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Ficlets/Fics from my Tumblr journey

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  1. Some nights Fuze would sit all by himself on the rooftop. None dared to ask what he’s thinking - even he didn’t ask himself what’s going on inside of his head. Sure, he was aware of the certain moods and thoughts that affected him. But awareness and acknowledgement is a different matter, because the latter required him to introspect. Fuze knew that he bears some scars, but he won’t specify where and when he got them. It’s better to have them bleak and lost in memory, just like the dark forest that he’s gazing at; hidden and veiled in shadows. This solitude had been his solace for quite some time, until that fateful night when he heard a presence behind him. A heavy trudging, series of bumps and low curses in language they both understand. The man tapped on Fuze’s shoulders and mumbled in a gravelly voice, “Shitty view out here.” Fuze didn’t need to turn his head away from the view, as he knew that it’s their residential blunt ol’ bastard, Tachanka. They stood side by side, leaned over the railing and stayed in silence. Fuze anticipated an attempt for small talk or even some questions to prod the reason behind his aloofness, but Tachanka remained mute. The only interaction they had was an offering from the older man; his tinned flask that contained whatever the strong poison he favoured that week. Fuze took a sip and felt the warmth spreading within him. Not just his digestive system, but also a small region in his chest that had been empty. Ever since then, Tachanka was always there, ready to be engulfed in nightfall together.

  2. The amount of workout they do is insane. No wonder why they are called the beefy husbands (a team name that Fuze isn’t particularly thrilled to hear.) There were many challengers who dares the pair to compete in wrestling challenge, to which Tachanka accepted wholeheartedly while Fuze rejected on the spot. Some taunted that Fuze wasn’t confident or competent, but when Smoke yelled, “You’re going to let your daddy handle things?” That’s when Fuze did a 180 to face the challengers with fire in his eyes. It evolved into a tag team match and many participated without a real prize or goal. Some people joined in for fun (and got absolutely trashed,) like Mozzie and Smoke. The real competitors were Maestro, Sledge, Blitz, Montagne, Rook, Blackbeard and Gridlock. Tachanka seemed to enjoy the whole ordeal and gushed in pride whenever him and his boyfriend won against the other. But Fuze? He looked like a man with agenda to finish this as soon as possible.

    They weren’t the victor due to exhaustion, but Tachanka had to ask, “What’s the hurry? You didn’t seem to enjoy at all.”

    Fuze grumbled, “I don’t like them touching you on places where only I can touch. That’s all.” Tachanka then showered him with a loud slap on the back and proceeds to take his shirt off.

  3. When Fuze gets drunk, he is a tad bit aggressive and broody. He stays seated, banging the table a few times and mumbling whatever made him unhappy that week. Tachanka is there to listen and give advice, but when all fails he resort to the touchy-feely (more than usual since he’s drunk too.) Even when drunk, Fuze is extremely shy with PDA so he tries to wriggle out. Some might think that they are on a wrestling hold or having some scuffles, but it’s nothing to be alarmed when the rest of Spetsnaz family aren’t doing anything to stop them.

    Glaz would say, “It’s just Alex being a teddy bear. That’s okay.”

    An innocent bystander like Pulse would ask, “Are you sure? Shuhrat looks like he’s ready to rip Alex’s arms off.”

    Tachanka has heard him and yells back, “He would never! Don’t worry, skinny boy.” Fuze roars and writhes and throws punches on Tachanka’s back and shoulders. Despite all this, there’s chuckle and laughter from the older man, and then a defeated groan from a man who goes limp in his lover’s arms.

  4. In their relationship, Tachanka knows that marriage is an elephant in the room of a sort. It’s something that he quit and Fuze didn’t pursue. He has a pair of silver bands ready and thought about slipping them on Fuze without a word, but that sounded inconsiderate even by his standards. But neither of them are the type to kneel down and confess eternal love for each other, or share loving gazes across the table that has candles and roses. Should he hide the ring in a pile of pancake for their breakfast? No can do - they will eat the whole thing in one gulf and the other teammates also drop by to steal his food. Speaking of teammates, Tachanka could ask them to help out with the proposal. But then Kapkan will ruin it for sure by saying some bullshit like ‘marriage is a social construct and capitalistic illusion.’ To which Tachanka agrees, but Finka would growl back by saying ‘Well, it’s better than deciding to bunker down and have copious amount of children without realising what you’re getting yourself into. Marriage is supposed to be a pledge. And extravagant party is an option, not obligation.’ So Tachanka is slightly lost with Kapkan has the devil and Finka as the cherub on his shoulders. Glaz, as the middle man, would say ‘Why don’t you ask Fuze whether he wants to marry at all? You guys can live together without marrying.’ And that’s the answer he’s been seeking for.

  5. The two creates what constitute as ‘frugal’ cooking (aka minimum wage recipes.) They mix flour and potato to create ‘more’ carbs and sometimes use a lot of onions and bread that will feed them the whole day. Then one day Tachanka cooked chicken kotlet masterfully, which surprised a lot of people. Fuze gaped in disbelief and asked why Tachanka didn’t make something so refined all this time, to which the older man replied, “I cooked at your level. It’s about time to upgrade, right?” Of course Fuze took some offense from such statement and declared that he won’t talk to Tachanka for a whole week, but the glorious smell of fried chicken weakened his resolve. Mr Grumpy came back into kitchen no lesser than ten minutes and expressed an interest to learn. Twist is that Tachanka only knows how to cook like Life of Boris, Fuze caught up rather quickly.