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What Ifs

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Scott was waiting for him as Thunderbird One docked, even from the other end of the gantry he could see his little brother gulp. Even once the seat had extended out, Gordon remained in place, gripping the arm rests of dear life.


“Hey Scott!” He called across the space, “Mind giving me a hand?”


He folded his arms, raising an eyebrow at Gordon with a smirk, “Why? Struggling to find your ‘air legs’.”


Gordon’s face spoke volumes as it twisted into a wince, stretching one leg forward to get a footing on the platform, “You know this is stupid right? Surely there are rules dictating that you need a hand rail up this high?”


“It got in the way,” Scott shrugged, “Besides, keep your weight down, you won’t go anywhere.”


He could tell his brother was unconvinced as he, ungracefully, slithered down to the platform, triggering the pressure sensors to begin the retraction.


“Have you been keeping up with your sims?” He asked as Gordon crawled onto solid ground and began to pull himself up by the railing.


“Of course I have!” Gordon snapped, immediately defensive and giving the truth away, “Ask Alan, he’s been helping me.”


“Uh huh.” Scott nodded taking a step back as the smell john had warned him about drifted across to him, “Well, once you’ve showered and got a clean uniform on, you can damn well scrub my cockpit.”


His shoulders fell, but Scott know his brother’s whole body would slump with his next condition, “And then you and I are going to spend the evening working on your sims until you get them right.”


“Aww come on!” Gordon protested, “It was fine! You can check the flight recordings, once I got going I remembered what I was doing it was just--”


Scott was one step ahead, “I already have checked the recordings Gordon, twenty metres, that’s how close you came to hitting the ocean. What would you have done if it were a real rescue and you’d ditched my ship in the ocean?”


It was a low blow to guilt trip him with the idea of a rescue, but the facts were there. They were all meant to be rated for the others ships, it was a vital part of the operation considering the number of hands they had. He knew that Gordon knew that fact, but studying and recalling things that didn’t interest him was hard. Gordon didn’t enjoy being an air pilot, it was a fact rarely discussed. Too many times there had been close calls up in the air for Gordon’s liking, Scott didn’t blame him for being put off. That didn’t make it an excuse though.


“I’m sorry,” Gordon sighed, “I screwed up.”


Scott nodded, “Make it right and I’ll let you off. We never know when we might need to to pilot another ship, you can’t rely on Alan all the time.”


Gordon nodded, eyes wide, “I promise, I will.”


Scott had to smile briefly, nodding towards the changing room in the hanger, “Now go and get showered before you stink the whole villa out.”


He straightened, giving a mock salute before jogging off, “Once I’m done, One will be cleaner than you’ve ever seen it.”


Not holding his breath, Scott shook his head before he turned to set up the simulations for once Gordon had at least attempted to clean out his ship.