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The Dragon Does Disney

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Chapter One:

Once upon a time, in the beautiful kingdom of Arendelle, a gorgeous young woman with light blonde hair and blue eyes, worked feversihly into a frenzy. Princess Elsa, soon to be Queen, prepared for her coronation to the throne of Arendelle. And as the moments ticked by, the tie ticked closer, Elsa could hardly breath due to the anxiety which overwhelmed her body.

She knew the day had been coming for quite some time. But, despite knowing the day was coming this did not temper Elsa’s anxiety. For, a long time ago, in memories blocked from her mind, Elsa completely lost control. Lost it big time, and Elsa, biting down on her lip furiously, feared this moment would come.

No need for Elsa to lose control on such a big time. A small lock of hair came undone and Elsa brushed it in the back of her head.

Something shining and bright caught Elsa’s eye, something missed in the extremely frantic preparations. Upon her bed, lied a small box. Elsa took three tentative steps towards the box and considered it.

Surely, if it was a danger to her or anyone in the kingdom, the guards would not have let it inside of Elsa’s quarters? But yet, Elsa, despite feverishly racking for a memory, could not recall an instance where this mysterious box hard been brought in her room. Had Elsa just simply failed to notice in her frantic preparation for the big day?

Elsa took the box and unwrapped it, very carefully. Some kind of gift, from a secret admirer. Elsa frowned, and wondered who this could be from.

The box came undone, and a very pretty blue necklace came out. The pendant, shaped like a snowflake, glowed in Elsa’s eyes. When pressing the pendant against her cheek, a solid blast of warmth spread over the sooner to be Queen.

Surely, Jewelry was meant to be worn? Especially Jewelry hand-crafted to such perfection as this. Elsa slipped the necklace on.

No sooner did the necklace come on, a swooping sensation overwhelmed Elsa. And then, Elsa vanished from her room.
Surprised and overwhelming shock gripped Elsa the moment soon to be Queen departed from her room. She ended up in a beautiful cave, made of ice and covered in bright crystals, as far as the eyes could see. The crystals enhanced the natural beauty of the ice cave and made Elsa, step forward, awe-struck.

A very finely crafted statue, made completely of crystal, came into Elsa’s view. A woman, tall and beautiful, caught Elsa’s attention. Dressed in the finest robes, with a symbol on her chest. Elsa walked forward to get a closer look, the woman captivating her. Almost blocking Elsa’s thirst to find out the location.

“I fear, she’s lost to me. But some day, I will find her again.”

Elsa turned slowly, realization that she was not alone gripping her. Despite being thrown out of her comfort zone, Elsa had control over the abilities which the future Queen previously feared. How and why raised some interesting questions for Elsa.

“Who are you?” Elsa demanded.

“Someone who has been wanting to meet you for a long time, dear Elsa.”

From the shadows, walked a strikingly handsome man, who caused Elsa’s breath to be taken away. Green eyes, dark hair, chiseled features, tall, the ideal man, dressed in dark black armor with green flames adorning them. Boots which had been made for stomping the enemies. Elsa, upon her initial shock, knew precisely who this man was.

For, Elsa heard many stories, many tales, of the adventures of this particular gentlemen. Those who said them, told Elsa that this man had been a person to be feared. Dashing, and devious at the same time, the Dragon stood directly before Elsa.

“I know who you are!” Elsa grasped. “You’re him...Lord Hadrian Peverell...the come from even further North.”

The Dragon’s smile stretched wide. Much like all legends, the Dragon had the most humble of beginnings, born Harry Potter, in a realm far away, in a lifetime which was a distant flicker in his eye. Something which Hadrian blocked out of his mind, from some time ago.

“For those who have great power, their legends only rise,” Hadrian told Elsa. “People have branded me as a monster, since my earliest days….because they fear what they cannot control. And they fear which they fail to understand. And I’ve heard much about you, Queen Elsa.”

Not technically a Queen yet, but Elsa could not help and smile at this statement.

“For you fear deep down, if people learned what you were capable of, you are a monster,” Hadrian said. “But, your power, it’s not a curse, it’s a gift, a gift which you can harness. And until the moment which you can learn to control it, that necklace will help you do so, much like it helped another companion of mine harness similar powers.”

Elsa realized, that Hadrian’s hands now pressed against her shoulders. But, his presence, despite Elsa being told she should fear Hadrian, relaxed the soon to be Queen.

“You don’t need to fear your powers, for they are special,” Hadrian said. “And you will embrace them...embrace emotions that you were holding back.”

Elsa swallowed suddenly. “But how...Lord Hadrian….am I supposed to do that.”

“Call me, Harry,” he said. “Those who I am friendly with, do. And I think, Queen Elsa, we are about to get very friendly.”

Elsa wondered what was going to happen now. She got the answer, in the form of a passionate kiss on the lips. While some gazed at her from afar, few dared approach Elsa. And now, Elsa received one of the most spectacular kiss. She felt lighter than air, toes curling from what Hadrian, Harry, did with her.

Something spread inside of her body, warmth, tingling through her body. Elsa broke out into a cry and deepened the kiss. The man Elsa secretly pined for, showed up upon the day of her coronation, and made Elsa feel extremely happy, extremely special, and extremely loved.

Hadrian smiled through the kiss. His lips extremely a powerful aphrodisiac, which enhanced the attraction that a woman felt for him by several times. Naturally, basic math indicated that zero times anything still equalled zero, so the power did not work on a woman who had no attraction to him.

So far though, the power had a one hundred percent success rate.

Elsa and Harry broke free from the kiss. Harry’s arms wrapped around Elsa.

“Hold on tight,” Harry said. “We’re going to go some place a bit warmer.”

“The cold never really bothered me,” Elsa murmured.

“I know, beloved.”

Being called that, caused Elsa to feel giddy in anticipation. The man of her dreams, The Dark Prince, Hadrian Peverell, swept Elsa off her feet and into a very lavish bedroom.

Elsa caught sight of her reflection the mirror. Her hair came done, flowing in all of its beauty. Her clothes had been replaced by a shimmering blue night dress, sexy underwear, and stockings to boot. Elsa walked over towards the bed.

“ Arendelle deserves a Queen who will rule with true strength,” Hadrian told her.

“I want you,” Elsa breathed out.

Hadrian, or Harry, as Elsa reminded herself, climbed onto the bed and gave her more kisses. Each kiss caused goosebumps to rise on Elsa’s arms. Strange, given that they were not in the palace once again.

Pulling back, Harry smiled at Elsa. The beautiful woman’s perfect lips opened in a gasping, pleased sound. Harry brushed a strand of hair away from Elsa’s face.

“Maybe you should take that armor off?” Elsa suggested.

Elsa wondered, curiously, what the Dragon looked like underneath that armor.

“If you can take it off of me, then you may have your prize,” Harry said.

Nervous, but at the same time empowered by curiosity, Elsa worked out how to best remove Harry’s armor. The outer coating came off, but there were some underclothes. Thick and made of the finest material. Elsa stroked the clothes, and cooed in delight out how soft it felt underneath.

Pulling the clothes off, Elsa nearly lost her mind at the sight of Hadrian’s body. Muscular, without a single ounce of fat to be found. Elsa rubbed down Hadrian’s chest and abs, working through his leg muscles, and cooing in delight the further down she edged.

Elsa stopped and felt it, a large bulge in her hand.

Something flowed into Elsa. Knowledge of what to do, although Elsa wanted to explore things first hand. She pulled down the final piece of clothing, underwear, to reveal the monster currently housed within the Dragon’s trousers. Extremely thick, extremely long, bulging, and making Elsa just gasp in surprise.

Elsa touched it, and it felt very nice in her hand.

“Go ahead, and give it a lick,” Hadrian said.

The first few tentative licks caused Elsa’s heartrate to speed up. Something about the scent of being up close to The Dragon’s most private parts sent Elsa into a tizzy. With moistening lips, Elsa planted a very loving kiss on the edge of Hadrian’s stiff prick before licking it like ice cream.

“It seems unfair that I’m naked, but you still have your clothes on,” Hadrian told Elsa.

Elsa, flushed, nodded. Seemed unfair, it really did. Hadrian pulled Elsa up onto his lap and pulled down the straps of her night gown. A pair of supple, round breasts popped out for Hadrian’s consumption. No one touched Elsa so intimately, everyone feared getting so close to her, and Elsa isolated herself to prevent anything to happen.

Now, Harry worshipped Elsa’s breasts and made the Queen writhe back and forth on his lap. The panties, just barely covering her pussy, prevented Hadrian from getting inside. Even though, that engorged monster rolled upon Elsa’s thighs and her body.

“I’m making you wet,” Hadrian said. “You are going to become a woman tonight. A queen which people would appreciate, a very fine and sexy woman.

Elsa flushed at Hadrian’s terms of endearment. Her panties came off. Hadrian made Elsa almost pass out in pleasure from what he was doing. His fingers, dipping back up Elsa’s legs, worked magic.

“This will hurt,” Hadrian warned her. “Only for a few seconds, but it will be intense. But, it’s all part of the process of becoming a true Queen.”

The monster invaded Elsa’s inner most chambers. Smashing through Queen Elsa’s barrier, Hadrian buried as deep into the woman as possible. Balls slapping up against Elsa hard and fast, when rocking inside of her body. Elsa cried out in pleasure, wrapping her arms around Hadrian’s neck when riding him.

Having popped Elsa’s cherry, Hadrian achieved a burst of power, and was one step closer. Sliding deep into the horny, and soon to be Queen, Hadrian’s fingers traveled through her body. He moved deeper inside of Elsa.

“Still with me, beloved?”

Again, Elsa squeezed down onto Hadrian a bit tighter. His hands, being everywhere, threatened to overwhelm Elsa’s mind with pleasure. Stroking, feeling, just pleasing Elsa all over. Elsa bounced up and down, rocking herself deeper onto Hadrian.

“I feel good,” Elsa said. “I feel like a woman.”

Hadrian tightened his hands around Elsa’s hips, squeezing her and causing the juices to just ooze out like an overripe orange.

“You’re more than just a woman,” Hadrian said. “You’re a’re my queen!”

The two kissed each other on the lips through their breathless encounter. Elsa yanked back, tilting her head back to let her passions fire back unrestrained.

“And you are my king,” Elsa breathed.

“And by the power vested in me, by myself, I pronounce us King and Queen of Arendelle,” Hadrian said. “And now, I may continue fucking the pride.”

“I will...allow it!”

A warm band appeared between Elsa and Hadrian, signifying their bonding together. Hadrian pushed Elsa forward towards her first real orgasm.

“Let it go, Elsa. Let it go.”

Elsa never ever touched herself, not even out of curiosity, and out of fear of what it might do. But, now, Hadrian removed the barriers and made Elsa strong and increased her self-confidence. Elsa let it all go, and tightened her womanhood around the throbbing organ of the man of her dreams.

Hadrian rocked back up into Elsa. With each thrust, the Snow Queen tightened around the Dragon. Hadrian held Elsa close to really appreciate the moment. Giving Elsa a real orgasm, one which rocked Elsa’s mind completely. Introduced the young woman to emotions which she never thought was possible.

Elsa did not stop bouncing at the slightest, even when the warm feeling of release overwhelmed the woman. She could not, and would not hold back anymore. Elsa’s confidence exploded, alongside with the pleasure inside of the Queen’s body. Oh, Elsa could feel it, feel it just building up inside.

Time after time, Hadrian worked into Elsa. The weight of his balls filled up completely. Hadrian knew the end would be here sooner rather than later. Elsa crying passionately in his ear only sped Hadrian along.

“I believe it’s time for you to let it go as well,” Elsa encouraged Hadrian.

“One more time,” Hadrian said.

Elsa’s insides opened up, preparing for Hadrian to fill her inside. Pleasure surrounded Hadrian’s loin from Elsa’s eager milking. The tight, velvety walls of the sexy Queen wrapped around Hadrian and released the young man. The nails raked on Hadrian’s back and shoulder from each steady motion.

Hadrian closed his eyes and prepared to fill Elsa’s womb with a gift which would tighten the bindings together for all eternity. Being the Master of Death, Hadrian also had the ability to halt the creation of new life. So, despite Hadrian filling Elsa to the brim with his thick seed, the chance of Elsa being impregnated was completely eliminated.

Of course, some day Hadrian intended to create some new beautiful daughters with this Queen, his Queen. But not when Hadrian had been on a quest. Elsa tightened and released, spilling every single last drop of seed from Hadrian’s balls and into her body. Hadrian grunted at the sweet pleasure of release.

Elsa basked in the moment. Never having feel so alive, Elsa had been filled up. The heavenly glow which basked inside of Elsa, made her feel so alive.

“Thank you, my King.”

Elsa rested on top of Harry’s body and rained down multiple kisses, all at the same time. Slowly, Harry pressed a hand down Elsa’s neck and rubbed down her body, hitting all of the spots.

“Are you ready again?” Elsa asked.

A smile crossed the Dragon’s face. “Of course. It is our wedding night after all.”

Giggling, Elsa mounted Hadrian and rode him like a stallion, their bodies being rocked by countless ways of pleasure over and over again throughout the night. Orgasms rocking their bodies constantly until they reached a state of rest.
The Shameless Smut Continues In the Next Chapter. 

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Chapter Two: 

Dawn broke over the land, with Elsa and Harry waking up in each other’s arms. Cradling Harry’s face lovingly, Elsa planted a few kisses against the man’s neck and face.

Last night, had not been a very pleasant dream. Reality dawned upon Elsa, and her king, was real, and not just a figment of stress. The only thing Elsa wore upon waking up was the necklace. It shimmered against Elsa’s cleavage. Almost overnight, Elsa appeared to have blossomed from a girl, to a woman, but still as beautiful as ever.

“Hello, beloved,” Harry said.

The two shared an early morning kiss, or likely closer to afternoon at this point. Being in a time dilation field, Harry long since lost track of these things.

“How are you, my King?” Elsa breathed.

Elsa climbed on top of Hadrian and he lingered, but an inch away from Elsa’s body. And her breasts, dangling in Hadrian’s face, led to a very amazing and very sexy view of what was to come.

“And you are well,” Hadrian said. “Of course you are...because I helped open the door for your full potential….and showed that what you not to be feared.”

Hadrian sat up and squeezed Elsa’s ass which caused the Snow Queen to let out an exclamation of pleasure. Green eyes locked onto blue as the two moved closer to each other.

“I just needed encouragement,” Elsa said. “We should return soon to tell Arendelle that they have a new King alongside of their Queen. Boy, will they be surprised.”

“Whatever you desire,” Hadrian said.

Elsa mounted Hadrian even more. The pleasure just danced between the two of them. Hadrian came this close to sliding deep into Elsa and penetrating her tight body. Rocking back and forth, Elsa knew what she wanted.

“But, first...before we return home….”

No more words were needed, at least at the moment. Elsa’s tight box snugly fit around Hadrian’s cock which stretched up to the sky. The two met and this encounter, it had been just as electric as the first encounter. Hadrian sat up to join his new wife, working back and forth against Elsa.

The two of them started to make out like horny teenagers out on a date. Surprising, considering one of the parties was centuries old. Although, stopped aging the moment he turned twenty-one.

The younger woman worked up and down onto Hadrian, taking him inside of her body. Elsa clamped down tight and let everything just flow, freely. Her entire body rocked back and forth several times.

Elsa riding Hadrian onto the bed looked amazing. Her breasts, larger after the bonding with Hadrian, swayed up and down. Her hips widened, although it did not detract from the natural beauty. Hadrian, had been all over Elsa’s body and squeezing down onto her.

“Time for you to cum for your King,” Hadrian breathed.

Elsa closed down and accepted Hadrian’s word as law. She tightened around him.

“That feels good, there’s nothing better,” Hadrian said. “And there’s no one who can make you feel like that, is there?”

Elsa shook her head, knowing his words to be true. One might think that the Dragon had been playing upon Elsa’s emotions and twisting her to being his obedient sex pet. But, Elsa shoved the notion aside, not wanting to question something which felt so good. Hadrian grabbed Elsa’s breasts and tightened the grip around them.

“I bet the backside is just as good as the front side.”

A wet, and hot sound followed from Elsa pulling away from Hadrian. The gorgeous Queen got on her hands and knees, showing Hadrian a nice view of her spectacular ass.

“Seeing is believing,” Elsa cooed.

Hadrian smiled and climbed behind Elsa. The gorgeous woman’s body shined brightly, the necklace the only part of Elsa which was not bare flesh. Hadrian pushed behind Elsa. Each feel of the Snow Queen’s body most certainly send an explosion of pleasure, just dancing through Elsa. The thickening, hard piece of manhood, hanging between Hadrian’s legs threatened to submerge deep into Elsa and rock her body.

The crystal walls reflected Elsa’s mouth, hung open in an “O” shape. Right before Hadrian pushed deep inside of Elsa, spearing her body one more time. With each thrust, Hadrian watched, greedily, as Elsa’s ass bounced. The Dragon and the Snow Queen indulged each other in love.

“OOOOH HARRY!” Elsa cried out.

Elsa thought her first orgasm with Hadrian inside blew her mind. However, only just a taster for the main course, namely this very impressive orgasm. Elsa, digging her nails into the bed, broke out in constant breaths. Hadrian sent tremors coursing down Elsa’s body.

Any sense of dignity and poise had been lost. Hadrian, smirked, at Elsa being reduced to little more than moaning like a porn star underneath Hadrian said. For, if those who looked up to Elsa saw her now, their childhood innocence would be shattered.

To be honest, Hadrian found childhood innocence to be quite overrrated. But, considering that Hadrian never once held such a concept, perhaps one could excuse Hadrian for being a bit obvious.

“And now, the insides of your body are like fire, despite you having the power of ice,” Hadrian said. “The only thing that can cool your fire is me thrusting inside of can feel your body heating up, rising with pleasure. It’s like a band inside of you...about ready to burst.”

Hadrian focused on what he was doing. Squeezing Elsa’s ass, milking the woman’s swinging breasts, which filled Hadrian’s large hands. The Dragon’s palms squeeze around Elsa so hard that he could extract milk from her tits. And with Hadrian, being such a powerful sorcerer that he would have such a vast array of spells and charms at his disposal, it would be well within his powers to charm Elsa to lacate.

Elsa dug onto the bed, letting out constant cries the faster Hadrian sent himself deep inside of her. On the bed, Elsa cried out even more, until she finally came.

The minute Hadrian pulled out, the void inside Elsa caused her to almost go mad. She turned around and pounced on top of Hadrian. Needy, practically begging, practically whining at the lack of Harry burying himself inside of her.

“I want you,” Elsa breathed. “Please.”

Harry had a weakness for a woman in need and Elsa needed him so badly. The two met again, with the next intrusion being so much more powerful than the first one. Elsa grabbed onto Harry, almost fearful that he would pull out this time.

“Just making you appreciate what you have,” Hadrian told her.

Elsa answered with a nod. Oh, she appreciated it. Appreciated the number of touches which Hadrian leveled upon her horny body. Elsa, letting out constant cries of pleasure, rose up and dropped down constantly on the man underneath her. Hadrian pressed Elsa closer to him and Elsa’s wet groin, clamping down tightly, released Hadrian several times over.

“I do.”

“Do you?”


Hadrian flipped a switch and increased Elsa’s sensitivity with a well-placed charm. It would be a matter of just digging into her mind and knowing what Elsa wanted moments before her conscious mind processed it. But, that was not what Hadrian went in behind.

“So, beloved, are you still with me?” Hadrian asked.

“A-always,” Elsa breathed.

When fire and ice combined, steam could be created. Their auras steamed up the room even harder. Harry rocked further into Elsa and Elsa bounced back onto her. Elsa pushed back and allowed Harry to suck on her breasts. Oh, her king, Elsa loved her king, loved how the Dragon touched all of Elsa’s body and made her just melt underneath several aggressive and passionate touches.

“Come with me,” Harry sang.

Elsa did in fact do as Harry said. Tightening around Harry, and allowing him to fill her up completely. Elsa’s stomach bulged as Harry brushed up against her womb. Elsa wanted to take so much of Harry’s essence inside of her.

Hadrian, in the meantime, sent several thrusts deep inside of Elsa. The Dragon King and the Ice Queen became one with each other. Harry cupped Elsa’s bouncing tits and squeezed them. Icicles hung from her nipples, which looked completely erotic. The necklace was not completely foolproof although it did prevent Elsa from burying them under three feet of snow every time she came.

And Hadrian intended to make Elsa cum multiple times.

“I can’t...this is more than I ever dreamed of,” Elsa breathlessly said.

Elsa wanted to make her Harry, her King, feel really good as well. A man of his stature deserved as many beautiful women, worshipping him as possible. And Elsa had problems with sharing, as long as the Queen of Arendelle got her fair share of time. Maybe, Harry could do the same thing for other women, as he did for Elsa.

Perhaps, starting with her younger sister, Anna.

Hadrian peaked into Elsa’s mind, and smiled, glad that their goals aligned with each other. While Hadrian could have just as easily put those thoughts in Elsa’s mind, he had been pleased that there was no need to do so. Pushing forward, Hadrian looked to make Elsa’s dreams all come true.

But, for now, Elsa would just be coming, extremely hard and extremely fast.

“Let it go again, beloved.”

Elsa clamped down onto Hadrian, her inner walls squeezing him with a vice grip. Hadrian got very close, as Elsa’s body practically vibrated, in constant stimulation and endless arousal.

Hadrian held Elsa in close to him, knowing precisely how to make this moment magical, drawing out every last moment. Elsa closed ranks onto Hadrian.

After three successive climaxes, Hadrian finally released inside of Elsa. His hands, pressing up against Elsa’s sexy body, fired rockets of cum deep inside of the woman’s body.

Hadrian finished inside of Elsa with steam obscuring their bodies from afar. Yet, they came close into each other, indulging in each other through the end.

In the afterglow, Elsa wrapped her arms around Harry. Pressing against the man’s strong body, feeling the hands which could touch her in so many places relaxed around him. Without any hesitation, Elsa kissed Harry on the lips, showing a great deal of bravado for him.

Hadrian smiled and pulled away from Elsa.

“I love you.”

Three words, more powerful than any enchanted, any spell, any curse, and yet something which could bewitch any woman. Elsa’s fond smile moved in and she kissed Hadrian one more time.

“I love you.”

Life took people down some strange paths and the sorcerer known as Hadrian Peverell, the Dragon, took his first steps towards the quest which was to come.

For, the first beacon had been found and bonded with Hadrian. But, truly, today had only been the beginning.
“Okay, now’s not a time to panic! Did you check the cellar? How about the courtyard? How about...that tree we used to play near when we were children?”

Princess Anna freaked out, upon the sudden disappearance of her older sister, the soon to be Queen Elsa. When Elsa did not come down, people got concerned. Anna tried not to lose it.

But, if Elsa did not return by the next sunrise, then Anna would have to be sworn in as Queen. And that was not something that Anna was ready to do. Oh, Elsa, should return, she should return.

A flash of light outside of the windows caught Anna’s eyes. Anna scrambled down the steps where several royal guards moved.

“Let me through!” Anna shouted at them.

Screw politeness and the poise of being a princess, her sister was missing. Anna deserved the right to freak out. What the guards stared at caught Anna’s mind as well. Anna’s mouth hung open.

Her sister returned, Elsa, no mistake about it, even though something about Elsa seemed rather different. She dressed in the most lavish blue gown which did little to hide a more buxom figure that Anna did not recall Elsa having. Anna swore that she was not checking out Elsa’s new form, but rather, focusing on the necklace which Elsa wore.

So pretty, so captivating, and was just so nice. But, in Anna’s preoccupation with the Elsa, she noticed the handsome and dashing man on Elsa’s arm. Anna’s knees grew weak and butterflies flapped loudly.

“Queen Elsa, what have you done?”

“What do you think I’ve done?” Elsa asked.

“That’s the are in terrible danger,” one of the guards said trembling.

Dragon, and here Anna jumped back a step back. Oh, Anna heard the stories, whispers of what happened to women who strayed too far away from the kingdom. They had been swept up and taken in the night by the Dragon. Things were done with them, which were not fit for a Princess’s ears to hear.

“Yes, I am in danger of being annoyed if you don’t let us pass,” Elsa said. “And you should show respect for your new King and bow before him.”

Anna yelped and trembled. “New King?”

The Dragon flashed Anna a smile which created a very pleasant warmth between her legs. “Yes, new King.  And a pleasure to meet you as well, Princess Anna.”

The King, Anna’s brother-in-law now if they had married in the eighteen hours Elsa was gone, looked over the Princess like a piece of candy he wanted to devour. And Anna did not mind, but she felt out of her League dealing with this powerful man. Rumors is he was really a dragon, wearing human flesh to take his enemy’s into a false sense of security.

“He’s the D-dragon,” the guard said.

“Queen Elsa has been brainwashed by him,” one of the guards said.

Hadrian chuckled. “Well, you got me there. I would say that I did wash your brain, didn’t I, beloved?”

“Yes,” Elsa said. “He washed my brain completely clean of all of the doubts, all of the insecurities, and all of the hang ups I have, that would prevent me from properly being your Queen.”

This statement caused mutterings to go through. Elsa and Hadrian kissed each other before the eyes of everyone watching, which included Elsa’s sister.

“Regardless of what you say, Hadrian is my...your King!” Elsa said. “And you do not dare disappoint your Queen by failing to show him the same respect you would show me or Anna now that he’s a member of Arendelle’s royal family.”

The guards all bowed, although many of them thought this was a bad idea.

“How did this happen?” Anna asked Elsa.

“It’s good to see you too, Anna,” Elsa said. “That’s a lovely dress.”

“Thanks,” Anna said. “I was...meaning to wear it for the coronation...but that didn’t happen.”

“Oh, it will,” Elsa said. “Only now, you will get a King and a it’s more special.”

Anna just nodded. Hadrian walked over towards her and smiled at Anna once again.

“And maybe, I’ll show you exactly how I made Elsa my wife,” Hadrian said. “If you’re lucky enough.”

The expression on Anna’s face increased in surprise. Hadrian just smiled. Innocent, almost a shame when Hadrian would deflower Anna and claim her virginity. But, the most innocent of all of the women turned out to be the biggest freaks in the bedroom.

Now that Hadrian would name any names, right, M’gann?

“For now, we have a Kingdom to rule,” Elsa said. “So, shall we, my King?”

“Yes, my Queen.”

Anna had been left in the hallway, watching Elsa and her new husband leave. Things would get interesting.
The Shameless Smut Continues on June 13th, 2019, with three new chapters(3, 4, and 5).

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Chapter Three:

“I am pleased to announce the New King and Queen of Arendelle, Hadrian and Elsa!”

Scandal followed the Dragon no matter which corner of the globe he had. And returning with Elsa, caused more than a few eyebrows to be raised. Some people challenged Hadrian’s legitimacy as Elsa’s husband and the rightful King of this kingdom. Elsa refused to back down and concede to those people.

The Coronation had been completed, and Hadrian and Elsa sat at the edge of the table. A few seats away, sat Princess Anna, who tried not to sneak looks at the New King. Anna, being supportive of what Elsa did, welcomed the New King with open arms. The stories about Harry, Hadrian, the Dragon, may have been told, but if Elsa loved Hadrian, then Anna would defer judgment to Elsa, as opposed to those who tended tales.

Anna tried to recall the dreams she had since Hadrian arrived two nights ago. They were pleasant, and at the same time forbidden. Every now and then, Elsa shot Anna a smug little look from across the table, but surely, Elsa did not know about Anna’s dreams?”

“They should be arriving any moment now,” Hadrian said.

Elsa leaned in, arms wrapping gently around Harry’s neck with a smile. “I told them to let them in.”

As if on cue, two more guests arrived. Two more strikingly beautiful young ladies, one with vibrant blue hair, and other with red hair. They dressed in cloaks, with the symbol of the Dragon on them. The two edged nearer to the room as King Hadrian greeted them, along with Queen Elsa.


The blue-haired traveler flashed with a smile, pulling down the hood of her red cloak to allow Hadrian to see their face. The adoration which Aqua looked at Hadrian had not been missed by Elsa and Anna.

“And Kairi.”

The redheaded traveler pulled down the golden cloak she wore as well. Hadrian offered them a seat of great prominance.

“So, you did pull it off?” Aqua asked. “There were no problems, right?”

“Nothing, that I could handle,” Hadrian said.

Kairi just grinned. “I told you he could handle it. You have to have faith.”

“I always have faith in Hadrian,” Aqua said. “It’s others...which I have less faith to stand aside.”

The two personally prepared Hadrian and Elsa a drink from a bottle of wine.

“Queen Elsa, it’s a pleasure to meet you,” Aqua said. “My name is Aqua….this is Kairi…”

Elsa smiled at the two travelers. “And the pleasure is mine, fair lady.”

“And mine as well,” Anna said.

“Aqua and Kairi have been a great help to me over the years,” Harry said.

The closeness two women showed to Harry, well Elsa could piece things together. Naturally, she approved, and if Harry trusted them, Elsa thought they might be worthy.

“Well, if they are such great help, then perhaps we can appoint them to positions of high authority?” Elsa asked. “Royal advisors...if you two ladies don’t mind?”

“It would be an honor,” Kairi said.

“Yes, we’ll be happy to help you and Hadrian establish yourselves as the rightful rulers of this kingdom,” Aqua said. “So...I heard there was a feast?”

“Yes, there is,” Anna said. “Eat up!”

The five, well mostly Aqua, Kairi, Elsa, and Harry chatted. Anna’s eyes darted up, taking interest in Aqua and Kairi feeding Hadrian, and occasionally Elsa. The touches, the body language, and Anna wondered if she would let her mind properly run away with such scandal.

“They are devoted enough to do anything to him?” Anna murmured.

“You should try one of these, they’re delicious,” Aqua advised Anna.

Given that the dessert Aqua offered to Anna was made entirely of chocolate, Anna jumped on it. It would spoil the rest of the meal, but everyone had their weaknesses, and Anna most certainly had hers.

Establishing rule of a kingdom, well it was not easy, and the last couple of days had been Hadrian and Elsa making their rounds. Most of the women in the Kingdom had been taken by Harry, while the men regarded him in fear and superstition. Which, was nothing new to be properly honest.

The Royal Couple retired to their bed chambers for the night.

“You intend to have my sister join us, right?”

Hadrian just smiled at Elsa’s frank assessment of the matter.

“And your’s obvious they’re in a relationship with you,” Elsa said. “And I would not be surprised if your inevitable goal is to replace the entire castle staff and guards with females. Over time.”

Elsa’s dress dropped to the ground. The Queen only wore her necklace, heels, and a crown. Approaching Harry on the bed, Elsa positioned herself right between Harry’s legs. Face dangling directly over Harry’s crotch.

“Well, my King,” Elsa said. “Considering you make my nights magical...the more...the merrier.”

The Dragon King met the Snow Queen in a long, passionate kiss. Elsa’s naked body pressed against Hadrian’s slightly clothed one, but not for long. Elsa made short work of Hadrian’s clothes, pulling them off and exposing his body, laying it out naturally to the entire world. Elsa pressed Hadrian on the bed.

“So, what are you doing to do now?”

“I’m going to worship my King,” Elsa said.

Light kisses, which increased with frequency every time Elsa made her way down Harry’s body caused the powerful sorcerer to lean back onto the bed with a lazy smile. Elsa, taking full attention of Hadrian’s manhood, stroked it softly while kissing the tip of it. She must, must have it inside of her mouth.

Elsa continued the worship of Hadrian’s body, centered mostly around his throbbing hard organ. Hadrian, pressing fingers down onto the back of Elsa’s head, groaned a couple more times. The depths of which Elsa’s perfectly warm mouth slid down on Hadrian’s base and she sucked Hadrian deeply.

“You’re getting good at this,” Hadrian praised Elsa.

Confidence swelled through Elsa’s body. She bobbed up and down, knowing one thing. Practice did make perfect and Elsa wanted to indulge in Hadrian all night long. The loud smacking of Elsa’s lips, going up and down sent Hadrian further into the back of Elsa’s throat.

Like a proper Queen, Elsa took the King deep into her mouth. Slowly, Elsa milked Hadrian’s balls, weighing their heavy size in hand. Oh, fuck, it felt so very good, and Elsa just pressed deep against Hadrian’s crotch, sucking the powerful sorcerer deeper and deeper until the tingling spread through Hadrian’s loins.

Elsa’s dazzling eyes locked onto Hadrian’s. The amount of seed building up in the Dragon got closer until the moment came where the powerful sorcerer erupted.

Straight into Elsa’s mouth, draining every single last drop of seed down the woman’s waiting gullet. Oh, this had been very intense, in numerous ways. Elsa, sliding her mouth down completely, sucked Hadrian completely hard. Bobbing up and down, until Elsa got every single last drop.

Elsa swallowed her meal and made sure to lick the plate clean. Turning around, the Queen presented herself for her king. And Harry dove in, caressing every single inch of Elsa’s body.

“Would not be fair if I didn’t taste you?”

“No, it wouldn’t beeeee!”

Elsa hit the high note the minute her husband slid deep into the Queen, tongue first.Oh, his tongue worked so much magic, it stunned Elsa. Harry learned all of the buttons to touch on the beautiful Queen, aggressively working back and forth, to the point where Elsa just gasped and thrusted back on the bed.

The sinfully delightful taste spilling out of Elsa enticed Hadrian’s mind and bewitched his senses. Constantly, Hadrian pushed forward, lapping up every single last drop of juices coming from the lovely Queen Elsa. Elsa gasped and moaned, writhing on the bed. The juicing of the Queen all over his face only made Hadrian lap up more.

Hadrian, hard and ready to penetrate, rose up from Elsa. Some more kisses and gentle touches, teasing Elsa for the intrusion. Hadrian pushed his rock hard staff against the small of Elsa’s back, grinding it in very slowly. Elsa cried out. Hadrian focused on his Queen’s breasts, squeezing them and treating them like the fine art that they were.

“I want you inside me, now,” Elsa said.

“Oh, just a minute.”

Hadrian rocked against Elsa, teasing the hell out of his lovely wife. With Elsa’s pussy, one could shove a steel pole into it without any trouble with how wet she was. Hadrian intended to do that, digging deep inside of Elsa’s pussy, and then sliding deep inside of her body.

The very familiar feel of Harry’s cock slamming into her body rocked Elsa. In many ways, it was like greeting an old friend, and Elsa hugged Harry tightly, as if greeting an old friend. The ripple effect of Elsa’s tight pussy, squeezing Harry only increased, the faster Harry plunged into her.

“Now we’re having fun.”

The crown on Elsa dangled from her head. Sliding deep, Hadrian slammed into Elsa so hard, that it caused the crown to fly off her body.

“Oh, you’re stretching me out,” Elsa breathed, while grabbing onto the headboard for leverage. “Oh, it’s like it’s the first time….every time...but how!”


Hadrian slowed down a little bit and sped up, rocking Elsa into the bed. Elsa’s perfect skin opened up a perfect canvas for Hadrian to make art. Which he did, by rubbing fingers down on it, and causing Elsa to squeal as Hadrian hit all of the right places. Rocking Elsa back and forth and nearly sliding her over the edge of the bed before Hadrian pulled back.

Elsa came extremely hard for Hadrian. Each rocking movement of her orgasm drove Hadrian deeper inside of her. Oh, Elsa grabbed onto the pillow, almost moaning into it. Until Hadrian snatched it away and let Elsa’s moans to go unrestrained.

“Beloved, you spoil your king,” Hadrian said.

Elsa thought she was the one being spoiled. The constant pleasure, kept Elsa in a calm and tranquil state, and at the same time, on the edge of anticipation with what Hadrian was going to do next. Hadrian sent himself deep inside of Elsa, almost slamming her against the headboard and pulling almost all the way out with balls just slapping hard against her.

“And it’s now time, one more time, to just let it go.”

Elsa’s tension released in a flood over Hadrian, the juices spraying all over the king. Hadrian pulled back.

For some reason, Harry positioned Elsa on his lap, facing the door. The temporary loss of her husband made Elsa just cry out in frustration, right before Harry buried inside of her again.

Elsa arched back, opening up for many more kisses. Each bounce, with Elsa’s fine ass hitting the balls of the Dragon King, made this a hot feeling. Hadrian touched Elsa’s nipples and squeezed them extremely hard, rocking back and forth.

“Close again?”

Gasping, Elsa nodded. Her king worked deeper inside of Elsa, pushing a bit harder and rocking Elsa’s body. Elsa clasped down onto Harry, moaning even more.

Everything just hit the Queen all at once. Elsa’s tightening loins clasped around the man penetrating her.

Oh, the stamina of this young man, showed an intensity which blew Elsa’s mind, several times over. Hadrian, picking up the pace, grabbed Elsa’s ass and released it while bouncing her. Hadrian pulsed inside of Elsa, getting closer, closer, and closer to the breaking point.

One more time for the road and one more time for Elsa to explode for Hadrian. Elsa creamed herself on top of Hadrian, allowing the powerful king to slide into his powerful queen, with multiple thrusts. Elsa just broke out into pleasurable cries, the faster, the harder that Hadrian rocked inside of her body.

Now, the end, the grand finale. Hadrian pushed deep into Elsa, burying the results of a very explosive orgasm inside her willing body. Elsa clutched tight in perfect encouragement for Hadrian to paint her insides.

The two came together, perfect harmony. Releasing a power which would bewitch anyone who had been close together. Elsa, gaining her second wind, prepared to pounce again.

It did not take too much time for Hadrian to be rehardened, or for Elsa to drop onto Hadrian. Hadrian worshipped Elsa’s breasts, sucking and squeezing them as she squealed in his ear.

“We can do this all night along.”

Anna pressed against the wall, breathing heavily.  She peeked through the crack of the doors. One tiny peak, turned into one extended twenty minute or more peak. With Anna ending the session by lifting her sticky fingers up and tasting them.

Want spread through Anna, wanting both Elsa and Hadrian, either separate, or together, at the same time. Anna did not take the bold final step of entering the room.

From the top of the steps, Anna did not notice Aqua staring down at her with a smile.
The Shameless Smut Continues In the Next Chapter. 

Collective Tracker: Elsa

Chapter Text

Chapter Four.

Anna splashed water into her face, breathing heavily. The cold water only did very little to temper the fire that just burst through Princess Anna. It was like a fire. Every time Anna blinked, images of Hadrian, doing naughty things with her, flashed through Anna’s mind. Anna wiped off her face, noticing a small amount of drool manifesting on it.

The Princess struggled to get together and moved out of the hallway. Anna’s mind constantly featured images of the previous evening, the short, but very intense time, of watching the King and Queen.

Anna almost did not see Aqua, bumping into her straight on from the hallway.

“Sorry,” Anna muttered.

“It’s just as well,” Aqua said. “King Hadrian wishes to see you.”

Anna almost leapt up in surprise. “He see me?”

“Yes,” Aqua said. “Alone. In his quarters.”

Each word had been said clearly, so Anna could not mistake the intentions of the King. Aqua decided to turn the blade a little bit deeper into Anna.

“It’s about last night.”

“Right,” Anna swallowed with a nod. “Right.”

They knew, or at least Hadrian did. Was it too late for Anna to bury herself alive? Regardless, Anna stood up straight and felt compelled to be in the room with Hadrian. Anna never had been in the presence of the Dragon alone yet. Hadrian already always been with Elsa, or Anna had been in the presence of others.

Anna walked up the steps, knowing precisely where Hadrian’s quarters were.

“Come in, Anna.”

Hadrian sat on the edge of the bed, dressed in a robe of the finest silk. Anna mentally undressed the King with her mind, not that Anna needed much to get a full picture of what King Hadrian looked like in the buff.

“Yes, my King?” Anna asked.

“Call me Harry, when we’re in private,” Hadrian said.

“Oh, I think Hadrian sounds more dignified and worthy of a man who will rule over everyone,” Anna said. “No offense...but Harry’s such a….”

“Common name?” Hadrian asked. “Yes, I hear that a lot.”

“But, Had….Harry I did not mean to offend,” Anna asaid.

“Call me whatever you want,” Hadrian said. “You can even call me Daddy if you want.”

“Pardon me?” Anna asked.

“Sit down.”

Anna sat down, right on the bed next to Hadrian. Every second he did not say anything, it caused Anna’s nervousness to reach a fever pitch.

“You would think that a Princess would have thought better than to look into what her sister does with her husband in their private time?”

“S-sorry, I really couldn’t help myself.”

For a second, Anna’s eyes flickered to a paddle that she noticed on the table. Anna shivered, wondering what Hadrian was going to do to her.

“I’m sorry, if I offended you,” Anna said. “I want to make it up for you, please, let me?”

Hadrian considered the Princess for a moment and motioned for Anna to stand. Anna did, and Hadrian stood alongside of her.

“You know why people fear me?” Hadrian asked. “It’s because I take what I want...and I make no apologies for doing so.”

A movement as fast as a coiling viper followed, and Hadrian grabbed Anna’s ass, squeezing it hard through her dress. Anna jumped up, and Hadrian wrapped her in tightly, kissing Anna on the lips, very aggressively. Anna put her hands on the side of her brother-in-law’s face and kissed him back, despite everything about this telling Anna that this was wrong.

“Don’t worry, baby girl, I know you haven’t had enough attention,” Hadrian said. “Since your sister and I have been’s been all about the Kingdom...and the two of you...have been distant.”

Hadrian removed Anna’s dress, which caused her to shift, anxiously.

“Don’t be afraid of what comes naturally,” Hadrian said. “Bare your body to the elements, it’s as nature intended.”

Anna, standing in silky green undergarments, stood in the room. Her gorgeous, fair-skinned body, bared for Hadrian, made the powerful sorcerer smile. He went behind Anna and unhooked her bra, allowing her perky breasts to come free. Hadrian touched them while grinding his crotch against Anna’s back.

“When you’re family, you should not be afraid to join in.”

Hadrian removed Anna’s panties and left her completely naked. Along with a pussy which was soaking wet. Anna did not need much encouragement for what was to come. Hadrian rubbed up against Anna, and kissed her several times.

“Oh, my King, please, show me how you love a woman,” Anna said. “Please, show me all of the ways you made my sister feel so loved!”

“Of course, baby, of course,” Hadrian breathed.

The fire in Anna’s loins only increased. Hadrian touched her in ways which Anna could only dream of. The thickness of Hadrian’s member dug against her, threatening to break down Anna’s walls and claim her, in the oldest ways possible. Hadrian slid a finger deep against Anna’s nipple and squeezed it hard.

“Do you want me inside of you?” Hadrian asked her. “Because, I can give you a happy ending, Princess.”

“Yes, put it inside me, I want to feel what Elsa felt.”

“This will hurt, but only for a few seconds,” Hadrian warned Anna.

“And I don’t care….I want you inside me!” Anna yelled. “They told me the Dragon would sweep up women in the night and take them...but I never thought it would feel this good.”

Hadrian lunged forward and popped Anna’s tender cherry. Watching Anna’s face, reflected against the mirror, looked amazing. The small burst of pain, followed by the amazement of pleasure. Hadrian picked up the pace, rocking in a little bit deeper, working in and out of Anna, shoving deep inside of her.

“I told you,” Hadrian breathed. “I told you.”

“It hurt only a little bit,” Anna breathed. “But, it feels so good...especially when you touch me.”

Hadrian massaged Anna’s clit in between thrusts. The girl was inexperienced with such powerful emotions, which caused Hadrian to control her body and caused Anna to practically melt like butter.

Anna braced herself. Hadrian pushed her against the edge of the bedside table. Every squeeze of Anna’s hips, made her squeeze onto Hadrian’s inside. Those swinging sacks of flesh hitting Anna’s thighs left bruises.

“Just bask in it,” Hadrian said. “Bask in it.”

Anna finished, and it was the most wonderful thing in the world. Every single nerve ending in the Princess’s body sang with endless pleasure as Hadrian slammed into her.

She basked in the afterglow. It was so good, so good indeed. Hadrian kicked up the pace a few more notches and rode Anna all the way to the end.

Pulling away, Anna turned slightly. She wrapped her arms and legs around Hadrian and madly kissed him. Oh, her king was so generous, pleasuring Anna’s body and putting her on the bed, laying her out.

Anna laid on on the bed, hair a sexy messy, and lips curled in a smile. Her thighs spread, dripping with desire from Hadrian. Hadrian pressed down, his strong body engulfing Anna’s lithe one. Oh, Anna writhing underneath Hadrian made him feel hot. The Princess’s cries of pleasure, intensifying with each movement brought Hadrian a little bit closer towards her.

“Please, Your Majesty?” Anna asked. “Why don’t you….bless me again?”

The smile on Anna’s face only deepened. So sexy, so hot, and Hadrian lifted Anna’s legs high into the air. She really did have a lovely set of legs, which Harry just had to kiss numerous times while sliding down into Anna. Her inner walls gripped the powerful sorcerer, clamping down onto him.

Every now and then, Hadrian locked eyes onto Anna. So sexy, with cries of passion and pleasure ruling both of their movements. This hot coupling only increased with Hadrian planting himself deep inside of Anna.

Another deeper thrust, with Anna milking Hadrian’s thrusts. Oh, Anna’s dreams were coming true, in so many ways. The fire in her body could only be put out by one thing. Anna grabbed onto Hadrian’s back and clawed onto it.

“That’s curious.”

The curtains in the bedroom had been lit on fire for the briefest seconds, before Hadrian put them out.

Seems like Elsa was not the only sister with gifts, but that could be figured out later. Hadrian exerted a greater control over Anna, stuffing deep inside of her body. The weight of his balls, swelling, threatened to empty out into Anna and seed them.

Hadrian allowed himself a brief cooldown period to spread that up. Time passed, with Hadrian using every second he spent with Anna as a way to map a course of pleasure spots through her body, for later use. Hadrian kissed Anna’s standing nipples and marveled how sensitive they were.

“Please, I want you back inside me,’ Anna breathed. “All the way….I don’t know how I lived without this.”

Anna’s soaked groin beckoned the Dragon King forward. Hadrian indulged the fiery Princess in her passions, as they moved on the bed, cementing the bonds of family.

“I can’t believe we’re doing this,” Anna panted. “It’s your fault for making me feel so good that I can’t resist you.”

“No woman could,” Hadrian said. “So you are in some respected company, Princess. I can assure you of that.”

Anna clung on tightly to Hadrian, wanting to rock the same gift out of him as Hadrian gifted Anna. Anna’s first time would leave her spoiled to anyone else, not wanting to have anyone but the Emerald-Eyed King riding her into the bed.

The thought of having any other man touch Anna brought a revolting feeling to her body.

“Don’t worry my love, I will have you forever,” Hadrian said. “Now, do you think it’s time to let everything go? Come along with me...all day...every day!”

Anna let go of everything, squeezing down on Hadrian hard. It felt good to finally let loose, and to have the man who could give Anna everything that she want. The warmth of their bodies colliding together, with Hadrian edging closer to their finish, made Anna’s toes curl. Which Hadrian properly sucked on, which made her cry out in passion.

Finally, the end came, with the tightening in Hadrian’s loins rocketing a heavy load of cum inside of Anna’s body. Her legs wrapped around Hadrian to sink him deep inside of her.

Hadrian cemented himself in Anna,, spilling a load in her.

“Does my lovely sister-in-law like the big bad Dragon being part of the family?” Hadrian asked.

“She her new King,” Anna said with one final squeeze to get the last remaining bit out of Hadrian and into her body.

The two basked in the moment, with Anna feeling like a woman as opposed to a star struck girl, thanks to what Hadrian did to her. But, a smell of something spreading through the room broke Anna after the afterglow.

“What’s burning?” Anna asked.

“That would be the bed,” Hadrian said. “And while I might be called the Dragon, you’re the one to set it on fire.”

Anna jumped off of the bed, seeing it engulfed in flames. The fire did not even phase Hadrian, rather he lazily put out the fire with a snap of his fingers. The waves of power produced by such a casual gesture awed Anna.

“You are a mirror to your sister’s powers,” Hadrian said. “The ying to her yang...the fire to her ice.”

Anna recalled the fear that Elsa had about her powers harming someone, and what happened between the sisters a long time ago. While Hadrian was not harmed, obviously the Dragon would be immune to fire.

“Her necklace, it gives her control over her ice powers,” Anna muttered. “Can you…”

“Of course, Princess,” Hadrian said. “Anything for you….but you will have to learn to control them because magical aides work so long.”

“I will,” Anna said.

Anna wanted to be able to use those powers safely after all, and they might be a useful tool to help Elsa and Hadrian protect the people of Arendelle. After all, was it not the duty of a Royal to ensure the safety of those they served?

“Elsa, you can come up now.”
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Collective Tracker: Elsa, Anna

Chapter Text

Often, I will have smut scenes exclusive to my blog. Like this one which takes place way before the events of Chapter One and is part one of a two part set which will be posted over the next couple of weeks:

Chapter Five:

Elsa sauntered up the steps, to join Anna and Hadrian in the bedroom. Hadrian wrapped his arms around Anna tightly and kissed her all over her neck and face, causing her to moan. Those fingers moved in perfect harmony, causing Anna to shift about on the bed.

“She has powers like you,” Hadrian said. “Well, not like you, but...the opposite of you.”

The former Boy-Who-Lived caught an expression of surprise.

“We’re getting them under control, like yours,” Hadrian said. “The two of you will be formidable together.”

“Mmm, I’m sure,” Elsa said. “So, how are you, Anna?”

“I’m great!” Anna squealed when Hadrian touched her in all of the way places.

Elsa cupped Anna’s face and leaned down for a kiss. The surprise and pleasure of the two sister’s joining together, mouth to mouth, stunned Anna and filled her life with so much enjoyment. Oh, she could just lose it completely from what Elsa was doing.

The blue nightdress Elsa wore shimmered against her body. As Elsa planted several passionate kisses all over Anna and caused her to cry, Harry slipped behind both of them. Slipping the dress down Elsa’s body, Hadrian laid his wife’s body completely bare. The thick manhood brushed up against her wet lips.

Spinning around, Elsa caught the Dragon King’s manhood. She needed to taste it after it had been inside of Anna. Elsa leaned down, lips parted, and wrapping around Hadrian. Elsa worked down Harry’s pole and pressed face down into the powerful sorcerer’s crotch. Said sorcerer grabbed onto Elsa’s head and guided her down.

Oh, Anna tasted really good, especially when combined with Harry. Of course, Elsa thought the two of them tasted a bit better together, but that was her own biased opinion. The sucking of Hadrian’s massive prick, sliding deep into her throat made Elsa gag several times over until Elsa pulled away completely.

“Mmm,” Elsa breathed. “It’”

Each word ended up with Elsa’s tongue swirling around Hadrian’s manhood and tasting it. Soon, Anna and Elsa took turns licking Hadrian like an icecream cone, the two sisters intended to share. They met with a passionate kiss, Hadrian’s swollen head just trapped in the middle. Hotness spreading through his body.

“Why don’t you taste your sister from the source?” Hadrian asked Elsa.

Elsa, smiling, pulled away and grabbed Anna by the shoulders. Pushing Anna onto the bed, Elsa peppered Anna’s frame with multiple kisses. Each of them caused their bodies to glow, their auras pushing up against each other. Fire and ice combined, to create a spectacular light show. Steam came through the room again.

Never one to be far behind when two beautiful and willing woman we’re near him, Hadrian pleasured their bodies. Briefly fingering them both, with a very slight and sharp edge to an orgasm. Then Hadrian pulled out, rubbing his thick head against their warm, juicy lips. Oh, it felt very good.

And speaking of very good, Anna’s body entered a heavenly thrillride. Elsa licked down from Anna’s belly button all the way to her gushing slit. Anna closed her eyes, as Elsa jammed a tongue deep inside of Anna and pleasured her. Sparks flew, in a literal way, with Hadrian clutching Anna’s hands and exerting control while grinding up against Elsa.

Elsa practically sucked Hadrian inside. The Snow Queen’s insides fit around Hadrian surprisingly warm and very snug. Oh, so snug, feeling this pinnacle of womanhood wrap constantly around Hadrian’s bare cock, oh it was so good, so very good indeed. Hadrian took Elsa’s breasts in hand, thrusting into her.

The cries Anna made underneath Elsa’s tongue heated the Queen up, just as much as Hadrian’s constant attacks of her body did as well. Pushing a bit forward, Hadrian buried inside of Elsa.

The look on Anna’s face when the Princess finished fueled Hadrian even further. Hadrian picked up the pace to squeeze down onto Elsa’s ass, with multiple thrusts.

“Oh, Elsa, I wish we have done this before!” Anna happily cried out.

Elsa’s tongue moved, glowing practically, and sending bolts of energy through Anna’s body. Helped along by Hadrian, the thrusts got even deeper inside of Elsa’s tight body.

Both sisters climaxed at once. Hadrian practically drank in the energy coming from both of them, thrusting even faster inside of Elsa. The swinging of his balls hit Elsa at all of the right moments and caused her to cry out even louder. Oh, Elsa, she was most certainly something else, and Hadrian appreciated every minute spent inside of her.

Hadrian pulled out of Elsa, and she had been surprised for the lost.

“Now, remember, you’re sharing with your sister,” Hadrian said. “But...the fun part is, we’re sharing her as well.”

Through hazed vision, after that last orgasm, Anna caught sight of Hadrian whispering something in Elsa’s ear. Elsa just smiled, and squeezed Hadrian. A brief kiss followed, before the two parted ways.

Hadrian flipped Anna over. Upon Hadrian’s non-verbal combination, Anna rose up to her hands and knees. The Princess tingled in anticipation from what was going to happen next. Hadrian shot his hands forward and slapped Anna on the rear end to cause a tingle inside of her body.

“I want you, inside me right now,” Anna said.

“Oh, we’ll be there in a minute,” Hadrian said.

Hadrian ground up against Anna, teasing her. Anna’s firm ass cheeks pressed against Hadrian’s grip, when trying to get some leveral. Closer, Hadrian got until slamming deep inside of Anna from behind. Anna squealed out in excitement, the very second Hadrian filled Anna up. Oh, she could barely withstand the force of which Hadrian plowed inside of her.


“We’re just getting warmed up,” Elsa said.

Oh, the heat from Anna’s loins indicated Elsa was on the mark. She only got hotter on the inside. So hot, Anna braced for the moment the bed would get set on fire.

Elsa rubbed Anna’s face into her crotch. The soft folds rubbed against Anna’s tongue, and she moaned, being deep into Elsa.

A wicked smile spread against Elsa. Using a burst of powers, Elsa created something long and hard to bury in her sister’s throat. An ice strap on, complete with a thick ice phallus, rammed deep into Anna’s throat. Anna moaned the second Elsa drop down her throat.

“Now, that’s hot,” Hadrian breathed.

From one side, Hadrian entered Anna and from the other side, Elsa entered Anna’s throat. Combined with the fuel of Elsa making her nipples super hard and sucking on them, to tease Hadrian, the pleasure from all three sides only increasing.

Things got hot, as Anna melted Elsa within a matter of moments. Elsa, not deterred, reformed the cock, thicker, almost stuffing Anna’s mouth to capacity. Face-fucking Anna so hard that tears and drool formed around, which oddly gave Elsa more moisture to just face-fuck her beloved sister even more.

Hadrian’s eyes shut as he switched to Elsa’s point of view. A nice little quirk of The Dragon’s powers, but he could feel the warmth of Anna’s mouth, superheating his real flesh and blood cock. Hadrian thrust faster into Anna, the weight of his balls getting even more heavy with each passing thrust.

“Oh, Hadrian,” Elsa breathed. “Don’t waste that all on my little sister. I know she can be greedy...and a glutton, but don’t you think that cum deserves a better place?”

Elsa slapped her ass, while digging a wet finger inside of it. Oh, that was so hot, so hot indeed. Hadrian rode Anna all the way to her orgasm, with Anna practically melting her sister’s cock in the process.

Anna, racked with several orgasms, had been laid out on the bed. Elsa, climbing over, positioned herself on Hadrian’s lap. Hadrian’s finger slipped into Elsa’s asshole, adding enough lubrication to slide inside.

“No entrance is safe from you, is it, my King?” Elsa asked.

“Especially one which is so willingly offered,” Hadrian said.

Hadrian drove hard into Elsa, entering her ass. A small shower of snowflakes covered the room the second Hadrian buried deep into Elsa’s tight ass. Oh, the pleasure surrounding Hadrian’s manhood meant that he would not be lasting too long, but every single last moment would be appreciated.

For a second, Elsa thought she lost her mind. A second cock, slipping inside of her pussy, indicated that both of the Queen’s holes would be stuffed. Yet, Elsa could see no such object inside of her, despite most certainly feeling it. And most certainly rocking Elsa to a very heaveningly orgasm.

The windows iced over completely as Elsa’s mind clouded with so much pleasure. Hadrian leaned in, kissing the side of Elsa’s neck, making her cry out in pleasure.

“Magic can do so many wonderful things, couldn’t it?” Hadrian asked.

“Oooh yes!” Elsa cried out.

Hadrian milked Elsa’s nipples upon the next barrage of holes, stuffing both holes in the process. And also, Anna at the end of the bed. Anna thrusted up and down, meeting the phantom cock which Hadrian controlled with his mind. He thought about really blowing the Princess’s mind.

Three tight holes just closed down onto Hadrian at the same time. Hadrian wanted to feel Elsa and Anna come, at the same time. That would be a meal worth feasting on. Elsa’s nipples, now with icicles hanging on them, had been pressed in by Hadrian. More cries, constantly and endless, with pleasure just ramping up all through the encounter.

“Cum for me, Elsa,” Hadrian breathed in her ear.

Elsa, Anna, both of them exploded at the same time. The harmony spreading through the room empowered Hadrian and allowed him to thrust ever so deeper inside of both royals at the same time. Both lovely young ladies cried out, in passion and adoration for the man who had brought so much magic in her life.

“My turn.”

Hadrian closed his eyes and unleashed the load which had been came up. Directly spilling a fine deposit into Elsa’s ass, along with teleporting a heavy load  into the pussies of both of the girls. Hadrian had more than enough to go around, grunting, groaning and pleasuring both of them.

Pulling out, Hadrian laid onto the bed. Elsa laid on his chest, breathing heavily. And soon Anna crawled over, and joined her sister in playing with their King.

Hadrian smiled as the soft hands and pleasant mouths of two beautiful sisters caressed, sucked, and licked on every inch of the Dragon’s rock hard body.
The Shameless Smut Continues In the Next Chapter on 6/20/2019 with Three More Chapters(6, 7, and 8)

Collective Tracker: Elsa, Anna

Chapter Text

Chapter Six:

From one room, to the other, Aqua lead Hadrian off to a private meeting room. Hadrian sat down on a plush seat and Aqua took a seat on his lap.

“You always take the best seat in the house,” Hadrian said.

Aqua just smiled, but as much as she would like to have fun with the Dragon pleasuring all of her holes, they did have some business to tend to before the fun could start.

“You’ve located the first beacon, the easy part,” Aqua said. “Not to mention averted a crisis...because if Queen Elsa lost control of her powers...there could be problems.”

“There would be,” Hadrian agreed. “So, do we have any headway on the second one?”

Hadrian casually felt up Aqua, which was an exercise to test if she maintained her focus. Aqua tapped a device on the table and a three dimensional holographic map appeared for them.

“I believe that the second beacon can be found in Corona,” Aqua said. “Kairi’s gone ahead to scout...we believe it has something to do with the Princess...who has been missing since her Birth.”

“Mmm, I have a feeling that you’re right,” Hadrian said. “And that’s where we’re going next.”

Hadrian sought out all of these beacons, getting one step closer to achieving his goals. Elsa had been easy, and Anna, had been a nice little bonus. But, there were others, that were to be found.

“Now that Elsa and you have been officially cemented as rulers...and there are no problems...right?” Aqua asked.

“All problems have been taken care of,” Hadrian said. “My reputation precedes me.”

“Well, given that you did burn down an entire village to get to one man before,’ Aqua said.

“Actually, I just shot one fireball at the man, but with all of the grease in his hair, he could be quite flammable,” Hadrian said.

Now was not the time to take strides down memory lane. Rather, it was time for Hadrian to take decisive action.

“So, we’re heading to Corona next,” Hadrian told Aqua.

“Once Kairi gets back, it will be a good idea for all of us to go,” Aqua said. “There have been rumors, whispers of where Princess Rapunzel has gone...and we’ll verify it...sooner rather than later.”

Aqua turned slightly and gazed in Hadrian’s eyes, with a smile.

“And I’m sure Elsa and Anna will want to come along, to welcome the newest member of our family,” Aqua said.

“Yes, my sister, she would,” Hadrian told her with a smile.

Aqua smiled. Her mind flashed back, to how she and Kairi located Hadrian. Through the pile of fallen, glowing rocks, many of them impaled in his chest. The months it took to nurse Hadrian back to health, and little did they know what he was capable of, until he recovered. Hadrian had taken steps to never be weak again after that point.

At that time, he was still Harry Potter, still not having found himself. But, the potential had just been waiting to burst out.

“Well, since the Queen and Princess aren’t clinging onto you...perhaps you should be reminded how loving your sister can be?” Aqua asked him with a smile.

Aqua and Hadrian entered the bed chambers. Elsa had been out, taking care of a few matters, nothing big, just some things that can be done.

Anna waited for them, in a green transparent nightdress on the bed. She licked a frozen treat, made by Elsa for her, and Hadrian could only imagine how Elsa made it.

“Aqua, it’s good to see you again,” Anna said.

“It’s good to see you again, Princess,” Aqua said. “I thought that you were sleeping.”

“Well, I woke up hungry,” Anna said as she looked at both of them. “And Elsa left me only with this treat.”

Slowly, Anna licked the frozen treat of Elsa’s making, right in front of Aqua and Hadrian. Hadrian just smiled, and Aqua raised an eyebrow.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I forgot my manners,” Anna said. “You want a taste, don’t you?”

Aqua took the taste of Elsa’s treat as offered. The Queen’s creation tasted rather divine, although Aqua could not wait to sample the ingredients directly from the source.

Anna and Aqua took turns licking on Elsa’s popsicle, reducing it down into a dripping mess. After that the two lovely ladies licked the melted juices off of each other’s fingers.

“So, were you up here to have some fun with our King?”

“Your King is my brother,” Aqua said. “Don’t you think I deserve some time with him?”

“Of course you do,” Anna said. “But, that means we’re family too...and family should do things togther, shouldn’t they?”

Anna boldly smashed her lips against Aqua’s. Aqua returned the kiss, very eagerly. Almost as if they had forgotten about the Dragon’s presence in their room, something which would not be forgotten for long. Hadrian climbed behind both of them, and touched Aqua and Anna from behind.

Hadrian’s naked body embraced Aqua from behind and caused her to breath in and breathe out, very lustfully. Oh, the slow rotating of Hadrian’s crotch against her backside sent a stunning blast of pleasure through her.

“Let’s slip you into something more comfortable.”

The bluette nodded, when Hadrian stripped every last article of clothes, revealing her fine, sexy, and very tight body. Aqua’s blue curls covered her crotch, which got rather wet.

Anna stripped naked as well, and the two women pressed up against Hadrian from either side. While this did not go the way Aqua intended, she really wanted some one on one time with Hadrian, this would be making lemonade out lemons. Or something along those lines. The strong musk coming from Hadrian never failed to raise a pleasant heat from Aqua.

Aqua and Anna decided to work together in pleasuring Hadrian’s body, causing his muscles to contract. Aqua decided to go further up top, while Anna moved in, reverse cowgirl style. Anna wiggled her tight little ass before sinking down on Hadrian and shoving his pole into her pussy.

“No matter how many times I feel this...will I ever get used to it?” Anna cried out.

Aqua, blunt with her response, decided to lay the facts onto the girl. “No.”

Hadrian pulled Aqua over and planted numerous kisses on her thighs. While the spectacle of Anna riding him reverse cowgirl style mandated a view, the fact of the matter was, Aqua craved attention. And would get that attention ,for all they have been through. Hadrian sank his tongue deep into Aqua and sucked the juices from her body.

The rubbing of Aqua’s pussy against Hadrian’s mouth as she rode him added a very pleasant heat. What was even more pleasant was Anna, tightening her walls around Hadrian and releasing them. Back and forth with several movements, adding to an immense amount of heat as Anna squeezed and released Hadrian’s throbbing hard tool.

“Yes,” Aqua breathed. “Oooh...yes!”

One more grunt with Hadrian filling Anna’s tight pussy completely up. The constant, aggressive milking of Hadrian’s pole only increased, the faster Hadrian rocked inside of her body. The weight of his balls slapped down, hitting Anna in all of the spots which mattered.

Aqua unleashed a shower all over Hadrian’s face. They had been a part too long, and Aqua missed Hadrian’s tongue greatly. That was one of the first things which Kairi and Aqua both enjoyed, Hadrian’s talented tongue. It was about the only way which he could register gratitude until his body healed.

And now, Hadrian, stronger than ever, kept up with two very eager women. Anna’s wet pussy slid against Hadrian’s crotch, staining it with her juices. She almost slid forward and then fell, collapsing on the bed.

Aqua, sensing her opportunity, leaned forward to capture Hadrian within her mouth. The bluette sucked Hadrian off just as feverishly as Hadrian ate her out.

Anna closed her eyes, breathing in heavily. As much as she hated to be cut out of the loop, watching Hadrian and Aqua pleasure each other like this, just caused a flood of molten liquid to flow onto the bed. The liquid splashed onto the bed, steaming.

“I hope I’m not hurting you,” Anna breathed to Aqua.

“All of Hadrian’s...bondmates...will be protected from any dangerous powers,” Aqua said in between sucks. “ master those powers.”

Fair enough, Anna thought. After the first forbidden taste, Anna had gotten sex crazed, wanting Hadrian inside of her, every day and every night. Even though, as Anna reminded herself, she would have to share Hadrian with Elsa at the very least. The wait would truly make everything all that much sweeter.

After finishing the mutual oral pleasure, Hadrian put Aqua up, almost pushing her knees against the woman’s shoulders. Aqua spread her thighs, to accomodate Hadrian’s thick tool. Like greeting an old friend, Aqua’s insides tightly hugged the intrusion.

“I’ve missed you, dear brother,” Aqua breathed to him.

“As, I’ve missed you, my sexy sister,” Hadrian said.

Hadrian sank repeatedly into Aqua’s body. Every now and then, he caught a sight of Anna, and Anna, scrambled over off of the end of the bed, and sat down on Aqua’s face.

Aqua, without missing a beat, licked Anna’s sweet pussy while Hadrian buried inside of her. After tasting Elsa earlier, it was only fair Aqua got a taste of Anna. And what a sweet taste it was, as Anna squirted onto her.

Hadrian rode Aqua through several nerve racking orgasms. Every thirty, forty, seconds, Hadrian added a finger to Aqua’s tongue to stimulate Anna as well. Hadrian latched onto both of the women, the pleasure cascading through their bodies.

“I bet both of you can’t hold out for too much longer,” Hadrian said. “Both of you should cum at the same time, shouldn’t you?”

Anna exploded all over Aqua’s face. The shimmering liquid covering Aqua was a treat which Hadrian demanded to have a taste.

Time passed, with Aqua pressing down onto Anna’s body as it laid down on the bed. Hadrian positioned himself to switch between both girls, working into them harder. Their tight bodies demanded blasts from him.

“Which one of you are going to get a prize?” Hadrian asked.

The sounds, the soft cries, indicated both of them would like nothing better than to get a prize.

Anna wondered why Hadrian was not doing his magic trick where he could thrust into them both at the same time. Then again, maybe it would be something that would lose its specialness if Hadrian did it all of the time. Every time, the Dragon King entered the Princess, it felt a brand new birth, a brand new life just hitting her hard.

Aqua appreciated Hadrian’s work, but his seed belonged to her tonight. Each pump rocked Hadrian’s manhood with fierce determination of Aqua claiming the prize. All of the thick, bubbling goodness currently located inside of Hadrian’s thick balls would be hers and hers alone. That was one thing that Aqua could take to the bank.

“Looks like you’re going to get what you’ve come for.”

That word automatically triggered an orgasm, from both women. Hadrian soaked it in, while riding Aqua, and Anna as well, at the same time. Aqua clamped down hard, released, and clamped even harder until the weight in Hadrian’s balls threatened to give out with an immense explosion.

One more thrust and Hadrian emptied which seemed like gallons of cum inside of Aqua’s willing body. The bluette’s tightening walls made sure to get her money’s worth.

Aqua descended on the bed, her sweaty, sexy body just tapering off from the orgasm. Hadrian pulled out and turned Aqua around, cum dripping from her.

“I love you,” Aqua said after a long and passionate kiss. “So much.”

“Always good to help you out, after all you’ve done for me,” Hadrian said.

Anna adopted a position between Aqua’s thighs. The consolation prize of several long strands of cum made Anna’s mouth water. Anna dove down, eating Aqua out aggressively. Swallowing several mouthfuls of Hadrian’s gift, it served as the perfect chaser for Elsa’s treat from earlier.

The door swung open and Kairi returned from her trip. As did Elsa.

Without missing a beat, both women swooped into the room, dropping their clothes, to join Aqua, Anna, and Hadrian in their fun.
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Chapter Seven:

Elsa stepped back to allow Kairi to move on through. Kairi, smiling at the Queen’s gracious gift, edged into the room. Her naked body pressed up against Hadrian’s in an intense embrace. Hadrian pulled her in tight, kissing Kairi on the lips in a matter which took the woman’s breath away.

“I’ve missed this,” Kairi said.

Kairi began to jerk off Hadrian while kissing him. Hadrian responded by feeling Kairi up and the two of them got very hot and extremely heavy with each other, to the point where their breathing got very loud and aggressive.

Elsa crawled over to join Anna on the bed, who dripped in sweat from the encounter. A predatory smile crossed Elsa’s face the second she inched closer to Anna. Their bodies touched together, with fire about ready to spread through their loins. Elsa, cupping Anna’s cheek, leaned in closer.

“Oh, you naughty girl,” Elsa teased Anna. “Having fun without your big sister.”

No more words after that other than an aggressive and hot kiss, with Elsa’s tongue smashing deep into Anna’s mouth. Anna accepted the kiss because quite frankly, what other choice did she have? Other than receiving that tongue, deep and hard, stuck completely down her throat, and moaning very aggressively.

Aqua recovered and climbed behind the Queen. Hands placed on Elsa’s shoulders, Aqua lavished Elsa’s lovely body with so many kisses. The final destination, Elsa’s earlobe, received hot breath on it. Aqua aggressively sucked it before whispering in Elsa’s ear.

“I’m going to eat you all up,” Aqua said.

Elsa’s thighs parted, as if to tell Aqua to bring it. Aqua brought it alright, with more kisses down to the hot and savory valley between Elsa’s thighs. Aqua made sweet love to Elsa’s nether regions with her mouth, increasing a jolt of heat through the woman’s body, all while pressing up against her.

Situated on the bed, Kairi wrapped her arms and legs around Hadrian while bouncing on his lap and driving Hadrian deep inside. The two met together with a fiery and an extremely familiar passion. Kairi’s fingers, digging deep into Hadrian’s shoulders, let an electric charge of pleasure through them both.

“Do you feel good?” Hadrian asked her.

“YES!” Kairi cheered. “Oooh, I’m very...very...good.”

Hadrian did not leave up. Yet, the trio of Aqua, Elsa, and Anna beckoned, despite Hadrian giving his attention to Kairi, who had been neglected to this very moment.

Ghost hands brushed over the wet pussies of the three women at the other end of the bed. Cries of pleasure intermingled with each other through the air in ways which people could only imagine. Hadrian edged forward, fingering all of these beautiful women down the side of the bed, until their breathing turned out to be even more aggressive.

Kairi clutched on tight to her man. The rise up on her body, only increased. Kairi basked in the moment, enjoying Hadrian going deep into her. Her beautiful face pressed up against Hadrian’s handsome one. Body on body contact increased with Kairi’s elevated emotions getting her closer and closer to the climax.

“I want you to feel the best,” Hadrian said. “And we’re almost there...just focus on the pleasure that I’m giving you.”

The dance had been so familiar, but despite memorizing all of the steps, Kairi’s thrillride increased every step of the way. Her wet walls, clamping down extremely hard, and vigorous released Hadrian’s pole multiple times over.

Kairi whipped back in an extremely passionate orgasm. Oh, this was exciting and Hadrian knew precisely how to hit all of the right motions. He left Kairi passionately breathing, still rocked with the after effects of a huge climax the very second Hadrian pulled out.

Aqua backed off to allow Hadrian to slip inside Elsa. Elsa closed down onto Hadrian, shifting down to keep pleasuring Anna. Hadrian slowed Elsa’s descent, wanting to keep Anna nice and open.

Elsa, the minute her husband entered, rose with excitement. The tightening of her walls reached new levels as she trapped Hadrian deep within her body.

“You must have had a long day to want this so much,” the Dragon King breathed with each thrust. “Let me...release...these tensions….”

Elsa, squeezing down on Hadrian’s member, let a burst of pleasure just cascade through her body. Oh, the pleasure just increased, even long after Hadrian pulled out.

Hadrian moved to a brief tour inside of Anna, stretching out her tight little pussy. Then, Hadrian turned around, to bury his cock into Aqua, who laid at the end of the bed. Kairi resumed a very familiar role of riding Aqua’s face while Hadrian planted deep and savory thrusts inside of the woman.

Electrifying energy just spread through the room. Hadrian rode out Aqua to a very potent orgasm as Elsa and Anna sat side to side, pussies rubbing together in a scissoring motion. Anna’s fingers danced over Elsa’s nipples, and Anna did the same in pleasure.

“The sisters that play together, stay together,” Kairi commented.

“You would know better than anyone else,” Hadrian grunted with a long and deep thrust.

Hadrian separated Anna and Elsa after pulling out of Kairi. Both of them laid on the bed, spread, and Hadrian switched from one sister to the next. A few thrusts inside of Anna, who clamped down tightly onto him. A few onto Elsa, who attempted to dig her toes into Hadrian’s ass to get him to stay.

“Both of you are eager,,” Hadrian yelled.

Elsa thought Anna was being a little bit greedy, trying to monopolize her husband’s time and seed. While Elsa was a very gracious Queen, there were certain limits that one should respect and Anna pushed those limits.

Every other time Hadrian switched, Aqua met him with a warm mouth, sucking on his genitals. Hadrian pulled away as Kairi vigorously masturbated the woman who Hadrian had not been making sweet love to at the time.  To switch things up, after a time, Hadrian buried himself into Kairi, who shifted.

Shifted just enough where Kairi could finger both Anna and Elsa at the same time. Just as she ate Aqua out at the edge of the bed. And Hadrian’s roaming and very flexible hands touched all of them.

The juices flowing between the quartet of lovely ladies made Hadrian wet. He added some ghost fingers, and teased them with a phantom cock or two. Just to keep everyone on their toes, and make sure they had a good idea of what was going to come next. Their crying pleasure only doubled the further Hadrian worked inside.

Anna, having had a long session with Hadrian and Aqua, already, clung on tightly the minute Hadrian rejoined her. She had a craving, an addiction for the contents located currently in Hadrian’s thick and juicy balls. Oh, Anna could take this all day long and all night long. The further she cried, the more Hadrian treated her.

“It’s my turn!” Elsa cried out.

“Ladies,” Hadrian told them.

Instead of switching to Elsa, the Dragon King switched back to Kairi, and gave her a rigorous pumping. And Aqua spanked Elsa, along with shoving an icy dildo of Elsa’s own creation deep into her womanhood.

“Just because you’re the Queen, does not mean you shouldn’t have manners,” Aqua breathed with a very vigorous squeeze of Elsa’s nipples.

Kairi lapped up the sweet, warm juices from Anna. Hadrian, meantime, buried deep inside of her. She had no idea who was going to get the load, but half of the fun was competing for that sweet, sweet gift. And Kairi clutching onto Hadrian made for a very sweet encounter, the faster he thrust into her.

“Maybe she can behave herself now.”

Elsa threw her arms around Hadrian, slightly humble, and gave him a very passionate kiss. The two joined each other until Elsa once again took her spot on Hadrian’s lap and slid down. The Queen’s eyes glazed over in pleasure.

It appeared for a second Hadrian had been multiple places at once. Namely Aqua and Anna had been side by side, with flickers of a dark shadow which resembled Hadrian plowing into both of their bodies and causing them to cry out.

“Focus on me, beloved.”

Hadrian closed his eyes, refreshed and enjoying the moment he spent with Elsa. Three beautiful women, wrapped around him at once, and Hadrian worked on enough tantric energy to get a third. Kairi amused herself, tasting Elsa’s ice dildo, which the woman made herself.

“I want...a taste!” Anna breathed.

Kairi, deciding to indulge the young Princess, pressed the dildo to her lips. Anna sucked down the juices, hungering even more for it. Oh, the sounds of Anna slurping them down.

“I think my sister...has a problem?” Elsa asked, unsure. “Not that I can...blame...her….”

Elsa’s insides tightened around Hadrian and boy, her orgasm hit and very hard. Elsa sliding her nails all over Hadrian for the ride, which she did not want to end. Every movement of Hadrian, rocking back and forth sent Elsa over the edge.

Hadrian left Elsa dripping, and decided to spread Kairi’s legs and bury himself inside. Kairi, closing her eyes, looked sexy as hell taking Hadrian inside of her. Several deep, vigorous thrusts, sent Kairi into a passionate wave. The pleasure waves only increased the deeper Hadrian buried inside of Kairi’s body.

Anna and Aqua crawled over, the ghostal hands of the Dragon pushing up against them both. They sought out Elsa’s nipples, hard and frozen, and sucked on them. Elsa brushed her hands through the two lovely women.

Kairi bent over the side of the bed, being ridden hard by Hadrian. Oh, it was just like she liked it, being stuffed full. Those big bloated balls threatening to burst.

The duo of Aqua and Anna crawled over, the second that Hadrian pulled out. Their warm and able mouths pleasure Hadrian, and he hissed. Oh, something about this felt so good.

“The two of you are doing some good work,” Hadrian said. “Such teamwork should be rewarded.”

Aqua and Anna bent over the bed and Hadrian penetrated them both at the same time. Everything happened so quickly at once, that Anna and Aqua could not be completely for sure which one took Hadrian’s real cock and the other took a very powerful illusion. One thing neither woman could doubt is they were getting hammered well.

As were Elsa and Kairi, who despite being at separate ends of the bed, felt the pleasure.

Oh, Elsa’s body heated up, despite the windows frosting around them. Every shift, every movement, just intensified as Hadrian knew precisely how to treat her body with everything the Queen deserved. Oh, those touches just rocked her, into a pleasurable motion. Elsa breathed in heavily, moaning even more.

Kairi’s body twisted and contorted as well. Thousands of tiny little finger strokes assaulted Kairi and made her just cry out in constant, pleasure which racked her body immensely with each moment.

“Yes, it should be rewarded,” Hadrian commented.

Being deep inside of Aqua and Anna at the same time, never mind pleasuring Elsa and Kairi, built up the tantric energy which fueled the Dragon. The power swelling through all four of them tasted very sweet.

Anna bit down on her lip, the pleasure only overwhelming her body. Fire coursed through Anna’s loins, practically in more ways than one the deeper that Hadrian pleasured the Princess. And Aqua got some pleasure of her own, several deep thrusts rocking her body as well. The cries only intensified with each moment.

Aqua and Anna came hard side by side with each other. Hadrian shoved himself deep into both, burying inside with multiple thrusts. He pulled out and left them breathing on the bed.

Hadrian teleported from one end of the bed to the next. Fingering Elsa aggressively. Doing the same to Kairi a few seconds later. Stopping in the middle to tease Aqua and Anna. And then floating over the bed.

Oh, it’s so good, and Elsa hearing the cries of pleasure from the other women, her sister included, who had been satisfied by the King, only increased the lust she had felt. Elsa turned around, some invisible ropes pulling her up into the air for a moment. Her body dangled as Hadrian took the plunge into her.

Together at last, with Hadrian thrusting deep into her body. Elsa’s breathing increased as Hadrian gave her direct attention. All while pleasuring the other women from afar, and boy did their cries just resound even more.

The tightening of everyone, at each point on the bed sent Hadrian into a frenzy. Anna, Aqua, and Kairi, their climaxes hit like dominoes being knocked over one at a time.

Kairi breathed, the journey had been worth it, if to get back to receive this. And she received a vigorous pounding, with Hadrian filling her completely from the other end of the bed. The spectral figure touching her body reacted as if Hadrian would, because his mind manipulated it like a puppet.

Aqua and Anna, pressed lip to lip in a passionate kiss, when the two ghost images rammed deep into them, arms extending, was an alluring excitement. Arms stretching forward like tentacles further enveloped both of these women in clouds of pleasure and would not let up, not in the slightest.

Elsa, had been the center of it, and she managed to get the pleasure. Hadrian’s build up, and the evidence of an incoming orgasm, pressed up against her.

“It’s time for you to let it all out, my King,” Elsa breathed. “Would you cum with me, please?”

Oh Hadrian wanted to do just that. Elsa wrapped a little bit tighter around Hadrian, with a squeeze which sent Hadrian’s hips flying back and forth. Riding out all four of the women at the same time, sent waves of pleasure and made Hadrian’s groin muscles completely tight. He trained a great amount of stamina enjoying them.

Elsa’s searing heat clamped around Hadrian and milked him, very aggressively. Elsa left bruises on her thighs the harder she rammed down onto Hadrian, but at this point, it did not really matter. The end came and the end would be amazing.

All five parties in the room came at the same time. The wave of juices around Hadrian’s manhood left it saturated until the very point where he buried himself inside of Elsa.

“Ooooh, yes!” Hadrian groaned while shoving deep into Elsa on the bed.

“YES!” Elsa cried out, digging her nails down onto Hadrian.

Hadrian pumped deep inside of Elsa’s tight body. Those balls, swollen and large released their way into Elsa, with some of the seed teleporting into the other three women on the bed.

The end came, with all five parties in this orgy of fun, recovering from a hell of an orgasm. Hadrian shifted, ever so slightly on the bed.

Elsa, Aqua, Anna, and Kairi lined up one by one, the bed magically extended to accommodate this situation. Being at the front of the line, Elsa pleasured Hadrian with a blowjob. Down the line, Aqua pleasured Elsa, Anna ate Aqua, and Kairi munched on Aqua’s pussy.

After some time, Elsa went to the back of the line to eat out Kairi, and Aqua’s familiar and very welcome mouth wrapped around the Dragon King.

They circled around the line, taking turns with each other, a few times, until Hadrian lined them up one by one to rock their worlds throughout the entire night.

And so the cycle continued, until all four lovely ladies laid in a pile of their own juices, with their holes completely soaked.
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Chapter Eight:

Dawn broke, as Hadrian, Anna, Elsa, Aqua, and Kairi stepped outside towards the carriage, which waited for them as they stepped outside.

“Very nice,’ Anna said with a smile.

“Oh, you just wait,” Hadrian said.

Aqua leaned forward with as mile. “’s a lot bigger on the inside.”

“Plenty of room for recreation,” Kairi added.

The tower opened up and Hadrian stepped inside, and sure enough the carriage had been a lot bigger on the inside, as expected. Anna and Elsa took their seats behind Aqua and Kairi and Harry took the seat in the front.

“Where are the horses?” Anna asked. “How do you make this thing move?”

“With my mind,” Hadrian said. “I just press my hand into this front panel and I can be anywhere...or any time in the world.”

Hadrian’s companions looked excited, although for Aqua and Kairi, this had been pretty much more of the same. For Elsa and Anna, this had been brand new. Hadrian leaned in, pressing his palm into the side of the panel and it flashed them inside.

Corana, where many years ago, the Princess of the Kingdom, Rapunzel, had been abducted and never found. Of course, that had been until the Dragon had rolled into town.

“Her guardian is...aggressively protective of her,” Kairi said.

“Protective isn’t quite the word I would use,” Aqua said.

Hadrian looked at the report Kairi gave him. Yes, the words Hadrian would use to describe Gothel, would not be fit to be spoken in polite company, that was one thing Hadrian assured himself of.

“So, wait, she’s in that tower the entire time?” Anna asked. “All of that...and her parents...the King and Queen never found her?”

Elsa just leaned in and sighed. Sometimes, parents could be blissfully ignorant about the needs of their children. And that’s all Elsa was going to go down that particular road of thought.

“Seriously, she is in the tower, though?” Anna asked.

Hadrian surveyed the lay of the land. The tower would be very easy to enter, especially with his vast array of spells and charms. Although a simple teleportation inside could work out nicely.

“I’m going to free Rapunzel,” Hadrian said.

“We’ll be here, if you need us,” Aqua said.

“You always are.”

Hadrian scanned the tower, and sure enough, Rapunzel had been the top of the tower. Closing his eyes, Hadrian disappeared in a blink of an eye, towards the tower.

“He’ll find her, right?” Anna asked.

“Of course,” Hadrian said.

“She’s been up there for eighteen years,” Elsa said. “Who knows what that woman has done to her?”

“Oh, made her terrified of the outside world, made her think that Gothel is the only one who can protect Rapunzel from the Kingdom,” Aqua said.

“And also, much younger than she should be, so she’s using Rapunzel for very selfish ends,” Kairi said.

And so, much like every fairytale, there would be a knight in shining armor. One to save villages, to rescue damsels, to slay the dragon. Although in this case, the Knight in Shining Armor was the Dragon.

A wistful gaze spread through Rapunzel’s eyes. She could not believe it. Eighteen years, and she had been in this tower, protected, she supposed. But, there had been a bit of forbidden curiosity.

“It’s a shame when you’re trapped, unable to go outside, because of some misguided fool who thinks they’re protecting you. Although, in your case, it’s not delusional, but rather it’s malicious.”

Rapunzel stiffened at the voice and reached for something.

“Who...who are you?” Rapunzel demanded. “How did you get in the tower? You better….”

Words failed Rapunzel, the second a handsome, green-eyed, and yet very familiar individual showed up. The Dragon, the most feared entity in the land, showed up in the tower. Mother Gothel warned Rapunzel about the Dragon, how he tempted young, pure, innocent women and took their innocence away, before devouring them. Those green eyes, which no one could duplicate, hid his true malice. Rapunzel’s deep breathing only increased.

Rapunzel backed, as an amused smile flickered over the face of the Dragon.

“You….you shouldn’t be here!” Rapunzel yelled.”GET AWAY FROM ME!”

Rapunzel picked up the frying pan and tried to swing it at the Dragon. The Dragon casually transformed it into a bouquet of flowers which hit Hadrian and cause the rose petals to fly over the floor.

“Gothel...she told me all about you….I swear I’ll scream...and she...she knows how to protect me from you?”

“That...old crone?” The Dragon asked with mirth dancing in his eyes. “Please...she’s taking a nap….”

“So, you killed her!” Rapunzel yelled.

“I don’t kill people the moment I see them,” Hadrian said. “Although, she sealed her fate the moment she started abusing your gift.”

Rapunzel’s golden hair whipped back. A smoothing blast of energy came through Rapunzel, which calmed her, only so slightly. But, yet, despite the calming nature, she still regarded the Dragon with suspicious.

“There’s power in you, beautiful,” Hadrian said. “Power which can change the should not be used as youth formula for one spiteful woman...who stole your childhood from you...and you from your parents.”


Here, Rapunzel did not know. Surely, if the Dragon would have wanted her, he would have taken her from the tower by this point. There was nothing stopping him. Rapunzel could not have stopped him, even if she wanted to.

“There’s a brave new world out there,” Hadrian said. “Take my hand.”

“I...I don’t think that’s a good idea,” Rapunzel murmured.

“Are you afraid of seeing the truth?” Hadrian asked. “What you know deep down is the truth.”

Rapunzel stretched out and touched a hand to the Dragon’s.

“Just who are you?”

“You are right, I’m called the Dragon, or Hadrian Peverell, my true sorcerer name is,” Hadrian said. “I was once known as Harry Potter, the Boy-Who-Lived.”

“Surely, aren’t all boys alive though?” Rapunzel asked.

Hadrian just smiled.

“Not all survive certain death countless times over,” Hadrian said. “Everything that does not kill me...made me stronger.”

“You don’t seem evil.”

“Well, evil is always in the eye of the beholder,” Hadrian said. “One person’s terrorist, is another person’s freedom fighter. It’s all a matter of perspective.”

The two moved forward, and Rapunzel’s eyes gazed into him. Those green eyes were gorgeous, although Gothel did warn Rapunzel about how they captivated the young man.

“Let me show you what your heart knows to be true.”

Everything flashed within Rapunzel’s mind. Everything struck the young woman, every falsehood in her, unraveled. Every lie just became unraveled. Everything about Rapunzel’s entire life, everything, just crashing down and it hurt inside.


Rapunzel could not believe it, but she knew it to be true. The trapped Princess clutched Hadrian’s shoulder, burying her face into his neck. Something from Hadrian calmed her.

“I can’t believe this can be true.”

“Can’t or won’t?” Hadrian asked. “Because, if someone tells you’re start to believe it...and it’s hard to see past that...and see how extraordinary you really are.”

“You think...I’m nothing special.”

“You remind me of me,” Hadrian said with a chuckle. “You know, before I opened my how...mediocre I was being just Harry. Being humble rarely gets results...although there is a fine line between being arrogant and being confidence. And it’s not arrogant, when you can back it up.”

Rapunzel’s quizzical expression locked onto Hadrian for a second.

“I can break that hold Gothel has on you, help you see the world, see the Kingdom that you’re destined to be Queen of someday,” Hadrian said. “Just trust me.”

“I’m not….”

Hadrian silenced Rapunzel with a kiss, which caused her mind to go completely haywire with inexperienced emotions. Rapunzel, got more into the kiss, the deeper Hadrian pushed into her. His hands brushed against the side of her legs, so soft, and silky, and untouched. And Rapunzel breathed heavily.

Her savior opened up so many doors, and would open up so much more.
Your Regularly Scheduled Shameless Smut Resumes in the Next Chapter as part of three new chapters(9, 10, and 11) on June 27th, 2019.

Chapter Text

Chapter Nine:

A kiss sparked something far greater between Rapunzel and Hadrian. Rapunzel’s lips, completely untouched until now, felt extremely soft and silky underneath the kiss from Hadrian.

Smiling, the kiss slowly broke and Rapunzel stood in her room, knees weak with pleasure. Hadrian slipped the nightdress off of her body to expose Rapunzel’s young body. Slender, with nice perky breasts, a flat stomach, a tight ass, and long legs, with a small strip of blonde hair down on her womanhood, a contrast to her long blonde hair, Rapunzel looked extremely hot.

“You look beautiful.”

Rapunzel unbuttoned Hadrian’s shirt with a shy smile and moved it off of him. Some strong force guided Rapunzel through what she needed to do. Several small, peppering kisses followed as she worked down Hadrian’s chest, his abs, and everything else. Through fumbling hands, Rapunzel removed Hadrian’s bottoms.

“Is...this mine?” Rapunzel asked tentatively.

“Yes,” Hadrian said. “Touch it.”

Rapunzel squeezed the bulge through Hadrian’s silken undershorts, watching with thinly disguised awe just how much it swelled underneath her soft fingers. Rapunzel toyed with Hadrian a little bit more until she pulled the shorts down and exposed Hadrian’s bare, long cock out until the open.

“Your bed awaits, Princess,” Hadrian said.

Hadrian guided Rapunzel onto her bed and the two of them passionately kissed each other. The Dragon zeroed in on all of the spots which made Rapunzel cry out in pleasure. He spent some time kissing down her neck, down to her breasts, with nipples sticking out, and down her body.

Rapunzel’s virgin womanhood ached with need and Hadrian teased her briefly with a swipe of his tongue, down across Rapunzel’s slit. Rapunzel clutched onto the back of the young man’s head, exciting about ready to burst.

“I want you,” Rapunzel breathed. “I want you to take a man should...take a woman.”

Rapunzel was unsure precisely how that worked, although a small, general idea. Hadrian picked Rapunzel up and balanced her on his lap. Rapunzel brushed down onto Hadrian’s tip the closer he slid into the Princess. Rapunzel’s gorgeous blonde locks tangled around Hadrian’s neck as she leaned in, pulling them closer together.

Hadrian’s lips met hers with another extremely passionate and fiery kiss. Rapunzel’s loins just ground, ever so slightly over Hadrian. The tip of his manhood brushed up against Rapunzel’s entrance, just begging inside. Rapunzel dug her nails into Hadrian’s shoulders, the passion just exploding through her eyes.

With one swift movement, Hadrian took the plunge and made Rapunzel a woman. She screamed in pain for a minute, biting down on Hadrian’s shoulder to stifle the scream. Then, she uncovered quickly.

Hadrian stuffed Rapunzel completely to the brim with his huge prick. Her body writhed up and down, barely able to fit at least half of it inside of her tight body.

“Oh, damn, girl, so tight,” Hadrian breathed.

“I want...I want more,” Rapunzel breathed in Hadrian’s ear.

Hadrian gave Rapunzel more, bouncing the cock-hungry blonde up and down on his cock. Her hair shifted, almost all its own accord, encouraging Hadrian. The tickling of the long strands on the underside of his balls sent a very pleasurable way through Hadrian. He rocked deep inside of Rapunzel’s body, a little bit deeper.

Rapunzel could feel the pleasure just building inside of the pit of her stomach. She was about ready to explode, about ready to give way to her pleasure. Everything just build inside of her threatened to explode. Hadrian popped her cherry and now Rapunzel could not think of life without his cock.

“Oooh, my King, that feels so good,” Rapunzel breathed in his ear.

“I know, baby, and this is going to feel even better.”

The next thing Rapunzel knew, she laid on her back on the bed, legs elevated over Hadrian’s shoulders. This positioned Hadrian perfectly to pummel her tight little pussy. Rapunzel cried as Hadrian’s massive manhood flexed deep inside of her and sent Rapunzel into screaming, writhing movements all over the bed. Rapunzel’s mouth hung open with a very solid “O” which Hadrian deepened with more thrusts inside of her tight body.

“ good,” Rapunzel chanted, her entire mind just struck dumb with pleasure. “So….good!”

Rapunzel tightened her legs around her man, who shoved deep inside of her with each movement. They met together, matching each other’s movements. Rapunzel’s hair went completely insane, wrapping them tightly up into a cocoon for a minute before he strands retracted.

The sweet worshipping of Rapunzel’s body continued. This divine beautiful deserved to be worshipped and Hadrian intended to commit every single inch of her skin. Every time Hadrian brushed his lips against Rapunzel, she cried out, encouraging Hadrian to go even more. Sucking on her cute little toes inspired quite the reaction in Rapunzel.

“Mmm, does the naughty little Princess like her toes getting sucked on?” Hadrian said while breathing against her soles.

Rapunzel closed her eyes, it felt so good, so very good indeed. Hadrian tasted her toes, making Rapunzel just shiver every time. The warmth spreading through the pit of her stomach continued to swell like a well placed balloon. Hadrian kept up the assault, working her body down onto Rapunzel’s tight pussy.

The sweet little toes of the Princess tasted like candy, and Hadrian indulged himself in them. Sucking on them, while driving deep into Rapunzel’s body. Her perky breasts shook with each movement, dancing in Hadrian’s line of sight. Nice little handfuls which Hadrian grabbed onto and squeezed to cause electricity to course through the lost Princess.

Rapunzel experienced things she never thought were possible, being trapped in a tower. And stronger clarity of how much she missed, hit through Rapunzel’s mind. She squeezed down, intending to take Hadrian deep inside of her with Hadrian’s balls slapping down onto Rapunzel’s warm thighs.

She came harder than ever before. The gushing waterfall going between her thighs increased. Rapunzel wrapped her hair, and legs around Hadrian, holding him in tight as they made love with each other.

“I have you now, and you will have everything that you deserved, Princess,” Hadrian said. “Including one of the best orgasms you can imagine. How would you like that?”

“A lot,” Rapunzel said. “Please, I want to feel so good.”

“You deserve it.”

The waterfall broke inside of Rapunzel and she came extremely hard. Hadrian pushed down, the tightening of Rapunzel’s tight warm walls against his bare penis sent pleasure jolts through Hadrian. Not to mention Rapunzel’s wild hair stroking Hadrian in every sensitive place possible made him just edge more.

“I’m going to anoint you as my new wife,” Hadrian said.

“Is it...that simple?” Rapunzel asked him.

They could have a ceremony later, but for now, Hadrian felt it was urgent to bond Rapunzel to him. And her body, the magic flowing through her hair, called out to be bonded to be mated to Hadrian. Hadrian shoved deep inside of her, the magic deep inside of their cores interlocking together. Rapunzel trapped Hadrian inside of her with a few more thrusts until finally, it happened.

Hadrian gifted Rapunzel with something she would remembered for a long time. Each push launched more of the essence of the powerful sorcerer into the Princess, drenched with sweat and arousal as her back arched back. Stuffed full, Rapunzel anticipated Hadrian burying cock into her womb.

Rapunzel’s swollen belly rubbed up against Hadrian’s tight abs, the faster that Hadrian pushed deep inside of her. The friction, only increased and Hadrian pulled out of her, leaving Rapunzel just breathing insanely.

“I love you, my husband,” Rapunzel said.

“Of course, my wife, you are amazing and magical,” Hadrian told her fondly. “I love you too.”

The two exchanged a sweet kiss, enjoying their arms wrapped around each other. Rapunzel could hold Hadrian into her for several hours, as their bodies just molded together.

Hadrian could smell something. Smoke, and he could hear a scream from downstairs.

‘Anna,’ The Dragon said reproachfully through the mental link.

‘I didn’t do it, Elsa did!’ Anna cried out.

‘What did Elsa do?’

Hadrian spun Rapunzel around and planted several kisses, starting down at the back of her neck and ending up on her shoulder. Rapunzel just let out deep savory breaths.

‘Well, there as a thief who tried to break into the tower,’ Elsa said. ‘I thought he would interrupt you claiming Princess I stopped him….’

‘By freezing him cold,’ Anna said.

‘I’m sure he’ll be fine...or would have been fine.’

Rapunzel, bent over on the side of the bed, hair draped sexily over her back, received plenty of attention. Hadrian stopped, and groaned, wondering what his wives did now.

‘I may have accidentally dropped him off of a cliff why he was frozen,’ Anna said sheepishly. ‘But, surely...he shouldn’t have been trying to break into a tower, right?’

‘You did what you had to do,’ Hadrian thought. ‘Accidents happen….you didn’t try and melt him with your powers, did you?’

‘Yes, a little bit,’ Anna sheepishly commented. ‘And that’s when...I dropped him off of the cliff.’

‘Well, he did have it coming,’another voice popped in through the bond link.

‘Don’t encourage them!’ Hadrian exasperatedly yelled.

‘Yes, Daddy,’ the mysterious voice said as she blew Hadrian a kiss through the bond.

Hadrian stopped with Rapunzel, and just shrugged. Well, just some thief, and he sent a soothing wave through the bond to ease some of the guilt his wives were feeling. For all Hadrian knew, the man could have intended to pillage the tower and rape the Princess inside, so really, they might have been preemptively stopping a crime. Without reading the man’s mind, Hadrian could not know his intentions.

Plus, not Hadrian’s problem if some thief got themselves frozen, burned, and then dropped off a cliff.

After a long time spent with her new husband, Rapunzel took Hadrian by the arm. The smell of smoke only got stronger, and Hadrian smelled the ash as well right next to the room.

“What happened?”

Hadrian broke open the door to Gothel’s quarters and saw a pile of ash down on the floor.

“Well, Gothel, did not take me claiming the power of your hair as part of our marriage well,” Hadrian said. “Magic took back all of the life she took from it and well….”

Hadrian gestured to the pile of ash which Rapunzel opened her mouth as well. From behind them, the other girls entered the tower. Aqua, Kairi, Anna, and Elsa stepped in behind them.

“Rapunzel, this is Anna, Elsa, Kairi, and Aqua,” Hadrian said. “Why don’t your four girls get to know each other, and I’ll clean up this mess?”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you all,” Rapunzel said. “You know… are the first girls...women that I saw close to our age….”

“I know, that’s awful you were locked in the tower,” Anna said. “So, you did you get to do anything? Did you even have chocolate?”

“Chocolate?” Rapunzel asked in confusion.

Anna clasped a hand to her heart, as Elsa looked on with mirth. Her sister seemed to be taking it well that she was an accessory to an assassination. To be fair, Anna rationalized she did it to protect their husband’s interests.

As the ladies all got acquainted. Hadrian cleaned up the mess left behind in the tower and stored Gothel’s remains in an urn. It was unwise to leave the ashes of a dead enemy on the carpet. It did come back to bite Hadrian in the past after all.
The Shameless Smut Continues In the Next Chapter. 

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Chapter Text

Chapter Ten: 

Aqua and Kairi moved ahead to scout for potential other opportunities. This left Elsa with Harry. The two of them looked around the tower, which had been pretty secure.

“You’re not mad at me for freezing him, are you?” Elsa asked.

“No, because he could be a threat, or he could be some jackass looking to make a quick score,” Hadrian said.

“Or he could be after the prize which you were seeking, which meant that I was right to do what I did,” Elsa concluded.

The two sat down inside of the tower next to each other. Elsa wrapped her arms tightly around Hadrian. With Aqua and Kairi off to scout the Kingdom for future opportunities, Anna and Rapunzel bonding, this left Elsa and Hadrian alone with each other. Elsa casually played with her husband’s hair.

“I’ve been thinking a little bit,” Hadrian said. “You know, about Rapunzel’s gift….”

“Well, her hair is interesting,” Elsa said. “Do you think that it could heal any illness?”

“It reversed the aging process,” Hadrian said. “For Gothel….I’m not sure what limits it could have. I’m not sure if Gothel thought of it as anything other than an agent to restore her youth.”

“It’s a pity, that she had to turn to ash,” Elsa said with a wistful smile. “And you know, be a controlling monster who also destroyed the self-esteem of a girl. But, you fixed her...much like you fixed me.”

Hadrian pushed his arm around Elsa’s body and kissed her lightly against the ear, several times. The presence of Elsa, calmed him a little bit. Much like his first wife, lost to the annals of time, they had a special connection. Hadrian had a feeling they would get along great, should someday they meet.

And someday, they would meet, but Hadrian could not think too far ahead. Rapunzel’s hair should be his focus.  Who knew of its full capabilities. Those thoughts shifted through Hadrian’s mind. Could it heal any injury, no matter how fatal? Could it even resurrect the dead? Thankfully thanks to the bonding, no one could use the hair without Hadrian and Rapunzel both consenting to it, so there were no worries.

“I’m going to have to visit her birth mother,” Hadrian said. “Queen Arianna.”

“Yes, but she is still married,” Elsa said.

Hadrian said nothing to that, other than kissing Elsa hard on the lips. Their lips moved, their tongues dance together. The King and Queen enjoyed each other’s company for the next several minutes, before Hadrian pulled away from Elsa, leaving her breathless and excited for what would happen next.

“So, where is Anna and Rapunzel?” Hadrian asked.

“Bonding over chocolate,” Elsa said. “Maybe you can join him later...but first...mmmm.”

Hadrian stepped into the room, to see Rapunzel-face first down onto the bed, breathing in heavily. It took Hadrian only scant seconds to realize what was happening. Anna used her heat abilities to melt a bar of chocolate all of Rapunzel’s back and now licked it up. The soft cries from Rapunzel.

“Harry!” Anna called to him. “You should try tastes so good.”

“That doesn’t hurt, does it Rapunzel?” Hadrian asked. “Anna melting chocolate all over your body?”

“No,” Rapunzel said. “My helps protect me from the heat.”

That was good to know. Anna, resting one of the bars of chocolate on Rapunzel’s leg, used a heated finger. Her control had been admittedly better, although still a bit shaky. Anna dove to lick the chocolate off of Rapunzel’s bare leg.

Instantly, Hadrian ripped off her top when she came out and exposed Anna’s bountiful chest to the opening. Hadrian picked up a block of chocolate and nestled it deep in Anna’s bosom.

“I’m hungry,” Hadrian told his wife.

Anna giggled in response. “Don’t dear husband...I’ll feed you.”

Anna’s eyes closed and the gooey, melted chocolate covered her breasts. Rapunzel sat up on the bed, mouth-watering, both at the sight of Anna’s tits, and chocolate covered in said tits. Hadrian and Rapunzel climbed over and sucked on Anna’s tits, causing her to cry out in pleasure.

“Ooooh!” Anna cried out.

Hadrian fingered Rapunzel while she feasted on Anna’s chest and then the chocolate on said chest. There were no worries if Rapunzel and Anna gorged themselves on chocolate, because they received high metabolisms based on their magical bonding with the Dragon. They sucked on Anna’s tits, cleaning all of the chocolate off of it and making her just cry out in more pleasure.

“Oh, how did I miss out on that?” Rapunzel asked.

“Because, Gothel was an evil spiteful witch who denied you the important things in life,” Anna said.

Sex and chocolate, and oh Anna’s excitement tripled at finding a way to combine both. A hungry gaze locked on Anna as she burned her husband’s shirt off in fiery passion.

“I liked that shirt,” Hadrian told her.

“I did too,” Anna said. “But….I’m sure you can fix it with the magic of m….”

Hadrian silenced Anna with a very powerful kiss. That phrase was fun, providing it was not overused. Anna’s lips, the sweet taste of melted chocolate and Rapunzel’s arousal still on them from earlier caused him.

“She shoots the fireball at you, and yet the pants remain,” Rapunzel said.

‘Because, he shops at the same place that Bruce Banner does,’ the mysterious voice from earlier commented.

‘What?’ Rapunzel thought. ‘Who?’

‘Never mind.’

Hadrian’s pants came off and Rapunzel decided to taste something a just a little bit better than chocolate. The throbbing meat missile slipped between Rapunzel’s lips. Her eyes shifted over and pleasured her husband’s mouth. The Dragon King’s meaty prick buried itself down into Rapunzel’s throat as she deep throated him.

“That looks like fun,” a breathless Anna commented.

Princesses Anna and Rapunzel pleasured Hadrian’s loins and caused him to rise up in pleasure. Anna wrapped her pouty lips around Hadrian’s balls and Rapunzel’s perfect tight mouth slid down onto it.

“Good girls,” Hadrian said. “You’re very good cock-suckers.”

The two switched off, beaming at the praise of their King. Anna’s mouth heated up, enveloping Hadrian in a very pleasurable warmth. Rapunzel licked Hadrian’s balls, while stroking his thighs with a strand of hair.

The perfect cream to go along with their chocolate started to bubble out. Rapunzel and Anna sealed the head of the Dragon’s engorged monster between the two of them with a kiss, kissing it, sucking down their dessert. The hunger coursing through the bodies of the Princesses only increased the further they pleasured their man.

“Closer,” Hadrian said.

Rapunzel milked Hadrian’s balls while Anna sucked long and hard on his length. The build up, the tightening, it all came through, and fired Hadrian’s creamy treat deep within Anna’s mouth.

Anna sucked on every last drop from her man, enjoying the blasts of seed just coursing out and hitting the back of her throat. Several dozen long thrusts later and Anna got more than a mouthful for her trouble. Some of the cream dibbled out, with Rapunzel scrapping it off and tasting it.

“That tastes about as good as chocolate.”

Anna would have quipped that Hadrian did make his essence taste like chocolate, if she was not too busy enjoying the taste of said essence.  Rapunzel cupped Anna’s face and gave her a scorching kiss. Rapunzel wrapped her hair around the firebending Princess, moving Anna in closer towards her.

Hadrian helped the two Princesses increase their lust to each other, finger-banging them very aggressively with each other. The heat only doubled with their pleasure coursing and exploding down their bodies,

Anna and Rapunzel broke the kiss and assumed the position. On their hands and knees, their tight asses wiggling for Hadrian. Hadrian smacked down onto them. Hadrian switched from one Princess to the other, teasing them and getting the heat just building through their loins.

“I want...I want you so badly,” Rapunzel breathed in excitement.

“I know you do,” Hadrian said. “But, I think that both of you are going to get what you want in the end.”

Hadrian slid deep into Rapunzel. Anna cried out in frustration. Not for long, for Hadrian interfaced Rapunzel and Anna at the neural level, so Anna could feel everything Rapunzel did from Hadrian working his way into her tight body.

Anna somehow felt fuller, due to Rapunzel having a more lithe frame than she did. Despite not having the direct hands on appearance that would come with Hadrian directly burying himself inside of her, electric energy still coursed through Anna’s tight body. She squeezed and released Hadrian many times over, causing her to cry out in explosive pleasure.

“I know you want me, and I’ll give you what you want,” Hadrian told her with a powerful thrust just rippling through her tight body. “We’re almost’re almost ready to cum for me, aren’t you?”

“YES!” Rapunzel yelled.

Already, Rapunzel clamped down onto Hadrian. Rapunzel’s entire life, before meeting her beloved Dragon King just seemed to be a distant shadow. Devoid of any meaning, other than receiving his love.

Hadrian pulled out of Rapunzel and flipped the switch, stuffing himself inside Anna. Anna’s walls gripped Hadrian, showing hunger deeper than everything that she felt.

“Oh, she couldn’t finish the job, could she?”

Hadrian felt the tightness of both of the women now wrapped around him. His hands moved against Anna with phantom hands copying the same motions. Same for the thrusting deep inside of Anna’s body, the tightening of her loins getting even hotter the more Hadrian shoved into her.

“No,” Hadrian admitted. “Can you?”

Despite not having not too much more experience than Rapunzel, Anna did have some more experience, and clamped down onto Hadrian to make him feel so good. Hadrian slipped down onto Anna, rocking her body with so many deep and powerful thrusts.

The cycle continued, bringing Anna to a very explosive orgasm. Doing the same to Rapunzel. Hadrian switched back and forth. His fingers closed deep into on them.

After gifting both of these lovely Princesses with a dozen orgasms a piece, a gift perfect for such royalty, Hadrian closed his eyes and grew a second cock. The tantric energy build through his body.

Several tentacle arms grew from Hadrian’s side, each of them with ends shaped like penises, the same size and thickness of Hadrian’s. They rubbed slimy juices down the bodies of the Princesses as Hadrian rocked them from behind. Back and forth with several deep thrusts, just increasing the tightness of their pussies.

They were amazing in their own ways. The heat caused all three of them to get closer, edging to the end. Rapunzel and Anna closed around him, pleasuring both of his cocks at the same time. It was hard to say from this point which pussy felt better. Hadrian could say without any hesitation they felt extremely good.

The weight of Hadrian’s balls just sized up and threatened to burst. Hadrian filled their bodies with orgasms and they prepared to empty his seed into them.

“One more time before I finish,” Hadrian said.

“Oooh, don’t wait on our account, my King!” Anna cried out.

Hadrian did wait on their accounts and made them both cry in pleasure. Their bodies tightened and finally, Hadrian let way and emptied the contents of his balls into the tight bodies of both Princesses.

Rapunzel cried out in excitement from Hadrian burying his divine gift inside of her body. More than she could handle, but Rapunzel being as hungry as she was, wanted every single last drop inside. The feel of Hadrian’s thick seed resting inside of her body made Rapunzel feel like an entirely new woman.

Hadrian’s new woman and one of his Queens.

Anna cried out passionately the more Hadrian buried inside of her body. His balls, tensing and releasing, stuffed a load of a similar volume inside of both of them.

Now with one cock and no tentacles, Hadrian pulled away from them. Leaving Anna and Rapunzel breathing, and the two women closing in. They kissed each other, tasting their lips.

Anna crawled onto Rapunzel’s face and Rapunzel, without any warning, sank her tongue deep into Anna’s heavenly core to taste the seed Hadrian left behind. Rapunzel sucked out every last drop she could reach and Anna, nestled between Rapunzel’s thighs, returned the favor.

Hadiran leaned in close to Rapunzel and Anna, kissing their bodies, caressing them, and just enjoying the feeling. Hadrian sucking on Rapunzel’s toes just as Anna ate her merited a very prolific reaction.

It was now time to kick things up to the next step.
The Shameless Smut Continues In the Next Chapter.

Collective Tracker: Elsa, Anna, Aqua, Kairi, Rapunzel

Chapter Text

Part Three of the Mini-Arc Taking Place in the Blog Exclusive Chapters, featuring Harry/Aqua/Kairi.

Chapter Eleven:

Sitting them all side by side, Hadrian fastened Anna, Elsa, and Rapunzel with bracelets which caused them to look at him strangely.

“These bracelets will take you to any place that you want to be,” the Dragon King explained to them. “And will take you instantly out of danger if you are in a situation which you cannot get out of danger. To me, or one of my other companions.”

“How does it know we’re in danger?” Elsa asked.

‘It’s magic, obviously,” Anna said.

Elsa just tackled her sister onto the seat and started to tickle her. The tickling session turned into Elsa feeling up Anna and then the feeling up session turned into the two gorgeous sisters, making out aggressively with each other. Anna put her hand on the back of Elsa’s head and doubled the kiss, increasing the depths of which her lips did with each movement.

Hadrian waved his hand to convert the bench into a bed, and just in time because certain actions would make performing transfiguration slightly problematic in a moment.

Rapunzel took Hadrian out of his pants and rubbed his erect cock up against her body. Taking off Rapunzel’s clothes, Hadrian laid her bare and started to kiss her.

Anna turned the tables of Elsa, but Hadrian’s hanging balls distracted her. Drooling with hunger, at those thick, large sacs, Anna moved in and planted a couple of hungry kisses upon them, very lightly and very aggressively sucking on Hadrian’s balls. The heat from her mouth only increased the further Anna pleasured Hadrian with her mouth, sucking on him so hard.

Elsa just smiled. It was a wonder exactly how they got anything done, when an orgy could happen at a drop of the hat. Not that Elsa complained about that. And she did not complain about her sister’s warm pussy being exposed through the green panties she wore. Which Elsa removed so she could bury her face.

Two Princesses pleasured Hadrian with their mouths, while Elsa ate out her sister. The loud, very hungry sounds, Elsa made for Anna, just increased the excitement spreading across the room. Hadrian pulled Anna and Rapunzel forward, as the two turns pleasuring his manhood.

Elsa pulled away from Anna, crawling over Anna’s body, Rapunzel’s body, to Harry. They kissed each other, the sweet taste of Anna’s honey on Elsa’s lips increasing the kiss.

Nudging Anna and Rapunzel out of the way, Elsa mounted Hadrian in the reverse cowgirl position and buried her husband deep inside of her. She impaled down onto Hadrian’s mighty rod and to be honest, it felt so good to have it deep inside her body. Rapunzel squeezed down and released Hadrian, crying out in pleasure.

Rapunzel and Anna pouted, but they decided to have some fun with each other. Rapunzel toyed with Anna’s body with her hair, making Anna cry out in pleasure.

“How do you like that?” Rapunzel asked. “We had fun with your powers yesterday….now it’s time to have fun with my powers.”

Rapunzel tickled Anna’s body and caused her to practically drip with excitement. Oh, Anna wondered what other naughty things Rapunzel could do with her hair. The energy coursing through it resulted in a pleasant tingle.

The view of Elsa’s bouncing ass did wonderful things to ramp up Hadrian and his level of excitement.

“Beloved, keep that up.”

“Am I making you feel good my King?”

Hadrian magically extended his reach and grabbed Elsa’s breasts before pumping back. Elsa cried as icicles extended out from her nipples and she cried out in pleasure.

The inside of Elsa’s warm, scorching center worked Hadrian over and over again. Hadrian held back and enjoyed the feeling of his wife cumming. He could also see everything through Elsa’s eyes and Rapunzel’s pussy, just spread open gave Hadrian an exciting idea.

A small nudge allowed Elsa’s big toe to rub down Rapunzel’s slit. Rapunzel had been surprised, but not so pleased. While her hair tickled Anna’s elegant soles, and made her cry out in pleasure.

“Are you enjoying being fucked by my toes?” Elsa asked.

Rapunzel, focusing on eating out Anna, could not respond. She moaned deep into Anna’s fold and make Anna just thrust repeatedly, over and over again, the force of her hips increasing.

“Yes, she does, I know she….”

Just as much as Anna enjoyed having her soles tickled by Rapunzel’s amazing hair. The hair sent tremors of energy down Anna’s body and the excitement spread through the room.

All three girls, through various kinks, were about ready to cum. Hadrian sat up completely, wrapping his arms around Elsa and touching her body all over. Elsa’s heat only increased, tightening around his cock, and pushing deep inside of her from behind. Hadrian held on, going the distance and increasing the dance and the ways he just pounded Elsa deep and hard from behind.

“Yes, I’m making you feel beyond amazing, aren’t I?” Hadrian asked.

“YES!” Elsa yelled. “YES...YES!”

Elsa creamed all over Hadrian’s length, causing her insides to squeeze and release him several times over. Oh, yes, this was the perfect feeling, no question about it.

Leaving Elsa to practically stew in her own juices, Hadrian climbed over and tended to both Anna and Rapunzel. He pleasured both of their bodies and covered them with kisses.

Pulling each other way, Rapunzel and Anna sandwiched the Dragon King between their bodies and kissed several times over. Their warm lips covered Hadrian’s body, inch by square in, sending a pleasurable tremor dancing through him. Anna’s soft, silky fingers rubbed up against Hadrian and shot his manhood forward, with Anna releasing and squeezing it with several fluid motions.

“Mmm, honey, that really hits the spot,” Anna said. “And you really hit my spot...don’t you?”

Anna danced against Hadrian’s tool, slowly slurping up against him, but she stopped. The sight of Elsa’s nipples, covered in ice, awoken several hungry emotions deep within Anna. She crawled over, taking one nipple into her mouth. Rapunzel took the other nipple and both of them sucked, very aggressively on Elsa’s nice breasts.

Hadrian wrapped his arms around Anna, spooning his lovely wife in the process. Then, with a swift movement, Hadrian buried deep inside of Anna and caused her to just lose it.

Anna loved it, loved the feelings of pleasure. Hadrian reached around to stroke her body.

Meanwhile, Rapunzel’s hair went completely wild and started to rub all three of them in very pleasant places all at once. This spark made Anna just explode, wrapping her womanly walls around Hadrian’s big thick meaty prick. The harder he buried inside of her, the more lust Anna felt.

“Time for a breather.”

Hadrian teleported from Anna, to Rapunzel. Being inside of her immediately on landing, just right, was the time of precision that only a skilled sorcerer could. And the fact that Hadrian was already buried inside of her body upon her orgasm appeared to electrify Rapunzel in a way.

Anna, sensing a moment, crawled on top of Elsa and nestled her face between the Snow Queen’s ample chest. The soft round snow globes pushed against Anna’s face, and caused her to breath out.

“Good job, give your big sister all of her love,” Elsa just moaned from what Anna was doing to her.

Hadrian brushed against them every so often, while working Rapunzel up to a fever pitch. The very uneven pattern kept Elsa and Anna guessing and more importantly kept them practically on their toes.  Wanting for more and unable to guess when more would cum. Hadrian pressed up against Rapunzel, sending shocking waves of pleasure through her.

After Hadrian rode Rapunzel hard and put her away wet, Hadrian ended up inside Anna. Just in time, as Anna sampled her favorite frozen treat, namely the tasty juices coming from Elsa. Anna smiled when Elsa’s juices hardened into a nice frozen bar which Anna could suck and lick.

Oh, yes, these did taste so much better when hearing Elsa’s reaction. While the treats Elsa made Anna were nice, there was nothing better than tasting one fresh. And Elsa’s fingers, digging into Anna’s scalp encouraged her.

The weight of Hadrian pressing inside almost made Anna collapse in pleasure underneath the swinging balls. They hit Anna, at certain angles and made her just explode in pleasure.

“Don’t think you’re going to be left out either,” Hadrian said.

Rapunzel had been caught off guard. Her hair elevated Rapunzel off of the bed, like golden spider legs. And her toes, dangled, for Hadrian to capture into her mouth.

“I could not resist them,” Hadrian said. “But, I offer no apologies for...this…”

Hadrian alternated between sucking on Rapunzel’s toes, Elsa’s toes, and Anna’s toes, each of them tasting sweet. Hadrian channeled magic through their feet as he sampled the candy. It was so good, and so savory that Hadrian just needed to bask in the moment.

After leaving Rapunzel and Anna breathing heavily, Elsa crawled onto her husband’s lap. Wrapping her arms around Hadrian, Elsa had the look in her eyes of a very powerful sexual huntress who knew what she wanted. And would leverage every inch of her body to get what she wanted.

And what she wanted, was Hadrian. A kiss lit the fire, and Hadrian pulled Elsa onto him. Her folds gobbled up Hadrian, sending him deep into Elsa to the point where she was already oozing pleasure.

Elsa bounced onto Hadrian with the ride growing even more intense. Lips found their way around Elsa’s rock hard nipples, and she sucked them, extremely hard. Elsa, rocking back and forth against Hadrian’s body, only increased the pleasure of her wet, warm pussy to close and release him.

A thousand tiny touches opened up the door for so much more for Elsa. Elsa worked deeper down onto Hadrian, sending the pleasure just blasting through her body. Tightening and releasing, Elsa just cried out in pleasure when leaking all over Hadrian. The heat only increased the faster they worked against each other.

“So close,” Elsa said.

Without any shame, Elsa retracted two ice dildos and jammed them into Rapunzel and Anna. Their hips moved, repeatedly pumping up and down and melting Elsa’s toys. Elsa, without any hesitation, just reapplied the ice. Not wanting any of the girls to cool down, she thrust deep into her.

“Good,” Elsa breathed. “I need your seed...inside me. And I need it, right now.”

Hadrian squeezed Elsa’s hips and released her. Anna and Rapunzel received the gift of a conjured tentacle down their throats in addition to the ice dildos which rammed deep inside of their bodies.

Elsa would not be denied her rightful claim to her husband’s gift. Slowly, Elsa worked Hadrian’s pole, using her walls to draw every single last drop out of him. Hadrian, pressing against Elsa’s nipples, sucked down onto them hard and made her just cry out with even more passion than ever before.

“Yes, you need this, don’t you?” Hadrian asked. “And I’m willing to give it to you...right now.”

“Yes, I know you are,” Elsa practically purred in his ear. “Give it to me...please.”

They came together, with Elsa edging Hadrian all the way over the breaking point. Anna and Rapunzel joined the King and Queen in the explosion.

“Thank you...for this gift,” Rapunzel said.

She clung onto her new friends, her new family, and importantly her new husband. While Rapunzel knew that soon she would reunite with her parents, the unknown caused Rapunzel to just be nervous.

“Once Aqua and Kairi return, we’ll face it together.”

Hadrian tightened a hard grip upon Rapunzel and soothed her body with kisses. A very familiar dance continued, with Anna and Elsa moving in to kiss their sister-wife from all over, kissing her shoulders and moving down to sooth her sexy back with more kisses.

Another round of hot, pleasure increased. Hadrian pushed Rapunzel on the bed, and covered her body with sweet kisses. Rapunzel gasped in attention as Elsa and Anna alternated between kissing Rapunzel, Hadrian, and each other.

One more round, at the very least, before they made their journey, and getting strength from her husband and wives sent tingles through every inch of Rapunzel, empowering her.
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Chapter Twelve:

After slipping away from Rapunzel, Anna, and Elsa, Hadrian came face to face with Kairi, who dressed in a nice black bodysuit which fit around her body. The tightness just drew Hadrian’s attention towards the woman in question.

“So Aqua….”

Kairi just smiled, slowly closing the distance between herself and the Dragon. “She’s going ahead to scout a situation which may need our attention...nothing that would affect you, but it would prove to have some...opportunities that you might want to take advantage of.”

Here Hadrian had been intrigued and he wanted more information from Kairi. But, Kairi, threw her arms around Hadrian’s neck and pulled him into a kiss to eliminate the possibility of any conversation. The hot and passionate kiss which followed caused Hadrian’s hands to moved down her body.

Kairi sighed deeply into the kiss. It had been much too long since she had some fun with her brother. And she was going to enjoy this. The bulge in Hadrian’s pants felt very impressive and promising. Kairi, slowly rubbing his crotch, decided to add some very welcome heat to the situation, before yanking down Hadrian’s pants.

Oh, Hadrian closed his eyes and enjoyed Kairi’s warm lips edging down. She kissed the tip of his penis, still with the fresh taste of some combination of Elsa, Anna, and Rapunzel on it. Kairi’s tongue, moving in a zig-zag motion pleasured Hadrian in numerous ways, taking him deep inside of her mouth.

“So good,” Hadrian breathed.

This very obvious encouragement lead Kairi to wrap her warm lips around Hadrian and stuff him into her mouth, inch by inch. The loud pop of Kairi’s perfect mouth around Hadrian’s manhood echoed. The redhead looked hot bobbing her mouth up and down onto Hadrian’s manhood, sticking his cock deep into her throat on a constant loop.

Hadrian pushed his hands against the back of her head and pumped deep and hard into Kairi’s mouth, perfectly taking her over and over again, deep inside of her mouth. Oh, Kairi, she was a delight, and Hadrian’s eyes, glazing over, could feel the pleasure just about ready to burst inside of his groin.

“Not yet.”

Those words caused Kairi to release Hadrian with a soft pop of her nice, juicy lips. Turning around, Kairi rubbed her latex covered ass all over Hadrian’s groin, to increase some of the heat deep inside of her. Hadrian, knowing her game, undid her zipper and pulled out her breasts.

Kairi closed her eyes, feeling Hadrian’s strong hands over her breasts, feeling her up. The moisture in Kairi’s body built up to a fever pitch as Hadrian lightly humped against her from behind. Oh, Kairi, she was feeling it, feeling the pleasure mounting inside of her as he prepared to enter her from behind. Just a little bit more and Kairi would be his and his alone.

She wondered if Hadrian remembered the pull away crotch built into the body suit for easy access.

Hadrian did, pulling the crotch away and exposing Kairi’s nice, moist crotch to the elements. He shoved a finger deep inside of the woman, who broke out into a cry.

“You like that, sis?”

“Love it!” Kairi squealed the second Hadrian slipped a finger into her.

Her ass had been exposed as well, and Hadrian just ground against Kairi’s perfect ass while fingering her. Ever so slightly, Hadrian worked Kairi up, knowing all of the ways to push the buttons of the sexy redhead. Slowly, but surely, Hadrian got her screaming and them dripping for more.

Need flushed through Kairi’s body. The need to be taken, the need to be hit with every single angle. She wanted Hadrian and his love several times over. Hadrian rubbed up against her warm slit, sending multiple waves of desire all through her body.

“Oooh, yes,” Kairi moaned. “Give it to me...hard.”

Hadrian stuck the tip of his manhood into Kairi’s slit and lightly pumped a bit further. He would have been inside of her, but feeling Kairi’s juices flow against his head at the mere thought sent a burning passion through Hadrian. Hadrian grabbed onto her chest, cupping her fine breasts and then shifting his hands down her body.

“I need you, inside of me.”

Hadrian’s kisses increased in intensity and in frequency, to drive Kairi to the brink with pleasure. He opened up the door for more and sent Kairi into a tizzy. The passionate flames only erupted deep inside of her, the closer Hadrian reached his destination of putting himself inside of her.

“Do you really?”

A deep squeal followed, with Hadrian pushing just a little bit deeper inside of Kairi. No matter how many times Hadrian pushed himself inside of Kairi, the familiar sensation of her wet pussy wrapping around him was like home. Hadarian slid a hand down her back and got Kairi mewling something fierce for him.

Kairi’s toes curled at the thought of Hadrian pushing her against the carriage wall and driving deep inside her. It had been a dance which Kairi knew most of the steps, but never the less caused her great pleasure. Hadrian’s hands moving at the speed of light made him feel like he had dozens of hands touching her once.

Which to be fair, had been possible within the confines of magic. Where a person’s only restriction was their own imagination. Kairi just lost it at the thought of what Hadrian could do to her.

Finally, Hadrian let loose and shoved himself deep inside of Kairi’s wet pussy, burying himself as far into her as humanly possible. His balls, striking her body, caused a cry to erupt from Kairi. Hadrian, pulling out, shoved deep into her from behind once more.

The eruption of juices coming from Kairi just caused Hadrian to smile. He became nice and wet, sliding himself deeper into her repeatedly. The tingling in his balls, rubbing against the red hair covering her crotch, caused the muscles in Hadrian’s body to feel on edge.

“You wanted me one on one,” Hadrian told her with more thrusts. “And you know get me. But that makes you feel so good. That makes your pussy, feel so wet, doesn’t it?”

“Y-yes!” Kairi breathed for him. “Yes...yes it does!”

Hadrian wrapped his hands around her chest to milk her breasts, which only increased in sensitivity thanks to the wave of tantric energy washing over them. Hadrian moved to explore Kairi’s body, her snug insides wrapping and closing around him with each pressing moment.

Wanting to peak into her gorgeous eyes when fucking her, Hadrian spun Kairi around. Kairi, throwing her legs arounnd Hadrian, pinned him up against the wall, crying out for more. And what was more, was a big thick meat spear just slamming into Kairi’s center, sending her into waves of pleasure.

“You enjoyed tasting my wives all over my cock earlier, didn’t you?” Hadrian asked.

“I am your naughty sister,” Kairi breathed in his ear. “Oooh, that feels so good...I don’t know how I lived without you inside me, stretching me….making me feel so gooood….”

The word drew out into a scream which showed just how hard Kairi orgasmed on Hadrian’s thick tool. Oh, the depths of which he speared into her, it was an amazing feeling. Just to enjoy her pussy, clamping and squeezing around him, in such a great and sensational manner. Hadrian held back on her, thrusting away and making Kairi just almost explode all over him again and again.

Hadrian knew it would be only a matter of time before she lead him through the final stages of the dance. The hot latex seared against Kairi’s body. Hadrian leaned in to worship Kairi’s breasts, a sensation which they all knew too well and welcomed. Kairi locked her warm walls around Hadrian, tightening up against him.

Delirious pleasure erupted through Kairi, as she wondered how many orgasms would pass over her before satisfaction finally had been reached. Hadrian elevated her in mid-air, floating himself as she bounced up and down on the Dragon King. To feel everything, just flow freely, well it brought Kairi so much excitement. Kairi just closed deep around him and released Hadrian’s manhood.

“I want you to finish,” Kairi breathed in his ear. “Do you think you can do that for me, my dear brother?”

“Of course,” Hadrian grunted. “Anything for you sis...anything for my sexy sister.”

Hadrian pushed deep into Kairi. He enjoyed bringing Kairi to an orgasm. Those sexy cries, filling Hadrian with so much joy, erupted through the entire room. Pushing deep inside of Kairi, riding her so hard, made the woman just cry out in endless waves of pleasure.

“Anything for you.”

Kairi enjoyed it, locking onto Hadrian. Her pussy, closing around Hadrian with the thrills just erupting through her body, showed just how much lust they felt. She enjoy getting hot and heavy with him, all the way to the end.

One more orgasm for Kairi, before Hadrian lost himself inside of her. The weight of those balls sent thrills through Kairi, as Hadrian repeatedly thrust inside of her body, emptying his empty load inside of her.

The shared orgasm caused the two surrogate siblings to drop back down to Earth. Kairi, straddling Hadrian in the aftermath, gave him a deep and passionate kiss, which Hadrian returned. He grabbed onto Kairi’s ass, squeezing it and making her squeal in pleasure.

Slowly, Kairi detached herself from Hadrian and slid down to worship his sexy body. Every inch of the Dragon King, demanded Kairi’s constant and very loving attention, starting with his still erect manhood.

In the aftermath of the tryst, Hadrian wrapped his arm around Kairi, pulling her close into him. The door of the carriage opened, and Aqua stepped in. She had news, and judging by the somber look on Aqua’s face, Hadrian seemed it could be dire.

“Do you think you could call on Rapunzel?” Aqua asked him. “Because, I think she should heart this.”

Hadrian closed his eyes, and seconds laters, Rapunzel appeared, alongside Elsa and Anna. Rapunzel, despite her earlier worries, looked steadfast and determined to move forward in the next stage of this brave adventure.

“So, are we heading forward?” Rapunzel asked. “To Corona?”

Aqua put a hand on Rapunzel’s face, and Rapunzel instantly recognized the look in her face.

“There’s been an affliction which has struck Corona, several people have been infected by it,” Aqua said. “You shouldn’t be infected, but it does infect the males...and I’m afraid your father, the King...he’s grown ill….”

Rapunzel held her head down. Elsa, calmly draped an arm over Rapunzel, in a manner which to comfort her. Despite the fact that Rapunzel never truly met her father, it still was an experience.

Harry just threw his head back. “I bet the people in the kingdom are going to blame me for this one.”

“They really shouldn’t,” Anna said.

“You’d be surprised,” Hadrian said. “So, we better head off now...because if you want to say goodbye to your father...the window of time is short.”

Rapunzel broke out into a very soft sigh and understood. She did not know, tonight would be the night where she would meet her birth parents, but this might be the last and only time she met her father.

“The disease is already fading, although those who got infected, it was lethal,” Aqua informed Hadrian. “I can’t figure out the source, or why it only affected men, or if it’s part of something bigger.”

One of the things they might want to work into. Regardless, it was time for to take the final journey to the Royal Palace.
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Collective Tracker: Elsa, Anna, Aqua, Kairi, Rapunzel

Chapter Text

Chapter Thirteen:

Hadrian, Aqua, and Kairi made sure Elsa, Anna, and Rapunzel had settled in. The nature of the carriage allowed it to travel through time, space, and dimension. It was once a space ship, but that was another story for another time. The carriage prepared to move into the palace.

Inside of the navigation room, Aqua, Kairi, and Hadrian moved into position.

“Did you put the time bubble up?” Aqua asked.

“Yes,” Hadrian told them.

“Good,” Aqua said. “We have ten hours in here...even though we will be arriving to the Kingdom within the next ten seconds.”

Aqua’s hungry gaze locked onto Hadrian and there had been no question what she wanted. Instantly, Aqua dove in for a kiss to Hadrian. The journey had been long and since Kairi had gotten some of their brother earlier, it had only been fair Aqua got a piece. The bluette indulged in a very long kiss, with Hadrian tightening his grip around her ass with each kiss.

Kairi bent over the edge of the carriage, to check to see if they were on course, although things moved very slowly from within the time bubble. Aqua, tearing away the crotch of her bodysuit, revealed Kairi’s sweet pussy, which had been wet still, and still had the taste of Hadrian inside of it.

“Aqua,” Kairi breathed in.

“Don’t mind if I do.”

Kairi gripped tightly onto the console when Aqua danced her warm tongue over Kairi’s nether lips, tasting some of Hadrian. The warm taste of Hadrian inside of Kairi just caused a very pleasant sensation, Aqua lapping up the juices instantly.

Hadrian stripped her bare from the waist down and ground up against Aqua. Aqua gave a very passionate cry out of pleasure. Slowly, but surely, Hadrian ground his manhood against Aqua, threatening to push inside of her. Inch by inch, Hadrian started to slide into her, teasing her.

Aqua pulled away from eating Kairi out just long enough to throw a very passionate look over her shoulder. Hadrian positioned her back where she munched out Kairi.

“I never can get enough of this.”

Hadrian drove deep into Aqua and judging by the way these walls were wrapping down around his pulsing organ, neither could Aqua as well. Aqua, tightening around Hadrian, repeatedly pulsed around him. There was no need to wait, given how Aqua had been nice and wet already.

Aqua and Kairi both moaned, for different reasons. Instead of eating Kairi out, Aqua wrapped her arm around Kairi’s waist, grinding against her as Harry buried himself deep inside of her. The tingling of both women at the same time brought Hadrian further and further into their bodies. Showing just how hot and sexy both of them looked, grabbing their fine asses and playing with their lovely breasts all at the same time.

Hadrian made their days, pleasuring both of their lovely bodies. Oh, Kairi and Aqua, they almost exploded with lust.

After riding Aqua to an orgasm, Hadrian switched, to drive deep into Kairi. Her greedy pussy swallowed his prick the very instant they touched.

“I make you feel better than anyone else, don’t I, my sweet sister?” Hadrian asked Kairi.


Kairi received a finger in her ass from Aqua which doubled the pleasure. Hadrian reached deep inside of her as well, pleasuring every instance of her body. Oh, Kairi could just feel the waterflow. She had made love, quite vigorously, with her brother for several hours already.

Much like all of the finer things in life, when one got a taste, they must have more. And Kairi, now electrified by the feeling, got a hell of a taste. The depths which Hadrian buried inside of her, only increasing with multiple thrusts, sent Kairi over the edge with pleasure.

After riding out Kairi’s orgasm, Hadrian slid back into Aqua once again. He rammed into Aqua, pushing her into Kairi’s back. The stimulation of their sexy bodies pushing together increased.

“I need this more than her, brother,” Aqua breathed. “Please...deeper...deeper inside of me. I love those balls pushing against her.”

The sexy visual of Aqua’s blue pubic hair rubbing against him, dripping with arousal, both Kairi’s and Aqua’s, made Hadrian only more determined to rock into her. He rode Aqua for a little bit, sending her into a tingle of pleasure. Switching to Kairi, Hadrian rode her.

Back and forth, from one gorgeous woman to the other. Sliding into them and rocking their bodies so much. The time bubble gave Hadrian plenty of time to play with his lovely sisters.

And play they did, with Aqua and Kairi dropping down to their knees, sandwiching Hadrian’s manhood between their breasts, and pumping him up and down, to give their holes a break. The visual of red and blue hair, combined and interlocked in battle ensured the pleasure would just double. Hadrian, sliding his hand down the back of Kairi’s head, and then to Aqua, increased the pleasure they were feeling. Doubling down, with both of these lovely ladies just pleasuring Hadrian’s manhood all over, sucking and licking on him.

After the double tit-fuck entered, Hadrian left the paradise of the breasts of these two lovely ladies. Pushing them down on the console, Hadrian planted his fingers into them. He looked them straight in the eyes, when fingering them to the edge. Hadrian leaned in and sucked on their breasts both a few times.

Aqua wanted Hadrian back inside of her. The tease of his talented fingers made Aqua wonder about this sweet, sweet torture. Her toes, curling in a constant thrillride of pleasure, indicated that she would be brought to the edge. Oh, yes, this felt very very good.

“You want me, baby, you got me?” Hadrian asked her.

“Oooh, yes!” Aqua cried out in pleasure.

Hadrian buried himself deep into Aqua’s body. The horny woman clamped herself around Hadrian, wrapping her legs around Hadrian. The ship offered a nice soft bed for Hadrian to fuck Aqua on and he took the advantage, taxing the springs on the bed.

Kairi, smiling, slid her thighs around Aqua’s face.

“Eat it!” Kairi yelled.

Aqua sucked on Kairi’s warm nether lips, enjoying the pleasure just flowing through her body at a constant and endless rate. There was no question about how good this felt. Aqua slurped and sucked on Kairi, enjoying every single last drop of warm pussy juices which just spilled from her body.

Hadrian, watching Kairi’s ass bounce up and down, enticed him to bury himself even further inside of Aqua. The weight of his balls, growing to a fever pitch, threatened to explode with the slightest of movements. He slowed down a little bit, to savor in Aqua’s said.

“My sister should feel her best when she comes for me,” Hadrian said.

Aqua sized up with Hadrian inside of her, burying a constant series of thrusts inside of her. Oh, the rippling feeling deep inside of her body, very impressive. Aqua locked her heels around Hadrian, pushing him all the way inside of her.

Hadrian sped up, rocking Aqua to a very amazing orgasm. Her walls clenched and released Hadrian, releasing her juices all over him.

Now that Hadrian was wet with juices, he pulled up, grinding against Aqua’s breasts. Hadrian straddled Aqua, while aiming for Kairi’s asshole, and slowly, burying his big cock into her tight ass from behind.

Kairi cried out in pleasure, mind numbing, toe curling pleasure. Hadrian took her in her back entrance and this only seemed to speed up just how vigorous Aqua’s tongue was going inside of her. Every now and then, Aqua moved from Kairi’s pussy to lick and suck on Hadrian’s balls as he slid into Kairi’s ass.

“How does that make you feel?”

“Like I could just...explode,” Kairi breathed.

“Mmm, I know, it’s so sexy,” Hadrian said in Kairi’s ear. “And you’re getting so close, so close to cumming for me, aren’’t you?”

“Y-yes,” Kairi cried for him. “YES!”

Hadrian planted inside of her, the depths which he buried inside of Kairi begin very hot and very amazing. She clutched down onto Hadrian, squeezing down onto him and releasing his mighty cock from her tight ass. It felt so good, to be hammered so hard.

“Make me cum for you, hard,” Kairi pleaded with him. “P-please, do it for me.”

“Of course,” Hadrian said. “I bet you want to cum all over Aqua’s face.”

“Yes,” Kairi said.

Aqua would also enjoy that very much. Her tongue, dancing around Kairi’s warm hole, teased it several more minutes. Oh, she could just hear Hadrian’s balls, nice and full, about ready to blast Kairi’s cheeks. Aqua was not even mad she did not get Hadrian’s load.

Hadrian grunted, one more push. The weight of Kairi’s firm cheeks pressing against his hands as he fucked into her so close.

“Make me feel so good,” Kairi breathed.

Hadrian let out the wave of energy, making both of these lovely ladies come undone, quite literally. The force of their combined orgasm did more than rock the bed. Hadrian pushed deep into them, riding them all the way to the edge, several times over.

Finally, the end came for Hadrian. He pushed deep inside of Kairi, pressing his fingers against her firm ass, with a constant barrage of thrusts. He held out for as long as possible. All good things will come in an end, and Hadrian thought Kairi’s booty was a good thing, a very good thing to come for.

Hadrian creamed the inside of Kairi’s most taboo hole, and at the same time, Kairi exploded, unleashing a barrage of juices all over Aqua’s face.

Aqua came out, wearing a nice mask facial courtesy of Kairi. She moved over and kissed Hadrian, with the Dragon helping Aqua in cleaning her face up. The feisty blue-haired woman grabbed onto Hadrian and took his stiffening manhood into her hand, before sitting down onto her lap.

She teased Hadrian with her ass cheeks for a minute. The familiar warmth of Aqua’s tight butt threatened to wrap around Hadrian. Hadrian, grabbing her thighs, sank Aqua down onto him, and filled her asshole up with his cock.

“YES!” Aqua cried. “I want….I want badly.”

“I’m sure you do,” Hadrian told her. “Well, looks like all of your dreams are going to become a reality.”

Thankfully, thankfully, Aqua thought. She ignored everything else, other than Hadrian’s mighty rod splitting her asshole and causing unprecedented ripples of pleasure to just blast through her body. Aqua, squeezing Hadrian’s forearm as his hand rested on her breast, encouraged him on.

Her entire body heated up, for the incoming orgasm. And Kairi moved in to join as well, to ensure both of Aqua’s holes would get the perfect amount of attention.

Queen Arianna of Corona, peered outside into her Kingdom deep in thought. Still beautiful, and still youthful, thanks to the flower she used to cure her illness, Arianna could not think of the complications it caused over the past eighteen years old. Arianna sought out her daughter several times over the years, but there had been no sign of Rapunzel. Most would give up hope, but Arianna thought as long as her daughter’s dead body had not been discovered, there was still a hope.

Of course, more tragedy gripped the kingdom, as the King had been taken ill. And Arianna hoped that her husband would have good news, get to see his daughter before they passed. Arianna thought about mustering together all of their resources to conduct one final last ditch search effort.

Her advisors advised against it, but Arianna had been running out of options, and they have been running out of time.

“Your highness!”

A very excited guard moved to the gate.

“Queen Elsa from Arendelle, and her husband King Hadrian has arrived, and they wish for an audience, along with Princess Anna.”

Arianna had only just heard the rumors that Elsa had married a mysterious and enchanting man, and had become the King. She had been too buried in her own worries to know the rest.

“And...Rapunzel is with them!”

This caused Arianna to almost snap her head around. She stared at the guard, the Queen shocked by this revelation.

Sure enough, Arianna caught sight of Rapunzel, Elsa, Anna, and Hadrian...and Arianna’s interest piqued even more. Surely, he could not be the legendary and feared Dragon?  That question though was only secondary to her daughter’s long awaited return.
The Shameless Smut Continues In the Next Chapter.

Collective Tracker: Elsa, Anna, Aqua, Kairi, Rapunzel

Chapter Text

Chapter Fourteen:

Arianna listened very patiently about the story regarding how Rapunzel had been found, what happened over the last eighteen years, and exactly what Rapunzel had gone through. She had been exceedingly grateful for Hadrian in rescuing her daughter. A deep breath spread over Arianna’s body as Rapunzel finished, taking a deep breath.

“I’m glad that you’re finally home,” Arianna said.

Mother and daughter exchanged a hug. Anna and Elsa smiled fondly. Hadrian watched the situation unfold calmly, and Aqua and Kairi, standing on either side of the Dragon, did so as well. The joyous nature of this reunion would turn around in the other direction though, they all had a feeling. Especially when Arianna gave Rapunzel the news.

Arianna hesitated about giving Rapunzel the news. But, it was something she had to do.

“Your father has taken ill,” Arianna said. “The best healers in the Kingdom have done everything they can for him, but...he will die soon.”

“Can I...see him?” Rapunzel asked. “To say goodbye?”

“He will be pleased to see you,” Arianna said.

There’s a small part of Arianna who knew that her husband only held on just long enough to make sure that Rapunzel had been seen home safely. So there was in fact that. Arianna’s smile only grew slightly deeper, when her eyes locked onto the young man.

There was the Dragon, the Dragon who Arianna heard the stories about. Despite the whispers, the rumors, the musings, the Dragon brought death to everywhere he went, Arianna resolved to keep an open mind. He did deliver Rapunzel back home, just in time for the King to receive his dying wish.

“You have my gratitude,” Arianna said to himi.

“It’s what anyone have done, your majesty,” Hadrian told her.

Arianna took Hadrian’s hand and he leaned down upon it, planting a kiss. The woman parted with a smile. She took several steps back and took her daughter, ushering her up the stairs. Past several occupants in the castle, some of them surprised and many of them excited.

Many of the women stared at Hadrian with obvious hunger. In particular, a dark haired woman’s eyes drifted over Hadrian, eying him up like a particularly tasty treat. Elsa, smiling at the woman, winked.

One of the guards came around from the other direction.

“Queen Arianna has told me to show you two your quarters,” the guard said. “I believe the visiting King and Queen would like another room...and the Queen has tasked me in finding a room for these three lovely ladies as well.”

“I would like it next to our room if you would,” Hadrian said.

The guard bowed and lead them off. Hadrian stepped back, with Elsa’s fingers wrapped into his hand. They had given the King quite the gift in his final days, and obviously the Queen had been grateful for Rapunzel’s return. Things worked out rather nicely for all.

Elsa got changed into some rather sexy lingerie. Hadrian, sitting on the bed, waited for his wife to come join them. His mind thought about the Sundrop Flower, and it’s mystical properties. Those answers would have to wait and they would have to be found elsewhere.

Hadrian had a feeling they would be found in time. For Elsa’s eyes held some fire, and Hadrian knew what she wanted. Elsa climbed over, sitting on Hadrian’s lap from the side. Her arms wrapped around him and stroking his hair, then his neck, then his face, and then finally his lips, as if testing them.

“Well, my husband, we have this nice large bed all to ourselves,” Elsa said. “Whatever should we do?”

“I have a few ideas,” Hadrian said.

“As always.”

Elsa dove in, with a kiss to Hadrian. Hadrian, wrapping his arm tightly around Elsa, caused the Queen to moan into the kiss. He worked his hands between Elsa’s legs and rubbed her silky thighs. The smoothness of Elsa’s body, caused Hadrian great pleasure.

The two made out very heavily, before Elsa moved away, undoing the buttons on Hadrian’s fine clothes. It fit against his body so snugly. Elsa liked peeling Hadrian’s clothes off of him. Like unraveling a gift, and exposing the joys underneath. Elsa slowly traced down Hadrian’s chest, enjoying the rippling effect of his muscles.

She took off the bra and pushed her chest against Hadrian’s. The two kissed each other briefly on the lips and moved on to Elsa covering Hadrian’s neck and the side of his face with kisses. The emerald-eyed sorcerer returned the favor spiking Elsa’s desire.

With a fond flicker in her eye, Elsa pulled away. She only had one thought bursting through her mind.

“Let me spoil you.”

Elsa’s breasts rubbed down Hadrian’s body, pleasuring him every sense of the way. She ground her chest down his chest, abs, and then over his crotch. Elsa took Hadrian out of his pants and smiled. Hard, rigid, and ready to slide between her breasts, Elsa just smiled.

The Queen showed her talents with a very heavenly titty fuck. Elsa’s soft lips brushed against the tip of the cock pushing in and out of her breasts with each push. Then, licking Hadrian like an ice cream cone seemed more than obvious. It felt so good, so good, the breasts rubbing up and down, and causing Hadrian to just boil over in pleasure.

Elsa’s constant waves of pleasure sent a tingling through Hadrian’s loins. All of the ways Elsa stimulated Hadrian added some heat. Slowly, Elsa pressed her fingers against Hadrian’s balls and released them a couple of times over. The heat, only growing more intense, spread over Hadrian.

“Mmmm!” Elsa moaned while she suckled on Hadrian. “Mmmm!”

Those soft, seductive cries of pleasure echoed throughout the entire room. Elsa lingered for a few minutes, sucking on Hadrian, pleasuring him from the tip all the way to the crotch, and then all around, slathering her wet mouth down onto him.

“That’s so good, baby,” Hadrian said. “Oh, Elsa...I’m about ready to erupt.”

Elsa, just with a sultry gaze dancing in her eyes, did everything in her power to get the cum to blast out of Hadrian’s balls and all over her chest. Elsa did not hold back, working Hadrian over in pretty much every sense of the word. She squeezed and released his thick manhood, releasing him from her breasts and causing Hadrian to just come close to erupting all over her chest.

“Almost there,” Elsa just commented, in a hot, breathy tone of voice while suckling on the head. “You’re going to cum….I know you’re going to cum...mmmm!”

Elsa locked her warm lips onto Hadrian, slipping down onto him, and sucking on him very hard. Elsa’s proclamation came through, when his seed exploded into a geyser. Hadrian rocked back and forth, pasting Elsa’s breasts and face.

The end result came with Elsa showered in the Dragon’s divine gift. She took as much of the thick, gooey gift covering her in her hand and closed her eyes, freezing it. Then Elsa, with a look of greed dancing in her eyes, slowly devoured the frozen treat. Shuddering in pleasure, Elsa sucked down the frozen cum in her hands, right down to the very last, savory drop.

“Yummy,” Elsa moaned.

Hadrian turned Elsa around, wrapping his arms tightly around the lovely Queen. Feeling his member, rehardened, caused a blast of joy to emit through Elsa. Hadrian, spreading her thighs completely deep, rubbed his swollen head all the way against Elsa’s warm, and very accomodating slit.

“Your pussy is so greedy, beloved,” Hadrian said.

“It just wants it’s favorite meat,” Elsa said. “Please, please, please, indulge me.”

Hadrian pinned down Elsa at the end of the bed, her delightfully hot ass sticking in the air for him to grab. And Hadrian drove down deep into Elsa, slamming into her body. Elsa’s tightening insides enveloped Hadrian’s meaty prick several times over.

“You like that, like me pounding you into the bed when we’re guests in another castle,” Hadrian said. “What would you say if the Queen walked in with us?”

“I would...ask her to suck my juices off of your cock,” Elsa said.

“You are a naughty girl!”

Hadrian spanked Elsa while ramming into her. The sounds of flesh could be heard, but only if someone had their ear pressed against the wall. Silencing charms worked, at least for the most part. However, magic was only foolproof to an extend and anyone who thought otherwise, would be proven to be a very great fool.

“YES!” Elsa yelled. “MORE….MORE….HARDER….DEEPER!”

Hadrian rammed deeper into Elsa’s tightening womanhood, making her cry out for more. The sheer weight of Hadrian’s balls, as they slapped against Elsa’s body sent a raw wave of physical energy all the way through her body. Hadrian, cupping her chest, rocked into her very hard.

“That’s precisely what I want from you,” Hadrian said. “I’m going to fuck you into the bed.”

“Oooh, yes!” Elsa cried out, encouraging her man.

Hadrian held onto Elsa’s hair, and rode her even harder. Elsa’s insides, molten with desire, took Hadrian inside of her all night long. Oh, yes, Elsa came so close to popping and surrounding her husband’s big meaty cock with an explosion. Her juices, flowing even more freely allowed Hadrian to drive into her.

“Do you like when I put a finger in your ass, you dirty girl?” Hadrian asked.

“Yes!” Elsa yelled. “Fill your slutty Queen!”

Women with control over snow and ice, they tended to have a bit of a filthy mouth, from Hadrian’s experience. Hadrian rocked inside of Elsa’s body, causing her to tighten and release around his massive prick. The deepening pushes from Hadrian going inside of her caused her to only collapse down onto the bed.

“You are such a slutty Queen, babe,” Hadrian said. “But that’s what I like about you. You need to be filled with your King’s big...thick...pulsing...cock.”

Every thrust sent Hadrian deeper into Elsa. And every word, he thrusted just a little bit deeper. Elsa entered a state of very hot enjoyment the faster Hadrian pumped away at her. Oh, his hands, they amazed Elsa in the ways they touched her. All of the ways, sending Elsa over the top.

Elsa’s moans grew more aggressive as Hadrian pushed her down onto the side of the bed. Hadrian, holding onto Elsa by the hips, slammed her repeatedly down onto the bed. Riding her hard and fast through another orgasm. Something about this one sent Elsa over the top with pleasure.

Hadrian grunted with each push into Elsa. The weight of his balls slapping against Elsa’s thighs sped up the thrusting deep inside of her body. The end had been here, and the end had been very great. Hadrian, holding onto Elsa from behind, spilled his seed inside of her body.

The King and Queen came together, with Elsa sucking pretty much every single last drop out of Hadrian’s balls. She clutched onto him, the moans getting even deeper and Elsa’s milking get even harder.

Hadrian pulled out of Elsa, basking in the glory. Elsa, on all fours, turned around and kissed the tip of Hadrian’s manhood, still dripping from the orgasm. She licked Hadrian clean, tasting both of them on his manhood. Elsa’s wide, expressive eyes opened up.

One thing looked to be for certain and Hadrian could see it coming a mile away. Elsa gazed at Hadrian as if she wanted to be mouth-fucked by him. Who was Hadrian to deny his wife such a treat?

Having Hadrian buried deep in her throat caused Elsa to sigh with content and she lazily leaned back as Hadrian grunted, all the way through the throat-fucking. Elsa, tasting every drop coming from him, brimmed with excitement.
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Chapter Fifteen:

Rapunzel slid into the room, sighing in a very content manner. She had made peace with her father, and he had been grateful to see her. Rapunzel spent the entire morning with him, although when it came time to go, Rapunzel knew it was time.

She thought about using her hair to heal him, but her father forbidden so, saying that it was his time. And that he was happy that Rapunzel was home and would be well taken care of. And that was the last words Rapunzel saw to him.

A sadness hit Rapunzel hard. She stepped into the room, where Hadrian had been sitting up in the bed. He sprung up to meet Rapunzel. Rapunzel barely caught a glimpse of Elsa tangled through the sheets.

“He’s gone,” Hadrian said. “I felt it this morning...another passing.”

“You can feel when people die?” Rapunzel asked.

“Only when they’re in close proximity,” Hadrian told her. “Thankfully, imagine if I could feel every person in the world die?”

Rapunzel closed her eyes. It would be an awful gift to have, if Hadrian would be able to see and fear pretty much every person die. Being enveloped in her husband’s strong arms gave Rapunzel a sense of security. Rapunzel used her fingers to stroke Hadrian’s shoulders and arms, moving down to move his chest. A slight kiss followed, which turned into a more aggressive kiss and then so much more.

“I want you,” Rapunzel breathed in his ear.

Hadrian pulled Rapunzel closer and pulled up her dress, revealing her lovely smooth thighs. The assumed agreement between the two of them was at hand. Hadrian did his part in keeping Rapunzel calm, and keeping her mind off of the death of her father.

Slowly, Hadrian parted Rapunzel’s undergarments to the side, and pushed his fingers down into her. By magic, Rapunzel’s dress straps came down to expose her breasts. With Rapunzel’s nipples exposed to the cold, they grew erect and Hadrian leaned in to pleasure Rapunzel in every way possible.

Rapunzel closed her eyes, and enjoyed the movements spend with her beloved Dragon King. Hadrian kissed on her, loved her, made Rapunzel just feel so alive with constant waves of pleasure. Oh, yes, it was feeling very good, with those fingers just stroking down her body and making Rapunzel savor these moments.

Elsa woke up and put a finger to Rapunzel’s nipple. Just enough cold to make it hard as a diamond without being unbearable. Elsa leaned in and sucked on Rapunzel’s hard right nipple while Hadrian took the left nipple. The hands of both of the beautiful rulers ran down Rapunzel’s body, sending waves of pleasure just cascading down her. A pleasant sensationn doubled as her loins ached with pleasure.

“I need...I want….”

Rapunzel returned the favor, using her hair to worship the bodies of both Queen Elsa and King Hadrian. The heat only doubled the more they pleasured their bodie. Elsa’s fingers traveled up Rapunzel’s face and she lightly sucked on them.

“I bet you want something...closer to the source,” Elsa told her.

Rapunzel responded with a nod, and Elsa climbed onto her face, allowing Rapunzel a taste of her pussy. Rapunzel, leaning in between her legs, began to suck on Elsa’s juicy pussy, almost burning with desire as she ate out the visiting Queen.

Several kisses from the Dragon King sent Rapunzel’s body just over the edge with constant waves of pleasure. He kissed her trim stomach, hips, legs and then moved in to Rapunzel’s sweet and savory center. Hadrian, rotating ever so slowly into her smooth pussy, caused a tingle to erupt through her body. Hadrian locked onto her, sucking on Rapunzel’s juicy lips and sucking on her extremely hard.

“Yes,” Rapunzel moaned in pleasure. “That’s..the spot...right there.”

Elsa shifted to make sure Rapunzel’s mouth had been occupied after that brief outburst. A nice little wiggle sent Elsa into riding Rapunzel’s tongue and savoring what it was doing to her.

Hadrian spread Rapunzel’s warm thighs and buried the tip of his manhood into her wet pussy. The lips, threatening to engulf him, allowed Hadrian to bury himself a little bit deeper into Rapunzel, pushing all the way inside of her tight body. Rapunzel, closing ranks around him, sealed Hadrian up inside of her warm pussy.

“Yes, that’s it, right there.”

Rapunzel’s eyes closed, so good. So good indeed. Oh, the beautiful Princess’s body rocked back and forth as Hadrian worshipped her. Elsa pulled away from Rapunzel’s face, shining bright with the juices. Elsa briefly kissed Rapunzel and tasted the juices.

Her entire mind entered waves of constant and ever lasting pleasure. The two more experienced partners in this little tryst governed what Rapunzel would feel. And what she would feel, would be simply magnificent, no question about it. All of the ways Hadrian and Elsa thrilled her body send Rapunzel on a roller coaster ride, the end of which had not been obvious, no matter how many orgasms she had been through.

The repeated thrusts deep inside of Rapunzel resulted in her crying out for more. Hadrian rocked her tight body, sending her over the edge.

“I think she’s going to cum,” Hadrian said.

Hadrian rolled Rapunzel to the side, not breaking his momentum with the thrusts. This movement allowed Elsa to wrap her arms around Rapunzel from behind and kiss her. Rapunzel’s hair wrapped tightly around Hadrian, just as much so as her legs.

Rapunzel groan, sandwiched between Hadrian’s strong and sexy form, and Elsa’s curvier form. Rapunzel’s nipples dug into Hadrian’s chest as the King and the Queen worked into her from behind. Hadrian kissed Rapunzel’s smooth and elegant neck. Spiking the pleasure several times over. Building up momentum all the way through the orgasm.

“It’s time, Princess,” Elsa said. “Cum all over my husband’s cock...and then I’ll suck your naughty little juices off while you eat my would you like that?”

Rapunzel would like that a whole lot. A certain amount of momentum just built through them all the way. The heat just emitted through her body, pulsing all over. So close, to exploding.

Finally, Rapunzel just let it all loose and saturated Hadrian, from the tip, all the way to the base with a very powerful and potent orgasm. It rocked Rapunzel from head to toe, making her moan all over. Hadrian, pressing up against her, rode Rapunzel all the way to the end.

Hadrian pulled out, as Elsa said he would. Elsa, pouncing like a hungry lioness, took Hadrian’s saturated rod into her mouth and sucked it. She licked Rapunzel’s juice’s completely off of Hadrian, from the tip, all the way to the base, and then all the way around, encircling the head, moaning when she sucked on it.

Rapunzel, as Elsa requested, dove in to taste the Queen’s sweet pussy. Like a starving woman, presented with a meal in years of captivity, Rapunzel devoured everything.

“You two are asking for it,” Hadrian said. “I think it would only be fair that Rapunzel would get to ride my cock, wouldn’t you say, my dear?”

Elsa, out of respect, conceded Rapunzel should have that honor. After Elsa finished pleasuring her husband, turning away ever so briefly to stroke Hadrian with her foot and shake her ass. At least until Hadrian spanked Elsa which caused her to cream the bed once again.

Good thing magic could get most stains out.

“Over here,” Hadrian told her.

Rapunzel crawled onto the bed, with a combined look of innocence and sexiness, dancing in the eyes of the formerly captive princess. She reached over, mounting Hadrian’s lap. Hadrian, wrapping his arms around her.

“Thank you,” Rapunzel breathed.

“Any time.”

Hadrian speared Rapunzel’s tight body. Her hair enveloping them both tightly. The heat emitting from both of them rather stunning.

Face-down at the end of the bed, Elsa experienced the all too familiar feeling of penetrated. Some magical force, whether it be a hand or just power itself, forced Elsa face-down on the mattress to cause her to cough in surprise. She moaned every time.

Elsa imagined Hadrian teleporting from Elsa to Rapunzel, stuffing them both and ramming them all the way into the bed. At least, that was the dirty thought which filled Elsa’s mind just as much.

Hadrian closed his eyes, and tightened his grip around Rapunzel’s slender waist as he bounced the energetic Princess up and down on his stiff, powerful rod. Every time Hadrian slipped into Rapunzel, the tightness enveloped his member, releasing him in a pulse of pleasure.

“Closer,” Hadrian said with encouragement to Rapunzel.

“Yes, my handsome hero,” Rapunzel breathed hungrily in his ear. “Yes!”

Hadrian squeezed Rapunzel’s waist, burying the Princess onto him. She rocked up and down, sliding his manhood deep into her greedy body. Rapunzel’s toes curled from the orgasm.

She came harder than ever before. Rapunzel’s eyes glowed, digging her nail down down onto his shoulder. Rapunzel breathed even harder, her pulse and lust increasing every time she smashed down onto Hadrian. The heat emitting through her loins had been intense.

Rapunzel’s belly swelled every time Hadrian rocked into her. She could feel something building up inside of her. Rapunzel channeled all of the power inside of her, to try and milk Hadrian all the way to the end. Despite the feeling of lust just spreading through her, and the desire building, Hadrian only gave her what she wanted after Rapunzel’s body had been racked with pleasure.

The neediness, the desire, they all were elements Hadrian fed off of. He picked up the pace, slamming deep into Rapunzel, taking her body and making her cry out in pleasure.

Hadrian experienced the delights of both Elsa and Rapunzel achieving multiple orgasms throughout this entire session. Directly focusing on Rapunzel while also ramming into Elsa from behind at the end of the bed, Hadrian bounced her a few more times.

“I want...your seed,” Rapunzel gasped out loud in pleasure. “I need it inside of my body….need it more than anything.”

“You earned it.”

Hadrian speared Rapunzel’s insides, with the horny royal not caring whether or not she got broken in half. As long as she got that sweet treat inside of her body. Rapunzel tightened around Hadrian and Hadrian rocked her, his hips a blur before firing deep into her.

The mutual release of these two electrified both lovers, all three in fact. Elsa’s pussy spasmed and a flood of cum, almost appearing in her by magic caused her entire body to shake on the bed.

Elsa, clutching onto the bed tightly, just moaned when clutching down onto the magical manifestation deep inside of her. She pumped everything into her, body shaking completely in the process.

The dust settled in the aftermath, Elsa and Rapunzel circled around on Hadrian from either side, with his fingers brushing down their bodies. The three lovers enjoyed each other’s company, through what was a very trying morning. Rapunzel and Elsa passionately kissed each other,  then Hadrian, and then moved on to other steamy, less innocent pursuits than just kissing.

The past few days allowed Hadrian to settle in Corona at least for a short amount of time. Thanks to his marriage with Rapunzel, Hadrian positioned himself to be the King of a second Kingdom, which would allow him to get one step closer to the goal.

From the side, as Hadrian did his morning training exercises, all without a short, he noticed the same dark-haired woman who had been eying him ever since his arrival.

“Good morning,” Hadrian said.

The woman crossed the courtyard. She looked at him for a minute.

“Are you seriously the Dragon?”

“Yes,” Hadrian told her. “I am.”

“Mmm, I wonder,” she said. “Every few years, a pretender comes along, claiming he’s the Dragon. But...he ends up getting exposed in the end.”

“I know all about them, and I end up making them all disappear,” Hadrian told them. “I don’t like people taking credit for my handiwork...both the good and bad.”

Hadrian came behind the dark-haired woman, who dressed ready for some kind of battle. She turned around and grabbed Hadrian’s arm. Ever so slightly, the woman stroked his bicep before pulling away.

“You impressed some Princesses with parlor tricks,” she said. “You enchanted our king...but how about you? How can you handle a sword?”

“I’m pretty good,” Hadrian said. “Normally, I bring women to their knees with my spear...but in your case, if you want to go….”

“Yes, show me what you got,” the woman said.

The two made their way out into the courtyard, swords at the ready and circling each other.

“My father won’t be happy when he finds out about this,” she said. “But, if you’re a fraud, he’ll overlook that.”

“And what if I’m the real deal?” he asked. “Then what.”

“We’ll talk.”

The woman moved in with the first attack. She learned rather quickly that Hadrian showed mad skills with a sword. Almost as much as he had been with a spear. Hadrian rocked her back several times, having an answer to her attacks every time.

The woman’s eyes glinted in passion, having found someone who would be willing to spar with her at the very least. Most men were terrified at hurting her, or invoking her father’s wrath, and most women...well they frowned upon it. She bucked traditions though.

“You’re not bad,” she said.

Hadrian swept the warrior down onto the ground. She landed in quite the interesting position, face down and ass up on the ground. If the Dragon wanted, he could claim his prize and take her on the ground.

She bounced up, determined to at least put on a good show. But, the fact he was the real deal became obvious through every encounter.

Hadrian disarmed her and pinned the woman down to the ground. She breathed heavily, with Hadrian on top of her, straddling her. He still did not have a shirt on and his body glistening with sweat caused the woman’s mind to run completely wild.

If only, if only she did not have clothes on, then this would be very interesting.

“We haven’t been introduced.”

Hadrian’s face edge close to hers.

“So, does my stalker have a name?”

“I haven’t been stalking you...I’ve just been...studying you to see that you’re the real deal,” she breathed.

“Do you believe now?”

“Yes,” she said. “I do”

Hadrian’s body made hers burn underneath. He could very well take that sword and cut the clothing off of her, before taking her right in the dirt, riding her. Oh, the thought just made the warrior’s mind rise with excitement.

“My name is Cassandra,” she said. “I’m the Captain’s daughter...and he would not approve.”

“What, you trying to fuck me through your clothes?” Hadrian asked her.

“Well, that...and the fact that I have aspirations to be something more...than he wants me to be...a great warrior,” Cassandra said.

“You can be,” Hadrian told her. “I’ve opened the doors for many like you before. But, you are damn good at what you did. I haven’t had that much of a challenge in a very long time.”

For a brief second, Hadrian acted like he was going to seal the deal with a kiss. Instead, he rose up, leaving Cassandra lying in the dirt, breathing heavily from her brush with the Dragon.
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Chapter Text

Chapter Sixteen:

The Dragon stepped out of the time gate and into France, somewhere in the eighteenth century. Underdressed, so he could be less assuming. While Hadrian knew his exploits were not well known in France, it would be best to keep a low profile for this particular trip.

The glow of energy in Hadrian’s palm indicated two things. One, the Dragon closed in the book he had been searching for. The book which disappeared sometime in the eighteenth century, thus Hadrian coming to the very logical conclusion he was meant to take it.

Second, one of the beacons to be neared.

“It is an honor, a be on the arm of the great Gaston!”

A large blowhard of a man had been attracted by a beautiful brunette woman. Hadrian chuckled in bemusement which caused the individual known as Gaston to turn to him.

“What are you laughing at little man?”

No one had a high opinion of himself quite like Gaston.

Hadrian just smiled. Sure the clothes downplayed just how physically imposing he was. They were several steps beyond the rags his disgusting relatives forced him to wear during his childhood during those primitive days. But nothing compared the armor Hadrian normally preferred. Not that Hadrian needed armor, being practically immune to anything other than extremely powerful magic and even that, it took a sorcerer of a certain caliber.

It was more of a visual thing.

“If it was truly an honor, then the lady would not seemed so miffed,” Hadrian said. “But, don’t mind me...I’m just passing are you doing?”

“Well, I was well until he showed up,” the woman said eying Hadrian with very obvious interest.

“Listen here little man, she’s mine.”

“Oh, I was unaware that women were treated as property,” Hadrian said with a calm smile.

No one put his foot in his mouth like Gaston.

“I am courting her and you….”

“You should leave,” Hadrian said.

Gaston puffed himself up hard and put his hand on Hadrian’s shoulder. “Or what? What are you going to do to me, little man?”

Hadrian grabbed Gaston’s arm and twisted it around with a smile. A loud crack echoed and Gaston fell to the ground. He had been casually knocked off of his knees with one finger like he was nothing.

No one got his arm broken like Gaston.

No one got humiliated by the Dragon like Gaston.

Hadrian turned around and the young woman, eyed him.

“He’s been giving me trouble,” she said. “I normally could handle him...but I won’t deny, that wasn’t very amusing to see you utterly humilate him like that.”

“He’ll be back,” Hadrian said. “After he nurses his pride. It’s a pleasure to meet you Ms….”

“Belle,” she supplied.

“Right,” Hadrian said. “My name is Hadrian Peverell...although my friends call me Harry, and if you would be so honored, my dear lady….”

Hadrian kissed Belle on the tip of the knuckles and she just smiled. Something warm emitted through her body and as always, the Dragon’s charm infected yet another woman. Hadrian thought this would be a perfect end to a perfect day and everyone would get what they wanted.

Well, except for Gaston, because no one got cock-blocked like Gaston. Hadrian chuckled in amusement as he lifted the book from the shelf. Belle’s natural curiosity had gotten the better of her, as it had many women Hadrian knew in the past.

“Why that book?”

“A friend wanted it,” Hadrian said. “She had been interesting in mystical flowers...and I wanted to see if it had the information.”

“Oh, I’m sure you’ll find all sorts of interesting things in there,” Belle said. “Thank you for your help.”

“No, thank you.”

Hadrian leaned over and captured Belle’s lips with a kiss, right as Gaston was slinking away. He thought better of coming back, perhaps not wanting another broken arm. The smartest thing the man did. Regardless, Belle’s sweet tender lips received a very pleasant injection of venom which amplified her natural attraction to the Dragon and sped things up.

The pleasant surprise which Belle received, after being kissed by this handsome gentleman amplified her pleasure. Oh, his fingers brushed over her body and caused tingles to erupt all over her. Belle, quite daringly, grabbed Hadrian and pulled him into a kiss.

“Let’s go someplace a bit more private.”

Hadrian and Belle flickered, but not before Hadrian performed a charm which caused Gaston to smell grossly of rum. That way, if he tried to claim that Hadrian and Belle teleported out of here, most would believe it to be a drunken delusion.

“You remind me of someone,” Belle said. “In one of the books...there was a legend...of this dragon...but surely a handsome man like yourself couldn’t turn into a scaled demon and lay waste to an entire city.”

“Well, I haven’t recently,” Hadrian told her, framing it as a joke.

Belle just smiled, and ran her hand down Hadrian’s body, unbuttoning his shirt. She stopped at the bulge in Hadrian’s pants, completely struck dumb by the sight on the other side. Oh, Belle’s heart rate increased, when she felt it. Only in a book did Belle read, quite forbiddenly and quite naughtily, about sex.

“Touch it if you like,” Hadrian said.

Belle broke out into a smile and touched him. She did more than touch the bulge through Hadrian’s pants. Belle unbuckled his belt and pulled it down. Belle’s eyes bugged out when looking at the traveler’s endowment, lightly wrapping her fingers around the base to test it out.

Quite longer than the average, much thicker as well, and Belle breathed out, giving him a very slow and subtle handjob, working him over. The warmth of the palm of her hand wrapped around Hadrian and released him, causing him to groan in escalating pleasure.

“Right, that’s perfect,” Hadrian said.

Belle’s daring increased, using both of her hands to milk Hadrian’s large throbbing cock. She looked at Hadrian with an eyebrow raised and a small, coy smile emitting from her face.

“Can I put my mouth on it?” Belle asked.

“You can do anything you want,” Hadrian advised her.

Belle kissed the tip of it. The taste caused Belle to almost lose it completely. Slowly, she inched her mouth down, almost gagging on his big cock. She put her hands on the part which did not fit in her mouth, pumping it even more. Belle broke out, slowly, but surely edging into her.

The gentle massaging of her hair and neck inspired Belle to do so many more things, deep throating the handsome young man. Her warm lips, popping around him, released.

After a time, Belle came up from air. Hadrian, hiking her dress up and pulling her undergarments back, revealed a neatly trimmed bush, covering her pink lips. Belle’s eyes looked up at Hadrian, breathing in with with pleasure as his lips touched her most tender area.

“My god!” Belle yelled.

Hadrian pulled up, teasing her clit while speaking to her. “I get that a lot.”

Now, after the taste test, Hadrian dove all in, sucking on Belle’s warm, smoldering hot lips. Oh, Belle just clutched the back of the handsome traveler’s hair, encouraging him to go deeper. Sucking her warm pussy, to the point where Belle could just writhe over the bed.

Belle never experienced all of this. The pleasant feelings erupting through her body, as the traveler hit her in the right places was practically insane. Belle thought she died, and went to heaven, with just how much Hadrian pleasured her with his skilled tongue. Very smooth and very intense rotating motions sent Belle practically over the edge, making her cry out in pleasure.

“YES, THAT’S IT, RIGHT THERE!” Belle cried out, unable to help herself.

Hadrian dove down further, enjoying the meal of savory juices. Belle’s pussy would feel so nice and tight, wrapped around him. The arousal only increased, with Hadrian’s endowment bumping up against the bed. He got Belle closer and closer, and closer.

Belle spurted all over Hadrian’s face. She never, never thought that something like this would happen.

The deep breath coming from Belle’s body increased. Hadrian climbed on top of her, playing with her nipples through her dress. Belle stared down Hadrian in intensity, his large manhood bumping up against the edge of her gates. Belle, wrapping her legs around him, pulled Hadrian just a little bit closer towards her.

“You want me inside of you, don’t you?”

“YES!” Belle cried. “I want it...more than anything else.”

Belle slightly rubbing her arousal against the tip of Hadrian’s endowment showed this much. Hadrian pulled down Belle’s dress a little bit, to expose the tops of her breasts, which fit into the palm of Hadrian’s hand as he squeezed them. Belle squealed out in pleasure.

Oh, Belle would never feel anything this good ever again. The arousal, about ready to explode through her body, only increased the further Hadrian got towards her. Belle received attention to her breasts, and then her legs, with a pulse just erupting through her wet pussy.

“Please, I need you,” Belle said.

“Oh, you’re going to get me,” Hadrian breathed. “I’m going to make you mine forever. But, I bet you would like that, wouldn’t you?”

Belle’s gaze showed how much she did like that, and wanted Hadrian all the way. Hadrian went all of the way, pushing deep inside of her. The intrusion of his member inside of her tight body caused Belle to scream for a minute. He stuffed the huge manhood into her tight body, which seemingly just shifted just enough to accommodate his size.

The waves of pain ended up with constant pleasure. Belle, tightening her walls around Hadrian, moaned out loud. His fingers, brushing all the way down Belle’s thighs, caused her cries to go even louder. Hadrian, rocking back and forth several times over, let Belle just cling onto him, expressing her pleasure and desire, to receive a good hard pounding inside of her tight and snug body.

Now, Hadrian really got going. Feeling Belle wrapping around him, growing even tighter. Almost aggressively tighter in fact. Belle’s fingernails pressed up against his back. The brunette on the bed, thrashing up and down, moaned even louder. She knew everything, and desired a whole lot. And what she desired, was Hadrian burying inside of her so deep it almost hurt.

“Cum for me,” Hadrian told her.

“Yes!” Belle cried out in pleasure. “YES!”

Belle could feel it, building up inside of her. Hadrian touched all of the spots she wanted to be touched. The escalation of pleasure in.

“You feel good,’ Hadrian said. “You know that I’m the only man who could make you feel this good, right.”

“Yes, I can’t see anyone like you ever making me feel this good!” Belle agreed. “Oh, please, I want to finish...and I want you to finish with me!”

The brainy brunette matched Hadrian’s strokes, taking him deep inside of her. Belle marked up Hadrian’s back with several digging motions of her nails deep inside of him.

Belle moaned, the thrusts getting deeper. Hadrian burying further inside of her, and her body, oh it felt so very good to be stuffed full of his big, mighty, staff. Belle thought she just might lose it, as every time Hadrian buried inside of her sent new waves of electricity through her body.

“Almost there,” Hadrian told her. “Get ready.”

“I am...ready,” Belle breathlessly told her man. “Let me cum...please….I don’t think I can hold back...much longer.”

Belle, caressing Hadrian’s back, rode the waves of pleasure, just as much as possible. Her tight walls clamped down, trying to extract the creamy treat. Warnings of what might happen if a man spilled his gift directly inside of her body faded, as Belle just wanted to feel all of him inside of her.

The two rode the waves until Hadrian, pushing down on the back of Belle’s legs with each descent, which really got her going, came down into her with an explosion. Her tight pussy, creamed hard, clamped down onto Hadrian, for the next few minutes.

Belle, rocking her hips back and forth, to take as much as Hadrian as possible, shook completely on the bed. She had been thrilled in so many ways possible.

Hadrian pulled out of her and Belle rolled over, dripping in sweat, with a small white pool puddling between her legs. Slowly, Hadrian pulled himself against her, wrapping his arms around her.

Belle passed out, smiling at the enchanted journey she took on. As Harry lightly kissed Belle’s shoulder and stroked her hair, pleasant dreams of so much more visited Belle.
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Chapter Seventeen:

The pleasant site of Aqua, wearing not a stitch of clothing, as she straddled Hadrian, woke him up. Belle, with a wide smile on her face, slept not even a few feet away.

“Hello, Aqua,” Hadrian said.

“Making friends everywhere you’ve gone, I see,” Aqua said. “And she’s...she’s obviously been overwhelmed by you. And since you’re still hard, it’s up to me with that.”

Aqua sank down onto Hadrian, in a well practiced dance. While Hadrian slept, she teased his body. And now, that he woke up, Aqua was ready to have the favor returned. And how, given that Hadrian’s hands, cupping her chest, sent great waves of pleasure.

“You just couldn’t wait until I got back, did you?” Hadrian asked.

“Every minute I wait for you, is a minute I feel is wasted,” Aqua said, with each bounce down onto her. Her smooth thighs smacking up and down on him when riding him.

Hadrian indulged himself in Aqua’s body. Her soft breasts pressed against his face and Hadrian sucked them, while exploring the smooth contours of her body. Aqua rose up and down, engulfing him.

“I thought about coming here in a schoolgirl outfit,” Aqua said. “It would fit with the librarian you’ve seem to collected here...but I decided it was not worth a bother.”

“You really should have,” Hadrian said. “I could have bent you over and spanked your tight little ass with a ruler.”

As to demonstrate, Hadrian grabbed said tight ass, and squeezed it extremely hard. Aqua, wrapping her folds around him, to pump another load inside of her body, shook with pleasure. Oh yes, Hadrian knew all of the ways to touch her buttons and to hit her so hard.

“In fact, get off and turn around.”

Aqua did, just right as her face was above Belle’s sleeping one. That way, the first thing Belle would see would be Aqua, in the throes of passion. It was always interesting to see how a woman reacted after she had been drafted into the Dragon’s Collective.

Yet, they gave into their natural impulses, to be bred and taken by a stronger man, no matter how many woman he took. And speaking of stronger man, Hadrian aggressively kissed down on Aqua’s body, and teased her slit, with his fingers. Despite enjoying the eruption of magic just building through Hadrian, Aqua wanted something else, she wanted something more.

Everything built, to a very nice fever pitch, the further Hadrian spiked his fingers deep into Aqua’s tightening pussy. Aqua, breaking out into a cry of pleasure, released a flood of juices all over Hadrian’s fingers.

“I’m empty without you,” Aqua pleaded. “I need you inside me.”

Hadrian obliged Aqua and Aqua, may have screamed into Belle’s ear, startling her awake.

“Hi, my name is Aqua, you must be Belle,” Aqua breathed, taking Hadrian deep inside of her tight body.

Belle’s eyes widened, wondering if she had lost her mind. Hadrian stuffed this blue-haired woman, the likes of which Belle had not seen before. And yet, the visual of watching another woman getting stuffed by Hadrian’s mighty cock caused Belle to breath heavily.

Something rippled against her lower lips. Belle had no idea of the source. She did know that Aqua kissed her. Looking right into Belle’s eyes, so Belle could see the arousal increasing as she did so. The pleasure bubbled up even more, and Belle wanted to say she had been surprised, but not really.

Belle’s insides became like jelly, practically molten at the thought of what these two could do to her. Aqua’s tongue vigorously attacked her tonsils, and the moan only increased. Getting kissed by another woman while a man who they now shared had made love with them had been a very surreal experience to say the very least.

“Mmm, I think it’s your turn to cum, my dear sister.”

Sister, oh Belle’s cheeks went red. And yet, she had been turned on completely, because it just seemed so taboo. Belle’s insides leaked out all over the bed, and most certainly, some invisible hand brushed over her nether lips and sent her hips thrusting back and forth.

Aqua, turned on by how turned on Belle got, and turned on just in general, let loose with the mother of all orgasms. The bluette’s entire body erupted with constant waves of pleasure. All while Hadrian slipping down her body and pleasuring her all over.

The second Hadrian pulled out of Aqua, Belle’s greedy eyes shot up and looked at his cock. It had been soaked with the juices of another woman. Hadrian crawled on his knees and pointed his rod at Belle. Belle took the hint and took Hadrian deep into her mouth to taste what Aqua left behind.

Belle savored the honey, slurping every last drop from Hadrian’s manhood. She enjoyed the taste of another woman combined with her lover. She canvased Hadrian all the way to make sure every last drop had been savored and enjoyed, just as it should.

“And that’s hot,” Aqua said with a very fond smile. “Very hot.”

Yes, indeed, very hot, but what was hotter was Aqua tightening Belle up in a hug. Covering her sweet body with so many kisses as Aqua teased Belle’s tender lips, rubbing their pussies together from behind. Aqua sent a wave of pleasure through Belle’s body.

The combined taste of Hadrian and Aqua drove Belle wild. Aqua’s sexy actions, drove her even more to the edge with more pleasure. Those fingers, dancing up against her entrance drove Belle completely wild.

“Having fun?”

Hadrian pressed against Aqua from behind. He rubbed up against Aqua’s sexy back, enjoying the feel of her body when moving down. Aqua’s breathing only increased, intense lust just building through every step of the way. Hadrian rubbed both Aqua’s thighs and Belle’s thighs.

“This is a good position for us to be in,” Belle said. “I mean…”

Hadrian edged through Aqua’s legs and into Belle’s pussy. Essentially, despite just really penetrating Belle, he also was exploring Aqua’s body, as she mounted Belle from behind. Every few thrusts, Hadrian dug his fingers deep into Aqua and sent her over the edge with pleasure.

“Ooooh, yes,” Aqua breathed out. “I want...I want you directly.”

“You had your it’s mine….”

“For only as long as you last,” Aqua said.

Hadrian caressed both of their fit bodies while plowing into Belle. Ever so often, Hadrian hit Aqua in just the right place to make her drip all over Belle’s sexy backside. Hadrian watched as Aqua scooped up the juices and sucked them down, every time Hadrian rocked into her.

Slowly, Aqua reached down and cupped Hadrian around the balls. Hadrian responded by cupping her pussy and causing her to let out a soft breath of pleasure while driving deep into Belle. Balls deep in one woman, and penetrating the other women, with the sheer force of will.

Belle’s knees buckled from underneath her. Aqua laid on her, breasts against her back and Hadrian speared deep inside of Belle as well. Belle’s intense lust only doubled, tripled in fact. Through several long moments, her body rocked to life, receiving Hadrian deep inside of her.

“Just a little bit further.”

Hadrian enjoyed Belle tightening around him. The second wind the brainy brunette experienced had been rocked by a hell of an orgasm. Hadrian, picking up the tempo, rocked deep inside of her body. Belle, closing her walls around him, tried to milk Hadrian hard.

Belle needed a breather, and Hadrian switched to Aqua, burying his prick into her tight body. Aqua, clutching onto Belle’s shoulders for leverage, rocked her hips back.

“You’re going to give me another load tonight, aren’t you?” Aqua asked.

“I love it when my sister thinks she’s going to milk me dry,” Hadrian said. “Because, we all know who owns this pussy and controls exactly when you cum.”

As if on cue, Hadrian’s voice triggered something deep within Aqua. Aqua entered the zone, the zone which nothing else mattered. Despite the fact that she could feel Belle’s ass rubbing against her stomach, she focused on Hadrian and Hadrian alone.

The former Chosen One rocked Aqua deep. Those green eyes, flaring with pleasure, flared with triumph as he sent Aqua into a near catatonic state of pleasure.

Aqua whined when losing Hadrian’s direct attention inside of her. Belle on the other hand, she cried in jubilation, the very second Hadrian pushed into her tight body. Slowly, but surely, ramming deep inside of her and sending Belle to a fit of pleasure.

The dance continued, with Hadrian switching from one to the other. Of course, he moved so fast at times, he practically made love to two amazing women at once. Aqua and Belle, both competing for his seed, increased the pleasure, the very intense pleasure Hadrian felt.

“Yes, we’re closer, so close,” Hadrian breathed in her ear.

“I know...we are,” Aqua panted. “Please for me.”

“No, for me!”

Belle’s insides sang for Hadrian. She wanted the gift, spurting inside of her, and making her his. Even though she might never see Hadrian after tonight, she wanted to remember this.

“You’ll know when you need me, after tonight,” Hadrian said with a breath.

“Mmmm!” Belle yelled. “I know...that I’ll need you...after tonight...and after every time.”

Hadrian lost himself deep inside of Belle. She gobbled up just as much. Aqua did not seem too disappointed, though, having a hell of an orgasm at her own. Hadrian drank in both of these women juicing all over him and breathing in intensity.

“Still with me, sis?”

Aqua spun around, wrapping her arms around Hadrian and showing him she was still with him. Belle, collapsing on the bed once again, breathing heavily, with the river trailing through her caught Aqua’s attention just as much.

“Looks like I’m going to have to settle for seconds.”

The intense slurping brought Hadrian to full strength. Aqua, while bent over and eating out Belle, provided such an enticing target that Hadrian could not really resist.
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Chapter Text

Chapter Eighteen.

All meetings, no matter how wonderful, always had that final goodbye. Belle, breaking down into a deep sigh, wondered about several things. One of the biggest things was, she wondered if Hadrian would ever come back into her life again.

For some reason, the handsome traveler’s reassuring smile brought Belle some clarity. Slowly, Hadrian slipped a very beautiful necklace over Belle’s neck, and leaned in for a kiss. Belle returned the kiss eagerly, a part of her longing for so much more. But yet, a part of her realizing that Hadrian’s time here was at an end, and Hadrian would have to be leaving all too soon to head back home.

“So, when will I see you again?” she asked.

A smile cropped over the face of the gentleman before he gave a very honest assessment of the matter. “You will see me when you need me the most.”

Belle understood and appreciated that fact. Into the night, Hadrian vanished and left Belle standing, arms folded against her chest. She did wonder, hoping that there would come a time where Hadrian would in fact return.

Hadrian returned back to the castle where Anna and Elsa waited for him. They threw their arms around Hadrian and hugged him from either side.

“So, how is everything?” Hadrian asked them.

“The disease is fading as quickly as it appears,” Elsa said. “Did you get the book?”

“Yes,” Hadrian said.

Hadrian hoped this book would have answers to one of Hadrian’s goals. He figured that Rapunzel’s hair and her mystical origins held the key to something which Hadrian had been searching for for a long time. He had been sidetracked and hit dead end after dead end on this quest no matter how many times Hadrian embarked on it over the years.

Speaking of Rapunzel, she stood out in the hallway.

“How are you holding up?” Hadrian asked her.

“I’m coping,” Rapunzel told him. “I barely knew him...maybe if I was around...maybe he wouldn’t have died.”

Rapunzel sighed. He had died with dignity, and peace, with the King’s life ambitions revealed. Hadrian, gently taking Rapunzel by the hand, lead her past the corridors and into the next room. Anna and Elsa followed, all of them obviously curious about Hadrian’s latest adventure.

Well, it turned out, Hadrian did have a hell of a story to tell them.

Walking down the hallway, Hadrian found his path blocked by Cassandra. The frown on her face indicated the woman was very miffed about something, about Hadrian could not figure out what.

“May I help you….”

“You put a spell on me,” Cassandra said. “And every time I close my eyes...I can’t get you out of my head.”

“To be fair, that’s a normal affect for a lot of women,” Hadrian said.

“I spent years thinking about what the Dragon would be like, but like nothing that I expected,” Cassandra told him.

And with that, Cassandra smashed her lips, very aggressively, against Hadrian’s. The two dueled with their tongues, about aggressively as their sword duel. Cassandra was no Princess, but far more aggressive in pursuing what she wanted. Of course, it did not matter how aggressive any woman was, because Hadrian knew him.

“I want you.”

Cassandra pulled away from Hadrian and groped his crotch very roughly through his pants. She had been pleased of the results of Hadrian growing to life.

“Well, you did give me the biggest challenge in a long time,” Hadrian said. “And such persistence should be rewarded.”

Hadrian steered Cassandra into the next room. The two soon to be lovers tore off articles of clothing around the way, continuing their hot and very aggressive makeout session. Cassandra’s nails, digging into the side of Hadrian’s face, left some very impressive marks.

“Mmm,” Cassandra moaned deep into her man’s mouth.

Cassandra, shifting behind Hadrian, kissed him very vigorously against the side of the neck. Those fingers, rubbing down Hadrian at pretty much all angles, sent a thrill through his body. Which only seemed to increase the more her fingers danced down Hadrian on pretty much all sides, rubbing his abdomen.

She found the spear which brought many women to their knees. And Cassandra, dropped down to her knees to fully capture Hadrian’s spear between her lips. She wanted to tame this spear, using her mouth, tongue, throat, and anything Cassandra could do. She cupped onto Hadrian’s balls.

“Damn woman,” Hadrian groaned.

Cassandra grinned through the blowjob, dropping her mouth all the way down to the base of Hadrian’s stiff rod. Every time she took Hadrian’s length, it hit the back of her throat. Cassandra had been driven wild by the taste, and it had been pretty much everything she ever imagined and somehow, so much more.

Hadrian grabbed Cassandra and started to aggressively hump her face. The face-fucking session only sent tremors of pleasure through Cassandra’s body.

“Almost there,” Hadrian said. “Get ready for your reward, Cassie.”

Cassandra closed her eyes, locking her nails down onto Hadrian’s back. Oh, she could not believe this happened. Having her tight throat repeatedly stuffed by the Dragon’s mighty rod, to the point where Cassandra aggressively choked on his pole. Oh, yes, it was so amazing, so amazing, and yet so fucking hot.

Hadrian dumped his huge sticky loud done Cassandra’s waiting throat. Cassandra hung on for the ride, repeatedly receiving a cock down her throat as Hadrian thrust forward, sticking it all the way down.

Cassandra, knowing what she wanted, did not leave a drop wasted. She slurped and sucked until the handsome traveler’s balls had been drained.

Slowly, Cassandra pulled away and licked the tip of Hadrian’s manhood, sending a twitch over his body. Those warm lips, grazing him, caused Hadrian to break over into a smile the second Cassandra pulled away from him.

“That was...very good,” she breathed. “Oh, you’ve got to be kidding me.”

Cassandra rose up and Hadrian, as hard as ever, brushed up against her abdomen area. She just spent time sucking him off, hard, her duty for the future king, and now he had been hard again. It was almost like she did not touch him.

“The thing you must know about me is that I’m fueled on sex,” Hadrian said. ‘The more I have...the stronger I get...and the faster I recharge.”

Spinning the gorgeous woman around, Hadrian wrapped his arms around her and touched Cassandra all over, several times. She closed her eyes, enjoying the fingers brushing against every square inch of her chest. Cassandra’s crotch, dripping hot with desire, had several spikes of lust.

“Do you want me to go further?”

“Do you want an invitation?” Cassandra fired back.

The two jumped onto the bed, with Cassandra mounting the stud and worshipping his body. Her breasts smashed against Hadrian’s chest just as greatly as her lips. Hadrian traced patterns down her back and cupped Cassandra’s ass. Her warm lips rubbed up against him.

“You know something, I like the position I had you in the other day,” Hadrian said. “I thought about taking you right there.”

Hadrian threw Cassandra so she laid face down on the bed, ass extended in the air and legs spread. The powerful sorcerer hammered all Cassandra’s buttons and flicked all of the switches in her mind which regulated pleasure. Juices flowed through Cassandra’s thighs, very shamelessly and endlessly.

“I wish you did,” she breathed.

Slowly, Hadrian put the tip against Cassandra’s entrance, grinding up against her. Thanks to the active lifestyle Cassie kept, she did not have the same resistance of the Princesses. However, Hadrian knew by her tightness, she never had a man inside of her until now.

The first few inches split Cassandra’s lips completely open. She opened up, mouth agaze. No wonder this was the spear which tamed so many women. It tamed Cassandra, taking her into the bed. Hadrian, sliding his hands up against her body, sent a jolt of pleasure dancing over her body.

“Oh, damn, I knew your pussy would feel night.”

“I knew you would feel nice inside me,” Cassandra said. “Deeper...if they can handle it...then I can handle it.”

Hadrian held onto Cassandra’s hips for leverage and sunk a little bit deeper inside of her. The weight of Hadrian’s mighty balls pressed up against her thighs the further Hadrian rocked inside of her body. Hadrian sent his cock deep inside of her body, stunning her several times over.

Oh, Cassandra’s hands shook when they clutched on the bed. He was making her cum and cum so hard. So hard, so fast, and so very good. The weight of Hadrian’s balls, slapping down onto her thighs repeatedly, sent Cassandra all the way over the edge.

She came already, wrapping up Hadrian in a tight vice and threatening to drain every drop from him. Or Cassandra would, had an immune about of supernatural stamina not blessed Hadrian. Therefore, he continued the ride.

After two more orgasms, Hadrian flipped the position. Cassandra laid on her back, reminded how Hadrian pinned her to the ground after the other way. Their bodies pressed together and Hadrian was outside of her. The fleshy spear tip, brushing against her stomach sent the woman over the edge.

The similar teasing from earlier, really riled Cassandra up. A deep spread of Cassandra’s thighs, sent her this close to other the edge. Hadrian pressed up against her, rocking against Cassandra’s core, and causing the wetness of her lips to rub up against him.

“Just a little bit closer,” Hadrian breathed for her. “That’s it...right there.”

“Give it to me, now!” Cassandra yelled at him.

Hadrian indulged the woman in her wish, burying himself deep into her. It was pretty much no time at all before they were fucking like rabbits. Something which Cassandra thought about every time she opened their eyes. A man who could thrill these many women proved to be worthy of being King.

And Cassandra, intended to serve every whim. Trying to channel the same control in her body she used during a sword, Cassandra clamped down onto Hadrian, in an attempt to extract as much seed as possible. Hadrian’s strength weathered through and all it happened was facilitating an orgasm which rocked Cassandra’s body all over.

“Oooh God!” Cassandra yelled.

“I get that a lot,” Hadrian said.

Cassandra smiled, tightening her legs around Hadrian, along with her arms, and kissing him madly. The stretching of her insides rocked Cassandra. All of her dreams, all of Cassandra’s depraved fantasies, came true in one huge stroke. Hadrian, pressing up against Cassandra, rocked her body a little bit further, and very much deeper. Cassandra, turning her pussy against him, buried Hadrian deep inside of her.

“Almost there,” Hadrian said.

“Yes, don’t hold back...there’s more than enough to spare,” Cassandra said. “Oh, what I would not give to test the limits of your power?”

Cassandra proved to be an active and very aggressive sexual partner, grabbing onto Hadrian, pumping him back as she pumped into her, and pleasuring his body, trying to learn the spots which brought Hadrian as pleasure. Hadrian had a place for such a proactive girl in his council, just as much as he did inside of her bed.

Hadrian corrected himself, a proactive woman, for Cassandra milked him with all of the vigorous intention of a woman who knew what she wanted.

“One more time,” Hadrian said. “Come with me, Cassie.”

Cassandra’s legs locked around Hadrian, breathing in heavily. The deep and vigorous pumping increased, with Hadrian burying deep inside of her body and sending her on a never ending thrillride deep into the bed. Oh, Cassandra just loved it, loved everything he was doing to her.

“Test my limits!”

Hadrian finally lost it deep inside of Cassandra. Her milking orgasm drained Hadrian of the stored up gift. The two came together and grabbed onto each other’s bodies, very tightly. Cassandra moaned her enjoyment as Hadrian filled up her body to the point where she just collapsed in pleasure on the bed.

“Did that live up to your expectations?”

Cassandra, resting on Hadrian’s chest, casually ran a finger down his forearm. It would not be the worst day just to straddle Hadrian’s body and run her hands down his muscular body all day long.

“Yes, my King, it did,” Cassandra breathed. “And it appears that we have a guest...and I think she wants to play as well.”
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Blog Exclusive Smut Which is Best Read After This Chapter:

Chapter Nineteen: 

Rapunzel slipped into the room with a smile. She could see Cassandra’s arms wrapped tightly around Hadrian. It took only seconds to realize Rapunzel walked into the room, wearing nothing but her hair, draped strategically over certain parts of her body.

“Princess, it’s good to have you back,” Cassandra told her. “I’m Cassandra...and….”

“We’re going to all have fun together, aren’t we?” Rapunzel asked. “You just had to get a piece of King Hadrian. But then again, after he took you down in battle, you couldn’t get him out of your mind could you?”

Rapunzel wrapped her hair around Cassandra’s arms and legs, surprising her. A small smile flickered over Hadrian’s face. He very much wanted to see how this played out. Cassandra’s eyes, flooded over with pleasure, looked back at Rapunzel as she climbed onto the bed.

“And I’m here to enjoy you just as much as he did,” Rapunzel said. “I have a feeling you’re going to serve us both...nicely.”

Rapunzel kissed all the way down Cassandra’s captive body. Cassandra, twitching on the bed, enjoyed Rapunzel and her lips all over. Touching Cassandra at all of the right points, so much so that Cassandra almost swore Hadrian fed her information. Could it be the case? Cassandra really did not know, but she intended to find out. The breathing only increased the faster Rapunzel stroked her hands all over Cassandra’s sexy frame.

“Mmm, I have you now,” Rapunzel breathed hungrily in Cassandra’s ear. “But...I think that you should just sit tight for a minute.”

The golden-haired princess spun around and crawled over onto her hands and knees. Rapunzel rubbed Hadrian’s prick quite lovingly with her cheek and slipped his cock into her mouth. Rapunzel’s wide eyes stared straight up into Hadrian’s as she hummed instantly, moaning onto him when sucking Hadrian so deep and so hard.

“Yes,” Hadrian groaned from Rapunzel’s warm mouth tightening around him. “That’s...a good spot...right know how to please me like that.”

“Mmmm,” Rapunzel moaned, sucking him down her throat.

The back of Rapunzel’s throat hit the tip of Hadrian the second she slid down onto him. Oh, this tasted pretty good and Rapunzel could not wait to indulge herself in every single inch of Hadrian just going down her throat.

Cassandra, pinned down with Rapunzel’s hard, watched as the Princess pleasured King Hadrian. The loud sounds she made, made Cassandra wonder just how nice Rapunzel’s mouth would feel pressed against her loins, eating Cassandra out.

Those golden tresses tickling Cassandra’s thighs sent a blast of pleasure all through her body. Cassandra’s nipples hardened, with Rapunzel playing with them, with her hair.

Rapunzel, after getting Hadrian’s meat pole nice and wet, gave him a few more licks. She turned around and climbed onto him. Rapunzel ground her cheeks against his extended cock.

“I want you to put it back here.”

Cassandra’s hips jolted up. Surely, the Princess would not...and Cassandra found herself breathing heavily, at the thought of Hadrian doing the same to her.

Rapunzel’s soft cheeks rubbed against Hadrian, demanding all sorts of attention. And the former Chosen One, pushing against Rapunzel’s puckered back hole, slipped into her. Rapunzel, grabbing onto Hadrian’s forearm, clutched down with a very intense moan when dropping all the way down onto him.

“Oooh, yes,” Rapunzel said. “Right my ass...where it counts.”

Rapunzel slid her warm cheeks up against Hadrian’s fleshy pole, rocking up and down on his body. The movement’s of her cheeks, pressing up against lap caused him. Rapunzel’s hair whipped back and tightened around Hadrian. Hadrian pulled down onto Rapunzel, burying deep into her tight ass with several long thrusts.

“Mmm, take her!” Cassandra moaned. “She deserves it...I want it too.”

“Don’t worry, you’ll get your turn,” Rapunzel breathed. “Won’t she?”

“Yes,” Hadrian grunted. “She will.”

Hadrian slapped his balls against Rapunzel’s firm backside just right, causing her to size up in countless waves of pleasure. Hadrian, rubbing against Rapunzel’s nipples, sent her into a tremor of pleasure. She breathed in, and breathed out, the heat only increasing the faster Hadrian worked into the golden-haired princess from this particular angle. She just moaned, very aggressively every time Hadrian buried himself inside of her.

“You’re getting everything you ever wanted and so much more,” Hadrian told her. “Aren’t you?”

“YES!” Rapunzel yelled.

“AREN’T YOU?” Hadrian asked her.


Hadrian rocked deeper inside of her body again, causing Rapunzel to leak all over the bed. Rapunzel, smiling, dragged Cassandra over with her hair. Cassandra’s face lowered down.

“Time to worship your Princess, Cass,” Rapunzel breathed.

Cassandra, smiling, licked the first sweet trickles of juices out of Rapunzel’s horny pussy. Oh, she could just indulge herself for days. Cassandra started with slow licking, edging her tongue around the surface of Rapunzel’s horny little hole, and then picked up the pace, sending Rapunzel’s hips rocking back and forth against her mouth on a repeated basis.

“That’s...what I want,’ Rapunzel told her. “Use that it was always meant to be used.”

Rapunzel, moaning in deep, enjoying how Cassandra sucked her juices into her mouth. The lovely woman, kept sucking on Rapunzel’s juicy pussy, sending her through constant waves of pleasure. The heat emitting through her body, extremely strong, brought Rapunzel to the end.

After Cassandra finally had been allowed up, Hadrian motioned for her to come over. He almost worked Rapunzel to the end. The slapping of Hadrian’s balls against Rapunzel’s tight little ass got louder.

“I want you to turn around facing the other way,” Hadrian said. “That’”

A finger, slick with Rapunzel’s juices, stuck deep into Cassandra’s anus. She resisted the urge to finger herself. Hadrian used one of his fingers to send pleasure jolts through Cassandra. The force of intrusion into her anal passage made Cassandra soak all over the bed.

Leaving Rapunzel to catch her breath, Hadrian buried himself deep into Cassandra. Her tight ass, wrapping around him, made Hadrian enjoyed.

Hadrian introduced both of these women to the joys of anal sex. The feeling of having Hadrian buried deep into their ass, caused both of them to cry out in pleasure.

“I never thought this would feel so good,” Cassandra said. “Thank you...thank for your this.”

“It’s what a woman like yourself deserves,” Hadrian told her. “And you deserve to cum...harder than you’ve ever cum before.”

Cassandra came as hard as possible. Hadrian stimulating her slick core in addition to her ass dialed up the pleasure to about a ten, and it almost sprang past the scale to eleven, twelve, and who knew how far it could go. Hadrian intended to bury himself in Cassandra all of the way.

Eventually, Hadrian felt the need to give Cassandra a wake. Rapunzel had been at the end of the bed, hair draped enticingly over her body. Hadrian slammed deep into Rapunzel’s tight ass and caused the golden haired princess to watch at the end of the bed, crying out for more.

The dance continued throughout the evening. Hadrian teleported from one girl to the other, at opposite ends of the bed. Rocking their asses with multiple thrusts and building up a huge amount of cum inside of his balls.

Cassandra prided herself for being a strong woman who could not get broken by anything. But, even the strongest of women had those simple pleasures in life.

“How did I entire life….without having you in my ass?” Cassandra breathed.

“ didn’t know me until a few days ago,” Hadrian said.

He explored the contours of Cassandra’s toned ass, making her cry out for more. Hadrian worked her ass, like a fine clay, stretching her even harder. Hadrian slammed deeper and faster inside of her body, sending her pretty much over the edge with another orgasm.

Hadrian switched to Rapunzel, and Rapunzel’s skin, completely drenched, still felt amazing. Every spot on Rapunzel just sang with endless pleasure, the harder Hadrian drove himself into her. And the harder he did, the more his balls slapped repeatedly on this woman’s thighs.

A few thrusts to each women, leaving them wanting even more. It seemed only fair to distribute the load which built up in Hadrian over several minutes evenly so both women had her fair share.

Hadrian grunted and finished first in Rapunzel. Her warm bowels greedily sucked in everything Hadrian gived her. Hadrian hugged her tightly as Rapunzel’s anal core hugged him. Picking up the pace, Hadrian sent her on an endless thrillride, everything in her body on an endless loop of pleasure.

Not to be left out in the cold, Cassandra received her prize as well. Hadrian stuffed her rectum full of the savory, sticky seed which she craved.

Two loads worth of cum, buried in the ass of both women, caused them to breath in heavily. Cassandra and Rapunzel just let out their breaths in response.

They tasted the savory treat which their King left behind, moaning as they sucked it down completely. Hadrian wrapped his arms around him and kissed his two lovely companions. Rapunzel and Cassandra basked in the afterglow of their King spoiling them with kisses and touches.

“Let’s...clean you up too,” Cassandra said.

Cassandra and Rapunzel used their mouths on Hadrian, to lick and suck him clean, looking rather debauched in the process.

From outside of the room, Queen Arianna could not help and remain rooted on the spot. Despite the risk of being caught, despite the danger, and despite the fact Arianna wanted to jump in there, and show those two girls how a Queen handed business, she must not.

Yet, Arianna’s eyes widened, at the fact that Hadrian spent some time with her daughter, in a threesome with another woman. The Captain’s daughter at that, and Arianna removed her finger from underneath her dress and tasted the evidence of what she had been doing.

The extremely, but attractive Dragon, who had stories about him swooping down and taking women into his nest, as they wandered out in the dead of night. Arianna realized what this story truly meant, it was a warning for women to stay clear of him, for they would be ruined at night. And a warning to young boys, men, to keep their sisters, daughters, and wives close at hand, for he would take them if been a chance.

Arianna closed her eyes, thinking it had been much too soon. She stepped back, with a heavy breath, only to come across Queen Elsa. How long had Elsa been there? How much had she seen?

“Are you okay?” Elsa asked.

“It’s been a long and very trying day,” Arianna said. “I’m just very tired.”

Elsa, smiled. “And you need to rest...let me lead you to your room.”

Arianna frowned in response. “You’re my guest...don’t worry about me.”

“No, you’re practically family now,” Elsa said. “Given my husband’s taken your daughter in his collective.”

Arianna had been taken away by the blunt matter of fact way Elsa dropped this information. And also, how persistent Elsa was by taking Arianna by the hand. Despite being a Queen for only a short amount of time, Elsa seemed determined to do things her way and Arianna respected that.

And she had been too mentally worn down to argue anything as well.
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Chapter Twenty:

A warm and wet sensation around his crotch brought Hadrian awake. The redhair which entering the powerful sorcerer’s line of sight caught his attention. He tightened the grip around Cassandra and Rapunzel as the two lovely ladies snuggled in just a bit closer to him.

Kairi woke Hadrian from his slumber in such a nice way. On all fours, while giving Harry a blowjob. The emerald-eyed enchanter grunted the more Kairi’s warm mouth wrapped tightly around him, sucking on him. Her soft fingers cupped his balls, tracing light patterns around them as she hummed for him.

“Oooh, Kairi,” Hadrian groaned.

Speeding up, Kairi appeared to be very intent on getting a mouthful of Hadrian’s prized seed. She rocked back and forth, using her mouth for purposes of pleasure. Hadrian, running his hands all over the back of Kairi’s head, edged ever so closer to the breaking point, namely inside of her mouth. Kairi’s lips sealed him up and released him, humming ever so eloquently around his prick.

“Mmm!” Kairi moaned.

Cassandra woke up and planted several kisses down Hadrian’s body. She moved down to join Kairi and licking the parts which Kairi could not reach with her mouth. Soon, Rapunzel woke up as well and joined them, sucking on Hadrian’s balls, softly, gently, but oh so hotly.

The pleasure of these three beautiful women pleasuring him started off tonight right. Hadrian picked up the pace, rocketing into Kairi’s mouth with the force of a freight train. Cassandra wrapped her lips firmly around his base as Rapunzel sucked on the balls.

“Ladies, I’m ready,” Hadrian grunted.

Kairi hummed a magical tune in the back of her throat which got Hadrian’s juices flowing and launched all of his seed deep into her mouth.

Drinking from Hadrian’s balls seemed to bring so much pleasure from Kairi. Kairi pulled completely off, wrapping her fingers around his big tool, and licking him clean. Cassandra and Rapunzel kneeled on either side and Kairi whipped around, kissing Cassandra on the lips.

Pouting, Rapunzel wanted her fair share of seed. Kairi turned around and whipped into the Princess’s mouth, kissing her.

Taking advantage of Rapunzel and Kairi being preoccupied with each other, Cassandra mounted Hadrian, and sank down onto him, reverse cowgirl style. The warmth of her pussy engulfed Hadrian.

“I could get used to this,” Cassandra said as every inch of Hadrian she could fit stimulated her hot body.

“Me too,” Hadrian breathed.

Cassandra, closing her eyes, rocked up and down onto Hadrian, pressing as much of her hot body against him with several rises and falls. Her warm thighs bounced up and down onto Hadrian when filling up on him and more importantly his juicy cock.

Rapunzel laid at the end of the bed, breathing heavily. Kairi had other plans, climbing on Hadrian’s face and getting a sample of his tongue. Soon, Hadrian would slide inside of Kairi, but for now, he devoured her sweet, sweet pussy from behind.

Feeling a bit left out, Rapunzel threw back her hair in frustration, almost knocking over several items on the shelf in the process. Actually, throwing back her hair could be kind of destructive, so Rapunzel endeavored not to do that any time soon.

After Cassandra had been rocked to a hell of an orgasm, she slid down the bed. Rapunzel’s thighs spread apart, exposing her tasty center. Cassandra dove in, serving the Princess, lapping up her folds with eagerness while Hadrian toyed with her from behind.

Kairi had plans though and shifted herself, after cumming all over Hadrian’s face. Hadrian, wrapping his arm around Kairi, sliding against her from behind. The tip of his manhood brushed repeatedly against Kairi’s warm slit and got her all hot and ready to go. Several kisses launched down Kairi’s neck, with her moaning very aggressively.

“I need you inside me,” Kairi pleaded for him.

“Of course,” Hadrian told her. “Anything you want.”

Oh, Kairi closed her eyes and just sank into the waves of pleasure. Hadrian’s fingers caressed her lovely body, sending her down the pathway to tremors of pleasure. Oh, Kairi’s juices just flowed with excitement the second Hadrian slid himself up against her slit.

“Fuck me,” Kairi begged of him.

“Anything you want,” Hadrian told her.

With that, Hadrian pushed all the way inside of Kairi, rocking her body all the way. He ran a finger through the hair of his redheaded companion and pushed all the way down her body. Hadrian pleasured her all over, sending Kairi to the tipping point of pleasure.

“Cass!” Rapunzel screamed out. “Oooh, that’s so good.”

Anything to serve Rapunzel, Cassandra mused. The Princess tasted like honey and Cassandra could hard do more to eat her clean. The feeling of some familiar, powerful hands rocking against her backside every now and then only heightened Cassandra’s desire.

Kairi closed her eyes, and enjoyed being filled up completely. Every time Hadrian rocked inside of her body, it was like a brand new wave of pleasure just coursed all throughout her. Hadrian, leaning in with a kiss down onto the back of her neck, made Kairi just mewl out in pleasure.

“That’s what I want from you,” Hadrian told Kairi. “Feel that pleasure running through her body. Just imagine how good this is making you feel...because there is no need to imagine it, it’s making you feel good.”

A bolt of energy struck both Rapunzel and Cassandra and rocked them to a very pleasurable finish. Cassandra, ramped up and excited, dove deep into Rapunzel’s womanhood, eating her up. And Rapunzel, wrapping her hair all over Cassandra, encouraged her.

Kairi, in the meantime, soaked in the pleasure. Hadrian’s precise attention to all of the right places resulted in Kairi tightening around him. Her insides turned to jelly, ruled nothing by this powerful young man. Kairi breathed in.

“I live to make my sisters feel good,” Hadrian said. “And you are feeling really good, aren’t you, Kairi?”


Kairi barely strung two words together, or really anything coherent. Regardless, the feeling was there and Kairi clamped down onto Hadrian soaking him with juices.

Hadrian gave Kairi a breather, teleporting over to be right behind Cassandra. His still wet cock slid deep into her from behind.

Cassandra bit down on Rapunzel’s clit in surprise from the intrusion. Rapunzel screamed out in pleasure, watching as Hadrian rocked back and forth onto Cassandra. He thrusted into her ten times quick and fast and then ten more times a bit more slow and measured.

Locking eyes with Rapunzel, Hadrian rubbed his fingers together. This caused something to size up in Rapunzel’s body and cause Cassandra to explode into an orgasm.

“Now, where were we?”

Hadrian, now back inside of Kairi, pumped his way into her. She stretched around him, quite hot and quite savory. Oh, every time Hadrian caressed her body, Kairi cried out even more in pleasure. His fingers, brushing against Kairi’s nipples, sent her into spasms of pleasure.

“Good, very good,” Hadrian told her. “We’re almost’re almost ready.”

“I...I’m almost ready,” Kairi agreed, letting her entire body run completely on autopilot. “Please let me cum...I need to cum...please.”

“We’re getting there,” Hadrian told her with a smile on his face. “Just a little bit further.”

Once again, the pleasure inside of Kairi burst, and she came all over him. Wrapping around him hard, Hadrian rocked up against her body, while also gifting Rapunzel and Cassandra with an orgasm.

The second Hadrian pulled out of Kairi, he heard a cry from the end of the bed.

“It’s mine!”

Rapunzel launched herself right at the Dragon King, kissing him and wrapping her hair tightly around both of them. Hadrian slowed down Rapunzel, while attacking her toes with measures bolts of pleasure. The Princess’s weakness, and Hadrian also stroked down her hair, sending powerful waves of magic.

Now mounting her prize, Rapunzel wrapped her arms around Hadrian’s neck, and sank down onto him. The golden-haired Princess, wrapping her legs and hair around him, went on a hell of a thrill ride. Hadrian pulled her in close, making her just cry out for pleasure.

“We have plenty of time,” Hadrian told her.

“No, I want...I need you now!” Rapunzel cried in his ear.

One could not deny the unbridled passion just flowing out of Rapunzel. Her golden hair, brushing up against every inch of Hadrian, causing waves of pleasure to build through him. She tickled his balls playfully with her hair while riding and Hadrian redoubled his intents not to explode all into Rapunzel.

Rapunzel, crushing her tight walls around him, moaned a little bit more. She knew that the minute she really lost it, Hadrian would be in either Kairi and Cassandra, so they had to make this one count. And they did make this one count, with Rapunzel riding Hadrian all the way to the edge and several steps beyond.

“So good,” Rapunzel breathed. “We are almost there….I’m so close right now...let me….feel good!”

“Oh, honey, you’re feeling really good now,” Hadrian told her. “Just don’t hold back. I want to feel you, cum all over me.”

Cassandra and Kairi preoccupied themselves by eating each other out in a sixty-nine position. Kairi recognized the familiar sensation of the Dragon just drinking up the Tantric energy flowing between their bodies. This sensation resulted in Kairi burying her tongue deeper than before into Cassandra and sending her into passionate waves.

“Mmm...mmmm….mmmm!” Cassandra moaned

Kairi enjoyed the pleasant vibrations coming from Cassandra’s throat. Oh, the heat just increased, doubling almost to a fever pitch. Kairi wanted to make Cassandra cum.

And speaking of cumming, Rapunzel most certainly did do just that. She tightened around Hadrian, his large staff burying as deep as possible into her tight hole. Rapunzel, grabbing on tightly around him, moaned very aggressively in her man’s ear. One push, two push, three pushes until Rapunzel wrapped herself as tight as tight could be around his pole and squeezed down very hard.

“Almost there,” Rapunzel breathed in Hadrian’s ear.

“I know I’m almost there,” Hadrian told her. “Let’s get a little bit closer...there we go.”

Hadrian speared completely into Rapunzel, stretching her belly with all the ways he buried inside of her. Rapunzel, tightening up around him, breathed in, sinking her nails down onto his neck.

“Yes, it’s perfect,” Rapunzel said with one last push down onto him. “So perfect...and so good.”

One last squeeze, and Rapunzel finally gave up on getting Hadrian to empty his load inside of her. Hadrian turned his attention to Kairi, who rolled off of Cassandra and presented her spread thighs to him.

“Let’s finish this.”

Hadrian mounted her, feeling Kairi’s wet pussy almost sucking him in. And by almost, she did in fact practically suck Hadrian in. The tickling of her wet walls around his thick cock lured Hadrian ever so closer into her, until finally Hadrian speared down inside of her.


Kairi wrapped tightly around Hadrian, intending to finish. Cassandra and Rapunzel felt his presence just as well, Hadrian ensuring that everything he did with Kairi would be mimicked with them. These actions satisfied these women, at least for the moment.

“Oooh, yes,” Kairi breathed by sinking her nails into his back. “Go for me...get in me...deeper...I want to feel it.”

The build-up almost reached its end. Given Kairi woke him up in such a sexy way, Hadrian only thought it to be appropriate to reward Kairi for such behavior. The thrusts only grew more aggressive, and Kairi grabbed onto Hadrian, pulling him closer to her body.

Cassandra and Rapunzel hit their breaking point first. Orgasms on either side of Kairi and Hadrian fueled the two all the way to the end.

Kairi looked Hadrian in the eyes, and there was only one thing Hadrian could do. Upon Kairi’s orgasm, Hadrian filled her up, with the contents of his balls. He rode Kairi all the way to the end, with the sexy woman underneath him grabbing on Hadrian and allowing him to push hard inside of her.

The two basked in the moment, as Hadrian emptied his load inside of Kairi. The very instant Hadrian pulled out of Kairi, Cassandra groped him from behind and Rapunzel crawled over Kairi’s well-fucked body and started to kiss him. The two competed for the Dragon’s attention.

And this morning, Hadrian would give them plenty of attention.
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Chapter Text

Chapter Twenty-One:

After putting Rapunzel, Cassandra, and Kairi through the paces, Hadrian walked down and bumped into Anna who had been just walking around the corner. Anna smiled when seeing him.

“Have you seen Elsa?”

“Well…..she’s been talking about a potential alliance with Queen Arianna,” Anna said. “And I guess the negotiations have been intense...because she’s been doing them all night long.”

Hadrian thought about something and wondered what Elsa could be getting into. Anna, sensing Hadrian’s thoughts, put a hand on his cheek, and slowly ran a finger down his hair, in a very soothing manner.

“Don’t worry about Elsa is getting into,” Anna said. “I’m not...I’m more worried about what you’re getting into,”

Anna stroked Hadrian’s chest through his shirt and then worked her hands over his pants. Hadrian wrapped his arm around Anna and pushed her against the wall, aggressively kissing her. Anna returned the kiss, with hot and passionate aggression, and the heat caused Hadrian’s shirt to be reduced into a pile of ashes.

Hadrian pulled away from Anna and kissed her neck several times. He sucked on the earlobe of the Princess, who looked about ready to just collapse in a fit of pleasure.

“You really have something against my shirts, don’t you?” Hadrian asked.

“Well, for some reason, your pants don’t burn,’ Anna said.

Anna turned around and walked up the stairs. Her swaying ass gave Hadrian a nice visual, while following the Princess up the steps. Until he stopped and grabbed Anna by the ass and slowly hiked up her dress, revealing she did not wear anything underneath.

“You are a bad, bad, Princess,” Hadrian said. “Time for you to bend over and take your punishment.”

Hadrian swatted Anna’s sexy ass and left a print of his hand all over her butt. Several more spanks and Anna just cried out for more. This was going to be so fun, and Hadrian did not know when the fun would stop. His fingers, locking up against her ass from behind, squeezed it a couple of times.

“Oh, you know you like this, don’t you, Princess?” Hadrian asked. “You like this a lot...don’t you?”

“Yes!” Anna cried out in pleasure. “Spank me!”

“I’m going to do more and spank you in a minute.”

Hadrian slid his fingers deep into Anna’s pussy. The Princess anticipated what was coming next, especially when one could see how wet she was making Hadrian’s fingers. He had her bent over on the steps.

Someone could come up the stairs and see Hadrian finger-banging Princess Anna, or someone could come down the stairs and see her sexy face when Hadrian finger-banged her from behind. Either way, Hadrian got some excitement out of this and more importantly, just how hot Anna was, bent over on the steps like this.

“Are you going to fuck me in the ass?” Anna asked him.

“Only if you call me Daddy,” Hadrian told her with an evil spine.

“Oh, please Daddy,” Anna breathed. “Please, take me right there. I’m a naughty girl and naughty girls deserve to take it right in their slutty asses!”

Hadrian pulled down Anna’s dress and took her firm tits into his hand, squeezing it. While her ass tempted him so much, Hadrian did not want to go all in, balls deep in it just yet. He teased Anna, pleasuring her body and getting her breathing. All while Anna ground her ass around him from behind, with Hadrian grabbing her chest and releasing it several time times over.

“I want you to split my cheeks apart and put your big strong Daddy cock in my ass,” Anna said. “Would you please? Will you please...please fuck me in the ass?”

Anna said this in such a debauched little girl voice, it sounded almost dirty. And Hadrian, bending down, buried his tongue deep into her ass and licked it, getting her nice and wet for the inclusion. He fingered Anna while eating her ass out and it made Anna just scream in pleasure.

“You have such a nice ass,” Hadrian growled in her ear. “And its purpose is to have a nice, big juicy cock in it, making you scream and cream until you feel so good you can barely think.

“Yes,” Anna said. “Please….I need….I need you right back there.”

Hadrian spread out Anna’s taboo hole. Hadrian dialed up the pleasure centers in her mind, while dulling the pain sensors to the absolute minimal. Anna squirted all over the steps, and both of them took extra special care not to slip. Hadrian lined up, pushing his head into Anna’s puckered hole and then sliding deep into her.

Anna could just lose it because of the way Hadrian pleasured her. Oh, it was beyond amazing to feel Hadrian just buried as deep in possible inside of her. Hadrian touched her in so many intimate places and the only reason she still stood up was because Hadrian held her that way through the sheer force of magic.

“You want me to go faster, don’t you?”

The cry of pleasure from Anna affirmed Hadrian’s belief. The Dragon King went to town on the fiery Queen’s ass. He made sure the fire they created did not extend past this one bubble down the steps, although Anna’s control improved ever so slightly. Making Hadrian think that she honestly did not like his shirts, and had not been burning them off in a fit of fiery passion.

Or maybe, Anna just could not help herself. And it was hard to argue with this, given how many times Hadrian just planted himself deep inside of her body. With several large thrusts away inside of her body, Anna cried out even more.

Hadrian slowed down, enjoying Anna’s tight cheeks spreading out and snapping back down onto them. Oh, feeling her in all of these ways had been remarkable. Anna’s nipples brushed up against Hadrian when he grabbed onto them tightly and released them.

“Why did you...slow down?” Anna wondered of him.

“Just relax,” Hadrian told her. “I’m preparing you.”

For what, Anna wondered. She got her answer, as a second cock slid up her leg. Magic, a wonderful thing which utterly demolished the bounds of what people considered realistic, was Anna’s favorite thing right about now. Hadrian pushed deep inside of her holes, rocking her body with two tools of insertion.

“How do you like that?” Hadrian asked her. “Does my baby girl feel good, having both of her holes stuffed? She was being bad, because she was hungry for so much of Daddy’s cock, wasn’t she?”

Anna could say nothing other than cry out in pleasure. The stairs burned and repaired themselves so fast that Anna could barely keep any coherent thoughts. The only thing which mattered to Anna was the hard and extremely vigorous sex session which took place.

“How do you like that?” Hadrian asked Anna. “Is it making you feel good? Would you like more of it?

“Yes!” Anna cried out. “So much yes!”

Hadrian speared himself deep into Anna from behind, stretching out her warm pussy and ass out at the same time. Anna’s entire body just belonged to Hadrian. He took her for a hell of a ride and would not stop, no matter what. Anna, stretching her warm holes over certain parts of Hadrian’s body, felt excitement just basking through her body.

Anna could not hold out for much longer and could do nothing other than cum. She soaked Hadrian with an explosion of juices. Just showing how good she felt, and how much King Hadrian spoiled her naughty little holes. Stuffing them with so much that Anna thought she would explode over the edge of the steps.

Control, the number one weapon of the most powerful sorcerers in the world, and Hadrian mastered it, just as much as he mastered the tight holes of his various wives and companions. Anna shifted several times over, squeezing down onto him. With Hadrian growing two extra arms to grab onto her breasts.

Exactly how Hadrian was able to do that, magic is the obvious answer to everything.

Hadrian used his added hands to stimulate more points of pleasure on Anna’s body. Anna had been getting excited, and she gushed all over him.

“Is there anything that you can’t do?”

“Don’t know, but all that matters is how well I’m doing you,” Hadrian said. “And how well I’m stuffing your slutty holes, Princess.”

Yes, Anna concurred with those thoughts. Her holes, heating up, welcomed the intrusion of Hadrian’s very tasty seed inside of her. Anna enjoyed when she took a cup of it for later, while dipping those lovely treats Elsa made in them. It was a good thing Anna had a good metabolism, otherwise, there would be trouble.

Hadrian speared deep inside of Anna, as the kinky Princess looked up the stairs, almost hoping someone would come to. The fact she was so open and not trying to hide the fact Hadrian double stuffed her on the steps, made a churning come up through Hadrian’s balls. He speared as deep into Anna as possible, his balls sizing up and then with one more push, launched a heavy load inside of both of her holes.

Anna’s toes curled from the sheer force of her climax, the cum spilling out of her. Four arms moved like a blur all over Anna, to the point where Anna found it very logical Hadrian grew a thousand arms. It seemed a bit weird, but she would not be surprised.

Of course, Hadrian simply was just very good with the four arms he had.

Pulling out of Anna, and leaving The Princess to slide down three steps on her well fuck ass, Anna winced. Hadrian grabbed her hands and smiled, both of his cocks dangling in her face.

“Time for your to clean up your mess.”

Anna did the best she could, with twice the meat to work with. It would be one of those times where Anna wished a friend could be there to help her out. But, not wanting to disappoint it, Anna moved from one organ to the next, switching from the taste from pussy to ass.

Hadrian made his way downstairs, to join Anna, Cassandra, and Rapunzel, who were hanging out in the courtyard. One of Arianna’s aides appeared for him.

“The Queen wishes to see you, your majesty,” the aide said. “In her private chambers...up the stairs….and three doors down to your right.”

“Thank you.”

Hadrian walked down, passing Elsa coming down the hallway, from about three doors down.

“Arianna’s ready to see you, beloved,” Elsa said.

With a wink, Elsa passed Hadrian and squeezed his ass while passing the two passed each other.
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Chapter Text

Chapter Twenty-Two:

Out in the courtyard, Rapunzel and Cassandra hung out with each other. Or rather, they sat outside, with Anna sitting a little bit away. She sat on a rug made out of the skin of a tan lion, with a black mane, and a very prominent scar on him. No one knew quite the story of how Hadrian acquired this lion skin rug.

One thing was for certain, this scarred lion did make a very handsome throw rug.

Cassandra literally could run her hands through Rapunzel’s hair for hours on end. They had shared a bond earlier, intimately bonding with the same man, despite coming from two very differing prospects on life.

“I always wanted to meet him,” Cassandra said. “He was bold, powerful, dangerous...but at the same time, interesting….he is interesting...he’s amazing too.”

“I was terrified for him coming for years,” Rapunzel said. “Gothel...she used Harry as an example of why I couldn’t go outside of the tower. He’s not that bad fact he’s very you well know.”

“Well, we’re on his side,” Cassandra said. “If we’re an enemy, I trust he would be very bad. And I wouldn’t want to ever go up against him.”

Rapunzel smiled, she would not either. But, why would she? Cassandra’s fingers stroking through her hair made her feel very relaxed.

“Where did our King go off to?” Rapunzel asked.

“That statement’s going to be pretty true soon.”

Elsa appeared in a blink of light outside of the tower. She sat right beside her sister on the lion skin rug and across from Rapunzel and Cassandra.

“He’s..he’s...oh, he is, isn’t he?” Rapunzel asked frowning.

“The Queen is very lonely, and I think that a man the caliber of Hadrian is just what she needs,” Elsa said.

Cassandra gave a very somber smile and moved in tighter. “I heard...that the King and the Queen….while they presented a united front for the Kingdom...they slept in separate rooms...after you were taken.”

Rapunzel shifted a little bit guility. “Do you think it would have made a difference…”

“Don’t know, we’ll never know,” Cassandra said. “Your father died happily, getting to see you one more time...even after you lost eighteen years with both of your parents...after that nutcase kept you locked away in the tower for your hair.”

“And Hadrian’s keeping her in an urn in the carriage,” Anna said.

“Why?” Cassandra asked.

Aqua, who had been just in said carriage, popped out. “Well, Hadrian’s a collector, he’s not willing to throw away an asset. And leaving the ashes of an enemy lying around never ends well.”

“Guess that makes sense,” Cassandra said and all of the other girls nodded in agreement.

Hadrian stepped into the room, dimly lit. Several candles, giving off a pleasant scent, had been lit up. He eyed Arianna on the bed, who had been wrapped in a very nice, red velvet sheet. Her eyes, scanning Hadrian’s body, with a soft smile emitting over her face.

“I’ve heard stories about you,” Arianna said. “About the Dragon….about the bloodshed...the savagery, and the brutality of the Dragon...but also I’ve heard other things.”

The shifting of the sheet gave Hadrian just enough indication that Arianna had not been wearing a damn thing underneath it. And Hadrian figured it would only be a matter of time before he saw the Queen’s body in all of its glory.

“How you take women in their own beds, and ruin them for anyone else,” Arianna said. “My husband and I...we were brave...but there was a lot of tension after Rapunzel was taken...and while I like to think the fence might have been mended, that spark blew out eighteen years ago.”

Arianna crawled a little bit closer, maintaining the sheet wrapped around her body. The sultry MILF licked her lips, a confident look on her eyes with what she wanted.

“I want to personally thank you for helping bring Rapunzel back,” Arianna said. “And thanks to Elsa’s vivid recollections of how skilled you are...I want to see it for myself….and Corona could use a new king to rule us into a brand new age.”

The bedsheet dropped, with Arianna’s luscious body. Physically, she looked only a few years older than Rapunzel did. A warm and pleasant smile appeared on Arianna’s face, those lips pressed together quite enticingly to tell Hadrian what to do. Between her large supple breasts, flat stomach, wide lips, and long legs, along with a pussy with a nice clean shaven strip, Arianna looked like a wet dream come to life.

“See you freed my daughter from her prison,” Arianna said. “It’s only fear that I free your not so little friend from it’s prison.”

Arianna pulled Hadrian’s pants open after breathing on his crotch. Hadrian’s cock, large and erect, came completely out for Arianna to taste. She ran her tongue around him, stimulating every single inch of Hadrian.

Despite not doing this for eighteen years, Arianna knew precisely what to do. She lived a pretty wild existence in her younger days, before settling down. And now, that bit of her personality, long since buried, came back to life. Arianna pressed her warm lips down the entire length, and maintained eye contact with Hadrian when sliding all the way down onto her.

All woman, and quite the woman as well, as Arianna bobbed her mouth up and down, lavishing Hadrian’s long pole. Much to her glee, Hadrian grabbed Arianna by the back of the hair and pumped repeatedly into her mouth. He rocked back and forth.

In no time flat, Arianna had been face-fucked by Hadrian. Her tight throat squeezed Hadrian, sending a blast of pleasure all the way through him. Threading his fingers through her hair, Hadrian rocked away, with several long, tight thrusts, battering Arianna’s mouth as much as possible.

“Mmmph!” Arianna moaned. “Mmmm!”

“You like the same cock that was in your daughter just this morning down your throat, don’t you?” Hadrian asked.

The reminder of Hadrian’s connection to Rapunzel just made Arianna pleasure Hadrian with her mouth even harder. She had a mouth like a vacuum cleaner, the sophistication of a Queen, with the abilities of a whore. A good combination in Hadrian’s mind.

Arianna tasted a few tiny trickles. She wanted it all, wanting the entire package. Arianna squeezed down on Hadrian’s balls, pressing her fingernails into him. She pumped Hadrian, trying to milk every single last drop from his bloated balls. Hadrian, hanging on for the thrill ride that as Arianna’s mouth, pumped into her even faster than ever before.

“I’m almost there.”

The look in Arianna’s eyes, screamed for Hadrian to face-fuck her. Hadrian did just that, riding out Arianna’s throat even harder from behind.

Hadrian busted his nuts and send a long blast of seed straight down Arianna’s gullet. The Queen, knowing her duty, sucked down every single drop from Hadrian.

It had been a while since she swallowed a man’s seed, and Arianna savored every last taste of this delicacy. The finest cuisine, did not match what Hadrian just spilled down her throat.

Arianna’s deep breathing increased, when Hadrian crawled back all the way from her. Arianna smiled and licked her lips.

“You taste divine, Dragon,” Arianna said. “But, it would only be fair if I didn’t get to taste you.”

A true King would not be afraid to go down on the Queen, and unfortunately, that had been one point of contention in her marriage, in the years prior to Rapunzel. Her Dragon King kissed Arianna’s flat stomach, and moved down to plant some more kisses on Arianna’s hips, and then licked her warm thighs.

“You are pleased by me?” Hadrian asked her, knowing the answer.

“Yes,” Arianna said. “But, you need to return the favor...please...don’t disappoint me.”

Then, Hadrian showed Arianna every single one of the legends about his prowess was true, especially with oral sex. Hadrian speared his tongue deep into Arianna, tasting every single inch of her pussy, the juices coming out of her making Arianna stunned.

“You are worthy...of being King!” Arianna yelled.

Naturally, if pleasing a woman meant Hadrian got to rule yet another Kingdom, Hadrian would easily acquire the crown time and time again. Arianna’s sweet honey taste had been lapped up by Hadrian the further he rocked deep inside of her body.

“Oooh, yes, more, I want you more!” Arianna yelled.

Hadrian chained orgasms together. Arianna, to her credit, hung on for the ride. She had eighteen years of backed up frustration to work through, so naturally Arianna wanted to be all the way there. Hadrian, rubbing his fingers around Arianna’s thighs, made Arianna scream.

She held onto the back of Hadrian’s head, rocking her hips in time with Hadrian as he pushed tongue down into her. He came closer, lapping her up all the way to the end.

The end came when Hadrian coming up. He was nice and hard, something which Arianna need.

“Mmm, that looks painful, doesn’t it?” Arianna asked as she played with Hadrian’s manhood. “Why don’t you let Mommy take care of that?”

Arianna climbed onto Hadrian, the sexy MILF’s warm body pushing up against him. Hadrian took her breasts in hand and squeezed them which only caused Arianna to sink down them.

“Just lay back, and let me please you, please,” Arianna said.

Hadrian, smiling, laid back, and trusted the Queen to know what she was doing. The truth is, Arianna did know what she was going, every last savory bit of her knew precisely what she was doing. Arianna slid her walls down onto Hadrian and released him.

She used her inner muscles to massage every inch of Hadrian’s pussy.

“Do I still have it?” Arianna asked.

Despite the fact Arianna knew that if all of the stories about the Dragon were true, he would be likely born centuries before she was, Arianna wanted to pretend. Wanted to prevent that she just seduced a younger man into her bed and blew his mind.

“You never lost it, my dear,” Hadrian said.

“I know, and I still got what it takes to make someone like you feel so good,” Arianna said. “Oh, Mommy feels so good rocking yourself up and down on your cock. You’re worthy of being the King...and our nights will be full of orgies.”

Hadrian just smiled, to be fair, orgy seemed to be a very typical night for the Dragon King. Along with a typical morning and afternoon as well, but that was beside the point. Hadrian stretched out.

“Ooh, I don’t know how you’re doing this, but keep doing this!” Arianna cried. “It makes me feel so good….and I feel like I need to teach my daughter so much to make you both feel good.”

Hadrian would like to have been present for that. Arianna bent down, her breasts hanging in Hadrian’s face while working her hips around him. The passionate look in her eyes increased. The MILF’s kissable lips moved inches away from Hadrian’s and he took it.

“I can’t wait to take her while you watch, and then take you while she watches.”

“Oh, honey, I already watched you, Rapunzel, and Cassandra the other night,” Arianna said. “I know I shouldn’t...I know it’s not proper...I know it’s naughty.”

Arianna let out a cry of passion, using her breasts to smother Hadrian’s face. Hadrian, not missing a beat, leaned in to suck on her nipples, causing Arianna’s lust to only increase.

“The Queen is about as naughty as her daughter,” Hadrian said. “Did you like it when she pinned Cassandra down with her hair so I could fuck her?”

“Mmm, do you think that she would do that for her mother?” Arianna asked.

“Maybe sometime,” Hadrian said. “But, I would like you to cum for me.”

“YES!” Arianna yelled.

She enjoyed playing with her new son-in-law, and future husband, and king. The backed up tension in Arianna’s body exploded, and she rode Hadrian even harder. She bounced higher, the two fucking each other like a pair of rabbits. Hadrian knew precisely what she wanted.

Hadrian closed his eyes. A sexually frustrated mother, who had not gotten some in years, and had seen Harry so completely screw her daughter, was as old a trick to entice a woman into bed as Hadrian could remember. But, damn, if Hadrian did not enjoy indulging in it from time to time.

“It’s your turn,” Arianna said. “It’s been a while...for me...let it all out inside of me.”

One more orgasm of Arianna resulted in her vigorously milking his cock. She hugged with just as much passion as Rapunzel did, trying to drain Hadrian’s balls inside of her. Hadrian, rocking her repeatedly, drove faster inside of her body as the two matched each other stroke for stroke.

“Yes, let it all out,” Arianna said. “With”

Arianna smothered Hadrian’s lips with hers, kissing him with a passionate flurry. Their bodies became one until they joined together in one orgasm.

The two went over the edge with pleasure. Still maintaining their tempo, as Hadrian enjoyed the change of pace of a more experienced woman, then the younger girls. Who while quite lovely, did take some time to train and get comfortable with their sexual wants and needs.

Arianna, on the other hand, she had no problem. Her hole, sopping wet, took in Hadrian’s seed straight into her womb. Properly combining and linking the two for life.

She rolled over onto the bed and Hadrian climbed next to Arianna, rubbing his fingers down her body and kissing her down the back of the neck and the shoulder blade while stroking Arianna’s thighs. Arianna rubbed her ass against his crotch, to stir up Hadrian.

“I needed that,” Arianna said.

“Next time you see me banging your daughter, don’t be a stranger,” Hadrian said.

“I won’t,” Arianna said with a smoky smile.

The hard option poking against Arianna’s back caused a bright smile to spread against her face. The Dragon’s superhuman stamina made her drool in every sense of the word.
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Chapter Text

Chapter Twenty-Three:

Hadrian sank into Arianna and rode her into the edge of the bed. The libidio of the Queen, had been very impressive. Hadrian’s hands rolled down her body to tease her, to tempt her, to please the woman, rocking back and forth into her repeatedly. The weight of his balls, massive and swollen threatened to collapse into her.

Arianna, knowing her lover’s orgasm closed in, used everything in her power to squeeze every single last drop of cum out of his balls and more importantly into her body. Hadrian, sliding his hands over her, thrilled her amazing. She came first, which opened the floodgates for the Dragon King to blow his load inside of her.

The explosion the two of them shared amazed the pair of them. Hadrian pressed his fingers against Arianna’s body, squeezing her hips and feeling her up, while pumping an immense load of seed deep inside of her body. The goddess on the bed shifted and twitched as she milked load after load inside of her body until Harry had been completely drained of every single last drop of seed.

Pulling from Arianna, Hadrian left her to sink onto the bed. The very second Hadrian pulled out of Arianna, an equally pleasant sensation greeted him. Elsa’s warm mouth sank onto his pole, sucking it back up to full strength. A smile crossed over Hadrian’s face.

Elsa hummed when bobbing up and down on the rod in her mouth, which hardened even more. The moment it grew completely hard, which admittedly did not take too long, Elsa pulled all the way out, licking from the tip all the way down to the base before sealing her warm mouth around it with a very solid pop.

A smile crossed Elsa’s face as Arianna sat on the bed. “Was he not everything I told you he was?”

Arianna just broke into a smile. “Everything and so much more.”

Elsa and Arianna joined each other with a passionate lips. The two Queens had their makeout session, just right next to Hadrian and his twitching manhood. A strand of salvia, almost frozen, connected the two of their mouths when they moved on in.

The Two Queens surrounded Hadrian’s massive manhood with a generous amount of tit flesh, wanking him up and down with a double tit fuck. The warmth in their cleavage, from both Elsa and Arianna, caused Hadrian to grunt very loudly. Oh, he could feel the pleasant sensations of their breasts, just closing in on his manhood. Closer, closer, closer than ever before. Hadrian rocked up and down.

“We’re spoiling you, aren’t you, my King?” Elsa asked. “Better be careful...I still want to go for a ride on you.”

Elsa and Arianna edged Hadrian with their tits, before Elsa pulled away. She climbed onto Hadrian’s lap. Hadrian, with a tight grip around Elsa’s waist, pulled her onto him. Kisses rained down onto the back of Elsa’s neck, all the way down her ear lobe, making her cry out.

“Well, you’re right here now,” Hadrian said. “The question is….how long have you been watching me and Arianna?”

Elsa flashed him a grin. “Just long enough to want this so badly. The question is, are you going to step up and take me like you should?”

To answer her question, Hadrian speared his manhood deep into Elsa’s sopping wet hole. Elsa closed her eyes, her insides gripping onto the man of her dreams, rocking back and forth.

Arianna, sitting at the end of the bed, with her legs spread, looked equally appetizing. Elsa knew for a fact that Arianna was a kink just like her daughter. One leg extended out with Elsa’s toes rubbing up and down Arianna’s body. Harry helped out by holding up Elsa’s leg as he fucked her, just so Arianna could suck on the Snow Queen’s toes.

“Oh, that’s hot,” Hadrian said, running a finger down the back of the leg. “You’re getting close already? Getting off on getting your toes worshipped.”

Arianna’s eyes flooded over with so much pleasure. Popping Elsa’s toes into her mouth and sucking on them happened to be a good idea. They tasted just like candy, and Arianna could not get enough of them. The taste of them just drove her completely wild.

A flood of juices flowed through her. Somehow, Hadrian was able to shift, despite not breaking his momentum inside of Elsa and finger Arianna’s pussy to the edge of pleasure.

She released a flood all over the bed, breathing immensely from each movement. Hadrian and Elsa would be the death of her and Arianna could not just do anything other than explode constantly over fingers which teased her.

Elsa’s toes slipped from Arianna’s mouth and rubbed all over her body. Strong, circular motions rubbed all over Arianna, stimulating her clit until the point where Elsa reared back and stuffed her sexy toes into Arianna’s pussy to fuck it with them.

Oh, this was good, and Arianna had been on beneath.

“You like being my little foot bitch, don’t you?” Elsa asked.

Oh, Arianna’s toes just buried deeper and deeper inside of Elsa, causing her to almost explode in pleasure. Elsa knew precisely what she was doing, and all the ways to stimulate Arianna’s body. She was going to enjoy this, every single last moment of this.

Arianna came all over Elsa’s toes. Elsa, pulling them out, put them back up to Arianna’s face, with Hadrian’s help, and made her lick them clean. Oh, yeah, this would do for sure. Hadrian knew it as well, when thrusting deep inside of Elsa.

“Well, you just turned me on, therefore I’m not going to hold back,” the Dragon King hissed in her ear. “Remember, this is your fault.”

Oh yes, it was Elsa’s fault alright, but she did not want to deny the pleasure just building up through her body. Elsa, tightening her walls around Hadrian’s thick cock, with the moist canal just grabbing onto him and releasing him, so nicely and so hot as well. Hadrian pushed her to the limits and then several steps beyond, rocking as deep into her body as humanly possible.

The minute Elsa received a hell of an orgasm, Hadrian pulled out of her. Just in time for Arianna to want a piece of him. The beautiful MILF practically launched herself onto Hadrian’s cock.

“Another one addicted to me,” Hadrian said.

“No woman alive would blame me,” Arianna said as she took him inside of her, the juices Elsa left behind just flowing freely.

“No, we really wouldn’t.”

Elsa wrapped her arms around Arianna, spearing her up and down on Hadrian as well. Her hard nipples, pushing into Arianna’s back, only increased what she was feeling, through a constant wave of pleasure. Oh, yes, this was really good.

“I’m sorry, but I can’t resist what’s back here,” Elsa said.

“It’s mine first,” Hadrian said.

Arianna wondered what Hadrian had spoken about, but then she remembered what the Dragon did to Cassandra and Rapunzel. Plundering their anal virginities, and Arianna just closed her eyes. Out of all of the things that she did, that was one thing Arianna did not do.

Arianna spun around, facing a mirror at the edge of the room which she had no idea had been there before. And likely was not, although the warm slick fingers of the powerful young man coursing all over her distracted Arianna from magically powerful mirrors.

One goal in mind, Hadrian got Arianna’s asshole nice and slick.

“It’s all mine.”

“Yes, go for it,” Arianna said. “Take me in my final hole, my King.”

Arianna’s body screamed, after seeing how good Rapunzel and Cassandra felt after a similar incident. She wished, longed for Hadrian to push his cock deep into her taboo back hole, taking her where it counted. The tip of it sent Arianna into spasms of pleasure.

After amplifying the bursts of pleasure Arianna would feel, Hadrian buried himself deep into her virgin ass, causing the Queen to just explode all over the bed. Juices rained all over Elsa’s face, who had been bent over. Elsa’s moist tongue lavished the Queen’s folds.

Whether or not Arianna liked it, or not, she would be getting the full treatment. Hadrian, running over her shoulder muscles, sent a wave down to her spine. All while driving him deep into her ass, fitting more than Arianna thought was possible deep inside of her.

“When you sit on the throne tomorrow, you will remember that you had my cock up your ass,” Hadrian said. “And you will remember how many times and how hard it has made you cum for me.”

Hadrian’s fingers twitched and Elsa came all over the bed, still eating out Arianna in the process. Her King, was nothing but generous by the attention. Managing to pleasuring two, or more women at the same time, despite only physically putting his hands on Arianna right now.

Arianna closed in on him, sensing the weight of his balls about ready to expand and contract and more importantly explode in her ass. She wanted this, so badly, hot and bothered.

“You want me cum in your ass, don’t it?” Hadrian asked. “And you want Queen Elsa to suck it out of her slutty royal ass, don’t you?”

“OOOH YES!” Arianna yelled. “I want eat my all of the cum is out of it. it...I want you to do badly.”

“Of course, you do,” Hadrian told her with a grunt. “Of course, you do...well, I’m not going to be one to hold back, at least not for very long, am I?”

“ really aren’t,” Arianna agreed, breathing in heavily the more Hadrian touched her all over and sent spasms of pleasure all over her body. “I want take hard as possible….deep in my ass….cum straight in my love.”

Hadrian picked up the pace, hips moving like a constant blur as he shoved deep inside of her body, taking his thick, massive cock into her. He stuffed Arianna’s fine ass, grabbing the MILF and plowing her hard. The tension in Hadrian’s balls churned, even more when he caught sight of Arianna’s fine face in the mirror, screwed up in constant pleasure. About ready to showcase the orgasm to end all orgasms.

“Almost there,” Hadrian told her. “You better be ready.”

“I am...ready,” Arianna said. “I’m ready...let me cum for you, please.”

“Mmm, you know you want to cum with me,” Hadrian told her, eagerly pumping away at her tight ass, allowing Arianna to squeeze and release him constantly.

Elsa lapped up everything Arianna had to offer, right to the last drop. Then Hadrian, pushing himself deep into her, popped into her. His balls, rife with tension, spilled every single last drop into Arianna’s ass. Hadrian pumped into the Queen, shoving deep inside of her.

The second Hadrian pulled out, Elsa dove in, ravenously licking Arianna’s asshole clean of every drop of seed she could get her greedy little tongue on. The fire in Elsa’s eyes, impressed Hadrian, and it caused fire to spread through his loins.

Elsa, smiling, offered the same treat to her husband, using her warm mouth and tongue as the means to clean Hadrian up. Only, so both Queens could get him nice and dirty once again.

Cassandra, prided herself of having sharp observational skills. And as she walked next to Rapunzel, a hissing sound put those observational skills to the test.

“Stay here,” Cassandra said. “There’s someone here….”

A dark-haired woman practically dropped down from the sky. Her eyes, flashed open in surprise, and Cassandra withdrew the sword she carried on her for protection. The woman as it turned out have a sword here.

“You won’t stop me!” the woman yelled with intensity flashing through her eyes.

The two women charged together, with Cassandra blocking the woman’s attack with a sword, but the woman kept several steps ahead, testing Cassandra’s abilities to the tee. Rapunzel, watching from the outside, along with several royal guards.

“What are you doing here?” Cassandra asked.

Cassandra defended herself against each of the woman’s attacks. A haunted look inside of this woman’s eyes, pushed her to brutally fight Cassandra, no matter what the cost.

“I seeked the shrine of the Dragon,” the woman said. “I need to save my people...for a dark force has gripped my home!”

Cassandra only defended herself against the woman’s attacks.

“Who are you?” Cassandra demanded, jumping up high into the air and landing on her feet with some amazing agility. The woman spinning around, caught Cassandra on the back swing with a hell of a sword swing.

“My name is Fa Mulan, and you will not stop….”

Cassandra kicked Mulan out of the window. The woman landed gracefully on their feet. A hell of a rainstorm kicked up outside, causing the dirt to turn into mud. Cassandra charged Mulan, only for Mulan to block her attack, and then pivot before sending Cassandra flying hard into a puddle of mud.

Okay, now she just made this personal. The two women continued to fight, outside amongst the rain and mud, until a loud thunderclap echoed which broke both of their concentration.

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Chapter Text

Chapter Twenty-Four:

A commotion caused Elsa, Arianna, and Harry to get dressed and come down. One of the members of the guard watched out the window, about ready to make a move. Rapunzel rushed over towards her mother, husband, and sister-wife, almost frantic.

“Someone has just popped in, and Cass is fighting her outside,” Rapunzel said.

“Stand down!” Hadrian yelled to the guard. “I’ll take care of it.”

Hadrian had a pretty good sense that the person, whoever she was, might have been here for him. Whether she had been friend or foe, Hadrian did not know. He intended to find out, disappearing out of the window with a great pop and dropping down from the sky.

A loud clap of thunder echoed which got their attention. Hadrian decided to keep ahold of their attention with a little bit more.


The swords clung into a magically created shield. Cassandra, noticing her king and lover standing there, backed down. The woman who attacked her did as well.

“You wear the seal of the Dragon,” she said. “I was unaware that he took male you must be….”

“Yes, I am,” Hadrian said. “And you are….”

“Fa Mulan, I’ve come here to this strange land for your assistance,” she said, putting away the sword and Cassandra did as well.

Hadrian knew of Mulan quite well. He had intended to seek her out, but obviously, her taking the trip, had just saved him the trouble. Very convenient for him, very convenient for him, indeed.

“Ah, you found one of my shrines,” Hadrian said. “It can transport you anywhere...and any time...and it obviously thought of you to be trustworthy because it sent you here to me, in the present time, in Corona.”

Mulan’s eyebrow raised an eyebrow for a brief second. “And what would have happened if I had not been judged worthy, great one?”

Hadrian responded with a very dry chuckle. “Well, neither of us would be having this conversation, for one thing. But, that’s beside the point. Let us discuss why you are here.”

A nice bath, a hot meal, and a warm fire, all elements which put Mulan in a far better state of mind than she was. Hadrian, as she knew him to be called now, stood behind her.

“Why are you here?” Hadrian asked her.

Mulan only had been prompt to answer. “There was a powerful warlord who swept over China...he has ten mystical rings.”

Hadrian’s expression grew more stormy. Of course, he did, and Hadrian knew instantly who Mulan talked of. It had been an old foe of his, who Hadrian crossed paths with, in the past.

“I see,” Hadrian said. “And you found my temple…”

“I tried to fight him, but I failed,” Mulan said. “I hoped that you could be the one to save all of China from his terrible wrath, and I will give you whatever payment yo deem fit.”

“Well, the trip to your time period would be hard and would require an extraordinary amount of energy,” Hadrian said. “And I believe you can help me with that.”

Mulan wondered exactly what she meant. She found her answer, in the form of a kiss. The skilled female warrior breathed in heavily, being gifted by a kiss by a man who she and many of the people in China, worshipped and praised as a god. And now, she was going to get to worship him in a more conventional way.

With swift, talented hands, Mulan removed the Dragon’s armor and then his underclothes, an honor which caused her to tremble. She ran her fingers all over Hadrian’s body, feeling how firm it was. Pure muscle, not even an ounce of fan, and his skin felt so nice.

“It would only be fair if I helped you out as well.”

Hadrian took his time stripping Mulan bare. The fact he looked very pleased with her form, caused a tingle to spread through Mulan’s loins. Which Hadrian quickly attacked, fingering deep inside of her. Mulan broke out into pleasure, humping his hand in delight.

“Oooh, I will do anything to please you, my god,” Mulan said. ‘I live to serve you.”

“I know you do,” Hadrian said pressing his fingers deep into Mulan’s warm pussy. “And I know of your valor, how you disguised yourself to protect your father, how you saved China many times over...and how you lost so many, but kept fighting on and kept fighting strong.”

Mulan pushed the losses out of her mind and thought about what she had. Her god made the juices flow between her legs, the rapid fire finger motion sending her in pleasure. Hadrian, grabbing onto her breast, squeezed it and sent Mulan into a fit of endless pleasure. His fingers, twisting into her, made Mulan soak him all over.

“How do you like that?” Hadrian asked. “Does that make you feel good?”

“Yes,” Mulan said. “I want to join you.”

The length pressing up against Mulan’s firm stomach sent her into waves of pleasure. Hadrian, grinding himself against her hole, working back and forth, sent a wave deep into Mulan. He knew they were close to each other, the hunger just dancing in their bodies.

“Yes,” Mulan purred in his ear. “Oh yes,”

Hadrian pushed his hard cock against her hole, with Mulan’s legs wrapping around them. They felt so soft against his waist. Her hair, just a silky smooth as history remembered it, pressed against Hadrian’s neck as Mulan moaned deep in. The heat, only increasing, made Mulan’s hot walls clamp down tightly against him, sending a thrill ride of pleasure down deep against his loins.

The minute her god blessed her, Mulan grew excited. She kissed several times down Hadrian’s neck and moved to her ear.

“Thank you for this blessing,” Mulan breathed.

Hadrian pushed into her a little bit harder, the feeling of the Dragon filling her tight hole getting even more intense. Mulan’s entire body, flaring up in pleasure, rocked up and down. She was really getting into it, the minute Hadrian filled Mulan up. The tightness of her walls, closing down around him, threatened to squeeze Hadrian. Hadrian, putting his fingers against her ass, sent a thrill ride down through her body.

“I thank you for everything,” Mulan said. “This is...this feels...amazing.”

“Oh, you haven’t felt anything yet, have you?”

Mulan wrapped her arms and legs around him, hanging on for the ride. Those strong hands, pressing against the legendary warrior’s body, made Mulan clamp down even more. She pressed up against Hadrian, using her strong thighs to press against his balls.

“And you’re going to feel something wonderful,” Hadrian told her. “The pleasure is building up in your body. You feel lighter than air. You feel invincible, feel like nothing can touch you. You feel the greatest high in the world, and then you let it go, let it go with so much pleasure.”

A scream echoed from Mulan as her insides, tightening around Hadrian, released a flood of juices all the way down onto him. Oh yes, this felt very good, amazing in fact. Hadrian rocked her several times over, making Mulan ride up and down.

Hadrian introduced the feeling to Mulan over and over again, stretching her out against his cock. Each of Mulan’s orgasms, each more powerful than the last, sent a thrill through Hadrian’s manhood.

Mulan closed her eyes, her womanhood stretched out completely on the thick, pulsing shaft which penetrated her. Every inch of her body had been set aflame, with fire just coursing through her body.

“Yes,” Mulan moaned. “I want you.”

Hadrian turned Mulan around after the latest orgasm. Bent over, Hadrian got a good glimpse of Mulan’s tight ass, along with her wet pussy. As much as Hadrian had been a sucker for taking those holes, he wanted to ramp up the anticipation, and work into her.

“You want me inside of you,” Hadrian said. “You feel empty.”

“Yes, nothing would feel better than you have you inside me, great Dragon,” Mulan said. “Oh, plunge me with your good hard cock.”

Hadrian slammed deep inside of her tight body one more time and let Mulan just scream, creaming all over his cock as well. Hadrian knew precisely all of the right buttons to push. He mentally created a roadmap in all of the spots which could be touched to drive Mulan over the bend and make her lose her mind.

The Dragon did not become who he was without being observant, especially in the matter of many lovely ladies. Those balls slapping against Mulan sent her almost over the edge of the bed.

Hadrian had one of the most skilled warriors in history, bent over the bed, practically begging for his cock. Not the first time something like this happened, but really, Hadrian relished it every moment. He soaked up all of the tantric energy possible, to make his inevitable battle with an old fiend just evident.

“Here,” Hadrian breathed in her ear. “Are you ready?”

“Always for you!” Mulan screamed.

“Remember, your taking this cock to save all of China,” Hadrian said. “I want you to give it your all!”

Mulan did give it her all, taking Hadrian deep inside of her. She wanted to stay away. The rumors, the whispers, through several in China said that the Dragon, once he seeded a select few, they got enhanced abilities and assets. Mulan wanted to see how true it was.

Regardless, she knew no other man could ever make Mulan feel like this. Because quite frankly, the Dragon was no mere man, he was a god.

“So, settle something for me,” Hadrian said. “Do you lose it more when I touch you here….”

Hadrian pressed down behind Mulan’s right ear lobe and got her just leaking all over the place.

“Or, when I touch you here.”

Hadrian rubbed Mulan behind her right hip and planted a kiss to it. Both spots lit Mulan up and made her toes curl. Hard, hard, hard, and speaking of hard, Hadrian slid into her hard, plundering her slender body, making sure she had been stuffed completely without any room to go.

The end neared, Mulan had a feeling, as she has produced more juices than an entire tree of oranges. Yet, Hadrian, kept rocking her, this time making sure Mulan bounced up and down on his cock. He grabbed Mulan’s hands, pushing her up and down.

“Stay with me,” Hadrian said. “We’re almost there.”

Mulan could feel a tingle going through her thighs and also her breasts. Which Hadrian used his tongue to pleasure, in an amazing, amazing way. Mulan, clinging onto the back of his neck, breathed in hard, getting her fill of the Dragon’s rock hard cock.

The first spurt made Mulan close down as tight as possible. The Dragon took control of her body, sending his gift deep into her body.

Mulan’s eyes glowed, feeling stronger despite being hammered for a long time. Her body grew a bit curvier as well, with Hadrian grabbing her new defined hips and slamming the warrior down hard. Mulan felt like she could take on an entire army in the aftermath of it.

“Thank you for your blessing,” Mulan said.

“It was an honor to me,” Hadrian said.

Mulan, wrapping her arms around him, kissed Hadrian deeply. Her round breasts, pressing up against his chest, made Mulan tingle with pleasure. The confidence spreading through her body only increased.

Fa Mulan would have liked to shove her new body into the face of the Matchmaker who thought she was too skinny. But, that hag was not getting any from the Dragon, so that was all of the satisfaction Mulan needed.

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Chapter Text

Chapter Twenty-Five:

Satisfaction spread over Mulan. What she did with the Dragon met her wildest dreams and not only met them, but exceeded them one hundred percent of the way. Harry’s fingers pressed through her silken hair. Mulan, thought they might want to move, but she could not bring herself to get out of bed just that.

At the edge of the door, Cassandra stood, a very apologetic expression on her face. Mulan’s eyebrow raised as she looked at the woman who she battled briefly thanks to the slight misunderstanding they had.

“So, I’m sorry,” Cassandra told Mulan.

“We both had a misunderstanding,” Mulan said.

Hadrian, smiling, ran a finger down Mulan’s neck and kissed her several times over. When he reached Mulan’s ear, a suggestion had been given to her. “How about you two kiss and make up?”

Mulan dragged herself away from the Dragon and into the arms of Cassandra. The two kissed and made up, very hotly. Mulan’s fingers ran down Cassandra’s body, and pulled at the clothes she was wearing. In no time flat, Cassandra had been stripped just as naked as Mulan was, the two of them enjoying each other, in a feverish explosion of tongues, batting back and forth against each other.

They dropped down onto the bed, and Hadrian slipped behind Cassandra. He rubbed his crotch against her wet pussy, sending a spiral of pleasure dancing through her body. Harry worked himself back and forth into her body several times until Cassandra pulled away.

Just in time to pay tribute to another set of lips from Mulan. Namely, her sweet, sweet, pussy. Mulan’s thighs spread and Cassandra dropped down, sucking on her juices. Mulan moaned, as Cassandra’s skilled tongue did things to her. Mulan locked her legs onto the back of her head.

“Yes, I accept your apology,” Mulan said.

After spreading Cassandra’s legs, Harry speared deep inside of her. One long thrust into Cassandra rocked her body, a second thrust rocked her even further. On the third thrust, Cassandra screamed out loud, into Mulan’s pussy, and grabbed Harry.

The silken caresses of Cassandra’s walls wrapping around him made the Dragon’s eyes glowed. All of the tantric energy he would grab excited him. He hovered over the bed, to properly pump deep into Cassandra. Balls swinging back and forth, in such a way where they left marks all over Cassandra’s thighs and caused her to cry out in thinly disguised passion. Oh yes, the passion only doubled, tripled, increased even the deeper Harry pummeled this gorgeous woman, practically into the bed.

“You kissed and made up indeed,” Hadrian breathed with his fingers dancing deep into her body, pressing down and releasing Cassandra’s hips with several deep thrusts.

Cassandra, moaning into the bed, had her excitement only increase. Hadrian filled her up, quite expertly, rocking her almost to a pleasurable end. Those balls, swinging back and forth, sent Cassandra into a tremor of pleasure. Her inner walls tightened a little bit more, and released Hadrian, flexing around his big prick several times over.

Letting loose, Cassandra saturated Hadrian’s big, stiff pole with an explosion of juices. Each burying thrust brought the Dragon’s meaty pole deeper into Cassandra, the weight of his balls swinging down very impressive the faster he rode her into the bed.

“Oooh, yes,” Cassandra breathed into Mulan’s sweet pussy.

Hadrian yanked himself from Cassandra and hovered onto the bed, right in front of Mulan’s opening mouth. Hadrian jammed a mouthful of his cock, making Mulan gag onto it. The juices staining it caused Mulan to greedily suck on him. Hadrian’s hands, moved into position for a very vigorous and extremely hot face-fucking session. Sending Mulan over the edge, the pleasure only doubling with each thrust burying further and further and deep into her warm throat. Mulan moaned sexily around his tool.

“That’s perfect,” Hadrian said in her ear. “Just perfect.”

Hadrian pulled Mulan away and slid into her body. Cassandra’s eyes widened, but not for long, as Hadrian beckoned for her. She got the hint, sliding in front of Mulan from the front, opening herself up to be pleasured by Hadrian as he pounded away at Mulan as well.

Mulan’s insides turned to jelly. The second tour of duty her god performed on her was just as much as the first. Hadrian started at the top of her head and ran his hands down her neck. Each measured stroked brought Mulan closer to the edge. And Cassandra toyed with Mulan’s breasts as well, sucking on them hard and making Mulan’s mind just run wild with pleasure.

“You’ve helped me out a great deal,” Hadrian grunted with a slide. “All in the name of”

Mulan wondered what Hadrian meant. No real time to think about it, as her insides turned into molten jelly, and clamped down onto Hadrian. The juices practically pumped onto his engorged tool, releasing themselves all over him. Hadrian picked up the pace, sliding back and forth into her, until he rode Mulan into a stupor on the bed.

Surprisingly, or not so, Hadrian switched positions in a blink of an eye. Right inside of Cassandra, and it was a treat for him to be inside of her. His fingers, grabbing onto her body sent tremors. All guiding up her against her ass and making her just tremble in pleasure.

“Yes, we’re getting close,” the Dragon King breathed in Cassandra’s ear. “Hope you can hold out long enough.”

Cassandra could in fact hold out for as long as Hadrian wanted to. Her tight walls, clamping down onto Harry, threatened to drain cum down to the very last drop out of those swollen balls. Pretty damn hard as well, with Hadrian stuffing her body with his probing cock, all while finger-banging Cassandra’s tight snug ass.

“Just a little bit closer,” Harry offered her. “Are you ready to pop?”

“Y-yes,” Cassandra panted.

Hadrian shifted  and let Cassandra’s juices flow. Oh, she grew surprisingly tight down onto him, or maybe not. The snugness of her body, clamping down on Hadrian made him grunt in pleasure. He kept filling Cassandra on the orgasm with each slide enjoying the enveloping of her pussy around Hadrian’s tool.

The second Hadrian pulled out, Mulan scrambled over Cassandra’s body and jumped on top of Hadrian.

“Good reflexes,” Hadrian told her.

Mulan smiled, and reacted the second his mighty rod shoved past her gates. She took him inside of her, her breasts bouncing when the fit warrior rode the mighty pole. Her entire body, sizing up and releasing Hadrian sent tremors all throughout her body.

The pure pleasure dancing through Mulan’s eyes fueled the Dragon. He reached up and grabbed Mulan’s chest, channeling enough energy through it. All while sending a pleasure wave across the bed to Cassandra, to make sure she did not feel left out of the pleasure.

Every time Mulan came, Hadrian disappeared, slowing down time, and making Mulan’s pleasure frozen in time. He spread Cassandra’s legs and speared deep into her, while Mulan still had the impression she still rode the Dragon. Cassandra, squeezing Hadrian’s thighs, moaned ever so deeply the faster he pummeled inside of her from above. His hands, cupping her breasts, sent Cassandra completely over the bend.

Hadrian teleported back underneath Mulan after making Cassandra cum, and Mulan had no idea he ever left. Although, the waves of pleasure dancing through Mulan’s body prevented any kind of coherent thought from reaching her.

“I think today I made a woman out of you,” Hadrian said.

Mulan smiled and clutched down onto his tool, milking him, trying to get a second load of seed. From head to toe, Mulan experienced enjoyment beyond all pleasure.

And then, Hadrian had her straddling him in the hotseat, facing around, and allowing Cassandra to crawl up her body, kissing Mulan, as Hadrian ran his hands down Cassandra and Mulan both. He thrilled both of the women warriors with extremely talented fingers.

A pinch of her clit made Cassandra want to take him. Sure enough, Hadrian ended up behind her in a blink of an eye, sliding his cock down her thighs for a tease, and then into her body, burying deep inside of her. Cassandra wrapped tightly around Hadrian, intending to make him finish this time.

“Mmm,” Hadrian groaned.

Mulan watched as Hadrian rocked into Cassandra’s body, and yet still felt the Dragon’s meaty spear penetrating her inner gates. Mulan figured the most logical explanation had been the right one, being that Hadrian, as a god, could be in multiple places at once, and things had worked.

All Mulan could do, would be to sit back and enjoy the ride. The fingers pressing down against her body, in several stroking motions, made Mulan just break out into cries of pleasure. Hadrian knew precisely all of the ways to drive Mulan completely delirious with pleasure.

“Closer,” Hadrian said pressing deep inside of her body.

Mulan closed her walls around him, as did Cassandra. The manipulation of space-time allowed Hadrian to drive himself deep into both of these women at once. Hell, he could come downstairs, and fuck Rapunzel, Anna, Elsa, or Arianna, and neither woman would be the wiser.

The churning of his balls explained one thing. Namely, Hadrian was about ready to lose it, and he needed to do so. Feeling both Cassandra and Mulan, along with their tight bodies milking him sent a spiral of pleasure deep into Hadrian. He pushed a bit deeper, taking one final tour of duty over their bodies.

“I’m ready.”

Cassandra cried out in pleasure. Hadrian rocked her so many times and made her feel so good. One huge thrust, a second huge thrust, and a third huge thrust just smacking his cum loaded balls against her thighs. And here came the orgasm, oh Cassandra’s body just thrusted back with pleasure.

“Give me your cum, please,” Cassandra said.

“Don’t be greedy,” Mulan panted. “There’s more than enough..for both of us.”

Mulan’s assessment proved to be more than accurate. Hadrian ramped up the energy through both of them, siphoning the pleasure just coursing through both of these women, feeding their bodies so they could feed him. Hadrian grew closer, closer, closer to the edge. The tightening in his balls grew more evident, the faster he plunged into these lovely ladies.

The screams of them intermingled in the air, the orgasms filled the room as well. Hadrian pushed deep into Mulan’s tight body and she came hard with them. The exchange of juices splashed through the room with Hadrian rocking and riding Mulan until she was a stretched out mess of wetness.

Cassandra received more of the same, having her tight pussy stretched out until the mighty cock which speared into her in a continuous and never ending fashion. The weight of Hadrian’s balls, slapping down onto her, made Cassandra tighten around him, until her stuffed pussy received it’s own fair share.

Hadrian rested between both of the women as they laid on the bed. They both had fond smiles on their face, kissing Hadrian and then kissing each other. The former Chosen One laid in the bed for these two lovely warriors to play with his spear, taking it into their mouth to suck the combined juices which had been left on it.

Hadrian stepped outside, taking Mulan by the hand, as he lead her into the carriage.

“So, are you ready to do this?” Hadrian asked her.


“We both are.”

Cassandra stepped behind them, dressed for combat. Hadrian smiled, the more the merrier.

“He’s a fearsome and dangerous enemy,” Hadrian said.

“But, you can deal with him, right?” Cassandra asked.

“Yes,” Hadrian agreed.

Cassandra leaned in and placed a light kiss on Hadrian’s cheek. “And then...we’re going to make sure that he doesn’t get the jump on you either.”

The three entered the carriage and it was time for the Dragon to return to China to vanquish an old fiend.
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Chapter Twenty-Six:

The journey through hundreds of years happened in a blink of an eye. The carriage appeared outside of a village, and the moment Hadrian stepped outside, he could smell it. Fear, and not because of him. Because of the dark force which fell over the Kingdom. The bodies of men, women, and children lined the street. Their deaths, pointless, but to prove a point, and Hadrian shuddered at one of the monuments destroyed. While it could be rebuilt, he could feel a temporal shift, and his old enemy, had been brought out of time as well.

“What happened?” Cassandra asked.

“The Mandarin happened,” Hadrian said.

The fearful villagers moved out. Many of them women, some of them children, and Hadrian only saw a few men scattered in the attacks. Many of them, too weak to do anything. Most had obviously been recruited by the Emperor, in a final attempt to defeat this old enemy. Anyone able bodied, they met a fate worse than death.

“He’s here!” one of the villagers cheered.

“The Great One, the Dragon, he’s here.”

Hadrian, where he went in several places, had been met with fear. Stories of his exploits had been spread far and wide. Some of them twisted, some of them accurate, but the Dragon was a feared boogeyman to many. The villagers, these villagers on the other hand, stepped out, all of them peering onto Hadrian.

“Fa Mulan, she’s with him as well!” one of the girls cried out.

They all bowed down. Cassandra, could not help, but have a twitch of amusement over her lips, despite the fact this situation had grown depressingly serious.

“I know a great evil has come to your land,” Hadrian told him. “Mulan, after everything she has sacrificed, sought out my temple. And her faith, has brought me here. And your faith, will keep you strong.”

Hadrian closed his eyes and channeled the energy. From his experience, the ten rings had given a very distinctively trail, one which Hadrian could easily track. He wanted them in his trophy room, but the Mandarin slipped one step ahead.

“I will find the one who did this and take him down,” Hadrian said. “All of you be strong.”

They all dropped to their knees as Hadrian, Cassandra, and Mulan passed. Given they had been blessed by the Dragon, the villagers all worshipped them just as much as they worshipped the Dragon.

“Here, you’re worshipped, but in other places, you’re feared,” Cassandra said.

“It varies,” Hadrian said. “We don’t have much time.”

A pair of eyes watching from the village started to do a runner, up to the Emperor’s Palace, where the Mandarin likely had been setting up shop. Both Cassandra and Mulan, drew their swords, until the Dragon King put a stop to that.

“No,” he said. “That fool will lead us straight to the Mandarin...although he is as precisely as I said he would be.”

Time to settle an old score, and take down someone who stayed one step ahead of Hadrian. But now, Hadrian had been more powerful than ever before.

The Mandarin sat proudly across a throne of bones in the Emperor’s old palace. Some of them made of the emperor himself, the others made of the soldiers himself. Four skulls sat in prominence on pikes surrounding the throne, with a fifth pike open for the skull of Fa Mulan. She would pay for denying his rule.

The cowardly girl fled. Typical of a woman. If she was China’s greatest hero, then cementing his rule throughout time and space would be easy.

A subordinate rushed into the room, breathing heavily, and almost collapsed at the feet of the Mandarin. The Warlord’s eyes parted with disgust, as he reached down and yanked the soldier to a standing position.

“What is it?” he demanded.

“Dragon….Dragon….Dragon!” the subordinate yelled in fear.


The Mandarin’s cold voice chilled the other guards surrounding him.

“The Dragon is here...the Dragon is here….Mulan found the Temple of the Dragon and brought him here!” the subordinate babbled.

“And you ran from him and he saw you, and you will have led him here,” the ruler said unimpressed. “So be it.”

The Mandarin blasted his formerly loyal subordinate into ash to teach a lesson and to prove the point to the other cowards lining about the temple. The Mandarin’s cold steely gaze fell on them.

“So, the Dragon comes,” he said sharply. “So be it.”

Not even in Ancient China, the Mandarin could not escape the persistent boil on his ass. He tried to run up the Dragon by eliminating several of his power bases of followers, throughout time, starting with this time period in China. But, allowing the girl to flee in terror, and not hunt her down, proved to be fatal.

The Mandarin walked down the steps from his throne of bones, pass the corpse of a red dragon speared to a pike and a crushed cricket.

“Dragon, come to me!”

Mulan stepped into the palace, with Cassandra following. After the Mandarin slaughtered all of her friends, Mulan wanted to take him down, although she could not do it along. Thankfully, she did not have to do it alone. The squad of the Mandarin’s guards appeared outside of the temple.

“Eight on one?” Cassandra asked. “That seems a bit...uneven?”

Without any hesitation, both of the women made short work of the guards. They had no chance, although admittedly, Cassandra barely did anything. Mulan went through the guards like a hot knife through butter.

The Mandarin stepped outside, in front of Hadrian Peverell, the Dragon.

“You are going to perish at my hands,” the Mandarin said.

A blaze of energy shot from the rings and Hadrian deflected it back. He spun around and appeared right behind the Mandarin.

“You will….”

A flash of magical energy utterly destroyed the Emperor’s Palace, with Cassandra and Mulan teleporting just out of the blast zone.

Cassandra pulled herself up from the rubble, mouth wide open, as a large dragon with green and black scales appeared, towering over them, and standing over the Mandarin.

The Dragon could in fact literally turn into a dragon, and said dragon skipped the formalities, and tore the rings off of the Mandarin’s hands. The fact his rings were still connected to said hands did not bother the Dragon at all. The Mandarin screamed in rage, but not for long, as the Dragon stamped him completely out.

A deep hole in the ground contained the grisly remains of the man who slaughtered Mulan’s friends. She moved over, looking at the Dragon. The dragon snorted smoke at them, and of course it did, because it was a giant freaking dragon who could torch the entire village down.

“Good dragon?” Cassandra asked uncertainty.

The Dragon bent down and Mulan patted him on the nose, with an awed smile. Cassandra did the same.

She wondered why Hadrian did not do this more often. The dragon shifted back into a human, as the sorcerer dropped to the ground on his knees.

It had been easier to keep his human mind in that form even more. The first time Hadrian tapped into this side of himself, he obliterated a castle which stood for a thousand years, reducing it to little more than ash. Although, no less draining. Cassandra reached out and Hadrian took her hand, almost leaning up against her.

“I’m fine,” Hadrian said. “That takes a lot of power...I only pull that out when someone really gets on my nerves.”

“I figured,” Cassandra said.

“Mulan, take my hand,” Hadrian wheezed.

The two took Hadrian’s hands, and he activated the locate which teleported them back to the carriage, along with the Mandarin's mangled hands, the rings still on them.

“Corona, please,” Hadrian said.
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Chapter Text

Chapter Twenty-Seven:

The arrival of Hadrian backed summoned Kairi into the carriage. He had been positively drained on energy, having gone full dragon. A very devastating attack, almost unbeatable against any enemy, but something that Hadrian only pulled out under the most extreme circumstances.

“Don’t worry, I know what to do,” Kairi told Mulan and Cassandra. “Tantric energy will refuel him and while he absorbed a lot of it...his most dangerous form burns out a lot of it.”

Kairi leaned in and kissed Mulan on the lips to get things jump started. The minute Mulan sank into the kiss, Kairi pulled out, turned around, and kissed Cassandra. Kairi went back and forth, kissing both women, and sending sparks of energy through their bodies.

Without another word, Kairi stripped both Cassandra and Mulan of their clothing and put them down on the bed, where Hadrian laid on the side. The flow of arousal which manifested in both of these women attacked like smelling salt. Watching Kairi shift down between their legs, fingering Cassandra while she ate out Mulan, except when she fingered Mulan when she ate out Cassandra caused a stir to erupt in Hadrian.

Hadrian came up and ripped off Kairi’s body suit, exposing her luscious body. The redhead’s body shuddered, the very second Hadrian rocked his hands back and forth all over her, stroking every single instance of her body. Hadrian’s fingers, digging in deep, sent a tremor of pleasure erupting all over Kairi.

“That’s good, isn’t it?” Hadrian asked her.

Kairi would have to concede this as well. Especially when Hadrian swelled and rubbed himself against her lips. A soft moan, sending Mulan’s bucking hips into her mouth, set the stage for today. Hadrian’s strong hands, cupping Kairi’s hips on all ends, pushed a little bit deeper inside of her body. First the tip of his cock slid into her, and then the entire length, practically burying inside of her body.

“Very good indeed,” Hadrian told her.

Kairi moaned in excitement, yes, very good indeed. The entire length, shoving deep into her body, made her just bristle with excitement. The dripping of her pussy, followed by the tightening around Hadrian when he pushed inside of her caused Kairi’s entire body to flush with pleasure.

Oh, Hadrian now really got into it, burying himself balls deep inside of her body. Moving his strong hands into position, he rocked back and forth into Kairi.

Off to the side, Kairi darted from Cassandra and Mulan, licking out both of the skilled warriors, using her tongue to introduce unlimited pleasure into their bodies. Cassandra and Mulan turned and shared a kiss, the duel of the tongues just as intense as the duel of the swords.

Hadrian slammed deep into Kairi. Her inner walls pushing up against him and expelling several squirts of juices at the same time as she clamped down onto him. So wet from each thrust, Hadrian buried deep into her. He sped up the momentum, riding Kairi into a quivering mass of humanity.

Kairi laid on Mulan’s thigh and Cassandra pulled herself away on the bed. The second Hadrian slid out of Kairi, Cassandra shoved her mouth down onto him, burying it down onto his crotch. She tasted the juices left behind and had been very pleased with the taste.

Coming out of Cassandra’s mouth, Hadrian slapped her lips with the tip of his cock and she stroked him with delight. Hadrian grabbed her legs, spread them, and speared down into her. With Cassandra’s legs elevated over his shoulders, Hadrian drove deep into her, smashing her with every thrust.

Kairi and Mulan found each other, with a very deep kiss, which turned into both of the women scissoring each other. Every so often, at particularly uneven intervals, the Dragon flashed between them, and finger banged them both of them nearly to an orgasm, before pulling away at the last minute.

Then he went back to driving into Cassandra, who only just barely sensed him leaving her. Cassandra, clinging onto him, squeezing his biceps with her hands and his waist and ass with her legs, encouraged him to go into her. In Cassandra’s attempts to make him cum, the spirited woman came extremely hard.

Cassandra closed her eyes, the orgasms going through her body.

“So, you recovered quickly,” Cassandra said.

A predatory smile spread over Hadrian’s face. He locked hands onto Cassandra’s hips, and speared deep into her tight body. Each squeeze brought pleasure into him, and also edged her closer to another orgasm. Cassandra’s shifting, shaking body showed quite a lot of life in it, especially as Hadrian drove it over the edge with massive amounts of pleasure.

“I had the proper incentive, as you well know,” Hadrian said.

“Mmm, I’m starting to,” Cassandra said.

Cassandra tightened around his tool, squeezing him extremely hard and allowing the juices to just pump out all over his thrusting cock. She sighed a deep breath.

Hadrian decided to give Cassandra some time to cool down. Focusing his attention on Mulan, Hadrian pushed deep inside of her, while Mulan had been on her side. Mulan closed her eyes, taking the Dragon’s mighty blessing inside of her one more time. Her tight walls clamped down onto him, quite eagerly.

“Thank you for everything.”

“It needed to be done,” Hadrian said. “And now they can rebuild.”

Mulan closed her eyes, oh, this was something amazing. His fingers just stroked down Mulan’s body, hitting her breasts, her hips, and her ass all in deep precision. All while rocking back and forth into her, the weight of his balls imprinting on Mulan’s juicy ass.


“It wasn’t a problem,” Hadrian said.

Hadrian toyed with Kairi’s body along with Mulan’s. The cries of pleasure coming from Kairi erupted all the way down the bed, the more Hadrian grabbed onto her firm tits. A nice squeeze, and Kairi lost it completely, screaming with pleasure the more Hadrian gave her everything she ever wanted. Then his fingers pushed into her, energy bolts sliding into Kairi’s body.

The Dragon vigorously drove into Mulan while sending jolts of pleasure. Both women screamed and then aggressively kissed each other. And then Cassandra slipped herself behind Hadrian, grinding up against his ass, and pushing him deeper into Mulan, and also grabbing onto his arm while it worked into Kairi.

Hadrian spun around, flipped Cassandra over onto her back and pounded her into the bed one more time. The thrusts grew even deeper and even faster. The momentum Hadrian had was insane and Cassandra thought, perhaps she would black out from the immense amount of pleasure she had been feeling. Hadrian’s warm lips tickled against hers, and Cassandra, sighing in pleasure, lifted her hips up in time for Hadrian to shove inside of her body.

“I can’t get enough of this.”

Hadrian rode Cassandra into the bed, teleported behind Kairi, and pounded her. Her eager walls clamped down onto him, pumping Hadrian for several minutes.

Time stood still for Mulan and Cassandra, and from their perspective, Hadrian fucked them as well. Yet, Kairi knew well enough. Knowing full well she received the Dragon’s direct attention, Kairi’s body swam with endless lust. With those fingers just skimming down every inch of her body, threatening to overwhelm Kairi with constant explosions of pleasure, which she only breathed in deeper for.

“I have you right where I want you now,” Hadrian practically breathed in her ear. “But, don’t deny love it...don’t you?”

“YES!” Kairi cried out with pleasure. “YES!”

Hadrian flicked his fingers down her body, getting the juices flowing with more aggression. His balls, slapping against her backside, threatened to give out inside of her. Yet, Hadrian had enough left in the tank to ride this one out until Kairi had just collapsed in endless pleasure.

Back to Mulan and then Cassandra, and then back to Kairi. The orgasms and near orgasms of all three women just flowed over the edge, with Hadrian rocking into them.

Cassandra wanted Hadrian to hold her down onto the bed, fuck her, and never let go. And when Hadrian grabbed her by the hips and made his hips move like a blur, Cassandra realized her dreams came true. The pleasure, shooting through Cassandra’s well fucked body continued to escalate.

“More, more!”

Cassandra gushed and Hadrian gave her more, so much more in fact. He picked up the pace, rocking Cassandra to a feverish explosion. She reached the end of the road, cumming very hard and very fast. By the time Hadrian finished with her, Cassandra practically collapsed on the bed, breathing heavily in the aftermath. Never in her life, had Cassandra felt better.

Mulan and Kairi rested at Hadrian’s feet and he turned around, to allow these two beautiful women to pleasure his loins. Kairi took Hadrian’s balls into her mouth, sucking very aggressively on them, while Mulan sucked his cock. Hadrian ran his hands down their hair, their bodies, just touching them.

The minute he been on the edge of exploding, Hadrian teleported away and went behind Kairi and Mulan. A shift buried Hadrian into both of their bodies and stuffed them up to the core.

Cassandra closed her eyes, practically seeing double. She licked her lips, wanting all of this, just for her. Despite being pounded into the bed, Cassandra’s horniness only hit a fever pitch. She wanted that, and she wanted that badly, oh please give it to her.

Kairi could tell that this, the ability to grow an added organ to give two women pleasure, proved Hadrian returned to her power. And he buried deep inside of her, being just as big as Kairi wanted, and yet at the same time, a bit bigger than she could handle. Yet, she would not have it any other way.

“Are the two of you enjoying yourselves?” Hadrian asked. “Because, I know I am.”

The cries coming from both of these women showed this. The energy building through their bodies only increased, the further Hadrian rode them both face-down into the bed.

Mulan writhed and moaned, getting more of than she bargained for. Yet, Mulan would not take this back. Not with all of the ways Hadrian just stuffed her and made her scream out in pleasure.

The sight of Cassandra vigorously masturbating herself to this also fueled Mulan on. Cassandra’s hands shot up immediately and locked to her head which caused her to cry out in frustration.

The frustration only happened instantly, when three tentacles appeared out of mid-air, the ends of which being a dead ringer for the Dragon’s massive rod. They all slid around Cassandra’s body, one of them finding its into her mouth. Another burying deep between her pussy lips and the other jamming deep into her ass. All three of them, rocking Cassandra and another two dangled from the portal. Cassandra grabbed those tight and jerked them off, right over her face.

All seven of Hadrian’s cocks, a perfectly magical number, received stimulation. He refueled completely, and then some more. The pleasure in his body started to escalate, but he wanted, needed to feel Cassandra, Mulan, and Kairi all to cum at the same time.

“Oh, I want some of that,” Kairi breathed looking at the fun Cassandra had with envy.

“In time, my kinky sister,” Hadrian said. “Time for you to cum all over my cock.”

Did Kairi get the prime copy, or did Mulan? It really did not matter. All which mattered was Kairi cumming and she came so hard it almost made her entire body black out with pleasure.

Mulan looked very determined to hold on just long enough. Still, she would be a liar and fool if she did not want to be in Cassandra’s place. Jerking off two of those large tentacle appendages, having one in her mouth, one in her pussy, and one jammed up to her ass.

The tightening inside of her body and also Hadrian’s ever present hands moving at the speed of light made Mulan just lose it completely.

Hadrian thrust a little bit deeper inside of her. The tightening inside of his body became very close. He was about ready to cum enough for seven men, and that made Hadrian feel really good about this. The energy envigored him, the Tantric Energy healing the damage done to him by going into his most dangerous forum.

Finally, Hadrian exploded. Deep into Mulan, Kairi, and also into Cassandra. The explosion of the two tentacles in Cassandra’s hands showered her with cum. Yet, she kept vigorously milking them, the greed in her eyes. She wanted more and would get more.

Cassandra threw her head back, collapsing on the bed. Thick white seed covered her body. Cassandra could barely see through all of the seed covering her face.

The sweet sensation of release hit all four lovers at once. They had been sticky, messy, and in some cases sore, and yet oh so satisfied.

“Dinner time,” Kairi said.

Kairi and Mulan both crawled over to feast off of the bounty on Cassandra’s body, vigorously attacking her. Hadrian smiled and knew it would only be a matter of time before they had even more fun with each other.
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Chapter Text

Chapter Twenty-Eight:

Hadrian disposed of the broken, busted hands of the Mandarin and edged to his vault, which he took the newest token of victory. An enemy, which the Dragon hunted throughout various times and dimensions had been defeated. And surprisingly easily, although it was a token of how far the Mandarin pushed him, that Hadrian defeated him so easily.

Hadrian passed through the vault, looking very thoughtful. He had ideas where to go next, stepping deep into the vault with the plaque reading “The Vault of Easter Eggs” on it. Hadrian looked over the massive amount of trophies. Some of them weapons which were of no use to him to be honest, but keeping them away from dangerous people seemed to be a good idea.

Besides, Hadrian’s most deadly weapons were his hands and mind. Humming “The World’s Greatest Criminal Mind” as he edged deep into the vault, Hadrian searched for a place for the ten rings.

“Let me see,” Hadrian said. “Yes...this should be the perfect place. Right between the Infinity Gauntlet and the Spear of Destiny, let me just move over one of Philosopher’s Stones...yes, perfect.”

Hadrian put his newest prize inside of the vault and walked out, almost as suddenly as he arrived. The vault would be impossible to find, as he had been the only person to know not only where it was, but when it was. Hadrian hissed and sealed the vault behind until the next time Hadrian uncovered a trophy.
The minute Hadrian returned to the castle, Rapunzel and Anna rushed him, and both wrapped their arms around him. While Hadrian could easily break free if he wanted to, the fact of the better was, Hadrian really did not want to to.

“We missed you,” Anna said with a smile.

“Yes, and Cass told us of your successful quest,” Rapunzel said. “I think that it’s time to celebrate.”

Hadrian smiled. He had always been up for more celebration and the look in the eyes of both of these gorgeous Princesses showed that they had been up for a lot of celebration. Hadrian wrapped Anna and Rapunzel up and teleported them across the castle, into the nearest bedroom.

They both dropped down onto the ground, smiling the minute they appeared. Rapunzel already had been making quick work of Hadrian’s pants while Anna took off his shirt in between kisses. The two Princesses then shifted to each other, making out with one and other while pulling off their clothes. Hadrian helped out a little bit and backed them straight towards the bed.

His cock, already out and hard, caught the attention of Rapunzel and Anna. With practiced ease, Rapunzel dove in, taking Hadrian into her mouth, while wrapping her hair around his waist to pull him in close. Rapunzel’s wide expressive eyes expressed pleasure, as she held a certain elegance through the blowjob. Even though the loud popping sounds Rapunzel’s mouth made hinted at her being something else other than elegant.

Hadrian laid back on the bed, Rapunzel’s golden hair tickling the underside of his balls. A casual fingering of Anna appeared to be in order, and Anna, bit down on her lip and allowed the lust to just flow endlessly within her. Oh, Anna was feeling it.

“Come and sit on my face.”

Anna scrambled into position, using Hadrian’s face as a chair. And a result, the Princess had been rewarded by Hadrian’s magnificent tongue bringing pleasure’s beyond everything else.

Rapunzel took Hadrian deep into her throat. Oh, Rapunzel wanted to worship her king all day. Once he ruled, Rapunzel would kneel before Hadrian while he sat on the throat, and take his cock down her throat daily. Then watch as some of the most beautiful women in the Kingdom lined up one by one, to pleasure their King as well. Right before Rapunzel rode him on the throne for all of Corona to see.

Oh, the thought of which only made Rapunzel hum deeper and suck Hadrian even louder. She spent a lot of time in that tower and developed quite the singing voice. The throat muscle control caused Hadrian to feel so much pleasure, the faster Hadrian rocked deep into her.

Anna came all over Hadrian’s face as well. The Princess almost toppled over on the bed, for Hadrian only just barely preventing her from crashing all the way down.

Rapunzel cupped Hadrian’s balls. Pleased with how full they were, Rapunzel milked them with renewed vigor and passion while driving her throat down onto the stiff pole which pressed all the way into the back of her throat. Hadrian’s fingers coursed through her hair and sent an electric wave of pleasure.

“Mmmph!” Rapunzel moaned. “Mmmph!”

“Yes, I agree,” Hadrian groaned. “And we’re so close...and we’re almost there, aren’t we?”

Rapunzel bobbed her mouth up and down, picking up an increased amount of momentum. She wanted nothing more than that cock to explode deep inside of her mouth. The faster she went down onto him, the better this was. And the better this was, the hotter she felt.

“Yes, so close right about now,” Hadrian breathed in her ear. “Let’s do this, come on.”

Rapunzel sucked on him, practically inhaling his stiff rod as it buried further down her throat. Oh, Rapunzel could just feel it, feel something build up deep within her. The heat, practically emitting from her mouth, sent Rapunzel into a wave of pleasure. She cupped Hadrian’s balls, releasing them hard several times over. She was almost there, almost, sucking him really hard.

“Mmpph!” she moaned.

“Oh, here it comes,” Hadrian said.

Hadrian blasted the inside of Rapunzel’s mouth, burying his seed inside of it. Some of it spurted out on the Princess’s face, and dribbled from the side. She got a good portion of it. The golden haired princess whipping her hair back and also pleasuring Anna on the backswing.

The minute Rapunzel pulled off, Anna tackled Rapunzel with a hell of a kiss. Their tongues clashed for domination, with Anna making an impressive attention to share the load which Hadrian made a direct deposition into Rapunzel’s mouth, with some interest. Their saliva connected the two women by the lips.

“I want you,” Anna breathed. “Both of you.”

Anna pressed down on Rapunzel’s body and took her erect nipples into her mouth. Hadrian climbed up behind Anna and spread her legs. His lovely wives, both of them, dripped wet. Hadrian stroked their clits and made them breath even heavier in lust the further Hadrian went into them, or rather edged closer towards them.

“Yes,” Anna breathed. “Oooh, yes, give it me...right there.”

Hadrian kissed Anna several times over the back of the neck, causing her to just break out into a very pleasurable cry. Those fingers, shifting several times over, rocked Anna’s insides and made her just gush even harder. The rapid fire thrusts pushed Hadrian all the way inside of Anna, having him rock up against her body and come dangerous, dangerous close to burying himself inside of her.

Without further pause, Hadrian took the plunge and Anna’s inner walls parted instantly, taking Hadrian all the way inside of her. A thrilling ride started from Anna’s end, with Hadrian rocking back and forth. His thrusts were slow at first.

Rapunzel arched her back, feeling the force of Hadrian pounding away at Anna on top of her. Rapunzel’s warm body, her core, just spread out in pleasure. The heat, emitting from her loins, only increased. The fact Hadrian’s balls swung back in forth at such an increased rate sent Rapunzel over the edge with fits of pleasure.

It was almost like Hadrian knew exactly what he was doing.

“Time for both of you to feel this.”

Hadrian slipped out of Anna and into Rapunzel. Yet, Anna did not feel empty, due to the fact Hadrian used his hands to cup her pussy, stimulating pleasure. The amount of magic channeling inside of Rapunzel almost rocked her something fierce. Hadrian rode into her, harder, faster, with more vigor and energy than ever before. The swinging of his balls hit Rapunzel directly on her wet thighs and sent her rocking back on the bed.

“Feel the pleasure, it feels good building up inside of you.”

Rapunzel could not answer, on the account she had been moaning. Anna focused attention all over Rapunzel’s nipples, sucking on them very hard and very aggressively. The heat almost ready to explode through her body sent Rapunzel over the top with pleasure.

After Hadrian rode Rapunzel to the end, he switched into Anna, while fingering Rapunzel. Anna’s walls welcomed the intruder into her inner chambers, squeezing down onto them. The writhing of the Princess, and the heat coming from her indicated that she was about ready to climax.

“You’ve got that under control more,’ Hadrian said. “Excellent...but let’s see if we can push you a little bit further...just like that.”

Hadrian pushed a bit deeper inside of Anna’s body, the tightening of her walls around him making Hadrian just smile the faster her rocked inside of her body.

Back and forth, Hadrian switched, giving both of these lovely women the attention they craved so very much. Hadrian switched to Rapunzel, riding her hard into the bed, and then did the same to Anna.

Then, Hadrian decided to switch things up. He situated both girls, where Anna straddled his right leg and Rapunzel straddled his left leg. Hadrian grabbed onto them tightly, peppering their bodies with kisses. Rapunzel and Anna returned in kind.

“You are amazing,” Anna said. “I want you now.”

“Not if I get you first,” Rapunzel said. “Unless of course you do that same trick that you did to Cass. You know the one.”

“She told you,” Hadrian said. “Well, it wouldn’t be so special if I brought every time, now would it?”

Hadrian speared into Rapunzel who cried out. She took Hadrian’s amazing girth deep inside, as a Princess, and perhaps future Queen should. Anna rubbing her breasts against Rapunzel’s back added some stimulation to this, and Hadrian made out with both of his royal lovers who cried out in increasing pleasure.

“But, maybe someday, your lucky night will come,” Hadrian said.

And speaking of coming, Rapunzel thought that particular word just sunk so much pleasure all over her body. The tightening of her loins wrapped around him and released a flood of juices all over his tool. With increased momentum, Hadrian buried deep into Rapunzel, riding her out.

Anna practically engulfed him the very second that Hadrian entered her.

“Such a greedy girl,” Hadrian said with a slap on her ass.

“Oh, you know that the Princess just wants Daddy’s cock,” Anna breathed in a little girl voice.

Hadrian sent a series of thrusts deep into Anna’s body, the tightening of her loins becoming even hotter around his cock, squeezing him extremely hard. Rapunzel put her hands on Anna’s hips and helped her along, practically impaling the fire-bending royal up and down on Hadrian’s member.

“Ride him, ride him like you’ve never rode anything before.”

Anna rode Hadrian like a stallion and he bucked up. Hadrian made sure Rapunzel did not get too left out, fingering her with one hand and squeezing her breasts with another hand. It was the least he could do after Rapunzel helped out Hadrian in stuffing Anna with his big thick tool.

Oh, the ride had been intense and Anna wanted, wanted a load inside of her. The question is, would she be able to hold out long enough to get it? Anna held on for a ride, but her control had been a bit lacking on certain parts. Her inner walls gave Hadrian one more squeeze.

The Dragon flashed back and forth between these two women. Their juices staining his thighs. Thankfully, Rapunzel’s hair allowed both women to be restrained where they needed to be. And things got hot, when Hadrian bond Rapunzel with her own hair to screw the Princess’s brains out.

So close, and Hadrian basked in the moment. The twitch his balls showed that he was getting close, close to blasting both of these gorgeous women with every single drop of seed currently located inside of his balls. Hadrian, pressing down on their backsides, rocked them back and forth several times over, making them cry out endlessly with pleasure.

Finally, Hadrian filled up both Rapunzel and Anna, splitting his focus thanks to a careful time manipulation technique combined with a bit of magic.

“Oooh, I missed this,” Anna said.

“It’s been...days, hasn’t it?” Rapunzel asked.

“Too long,” Anna breathed.

“Yes, I would say you’re addicted, but who am I to judge?” Hadrian asked as he edged them to another quick, but intense orgasm.

Both of these lovely women sighed in content. Hadrian pulled them in close to them, kissing their necks, their lips and also their bodies. Rapunzel and Anna returned fire, trying to work together. It would only be when the two of them worked together would they be able to tame the Dragon.

Or at least make a go at it before he utterly dominates their tight and eager holes. Which, either way, Anna and Rapunzel won, with the pleasure they would receive.
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Chapter Twenty-Nine:

Hadrian and Aqua sat on the couch, plotting the next move. Or rather, Hadrian sat on the couch, while Aqua sat on his lap, and the short robe Aqua dressed in allowed Hadrian to feel up his companion’s thighs. Those fingers just brushed up against her and Aqua sighed.

“So, Mulan’s sticking around for a little while longer, is she?” Aqua asked.

“Mmm, yes,” Hadrian informed her. “Until she figures out what she wants to do...but we have to focus on this next beacon.”

Mulan would be useful in training in helping train some of the girls in their hand to hand fighting skills. Always useful to know how to punch someone out, when their powers did not work quite well. And there were situations like that, as Hadrian learned all too well.

“The next beacon,” Aqua murmured. “’s located in the Kingdom of Agrabah...although that Kingdom has been….defunct for centuries.”

“Mmm,” Hadrian said. “Well, if there’s something of value there, then there’s something of value there. You’ve done good work as always, Aqua.”

“My pleasure.”

The front of Aqua’s robe parted and the pretext of Hadrian casually fleeing her up, disappeared, until Hadrian completely and utterly feeling Aqua up. Casually cupping her chest and releasing it while stroking Aqua’s thighs got the beautiful woman moaning and thrashing against the Dragon’s lap. She turned, about three hundred and sixty-degrees to find Hadrian’s mouth and plant a very passionate kiss over his mouth. Which Hadrian returned, with about the same amount of fire, their tongues battling together in high prominence.

“Mmm,” Aqua moaned into the Dragon’s mouth.

Hadrian, brushing his fingers down her back, cupped Aqua’s fine, fine ass, giving it a nice squeeze. She returned fire, by kissing him. Her naked body writhed against Hadrian’s clothed one and it seemed unfair. With a flicker of fire, Hadrian’s clothes disappeared.

The Dragon laid himself down on the couch, with Aqua on top of him, very casually worshipping his body with multiple kisses. Each of them planted down onto Hadrian’s neck, and then his face. Her wet pussy rubbed against his standing rod, and with practiced ease, Aqua mounted the Dragon.

She dropped down onto him, the bluette biting down hard on her lip when riding up and down. It did not take too long before Aqua got her fill of Hadrian.

“Oh, I wished you would have been here to help me recharge.”

“Sorry...tracking this down,” Aqua said with a breathy voice.

To be honest, Aqua really wished she would have been able to help him recharge. From what Kair reported to her, things got very messy, in an extremely sexy way. The fingers of Hadrian swept down, closing down onto her nipples and releasing them, causing a hot moan to explode through her body.

“Yes, that’s the spot that I want you to touch.”

“I know all of your spots, which make you scream.”

The positions reversed, with Aqua riding the Dragon King reverse cowgirl style. The ever present hands still touched her body, sending Aqua into spasms of intense pleasure. Her inner walls, clamping down tight, released Hadrian several times over. Each moaning movement, shooting pleasurable fire through her loins, threatened to overwhelm the Dragon. She squeezed and released Hadrian, moaning very aggressively as her walls squeezed down onto him, expelling so much juices onto him it was almost obscene.

“Yes, you do,” Aqua said. “Yes, you do!”

Aqua pulled off to give herself a cooldown period and also to suck the juices she left behind off of Hadrian’s stiff rod. Nothing beat tasting herself after a hell of an orgasm.

After rising up on the bed, Hadrian pinned down Aqua, spreading her legs as far as they could go. Aqua, biting down on her lip in pleasure, looked on in anticipation of what was going to come next. Hadrian delivered what she expected, along with so much more with a plunging thrust just burying inside of her body.

“Oooh yes!” Aqua yelled. “You make me so full.”

“Yes, I know,” Hadrian grunted with a few thrusts inside of her body.

Aqua, clutching his hips with her legs, allowed Hadrian to rock into her, back and forth, to the point where his swinging balls just cracked down onto her body. Aqua, squeezing down onto his bicep, screamed in Hadrian’s ear, encouraging him to go deeper, deeper, deeper, until the point where his balls had just been slapping off of her thighs.

Hadrian rode Aqua practically into the bed with an orgasm. Gripping her leg tightly as Hadrian plowed his companion, Aqua screamed in pleasure, blissful pleasure. Hadrian leaned down, rocking her body and sending Aqua into an endless fit of pleasure.

Almost there, before the pleasure inside of her body just burst.

“And feel that moment, Aqua, just feel it building up,” Hadrian said.

“I am!” Aqua cried out.

Oh, sweet hotness, this was intense and Aqua could not do anything other than feeling the moment of an orgasm just rocking her body. Hadrian attacked all of her pleasure points at once, driving her down onto the bed. She hugged him in tight to her and Hadrian kissed Aqua extremely aggressively, with the two lovers riding their orgasms out to a fever pitch.

Intense, and every single last inch of Aqua dripped with sweat. She knew precisely how much Hadrian rode her out and she anticipated just that much more. Hadrian pulled himself from Aqua, sliding his length down her dripping hot slit and making her cry out for more pleasure.

“Almost there,” Hadrian told her, pressing up against Aqua’s warm crotch.

“Yes,” Aqua just closed her eyes and anticipated the moment of release which was coming. And it would hit her hard, the moment it came.

“Just feel it,” Hadrian told her. “Feel everything building up inside of you.”

Aqua did feel everything building up inside of her. All for that one glorious moment of release. Her King, her companion, driving Aqua deep into the bed. Aqua squeezed Hadrian’s thick prick, releasing and squeezing it, causing a gushing hole to clamp down onto him.

A shuddering explosion rippled all over Aqua’s body. Hadrian, pressing his fingers down on Aqua’s nipples, stimulated more pleasure into her body. He yanked Aqua off of the bed, giving her a moment to catch her breath. But only for a moment.

Hadrian lifted Aqua up into the air and lowered her down onto his erect tool one more time. Aqua slipped all the way inside of her lover’s body, her hips cracking up against him. Hadrian ran a finger down her body, and took an erect nipple between his fingers before sucking on it. Aqua’s hand grabbed the back of Hadrian’s head and lowered his mouth further down, allowing him to suck on her nipples.

Oh, Aqua just loved having her nipples sucked on, especially so aggressively like this. Hadrian slipped all the way down onto her nipple, suckling on it hard. Almost to the point where Aqua, squeezing down on his manhood, leaked all over with an explosion of lust.

Hadrian stimulated all of Aqua’s pleasure centers at once, while enjoying her inner walls milking his incoming prick. Hadrian rocked back and forth, thrusting inside of her and sending Aqua into a fit of constant waves of pleasure. Everything in her body just succumbing to him.

“One more time.”

Aqua did come one more time and harder than ever. Looking Hadrian in the eyes, need for him to feel the same sweet pleasure of release just coursing through Aqua from head to toe. She pushed all the way down, riding Hadrian into the bed, with increased intensity. The hot pleasure just coursed through her loins.

“Please, please, cum with me this time,” Aqua said.

The sweetness in her voice, the hotness in her body, the determination in her actions, all of them just made Hadrian pretty much determined to follow through on her actions. He pushed deep into Aqua, pressing into her. The weight of his balls just slapped down onto Aqua’s thighs and made her squeal in delight.

“You’re going to get your reward.”

Another orgasm set the stage for what Hadrian was going to do her. Aqua’s tight, gripping vice, threatened to drain every single last drop of cum out of him. Hadrian made Aqua work for it, knowing that the incoming orgasm would just as sweet when it had been earned.

Hadrian pushed forward, manipulating Aqua’s body into an pleasurable orgasm. The speed of Hadrian’s fingers, rocking up against her, sent Aqua into a cry of pleasure. His fingers pushed against her breasts, causing Aqua to let out a very passionate cry before she soaked him.

“Your turn,” Aqua breathed. “Mmm, Harry, you know you want to cum inside of me?”

The use of his original name, said in such a sexy way, fueled Hadrian to slam deeper into Aqua. The churning of his balls occurred and finally, Hadrian settled for releasing into Aqua after ravishing her body with dozens of hot intense orgasms. His seed raced deep inside of her and settled in Aqua’s womb.

Release, from both of them, had been so sweet.

The two fell into a warm, embrace, with their tongues finding each other. And their bodies in prime position to settle whatever urges they wanted.

Hadrian flickered outside of the cave and stepped inside. Something about this place, it gave him a sense of uneasy, but there was not a single curse Hadrian could not break.

Still, best to get what he wanted and get out. The Dragon’s enhanced vision caught a very prominent source of magic. A golden, antique lamp and Hadrian reached out to touch it. No traps, which struck Hadrian as particularly odd, but he just rubbed through it.

Slipping into his pocket, Hadrian produced a magical talisman, which when placed a Genie’s lamp, it could produce unlimited wishes. It could also allow him to turn into a variety of animals, but to be honest, given Hadrian’s extraordinary abilities, and the fact he had the capabilities to do that anyway, it seem redundant.

“Time to wake you up.”

Hadrian rubbed the lamp and a flash of light erupted. Along with purplish smoke, spilling from the lamp, and the figure, appearing in the lamp. Dressed in a tight red top and tighter red pants, bare feet, wearing bracelets on both her ankles and wrists, the genie on the lamp appeared.

Completely gorgeous as well, with jet black hair, silky lips, a gorgeous face, slender neck, an ample bust, flat stomach, wide hips, and long legs which stretched on for miles. The perfect figure, of one so eloquent.

The Genie, turned and faced Hadrian. Obviously not the master she expected, but a smile crossed over her face.

Hadrian recognized her immediately.

“Princess Jasmine,” Hadrian said. “It seems as if you were not lost, but merely enslaved in the lamp.”

Jasmine approached her new master with a smile. “And it appears that you are my new master, Dragon.”
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Chapter Text

Chapter Thirty:

“The only question is, how did you get into that lamp?”

Jasmine, even though she felt compelled to answer thanks to the control Hadrian held over the lamp, agreed to answer regardless. She placed a hand on the side of Hadrian’s face, sighing deeply.

“There was an attack which destroyed my family,” Jasmine said. “The cruel sorcerer...he wanted vengeance on me and trapped me in this lamp...but...he miscalculated the spell and he perished before he could use me as his personal servant.”

Hadrian smiled in response.

“And now, I hold the lamp,,” Hadrian said. “And for my first, wish, no one else may ever possess this lamp without my consent. And I can’t give consent through mind control, brain washing, blackmail, or people trying to trick me. No shapeshifters posing as my wives, nothing.”

“Oh, you are officially the smartest man to hold any magical lamp,” Jasmine cheered when binding herself to Hadrian rather than the lamp.

A warmth tingle appeared through Jasmine’s body and she threw her arms around Hadrian, kissing him very aggressively. Hadrian passionately made out with his new pet, Jasmine’s fingers caressed every inch of his body, feeling him up as much as she would dare.

The aura he held pinged against hers and drew Jasmine in, her heart as a flutter.

“Now no one can touch that lamp or my pet without my permission,” Hadrian told her.

Jasmine flushed at being called Hadrian’s pet, but she nuzzled into his neck, with a smile. She would have done anything Hadrian asked of her right now, and without him even making a wish.

“I wish to see your old home.”

Jasmine, sensing the power he held on her, realized he had unlimited wishes. Which, Jasmine thought there would be worse masters to have an unlimited bank of wishes for.

The palace at Agrabah seen better days. A small twinge of sadness came over Jasmine. Hadrian stroked her hair carefully and hummed.

“I wish for the palace to be as vibrant as ever,” Hadrian said. “Complete with a bevy of beautiful women to serve my whim.”

“You don’t really need a wish for that last part,” Jasmine murmured. “And, I can only summon succubus women.”

“You say that as if it’s a bad thing,” Hadrian said.

A flash of light echoes, and Hadrian smiled as a bevy of women appeared. Some dark skinned, some lighter skin, redheads, blondes, brunettes, the entire works. All of them had mouth-watering figures, with large breasts, tight stomachs, wide hips, and long legs, and faces so beautiful it almost hurt.

“Well, our King has freed us from our prison,” one of the succubi slave girls said.

“Enjoy your time at the palace,” Hadrian said. “I will call on you, when I have need of you.”

“Yes, we know,” one lead slave girl said. “And we come and cater to your every need, Dragon King.”

The women all licked their lips, and Jasmine, lightly wrapping her hand around Hadrian’s wrist, smiled and leaned on in closer to him. Today would be a very satisfactory day to say the very least.

“And now, for something that we both will enjoy,” Hadrian said. “Take me to the Bedroom.”

Jasmine snapped her fingers and the two of them appeared. She knew what he wanted and Jasmine did not even wait for him to wish for it. Rather, she attacked him, with an extremely passionate kiss. Her tongue shoving deep into Hadrian’s mouth, and Hadrian returning fire with a kiss.

Hadrian put his fingers all over Jasmine’s succulent flesh. It felt like the smoothest of silk just brushing underneath his fingers. Hadrian lifted the Princess turned Genie onto the bed, and then planted several kisses down her belly button to make her writhe out in pleasure.

Jasmine, with a smile on the bed, allowed her top to burst and her generous bust to spill out. Hadrian buried himself deep into her tits and sucked on them. Jasmine, ghosting her fingers down his hair, smiled, as she grew her breasts to be an ample size for him to suck on.

“Master, you make me feel so good,” Jasmine breathed in his ear. “I want to please you as well.”

The Dragon stepped back to allow Jasmine to strip him naked and worship his body. The top half of clothing had been taken off, with Jasmine doing it the hands on way, and not with magic. She kissed Hadrian, going down and cupping his crotch.

Jasmine rubbed herself all over Hadrian’s muscular frame. The Dragon felt so amazing pressed into her skin. Jasmine leaned in, planting numerous kisses all over his abs and chest and then through his pants. The large tent in his pants made Jasmine just smile.

She tore off Hadrian’s pants and then removed his boxer shorts. His thick, pulsing endowment, hit Jasmine on the lips and Jasmine just smile, sucking on the head. She pulled back with a loving kiss parted on the tip of Hadrian’s tip as it twitched.

“Well, there’s one thing you don’t need to wish for, do you, Master?”

Jasmine planted several kisses down Hadrian’s manhood, her lipstick changing colors with each sweet and savory kiss. Purple, green, red, blue, all different colors lined Hadrian’s manhood. She popped him into her mouth, kissing him, while leaving more lipstick marks over her.

The Princess turned genie shifted her breasts, wrapping them tightly around Hadrian’s thick, engorged pole. The more times Hadrian shoved his cock deep inside of her breasts, rocking them back and forth, the more she cried out in constant and never-ending pleasure.

“Oh, yes!” Jasmine moaned when sucking on him. “Does that feel good?”

“Your tits feel perfect,” Hadrian said.

“Of course they do, they’re for you,” Jasmine said with a sultry purr all over his cock.

The Dragon jackhammered the tits of his new pet, and she screamed out in pleasure. Jasmine longed to have her master’s gift, just bathing her. Jasmine’s hair flipped back as her eyes looked at the Dragon in intensity. Begging for him to lose it all over her. Hadrian, clutching onto her breasts tightly, rode her over and over again, until the point where he was about ready to explode all over her.

“So close,” Hadrian breathed, the faster he jammed deep into her chest.

“I know, I know you are,” Jasmine said. “I want you to be close….and you are very close….let it go, master. Cover your pet with all of your seed.”

Hadrian’s balls expanded and contracted, firing all over Jasmine’s chest. The shower of seed just spilled all over Jasmine’s face, chest, and dripped down her neck as well. Jasmine rode out Hadrian’s orgasm in the warm valley of her cleavage. The hot splattering of seed painting her face and chest watered Jasmine’s mouth.

Jasmine collected her master’s cum into an ice cream cone and sucked it down, licking the cone clean with her eyes locked onto Hadrian. She turned around, dropping her pants and showing Hadrian a nice view of her shapely butt, and wet pussy. Very wet pussy as it turned out, with Hadrian closing in on her and feeling it.

“Oh, it’s hard again already,” Jasmine said.

“Did you have a doubt that it would be?” Hadrian asked as he ground deep inside of her.

“No, of course, not, master,” Jasmine told him.

Jasmine climbed onto the bed, so soft and so luscious. And yet so perfect for the Dragon to take her. Jasmine’s innocence remained intact, although the Dragon swooped down and popped her cherry with one amazing thrust. The pain was only for a minute before pleasure enraptured Jasmine’s body.

“You are a kinky little girl are you?” Hadrian asked. “Who do you live to serve?”

“You, Hadrian, I live to serve my Dragon King!” Jasmine screamed as Hadrian smashed her into the bed. “I live to serve his cock every night, filling it with orgasms and pleasure….pleasure behind his wildest dreams...beyond my greatest..wishes...I want them to come true.”

“You do, don’t you?” Hadrian asked her.

“OOOH YES!” Jasmine cried out with increased passion as he rode her deep into the bed with a constant barrage of thrusts. “Take me, my King!”

Hadrian took her alright, drilling Jasmine as deep into the bed as humanly possible. Oh, her pussy walls clamping down onto him felt so good right about now, and Hadrian had to hold on for a very impressive ride. He lifted Jasmine off of the bed to attack her breasts, squeezing them.

The hands of the Dragon skimmed all over Jasmine’s body. Master or not, he ruled her body and controlled just how much pleasure Jasmine felt at any given time. The heat emitting through her body was almost like a pit of fire just waiting to erupt and scorch the entire room.

Hadrian reached places which Jasmine did not know were possible. She would serve him without a wish, although the fact is their bond made this stronger and more aggressive.

He held back the orgasm just enough. The weight of Hadrian’s large balls slapping against Jasmine made her cry. Hadrian embraced her from behind while slamming into her body. All of Jasmine’s body, namely her flat stomach, ample breasts, and squeezable ass became Hadrian’s to control. He regulated the number of orgasms just hitting Jasmine, as hard as he could and went as deep as he could.

“I feel like you’re going to lose it for me, aren’t you?” Hadrian asked her.

“Mmm, always,” Jasmine breathhed.

“Good, good,” Hadrian told her. “I want you to cum for me...right now!”

Jasmine clamped down onto him and released her juices onto him. Hadrian slid into Jasmine, riding her into the bed with passion.

“The next time, I wish to look you in the eyes.”

A puff of smoke filled the room and Jasmine sat on Hadrian’s cock, driving him deep inside of her, while staring him right in the eyes without blinking. The handsome sorcerer cupped the face of the smoking hot genie, sending her body trembling into pleasure.

The way the walls clamped down onto him caused Hadrian’s self-control to falter a little bit. He squeezed Jasmine’s breasts and milk shot out of her nipples he squeezed them so hard. Hadrian lapped up whatever milk he could. In returned, Jasmine licked the milk off of him, dribbling down her chest and breasts.

“You are the perfect woman.”

“Well, not exactly,” Jasmine said. “I know of your lost….don’t worry, I’m not going to turn into her...because I know how awkward it would be...but we will find her, master.”

Hadrian said nothing, but appreciated Jasmine’s sensitivity towards the the matter. Her inner walls, clutching down on Hadrian, threatened to make him spurt inside of her. Not only that, but flood her womb with so much of his seed that Jasmine would be slid into it.

“No matter what, all of my bonded are amazing,” Hadrian said.

Jasmine, appreciated that and also appreciated the orgasm which hit her body. Her pleasure sensors grew equally sensitive and more submissive to Hadrian’s touch. Hadrian milking Jasmine’s nipples for more milk caused her to lose it. This time, she used her infinite cosmic power to shoot chocolate milk from her nipples, something which the Dragon eagerly lapped up, before figuratively and literally.

The inner walls from Jasmine squeezed down onto him and released Hadrian, soaking his big cock with juices. Jasmine, pressing down onto him, moaning in his ear.

“Now, I wish you would cum for me, master,” Jasmine teased him.

“That’s not how this works,” Hadrian said. “But….I’m almost there.”

The tension in Hadrian’s body and Jasmine’s caused the two of them to hit with a pulse of energy. The backwash of magic resulted in every servant girl cumming alongside of them as well. Hadrian, picking up the pace, drove himself as deep into Jasmine as possible.

Jasmine closed her eyes, as her insides had been sprayed by the Dragon’s potent gift. He kept sucking on her breasts, and the chocolate milk which they spurted out. The minute Hadrian came down, Jasmine licked the milk off of his face, and the two parted ways.

The minute Jasmine laid on her side, Hadrian pressed his cock against her back.

“Infinite cosmic powers means infinite stamina, right?”

“Yes, Master, it does,” Jasmine said. “And you can fill me as many times as you want, until you get recharged completely. I know the journey was a long one for you.”

“But, more than worth it.”

Hadrian spooned Jasmine from behind before sliding deep into her. This positioned allowed the handsome sorcerer completely access to his new pet’s body. Which, Hadrian took advantage of, sending even more pleasurable bolts through the Princess turned Genie, making her cum over and over again.
The Shameless Smut continues in the next chapter. 

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Chapter Text

Chapter Thirty-One:

Hadrian considered his next set of actions. All while getting tended to by several of his succubi servant girls, dressed in nothing other than the towel.

The sixth sense Hadrian developed to pinpoint beautiful women in need nearby piqued. For, the Dragon had a visited, that being Belle, who had been a long way at home. The brunette bookworm stood in the midst of the doorway, transfixed by both the beautiful women and Hadrian dressed in nothing other than a towel.

“Hello, Belle,” Hadrian said.

This very casual statement snapped Belle out of la-la land. “I was just thinking of you...and now that you are here.”

The second Hadrian caught a whiff of Belle’s scent, he did realize she had been thinking of him. “I’m sure you have.”

“And now….I’m in the middle of some palace….just…”

Hadrian appeared in a blink, startling Belle, but only so briefly. The strong arms of the Dragon tightened around Belle, causing her breathing to only escalate the closer they got to each other. And the closer they edged to each other, the more Belle wondered what was going on. Her mouth dried up just a tiny little bit from Hadrian closing in on her from this particular position.

“Relax,” Hadrian said. “I told you that when you needed me, you would be there.”

“I didn’t think it would be anything….”

A kiss on Belle’s mouth silenced her for a minute. Belle closed her eyes, realizing the towel Hadrian wore was the only thing preventing Hadrian from being in all of his glory. And the towel also presented an unfortunate barrier for Belle to fully touch him.

The scent of the oils covering his body made Belle speechless. Hadrian slipped behind her, wrapping his arms ever so tightly around the woman.

“Come, I’ll give you the guided tour.”

The tour nudged Belle forward through the palace, with Hadrian teasing her body with kisses and caresses along the way. And Belle not arguing with them, in fact, she slowly, but sexily succumbed to each of Hadrian’s wonderful, pleasurable actions.

“So, now you’re the king of at least three kingdoms?” Belle asked.

She knew Hadrian had been amazing, but to pull that one off, it had been nothing less than extraordinary.

“Yes, and there will be more,” he confirmed.

Hadrian’s fingers danced around the back of her neck and her shoulders. The dress Belle wore slipped off of her.

“One of my Princesses is also a genie,” Hadrian said.

“And that’s my cue.”

Jasmine appeared, dressed in some silky red lingerie.

“I wish Belle would be wearing something a bit more approriate for our bedroom,” Hadrian told her.

Jasmine smiled, and suddenly, Belle’s rather modest undergarments faded, to a blue bra which barely contained her breasts, lacy thong panties, a garter belt, stockings, and a blue choker collar with the symbol of the Dragon on it. Belle’s eyes widened as she caught herself in the mirror.

“You look beautiful,” Jasmine said.

This time, Jasmine did not wait for a command. Almost as if she became one with her master’s will, Jasmine leaned in and planted her lips on Belle’s for a savory, passionate kiss. And Belle returned the kiss, with just as much eagerness, gripping Jasmine’s ass from behind, squeezing down onto it very hard.

The two broke the kiss and turned their attention towards Hadrian. The towel came off and Jasmine and Belle took turns kissing Harry, going further down his body. Chest, abs, legs, every part of him had been worshipped by these two beautiful women. They lifted up his throbbing meatstick and Jasmine slipped the first couple of inches into her mouth, sucking on it, while Belle licked the length.

Both of these fantastic beauties leaned down and worshipped Hadrian. Hadrian closed his eyes, groaning and stroking their hair as their wonderful mouths worshipped his stiff, throbbing pole. Jasmine sped up, taking her mouth all the way down to the base of his pole. Then she went between his legs to suck his balls, as Belle slowly, sensually, but oh so wonderfully, sucked his cock.

The two women worked to cause the cum to churn up through Hadrian’s balls. He bucked forward.

“I’m not going to hold back much longer.”

The loud slurping sounds both of these devious women made, showed they did not mind if Hadrian just let go. Belle, despite having all of the air of a proper lady, sucked his cock like a ravenous succubus. Every time Hadrian felt the pleasure of her throat was time well spent deep inside of her oral hole.

Belle hummed while Jasmine sucked on his balls. The flood of seed spilling into Belle’s mouth proved to be extremely immense. Hadrian gripped onto her dark hair, humping her delightful mouth as she sucked him. With Jasmine worshipping his balls on the way.

The mouthful of seed had been taken deep into her mouth, and Belle pulled away with a hungry smile on her face. The naughty brunette worked Hadrian’s length with her soft fingers.

“You are the gift that keeps on giving.”

“So, are you.”

Jasmine slipped behind Belle and relieved the woman of her panties. Her already damp cunt slid underneath Jasmine’s fingers, the heat emitting from her crotch almost causing her to heat up with constant waves of pleasure. Jasmine knew precisely all of the right buttons to hit, and at the right time possible.

“Yes,” Belle murmured. “Yes.”

“Just getting you ready for the ride of your life,” Jasmine said.

Jasmine got Belle’s pussy nice and wet first by fingering it aggressively and then by licking it. Jasmine’s top fell and her breasts rubbed all over Belle’s body, causing her to get excited. The tension between her legs threatened to burst.

Bella sauntered over to Hadrian, climbing into his lap and trapping his erection between her bodies.

“I thought about how big you were,” Belle said. “But, somehow, you’re bigger than I remember...larger than average...way larger than average.”

Belle teased herself, grinding the length against her warm thighs. Her slit, opening up ever so slightly for Hadrian’s length, spread open. Oh, Belle bit down on her lip, the sensational feeling erupting through her body. She almost sank down onto Hadrian, pushing his length inside of her inch by inch. Somehow, Hadrian held back, just enough to get this entire cock deep inside of her body, pressing up against her.

“Yes,” Hadrian breathed. “Oh, yes, right inside of you.”

Hadrian buried himself deep inside of Belle. She needed Hadrian to be inside of her. The moment Hadrian filled Belle, she wrapped her arms and legs around him and held him in tightly. She sunk down onto him, breathing ever so sexually in his ear.

Jasmine got on all fours at the end of the bed to position herself. The minute Hadrian dropped down onto the bed so Belle could ride him, Jasmine made her move. Crawling backwards until Jasmine positioned her pussy on Hadrian’s face. Hadrian grabbed ahold of her ass and squeezed it, sending Jasmine’s warm slit down onto her face.

“Your tongue is divine,” Jasmine breathed. “I need it inside me...eating me out all day long!”

Jasmine closed her eyes and enjoyed Hadrian going deep inside of her. He had better control with his tongue, then most men had with their cocks. Every movement, every twist, sent Hadrian just a tiny bit deeper into Jasmine’s body. Her warm cunt squeezing onto his face like an overripe orange and juicing all over. Oh, Jasmine could just barely hold herself back, with pleasure.

Two women, one of them driving herself down onto his groin and fucking herself silly, and the other woman’s honey just draining into his mouth, Hadrian smiled in enjoying, at all of the pleasure he received from both Jasmine and Belle and alternatively, all of the pleasure he gave them in control.

Jasmine pushed her chest against Belle’s and made out with the woman. The taste of Hadrian’s cum, still present in her mouth, fueled Jasmine on.

Loud moans echoed through the room as Hadrian rocked back and forth against Belle from behind. His groin and tongue moved in harmony, in combined motions. Sending both of the women to a tizzy of desire.

Belle’s hot, compact muscles squeezed down onto Hadrian. She had lost all control thanks to Jasmine aggressively tongue-fucking her tonsils. And in addition, Hadrian knew precisely all of the ways to drive Belle and Jasmine completely delirious with pleasure.

Belle broke free, moaning very aggressively as she rode Hadrian. Her insides rippled, her pussy overflowing with a particular flood onto him. Hadrian always hit all of the right spots to make her gush all over the bed and more importantly all over him.

“I want...I want….”

The explosion rocked Belle’s entire body. The first blast inside of her sent Belle’s senses into overdrive. The content of Hadrian’s balls fired at her, spraying the insides of her body to the point where Jasmine had to hold onto Belle to keep her from sliding off. Jasmine did more than hold on. The naughty princess turned genie rocked the brainy bookworm up and down on Hadrian until she had been filled up.

Slowly, Jasmine pulled herself away from Hadrian’s face.

“Don’t worry, I’ll get to you in a minute,’ Jasmine said to Belle.

Jasmine laid on top of Hadrian, her nude body now covering his. The top made out with each other, with Jasmine slurping the juices off of her lover’s face. Jasmine edged, closer and closer down Hadrian’s body, covering his body with kisses and then she turned around onto all fours.

She laid on top of Belle, repeating the same treatment. A long kiss between these two beautiful women lit the fire between them both. Jasmine crawled down Belle’s body, and covered her with more kisses, worshipping her breasts, belly, thighs, legs, and then moved between Belle’s center to suck the cream pie Hadrian left into her.

Belle rested a hand on the back of Jasmine’s silky hair and broke out into a soft cry of pleasure. Her eyes shifted up for Hadrian, the horniness spreading through her body even more intense than ever.

Hadrian climbed behind Jasmine and kissed the back of her neck.

“Oh, you naughty little pet...what I am going to do with you?”

Jasmine would have offered any number of suggestions, had her mouth not been preoccupied.

“I think I’m going to slowly tease you until you’re about ready to explode,” Hadrian offered.

The kisses started off slow enough, and then like a hurricane, aggressively attacked her body. Hadrian parted his fingers against Jasmine’s wet pussy, the slit opening up for him. The heat, emitting from her hot pussy, only escalating the further Hadrian rocked inside of her.

“Yes, I think I am,” Hadrian told Jasmine. “And then when you can’t handle it, I’m going to fuck your brains out.”

More kisses against the small of Jasmine’s back, against her hip, and nuzzling against her sexy cheeks, before going down on her legs. Hadrian aggressively attacked Jasmine, giving her everything that she ever wanted and more than anything she ever desired.

“Getting close, aren’t we?” Hadrian asked her. “I hope that you’re ready for this. Because, I know that I am.”

Hadrian slipped between Jasmine’s thighs, and worked into her, slowly, but surely edging her to a very impressive orgasm. Jasmine moaned, legs open, and begging for him.

“Fuck her brains out!” Belle yelled. “Oh, make her your personal cum dump.”

“Such a mouth on you,” Hadrian said.

“And you know precisely what I do with that mouth,” Belle said.

Hadrian, smiled, enjoying the sexual corruption of another woman. And he rubbed himself down Jasmine’s body, getting her closer and closer. Her pussy, warm and tight, prepared to envelope Hadrian inside of her. Hadrian rocked deep inside of her body, causing her to cry out in pleasure the minute he filled up Jasmine.

“Perfect,” Hadrian grunted. “Absolutely, perfect.”

Jasmine would have to concede with his commentary. He had been perfect, driving as deep into her as humanly possible, which could be pretty far thanks to the great cosmic powers she possessed.’

“I wish even the slightest touch would make you cum,” Hadrian said.

Did Hadrian really even need a wish for that? Regardless, Jasmine granted Hadrian his wish. To test it out, Hadrian ran a finger down her hair and caused Jasmine to clench down onto him ,exploding all over his groin. To allow Hadrian to bury himself deeper inside of her, his balls slapping down against her.

“This is so hot,” Belle moaned.

“And I wish until sunrise, every time you cum, Belle cums as well,” Hadrian said.

Belle’s eyes widened. Sure, Hadrian could be doing these things himself, but he could store more tantric energy by asking his pet genie to do these things. Hadrian ran a finger down Jasmine’s spine and she came, and Belle came as well, their bodies twisting.

The women passed out a couple of times from their orgasm, and another, more powerful orgasm woke them up. Hadrian rode Jasmine into the bed, now grabbing into her body. He pulled Jasmine away from Belle, spun her around and sank Jasmine onto his cock.

In a slow, and very tortuous manner, Hadrian milked Jasmine’s nipples. Jasmine’s eyes closed as the pleasure just overwhelmed her. Drool, spilling out of the side of her mouth followed.

“You cum at the little things...but how about this?”

Hadrian buried his face into Jasmine’s rich, mocha colored, globes, and motorboated her. The orgasms just escalated, with Jasmine’s body tightening around him. Every time Hadrian looked to be close to cumming, he denied Jasmine her treat.

Jasmine’s wet body bounced onto him. Belle had been slumped at the end of the bed, drooling, and dripping with an overflow of her juices, coated in the sweat from the exertion. Every now and then, Hadrian gave Jasmine a particular aggressive orgasm which jolted Belle awake.

Belle moaned, so much pleasure, too much pleasure, and she did not want to stop.

“Make her cum again,” Belle said in a raspy voice.

Hadrian made Jasmine cum again, all over his cock. Despite all of the pleasure Hadrian gave both of these fine women and all of the pleasure Hadrian gave himself, all good things needed to end with a hell of an orgasm.

Jasmine came, Belle came, and Hadrian came along with them both. The tension in his balls, strained already, ended up filling Jasmine with several loads full of seed. Every load connected to Jasmine and made her explode like a kinked up hose just being unraveled.

The release made Hadrian just smile. Jasmine’s well-fucked body was extremely hot, and Hadrian could not wait to have even more fun with her later, alongside his other wives and alone.

The minute Jasmine fell onto Hadrian, she breathed heavily.

“You need to wish things to be back to normal for be...back to normal,” Jasmine panted.

“I know,” Hadrian said.

He sucked on Jasmine’s neck lightly, and sent both Belle and Jasmine over the edge with pleasure. The devious Dragon pushed all of their buttons.
The Shameless Smut Continues In the Next Chapter. 

Chapter Text

Chapter Thirty-Two

The cheers of the citizens of Ardelle grew larger. King Hadrian and Queen Else wrapped up holding court, and new times of prosper had been had by most of them, with the Kingdom entering a period of peace, and tranquility, and some people began to understand the fact having Hadrian as a king would not be such a bad idea.

The King and Queen departed, Anna having been left behind in Corona. Suddenly, Hadrian caught a figure standing at the end of the hallway with a smile. Dark hair tied back in a ponytail, glasses, a blouse a bit too small for her bust with the first couple of buttons unbuttoned, a short skirt, stockings, and high heels. Jasmine appeared at the palace, under the guise of one of Hadrian’s advisors, and she dressed up like a slutty secretary, which anyone could appreciate.

“Elsa, this is Jasmine,” Hadrian said.

“Hadrian’s my new master,” Jasmine said. “And I’m happy to serve him, or any of his wives.”

Elsa just smiled and they closed the doors behind them.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, and my husband always has the best taste,” Elsa commented. “So, you’re the princess who turned into a genie, right?”

“Former princess,” Jasmine said.

“Technically, Hadrian restored your kingdom, and you are a Princess, if you were born one or married into royalty, although technically that could also make you a Queen...unless you did become a Queen,,” Elsa said.

“Which you did, and your marriage to Hadrian made him your King,” Jasmine said.

“Oh, Harry was already a King,” Elsa said. “He just needed to cement it….”

Aqua appeared in a flash, wearing similar attire to Jasmine, although a little less slinky. But, it still made her look very sexy.

“Another beacon?” Hadrian asked.

“Yes, it went off in Germany,” Aqua said. “Sometime in the sixteenth century...we’re making sure that it is one, and not another false alarm...although we have a good idea who it is.”

Hadrian just smiled. “I know who it is….your work is amazing as always….a pity Kairi could not join us.”

“Well, she’ll be even more upset with what happens next,” Aqua said.

“And this is where the orgy begins,” Jasmine said.

Elsa just broke out into a smile. “You catch on pretty fast.”

Jasmine’s wicked smile grew even wider. She kissed Elsa on the lips, without any prompting. Elsa, no stranger to this by now, kissed Jasmine back and worked open the buttons on her top, revealing that Jasmine had gone braless underneath the top.

“You naughty, naughty, pet,” Elsa said. “What am I going to do with you?”

“Well, Mistress,” Jasmine said. “I’m sure you think can think of something.”

Aqua already had Hadrian’s cock out of his pants with practiced ease. Between Aqua’s blue hair and the glasses, along with her tongue tracing against her mouth, what she was going to do next, was completely hot. Aqua leaned down onto Hadrian and with practiced ease, sucked him deep into her mouth.

Elsa sat on the throne, and pulled her dressed up to reveal her panties. Jasmine first started at the Queen’s feet, kissing them, and worshipping her toes. Elsa leaned back, enjoying Jasmine’s devoted actions, covering her foot with warm sucks. Jasmine sucked on Elsa’s big toe about as hard as Aqua was on Hadrian’s cock.

“There’s more for you to worship, pet,” Elsa said.

The devoted woman leaned down and kissed Elsa’s legs all over. She moved up one leg and then down the other, before moving to the center.

“I wish you had full access to my wife’s cunt.”

Jasmine popped her fingers. Of course, every single one of Hadrian’s wives through time, space, and dimension lost their panties at this very moment, but perhaps the Dragon had been a bit preoccupied with Aqua’s feverish worship of his long, stiff pole.

And Jasmine got access to Elsa’s cunt, which she licked. Jasmine savored the taste coming from Elsa, like a refreshing snow cone on a hot afternoon. She lapped up the creamy juices and sucked on them.

Aqua edged Hadrian, but pulled out. She flipped up her skirt, revealing a lacy black thong.

“You know what I want,” Aqua said.

Hadrian did indeed, but he would spell it out. “It wouldn’t be having your brother’s cock buried deep inside of your slutty little pussy, as you’re bent over this throne, while Elsa watches, would it?”

“Yes, exactly!” Aqua cheered.

Hadrian, always being one to give one of his lovely companions what she wanted, drove deep into Aqua from behind. He slipped Aqua’s blouse off of her, giving unrestricted access to her bare back. Something which Hadrian accelerated it, driving faster into Aqua and riding her further to the edge. Those balls slapped deep against her thighs and made Aqua just scream out even louder in pleasure.

“That looks like fun,” Elsa said.

Without any words, Elsa positioned Jasmine so she stood, facing Aqua and Hadrian on the throne. Elsa grew a solid ice dildo, and jammed it through Jasmine’s panties, and straight into her pussy. Jasmine cried out in pleasure, the very moment Elsa pumped inside of her, riding Jasmine all the way to the edge.

“I wish my wife’s toy would not melt until she’s naturally done,” Hadrian groaned.

Granted, again, Hadrian could do this just as easily, but why waste valuable magic when you had a genie? Jasmine commanded the wish, and Elsa, with a smile, pushed deep into Jasmine and rode her pussy all the way to the edge.

“You’re going to cum for me, cum for your mistress,” Elsa said. “How do you like it when I milk your big tits?”

“Jasmine, show her what your tits can do.”

Hadrian did not even have to frame that one as a wish for Jasmine to obey. The juices spilled out of Jasmine just as much as the warm chocolate milk spilled out of her nipples, and Elsa milked her breasts even harder, causing more milk to splash out all over.

Ever so briefly, Elsa pulled out, and turned Jasmine around. Oh, she wished Anna had been here. And maybe if Elsa said that outloud, instead of thinking it, she would in fact be here. But, Elsa could not speak on account of having a mouth full of Jasmine’s nipple, gorging herself on the chocolatey treat which spilled out of her mouth.

Aqua drooled at the sinful display in front of her. And she drooled in a different way as well, with Hadrian smashing her harder and harder from behind. His hands, ghosting down her breasts, sent Aqua to pleasure.

“Aqua looks like she wants me to suck the milk from her nipples,” Hadrian told her. “I wish that could happen.”

Aqua’s breasts swelled two cup sizes, and caused her to hitch in a tight breath, as she wobbled thanks to the new weight. Hadrian turned her around, causing her to lay across the throne. He buried himself deep inside of Aqua, and took her literal milk jugs, taking them into his mouth. The sweet taste emitting from Aqua’s nipples forced Hadrian to move up and lap up the milk, drinking from Aqua’s always lactating breasts.

“Toooooo much!” Aqua moaned.

Hadrian squeezed her nipples with one hand while sucking on another nipple. Aqua’s tightening walls clamped down to try and milk Hadrian in a different way. However, Hadrian held on for the ride, slamming into her.

“You’re so wet you can flood the desert,” Hadrian said.

Aqua realized that. Hadrian and Elsa locked eyes, taking a break from their respective meals and deciding to switch partners for a minute.

“Hello, Master,” Jasmine purred. “It’s so nice to feel your cock inside me again.”

Hadrian slid deep into Jasmine’s body. Once again, Hadrian took her delicious breasts in hand, sucking the milk from them, which was infinite spurting in Hadrian’s mouth. And speaking of infinite, Hadrian’s balls swelled up, each orgasm storing up after Hadrian held it back thanks to a handy little charm he saved for such an occasion.

Aqua thought she would lose it completely. Elsa milked her, and then turned Aqua’s breast milk into ice cream.

“Are you hungry, baby?” Elsa cooed in Aqua’s ear. “Is my sister-in-law hungry?”

“Y-yes,” Aqua said.

Elsa offered Aqua one of the frozen treats and Aqua sucked it down, enjoying the taste of what Elsa gave to her. Elsa’s dancing fingers, touching Aqua all over, made her squirm all over the throne. Elsa sucked on Aqua’s nipples, being addicted to this. The bluette’s coos of pleasure and half-hearted begging of this being too much only served to spur Elsa on.

“I think you’ve made my wife happy,” Hadrian said.

“I live to serve,” Jasmine breathed. “Right there...that’s the perfect spot.”

Hadrian sat on the throne now with Jasmine bouncing on his cock. He touched her body, occasional pumping her breasts with more milk. With Elsa helping Hadrian out by converting Jasmine’s breast milk into delicious chocolate ice cream. Hadrian feasted on the ice cream covering Jasmine’s breasts, already melting because of how hot the Dragon made his pet genie.

“Mmmm!” Jasmine breathed. “ master...for you have a long journey ahead of you...let my breasts feed you.”

Hadrian had never thought he would be in danger of brain freeze when having sex. But, the amount of ice cream he ate from Jasmine, thanks to Elsa’s handy use of her powers, put him over the edge. Her milk jugs spurted all over along with her insides.

The minute Hadrian pulled out, Elsa climbed over to the throne and wrapped her fingers, around Hadrian’s pole. She rubbed Hadrian’s pole down Jasmine’s milk splattered chest and Aqua as well.

“You’re enjoying this aren’t you?”

“Yes,” Elsa said.

Elsa licked the milk from Hadrian’s cock, and squeezed his balls.

“And you save your load all for me,” Elsa said.

Hadrian bent Elsa between the thrones, with Jasmine and Aqua closing in on either side. Elsa dove into Jasmine’s chest first, sucking on her tits. And then she switched over, to give Aqua some attention. Both Hadrian’s pet and companion moaned from what the Queen did to them.

The Dragon King pushed his hands down the body of the lovely Snow Queen, and then pushed deep inside of her. Inch by inch, Hadrian spiked deep inside of Elsa’s warm, savory center. Slowly, burying his engorged prick inside of her, and spearing her insides. Elsa just screamed out the moment Hadrian planted his engorged rod inside of her, rocking back and forth against her on the throne.

“Yes, that’s perfect,” Hadrian told her. “Simply perfect.”

Elsa was glad that Hadrian agreed, because she wanted to please him so badly. The weight of his balls swinging and cracking down on her became even more aggressive. That stored up orgasm, currently locked in Hadrian’s balls threatened to burst out.

Jasmine leaned over the throne and tested the waters with a kiss from Aqua. Aqua reciprocated Jasmine’s actions, and the two entered a makeout session.

“Taste each other,” Hadrian ordered them.

Aqua pounced first, mostly because Jasmine enjoyed having her breasts drank from a bit too much to protest. The oozing treat entered Aqua’s mouth as she rubbed up against Jasmine’s hot body. Their pussies scissored together with sizzling delight, the faster Aqua pushed away on her.

Hadrian held Elsa up by her legs, with the Queen clutching onto the throne for dear life. The heavy duty pounding Elsa received caused her pussy to happy squeal in pleasure. This was nothing compared to what the Queen felt though.

“Oh, deeper, harder!” Elsa yelled. “Bury that load in me...every single last drop...I want it inside me!”

“Good things...come for those who wait,” Hadrian said. “Don’t worry, we’re almost there...but I’m not finished.”

The release of pleasure inside of Elsa just exploded inside of her. Oh, yes, Elsa was feeling this moment, and felt the tension inside of her loins, threatening to give way. Hadrian rocked down into her, stretching Elsa almost to the brink, almost to the explosion.

“No, you’re not can’t be finished, because I’m not finished,” Elsa said. “Please...cum with me...cum with me hard.”

Hadrian planted his thick rod deep into Elsa, the weight of his balls repeatedly slapping onto her body. He took the empty throne and picked Elsa up. Elsa’s breasts pushed into her face and suddenly, Elsa’s nipples started oozing with the tastiest ice cream ever.

“Sorry, if I overstepped my bounds, master,” Jasmine said.

“Actually, good work,” Hadrian said. “I wish Aqua would make you cum harder than any time today the next time you climax.”

Aqua buried her fingers deep into Jasmine, rocking her body. Every time Jasmine’s body shook.

Elsa tightened her grip on her King. He buried face down into her chest, which just spurted ice cream into his mouth.

“All that ice cream and not a pound heavier.”

Hadrian would have said “magic” if his mouth had not been so preoccupied with sucking down Elsa’s ice cream. Elsa moaned, and stretched around them.

“You have some cream for me, don’t you, my dear King?” Elsa purred in his ear. “Take me...take me so hard..fill my pussy up with your cum.”

King Hadrian and Queen Elsa joined each other at the end of the road. Elsa popped with a hell of an amazing orgasm first, stretching her warm pussy down onto Hadrian’s engorged tool as he pushed into her. Elsa rocked down onto him, squirting all over his hard cock over and over again.

“Your turn,” Elsa said. “I need you inside King...indulge me…..Harry!”

“Dreams do come true,” Hadrian grunted. “One more time...before I hit.”

Elsa’s cries of pleasure intermingled through the room, with Hadrian pumping deep inside of her body. The moment Hadrian let loose into her, Elsa almost collapsed in pleasure. He filled her up so full with cum. Elsa made sure to hang on for the ride and rock herself up and down through Hadrian, expending every single drop of cum until her pussy had been completely full.

The moment they parted ways. Jasmine and Aqua both eyed Hadrian’s dripping wet cock. Elsa smiled at them and they moved over to worship their King on throne to give Elsa a few minutes to recollect her bearings.

Before jumping back in and joining the fun once again.
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Chapter Text

Chapter Thirty-Three:

Research, one of the most important things Hadrian undertook before heading off to search for a new beacon. Elsa kept Hadrian company, dressed in a lacy blue corset, a thong, and thigh high stockings, along with her hair down. Hadrian casually ran his hair through Elsa’s hair when looking over the information.

“Aurora,” Hadrian said. “Legend has it that a prick from a spinning wheel will put her in an enchanted sleep….”

“Has that happened?” Elsa asked.

“No, not yet,” Hadrian said to her.

“Well, I’m pretty sure that a big prick could counter what a little prick could do,” Elsa said. “And you could have woke her up in the fun way.”

Given some of the early tellings of Princess Aurora’s story, well waking Aurora up by fucking her brains out would be very accurate. Those Grimm people who wrote these earlier stories, most certainly had a dark recollection of what might have happened.

“And there’s the sorceress, who put that enchantment on her,” Hadrian said. “Maleficent...yes….I’ve encountered her the past...and in the future...which for me, past and future often are the same thing.”

Elsa smiled at Hadrian knowingly. The Snow Queen wrapped her head around the power part, being able to control her snow and ice powers came almost as easy as breathing to Elsa at this point. But, time travel, time travel had been another thing in like.

“But, I believe that this trip will be very fruitful,” Hadrian said. “And I’m sure the Princess will appreciate a big prick being the answer to all of her problems...and speaking of which.”

Hadrian did not have to say anymore, because Elsa already fished the Dragon’s throbbing cock out of his pants. Hadrian pulled Elsa in close as the Queen rubbed her King’s swollen head all over her flat stomach.

“A big prick can do wonderful things,” Elsa said. “Case in point.”

Elsa’s panties came straight off and her wet folds rubbed up against Hadrian’s stiffening rod. The corset pushed up her breasts, making her amazing globes look even more so. Then again, Hadrian enjoyed them regardless. He took Elsa’s hips, sliding her down a few inches, until her wet slit hugged onto his manhood. Elsa, biting down on her lip, rocked down a little bit, filling her pussy up so deep with Hadrian’s big cock.

“Something like that?” Hadrian asked. “It can make you wet, can’t it?”

Elsa nodded in response, rising up and dropping down onto Hadrian. The first few inches of his massive manhood sliding into her sent Elsa pretty much over the top with a fit of pleasure. Hadrian knew precisely all of the right ways to hit Elsa, to stun her, to pleasure her.

“Yes, it can do so much, and make me feel so good!”

Her insides eagerly tugged on Hadrian’s manhood. Hadrian pulled down Elsa’s corset and released her breasts. Her milky globes bounced in Hadrian’s face and Hadrian put his finger on them, feeling the milk dripping from them.

“Guess, we forgot to have Jasmine reverse that wish,” Elsa said.

“A pity.”

Again, Hadrian could do it, but he really did not want to. The Dragon buried deep into Elsa’s heaving chest and caused her breasts to push a little bit into Hadrian’s mouth. Her nipples, hardening up, worked against Hadrian’s tongue as he slowly drank the milk and soon Elsa had been doing even more, lactating ice cream.

Hadrian wondered if he could make it so his women could lactate different flavors, other than chocolate and plain, or vanilla technically he supposed. Being diverse, although most the time people who used that particular word was about as woke as a coma patient.

But, why bury himself in politics, when he could bury himself into Elsa’s heaving chest. Elsa, tightening her hands around the back of Hadrian’s head, moaned even more loudly as he sucked on her nipples.

“Oh, yes, baby, do it for me...suck my tits!” Elsa cried in his ear. “They are yours...yours to suck...yours to grab...yours to do...whatever you want to whatever you want...whatever you need to my nice...big...juicy...tits!”

Elsa cried out each of these words in pleasure. Hadrian made her cry out, cumming all over his crotch when she bounced. When Hadrian literally milked Elsa’s nipples, she had entered a stage of deep, pleasurable crying. Each movement sent Elsa this much closer over the top with constant pleasure.

“All yours, baby, all yours,” Elsa purred in his ear.

She came hard, and Hadrian mauled her breasts with his mouth. Those powerful hands grabbed onto Elsa’s ass and squeezed her hard.

A flash of light and now Elsa and Hadrian moved up to the master bedroom. Elsa, on all fours, her breasts dripping with melted ice cream, enticed Hadrian over. Hadrian moved closer towards Elsa and ran his hands down Elsa’s fine, fine, body, touching her all over.

“Empty again,” Hadrian said. “How do we fix that?”

Elsa’s legs, still covered by the thigh high stockings which made her look as sexy as fuck, spread over. The Queen’s hair, wild and untamed, covered her face, when she pointed it directly at the mirror. Hadrian knew precisely all of the right buttons to push and he would push himself deep into Elsa, practically splitting her pussy open from behind. The first few inches slammed into her, right before Hadrian had been riding Elsa into the bed.

“Something like that….right there!” Hadrian grunted when driving deep inside of Elsa’s tight body from behind and riding into her bed.


The sexy reflection of Elsa’s face inside of the mirror resulted in more than enough motivation for Hadrian to ride her down into the bed. He moved, touching Elsa all over.

Elsa enjoyed the feel of her husband just rocking back and forth inside of her. Every time Hadrian entered Elsa, he managed to find new ways to thrill her. She had been untamed and wild now, living to be emptied and filled again by Hadrian. Those weighted balls pushing against him.

“Oooh, I don’t think….”

“I’m making you lose control.”

The windows in the room frosted up. Elsa’s control slipped from her for a second, right when Hadrian had been riding her into the bed, pounding her very aggressively.

“You have lost control...because I’m in control.”

Elsa submitted to Hadrian’s words and his actions just as well. A bristling chill exploded through Elsa’s queenly body. The faster Hadrian pumped his way inside of her, the more Elsa closed down onto Hadrian. So good, so good, and Elsa could barely hold her head completely up.

Hadrian pulled onto the back of Elsa’s hair, which lengthened a little bit to allow Hadrian to grab onto it. Now, Elsa was really getting into this, getting railroaded into the bed by Hadrian. Hips moving like a blur and Elsa’s body entering a maelstrom of hot desires.

“And now, it’s time Elsa.”

One release of pleasure, and Elsa just lost it, spurting all over Hadrian. He rode her, faster into the bed, sliding in and out of her worn out, stretched out hole. Which seemed to tighten despite Hadrian aggressively pumping away at it. Then, Hadrian rammed deep inside of her one more time.

The next thing Elsa knew, she laid on her back, pussy at the ready, and legs lifted up onto Hadrian’s ear. Her blue eyes met Hadrian’s and there was one present emotion which hit them hard.

“Bring it.”

Every time, Hadrian entered Elsa, it had been a jem. Hadrian did not like to play favorites, but admittedly, he had his biases towards certain girls. And Elsa showing how much love she had to give, after being repressed for so long, earned her a special place in his heart.

“I love everything about you,” Hadrian said. “Your cute little toes, as they wiggle...your sexy feet...your lovely legs...which I could just kiss and stroke all day, and lick ice cream off of them.”

The ice cream from Elsa’s nipples transported down onto her legs. Hadrian leaned deep in, worshipping Elsa’s legs, and sucking the ice cream off of it. His constant attack of her creamy legs made Elsa just break out into a pleasurable cry, which got even louder the more she sank down onto him.

“You can do that...and so much more,” Elsa pleaded with him. “Please….Hadrian...please me some more.”

“And your tight stomach, and your chest, when it bounces, begging for me to touch you,” Hadrian said. “But, your beautiful face...enchanting smile...lovely hair...and your eyes...eyes staring into mind...begging to be’s hard to pick the best part of you.”

“Yes, but you’re...amazing as well,” Elsa breathed.

Hadrian worshipped the Queen’s fine body, and she in turn held him in close. Moaning sweet nothings in Hadrian’s ear, the deeper he rode her into the bed. The intense smashing, and thrashing Elsa received sent her over the edge.

“I want you so badly….but….you’re going to bring back a new member of our collective,” Elsa said.

“Don’t think you don’t reap the benefits,” Hadrian said. “Arianna… name a few you’ve had some personal fun with.”

Elsa did remember them indeed, her body sizing up in excitement every time Hadrian rocked deep inside of her body. She had so much pleasure and now once again, she lost it completely through Hadrian milking her nipples. Ice cream practically exploded out of her and all over Hadrian’s face.

The Queen cupped her king’s face and licked the cream covering it, while also trying to drain some cream from his balls. The faster Hadrian rode her into the bed, sending her completely over the edge with very constant pleasure.

The minute Elsa lost it, Hadrian gifted her with the one thing she desired the most. Elsa’s legs clamped down onto Hadrian’s waist and pulled him in to make sure every drop of his seed spilled deep inside of her magnificent body.

“Thank you for your gift.”

“You are the gift, my Snow Queen,” Hadrian said.

Hadrian nuzzled into her chest, still spilling seed inside of her. Elsa’s hair brushed against Hadrian’s shoulders, slightly longer, although nowhere near Rapunzel’s length. Hadrian finished riding Elsa into the bed and then rested the two embracing and enjoying each other’s company for the next several minutes until it was time for Hadrian to depart.

Princess Aurora stood out in the middle of a lovely forest. Sixteen years old, and in constant fear, the warning of what a small prick of a spinning wheel could do to her. Yet, there were no spinning wheels out there, Aurora was completely safe and tranquil in nature.

“Hello, Princess.”

Aurora’s head turned around and caught sight of the most gorgeous man she ever saw in her life. It was like something out of a dream, enchanting green eyes, black hair, and a body which made Aurora just pause. She barely could keep her eyes off of him.

“Who...who are you?” Aurora asked.

“Someone who wants to help you,” Hadrian said. “And I can help you with your affliction.”

“Um...I don’t know about this,” Aurora said.

“Trust me,” Hadrian said. “I’m a friend.”

‘Sure, you don’t need a van with dark windows for this,’ A voice commented. ‘Because, there’s a fine line between charming and getting a visit from Chris Hansen, and you’re dangerously close to crossing it.’

‘Behave, Mal.’

‘Yes, Daddy.’

Aurora took a nervous step forward, but it had been less reluctant than before.

“Call me Hadrian,” he told her. “Or, Harry, if you would like.”

“Harry,” Aurora said. “You aren’t going to prick me with a spinning wheel, are you?”

“No, not with a spinning wheel.”

She got closer and got a bit more relaxed. He smelled very nice. Hadrian took Aurora by the hand and they disappeared from the forest with a slight pop.
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Chapter Thirty-Four:

From afar, a dark-haired woman observed the arrival of the Legendary and fabled Dragon, from the shadows. Maleficent’s lips curled into a smile and she licked said lips as she sized up the Dragon, like a particularly juicy slab of beef. Many men feared the Dragon and many women wanted him.

And Maleficent would be a liar if she did not be intrigued by him. She saw that he can across Aurora, and the woman’s interest only increased.

“Oh, a little girl like you could not handle a man like the Dragon,” Maleficent said. “If a little prick can put you into a slumber….I shudder to think what a big prick might do.”

Maleficent licked her lips at the thought. She lost sight of the Dragon and more importantly Aurora, but Maleficent would find them soon enough. Right now, let the little Princess get overwhelmed by her knight in shining armor. Maleficent had her own plans which would bare fruit.

Aurora’s eyes closed shut, when the tall, dark, and handsome man before her swept her and kissed her soft lips. Inexperienced to such thoughts of a kiss. Hadrian’s powerful hands rolled down her body and cupped Aurora’s ass, pulling her in a bit closer to a rapidly deepening kiss. Oh, the depths his tongue just edged into her warm mouth and the way his fingers brushed against her soft sensitive skin.

Hadrian backed off and left Aurora in a tizzy. Aurora cupped the crotch of his pants, eyes widened, and she could feel the sizeable growth.

“Pull my pants down,” Hadrian said.

Boldy, Aurora, stuck her hand down Hadrian’s pants to feel the wonderful organ in her hand. Her heart sped up a couple more beats, before wiggling down Hadrian’s pants, down past his ankles. The thick, juicy, pulsing organ stretched out of Hadrian’s pants and right before Aurora. She smacked her lips a couple more times, sending thrills throughout her young, inexperienced body.

“But, surely that prick will put me to sleep,” Aurora breathed.

“Face your fears.”

Aurora leaned in and touched her lips to the tip of Hadrian’s cock, greeting it with a kiss. Hadrian grabbed onto Aurora’s blonde hair and edged the first few inches of his endowment down her throat, until she started choking on his manhood. Hadrian stroked her neck lovingly.

“Relax,” Hadrian said. “Just take it into your throat, and enjoy it.”

Aurora bobbed her mouth up and down on the length, and she certainly enjoyed it. She dragged fingers down the back of Hadrian’s legs, feeling how muscular they were. Her mouth and sucking got even louder the deeper she pushed down onto him.

Daringly, Aurora cupped Hadrian’s balls and squeezed them. She loved how they rested in her hand, pressing up against her flesh. Mmm, Aurora could do this, all day and all night long, tasting, teasing, enjoying the length repeatedly burying down her throat. The soft push of Hadrian’s cock got even deeper down her throat as he rode her. Face-fucking her to the point where Aurora’s eyes practically watered at the thought of what he was doing to her.

“That’s what I want from you, my beautiful princess,” Hadrian said. “Keep sucking. You know you like it, don’t you?”

“Mmmph!” Aurora breathed. “Mmmph!”

The repeated and aggressive nature of Aurora’s warm mouth, potently sucking on his tool, made Hadrian rock a little bit further into her mouth, riding her to the edge. Aurora could hardly believe her amazing fortune, with how deep he was going to her.

“You’ll enjoy the taste, I think.”

Hadrian rocked back and sent his seed spilling down Aurora’s throat. She savored the taste, grabbing onto Hadrian’s balls and milking him.

The Princess pulled back, in shock, and she licked her lips. A friction between her legs felt very pleasant and Hadrian putting his hand on her thigh and rubbing it as he kissed her neck felt even more.

“I’m so hot right now,” Aurora said.

“Let’s see if we can put out that fire.”

Hadrian hiked up Aurora’s dress and pulled her panties down to her ankles. The Dragon’s magnificent tongue whipped down Aurora’s body, treating her to thrills beyond all imagination. First, Hadrian rubbed his tongue down her belly button, and then took her slit. The taste of her nice virgin pussy caused Aurora’s hips to rise up and down.

The bombardment of sensations her mind had not been used to most certainly got Aurora’s juices flowing. Hadrian throbbed hard, longing to take the virginity of yet another Princess. Her legs, spreading on instinct, caught Hadrian’s attention and made him smile.

“You want me to treat you, Princess?” Hadrian asked.

“Oh yes,” Aurora begged of him. “Please, please, make me feel so good.”

Aurora’s gorgeous eyes widened, the thought of what Hadrian’s mighty prick could do to her, made her tremble with excitement. Hadrian, sliding the first few inches of his tool up against Aurora’s warm slit, caused her to shiver in excitement. Hadrian, pushed a bit further, sent a chilling thrill deep into Aurora’s body and caused her to shake on the bed.

Finally, Hadrian thrust deep inside of Aurora, sticking her tight twat with his big prick. The teenager’s cherry fell to the might of the Dragon. He pushed down, cupping Aurora’s perky breasts and causing her to moan out with glee. Her juices flowing made Hadrian smile.

“You won’t be affected by this curse any more,” Hadrian grunted. “The only prick that will affect you, is the one pushing into your tight pussy...because I made you a woman.”


Aurora wanted to be affected by this mighty prick which drove into her tightening cunt, time and time again. Her legs, tightened around Hadrian and pulled him ever so deeper into the bed. Her body, thrashing up and down, hit a pleasure point. Several times, Aurora flooded Hadrian’s manhood, from the tip, all the way down to his crotch. Oh yes, this was feeling really good.

“I want you!”

“You have me,” Hadrian grunted. “I’m going to ride you into the bed.”

Aurora clutched onto Hadrian’s back to encourage him to pound her silly. Every time he entered her body, Aurora’s mind entered a wave of pleasure. This was like nothing she ever dreamed of, being taken in such a matter. And Aurora’s body, tightening against him.

“I live for anything you do to me,” Aurora said. “Please...please...please me!”

“Of course,” Hadrian said. “Get ready to feel it...feel your body heating up. Know that no one can make you feel as good as I do.”

Hadrian teased Aurora’s nipple which stood straight out at attention. The gorgeous Princess’s reacted to every touch, with Hadrian rocking her down onto the bed. His balls rubbed up against her and made Aurora just scream out in pleasure. What Hadrian did to her, defied all belief. It just made Aurora feel extremely good, judging by the look on her face.

Pinning Aurora down on the bed and rocking her tight little cunt sounded like a good time for Hadrian. And judging by the yelps of pleasure Aurora gave him, she enjoyed it. Aurora’s mouth hung open, sweet, sexy delight just exploded through every inch of her body.

“Yes, baby, you’re so close to cumming,” Hadrian said. “Are you going to cum for me.”

Aurora closed her eyes, having experienced a pleasure which she did not know to be possible. Hadrian, rocking back and forth, rode her straight into the bed and caused her glee beyond all pleasure. Her tightening pussy, grew even more pleasant with each passing thrust as Hadrian sped up the ride on her.

“Yes, always!” Aurora moaned sensually.

She dug her nails deep into Hadrian, hanging on with him. The desire to feel more pleasure egged Aurora on, to wrap her tight walls around him. Every time Hadrian entered her, and buried his prodigal endowment into her body, Aurora stretched on him.

“And now, it’s time.”

Aurora could feel a band of pleasure being released in her body. The tightening flow of energy, cascading through every inch of her body made Aurora just hot as hell and very horny, very horny indeed. She clamped down onto Hadrian, allowing the juices to just erupt all over him, from the tip of his cock, all the way down to the base, letting it all flow through her.

“Magnificent,” Hadrian grunted, with the ride continuing to escalate into the bed. “Magnificent indeed.”

Aurora would have to agree, her body had been taken for a hell of a ride. Her legs parted, hoisted up in the air. The powerful sorcerer worked his magic, and sent another tremor of pleasure her through body.

Upon, Aurora’s powerful orgasm, Hadrian slid deeper and deeper into her tight body, enjoying the clenching her. His balls sized up, and he had no doubt the force of his orgasm would knock Aurora to dream land. Hadrian held on for the ride. Enjoyed every second.

Aurora enjoyed him as well. The tightening of her walls around him showed she wanted this. Hadrian hit a particularly pleasant spot on her leg, sending Aurora into a deep fit of pleasure. She cried out for even more.

“I love….I love this,” Aurora said. “Please, make me...make me yours forever.”

“You already are.”

Aurora’s back arched up off of the bed, hips rising to meet Hadrian, and allowing him to plow inside of her. On instinct, the Princess tightened her grip around him, to ensure Hadrian’s thick, savory seed found a home inside of her.

Hadrian made her earn it. The milking of her tight walls resulted in a very pleasant end for Hadrian. He rocked back and forth several times over and speared her tight body until it creamed aggressively all over his big prick. Aurora closed ranks down onto him, moaning very sensually in the process.

“Yes, you certainly are,” Hadrian said. “Time for you to cum more time...before I watch your sinfully young, but oh so sexy body, swell up with my seed.”

Aurora closed her eyes, wanting the contents of his balls to race into her. The Princess shifted up and down on the bed, sending herself into a stupor.

Hadrian finished fucking Aurora’s pretty little brains out, feeling the tightness of her pussy clamping down onto him. With another grunt, he sent Aurora straight into one of the most prolific orgasms ever. Her tight walls closing and squeezing down on him to expel all that seed inside of her.

A flash of light caught Harry’s attention as he pulled out of Aurora. He left her in a state on the bed, drooling, and dripping with their combined juices.

“Well, she handled your prick for far longer than I thought.”

Hadrian turned around, to see Maleficent in all of her glory, staring straight at his crotch, and licking her lips.

“I’ve been looking for you, Dragon.”
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Chapter Text

Chapter Thirty-Five:

“Ah, yes, Maleficent, I knew it would only be a matter of time before I saw you,” Hadrian said.

“I’m here to show you what a real woman can do for you,” Maleficent said. “Together, the two of us can rule any Kingdom we choose together...all you have to do is join me.”

Hadrian just smiled. Amused, very much so, by Maleficent’s bravado. He took half of a step closer towards the woman, the swell of her breasts very obvious, and a very devious smile on her face.

“Well, the sticking point is that I can rule any kingdom I wish already,” Hadrian said. “And I can rule any woman...turning even the most powerful woman into a submissive pet.”

In a flash of light, Hadrian wrapped his arms around Maleficent and pulled her in tight. He kissed the powerful woman on the neck and caused her to moan very aggressively. Hadrian’s fingers just rubbed down the side of her neck and then came down to her ear, kissing her several times over.

“And that includes you,” Hadrian told her.

Maleficent’s entire body just swam with pleasure, the minute Hadrian stripped her bare. Slowly, taking his time, unveiling her luscious body. Her lips, perfect for wrapping around certain objects, her face, her large bust, flat stomach, and wide curvy hips, along with long legs, and a neatly trimmed pussy. Every inch of the powerful woman’s body served as a reminder of just how gorgeous she is.

“And I have you, right where I want you.”

Hadrian pulled Maleficent into a deep kiss, using his tongue to dominate the woman. Maleficent came back around, running her nails all over the side of Hadrian’s arms, making out very aggressively with him. The loud sounds of their lips, smacking together echoed.

Already naked from his little romp with the Princess, Maleficent did not spend too much time finding Hadrian’s cock. She dropped down and took Hadrian’s thick slab of meat into her mouth. She worshipped her king, taking him as far into her mouth as possible and sucking him hard.

Pleasant feelings emitted from Hadrian the moment Maleficent worked those nice lips right around his thick cock. Hadrian threaded his fingers through her hair and jackhammered her mouth, causing a cry of pleasure to emit through her.

“You want me to face-fuck you, don’t you?”

Maleficent’s eyes told the story. Hadrian grabbed the back of Maleficent’s head and gave it to her as roughly as she remembered it. The cries of pleasure, just emitting from her body, increased the faster Hadrian pumped inside of her mouth, riding her all the way to mouth all the way until a heavy amount of spit covered his still pumping cock.


Hadrian rocked deeper and faster inside of her warm mouth. He rode Maleficent’s very pleasant and very warm oral hole all the way to the edge.

“Good, I love fucking your sexy mouth,” Hadrian grunted.

Oh, Maleficent loved having his cock rammed down her throat as well. She dreamed of being taken by the Dragon, in the dead of night.

“It appears that big pricks have an effect on you as well.”

Maleficent gagged very sexily on the manhood burying deep inside of her throat. The faster Hadrian rocked down her throat, the deeper her tight throat muscles squeezed around him. Oh, yes, this was feeling really good and Maleficent could not wait to get the taste of his cum in her mouth.

“Not, right yet,” Hadrian said.

He pulled away and decided to switch focus, sliding his cock deep between Maleficent’s ample breasts and tit-fucking the hell out of her. Every time Hadrian poked out of Maleficent’s chest, she leaned down and kissed the tip of his huge cock, sucking on the tip of his cock as it hit out. She made a sloppy mess all over Hadrian’s manhood and yet offered no apologies for it.

“That’s so hot,” Hadrian groaned.

She knew, oh boy she knew. Maleficent longed for Hadrian to bust a nut all over her chest and cover her face with so much seed she was practically drowning on it. Hadrian buried his rod between her breasts for a long time. His nails digging in as he aggressively pumped it.

“These are mine,” Hadrian said. “I bet you would like nothing better than for me to bust a nut all over your sexy breasts, wouldn’t you?”

“I wouldn’t...mind,” Maleficent agreed with him. “It would feel so good...right about now.”

“I’m sure it would feel good for you,” Hadrian told her with a few more pumps. “And maybe, just maybe, your dream will come true.”

Maleficent circled her tongue around the swollen head pushing into her mouth, as he rode her chest harder and harder. And then, exploded sending large, thick blasts against Maleficent’s chest, face, and having it dribble down to cover the entire front of her body as well.

The sorceress showered in the cum spilling all over her. Hadrian held on, signalling that she was his and would always be his, pumping all over her body.

Hadrian rubbed his fingers down her body and fed Maleficent his cum. She sucked it up, with desire just swimming through her eyes.

The minute Maleficent feasted on the cum, Hadrian pulled back and spread her legs. Oh, her eager pussy parted for him and was pumping up with a tremendous amount of heat. Hadrian, sliding a couple of fingers deep into her pussy, sent Maleficent just thrusting up in the air.

“I bet you want my cock inside of you right now.”

“Yes, I will make it worth your while!” Maleficent said.

She appeared to be in heat, demanding the cock sliding inside of her body. Hadrian pushed deep into Maleficent, parting her wonderful folds and sinking deep inside of heated pussy. Her walls, tightening around him, squeezed onto Hadrian the very second he drove into her.

“Yes, this is perfect,” Hadrian groaned.

The weight of his balls slapping down on Maleficent’s thighs. Her wonderful legs, wrapping tightly around Hadrian, only deepened his ride. Hadrian reached up and cupped Maleficent’s chest, squeezing down onto it. She cried out in passion the further Hadrian drove deep into her.

Maleficent attempted to flip him over so she could ride the Dragon. However, Hadrian pinned her down on the bed. The weight of his chest, pushing up against hers. Maleficent cried out, lust just building through her body. Her tightening walls, closed in on him, wrapping around tightly and releasing his thick manhood, from her wet, sliding walls. Hadrian knew precisely all of the right buttons to push to make Maleficent to just cry out in pleasure.

“You’re so submissive,” Hadrian told her teasingly. “Some things, they never change, do they?”

Maleficent wondered what he meant by this. She could only guess. The inside of her walls parted just enough so he could slide into her. The thickness spreading Maleficent when the witch tried to squeeze Hadrian and drain him of all of his balls. That glorious, glorious semen, just waiting to be injected straight into her fertile womb. Maleficent grew weak with desire at all of the thoughts of what he, might be able to do with her.

“OOOH!” she yelled.

“Don’t worry, you’re going to cum soon,” Hadrian said. “How are you feeling now?”

“Perfect!” Maleficent cried out. “Absolutely….positively….wonderful!”

“That’s good, you should.”

Hadrian pushed deep inside of her body, rocking her up against the bed. Maleficent’s moving hips, working in harmony against his stiff, pulsing pole, drove her far into the bed. Maleficent clamped down hard onto him, crying out in pleasure the faster Hadrian rocked her into the bed.

He fucked Maleficent long and hard, all through the night. Maleficent barely held herself together. She was going to cum and this time, The Dragon would cum along with her. Maleficent squeezed down onto him, enjoying the thickness of his balls beating down on her thighs.

Hadrian almost had been there, but intended to ride out Maleficent for another orgasm. The bubbling feel of lust, spreading through her body only increased. Hadrian danced his fingers completely down Maleficent’s leg, rocking as far into her, and stretching her needy pussy out until she screamed for more.

Pumping Maleficent’s bouncing tits, caused her to moan even more aggressively. Hadrian squeezed her nipples, and made her cry out, hammering all of Maleficent’s weak spots. And he found many of them, the deeper he slammed into her pussy, taking her greedy, gobbling cunt into the bed.

It was Hadrian’s turn right now. Maleficent stared him into her eyes. No words, her eyes told him one thing, and she longed, and craved his seed. She enveloped Hadrian tightly, arms, legs, cunt, everything squeezing into him tightly. The warmth of her breasts rising and falling against him increased.

One of the most feared women in all of the realms, reduced into a mewling sex kitten, resulted in a hell of an achievement for Hadrian. His balls burst and shot Maleficent’s body up with a tremendous load.

The Dragon buried his life-bringing seed straight into Maleficent, who kept thrashing back and forth on the bed, tightening her legs around him. The deeper Hadrian plunged into her, the more she took inside of his body.

Maleficent came at least three more times, her body feeling completely drained.

“Some things never change indeed.”

Maleficent spasmed on the bed, properly and completely wrecked from the encounter. Hadrian looked from Aurora and Maleficent on the bed, smiling at the aftermath. Both were out of commission for the minute, and Hadrian thought about calling on one of his girls to help...clean up.

However, an opportunity presented itself. A figure in the shadows.

“Well, I never thought it would be so hot to witness my own creation.”

An attractive young woman, with purple hair, stepped from the shadows. She had a nice bust, a nice ass, both poured into a tight black shirt and leather pants, with a jacket which she slid off to the floor. Those plump juicy lips, not unlike her mothers, had been licked very casually.

“I figured you would show up,” Hadrian said. “Come here, Mal.”

“Hello, Daddy.”

The future version of the daughter, who Hadrian just impregnated Maleficent with mere moments ago, crossed the room. Mal smiled, staring shamelessly at her father’s cock with lust in her eyes.
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Chapter Text

Chapter Thirty-Six:

“I missed you, Daddy,” Mal said in a breathy voice.

She leaned in towards Hadrian and straddled his lap. Hadrian reached around and grabbed his daughter’s tight ass through the leather pants, squeezing on it hard. Mal leaned forward, hitting her father with a very explosive kiss on the mouth. Hadrian put his hand on the back of her head, slightly stroking her neck and leaning in, kissing her several times over to make Mal moan.

“I missed you too, honey,”

Hadrian’s thick cock brushed against Mal’s stomach as he pulled her shirt off. The lacy black bra contained her generous chest, which Hadrian quickly removed and moved down to suck on his daughter’s nipples. Mal closed her eyes, encouraging her father’s behavior.

The Daughters of the Dragon were all extremely beautiful, extremely talented, and very addicted to his cock. Mal’s fingers dipped down, grabbing onto Harry’s manhood and jerking it up down and little bit.

“I love how you always throb in my hand,” Mal said. “I’ve missed you...I need you.”

Mal leaned down, on her hands and knees, and wrapped her magnificent lips around Hadrian’s pole. She had the perfect mouth for sucking on cock, as Hadrian learned rather quickly. His fingers, looping against the back of her purple hair, edged in and out of her mouth, rocking her several times over and driving deep into her oral hole.

A hum echoed with Mal tasting the manhood sliding down into the back of her throat. His balls hit Mal straight on the chin and she just moaned because of this. Cupping on his balls, and squeezing them hard, Mal knew precisely all of the ways to get her father’s motor running and pleasure him.

After a long session of using her mouth on him, Mal pulled away and left several trails of salvia coating Hadrian’s cock. She squeezed him, hard and turned around on the bed. Her pants came down, exposing her thong clad ass. Hadrian slapped Mal’s ass resulting in a squeal coming from her.

“Do it again,” Mal said with an extremely smoky smile.

Hadrian reared back and cracked his hand up against her ass again. Mal’s extremely firm and pleasant rear end wiggled the more Hadrian slapped down on it. He left marks all over Mal and caused her to breath in deeply and breath out again, with Hadrian squeezing down on her tight, tasty ass.

The Dragon pushed his fingers deep inside of Mal’s warm, gushing pussy, opening it up for his cock. The minute his throbbing member slipped inside of Mal, she clutched onto the bed, moaning and encouraging him. Her tight pussy gobbled up.

“My pussy has missed you,” Mal said. “It’s been too long.”

“It sure has, baby girl,” Hadrian said. “Are you ready to take all of Daddy’s cock?”

“Mmm, hmm.”

The purple haired temptress clamped down onto Hadrian, taking his manhood deep into her pussy, while a downed Maleficent and Aurora laid on either side of her. Hadrian reared down, taking her body and sending Mal into fits of pleasure. Yes, this felt so good, the best, better than anything else. Hadrian knew all the ways to touch and thrill Mal and sent her flying over the edge.

“Oooh, deeper, deeper!” Mal cried out for her father. “I want you, so badly.”

Hadrian noticed and plowed his horny daughter from behind. Every time he thrust deep inside of her, his balls just cracked up against her nice backside. Hadrian loved the tightness of Mal, her insides hugging her.

“You’ve been very busy,” Mal said. “But, I think you can find the time to fuck me...fuck your favorite daughter!”

Hadrian smiled, he would think of a few people who would disagree. Regardless, he plunged deeper into Mal, surprised that her moans did not wake Maleficent or Aurora. Then again, perhaps Hadrian did screw their brains out a bit too hard earlier.

Suddenly, Hadrian pulled out of Mal and caused her to collapse on the bed. She turned around and crawled over, mounting Hadrian’s lap. Her breasts dangled, not even an inch away from Hadrian’s face. Hadrian reached up and cupped Mal’s breasts, treating them like the fine, forbidden fruit they were.

“You’re such a bad Daddy, feeling up your daughter like that,” Mal said eagerly. “I love it.”

“I’m sure you do, honey,” Hadrian said with a deep breath. “I’m sure you love this….I sure you love everything that Daddy does you as well because you’re just a horny little slut.”

Hadrian grabbed Mal’s hips and speared her tight pussy down onto him. Mal reacted quite vigorously to Hadrian plunging as deep into her hot womanly depths as humanly possible.

Mal bit on her lip for a minute before deciding to let the passionate cries come out. She leaned in and assaulted her father’s face, chest, and neck with a barrage of kisses as she bounced up and down on him. Her tight insides, threatening to clamp down and squeeze away on Hadrian.

The Dragon pushed deep into his daughter and allowed her to lean back, only for Hadrian to suck on her breasts. Mal dug her fingers into Hadrian’s scalp and moaned in his ear.

“They’re for you...they were made for you,” Mal cooed in his ear. “Mmm, yes, suck your little girl’s breasts….make her your own personal cock slut.”

The snug tightness of Mal’s pussy threatened to cause an early release on Hadrian’s part. He darted in, slamming faster and harder inside of Mal and stretching out her warm pussy out around his cock. The snug walls fit Hadrian just right and came all over him, splashing her moisture on his tool.

Mal rocked herself back, moaning, and enjoying where her father’s hands went. Dipping all over her body, those perfect hands, were right where they needed to be. Mal just broke out, crying in pleasure, from what Hadrian did to her. Touching her body, thrilling her body, with an endless amount of pleasure. Hadrian sucked on Mal’s nipples and got her crying out even more.

“Cum for me.”

“Yes, Daddy,” Mal breathed in her best little girl voice.

Mal’s tight walls closed down onto Hadrian, squeezing down onto him extremely hard. Her pussy exploded all over his tool, sending a flood of juices all over him. Mal rocked up and down, until the point where her juices just covered Hadrian’s manhood.

She pulled away, and then placed her lips down onto the tip of Hadrian’s tool, sucking on it extremely hard. The taste of Mal’s own juices caused the woman to go completely wild on him, sucking and slurping his cock, but being careful not to h have Hadrian explode.

Thankfully, the Dragon prided himself on self control, even when jack-hammering his daughter’s perfect mouth, her hair wrapped tightly around his waist.

Mal pulled out, leaving a strand of saliva behind as several kisses planted down Hadrian’s twitching tool. She leaned in, cupping Hadrian’s balls and giving them a very nice squeeze, before kissing the tip of his cock one more time.

“I’m ready to play again,” Mal said. “And I know how much you love playtime with your kinky little slut.”

Mal turned around, on her hands and knees, ass wiggling back and forth. Hadrian climbed behind her and took Mal’s hips, sliding the first couple of inches of cock inside of her body. Mal’s warm pussy, gobbling up his manhood, felt pleasant. Hadrian felt her body, enjoying her skin, so soft and so silky, while ramming into her.

With her hands clasped firmly on the headboard, and her knees bent, Hadrian had the perfect position to ram deep into his slutty little daughter from behind. Mal’s tight pussy, clamped around his pole threatened to drain every single last drop out of Hadrian.

Hadrian, showing the resistance which made him legendary, plowed Mal deep into the bed.

Mal hung on, breathing heavily. Her insides, now inflamed, craved having her father’s seed buried inside of her womb. Mal was never complete, never complete until having her father’s divine gift in her. And so much of it had been used lately on those little Princesses and not enough on her, fine, tight pussy. Mal hoped to make up for lost time and make Hadrian’s orgasm be one of the best around.

“Oh, damn, Mal, you’re so fucking hot,” Hadrian said.

“You did make a slutty little girl, who craves your cock,” Mal breathed.

Hadrian felt Mal up, hugging her in deep. Their bodies melded together in the age old passion. One would argue that Hadrian’s purpose was to have more daughters, to spread the reach of his collective, both as recruiting agents and members, and one would be right. Mal most certainly had been the most fanatical to his cause and the most addicted to his manhood.

The two joined together, in an orgasm. Mal’s tight pussy clamped down on Hadrian, as both Aurora and Maleficent moaned in their sleep. She might have hit their clits with a precise bolt of pleasure energy, but Mal was more concerned about being filled up with The Dragon’s divine gift.

Hadrian finished, resting against his daughter’s back. He did not pull out and Mal did not want him to.

Maleficent woke up, with a bleary eye, and noticed a gorgeous, purple haired woman, dripping with juices and snuggling up next to her daughter.

“Say hello to your daughter,” Hadrian said. “And I was saying earlier...this is how I met your mother.”

“Hello, mother,” Mal said, licking her lips in a predatory manner, as if she would like nothing better than to have some fun with her mother.

“How long...did you put me out for?” Maleficent wondered.

“Mmm, not nearly that long,” Mal said. “But, a seed has been planted.”

Mal slid off and climbed on top of her recently impregnated mother. She kissed down Maleficent’s chest and Maleficent closed her eyes, her first meeting with her future daughter ended with Mal trying to molest her body.

“She takes after her father, I see,” Maleficent said with moans.

Hadrian stood firmly up in attention and Mal just stopped toying with her mother and turned around for her object of lust. Something which Maleficent did as well, both of them lingering at the edge of his manhood.

Their warm lips closed in on him. Hadrian laid back and let mother and daughter have their fun, while Sleeping Beauty recovered from her earlier tryst with Hadrian.
The Shameless Smut Continues In the Next Chapter. 

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Chapter Text

Chapter Thirty-Seven:

Maleficent took the tip of Hadrian’s manhood into her mouth, sucking on it hard. Mal went down, to feel on Hadrian’s balls. She nuzzled her face against Hadrian’s balls, licking him hungrily. While her mother leaned down and started to bob her mouth up and down on him.

The two women came up, trailing kisses on either side of Hadrian’s manhood. They covered him, with their warm, wet lips, and made Hadrian twitch the further he rose up into the air. The two shared a kiss on the tip of Hadrian’s manhood and caused him to groan.

Hadrian grabbed the back of both of their heads and switched back and forth, pumping into their mouth. A few pumps into Mal’s eager little mouth, and a few tight pumps into Maleficent’s mouth. The two lovely women alternated back and forth, in a competition.

“The family who sucks together, stays together,” Hadrian said.

Mal’s expressive green eyes looked up into Hadrian’s, slamming her mouth down onto his large pole and deep throating him aggressively. Maleficent stroked her daughter’s body for a little bit, digging her fingers into Mal’s warm, gushing slit, all while breathing in.

“You are very talented,” Maleficent said. “But, there’s still much for you to learn.”

Maleficent took Hadrian’s cock in hand and slid it between her breasts. The very nice tit fuck followed with Maleficent brushing up and down, the firmness of her ample chest squeezing Hadrian all over. He groaned, rubbing his hands all over her breasts.

“Perfect,” Hadrian told her. “Absolutely perfect.”

Maleficent grinned through the combination tit job and blow job, pumping Hadrian’s thick tool between her breasts, bouncing back and forth in the process.

“Fuck,” Hadrian groaned. “Oh...that’s so good.”

“I know that is, honey,” Maleficent said. “Let me pleasure you.”

Aurora, stirring on the bed, caught Mal’s attention. Mal decided to pull her way from her parents and move over to cup Aurora’s face.

“Hey, sleeping beauty,” Mal breathed in her ear. “I’m Mal...and you’re here to eat my pussy.”

Aurora’s eyes widened in surprise, the moment Mal climbed into position, her thighs thrown over Aurora’s face and directly at her open mouth. Aurora opened up wide, just enough to slip her tongue deep inside of Mal’s gushing pussy, sending her into a thrillride of pleasure.

“That’s the perfect place...right there,” Mal said with a breathy moan.

Hadrian pounded away on Maleficent’s breasts, digging his hands into them. She looked at him, with a very encouraging smile. Maleficent formed a tight seal with her breasts, in an attempt to drain every single last drop of seed from Hadrian’s balls onto her chest and face.

“I want it.”

Maleficent teased his balls while sliding his length inside of her. The boiling seed just building up, threatened to burst out onto her face. Maleficent bobbed up and down with a tingle erupting through her legs in the process before Hadrian shot forward and began to spill his thick, juicy seed right over her face, chest, and directly into her mouth.

Being showered in Hadrian’s warm, thick, bubbling seed sent Maleficent over the edge with pleasure. She bobbed onto his length, sucking it hard, and getting every last drop out of him.

Maleficent turned to watch her daughter and Aurora bonding on the bed. Namely, engaging in a sixty-nine position. Mal’s tongue danced over Aurora’s wet pussy while Aurora returned the favor.

“Getting off on that?” Hadrian asked.

A squeeze of Maleficent’s asscheeks showed the pleasure Hadrian was willing to give her. He dug his thick tool against her warm opening, shoving it almost inside of her and then pulled back at the a second. He touched Maleficent’s body and she knew one thing.

He was hard, throbbing, and Maleficent badly needed him buried inside of her. Hadrian pressed up against Maleficent’s body, squeezing her chest from behind. Hadrian cupped her breasts and slammed all the way inside of her body. The groin of the powerful man pushed deep against Maleficent’s body, her tightening walls straining around him, and attempting to take him hard.


Mal sucked on Aurora’s pussy. Some of her father’s aftertaste had been behind from earlier. But, not nearly enough. Aurora, had been eager to pleasure.

The hard, smashing sounds of Hadrian dripping her mother into the bed also fueled Mal’s devious desires. She spun her tongue several times around, tasting Aurora’s dripping pussy and diving deep inside of her.

Hadrian rocked back and forth, running his fingers down Maleficent’s find body. The future MILF closed her walls around him tightly as he plowed deeper into her body. All while positioning himself to trace patterns over Aurora and Mal’s body.

Not just casually touching their bodies either, Hadrian stimulated the spots inside of their body, which could drive them completely wild. About as wild as he was driving Maleficent as he drove his thick, throbbing cock inside of her tight, snug body.

Maleficent held up long enough to try and have Hadrian blast her insides. The Dragon’s fury overwhelmed Maleficent and Hadrian planted himself into her, against the bed. The thickness of his balls, repeatedly slapping against her body, made Maleficent cry out in pleasure.

“Here it comes,” Hadrian said.

Everything inside of Maleficent just exploded in pleasure. Her tight walls just clamped down on him, straining for one last attempt to drain the seed into her. Hadrian, picking up the pace, drove deep into Maleficent until riding her all the way into the bed and then pulling out of her.

Mal released herself from Aurora and spread Aurora’s legs open. She winked at her father and beckoned him over.

Aurora closed her eyes and could feel the Dragon swooping down on her one more time. Her pussy cried out in joy when he slipped inside of her body. Several inches later, Hadrian buried himself into Aurora, breaking her on his cock.

“She can’t sleep without her Daddy’s cock in her,” Mal breathed. “Not, that I’m one to judge.”

Mal rode Aurora’s tongue as fast as Hadrian rode her. Father and daughter put the blonde Princess through the paces, while Maleficent breathed heavily, an endless loop of pleasure hitting her, from both the orgasms Mal and Aurora felt and they were plentiful.

Aurora’s breathing got deeply. Earlier, she had been afraid of being pricked. And now, she enjoyed being pricked, over and over again, as Hadrian’s thick, juicy balls slid over her body.

Mal pulled back, leaving Aurora’s gorgeous face dripping with her juices. She bit down on her lip and watched with glee, as Hadrian leaned down, kissing Aurora’s beautiful mouth and then licking Mal’s juices off of her face. Mal rode her fingers out to an amazing orgasm.

Hadrian pulled out of Aurora and was not done with her yet. He pulled her onto the side, so he could slid into her, all while toying with Mal’s breasts on the other side of the bed. Mal swooped down and planted kisses on Aurora, both of the young women moaning happily.

Maleficent slid her fingers deep into her daughter from behind and worked her pussy as well. And Hadrian closed his eyes, conjuring a magical tentacle to slide against Maleficent’s body, teasing her all the way. The foursome had been at hand, with their bodies being rocked.

“This is like a dream,” Aurora moaned happily.

“Yes, I know it is,” Hadrian said. “And you dream of my cock inside of you...all day long...don’t you?

“Mmm hmm!” Aurora moaned with her entire body just sizing up and squeezing him hard.

Hadrian picked up the pace, driving himself deeper inside of her body. Those hands, just kicking up on her, send Aurora just flying over the edge, with so much pleasure that it was almost obscene. Hadrian knew all of the right buttons to push and drive Aurora to a pleasure.

“She wants to cum for you, doesn’t she?” Mal asked. “Cum all over my father’s cock. I bet you will taste yummy when I lick you off of him.”

The tightening of the blonde beauty around him, squeezing his manhood, threatened to cause an overflow. She wanted so much of his seed, but knew that Maleficent’s daughter, and Hadrian’s as well, along with Maleficent herself, would be competing for that cum. A fire, bursting in Aurora’s loins, sent a tremor of pleasure through her body as she milked Hadrian’s cock.

Kisses down Aurora’s neck, shoulder, and Mal doing the same to her front side, attacking her lips, ear, and neck, along with pressing the two women together chest against chest caused Aurora to lose it completely. So many wonderful sensations just exploded through her body. Aurora could barely stay away.

Maleficent touched her daughter’s fine body, sending a thrill of pleasure. She edged her daughter to an orgasm.

“I hope you can stay awake long enough to enjoy this.”

Aurora closed her eyes, the implication that she just fell asleep at will insulted her. Mal squeezed her nipples and jolted Aurora back completely into a state of being awake.

Hadrian rode Aurora to another orgasm and pulled out of her to leave Aurora panting on the bed. Maleficent climbed over them, to smile at Aurora, with a predatory instinct.

“You grew up quite lovely,” Maleficent said. “I apologize...for my pettiness before. I’ll make it up.”

Maleficent devoured the younger girl, who squirmed underneath the sorceress like prey. Mal placed her hands on her mother’s back and encouraged her behavior, all while Hadrian climbed behind Mal and slid deep inside of her, pushing the first few inches of cock inside of her warm body.

“Yes, Daddy, that’s it, right there!” Mal cried out.

Hadrian enjoyed the cries of this devious little minx, slamming into her. Once again, after being denied him for so long, Mal appreciated the time she spent with Hadrian, by very eagerly gobbling his cock, deep inside of her pussy. She squeezed down onto him, releasing his thick cock, constantly squeezing her powerful and potent father with pleasure.

The jolts of energy spreading through Aurora and Maleficent sent them over the edge. Aurora had been doubly screaming for Maleficent dominated her pussy, devouring her and sucking the juices out of her gushing womanhood. Every time Maleficent dove deeper into Aurora, she drank more from her delicious pussy.

The positions shifted after a bit. Hadrian magically pinned both Aurora and Maleficent to the bed, while Mal buried herself fingers deep into them. As Hadrian slipped down into her tight body, riding her all the way into the bed. Hadrian’s balls sized up.

A flash of light erupted and three cocks, all belonging to Hadrian, buried inside of the three women and drove them to the brink with pleasure. Mal cried out in appreciation of getting Hadrian’s original cock. She pulled back, in time to view her mother and the Princess being drove deep in pleasure.

Aurora turned to the side and surprised Maleficent by attacking her breasts and sucking on them.  To the point where Maleficent could be lactated.

“Stealing my food already,” Mal breathed with her body sizing up and exploding in pleasure.

Hadrian could feel the bodies of these fine, fine women, all thrashing about on the bed. They squeezed him tightly, three times the normal pleasure. He focused on Mal’s sweaty, aroused body. The slightest touch sent Mal over the edge and caused her to cry out more.

The hungrily slurping of Aurora on Maleficent caused Hadrian to pick up the pace. The tightening inside of his loins occured, and Hadrian pushed forward one more time.

And he launched, a very immense load. Mal, Maleficent, and Aurora all cried out happily, the very pleasant feeling of being pumped full of Hadrian’s seed following them.

Hadrian pulled out of Mal and she climbed onto his lap. Aurora moved over to join them as well, leaving Maleficent to recovering on the bed.

“I found her weakness,” Aurora said with a smile.

“Oh, you precious little cinnamon roll,” Mal said. “Come here and give me a kiss.”

The two girls kissed each other, with Mal’s fingers dipping down Aurora’s body and pulling her into a tight embrace. Hadrian’s focus shifted between the two women, indulging in each other, and Maleficent on the bed. Spent, with milk dribbling from her nipples and cum and juices dripping.

Of course, Aurora and Mal, sensing his attention diverting, took turns to divert his attention back towards them.
The Shameless Smut Continues In the Next Chapter. 

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Chapter Text

Some Blog Exclusive Content Featuring Harry, Anna, and Mal:

Chapter Thirty-Eight: 

A portal opens and the carriage arrives. Elsa, Anna, and Rapunzel wait outside, for Hadrian and his newest conquest returned. Three women exit the carriage.

“Princess Aurora, this is Anna, Elsa, and Rapunzel,” Hadrian told her.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you,” Anna said. “I know you’re going to fit in great.”

“Oh, I know I will,” Aurora said with a soft smile. “Hadrian helped me...he really helped me.”

“He helped all of us,” Rapunzel said. “How about I show you up to your room?”

Aurora nodded, she could not wait to join in on some more of the fun. Mal walked out behind them, and Elsa and Anna raised their eyebrows.

“This is my daughter Mal, and her mother, Maleficent,” Hadrian said.

To say Anna and Elsa had been shocked would be the understatement of the century. Elsa almost jumped high into the air, as if trying to do the math.

“You weren’t gone that long...were you gone that long?” Elsa asked. “I mean with the carriage....”

“I’m from the future,” Mal said. “My father just created me on this little adventure.”

“Yes,” Hadrian said. “Every now and then, one of my future daughters pop in.”

“Will any of our daughters pop in at any time?” Anna asked.

Mal just gave her one of those shifty smiles. “Dear Princess, I’m not in the habit of giving spoilers.”

Anna just threw her arms together and pouted. Her sister just put an arm around Anna just as Hadrian walked over. Elsa leaned in towards Hadiran and passionately kissed him on her lips.

“Well, the two of you should settle in if you’re going to be here,” Hadrian said. “And you will behave yourself, won’t you?”

“Of course she will,” Maleficent said.

Hadrian just chuckled at the powerful woman. “I was actually referring to you.”

Maleficent just nodded and stepped forward. She leaned down and gave Hadrian a long kiss, almost reassuring him that she would be on her best behavior, or at least what passed as her best behavior for Maleficent. Her hands, dipping against his neck, deepened the kiss before she pulled away from him.

“I wish to see you, upstairs,” Elsa said. “Anna, you can take care of these two, can’t you?”

“Sure!” Anna said in an animated voice. “I guess….I’ll see you two later.”

Hadrian planted several kisses down Elsa’s bare shoulder and caused her to shift back and forth on the bed. Yes, Hadrian knew precisely what his wife wanted and the moment the door closed, she pounced him and shoved her tongue down his throat.

Now Hadrian worshipped Elsa’s fine body, touching her all over and making her cry out in constant pleasure. Hadrian worked his fingers down her lovely frame, showing just how magical his movements could be.

“Oh, the thought of hearing about what you did, it makes me so hot,” Elsa said.

A single finger popped into Elsa’s warm honey pot, and sent a flare of energy. A tease to be honest. A tease of what was to come and what was more of a tease, was Hadrian’s throbbing hard cock pushing up against Elsa’s warm opening, threatening to bury directly into her, but not yet.

“I’m sure,” Hadrian said. “Another one….”

“And how many more do you think there will be?” Elsa asked.

Hadrian rocked his hips against hers, right before spearing Elsa and burying his big cock deep into her body. Every inch piecing up, against her tight wet pussy, caused her entire body to just flare up with pleasure. Hadrian slid his fingers against Elsa’s hips, rocking back and forth into her at the speed of light.

“As many as it takes.”

Elsa could accept that. Her toes curled at the hint of an incoming orgasm and oh Elsa could just barely hold on. She had to hang on though, clutching onto the bed. Breathing in, breathing out, until Hadrian rocked his hips, aggressively as possible, spearing her directly into the bed. Elsa tightened around him and released his pulsing tool until she cried out for more.

“Yes, as many as it takes,” Hadrian confirmed.

Several small orgasms hit Elsa hard. Hadrian cupped her chest and rocked deep inside of her body. His hands, grabbing onto her ass, allowed him to spear deeper inside of Elsa. Her tightening, wet walls closed down onto Hadrian and released him.

Elsa’s orgasm released, first in a trickle, and then in a flood, gushing all over Hadrian when he rode her directly into the bed. His swinging balls, cracking up against Elsa, made marks against her thighs the further Hadrian rocked inside of her body.

“As it takes,” Hadrian said one more time.

“Mmm, yes, I know,” Elsa mewled out, digging her nails against the edge of the bed. “Give me it...give it all to me.”

Hadrian wrapped his fingers around Elsa’s hair and stroked it. He worshipped her body, pulling out of Elsa, and turning her around so she could face him. So he could watch Elsa bounce up and down, with the passion in her eyes. This gorgeous Queen wrapped her arms around Hadrian, spearing herself down onto him, with each aggressive move. Her hips pounded herself down onto his cock very aggressively and Elsa moaned, even louder with each movement.

“Cum for me,” Elsa said. “Please….I need badly.”

“And you have me,” Hadrian said. “First, one more time...for good measure.”

The flood gates opened up and Elsa saturated his pulsing rod with the incoming rush of juices. Hadrian squeezed Elsa and her juice box just flowed even more pussy juices down onto her.

Elsa came one more time, and after rocking her back and forth for a time, Hadrian did, slapping his balls against her thighs as he emptied them inside of her. The two matched each other with eager, sensual kisses, each trying to overwhelm the other with pleasure.

A sound of a gasp of pleasure outside of the room caught Hadrian’s attention. He waved his hand and Aurora, wearing a transparent nightgown, appeared at his feet.

“So, can I help you?”

“Can’t sleep,” Aurora said. “Need….”

“You need his cock, right?” Elsa asked as she casually stroked Hadrian in front of the Princess.

“Yes,” Aurora said.

Elsa handed Hadrian over to Aurora and the lovely Princess climbed onto his lap. Elsa slipped behind Aurora and pressed her chest against the younger girl’s back, kissing on her.

“You are quite the catch,” Elsa said. “Your pussy is already’s almost like it’s made to take my husband’s cock inside of you...and filling you up until you have so much cum inside of you, that you’re going to burst.”

Very casually, Elsa pushed her fingers inside of Aurora and made her pussy just gush. Every movement from Aurora, brought her to a yelping moan until Aurora’s lips spread, and Hadrian pushed deep inside of her.

Wonderful, as the first time. Aurora’s body sang with pleasure, as Hadrian dove in to attack her breasts. He kissed them slightly, nibbled on her nipples slightly, and then quickly developed into full blown sucking of her nipples. Aurora pushed her hands on the back of Hadrian’s head, crying out in pleasure.

“Yes...yes...I love this!” Aurora said.

Elsa smothered Aurora’s body from the other end, with her breasts, kissing her all over. Oh, Aurora thought she was going to pass out from the pleasure, riding Hadrian’s cock.

The King and Queen prepared to make a sandwich, with the horny little Princess in the middle. In the ultimate twist of irony, Sleeping Beauty had developed a terrible case of insomnia, which could only be cured by Hadrian stuffing her full and rocking her to sleep on his cock.

Elsa helped up the fun, slipping a finger deep inside of Aurora’s snug little back passage. Aurora’s inner chambers squeezed down and Elsa pumped her finger in, going a little bit deeper inside of her. Aurora gasped out, crying out in pleasure. Elsa leaned in, smiling and kissing down Aurora’s back, her shoulders, and all over her body, stunning the beautiful woman and causing her to cry out even more.

“Let’s add a little bit something more.”

An ice cock slid deep into Aurora’s taboo hole. Aurora thought she was going to die.

“Don’t worry, I make sure all of my sister-wives are taken care of,” Elsa said. “And you looked like someone who needed a nice...big cock in your ass right now...ooh she’s tight….I think she’s going to melt me right away...unless you forgot to unwish that wish as well.”

“Can’t recall,” Hadrian said.

Elsa just smiled, bouncing back and forth against Aurora’s pleasantly tight backside. Her fingers, clasping on Aurora, made her cry out in pleasure, which was constant and never lasting.

Aurora, double stuffed, also with Hadrian’s tongue shoving down her throat, cried out in pleasure. She never thought anything like this would happen, being pricked in both of her holes and loving it just as much. Aurora’s tight vice clamped down onto Hadrian.

Hadrian reached around to pleasure Elsa just as much as he did Aurora. Both of these gorgeous vixens cried out in pleasure, their bodies rocked with constant and never ending orgasms.

Elsa closed her eyes, and just enjoyed the newest member of their collective. Oh, she was having a great day and today might just get even better, the longer they play and the longer they have some fun. Aurora’s lovely young body reacted to pleasure.

The deep moans and the deeper thrusts, caused Aurora to cream herself, constantly. Elsa and Hadrian rocked her back and forth to stuff both of her holes. Aurora only felt pleasure and did not see that train ending anytime soon, especially the rate which they were taking her ass and her pussy, constantly plugging her holes with everything they had to offer.

“Cum for us one more time,” Elsa said.

Oh, Aurora did, clamping her juicy pussy down onto Hadrian’s rock hard rod. He shoved deep inside of her, riding her body, until she kept squirting over and over again. Aurora breathed in heavily, with all of the ways Hadrian and Elsa teased and tempted her tight holes.

Hadrian rocked forward, enjoying Aurora’s insides, and building up momentum. His hips moved, very fast, like a constant and never ending blur. He stuffed Aurora, on a loop, making her squeeze down onto him. Almost there, just a little bit further before Hadrian would burst.

One more time and he dragged Aurora’s orgasm out to make it the most pleasant of them all. And also the most pleasant to feel wrapped around his big cock when stuffing her tight body. Hadrian slipped his fingers down her body, sending Aurora into a pleasant cry, the pleasure just exploding all over her when he continued to ride her into a pleasant stupor. His fingers, dancing down her body, resulted in Aurora just exploding all over his big cock.

Hadrian buried his seed into Aurora as Elsa also exploded all over her ass. The orgasms which rocked all three of them flashed through the room.

Aurora gave one last sigh, before slipping back to sleep. Hadrian and Elsa smiled and put her elsewhere on the bed, so she could not get in the way.

Elsa turned around with her eyes flooded with lust and lips moist with desire. She picked up Hadrian’s pole, rubbing on it, and slowly licking Aurora’s juices from it. The taste of Aurora’s juices on the tip of his cock made Elsa’s mouth water with pleasure, and she leaned down, to worship her husband’s stiffening pole, tasting the newest princess off of it.

Hadrian knew tonight would be a very interesting night, to say the very least. And Elsa made sure to sample all of Aurora’s juices before moving on to picking up right before Aurora paid them a visit.
The Shameless Smut Continues In the Next Chapter As Part of a Three Chapter Set(39, 40, and 41) on September 19th, 2019. 

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