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Cute Nurse and Unruly Patient

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Bakugou knows he got knocked out pretty badly in the last villain fight. A wholeass building kinda fell on top of him and all of that, but the last time he checked he was alive. In pain like a motherfucker and with his mother screaming in his ear for being a reckless little shit while the doctors who should be taking care of him were getting her to calm down; but alive nonetheless.

So why is he seeing an angel now?

The angel has green wavy hair, sweet pouty red lips, a constellation of freckles and a serious expression on his face while he writes something down on a clipboard. But there is something missing on the angel.

“Where are your wings?”

“I’m sorry?” the angel looks at him confused.

“You know, flappy thingys”, Katsuki says as he tries to gesticulate wings with his hands. He can’t though because both of his arms are on casts.

“I’m gonna get your doctor”, the angel says and turns around to leave.

As he walks away, Katsuki thinks maybe he lost his chance of getting into heaven and tries making the angel comeback but the view of the angel's rear makes his head do this funny thing of not working.

“If you bring that juicy ass back here I promise to be a good boy!”

The angel looks at him horrified and walks away quicker.


Turns out it wasn’t an angel, but a nurse. Izuku Midoriya is his name, as Katsuki eventually bullies out of the other nurses. And he is hot as fuck.

Katsuki is in love.

One would think that once his painkiller doses diminished, Bakugou would be able to talk to Izuku properly; but that was not the case whatsoever. Apparently, every time Midoriya enters the room, Katsuki’s brain leaves. It is the funniest phenomenon - well, at least for Katsuki’s friends it is.


“Good morning, Mr. Ground Zero. I’m here to check your vitals.” Izuku says very professionally while wearing the sexiest pink scrub Katsuki ever saw.

“This is gonna be hard since you took my heart away.”

Kaminari laughs so much that he almost fries the phone whose charger is in his mouth.


“Mr. Ground Zero, I’m here with your morning medication.”

How can someone look hot holding a tiny paper cup of pills? Honestly, those could be cyanide and Katsuki would gladly take them if Izuku put it in his mouth.

“I think I need some Vitamin U, preferably oral.”

Kirishima drops the glass of water he was bringing to Bakugou completely dumbfounded.


“Mr. Ground Zero-”

“Can you show me how to do mouth-to-mouth, on me?”

“No, I can’t and I’ve had enough of your remarks. They are extremely unprofessional and I’ll not tolerate that in my workplace! I’m a nurse, not a stripper!” He looks so cute angry.

“Well, I guess you are in the wrong fucking profession than, you shouldn’t be a nurse.”

“Excuse me?!”

“You should be my husband. I have a spot open, you know?”


“Face it, bro. You suck at it. You’ve been here for two weeks and all you got out of your sexy nurse is extreme aversion.”

Kirishima teases him as the doctor takes the casts out of his arms, his legs still need a couple more days of healing though.

“I’ve never done this shit before, asshole! I was too busy studying to be a fucking Hero in high school, I didn’t have time to date around like you losers. Now, who is better in the ranking, AH? Dipshit.”

“I know, you may be higher in the ranking, but I can string a coherent phrase together when talking to someone I think is hot. So, really, who is the loser here?”

Katsuki grunts, but Shitty Hair is right. The doctor just said he will get out of here in three days and Izuku has been avoiding him like the plague. Why is it so hard to ask the cute nurse out on a date? Kaminari goes on dates all the time, it can’t be that complicated! Maybe Katsuki needs a more clear approach.


“I’m leaving tomorrow.”

Katsuki didn’t even let the nurse try shifting this conversation; they had important things to discuss, no time for this ‘changing bandages’ shit.

“So I’ve heard. Good for you, Mr. Zero, I’m sure you are excited to go home.” Izuku says professionally.

“No, none of this shit. I’ve seen what you do to the other patients who get discharged. The one from room 301 got a gift and you gave her your phone number; and the asshole from 308 not only got a hug, but you actually held hands with him until the door and asked him to come to visit you soon! I want your phone, and the presents and the hug!”

“The girl from 301 is seven years old, I gave her a teddy bear dressed as a nurse. And the one from 308 is 87 years old, he will come to the hospital soon anyway, and I had to walk him to the door or else he would fall.” Izuku explains in disbelief.

“Hey, I don’t make the fucking rules, ok? I just don’t wanna have to sue this shitty hospital for giving preferential treatment to some patients but not others.”

“You are unbelievable!” The cutie shaking his head. “You know what? I’m glad you are leaving because if you stuck around any longer I’d be the one asking for a vacation!”


He doesn’t see Izuku any other time during his stay at the hospital. And that shit hurt.

It’s not only that the nurse is hot. Sure, that did make his brain turn to goo the first couple of times he saw Izuku; but during his stay at the hospital, he got to know the man better. Bakugou saw how caring he was with the patients; how funny he was when joking around with the other nurses; how earnest and friendly he was when dealing with the patients’ family members.

Everyone in that shitty hospital loved Izuku. Katsuki had to get in a brawl with a nine-year-old boy for the chance of Izuku helping him take his medication (and it was quite a fight, Katsuki may be a Pro Hero, but the boy didn’t have both arms and both legs in casts).

So, Bakugou did his best to charm the nurse.

He knows he sucks at this and that Izuku probably has many better suitors than a man in a violent profession with anger management issues and the world’s worst potty mouth. But Katsuki isn’t used to losing, and he surely isn’t used to being discarded before he has a chance to prove himself.

You know what? Fuck this. Bakugou Katsuki doesn’t run away from a fight. Just because he isn’t in the hospital, it doesn’t mean he can't keep trying.


“A cat scratched you?”


“And you had to come to the hospital?”

“It could be infected” Katsuki shrugs.

“And no other nurse or doctor could check it, it had to be me, even though I don’t work on the walk-in clinic?”

“As I said, it could be infected. I’d prefer to have it checked by a professional I trust.”

“It isn’t even bleeding and-...” Izuku crosses his arms and looks at the Hero in the eyes. “Why are you here, Mr. Ground Zero?”

“Katsuki, you can call me Katsuki… Or Bakugou if you prefer.”

“If you keep acting like a child I’m gonna call you Kacchan.”

“If I keep acting like a child, will I get your number like the girl from 301?”

Izuku just rolls his eyes at Bakugou.

“I just want a chance. A chance to take you on a proper date.”

“Do you even know what a proper date is like? Because you certainly don’t seem to understand how asking someone on a date works.”

“As a matter of fact, I don’t. But I’m fucking smart and hard working, I can learn this shit if you let me.”

Katsuki pulls out his best impression of puppy dog eyes to Izuku hoping to sway the man's heart.  The nurse rolls his eyes, huffs, stomps his feet, then takes a pen and writes down something on a piece of paper.

“Alright, take it. It’s my number.”

Their eyes meet when Izuku gives him the paper and Bakugou can’t help the wicked smile on his face.

“Don’t look so scarily pleased or else I’m going to second guess this.”

“No take backs! Besides, I’d just have to keep coming back. My second plan was having a villain give me a shiner, I’m happy the cat scratch got the job done.” Katsuki gives a small smirk. “Now can I get a kiss to make it better?”

Bakugou does, eventually, get a kiss. But, at that moment, he gets a kick on the shin.