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I'm Not that Kind of Woman

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“What do you say we head over to my place? Huh? Have a little fun tonight?”

“Uh, I don’t think so.” She really regretted not bringing Missandei with her now. She scrambled for an excuse, but without her wing woman with her she couldn’t find a strong enough reason for him. “I wouldn’t want to ruin the fun you’re having with the guys here.”

“Oh, we’ll take the party with us.” Drogo’s smug grin to his mates made her skin crawl. She leaned away.

“I think I’m fine with keeping the party here, thanks.”

“Aw, c’mon Dany. You know this is the whole point of tonight. You don’t want to disappoint your brother, do you? I bet he’ll be pretty pissed off if the deal is broken.”

“I can handle my brother’s sorry ass crying just fine,” Dany gathered her purse and coat, “I’m not that kind of woman. I can’t give you what you want, so I think I’m going to leave. Find my own ride home. It was nice to meet you, Drogo.”

She started walking away from the table when Drogo quickly grabbed her arm, turning her around. His dark eyes were steely.

“I was promised a night with you, Daenerys.”

Dany yanked her arm out of his grip, enough to swing her elbow into a firm chest behind her.

“Is this man bothering you?”

Dany turned at the thick accented voice and came face to face with Jon Snow.

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She felt him place a steadying hand over her arm, the one whose elbow had rammed in his solidly muscled chest. She felt her skin prickle with goosebumps for multiple reasons.

"Erm, no," she managed, looking back at a dark eyed Drogo, she added, "not yet, anyway."

"And who might this little 'un be?" Drogo scoffed.

"My ride," Dany cut him off. She turned and over exaggerated her smile, "Just in time."

Jon met her glaring gaze. With the minor quirk of his brow, she knew he got the message.

"Sorry to break up the fun," Jon said, "but it's high time the lady be escorted home. If you knew what she was like even later than this," he leaned in the direction of the table and mock whispered, "you don't want to risk it, trust me."

He put his other hand on her shoulder to turn her away from the table when Drogo caught Jon's in an iron fist.

"You think you can walk out of here with her? She's bound for a night with me," then Drogo ground out through his teeth, "I'm not one to let my prizes go."

Dany squirmed. All of the instagram stories and posts from her friends about toxic men and relationships where blaring loud red alarms in her head.

"But she's not your prize to take. She's mine." 

Dany turned wide eyes toward Jon. She felt her mouth fall open.

"Viserys promised her to me tonight, too," Jon said carefully, "So it seems Khal, that our problem isn't with Dany, it's with her sorry assed brother."

Drogo's eyes narrowed, "And how would I believe that?"

Jon raised his business card as Drogo asked the question.

That silenced him.

The silence made her want to cry.

Jon's voice cut through, "Now if you'll excuse us, I'm taking her home with me. Call me in two days. I'll be expecting it."

With that Drogo released Jon. He slid the business card into Drogo's suit pocket.

Dany numbly allowed herself to be escorted out of the club into the chilling night air. She felt the silence stretch on and on as they crossed the dimly lit parking lot. She could hardly bear it. Just as they reached Jon's car, she snapped.

"What the bloody hell! Get off!"

Jon released her. She folded her arms in front of her chest.

"You cheeky, lying bastard."

Jon raised his eyes. The dark grey clearly displayed the storms behind them.

"Dany, I'm sorry!"

"Don't you call me that!" she yelled.