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King's Crossing

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Epilogue - Five Years Later


Everything was just as Harry remembered it — the gold dust in the air, the bubbling potions. Only this time, rather than showing up lonely and unsure, he was holding hands with his boyfriend of five years. 

“Hello Harry, Draco.” Parvati ushered them into her office and shut the door. “Happy anniversary, by the way.”

“How is it you remember our anniversary, but this one never does?” Draco drawled, nudging Harry with his shoulder, who pushed him off playfully.

“That’s rubbish and you know it. You’re just trying to get me in trouble.”

Sifting through a filing cabinet, Parvati laughed. “If you’d really forgotten, you would have faced a dressing-down worse than the one you gave me five years ago.”

“You deserved that.”

“I also deserved the chocolates and thank you card Draco sent me the next week.” She winked, and handed over a piece of parchment paper. “Here is where you sign and date, absolving the Ministry of any ill effects on your life or relationship. And here is where you sign, promising not to disclose any of the secrets you learn here today.”

Harry and Draco both signed, and the parchment furled up and disappeared with a pop all on its own. “You didn’t make me do this the first time,” Harry pointed out.

“Regulations in the Love room have tightened since a recent… incident.” Harry and Draco waited for her to elaborate, but she didn’t. “Follow me!” She led them back into the centre of the room with the glittering air.

Nervously, Harry held his hand out the way he had all those years ago. Draco did the same; Harry noticed he was trembling a bit.

“Hold hands for this part,” Parvati said. “It will make them appear stronger, if they are in fact linked. Now, one last time, are you sure?”

Harry turned to Draco. “You wanted to see. I’m fine with your decision either way.”

“I’ve always been a bit of a romantic,” Draco smiled. “I meant what I said before. I’m curious, but not enough to upset you. If you’re alright with it, then yes.”

Parvati made the same intricate wand movement as before and once again an incandescent thread appeared around Harry’s wrist. This time, rather than waving sadly in the air, torn and unconnected, it curled out and grew towards Draco —

— who had a thread of his own.

The shining strands twined together, around and around, like living vines, until both of them were illuminated. Harry watched in awe, his heart pounding. He meant what he’d said, that it didn’t change his love for Draco, but he had to admit it was a beautiful sight. He looked to Draco, to share his awe and wonder, but Draco — 

Draco was laughing.

Mirthful tears collected at the corner of his eyes, and he lifted a hand to wipe them away, keeping his other in Harry’s grip, still encircled in blue. “What’s so funny?” Harry asked, bewildered.

“I didn’t —” Draco snorted back another laugh. “I didn’t think they’d actually be connected.”

“You… what?” Harry pulled at his hand a bit, but Draco kept a firm grip. “You didn’t think I was your soulmate?!”

“Don’t be silly, of course you’re my soulmate. I saw what I saw when we were both seventeen. My thread was stretching towards yours like a drowning man grasping for air.” Draco smiled softly. “My soul knew what my heart wasn’t willing to admit yet. No, he nodded down at the thread, which Harry thought was quite lovely. “I didn’t think they would still be connected.

“I don’t quite follow,” Parvati spoke up.

“Well I died, didn’t I?” Draco shrugged. “Or something like it.”

“No,” Harry protested. “You didn’t die , you were the cat in the box.”

“In any case, the thread on my wrist was already broken when I saw it. I had just assumed it would still be the same way.” He began laughing again. “And I was going to say, oh we’ll never know now for sure, will we, but of course I don’t care Harry, in fact I want to be with you forever, and yes just there, see it fits perfectly — “

“Draco.” Harry cut him off, not angry, but needing an explanation. “Why did you want to come here if you thought — wait. What fits perfectly?”

“Hmm. Oh! The ring, silly.”

“The…” Harry trailed off as Draco produced a small black box from his pocket. 

“I was going to propose. A bit silly but —”

He didn’t get a chance to finish. “Yes.” Harry was grinning madly, his smile lit up by the luminous thread between them. “Yes, you fool. Of course I’ll marry you.”

“Well then,” Draco said, beaming in the blue glow, leaning in for a kiss. “Looks like I’ve found my destiny after all.”

Parvati left them there, kissing softly in the golden mist, encircled in light.