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Your heartbeats told me

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”You should go so you don’t get late.”

Tae reached for his phone on the coffee table to check the time, letting out a tired sigh as he stood up and put the phone in his pocket, ”Wish I could stay and finish the drama with you.”

”I don’t mind seeing it again” Jimin said and pulled the blanket all the way up to his chin, feeling extremely cold.

”Promise to drink lots of water when I’m away, okay?” 

”Promise” Jimin replied and gave the younger a small smile before he looked back at the tv screen and sighed as Tae leaned down and put his hand on his forehead.

”I’ll be fine, don’t worry. Now please leave so you can take notes I can copy when you get back.”

”You want me gone” Tae stated with a pout.


”Be nice or I won’t buy that chocolate on my way home” Tae smiled and leaned further down to place a kiss on the corner of Jimin’s mouth.

”Yes you will, because you love me” Jimin smiled back before he pushed at Tae, ”You’re blocking the view.”

”Hmm, I don’t know if you deserve my love” Tae stated as straightened his back.

”Whatever, just don’t forget to buy that chocolate.”

”It’s a good thing you’re the cutest guy in town” Tae replied and blew a kiss to Jimin before he rounded the corner to the hallway.

Jimin giggled at his best friend but his giggle got cut off by a series of coughs, causing him to pull the blanket up over his head and silently curse at his non-existent immune system. 




”Bad news” was the first thing Tae said as he got home and entered the living room where Jimin was laying on the sofa exactly like he had left him that morning, "Bad, bad news."

”Don’t want to hear them” Jimin replied and sat up, his blonde hair a mess and his eyes a little narrowed from just having been asleep.

Tae shrugged out of his backpack that fell heavy to the floor in the middle of the living room before he sat down beside the blonde and handed him the box with chocolate.

”Thank you, you’re the best” Jimin stated as he opened the box and started to stuff his cheeks with the delicious sweets that slowly melted on his tongue.

”So you don’t want to hear about how our dear professor, two hours ago, paired you with Jungkook for the next assignment in Macroeconomics?”

Jimin coughed and choked on the chocolate from the surprise by the younger’s words, he hit his chest and cleared hit throat while looking at his friend in pure shock.


”Yep. The one and only Jungkook.”

Jimin swallowed and shook his head, not quite believing his bad luck.

”B-But have you seen him? And have you seen his friends? They’re mean and they will eat me alive” Jimin complained with his hands covering his face, ”Why me?”

”Don’t worry, I’m going to come with you every time you two meet” Tae reassured and wrapped his arms around his best friend before kissing his cheek.


Jimin sighed as pictures of Jungkook, the Jungkook flooded his mind. Mean grin, mean laugh, mean everything. And his three friends that he always was surrounded by were even worse as they would so very often call Jimin and Tae names when they walked past. One time they even made gagging noises as they were waiting in line in the cafeteria. Not caring that other people around them noticed, not caring about the sad look on Jimin’s face. They were all adults attending university but somehow age had little to do with being human.

Refusing to do the assignment was out of the question. So what choices did he have? He could talk to the professor and beg her to choose another partner for him. But knowing the professor, the chances were zero that she would agree to that.

And giving Jungkook the satisfaction to see him nervously beg, to see him try to get away, was not something he wanted. That would without a doubt be used against him later on by Jungkook's friends.


”No. I can do this” Jimin stated as he lowered his hands from his face and nodded to his own words, ”I’m brave enough… I think.”

”I have a bad feeling about this” Tae whispered and grabbed the older’s hand, searching his eyes.

”I’ll be fine” Jimin replied and forced himself to give the other a small smile, ”Who knows, he might turn out to be a great guy.”

”I highly doubt that” Tae said and shook his head slowly while giving the blond a worried look.

Jimin hummed and looked back down at the box in his lap, picking up another piece of heart shaped chocolate, ”He needs me though, to pass the assignment I mean. That must count for something, right?”

”I guess… it’s just that I’m worried for you. Worried he will hurt you.”

”Well” Jimin began thoughtfully, ”It’s his friends I’m mostly concerned about. They are the ones throwing hateful comments to us… while Jungkook most of the time is quiet.”

”The way he looks at us though” Tae replied and caressed Jimin’s hand with his thumb, ”Like we’re not worth to be in the same vicinity. Like we’re not worth anything to be honest. You’ve seen it too, haven’t you? I almost think that’s worse. That… silent hate.”

”I know” Jimin nodded and put the box on the coffee table before he curled up against the younger who immediately wrapped his arm around the blond.

”But I’m not going to let myself be scared of him” Jimin added in a whisper, his eyes closed and his thoughts circling around the black-haired and he soon found himself falling asleep to Tae's gentle touches in his hair.




”Tae” Jimin smiled and sat down on the edge of the younger’s bed.

”Do you hear me?” Jimin added and giggled at the other who slowly opened his tired eyes to give him a bothered stare, ”We have to leave in ten.”

Tae sat up with a yawn, the cover falling off his chest to instead pool at his hips.

”Cute” Jimin giggled and ruffled the younger’s already messy hair.

”Not as cute as you” Tae said with his voice hoarse before he wrapped his arms around the blond and hugged him as close as he could.

”What’s with you lately?” Jimin asked half jokingly, half concerned, his hands caressing Tae’s warm back.

”What do you mean?”

”You’re much more cuddlier and clingy than you used to be.”

Tae hummed and nosed along Jimin’s neck and over his jaw.

”Maybe I just like being close to my Jimin” Tae whispered and started to trail soft kisses from Jimin’s cheek to the corner of his mouth before he lastly pecked his lips.

Jimin leaned back and gave the younger a confused look.


”Is this sweater new?” Tae interrupted and smiled while letting his fingers brush over the black and white striped fabric.

Jimin smiled back as he looked down at his oversized sweater, forgetting all about the lack of playfulness in Tae’s eyes that got him so confused a second ago. 

”Yes, I bought it a day before I got sick. Do you like it?” Jimin asked and got up from the bed to take a look in Tae’s mirror.

”You look very cute in it. It’s a good thing Jungkook hates us or else I’d be worried.”

”Worried for what?” Jimin asked and turned around to look at the younger with furrowed eyebrows.

Tae shrugged his shoulders and got up to grab his jeans from his chair, ”That he would find you just as cute as I do, I guess.”

Jimin rolled his eyes and hit Tae’s arm weakly, ”What’s with you? Stop being so weird!”

Tae chuckled and reached for his black t-shirt, ”Be nice and move from my mirror. Why don’t you buy one for yourself?”

”Got no money” Jimin replied as he applied his strawberry chapstick onto his plump lips, still looking in the mirror.

”I’ll buy you one” Tae sighed and tried to see himself beside the older.

”You don’t have any money either.”

”Ask Yoongi.”

”I already owe him embarrassingly much” Jimin mumbled and began to fix his blonde hair, not liking the dark roots.

”Then use mine as much as you want to” Tae whispered and leaned in to place a kiss on Jimin’s jaw.

Jimin watched as the younger left the bedroom, feeling more and more confused over the seriousness in the latter’s tone and touches.

”It’s probably nothing” Jimin mumbled in an attempt to convince himself that he was reading too much into it. He then turned his head and looked back at the mirror, adjusting his black framed glasses that always would slide down on his nose.




Jimin watched as Jungkook raised his arm and let his hand push his hair back, the black locks only stayed in place for a second before they once more fell back to his temples, causing him to instead try to tuck the hair behind his ears, his wrist watch in gold reflecting the light from the large windows behind him.

Yoongi studied Jimin before he leaned a little closer to whispers to Tae, ”Why is Jimin staring at the enemies?”

Tae took a sip from his coffee while eyeing Jimin who looked completely lost in thoughts, his hand holding the chopsticks in mid air and his other hand in a grip around air next to his soda can.

”Because of Professor Kang” Tae mumbled and looked back down at his lunch, sporadically playing with the food.

”Oh, right…”

”Hey Jimin” Yoongi added and put his hand on the blond’s shoulder, causing the latter to jump in surprise, ”Are you sure you want to follow through with this? Maybe we can go together and talk to Professor Kang and explain how—”

”I can do this” Jimin interrupted and looked between his two friends before he stood up, ”He’s not going to stop me from getting a good grade.”

”I don’t want you to get involved with him” Tae muttered and looked up at the older, ”There’s no way this will end in a good way. I don’t get why you have to be so stubborn about this. Like Yoongi said, can’t we try and—”

”No” Jimin replied and pushed his glasses further up on his nose, ”As I said; I can do this.”

He took a deep breath before he started walking to where Jungkook and his three friends were sitting around another round table.

He felt incredibly brave until he stopped right by Jungkook’s side, the latter's friends immediately looking up at him while Jungkook kept his gaze on his takeaway coffee. Jimin knew that Jungkook knew he was there, standing right beside him, but the black-haired probably thought it was funny to pretend otherwise, most likely finding amusement in the fact that Jimin was so shy.

As a couple of seconds passed, he started to feel how his braveness slowly disappeared to be replaced with a nervous beating of his heart. He cleared his throat and was instantly met with a mean giggle from the woman and amused stares from the two men.

”Hi, I’m J-Jimin” Jimin stuttered, silently cursing at how weird his voice sounded. 

Jungkook lifted his gaze slowly and looked at his friends, giving them a smirk before he turned his head and looked at Jimin who gulped at Jungkook’s intense stare.

He could feel his heart beat faster and faster while his hands turned sweaty and his throat dry. Why was he so damn scared? And where was his confidence now that he needed it the most?

Jimin knew that he was looking ridiculous with his cheeks and neck red from involuntary blushing, his hands fidgeting and his eyes stressed behind his glasses.

Jungkook’s stare was so powerful that Jimin felt like he would melt to a puddle on the floor in any second now. He flickered his gaze and fixed on a little mole right under Jungkook’s bottom lip.

”And?” Jungkook asked and tilted his head a little, a small smile playing on his lips, a smile that felt more mocking than anything else. 

Jimin knew that Jungkook was taking pleasure in his nervousness, that it probably fueled whatever misconception the four of them already had about him. 

But fleeing now was nevertheless out of the question.

”And uhm, Professor Kang—”

”Just write my name on it” Jungkook interrupted with irritation in his voice, causing Jimin to look back up and meet a harsh stare.

Jimin gulped and shook his head slowly, trying his hardest to stand his ground, to not let the black haired man win.

”N-No. No I’m not going to just write your name on the paper. That’s not how it wo—”

Jimin stopped in the middle of the sentence as Jungkook suddenly stood up and looked at his wrist watch, Jimin noticing two prominent veins on Jungkook’s arm running from his wrist and up to his elbow where his rolled up sleeve hid the rest of his arm.

”I don’t care what you write, but my name is going to be on that paper whether you like it or not” Jungkook stated and put his hands in the pockets of his black slacks, expecting the blonde to stutter in agreement and leave.


”If he hurts my Jimin I swear I’ll kick his ass” Tae mumbled angrily while crossing his arms, his eyes locked on the black haired man that stood tall in front of Jimin.

Yoongi furrowed his eyebrows and looked from Jimin to Tae, ”Your Jimin? Am I missing something here?”

”What?” Tae asked irritated and turned his head, looking at Yoongi with a stare that soon turned softer, ”You know what I mean.”

”I know what kind of relationship you have, but saying that Jimin is yours is…” Yoongi began and looked over at where the blonde was standing again, ”a bit of an exaggeration.”

”You’re deliberately misunderstanding me” Tae replied and followed the other’s gaze, watching as Jungkook’s friends all got up from their chairs, ”I’m just saying that I would protect him, that’s all.”


”No” Jimin repeated and brought a slightly trembling hand up to adjust his glasses again, ”That’s not going to happ—”

”Is he not only weird, but stupid too?” one of Jungkook’s friends said as they got up as well, the other two snickering with their eyes locked on Jimin.

”I don’t have time for this kind of bullshit” Jungkook sighed and shook his head before looking at his friends, ”Let’s go.”

”I-I will not change my mind” Jimin voiced as Jungkook walked past him, causing the latter to suddenly stop in his tracks.

Jimin gulped as he could see Jungkook’s shoulders rising and falling in what he knew was anger. For a second it felt like the taller would turn around and come back to him, say something in a harsh tone in an attempt to make him change his mind. Threaten him with something while his friends would laugh at him.

But all that happened was that the woman beside Jungkook turned her head and called him something that immediately got Jimin to look away, feeling just as hurt as he always would when being called that by Jungkook’s friends. 

He noticed in the corner of his eye how they left the cafeteria but he nonetheless felt frozen to the ground. No matter how much he wanted to leave as well, he just couldn’t. No matter how many times he would be called mean things, the words always got to him  and now was not an exception.

His hands were already hidden inside his sleeves but he nevertheless tried to pull the sleeves even further down, wishing that he could hide completely even though he was standing in the middle of the room with other people glancing a little curiously at him.

He swore under his breath when he noticed that tears was gathering in his eyes.


Jimin felt a hand on his back and then there was a whisper before two arms pulled him into a hug.

”What did they say?”


”Tell me.”


Tae sighed a little before he pulled back and cupped Jimin’s cheeks, searching the latter’s teary eyes, ”Do I need to kick their asses? I can take Yoongi with me and—”

Jimin’s lips formed into a faint smile before he slowly shook his head, ”No. It’s fine. I’m just silly for being so vulnerable to her words.”

”Don’t you dare blame yourself for their malicious words” Tae whispered and looked pleadingly at the older, ”we’ve been through this many times, being called things by his friends, but you know that what they say isn’t true. You know that. You know that the fault is with them and that what we are is something to be proud over.”

”What they say are lies” Tae added and looked into Jimin’s waiting gaze, ”lies that has nothing to do with us. Do you understand?”

Jimin swallowed and nodded, finding so much comfort in his best friend’s eyes that he could feel himself come back from his dark and sad throughs, his self-esteem quickly healing from the hit.

”Good” Tae said back and grabbed the older’s small hand where it was hidden inside the striped sleeve, ”Come, let’s go back to Yoongi, I can literally hear his worried mind across the room.”

Jimin nodded and let himself be lead back to the table where he sat down between his two friends, their effort to make him happy again soon put a smile on his face and before he knew it he was laughing at something utterly silly told by Yoongi who tried his best to make the blond keep his smile for as long as he possibly could.




Jimin sighed and put his pen on the table before yawning and stretching his arms up in the air.

They had been studying in the library for almost an hour and Jimin was getting restless.

Tae glanced at the blonde beside him and gave him a smile before he turned back to his books, ”Tired?”

Jimin hummed and leaned against Tae’s side, putting his head against the younger’s upper arm and closing his eyes.

”We can go home if you want to take a nap.”

Jimin pulled away from Tae’s side and shook his head before he grabbed his pen again, ”I have plenty of work to do and we promised to wait for Yoongi.”

”I know” Tae mumbled and turned his head to look out through the window where students were relaxing on the lawn and benches, the autumn sun shining a little warmer compared to the summer’s harsh light, ”We deserve a break though, don’t you think? Let’s buy coffee in the cafeteria and wait for him outside. Maybe the air will make you less tired.”

Jimin thought for a second while eyeing the many papers and notes in front of him, the heavy books forming a wall on the table, ”I’m just going to write a couple of more lines. If you go ahead and buy coffee I’ll meet you outside in five?”

”Yeah, sure” Tae nodded and started to gather his things, ”Maybe we should make that ten, considering how impossible it is to find your way around this campus.”

”I know, a couple of days ago I got lost when searching for the bathrooms” Jimin confessed with a giggle.

”You always get lost” Tae chuckled as leaned down from where he was standing beside the older, pressing a soft kiss to his temple, ”That’s why I forbid you to travel anywhere outside our neighborhood.”

”I’m going to travel to Tokyo someday though, your worry isn’t going to stop me from that” Jimin smiled and looked up at the other.

”Then I will have to come with you” Tae stated with an amused grin before he turned around and left down the corridor between the rows of bookcases and tables.

Of course it would be fun to travel abroad with Tae, but they both knew that a trip like that would have to wait considering how little money they have left every month after paying the bills and rent. 

But one could always dream.

Jimin tucked a stubborn pink lock back behind his ear, his hair had grown a lot lately and it was constantly falling over his eyes when he hunched over his books.

He finished the last part of his introduction and hurried to gather the books to put them back, knowing that Tae would be waiting for him by now.

The books were heavy and when he finally found the right shelf to put them on, he noticed just how high up he would have to reach.

”You could have helped me before you left” Jimin muttered annoyed and got up on his tiptoes, making himself as tall as he could, almost able to put the book back but unfortunately lacking a mere centimeter.

Jimin made a sound of irritation as he came down from his tiptoes and looked up to shoot daggers at the shelf.

”Too short, are we?”

Jimin gasped in surprise and turned around on his spot.


Right in front of him, so close that they almost breathed the same air. 

Jimin gulped and took a step back, only to immediately bump his back into the bookcase. He looked with stressed eyes at Jungkook and then behind him, searching for his friends but finding none of the them, only a couple of other students with their noses in their books.

”Regarding the assignment” Jungkook began and grabbed one of the books in Jimin’s hold, only causing the latter to cling harder to it.

”How much do you want?” Jungkook asked and let go of the book to instead cross his arms over his chest.

Jimin looked up at the taller, his stressed expression turning to a confused instead, ”H-How much I want?”

Jungkook rolled his eyes and reached back to his pocket to bring out his wallet, his fingers swiftly browsing through the bills.

”Half million won?”

Jimin huffed in disbelief before he put his tongue in his cheek, feeling more angry than scared.

”You have to be kidding” Jimin whispered and shook his head, ”are you seriously trying to buy your way out of this?”

”Yes?” Jungkook replied and closed his wallet and put it back in the pocket of his slacks, ”How about a million? I’ll write you a check.”

Jimin furrowed his eyebrows and dared to meet the black haired’s waiting gaze that spoke of nothing but a hint of annoyance.

”If you think that I will—”

”Just name your price and I’ll have a check for you tomorrow” Jungkook interrupted and brought his arm up to look at his watch.

Jimin’s cheeks were red from anger and his jaw tightly shut while eyes narrowed.

”I’ve put up with a lot of things coming from you and your friends” Jimin wheezed with his new found bravery that he had no idea where it came from, ”but you trying to buy your way out of this is not only stupid and wrong but also incredibly… I don’t know— insensitive?”

”Insensitive?” Jungkook repeated and raised his eyebrows, ”how is—”

”Just leave me alone” Jimin whispered angrily and was just about to turn around to try and put the books back again, thinking that his anger might have made him grow a little taller. But he didn’t have a chance to think any further before he was caged against the books behind him, Jungkook’s arms suddenly on either side of his head.

Cologne and another scent that was a little sweet, probably from shampoo or soap, mixed in the air they breathed. 

Jimin swallowed and glanced upwards where Jungkook was looking down at him, his expression close to portrait the anger Jimin had felt a second before, but now he once again felt exposed and nervous.

”I’m losing my patience with you.”

Jungkook’s voice was low and almost vibrating, full of authority and Jimin felt himself become impossibly small from the voice and the look in the other’s eyes.

”I’m n-not going to change my mind” Jimin replied in a faint whisper, fully knowing that he sounded just as insecure as he looked, but there was very little courage left in him, having spent all on their encounter earlier today.

Jungkook scoffed and shook his head, ”There’s no winning over you, is there? I have to confess that I’m surprised.”

Jimin averted his eyes, feeling like he was starting to burn under the taller’s intense stare, his heart beating so fast that he could hear his own pulse just as clear as the other’s voice.

”Surprised?” Jimin whispered and fixed his gaze on the collar of Jungkook’s crisp white shirt, still trying his very best to seem unbothered.

”I cheated my way through college and I never once was met with someone so stubborn like you” Jungkook began and made a second attempt to grab one of the heavy books in Jimin’s hold. Jimin looked up and met the black haired’s eyes while once again clinging harder to the books in his hold, but this time Jungkook frowned and used his strength to swiftly pull the book away.

”Never did anyone refuse when being offered money” Jungkook continued and reached above Jimin’s head to put the book back on its shelf.

Somehow Jimin wasn’t surprised. Of course this wasn’t the first time he tried to buy himself out, it was what he normally would do and Jimin found that very upsetting.

”You don’t deserve to be here” Jimin muttered before he pursed his lips, trying hard to keep Jungkook from taking his books, but it was no use as the taller was much stronger.

”Don’t you dare tell me what I deserve or not!”

”Let go!” Jimin complained in a harsh whisper when he only had one book left in his hands, ”I’ll put it back myself!”

”Stop being so fucking stubborn, we both know that you can’t reach!” Jungkook whispered back and pulled the last book away from Jimin who scoffed and crossed his arms over his chest, baffled by the taller’s audacity.

”Your phone” Jungkook stated and held out his hand to Jimin who furrowed his eyebrows and looked up at the other confused.


”Give me your phone” Jungkook repeated calmly but with that authority in his voice again, and Jimin noticed how his hands suddenly got sweaty.

Jimin didn’t know how it had happened but in the next second he was reaching out his phone to Jungkook who quickly grabbed it from his small hand, the pink phone case looking a little out of place in Jungkook’s hold.

Please don’t ask about the wallpaper, please don’t ask about the wallpap—

”Who’s the ugly guy?” Jungkook asked with a slight frown, quickly glancing back at Jimin before he started typing, his finger moving swiftly over the screen.

”An actor” Jimin whispered nervously, wondering what kind of mean comment would come next, preparing himself for the worst.

But Jungkook just snorted and handed the phone back to Jimin who got startled by the sudden move, almost dropping the phone in the exchange.

”Tomorrow at 7. Don’t be early, don’t be late.”

Jimin gulped and looked down at the screen where Jungkook had typed in his address and number.

”And don’t you fucking tell anyone” Jungkook added before he took a step back from their close proximity, causing Jimin to exhale and his body to calm down a little from having consider the taller a big threat.

Jimin gave him a small nod and in the next moment Jungkook was making his way out of the library in a brisk pace, his black dress shoes thudding a little against the floor while he looked straight in front of him with his head held high.

Jimin watched Jungkook disappear around the corner before he quickly hurried back to the table where, thankfully, his backpack still was hanging over a chair. Jimin grabbed it and hung it over his shoulder while running to the nearest door that lead outside, hurrying down the stone steps and over to the bench where both Tae and Yoongi were waiting for him.

”Where have you been?” Tae asked with worry in his voice as he looked at the blond sit down beside him.

Jimin chewed on his bottom lip while he grabbed the coffee Tae handed him, keeping his gaze on the green logo on the cup, knowing that the other two were staring at him and waiting for him to answer.

But what should he say?

Both Yoongi and Tae hated the idea of him working with Jungkook, just as much as he did. 

But for Jimin it was almost like a victory, how strange it may sound, to have stood up to Jungkook no matter how intimidating he was, and he would lie if he said that it didn’t make him feel a little stronger.

But would they understand if he explained?

He knew that Yoongi would worry in silence while Tae would nag at him, repeat how much of a stupid thing it was to work with the enemy when the best thing would have been to just ignore Jungkook like they always did and then hope that he and his friends in return would leave them alone.

But what was done was done, and tomorrow he would have have to knock on Jungkook’s door.

”Earth to Jimin” Yoongi said and nudged Jimin’s foot under the table.

”Hm? Oh, I uh… I met Jungkook.”

”What did they say?” Tae whispered, his expression immediately turning softer while he brought his hand to gently rub over the blond's back, wanting to comfort him from whatever mean words had been thrown at him.

”No I— he was alone. His friends weren’t there” Jimin explained and took a sip from his coffee, a little nervous what they will say when they find out that he not only agreed to work with Jimin, but that they are meeting at Jungkook’s place.


”And then what happened?” Tae asked and stopped his movements over Jimin’s striped sweater.

”Then we uhm, sort of agreed that I would come home to him. Tomorrow. To work on the— Tae please don’t be mad at me.”

Jimin turned a little and grabbed the hand that was withdrawing from his back, gently squeezing it while putting his other hand on Tae’s cheek, ”Why do you worry so much?”

”Because I hate him. Because we hate him. Because every time we walk past them, we receive homophobic slurs and rude comments! And he does nothing to stop them so don’t come and say that he’s innocent in this.”

”I won’t” Jimin replied and let go of the younger, ”I just thought that—”

”You just thought about your grades and that’s it! Just like always! You take your grades way too seriously and—”

”Because I’m broke, Taehyung! Because I’ve put all my money into this education and with the ridiculous amount of student loans I’m absolutely terrified to mess this up!”

Tae nodded quickly, feeling ashamed of the way he had talked to Jimin. 

”I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said that” Tae apologized and wrapped his arms around Jimin, pulling the older closer before putting a hand in his blond locks, ”I hate arguing with you.”

”Mmh, so don’t do it then” Jimin mumbled and let himself be calmed down by Tae’s gentle touches.

Tae huffed out a little a laughter and was just about to reply when Yoongi cleared his throat.

”Speaking about the devil.”

Both Tae and Jimin looked up to see Jungkook and his friends on their way to walk past them. 

Jimin refused to look at the woman and the two men, afraid that they would take notice of him and make some sort of disgusted expression, so he thought it was better to ignore them and put his chin back on Tae’s shoulder. But right as he was about to turn his head, his gaze happened to linger on Jungkook who immediately met his eyes.

In reality they probably held eye contact for less than a second, but it somehow felt like much longer than that. The black haired looked at him with a blank expression as he walked past and Jimin could feel how Tae’s arms tightened around his waist.