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Carillon Melody

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The boy got out of the car, pausing only for a moment to look at the building in front of him before closing the door behind him and moving forward into the yard of the institute. A light breeze rose and ruffled his raven hair. Behind him, the elderly family butler, Tanaka, carried the suitcase that contained everything his lord would have served during the months following the Black Haterland Institute, one of the most prestigious and renowned in Britain.

-Are you sure you want to stay here? It is absolutely not a low-class place and the decision is yours, but you could take a private teacher - said the butler, a little worried as the boy had never been particularly adept at tying up with his peers.

-My parents expressed the desire that I make the same life as other boys of my age, as far as possible, and I want to please them, it does not weigh on me- the boy answered without even a hint of a smile on his face, an unperturbed expression on as his usual.

- As you wish. I bring your luggage to your room, number 25 of the Purple Wing. We say goodbye here- the man said, taking his leave while his young gentleman was heading towards the secretariat to pick up the sheet with the timetable of the lessons.
"Let's just hope the teachers aren't assholes," Ciel thought as he walked along the corridors of the building, illuminated by the faint autumn light that filtered through the clouds and entered through the large windows. "All in all the institute seems to be a quiet place for my luck. At least here I can study properly and make my parents happy ... "he told himself mentally, as if to console himself with the fact that he would be forced to renounce the comforts of his home.

-Again, how did they managed to convince me, I really don't know- he mumble, referring to his parents. He actually knew very well how Rachel and Vincent had managed to convince him to enroll in the institute; it was enough that, while he was proposing it, his father looked at him almost defiantly, as if to ask him "will you succeed? Will you be able to resist or will you pull back? ”. Given his extremely proud character, Ciel had accepted the "challenge" of his father without hesitation. Suddenly, while he was still searching for the secretary, he heard a very angry voice rise from an unknown point.

- It's not acceptable! What kind of dull secretary are you?! -.
Sensing that the voice came almost certainly from the place where he was headed, Ciel hurried toward the direction from which it had risen. After only a couple of meters down a side corridor he found himself in front of the wooden door with the "Secretary" label, while inside the person who had "spoken" before continuing undaunted its tirade against the poor woman behind the desk, who obviously did not know what to do. The raven boy half opened the door, peering inside the room.

- I have been attending this institute for three years and have always requested a single room. Sin-gle! -, the boy shouted in front of the desk, one hand beating on the wooden shelf almost at every word, -it's a room for just one person, I don't think it's such a difficult thing to understand! - he said quite furiously. Ciel remained at the door and stared at him; he had splendid hair of a very light blond, the skin that could be seen between the collar of the shirt and the platinum locks was porcelain color. He wore a pair of tight, torn gray jeans, black ankle boots with at least 6/7 cm heel and a long, sugar-colored sleeved shirt.

-You are a very incapable person! - a slight note of hysteria appeared in his voice, - I cannot stay in a room with another person! -.

-I-I'm sorry, but now we can d-do nothing- murmured the woman, who didn't know how to calm the blonde fury that had suddenly found herself in front. The blond pounded one foot on the ground, his fists clenched in anger. Suddenly, however, he seemed to calm down for no apparent reason.

- This place and its management are really falling down!To say that a couple of years ago it was a high class place -, he said with a smirk, slightly tilting his head, his voice oozing abundantly with false kindness. Both Ciel and the secretary looked at him, both displaced by that sudden change. -I only hope that things will not continue along this bad slope, or my legal guardian will be happy to donate funds to better educational institutions,- he said in a haughty voice, making the poor woman whiten. Obviously the blond's legal guardian had to be someone very rich if the boy had made a similar threat. The young man turned his back to the secretary and started for the door. Ciel noticed that he had blue eyes like a summer sky, heavily made up in black. The blond passed him with a firm step without even bothering to look at him, leaving without ever turning around and soon disappearing around a corner. The sound of the tolling of his heels on the marble floor, created by his footsteps going off down the corridor, was clearly heard in the silence that had been created in the secretary.

-Um, excuse me ...-, the boy said after a while, approaching the woman's desk.

-Listen, please, if you have to talk to me about the room, pass another time,- said the poor secretary, who had definitely had enough for that day.

- No, no. It's not about that. I just need the timetable - Ciel hastened to clarify, to the great relief of the woman, who bent down to rummage in one of the drawers.

-So, are you ...?- she asked.

-Phantomhive. Ciel Phantomhive- the boy answered looking at her.

- Mmmh, now I see ... Oh, here it is! Phantomhive, fifth year, section B- said he handed him the sheet with a smile. The boy took it slowly giving it a quick look,

-Thank you very much,- he said, turning his back to her and starting to leave, heading for the door.

-Wait a second! As for your room ... -

-It's number 25,- he said quietly, not paying her much attention.

-Yes, but ...- the woman tried to continue, in vain. Ciel had by now classified that conversation as "no longer useful" and was not in the least listening to what the girl was trying to say to him.

-It is in the Violet Wing, thank you and see you,- said the raven boy, going out and leaving without giving her time to finish talking.

"Phew, this thing is really heavy ..." thought the boy, thinking about the scene of the blonde before the secretary, "that guy is absolutely odious, didn't someone taught a minimum of education?" He asked himself, annoyed twisting his nose with a grimace.
In his view of things he had already classified the blond as Drama Queen, putting him on the top of the list of people to avoid as much as possible. He just sighed as he ran his hand over his face, as he retraced his steps to the main entrance, so he could more easily figure out what route to take to get to his room.
He had seen some boys around, but he had no intention of asking them for information, it was not his character to ask someone for help. He took the plan he had previously taken from the pile on the secretary's desk out of his pocket, giving it a quick look.

"Then let's see; in front of me there is the Green Wing, or that of the canteen and the kitchens, on the left is the Blue Wing, that of the classrooms, on the far right is the Black Wing, still being restored ... "He reflected mentally as he moved his tapered finger to the various points on the map as he identified them. "Then ... In the middle of the Black Wing and the Green Wing there are the Orange one, for the first and second year students ... The Red one for those of the third and fourth and ... Here is the Violet, for those of the fifth and sixth year…". At last the road that had to be done finally set off at a brisk pace, passing a lot of doors that led to as many corridors and rooms, so that the entire structure began to look worse than a labyrinth.

"What a huge pain in the ass ...... It's only eleven o'clock in the morning and I'm already upset ..." Ciel thought disconsolately, brushing his hair away from his face with a slightly angry hand gesture. As he walked along the corridors, the footsteps echoing through the stone walls regularly spaced out by the windows, his gaze wandered over the doors of the rooms to his right, always carefully reading the brass number fixed on it, being careful not to exceed his own. He couldn't wait to unpack his bags, arrange his belongings and relax at least a little. Finally he arrived in front of the purple wooden door marked with the number 25 and, for the first time in the whole morning, he let himself go to a very slight smile.

- Well, thank goodness that mine is a single room ... - he said to himself, vaguely thinking of the words shouted by the blond just over half an hour before. He sighed just before placing his hand on the door handle, shivering slightly from the contact of the cold metal with his skin. He opened the door and the half smile froze over his face, disappearing with surprising speed as soon as his mind metabolized what his eyes were seeing.

In front of him, kneeling almost in the middle of the room, was the blond of the secretary. The hateful one who had mentally pinned himself to avoid as much as possible. The one who, after the scene he had seen him do, could only classify as Drama Queen.
As if the thing itself was nothing less than a catastrophic vision, the sea-blue eyes of Ciel saw another detail, something absolutely not ignorable; the blond was not simply kneeling on the ground, but he had Ciel's suitcase open beside him.
Suitcase in which he was poking with impunity and in which he had obviously already put his hands before his arrival, since some of the boy's raven-haired clothes were scattered around without the slightest regard.

The stranger was swirling through his things, needless had been his property, then extracting from the chaos in which it was reduced what once had been a suitcase made in a workmanlike manner, a pair of white and baggy blue boxer. The blond threw a semi-indignant look at the garment in his hands, a spark of derision in his pale blue eyes,

-What kind of person would ever wear nun's look alike underwear like that?!,- he exclaimed in an astonished and almost shocked tone, not noticing in the least that Ciel looked at him with a murderous expression from the doorway.