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Once in a Flu Moon

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Jimin was fine when he went to bed. Honestly. Maybe he was a bit tired, but so were all of the members. So, no, Jimin was in no way sick when he fell asleep that evening. That was, however, not the case when he woke up in the middle of the night.

Before he had even opened his eyes, he registered how much his stomach was hurting. That was not normal. Sure, Jimin had his fair share of muscle aches and pains, but nothing quite like this. It felt as if something was swimming inside his organs. Not pleasant at all.

Some important information to know about Jimin was that he is exceptionally good at not getting sick. He has always been very proud of his immune system. That is to say that Jimin hadn’t thrown up since he was maybe five years old. He definitely didn’t remember what it was like to throw up.

That was why when the high pitched moan and the heat creeping up his throat made their appearance, he didn’t notice what was about to happen. He did manage to wake his roommate, Hoseok, though.

“Jimin?” A groggy whisper came from the bed next to his. Jimin jumped up out of his own bed, hoping the feeling would subside if gravity pulled his organs back down to where they should be. He was very wrong.

The immense amount of moving caused his stomach to flip. Before Jimin even registered what was happening, there was liquid aiming to make its way up his throat. He threw up all over the floor beside his bed. Hoseok had also woken right up at the sound of heaving, but he was too late.

Jimin took one look at what just happened, confused and extremely stressed (could he even breathe right now? Why was there liquid coming up his throat?) and his eyes rolled back in his head. He had barely hit the ground when he groggily came to, the lights flicked on and Hoseok’s face above him.

“Jimin? Hey, are you okay? Chim?” Hoseok sounded panicked. Jimin could only make a high pitched groaning sound in reply, feeling his stomach flip yet again. He was so scared that he barely even registered what was happening. He was only throwing up which was normal, but in his brain, he was dying. Hoseok watched in concern as Jimin’s breathing went funny.

“Chim? What happened?” Hoseok felt his forehead, “Shit, you feel hot.”

Just then, Jimin pitched forward, throwing up once again on the floor. Hoseok watched, terrified, as Jimin’s face morphed into one of horror. His skin was an ashy white when Jimin’s eyes rolled up and he fell limp once again. Hoseok barely caught the sick boy.

“Oh no, no. This is not normal. I’m getting Namjoon or Jin or someone! Jimin!” Hoseok tapped the boy’s cheek to wake him. The second Jimin’s eyes opened, Hoseok made a run for the room next to theirs. He pounded on the door before opening it, listening to the downright pitiful sounds that Jimin was making in their shared bedroom.

“Namjoon. Wake up, you lazy oaf! I need help!” Hoseok shook his friend until he groggily responded something that maybe sounded like the word what .

The dancer jumped on his chance, heart pounding at the prospect of Jimin being in pain, “There’s something wrong with Jimin! He keeps passing out and throwing up!” Before Hoseok had even finished speaking, Namjoon shot out of the bed. He was all too happy to be lead to room where his supposed dongsaeng in crisis was. Often, when one member was freaking out over another, there was no real crisis. Some calming down from Namjoon and some pain medication was all that was needed to diffuse the situation. This was what Namjoon expected to walk into when he entered the dancers’ shared bedroom..

What he did not expect to walk into was an actual dongsaeng in crisis . Jimin was writhing around on the floor which was, by the way, covered in his vomit. Namjoon’s eyes widened in horror. There really was something seriously wrong with Jimin. Seriously wrong.

It was at that moment that Jimin pitched onto his hands and knees and promptly threw up all over the floor. Then, his face went a worrying shade of pale white before Hoseok dived forward to catch him. Jimin’s limp form collapsed in Hoseok’s waiting arms. He was barely out for three seconds before he was awake again, groaning in a way that sent a pang of fear through Namjoon’s spine.  

“This is the third time that happened, Joon. He throws up and passes out, throws up and passes out. It’s not normal.” Hoseok rubbed along the expanse of Jimin’s back. This seemed to do the sick boy some good as he had managed to calmed down a bit from the fainting incident just moments before.

“Okay, okay, I’ll call an ambulance or a manager or someone. Just stay with him.” Namjoon stepped out of the room, but made sure he was still able to hear what was going on in case Hoseok needed his help.

The only problem was that he wasn’t sure who to call. Technically, in a situation like this, he was supposed to immediately notify the manager, but they had permission to call an ambulance right away if it was truly an emergency. He didn’t know how much of an emergency this was, but he did know that he wasn’t taking any chances with Jimin’s health. It was with great hesitance that he decided to call an ambulance right away. He decided that he would call his manager just after to notify him.

The emergency operators were very calm and helpful while receiving information about the situation and also letting Namjoon know what they were doing and what he could do in the meantime.

He ran back to Jimin’s room as the lady hung up on him, following her first aid instructions. He was to monitor his dongsaeng’s heart rate and check for other injuries. With the help of Hoseok, the process went by easy enough. Slowly, Jimin became more coherent.

“I’m sorry. I think I just scared myself with the throwing up. Other than the stomach ache, I feel okay.” Jimin winced as he said it out loud. Namjoon hoped that that was the case, but stopped in his train of thought, remembering to call the manager. He moved back out of the room which left only Hoseok to console Jimin.

Hoseok looked at his fellow dancer, “Are you okay now? Do you feel sick?”

Jimin winced, “Yeah, yeah. I don’t feel like throwing up anymore. I think I just scared myself and that’s why I went all crazy.” Hoseok placed a palm on his dongsaeng’s forehead. He remarked that Jimin was feeling quite warm, but, nonetheless, called Namjoon back in. Seeing Jimin coherent was a massive relief to Hoseok. He had been so ridiculously scared.

“I think he’s alright. You can probably call the ambulance back and tell them not to come. I think he did just scare himself like he said.” Hoseok stroked Jimin’s hair back from his sticky forehead.

Namjoon let out a noise that eerily resembled a hiss, “Call them back? Hoseok, you can't just call the ambulance back!”

Hoseok narrowed his eyes and the leader backed out of the room to dial up the ambulance for the second time that night. After a few more minutes of Hoseok comforting a relatively shaken up Jimin, Namjoon came back into the room.

“They said that they want to check up on him anyway. They’re still gonna come.”

Hoseok nodded at the leader and Jimin perked up, “Hold on, the ambulance is coming? You guys called the ambulance?” The older two nodded at him.

“You literally fainted three times, Jimin. What else were we gonna do?” Hoseok looked at his dongsaeng in worry.

Jimin chuckled airily, “Ah. Sorry about that. I haven’t thrown up since I was, like, five years old, so I kind of panicked.” The boy seemed guilty. His hyungs quickly put a stop to that, explaining to him that it wasn’t in anyway his fault. It was honestly a very stressful situation to all of them. Come to think of it, Hoseok was surprised that there hadn’t been any tears yet.

It was then that there was a knock on the door. Namjoon left and came back not ten seconds later flanked by a male and female in uniform.

“Hey, we’ll just check and make sure everything is okay and be on our way. It’s good that you called even though you guys weren’t sure if you needed to. It’s always better to be cautious, so don’t worry about it if nothing’s wrong with him. We’re just double-checking.” The woman smiled down at Jimin.

They didn’t take long. After a few tests, they left Jimin free to go and told the hyungs that he had a fever and he probably had the flu. It sucked, but they were happy that it wasn’t anything worse than that. Hoseok rubbed the back of Jimin’s neck in comfort, feeling bad for his dongsaeng.

Once the two paramedics were seen out the door, Hoseok turned to Namjoon, “How the hell is everyone else still sleeping through all of this?”

Namjoon shrugged, “We have had a heavy schedule these past few weeks. I’m just happy that they’re taking this opportunity to actually sleep for once.” Hoseok let out a small laugh, turning to face Jimin who had begun to wince.

“You alright, Chim?” he asked.

Jimin shook his head, “My stomach hurts again.” He whined.

Namjoon frowned in sympathy, “Yeah, the flu will do that to you. Why don’t you guys go to the washroom in case Chim needs to throw up again and I’ll clean this mess up, so you can come in here and try to sleep after.” Hoseok flashed their leader with a grateful smile and slowly helped Jimin stand. It was the longest trek to the bathroom Hoseok had ever taken, but he was happy to accommodate his dongsaeng.

When they finally made it, Hoseok sat Jimin down gently and wet a clean washcloth. Jimin thanked him as Hoseok lightly dabbed around Jimin’s face and neck, cleaning him up. It only took about five minutes of Hoseok comforting his fellow dancer before Jimin let out a high pitched whine.

“Oh, Chim, it’s okay,” Hoseok rubbed Jimin’s back sweetly, “You’re okay. Let it out if you have to.” Jimin whimpered again and clutched his stomach. Hoseok kept his hands on Jimin, hoping that his clingly dongsaeng would find some comfort in the touch.

Either way, it wasn’t long until Jimin was over the toilet retching. Hosoek had to turn away at the sounds. Without his adrenaline from previously, Jimin’s throwing up was making him feel nauseous as well. Once Jimin was done, Hoseok ran a cloth over his face and neck once more quickly and then helped Jimin stand. He hoped that Namjoon was done cleaning their room because Jimin looked exhausted (and not that he would mention it, but Hoseok was too).

With an arm around Jimin’s shoulders, the pair made it back to their now clean room. It didn’t reek of vomit and it barely reeked of cleaning supplies, so Hoseok hoped that that would quell some of his fellow dancer’s nausea. He gently placed Jimin in his bed.

Namjoon followed, “How are you feeling, Chim?”

“Better. My stomach hurts less now.”

Hoseok laughed lightly, “That’s probably because you threw up. It got some of the icky stuff out, you know.” Jimin nodded at that. Sensing their dongsaeng’s tiredness, the hyungs decided to stop the conversation there.

Namjoon backed up, “Get some sleep, you two. We don’t have any schedules tomorrow, so you guys should be fine.”

Hoseok smiled and said a quick goodnight to their leader before climbing into his bed beside Jimin. He was still baffled that none of the other members had woken up in all the chaos. With a small smile of fondness for his tired bandmates, he listened to Jimin’s breaths even out. He finally slept knowing that Jimin was okay.

The next morning, everyone slowly trickled into the kitchen except for the dancer pair. Namjoon leaned against the counter sipping coffee.

“I’m surprised none of you woke up last night.” He mused.

Jungkook looked up from where he was about to dig into his omelette, “What?”

Namjoon decided to tease his poor tired members, “No one woke up last night? You thought it was just a normal night?”

This time, Jin turned to Namjoon from where he was cooking bacon for him and Taehyung, “Yes. Why?” The others seemed to have this question as well, confused as to why Namjoon was being so weird.

“Oh, just because there was an ambulance here and paramedics running up and down the hallway last night.” He could practically see the moment the other members’ blood ran cold. He was so thankful that nothing serious happened last night.

“What?” Yoongi asked, eyes blown wide in panic, “What happened? Come to think of it, where are Hobi and Jimin? Is everyone okay?”

Namjoon smiled through his next sip of coffee before explaining, “Don’t worry guys. Everyone’s fine. Jimin just gave us a scare last night.”

Taehyung seemed to pale at the mention of the other 95 liner, “Details, please?” Everyone else was also on the edge of their seats, and Namjoon decided to stop messing around. He held back a smile at the members’ concern. It always amazed him how close the band had become. They had started out as trainees who barely knew each other and became the wonderful, close family that they were now. He fought off a wave of fondness.

“He was throwing up and passing out, so we ended up calling an ambulance, but he was okay, so we called them back--”

Yoongi whipped his head around, “You called them back ? What? I don’t think you’re supposed to do that.”

Namjoon breathed out a laugh, “Yeah, me neither, but Hobi was pretty adamant that I did so. Anyway, they decided to still come, so we waited and they told us that he just had the flu.”

“Oh, yeah,” Taehyung interrupted, “He didn’t get his flu shot like the rest of us since he was in Busan. Wasn’t he scheduled to get it soon?”

Namjoon nodded, “Yeah, looks like he doesn’t have to now, though. Anyway , after that, I sent the two to bed and waited for the manager to come. I had to explain everything to him which, by the way, he’s going to be coming ‘round today to check on Jimin and make sure everything’s okay. Then, I had to take Jimin to the bathroom because he felt sick again. Basically, I haven’t gone to bed since I was woken up last night. I just wanted to let you guys know what was going on and have someone check on Jimin because I’m really tired.”

Jin put a hand on his shoulder, “You did a good job, Joonie. You should get some sleep though. I’ll wake you up in a few hours for lunch, okay?”
Namjoon nodded and sauntered off to his room. Yoongi volunteered to go check on Jimin, so he left as well.

Taehyung sighed dramatically, “That was not what I was expecting when I got out of bed today.”

“Yeah, I can’t believe he fainted… three times!” Jungkook snickered, Taehyung following soon after.

“Yah! Don’t make fun of your hyung!” Jin went after the two maknaes, trying to whip them with a dish towel. The boys took off, keeping their screeching to a lower level than normal to accommodate for their sleeping hyungs. At least some things in the Bangtan dorm never change.