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Fangs of Belief

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'It couldn't get any louder', the purple-haired teen thought as he sat on the more front seat of the bus. Next to him sat a person who didn't speak much and apparently he had a quirk that let him talk to and command animals.


It wasn't fair that everyone on the bus was so god damn loud. They didn't even try to be quiet. Now he wished he took his earphones with him. He rolled his eyes as the voices behind him grew rapidly with some shouts mixed in. He was trying to get some sleep, even though his current pose- his elbow being propped up by the window side and his hand holding his head up- wasn't really a sweet position to fall asleep in. Not stable enough, that is.


It was only when Aizawa, his homeroom teacher, announced the arrival at the front of the USJ, that he finally sighed in relief. He was really happy he got into the hero course, even though it was through the recommendations, he felt proud for getting this far. He clutched his capture weapon with one of his hands as he was leaving the bus.


He was ready for this.


And when the doors to it opened... he was immediately overwhelmed just by how BIG it was. And when he recovered, Thirteen has already started with the explanation of the tasks they will be doing today.


He watched the rescue hero with a strong focus, until it all started falling apart. Aizawa and some students closest to the stairs saw the ever-growing whirl of blackness, the many figures escaping it and the feeling of dread they brought with.


Aizawa commanded Thirteen to protect the kids and get them out while he tries to get as many villains under a wrap.


Only then did Shinso really accept it, only then did it sink in. These were the villains, the real thing. And the panic was starting to build up.


Roughly a minute or two passed and the shadowy swirl was blocking the front. Two students got out by then, though. The class president and the invisible girl. How did she even get into the course anyway?


Before he could even begin to form a strategy against the mist man, the said person used his warp gates to teleport (almost) all of the students to random places in the USJ. He found himself falling and then crashing hard against a wet surface. He groaned, his eyes closed.


“Are you alright, kero?” a feminine voice perked up beside him. He opened his eyes, face showing how confused he was until his purple eyes met black, coming face to face with one of his classmates. He nodded and then looked around, scanning his surroundings.


Turns out they were on a smaller ship and just bellow them, in the big lake, were hella many villains, waiting patiently or taunting them verbally from the waters. There was also a small boy with them, weird purple ball-shaped hair on his head and worst of all? He kept gazing at or attempting to grab his classmate's boobs. Shinso felt like slapping him. Or maybe throwing him off the ship, feed them to the villains. But he had to think of what to do about their situation first.


“We should…. We should probably try to come up with a…. strategy or something. To get out of here, I mean.” The purplette scratched the back of his head, smiling nervously. “Maybe try and regroup with the other classmates and teachers…. Um….” he then brought his averted gaze to his classmates who were watching him intently.


“Asui Tsuyu, but please call me Tsu, kero.” the frog-like girl said as she brought one finger to her chin. “I think it'll be hard to move in the water with so many villains with quirks perfect for swimming or water manipulation. We should wait until someone comes and rescues us, kero.” she finished. Damn it…


Shinso looked at the small boy and glared. “What's your quirk, midget.” The boy tensed after he was called out, sensing the dangerous aura coming his way and immediately took a few steps backwards from his female classmate.


“M-mineta Minoru, m-my quirk lets me to use these sticky balls f-from my hair and they can stick to a-anything but me.” The boy stuttered finally. God, he hated him already.


“Alright, let's go with this.” Shinso then proceeded to explain the plan of their escape. Upon seeing they agreed, Shinso screamed at the villains some insults or just taunting them, managing to get ahold of some of them. He then ordered them to attack their allies, getting a good of a distraction. Mineta, the balls-kid then threw many of his balls at the villains as possible, making them all stuck together. Asui then wrapped her tongue around them both and jumped into the air, the two of them following suit. They managed to jump really close to the shore, the quite deep water softening their descend. Once they managed to crawl to the shore and finally, the ground was underneath them, they had a grant view of the main plaza a few meters in front of them. And Shinso's breath was stuck in his throat.


The image forever stuck in his head, Aizawa charging at the man with many hands, his elbow turning to dust, and moments later, the giant hulking black monster smashing his teacher to the ground, breaking his arms. The loud cracks were heard, echoed through the USJ, vibrated in Shinso's ears, Aizawa's screams never heard as they came out only as loud gasps.


He then shouted his teacher's name unknowingly, catching the attention of the villains. The man with man hands on him pointing at them before the monster started to walk in their direction. 'Big mistake, stupid Hitoshi!' he scolded himself. But the closer the monster was, the more scared he felt. The images of his teacher broken and being mangled in front of his eyes kept playing until they changed into his classmates instead, their broken faces everywhere. And he? He couldn’t even blink, couldn’t even save them. He felt useless, frustrated.


Then came a thought. A last chance, a last hope. He took all of the air in his lungs, a deep breath before yelling- “IZUKU!”


It then all turned into slow-motion, the creature coming close, centimeters away from smashing their heads against the pavement and then the green. The green he grown to associate with comfort and safety. The hulking figure being thrown into the wall of USJ.


Asui stood frightened there while Mineta shrieked, looked seconds from fainting.


Before them stood a giant furry creature on all fours, a big skull for a head and two long shard things coming from it, possibly ears. 4 antennas were present, could be compared to long stray bangs if it was a human. Sharp claws and a long bone-y tail was swinging around threateningly, a sign to keep away (for the villains).  Its head had dots sprinkled on top, resembling freckles, its eyes were hollow, absent, the only indicators that it could see were two small white dots, one in each eye socket.



It stood in front of Shinso, protecting him. If the situation wasn’t as dire, Shinso would have smiled. But he couldn’t, he had to get to his teacher, make sure to get him to hospital as soon as possible.


 Shinso looked at Asui and they made an eye-contact. He jerked his head in Aizawa's direction, trying to convey his intentions to the classmate. She then nodded, seemingly she understood what he meant and they all took off, sprinting to their teacher. Half-way through their run, they heard a distant “Nomu!” behind them, but paid no mind to it. That proved to be yet another mistake as the giant hulking creature from before came crashing their way yet again, intent on killing them.


Izuku spun into action, tackling the monster down and biting it hard, trying to immobilize it, but not working quite well. It soon turned into a messy fight and lots or loud growls and battle cries sounding around the dome. Izuku was giving it his all but then the creature's arms wrapped around one of his back legs and 'crack'. He stumbled backwards and dragged half of his body on the ground, while his front legs shook at tried to stand up.


Then, like a miracle they never expected to happen, the doors to USJ burst open, revealing All Might, his signature smile peeled off, showing an angry frown. He announced his presence with his signature “Have no fear, for I am here!”, quickly swoosh-ed down the stairs in direction of the students in the middle, knocking any villains left on his way there. Upon arriving he picked up the students and brought them to the stairs together with the body of Aizawa. He hesitated once his eyes laid on the green monster but he decided to leave it be. He also managed to land a few hits on the villains around the fountain.


Then he came face to face with the black bulky creature, yet another monster in the dome. And once the hands villain gave it a command, it rushed to attack him, its hits hit hard and absorbing any hits All Might managed to land. It had quite a few bite marks- he could only assume they were from the green monster- and it seemed weaker than it should be.

“Haha, that's Nomu for you! How do you like it, All Might?! The anti-symbol of peace, designed to kill you once and for all!” The teen with hands all over himself yelled, revealing the truth about the creature's quirks right after, that it simply couldn’t be destroyed with his raw strength alone. The regeneration- the ability to even regrow limbs- kept him from tearing the thing apart, super strength and shock absorption were perfect in both keeping All Might at bay and taking his hits. It only meant he had to….


“If it was designed to take my 100%... then I just have to go more than that….” All Might announced, it was probably meant to be addressed to himself rather than for everyone nearby to hear it. He started punching the creature rapidly, tossing it around and with one final punch he yelled “Have you ever heard these words villain? Go Beyond- PLUS ULTRA!!!” – and with that, the Nomu flew out of the ceiling of the dome with a massive shockwave tearing through the entire building.


Smoke was leaving the hero's body but he still stood his ground. The number one was torn between going for the other monster or for the villains near the fountain, but seeing as the green one didn’t even move ever since he arrived, he assumed it was safe for now. He turned to the latter, taunting the mist man and the one covered in hands. And it seemed to work for the handy one, but the mist man seemed too clever for the intimidation technique the number one tried to use.


He knew he royally fucked up when both of the villains dashed for the kill. What he didn’t expect was the giant overgrown green pupper rushing to his rescue faster than anyone. The monster managed to tackle/hit the man covered in hands somewhere around his torso, who triggered the domino effect and slammed full force into the mist man, who in turn didn’t expect this.


It sent both attackers down for a moment, but it seemed it took all of the monster's energy and it collapsed, panting. A few seconds later and the villains were getting up again about to try and kill the number one when suddenly there was a bullet embedded in the hand-man's palm and then another and another and another- but then he was covered in mist, teleported away.


There were also students who apparently witnessed this whole showdown, he recognized young Shinso running in his direction in the front, young Bakugo and young Kirishima a bit behind and he swore he saw a little bit of white mixed with red somewhere near the forest area. He didn’t even comprehend when young Shinso stopped in front of him and crouched, murmuring reassuring words. They were addressed to the creature in front of him and before he could say anything to get the teen away, the monster seemed to relax immensely under the purplette's touch. It made him sigh in relief- a big mistake.


It was like he was holding his form by a rope- the fight making him let go more and more and now that he relaxed ever so slightly, it felt like the mental rope he was holding his form with was let go of and gone in seconds. He started to turn back into his skeletal (true) form and it would be in front of one of his students, heck, in front of quite a few students actually, now that he remembered the teens were running in his direction.


Thankfully he was saved by the big cement walls surging from the ground out of nowhere and hiding the secret from every of the prying eyes. All except one. Shinso stared at All Might as he half-deflated, the teen's eyes widening for a moment. Then he relaxed and turned his head in the direction of the approaching hero and teacher – Cementoss. All Might turned into Toshinori Yagi fully now and he, as well, turned to stare at the man.


The said hero was about to ask the number one if he was okay but then noticed the purple-haired teen was also there and that led him to the big green monster. Realization seemed to down on the teen as well as his eyes widened and he quickly spared a glance to the creature bellow him and then to the cement hero. He then opened his mouth and closed it, thinking what he wanted to say over. Determination sparked in his eyes finally, though it was fogged slightly by fear and uncertainty.


“C-Cementoss-sensei…. Could you please call Nezu-san here….. I think Dad will kill me.”









Aaaaa can i please get a moment for the lil Shinso behind Izuku? The drawing's from March but i think it's okay (not Izuku, i messed him up oof)






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A slight movement of the blanket he laid his head on made Shinso wake up begrudgingly. It took him barely 5 seconds to realize his Dad was awake now, sitting on the bed. And he almost tackled him in a hug if not for the bandages that adored the man’s body. The man looked like a wreck, as if he got run over two cars and one train, everything screaming ’I’m a mess’. The boy’s look flashed with understanding and he bent down under the bed to pull something out of his backpack. Then the meowing sounded through the sterile white room, a one fluffy black cat with big green eyes came to the man’s view. He passed the cat into the man’s arms, smiling ever so slightly.


“Rocket was asking about you, and I couldn’t not bring her. Don’t worry, I didn’t get caught yet.” The teen grinned, the toothy smile overshadowing his enlarged eyebags. Looks like the kid didn’t get much sleep…. So much for not worrying others…


“Thanks.” Aizawa lifted the small bundle of fur onto his chest and the being started purring immediately. A purring machine indeed….


He felt like scolding Shinso about the rules of not bringing animals to hospitals, but it got lost in his mind while in the middle of petting the cat. He glanced from the teen to the man sitting on the other side of his bed, deeply asleep. The quiet snoring made Aizawa smile a little. His eyes then caught the pile on the ground and upon looking at it for a few moments, he realized what it was. The green monster.


Aizawa glanced at Shinso, demanding an explanation. The teen looked sheepish and nervous all of a sudden.


“I um…… I’ve been planning to tell you about this for a while, actually…” the teen scratched the back of his scalp. “Remember when I said I made a new friend like…. 5 years ago?”


Ah, the man sighed, he remembered how happy Shinso was when he came home, bruises hidden under the longer sleeves and pants, but smiling brightly. He mentioned how this friend was really smart and nice, a very sweet person. Then it clicked. Aizawa’s eyes widened a little bit and he gave the teen a look to explain the situation further. He remembered a few pieces from the USJ, the monster seemingly protecting his students, his ward, but because he was injured badly, he couldn’t recall much-


He was injured. BADLY.  Aizawa paled, looking at his bandaged torso, but not feeling any pain, ass if the attack never happened. His gaze slowly lifted onto the teen siting on the right side of his bed.


“What. Happened. At. The. USJ.” He glared at the purplette, and he had to catch himself before he could even begin to smile, seeing as the teen knew he was in deep.


“I um….” Hitoshi scratched the back of his head “I met him in a park… In short, we became friends after a bit and he really IS a sweet dude!” the teen’s voice grew in volume for a few moments, hands flew around to stress his opinion. There was a stir in the corner of his eyes where Hizashi sat at, but he dismissed it quickly, focusing on his ward only. That’s when he noticed the big skull next to Hitoshi, making him almost jump out of the bed.


Looking at it now, the creature wasn’t that scary. Sure, it looked spooky, especially if you’ve encountered it during the night (which they kinda did, 6 years back), but when it was now this close and there was zero frightening aura and rage coming out of it, it looked sorta cute.


“Anyways, where to start…. You’ve seen the class getting teleported away, right?” The teen asked, getting a nod from Aizawa. He did see them being warped away and he regrets not being able to prevent it, even now. “Yeah so- me and Tsu-chan got sent to the flood zone. Oh yeah, with one perverted grape shit as well. We somehow managed to get to the shore and manage the villains bellow the ship we landed on. When we finally got the Main Plaza into the view-” Hitoshi took a deep breath, the creature nuzzling a bit into his shoulder and arm “I-I saw yo-you, looking half dead I couldn’t- I couldn’t just….” The teen gave up the eye contact, looking anywhere but the man in front of him “Then the bulky monster started going our way and I just- I just took the first possible way of solving it- I….. “the teen patted the skull of the creature, getting a… was that a purring noise?? “I called Izuku? Like… It’s been our secret way of meeting… whenever I felt down or didn’t want to think, I’d call Izuku and he’d then hear me and come rushing my way…..”


Aizawa felt like stopping the kid now, but he got cut off by Hitoshi’s rumble.


“Izuku tried to fight the creature off? Basically, he didn’t stand much chance against something that can always regrow its limbs….” His smiled was strained, directed at the creature- Izuku, while still petting his skull head. “His hind leg was shattered but thanks to the hospital and research department, with the help of some people Nezu knew, we got it fixed. Um…. A-after some time, All Might came and… He beat the Nomu? He sent it flying, it got quite weak… or weaker, I guess, from Izuku’s fight. I um… thensawAllMight’strueform”


Aizawa’s eyes widened at the statement. He found out? “Hitoshi…”


“A-anyways, I then kinda asked if the teachers couldn’t help me bring Izuku to you and let him heal you? The-they let him stay with me for now, until they decide what to do with him...” the teen finished, looking away.


“Hitoshi.” Aizawa drew, his voice calm, but upon a better glance, the purplette could see the lines of the man’s eyebrows furrow. “I understand that you kept this away from us to protect it, but we’ve been looking for it, seen it before, on the streets. We mentioned it to you, the green monster and the need to catch it before it gets hurt or it hurts someone else. I understand that you feel different about these things, but safety comes first, and even the nicest dog can tear the owner apart, you never know.”


Hell, Aizawa was fuming alright. It was looking pretty bleak, but he promised Izuku… The creature and him shared a look for a moment, before nodding to each other. Hitoshi then turned to his Dad with a determination in his eyes.


“I-Izuku won’t hurt me. He used to be a human, after all.”




Aizawa.exe has stopped working.









Nezu was scrolling through the news from the past 10 years or so. A child hit by a car. It was a shame a life was lost that day, but it was just a one of many people living on this planet, a life that would be forgotten in a heartbeat. One day on the TV and the following day no one even knows he existed. Quirkless people especially had it hard. He wished it wasn’t like that, but what can you do?


The number of Quirkless people keeps decreasing and most of the 20% left are either older people or adults at least.

But what really kept bothering him, was how the child was still alive. The fact that he was looking like a different… species even, was already a thing to wonder about, but having him alive was even more of a mystery.


He found the contact that used to be assigned under his files, Mrs. Midoriya, a divorced woman, in her mid 40’s.


He hesitated to call and inform her that they have the custody of her son, but decided against it the moment he went to recollect how the child looked like right now.



They would have to sort it out with the government first.