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Can you hear me?

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Plic, plic.

She opened an eye, then another one.

Plic, plic.

She saw nothing. She closed them again. She groaned.

Plic, plic.

A sharp pain burst behind her head, at the nape of her neck. She tried to raise an arm but something undefined kept it locked. Both arms were locked. She moved her hands and a metallic clink came to her ears. Handcuffs?

Plic, plic, plic.

She shook her feet and had the same result. She realized. She was tied up, abandoned somewhere, cold to her bones and in pain. Every muscle in the body throbbed, like after a bad beating.

Plic, plic, plic.

Drops falling around her. Rain?

She remembered absolutely nothing. She felt numb with nausea and chills.

She only knew she was very thirsty. She would have drunk a cold beer, one of those that went down like nothing. She tried talking but couldn't. An adhesive tape covered her mouth. She moaned.

The senses, still numb, signaled her danger. She didn't know how or why, but ...she was trapped.

Plic, plic, plic.

She had to ask for help, get noticed, recover. She was so tired ...

A metallic beep was released into the air, then another. A man's voice cleared. - Good evening, detective, welcome to our humble abode. -

He spoke coarse English, although correct. It was as clear as the sun that he wasn't a native American with that particular accent.

Chloe gasped. The man's icy laugh made her uncomfortable. - Right, you're still not entirely herself. - He paused. - Don't worry, the effect of drugs should disappear within a few hours. -

Drugs? Oh, no. She stirred at the thought.

- Be serene. - He said again. - We will have time to discuss. -

Chloe didn't want to wait, she wanted to know what the hell was going on and immediately, but the stifling silence enveloped her.

Plic, plic, plic.

She slipped into sleep a second later while the incessant noise of those drops kept her company.