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slow down (it's a science)

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There’s a guy who sits in the back of Izuku’s intro to chem class and Izuku can’t decide if he hates him or wants to jump his bones. Both maybe?


The chem class is at the ungodly hour of 8am, but for some reason Katsuki Bakugou, whose name Izuku knows thanks to the roll call, never comes in half-asleep or exhausted like the rest of the students. Hair messy but in a stylized fashion, clothes equally messy but stylized, a surprisingly large messenger bag thrown over his shoulder, and though he always sits at the back of the room and never asks questions, he dutifully takes notes for the entire lecture. Not even Izuku does that, and he considers himself a pretty good student. Sometimes his eyes just glaze over though, or his attention drifts to his phone or to a particularly interesting doodle in the corner of his notebook. Not Katsuki though. No, every time Izuku glances over the blonde always looks serious, pencil moving rapidly over the page. It’s such a strange contradiction with the loose, easy way he carries himself, the don’t-give-a-fuck feel of his leather jacket and multiple facial piercings.


“You’re staring again.” Occhako’s quiet voice snaps Izuku’s out of his thoughts and he quickly turns in his seat to face the board again, cheeks flaming. Luckily Katsuki always seems too focused to notice Izuku’s staring, but his best friend has been ribbing him about it for ages.


“Why don’t you just ask him out already?” said best friend murmurs. She’s still looking forward but she’s twirling her pencil between her fingers instead of taking notes.


“I can’t just do that!” Izuku squeaks in reply and several students turn to glare at him. He hunches his shoulders and lowers his voice to a harsh whisper. “Look at him! He’d eat me alive.”


“Mmhmm,” Occhako agrees, the corner of her mouth tilting up. “And you’d love every second of it.”


“Maybe,” Izuku says mulishly, face flushing once more. “But that’s not the point. You can’t just walk up to someone and ask them out. That’s…that’s weird.”


With a sigh Occhako puts down her pencil and fishes out her phone. After a moment of tapping at the screen she slides it across the table to him, and he glances down at a text conversation she had with her girlfriend, Tsuyu. Apparently, Tsuyu recently found out that Katsuki is their friend Mina’s dealer. As in, he sells drugs to Mina, which Tsuyu then occasionally buys off of her.


“Huh,” Izuku says, unable to be too surprised. With the way Katsuki looks, all rugged and angry, heavy brows, dark clothing, the piercings, it’s easy to believe he’s involved with drugs in his spare time. Even if he does take chem a little too seriously.


“That’s your in,” Occhako says, sliding her phone back and typing out a quick message to Tsuyu. She puts it away a moment later and hastily copies the current slide on the projector before the instructor moves on to the next one. “Just…ask to buy from him. Strike up a conversation.”


“I don’t do drugs though,” Izuku replies, trying not to whine. They’ve never interested him, and it’s probably easy to tell at a glance.


“Just ask to buy a g of weed or something off him, everybody smokes. You can just give it to me afterwards. Tsuyu and I will smoke it and you get to talk to your man-crush.”


“He’s not-” Izuku yelps, but again several people turn to glare at him and he swallows the rest of the sentence. Only once everyone has gone back to taking notes does he hiss, “He’s not my man crush.”

Occhako doesn’t reply but the curl of her smile is answer enough.




Oh god this is such a bad, bad idea.


Izuku fiddles nervously with the strap of his bag, watching the flow of students as they leave the lecture hall. He’s standing awkwardly outside the door, trying to muster up the courage to actually talk to Katsuki instead of stare awkwardly.


The flow of students slows to a trickle and then finally, finally when it stops completely and Izuku is starting to worry that maybe he missed him, Katsuki emerges. He’s glancing down at his phone, practically glaring a hole in it, and doesn’t notice Izuku at first until he calls out Katsuki’s name.


Katsuki’s head jerks up, eyes narrowed. It’s like a punch to the gut to have that red gaze directed at him and Izuku swallows hard.


“Do I know you?” Katsuki deadpans.


“Uh, no,” Izuku manages, fingers tightening around his bag strap. “Um, I just, that is my friend Tsuyu-”


Katsuki cuts him off with a grunt and runs his fingers impatiently through ash-blonde hair. “You looking to buy?”


Relief courses through Izuku at once. “Yes,” he breathes out shakily.


Katsuki’s expression relaxes a fraction. Those red eyes rake up and down Izuku’s body and all of that relief flies right out the window, replaced by tension and the confusion over why a single look can feel so much like a physical touch. The corner of Katsuki’s mouth pulls into a smirk, like he’s perfectly aware of what he’s doing to Izuku. “You don’t look like you’re into the hard shit, so you probably just want a g or two, right?”


“Right,” Izuku squeaks. God he’s making such a mess of this, isn’t he?


“Sativa, indica, or a hybrid?”


That…he does not know. What do Occhako and Tsuyu prefer? He could probably text them but his anxiety has him yelping, “Indica!” before he can really think the answer through. He’s not even completely sure what the difference is between the…strains? They’re called strains, right? Probably. Anyways he thinks maybe one makes you sleepy and the other doesn’t but he has no clue which is which or if that’s even true.


God Occhako is going to laugh so hard when he tells her about this later.


Katsuki arches an eyebrow at him, expression openly amused. “Sure,” he drawls. “I don’t have anything on me right now though. Give me your number and we can set something up.”


Izuku takes the phone that’s handed to him and taps his information into the new contact form. If Katsuki notices the way his fingers are shaking, well, he’s nice enough not to saying about it. The blonde just takes his phone back, gives a click of his tongue and a “See ya, nerd,” before he’s gone.


Holy shit. Did that actually just work? Sorta kinda, anyways. A lot better than he thought it would, that’s for sure, because as long as Katsuki actually texts him, he’ll have the blonde’s number. God Occhako is going to hold this over his head for ages.




The text doesn’t come until after the sun has set and Izuku is starting to worry that maybe he was played. He’d spent the rest of his classes fidgeting anxiously with his phone, and then once he’d left campus he’d busied himself with cleaning the apartment he and Occhako share and catching up on homework, just to keep himself busy.


Just like he knew she would, Occhako laughed at him, but helped keep him busy. He’s laying on her bed playing a game on his phone when it buzzes with an incoming text from an unknown number and he jerks upright.


Occhako glances over from where she’s studying on the floor, her notes spread out around her in a neat semi-circle. “Oh, is that the man crush?”


Izuku makes a small noise of protest about the continued usage of man crush. But sure enough, he opens the text and can immediately tell it’s from Katsuki.


you still need that g?

“It’s him,” Izuku confirms, rather breathlessly. He saves the number quickly and then types out a response, fingers shaking.


Hi! Yes, I do.

Occhako abandons her spot on the floor to join Izuku, peering over his shoulder to read the conversation. “Ask him how much he charges,” she suggests, so Izuku fires off another message after his first. The answer is almost instantaneous.


free if you come smoke it with me

There’s no emojis or punctuation to set a tone of any kind, but Izuku can’t help but remember the way those red eyes travelled up and down his body, Katsuku’s amused smirk, the sharp edges of his teeth just barely visible. Is this for real?


“Holy shit,” Occhako says beside him. Then louder, “Holy shit! Izuku babe you’re gonna get some dick!”


“Don’t say it like that!” Izuku yelps, and buries his face in his hands. It’s not even a sure thing, Katsuki only invited him over to smoke and he says so out loud.


“Oh, honey, no,” Occhako chides, draping an arm over his shoulders and pulling him close. “This is the stoner version of netflix and chill. Trust me.”


“Really?” Before his friend can answer, Izuku’s phone vibrates again.


or you can just come pick it up. I charge $15/g

“Oh, that’s a good price,” Occhako murmurs, and Izuku pushes her face away to stop her from reading all of his messages.


I like the first option, actually. If that’s okay.

The only response he gets is an address a few blocks away and a room number. Izuku worries at his bottom lip and tries not to feel like he’s going to faint.


“I should go, right?” he asks out loud. “I should definitely go.”


“If you don’t then I will.”


“Occhako!” Izuku gasps, and his friends just laughs.


“Not to fuck him. Just for the weed,” she assures, amusement shining in her eyes. “Don’t worry babe, he’s all yours.”


“He just said he wants to smoke together,” Izuku protests but it sounds lame and half-hearted to his own ears. With a little huff he gets up and glances down at his clothes, the same outfit he’s been wearing all day; a t-shirt and cargo shorts. Nothing interesting.


“Is this okay? Should I change?”


“Please do. I’d be embarrassed for you if you showed up looking like that.”


Several outfits and much prodding and teasing from Occhako later, Izuku settles on a simple pair of jeans, tight enough to show off his ass according to his friend, and a slightly tighter t-shirt, this one sans corny slogan. It’s not much of a change but it is a compromise between him and Occhako. She texts Katsuki an ETA from Izuku’s phone as he’s trying with no luck to fix his hair, and then pushes him out the door with an enthusiastic, “Have fun! Call me if you need anything!”


Katsuki’s apartment complex is in walking distance and Izuku appreciates the extra time to calm himself a bit. The night air helps as well, cooling his burning face and helping his stomach settle. By the time he’s double checking the address Katsuki sent him and knocking on a door, he feels a little more able to handle whatever’s about to happen.


Until Katsuki opens the door, that is.


His hair is messier than usual, eyes half-mast and lazy, and gone are some of the sharper edges to his persona. No leather jacket or boots, no dark jeans. Just a soft looking long sleeved shirt, briefs that are unfairly tight, and his bare feet. He looks…soft. And warm. Even with the stud he clicks against his teeth and the curl of his lips into a smirk.


“You done staring yet, nerd?” he drawls and Izuku flushes.




“Whatever, c’mon get in here.”


Izuku gets, swallowing nervously as the front door closes behind him. It’s obvious Katsuki doesn’t live alone, there’s too much space and clutter for just one person, but there’s no one else in sight.


“Told my roommates to fuck off for the night,” Katsuki says to his unanswered question, then ushers Izuku into a room at the back of the apartment. It’s surprisingly tidy, very masculine, and smells undeniably like weed.


Without an ounce of self-consciousness, Katsuki flops down onto his bed, back to the wall, body slumped and comfortable. He grabs what Izuku only vaguely recognizes as a bong and gestures Izuku close.


“Just packed a new bowl,” Katsuki says, holding out the bong and a lighter to Izuku. “Guests get the green.”


Izuku has absolutely zero clue what that means, and also no damn clue how to use a bong. “Uh,” he says, chewing nervously at his bottom lip. “You can, have the green, actually. I don’t want to be rude.”


That nets him an arched eyebrow and an amused look. Katsuki snorts, “Figured,” but pulls the bong close. It’s not a particularly big contraption, shaped almost like an erlenmeyer flask and made of black glass. Katsuki puts his mouth to hole at the top and holds his lighter to a protrusion on the side, what Izuku is assuming is the ‘bowl’. He watches in fascination as little clumps of weed inside light but don’t actually catch fire, small lines of red shining through the black glass. Katsuki breathes in noisily and flicks his lighter off, then pulls the bowl out of the bong entirely, taking in another huge breath. Izuku can hear the water gurgling for a moment before Katsuki pulls away entirely.


There’s a beat of silence, Katsuki’s lips pressed tight together, body tense, before he smiles slow and hot at Izuku. His tongue flicks against the edge of sharp teeth as he exhales smoke in a steady plume. It…shouldn’t be hot. It really, really shouldn’t but Izuku feels his dick give a twitch of interest anyways.


“Your turn,” Katsuki says, handing the bong and lighter over. When Izuku stands awkwardly with both in hand, Katsuki pats the bed beside himself. “Sit down, nerd. I don’t fucking bite. Much.”


That does nothing for his dick’s sudden interest, and Izuku can feel his face burning. But he perches himself on the edge of the bed and tentatively brings the bong to his face, trying to recreate what he’d just seen Katsuki do.


He realizes he’s made a mistake when Katsuki hisses loudly next to him, right as Izuku moves his hand to pull the bowl away from the rest of the bong. Izuku falters for a second, concerned, but then breathes the smoke in the same way he’d seen the blonde do.


And starts coughing like crazy only two seconds later.


“Yeah, that was way too big of a hit, idiot,” Katsuki drawls, taking the bong from him as Izuku bends at the waist, one hand coming to cover his mouth. Holy fuck. He had not been expecting how hot the smoke was, how irritating. His throat is burning and his stomach contracts painfully, like he’s going to puke. He’s also drooling all over his palm as he tries get himself to stop coughing before he really does make himself throw up.


“Here.” A water bottle is pressed into his free hand and Izuku gratefully snatches it up, taking little sips in between coughs until he’s no longer being shaken by the force of them.


“You good?” Katsuki asks, though he doesn’t sound particularly concerned. When Izuku glances up the blonde is leaned up against the wall, one knee bent up against his chest. “You’re going to be feeling that real fucking soon. Shit’s strong and you reek of inexperience.”


Izuku opens his mouth, wants to complain that he’s already being hit because his throat burns and also refute the inexperience thing even if it is true. But then he pauses, sways where he sits. Katsuki’s gaze is knowing as he smirks. “There it is.”


“What?” Izuku asks, the word coming out slow, cloudy. He feels…soft. All over. Kind of buzzy almost? His throat burns and his thoughts are turning in slow, sluggish circles, eyes heavy, every movement feeling like he’s trying to drag himself through molasses. “Woah.”


“Yeah. That was a really big fucking hit you just took.”


“I think I need to lay down,” Izuku says faintly, and slumps, lets his weight carry him down into the mattress. The comforter is cool and soft against his face and he moans and rubs his cheek against it. Distantly he can hear Katsuki’s laughter, and feels rough fingers card briefly through his hair.


“You’re cute, nerd. That can’t be fucking comfortable though,” Katsuki says.


“’m comfy,” Izuku protests, but doesn’t say anything when Katsuki rearranges him on the bed so that all of his limbs are actually on the mattress. “Thanks.”


“Sure. Just don’t fall asleep on me,” Katsuki says, sitting cross-legged next to Izuku’s prone form.


Izuku rolls his head towards the blonde, watches him take another expert hit off the bong and blow smoke up towards the ceiling. He looks so fucking good like that.


“Are we gonna fuck?” Izuku asks, then blinks at his own boldness. Huh, he’s barely even getting any anxiety from saying something like that out loud. Wild.


Katsuki just glances down at him, raising a single eyebrow. “Well I was kind of planning on it, but now you’re like, way too fucking high.”


“What? Noooo,” Izuku says, drawing the vowel out into a whine. That’s the whole reason he came over in the first place!


“Sober up a little nerd, then we can talk,” Katsuki drawls.


Izuku wants to pout but the act of actually having to move his facial muscles to make the expression seems like too big of an effort. So he settles for whining a little more instead, and then rolling towards Katsuki, one limp arm finding its way across the blonde’s lap. He’s not really sure what he’s doing or what he’s trying to accomplish. His mind is too hazy for those kinds of thoughts right now. All he knows is he feels nice and floaty and he wants to be close to Katsuki, wants to feel those hot, calloused hands on him.


One of said hands settles on his head, fingers carding gently through his hair.


“If I was a cat I’d purr,” Izuku says drowsily, and Katsuki laughs lowly.


“God you’re high.”


“Yeah,” Izuku agrees.


They sit and chat idly like that for a while, Izuku with his face mashed against Katsuki’s hip, one arm thrown across his lap, and Katsuki running his fingers through Izuku’s hair. It’s surprisingly comfortable, and Katsuki has a wicked sense of humor that has Izuku laughing so hard tears spring to his eyes.


He’s not sure how much time passes but eventually his head starts to clear up a bit and the floaty feeling lessens, then goes away entirely. He knows he’s still high because he sits up and the movement makes him dizzy. But it’s definitely starting to fade. Also there’s a bit of anxiety starting to creep up his throat again.


“Need another hit?” Katsuki asks.


Izuku turns towards him, the blonde leaned back on his arms, all long, lean lines, his biceps visibly bulging. Instantly Izuku’s mouth goes dry. He wants to say no, because Katsuki already said he won’t fuck him if he’s too high. But now he’s not high enough to admit to that. A catch twenty-two.


Katsuki cocks a single blond eyebrow, the corner of his mouth curling up. “I’m going to take your sudden panicked expression as a yes,” he drawls, sitting up. “C’mere. You know what shotgunning is, nerd?”


Of course not. Izuku shakes his head but scoots closer on the bed, watching curiously as Katsuki leans over to grab his bong off the desk. His shirt rises up, revealing a strip of pale flesh just above the line of his pants and again Izuku’s mouth goes dry. He jerks his gaze up guiltily when Katsuki sits up again, bong in hand.


The blonde takes a hit and then gestures Izuku closer again. They’re already sitting beside each other, but Izuku leans in, heart thumping in his chest. One warm hand finds his jaw and holds him steady as Katsuki leans in too and then seals their lips together. Izuku freezes all over, limbs trembling just a little as Katsuki’s fingers press on his jaw, urging him to open his mouth. He does so, and trembles even harder when the blonde does the same, breathing hot smoke into Izuku’s mouth.


The heat is the same as when he’d breathed it straight from the bong, all dark and heavy, stinging against the back of his throat. But he still holds it as long as he can, relishing in the press of Katsuki’s mouth against his own, the flick of tongue and metal he can feel against his bottom lip. But finally he breaks away, coughing a little and eyes stinging.


It’s not as bad as last time and he doesn’t feel like puking. His head swims a little as he lifts it, shoulders slumping. Katsuki offers him that familiar lazy grin. “Good, right?”


Izuku nods, licks his lips. “Yeah.”




Another nod.


Katsuki takes a hit, swallowing visibly before pulling Izuku close to press the rest of the smoke into his waiting mouth. This time Izuku forces himself not to pull away. Forces himself to breath the smoke out of his nose so that he can keep their mouths pressed together, can turn it into a kiss as his heart hammers loudly in his ears. Katsuki doesn’t hesitate in the slightest, just slips his tongue into Izuku’s mouth and playfully taps his piercing against Izuku’s teeth.


Izuku has kissed people before of course, but this feels…so different. Katsuki’s lips are chapped and warm, the inside of his mouth still hot from the smoke. He’s not shy about biting at Izuku’s lips, or his tongue, or about trailing kisses briefly down Izuku’s jaw before coming right back. It all feels very far away and yet also like all of Izuku’s nerve endings are ten times as sensitive as usual. It doesn’t take more than a minute or two for heat to pool low in his groin, every slick slide of lips against his, every flick of tongue, every scrape of teeth, going straight to his dick.


Katsuki shoves suddenly at Izuku’s shoulder, toppling him back into the bed. The blonde grins predatorily and Izuku stares up at him, blinking stupidly. “I’m not too high, right?” he asks, the words coming out all blurred together.


Katsuki humms, pushing Izuku’s thighs apart so he can kneel between them. “Not as high as you were. Why, you wanna stop?”


Izuku vehemently shakes his head and that earns him another preadtory smile as Katsuki settles over top of him. “Good. Cause I really wanna fuck you. Took you fucking long enough to make a move.”


Were he not feeling hazy and soft around the edges, Izuku would flush. “You knew I was watching you?”


“You’re not exactly subtle, nerd,” Katsuki scoffs, but softens the blow by leaning in to kiss him again. His next words are murmured between brief presses of lips and flicks of his tongue piercing against Izuku’s mouth, “But that’s okay. I don’t mind waiting.”


That sends a rush of warmth through Izuku that he wasn’t expecting. Katsuki’s really been waiting around for Izuku to make the first move? Now he wishes he’d approached sooner. So much wasted time. Regardless, he’s here now, and he threads his arms around Katsuki’s neck and pulls him close. The blonde groans, one hand trailing down Izuku’s side, along his hip, and hitches his thigh up around Katsuki’s waist. It slots their pelvises together and Izuku can’t help his catch of breath or the way he pushes up against the pressure of Katsuki’s body.


“Shit,” the blonde curses, grinding down into Izuku. It’s a slow, lazy roll of his hips, and Izuku moans softly, fingers catching and tugging at the back of Katsuki’s shirt. Katsuki rears back, tearing the fabric up over his head and tossing it aside. “God, you’re so fucking hot,” he mutters, hands pushing up Izuku’s shirt to help him out of it too.


But really, he’s one to talk. He’s all lean, pale muscle, sculpted abs, bulging biceps and pecs. Like something out of one of Izuku’s wet dreams.


And then there’s his nipples. Seashell pink and hard despite how warm the room is, probably helped by the fact that they’re both threaded through with shiny black metal barbells. Izuku’s mouth waters at the sight of them. He wants to bury his face between those massive pecs, practically breasts really, and could spend hours playing with the barbells if Katsuki would just let him.


The blonde cocks an eyebrow at him, obviously taking in Izuku as well. “Like what you see?”


Izuku nods, words suddenly too difficult for his drugged tongue. Katsuki smirks at him, warm palm sliding up Izuku’s torso, tweaking at a nipple playfully. “Good, me too.” He leans down again for another kiss, clacking his tongue piercing loudly against Izuku’s teeth to make him jump and then laughing at him.


They make out for a while, hands roaming, chests warm against each other. Occasionally Katsuki grabs at Izuku’s hips, tilting them up so he can grind down into them, long and slow. But for the most part they just neck like teenagers, Izuku scratching at the blonde’s back and plucking at the barbells in his nipples, and Katsuki biting at Izuku’s jaw, his neck, sucking hickies into his clavicles and scratching faint lines up his ribs. It all makes Izuku feel even more drugged. His limbs are slow and heavy, stomach weightless, every sensation somehow simultaneously muted and magnified. By the time Katsuki is pulling away again, Izuku can’t do anything except lay against the mattress and pant, too overwhelmed to even attempt to help Katsuki as he gets to work getting them both naked. At the very least he lifts his hips when the blonde tells him too, Katsuki’s teeth sharp and eyes knowing when smirks at Izuku’s slow, quiet compliance.


“Feeling it, nerd?”


“Yeah,” Izuku admits, voice almost dreamy. He feels amazing. Then a second later he’s groaning because Katsuki strips and Izuku is finally getting an eyeful of that wonderful cock. He’d known Katsuki was big, it was hard to miss all that heat pressing against him with every roll of Katsuki’s hips. But seeing how huge it really is still makes his mouth go dry with pure lust.


And of course, just like the rest of him, Katsuki’s cock is pierced. Six barbells, the same black as the metal in his nipples, climb up the underside, and a half-ring sits snugly inside the head. His thighs meanwhile, thick and meaty and strong, each have a dark band of ink wrapped around them.


“Can I suck you?” Izuku blurts.


Both of Katsuki’s eyebrows jump up but his mouth curls, slow and hot, and he takes his cock in hand, giving it a lazy stroke. “Like I’d say no to a blowjob from that pretty little mouth,” he says. “C’mere.”


Katsuki climbs up onto the bed, leaning back on his elbows with his legs spread invitingly. It takes a second for Izuku to gather enough coordination, but he manages to crawl between those wonderful thighs. A warm hand threads through his hair, pulling his face gently but firmly towards Katsuki’s cock. He’s already leaking at the tip, and Izuku licks up a quick taste. Salt and bitterness burst on his tongue and he groans, diving back in to suck the head into his mouth.


Katsuki hisses, fingers tightening in Izuku’s hair. “You a cocksucker, baby?” he asks, voice a little lower, a little more breathless than before. “Figured you would be.”


Izuku hums his agreement. ‘Cocksucker’ certainly isn’t something he’d willingly call himself, but the faint degradation of it, followed immediately by being called baby in that voice like burning wood is surprisingly good. He swirls his tongue around the head, gently flicking the ring there, and then bobs lower, trying to fit as much into his mouth as possible. He doesn’t get very far, the barbells rubbing pleasantly along his tongue, before he starts to gag.


“Shit,” Katsuki cusses, briefly pressing Izuku’s head down. Only when Izuku starts to splutter and cough, throat convulsing around the intrusion, does Katsuki let him up again. “A cocksucker but not a very good one.”


Izuku coughs some more, already raw throat feeling even worse now. “That was mean,” he says breathlessly, but Katsuki just smirks at him, fingers tugging his chin up so they can make eye contact.


“I think you like it,” Katsukis says confidentently, and the heat in his gaze, the sureness in his voice has Izuku shivering. Because he’s right. Never in his life has Izuku ever wanted to be used and abused so badly. He refuses to admit it out loud, but the way that he drops his head and sucks Katsuki back into his mouth, moaning gently around the head, is answer enough.


“Goody boy,” Katsuki praises, then rudely shoves Izuku’s head down further.


By the time Katsuki decides he’s satisfied, Izuku’s throat is burning and his chest hurts from the repeated convulsions as his body fought to breathe or puke. But it all feels distant, arousal and the buzz of his high making his skin tingle and his thoughts scatter as he collapses onto his back on the bed, breathing heavily.


Katsuki smirks down at him. “Your turn,” he says, pulling at Izuku’s limbs until he has him positioned to satisfaction. Izuku just lays back and lets him, catching his breath as Katsuki settles between his legs then lifts them and presses them in towards Izuku’s chest.


“What-” Izuku starts, gripping at his own thighs, but breaks off into a loud yelp when Katsuki licks a wet stripe up the crease of his ass with no warning. “Katsuki!”


“Shut up,” the blonde orders, shooting him a stern look.


“But I-”


Katsuki delivers a swift, unexpected slap to Izuku’s ass, making him yelp again. “What did I just say?”


This time Izuku keeps his mouth shut, though he still wants to protest. He’s clean and all but he didn’t wash himself enough to feel comfortable with someone eating his ass. But Katsuki doesn’t seem to care, spreading Izuku’s ass with his big, warm palms and diving in, aggressively enthusiastic. His tongue drags hot and wet over Izuku’s hole, up to his balls and back again. Izuku’s thighs immediately start to shake from the sudden, unexpected pleasure of it.


Oh,” he breathes and Katsuki shoots him a quick smirk before going right back to it. This time he circles his tongue around Izuku’s hole, occasionally using his piercing to flick at it. After a few minutes of this, Izuku panting with his head thrown backs, he’s able to wriggle his tongue inside. Izuku gasps loudly, fingers digging into his thighs as Katsuki proceeds to tongue fuck him until he can’t stand it, hips shifting, toes curling, heaad thrashing against the sheets. The slick, wet noises of Katsuki’s tongue in him are downright pornographic, accompanied by the blonde’s occasional groan and Izuku’s near-constant stream of moans and partial words.


“Please,” he begs, not even quite sure what it is he’s asking for.


Katsuki lifts his head, lips bright red and chin and mouth covered in spit. “What do you need, baby?”


It takes a second for Izuku’s pleasure and weed drugged brain to make the connection. But he finally gasps a quiet, needy, “Fuck me,” that makes Katsuki smile that predator smile once more.


“Impatient,” the blonde admonishes. But he licks at the sharp edges of his teeth and sits up, finally letting Izuku uncurl himself as he goes to grab something off of his desk. Lube. “I don’t think you’re going to need much of this. Turn over.”


Izuku does he’s told, stretching as he goes to work out the kinks that formed in his legs and sides after being curled up for so long. Katsuki gives an appreciative whistle as he settles behind Izuku again, several lube-coated fingers finding Izuku’s ass and shoving rudely into him with no warning.


Izuku hisses but can’t help the way he shifts back onto them, back arching. Katsuki gives a couple pumps, a perfunctory stretch before he retreats and something much bigger is suddenly pressing against Izuku’s ass. Slowly at first, pressure building bit by bit until the head pops into Izuku suddenly, making him gasp and come up off the bed a little.


“Fuck,” Katsuki groans, his hands finding Izuku’s hips to hold him steady. “God, you’re so fucking tight. You like that?”


“Yes,” Izuku says, breathless and tight. He’s trying to move his hips back, desperatley wants to get Katsuki furhter inside him, but those warm hands are stopping him. “So big. Please, Katsuki, fuck me already.”


Katsuki huffs a laugh. “You really are an impatient bitch. There’s no rush, nerd. But don’t worry your pretty little head, I’m going to fuck you for hours.” That being said, he finally starts to sink into Izuku, slow and smooth and so wonderfully huge. It aches, Katsuki’s fingers nowhere near big or long enought to properly prepare Izuku for the intrusion. But it feels amazing regardless, especially the unusual shapes of the piercings pressing against Izuku’s walls.


Then Katsuki proceeds to keep his promise. He fucks Izuku long and slow and inexorable, his hips never faltering or stopping as he thrusts into him and over and over. The movements are unhurried, lax almost, but aren’t any less pleasurable because of that. Even when Izuku starts trying to hurry the blonde, begs him, pushes back against him, actively starts crying into the sheets because his ass is hot and wet and oversensitive, every movement of that giant cock inside him making his back arch and his own dick strain, Katsuki never gives in. Only shushes Izuku, kisses the tears from his cheeks, drags his nails soothingly up and down Izuku’s sides, bites crescents into his shoulders and spine.


Please, please, please,” Izuku chants, nose running, the bed under his stained with tears and pre-cum. His dick hurts its so hard but Katsuki stops him everytime he tries to reach for it. “I just want to cum, Katsuki, please!”


Above him the blonde huffs, stops, pulls back and out. Izuku whines at the loss but rolls over when Katsuki urges him to.


“Fuck, look at you,” Katsuki mutters, swipping a thumb under Izuku’s puffy, swollen eye. He’s a mess he knows, flushes all over his face and down his chest, facy wet and salty with tears and snot. “God, that’s hot. I love cryers.”


“Asshole,” Izuku says uncharitably, but can’t help his shudder when Katsuki smiles viciously at him, not denying the accusation in the slightest.


“Maybe, but this asshole is about to give you the best orgasm you’ve ever had.”


And he does. He lifts Izuku’s hips, effortlessly holding him up off the bed, and slams into him, sudden and harsh. Izuku yelps, hands scrabbling for purchase as Katsuki absolutely batters him, skin slapping skin, that thick cock ramming Izuku’s prostrate with each powerful thrust.


Izuku can’t help the way he throws his head back and screams, back arching in Katsuki’s grip and eyes squeezing shut tight as more tears spill down his face. It feels so amazingly good. His entire body is lit up with heat and pleasure, his ass practically burning with it.


Fuck yeah, scream for me, baby,” Katsuki hisses, and when Izuku squints his eyes open he can see the blonde’s face is screwed up in his own pleasure, sweat dripping down his brow.


They come almost in unison, Izuku spilling all over his chest without a single touch to his cock, sobbing from the pleasure, and Katsuki a few seconds latter with a ragged moan and stutter of his hips. Katsuki rides it out for a moment, milking himself inside Izuku’s body. Izuku can feel the twitch and pulse of the blonde’s cock as he comes and his own dick gives another twitch at the sensation, one last pulse of his orgasm shivering through him.


Katsuki pulls out a moment later, and Izuku can feel how wet and open his ass is, the slow drip of cum out of his hole and onto the mattress below. “Holy fuck,” he breathes, still sniffling a little, and Katsuki huffs as he flops down next to him.


“Yeah?” the blonde asks, sounding just as breathless.




Katsuki gives him a smirk, leaning in to give him a quick kiss. “Good. Give me about twenty minutes and I can give you a repeat performance.”


Izuku shudders at the thought and his ass clenches on nothing, over-sensitive and still dripping cum. “I don’t know if I can go again.”


“We’ll see about that.”


Izuku pushes the blonde away with a groan. “Nooooo, I just came, leave me alone.”


But Katsuki just laughs, sliding closer and obnoxiously pushing his face close to Izuku’s, biting playfully at his cheek. “Fine. Let me take you for dinner tomorrow then.”


That makes Izuku pause for a second. Is…is he being asked out? He can feel himself flush anew at the idea, excitement trilling in his stomach. “Uh, yeah, okay. That sounds good.”


Another predator smile, Katsuki’s teeth too sharp, his eyes hot and knowing. “Good.”