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Akasha's Light

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Tear Strat



It was dark.

There was no light.

No up or down.

Only a weightless void.

He didn't know why he was here.

Just that he was always here in this place of darkness.

Then there was a sniffle.

Then a whimper.


Someone was crying.

He couldn't tell where.

He tried to find them.

But could see how.

He tried to call out.

All that left him was a whisper.

Then there was a shift of air.

Something was behind him.

He thinks he might have turned.

All he could recall was fear.

And a voice whispering out.

" Awake."


Izuku Midoriya awoke with a gasp as he surged up from his bed with strangled cry from his lips.

The five year old panting in fear as he looked around his surroundings and realized he was back in his room.

With sigh after taking a deep gulp of air, he looked at the clock by his bed and saw it was half past midnight.

Another sigh left his lips as he got up and walked over to his window to stare up at the moon, subconsciously grabbing the pendant around his neck.

When he noticed what he was doing a soft smile came onto his face. Remembering how he got it.


He had just had his birthday the day before, and was sitting by a small creak near park that was a mile from his and his mother home.

He had come there after 'kacchan' had made fun of him for not showing a quirk yet.

He was just about to leave when he saw something shining in the water and crouched down to fish it out.

Once he did he found a strange smooth tear like stone with what looked like a spiral galaxy of stars inside it. Holding it to the light made it almost seem like the stars within was moving.

Then he felt a tingle in his hand and dropped it startled.

Only for it and his surroundings to seem to freeze.

Almost as if time had stopped.

And then he heard a whisper of voices with no tell to their genders, almost as if it was in his ear.

Pure heart. Pure soul. Kindness. Sorrow. All these define thy choices. But will you choose the right path? Or let the darkness swallow you. "

Time resumed only the stone was still in the air as he stared at it.

Almost as if it was being held.

Then it moved back to him as he slowly opened his hand to take it back.

He didn't know why.

But he felt happy.

He didn't notice that he wasn't questioning what happened or that he had made his way home, until his mom had walked out the kitchen only to be startled into awareness when she let out a squeal at seeing what seemed to be him floating the stone and some toys in his hands.

Thinking he had gained quirk like hers and calling the Bakugous over to celebrate.

He never told her that it wasn't what she thought, but he didn't want to crush her, so he just joined the celebrating.

'Kacchan' seemed to be angry but had just said that he wasn't going to let him lag to far behind him and if he did fall behind then he would kick his but into gear again.

All the while he tried to smother his happiness that Izuku did have a quirk now.

She later asked him when he found his 'quirk', so he told her he found it after finding the stone in the creak.

He then showed it to her and she called it his good luck stone and had it made into a pendant for him.

He has been wearing it ever since.


Izuku still didn't understand what those voices were or why he heard them at the end of all his dreams waking him up.

But he guessed it was because of the stone.

For some reason he always felt like something was off.

But when he was with Katsuki the blond would just shrug him off and say it was all in his head.

He felt a bit hurt by the brush off, but that was more because of the blonde ignoring him and leaving him alone more often than anything.

It might also deal with the constant back hand comments from the teachers and his classmates behind 'Kacchan' back about him just humoring Izu.

He just wish his friend would see what they were doing.

He sighed and made his way back to bed.

He could only hope things would change soon, and that they could be close again.

As he layed down hethought about his so called quirk.

They had not named it yet as he said that he wanted to make a good name for it.

He had also told his mother that he thought he could do more.

So they had held off on that front and took a wait and see approach.

He found out from her that she thought that more was going on as well do to the electric aura she commented about that seemed to appear on his hands.

Well, he would learn more as he would grow.

For now he would try to figure out how this power of his worked.

He didn't know why or how.

But he knew that there was more then the seeming telekinesis he had.

He also had a weird sense that he was just starting to tap into his abilities.




He didn't know it.

But he would soon learn how deep the rabbit hole went.

After all.

You never searched through the Abyss.

Even on accident.



Tear End