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You've Always Made Me Feel Better

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-- 𝘠𝘰𝘶'𝘷𝘦 𝘈𝘭𝘸𝘢𝘺𝘴 𝘔𝘢𝘥𝘦 𝘔𝘦 𝘍𝘦𝘦𝘭 𝘉𝘦𝘵𝘵𝘦𝘳 --


Yoongi’s always known that he’s liked being cared for and looked after. Someone who knows how he’s feeling without even asking, someone who can hold his hands and calm him down within seconds. Relatively, almost all the boys have gotten in the habit of making him feel taken care of, but one in particular always makes him feel-- small and cared for.


After all these years, Namjoon still makes Yoongi feel taken care of. He makes him feel small and delicate, makes him feel like he’s being pampered and spoiled. Ever since the beginning-- when him and Namjoon started living together, the younger boy has always had his way of feeding into Yoongi’s size kink.


Sure, who doesn’t love feeling taken care of? But feeling small and helpless? Definitely not everyone’s cup of tea.


For Yoongi, feeling small and helpless was something he craved, something he needed. And fortunately, Namjoon loved making him feel good.


There’s been times where Yoongi’s been far too shy to ask for it; and today’s definitely one of those days. He’s been stressed and overworked, feeling much too worried about the upcoming comeback. There’s so much shit that needs to be finalized, so many tracks that he needs to work on and perfect. With him feeling so frustrated, there’s usually only one thing that helps him unwind, and that’s Namjoon pinning him to any available surface, telling him how tiny he is and tight his little hole is for him.


Thinking about it makes Yoongi’s cheeks heat up. He sitting in the lab for Christ’s sake. He’s working-- and this shit needs to get done. He can’t sit here and think about Namjoon’s large stature, hovering over his petite frame. He has work to do. Instead of thinking about the younger’s thick cock stretching him open and making him cry, he should be working getting these fucking lyrics done.


Instead of doing something productive, Yoongi’s dick is starting to fill up, making his shorts tighter and less than comfortable. He let his head fall back and hit the cushion of his chair as he sighed. He clearly didn’t want to ask Namjoon for help. He felt embarrassed that his needy tendencies were causing him to not even get the slightest bit of work done.


Weirdly enough, just as Yoongi closed his eyes and palmed at his growing erection, the hushed beeping from his pin pad on his door became prominent, meaning that Namjoon was coming into his lab. Yoongi quickly grabbed a pillow from the couch and covered his lap. Not like you could really tell that he was getting hard-- his cock smaller than average, but it made Yoongi feel a little better. His cheeks felt warm at the thought of Namjoon realizing that he was hard, but he did his best to will away how flustered he felt.


After the last beep, the door opened up and Namjoon let himself in, coming up behind Yoongi’s chair. He leaned over the chair and wrapped his arms around Yoongi’s neck, hands coming to rest on top of his chest.


At the sight of Namjoon’s large hands atop his chest made Yoongi blush harder, already feeling the repercussions from their size difference. Namjoon literally towered over Yoongi, making the elder feel incredibly small, feeding into his needy desire; without the younger even knowing.


“Hey, cutie.” Namjoon delivered a chaste kiss to the top of Yoongi’s head, making him swoon at the gesture. “Getting any work done?”


“Joon-ah, hey. Not- not really. I’m trying, though.”


Namjoon pulled his hands back and straightened back up, towering over Yoongi once again. He twisted his back slightly, stretching before settling back onto the couch. With his long leg, he stuck his foot out and turned Yoongi’s chair towards him.

“You okay, baby?” Namjoon asked, eyes wide, showing concern for his hyung.


Yoongi looked down at the pillow as his cheeks got warm once more. It was inevitable for Yoongi’s blush to go unnoticed on his porcelain skin, so Namjoon was soon to be onto him.


“I’m-- I’m okay. Just stressed I guess. I’m trying to get some of this finished, but I can’t really focus.” Yoongi kept his eyes trained on the pillow until Namjoon leaned forward and tucked his fingers under his chin, lifting his head slightly. Now making eye contact, Yoongi instantly felt smaller under Namjoon’s gaze.


“What do you need, baby? You know I don’t like seeing you stressed.”


Yoongi didn’t want to ask for it. Nobody likes asking to be fucked stupid, and Yoongi isn’t necessarily into humiliating himself, so asking for Namjoon to take care of him isn’t an option.


Thankfully, Namjoon must be able to read Yoongi like a book, because the next thing he does-- makes Yoongi choke on air.


Namjoon let go of Yoongi’s chin and leaned back, sinking into the couch slightly. His long, broad legs were now spread wide, sending a wave of heat to Yoongi’s lower belly. He looked so fucking good, and he knows he does. He’s not cocky in any way, but there’s just something in the way he holds himself that makes Yoongi weak.

Speaking of making Yoongi weak-- Namjoon said his name softly and lightly patted his lap, silently calling him over.


Yoongi almost choked on air at the thought. He needed Namjoon, and thankfully, he didn’t have to ask for it. He swallowed as he got up on shaky legs and sat the pillow down in his chair. Taking the few steps from his chair to the coach, he stood in front of the younger man, before he gulped once more.


Namjoon patted his lap once more and spoke sweetly, “Come on, baby.”


That was clearly all the encouragement that he needed before sitting softly on top of him, his legs coming down on each side of Namjoon’s broad thighs. He sat lightly on his lap, keeping his small hands knotted in front of him. If anything-- in this headspace-- Yoongi was a good boy, and he didn’t touch until he was told to.


Namjoon’s thumb brushed lightly at Yoongi’s cheek just before he cradled his face gently. Yoongi allowed himself to lean into the touch, already feeling small in Namjoon’s gaze.


Yoongi closed his eyes as the younger spoke softly, “You need this, don’t you baby? Need me to make you feel better, hmm?”


He felt himself nod, humming in response. Namjoon kept his hand on Yoongi’s cheek, stroking his puffy cheek. It’s clear that Yoongi’s been overworked. The exhaustion is written on his face, through his red eyes and swollen cheeks. He’s tired, and he needs a break. Thankfully, Namjoon always knows what his hyung needs.


“Tell me, little one. Wanna hear your pretty voice.”


Yoongi felt himself shudder at the name, already falling into his much needed headspace.


“Wanna-” Yoongi softly cleared his throat, “Wanna have Joonie make me feel better.”


Namjoon brought his other hand up to cradle Yoongi’s face, causing the elder to open eyes, which were now glassy with pure want .


“That’s good, Yoongi. Knew you could do it, sweet boy. Want Joonie to make you feel small, hmm?”


Keeping his gaze on the younger, Yoongi nodded into his big hands, squeaking out a ‘yes, Joonie .’


“You know, sweetheart, I don’t have to try too hard.” Namjoon dropped his hands to hold Yoongi’s bare thighs, his shorts leaving them open for him to grasp at. “You’re already so little, baby.”


Yoongi looked down at Namjoon’s big, veiny hands on his pale thighs. He did look little, almost tiny in comparison to the younger. He felt his cock get harder through his shorts, now prominent to the naked eye regardless of how little his dick may be, and Namjoon didn’t even attempt to ignore the fact.


“Already hard, too, baby? I haven’t even done anything yet-- don’t tell me you were about to touch yourself before I came in.”


Yoongi’s bottom lip jutted out as he shook his head, eyes drawn to give the full pouting effect.


“Oh? Baby wasn’t feeling his little cock fill up through his shorts? You didn’t grab yourself over your shorts, didn’t tug at it at all?”


Yoongi’s cheeks went pink once more as he kept his pout on his face. He shook his head once more, biting his bottom lip, just to let it go and jut the lip out once more. In Namjoon’s eyes, he looked insanely precious, pouty and wide-eyed, sat all pretty on his lap. The talk about how tiny he was wasn’t playful or made up in any way. To Namjoon, Yoongi really was tiny. Little in his hands, little all around. His skinny legs and slim waist, paired with his skinny fingers and short stature. In Namjoon’s eyes, Yoongi’s his tiny baby-- an idea they clearly both share, but it’s something that the elder typically doesn’t ask for. Yoongi’s cheeks heat up with the embarrassment of having to ask his dongsaeng to get him out of his head in this way-- but Namjoon doesn’t mind. Namjoon would do anything to make Yoongi smile-- anything to make him feel better.


“It’s okay if you were, baby. You deserve to feel good, don’t you?” Namjoon’s large hand cupped Yoongi’s now fully hard bulge gently as he spoke. “Baby deserves to unwind and take a break for a bit, hmm?”


The elder basically crumbled under Namjoon’s light grasp, feeling himself plunge deeper into his needy headspace. He whimpered at the touch, letting himself nod as he kept his hips at easy, raising his hands up to grip at Namjoon’s biceps.


Speaking up, Yoongi’s voice came out in a whine, “J-Joonie, please? Tell me, please--”


Namjoon kept rubbing at Yoongi’s cock through his shorts, barely needing to move his hand to accommodate to its size.


“What, sweetheart? Tell you what? Want me to tell you how pretty you look? Sitting on my lap like a little doll?” Yoongi nodded at that, another whimper escaping his lips. “You feel good, right? Your little cock is so hard-- you must feel really good, hmm?”


Yoongi nodded again, letting himself speak once more, wanting Joonie to quit teasing.


“Please, Joonie, please-- make me feel good? W-whatever you want, just-- just do something?”


“Good boy, Yoongi. I knew you wouldn’t have forgotten your manners. Why don’t you stand up for me, baby? Let me look at you for a minute. We’ll get your shorts off and you’ll feel better.”


Yoongi nodded, ready to do anything Namjoon would ask him to do. Namjoon held his hand as he pushed himself back up, feeling himself melt under the younger’s gaze. The size difference of their hands made Yoongi swallow down a whine, something that the younger definitely noticed.


Once on his feet, Yoongi stood and laced his fingers together as he awaited further instructions.


In these situations-- where Yoongi fell into this type of headspace-- he rarely voiced his thoughts. Namjoon spoke freely, something they had negotiated and discussed long before the two had decided to help each other out whenever needed. Long before they decided that whatever they had was much more than just ‘helping each other out’. The two needed each other in more ways than one, so at some point in history, they decided to stop messing around and just give in to each other-- which was quite possibly the best decision the two had ever made.


“Why don’t you take your hoodie off, sweetheart? Show me what you’ve got underneath.”


Yoongi nodded and stripped himself of his hoodie, leaving himself in a tank top and his shorts.


Just before he laced his hands together once more, Joonie mumbled something about his shorts, too, so Yoongi followed suit and pushed his shorts down, leaving himself in just his boxer briefs and his shirt. Without being told, he pulled the tank top off and looked at the younger with needy eyes, waiting for him to say something-- to say anything.


Namjoon’s eyes traveled up and down Yoongi’s thin body, stopping at his hips.


“Come here, baby. Stand right here in front of me.” Namjoon scooted forward on couch, now sitting on the edge, legs still spread enough for Yoongi to stand in between. The elder walked forward and stood where he was told, keeping his hands to his sides. “Here, sweetheart,” Namjoon took Yoongi’s hands in each of his and pulled them behind his back, which Yoongi did willingly.


Now holding his own hands behind his back, Namjoon’s own larger hands freely roamed Yoongi’s body, pausing at his hips. He thumbed over his jutted hip bones, humming softly. “Small everywhere, aren’t you baby?” Namjoon leaned forward and kissed at Yoongi’s tummy, sucking lightly at the soft skin there.


“So, so pretty, Yoongi. Really-- you don’t even know, do you, baby?”


Yoongi blushed even harder, hearing that swallowed whine from earlier finally bubble to the surface. He couldn’t help his neediness and desperation at this point, needing Namjoon’s hands on him-- wanting them literally anywhere.


“Pretty, pretty boy.” Namjoon ran his hands up Yoongi’s slim sides, his fingertips on the elder’s bare skin sent shivers up his spine. He felt the goosebumps rise on his arms as the faint touches reached their way up to his nipples. “Pretty little nipples. Little everything, baby, I love it, just love everything about you.”


Yoongi continued to let out his whimpers freely at this point, relaxing into Namjoon’s words, wanting more and more and more .


Namjoon’s large hands reached around and grasped at the smaller man’s ass, finally giving Yoongi a touch that wasn’t featherlight and hesitant, something that made him seem like he wasn’t as delicate as he was portrayed to be.


The grip on his ass pushed him forward, almost falling into Namjoon’s lap once more. The younger held him in place firmly, now using one hand to grab at Yoongi’s own behind his back. Namjoon pulled Yoongi’s left hand around and placed it directly on his cock, startling the smaller boy at the action. Yoongi felt his own hardness for the first time since Namjoon had come into the room, and he wasn’t sure it could get any harder.


Namjoon’s large hand held his smaller one as he wrapped it around his cock, stroking it for him slowly, still over the top of his briefs.

“Feel good, baby? How ‘bout you take your pants off? Show Joonie your cute little cock.”


Yoongi nodded, wanting to show Joonie anything he wanted to see.


He hooked his thumbs under the waistband of the black briefs and pulled them down slowly, feeling a wave of relief as the cool air of his lab hit the wetness on his cock. He outwardly whimpered, feeling his arousal now dripping out, making a mess on the rug below them.


“Joonie-ah, please, please--”


Namjoon caught him off guard by spinning him around and standing up, the two now closer than before, the younger’s chest to his back. Their position fed into their size difference drastically, making Yoongi sigh in relief. Namjoon always did such a good job making Yoongi feel good-- making him feel small and further help him relax.


The younger held Yoongi in his arms, taking his hand and wrapping it around his cock once more. Namjoon’s large hand covered Yoongi’s with each stroke. Each stroke, which really couldn’t be considered stroking, really just twisting slightly since his cock was so small. His precome made the sensation that much more euphoric, and Yoongi already felt himself close to a release.


“Joonie- I think- I think I’m close--”


Namjoon pulled their hands off at the comment, pulling a strangled whine from the smaller man. He needed to come, but Namjoon knew what was best-- and Yoongi always puts his trust in him-- every single time they play.


“Can’t have you coming yet, baby. Wanna break you down a bit more. That okay, sweetheart? Wanna let Joonie play with you some more?”


“Y-yeah, wanna…” Yoongi’s sentence trailed off as Namjoon got him sat down on the couch, their roles somewhat reversed this time around. Yoongi relaxed into the couch as the younger towered over him.


A second later, Namjoon was down on his knees, prying Yoongi’s knees apart. “Come on baby, spread these cute little thighs for me. Wanna work on you a little bit more, make you feel good. That okay? Make you whimper a little bit for Joonie, hm?”


Yoongi did his best to nod as is mouth hung open, patiently awaiting whatever Namjoon wanted to give him.


“Gonna suck your little cock for a bit, okay baby? Gonna get it all nice a wet while a get a couple fingers in you. Sound okay, sweetheart? What do you do if you want me to stop?”


Yoongi nodded again, completely lost in Namjoon’s words, too entranced to even verbally respond.


In return, Namjoon reached up and gently caressed the older man’s cheek, refocusing his attention quickly. “Tell me, little one. What do you do if you want Joonie to stop?”


Yoongi immediately nuzzled into the hand, grinning slightly at how caring Joonie is.

“I- I say ‘peaches’ and Joonie stops.” He closed his eyes as he continued leaning into the younger’s touch, making Namjoon’s heart leap from his chest.


He stroked his cheek once more, “Such a good boy, sweetheart. You’re so, so good for, you know that, right?”


Yoongi knows. Yoongi knows how good he can be-- knows how good he is. He nodded into his palm, still grinning slightly.


The next feeling of warm slickness on his cock made his eyes fly open, mouth now hanging open. Namjoon had the entirety of the smaller man’s cock in his mouth, barely even filling his mouth. He let out a whimper at the warmth surrounding him, closing his eyes when Namjoon started swallowing him down.

Clearly unaffected by the size of it, Namjoon pulled off and chuckled lightly at his baby’s reaction. He then grabbed Yoongi by the underside of his knees and slid him forward on the couch, just enough so his ass was hanging off. The sudden change in position had his eyes opening in slight concern, looking down at Namjoon in concern. He trusted him to always take care of him, but when he was in this headspace, he was a lot more ‘on-edge’ that usual.


“It’s okay, baby. Just trying to get your cute little hole wet. Just lay back and let yourself feel good, okay sweetheart?”


Yoongi nodded in return, letting his head fall back onto the sofa. Just as his head hit the plushness, Namjoon licked wetly at his hole, ultimately sending shockwaves down Yoongi’s spine and allowing heat to pool in his belly. If he had one specific weakness, it was getting his ass eaten. Namjoon knew him so well-- knew exactly what he liked and what made him squirm.


Namjoon licked at his boy’s tiny rim, pink and tight, working him open and relaxing him into the touch. Yoongi felt a low whine rip through him as Namjoon worked a single finger into him, licking around the rim as he did so. He kept his big hand wrapped around Yoongi’s smaller cock, stroking him ever so lightly, giving him tiny bursts of pleasure with every upstroke. Yoongi felt his tummy tighten up as Namjoon added another finger, opening him up gently but tortuously.


“Hahh- uh, Joonie, I- I uh, I’m getting kinda cuh-close…”


Namjoon licked at his hole once more before pulling back, chin wet with spit. “That’s okay, baby. Think you could come a few times for me? You need it, huh?”


Tears formed in Yoongi’s eyes as he nodded. That’s exactly what he needs. He needs Namjoon to make him feel something, make him feel okay again. He’s been stressed-- too stressed to fathom, and Joonie always takes care of him, no matter what.


“Let me hear you, Yoonie.”


Yoongi audibly gulped, a stray tear staining his puffy cheek in the process. “Yes, Joonie, yes.”


“Yes what, angel?”


“Yuh- yes, Joonie, I n-need it.” Yoongi’s spoke softly, voice barely above a whisper.


‘Good boy, baby. Let Joonie make you feel good. Come whenever you want, sweetheart, this is all ‘bout you.”


Yoongi let out a hmph as he nodded, keeping his eyes on the younger boy. He already felt so good, it wouldn’t take him much more to topple over the edge.


Namjoon smiled softly at Yoongi before he continued his ministrations, ducking back down and kissing at the older boy’s thighs, biting lightly and making Yoongi fall apart, piece by piece. Namjoon prodded a third finger at Yoongi’s tight entrance as he licked around it, just before moving his head back up to the elder’s cock, sucking on his head gently.


If anything-- Namjoon is fragile with Yoongi. He treats him as if he were made of glass, and that’s exactly what he wants. Yoongi wants to be treated softly, wants to be taken care of. He wants to be taken apart and made to feel like he was worth it-- like he was worth all of the affection and adoration. Namjoon loves Yoongi. He always has, ever since that fated day that seems to be so long ago. He still wears his ring from Dubai, still holds his hand in the car and rubs his tummy when he’s feeling sick. He’s always loved him. Always wanted to make him feel deserving of the world.


Yoongi cried out as Namjoon brushed his prostate. That feeling alone was exactly what he needed to send him over, to send him to his first release. Without much warning, Yoongi’s orgasm hit and Namjoon swallowed him down, savoring in his taste and not wasting a bit. He pulled off and let his head rest on Yoongi’s thin thigh, breathing softly as he recovered himself.


“Feel good, sweet boy?” Namjoon breathed out, looking up at Yoongi with stars in his eyes. He’s never this soft-- never this soft for anyone. But for Yoongi, he’d do whatever he’s capable of to make him feel wanted and loved.


Yoongi nodded in response as he reached down to lace their fingers together. He kept one hand in his own hair, running through his slightly damp fringe. Namjoon still had three fingers in the smaller boy, ready to keep going whenever he had recovered.


Namjoon kissed Yoongi’s thighs softly once more, lightly sucking pink marks onto his pale skin. The smaller boy looked so beautiful, but he radiated under Namjoon’s touch. Namjoon made him feel small in this big, mean world. Made him feel happy, made his heart feel full. Yoongi could always count on Namjoon, just as Namjoon could always count on his hyung.