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you make my night

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It’s almost 9pm. Somewhere in an apartment room in Seoul, Mingyu rushes out of the shower in an attempt to make it to his room and make himself comfortable around his desk in less than a minute.


Opening his laptop, he clicks on the first bookmark he’s saved, watching the website show up with a live recording from a radio station.


The advertisements were still playing, thank god, he was just on time.


Mingyu sighs in relief, leaning back in his chair. The late summer — almost autumn, Mingyu argues — air entered through the open window, golden sunset glow following suit. The fan provided him some aid, but not enough. He knew the heat was near to unbearable and he would rather choose to not waste his little-to-nothing money on the electricity bill, though here he was.


But the thought turned into a blur as soft music filled his ears, his closed lips humming to the tune that played.


Don’t say sorry, do not worry

Do not be scared, do not cry now

To me, you are very precious

Can you tell yourself who had a hard time

That I’m here, that you’ve worked hard, that I love you

That I will hug you.


Once the music fades out, Mingyu lips curl into a lazy smile. A woman’s recorded voice saying Oh, I got a message? starts the show before a low, relaxing voice brings a delight to Mingyu’s ears.


“I wanted to be your tomorrow, so I lived today. Will you think about me everyday?”


That sentence alone makes the man slouch on his desk in delight, his fingers drawing shapes on the surface.


“Welcome to You Make My Night everyone. I’m your emcee, Jeon-san — Let us peacefully paint this galaxy together during this calm hour of night.”


The intro was always the same, followed with a lukewarm chuckle. If he wasn’t so tired, Mingyu would usually answer the host, but the drowsiness brought in by the air creeped into the latter’s state.


Jeon-san would start off his show with what he learned from the moon today, which varied from self-care reminders to a peek into the host’s day, always encouraging his audience to do something out of the ordinary for the future.


Mingyu’s first time tuning into You Make My Night occurred somewhere in the beginning of college year, following religiously to nearly every weekday broadcast (excluding his off days). Contrary to belief, his animated image would typically express his fondness over this show, but it was quite the opposite.


Silent, yet dedicated; a long-time fan.


Whenever he’d stay up for due papers, or those restless nights when everything felt wrong, Jeon-san would always be there at nine o’clock.


“And our first song will be… ‘I Was Made For Loving You’. Perfect.”


Not to mention, he’s pretty sure his soulmate is no other than the host of You Make My Night.


For a world where you can hear your soulmate’s thoughts, that in itself sounds pretty easy. Though having to hear their voice first in order to access this deeper connection, causes difficulties. Possibilities were endless.


Some people were lucky, for most people, not so much.


It didn’t help that you couldn’t hear your soulmate’s name whenever thought, or distinguish them as the voice in your head remained as yours no matter how universal your partner was: living across oceans, bilingually thinking from language to language, if they could even speak.


More studies showed that it was rare to communicate with them as well, constructing an even bigger barrier between everything. Soulmate studies during high school says it’s due to the challenges of truly finding the one, but Mingyu calls that all bullshit.


Who was he to complain anyway? He already found his soulmate, he just… Has no clue who he is.


Yet with You Make My Night, and his soulmate’s thoughts, the two go hand in hand to get to know Jeon-san.


His first encounter with Jeon-san was the day when one of his old high school friends mentioned about the blessing in disguise to Mingyu.


Mingyu himself wasn’t a big fan of the soulmate idea mainly because he hadn’t experienced it in his nineteen (almost twenty) years of living, however he wanted to find something to get his mind off of the damned report that has been driving him insane for days.


(Not to exaggerate, but Mingyu would choose to be set on fire than hand in that sheet of words without a doubt. He hated it that much)


And the moment he tunes into the channel, he hears this calmingly rich voice, quoting word for word:


“Fate intertwines us in fascinating ways. Strange, but fascinating.”


The male didn’t know what to get out of it — for the most part he found the man’s voice very, very alluring — thinking about the line.


As well with thinking, something unknown approaches Mingyu’s mind.


“It’s time for the shooting stars.”


Mingyu didn’t think that. That was his internal voice, yes, he was sure of it, yet it was simultaneously familiar and not, as if an entity was talking next to him.


Just when he was about to toss the concern away, Jeon-san grabs his interest more than ever.


“Let’s take a look at our shooting stars, shall we?” Again, quoted. “Our first shooting star is from bongbongie who says…”


It took Mingyu two minutes to connect the dots before he’s falling off his bed.


It’s been three years since then. Now twenty two, he’s gained his sense of peace after knowing about this discovery, keeping it as a hushed secret to himself.


Speaking of shooting stars, that was another segment of the show that Mingyu liked to pay attention to.


Other than Jeon-san’s music recommendations (each song put into a youtube playlist Mingyu titled My Universe), he loved it when the host would look through the live chat and interact with viewers, usually cracking lame jokes to having deep, raw chats.


It’s anything to hear him, Mingyu huffs, a week into following You Make My Night.


Mingyu honestly loves his voice.


(He also celebrated their quote on quote ‘week anniversary’ with a cupcake, oh how sweet and young Mingyu was back then)


Tuning back into the show, the male realised he dozed off to You Make My Night for fifteen minutes, perfectly timed for what Mingyu and Jeon-san like to call Our Universe of Soulmates.


“Our first story is from soundofcoups — hope I pronounced that right — which reads, ‘This story between me and my soulmate isn’t special or amazing as some others might be, but it’s a funny one. It all began at three in the morning, myself drunk out of my mind and walking home...’”


Stories like these were submitted into the show’s personalised email, either telling how someone has met their soulmate, or alternatively, a message to them. Listening to them gives hope that Mingyu might meet Jeon-san like that; he was sometimes tempted to send a message of his own to try and confess to Jeon-san.


But that was a boring confession, would Jeon-san believe him anyway?


Short answer: he’s tried, but sworn to never do that embarrassment again.


He’s learnt a lot about the laid-back host through his thoughts. Mingyu is certain that they haven’t crossed paths because Jeon-san questions about his soulmate often.


The radio host also believes that he’ll never get to hear his soulmate’s thoughts and vice versa, not knowing that his soulmate is quietly listening to him all along.


Jeon-san reminds himself of the things he has to do every morning; he often complains about his friend’s stupid antics internally; always undecided in what laundry freshener to buy; questions himself on the most ridiculous of things like “Fish clearly can’t see water... Can they?”; actively getting excited over what he has to offer for tonight’s show; whenever he reads he never fails to lure Mingyu asleep with his steady, beautiful pace that the male’s internal thoughts can’t perfect to real life.


“If only my thoughts were read in his voice… Damn soulmate gods,” Mingyu slurs halfway, huffing as if he’s in pain.


More-so than often, it’s easy to tell when his soulmate is under the weather as his thoughts turn upside down in a matter of seconds. It’s after a long or stressful day when it occurs, and all Mingyu can do is sit and listen.


He listens to Jeon-san’s worries, taking the burden with him, staying up until two in the morning as soon as Jeon-san thankfully decides to sleep, wanting to forget the previous night the moment he wakes up again.


The male wishes he could be there for his soulmate — to reach out to him. You Make My Night was an obvious option but it wasn’t enough, excluding the one attempt he tried years ago.


Mingyu wanted to meet Jeon-san. And even after three years he still didn’t know how to, which was how the same old soulmate story goes.


One day, Mingyu believes, one day he can live up to the stories he hears on the radio show.


“As dawn approaches us,” Jeon-san states, the tranquility in his words making it harder for Mingyu to keep awake, “we will end tonight with Sam Kim’s ‘When You Fall’. It’s a lovely track, I’m in love with it. Let’s meet again everyday at 9pm.”


Mingyu’s eyes drastically feel heavier. He hasn’t done the things he’s wanted to do this afternoon, but tuning into his favourite radio show was one accomplishment he could be proud of.


“Sweet dreams everyone, you’ve worked hard. You made my night, I hope I’ve made yours in return.”


He finishes sweetly; Mingyu still picturing the spreading grin on the host’s face.


Mingyu forgot another habit of his soulmate, but grinned as he was expecting it, like he would after the show would’ve ended; although Mingyu would’ve liked to be there, having this piece of Jeon-san was special.


“Goodnight to wherever you are too, my dearest soulmate.”


Just like that, Jeon-san has made Mingyu’s night.