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Sight of You

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"Can you hold me if I wanna leave?"

"Are you positive you have to go?" Damien spoke softly.


Shayne looked up from his phone. "I've tried every possible excuse, I have to go."


"You haven't even spoken to her in years, why does she need you so urgently now?"


"I don't know." Shayne sighed. "All I know is that she won't take no for an answer.


"When will you be back, will I see you again soon?" Damien frowned at the long silence that followed his question. "Will I see you at all?"


"I..... I don't know. My mom is demanding that I come home." Shayne walked over to his friend, sitting down next to him.


"You know… you could always just stay. She can't force you to go, you're an adult." Damien put his arm around Shayne, pulling the blond closer to him.


"I want to stay, but…" Shayne trailed off.


"But what?"


"I also kinda want to see her again." Shayne stared down at the floor.


"Why do you want to see her? She said she never wanted anything to do with you since you came out." Damien turned to face Shayne, a slight frown crossing his face.


"Closure? I have no clue…"  


At the airport

"It's a lonely feelin', wavin' you goodbye

I don't know what I'm leavin' until the moment is gone."


Shayne and Damien walked through the airport, each pulling a suitcase behind them.


"And you're sure there's no way you can stay?"


"Damien. For the 50th time. I want to go. I want to see her one last time god damnit." Shayne took his suitcase from Damien and started to storm off, but was stopped by a hand on his shoulder.


"Please don't go…"


"Why not?" Shayne huffed, upset at Damien's attempt at stopping him.


"I don't want you to leave… Please, Shayne. Stay… for me?"


"I'm sorry Damien, but I'm leaving." With that last statement, Shayne walked away, leaving Damien standing there with a frown plastered on his face.


Shayne seemed to hesitate for a moment, turning back to look at Damien. He waved, giving Damien a sad sort of smile. Damien frowned, but waved back.


Shayne then turned back and began walking, a few silent tears making their way down his face.

A month later

"But I'm never in doubt that you've got my back

When I see you again"


Shayne sighed as he heard his phone go off, frowning as he heard his mom yelling at him again.


"My name is Wes I'm from the wild wild west-"

Shayne snuck off to another room, out of his mom's earshot, clicking the button to answer, stopping the ringtone.


"Hello?" Shayne answered his phone, his voice cracking from the lack of use.


"Shayne!" Damien smiled at the sound of Shayne's voice, not having heard it in a while.


"Dames? It's been a bit…" Shayne shifted nervously, not knowing when his mom would find him.


Damien frowned at the yelling he could hear in the background. "Are you okay? I hear yelling in the background and your voice sounds… different."


"I'm fine, Damien. I promi-" Shayne was cut off as he ducked out of the way of a flying cup.


"Shayne what was that?" Damien heard a crash in the background.


"Just something hitting the wall, it's normal around here."


"What do you mean normal? That's not okay Shayne."


"I get stuff thrown at me all the time it's okay Damien."


"Is this what's been happening the whole time you've been there? Shayne you need to come back."


"B-but my mom needs me…" Shayne frowned.


"She throws things at you and I can hear her yelling, Shayne. I'm going there to get you. It's not that far away, I can drive."


"I'm not going to stop you, but you might as well fly, it's possible to get here by car, but it'll take a long time."


Damien smiled. "I'll be there as soon as I can. I miss you, Shayne."


Shayne sniffed, a few tears making their way down his face. "She made me come here, making it seem like she wanted me back and that she loved me again. She just wanted me here so I could do stuff for her."


"I'm so sorry, Shayne. I'll be there in a day or so."


"It's not your fault. I have to go now, goodbye."

A few days later


Shayne groaned as he sat up, confused as to what had woken him up. A moment later he heard a knock at the door. He stood up and looked through the peephole, greeted by the smiling face of Damien.


Shayne threw open the door and gave his friend a hug.


"I missed you, man." Shayne smiled happily.


"I missed you too, Shayne. Get your stuff and let's go home."