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Lights, Camera, Feelings

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Liadrin let out a trembling breath and nodded, licking her slightly dry lips as she immediately broke character and lifted a hand to stroke some of the damp hair from Delaryn’s face and smiled at her - albeit tiredly. “Alright?” She asked quietly as she carefully slipped the toy attached to her harness free from the other woman and helped her sit up.

“I’m fine.” Delaryn replied with a quiet laugh and a faint wince as she sat.

“You sure?” Liadrin asked with a slight furrow in her brow and a hand on Delaryn’s lower back.

Another laugh. “They weren’t lying about you. A damn good fuck and sweet on top of it.”

Liadrin’s chuckle was low and her smirk was soft - a mix of confidence and genuine amusement. Her attention turned to the young intern who handed her a towel and a bottle of water which she handed over to Delaryn immediately. “You must be new.” Liadrin said with a lift of one of her eyebrows. “Her, first, then me if you can’t manage two towels and two waters at once. That’s the deal.”

The young woman nodded and made himself scarce rather quickly.

Once they were both dried off and at least somewhat rehydrated, Liadrin made her way off the edge of the set towards her robe and began sliding it on once one of the set handlers got her out of her harness.

“I’d love to film with you again, by the way.” Delaryn remarked as she got her own robe on.

Liadrin nodded and gave her another soft smile. “I’ll be sure my agent knows.” She replied - and it wasn’t a lie. Not this time, anyway. Delaryn had been pleasant to shoot with. She really had. Liadrin’s thoughts were just...elsewhere at the moment. On the shoot she had scheduled for the following morning.

A shoot with none other than Vendetta Valentine. Or Valeera Sanguinar, if what her agent told her was correct. They’d seen each other at a few functions in the past, of course. Award shows and things of that nature. She was gorgeous. Liadrin had no doubt Valeera had earned the weight that her name carried in this industry. As she had earned her own.

Liadrin snorted quietly as she glanced at the nameplate on her dressing room on her way in. ‘Leigh Lawbringer’, indeed. As the door shut behind her and she headed towards the shower in one corner of the room, the importance of the events of the following day began to weigh upon her. This was the first time their production companies had worked together. Blood Knight Films and Uncrowned Productions were big names. Big names that had signed a contract to film their most well-known actors together.

Oh, well. No going back now. Her name was on that deal just like Valeera’s was. could’ve definitely been worse.


Valeera removed her sunglasses and hooked them into the low-cut V of her shirt as she walked in through the back studio doors. “Where is she?” She asked one of her handlers with a quirk of her brow. “Uhhh...I’m not-”

“Miss Valentine?”

Valeera quirked a brow at the man who had cut off her assistant. “That’s me.”

“Lor’themar Theron. I’m with Blood Knight. I’ll be directing you today.”

“Ah. A man. Excellent.” Valeera sighed and handed her bag to the woman he’d spoken over before crossing her arms over her chest - never having stopped eyeing the man in front of her.

“Honey, I might not enjoy pussy, personally - but I know what looks good on camera, I assure you. Anyway, now that the pleasantries are out of the way - your co-star would like to meet with you before we begin, and I have to finish a shoot that’s already nearly killed me a dozen times, so if you’ll excuse me.”

He turned on his heel and made his way towards a room that seemed entirely too bright for Valeera’s liking. God, please don’t let it be one of those shoots…

“Her dressing room is down the hall - third door to your left!” He called out without turning before he was gone.

Valeera pursed her lips and then glanced at the woman who was holding her bag back out to her. “Keep it out here. If she wants to talk - I’d rather it just be us. A dozen people are about to see us fuck, after all.”

The assistant laughed quietly and nodded, finding a chair along the hallway to plop down in as Valeera made her way further along and knocked softly on the dressing room door before entering.

“Ah, if it isn’t Leigh Lawbringer.” She announced as she shut it behind herself and Liadrin stood. She was sharply dressed. Her outfit was something between a tracksuit and an actual suit with a high, upturned collar. Something expensive. Something Valeera appreciated. She despised when a woman showed up in what could’ve been construed as night clothes. Just one of those things.

“In the flesh. But Liadrin is fine.” Liadrin responded as she held out her hand and took Valeera’s in a gentle grasp for a moment before releasing it. “It’s nice to officially meet you. Vendetta Valentine, right? Your name precedes you.”

“Mmh. Valeera off-camera. If you don’t mind. Let’s talk.” Valeera had already begun moving to one of the chairs at the small table the room contained before she finished speaking, and Liadrin joined her, leaning back in her chair with a soft, easy smile on her face.

“I like to meet my co-stars prior to filming. It’s strange to me, otherwise.”

“What? Being knuckle-deep in a total stranger’s pussy? Yeah. It can be.”

Liadrin nearly snorted. She wasn’t used to other big names or the confidence that came with them. She usually carried the bill all on her own. It was refreshing. “I don’t think they have us down for much fingering, actually.”

“No. A shame, really. But I’m looking forward to eating you out if I’m being entirely honest.”

“Oh?” Liadrin asked with a faint tilt of her head.

“I heard you don’t like to come on-set.” Valeera smirked and leaned back in her own chair - affecting a rather nonchalant position much like Liadrin had.

“I’m not so frequently in a position to. And I heard you just don’t.” Liadrin countered easily.

Valeera responded with a shrug. “Less pressure that way. It’s easier to fake it.”

Liadrin nodded her understanding before she spoke. “I’ll get you off, Valeera.” She hooked an arm over the back of her chair. “For God and the whole world to see.”

Valeera snorted almost derisively...and Liadrin seemed unbothered. That gave her pause. Made her think that maybe that might have been confidence more than cockiness. “Alright. We’ve established we both want to prove we can make a woman come when the camera’s rolling. What did you really want me in here for, though?”

Liadrin sobered and shifted her seat so she was leaning forward on the table. “I just need to put a few things out there, that’s all.”


“If you need the scene to stop - tell me. I don’t give a shit what the director is saying or any god damned thing else. You tell me. I stop it. Or you stop it, yourself. If they ask me to fuck you harder and you can’t take it - you tell me. I stop. If they want me to spank you while I fuck you and you don’t want that - you tell me. I stop. If it hurts and you don’t like it - I stop. Period. Everything fucking stops. We take a break and decide whether or not we’re coming back to it. Okay?”

Valeera didn’t really have a snarky comeback for that. She just...appreciated it. “Yeah.” She finally responded as her brows furrowed slightly and she reached out to clasp Liadrin’s hand on the table where it had come to rest. “Thanks for that.”

“No need at all. Your wellbeing is more important than a shoot.” Liadrin stood and offered Valeera another smile before heading towards the door to open it for her. “I’ll see you out there, then.”


The next time they met, they were both in robes. Valeera was already removing hers just off-camera to reveal lovely red and black lingerie when Liadrin began untying the knot on hers as the younger woman glanced in her direction just in time to see it come off. Black lace boy shorts and nothing else. Alright, then. Valeera liked these scenes. No bullshit campy plot. No prolonged undressing. And thank God, they’d been put on a set with incredibly soft lighting and not the cheap, washed out bullshit she’d seen earlier. It was simple. Stark. A bedroom scene all in soft, muted whites.

Valeera was surprised to find Liadrin looking as cut as she’d seen her in the films she’d watched. So it hadn’t been the lighting, after all. She had a gorgeous body and Valeera smiled faintly when Liadrin glanced up and caught her looking. Instead of looking away, Valeera walked over to her and stood at her side while various members of the production scene ran around hurriedly to put their finishing touches on set. They each took note of the small bottle of lube placed just out of view of the camera on the floor near the bed. Of the harness and its attachment that was being stashed away in a drawer of the end table.

“You’re even prettier in person.” Valeera said quietly. “I’d probably let you fuck me without the paycheck.”

Liadrin smirked and her full attention was back on Valeera. “Would you?”

“The likelihood is high. I’ll warm those up for you in a minute. Wish they wouldn’t keep these sets so cold.”

Liadrin glanced down at her own chest and laughed quietly at how stiff her nipples were. “We’ll be glad for it in a little while, I’m sure. Do feel free to warm them up, though.”

“All quiet on set, please. Ladies, if you would?” Lor’themar turned to look at them and they filed into the makeshift room. The script, if you could call it that, had been simple enough. They each made their way under the blankets and Liadrin turned onto her stomach with her face towards the camera as Valeera propped herself up on one elbow behind her and looked down at her while she shut her eyes and did a damn good job of looking like she was sleeping.

“You probably get this a lot, but your hair is gorgeous, Leigh Lawbringer.” She remarked idly under her breath - causing Liadrin to smile faintly.

“Sleeping, Leigh! You are sleeping, remember?”

The smile faded quickly in response to Lor’themar’s scolding from behind one of the cameras pointing at them despite how hard it was not to laugh at his outrage. Then, Valeera lifted a hand and began stroking slowly through her hair - a movement that cued the start of the scene.

Liadrin murmured something unintelligible under her breath and barely shifted under the covers. Valeera found it easy to smile like she was supposed to in response. Much easier than she might have, normally.

“Good morning.” She breathed as Liadrin’s eyelids began to flutter faintly.


Valeera leaned down, then, and mouthed gently along the edge of her ear - nipping it now and then on her way to the corner of her jaw. “I miss you.”

“We’re in bed together.” Liadrin complained - her speech so authentically muffled and disoriented that it immediately brought even more realness to the scene. “How do you miss me?”

Valeera let her teeth scrape against the corner of Liadrin’s jaw, then - a sensation that marked the moment Liadrin needed to open her eyes and turn slowly onto her back to face the younger woman.

“I’m not allowed to miss you?” Valeera almost cooed as her hand shifted beneath the blankets and cupped one of Liadrin’s breasts, providing the warmth she’d promised earlier...and a little more. A gentle pinch of her nipple followed by a slow, soft kneading.

“Of course, you are.” Liadrin’s voice was low and quiet. Much more sultry and...strangely soothing in person. That part didn’t really translate on film and it was a pleasant surprise.

Liadrin moaned quietly and arched her chest up as Valeera pushed the blanket down and leaned in to let her lips graze across the nipple she’d been toying with. Valeera could tell she wasn’t quite that sensitive. She was damn convincing, though. Even when she first ran the flat of her tongue over it as it began to harden, again, she couldn’t be sure that the quiet, breathy sound that came in response was genuine.

The quick, sharp gasp when she sucked against it hard was, though. Valeera could feel that in the tensing of the muscles beneath her hand where it rested on Liadrin’s stomach. She smiled and moved to the next one - repeating the treatment she’d given the first as Liadrin’s hand slid up her back to rest against the nape of her neck.

“Good morning to you, too.” Liadrin husked as Valeera parted from her breast, finally, with a quiet pop.

“It’s not morning without breakfast.” Valeera countered - drawing the blanket the rest of the way from Liadrin’s body and trailing her fingertips along a thigh that rose slowly beneath her touch.

“What do you have a taste for?” Liadrin asked all too innocently.

Valeera chuckled quietly and leaned down to brush her lips against Liadrin’s jaw then allowed her teeth to graze it - but only just. “Your pussy, of course.”

Liadrin’s thigh fell to the side as Valeera gave it a gentle nudge - half for the camera and half to give herself more room. She took her time touching along Liadrin’s stomach, then - tracing the lines of muscle there with her fingertips until she found what she was looking for over the lace of Liadrin’s panties. For the next few moments, she simply traced delicate touches against hidden warmth without pressing any further and made quite a show of kissing up Liadrin’s neck towards her ear.

“I want you a little wetter for me.” She whispered against it far too quietly for the mics to pick up.

Liadrin exhaled slowly in response and reached up to stroke her hands along Valeera’s sides. The ease with which she unclasped the other woman’s bra spoke to how practiced she was at the act...but the softness of her hands when she first cupped her breasts caused Valeera’s lashes to flutter lightly and a breathy groan to leave her.

It didn’t take long, then, for Valeera to get what she’d been wanting. As soon as she felt dampness against her fingertips through Liadrin’s panties, she pressed them aside and dipped one of her fingertips inside the other woman slowly while lifting her head to look into her eyes. “You’re so tight, baby.”

“Mmh. Do you like it?” Liadrin asked - ignoring one of the cameras as it came far too close to them and zoomed between her legs - at the barely visible flesh Valeera had exposed and the glistening on her fingertip as she pulled it back.

“Always.” Valeera murmured heatedly, lowering herself down Liadrin’s body and trailing kisses in her wake. The muscles tensing and jumping beneath her lips weren’t doing so in an entirely disingenuous fashion, that much Valeera could tell. She wondered idly how infrequently Liadrin was allowed to truly feel anything at all on set.

Well, she would feel something today. Of that much, Valeera was sure. Her glowing green eyes lifted to meet the golden ones focused down at her as she caught the waistband of her panties in her teeth and began drawing it down her legs until she managed to discard the garment - each movement fluid and easy. No getting stuck on ankles or heals. That would have been just a little too much realism.

The younger woman smirked as she rested a hand on Liadrin’s hip and ran her thumb down the trimmed strip of fire-red hair she’d exposed. Her next line came easily because she meant it. “Cute.”

Liadrin’s soft smile widened into a grin as she once again pressed her thigh further towards the bed to allow the camera to have better access to her. “Only for you.”

Valeera ran her parted lips down the soft, trimmed hair to where it stopped an inch or so above the clit and she pressed a kiss to the freshly waxed skin, there. “Do you want my mouth?” She asked - her warm breath ghosting over Liadrin as fingertips dug gently into the nape of her neck.

“Very much.”

Liadrin expected a few experimental laps of Valeera’s tongue. That’s what she was used to, after all. And they came as she’d expected - with Valeera’s cheek resting against her thigh and her mouth parted wide enough so the profile of her actions would be perfectly in frame. So the close-up of her wet tongue teasing Liadrin’s clit could be clearly seen. It was, however, just slightly different than usual. The motions were languid and the enjoyment on Valeera’s face was, as far as Liadrin could tell, genuine. That, in and of itself, was far more arousing than she’d expected it to be. The moan, though, just before Valeera leaned in farther and pressed against her harder - caused Liadrin to lean her head back into the pillows.

As Valeera began sucking and working her jaw along with her motions, Liadrin dug her heels into the bed and gathered some of Valeera’s hair into her hand as her hips rocked of their own accord. She was surprised at herself. Surprised that she was seeking more of that contact and gripping at the sheets with her free hand. “There.” Liadrin breathed - a line that had been expected of her, true enough. But...fuck, yes. Right there.

Valeera hummed low in appreciation and began stroking along Liadrin’s thighs in encouragement.

“Move the left hand. You’re blocking. And, Leigh - the mics aren’t picking you up.” Lor’themar remarked from behind the camera.

Valeera let out a sharp huff through her nostrils but obeyed, nonetheless - feeling the other woman’s frustration in the way Liadrin pressed her hips down into the bed. No wonder Liadrin never came.

Yet, Valeera was determined. Despite their distraction, she carried on - pressing two of her fingers into the other woman and stretching her with them as they parted and twisted inside her. That was enough to get Liadrin a little more vocal. A choked moan left her - her hand moved from Valeera’s nape into her hair and gathered any that had come loose to hold it out of the way.

Soon enough, she was trembling faintly now and then. Her body was writhing and her moans were low and continuous. “I’m...I’m…”

“Alright, we’re dragging. Give us a shudder, then we’ll break. Try to shout a little if you can.”

Valeera could have screamed as she felt the tensing muscles around her fingers relax almost instantly and she pulled her mouth away with another of those audible ‘pops’ to look over at Lor’themar. “I’ll give you a real orgasm, actually, if you don’t mind. She was about to come before you interrupted.”

Lor’themar looked a bit stunned. That was...unusual, to say the last. “Very well.” He gestured nonchalantly with his hand as he spoke. “Carry on.”

Valeera looked up at Liadrin, who nodded softly. “I’m still close.” Liadrin whispered.

“I know you are.” Valeera breathed before finding her clit with her mouth again.

Liadrin came beautifully. Gracefully. With her back arched from the bed and her muscles tensing as her cries of pleasure and shock came in waves that mimicked those of her orgasm until she collapsed into the bed.

She collapsed against it after holding the position long enough for all the angles to be captured, panting quietly and toying idly with Valeera’s hair as she sat up on the bed and wiped her mouth.

Liadrin lay there with one hand on her stomach and her legs still spread, looking sated for as long as she would allow herself to before they were each brought a bottle of water and a robe to throw over their shoulders against the chill of the room that would surely return soon.

“You’re good with your mouth, Valentine.” Liadrin complimented as they moved to sit in the chairs that had been placed on the edge of the set for them.

“So I’ve been told. I’m glad you enjoyed yourself.”

“Did you?” Liadrin countered with an almost playful glint in her eyes.

Valeera laughed softly after she swallowed a sip of water. “You have such a pretty pussy. It would have been difficult not to.”

“Places, please.” Lor’themar’s voice rang out across the set. “Get Leigh strapped up. Do we have lube on-set?”

Liadrin sighed and stood, leaving her robe on the chair as one of the crew carried the harness over and began buckling her into it. Valeera moved to sit on the edge of the bed, watching the process with rapt attention. Now, this, she was looking forward to a great deal.

Sure, she’d been topped plenty of times. That...might have been an understatement. But not by Liadrin. The one every girl wanted to film with.

She didn’t have overly high expectations, though. She did, however, expect to enjoy it at the very least.

If she weren’t so used to the sight, watching Liadrin discuss positioning with Lor’themar with a dick strapped to her and her arms crossed over her chest might have been funny. As it was, it was just another day at the office. Until they got the ‘five-minute mark’ announcement and Liadrin turned to face Valeera, instead - walking over to where she sat on the bed and taking the spot next to her. “Hey. How you holding up?”

“Just fine. You?”

“Same. I’m sure ‘worn out’ will come soon, but for now - I’m fine. How do you like it, by the way? And not what’s scripted. I mean how do you like it? Favorite position? How hard? Do you like your clit touched while you’re taking dick? To be kissed? Both?”

Valeera lifted her brows and smiled a bit. “Honestly? When I’m shooting I like it rough and hard. Sometimes I even like it that way elsewhere. I already told you I probably won’t come, here. Don’t take it as an insult and don’t throw your back out trying. Fuck me as hard as they want you to. It’ll be a great time.”

Liadrin glanced up as Lor’themar called for places. “Alright. They want missionary first, so…”

“On my back, it is.” Valeera chuckled and slipped her panties off before moving to lay on the bed with her head propped up on the pillows as Liadrin moved off-screen.


Liadrin walked back onto the set with the most cocky expression Valeera was sure she’d ever seen and it was returned with possibly the best come-hither stare Valeera had ever managed. She spread her legs before Liadrin ever got to the bed and trailed her own fingertips along her inner thighs.

“You’re stunning.” Liadrin said in that soft, low tone of hers - making her way onto the bed and kneeling between Valeera’s legs as she rested her hands on the other woman’s knees.

“You always say that.” Valeera responded easily, reaching up between them to stroke along Liadrin’s stomach which tensed beneath her touch, causing the lighting in the room to cast shadows along the lines of her abs.

“I always mean it.” Came Liadrin’s husky response before she leaned down over Valeera and reached down towards the floor where the lube was. Once she had it in-hand she knelt back up and lifted it over the length of the toy attached to her harness - keeping her eyes on Valeera as she allowed a line of the slick fluid to pour from the bottle onto it.

With her other hand, she stroked the toy so that it was coated while she tossed the bottle aside. “Do you want this?” She asked, lowering herself over Valeera onto one arm and slowly shifting her hips further and further down until she was rubbing the tip of the toy against the younger woman’s clit.

“What?” Valeera asked as she arched her hips up into the touch and tilted her chin upwards. “Your cock?”

Liadrin smirked and moved lower, still. Until their lips were just barely brushing. “Yeah. My cock.”

“That depends.” Valeera breathed before Liadrin kissed her. The kiss, while partially scripted, came as a slight surprise. It was shallow and slow and ended with the gentlest of nips against her full lower lip. Oh, she’d kiss Liadrin again. Fuck yeah, she would. She’d kiss her for hours.

“Upon what?”

“How bad you want this pussy.”

“Bad. I want it real bad.” Liadrin whispered - trying not to glance towards the microphone that was lowered on its boomstick nearly all the way into their shot.

“Show me how bad, Leigh. Make me feel how bad you want it.”

Liadrin slid in slow. Slow and deep - keeping her hand between them until she was completely buried and then using it to press Valeera’s thigh to the side against the bed. She knew she was supposed to keep her body up for the camera. She knew exactly what she was supposed to do.

What she actually did was lay down against her and slip an arm beneath her back to grip her shoulder. What she actually did was start to move so slow and so deep that every moan that slipped from Valeera’s lips was utterly genuine.

“Leigh. Up. You know the drill.” Lor’themar’s voice came at her from behind the camera in the most grating way imaginable.

“You’ll get your shot.” She responded, turning her head as her body continued rocking against Valeera’s. “You’ll get plenty. Let me do what I do.”

Lor’themar leveled a gaze at her that she met and held for a moment before lowering her head next to Valeera’s. He recognized his own defeat when he saw it.

Liadrin, meanwhile, nudged Valeera’s face to the side gently with her own and kissed along the line of her jaw, working her hips firmly between her thighs all the while. “I’m gonna make you come.” Liadrin husked against the place where jaw met ear before biting the lobe lightly as she panted quietly against it.

Valeera hissed in response to the bite and reached for Liadrin’s back as a shuddering moan left her in response to a particularly sharp thrust. She ran her hands over the tensing muscles she found there - leaving light trails of red in the wake of her nails. “Make me come, then, baby.” She replied.

“I want you to tell me whose pussy this is, first.” Liadrin breathed against her ear.

Valeera clenched her jaw as a shudder wracked her when Liadrin tugged her lower half closer with an arm beneath her lower back and the sounds of her hips meeting Valeera’s ass grew louder. “Tell me.”

Valeera opened her eyes at met Liadrin’s gaze as her lips parted to let out her quickening breaths. “Yours.” She gasped out.

“That’s right.”

With that, Liadrin hooked both Valeera’s legs over her shoulders and moved back onto her knees, gripping them around the front of her body with one arm as the other moved so she could stroke Valeera’s clit with her thumb. She ignored the way her knees began to slide from beneath her with the force of her thrusting. Bad choice of sheets. The production team should have known better. She’d discuss it with them later. The sounds Valeera had started to make were much more important, right then.

High, keening noises that ended in breathy exhales as the sheets rustled beneath them and within Valeera’s grasp. She took at least some pity on Lor’themar, if only for how patient he’d been with her that day, and released Valeera’s camera-facing leg so she could lower it. That was it, though. Everything else in that moment was about her.

When she arched hard away from the bed and reached to grasp desperately Liadrin’s arm that was still holding onto one of her legs, Liadrin turned her head towards the inside of her knee and placed a kiss there between quick, sharp breaths. “Like that?” She asked against the silky skin. “Do you like it when I fuck your pussy like that?”

Liadrin looked down just in time to see Valeera come. And, oh, did she come. Bucking against Liadrin’s hips and jarring the older woman’s arm as her entire body went tense for a moment. As though she remembered they were being filmed halfway through, she managed a few trembling moans and a glance in Liadrin’s direction as the thrusting began to slow the now almost painful attention to her clit ceased.

A moment later, both Valeera’s legs were against the bed and Liadrin was laying against her again. Her hips were moving - but only just. An inch or so at most. Just gentle shifting to keep the scene going without causing Valeera any discomfort.

Liadrin kissed her again, then - covering a breathy sound of appreciation with her lips and once more hiding her face from the camera so she could whisper, unseen and unheard in Valeera’s ear. “That felt awfully real.”

Valeera reached down and gave Liadrin’s ass a rather firm squeeze, knowing she couldn’t answer right then. After a few more minutes of soft, languid touching - Lor’themar called ‘cut’, and Liadrin pushed herself up onto her arms.

“Fifteen minutes. Water, bathroom - whatever anyone needs to do, get it done.”

“Hips?” Liadrin asked quietly as she pulled out, reaching for one of Valeera’s legs to guide it closer to the other to relieve any stiffness their wide spread might have caused.

“I’m fine.” Valeera replied as she sat up and moved towards the edge of the bed.

Liadrin nodded and leaned forward with her arms on her knees as her shoulders moved heavily with her breathing. “Good.”

“And you?” Valeera asked in response as she passed Liadrin one of the bottles of water she’d been handed.

“All’s well so far. Are you sore, yet?” Her eyes shifted to Valeera - searching for the truth in whatever answer that was going to come.

“Not quite yet. You’re good, though. And I hate being proven wrong.”

“Do you?” Liadrin asked with a smile she could do very little about hiding.

Valeera snorted and rolled her eyes as she got up to towel herself off, tossing another towel in Liadrin’s direction in the process.

The shoot was exhausting. They’d filmed yet another scene and Valeera could tell Liadrin was tired. Hell, she was tired, too. And, god, they’d sure saved the hardest one for last.

“You don’t look like you’re lifting anyone against a wall any time soon.” Valeera remarked as Liadrin gave her a quiet attempt at a laugh and continued stretching her arms near the wall they were about to be filmed against.

“You aren’t heavy at all and I know you know how to make it easier on me.” Liadrin reassured her - and it was true. The minute the cameras were rolling again Valeera was wrapping an arm around her shoulders and hooking her legs just above her hips where it would be the most comfortable for her.

“Do you have me? Are you good?” Valeera asked as she brushed the damp nape of Liadrin’s neck with her thumb while the older woman adjusted her weight - finding the best place to hold the undersides of her thighs and nodding.

“You?” She asked in a whisper as she let her head rest against Valeera’s shoulder for a moment.

“That’s a pretty shot, Leigh!” Lor’themar called out. “Keep your head there for a while.”

Oh, thank fuck.

“I’m fine. Trust me. Thank you for asking.”

Valeera reached down, then, to position the toy that was pressed against her belly where it needed to be, exhaling sharply through her nostrils as Liadrin pushed her hips forward.

It was a pretty shot. They both knew it. Liadrin’s arms and shoulders were flexed just so. Her rolling thrusts only accentuated the perfect lines of her slender side each time she moved. The strain was there, though. Valeera could feel it.

After a while, though, with enough of Valeera stroking over her hair and along her neck - she found her rhythm. Found the angle that made Valeera make the noises that had begun turning this into more than just the handsome check it had earned her.

“Touch yourself.” Liadrin whispered breathlessly against Valeera’s throat as the younger woman tilted her head up at her urging.

She did. She reached between them quickly with the arm not currently around Liadrin’s shoulders and did exactly as Liadrin asked. Much to her own surprise, she actually came, again. When she did - she felt Liadrin press her harder against the wall in anticipation of her going limp. Valeera tried her best not to. She really did. She dug her fingertips into Liadrin’s shoulder as she whimpered and moaned into her ear until the pumping of her hips finally stopped.

They were both breathless and yet Liadrin still held her as they shared a few more kisses - the first from Liadrin against Valeera’s lips. A kiss that deepened and became a gentle meeting of tongues. Then softer. Ghosts of touches against Valeera’s neck until one of her hands finally began to slip and the muscles in her arms began to tremble.

It was then that Valeera cut her eyes in Lor’themar’s direction. The warning in that look was enough for him.

“Wrap. Good job, ladies. Beautiful filmmaking, today. Best work I’ve ever seen either of you do.”

Lor’themar didn’t even make it through his little speech before Liadrin almost dropped Valeera, whose feet planted firmly against the floor, anyway as the older woman leaned into her, her chest heaving with the gasping breaths she hadn’t been allowing herself to take as her hands came up to rest weakly against the wall on either side of Valeera’s hips.

“You okay, hot stuff?” Valeera asked - only slightly less out of breath than Liadrin was. “Let’s get you some water, yeah?”

Liadrin swallowed against the dryness in her throat and looked down as hands began unbuckling the harness from her hips and wrapping her in a fresh robe. Valeera got the same treatment almost immediately, yet she stayed close to the other woman as she shuffled over to a sofa just off-set and plopped down into it - leaning against the corner and slipping slowly at the water she wasn’t entirely certain how she’d obtained.

She genuinely hadn’t thought Valeera would join her, but she did. She joined her in her own robe with her own blessedly cool water and looked over at her. “I really liked working with you.” Valeera began, causing a soft smile to turn the corners of Liadrin’s lips. “I’ve shot with a lot of people...none of them have been like you. Not even close. I can see why all the girls rant and rave.”

Liadrin shrugged half-heartedly and held her bottle in both her hands against her own lap. “You were an easy partner. Very intuitive. It isn’t always like that.”

Valeera nodded. She knew the truth in that statement all too well. “I’m not gonna lie to you, I’d really love to know what kind of lay you are in the privacy of your own bedroom. Or mine, if you’d prefer. Or neither, if that’s not your thing or if you’re otherwise involved.” Valeera wasn’t embarrassed in the slightest. In fact, she’d even smirked a little at her own suggestion.

“I’m not. Otherwise involved, I mean.” Valeera noticed that that voice wasn’t just for the camera. It had been the same in the dressing room before...and it was the same, now. Albeit considerably more tired. “I’d be just as interested to know what you’re really like, honestly.”

Valeera stood and leaned over, pressing a single kiss to Liadrin’s flushed, damp cheek before she pulled away. “I’ll leave my number with one of your people. Give those arms a rest. I’m free Sunday.”

“Sunday, then.”

Valeera looked her over one last time - at the way she sprawled so easy despite the flurry of activity so close to where they were. At the slightly off-kilter cock of her ears and her lovely, tired smile.

“I wouldn’t miss it.”