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Prince of tennis reader one shots

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Today was the day! You were finally going to confess to the one and only Ryoma.

Standing in front of the entrance of the tennis club you saw everyone breaking in sweat from the weather and how practice was going. Their big regional matches were coming up and everyone was on edge and getting ready for it.

All you could do was just stare at how fast the ball was flying from Ryoma serving to Fuji.
Seeing them like this made you worry for the poor seventh grader as he looked tired.

"Hi f/n!" Tomoka waved her hand in the air shouting as you looked away from the male and saw her and sakuno watching practice as usual. Smiling at the loudmouth girl you sauntered over to the small group and said your greetings and then quietly watched the team practice hard.

Practice soon ended and everyone went into the locker room to change just as tomoka took your sleeve and gripped it. "What's that in your hand?" She pointed at the latter in your hand you completely forgot about and flushed and clenched the item tighter. Her eyes looked mischievous. "Is that a letter for Ryoma?!" You shook your head making her laugh as she suddenly grabbed the latter you worked so hard on and unfolded it to read it.

"Tomoka!" You shouted trying to grab it but she was a bit faster and moved as her smile got bigger. Still trying to grab it you flung yourself on her back trying to get it away from the girl. Her reflexes were quick as you tried harder.

After a few more tries Tomoka gave back the letter and patted your shoulder. "You can do it f/n!" You flushed once more and sighed as you refolded the letter.

Soon enough the boys are walking out the locker room all fresh in their uniforms ready to leave before Tomoka yelled for Ryoma.

The male in question looked away from momo and gave her a curious look. Suddenly everything became a blur as she pushed you toward said male making you trip over your own feet and on to Ryoma. He didn't do much but grab your arms and huffed.

"You need to watch your step." You nodded and stepped back away from him.

Momo know what was happening and told Ryoma he had to go somewhere and ran away not waiting for Ryoma to say anything.

Just as it was only you two, you bent your head down and toon heavy breathes knowing you were going to confess your admiration to what you considered was a tennis prince.

Ryoma sighed and tilted his head not wanting to wait any longer and tapped your shoulder with his racket making you jump from your thought.

"What do you need?" His voice was nonchalant as you were freaking out in the inside.

"Here!" You yelled as you shoved a letter into his chest and got on your tip toes to give the male a kiss on the cheek.

Soon after you ran away screaming in embarrassment. Ryoma could only blink in what just happened and hid his face with his hat to his a slight blush.


"How'd it go?" A voice came from behind.

"Huh?" Ryoma looked behind him and saw momo waving his hand. "The confession of course!" Momo responded looking confused. The taller male came up to Ryoma and pointed at the letter.

Ryoma looked at the paper in his hand and then looked at momo. "That was a confession?"

Momo was flabbergasted at those words to the point he poked ryomas chest and sighed. "You really need a life out of tennis."

Ryoma could only blink.