin slammed the door shut as he left.

Maybe he were overreacting.

Maybe he should have sat down and talked to him instead. Calmly and mature, like the adults they were.

But he just couldn’t find the inner peace he needed to be able to do that.

Not yet.


Jimin walked out onto the street and started walking aimlessly when his phone suddenly buzzed in his pocket.


From: Jungkook

Do you know the park with the big fountain 

not far from your metro station?

I’m there if you want to talk.


Jimin looked up from his phone and realized that he was only a minute away from the park, in fact he could almost see it from where he was.


To: Jungkook

I’m almost there.


Jimin started walking faster and he soon reached the fountain, but Jungkook was nowhere to be seen.

He brought his phone out again and started typing another text to the younger.


Jimin jumped in surprise and looked up to see Jungkook stand right beside him, his kind doe eyes meeting his own rather stressed and tired ones.

Jimin immediately noticed that Jungkook was dressed in a beautiful button up shirt tucked inside a pair of dark grey slacks and why did he always have to look so perfect?


”Hi” Jimin gulped while last night’s events and words washed over him again.

”Should we” Jungkook asked and gestured towards a bench a couple of meters away.

”Yeah, sure” Jimin nodded and followed the younger to sit down.


It was so awkward and they both hated it.

The heavy silence, the guilt, the anger, the disappointment.

The unsaid words.


Jimin cleared his throat and hid his hands inside his sleeves, his gaze on the grass beneath their feet, his worn sneakers an odd contrast to Jungkook’s polished dress shoes.

”I wanted to come after you as soon as you left with that guy” Jungkook began with his eyes fixed on the trees that were starting to shift to their autumn colors, ”But I had to stay and try to talk some sense into Jin who was so upset that he almost slapped my cheek at first, telling me I was taking advantage of Tae who was drunk. Although I pretty soon managed to convince him of the truth whereupon he directed his anger to Tae instead.”

Jungkook became silent for a moment and Jimin prepared for the words he knew would follow.

”Never would I have thought that you would… that you would invite him in and let him touch you and…”

Jungkook sighed and brought his hand up to massage his forehead while Jimin chewed on his lips nervously.

”I can’t date someone with that kind of impulsive behavior” Jungkook confessed and turned a little in his seat so he could look at Jimin, ”I’m sorry, but I don’t think I can. We trusted each other and we promised each other. We said ’only us’, and I thought you meant it just as much as I did.”

Jimin closed his eyes and dug his fingernails into his palms.

Don’t cry, don’t cry, don’t cry.


”What if we were something more?” Jungkook added, his voice turning a little softer, ”Would you have done the same? Would just have disappeared with someone else without giving it a second thought? I have no experience with relationships, I’ve never even dated before, but I still know that it’s those rash choices that can ruin any kind of relationship. And I don’t… I’m afraid…”

Jungkook looked down at his hands before he closed his eyes, ”I’m afraid you would cheat on me…”


Jimin sobbed as he burst out in tears but brought his hands up to cover his face as he realized just how loud his crying was. They were after all in the middle of a park and even though they were covered by a large tree on one side, there were still people walking by on the trail close to Jimin.

”Jimin…” Jungkook whispered and put his hand on the older’s back to comfort him, ”Please don’t cry.”

”I’m s-sorry” Jimin cried behind his hands, ”I regret it so much and I wish I had s-stayed. I wish I could have calmed down and taken a second to think before acting immaturely a-and stupid and—”

”Ssh, take it easy” Jungkook whispered and scooted a little closer, his hand still on Jimin’s back.

”It was going so good” Jimin began and lifted his glasses so he could wipe his tears, ”And I just had to ruin it.”


Jimin’s crying soon turned to sniffles and as soon as he had calmed down, Jungkook removed his hand and Jimin’s soul immediately clawed inside him to get closer to the younger again.

”Tae called me earlier today” Jungkook said and tucked a strand of black hair back behind his ear, ”He cried and told me he was sorry for kissing me without consent. For causing trouble and misunderstandings. And apparently Jin had told him about the guy that harassed him, because he said he was thankful for the help even though he couldn’t remember it himself.”

Jimin sniffled and nodded while trying to calm his heart that was beginning to hurt, ”And what did you say?”

”I told him that I’m honestly not so bothered by what he did, even though it’s not okay to act like that. But I said that his action had caused a string of other, much more troubling events to unfold. And I told him that he has to speak to you and Jin…”

Jimin hummed quietly but couldn’t find any words to speak.

Everything was hurting so much and it just felt so utterly hopeless and… unnecessary.

If only he had stayed. Then maybe they would have been kissing, laughing and smiling now.

Instead they’re hollow and empty, angry and sad.

If only.


”Did you kiss him?”

Jimin looked up and met Jungkook’s pained eyes and troubled expression.

”No, of course not” Jimin said and shook his head quickly, ”I would never have kissed anyone else.”

Jungkook raised an eyebrow, ”But you let him kiss your neck and— no never mind.”

Jungkook sighed and averted his eyes, ”I don’t think I want to hear it anymore.”

”I want you to know that he was a stranger to me” Jimin began and looked sadly at Jungkook, ”I don’t have his number. I don’t know anything about him and I will never see him again. I told him to get out and slammed the door shut behind him. I didn’t… feel anything. Everything was horrible and even if I didn’t stop him from entering the hallway, I never once said it was okay to touch me or anything like it. I hated that it wasn’t you and I hated what I allowed happen. But there’s no excuse. I know that. And I understand and respect that you no longer want us to… continue.”

Jungkook opened his mouth, ready to reply, but closed his lips again, suddenly finding it hard to speak.

”Maybe I should leave you alone?” Jimin whispered and looked up at the younger.

Jungkook gulped and shook his head slowly, ”Let’s stay a little. It’s such a nice evening.”

Jimin nodded and let his gaze fall on the warm color in the sky where the sun slowly but steady was setting.

”Do you want ice cream?”

Jimin turned his head and looked surprised at Jungkook who pointed at the small cafe not far from where they were sitting.

”I… I… are you serious?”

”Yeah” Jungkook nodded and got up from the bench, ”Chocolate, right?”

”Yes, sure, but I can’t— I don’t have any—”

”Be right back” Jungkook said as he turned around and left towards the cafe, leaving a very confused Jimin behind.


Jimin was almost smiling as Jungkook came back with their ice creams and it really was such a Jungkook thing to exaggerate.

”You asked if I wanted ice cream” Jimin said and grabbed the cone from Jungkook’s hand, ”and you bought me their whole supply?”

Jungkook sat down beside Jimin again and pointed at Jimin's ice cream, ”It’s chocolate ice cream and on top it’s whipped cream, chocolate syrup and—”

”Chocolate sprinkles” Jimin filled in and shook his head, ”How in the world am I going to eat this?”

”I don’t know but don’t drop it” Jungkook said and tasted the ice cream he bought to himself, ”it cost a fort— oh for fuck's— what’s this?!”

”What?” Jimin looked at Jungkook’s ice cream and then at his frowning face, ”It wasn’t good?”

”It was not what I ordered and it’s horrible. I wanted vanilla and this is definitely not vanilla. Here, taste and tell me it’s not the worst you’ve ever eaten.”

Jimin leaned closer to Jungkook and swiped his tongue over the ice cream before shaking his head, ”That’s marzipan.”


”Yes, I’m pretty sure. And yes, it tastes horrible” Jimin nodded and licked on his own ice cream to get away from the taste on his tongue.

”Okay, bye” Jungkook sighed and got up to throw his ice cream in the trash before he sat down beside the older again, ”But yours were good, right?”

Jimin licked his lips from the sweet syrup and nodded at the other, ”Delicious. Thank you. This is very kind of you.”

"Okay, good” Jungkook nodded and fixed his gaze on the sky where more warm colors could be seen than only a minute ago.

Jimin thought for a second before he cleared his throat and reached out his ice cream to the younger, ”Do you want to share?… There’s no way I will be able to finish this by myself.”

Jungkook looked at Jimin who immediately looked away, his eyes still sad and dried tears still on his cheeks.

Jungkook nodded and took a bite of the whipped cream and sprinkles, ”That’s pretty good actually.”

”Yeah” Jimin whispered and took a big bite, ”best I’ve ever had, without a doubt.”

Jungkook hummed and scooted closer to Jimin, so close that their thighs brushed, causing Jimin to gulp and look at the younger.

But there were no blush on Jimin’s cheeks. And no light in his pretty brown eyes and it made Jungkook’s soul cry.

Because what point did anything have, what reasons were there for anything, if Jimin’s soul wasn’t happy?

It was so painful to look at him when he was like this. It was so far from the blushing but funny and brave Jimin he once worked on an assignment with, so far from the laughing and giggling mess he used to kiss and tease.

So far from Jimin.


”Can I take the last bite on the cone?”

”Of course” Jungkook nodded and watched as Jimin’s began to chew with his cheeks full.

”Thank you” Jimin said and licked his lips.

”Wait, you got some here.” Jungkook brought his hand up and let his thumb swipe on the edge of Jimin’s plump lower lip, causing Jimin to gasp quietly and look at the other with surprised eyes.

”Gone” Jungkook whispered and withdrew his hand before clearing his throat and averting his eyes.

Jimin hid his hands in his sleeves, both for comfort and the sudden chill in the air.

”Are you cold?” Jungkook asked and watched as Jimin crossed his arms.

”No, I’m fine” Jimin replied with his eyes on the sunset, ”Just tired. Or exhausted, to be honest.”

”Yeah… me too” Jungkook confessed and followed the older’s gaze to the sky, ”I haven’t seen the sun set for years.”

”It’s beautiful” Jimin whispered and let his teary eyes travel over the many colors.

”Yes” Jungkook whispered back and glanced at the blonde, ”so beautiful.”



Chapter Text




Jimin glanced at Jungkook and noticed that he was looking right back at him.

Jimin held his gaze for what felt like an eternity before he they both looked back at the sky again.

They sat in silence while the once colorful sky turned darker and darker. Families were leaving the playground not far from where they were sitting and the park soon got a lot quieter and emptier except for the occasional couples walking hand in hand or people hurrying to the metro from their workplaces.

”I’m going to quit university” Jungkook said and broke the heavy silence that the both of them almost had gotten used to.

”Quit uni? Why?” Jimin asked and turned his head to look at the younger, surprised by the sudden words.

”Because it wasn’t my choice to study in the first place. It was my father who decided it for me and I really didn’t have a choice than to do as told. But now I’m finally able to do what I want, and so I will most likely quit my studies and focus on my new job instead.”

Jimin nodded and looked down at his sweater paws. 

”It’s going to be strange not seeing you in the classrooms and the cafeteria” Jimin said with a small laughter that was nothing more than a nervous sound because there really were nothing funny about the situation at all. Far from it.

”I know” Jungkook whispered and lowered his gaze, ”It’s going to be very… different, for me as well. But this is what I want to do.”

”I’m not telling you to change your mind” Jimin hurried to explain, ”That’s not my intention at all, I just—”

”I know” Jungkook nodded and gave the older an attempt to a smile, ”I get what you mean and… yeah… I feel the same. Just so you know.”

Jimin chewed on his poor bottom lip and flickered his gaze, noticing how Jungkook’s hand was resting in the narrow space between their thighs. How easy it would be to hold it. To intertwine their hands. 

To never let go.

That’s what he would have done if things were different. Or normal.

Because this didn’t feel right and he could see it in Jungkook’s eyes that he too suffered. Although he was the one causing Jungkook that pain.

And that was maybe the worst. That all of this was his fault.

And Tae’s.

If only Tae hadn’t been drinking so damn much. If only he could have behaved and controlled his impulses. If that guy hadn’t harassed him.

Then Jungkook’s hand would be in his now.


Jimin swallowed his tears and looked away.


”Do you remember the first time we kissed?” Jungkook asked in a whisper while glancing at Jimin’s profile.

”Of course I do” Jimin whispered back and let his eyes meet the younger’s, ”You panicked and pushed me away so that I fell with my head on my textbook.”

Jungkook sighed and shook his head, ”I was so stupid back then. You were so pretty and sexy and I just had to push you away.”

”But then you kissed me anyway” Jimin said and gave Jungkook a small smile, ”and it honestly felt like magic. And when you…”

Jimin gulped and averted his eyes to look at anything else than Jungkook, ”When you put your fingers in my hair, I… I…”

”Jimin” Jungkook whispered sadly as the older covered his face with his hands again, ”Come here.”

Jungkook wrapped his arms around Jimin and brought him in close to his side where Jimin began to cry against his chest.

”Ssh, don’t cry” Jungkook whispered while holding the blonde as close as possible, ”It will be alright, I promise you.”

”No it won’t” Jimin sniffled through his tears, his voice muffled by Jungkook’s shirt.

”Well I decide, and I decide that you will get happy so prepare to be happy” Jungkook said and rubbed his hands over Jimin’s back.

Jimin took the fast movements over his back as a sign that Jungkook wanted him to move back, so he did. Reluctantly and without any desire to do so whatsoever.

But he feared that he would have a really hard time moving away from Jungkook if he stayed another second so close to his beating heart.

”I’m such a cry baby” Jimin mumbled and lifted his glasses once again so he could wipe his eyes.

Jungkook cleared his throat, feeling a little disappointed by the older’s sudden escape from his arms.

”And I’m sorry for your shirt” Jimin said while eyeing the spot where he had cried on the most likely very expensive fabric.

”I don’t care.” Jungkook shook his head and rolled his sleeves down, the night air too cold on his bare forearms.

Jungkook watched as Jimin adjusted his glasses and was immediately filled with memories of one of their meetings at his place.

”How do you see without them?” Jungkook asked and pointed at Jimin’s glasses, ”Like, am I just a couple of pixels or what?”

”What?” Jimin asked and looked at Jungkook a little confused, tears still left on his cheeks, ”You think that you see in pixels when you have bad eyesight?”

Jungkook shrugged his shoulders, ”I don’t know, so that’s why I’m asking you.”

Jimin shook his head and knew that he would have been laughing at Jungkook if the reality weren’t so horrible, ”No, you don’t look like a couple of pixels. You’re… blurry. Like a camera out of focus.”

”Ah, okay, I get it” Jungkook nodded, ”I’ve always wondered.”

Jimin was just about to say something back when his phone buzzed in his pocket.


From: Yoongs

Do I need to kick Jungkook’s ass or yours? Or Tae’s?

I don’t have much information but if you want to talk and maybe

not get the best feedback, you know where to find me.


From: Yoongs

P.S Hoseok is here as well.


From: Yoongs

And Namjoon might be dropping by later.

But I’m here if you need me.

Or us.


”You’re very popular tonight.”

”They’re all from Yoongi” Jimin explained and put his phone back in his pocket.

Jungkook nodded and maybe he felt relieved.

”Do you know what’s going on with him and Hoseok… and possibly also Namjoon?” Jimin asked and looked at the younger.

”No… I tried to ask Namjoon about it but he just gave me a quote from a book or something. I understood nothing, but I didn’t want him to feel awkward so I let it go.”

”I just hope no one will get heartbroken” Jimin said while crossing his arms again, trying to get some warmth in cold air.

”Mmh, same” Jungkook agreed, ”Those things hurt so… let’s hope they can figure things out, no matter how they end up.”

Jimin nodded and met Jungkook’s eyes, the both of them sharing the same thought.

”I should walk you home” Jungkook said while breaking the silence again, ”It’s cold and it’s getting really late and I don’t know how safe this park is at night.”

Jimin slumped his shoulders a little while looking down at the grass under his feet. He was freezing and he hated that Jungkook suddenly realized how late it was, because he really didn’t want the night to end. He really didn’t want to say goodbye, he didn’t want to go home and face the awkward situation with Tae and he didn’t want to go to bed and try to sleep when he knew that he wouldn’t get any sleep this night either. 

He just wanted to stay here in the park, find another bench and watch the sun rise with the younger close beside him. 

How he wished they could.


Jungkook got up from the bench and watched as Jimin got up as well, although very reluctantly. And he couldn’t blame him, because he felt just the same.

”Are you okay, or do you want me drive you home? I have the car parked just a hundred meters over there.”

Jimin shook his head and looked up at the younger while chewing on his lip, ”I’d rather walk. If it’s okay with you? I mean, you don’t have to walk me home if you want to get to your car. You have no jacket on and it’s not like something’s gonna happen to me on the short walk—”

”I want to walk you home” Jungkook cut in, ”and you never know what can happen. So if it’s okay with you, I’ll follow you to your door.”

Jimin nodded and tried to smile at the kind concern, ”Thank you.”

They started walking in silence, side by side in the park where the streetlights shone a warm yellow light over their path.

”It’s my birthday next week” Jimin said and cringed at how his voice decided to break in the middle of the sentence, it was probably due to all the emotions swimming in his chest and all the things he wanted to say, but that he forced himself to keep silent.

Jungkook gulped and felt bad as he realized that he had no idea that Jimin’s birthday was coming up already. It was obvious that they had dated while knowing very little about each others.

”What day?”


Jungkook nodded and looked at Jimin who was keeping his gaze in front of them.

”Then you need to eat a lot of cake. And maybe wish something when you blow out the candles.”

”I hope you will have a fun day” Jungkook added and tried to sound his happiest to cheer Jimin up, although they both could hear how much Jungkook struggled to say those words.

Jimin hated how it sounded like Jungkook wasn’t going to be a part of his birthday, how it was an early wish for a happy birthday because they weren’t going to see each other. Not then, and not before.

”I’ll try” was all Jimin could say while something started to hurt in his chest.

It’s my heart, Jimin thought and tried to focus on whatever else he could.

I can’t even be honest with myself.


”I was supposed to bake a cake with Tae but… I guess that’s not going to happen. Not after all the things that’s happened. So I don’t know… it’s going to be a weird birthday, that’s for sure.”

Jungkook hummed and moved closer to Jimin’s side as a couple with a stroller met them on the narrow path between the trees on the left and the pond to the right.

Jimin didn’t know that Jungkook would come so close, but when the younger’s hand accidentally brushed against his, his heart fluttered and he couldn’t find the strength to move to the side to give Jungkook more space.

And in the next second, it was only the two of them again on the path, the only sound coming from the gravel under their feet and the muted sound from the traffic up ahead.

Only the two of them.

And Jungkook was still walking close to his side with the back of their hands still brushing against each other.

And Jimin once again found it difficult to not do what his soul was screaming at him to do.

So he shook his arm and let his sleeve fall down over his hand, to hide and to keep himself from doing what Jungkook didn’t want him to do.

Jungkook looked down as he noticed how Jimin’s hand disappeared inside the fabric. He looked up and saw how obviously troubled the older was.

He gulped and realized that the blonde most likely didn’t want him close like that.

”I’m sorry” Jungkook whispered and created a little more distance between them.

Jimin shook his head and chewed on his lip before he glanced at the younger, ”Don’t. I mean… no, nothing.”

”Tell me” Jungkook said and stopped walking, causing the older to stop as well, ”Whatever it is, I want to hear it.”

”You’re just… annoying” Jimin said honestly and with a lack for better word while looking up at Jungkook.

”With my hand?” Jungkook asked softly with an apologetic look, ”I’m sorry…”

”It’s fine” Jimin sighed and fixed his gaze on the ground where a single pretty flowers grew between the trees. It had survived the cold, autumn nights and Jimin somehow envied its strength.

Jimin could feel Jungkook’s stare on him while he reached down and picked the blue flower.

”Look” Jimin said and turned around to show the flower for the younger, ”It’s still so pretty even though the summer is over. It’s like it refuses to let go. Maybe it’s hoping that one of the other flowers will come back and—”

Jimin gulped and looked up at Jungkook who already was searching for his gaze with so much pain in his eyes that Jimin had to look away again.

”Jimin” Jungkook whispered softly and let his hand brush against Jimin’s sweater paw, ”You’re the strongest person I know and— no, please don’t cry again, I’m—”

Jimin turned and muttered a ’stupid flower’ before he threw it back to where he had picked it and aggressively wiped his cheeks from tears.

”Hey” Jungkook said and walked over the grass where he grabbed the flower and turned back to Jimin, ”You can’t just pick it and then don’t keep it. That’s not fair to the flower.”

”But it’s fair to me?” Jimin asked with glossy eyes, his bottom lip quivering.

Jungkook gulped and shook his head while holding the older’s gaze, ”I’ve never said… all I mean is that—”

Jimin grabbed the flower from Jungkook’s hand and then reached it out to him again, ”Here, a flower for you.”

Jungkook looked confused at Jimin and grabbed the flower again, ”What—”

”There, now it’s your problem.”

Jungkook studied the older who looked like a little thunderstorm.

”Thank you. It’s the first time I’m receiving flowers” Jungkook said and put the flower behind his ear, ”How do I look?”

Jimin sighed and got up on his tippy toes to adjust the flower, putting his other hand on Jungkook’s shoulder while doing so.

”You’re hair is—”

Jimin held his breath and stopped thinking as he noticed just how very close they were, and on top of that, he could feel Jungkook’s warm breath against this cold cheek.

”You’re so fucking endearing, did you know that?” Jungkook whispered and let his lips ghost over Jimin’s cheek, ”And I hate it. Because it makes everything near impossible.”

”Don’t do this to me” Jimin sniffled but kept standing on his toes in the same position, afraid Jungkook would back away if he moved.

”Jimin” Jungkook breathed out and put his hand on Jimin’s waist to hold him still, afraid the older would move away from him, ”Will you give me time?”

Jimin breathed in a the sudden whiff of Jungkook’s cologne and was immediately reminded of how incredibly much he was missing the younger.

Jimin hummed and nodded, because how could he ever refuse Jungkook anything like time when time was all they had.

”Thank you” Jungkook whispered and let his lips press against Jimin’s cheek ever so softly before he let go of the blonde’s waist.

Jimin’s soul that had just blossomed with hope, began to cry as both the younger’s warm hand and breath disappeared. It was as if everything froze to ice in the lack of Jungkook’s closeness and Jimin cursed at himself for letting the weakest of whines slip past his lips.

Jungkook immediately looked at the shorter, feeling utterly confused and torn between what he wanted and what he should, causing him to open his mouth only to close it in the next second in a lost attempt at comforting the older.

”I’m freezing” Jimin whispered and looked away from Jungkook who was trying his hardest to come up with something to say, ”I’m going home.”

”Wait” Jungkook hurried to say and started walking beside the older again, ”You’re not abandoning the flower and me, are you?”

Jimin glanced up at Jungkook and noticed the cutest of pout and that could melt even the coldest of hearts.

Somehow the sight was so different to how Jungkook normally looked and behaved that Jimin couldn’t help but to smile a little.

”Was that a smile?” Jungkook asked and winked at Jimin.


”Yes it was.”

”No it wasn’t so maybe you need to borrow my glasses.”

”Maybe I do. Can I?”

Jimin stopped and looked at Jungkook who looked back at him a little curiously.

”If you break them or scratch the glass, you have to buy me a new pair, okay?”

”Sure” Jungkook nodded and took the glasses from Jimin’s hand, ”I’ll buy you however many you need.”

Jungkook grabbed the flower from behind his ear and put the black framed glasses on his nose, ”Okay, so how do I look?”

Jimin stared at Jungkook while turning to a puddle on the ground, because wow did Jungkook look amazing in glasses.

”You uhm… uh… you look…”

”I look?”

”Yep” Jimin concluded while taking a deep breath, ”you look.”

”Do I take that as a compliment or…?”

Jimin nodded and held out his hand, ”Can I have them back?”

”If you say that I look good” Jungkook grinned and pushed back his black hair.

”You’re doing it on purpose” Jimin mumbled and crossed his arms annoyed.

”Doing what?” Jungkook smiled a little amused.

”Teasing me. It’s no fun.”

”Okay, but do I look good or good?”

”Fine” Jimin sighed, ”You look amazing.”

Jungkook chuckled and handed Jimin his glasses, ”I appreciate the lie.”

”It’s true” Jimin said and watched as the younger put the flower back behind his ear, ”You do look very good in glasses. They really suit you.”

”Okay” Jungkook nodded with a small smile before they started walking again, ”Thank you.”

”I couldn’t see a thing though” Jungkook added and put his hands in his pockets.

”I can’t see without them. Yesterday was horrible, in that sense as well. I’m never leaving my house without glasses again.”

”Those contacts were scary” Jungkook said  and shook his head, ”Talking to you was so weird when I couldn’t see your real eyes.”

”Yeah… I just wanted to complete the whole cat-look. Thought it would look cool.”

”You looked very sexy” Jungkook confessed and cleared his throat, ”like with the white shirt and the uh… pants?”

”Tights” Jimin corrected and ducked his head a little, ”Thank you.”

”And the whiskers and the black nails” Jungkook added, ”and your hair and your choker and uhm… everything actually. You looked very cute and sexy.”

Jimin’s blush was lighting up the darkness and Jungkook was suddenly hit with a strong urge to just—

”I wanted to look good for you” Jimin whispered and glanced up at the taller, ”I had planned to surprise you at Yoongi’s place and… I had this picture in my head that you would say these things and…”

”And what?” Jungkook asked softly.

”And kiss me” Jimin whispered while looking straight ahead of them, ”Showing everyone that it was only us.”



”I know I would have” Jungkook replied as they left the park behind and continued on the rather empty street.

”Kissed me?” Jimin wondered and glanced at the other.

”Yeah… and taken you with me home after” Jungkook said seriously while glancing back at the blonde.

”Oh…” Jimin gulped and chewed on his bottom lip, ”yeah I… I would probably have liked that.”

Jungkook hummed and darted his eyes between Jimin’s plump lips and eyes, ”I’m pretty sure we would have.”

Jimin averted his eyes and felt regret burn on his cheeks, ”It’s a shame that I stopped all of that from happening.”

”It is” Jungkook nodded and sighed, ”I can’t disagree with that.”

”I threw away my choker in the trash” Jimin said after a moment of silence.

”You did? Why?”

”Because I couldn’t stand how… how he had touched it. I felt like he ruined the… I didn’t want my memories with you to be mixed with the touch of his fingers” Jimin confessed, ”I wanted the necklace to be about us, but when it no longer was, I threw it away.”

Jungkook hummed and gave the older a serious look, ”Good decision. But you should buy a new one.”

”You think?”


”If I get some money over, I will” Jimin replied, trying to get his head clear from the memories of Jungkook tugging at the choker while fucking him.

At the same time, Jungkook was thinking about the exact same memories.


They walked slowly in silence for a minute, the both of them hating how much closer they were getting to Jimin’s place, and in the next moment they were right outside the apartment building. 

A walk that normally took Jimin five minutes, had taken more than an hour and it was painfully obvious that they had tried their best to reach his place as late as possible, not wanting to part any time soon.

Or at all.

They slowed in and Jimin gestured towards the door with his sweater paw without really looking at the younger.

”So uhm, we have arrived” Jimin began and glanced at the door, ”Thank you for walking me h—”

”Can I follow you up the stairs?”

Jimin looked surprised at Jungkook but nodded quickly and replied a ’yes’, not wanting to give the other a chance to change his mind.

”It’s a little embarrassing” Jimin confessed as they went inside the old building, ”It’s so different to how you live.”

”I don’t care” Jungkook said and shrugged his shoulders, ”It’s different but it’s not that bad.”

”Okay…” Jimin began slowly and started to climb the stairs beside the younger, ”that really didn’t sound convincing.”

Jungkook chuckled and scratched the back of his head, ”Well, I got a little surprised the first time, when you were sleeping and I was carrying you. I think I even told Tae to lock the door.”

”What?” Jimin giggled, ”You told him that because you worried we would have a break in?”

”Yeah” Jungkook chuckled and looked at Jimin whose smile almost looked real, ”I worried, okay?”

”That’s so cute.”

”I know, right?”

”Wish you could carry me up the stairs when I’m not asleep as well” Jimin sighed and started walking a little slower, ”The elevator is almost always out of order and—”

”I can if you want to” Jungkook cut in and looked at Jimin with his kind, doe eyes.

”I uhm” Jimin said and shook his head, ”I was only joking. I know that you don’t want to so please, don’t force yourself to— hey! You can’t just—”

”Just shut up, will you” Jungkook muttered and lifted Jimin from the ground, ”wrap your legs around me like you used to and I’ll—”

”No” Jimin blushed and shook his head, feet off the ground and Jungkook’s strong grip around his waist.



”Why not?”

Jimin sighed and whispered, ”Because I don’t know if… it’s going to be weird, okay?”

”Only if we make it weird” Jungkook whispered back, suddenly much more serious, ”come, let me carry you the last steps, I can see how tired you are.”

Jimin gulped and nodded before Jungkook brought him closer to his chest whereupon he wrapped his legs around Jungkook’s waist and his arms around his neck.

They both sighed as Jungkook wrapped his arms around Jimin’s back and hugged him close, but without moving up the stairs.

It was as if time stopped and the only thing continuing were their heartbeats and breathing.

Jimin closed his eyes and leaned his forehead against Jungkook’s shoulder, screaming at himself to not nuzzle against his neck.

Jungkook closed his eyes and told himself to not say what he wanted to say, knowing that it was too early and that they would only end up even more hurt if they rushed things.

They had to keep that little distance they had put up, even if they both hated it. 

They had to take it a little slower.

Have patience and trust and not let lust cloud their minds.


”This was a bad idea” Jungkook mumbled and started walking with Jimin in his hold.

”I tried to tell you” Jimin replied although his heart and soul were cheering.

”I can tell you right now that it’s going to be damn hard to let you go.”

”Your fault completely.”

”It’s not my fault that I miss you” Jungkook whispered and let his nose brush against Jimin’s blonde strands.

”No… I know” Jimin whispered back and opened his eyes as Jungkook suddenly stopped.

They had already reached his door.

Don’t let me go, don’t let me go.


Jungkook put his hands under Jimin’s thighs to hoist him up a little and let his hands stay there.

It felt secure. And intimate.



”It might sound weird” Jungkook began while caressing Jimin’s thigh with his thumb, ”but I actually liked being in the park with you. Apart from the circumstance, I thought it was nice to be there with you. Watch the sun set with you, eat ice cream, listen to the kids’ laughters from the playground… picking flowers.”

Jimin smiled a little at the last and hummed before he leaned back so he could meet the younger’s eyes, ”I liked it too. I honestly liked it more than the dinner date. Because this felt more real and… more down to earth.” 

”This wasn’t a date, it was rather the opposite” Jimin added and let his fingers gently tuck back Jungkook’s wavy hair behind his ear, ”but if this would have been a date, it would have been an amazing one.”

Jungkook closed his eyes from the softness of Jimin’s fingers gracing over his temple and ear, and hated how quickly they disappeared again.

”I think so too” Jungkook whispered and looked at the older with glossy eyes.

”How long?” Jimin asked and lowered his gaze.

”I don’t know” Jungkook sniffled and sighed, ”a couple of days? Or minutes? Fuck, I don’t know. I just don’t want to screw it up, okay? I just… I’m afraid to move too fast but I’m also terrified to move too slow and lose you. And the thought of… of him and you behind this door, it hurts, Jimin. That you would just rush into another man’s arms like that.”

”I’m so sorry” Jimin whispered and looked up at Jungkook’s doe eyes, ”I’m so, so sorry.”

”I know” Jungkook whispered back and let his lips press lightly against Jimin’s forehead, ”I know. Let’s not think about it anymore, hm…? You should focus on your upcoming birthday and smile.”

Jimin wiped away a tear from his cheek and shook his head.

”Yes, you should” Jungkook said and caressed Jimin’s thigh with his thumb again, ”tell me what kind of birthday cake you will have.”

”Pink marzipan” Jimin mumbled. He noticed how hard Jungkook was trying to make him smile but it just didn’t work. And it was such a sweet thing to do, because he was obviously struggling with keeping up himself. And to think that he only wanted for him to be happy even though he had messed up. It was such a pure and selfless thing.

Such a Jungkook thing.


”Ugh” Jungkook said and crunched his nose, ”You really have no taste, do you? So no chocolate cake then?”

Jimin shrugged his shoulders and chewed on his bottom lip for a moment, ”I don’t know… now when I have to bake the cake myself, I’m not sure what to do. Or if I even want to. Tae is much better than me so…”

”He screwed up” Jungkook said softly and searched the older’s eyes, ”But you were soulmates… don’t you think you’re stronger than this?”

”Maybe… I don’t know…”

”Maybe you should give him a chance…?”

”So he can kiss you again?”

”No” Jungkook chuckled and shook his head, ”If he ever tries that again, I’ll kick him to the moon. Next time he’s invited to a party, I’m going to fly to somewhere far away and stay there until he’s sober again.”

Jimin hummed and let his finger run over the blue flower behind Jungkook’s ear, ”Do you think he’s… would you rather have… he’s very handsome and—”

”Hey” Jungkook whispered and shook his head slowly, ”What’s this, hm…? Why are you having these kind of thoughts all of a sudden? You know that Tae nor me have any interest in each other like that. Maybe he's a good looking guy but that’s it. I don’t feel any kind of attraction towards him, he’s not my thing and—”

”What if he dressed like you? And acted like you?” Jimin asked and slumped his shoulders a little, feeling weighed down by all the thoughts he deep down knew were nothing but silly.

”Well, I wouldn’t like to date myself, now would I? But I understand what you mean, and no, I don’t think so. Now stop with these—”

”Then what is your thing?”

”My thing?” Jungkook asked and raised his eyebrows while looking at the older’s sad eyes.

”That’s you, of course” Jungkook whispered with a smile before leaning in to brush his nose against Jimin’s forehead, ”You are my thing.”

Jimin gulped and ducked his head, unable not to smile and blush on pink cheeks.

Jungkook chuckled quietly and found it endearing how the older wanted his affection and reassurance.

”Okay cutie” Jungkook said after a moment of total silence, ”You should get to bed, don’t you think? It’s the middle of the night.”

Jungkook held onto Jimin who most reluctantly got down on the floor again.

Jungkook cleared his throat and scratched the back of his head while Jimin unlocked his door.

”So uhm…”


”I’ll see you around?”

Jimin nodded while chewing on his poor lip again, ”Yeah… see you around.”

Jungkook put his hands in the pockets of his slacks and started walking down the stairs slowly, wanting to hear Jimin close his door before he left.


Jimin kicked off his shoes and noticed Jin’s pink sneakers beside Tae’s black boots.

He made his way to the living room where the only source of light came from the floor lamp in the corner next to the balcony door.

His eyes immediately landed on Tae who was sitting in Jin’s lap, his face nuzzled against the older’s neck.

Jin was caressing Tae’s back gently and looked up to give Jimin a tired smile.

”Sleeping?” Jimin asked in a whisper.

Jin nodded and patted the seat beside them on the old sofa.

Jimin walked closer and sat down, feeling exhausted in both body and soul. 

Cold, hungry, sad.

Regretful and lost.


”How are you?” Jimin whispered and turned a little in his seat to look at Jin.

”I’m hurting a little, but… I don’t know” Jin spoke quietly and sighed, ”He was drunk and he doesn’t remember kissing Jungkook. It’s not an excuse but… it’s also not the end of the world. I talked to Jungkook last night and he wasn’t angry with Tae and… I actually called Jungkook this morning, asking how he was. Turned out Tae had called him as well and apologized. According to Jungkook, Tae even cried. I told Jungkook that I was going to give Tae another chance, and he said I should. Said that it was obvious that we had feelings for each other and that it would be a pity to end before we barely had begun.”

Jimin gulped and flickered his gaze as he immediately was brought back to a certain day and a certain meeting, ”He told you that?”

”Yes” Jin said and smiled, ”I though that was so well said.”

”I’ve never felt like how I feel for Tae” Jin added and kissed the younger’s blue locks, ”He’s very special to me and… sometimes you just know things, right? Well, this is one of those things. I just know we’re meant to be.”

Jimin smiled and nodded, feeling incredibly happy for Jin and Tae.

But also a little jealous.

Here he was, struggling and struggling and crying tear after tear, while they just talked and went back to before during the same day.

It wasn’t fair that feelings and words came so easy for those two, when he and Jungkook couldn’t even spend time together without screwing up.


”How are you?” Jin whispered and searched the younger’s eyes.

Jimin shrugged his shoulders and sighed a little while looking down at his lap, ”I don’t know.”

”Have you talked to Jungkook?”

”Yes… for hours.”

”Tae told me something… only briefly… that you brought someone else home last night…?”

”Yeah… I misunderstood the whole scene with Jungkook and Tae so I acted stupidly and, well, ended up here with some random guy. Nothing too stupid happened, but it was stupid enough to let Jungkook down and push him away from me.”

”You don’t think you can move on from this?” Jin asked softly and reached his hand out to grab Jimin’s cold, slightly trembling hand.

”I don’t know” Jimin sniffled and looked up at Jin, ”I didn’t even invite him to my birthday party and he didn’t ask if he could come so, I mean, if we can’t even spend time together while eating cake, how in the world are we then going to try and date again?”

”Jimin” Jin whispered and tugged the younger closer to his side, causing Jimin to curl up against his side and with Jin’s arm around his back, let his tears flow while trying to keep quiet as not to wake Tae up.

”Ssh, don’t cry” Jin whispered and rubbed his hand over Jimin’s arm to comfort him.

Jimin sniffled and noticed how Tae turned his head and blinked his eyes open while looking down at him.

”J-Jimin?” Tae whispered confused and tired. He leaned back a little and noticed that he still was in Jin’s lap. He then suddenly remembered with had happened before he fell asleep, how he and Jin had talked and kissed for what felt like hours.

”Why are you crying?” Tae wondered while his own eyes filled with compassion for the blonde.

Jimin couldn’t answer, didn’t know where to begin but also didn’t want to leave Jin’s side.

Tae gulped and reached his hand out to gently put it on Jimin’s arm, knowing that he was the reason for the older’s tears.

Jimin immediately grabbed Tae’s hand and let them intertwine.

”I’m so sorry” Tae whispered and squeezed Jimin’s hand while blaming himself for the pain in the older’s eyes.

”I know” Jimin nodded and let Tae caress his hand.

”I’m never going to drink again and I’m never—”

”Good” Jimin interrupted, ”and maybe also keep your kisses to Jin and Jin only.”

”Yes, that won’t be a problem” Tae said and leaned his head on Jin again.



”Will you still help me bake a cake for my birthday?”

”I would love to” Tae hurried to reply, ”If it’s okay with you?”

Jimin nodded and smiled as he also let his head rest against Jin.

"I thought I had lost you for good."

"No" Jimin replied and met Tae's gaze, "Soulmates forever, remember?"

Tae nodded and smiled through a couple of tears, "Forever."


Jimin woke up half an hour later to his phone beeping in his pocket. He brought out the phone and pushed his glasses further up on his nose, the bright screen blinding his tired eyes a little.


From: Jungkook

Goodnight, kitten  


Jimin smiled and glanced at Jin and Tae who were sleeping soundly beside him, Tae nuzzled against Jin’s neck and Jin with his hand caressing Tae’s nape in his sleep.


He suddenly felt incredibly stupid.

It would be a simple text.

And Jungkook would either say yes or no.

He would most likely say no, but then he had asked and couldn’t blame himself for not trying.


To: Jungkook

Do you want to come to my birthday party? 


Jimin bit on his nails while nervously waiting for Jungkook to reply.



Chapter Text




Jungkook immediately regretted sending the text.

He brought his hands up to cover his face and sighed at his own stupidity.

What if Jimin were asleep? What if he just had closed his eyes? And now he would be woken up by his stupid text.


”Fuck” Jungkook muttered and fell backwards on his bed, ”It’s been 30 minutes and I already miss him.”

He let his fingers run through his hair as he stared up at the white ceiling. His fingertips brushed over the flower he had forgot about. He took it from behind his ear and studied it with a smile on his face.

The first flower he had ever received was from Jimin and it was just… perfect.

He sat up and put the flower down carefully on his nightstand, right when his phone lit up.

Jungkook gulped and grabbed the phone a little nervously, hoping he hadn’t disturbed Jimin too much.


From: Kitten

Do you want to come to my birthday party on Wednesday?


Jungkook read the text over and over again, and with every time his smile grew bigger.

”Never thought you would ask” Jungkook whispered while his soul started cheering and his heart beat faster.

He flopped back down on the mattress and rolled around so he could put his pillow under his chin before he started typing a reply.


To: Kitten

I would love to!

Thank you for inviting me :)



From: Kitten

You have no idea how happy you just made me :) :)

I didn’t dare to ask you before, thought you would say no straight away.



Jungkook chuckled and smiled at Jimin’s blushing emojis, wondering if he were blushing for real.

What a pity that he wasn’t there with him.


To: Kitten

That’s good, I want you happy! :)

But I can’t promise that I will taste the cake though…


From: Kitten

If I make a chocolate cake instead? Or something else?

What do you want?



”I want you. But I can’t write that, can I?” Jungkook mumbled to himself.


To: Kitten

You should make whatever cake you want to,

it’s your birthday. I’m coming over too see you, not the cake ;)


From: Kitten

Not even if the cake is prettier than me?


To: Kitten

Nothing and no one is prettier than you, Jimin.


Jungkook stared at the screen until it went dark, surprised by the sudden delay from Jimin.

Or maybe he had decided to go to sleep.

A little sad that their conversation was over, he put the phone beside him and crawled down under the covers, thinking that he should give sleep a try.

But he had not more than adjusted his pillow and pulled the duvet to his chest before his phone lit up again.


From: Kitten

Can I call and say goodnight…?


Jungkook smiled and hurried to reply as fast as he could.


To: Kitten

Yes, of course you can.


It didn’t take more than a couple of seconds before Jimin called, causing Jungkook to oddly enough feel a little nervous while answering.


”Hi kitten…”

A quiet giggle could be heard, causing Jungkook to smile warmly because he knew that that sort of giggle always was accompanied by a blush.

”Hi… what are you doing?”

”I just got in bed. And you?”

”I’m in bed as well. Jin and Tae are sleeping on the sofa.”

”Are they okay?”

”Yeah, they’re fine…

”Okay… that’s good…”

”They seem stronger than I thought. And they have feelings for each other, so yeah… they will probably make it.”

”Good for them” Jungkook replied and tried to sound happy for the friends when he most of all felt sad for himself and Jimin.

”Not everyone is as stupid as Yoongi and Hoseok. Or me. I’m kind of very stupid myself” Jimin sighed.

”You’re not stupid, Jimin. Don’t say that. We shouldn’t compare ourselves to them. We work differently and we need a little more time than Jin and Tae, that’s all.”

”I know” Jimin’s voice came as whisper, ”It’s just that… I miss you… I just saw you and you just hugged me. But still I miss you.”

”I miss you too” Jungkook whispered back, ”and I wish you were here with me now.”

”In your bed…?”

”Mmh… in my bed.”

Jungkook could hear how the other shifted, his bedsheets rustling a little before a quiet sigh left the older.

”Would you hug me?”

”Yes, I would hug you closer than ever before and keep hugging you until we woke up.”

”I want that. When you’re ready, that is. I would very much like to spend the night with you again.”

Jungkook gulped and turned onto his back, ”I’d like that too. I can’t wait. I miss you snoring on my chest.”

Jimin giggled the cutest of giggles, ”You have to wake me up if I snore!”

”Nah, it’s cute. I don’t mind.”

”But I do, it’s embarrassing! Please wake me up next time?”

”How? You’re practically dead when you’re asleep” Jungkook chuckled.

”Tickle me or something, I don’t know. Shake my shoulders, pull my hair, I don’t know.”

”Pull your hair?”

”Yes? Oh… I-I didn’t mean it like that, of course.”

Jungkook chuckled while Jimin sighed and laughed nervously. 

”Just go to sleep already.”

”Yes, well you were the one wanting to call me, remember?”

”I clearly shouldn’t have.”

Jungkook smiled as Jimin broke character and started giggling again, absolutely loving the sound of Jimin being happy and care free for a moment.

”But I love hearing your voice” Jungkook confessed and put his hand on the pillow Jimin had used last time, ”it feels almost like you’re here, next to me.”

Jimin went quiet for a while and all Jungkook could hear was the older’s soft breathing.

”I hope I can. As soon as you’re ready. I miss sleeping in your arms. Hearing your heartbeats. Feeling your skin under my hands. I miss it so much, Jungkook. I miss it more than you can imagine.”

”I miss it too, Jimin. I miss your scent, your fingers in my hair, your lips against mine. I miss holding your hand, kissing your neck. Your pretty moans. How your body curves, how you breathe out my name, the way you look at me when you’re about to come. I miss looking at you when you’re desperate for that last thrust, that last stroke. I miss all that and everything else that is you. Everything.”

Jimin gulped and all Jungkook could hear again was the older’s breathing.

”I’m sorry, did I go too far? Did I make you uncomfortable? I—”

”No, it’s… I… the opposite. I think.”

Jungkook could hear how Jimin shifted again, the bedsheets rustling a little.

”Good or bad?” Jungkook asked softly.

”Bad. Because you’re not here. And I only like when you…”

”When I…?”

”When you touch me.”

Jungkook cleared his throat and tried not to faint from the picture in his head of Jimin being hard and blushing under his covers while talking to him on the phone.

”Do you want me to continue…?”

”No I… I’m too tired, I think. And I’ve never… on the phone…”

”Me neither. But I’d love to try someday… if we ever feel like it.”

”I’d like that too” Jimin hurried to reply, afraid Jungkook would think he didn’t, ”it’s just that I wouldn’t know what to say. I don’t think I would be very good at it.”

”Well, to be honest, just hearing your voice is enough for me.”

Jimin burst out in a shy giggle, ”You really love to tease me, don’t you?”

”You know I do” Jungkook smiled and closed his eyes, ”I’m sure we can make it work.”

Jimin stopped his giggles and turned silent as his heart started beating out of his chest, ”Y-You think?”

”Yes, of course. We’ll just take it slow and… listen to each other… and if we for some reason don’t like, then we’ll stop and talk about something completely different.”

”You mean— oh… I thought you meant… never mind. It’s late and my brain is sort of sleeping. I should probably—”

”Oh… I’m sorry, I thought you meant… I…”

”It’s okay” Jimin hurried to say and forced himself to sound unbothered, ”But I uhm, I really need to sleep, the sun is almost coming up and—”



”I’m not sure that we can work. But I’m very sure that I want to give it try and give my absolute best. You’re all I want, Jimin. And I’m not going to give up just because of one bad decision this early on.”

”I’m all you want?” Jimin asked in a soft whisper, almost like he couldn’t believe his ears.

”Yes. You’re all I want.”

”I like the sound of that.”

”Yeah? That’s good” Jungkook smiled and felt a little lighter.

”I like you” Jimin said and closed his eyes, imagining laying beside the younger.

”And I like you. More and more.”

”I like the sound of that as well.”

”I can’t wait for Wednesday” Jungkook whispered before bringing Jimin’s pillow to his chest, hugging it close.

”I said 8 o’clock to the others, but maybe you can come a little earlier? Like 7?”

”Like 2?”

Jimin giggled and blushed at the younger’s eagerness, ”7. I need to bake the cake the stuff.”

”Alright” Jungkook chuckled, ”I’ll see you at 7 on Wednesday.”

”Okay… goodnight Kook-ah….”

”Goodnight kitten. Sweet dreams.”

”You too.”




Jungkook kept listening for Jimin to hang up first.

But the older never did.

And then there came a soft laughter form the other end.

”Kook-ah! You need to hang up!”

”I can’t!”

”Well, me neither!”

”You have to! It’s impossible to hang up on you.”

Jungkook could hear Jimin pout and he immediately found himself defeated.

”Okay, okay, I’ll hang up.”

”Okay, good.”

”Sleep tight and I’ll see you soon. I like you.”

”I like you too. Bye…”

”Goodbye, kitten.”


Jungkook hung up and tossed his phone to the side before burying his face in his pillow.

”Why is he so damn endearing?!”

Jungkook rolled onto his back and stared up at the ceiling again, trying to calm his heart.

But it refused to slow down and Jungkook gulped as he felt how something in his heart felt… weird.





”Taehyung!” Jimin scolded with a laugh, ”Stop messing around!”

”What?!” Tae grinned and put a finger in the whipped cream before wiping it off on Jimin’s nose and cheek, ”I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

Jimin giggled and brought his hand up to wipe his cheek.

”It’s here” Tae chuckled and pointed at the place on his own cheek where Jimin still had some cream.


Tae sighed and shook his head before leaning in to kiss it away from Jimin’s cheek.

”There, gone!”

Jimin shoved Tae away with a laughter, causing the younger to snicker and go back to fixing the cake.

”Make it pretty” Jimin said while taking a handful of chips from the open bag on the counter.

”Make it yourself if you’re not happy” Tae replied and began to pour the whipped cream they had made pink with food coloring, over the cake.

”I am happy” Jimin smiled and took some more chips, ”and nervous.”

”Nervous?” Tae asked and took out a spoon to eat the whipped cream that refused to let go of the bowl.

Jimin shrugged his shoulders with a hint of a blush on his cheeks, ”That he won’t come, even though he said he would. It’s five minutes past 7 and—”

”Five minutes” Tae cut in and shook his head slowly, ”Give him five hours before you lose hope. He might be stuck in traffic or whatever. No need to be sad yet, okay?”

Jimin hummed and let Tae hold his hand for a moment, feeling much better with his friend’s support.

”So” Jimin began and took a step back from Tae, ”how do I look? Do you think he will like it?”

Tae studied Jimin’s tight black jeans, his new white hoodie and his fluffy blonde hair that was parted in the middle to reveal his beautiful forehead and dark eyebrows.

”You look amazing” Tae nodded approvingly before he narrowed his eyes a little and pointed at Jimin, ”But you do know it’s a cropped hoodie, right?”

Jimin furrowed his eyebrows and looked down to where the hem of the hoodie rested right above the hem of his low waisted jeans.

”C-Cropped?” Jimin blushed, ”So that’t— I thought it was something wrong, since I bought a bigger size and the sleeves are so long but oh dear, it’s cropped and would have ended on my ribs if I hadn’t bought a bigger size!”

”You know I’ve seen your belly button like three times since—”

”Oh my god!” Jimin exclaimed with wide eyes as he tried to pull the hem further down, ”I-I have to cha—”

The sound of the doorbell suddenly echoed between the walls and Jimin gasped in panic as he looked at Tae, ”You! You have to open the door and—”

”Nope” Tae laughed and shook his head, ”Can’t you see how incredibly busy I am with baking your cake?”

”But what if he changes his mind while I go and change clothes?!”

”That very, very likely. So you know what that means, right?”

Jimin noticed Tae’s grin and let out an annoyed sighed before he hurried out of the kitchen to open the door for Jungkook while holding down his hoodie with his free hand.

”Hi” Jimin smiled with a blush as his eyes landed on Jungkook who was dressed in a black button up shirt tucked in grey slacks, looking just as beautiful as always.

”Hi” Jungkook smiled and Jimin could swear he saw twinkling stars in the younger’s eyes as their gazes met.

”Uhm, come in” Jimin hurried to say once he managed to look away.

”I’m sorry that I’m a little late” Jungkook said and took off his dress shoes, ”There was traffic, but I should have left earlier so it’s my own fault.”

”It’s okay” Jimin said with a nervous laughter in the awkwardness that surrounded them both.

”That’s good” Jungkook smiled before he gulped and reached out a the small present in silver wrapping, ”Happy birthday, Jimin.”

Jimin smiled from ear to ear as he took the present and looked at it a little curiously before looking up at the taller, ”Thank you, Jungkook. But you really didn’t have to buy—”

”I wanted to” Jungkook cut in and put his hands in his pockets while a hint of a blush formed over his nose, ”and it’s just a little something.”

Jimin nodded and let his fingers run over the pretty silver wrapping before he looked up again and gulped as he noticed Jungkook’s intense stare was running over his body, making his knees weak and his skin hot.

”We’re uhm… Tae is making the cake and uhm… should we maybe…”

Jimin gestured towards the kitchen and looked at Jungkook while biting down on his lip.

”Yeah, sure” Jungkook nodded and began to follow behind the blonde, hating how awkward and unnatural their communication was. It was such a difference to their phone call that had been fun and relaxed.


”How’s it going?” Jimin asked and put the present on the counter with a safe distance to the snacks and drinks.

”It’s almost finished” Tae replied without turning around to face them, feeling too embarrassed and ashamed to look at Jungkook, ”We just need to put the candles and the marzipan roses on, and then it’s done.”

”It’s just the roses” Jimin explained and looked at Jungkook, ”otherwise there’s no marzipan, I promise.”

Jungkook chuckled and leaned his back against the kitchen table, ”Sounds good.”

Jimin grabbed a handful of chips and stuffed his cheeks, trying to get rid of his nervousness that brought butterflies to life in his gut and made it difficult to as much as glance at the black-haired.

”There” Tae said after putting the two candles on the cake, between the pretty pink roses, ”All done.”

”Thank you, it’s perfect!” Jimin said with a bright smile and wrapped his arms around Tae to hug him close, ”It would have been a disaster if I were to make it myself.”

Tae hummed and relaxed a little in Jimin’s warm arms.

”I’m sorry” Tae whispered quietly near the blonde’s ear before he was about to let go, but then Jimin hugged him tighter.

”For Jungkook?” Jimin asked just as quietly, knowing fully well that Jungkook was watching them and maybe even hearing them.


”It’s in the past” Jimin whispered and rubbed his hands over the younger’s back, ”what’s done is done and you have nothing to be sorry for anymore.”

Jimin pulled back and cupped Tae’s slightly blushing cheeks, ”It’s my birthday and I want you to be happy.”

Tae nodded and gave Jimin an attempt at a smile before he lowered his gaze.

”Isn’t the cake pretty?” Jimin wondered and looked at Jungkook for a bit of help.

”It is” Jungkook said with a smile, ”you did a very good job, Taehyung. I can’t wait to taste it.”

Tae glanced at Jungkook and replied a ’thank you’ before he looked away again, still feeling bad for what he had done.

”Oh! They’re here!” Jimin cheered as the doorbell rang, ”I’ll hurry, promise!”

Jungkook watched as Jimin hurried past him and disappeared around the corner, leaving him alone with an obvious bothered Tae who was chewing on his poor lip with his gaze flickering between nothing.

Jungkook cleared his throat and straightened his back a little, ”I uhm, I hope you know that I’m not angry or anything like that. For what happened. I hope that’s not the reason for your silence.”

Tae shrugged his shoulders and sighed a little, ”I… it’s my fault for causing the misunderstanding that could have led to you and Jimin to… or have you…?”

”Have we what?” Jungkook asked and walked closer to the older.

”Gone separate ways” Tae whispered and looked up at the taller in a loss for better words.

Jungkook gulped and leaned his back against the counter right beside Tae, ”Not really. We’re working on going back to how it was before. I want to take things slow, but I find that incredibly difficult to be honest.”

”You miss him?” Tae asked and played with the leather bracelet around his wrist.

”Yes oh yes. You have no idea how much I miss him.”

Tae nodded and was about to move away when they could hear Hoseok’s loud voice coming closer.”

”Hey” Jungkook whispered and grabbed Tae’s hand, squeezing it gently while looking at eyes framed by black eyeliner and smoky shadow, ”Give me a smile, hm…?”

Tae smiled with a quiet, soft giggle and felt how the crushing burden lifted from his shoulders.

”Thank you” Tae whispered and squeezed Jungkook’s hand before they pulled apart, although they kept looking at each for a while after, giving each other warm smiles.

”That was the first and last time I had Yoongi and Hoseok in my car” Jin complained as he entered the kitchen with the rest following behind.

”What?” Tae chuckled and looked away from Jungkook before he opened his arms to embrace Jin, ”That bad?”

”They fought all the way here! I even had to stop and give them a warning!”

Jungkook chuckled and looked over at Yoongi and Hoseok who both looked incredibly guilty.

”He started it” Yoongi muttered and crossed his arms as he turned his back towards Hoseok.

”I didn’t start anything!” Hoseok exclaimed and gestured in the air with his arms, ”It was Yoongs who—”

”Please” Namjoon begged and looked at the two with pleading eyes, ”please let it go, okay? I can’t take it anymore. You’re both giving me the worst of headaches.”

Yoongi looked down at the floor and slumped his shoulders, ”Sorry Joonie, and Jin.”

”Yeah” Hoseok whispered and glanced at the other, ”I’m also sorry.”

”Wow” Jimin smiled and looked at Namjoon, ”they actually listen to you. I’m impressed.”

”I do my best” Namjoon chuckled and handed Jimin his present, ”Happy birthday, Jimin-ah. This is from me and the idiots.”

”Thank you” Jimin giggled and grabbed the present before he gave the three a hug each.

”And this is from me and Tae” Jin said and reached out their gift to the blonde, ”Happy birthday, Jimin.”

”Thank you” Jimin giggled and hug the two even though his hands were full. 

”It’s my first birthday with so many friends” Jimin said and looked around in the small kitchen were six smiling faces looked back at him.

”I feel a little overwhelmed to be honest” Jimin whispered and gulped as he looked down at the floor, his hands slightly trembling.

Jungkook took a step forward but stopped as he noticed that Tae already was closer to the blonde.

”How about you and the rest sit down in the living room while I bring out plates and stuff?”

”Yeah, I want that” Jimin said and found comfort in Tae’s hand that moved comfortably over his back.


Jimin gathered all the presents and put them in his lap while Tae and Jungkook put all the things they needed on the coffee table.

”You should open them before we eat the cake” Hoseok grinned and sat down beside Yoongi and Namjoon on the floor.

”We’ll have to wait for Tae and Kook-ah first” Jimin smiled and looked the two who hurried back and forth between the living room and the kitchen.

”Done!” Tae said and put two bottles with soda on the floor beside the table.

”Come” Jin said and patted the seat beside him.

Tae leaned down to give Jin a deep kiss before he sat down, causing the older to giggle cutely and wrap his arm around the blue-haired.

”Boyfriends?” Hoseok asked and looked between the two.

Tae and Jin looked at each other with a fond smile each.

”Well…” Jin began and let his thumb swipe over Tae’s bottom lip where some of his own shimmering lipgloss had rubbed off on Tae, ”I think we’re definitely getting there, don’t you think?”

”Yeah, definitely” Tae smiled and grabbed Jin by his pink collar to kiss his glossy, plump lips again.

”Okay!” Jimin giggled but had to clear his throat from the nervous feeling that followed as Jungkook sat down beside him in the narrow space that was left on the sofa.

”From Jin and Tae” Jimin let know and opened the first gift, ”A new charger for my phone, a hairbrush and… a gift certificate. Thank you!”

”The charger and the hairbrush because I sort of lost yours” Tae confessed, ”And the gift certificate is for you to buy a mirror so you don’t have to use mine all the time.”

”Ah, point taken” Jimin said and ruffled Tae’s blue hair, ”Thank you.”

”Okay, so next is from Mr and Mr Clueless and Mr Kim” Jimin grinned and opened the gift.

”A cd” Jimin stated curiously and read what stood on the front of the case, ”Jimin’s song.”

”We made a song for you” Yoongi explained, ”With Hoseok’s vocal. Turned out he can sing so we decided to make use of that.”

”That’s amazing, thank you so much guys!” Jimin smiled, ”What a sweet thing to do. We should listen to is after we have eaten.”

”Oh boy, that’s going to be extremely embarrassing” Hoseok chuckled while shaking his head.

”Don’t be silly. I think we’re all very curious to hear you sing.”

Jimin watched as Namjoon leaned closer to whisper something close to Hoseok side that the rest of them couldn’t catch, before he looked down and started opening the last present, his fingers suddenly nervous and his heart suddenly in a rush.

”From Kook-ah” Jimin let know and furrowed his eyebrows a little as he was met with a pretty red box. He opened it carefully and gulped as something in silver caught his eyes.

”Jungkook” Jimin whispered and picked up what turned out to be a beautiful silver choker with a little cat bell in the front, that also in silver.”

”Oh wow” Tae and Jin whispered at the same time.

Jimin shook his head slowly before he looked at Jungkook who immediately met his gaze.

”I can’t— it’s too expensive, I would lose it and—”

”Then I’ll buy you a new one” Jungkook whispered and held out his hand, ”May I?”

Jimin blushed a deep red on his cheeks as he gave the choker to Jungkook and turned a little in his seat.

Jungkook brought the jewelry around Jimin’s neck and held in place while he let one hand brush away a couple of strands before he locked it just tight enough so that it wouldn’t feel uncomfortable against the blonde’s skin.

Jungkook took a deep breath as he let his fingers linger a little on the back of Jimin’s neck, causing the latter to gasp quietly from the almost forgotten feeling of Jungkook’s touch.

Jungkook leaned in and whispered a ’beautiful’ in Jimin’s ear before he pulled back.

Jimin swallowed and turned to sit straight in his seat while bringing his thighs together, his cheeks burning from more than only being shy.

”Wow, the tension is—”

”Shut it” Yoongi muttered and hit Hoseok’s shoulder weakly before he brought out his lighter.


Jimin nodded and watched as Yoongi lit the candles, thankful that he broke the awkward silence.

”Remember to wish for something” Namjoon said and brought his phone up to take a picture.

”Or someone” Hoseok winked, receiving a deadly glance from Yoongi.

Jimin scooted forward on the seat, leaned down, closed his eyes and made his wish while blowing out the two candles that together formed the number 24.

”Yay!” Tae clapped his hands along the others and watched as Jimin’s cheeks turned pink again.

”You make me feel like a kid” Jimin giggle embarrassed and cut a big slice of the pink cake to himself.

”Kids don’t wear cropped shirts” Hoseok said and helped Namjoon cut a piece, ”Poor Jungkook will probably have a heart attack any second now.”

Jimin’s smile faltered as he realized that he had forgotten all about that. He was supposed to change after letting Jungkook into the apartment but then his thoughts had been occupied with so much else that he had simply forgot.

”Shit” Jimin whispered and looked down to look where his tummy was covered for the moment, due to the fact that he was sitting down, but as soon as he would get up, he would show his naked skin.

”Or is it your birthday as well?” Hoseok snickered and looked at Jungkook while Yoongi rolled his eyes.

Jungkook chuckled and shook his head slowly, ”No it’s not, but uhm, I’m starting to wonder.”

”Oh my god” Jimin whispered embarrassed and glanced at Jungkook who gave him a wink.

”I hate you” Jimin added and pouted as he scoped up a bit of the cake on his spoon.

Jungkook chuckled and leaned in to brush his nose against Jimin’s ear while whispering a ’sorry’, causing Jimin to feel even hotter but also incredibly happy. Because Jungkook was right there, celebrating his birthday with him, talking to him, even touching him if only for a second.

It was all he could ever wish for. Being Jungkook’s friend and being able to talk comfortably with each other.

Still, his heart was beating for more and his soul craving to be closer to Jungkook’s.


”This was delicious” Jungkook said and leaned forward a little to look at Tae, ”You did great.”

”Thank you” Tae replied and gave the older a warm smile, ”I’m happy you liked it.”

”I agree” Namjoon nodded, ”Delicious.”

Hoseok snickered and glanced at Yoongi who shook his head furiously while muttering a ’don’t you fucking dare’.

Jungkook put his empty plate on the coffee table before he leaned closer to Jimin and whispered, ”What am I missing?”

”I have no idea, but I don’t think we want to know” Jimin whispered back and stuffed his cheeks with the last of the cake before putting his plate away. He was just about the lean back when could feel something gently brush against his back where his skin was exposed between his jeans and the cropped hoodie.

He gulped and looked at Jungkook who searched his eyes, and the second after Jimin gave him a nod, Jungkook began to caress his back with his warm palm.

Jimin closed his eyes for a short moment and let his whole body and mind relish in the amazing feeling of having Jungkook touching his bare skin.

Because it truly was amazing and so much more than he had dared to hope for.

It almost felt normal.

Almost like they were—


Jimin snapped his eyes open and was brought back to reality as Hoseok raised his voice in the middle of what seemed to be an argument he hadn’t followed while being busy with concentrating on Jungkook’s soft caresses.

”All I’m saying is that—”

”I know what you’re saying” Yoongi wheezed with his blood boiling with frustration, ”It’s just that I don’t agree because you’re wrong. Over and out. Bye.”

Hoseok scoffed and leaned forward so he could see Yoongi better where he was sitting on Namjoon’s other side, ”You’re wrong, Yoongs! There’s no such thing as—”

”Okay” Namjoon said loud while he massaged his forehead, ”I am constantly in the middle of your bickering and it’s honestly getting a little—”

”He started it” Yoongi muttered and crossed his arms.

”I haven’t started anything!”

”Of for fuck’s sake” Namjoon whispered before he turned to Hoseok and put his hand in the back of his neck to hold him steady as he kissed his lips hard. He kissed the younger through his surprised squeal and all until he kissed him back and went pliant in his hold.

”What the—” Jin whispered as they all watched the much surprising scene play out in front of their eyes.

Jimin watched them kiss with his eyes wide and his mouth open, having not expected this to happen at all. Well, of course they had all suspected that something was happening between the three but seeing Namjoon kiss Hoseok came as a total surprise.

Namjoon soon pulled away from Hoseok and left him out of breath before he turned around to face Yoongi.

”Namjoon” Yoongi began while shaking his head with a cute blush on his cheeks, ”not—”

”Sorry, but you also need to calm down” Namjoon whispered and grabbed ahold of Yoongi to easily bring him closer before capturing his lips as well. 

Yoongi melted right away.

He didn’t protest from the second their lips locked, he didn’t even try to put up a fight. He simply opened his mouth and let Namjoon’s tongue inside while letting out quiet humming sounds, loving the way Namjoon held him tight around his waist and kissed him like there was no tomorrow even though they had all eyes on them.

”There” Namjoon murmured once he broke their wet kisses, ”now don’t let him upset you again.”

Yoongi nodded and blushed even more as he came to his sense.

”We’re were we?” Namjoon asked and looked at the others on the sofa who looked straight back at him with surprised faces, ”Ah, yes, delicious cake, Tae.”

”So, uh…” Tae began and looked between the three on the floor, ”What’s uh…”

”Sorry” Namjoon said and shook his head, ”No questions yet, please.”

Jimin looked down at his lap and then he turned his head slowly to look at Jungkook who immediately met his eyes with an apologetic look.

But it wasn’t Jungkook’s fault. He had done nothing wrong.

It was his own fault completely.

Now everyone seemed to have anyone. Except for him.

A sadness filled Jimin that he wasn’t prepared for, because Jungkook was right there, looking at him, touching his back.

But somehow it felt like the younger was hundreds of miles away.

”So… movie?” Jimin asked and grabbed the controller.


They all agreed on a movie before Jimin went to get a couple of blankets and pillows for the ones on the floor. He then turned off the lights and went to sit beside Jungkook again. He watched as Yoongi and Hoseok curled up against Namjoon on one side each, the sight new but yet it looked like it was something they had done a million times before.

And they probably had.


”Jimin…” Jungkook whispered leaned in to brush his nose against the blonde’s ear again, ”I wish you would smile again.”

Jimin sighed and closed his eyes, hoping that Jungkook wouldn’t leave his side just yet.

”I’m trying” Jimin whispered back.

”I know… I’m missing you.”

”I miss you too” Jimin whispered and turned his head to look at the younger, causing their lips to brush against each other.

”Can I talk to you later, when the others have left?”

Jimin hummed and wished that Jungkook would just come a tiny, tiny bit closer with his lips.

”Good” Jungkook mumbled and moved his lips to the side to gently kiss the corner of Jimin’s mouth.


The second movie ended fairly quickly but both Hoseok and Tae had fallen asleep shortly after the beginning.

”I think that maybe I should bring this sleepyhead with me home” Jin said and laughed softly as Tae fell asleep again, right after he had woken him up.

”Are you guys staying or do you want a ride back?” Jin asked and rubbed his hands over Tae’s back, the latter now half asleep in his lap.

”I think we’re going to follow you” Namjoon said while fixing Hoseok’s hair that was standing at every direction, ”Or what do you think Yoongi?”

”Your place” Yoongi mumbled tiredly while leaning against Namjoon’s broad back.


”Thank you all for coming” Jimin said and got up from the sofa to follow his friends to the door.

”See you tomorrow” Tae whispered and kissed Jimin’s cheek before putting on his black leather jacket.

”Goodnight” Jin smiled and hugged Jimin tightly, ”Call us if you need us, okay?”

”Thank you” Jimin smiled and waved together with Jungkook as the rest tiredly stumbled out of the apartment.

Kiss him!” came Hoseok’s voice before they could hear Yoongi’s immediate scolding.

Jimin blushed and closed door the door quickly behind them and was just about to turn around when Jungkook’s strong arms wrapped around his middle, warming his exposed tummy.

”Hi there, kitten” Jungkook whispered against the older’s neck, causing Jimin to both giggle and feel hot again, loving the direction they were taking.

”Hi there, bun” Jimin whispered back and turned around in the younger’s hold.

He was supposed to say something more when he found himself being pushed and pinned against the wall, a gasp leaving his lips as Jungkook pressed himself against his body.

Jimin gulped as he looked up at Jungkook who towered over him with eyes that were swimming with want.

”You’re trying to kill me” Jungkook stated with a sigh before leaning down to nuzzle against Jimin’s neck while holding his wrists against the wall.

Jimin tilted his head and let out a whine that caused Jungkook to go a little crazy.

”I miss you so fucking much” Jungkook began while letting his lips slide over Jimin’s neck, ”I wasn’t supposed to do this. I had told myself to leave as soon as the rest would leave. Not touch you, not come close. Only talk. But now I simply can’t stay away from you and I wonder why that is. It’s been like this from the start, Jimin. The more I try to stay away, the closer I get and I’m staring to think that there’s something pulling us closer, something I can’t control.”

Jimin opened his eyes as Jungkook’s lips and warm breath disappeared. He straightened his neck and looked up at Jungkook whose eyes were full of tears and words.

”I know” Jimin replied in a faint whisper with emotions running down his cheeks, ”I think it’s our souls.”

Jungkook gulped and held Jimin’s gaze for a moment before he slowly nodded, accepting what he deep inside already knew.

He let go off Jimin’s wrists and cupped his teary cheeks instead, caressing him with his thumbs while more tears ran under his palms and over his fingers.

”I can only do this if we mean it” Jungkook whispered between quiet sobs, ”I-I can’t date you or be with you if we don’t… if we don’t want this equally much. I can only do this if you’re prepared for… for more. I want you, Jimin. I want you more than ever but if you feel the slightest unsure or like you’re not ready to—”

”I want to” Jimin cut in and nodded his head quickly, ”I want you and I’m ready. I promise. I’m ready and I want this just as much as you do, believe me. Every second without you is hell and all I can think of is ’when will I see him again’.”

”We’re nothing” Jimin added between sniffles as he put his hands on Jungkook’s waist, ”But also so much. We barely know each other, but at the same time you occupy my whole life. All I can think about is you. Every second I’m awake. And if I manage to get some sleep, you are all I dream about.”

”Baby” Jungkook whispered and smiled through his tears before he leaned down and brushed his lips against the blonde’s, ”Let’s do it better this time. Let’s be honest and follow our hearts this time.”

”I know what my heart wants” Jimin whispered and put his hand in the back of Jungkook’s neck.

”Same here” Jungkook mumbled, ”But I’m too nervous to say it.”

”Then kiss me instead, and we can say it later.”

Jungkook hummed and tilted his head a little, causing Jimin’s heart to flutter.

”I’d love to.”


And then time stopped.

Or did it move faster?

It was hard to tell.

All they knew was that everything felt different.

Like a slow rush.

Like they had entered a time and space only for them.


Jimin closed his eyes the second Jungkook’s lips pressed against his.

He kissed him slow and gentle. And at the same time as their hearts raced in their chests, their souls calmed down as they once again breathed the same air.


Their lips moved so gracefully together. 

A teasing nip at a plump bottom lip, a wet tongue over soft lips. A moan.

Jungkook hummed as he titled his head to the other side, deepening the long lost kisses they both had missed. And craved. Almost desperately.

Jimin gasped for air as Jungkook pulled back, a string of saliva connecting them before Jungkook licked his lips.

Jimin gulped from Jungkook’s intense stare that caught fire after fire to lit inside him.

And before he knew it, he was lifted up from the floor by strong arms that held his thighs in a tight grip as they wrapped around Jungkook’s waist. 

And then Jungkook lips were on his again, but this time hard and firm.

And it was just what Jimin craved. Those kisses that held less finesse, but more reassurance and heat.

Jimin wrapped his arms around Jungkook’s neck and showed him that he too could kiss with a burning desire.

”Fuck” Jungkook breathed out as soon as he got a chance to escape Jimin’s wet and dominating kisses. 

”You’re fucking dangerous” Jungkook whispered out of breath with a panting Jimin in his hold who waited impatiently for their hearts to calm down a little so that he could kiss the younger again.

”Kook-ah” Jimin whined and buried his face in Jungkook’s neck to breath in his scent and cologne that almost made him a little dizzy.

”Kitten” Jungkook whispered and wrapped one arm around the older while bringing him back from the wall, ”Can I stay?”

”Yes” Jimin replied quickly and leaned back from the warmth in Jungkook’s neck.

”Please stay” Jimin said and captured the younger’s lips, suddenly hungry for more, ”for as long as you want.”

”Mmh… forever then” Jungkook whispered with a pleased smile as he hoisted Jimin up a little before carrying him to his room.



Chapter Text




Jungkook sat down on the edge of the narrow bed with Jimin in his lap.

”Baby” Jungkook whispered between Jimin’s perfect kisses, ”I want you… please… can I have you…?”

Jimin hummed before he pulled back and licked his kiss swollen lips, ”I want you too.”

Jungkook gulped and stared into Jimin’s eyes for a second before the latter attacked his lips again, a soft, muted laughter escaping him from how incredibly endearing Jimin’s eagerness was.

Jungkook let Jimin enter his mouth with his amazing tongue again that licked and swiped over his own tongue and walls so perfectly. In the meanwhile, he started working on unzipping Jimin’s tight jeans, the older moaning with anticipation as he noticed what was going on.


”Impatient?” Jungkook asked in his low, husky voice that always got Jimin to heat up and feel a little breathless, receiving a quiet whimper as an answer.

Jungkook swallowed as he pulled down Jimin’s zipper and was met with the hem of black silk.

Jimin’s cheeks blushed a deep red as Jungkook cursed under his breath before looking up to meet his gaze.

Without a word, Jimin climbed off Jungkook’s lap and took a step backwards, biting hard on his bottom lip while he undressed from his jeans with Jungkook’s intense stare following his every move until he stood in only the cropped hoodie and pair of what looked to be tight, small boxers in shiny silk.

Jimin was blushing like crazy under the stare and the bravery he just had, disappeared as Jungkook kept quiet. He gulped and brought his hands over his underwear to cover himself while his cock softened and the fires under his skin cooled.

”I’m s-sorry, I should—” Jimin began and reached down to pick up his pants again, disappointed but most of all embarrassed.

”No!” Jungkook exclaimed a little louder than planned, causing Jimin to jump in surprise.

”I, fuck, did I scare you? I-I didn’t mean to, I just—”

”It’s fine, really” Jimin said and shook his head, ”I get that—”

”Hey” Jungkook said softly and grabbed Jimin’s jeans from his grip and threw them away to the corner, ”You can’t have those on when I’m going to fuck you, can you?”

Jimin smiled and ducked his head before Jungkook put a finger under his chin to tilt his head up, ”You really are trying to kill me, are you not?”

Jimin let out a quiet giggle and shook his head.

”Yes you are” Jungkook murmured and captured Jimin’s lips while letting his hands travel down from Jimin’s waist, down to his exposed waist and his hips until his hands met the black silk. He put both hands on Jimin’s perfect round ass and squeezed, causing a delicious little moan to escape the older’s lips.

”You’re gorgeous” Jungkook whispered in the blonde’s ear, ”You look absolutely stunning and I consider myself the luckiest man in the world.”

Jimin gasped and grabbed Jungkook’s waist as the younger started licking his neck.

”Is this only for me? Hm…? Am I the only one who can see you like this?”

”Yes” Jimin exhaled and let his fingers clutch Jungkook’s black shirt, ”Only for you, Kook-ah.”

Jungkook groaned and grabbed Jimin by his waist before turning around to gently put the latter on the bed. He took in the sight of Jimin. His small feet and cute toes, his smooth legs and quite muscular thighs, his soft hips and flat tummy with the belly button he had gotten some glimpses of during the night, whenever Jimin would have hugged someone or just reached for something.

Then he noticed brown, lustful eyes searching his, causing him to snap out of his thoughts and quickly get undressed from his slacks and shirt. He then got up on the bed and draped himself over the blonde who immediately wrapped his legs around his waist and pulled him down by his neck to kiss him hard.

Jungkook put his fingers in Jimin’s hair and let the latter decide the pace of the kisses.

Turned out Jimin wanted it slow and lazy, yet firm and there. And Jungkook happened to want exactly the same.

Jungkook moved on of hands from Jimin’s hair and down to his ass again, having a very hard time letting go of both the feeling and the thought of Jimin in those underwear.

”So fucking sexy” Jungkook whispered against the older’s wet, swollen lips, ”Just for me.”

”Just for you” Jimin reassured and put two fingers under the hem of Jungkook’s boxers, ”Off.”

Jungkook nodded and managed to pull down and kick them off without leaving Jimin who refused to let go of him.


”Yes, kitten?”

”I want it slow” Jimin whispered and put his fingers in the younger’s hair, the latter’s breath warm agains this lips, ”Like we mean it.”

Jungkook hummed and slid his lips over Jimin’s, ”But I always mean it.”

”You know what I mean” Jimin whispered, his legs around Jungkook’s waist pushing them a little firmer together, ”Like it’s only us.”

”Jimin” Jungkook breathed out in a small sigh while slowly shaking his head, ”It is only us. That’s what we said, remember. You and me. I haven’t even as much as looked at another man since—”

”I know, I know. It’s not what I mean…”

”No?” Jungkook mumbled and let his nose brush up and down on Jimin’s cheek, ”Then what’s on your heart, hm…?”

”I just… I…” Jimin sighed and gave the younger a small smile, ”I don’t know.”

”You don’t know?”


Jungkook started kissing Jimin softly to coax him, wanting him to speak and be honest. But only quiet moans left the older’s lips.

”We’ll take it slow and maybe you can find the right words later” Jungkook whispered and searched the blonde’s eyes.

”Yeah” Jimin smiled and nodded while he let Jungkook’s hair twirl around his fingers, ”I’d like that.”

Jungkook hummed as he kissed Jimin a last time before he sat back between the latter’s legs to take in the sight of the beautiful man who was laying with on his back with his legs spread wide for him with the glistening silver choker neatly wrapped around his neck.

Only for him.


Jungkook leaned forward and palmed Jimin where he could see his erection bulge under silk fabric.

Jimin exhaled in a quiet moan and laid absolutely still as Jungkook took his other hand and pushed up the cropped hoodie until he could see Jimin’s nipples.

Jungkook gulped before he slowly lowered himself and let his tongue run flat over one of the nipples, causing Jimin to whine and grab Jungkook’s hair a little tighter, having no idea it would feel so good.



Jungkook kissed Jimin’s chest until he reached the other nipple and let his tongue run over that as well. 

Jungkook pressed his hand a little harder against Jimin’s cock and could immediately feel how pre cum dampened the fabric and reached his palm.

”Kitten…” Jungkook kissed his way down over Jimin’s soft stomach, over his belly button and down the hem of his underwear. He looked up and saw beautiful brown eyes look back at him.

He then put this thumbs under the hem and pushed them down, causing Jimin’s hard cock to spring free and smack his stomach, leaving a pool of pre cum on his milky skin.

”Fuck.” Jungkook tried not to faint from the sight and hurried to help Jimin get rid of the underwear before he put his hands on the delicious thighs and pulled them up against Jimin’s chest.

”Beautiful” Jungkook whispered in awe from having Jimin on such display with the perfect round ass and the leaking cock right in front of his eyes.

Please” Jimin begged and looked down at the younger, ”I can’t wait, please Kook-ah, I want you inside me.”

Jungkook nodded quickly and darted his eyes to the nightstand, ”Lube?”

”Drawer” Jimin replied and reached to his side where he scrambled in drawer, searching for the bottle without seeing what he was doing.

”Here” Jimin said and reached out the bottle to Jungkook before he covered his face and shy cheeks, ”Please hurry.”

Jimin took a deep breath as he could hear the lube being poured on Jungkook’s fingers and then he tensed a little as cold, wet fingers came to circle around his entrance.

”You’re not breathing.”


”You have to, or else I’m afraid it will hurt.”

Jimin sighed before he began to breath with exaggeration, wanting so much for the younger to finally finger him.

And so when Jungkook entered him with the first, the pleasure was immediate.

White bedsheets wrinkled in his hard grip as he closed his eyes and let his legs apart even further.

That how good it was.

Jungkook worked him open with careful, yet slightly rough fingers that created such pleasure that Jimin could only dream about giving himself.

Jungkook alternated on pushing the fingers deep and move them around before slowly curling them to press against the wall to his sweet spot, causing Jimin’s thighs to tremble and his cock to twitch where it was releasing more and more pre cum on his stomach.

”You’re going to make me come” Jimin complained and looked down to pout at the younger, his lower lip dark red and almost drawing blood from how hard Jimin had been biting on it.

”Don’t you want to?” Jungkook smirked and let a fourth finger tease the opening, causing Jimin’s cheeks to burn red and his eyes to go wide.

”N-No, I don’t think—”

”Don't worry, I’m only teasing” Jungkook reassured and pressed against Jimin’s sweet spot to draw a high pitched moan from the latter who let his thighs come together as soon as Jungkook’s fingers left him.

”Brat!” Jimin scolded and put his hand over his forehead, ”I’m so going to get revenge for that later.”

Jungkook smiled and coated his cock in lube before spreading Jimin’s legs again, ”Big words coming from someone so small.”

”Don’t underestimate me” Jimin whispered with a smirk as he wrapped his arms around Jungkook’s neck.

Jungkook chuckled and kissed the older softly, ”Cute of you to think that you can ever have any kind of leverage over me.”

”Oh but don’t you remember” Jimin began and gasped as Jungkook pushed his cock inside him.

”Nope” Jungkook said and buried his nose in Jimin’s neck as he slowly sank deeper into the wet heat.

”How aaah-ah, how you went all submissive for me i-in your bed that time when aaah J-Jungkook you’re aaah—

”I have no idea what you're talking about” Jungkook whispered and leaned up on his forearms before giving the older a wink.

”Yes you do, you’re just aaah—

”Just what?” Jungkook asked and rocked his hips forward after having buried his cock deep inside Jimin.

”Stubborn” Jimin stated and shut his eyes tightly as Jungkook snapped his hips.

”And gone” Jungkook whispered honestly as he leaned down to kiss Jimin while fucking him slow.


Jungkook hummed and licked inside Jimin’s mouth, ”For you. I’m… I just like you so much, Jimin. I like you so fucking much.”

”Like you too” Jimin whispered and let his palms roam over Jungkook’s slightly sweaty back, ”I like you so incredibly much. So much it hurts. My heart, my soul. I hate it and I love at the same time. It’s s-so confusing because I’ve never felt like this before and I’m a little scared because it’s so much. My feelings, they’re so much.”

Jungkook gulped and leaned on his forearms beside Jimin’s head so he could put his fingers in his blonde locks, his beautiful eyes looking straight up at him.

”I feel just the same, Jimin.”

Jimin closed his eyes and let himself feel.

Feel Jungkook’s cock fuck him good and deep.

Feel Jungkook’s words and his own feelings make perfect sense.


”Jimin” Jungkook whispered between his heavy breaths, sweat pearled on his forehead while fingers started to tug a little at the blonde hair that was splayed over the white pillow.

”Kook-ah” Jimin whispered back as he dug his fingernails in Jungkook’s back, ”S-So good.”


Jungkook looked down between them and saw Jimin’s pretty flush cock begging to be touch. He smiled pleased at the moans that began to turn high in pitched with each of his thrusts and he knew that Jimin desperately wanted to stroke himself but that he kept himself from doing so to last longer.

”Good boy” Jungkook whispered and brought his thumb to Jimin’s jutting lower lip, pressing it down and swiping to the side before he captured the fat lips in a series of hard but slow kisses that fitted perfectly to way he was fucking his tight heat.

Jimin gasped for air as Jungkook reluctantly pulled away, wishing he could kiss Jimin silly forever.

”Jungkook” the blonde uttered faintly as he brought a hand up to tuck the younger’s black hair back behind his ear, ”I’m going to come soon.”

Jungkook smiled and kissed Jimin’s cute little nose, ”Me too baby, I’m so close.”

”Is this what you wanted?” Jungkook asked and started giving the older soft kisses all over his face while he thrusted slow and steady, lube pouring out of Jimin as he was being opened more while also relaxing more as he began to embrace his oncoming orgasm.

”Yes, it’s perfect” Jimin smiled with little moans leaving his lips, ”You’re perfect.”

Jungkook smiled and blushed a little over his nose, ”I’m nothing compared to you.”

”Jungkook, I… I…”

”Baby” Jungkook whispered and leaned down to kiss away Jimin’s tears from his cheeks, ”Please don’t cry or I will start to cry as well.”

”Can’t help it” Jimin whispered and put his hands beside his head, wanting Jungkook to hold him, which he did right away.

Jungkook kissed as many tears as he could before he kissed Jimin’s lips with a bit of eagerness, his orgasm just a couple of thrust away, ”How do you want to come? Like this, or from behind or…?”

”Like this” Jimin hurried to say while squeezing Jungkook’s hands, begging him not to leave.

”Mmh… good choice” Jungkook whispered and grabbed Jimin’s hands a little tighter, ”Untouched?” 

”Mmh” Jimin nodded and closed his eyes, ”So close.”

”Then come for me, my pretty baby.”

”My” Jimin repeated in a whisper and looked up to meet the younger’s doe eyes, his heart exploding in his chest from that little word alone.

”Be mine, Jimin” Jungkook said a little out of breath as their sweaty bodies slid against each other with every irregular thrust, with every strong heartbeat, ”And I’ll be yours.”

Jimin gasped and squirmed with a loud whine leaving his lips before he came with a broken scream of Jungkook’s name, cum splashing in long ropes all over his tummy, over his nipples and even up to his cropped hoodie that laid wrinkled below his neck.

Jungkook watched the whole scene play out in front of him before he finally let go and came with a low grunt buried deep inside Jimin whose cock let out another gush of cum from only the feeling of being filled with Jungkook’s warm seed.

”Jimin” Jungkook mumbled as he collapsed a little against the blonde although he did his best to keep up on his forearms to not hurt him. He noticed that Jimin was totally blissed out so he began to whisper the older’s name while giving his mouth soft kisses, wanting to bring him back as gently as he could.

”Jimin baby… you so pretty when full of my cum” Jungkook murmured between kisses on cheeks and lips, ”My pretty baby.”

”Yours” Jimin whispered as he came back to his sense from the intense orgasm that had more or less knocked him out. He looked up at Jungkook with glossy eyes and a trembling lower lip, ”I wish I were.”

Jungkook smiled and intertwined one of his hands with Jimin’s, feeling the older’s rapid pulse against his wrist, ”Then please be mine, Jimin. And I’ll be yours.”

Jimin gulped and squeezed Jungkook’s hand, his heartbeats increasing even more as he looked deep into the younger’s eyes, finding only unsaid words and honest feelings.

”Yes” Jimin nodded and let go of new tears, ”I want that.”

Jungkook smiled from ear to ear and leaned in to pepper Jimin’s face with kisses, causing the latter so giggle although he was crying.

”My cry baby” Jungkook cooed and kissed away the tears from Jimin’s red cheeks.

”Don’t call me that” Jimin sniffled and shook his head.

Jungkook chuckled and bopped Jimin’s nose, ”Sorry but I find it very endearing. How close you always are to tears in situations like these, when you’re happy. I admire that. How easy it is for you to show me your true feelings.”

Jimin smiled and put his hand on Jungkook’s warm cheek, ”Kiss me.”

”I will” Jungkook whispered and brushed his nose over Jimin’s cheek, ”Have to pull out first. Will you breathe for me?”

Jimin hummed and took a deep breath as Jungkook pulled out his softening member slowly.

”Come.” Jungkook laid down beside Jimin and pulled him in close so he could kiss his pretty plump lips.

Jimin hummed content into the lazy kisses and put his fingers in Jungkook’s wavy hair, his stomach full of butterflies and his soul feeling all warm and pleased to finally have Jungkook so close while being each others.

”I’m so happy that I can’t speak” Jungkook whispered with a blushing nose and wide smile, ”I’m sorry for being so quiet.”

Jimin giggled and caressed Jungkook’s cheek before giving his soft lips a hard kiss, ”You can’t be happier than me, that’s not possible.”

”Is this a competition now?” Jungkook asked and leaned up on his elbow, ”Because I can reassure you that I’m the happiest human being, so unless you’re some kind of—”

”Stop ranting” Jimin giggled and pulled Jungkook down by the back of his neck to silence him with a series of kisses.


”Kook-ah?” Jimin whispered as soon as he let them pull away to breathe.

”Yes, baby?”

Jimin took a deep breath to calm the sudden rush of nervousness that sped through while finding the younger’s waiting gaze, ”What does it mean?”

Jungkook gulped as he immediately understood what Jimin was referring to, having the exact same thoughts himself.

”It means what we want it to mean” Jungkook replied and caressed Jimin’s warm back with his free hand.

”And what do you want it to mean?” Jimin asked with his voice a little unsteady, feeling incredibly nervous for what Jungkook would reply and he found himself holding his breath.

”Well I… I…” Jungkook began and gulped, ”Honestly?”

”Honestly” Jimin nodded and squeezed Jungkook’s hand again.

”I want it to mean that we are boyfriends.”

Jimin gulped and nodded his head furiously while his smile grew bigger and bigger, ”I want that too. Can we?”

Jimin bit down on his bottom lip but yelped in surprise as Jungkook suddenly attacked him with kisses and in the next second he was grabbed and brought on top of Jungkook who held him tightly with one hand pressing down on the small of his back and one hand holding the back of his head, making it impossible for Jimin to move away.

Not that he wanted to, anyway.

Because he was finally right where had wanted to be for so long.



Jimin crawled down under clean bedsheets and laid down next to Jungkook, their bodies immediately tangled together as their souls missed each other from being apart for more than one minute.

”Boyfriend” Jungkook whispered and brushed his nose over Jimin’s cheek before pressing a kiss to his lips.

Jimin giggled from the happiness that continued to bloom and grow with every heartbeat, with every warm breath and soft kiss.

”Boyfriend” Jimin whispered back and smiled until his eyes disappeared in pretty half moons.

”Ah, I love when you say it” Jungkook sighed and slid his lips over Jimin’s, ”Please never stop calling me your boyfriend.”

”Of course I won’t. I want the whole world to know and I can’t wait to tell our friends tomorrow. If that’s okay with you? I mean, if you’re not ready or if you want to go slow and see how it goes before—”

”Hey” Jungkook smiled and put his hand on Jimin’s cheek, ”I want to tell them as much as you do.”

”You do?”

Jungkook chuckled and let his fingers run through blonde, fluffy hair, ”Yep! Watch me call Namjoon as soon as we wake up tomorrow.”

Jimin squealed and hugged Jungkook tightly, ”I’m going to tell Tae when he comes home and he’s going to be so happy for us!”

”My first boyfriend” Jimin whispered and captured Jungkook’s lips, ”My first and the only one I will ever have.”

”Mmh, that’s me” Jungkook whispered and grabbed Jimin’s waist to put him on top of himself again.

Jimin giggled and straddled the younger before leaning his forearms on either side of Jungkook’s head, ”You like me on top, hm?”

Jungkook chuckled and nodded, ”Love when you’re over me. You’re so small and cute and you fit so perfectly on me like this, don’t you think?”

”I do. And I just realized how much I miss riding you” Jimin said with blushing cheeks and grinning lips.

”You should do that right away. It’s not good for your health if you don’t ride cock on a weakly basis.”

”Oh my god” Jimin giggled and shook his head, ”don’t say that.”

”You started it” Jungkook winked while his hands roamed over Jimin’s soft, naked skin.

”Is this how it’s going to be, being your boyfriend?”

”Pretty much, yes.”

”Perfect” Jimin sighed pleased and gave Jungkook a hard kiss before he scooted down a little so he could put his ear against Jungkook's heart, one of the younger’s hands coming to play with his hair while the other stayed on the small of his back.




”Your heartbeats. They speak to me.”

Jungkook was quiet for a moment before he hummed and continued to twirl Jimin’s hair around his fingers, ”What do they tell you?”

”You don’t know?” Jimin asked and put his chin on Jungkook’s chest so he could look up at the younger.

”Of course I do” Jungkook whispered and grabbed the blonde under his arms to pull him up so that their lips could touch, ”I just… didn’t know you could hear it.”

”But I can” Jimin said quietly against Jungkook’s lips, ”Hey… don’t be nervous.”

”I’m sorry” Jungkook mumbled, ”I want to tell you but—”

”Ssh, don’t stress” Jimin smiled and reassured Jungkook with lazy kisses that the latter immediately answered, ”Let’s say it later.”

Jungkook agreed and relaxed to his boyfriend’s soothing touches and wet lips until the both of them fell asleep, Jimin on top of Jungkook and Jungkook with his lips parted like he didn’t want to miss more of the blonde’s kisses.



Chapter Text




”Kook-ah… wake up…”


Jimin giggled and helped Jungkook to push his black, messy hair away from his eyes as they blinked open.

Brown, innocent eyes looked back at him as a smile slowly grew on Jungkook’s lips.

”Kitten” Jungkook whispered as his eyes landed on Jimin’s alert eyes, plush lips and silver choker.

Jimin giggled as he was brought against Jungkook’s chest by the younger’s strong and safe arms.

”Boyfriend” Jungkook whispered and kissed Jimin like they hadn’t kissed for ages, although they both had woken up several times during the night just to kiss each other and whisper soft words before falling asleep again.

”Boyfriend” Jimin whispered out of breath before he closed his eyes as Jungkook started trailing kisses down his neck and shoulder.

”You truly make me the happiest” Jungkook whispered as he came back to Jimin’s lips, ”Please never change. Please be this Jimin all your life.”

”I promise” Jimin reassured and kissed soft lips, ”As long as you stay with me.”

Jungkook hummed and caressed the older’s thigh that was slung over his waist, ”Always.”

”Do you mean that?” Jimin wondered while playing with black locks.

”Of course I do. I mean everything” Jungkook whispered and slid his lips over Jimin’s, ”every word. I’m taking this serious. All of this. I want you, Jimin. I want us to spend our lives together. I want to be your boyfriend today and forever. I want to live with you. In my house or another house. I want to go to sleep beside you and wake up beside you. I want to take care of you. Watch you graduate from university, get a job or whatever you want to do. I want to see you follow your dreams and I want to be there with you. Everyday. You and me and our dreams.”

Jimin sniffled and buried his face in Jungkook’s neck to calm himself with the younger’s scent he loved so much, ”You can’t say stuff like this!”

Jungkook chuckled and grabbed Jimin so he was laying on top of him, just how they liked it.

”I can and I will” Jungkook reassured while caressing Jimin’s back, ”Being my boyfriend means listening to me being all awkward and dreamy. You should probably know that I love to plan things, so get ready for a lot of plans.”

”I love your plans” Jimin mumbled from where he was hiding against the younger’s neck.

Jungkook hummed and closed his eyes, loving the feather light kisses he was receiving below his ear, ”Let’s follow them, shall we?”

”Oh yes, most definitely.”

”Perfect” Jungkook whispered with a content sigh, his heart almost beating out of his chest.

”Yes you are” Jimin said and came out form his hiding place to surprise Jungkook’s smiling lips with kisses.





Jimin burst out in giggles and poured up coffee in two cups as he called back, ”Yes darling?”

”Have you seen my shirt?”

Jimin giggled playfully as he looked down at the shirt he was wearing, ”No, not since yesterday!”

Well it’s gone! I can’t fine it anywhere! Do I really have to call Mr Choi and ask him to come over with—

Jungkook sighed as his eyes landed on Jimin who was looking at him with a mischievous grin.

”What?” Jimin asked and tried to look innocent while taking in the sight of Jungkook who was only dressed in his slacks, his black hair still damp from their shared shower.

”Don’t play cute with me” Jungkook smirked and grabbed Jimin to turn him around before he pressed him against the counter, a loud gasp leaving the blonde’s lips.

”What a pity that I’m in a hurry” Jungkook whispered in Jimin’s ear while moving his hand up the back of the latter’s thigh until he reached his perfect ass, ”or else I would have fucked you right here and now.”

Jimin let out a shaky moan as Jungkook let his fingers find their way under his underwear, his fingernails gracing his soft skin.


”No” Jungkook whispered and nibbled at Jimin’s neck while his fingers pinched meaty flesh.

”N-No?” Jimin whined and tried to turn around, an attempt that immediately failed due to stronger arms and a weak will.

”Come to my place tonight. I’m home at 8. And I’ll give you everything you want.”

”Jungkook!” Jimin complained, ”I can’t wait till tonight! I wan’t you now!”

Jungkook chuckled and turned Jimin around, only to be met with a frown and the cutest of stubborn pouts.

”Aww, don’t be like that little kitten” Jungkook smiled and put a finger under the silver choker to bring Jimin’s head closer before kissing him hard, causing Jimin’s knees to go impossibly weak.

”Be a good baby and wait for me” Jungkook murmured while he began to unbutton his dress shirt Jimin was wearing.

Jimin smiled shyly as he shrugged out off the shirt and gave it to Jungkook who grabbed it with one hand while his other came to the back of Jimin’s neck to bring him in for a kiss.

”You’re crazy, Jimin, absolutely crazy.”

”Mmh… but I’m yours, so that makes you crazy as well” Jimin whispered while his hands roamed over toned muscles and beautiful skin.

”True” Jungkook whispered back in his husky voice, ”I’m crazy for you.”

”Don’t ever change” Jimin begged softly while cupping Jungkook’s cheeks, ”I love you like this.”

”How?” Jungkook asked as he softened and gave one of Jimin’s hands a kiss.

”Honest. And happy. Close to your feelings. True to yourself. And us.”

Jungkook hummed and looked into the blonde’s beautiful, calm eyes, ”I promise.”

”Forever” Jimin said and got up on his tippy toes to kiss Jungkook.

”Forever” Jungkook managed to reply with a smile between Jimin’s kisses.



”Noo” Jimin whined as Jungkook pulled back, ”Don’t got to work today. Stay here and drink cold coffee and watch tv with me.”

”Can’t” Jungkook sighed and kissed Jimin’s forehead before he quickly buttoned his shirt. He rolled his sleeves up and remembered something.

”My wristwatch” Jungkook mumbled thoughtfully before he looked at Jimin, ”Did you take that as well?”

”No” Jimin giggled and shook his head while putting his coffee in the microwave, ”I might need money and I might like gold, but I’m not that desperate.”

Jungkook chuckled and hugged Jimin from behind, ”I still want to buy you more jewelry, though.”

Jimin tilted his head and let Jungkook kiss his neck, ”Kook-ah?”


”We still need a new dishwasher” Jimin whispered cutely and giggled as Jungkook sighed and spanked his ass playfully.

”I’ll think about it.”

Jimin sipped on his now hot coffee while Jungkook went to grab is watch from the nightstand.

”Want me to pick you up after work?”

”Yeah, sure” Jimin nodded and looked at Jungkook who had stopped by the arch to the kitchen.

”Okay, good. Either I’ll come around here or I’ll send Mr Choi to pick up you. I’m sorry, but I really gotta go.”

Jimin blew Jungkook a kiss and giggled as the younger blew him a kiss back before hurrying to the front door.

”See you later boyfriend!”

”See you later bunny boy!”

”I hate you!”

Jimin burst out in laughter and wiped his mouth from coffee, ”I hate you too! Have an awful day at work!”

”I will! Bye!”



Jimin skipped over to his bedroom and grabbed his phone before he flopped down onto the bed to text Tae.


To: Taetae

When are you coming home???

I have a million things to tell you!!! XD XD



From: Taetae


I’m so curious!!!! What happened???

I’m waiting for Jinnie to get off work and

then I’m getting fucked and then I’m coming home!



Jimin rolled his eyes but couldn’t help not to smile for his best friend.

And for himself.

Jimin decided to text Jungkook even though he knew the latter was unable to answer.

Just because he felt so happy.

Just because he already missed him.


To: Boyfriend

Thinking of you





Jungkook stood looking out at the great city from the panorama window in his new office.

He put his hands in his pockets and let his eyes travel over sky scrapers, green parks and the river that divided the city into two halves.

He was completely lost in thoughts of blonde hair and blushing cheeks as his secretary knocked on his door.


”Mr Jeon…”

Jungkook sighed and turned around to look at his secretary who seemed stressed and slightly panicking.


The woman cleared her throat and took a nervous step closer to the two leather armchairs that faced Jungkook’s desk, ”The meeting you have with our new partners, at 3 o’clock…”

”Yes?” Jungkook sighed as he could already tell where this was going.

”I’m so sorry, but it seems like there have been a m-misunderstanding and—”


”Y-Yes. And so they will not be here until much later and—”


”8 o’clock, sir.”

”I’m leaving 7:30.”

”B-But they—”

Jungkook shrugged his shoulders and turned around to look out over the city again.

”Tell them it’s 3 o’clock or I will find someone else to make the deal with.”

”But the meeting will not take long” the secretary explained, ”You will only leave here an hour later than—”

”I can’t” Jungkook smiled as he turned around again, ”I have other, much more important matters at hand. Tell them that the meeting is at 3 and if they can’t make it, then it’s bye bye. And by the way; from now on I’m going to leave at… let’s say… 5 every day. Just so you know.”

The secretary gulped and shook her head while searching for clues that her boss was joking, ”5?!”

”Yep” Jungkook grinned and crossed his arms as he leaned his back against the window, ”Maybe you should write that up.”

”You cannot be—”

”Serious? Oh yes, I am. And I’m your boss so I decide, and I decide that this is how it’s going to be. And can you bring me some coffee?”

The secretary frowned and turned on her heal without a word.

Jungkook chuckled and sat down behind his desk to check his computer when he saw his phone indicating a missed call or text.


From: Kitten

Thinking of you



Jungkook stared at the text, reading it over and over again until the screen turned dark.

His Jimin.

His boyfriend.

A sudden wave of longing for the blonde caused him to forget all about work.

All about everything that wasn’t Jimin.


To: Kitten

I’m thinking about you, too.

I wish I could have stayed with you this morning.

I can’t wait to hold you in my arms again. Kiss you.

Make love with you, like last night.

And just be with you, my boyfriend.

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤



From: Kitten

I want that!!!!

Please hurry to pick me up!!!

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤



To: Kitten

I promise 

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤




Jimin sang along to the song he had been listening to for at least an hour now. It was the song he had got yesterday from his friends, with Hoseok’s vocals.

It was such a beautiful song, and even though the lyrics were of happy words and emotions, he couldn’t help not to cry a couple of tears.

Because he really had the most amazing and sweetest friends in the world.

And the best boyfriend he could ever wish for.


It felt a little strange when he looked at his wrists.

How incredibly bad he had felt back then and what a struggle it had been.

But then he had met Tae and Yoongi. And it was somewhere after that, that his life took a turn.

A turn with help and true friendship.

It was long ago, but it sometimes felt like yesterday.



Jimin looked up and saw Tae standing beside his door, looking stressed and worried.

”Jimin what happened?” Tae asked in a hurry as he quickly went over to sit beside the older on the bed where he grabbed Jimin’s arms, ”Open your—”

”Tae” Jimin smiled through his tears, ”It’s not like that, calm down. I’m fine, I promise.”

Tae looked up and studied Jimin’s tears and but was so confused as he realized that Jimin was smiling as well.

”But you were crying and looking at-”

”I was listening to the song I got yesterday and I became all emotional, you know how I am” Jimin explained and wrapped his arms around Tae to calm him, ”I’m perfectly fine! I promise! Please breathe or something!”

Tae sighed and hugged Jimin tightly while burying his nose in his blonde hair, ”I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have panicked like that. I’m sorry if I scared you. It’s an old habit. That I should let go of, I know. But you know how I am.”

”I know” Jimin whispered and pulled back to cup Tae’s cheeks to meet his eyes, ”And I’m so grateful to have you as my best friend again. I love you.”

”I love you too” Tae smiled and grabbed Jimin before he fell to the side, causing the older to follow him with a giggle.

”So, tell me, what it was that you—”

”What’s that?” Jimin cut off and furrowed his eyebrows as he studied Tae.

”What’s what?”

”In your mouth. Are you shewing on a gum?”

Tae giggled and stuck out his tongue for Jimin to see.

”What have you done?!” Jimin exclaimed and sat up, ”Taehyung! Take it out!”

”Take it easy, it’s just a piercing” Tae laughed and sat up before he shook his head and stuck out his tongue again.

”Ugh, put that away” Jimin complained and covered his eyes with his hand, ”I don’t want to see it and I don’t want to know anything about it!”

”What? You don’t want to know how I suck Jin’s cock and—”

”Oh my god!” Jimin yelled grabbed his pillow to push it in Tae’s face, ”Don’t tell me things like that!”

Tae was laughing so much that tears ran down his cheeks as he grabbed the pillow to toss it at Jimin’s face, ”No need to freak out, I haven’t done anything like that. Yet. It have to heal properly first.”

”First?” Jimin asked with a sigh but was only receive with a wink and Tae licking his lips.

”So you just decided to pierce your tongue instead of having breakfast this morning?”

”Nope” Tae said and laid down on the bed while watching Jimin do the same, ”Last night, when Jin was going to drive the others home, we all stopped and had some burgers. And just across the street from the restaurant, there was this tattoo place and—”

”Sounds like the perfect place and like everything was clean and all. Wouldn’t surprise me if your tongue will turn black and fall off any second now.”

”Hey!” Tae giggle and pushed at Jimin’s shoulder so he fell form his side to his back, ”It was a legit place, I swear! I won’t mind going back to get a tattoo once I get some money.”

”Will you get my name on your forehead?” Jimin asked and fluttered his eyelashes.

”You mean loser?”

”I mean soulmate.”

”Ah, that’s pretty cute actually. Might tattoo it on my—”

”Are you gonna say something naughty?” Jimin wondered and gave Tae a look of warning.


”Gosh, you’re the worst” Jimin sighed and kicked Tae’s leg with his foot, ”I can’t believe I’ve lived with you for three years without going completely insane.”

”Aww, but you love me” Tae giggled and wrapped his arm around Jimin’s waist.

”True” Jimin said softly and put his hand in Tae’s hair, ”Soulmates forever?”

”Forever” Tae smiled and took Jimin’s hand that was resting between them, their fingers immediately intertwining.

”So, tell me all the million things you wanted to tell me.”

Jimin blushed and smiled brightly while squeezing Tae’s hand, as if he needed something to hold on to while speaking of the happiness that almost made him dizzy.

”So uhm, we’re boyfriends now.”

Tae’s eyes widened and his mouth fell open, ”Boyfriends?! You and Jungkook?!”

”Yes, of course” Jimin laughed.

”Oh Min, congratulations! Oh my god! I’m so happy for you! Oh Minnie!”

Jimin laughed even more as Tae threw himself on him to hug him tightly.

”My soulmate has a boyfriend! And he’s happy! You have no idea how happy it makes me as well!”

”You have a boyfriend” Tae added and grabbed Jimin’s narrow shoulder while looking deep into his eyes, ”How does it feel?”

”Amazing” Jimin giggled and looked up at his best friend, ”I feel alive. It’s the most amazing feeling in the world.”

”Did he say that he love you?” Tae wondered and looked at Jimin while smiling ear to ear.

”Well, not exactly but—”

”Don’t you worry” Tae interrupted and shook his head, ”Something tells me it will take him five hundred years to say it.”

”Five hundred years” Jimin sighed and bit down on his lower lip while thinking, ”I should probably go and ask a vampire to turn me then?”

”Good idea!” Tae nodded and climbed off the bed before checking his tongue in Jimin’s small mirror, ”In the meantime, I’m going to watch Mr Handsome’s new drama.”

”It’s running now?” Jimin asked and sat up to look at Tae a little stressed.

”What?” Tae chuckled, ”I thought you were over him. Wasn’t that what you said? That Jungkook is the only handsome man you need?”

”Very true” Jimin nodded and got up from his bed, ”But I’m a good friend and I was thinking that maybe you need some moral support while watching?”

”Ah” Tae smiled and grabbed Jimin’s hand as they started walking out to the living room, ”That’s very thoughtful of you. It’s always good to have a friend near in case I would faint from—”

”What the…”

Tae furrowed his eyebrows as the screen suddenly went black after just having started the tv. A worrying sound could be heard from the old tv before he little light went out as well, indicating that it didn’t have any power.

”The the power—”

”Nope” Jimin sighed and looked up at the lamp in the ceiling that was giving off a bright light as always, ”It’s dead.”

”But I’m never going to afford a new tv” Tae whispered and stared at the black screen, hoping that it would turn on by itself if he just stared long enough.

”Me neither” Jimin sighed and slumped down in the old armchair.

”We could call Jin and go to his place but he’s at work for two more hours and I don’t have a key to his place yet.”

”Maybe I can ask Jungkook” Jimin said and brought out his phone.

”Yes” Tae nodded quickly and looked at Jimin, ”Do it! You’re boyfriends! And he’s so whipped for you, I’m sure he’s going to say yes!”

Jimin giggled at Tae’s eagerness while he started typing a text.


To: Boyfriend

My tv is dead :( :(

And we were just going to watch a drama :( :(

What to do…


”He might not be able to answer” Jimin said and drummed his fingers against the armrest, ”What’s our plan b?”

”Plan b? Plan b… hmm… to call him instead?”

”I don’t know… what if I disturb him?”

”Then he won’t pick up” Tae said and shrugged his shoulders.

”Mh, I guess” Jimin nodded and was just about to call the younger when he received an answer.


From: Boyfriend

Take Tae with you to my place.

I’ll call Mr Choi and let him know that you’re coming by.

I’ll be there at 8. Wait for me


”What did he say?” Tae asked and peeked over Jimin’s shoulder, ”Oh my god he sent you a red hear! That’s so cute! But also; let’s go! We have fifteen minutes and the metro takes?”

”Fifteen” Jimin giggled and hurried up to run to the hallway beside Tae.

”No time to waste!” Tae said after stepping into his black boots, ”Jump up!”

Jimin giggled and grabbed his shoes, ”Wait, I jus need to—”

”No time! Hurry! Get up on my back and I’ll carry you!”

Jimin laughed as he quickly got up on Tae’s back, the younger immediately carried him out thought the door which he slammed shut with his foot before locking it.

”You can’t be serious!” Jimin laughed and hit Tae’s arm weakly, ”I need my shoes!”

”You need to stop fussing and enjoy the free ride” Tae replied while joining Jimin in his laughter, ”We used to do stuff like this all the time back when it was you and me against the horrible, fucked up world.”

”The world isn’t horrible any longer though” Jimin whispered and nuzzled a little against the back of Tae’s neck.

”I know” Tae agreed and hurried out through the big doors and out onto the street, ”The world is fucking amazing but you’re still very slow.”

Jimin giggled as the wind caught their hair and the cold autumn air turned their cheeks red.

”I’ve missed you liked this” Jimin confessed against Tae’s ear.

”I’ve missed you too” Tae replied and turned his head a little, ”But you’ve gotten a little heavy. You’re not already pregnant, are you?”

”Oh my god!” Jimin exclaimed with blushing cheeks and hit Tae’s shoulders, ”What’s wrong with you?!”

Tae chuckled and started walking down the steps to the metro with Jimin on his back, ”I’m just back to teasing you, you know how much I like to that.”

”I know” Jimin sighed and put his hands in Tae’s hair to try out different hairstyles while they waited for the next train, ”I’m happy that you’re back to your old happy, care free self.”

”Are you worried that Jungkook will think I’m weird?”

”No” Jimin giggled and tried to make Tae’s blue hair stand up like two horns, ”I’m pretty sure he can tolerate a bit of… us being us.”

”Then what’s bothering you?” Tae asked and tilted his head back so he could see Jimin.

”I’m just thinking about how much of us we have missed because of silly things like a certain you falling in love with a certain me.”

”Ah, that little thing” Tae began with a reassuring smile, ”Consider yourself unloved and evicted from that place in my heart. It got a new tenant.”


”Yeah” Tae smiled and chuckled as Jimin squealed and kissed his forehead before straighten his neck again.

”I’m so happy for you” Jimin whispered and put his chin on Tae’s shoulder, ”I think that we’re going to be very happy with them, and each other.”

”Yeah, me too. In fact, I’m sure of it.”



Chapter Text





”Mr Jimin” Jimin grinned from where he still was on Tae’s back, ”And this is Mr Tae.”

”Very well” Mr Choi said and stepped to the side to let them inside.

”Holy fuck” Tae whispered in awe as his eyes landed on the huge chandelier up in the high ceiling, the many beautiful pantings, the black staircase that led up to the second floor and the polished flooring that you could see your reflection in.

”Please” Mr Choi said and gestured towards the shoe rack.

”Ah, shit, sure” Tae replied and put Jimin down before he took off his boots as gracefully as he could, causing a laughter to escape Jimin’s lips.

”Mr Jeon told me—”

”Mr Jeon” Tae snickered and winked at Jimin, ”That’s what you call him when—”

Mr Choi cleared his throat with exaggeration and looked at Tae with a slight irritation in his eyes, ”Mr Jeon told me you would be coming by. Mr Jeon himself will arrive within two hours.”

”If you may” Mr Choi added and gestured towards the living room.

”Cool” Tae nodded and began to head towards the room before Jimin grabbed his arm to stop him in his tracks.

”On a second thought” Jimin said with a cheeky grin and glanced at the second floor, ”We’re taking the bedroom instead.”

Mr Choi raised his eyebrows with a flustered look on his face, ”Y-You are what?”

Jimin giggled and pulled Tae with him up the stairs, ”No worries, Mr Choi! I’m sure my boyfriend won’t mind.”


”Damn” Tae said as his eyes travel over the bedroom, ”This is what I call a bedroom! Damn… look at this bed! I mean, come on! Is he secretly a prince or something? This isn’t a bedroom, this is a palace!”

Jimin giggled at his best friend and jumped up on the bed, ”Come! It’s super comfy and cosy!”

Tae shrugged out of his black leather jacket and joined Jimin on bed.

”I could live here” Tae sighed and flopped down on the mattress, ”Wow… why are you even at our place when you could be living here? I mean, if I were you, I would sleep here every night and then just sort of happen to move in and never go back to our place again.”

”Wouldn’t you miss me thought?” Jimin asked and snuggled up to Tae.

”I would. But I would also be happy that at least one of us got away from our hell hole” Tae whispered and put his hand on Jimin’s cheek.

”I’m going to stay there as long as you’re there. I’m not going to leave you like that. And how are you going to afford the rent without me?”

”Can’t afford rent now either” Tae chuckled and patted Jimin’s cheek before he rolled around and grabbed the tv remote from the nightstand, ”Did you know that your boyfriend has a flower on his nightstand?”

”He what?” Jimin asked and sat up. He pushed his glasses further up on his nose and looked at the little table where his eyes immediately landed on the blue little flower he had given to Jungkook in the park.

”Oh my god” Jimin cooed and hugged himself, ”He’s such a romantic!”

Tae chuckled and put the remote in Jimin’s hand, ”Here, I can’t find the channel.”


”Jinnie texted” Tae said and looked up from his phone.

”Yeah?” Jimin said while staring at the tv with his mouth open.

”I was wondering… do you think it’s okay if he comes here? I miss him but I don’t wanna leave you or this bed.”

”I can call and ask” Jimin said as he managed to take his eyes off the main character on the screen.

”I don’t think he will pick up” Jimin said and as they sat hovered over Jimin’s phone, listening to the tone.

”You have reached Mr Jeon’s office, how my I help you?”

Jimin looked up at Tae who cleared his throat before he spoke.

”Yes, this is Mr Kim from the department of uh, affairs.”

”Department of affairs?”

Jimin giggled and was immediately hushed by Tae who put his hand over his mouth.

”Yes, that is correct. Now can you put me through to Mr Jeon?”

”I am sorry, but Mr Jeon is currently—”

”I have some very urgent news to tell him. It concerns the new release and it cannot wait. It is very important that I tell him these news before he signs that… uh, deal. You know.”

”Hold on and I will put you through to Mr Jeon immediately.”

”Yes!” Tae whispered and gave Jimin a high five.

It didn’t take more than three seconds before they heard Jungkook’s voice.

”Yes” Jungkook said with irritation obvious in his voice.

”Kook-ah, it’s me!” Jimin smiled as he spoke, ”and Tae! We’re at your, place waiting for you.”

”Jimin?” Jungkook asked with a gulp, his voice more nervous than anything else.

”Yes! Hi! We’re wondering if we can invite Jinnie to come over as well… Tae misses him but he doesn’t want to leave your bed.”

Tae snickered behind his hand as he realized how it must sound.

”Yes, that’s all good. Listen, you’re on the—”

”One more thing” Jimin giggled and licked his lips before putting on his cutest voice possible, ”Can we ask Mr Choi for some candy? And maybe something to drink? We’ll promise to behave and not make the bed dirty.”

Tae winked at Jimin who was blushing and waiting for Jungkook to answer.

But all there was, was just silence except for what sounded like coughing and the clearing of someone’s throat. 

Those sounds did not belong to Jungkook.

”I’m in a meeting” Jungkook suddenly said with a long sigh, ”and you’re on the speaker.”

Jimin gulped and looked up from his phone to look at Tae who burst out in a loud laughter while he fell sideways on the bed.

”Oh m-my god” Jimin whispered and shook his head, ”I’m s-s sorry I—”

”The answer is yes. I’ll see you in an hour. And uhm, don’t call again.”

”I promise, I’m—”

”Bye, Mr Park.”

”Bye, Mr Jeon.”


”This was the funniest shit ever!”

Jimin threw the phone beside them on the bed before he covered his face with his hands, ”So embarrassing!”

”No, come one” Tae chuckled and grabbed Jimin’s hands after sending Jin a text, ”It’s not that bad, really. It could have been worse.”

”No” Jimin said and shook his head with red cheeks, ”I most definitely couldn’t.”

”We can only laugh at it now anyway. Come” Tae grabbed Jimin’s hand a pulled him down from the bed, ”Let’s get that candy.”

”Mr Choi!” Jimin called from the top of the staircase.

”Yes, Mr Jimin?” came the man’s voice from down below before he came into view.

”Do we have any candy?”

”Yes, Mr Jimin. Would you like some?”

”Yes! As much as can fit in those large glass bowls. And do we have chocolate as well?”

”Yes” the man nodded, ”Would you like some of that as well?”

”Yes! At least two boxes!”

”Something to drink?” Tae whispered beside him.

”One more thing; do we have champagne?”

”Yes we do. What kind would you like?”

”What kind?” Jimin whispered and looked at Tae, having no idea what to reply.

”The uh… good one?” Tae whispered and shrugged his shoulders.

”The good one!” Jimin called down, ”Did you get all that?”

”Yes, Mr Jimin, I will bring it up immediately.”

”Thank you, Mr Choi!”

Jimin and Tae giggled as they went back to the bed where they made themselves comfortable while searching for something else to watch as the drama had ended during their talk with Jungkook.




”Mr?” Jin asked and looked at the man dressed in a suit and polished shoes.

”Your name, sir” the man replied with a small sigh.

”Jin” Jin said and smiled, ”I’m friends with both Jungkook and Jimin.”

”And Tae’s my lover” Jin added with a wink.

”Very well, Mr Jin. You are most welcome. The others are waiting for you upstairs, in the master bedroom. First room to your right.”

Jin took off his shoes and looked around the enormous hallway.

”Wow…” Jin whispered in awe before he looked over at Mr Choi, ”I feel like I’m in that drama where the poor student meets a wealthy—”

”Jinnie! Where up here!”

”Oh, duty calls” Jin giggled and left the man speechless while he hurried up the stairs and into the bedroom where his eyes landed on Tae and Jimin on a huge bed with black satin bedsheets.

”What in the world” Jin laughed and took in the sight of champagne glasses and bottles, huge glass bowls with candy, scattered chocolate boxes and even plates with fresh fruit.

”Jinnie” Tae said and grabbed Jin’s arm to pull him up on the bed, ”I’ve missed you.”

Jin answered Tae’s kisses and hugged him tightly before they broke away.

”What kind of nice dimension did I enter on my way here?” Jin chuckled and grabbed a handful of candy.

”The best” Jimin smiled and handed Jin a glass of champagne, ”We’re watching a movie.”

”You mean you’re getting drunk?”

And watching a movie” Jimin corrected with a grin.



Jungkook stepped inside the hallway and was immediately met with laughter and chatter coming from upstairs.

And how utterly weird that was.

To come home and hear voices from one of his rooms.

To know that someone was home, waiting for him.

And that that someone was Jimin.


Jungkook took off his shoes with a warm feeling blossoming in his chest, his heart beating a little faster.

”Welcome home, Mr Jeon” Mr Choi said a little tiredly, ”Mr Jimin and the others are upstairs, in the master bedroom, sir.”

”Sounds like a bad porno” Hoseok said with a snicker.

”Ah shut it” Yoongi muttered and hit Hoseok’s shoulder weakly.

”Easy” Namjoon sighed and grabbed Yoongi’s hand and Hoseok’s hand in his other, ”Let’s try and behave for a least a minute, okay?”

Jungkook smiled a a little amused and started heading up the stairs with the other three following close behind.

”That will be all, Mr Choi. Thank you for today.”

”Thank you, Mr Jeon.”


Jungkook entered his bedroom and was met with the three laughing boys, empty champagne glasses and a bed full of candy and—

”Boyfriend!” Jimin exclaimed and hurried down from the bed. He jumped up on Jungkook and wrapped his legs around his waist while kissing him hard on the lips.

”Boyfriend” Jungkook chuckled and placed his hands under Jimin’s thighs before answering more of the blonde’s deep and lazy kisses that tasted like champagne and sugar.

”You’ve never told us that he lives in palace” Hoseok said and looked at Namjoon.

”Palace?” Yoongi asked and glanced at Hoseok, ”You do know that palaces have—”

”Ssh” Namjoon whispered and kissed Yoongi’s lips, ”Relax… let him be, hm?”

Yoongi gulped and nodded, shy from Tae’s and Jin’s eyes on them.

Jungkook carried Jimin to the bed and put him down on the mattress before draping himself over him, without a care that they weren’t alone in the room. But then again, they were all getting used to see each other kissing their special someone.

”Drunk?” Jungkook asked and stole another kiss.

”No, just tipsy.”

”Mmh… I was afraid you had left before I heard your cute giggles” Jungkook whispered and let his lips slid over the older’s.

”Why?” Jimin asked confused before he caught Jungkook’s lip in a soft kiss.

”Your shoes… where are they?”

”Oh” Jimin giggled and put his hand in Jungkook’s black hair, ”I didn’t need them. Tae carried me all the way here.”

Jungkook raised his eyebrows, ”He carried you here, from your place?”

”Yep. On his back. We were in a hurry so I didn’t have time to put them on.”

”Wow” Jungkook chuckled and brushed his nose over Jimin’s cheek, ”You really are something.”


”Yes, baby?”

”I’m sorry for disturbing your meeting. I had no idea that someone else could hear us and I feel so ashamed.”

Jungkook hummed and let a hand caress Jimin’s forehead, ”It’s fine. Sort of. They signed the deal, so nothing bad happened. And it’s my secretary’s fault for letting your call pass on to me in the meeting room.”

”But I embarrassed you” Jimin whispered and looked into the younger’s doe eyes, ”I’m so sorry.”

”Ssh, don’t” Jungkook whispered back and started kissing Jimin again, ”It’s quite alright.”

”That cute voice you used though” Jungkook added with a smirk, ”almost caused the death of me.”

Jimin giggled and tucked Jungkook’s black hair back behind his ear.

”I like you” Jimin smiled with his voice full of honesty and warmth, ”or… you know what I mean.”

”I know” Jungkook reassured, ”I like you like that, too.”



”So I found Jimin listening to your song, crying his eyes out” Tae said from where he was sitting over Jin’s lap.

”You cried?” Hoseok asked and looked surprised at Jimin, ”But it’s such a happy song, Jiminie.”

”You know how I am, I can’t help it” Jimin blushed, ”But I absolutely loved the song, thank you so much, all of you.”

”Ah” Hoseok grinned and reached his hand out to ruffle Jimin’s blonde locks, ”You’re such a cry baby!”

Jimin giggled at his friend but was immediately pulled backwards and placed between Jungkook’s legs who then wrapped his arms around his back and held him close to his chest, ”Yes, but you’re my cry baby, right?”

Jimin hummed and turned his head so Jungkook could kiss him, ”Only yours.”

Hoseok rolled his eyes, ”No need to be jealous, Kook.”

”I got all I want right here” Hoseok added and leaned in to kiss Namjoon who answered his kisses that were just as playful as the younger’s personality.

”And what about or grumpy boy?” Namjoon whispered against Hoseok’s ear while his hand caressed his thigh.

”Ah, I’ve got you as well, of course” Hoseok chuckled and was just about to ruffle Yoongi’s hair when the latter caught his hand in the air and muttered a ’don’t you fucking dare’.

”Yikes” Hoseok laughed and pulled his hand back, ”Do I need to put you on a leash?”

”Hey!” Hoseok exclaimed as Yoongi threw himself over him with a frown and glare, ”I was just kidding okay?”

”Stupid—” Yoongi muttered but didn’t get a chance to finish his sentence before Hoseok rolled them around.

Hoseok smirked as he caught Yoongi off guard and managed to get the older under him and pin his arms to the mattress.

”Seok” Yoongi warned in a whisper and shook his head, ”Don’t—”

”Don’t what?” Hoseok whispered back and leaned down to brush his lips over Yoongi’s ear and piercings.

”N-Nothing” Yoongi gulped.

”Nothing? So I can kiss you then?”

Yoongi let out a quiet gasp and looked up at the younger with his cat eyes swimming with lust and his arms no longer trying to fight back.

”Look at him. He wants you to kiss him” Namjoon whispered to Hoseok while putting his fingers in Yoongi’s hair, ”Our pretty Yoongi.”

Yoongi blushed from the position, from Namjoon’s words and for all the eyes being on him.

But he loved it.


And when Hoseok captured his lips, he totally caved in and let go of his defense and stubborn pride.

He immediately answered the younger’s kisses and let himself fall pliant in his hold.

Namjoon watched with fond eyes as his lovers kissed each other with want, but also with a softness they all appreciated and that was a much needed change to how heated things would tend to get when they were alone.



”I fucking knew it!” Tae whispered and looked over at Jimin who was watching Yoongi and Hoseok with wide eyes and open mouth before he turned his head to look at Tae.

”What’s happening?” Jimin whispered and pointed at the lovers, ”How— what— when did—”

”I have no idea” Tae giggled and shook his head, ”Honestly, no idea!”

”Okay, this is getting damn weird” Jungkook mumbled and tightened his hold around Jimin’s waist before pressing a couple of light kisses on the back of the blonde’s neck, ”our friends are a second away from having sex in my bed.”

”Yep” Jimin giggled and turned around in Jungkook’s hold to instead straddle the younger, ”But we can’t interrupt them, can we?”

”Oh yes, we can” Jungkook chuckled and kissed Jimin’s lips, ”If I hear one more moan, they’re out of here.”



Hoseok kissed Yoongi a last time, his tongue inside the other’s mouth before he slowly pulled back and licked his wet lips.

He grinned and winked at Yoongi, just about to say something to playfully tease him, but his grin faltered as he took in the older’s expression.

Glossy catlike eyes that were like endless pools, relaxed and parted lips, a quiet whine.


Hoseok gulped and snapped his eyes up to Namjoon, ”Ops.”

”Oh dear…” Namjoon whispered, ”What do we do?”

Hoseok swallowed and looked back down at Yoongi who was looking back at him with begging eyes that were waiting for what usually would come.

”We have to take him home” Hoseok said before he leaned down to whisper something in Yoongi’s ear.

”What’s going on?” Jin asked and watched Namjoon grab Yoongi who immediately clung his legs and arms around him.

”Yoongi is tired and I have work tomorrow so we should probably head home” Namjoon said and got down from the bed with the older nuzzling against his neck.

”Well, I’m also working tomorrow” Jin sighed and hugged Tae closer, ”I should leave as well.”

”You sure?” Tae pouted and slumped his shoulders.

”Yeah, it’s already late and I need to get some sleep before work” Jin replied and kissed Tae’s pouting lips, ”I’ll call you tomorrow, okay honey?”

”Okay…” Tae sighed and kissed Jin’s lips a last time before the older reluctantly untangled himself.

”Goodnight” Jimin and Jungkook said and waved at their friends that were leaving, all while Tae sulked from being away from Jin.

”So uhm… that was… weird” Jungkook said and looked between the others.

”Yep” Jimin nodded and climbed off Jungkook’s lap so he could reach for the candy.

”Well, the more the merrier, I guess” Jungkook said and shrugged his shoulders.

”I’m happy for them” Tae voiced as he fell backwards to rest his head on Jungkook’s pillow.

”Me too” Jimin agreed and placed himself between Jungkook’s legs again so he could put candy in Tae’s mouth.

They stayed up like that for another hour; Jimin with his back against Jungkook’s chest and their hands intertwined, Tae almost falling asleep with Jungkook’s free hand in his hair.

And before they knew it, they were all asleep with the movie still running on the tv screen and the sun coming up to chase the darkness away.




Jungkook was slowly brought back from a couple of hours with sleep. But he still felt very tired, so he kept his eyes close while trying to go back to sleep.

Being half asleep, he could hear a low sigh and feel a body press close to his chest and an arm wrap around his waist before the room again fell quiet and still.

”Baby…” Jungkook whispered and let his hand travel down over shoulder blades and a back that was too broad to be Jimin's.

Jungkook snapped his eyes open and was met with blue hair and a black t-shirt.

”What the…”

Then there suddenly came a sweet giggle from behind him, so he turned onto his back and was immediately attacked with kisses from Jimin.

”Good morning, boyfriend” Jimin smiled and curled up against the younger’s side.

”Good morning, beautiful” Jungkook whispered and kissed Jimin’s forehead, ”Tae is on my other side. I thought he was you so I called him baby.”

Jimin smiled at Jungkook’s slightly blushing nose and nervous gaze.

”Don’t worry” Jimin whispered and leaned up to kiss Jungkook’s lips again, ”You didn’t know. And I don’t mind us cuddling. You’re his friend and I trust the both of you. It’s like I would cuddle with Jin, right? It’s nothing weird or wrong.”

”Just cosy” Jimin added and nuzzled against his boyfriend’s neck.

Jungkook hummed and continued to play with Tae’s hair while having his other hand firmly placed on the small of Jimin’s back.

They fell back to sleep for half an hour before they all woke up from Tae’s phone ringing.

”Tae… Taehyung…”


”Your phone” Jungkook mumbled, ”please answer before I throw the phone out though the window.”

Tae sighed tiredly and brought his phone out from the back pocket of his black jeans.

”It was Jinnie” Tae let know while reading a text on the bright screen with narrowed eyes, ”he wonders if I want to have lunch with him.”

”It’s already lunch time?” Jimin mumbled and snuggled even close to Jungkook.

”It’s one o’clock” Tae said and typed a reply before he put his phone away and leaned up on his elbow to look at the couple beside him, ”I gotta go so I don’t get late.”

”Say hi from us” Jimin whispered and reached his hand out to grab Tae’s and squeeze it gently.

”I will. Ugh, it looks so cosy, I wish I could bring Jin here again and just sleep like this with you guys again.”

”You can” Jungkook smiled, ”you’re always welcome over.” 

”Well, sort of always” Jungkook corrected and looked at Jimin while giving him a wink, causing a cute giggle to escape the blonde.

”I get it, I get” Tae chuckled and met Jungkook’s gaze.

They looked at each in silence for a moment before Tae leaned down to nuzzle his nose against Jungkook’s neck. He then hurried to climbed down the bed and put on his leather jacket that laid on the floor.

”See you around” Tae sang as he left the room and practically flew down the stairs in his mission to get to his Jinnie as soon as possible, missing him like crazy only though they had been apart for a couple of hours.



Jimin threw his head back as Jungkook’s fingernails dug into his soft waist.

Jimin had gone tired in his thighs and had ended up begging over and over again for Jungkook to help him, when the younger after what felt like an eternity finally had listened to his pleadings and begun to fuck up into him with a roughness that caused Jimin to see stars.

”So fucking beautiful…” Jungkook began between hard thrusts, ”my beautiful boyfriend.”

”Kook-ah” Jimin breathed out and shut his eyes tightly before a quiet scream left his lips.

”Come with me” Jungkook said out of breath as he slot their lips together and kissed Jimin hard through his muted screams.

Jimin started squirming and clawing at Jungkook’s back with one hand, while his other came down to stroke his leaking cock.

Without holding back, without even trying to prolong his orgasm, he came from a firm jab against his prostate by Jungkook’s hard cock. The feeling was so incredibly intense that he spilled and spilled until his warm cum dripped between his fingers and down onto Jungkook’s sweaty skin.

”J-Jimin” Jungkook stuttered as he released his seed deep in Jimin, his cock twitching in the process, causing more cum to gush out of Jimin’s flushed cock.

”Oh my god” Jimin whispered and looked at his dirty hand.

”Let me” Jungkook whispered and grabbed Jimin’s hand to bring it up to his lips, ”I’ve always wanted to taste you.”

Jimin gasped as Jungkook started licking his full palm and his wet fingers.

”Kook-ah” Jimin gulped and put his clean hand in the younger’s hair, ”you’re such a good boy.”

Jungkook stopped what he was doing, only to let out a quiet whimper from the words and the tug at his hair.

”Go on” Jimin whispered and pushed two fingers past Jungkook’s lips, ”make me clean.”

Jungkook eagerly complied and made sure Jimin’s hand was all clean before he looked at the latter, waiting for what to come next.

”Perfect” Jimin spoke quietly, ”you did amazing, my good boy.”

Jimin cupped Jungkook’s cheeks and kissed him until they both went a little dizzy.

”Carry me to the jacuzzi?” Jimin asked and nuzzled against Jungkook’s neck.

”Yeah…” Jungkook whispered as he tried to come back, ”just… give me a sec.”

Jimin giggled and wrapped his arms around Jungkook’s neck, ”Take it easy. We got plenty of time.”

”That we do” Jungkook nodded and hugged Jimin closer.



”Like this” Jungkook asked and parted his damp hair to tuck it back behind his ears, revealing his beautiful forehead.

”Or like this?” Jungkook added and shook his head so his hair fell over his temples and almost over his eyes.

”Like this” Jimin said and got up on tippy toes to put all of Jungkook’s hair in a little ponytail with his hand.

”Seriously?” Jungkook asked and searched the older’s eyes.

”Oh yes, most definitely” Jimin smiled and leaned a little to the side so Jungkook could see himself in the bathroom mirror.

”It’s not that bad actually” Jungkook said thoughtfully as he studied his reflection.

”It’s sexy” Jimin said and winked at Jungkook in the mirror before he let go of his hair that immediately fell down over his ears again, ”and this too. Please never cut it.”

”Promise” Jungkook replied and smiled as he grabbed Jimin and lifted him up from the floor.

”Hey” Jimin giggled, ”where are you taking me?”

”To the bed of course” Jungkook smirked and walked out of the bathroom to toss Jimin on the bed, a loud squeal leaving the blonde.

”I hate you!” Jimin complained with a laughter as Jungkook draped himself over him.

”Nah, you love me” Jungkook chuckled and was just about to kiss Jimin’s lips when he realized what he had said.

”I-I uh” Jungkook stuttered and gulped, ”I shouldn’t have—”

”It’s true” Jimin whispered and looked up at the younger with glossy eyes, ”I do. I love you, Jungkook. You know I do.”

Jungkook exhaled a nervous breath and relaxed as Jimin’s hand came up to caress his cheek.

His heart was beating like crazy and he didn’t know he was crying until he noticed his tears land on Jimin’s cheek.

”I love you, too” Jungkook confessed in a honest whisper, ”I’ve loved you for… I don’t know, my whole life?”

Jimin giggled and let go of his own tears that silently made their way down his cheeks. 

”I know” Jimin said between sniffles.

”How did you find out?” Jungkook asked and gulped as Jimin wiped away his tears for him.

”Your heartbeats told me” Jimin whispered and smiled through his tears, ”they told me a while back. And after that, every time I listen to your heartbeats, they tell me the exact thing over and over again. That you love me, deeply.”

”Jimin…” Jungkook said with an almost begging voice, ”I can’t explain how happy you make me. My Jimin. I love you.”

”I love you” Jimin managed to utter before he burst out in tears that ran like waterfalls down his face.

”Baby” Jungkook whispered and sat back so he could grab Jimin and put him in his lap where he held him tightly until their tears were gone and all that remained were their beating hearts and soft whispers of love and future.





”Wow, it’s beautiful here!” Jimin picked up a stone from the shore and threw out into the sea that laid like a mirror, causing the sea to look just like the heaven.

”Yeah, it is” Jungkook agreed as he wrapped his arms around Jimin and buried his nose in his neck.

”How did you find this place?”

”I drove past here a couple of weeks ago, because…”

Jungkook thought about the reason for taking this way to work instead, but couldn’t at all remember why.

Had he even known the reason back then?

”So strange” Jungkook whispered and looked out over the calm sea, ”I have no idea why I drove past here, but I did. And I saw this shore and thought that I would like to go here someday.”

”And now you brought me here” Jimin smiled and turned his head to receive a kiss, ”that’s so romantic of you.”

Jungkook chuckled and hummed before he gave Jimin another kiss.

”It feels so… weird” Jimin began and looked down at where the water almost reached their feet before he looked out at sea again, ”It feels like I’ve been here before. Like I know this place. Like it holds some sort of meaning.”

”I feel like that as well” Jungkook replied and hugged his boyfriend a little closer to his chest, ”But I get that feeling a lot when I’m with you. Things you say, little things you do, like I’ve experienced it before. It feels so… us, somehow.”

Jimin hummed and leaned his head back against Jungkook’s shoulder as the sun began to set, causing a warm light to make the water sparkle.

”I love you” Jungkook said softly.

”I love you” Jimin spoke just as softly, just as honest. He then turned around in the younger’s hold and wrapped his arms around the latter’s neck before getting up on tippy toes to kiss his boyfriend.

Jungkook smiled into the kisses and grabbed Jimin’s waist to lift him up from the ground and twirl around with the latter in his hold, causing Jimin to giggle with the wind in his hair and love in his eyes.

”You’re crazy” Jimin laughed and rested his forehead against Jungkook’s when the latter slowed down.

”Yeah, I am” Jungkook agreed with the brightest of smiles, ”for you. I’m crazy for you, my Jimin.”



Chapter Text

-Epilogue 1-



Jimin woke up from the alarm on his phone. He reached his arm out and turned it off while barely opening his eyes, before he sighed and turned to snuggle up against Jungkook’s back again.

”Kook-ah…” Jimin whispered and started trailing kisses along Jungkook’s shoulder and up his neck, ”wake up…”

”Mm, no…”

”No?” Jimin smiled and let his hand wander down over Jungkook’s waist and down to his hip.

Jungkook hummed approvingly as he noticed where Jimin’s hand was going.

”So you are awake?” Jimin whispered with a grin as he only brushed against Jungkook’s cock before he withdrew his hand again, ”No need to try and wake you up then.”

”But” Jungkook mumbled disappointedly as he turned around to face Jimin and show him the pout on his lips, ”I’m still tired. And I wouldn’t mind waking up a little more…”

”Cute” Jimin giggled and leaned in to kiss his boyfriend’s pout, ”But I’m afraid that we don’t have time.”

”I think we do” Jungkook whispered in a much more serious tone as he grabbed their duvet and threw it to the other side before he draped himself over Jimin.

”Jungkookie” Jimin whispered with blushing cheeks as his arms were being pinned to the mattress, ”W-We don’t have—”

”Skip your shower” Jungkook began and let his hard cock rub against Jimin’s, earning himself a breathy moan, ”and let me give you an orgasm before you leave instead.”

Jimin gulped and looked up into the world’s most beautiful eyes that were getting darker and darker with lust.

All that lust, all that eager that he could feel radiating from the younger’s warm, naked body, and he wanted to give.

Not receive.

But give.

It was such a Jungkook thing.

To worship and to praise.

To give and never ask for something.


”But what about you” Jimin whispered between soft moans caused by the delicious friction Jungkook was giving them.

”I don’t want to make you come too late to uni” Jungkook mumbled while trailing kisses from Jimin’s jaw and back to his ear, ”Please. Let me give you something nice, hm? Let me finger you.”

Jimin gasped and shut his eyes from both the pleasure of Jungkook’s hard cock rubbing against his, and the thought of having his fingers deep inside him.

”That sounds… nice” Jimin whispered while nodding eagerly, ”Very nice.”

”Okay” Jungkook chuckled and gave Jimin a wet kiss before he pulled back and reached for the lube in the drawer.

”How much? Do you want it messy or—”

”Messy” Jimin replied with blushing cheeks while averting his eyes.

”Messy it is” Jungkook grinned and poured a big amount of lube on his fingers, so much that he had to remember to buy a couple of more bottles.

Jimin let out an embarrassed whine as he pulled his legs up against his chest, still feeling shy under the intense stare of his boyfriend.

Jungkook gulped as he took in the sight of Jimin being naked and on display in front of him.

”Jungkookie?” Jimin whispered and closed his thighs, ”Don’t look too much.”

”Hm? Oh! I-I didn’t” Jungkook said innocently and shook his head, ”Or… maybe I did, but  you’re beautiful and—”

”Please, just—”

Jungkook nodded and leaned down to kiss Jimin’s knee while caressing his thigh with his clean hand.

Jimin spread his legs slowly while holding Jungkook’s gaze that had all the comfort he needed.

Jungkook shifted a little and leaned down on his forearm beside Jimin’s head, ”Breathe…”

Jimin hummed and relaxed as Jungkook circled a finger outside his hole before slowly pushing.

He exhaled in a moan as Jungkook pushed the finger as deep as he could, brushing only lightly against Jimin’s sweet spot.


”Good?” Jungkook asked with a pleased smile while he studied Jimin’s face.

”Mmh, s-so good” Jimin whispered and let his hands come up to caress Jungkook’s back while he spread his legs even further.

”One more?” Jungkook asked and teased a second finger against Jimin, letting the tip of the finger barely come inside before he pulled it back again.

”Yes and stop teasing me!” 

”Okay okay” Jungkook whispered with a smirk before he pulled out and put his two fingers together before entering Jimin again.

”Oh m-my god” Jimin whined and moved one of his hands up to fist Jungkook’s hair, ”S-So damn good.”

Jungkook hummed and started thrusting his fingers inside Jimin, and together with the heavy amount of lube it created a sound that seemed to turn them both on even more.

”You’re so wet for me, I love it” Jungkook murmured closed to Jimin’s ear, ”so warm and wet and open for me.”

”J-Jungkookie” Jimin whined and tugged at Jungkook’s hair, ”I— I want to come like this.”

”I know” Jungkook whispered softly and reassuringly, ”You can come when you want. But don’t touch yourself, okay? You know you always come more from my fingers only.”

Jimin sighed a little annoyed, but he knew that Jungkook was right.

Coming from his fingers only made him always come ten times harder than when he was touching himself at the same time.

Jimin whined as he forced himself to keep his fingers buried in Jungkook’s dark locks instead.


”Baby…” Jungkook whispered as Jimin’s moans turned higher and the latter’s hands suddenly flew to clutch the bedsheets instead.

Jungkook gulped from the sight of his boyfriend being so incredibly affected by the pleasure.

And knowing that it was because of him and totally under his control, caused his hard cock to twitch with excitement and pride.


But he also felt curiosity. 

Maybe he always had.

But now more than ever.


”Jimin” Jungkook whispered without slowing down, without even thinking about not continuing to keep Jimin on the edge.

”How does it feel?”

Jimin opened his eyes and looked up into Jungkook’s where lust and… something he couldn’t quite read were mixing together to create an intense, curious stare.

”Is it good?” Jungkook asked and leaned down to brush his lips over Jimin’s, ”It doesn’t hurt at all, right?”

”It’s p-perfect” Jimin managed to utter between his moans, ”so so good.”

Jungkook hummed and pulled his fingers out slowly, earning himself a confused look and a disappointed whine.

Jungkook then kissed Jimin in the same moment as he pushed the fingers in again, causing the blonde’s scream to muffle against his lips.


”Describe it for me” Jungkook said softly and stopped moving his hand to instead let the pads of his fingers massage Jimin’s walls.

”I don’t know” Jimin breathed out before his mouth fell open and he had to grab the bedsheets harder to keep himself from squirming too much.

”Does it feel the same as when I fuck you? Like when my cock is inside you or—”

”N-No” Jimin mumbled and shook his head before he had to moan aloud while looking into Jungkook’s eyes that glistened with what Jimin thought was something new.

Something he hadn’t quite seen in Jungkook’s eyes before.

”It’s impossible to explain” Jimin added while trying to answer the younger’s sudden curiosity even though he most of all wanted to moan and scream into the pillow, ”You have to experience it to know h-how it feels.” 

Jungkook swallowed nervously and stopped rubbing his fingertips against Jimin’s poor sweet spot.

”No!” Jimin sniffled with tears of pleasure in his eyes, ”Why did you— oh…”

Jimin’s eyes widened as he realized that Jungkook probably had taken his words a little too literally.


”I-I didn’t mean that you— that you— just that—”

Jungkook gulped and averted his eyes from Jimin while biting down on his bottom lip.

Jimin was breathing heavily while his heart drummed hard inside his chest from having been so close to his orgasm. He put a sweaty hand on Jungkook’s cheek to try to get the younger to look back at him so he could get a clear picture of what exactly was going on inside his boyfriend’s mind.

”Jungkookie” Jimin whispered and searched the other’s eyes, ”Tell me what you think about. You’re so quiet… did my words—”

”It’s just…” Jungkook began and sighed a little before he leaned down and buried his face against Jimin’s neck, ”it’s nothing…”

Jimin stared up at the ceiling while Jungkook started to move his fingers again, causing Jimin to hum approvingly while he let his hands come up to caress Jungkook’s warm back.

”I was just curious” Jungkook whispered before he kissed Jimin’s ear and leaned up on his forearm so he could look down at the blonde again, figuring that Jimin would just let his odd behavior go.

Jimin looked deep into his boyfriend’s eyes again, and as Jungkook held their gaze, he suddenly understood what it was he was seeing in the younger’s endless pools.


”Kook-ah?... Do you… are you curious about it because…”

Jungkook gulped and averted his eyes again.

But Jimin didn’t miss how Jungkook nodded before his cheeks turned red.

Jimin whispered an ’oh my god’ before he shut his eyes tightly as lewd pictures of Jungkook took over his mind completely.

And together with the wet sounds from the lube and Jungkook’s fingers thrusting so good inside him, he could feel his orgasm come closer with an incredible force.

He was going to come within seconds, and he was going to come hard.


”Jungkookie” Jimin whined and spread his legs even further, ”I’m s-so close— I’m not going to last— I’m going to—”

Jungkook smirked and kissed Jimin’s moaning lips before he sat back on his knees and put his free hand on Jimin’s thigh while thrusting his two fingers a little rougher, causing Jimin to whisper a scream and arch his back off the mattress.

”Come for your Jungkookie.”

Jimin sobbed and started tremble as a million new fantasies occupied his mind and caused him to feel almost too horny and too close to his orgasm to actually orgasm.

Then Jungkook suddenly pulled his fingers out and Jimin had no idea what was going on and in a confused second, he thought that Jungkook had changed his mind and was going to leave him on the edge.

But then Jungkook entered him with three fingers instead, and as he curled them to press against his sweet spot, Jimin came so hard and so suddenly that he choked on a moan and released his cum in long spurts that landed all over his tummy and chest.

Jungkook gasped at the beautiful sight and continued to massage Jimin while making sure that he had milked him dry of the last drop of cum before he slowly pulled out.

”My Jimin” Jungkook whispered and hurried to wipe his wet hand on the duvet he had thrown to the side before he grabbed a handful of wipes from the nightstand.

”J-Jungkookie” Jimin whispered and opened his eyes to see that the other was cleaning him.

With a last tremble in his body, he closed his eyes again and drifted off to the soft and caring touches.


”Jimin…” Jungkook whispered while carding his fingers through Jimin’s hair, ”baby… you have to wake up…”

”Jiminie” Jungkook smiled as the older blinked his eyes open and looked at him with tired eyes, ”You’re going to be late if you don’t leave within the next two minutes.”

Jimin sighed and closed his eyes before he snuggled even closer to Jungkook’s chest, seeking the warmth radiating from his boyfriend.

”I came so much.”

”Yes” Jungkook chuckled and put his hand under Jimin’s chin so he could lift his head and kiss the lips he loved so much, ”You did. And you did a real mess. I’ve never seen you release so much cum before.”

Jimin blushed and looked down while Jungkook smiled fondly at him.

”Don’t worry, you’re clean now” Jungkook reassured and kissed Jimin’s forehead.



Jimin looked up and met the younger’s waiting gaze and warm smile.

”What you said…”

”Oh…” Jungkook breathed out before he cleared his throat, ”That thing.”

Jimin blushed along with Jungkook’s cheeks turning red and suddenly Jimin didn’t know if now was the time or not.

But on the other hand, communication was important and he had to know if he had understood Jungkook right or not.


”What you—”

”I was just—”


Jimin smiled and moved his hand up to caress Jungkook’s blushing cheek, ”Don’t be shy to talk to me about it.”

Jungkook sighed and nodded slowly before he gathered his courage and looked into Jimin’s eyes, ”It’s just that… you look so… it’s seems to be nice.”

”It is nice” Jimin smiled and nodded, ”It’s not what everyone likes, but I really do. And if you ever want us to try, I would do my very best to keep you comfortable and safe. And if you happen to like it, then that’s amazing. And if you don’t, then we do something completely different instead.”

”Just so you know” Jimin added and kissed Jungkook’s lips softly.

”Well…” Jungkook began with a growing smile, ”Now I only want it more.”

”Yeah?” Jimin giggled and put his hand in Jungkook’s dark locks, ”That’s nice.”

”Mmh” Jungkook agreed and leaned in to capture Jimin’s lips again, ”Soon?”

”Whenever you want to” Jimin replied in a whisper before they deepened their kisses.

Jungkook hummed pleased and put an arm around Jimin to hold him in a tight and secure hold while they kissed passionately for another minute, the both of them relishing in their love that only seemed to grow stronger with every heartbeat.




”A little help?” Jimin asked as he walked to the table while balancing too many and too heavy books in his hold.

”Help is here” Tae said and got up from his seat to begin with lifting the book on the top and place it on the table.

”Hi there” Tae chuckled as he took the next book that revealed Jimin’s unamused face, ”Have you always been this short?”

”Very funny” Jimin muttered and put the rest of the books on the table by himself.

”It’s cute and you know it” Tae smiled and patted his best friend’s head, ”Someone has to be short, and it just happened to be you.”

”And someone had to be annoying, and it just happened to be you” Jimin replied and gave Tae a smile before he sat down on the chair.

”Annoyingly smart, sexy and cute? I know, I know. No need to compliment me like that” Tae grinned and sat down beside Jimin who rolled his eyes before the two of them burst out in laughter in the otherwise quiet library.


”This” Jimin said and pointed at the last question on the paper, ”your thoughts and opinion.”

”Hmm… my thoughts are just repeating the word ’coffee’. Coffee and continue later, that’s my opinion” Tae said and leaned back to stretch his arms with a yawn.

”Yeah, I guess you’re right” Jimin sighed and pushed his glasses up before he closed their books, ”But it’s due in three days so we should definitely come back here after lunch and—”

”Precisely” Tae grinned and opened his bag, ”Three days. That means that we can continue in two days and still have time for you to put it together and hand it in before deadline.”

”Perfect” Tae stated and gave the older an amused look.

”Are you… using our friendship to gain better grades?” Jimin wondered and tilted his head while trying to hold back his laughter, ”Because I’m pretty sure I heard you say that you’re annoyingly smart, so now I wonder if that was a lie and if you’re just pretending to be my friend to get through with uni.”

Tae scratched the back of his head while looking up at the ceiling, pretending to carefully go over what Jimin just had said.


”Hmm, well, I am smart, that’s just a fact. But am I using your brain while pretending to like you?... I guess so?” Tae grinned and nodded while looking at Jimin who just sighed and shook his head.

”Your punishment will be to buy me coffee” Jimin said and got up from his seat to hang his bag over his shoulder, ”or else—”

”But you’re the one with the rich boyfriend!” Tae complained and grabbed his bag to follow Jimin out of the library, ”shouldn’t you be the one buying me coffee? And milkshake? And—”

”You just admitted to not being my true friend” Jimin said and grabbed Tae’s arm while they walked side by side to the cafeteria, ”I can’t possibly reward such mean behavior.”

”Fine” Tae sighed and glanced at the blonde, ”But next time you buy, right?”

”Of course” Jimin giggled and reached up to ruffle Tae’s blue hair, ”I have a rich boyfriend after all.”

Tae pursed his lips and put his hands on his hips while he stared at Jimin, ”Then why can’t—”

”One cappuccino and one of those chocolate cookies” Jimin smiled before he turned around and walked over to their usual table.

”Yesterday’s coffee and nothing more” Tae mumbled and crossed his arms while he waited for his turn.


Jimin sat down and was just about to bring out his phone from his pocket when it buzzed from a received text.

”Timing” Jimin smiled as he unlocked the phone and opened the message that indeed was from Jungkook.


From: Boyfriend

How did it go? Were you much late?

I feel a little bad for keeping you for so long this morning :(


”Bad?” Jimin whispered with a quiet giggle, ”Are you crazy?”


To: Boyfriend

It went fine :)

I was a little late but our professor didn’t notice :)

And please don’t feel bad for this morning,

You were amazing and I only wish that we could have done something more

It’s unfair that we left you without… you know…


”Here you go” Tae said and put the coffee and the cake in front of Jimin, ”You can thank me now if you want to.”

Jimin giggled and leaned in to brush his nose against blue locks, ”Thanks! Now will you be nice to me from here on?”

”Oh yes, definitely” Tae chuckled and reached for the cookie on Jimin’s plate, ”if being cheeky with you equals having to buy you expensive coffee, then watch me become your servant.”

”I already have Mr Choi” Jimin giggled and grabbed what was left of the cookie from Tae’s hand, ”But thank you, I will try to keep that in mind if I ever need a favor.”

Tae glared at Jimin and stuck his tongue out in a childish manner that caused Jimin to giggle and push at Tae’s shoulder.

”Keep that piercing away from me!”

”Jin loves it” Tae smirked and winked at his friend, ”Don’t you want Jungkook to get one? Just imagine—”

”Definitely not!” Jimin giggled with a blush while he shook his head, ”I mean, does Jin really like to have that piercing colliding with his teeth every time he kisses you?”

”Well, yeah” Tae chuckled and shrugged his shoulders, ”but I think he likes it more when I kiss something else that isn’t his li—”

”Sorry, I suddenly got sick and lost my hearing” Jimin said and cleared his throat while he looked down at his buzzing phone to the sound of Tae’s laughter.


From: Boyfriend

Come and visit me after school?

Let me take you out for dinner 

before we head home and continue where we left


To: Boyfriend

I’d love to!

I’ll be at the office at four!

Love you!! 


”So how is living together?” Tae asked and sipped on his hot coffee, ”Still good?”

”Still good” Jimin nodded and put his phone on the table to grab his own coffee, ”It’s only been a couple of weeks, but it’s going amazingly. Just like we want it. Just like I imagined it to be. And how is it going for you and Jin?”

”It’s going really well” Tae replied with a wide smile and happiness twinkling in his eyes, ”It still feels a little new, but it was without a doubt the right decision to get rid of the apartment and move in with him.”

”Best thing is that he’s not as lazy as you are” Tae added with a wink, ”He actually helps with the dishes and the cleaning, unlike a certain someone.”

”I did!” Jimin said baffled over the younger’s statement, ”I helped a lot! I always… well… I sometimes did the dishes and—”

”Sometimes” Tae nodded with a laughter, ”That’s accurate.”

Jimin puffed his cheeks and crossed his arms while staring at his amused friend.


”Not funny! And I’m not lazy!”

”When it comes to cleaning apartments, yes you are. But now you don’t have to lift a finger, right? I bet Mr Choi even washes your clothes.”

”As a matter of fact, he does” Jimin replied with a wide grin, ”He does everything. Well, except for changing our bedsheets. That I had to put a stop to.”

”That’s” Tae sighed and grabbed his coffee, ”too much information.”

”Sorry” Jimin giggled and leaned against Tae’s side.

”He’s amazing though, my Jungkook” Jimin said after a moment of silence.

”I know” Tae smiled and patted Jimin’s arm, ”I’m happy for you, you know I am.”

”Thank you. I’m happy for you, too. I could never had imagined that the guy I met at a café would become your boyfriend.”

”I know. It’s crazy how things turn out sometimes. And I mean, who could have thought that you and our enemy would become lovers? Now that’s the most crazy thing out of all the things that has happened.”

”And that he turned to be just wonderful” Jimin smiled and looked at Tae who smiled back at him, ”I feel so incredibly lucky.”


”Hello, fellow students.”

Jimin turned his head and smiled from ear to ear as Yoongi sat down beside him with a tired look on his face.

”Yoongs! Hi! You’re late” Jimin said and watched as the o