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he gives me toothaches just from kissin' me

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After a long day at work, coming home to a quiet, empty house is almost pleasant. By himself, he can relax and unwind, perhaps with a glass of whiskey and, occasionally, his hand. Of course, it's not nearly as good as this.

This being Shouto, laid out completely naked on Enji's sheets, willing and ready.

"Oh, look at you," Enji growls, undoing his tie, thankful that he was stuck in enough meetings that he couldn't slip into his hero outfit. It's nice for fighting in, but inconvenient for almost everything else, especially when you need to get out of it.

He runs quickly through the few relevant birthdays, events, and anniversaries he's got in his mental calendar.

And does it again. He frowns. "Anything special going on?"

Shouto shakes his head, not smiling, but clearly pleased with himself. "Just wanted to."

Enji grins, pulling his half-unbuttoned shirt over his head. "Just missed me that much, huh?"

Shouto rolls his eyes, burrowing himself further into the pillows. There's only so much one can do after being injured and forced to stay at home for a week. It's a wonder the two of them haven't christened the entire house all over again.

Enji crawls onto the bed, moving towards Shouto with a single-mindedness he reserves for only two things: his work, and Shouto.

Sometimes those things happen to overlap.

"Come on, spread your legs for me," Enji coaxes, using his hands to force the hesitant thighs even further apart, revealing the treat Shouto's kept from him until now.

Shouto flushes brightly under Enji's  hungry gaze, shifting nervously when his eyes settle on the shiny pink slit in the center.

"Baby, you're dripping wet," Enji groans, cock aching where it's trapped in his pants. His fingers trace the soaked folds appreciatively. "Let me taste you."

Shouto nods enthusiastically, settling further on the sheets before Enji grabs his arm.

"No, I want you to sit on my face."

Shouto freezes, not bothering to hide his surprise. "Are you uh...sure about that?"

"Mmmm," Enji keeps his focus on the prize, offering Shouto a simple "Yeah. C'mere."

Shouto follows, scrambling onto his knees as Enji lays down.

With their positions switched, Enji sighs, letting his shoulders relax into the mattress.

Gingerly, Shouto straddles his face, hesitant to make any wrong moves.

"I asked you to sit on my face, baby, not hover annoyingly," Enji says, amused. He grips Shouto's hips, forcing him down.

"W-wait-!" Shouto squeaks as Enji's tongue licks a long, teasing stripe across his pussy lips. He laps at the soft folds a few times, savoring the little noises coming from his son's mouth.

Eventually, he tires of that, tongue dipping past the swollen lips.

Enji flattens his tongue against Shouto's wet entrance, content to enjoy his son's taste until Shouto whines, legs twitching impatiently.

He chuckles, the vibrations making Shouto shake above him with a soft whimper.

"You have such a cute pussy, baby," he says, mouth still pressed up against it.

Shouto whines, grinding down harder, squeaking when Enji's tongue snakes up and inside.

Teasingly, Enji rolls his tongue, enjoying the little sobs coming from his son's open mouth.

He fucks the appendage in and out a few times, gripping Shouto's hips still.

"Ah...ah…" Shouto gasps, breathless and wracked with pleasure, rocking softly despite the hold Enji has on him.

Enji can tell he's close already, like a sweet little virgin, feeling the walls around his tongue contracting rythmically.

When Shouto finally comes, it hits him hard; he doubles over, gripping Enji's hair as if he would run away if Shouto loosened his hold.

Not that Enji would ever want to.

Enji moans as the tiny pussy above him practically gushes, soaking his mouth and dripping down his chin. He does his best to lick his boy clean before pulling away, smiling at how fucked-out his son looks.

He rubs the twitching thighs soothingly, letting Shouto come down slow and easy.

"Think you can handle more?"

Shouto blinks sleepily at the question before nodding, moving off of Enji with shaky legs. "Want you to...inside…"

Enji shifts, hyper-aware of the cock pulsing in between his legs. Yeah, inside sounds really fucking nice right about now. He wipes his chin with the back of his hand, smiling when it comes away covered in Shouto's fluids.

Enji grunts, pushing himself up from the bed, wincing at the loud pop in his neck. "Getting too old?" Shouto's amused voice comes from next to him.

"You won't be saying that once I'm through with you," Enji says, turning over to face Shouto.

His son is already on his back, legs splayed out in a clear invitation.

Licking his lips at the sight, Enji pushes himself off the bed, moving towards the drawer on the side of the bed. After rummaging inside, taking out a small bottle of lube after a moment of consideration, his eyebrows furrow in annoyance.

"...shit," Enji mutters, shutting the drawer with a huff.

"What is it?" Shouto peeks over his shoulder, curious as to what's soured his father's mood so quickly.

"I don't have any condoms," Enji pushes his son back, pressing a firm, insistent kiss against Shouto's soft lips. They savor the moment before Shouto is pushing him away, small hands against his broad chest.

"We could-uh, I wouldn't…" he looks away, bright red, "I wouldn't mind."


Enji groans, nearly coming at the thought alone- Shouto's soft insides, nothing in between them…He bucks his hips involuntarily, peppering sloppy kisses along the pale expanse of Shouto's neck.

"I know, baby, I know you wouldn't mind," he pulls away, eyes focused on the way Shouto's tiny chest moves in time with his shallow breaths, "but we can't. I don't want to get you pregnant." He tries to keep his voice firm, letting him know that this isn't up for debate. Shouto is just beginning hero work- and that is only one of the many reasons why that is a bad idea.

And with that Shouto turns impossibly redder, biting his lip like he doesn't know what that does to Enji.

"Not ever?"

Enji inhales sharply, mind going to the image of the two of them, then maybe the three--

" Fuck, you're going to kill me," he groans, leaning his weight on Shouto's body fully. "You can't just say shit like that."

"Why not?" Shouto's breath comes in faster, already excited to find one of his father's weaknesses.

"Because," Enji pushes himself up into his elbows, drinking in the sight of his son, wide-eyed and eager, "I might not be able to hold back." He's not saying his pull-out game is weak, per se , but…he's hardly logical when he's in the middle of an orgasm.

Shouto pouts. "But-"

Enji silences him with a look, one that promises a merciless spanking in the near future if Shouto continues to press the issue.

His son huffs, crossing his arms in front of his chest, carefully avoiding Enji's eyes.

"Bambi, look at me," Enji tries for a more gentle approach, his boy is so sensitive after all, but his paintence wears thin rather quickly. "I won't ask again."

The demand is what makes Shouto turn back, unshed tears glistening in his pretty eyes.

Enji sighs, kissing each of Shouto's cheeks before pulling away. "Brat. Of course I want kids from you. That's why I can't do it, ok? It's too dangerous." Enji has never claimed to be a good man, the fact that he's in bed with his child is evidence enough, but he's not going to saddle his youngest with a baby. At least, not when he's not ready for one.  

"Someday?" Shouto ventures, voice gentle and fragile.

"Someday," Enji agrees, cradling Shouto's head as he leans in for a kiss.

Crisis averted, Enji's flagging erection perks up at the stimulation.

Shouto mewls against Enji's lips, spreading his legs invitingly.


"C'mon, on your hands and knees," Enji says, pulling away. Shouto's lips chase his before he slumps back, startled.

In spite of his evident confusion, Shouto listens, reluctantly turning over to put that cute ass on display.

"I'm going to fuck your thighs." Enji pinches the soft flesh to emphasize his point, grinning at the pout Shouto gives him.

His boy loves to act like he's all tough around those other kids, but they have no idea.

Enji undoes his belt, pulling his pants completely off, tossing them to the side. Technically, he could just pull out his cock and take what he wants, but Shouto will likely force him to cuddle afterward, and Enji doesn't want to deal with sleeping in his clothes again.

His boxers follow, and he hisses when the cool air hits his swollen cock. Shouto whines, and Enji looks up in time to see him sneaking a peek behind him.

Enji grins, proud. "Like what you see?"

"Mmm… less talking more doing," Shouto says, wiggling his ass.

Enji snorts at the shameless display. "What do you say?"

"...please," Shouto whispers, almost too quiet for Enji it catch.

"What was that?" Enji leans over him, licking at his neck.

Shouto's face drops back against the sheets, embarrassed. " Please, daddy. I want your cock," Shouto gasps, the tips of his ears flushing with heat.

Enji pulls away, grabbing the disgarded bottle, coating his length with a generous amount of lube. His quirk makes quick work of the chill that usually comes with it, not that Shouto would have minded.

"Alright, I'm coming." Enji shuffles on his knees, pulling Shouto back by his hips.

Shouto's shoulders shake with silent laughter. "Already?" For that he gets a swat on the ass. He quiets, but Enji suspects that he's hiding a smile where he can't see.

Enji grits his teeth as he presses his cock into the small space just underneath that tempting little cunt. He snaps his hips hard, feeling the wet drag of Shouto's arousal over him, and half regrets not taking Shouto up on his earlier offer.

Underneath him, Shouto arches his back, muffling his whines into the sheets.

"That's it, baby. Do you like feeling daddy's cock?" Enji croons, running a finger down the curve of Shouto's spine just to feel him shiver. "Wish it was inside you?"

The answering moan he receives is affirmation enough; both of them are fucking desperate for the other.

Shouto grinds backwards, pressing himself snug against the base of Enji's fat cock.

"God, lemme just---" Enji pulls away for a brief moment, ignoring Shouto's half-coherent protests. He reaches for where he burned a space between Shouto's thighs, searching for the warm slit before pressing the tip of a finger inside.

Shouto twitches underneath him, jerking away with a wail before settling, limp.

"That's the ticket," Enji says, voice rough with arousal. He pumps the finger in and out a few times, relishing in the slick noises coming from the small opening and the soft ah' s coming from Shouto's mouth.

He adds another finger, chuckling at how Shouto shakes underneath him, already pushed so close to his second orgasm of the night.

"You're so sensitive baby," Enji coos, pulling his soaked fingers out of Shouto's now-puffy pussy. Hardly one to be wasteful, he licks them clean, sighing at the taste.

With renewed vigor, Enji uses his clean hand to drag Shouto back towards him, fitting his cock back between Shouto's milky soft thighs like a starved man.

"Ah, fuck, you're so wet and eager for daddy aren't you, sloppy thing?" Enji groans, hands sliding up Shouto's chest to toy with his soft nipples and cup the barely-there softness to his chest.  

"C'mon, answer daddy," he teases, pinching the hardening nubs.

Shouto whimpers, flinching away from the offending fingers, only to press further against his father's chest.

"O-only for you, daddy," he chokes out, sniffling through the overstimulation.

Enji smirks. "That's a good boy."

He pulls Shouto closer, sucking bruises into the side of his neck as Shouto writhes beneath him.

With their earlier rhythm re-established, Enji allows himself to settle more fully, enjoying the rocking motions punctuated with the occasional squeak from Shouto's open mouth. Shouto's body jolts with every thrust, breath hitching every time Enji's cockhead brushes against the sensitive nub between his thighs.

Enji busies himself with feeling up Shouto's plush thighs, then pressing bruises against his waist, his wrists, his throat.

"You bruise like a peach," his chuckle morphs into a moan when Shouto's thighs press closer in response.

Over time, Enji's steady rhythm falters, his abdomen tightening in the tell-tale signs of an orgasm; between the slick glide between Shouto's thighs and the pretty noises he's making- Enji isn't going to last much longer.

"Fuh-fuck, Shouto, I'm going to--" His hips beat forward, uncoordinated, blindly chasing that peak.

Shouto whines, reaching back to grab Enji's cock, guiding it so the head is pressed inside just so. The slick warmth cradling the head of his cock is enough to make him jerk, half delirious with pleasure.

"Fuck, baby, so good, you're so good for me, Shouto," he moans, dislodging himself as he presses forward, the tip peeking out from between Shouto's shaking thighs. Enji grips Shouto tightly as he paints the front of his thighs with his sticky come, hips stuttering through his orgasm.

Even through the haze of post-coital bliss, Enji still has the sense to rub insistently at Shouto's folds, gently pressing rough pads against the hidden little nub.

Shouto gasps, nails digging into Enji's hairy arms as he shakes through his second climax.

He's so beautiful like this, sweaty and tired and all Enji's.

Breath shaking slightly, Enji eases them down onto the bed, Shouto's back tucked snug against him.

Without prompting, Shouto turns over and curls up against Enji's chest, panting lightly against Enji's overheated skin. They're both shaking with the intensity of the workout, sated and exhausted.

Enji doesn't stop himself from leaning down, pushing Shouto's sweaty bangs out of his eyes to kiss his forehead.

"Can't wait to fuck you properly," he says, rubbing circles into Shouto's thigh with his thumb.

"Mmm," Shouto says intelligently.

Enji snorts despite himself, wiping his come covered hand on the sheets next to him. They should honestly clean up properly, before Shouto wakes up with Enji's come crusted on his thighs and a complaint on his lips, but the light snuffles coming from the sleepy body next to him changes his mind.

Instead, he wraps a warm arm around his son, pulling him closer. Enji has never been the cuddly type, but he could get used to this.

Yeah, maybe even with a kid. Their kid. 

Someday, Enji tells himself.