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My Ridonculous Race

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For anyone who bothers to watch me, and all those TD fans out there, i decided to start posting something I've been working on for a while, it's something that i'm very proud of. It's my fan fiction of Total Drama presents: The Ridonculous Race. This version will include several new episodes written just for this story along with my 7 own OC teams. These characters mean a lot to me and i can't to see what you all think of them, and what you all think of my story. It should update every Friday.

Without further ado here are the 7 new teams competing for the $1 million prize.

=== Fabian and Jordan ===

Meet the Animaniacs; Jordan Baker Hill and Fabian Nicolas Caraway

Jordan's ripe and ready to compete but Fabian still has some hang ups about this whole thing.

Fabian was raised in the bay area of California. He’s the only boy out of a family of 6 kids and is the 3rd born child. His family thought something was unusual about their son when he always did the same thing day after day and he never seemed to talk or make any noise and seemed displeased when they deviated from a typical routine, while most parents would be delighted to have such a quiet child his parents felt something was up. They had him tested and found out he was autistic, though this diagnosis wasn’t official until he was 11! His autism makes him sensitive to noise and certain sights, easily excitable and distracted, unable to tie his shoes or ride a bike, incapable of breaking out of his own schedule, prone to stimming at inopportune times, silent, and he only started learning how to drive last year. Though his family has tried their best to raise him to be neurotypical they still don’t fully understand him and have made several erroneous mistakes in trying to raise him normally, like sending him to seminars that provided no help and having him take jobs that he was promptly fired from for simply being autistic. Salvation came when he moved in with his best friend May and her family and has since blossomed into a semi normal man. He met Jordan when visiting May’s boyfriend’s house and noticed his sister. Sam told him she was available and while it took a year he asked her on a “date” and eventually took her on what he considered a real one. Though they don’t seem like they go together both share several things in common like apathy towards most of the human race and a twisted sense of humor. He’s considers himself grateful to have friends like May and Sam and someone like Jordan to date. He’s always been fascinated by cartoons and animated movies, he’s got near encyclopedic knowledge of all the shows he loved watching as a child, and he’s studying to become an animated scriptwriter and one day work for either Dreamworks animation or Cartoon Network studios.

Jordan may seem like some other ordinary girl but she’s a bit more than that. Jordan grew up in Vancouver with her twin brother Sam and they’ve been partners in crime forever. Jordan used to be the one who had to goad Sam into trying new things but all that changed when they were in Middle School and Sam became the more outgoing and daring of the two, ever since then they’ve done a multitude of crazy things together. Jordan exudes an aura of politeness but she’s also got a twisted sense of humor and an occasional disregard for other people’s feelings. Despite this she loves those dearest to her including her parents, her brother, her brother’s girlfriend and her current boyfriend, yet she’ll promptly ignore anyone she doesn’t care about, which means international tragedies don’t phase her at all and in her own words “these things are becoming way too common.” Jordan did date three other people in the past but none of them where keepers, then Fabian asked if they could hang out at the zoo she took him on his offer and they both had fun, over his repeated visits he always seemed to want to hang out with her and she always enjoyed his unusual company, she doesn’t mind his autism as she used to help autistic kids. She found him oddly endearing and fun, not to mention they could always talk about either the most twisted or pointless things together without judgment, it also helps that they have the same taste in men, animated or an illustration. When a year passed since their first meeting, Fabian admitted his feelings to her and asked her out on a real date, but she said she thought they were already dating, which was a total shock to him. They’ve been dating ever since, and Fabian still thinks it’s all just a beautiful dream that he’ll one day wake up from but Jordan reassures him it’s not. She’s fully aware of all her boyfriend’s faults and weaknesses but is always encouraging him to be himself and helping him, even though she’s aware she’ll probably have to be his cheerleader forever. She aspires to work in animation liker her friends but also wants to be as legendary a critic as Roger Ebert. She’s a real twisted sister and that’s just how Sam likes her.

Fabian was told about the race by May who had already auditioned with Sam and told him to audition with Jordan. Fabian told her and she actually seemed up to the idea but he still had his hang ups pointing out that they’re not particularly smart or athletic, but Jordan changed his mind. She was the one who had to make the audition tape and send it in after several tries, most of them failed because of Fabian’s apparent foot in mouth syndrome. When they got the call they’d been accepted to race she was happy but Fabian was cautious, leading up to the race she helped train her boyfriend to build up his stamina and make him have a little muscle mass. If they win they both agreed, they’re going to visit the best zoos and natural history museums in the world.

They’re both 22.

Jordan's Description: 6’2, 175 pounds, Caucasian, brown eyes, dirty blonde hair in a ponytail, a rather long nose for a woman, she’s of average build. Wears a light blue and white hooded t-shirt and mom jeans, her shoes are red and white racing shoes. Voice by: Sarah Natochenny

Fabian's Description: 6’2, 185 pounds, White Latino, green eyes, wavy short disheveled looking brown hair, he’s also of average build. He wears a blue shirt with white markings on it, blue tartan shorts and gladiator shoes. Voice by: Demetri Martin.

=== May and Sam ===

Meet The Anime nerds; Sam Hill and May Takahashi.

Super freak and super geek unite as one.

May also grew up in the bay area and is Fabian’s best friend, but she didn’t meet Fabian until they were 4. One day in September while she was reading on the playground, a young boy gave her a box, inside that box was a lizard. Most kids would scream but May loved it, she hugged the boy and he then told her that he was dared to give her it by a couple of other boys, she went to go hug them but they ran in terror and the lizard wormed away from her and she was still holding its tail in her hand. She seemed sad but Fabian told her that the lizard does that as a defense mechanism, he saw it on a show called “extreme animal countdown” they continued to talk until they were called back inside, and on that day both of their lives changed. They would talk the rest of the day and even slept next to each other at naptime, when the time came for them to go home Fabian asked her mom if she could come over to his house, having not made many friends up to that point her mom said yes and they went his house. At 4 that day they watched their first TV show together “extreme animal countdown: appendages”, at 5 they watched “extreme animal countdown: speed freaks”. Fabian told her about all the TV shows he loved to watch that day and was surprised to find out how much May also knew about them, she loved them just as much as he did. At 6 they had dinner, macaroni and cheese, after dinner May’s mom came to pick her up and May didn’t want to leave, so both of their moms talked and organized new play dates and they’ve been friends ever since. May has always been incredibly smart and was always helping Fabian in math, if she didn’t he would fail otherwise, but never acted like she was superior to him. They went to kindergarten together and then the same elementary school but only shared one teacher, Mrs. Riddick, they then went on to separate middle schools and both them say it was by far their worst years and were completely lost without each other, May became insufferable and Fabian was a total ass. May almost skipped ahead to high school without taking 8th grade, but things were saved when their mothers got them together after a few years for a day in San Francisco, they caught up and promised never to leave each other’s sides ever again. They thankfully went to the same high school together, and May helped Fabian make several new friends along with a few all her own. It was also at this time she got into cosplay and conventions and at her first convention she met another person who would change her life. She bumped into a boy her own age and was kind of smitten by his costume (the blonde swimmer from Iwatobi swim club) she simply asked for the directions to the hall she needed to be at but wound up striking a long conversation with him. They were surprised to find out how much they had in common and when they had to leave he gave her his email so they could continue to talk. Later that night she sent him an email asking for his name proper, which she never got. The next morning she got her answer, “Samuel Vincent Matthew Hill, but just call me Sam” After she and Fabian graduated high school and started community college she started conversing with Sam at every opportunity and the day after she graduated community college he came to the Bay area to meet her in person after countless hours of skyping. They really lived it up in the 14 days they were together and before he left Sam asked her to properly be his girlfriend, she said yes. In the ensuing months they did a lot of video dating where they confessed their hopes and dreams to each other, it was then they decided to be a power couple and go into the tv/movie world together. May knows fully about Fabian’s autism but doesn’t let it affect their friendship, she also tries to help him out as much as she can and in recent years has had to help him learn how to be independent.

Sam was a seemingly normal Canadian child. He and his sister where always doing mischievous things like exploring areas cornered off, walking through the city unsupervised, and watching toonami late at night. They’ve always shared a geeky fascination for things like anime, sci fi and fantasy but Sam’s always had a soft spot for horror. Sam was always regarded by his classmates as “just there” and Jordan was the one who typically had to coerce him into trying new things, then when he was 13 something changed. In his own words he “stopped giving a shit” about what other people thought about him and became more freaky. He bought new gothic clothes, shaved the sides of his head, started getting piercings, and was a lot more outgoing and hammy. While his parents were shocked at this personality change they were encouraging of him to try new things and try he did. In the ensuing years he was constantly labeled as crazy by his classmates and would always take any opportunity to be the life of the party. He got his 1st tattoo when he was 16 but kept it a secret from his parents for years. Late in his high school career when his family was visiting relatives, he took the opportunity to visit a local con and came dressed as the quickest costume he could make up. That was when he bumped into a girl dressed like Kagome, they struck up a conversation and at the end he gave her his email so they could always be in contact. It was only after their 1st email did he learn her name, Mariyama Matsumoto Takahashi. In the ensuing years of community college they skyped and tweeted each other constantly, early one summer he decided to visit her for 2 weeks and that’s when they officially became a couple. Sam and May have the same love and passion for so many things that they decided to unite and become a power couple, directing and writing their own movies and graphic novels. Sam’s an easy going guy who’ll happily be friends with anyone and will do anything to make someone happy, he’s also not one to hold a grudge easily or seek revenge. He quickly became Fabian’s newest friend when they first met and May was saved having her best friend and her boyfriend being mortal enemies. He was the one who encouraged him to ask out his sister and is their biggest supporter. Sam is determined to live his life to the fullest and make spectacle out of himself doing it, but he’s determined to live long life. He’s been out as bisexual since he was 15 and is a total spitfire.

May found out about the race when an internet ad caught her attention. She wanted to do something she’d never tried before and knew she had the perfect partner in her boyfriend. Sam was rip roaring and ready to go. He also helped convince Fabian to audition with his sister and when he found out all 4 of them would be on the race he was so happy. If they win they’ll use the money to pay for the schooling necessary to become truly iconic movie makers.

Both are 22 years old.

May's Description: 5’7, 145 lbs, Japanese and Korean in decent, gray eyes, black hair that’s represented by a dark orchid that goes down to her calves, average build, dark grey tank top, black t-shirt underneath, necklace made of the skeletal lizard tail from the day she met Fabian underneath that, blue bolo tie, black left stocking and white right stocking, white left shoe and black right shoe, red and black skirt, dark blue shorts, red accessory in her hair and glasses worn purely for aesthetic purposes. Voice by: Janice Kawaye

Sam's Description: 5’7, 145 lbs, Caucasian, pale skin, pale blonde hair, skinny svelte, hoodie with the sleeves cut off, baggy khaki pants, brown eyes, uggs boots, a multitude of tattoos on his arms and even more all over his body, sides of the head shaved, piercings in his ears, eye brow and tongue. Voice by: Sam Vincent.

=== Annie and Leo ===

Meet the siblings; Anneliese and Leonardo Della Reese.

These 2 will make a real song and dance on their journey round the world.

Leo and Annie grew up in Cleveland Ohio, their life seemed about as quintessentially American as it could get at least until Leo turned 6. Their mother found out that their father had been having an affair and their father found out his wife was doing the same thing. In her anger she attacked him and the police were called to cool them down. Leo and Annie where spending the day with their Grandparents and came home to something no child should ever come home to. Their parents divorced soon afterwards and their father left to go elsewhere, the courts declared their Mother unfit to take care of children and they were given to their grandparents. Though initially saddened and confused by what happened to their parents their Grandparents, Merida and Kenneth, did their best to raise them. Leo’s the older and more serious minded of the two. Being the big brother he feels the need to protect his sister from everything. While smart he doesn’t have a lot of other friends cause he doesn’t want anyone to get as close to him as his parents and potentially be hurt by them. Leo and Annie grew up on things like TV land reruns, bob hope specials on dvd, the Carol Burnett show on dvd, the Ed Sullivan show on dvd, and big band music. They also have an affinity for musical theatre and own every important Broadway musical on cd and on their iPods, they’ve also committed every song to memory and are great singers. They both also are in theater club at school and take dance lessons, Leo also knows how to play the guitar and piano. Annie loves everyone, she’s very kind but she’s not entirely naïve and stupid. Leo sometimes has to reel her in from doing anything potentially dangerous, she knows everyone at their school and everyone who’s met her says she’s impossible to hate, but will admit Annie’s optimism and kindness can sometimes be too sweet to swallow. Both were exemplary students and teachers loved them. They love their grandparents dearly and consider them their true parents.

Annie discovered the race when she saw a flyer advertising for it on a telephone pole in the local park while walking her dog, she took it home and showed it to Leo but Leo said that the odds of them making it onto the show, let alone winning it were slim to none. Annie responded saying how this opportunity doesn’t come along every day and they should really try it, they could have fun. She eventually wore Leo down and they sent their audition tape in. Leo was thoroughly surprised when they got accepted to be on the race and now that he’s actually competing he’s gonna give it all he’s got. Annie’s just excited to see the world but both agree that if they win they’ll use the prize money to take their grandparents on another trip around the world for their upcoming 44th wedding anniversary.

Annie is 20 while Leo is 22

Annie's Description: 5’6, 130 lbs, Caucasian, body like Twiggy in the 60s, natural platinum blonde hair in a cute page boy cut, big heterochromatic eyes: one dark blue the other light blue, candy cane colored shirt and tights, red skirt, white shoes with pink accents, apple shaped face. Voice by: Melissa Fahn

Leo's Description: 6’2, 180 lbs, Caucasian, skinny dancer’s body, Venetian blonde hair in a quiff cut, Greco roman features and Cleopatra nose, dark blue eyes, cool grey t shirt, chess themed jacket, slate gray pants, black and white shoes. Voice by: Michael Sinterniklaas.

=== Syd and Dani ===

Meet the Mother and son; Sydney and Danielle Telani

There’s nothing quite like mother/son bonding, and in this case it’s not creepy or pathetic.

Syd and Dani live in Northern California. Dani makes a living as a relator. While their life isn’t glamorous, they’re happy but it wasn’t always this way. Syd was born during his parents 2nd year of marriage, while they seemed like a perfectly happy family things changed when Syd turned 5. One day Dani woke up to find her husband gone, she eventually found a note from him saying he’s leaving and he’s never coming back. Dani initially didn’t believe this but a week passed and she knew he was telling the truth. She sent Syd to go live with the neighbors while she spent 3 days contemplating what to do, she actually considered suicide during that time but knew she couldn’t leave her son all alone in the world. She decided she’d go into the real estate market and eventually got her license, she’s been consistently ranked as one of the top realtors in the city for years. While her job paid the bills her colleges where more than willing to help her raise her son. Syd didn’t initially understand why his father left and while his mother has told him not to worry about it and to forget about it he can’t help but feel like he was responsible for it, so he set out to become the best son possible. He was exemplary in school his entire academic career, save for gym, but because of his need to be with his mom and his shyness he never really developed any fiends but was thankfully never bullied. Syd came out as bisexual when he was 14 but his mother said she’d known since he was 8, despite this he hasn’t really dated anyone. While he could go to any college he wants he still doesn’t know what to do with his life.

Syd and his mom found out about the race while channel surfing one night, though the prize of $1 million was enticing Syd really wanted to enter to show the world, and all his former classmates, that he could do something great and was an awesome person. Dani also wanted to see the world, so they agreed to send an audition tape but didn’t expect to be selected. Now that they’re on the show they’re gonna use the money and go on a cruise if they win and pay off some debt of course.

Syd is 20 while Dani is 44

Syd's description: 5’6, 155 lbs, Olive skin, brown eyes, semi long hair he’s dyed navy blue (natural color is the same as his mom’s), average build, blue t shirt, navy blue shorts and blue shoes. Voice by: Yuri Lowenthal

Dani's description: 5’7, 170 lbs, Olive skin, brown eyes, long wavy umber hair, white t shirt, black shrug, black skirt, mom jeans, black shoes. Voice by: Maya Rudolph

=== June and Quince ===

Meet the Julliard Students; June Oberst and Quince Amadeus Bhagwandeen “Quince Amadeus”

They’ll pirouette their way across everyone else, well at least one of them will.

June was raised by two parents who wanted their daughter to be the best of the best. Ever since a young age they’ve trained her to be smart as a whip, and she’s been dancing since the age of 5. She always gets A’s in real school and dance class, and all it cost her was normal social interactions. Her parents thought their lives where perfect but unbeknownst to them June was becoming feed up with their smothering but never had the gall to speak to them. When she was 8 she did something drastic. While looking in the attic one day she noticed the family tree and learned about cousins that her mother didn’t know about. So one day she packed her things, took a bus, and went to live with them up state. She explained the whole situation to them and they allowed her to stay with them for a month before they called her mom. When they finally talked she unleashed years’ worth of anger on her, saying she was sick of her BS and without her she was genuinely having fun in school and activities while still being at the top of the class. Then they didn’t speak for a week. Then when she called them again they apologized and they worked out an agreement. She could stay with her cousins so long as she maintained her grades and they’d drop in once a month for them to catch up on life and see how things were going. Nowadays they get along so much better. June’s teachers will all tell you she’s a natural born winner but has trouble when it comes to group projects, often taking the lead or making herself the star. Her teachers also notice that while she’s always at the top of the class they never really see her personality believing she’s only good at being the best but doesn’t really express herself like everyone else. June has only had one real friend in her life as most people can’t stand her bossy attitude for prolonged periods.

Quince’s life was seemingly normal until he was 5. His parents dropped him off at his aunt’s house in Tallahassee, Florida with a backpack full of necessities and said he’d have to stay the night there while they did “grown up things”. Days passed and they never came back for him, he then asked his Aunt Emily (sister of his mother) what had happened and she explained, with brutal honesty, that prior to his birth his parents made a living as jewel forgers. They dropped him off here because law enforcement had caught up to them after 6 years of hiding and they were liable to be arrested, and wanted to save him from child services. Young Quince didn’t fully get what she said so then she told him that he was going to stay with her from now on. His aunt worked as an electrical engineer and would bring him to work when school was done. One day while walking through downtown Quince looked inside a music shop and went inside and started playing the big piano. To everyone’s surprise he understood notes very well. Aunt Emily then decided to enroll him in music lessons, his teacher was astounded by his talent and he started playing every instrument he could get his hands on. No matter what he mastered it quickly, and when it came time for him to join the band at school he jumped at the chance. He was the star student and pretty soon the local ballet hired him to be in the orchestra and he’d perform at all their recitals. He meet June when they were 9, he bumped into her before a recital of swan lake and after the show they talked, and quickly bonded due to their love of classical music and Quince soon became June’s sole friend. He’d play in the orchestra while June would dance onstage, June would help him out with homework and Quince would hang out with her and occasionally June would teach him how to dance and he’d be in the ensemble. While good friends with June even he admits her dominant attitude sometimes makes it hard to be around her. June graduated as class valedictorian and both got into their dream school of Julliard.

They found out about the race when June found a flyer on campus advertising for teams. Quince wanted to go around the world but knew that June would force herself to be team leader so he only agreed to audition on one condition, they split the work. June agreed and in their audition tape she danced while he played piano, hoping this would help them stand out. If they win they’re gonna pay off Julliard and go to Vienna, the Memphis of classical music, and London.

June is 22 while Quince is 21.

Quince's description: 5'7, 150 lbs, Afro-Caribbean skin and features, moderate build, curly hair styled like Bruno Mars, brown eyes, brown t-shirt, white jacket with red stripes, blue jeans and black and white shoes. Voiced by: Michael B. Jordan

June's description: 5'9, 130lbs, light Asian skin tone, facial features match no particular race, brown eyes, spade shaped face, dark sepia hair with white, blue and pink highlights, ballet dancers body, wears black jacket with silver filigree on it over dark blue and purple blouse, silver tights with black cobwebs, silver and black pleated skirt, black shoes. Voiced by: Jennifer Hale.

=== Aaron and Yves ===

Meet the Models; Aaron Sanders and Yves Lauren

Beauty and moderate intelligence and decency? It’s possible.

Yves has never had to worry about money. The daughter of a financial broker and an apparel trader her family has never had to struggle for money, even when the Great Recession hit they still lived the life of Riley in upper class Los Angeles. Inspite of all her money Yves is spoiled sweet and doesn’t think any more or less of a person due to their wealth. From a young age she strived to be the center of attention, she satisfied this by taking gymnastics and was quite good at it, she especially loves to ribbon dance. One day while her family was out walking a photographer noticed and asked her parents to star in a new ad campaign directed at children’s clothes. They said yes and Yves’ desire to be a model was born. She had a natural talent for the camera and exuded effervescence, she’s modeled on and off ever since then. While they could send her anywhere her parents decided it would be best if she was in the public school system. While Yves was a decent student she didn’t make many friends because everyone knew about her wealth and assumed she was shallow. In her first year of high school that all changed. She meet Aaron. Aaron was someone she could talk to and they became fast friends, they later discovered they had met earlier in life because they were both part of the same ad campaign when Yves was little. They’ve bonded over their love of fashion throughout history, movie animatronics and make up, and shows they watched on HGO and Showtide. After they graduated high school, she convinced him that they should both try out for her favorite show “Model Behavior”. While Aaron knew they were hot enough he still didn’t feel like they could make it on the show, much less win it. They auditioned and both made it on the show where they quickly established themselves as the front runners due to their natural unkempt beauty and likeable personalities, they even made several friends and the only real thorns in their sides was Kristie. Though they both fought hard the winners where Nargis and Avishai, but as they both claim “I couldn’t have lost to anyone better”. While they didn’t win that show they’ve both enjoyed steady modeling gigs ever since and have done some international traveling. Yves’ dreams are to be an Oscar winning costume designer like Edith Head, Sandy Powell, and Colleen Atwood.

Aaron is one unique young man. From a young age he’s always attracted attention for his good looks but in spite of all the attention, he’s always felt lonely. Both of his parents work as professors for a university and he often had some else looking after him as a child. While his parents often don’t hang out with him, his nice guy attitude means he’s always had one friend to hang out with. In high school he found Yves and they quickly gelled together, he’s called her “the best friend I’ve ever had”. Since he was 12 Aaron has developed a reputation as something of a ladies man, having dated many girls from middle school and into high school where he dated most of the girls in his graduating class, but they were all quick flings that regularly lasted a few weeks. When he came out as bisexual in freshman year his family and friends all supported him and he dated few other boys too, but when he was 16 he did what he thought was unthinkable. After they got splashed by an 18 wheeler that drove into a mud puddle Aaron and his then girlfriend both showered in his house all alone, his parents where gone that weekend like they are most weekends. When she got out of the shower and they started watching TV, both only had towels on, something overcame them and they made out, one thing led to another and they started having sex in his parent’s bed. The next morning they woke up and only had vague memories of what had happened, after a particularly awkward breakfast both talked it out and agreed the most sensible thing to do was to get plan b. They got it and then she left before anyone knew they had spent the night together. Aaron expected the worst to happen next but to his surprise his relationship played out much like the rest his prior relationships had before and she never told anyone what had happened. By his next girlfriend something overcame Aaron and he slept with her too. It repeatedly happened with all his girlfriends, and boyfriends, and they all agreed that they wouldn’t say anything to protect their reputations. Aaron may be a tramp but he wasn’t tactless, he never had sex if they simply said no, like the afghan girl and the Mormon girl, has never dated more than one person simultaneously, and aside from his first time he always used protection. According to him the reason he’s never tried to date Yves is because she’s “basically my sister”. While he’s dated many people he still feels like that one special someone is out there waiting for him. He knows sex is something sacred and important which is why he doesn’t condone pornography or stripping. Aaron aspires to be a sexual psychologist, or just psychologist around his parents, as he believes he can help people with his interest.

Yves discovered the race when she prepared to watch a YouTube video but couldn’t skip the add before it. She talked to Aaryn about auditioning and he said while “model behavior “was a lucky gig, the race was an even longer shot. She eventually wore him down and they sent their audition tape, when they got on the news they’d been accepted they were both scared and ecstatic, but they’ll give the race all they got and then some.

Both are 21.

Yves' description: 5’9, 135 lbs, traditional Philippine skin tone, black hair that goes past her shoulders, bangs, brown eyes, body like an average fashion model but with normal sized breasts, wears a red, white, yellow and blue top, dark blue shrug, navy blue skirt over blue and white shorts, boots just like Taylor’s. Voice by: Brenda Song.

Aaryn's description: 5’9, 150 lbs, Caucasian, build is like a typical model minus the abs, pretty brown hair, brown eyes, ginger colored Cuban shirt, polo shorts, a nice pair of Ralph Lauren’s. Voice by: Ian Sinclair

=== Nekota and Gabriella ===

Meet the gym rats; Nekota Freelance and Gabriella Ivanova

This couple likes it tough, well they should be right at home here.

Gabriella was raised in Washington D.C by a father originally from Georgia, the country not the state, and a Uruguayan mother. When she was little her mother traveled back home and political turmoil caused her to be unable to leave the country and have her visa revoked forcing her father to raise her by himself. Until she was 8 her father raised her like she was a boy and called her Gabriel. When she was 8 she rebelled against her father by growing pigtails and dressing/behaving as girly as possible, but she still had a soft spot for sports and eventually became something of a tomboy. Her father was proud of watching her compete in sports, consistently winning or coming in top. If you’re her friend she’ll do anything for you but if you cross her or get on her bad side, let’s just say there are species of wasp healthier for you. She manages to keep in contact with her mother via Skype, phone, snail mail and email. Her father sometimes needed help from his employees at the fitness center her oversaw to raise her, like when she first got her period or when she needed to get her first bra. When she was 16 she got to fly out to Albuquerque, New Mexico to compete in a rock climbing competition. When she was there she sparked a rivalry with one of the local competitors, a Navajo boy named Nekota. They both agreed to let their athleticism do the talking and eventually it came down to the two of them. At the end of the last race Gabriella won, but she was very impressed by the fight Nekota put up and they spent her last evening in town together. Before she left Nekota gave her his email and number and they spent any free time they had talking. When they graduated high school Nekota moved to D.C to move in with her family and they began to date. Both have aspirations to be Olympians and plan on making it to the gold together.

Nekota was raised by two Navajo Amerindians. Both of his parents came from the Navajo nation but came to Albuquerque to forge new lives, they both said the left because there was “nothing but drunken poverty in the future for me”, they actually met seeking employment and hit it off. Nekota was raised in a modern city but he’s still very informed and proud of his Navajo heritage, he speaks the language and is known to dance native dances. Since a young age Nekota has been the adventurous and outgoing type, he’d demand his parents either take him to a park, public or national, so he could run around. His parents found a way to satisfy his hunger by having join a wilderness explorers club where he was the most enthusiastic and proactive member. Sometime during middle school he became an athlete and started working out since then he’s become a model specimen of fitness. One of his favorite activities is to hike through the New Mexican desert, typically with only his Rhodesian Ridgeback Xander by his side. In high school he rose to the top of the athletics department and was their star athlete, regularly competing and winning local tournaments. The day he meet Gabriella, he expected it to be just another tournament he’d win but found a real competitor in this visiting athlete. They trashed talked a little but decided to settle it on the wall. When it came down to the two of them they both raced hard for the win, Nekota still thought he could win it but Gabriella took the gold. Thoroughly impressed he asked her to spend her last night in town with him and they had a great night on the town. When she had to leave he gave her his contact information, which completely took her by surprise. They chatted and became friends online but soon discovered that they’d be better as a couple. Though it took a bit of wheeling and dealing he convinced his parents to fly him out to D.C so he and Gabriella could be together, he’s lived with her and her family ever since but will visit his family every Thanksgiving and Christmas. They enjoy training together and hope that one day they’ll both be members of team U.S.A and standing on the victory podium, as a couple. Nekota is aware of how his girlfriend can sometimes fly off the handle but he’s always there to reel her in, thank goodness for that.

They discovered the race when they saw a flyer advertising it during one of their nightly runs. Both thought this race would be good training for the Olympics and a fun thing to do otherwise. They think they’ll go far and will make a lot of new friends and on the plus side they get to see the world.

Both are 22.

Gabriella's description: 5’10, 160 lbs, White Latina, slightly wavy long copper hair, lightly tanned skin, brown eyes, body is quite fit and muscular for a woman, wears a mandarin top, black jacket, umber skirt over blue jeans, army boots. Voice by: Colleen Clinkenbeard.

Nekota's description: 5’7, 175 lbs, Navajo Amerindian, typical Amerindian skin tone, quite muscular like a warrior but lacks abs, long black hair in a ponytail, brown eyes, black shirt with a wolf on it, blue jeans, and running shoes. Voice by: Johnny Yong Bosch