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in which jesus christ forsakes us

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short&sad added nooble and 8 others to the group!

toothpaste: no

toothpaste has left the group!

short&sad: ROHAN

short&sad  added toothpaste to the group!

toothpaste: KOICHI

short&sad: STAY

toothpaste: will u model for me later then

short&sad: ok :)

toothpaste: thank u koichi!! ur an angel <3

short&sad: i love u rohan ^.^

succurfingers: ew what the fuck

danny: kira you cant even say anything

danny: 1. rohan and koichi are best friends

danny: 2. you have a hand fleshlight literally shut the Fuck up 

nooble: whats a fleshlight

short&sad: dont worry about it babe

toothpaste: its a fake vagina that u fuck lol

short&sad  has muted toothpaste  for 1 hour!

short&sad: SHUT THE FUCK UP

furry: and i oop


r/niceguys: koichi says Fuck 

fuck: i wake up to this

scenekid99: same

r/niceguys: it is like 5pm

scenekid99: i know

fuck: i know

short&sad: ok hold on

short&sad has unmuted toothpaste!

succurfingers: why 

short&sad: his fiance is awake!!

fuck: no please mute him again

scenekid99: i would leave but koichi is here 

short&sad: xoxo

nooble: :(

short&sad: i love u too oku!!! and jojo!!

danny: which one

fathe: which one

fuck: which one 


r/niceguys: damn koichi a pimp

toothpaste: lol joestars am i right

fuck: rohan we are engaged

fathe: i have a wife

r/niceguys: that u cheated on

fathe: :(

danny: toshikazu i will invert your dick

r/niceguys: bold of you to assume i have a dick

short&sad: i regret this so fricking much

danny: fricking

toothpaste: fricking

r/niceguys: fricking

scenekid99: fricking

furry: fricking

fathe: fricking

nooble: fricking xD

fuck: i


fathe: this just keeps getting better

fathe: oh josuke

danny: yea :o 

fathe: i just realized that ur name is danny

fathe: that was my grandfather's dog's name :-)

danny: i'm aware but that's not what my name is referencing gramps

fathe: what is it then?

danny: ill tell u later :p

toothpaste: all joestars stop flooding chat 

fuck: .

r/niceguys: jotaro you are not even a joestar

r/niceguys: and josuke ur a higashikata???

scenekid99: toshi you are the biggest fucking dumbass

short&sad: leave him alone please :( 

r/niceguys: HA loser

short&sad: be NICE toshi !!!!!!! she is my girlfriend

succurfingers: this 17 yr old got 3 partners and i can not even find myself a nice wife

danny: gee i wonder why

toothpaste: then stop looking for a wife??? men r easier 

fuck: there are two types of people who graze this godforsaken realm

nooble: stop using big words plz im stupid 

short&sad: YOU ARE NOT STUPID!!!!!!!

danny: YOU ARE NOT STUPID!!!!!!!

nooble: hbjscdhbsndcd im love y?!???!!?😭😭💞💞

danny: we love u more <3

short&sad: :33 i wuv u

scenekid99: .

scenekid99  has left the group!

r/niceguys: ah

furry: oof

short&sad: she gets like this sometimes :< its ok shes the jealous type

toothpaste: damn we can tell

toothpaste: psycho bitch

short&sad  has muted toothpaste!

fuck: i told you that you should have kept him muted

succurfingers: can i go now 

short&sad: i guess it's time for me to set some rules then 

short&sad: there will be absolutely NO insulting yukako

short&sad: or jojo or oku. but especially yukako since you all seem to dislike her for being """psycho""" or whatever bullshit people say behind her back.

short&sad: okay?! yes she may be overprotective at times but that's normal for girls like her. if anything it's reassurance that she loves me. 

r/niceguys: i don't think you'll need reassurance with a girl that clingy lol

short&sad  has muted r/niceguys!

short&sad: anyone else???

nooble: ko u ok?

short&sad: yes i am ok!!! i just hate when people insult her. she is a very sweet girl and doesn't deserve any of the shit she puts up with 

danny: give us mod privs so we can patrol when ur not online ko 

short&sad has granted Admin Privileges to danny and nooble!

short&sad: thank you guys for offering to help 

fuck: koichi

short&sad: what is it

fuck: do you want me to speak to rohan?

short&sad: yes please. he's been acting so prissy today 

fuck: i know. he gets like that, i'm sorry

short&sad: i know but he should understand how much i dislike when people make fun of my girlfriend

succurfingers: would it be ok to add someone to this. just to break the tension 

short&sad: who?

succurfingers: her name is shinobu?? shes my age and rlly sweet. she'd fit in well in here

short&sad: her user pls 

succurfingers: kitty#6783

short&sad has added kitty to the group!

short&sad: i'm in a better mood rn im gonna unmute toshi 

nooble: already??

short&sad: he says stuff he doesn't mean to be "eDgY" he and yukako r actually good friends 

short&sad  has unmuted r/niceguys

r/niceguys: sorry ko

short&sad: its fine toshi just dont make jokes like that again please??

r/niceguys: hjjhjhjjj sorry,,, i wont again

short&sad: thank u :)

r/niceguys: so why are we adding more old ppl to this gc again

short&sad: idk it's kira's gf or something

succurfingers:  SHE IS NOT MY GIRLFRIEND

furry: i leave for literally 5 minutes,

kitty: ohh hello!!

furry:  MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

danny: jhkcbxhdbjn WHAT

kitty: hello my lovely :)

kitty: and hello sweetheart!!


danny: who is sweetheart akjhdskjfd

kitty: it's yoshi!!!

danny: YOSHI

succurfingers  has left the group! 

danny added succurfingers to the group!

nooble: we want answers

fathe: wait whats going on

short&sad: why is everyone just going afk dndnddnndnd

fuck: some of us have lives

short&sad: oh you're back,, did you speak to rohan? 

fuck: yeah

fuck: hes just a bit pissed is all

short&sad: at yukako or at me?

fuck: at yukako, of course. he's petty but not petty enough to be mad at someone for muting them in a gc

danny: tf she do to him???

short&sad: i can dm them separately and ask what happened

short&sad: did he say why hes mad?

fuck: nope

furry: oof. gl ko

short&sad: thank you




short&sad >>>>>>>> scenekid99

short&sad: you okay? did something happen between you and rohan?

scenekid99: not really

scenekid99: we're just always fighting for your attention and shit. it's constant tension 

short&sad: then why do you not act the same way with oku and jojo? is there something different about rohan?

scenekid99: oku and jojo are so kind and understanding. rohan is just a dick 

scenekid99: sorry i know how much you love rohan lmfao

short&sad: i dont love him the same way i love you

short&sad: you're my girlfriend yukako!!!! my love!!! my sweetie!!! my princess!!!

short&sad: you're so tough and brave and amazingly strong and intelligent. you're everything i wish i had 

scenekid99: dhvfkjshbcjxh ko you're gonna kill me

scenekid99: but it's so funny

scenekid99: because everything you just said about me are things i could easily say about you

short&sad: aha i doubt it... but are you willing to come back to the gc now? we miss u

scenekid99: mhm!! sorry for throwing a fit

short&sad:  ngl...your short temper is kinda hot

short&sad: ngl...your short temper is kinda cute (edited)