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puffy cheeks, teary eyes, sweet smiles, loving hands | jikook

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“Ah, Jungkookie, but you look so cute with those puffy little cheeks.” Jimin leant up, pressing a kiss to the corner of his lip. “Just want to eat you up.”

“Is that a promise?” Jungkook asked, his smile seeming a little more childish, his expression a little more innocent that it would usually with his cheeks swollen up so cutely.

Jimin giggled, giving him another soft kiss before pulling away, leading him back down the corridor to the set, careful to make it look as though he’d just been innocently teasing the maknae on the way back from their break. They could talk later.




“Wasn’t lying when I said you look damn cute like this.”

“But you were when you promised you were going to eat me up.” Jungkook replied with a hint of pout, and god Jimin really wanted to wreck him now.

“We can do anything you want, peach.” Jimin replied, shifting closer, hands delved into Jungkook’s hair, fingertips brushing against his scalp. The younger sighed softly, eyes fluttering shut as he leant into the touch.

His cheeks were already flushed, and he felt a rush of embarrassment. Jimin brought him to the edge so easily - hands tangled in his hair, a couple of soft words and a nickname left him teetering on the edge instantly.

“Feels good, hyung.” He mumbled shyly.

“Well, baby, as much as I’d like to fuck that gorgeous mouth, we’ve got to be careful, haven’t we?” Jimin cooed, and his tone only sent Jungkook stumbling further into the depths of his mind, eyes opening to meet Jimin’s soft, melting brown ones.

“Y-yes, hyung.” He mumbled.

“I don’t think my little prince wants to do a lot of work today, does he?” He continued to coax it out of him, demanding his attention and obedience and submission and everything.

Jimin wanted so much, but Jungkook had so much to give.

“Let’s go up before you melt all over this couch in front of hyungs.” He told him, a light tap on Jungkook’s shoulder alerting him that he had to listen and obey now, and focus enough to make it up the stairs.

He did, only tripping a couple of times, his long legs feeling useless and boneless to him, and Jimin was right, so right, because he knew him so damn well. He just wanted to lie down and retreat into his foggy mind and forget the pain and discomfort and let Jimin take care of him.

Jimin gestured to him that he could lie down on the bed, climbing on top of him, giving him just a peck on the lips - a reward for having listened to him so well.

"Gonna be good for me, peach?" He asked softly, hand caressing his cheek gently, careful not to put pressure anywhere that might hurt. "Feeling good?"

"Gonna be good, hyung." Jungkook assured him in a little thread of a voice, lips slightly pouty again.

"Okay. Tell me if anything hurts, or you feel dizzy, mhm?"

"I will, hyung." Jungkook confirmed rapidly. "Wanna be good."

"What's your word, pumpkin?"

"Red." Jungkook told him softly, and Jimin nodded, short fingers rubbing over his jawline, thumbs brushing his temples, fingertips burying themselves into his hair, running along his hairline.

"Look so pretty, baby." He mumbled. "So cute, with your little puffy cheeks and your sparkly eyes." He giggled. It was true what the fans said - Jungkook's eyes did seem to hold the whole world in them, galaxies even, sparkling and shining. He wanted those pretty eyes filled with tears.

Jimin took his time in stripping him, conscious that he wasn't just undressing him, but he was taking him apart, slowly, gently, lovingly, making sure his fingers always brushed over his skin every time he removed a piece of clothing.

Jungkook loved his touch - in any way - loved his hands on him when they were out, when Jimin would just rest a hand on his back, or hook his chin over his shoulder, or after a long day of practise when Jimin would cover him in oils and creams as he massaged away the stress and soreness of the day.

Jungkook loved his hands, no matter how many how much fun he poked at them in public, loved how sure and confident they were, how strong yet gentle, how loving they felt as they traced over his skin.

Jimin just took time to admire his baby for a few seconds, eyes dancing over his muscles and broad chest and stomach which twitched slightly under his stomach. "Gorgeous." He commented softly.

Jungkook's eyes left his, looking away shyly, leaving Jimin to coax him back, tipping his chin towards him so he would look back up at the elder.

"Okay, baby?" He asked softly, and Jungkook just nodded, lips slightly parted, cheeks still round and puffy as a blush crept into his cheeks as he looked at Jimin. His gaze was penetrating, intimidating, reminded him of who was in charge - but it was also loving, a gaze that Jungkook knew would never hurt him, never take advantage of him, never push him too far.

"Yes." The word that left Jungkook's lips was soft, as if he hadn't wanted to part with it, but Jimin smiled down at him, hands moving down to his hips, admiring the body beneath him, bringing his mouth down to press a kiss to his stomach, over his toned abs, hand stroking up his side, tickling his ribs gently, grazing over his shoulders. "Minnie." Jungkook whined softly.


"Touch me, please." Jungkook whined, and Jimin just pressed a feathery kiss to the head of his cock before sitting back up.

“‘M gonna ride you, that sound okay?” Jimin asked, getting a tiny, barely perceptible nod in response. Jungkook didn’t have the biggest cock, something Jimin was quick to tease and degrade him about when that was Jungkook wanted - but size doesn't always matter, especially not if Jimin was riding him, because he knew how to get all the spots even when he had less to work with.

And as much as he wanted to fuck Jungkook’s brains out, he was aware it might be too much for him at the moment, and he didn’t want to push him or make him feel worse.

“You wanna open me up, baby?” Jimin asked, and Jungkook jumped at the opportunity, hand trailing up settle on Jimin's hip, resting there as if waiting for further permissions or instructions. "Here." He grabbed the lube from the bedside table, fingers wrapping around Jungkook's wrist, drawing it up in front of him, squirting some lube on his index and middle finger. "Take it slow, but no teasing, baby." He said, lifting himself off, tugging his pants and boxers off in one go, straddling Jungkook again, and the younger tried his hardest to ignore Jimin's cock now poking out from under his oversized t-shirt, pressed flush to Jungkook's chest. "No touching." Jimin warned as he followed his gaze.

"Yes, hyung." Jungkook assured quickly, waiting until Jimin guided his hand around behind him before carefully reaching over with his other hand, spreading Jimin enough to prod at his rim gently, first finger slipping into him. They didn't do this too often, because Jimin usually didn't have the energy to ride him, so it was always a privilege.

A soft smile grew on his lips as he stared up at Jimin, who winced slightly at the initial sensation but quickly settled, hands gripping Jungkook's shoulders tightly to keep himself still.

"Good boy, feels good. You're the best at pleasing hyung, aren't you?"

"Yes, yes hyung." Jungkook confirmed, breath catching in his throat as Jimin's hands moved up to his hair, threading through it, leaning down to kiss him softly, tongue sliding over his lips as he pulled away. "Hyung - hyung looks so pretty." He mumbled shyly, blushing again.

"Thank you, Koo- mm, baby, add another, peach."

Jungkook obeyed, and Jimin felt another finger prodding at his rim, before gently, carefully pushing in. It was sweet that Jungkook always treated him with such care, like he was a little porcelain. Even when Jungkook could probably fling him across the room, he still listened so well, was still so gentle, was always aware of his own strength.

"Feels good, baby, you always know what to do, hm?" Jimin moaned softly, and his sounds were like music to Jungkook's ears, so he sped up his pace a little, reaching deeper, focusing his movements on Jimin's prostate - until fingers caught at his wrist, stopping him. His hand fell slack instantly, fingers limp inside the elder. "I said no teasing. Just prep."

"Sorry, hyung." Jungkook said with a slight pout. "Wanted to make you feel good. Wanted to please you."

"S'okay. Just listen. Just stretching, nothing else, or I'm going to cum all over you and you're not even going to get a chance to feel me, baby boy."

"S-sorry." Jungkook was blushing again, and Jimin wanted to stop and tell him how damn adorable he was, how precious he was, how gorgeous when he was needy and pretty underneath him. In all fairness, he'd been behaving very well, considering he was fully hard, so Jimin let the minor infraction slip, and Jungkook slipped in a third finger when he told him to.

"I think I'm good, baby boy." Jimin mumbled eventually. "Your fingers are so good and big inside me, I'm good." He told him, hands moving back to his hair, stroking through it until Jungkook was blinking beneath him, eyes bleary and confused and gaze soft on Jimin. "M'gonna give you a blindfold, how does that sound?"

"Good, hyung." Jungkook mumbled, and Jimin couldn't help but smile lovingly because he knew Jungkook would agree to whatever he wanted right now, and he felt momentarily awed with the trust the boy put in him, constantly trusting, constantly loving, constantly obeying.

Jimin got up, wiping Jungkook's fingers with a tissue, helping him take a couple of sips of water and grabbing a couple of things from their little stash, a thick black blindfold and a prostate massager.

He kept the second item concealed as he fastened the blindfold around Jungkook's head, giving him a peck on the temple as a reward, hands settling on his chest until he adjusted to the blindfold and his breathing slowed back down to normal.

"M'good, hyung." Jungkook murmured. "Feel good."

Jimin nodded, rubbing his thumb affectionately over his nipple. "Hands beside your head and keep them there, no touching unless I say, yes?"

"Yes hyung." He obeyed, and he looked so perfect strewn out beneath him like that, Jimin just wanted to stay here and kiss him and worship his body for hours. Instead, he pinched at his nipple, rolling the pinkish bud between his thumb and forefinger, smiling when Jungkook squirmed a little, a delicious moan escaping.

Bending over, Jimin took his other nipple between his lips, sucking softly, grazing his teeth ever so slightly against it, loving when Jungkook's hips bucked up and then his entire body tightened, wanting to be good and not move for his hyung.

Jimin coated two fingers in lube, reaching down to Jungkook's own hole. "Legs up for hyung." He ordered, hands coaxing Jungkook's legs into a bent position, smoothing over his muscles thighs for a few seconds before slipping one finger in, followed by a second one quickly. He didn't need a lot of stretching for what he had in mind - this would suffice.

"Minnie?" Jungkook mumbled, tone a little distressed.

"Don't worry, baby, hyung just wants to give his bun a special treat.” He giggled teasingly, lubing up the prostate massager slowly, glad Jungkook couldn’t see what it was because he wanted to surprise him.

He pressed it to his rim, turning it on, loving how Jungkook's expression changed to one of pleasure and surprise at the sudden vibrations. He slowly nudged it in, waiting for it to sink into place. It was on a low setting, not wanting to overstimulate him too much today, but he knew how much his baby loved feeling a little overwhelmed - and if it was too much, he would always tell him, because that's how obedient his little bun was.

"Minnie's going to be right back, okay, bun? I'm just going to wash my hands." He told him, and Jungkook nodded. "Wanna hear you, precious."

"Okay, hyungie." Jungkook mumbled, cheeks puffing up in a little pout, making him even cuter, and Jimin touched two clean fingers to his nose gently, before getting up, hurrying to wash his hands.

Jungkook hadn't moved, his perfect gorgeous boy, and when he climbed back onto him his whole body seemed to sink into the mattress, the breath he'd been holding released, relief washing over him that Jimin was back and his reassuring hands were on his chest again.

"You ready, peach?"

"Ready, hyung." Jungkook mumbled, lips hardly moving, and Jimin smiled lovingly down at the sight, lifting himself up over Jungkook, steadying his cock with one hand whilst he sunk down onto his with another. "So - tight - hyung, feels good, Koo feels so good." He whimpered in one rushed exhale, and Jimin smiled, moaning softly at the stretch, even if it didn't compare to burying himself deep inside Jungkook.

He began to move slowly, eyes tracing every inch of Jungkook as he did, lifting himself up, thighs straining with the slight tiredness and soreness of a long day, but it was worth it, worth hearing Jungkook's moans and little whimpers of pleasure as he clenched hard around him, loved hearing him moan softly about how good he was.

"Hyung feels good, hm?" Jimin asked softly, hands braced on Jungkook's chest, and he could feel his heartbeat pulsing beneath his skin. "Hyung's good and tight around his baby, hm?"

"Yes - yes, hyung, so good." Jungkook whimpered.

"So good around your little cock, hm?" Jimin asked, aware it wasn't time for humiliation or anything of the sort, but a little, just to give it the edge - he watched Jungkook's nose screw up slightly, jaw drop open in a louder moan as Jimin began to roll his hips on top of him.

It was slow, soft, perfect, not wild and passionate like it was other days, but loving and gentle, them taking care of each other like they always did. Jungkook was quivering beneath him, the double stimulation clearly getting to him a little, and in any other circumstance Jimin would've got a cock ring to hold him together, but today he wanted to be soft and sweet, so he didn't.

“Minnie.” Jungkook slurred out, hands still resting obediently at his sides. “Hyung. Wanna see you.”

“Of course, baby.” Jimin braced himself on his knees, leaning forward to remove the blindfold carefully, keeping a hand covering Jungkook’s eyes so he could gradually adjust to the light seeping in between his fingers, blinking a few times as he stared up at Jimin.

“Shirt.” He whined softly, hating the sight of Jimin still half dressed.

“You can take it off me, baby.” Jimin told him, and Jungkook’s eager, fumbling hands were quickly on him, tugging at his shirt with a hint of desperation, a craving in his cute, slightly teary eyes. “You look so fucking cute like this, Koo.”

“Love you, Minnie.” He mumbled back. “Koo loves you.”

“I love my baby boy too.” Jimin smiled as he leant down over him, lips mashing messily against his, careful not to lean into it too much, knowing his mouth was still sensitive. Jungkook bucked up into Jimin suddenly, causing the smaller to moan, pulling away quickly, hands settling on his chest to rock down onto Jungkook again, knowing the boy couldn’t be far off, not with stimulation on both sides.

He smiled as Jungkook’s hands came up to encase his, resting his larger palms over Jimin’s hands on his chest, giving him a soft, earnest smile. So eager to please, so pretty, so gorgeous. His gorgeous little boy.

“My baby’s so pretty.” He cooed, breaking off into a soft moan as the head of Jungkook’s cock nudged his prostate, and he rolled his hips onto that spot again, nearing his own orgasm. “Wanna touch me, baby? You can.” He gave permission gently.

Jungkook obeyed instantly, because when would he ever not listen to Jimin, and a large hand wrapped around Jimin’s own length.

“I’m close, baby. You close?”

Jungkook nodded, shiny eyes meeting Jimin’s.

“Don’t cry, pumpkin. Is anything hurting?”

“No, no. Good. Koo feels good, Jiminie.”

“Good. That’s all we want, isn’t it? For Koo to feel good. Fuzzy, baby?” He asked and Jungkook nodded slightly, lips parting in a moan as Jimin clenched a little harder around him and the prostate massager seemed to somehow intensify it’s vibrations and he was gone, hand stroking Jimin’s cock rapidly, the elder’s movements now becoming more erratic, but just as good, thighs shaking as he lifted himself off Jungkook’s cock and sunk back down slowly. “Fuck.” Jimin growled, voice dropping a couple of octaves as he felt himself become overcome with pleasure.

“M’close, Minnie. Can I?” Jungkook asked softly. “Min?”

“Of course you can, you’ve been such a good boy for me, haven’t you?” Jimin questioned.

But his eyes weren’t meeting Jungkook’s anymore, he himself feeling a little dazed as the pleasure suddenly caught up to him and he came, clenching hard around Jungkook, dick twitching as he came all over Jungkook’s hand and chest.

“Good boy, good boy, good boy. Hands off.” Jimin told him, continuing to rock despite the oversensitivity, and seconds later he felt Jungkook cum, thrusting up into him as he did. “Mm, Koo, you fill me up so good.” He moaned, stilling on top of him, left hands entwined tightly. He reached up with his other hand, stroking Jungkook’s cheek softly, cupping it lovingly as he stared down at him. “So gorgeous.” He mumbled, and it was true. He felt almost overwhelmed with how much he loved him in that moment.

He waited a few more seconds before lifting himself up, grabbing a plug from the bedside table to push into himself, just to avoid making a mess with cum seeping out of him, catching Jungkook’s wrist in his hand just in time before the younger placed his cum dripping fingers into his mouth.

“No cum in your mouth, baby boy. We’re going to get you washed up now.”

“Minnie…” Jungkook was still panting, hips grinding lightly against the bedsheets.

“Sorry, baby, we forgot about that, hm?” Jimin cooed, swiftly pulling out the prostate massager, turning it off. “Can you stay here for me, baby, so I can get you cleaned up?”

“Stay with Koo.” Jungkook pouted, and Jimin sighed softly but dropped down beside him, wiping Jungkook’s fingers off on a corner of the bedsheets, aware he’d have to change them regardless. “Koo loves you, Minnie.” Jungkook mumbled as he nosed into Jimin’s neck, nudging his head under the elder’s chin.

“I love you too. My gorgeous, precious boy. You’re always so good for me, aren’t you?” And Jimin was hasty to wipe off Jungkook’s chest too, knowing the younger needed contact when he came down, skin to skin, he liked knowing Jimin was there unconditionally, liked knowing he was safe and warm and cared for, and Jimin was always there to provide.

Because Jungkook wanted so much, but Jimin had so much to give.