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days in the past

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This is a Lucifer/Zorro crossover. I am trying to write it in such a way that you don’t need to know the other show.

I don’t own anything, not from the show Lucifer nor from the show Zorro. I hope you will enjoy my crazy muse new story. Don’t worry I didn’t abandon my other stories.

Days in the past by Ladypower

Chapter 1

Trixie was playing in her room when a scream startled her. She crawled silently towards her door trying to listen to what was happening when a strange voice scared her, "Leave this human to die, I only need the small human but I need her alive!" Trixie gasped silently, scared to death, "Come on, Beatrice Decker, now is not the time to be a scardy cat." Trixie whispered to herself. She looked around and saw her open window, this was her only chance to escape. She crawled towards the window. She sneaked through the window and let herself fall down on the grass.

Lucifer was pouring out a top-shelf scotch for himself when the ping sound of the elevator made him look up. Trixie came running out of the elevator with ghostly white skin and eyes full of fear. She came running in and only stopped when she could finally hide behind Lucifer's long legs,

Lucifer huffed and rolled his eyes but turned around and crouched down towards her level, "What are you doing here, child?"

“Help me, Lucifer. Bad men in the house wanted to take me away. I think they killed my babysitter." Trixie sobbed, tears running over her voice before she placed her head in the crook of his neck. Lucifer was taken aback by that but couldn't find the strength to push her away. He was strong enough, yes but he couldn't find it in his heart to do it so he did what he thought was right and embraced her a little uncertain but inside himself, his hellfire was raging. He needed to calm himself down just enough not to shift in his true form. He didn't want to scare her even more than she already was. Although Lucifer didn't like children, this one was precious to him. She was Chloe's child.

“Let's call your mommy, alright?" Lucifer asked he knew out of the experience that the detective would want to know that her offspring was alright.

Trixie nodded wiping her tears away, she knew she was safe now with Lucifer.

He took his phone off the table and walked towards his living room, the little human still glued at his side.

“Detective, it’s Lucifer.” he started the phone conversation, his hand caressing Trixie’s head.

“What can I do for you, Lucifer?" she asked while filling in her paperwork

“I can imagine some fun things you can do for me, detective.” Lucifer chuckled.
“Lucifer, look I have to much work to do for your comments because my partner hates paperwork.” Chloe shot back.

“Alright, I will come to the point, your spawn is here with me, telling me that there were kidnappers in the house and probably killed the babysitter," Lucifer said annoyed.

“Oh my God, is she alright?" Chloe asked worriedly.

“Don't bring my father into this, detective but she seems fine to me," Lucifer said looking at the little human at his side.

“Can you look after her just a little while longer, Lucifer? I am going to stop by the house to see if the babysitter needs help and I know that she is safe with you. I will come as soon as possible, I promise. Who knows that they are still searching for her!" Chloe almost begged knew that Lucifer wasn't fond of children, especially in his penthouse.

The devil sighed, “alright, I will entertain your spawn until you can come for her!”

“Lucifer, nothing that involves, sex or nudity and no alcohol, alright!" Chloe said sternly knowing her partner's way of entertainment.

Lucifer sighed again, “Alright detective, I promise.” he said before he ended his call.

“Now what will do with you while we are waiting for mommy arrives?” Lucifer asks with another sigh.

“Tell me a story, Lucifer?" Trixie asked a little more cheerful she knew that she was safe now.

“A story?" Lucifer asked while he was thinking of an appropriate story, "Do know how the legend of the masked fox of Los Angeles?" he asked smiling at his memories from that particular meeting.

A real fox?” Trixie asked with big eyes.

Lucifer shook his head, “No, it’s about a man who was as special as your mother.”

“Was he a cop too?” Trixie asked curiously

“Not really child but he did what the cop's of that time couldn't do, he caught the bad guys."

“So it’s like you helping mommy?” Trixie asked.

“No but there was a time where cops weren't as nice and good as your mommy, but why don't I tell you the story from the beginning?" Lucifer said smiling.

Trixie crawled against Lucifer’s side. He laid his arm protectively over her when he started his story.

“It all started in 1820 when Los Angeles was not such a big town as it is today. There were only 700 citizens back then and one of those citizens was don Alejandro De La Vega…” Lucifer started but was interrupted by a curious Trixie.

“What’s a don?” She wanted to know everything.

“Well little, hellion, a don is a very rich man, like a lord or a duke,” Lucifer explained.

“So you would be a don also,” responded Trixie

Lucifer laughed, “Probably child. On with the story. Don Alejandro had fathered only one son, going by the name of Diego De La Vega. His son was in his early 20’s and still learning far away from home, all the way in Spain. He had written lots of letters to his son but the last letter was alarming, he had asked his son to come home immediately.”

“Couldn’t he just call him?” Trixie wanted to know.

“Phones didn’t exist back then,” Lucifer explained.


Chloe arrived at her home, the door stood open, she pulled her gun out of her halter while she opened the door slightly. She was shocked by the sight in front of her.  

Her daughter's babysitter was laying in her own blood. Her throat cut through from left to right. She went immediately into detective mode and pulled out her phone.

“This is detective Decker, I found a body in my home. Can you send me a team?” Chloe asked still shocked. The only thing she could do now was, wait until her team arrived.

To be continued...