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love and mourn

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The agency’s van hurtles down the gravel road. Small stones fly up from the ground to ding against the side panels. Inside, Bakugou Katsuki sits beside the other heroes. They approach the targeted warehouse silently. No one says a word, quietly psyching themselves up for the hazardous territory they were entering.


Bakugou looks up from the floor and out the van’s back window to watch the looming trees—shadows in late twilight—disappear over the horizon. He gulps down the knot in his throat and looks back at the heroes who share his space. Uravity has her head on Ingenium’s shoulder and Shouto is sitting beside him with his head laid back on the van’s metal siding, his eyes snapped shut.


“Heroes,” their manager addresses them, turning in the passenger seat to look at her wards. “Let’s go over the briefing. In five minutes, we will arrive at the old Hosu warehouses. That is the meeting place that Grade A villain Deku had specified in his message to the Agency. We are here to capture him, not hold a discussion. That being said, until his capture, we will abide by his wishes as not to spook him. This means that Ground Zero,” she turns to Bakugou. “You are to enter the warehouse and meet with the villain. Keep us updated through the comm system in your ear. Keep him calm and try your best to not attack without reason. I want a clean extraction. Do you hear me?”


Bakugou grunts.


“Good,” she nods. “Uravity, Ingenium, and Shouto, you are here for backup. Deku is a dangerous villain, but he has made it clear he wants to see Ground Zero only. You will stay in the van with me until GZ gives us a signal to engage, or an altercation becomes perilous. Understood?”




“Of course, Ma’am.”




“We’re here,” the driver informs the group and the band of heroes, along with their manager, adjust themselves to glimpse out the front window and take in the massive, looming rows of warehouses that ruin the warm sunset with black and drab. They drive the van through the remnants of a chain-link fence, brittle and broken; an entire section is missing.


Bakugou attempts to force his nerves far from his mind, avoiding them as if they were the plague. He opens and closes his fists, stretching his fingers and popping knuckles to prepare for a fight. “You going to be okay?” Uravity asks with her brow furrowed in worry.


“Of fucking course,” Bakugou snaps back, feigning the confidence he lacks.


“Good, because it’s time,” the manager informs them, her eyes fixed on the Symbol of Victory. “If you run into trouble, call for backup. Do not get cocky.”


He snorts. “Whatever.”


Bakugou gets up from his bench and pushes open the back doors, the muggy heat of a hot July night invading the vehicle and destroying the AC’s hard work. He hops out, his boots crunching the gravel beneath him, and turns back to wave back at those still in the van. “Later, fuckers.”


“Warehouse 73, GZ,” the manager reminds him. “Good luck.”


Bakugou nods and begins his walk, his legs like lead as he rounds the van and stomps off down the alley between two dilapidated structures. The nerves feel like insects trapped beneath his skin, trying desperately to claw themselves up to the surface. The sweat that drips through the creases of his mask and slip down his arms are a reminder of the heat, anxiety, and adrenaline coursing through his veins. He passes by warehouse number 34.


He knows the villain who requested his presence. He knows Deku more than the Hero Agency is aware. Bakugou knows the curl of wild green hair. He knows the freckled hands that casually act out crimes against humanity and the bright smile the villain wears when he rips a victim’s head from their shoulders. He knows the name Deku because it’s the one he gave him when they were still boys; before Bakugou became a hero and Midoriya Izuku became a ghost, a distant memory.


When he emerged as a villain, Bakugou knew his true identity in an instant. He knows he should have shared it with the world, inform all who’d have listened. He knows that that was how the world could put an end to Deku’s reign of terror.


Something in Bakugou, though, could not do it. Even now, he feels that it was no one else’s responsibility to stop Deku but him. He feels responsible for Midoriya becoming this twisted abomination, and so he knows that it is his cross to bare. His life’s purpose is to see Deku taken off the street and made to answer for his crimes.


Bakugou will succeed.


“Ground Zero,” a voice echoes in his ear. “What is your location?”


Bakugou whips his head around, searches the worn signs above warehouse doors for a number. He scans, but the signs are bleached from years of light exposure and are hard to read in the slowly setting sun. “Fuckin’, uhhhh, 57.”


“Alright, excellent,” his manager praises him. He continues to walk. “You’re almost there. Please, Ground Zero, remember to be careful. He’s not like the other villains you have fought.”


“Believe me, I know.”


“His Quirk is unknown,” she explains. “No one has labeled it as of now. I think- to stop- shoot-”


“Yo, manager?” He asks, passing warehouse 62.


“Ground- hear-” he hears in his ear, followed by a chorus of static. “Baku- answ- HELLO, Baku--”


The earpiece shuts off and all he hears is white noise exiting the speaker. He curses and pokes it with a gloved finger. It does not turn back on.


Logistically, he knows he should go back to the van and have it swapped out for another. That being said, adrenaline and the craving to see his old playmate drives him forward.


He breaks into a jog; the gravel shifts beneath his feet. He sees the warehouse numbers glide past in a fury. None of them register until he sees a 7 and 3 together and notices a door ajar below it.  He hurtles towards the entrance.


Cool air slaps against his face when he awkwardly forces himself through the doorway, his grenades snagging on the frame. He glances back at the entrance then hears a giggle from in front. He jerks his head around and searches for the source. It’s dark inside and he can’t make out anything after a few feet of bare tile. When he steps forward, though, lights switch on and bathe the warehouse in an ominous, flickering glow.


“Kacchan!” An animated voice squeals and as Bakugou adjusts his eyes to the light, he finds his enemy sitting atop a rusted metal table in the center of the open space. He’s kicking his feet as they dangle off the table. His head quirks to the side and he grins wide and toothy. Freckles spatter his round cheeks. Bakugou thinks he’s exactly the same as he remembered, ratty shirts and second-hand jeans. His hair is a bird’s nest of green and he still has those bulky, red sneakers. “Long time, no see, huh?”


Bakugou approaches cautiously, wiggling his fingers beneath their gloves. He glances around the building for traps, backup, or any other tricks Midoriya might have set up, but he sees none. “Deku,” he nods in greeting. “You wanted to fuckin’ see me?”


Midoriya laughs and Bakugou sees that the joy doesn’t reach his eyes. They look dead and false, and so does any other emotion that crosses the villain’s face. “I missed you! I thought we could talk!”


Bakugou snorts at the naïvety and takes a step forward. “Talk? Do you not fucking get why I’m here?”




He furrows his brows and stares incredulously at his old classmate. “I’m taking your dumb ass to Tartarus!”


Midoriya pouts his lip and hops off the table. He crosses his arms and taps his foot on the tile so loud it echoes off the warehouse’s bare walls. He humphs! “Kacchan, you’re ruining the mood! I just wanted to talk!”




Midoriya takes a step forward. “Kaccha--”


Bakugou lifts a heavy hand, positioning his grenade. “Don’t fucking move! I will blast you to fucking pieces! You hear me? I’ll tear you limb from limb!”


Midoriya stills for a moment, slowly raising his hands in submission. Bakugou permits it, watching the surrender until the villain’s eyes dart to the side.


Midoriya’s running.


He’s closing in faster than the hero can believe, his agility and speed somehow maximized since they’d last been together.


Bakugou panics, ignites the nitroglycerine in his sweaty palms. He’s blasting until kingdom come, explosions setting off in quick succession to incapacitate the threat before it’s too late. The firepower is strong, massive, and the heat is blistering. His explosions block his vision so that it’s a surprise when something hard slams against his gut and propels him into the wall. His head knocks against the brick.


It stuns him. Bakugou gasps for the breath knocked out of him on impact and when his vision clears and the world comes back into focus, he sees Midoriya standing above him with a smirk on his face. “Tsk, tsk, tsk, Kacchan,” he goads. “You’re losing your touch.”


Bakugou scowls, releasing a burst. He swings his palm in the villain’s direction. It catches Deku off guard and he stumbles back as Bakugou staggers to his feet. Bakugou hurtles into him, slamming his armored fist against the villain’s temple. It knocks Midoriya to the side. He crumbles on the floor and looks up at Bakugou with venom in his eyes. It’s the first show of true emotion that the hero has seen from the villain since arriving. It sparks a fire in his gut and in his resolve.


Bakugou was furious. The aggression, the betrayal, and fury of finding Midoriya—the Quirkless twerp from his childhood overpowered and disturbed—was enough to drive him into a blind rage. He pants, his chest heaving as he looks down at the villain glaring up at him from the floor. “Get. Up.”


Midoriya grins, aroused by his opponent’s words. He clambers up on his feet and lifts his fists to hover in front of him. He smirks, “One For All, twenty percent.”


Green lightning climbs his body, a flickering representation of his rival’s mounting strength.


His smile is false and ominous as he tilts his head. “Ready to go, Kacchan?”


Bakugou screams, releasing the fury and adrenaline buried in his gut. He bolts forward with his firepower unleashed to its maximum potential. The hero’s fire slams against Midoriya’s gut, burning his torso as the villain smashes his powerful fist into his ribs simultaneously. The sharp pain shoots through Bakugou’s body, making him spasm and ache so badly he can’t help but scream out in agony.


Midoriya giggles at the cry of pain and embraces Bakugou while the hero thrashes. He’s not taking the fight as seriously as Bakugou, and that makes the hero furious. He holds his hands behind his back and releases a barrage of explosions, propelling the two forward. The opposite wall closes in on them fast, the wind whipping through his hair as Midoriya cranes his head to see where the firepower is taking them. He notices the wall just fast enough to activate his quirk and make the wall crumble beneath them on impact. Midoriya still cries out in pain and Bakugou uses him as a shield as they topple to the ground and debris comes crashing down on them. Bricks and bits of a dilapidated ceiling smash against them.  Bakugou can feel the aftershocks of the impact through the body above him.


He waits until it’s quiet and Midoriya stirs. He thinks he has time to cuff Midoriya, incapacitate him before he fights again.


Blue lightning flashes across Midoriya’s body and the villain jolts, the debris falling off of him. He stumbles onto his feet.


He groans, his head hung low. There’s blood seeping from the back of his head and matting green hair. Bakugou climbs on top of the rubble and prepare to end him. He thinks Midoriya is gearing up to the same.


Instead, though, Midoriya squeezes his fists as his shoulders shake. “Do you…” he mumbles. The villain jerks his head up towards Bakugou and the hero sees fury in his face and the tears streaming down his cheeks. “WHY WON’T YOU LET ME TALK!”


Bakugou’s eyes widen, surprised by the outburst. This new Midoriya differs from their childhood, more calculating and vicious. He didn’t expect the same amount of emotional instability. Still, rage encompasses Bakugou and pity wasn’t something he would offer. “Just get your goddamn speech over with,” he spits.


Midoriya’s lip quivers. “I haven’t seen you this close in years, Kacchan,” he sighs, hanging his head low. “You… you look so good. I see that Quirk really came in handy as a hero.”


“Shut up!” Bakugou growls, sprinting forward and landing an armoured fist to his gut. Midoriya hacks at the impact, his body sagging over Bakugou’s fist as he gasps for air. His curly hair is dusty, knotted, and the only think Bakugou can see with Midoriya bent over in pain.


Suddenly, Bakugou spasms. A jolt of pain shocks through his jaw and he can’t feel his face. It’s numb. Then it burns, and he screams while unwanted tears stream from his eyes. The next thing he knows, he’s fallen against the rubble of the destroyed warehouse. He can’t feel his jaw and his leg aches. He looks down at it through blurred vision and sees the shrapnel sticking out of his thigh. The agony is almost enough to make him rip off his gloves and claw his leg off his body.


He wants to end the pain.


There’s the crunching of rubble under shoes and Bakugou looks up at the villain, madness in his eyes. The hero gulps down the lump in his throat, but his jaw is so sore he can’t speak. He feels copper on his tongue.


Midoriya towers over him, his chest heaving and blood dripping from the crown of his head. “It hurts, doesn’t it?” Midoriya asks, not waiting for a reply. “That’s my Quirk! Back in middle school, All Might offered me his power, and I took it,” he laughed, psychotic. “I GOT A QUIRK, KACCHAN! I wasn’t a Deku anymore! I had power! I was strong! I-I was gonna be a hero!”


Lightning climbs his body and a shining leg comes crashing down on Bakugou’s torso. A broken rib stabs his side, and he gasps for air while Midoriya continues, uncaring. “But you didn’t care! No one cared! You hated me more and I...I couldn’t control it! I couldn’t figure it out for so long! The quirk- my mom-” he gasped for air, heavy sobs wracking his body while blood, snot, and tears turned his face disgusting and shrouded his telltale freckles. “I couldn’t do it! I wanted- I wanted to be equal, Kacchan! I wanted you to like me cause w-we were the same!”


Rage burned in Bakugou’s gut, adrenaline coursing through his body and making his wounds go numb. He moved his jaw, flicked his tongue and realized he was missing a chunk at the tip. “We aren’t the goddamn same!”




Bakugou feels the adrenaline in his veins, pumping through his heart and making him feel whole. He feels no pain, just numbness as he looks up at the villain. He can fight back, but his arms are heavy. The grenades weigh him down.


He clicks the buttons and they dislodge from his forearms. Simultaneously, Midoriya drops his body on top of him, his legs straddling the hero’s torso. Bakugou’s eyes widen at the proximity and Midoriya’s groin against his own. The villain brushes his fingers beneath Katsuki’s chin and leans in. “We’re perfect together.”


Another jolt of rage courses through his body and the pain is a distant memory. Bakugou jerks his hands from his grenades and knocks the left against Midoriya’s bloody temple. It catches the villain off guard and Bakugou uses the opportunity to thrust him to the ground while dislodging his leg, warm blood bubbling from the wound and seeping down his thigh, soaking his pants. In Midoriya’s stunned stiffness, Bakugou lands on top of him, a hand squeezing his throat so tight the villain turns purple. He slams and open palm against his dirty face and it’s perfect.


The time.


The position.


With one strong blast, the villain Deku is dead and Bakugou’ll be rewarded for his victory.


He’s ready.




The explosion doesn’t come. It won’t come and he doesn’t know why. He can’t get himself to do it, to end the life of his old classmate. He’s angry. He’s vengeful. He knows he can do it, but he can’t. He won’t!


“Why,” he gasps. “WHY CAN’T I KILL YOU?”


In a voice so soft it’s merely a whisper, Midoriya answers, “You love me.”


It catches Bakugou off guard, his eyes blown wide at those words. More so, it enrages him, though he can’t force himself to respond. Midoriya reaches for his hand, softly clasping his fingers around it and pulling it off his face. He reaches up and Bakugou flinches, but he doesn’t pull away when Midoriya strokes his cheek and whispers. “I’ve always loved you. It’s- since we were kids.   My Kacchan,” he purrs.


Something stirs inside Bakugou, a heat in his gut that burns and drives him. He’s craving something he can’t place, but he wants it. He wants it bad. His chest is heaving and his body is losing strength as fluid drips from his open wounds to color the floor red. He looks down at Midoriya and now all he sees is the layers of blood and snot and tears making Midoriya’s lip glisten. It contrasts from the green in his eyes and the hero is lowering his head closer, closer.


Midoriya jerks up. Their lips smash together so fast their teeth clash and pain shoots through their mouths, but they can’t stop. They’re urgent, manic. Bakugou tastes the blood on Midoriya’s lips and its salty, wet, and delicious on his broken tongue.


Roaming hands glide over his body, grabbing and squeezing at muscles and pinching flesh. It’s a welcomed pain, the passion burning in his groin and making him hard. With every squeeze of his body, Bakugou moans into the kiss and Midoriya gets braver, bolder with his movements.


He grabs Bakugou’s erection through his pants and Bakugou breaks the kiss, a hot, breathy moan ripping from his throat as his eyes squeeze shut. Midoriya wraps an arm around his neck and lifts himself up to lap his tongue against the hero’s ear, moistening the flesh. “Lie down.”


Bakugou complies immediately, fixated on the pleasure rippling through his body. He flips on to the rubble. The pain from the impact steals his breath away and he can’t catch it before Midoriya’s on top of him, sucking at his lips and grazing sharp teeth against his flesh.


He straddles Bakugou once more. Blue lightning flicks across his body as he rips at his clothes, tearing the fabric from hard, hot pectorals and an aching cock. “Kacchan, you’re so big!” He whines, grabbing for the member and squeezing it tight. It burns and aches and the jolt of pain that spasms through Katsuki’s groin makes him harder. He looks down at the deep red flesh in the villain’s pale white hands.


It looks beautiful.


Bakugou bucks up into his grip and Midoriya slams a fist down into his gut, making him grunt. “Don’t move!” He orders


Bakugou sucks in a breath and looks wide eyed at the man on top of him.


Shock shifts to fury.


He jerks up and grabs the villain by the throat, squeezing him hard. Midoriya chokes and Bakugou revels in the contrast of purple flesh against green eyes. “DONT FUCKING TELL ME WHAT TO DO,” he snaps. “Take your fucking clothes off!”


Midoriya gulps and Bakugou feels the contraction of his throat beneath his suffocating grip. The villain reaches for his jeans, using his Quirk to rip at them until they’re tattered fabric and a pretty, pink cock is standing free in the humid air. He tears his shirt off next and Bakugou finds perky nipples to match. He wants to bite them, suck them until Midoriya’s chest is red and swollen.


He looks down between Midoriya’s soft, parted leg. The hero smirks, feeling cool pre-cum burn against his aching head. He leans forward and nips his teeth at Midoriya’s ear, piercing the flesh and sucking up the blood that dribbles from the wound. Midoriya whines, making the hero chuckle. “Tell me, Deku,” he grunts. “What’d you do before showing up as a villain?”


He pulls away to look at Midoriya’s pretty, confused face and reaches down to pump himself, milking the pre-cum from the slit and smearing it down his shaft. “Bet you fucking whored yourself out, huh? Let all those big-bads fuck that pretty, little hole of yours?”


He releases Midoriya’s throat, permitting the villain to gasp for air while he grabs him around the middle. He lifts him up and lines his tight, pink hole up to the head of his throbbing erection. While Midoriya is dazed—the blood rushing back to his head—Bakugou slams him down onto his cock. The only sound that echoes through the caved-in warehouse is Midoriya’s agonizing scream.


It’s hot inside, hot and damp. The tears streaking Midoriya’s face at the pain was enough to make Bakugou’s cock twitch inside the tight muscle. He smirks up at the villain’s sputtering lip and shock-stained face. “Now that’s the scream of a cockslut.”


He bucks his hips, driving his cock deeper into Midoriya’s gut and a sharp moan rips from his throat. “More!”


Bakugou snorts, trailing a hand up his lean muscles to pinch at a small, erect nipple. “You like that, you fucking cumwhore?”


“Yes!” Midoriya rocks forward, squeezing down on Bakugou. “God, I... I, ahh, love you inside me!”


“You’re my little bitch, Deku,” Bakugou barks. “I’m gonna mold that ass to my fat cock, bend you over and breed you ‘til you’re dripping a pool of cum onto the floor.” He grabs him harshly around the waist and lifts him up so to see hot, thick blood ooze from his hole, wetting Bakugou’s dick. It paints his blond pubic hairs red and he moans at the image. “Fuck Deku, look at all that blood,” he laughs. “So wet for me…” Bakugou sits up to press into Izuku and bite at his collarbone. He sinks his teeth deep into the flesh as Midoriya screams out. Bakugou laps his tongue against the blood and whispers against his neck. “Want me to fill you with something more?”


“God, yes!” He mewls, leaning back to hop on Bakugou’s cock so fast and needy it’s milking  him for all the fluid leaking from his slit. Midoriya drops a hand to the rubble beside Bakugou’s leg and rests the other at the base of his stomach. “Feel you,” he whines, eyes squeezed shut. “I can feel you inside me! God, I can feel your cock moving inside-”


“Gonna fill you up, baby,” Bakugou growls, reaching forward to grab Izuku’s little, pink cock and squeeze it hard. It makes Midoriya scream. “Gonna make you full! Wanna get you used to having your belly full of cum!”


“Do- do it, Kacch-”


“Call me daddy,” he growls, leaning forward to grit a perky nipple between his teeth and bite down on the sensitive flesh. “Tell daddy you love him.”


Midoriya screams. “Ugh, daddy!   Daddy, I- aah, fuck! I love you!”


“You love my cock?”


“God, yes! Fill me up daddy! Make me scream,” he whines, rocking back and forth so that Bakugou’s head rubs against his g-spot and sends spasms of ecstasy through his body.


“You look so beautiful, baby!”


Midoriya whines, dropping his head forwards. It’s too heavy to hold while euphoria envelops his body. He feels weak: his limbs shake, his toes are curled as tight as they’d go, and his poor cock is twitching with such insane overstimulation he’s afraid he may burst.


Bakugou growls animalistic at Midoriya curling forward. He wants to see the pain and burning desire on Midoriya’s face. He wants to see him at his most vulnerable. He wants to see the orgasm rip from Izuku’s throat. He can imagine how his mouth will gap, his lips swollen from Bakugou sucking on them.  He bets Izuku will open his mouth wide. Bakugou wants ram his tongue inside and lap up all the salty, sweet saliva. He wants to taste every goddamn fluid that leaves his needy body.


Bakugou grabs him by the scalp, yanking his head back and tearing a violent scream from Midoriya’s throat. The boy is screaming, pushing down on Bakugou’s cock as he cries and droplets of blood fall down the curve of his face.


Bakugou wants to nut right there.


“There ya go, baby,” Bakugou cooes, licking clean streaks in the layers of soot and blood that coat the villain’s body. He’s rubbing hard at Midoriya’s slit with his rough fingers, scooping up the slick fluid from the tip of his pretty, little cock. He takes his hand and lifts it to the villain’s open mouth, shoving them far down his throat until he feels his throat contract around the digits. “How does your cum taste, baby boy?”


Midoriya tries to answer, but his throat narrow at the same time his ass clenches down on Bakugou’s dick and the hero has to focus on not cumming just yet inside that moist tunnel. “When I- when we’re done I’m gonna fuckin’-” He moans at the damn heat on his fingers and how Midoriya is clamping down on him. “Gonna scoop my cum from your ass and- ahhh, make you- make you lick it all up! You want that baby? You wanna know what my cum takes like after being loaded up your ass?”


Mhmmm-ahhhhhh!” Midoriya’s cumming. Katsuki looks down and sees pools of white liquid squirting from his cock to land hot and wet on Bakugou’s abdomen. He loves the feel, loves the stench of the blood, sweat and cum that encompassing them, a musk entirely their own.


Fuck,”   He groans, closing his eyes and knocking his head back in ecstasy. “I think I’m gonna-” He can’t finish the sentence, pain shooting through his body. He’s gasps for air while the building in his abdomen reaches its peak and he unloads inside Midoriya, filling his ass until fluid leaks from his gaping hole to cake the soft curve of his ass.


Something hot and wet dribbles down Bakugou’s chest and he bends forward, opening his eyes to look at Midoriya. He’s spent and red faced, with a glinting piece of shrapnel in his hands.


It’s bloody, broken, and Bakugou bends his head down and realizes the blood on the shrapnel is the blood coming from his throat. He looks back up at Midoriya, the villain’s eyes glinting as he smiles down at him. “It’s better this way, daddy,” he says.


Bakugou is falling.



The team is running through the rubble, anxiety in their heads now that Bakugou has gone thirty minutes without checking in with the group. He should have come back, should have switched out the comm device or asked for backup. He didn’t.


They climb through the rubble of the dilapidated warehouse, only stopping when they heard the sobs coming from the bottom of debris composed hill. Uravity is the first to lean forward and peer down to the bottom.


She immediately draws back, gasping while she slammed a hand over her mouth. Uravity looks back to the team and shakes her head, squeezing her eyes shut.


It’s alarming, terrifying, and the rest feel the need to find out for themselves what the Anti-Gravity hero is so disturbed by. They look over the edge, finding their comrade dead on the floor, his clothes ripped from his body and his neck oozing black onto the surrounding rubble.


There’s another, too, lying on top of him. The villain, Deku, is naked, the last of fresh cum leaking from the tip of his subsiding erection. He is crying, his head arched up towards the heaven as sobs wracked his bare body. “Kacchan, I... I l-love you s-so much! You filled me so good!” he cries, bucking his hips on the dying hero’s cock. “He whispers against him: “I’ll keep your cum as long as possible.”


The sobs rack the villain’s chest and it’s almost to disturbing for the heroes to hear. They watch as he slams a fist down onto the heroes unmoving chest, making the body jerk. “WHY DID YOU HAVE TO DO IT?” He screamed. “IF YOU WOULD HAVE JUST LOVED ME AT THE START…” The villain shakes his head. “It’s better for you this way. You’ll be happier in heaven.”


He smiles at Bakugou’s expressionless face and leans down to place a deep kiss to his bloodied mouth. He flicks his tongue against blood stained lips, savoring the copper on his tongue. It sends a shiver down his spine and he feels at peace.


The villain Deku looks up to the heavens and laughs. Its disturbing, manic, and not a fraction of remorse is detectable in his twisted expression. He seems content on top of Bakugou, Symbol of Victory’s end.


It disturbs the heroes who look down on him from a near-aerial view. They had thought that at arriving, they’d find a fight. They never expected the dead, mutilated body of their colleague defiled by an unhinged villain. It’s almost too hard for Ingenium, who could hardly keep his eyes on the gruesome sight. He lowers his gaze to the rubble beneath him and releases a shaky breath.


“We need to do something,” Shouto says at his side, his voice a quivering mess. “We can’t take him into custody after this. He-” The hero chokes. “He killed a hero.”


Ingenium turns awkwardly to Shouto, heartbroken for his fallen teammate. Bakugou Katsuki—Ground Zero and Symbol of Victory—having his life ended in such a startling manner was a tragedy in of itself. “End it,” he whispers, before looking back down to see Deku caressing the dead hero’s cheek. It makes him sick to watch.


Shouto nods, lifting his bare right palm to align with the monster’s head. In a single, swift movement, a long, pointed shard of ice propels forward to lodge itself directly between the villain’s eyes.


His body goes limp, his green eyes turning dull as his body falls forward. Midoriya lands atop Bakugou’s chest, his head snug between two sculpted pectorals.


In the event's aftermath, the heroes hear crickets in the background and the swaying of branches from the surrounding forests. Uravity looks up and sees the moon, bright and beautiful against a blanket of deep blue and starry constellations.


The night is beautiful, but the setting bleak.


They mourn.