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He Has Me Ensnared

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When I wake up I can see nothing at all.

I don’t worry at first as I’ve had dreams just like this before. The world a bleak abyss with nothing left to carry on. So for a second I assume I'm still unconscious and only dreaming that I've opened my eyes. Then I feel the whisper of cloth against my eyelashes. I'm wearing a blindfold. That realization brings my body instantly out of its state of muddled stupor. My heart begins to hammer and adrenaline pumps into my veins. I try to rip off the blindfold, and I realize that I can't move my arms. I thrash, wings flapping while I pull against whatever is binding me, but I can't move more than a foot in any direction.   

I force myself to stop struggling. Panic wants to swallow me whole and send me hollering and shrieking, but I won't let it. I hold myself still, taking deep breaths, trying to slow the frenzied beating of my heart. I try to take in my situation. I am naked and lying face up on a bed, my head supported by plump pillows, my arms splayed out to either side of me. I shift around, trying to get a feel for exactly how I am restrained. There are cuffs of something encircling my wrists. It’s smooth and wispy, licking lightly at my skin, but there’s no worry of it biting into my flesh. I try to pull my wrists out of the cuffs, but they're too tight. I feel a tug inside my chest and my light magic swirls outwards. The restraints squeeze tighter like clamps around my bones and I give up on that idea. They’re magical cuffs then. My legs are also bound, spread far apart, with my ankles secured to points at either side of the bed. I pull against the ankle restraints, testing their strength, straining to close my legs, but it's useless. I am spreadeagled, immobile, blind, and totally exposed.  

I try to remember how I got here. The last clear memory I have is of sneaking down from the floating city to the latest village razed by the demons. I'd been there in the first place instead of the goddess realm after having pleaded to have a more active part in this war. I had been told there were numerous causalities and it was unlikely any humans survived. My people hadn't been there themselves though, and I would have been damned if I didn't go there and help all I could. I'd made it to the scarred land where small flames still clung to the ruins of what was once innocent peoples' homes. I'd been struck immobile by the dark sight, the moonlight making things very clear.  

There were no survivors.  

A rustling of movement behind me, and then I had felt a hand encircle my throat, choking me, making it impossible to scream, impossible to breathe. In my fright I'd wasted my time clawing at the hand instead of drawing upon my light. I had caught a glimpse of a man behind me, tall, thick-set, dressed in dark clothes. Then I woke up here, naked and bound to a strange bed.   

I begin to shiver all over. A door opens to my left, and a breathy cry escapes my lips before I can reign it in. I clamp my teeth together to prevent any more noises, but it's a struggle as the power that washes into the room is bitterly icy and unmistakable. I've been captured by demons.   

Footsteps on a hard floor. Then a warm hand stroking the quivering flesh of my thigh. He does this for a long, tense moment. "I know what I'm to do. So why do I hesitate?" says a hushed voice from above me. It's the voice of a man, dark, and a little rough around the edges. It sends an odd twinge through my body. I don't recognize it. But then again, I've never been around enough demons to become familiarized. "They told me they'd captured a goddess, but the elusive princess Elizabeth? They deserve a handsome reward."  

A flash of pure terror runs up my spine. ‘He knows who I am?’ My clan has taken great strides into concealing my identity in the war and yet this man recognizes me without hesitation. My throat tightens around a wealth of emotions as my breathing goes shaky. My desire to help may have just tipped the tides in this unholy war.   

The hand trails up from my thigh, stroking my belly, cupping my breast briefly, and then rests on my cheek. Rough sparks against my satin flesh. I try to squirm away, but I can't move enough to shake him off of me. A thumb caresses my lower lip, and I whimper, despite my resolve to make no more noise. My body is trembling so hard that my teeth chatter together. I squeeze my eyes tightly shut beneath the blindfold and feel tears leaking out from between my closed lids.  

"You look very sexy like this, Princess," the man says, his thumb still moving on my mouth, tracing the shape of my lips. "Naked and bound. Helpless and shivering with fear at my hands." His fingers trace a path up my cheek to wipe at the tears that have seeped out from beneath the blindfold. "Why are you crying?" He asks flatly like commenting on the weather.  

I don't answer. I sink my teeth into my lower lip to hold back the sobs that want to force their way out. What does he have planned for me? Am I to be tortured, then killed? I shouldn't have escaped Jalemet's guard. Now my clan will be without its princess and greatest healer. My struggles for peace will be for naught.   

The fingers are lifted from my face and then I feel them on my nipple. He strokes it lightly, making it stiffen and tingle. I gasp, and when his fingers suddenly clamp down hard, pinching and twisting the sensitive flesh, I cry out. "Answer me when I ask you a question," he says in a cold, warning tone, pinching me even harder. I moan in pain and struggle to get out of his reach, but the cuffs hold me in place. "Tell me why you're crying."   

I shake my head back and forth not wanting to give him anything. My tears falling faster.   

He waits for me to answer him, and when I don't, he gives a sigh. "You're a stubborn one," he says with a faux sigh of regret, releasing his grip on me. My body relaxes slightly. "I see I'll have to go about getting answers from you the way I want. You see, I want to know what you goddesses have planned, Princess. Why has there been gatherings at the Fairy King's Forest? Tell me." He growls and the calm almost unemotional composure begins to chip away.  

‘He knows of that?’ My fear gains an edge of hysteria to it. We had been attempting to form a united front against the demons starting with a treaty with the fairies. But if this demon already has suspicions...  

His impatience at my refusal to answer grows without my notice as a hot breath on my nipple snaps me from where my mind had fallen to. His teeth sink into me. He bites hard, worrying my nipple between his teeth and then letting up so that he can suck at it harshly. I wail at the mixed sensations, struggling against the restraints as my mind can't decide how to interpret the feelings. But, I realize, when his teeth release me it's only so that he can use them against my other nipple. He bites down again, making me scream, pain mixing with something hot and sharp.  

After a few moments, his teeth release me and his tongue begins to slide back and forth over my nipple causing a shudder to ripple through me. And I realize what's growing inside me. This demon isn't planning to torture me in the way I thought before. He plans to defile me for his sinful pleasure. I nearly part my lips to blurt my wish to do anything to avoid it, but I force that desperation back down with a sorrowful swallow. I can't betray my people. If there's a chance for peace at the cost of my purity I will accept it and grit my way through anything.  

"Still not talking, hmm?" He sighs and the warm breath shoots zings of fire to my warming belly. "I'd always wanted to try out a goddess. But I'm sure with your high values of innocence and virtue you'll be squealing your secrets in exchange for me to stop in no time. But by then I'm certain I'll have no plans to stop," he tells me in a voice of dark promise before he's hovering over me.   

My lips are swept up in his.  

I jerk, but he presses firmer with something akin to a hungered groan. And I gasp, unwittingly allowing him to slant his mouth over mine. My breathing stutters then halts altogether. I lose touch with my mind for a moment. ‘ He's... smokey and so very warm.’ A tongue invades, grazing over my own like thousands of tingling shocks. And then he's rougher with a deep inhale through his nose like he can't get enough air. Deeper with probing licks, a curl of his tongue under mine and my heart beats madly under my breast, my mind a blank slate. He sucks my tongue obscenely, then curls his tongue under my top lip before pulling away with a breathless moan. I take my first gasp of air, having forgotten how under his touch of lips to my own.   

He chuckles the tune of disbelief as he moves from over me. "You taste so fucking sweet, goddess. Sweet and addictive."  

I can't focus on his words as my thought process emerges. Why hadn't I bitten him? I should have, but there's not a violent bone in my body despite my captor's origins. But that was my first kiss... My tongue sweeps across my lips unnoticed, savoring his flavor for a bit as it was magnificent. I feel my cheeks go hot, then I squeak with a jerk of my body.  

His hand strokes my inner thigh. The callouses catch like enticing flames I don't want to experience, but they're there being fanned as he trails up and up to my most sacred of places. He situates a couple of fingers between the lips of my sex and probes at the wetness that I hadn't realized had accumulated there. I’ve never had such a response before, so I’m not prepared in the slightest for what he has in mind. He slides his fingers up and down and I thrash, trying to dislodge him, not wishing to be tainted despite having already resigned myself to this very fate. He rests a powerful hand on my chest and pushes me down against the pillows. He holds me there while the tips of his fingers go to a spot that throbs needily and begins to stroke it. I groan with growing want.

"You're so slick." he says, voice a thick rasp that has my hips jerking, and his fingers leave me. I sigh in relief, grateful to be away from temptation. But when my lips part, he takes the opportunity to slide those fingers into my mouth. I recoil at the sheer vulgarity. I can taste myself on him. "You get off on what I’m doing to you, don't you?" He taunts. As he slides his fingers further down my tongue, I bite down hard in reflex. He gives a strangled grunt and wrenches his hand away, cursing. The momentary surge of pleasure I feel when I hear his cry of pain twists my stomach horribly, then is almost immediately eclipsed by fear. I’ve angered a demon. Surely he’s going to make me suffer for that.  

I hear him stomp across the floor and then the sound of the stones shifting open then sliding shut. My trembling increases in intensity. My stomach knots with tension. I wonder how angry I've made him. Enough to kill me instead of tainting my being? I lie there shivering for several drawn out minutes, listening for any sounds. Other demons, wind from another exit, anything. But then I hear the odd stone grinding again and the sound of his footsteps approaching me.

"I wanted answers," he says sounding terse. "But I’ll have to wait and see if you’re more cooperative after a thorough punishment."

Something light weight lands on the bed. The sound of rustling clothes and a soft thump to the ground. The bed bends as he climbs back on to it, and I feel him looming over me once again like being too close to a fire. I whimper. I feel his breath on my throat. Then his teeth sink deep into the sensitive patch of skin where my neck meets my shoulder. I moan in pain that gives way to pleasure when he drags his tongue over the area, then sucks especially hard. Again, he bites, a little harder this time. I cry out and I try to squirm away from him. I feel weird and tingly all over, my chest tight with heat as my sex continues to throb.  

He grabs me by the hair to hold me still, and then sinks his teeth into the flesh of my shoulder, humming deeply as my skin breaks slightly. I scream, quaking when he sucks that spot too. He bites me again and again, moving down to my breasts like he’s some kind of mad beast. He always bites just short of too much and licks and sucks until I’m vibrating under him. I try to stop myself from screaming, but I can't. He seems to take particular delight in tormenting my nipples. He bites first one and then another until I'm sobbing and squirming, desperate to get away from him and this torrent of mixed feelings.  

He clamps his teeth down on one of my nipples until I shriek. Then he begins to suck at it almost tenderly, running his tongue back and forth over the hardened and swollen flesh. My body relaxes a little, chest heaving into his mouth as he sinks further onto me. The contact with his firm, muscled torso sends violent arcs of electricity through me and my voice comes out shocked, almost pleased. I immediately feel shame in myself. But he chuckles naughtily around my nipple in the most wonderful rush of sparks. His hand moves up to cup my other breast, running his thumb over that nipple, stroking it gently until it becomes an erect peak of need. Then he pinches it, making me gasp and arch further into his chest.  

Then he stops all together. He leans away from me, climbing off the bed. Nothing happens for several moments, leaving me quivering in rising panic, wondering what he could possibly have next for me. That's why when I feel the cool graze of leather brush over my nipple I flinch with a yelp. It doesn't hurt, the way he skims it over the peak until I feel the skin prickle further in responsive. He moves the leather from one nipple to the other, making me breathe sounds of delight that become harder to contain the more he teases zings of electricity to my core. The strike of the leather to my nipple shocks a cry from me.

My heart lurches as my thoughts come in frantic tangles at this new form of torment. I'm not given the chance to sort them out as another hit comes, this time to my other bud. I jerk and cry out at the from the sting, but realize with a jolt that it doesn't hurt nearly as much as I assumed. In fact, when he rubs my nipple with the leather once more, I draw my lip between my teeth to hide a strange groan. My core throbs more than ever.

The room fills with the steady sounds of the air whistling, a sharp thwack, then my tremulous cry. My breasts burn, pulsing with the stinging sensation. But the more he strikes me, one breast then the other, the more I start to crave the heat sinking low in my belly. And the more eagerly I start to arch in anticipation of the strike.

I hear him breathing as fast as me. My cheeks go hot at the way he groans just under his breath when he flicks the tip of the leather on my tender nipple, up and down. This is a punishment, I try to remind myself. I shouldn't like this sort of treatment, this pain mixed pleasure. But when he strikes the side of my breast instead of its center and I feel as if my nerves are buzzing with enough anticipation to leave my mind fuzzy. He changed the pattern.

Sluggishly and seemingly without any destination, he moves the leather over my skin. Up my sternum, then down my belly. A tickle over my side and ribs. The caress over my cheek, then the light touch to my parted lips. When he takes it from my skin I start to shake all over knowing it's coming back, but not knowing where. The air whistles. The strike lands right on my slit and my body feels submerged beneath a pool of liquid heat for a long moment. My hips fly up from the bed shaking as my core twitches briefly, but intensely enough to draw the desperate groan from my throat.

"Fuck," he curses throatily and I'm treated to the teasing graze of leather spreading my slickness over my slit. And before I know it, I'm whining, hoping he'll do it again and again suddenly wanting to know what the heady pressure in my belly will evolve into.

Instead he pulls it away, and I'm allowed to try and collect the scattered pieces of my reason. And when I do, I try to swallow around the thick knot in my throat. What is he doing to me? I shouldn't want this. I shouldn't want more.

But when the bed depresses under his weight and his body warms along my side, I feel irrational for hoping he'll continue his brand of torment. Instead, I feel something startling. The warm, wet imprint of his lips on my cheek. I lean towards it with a tremulous breath. “You’re so beautiful... and so breakable,” He confesses in a heated rush with his lips grazing my skin, bringing heat back up to my cheeks at having fallen prey to him once more. His compliments are laced with treachery. What more should I have expected?

Then I feel one of his hands settle on the slit of my body, the palm cupped over my mound.  

I stiffen, ice lodged in my lungs, and try to clamp my legs together, but the ankle restraints don't let me get close. "Ah, ah, ah. Unless you have something to share with me, your punishment continues." He taunts in a cheeky tone that sets my feathers ruffling. The hand on my slit flexes, and he slips one of his fingers into me. Entering me with his tainted being. He searches for that throbbing spot at the top of my slit, and when he finds it, he begins to rotate his thumb around it. My eyes flutter beneath my eyelids and I moan unbidden, before trying to buck my hips to throw him off. I can feel the lips of my sex swelling, and the wetness accumulating inside of me. I can feel heat burning in my cheeks, a flush of mingled shame and heavy arousal.   

His thumb continues to move on me, teasing, applying very little pressure. I gasp and jump when I feel the weight of his body ease on top of me again. He stops toying with my needy button and removes his finger from my body, and I absorb the intoxicating heat of him above me. My body starts to tremble again from fear or want, I don’t know for sure. He strokes me, running his fingers up and down my tingling belly and thighs, getting closer and closer to my sex again. He shifts his body sliding down mine until his weight settles between my splayed thighs. I try again to close my legs like I can stop his plans this way, even though I know that I can't. His fingers begin to run up and down my slit, coaxing out the hot moisture that has collected there. Then he spreads my lower lips wide apart, exposing my nub, forcing me open.   

He moves, and I feel his breath like a wondrous bolt to my core and my breath comes out in a fast whoosh. His breathing echoing mine. Then his tongue begins to lick around my folds in rough, hungry strokes with a ravenous growl, and I’m instantly ablaze. I try to think about something else, to take my mind off it, but my body refuses to allow it. I can't focus on anything but the sensation of his mouth moving on my slit. He licks and sucks, not touching my throbbing bud, but paying thorough attention to every other part of me. Losing the battle of resistance, I begin to move against him, my hips rocking of their own volition. My nub feels so swollen, aching to be touched, but he ignores it. I moan low and desperate, sweat dotting my skin.   

Two of his fingers slip inside of me, and my gasp of surprise turns into a relieved cry when he fastens his lips around my swollen nub. He sucks gently and then begins to run his tongue around it in quick little circles. My head falls back and my jaw goes slack. My god this is wonderful. The thought twists in my stomach, but the overwhelming pleasure, so new and so raw, easily washes it away. His fingers probe inside of me, and I feel him curve them upward, searching for something. He knows exactly when he finds it, because I groan a wild, high sound and grind myself against him, resistance all but lost in his engulfing flames.  

He moans shakily, mouth still attached to me and begins to pump his fingers in and out as he laps vigorously at my bud. I mewl and cry out, clutching at my bindings, needing something to hold onto as something begins to build. I try to fight against this unyielding tide of pleasure rising inside of me, but I can't. I don’t want to. The mouth between my legs is too skillful. I shake and arch my hips, poised on the brink of something explosive.   

Suddenly he stops what he's doing. I give a bewildered whine and try to catch my breath. My core clenches on his fingers, desperate for them to resume their skillful caressing. I can feel him breathing over me, his fingers remaining inside of me, but he doesn't move. The desperate need inside fades as the seconds pass, and I slump back utterly ashamed at my response, panting. Then he begins to move again, pumping his fingers and licking around my throbbing bud in fast little circles. I moan and gasp, my hips jutting up off the bed, and I feel the tension gathering and tightening in me once again. I cry out utterly pleading, my voice echoing off the walls, and just as the tsunami of pleasure is about to descend upon me, he freezes. His fingers leave me, his mouth does too.  

The dark chuckle alerts me that he’s turned the tables again. He offers something good only to wrench it away without mercy. My eyes prick as my nose crinkles. He’s utterly cruel. But of course I shouldn’t want this. I shouldn’t want his skin near my own as fiercely as I’m beginning to. Pleasure is something not to be sought after, I remind myself. It comes in peace and happiness, not the sinful ways of beasts.

These words bring a vile sense of shame upon myself, but even so I can’t fight the traitorous seeds of desire he’s planted in my body. At this moment, I want nothing more than for him to continue what he is doing, to let me feel the end. He climbs from the bed and I hear him rummaging through something to my left, and fear returns. What more could he possibly do? The fear mounts at the ridiculous thought. He’s a putrid demon. Anything comes to mind.

“I have something for you, goddess. That is unless you’re more willing to talk,” he says and I hear him make his way back towards me, and then I feel something pressing against my slit. It's rounded, an orb the size of the inside of my palm, and made out of glass like material.  

I shake my head defiantly to his question, and take a steadying breath. I press my hips up against the orb he holds with a feeling of flames blooming in my cheeks.   

I hear him inhale sharply, the sound filling my chest with strange flutters. “It doesn't matter anyway, pretty girl. I enjoy toying with you.” A kiss to the inside of my thigh has my lower stomach bubbling hot. “I wouldn’t have stopped had you given me directions to the gate to your realm.” he admits and slowly grazes the orb over my heated nub causing me to sigh and hum. “But you like this anyway. You don’t want me to stop either,” he says voice rumbling and dangerous, the cadence rolling over me like an intense blast of heat. I jerk my head to the side, hating that I love what he’s doing to me, excited by how my body is responding.

Knowing that he’s right.

He kisses the inside of my thigh almost sweetly and I don’t struggle as the orb comes to a stop. I'm still not sure what it is. But then there's a jolt in the air as his power shifts, and the thing buzzes into life. I cry out and try to wrench myself away from the sensations. The vibrations are so intense that they're almost painful. He keeps it pressed firmly against my bud, the glass gaining a pleasant warmth.   

I feel myself being swiftly pushed towards that explosive end, despite the near-pain that the vibrations are causing me. I cry out over and over, wanting it to stop yet more than that, needing it to continue. I try to shift my body in a way that will move the vibrations away from my swollen nub, but he moves with me, and I practically moan myself ragged feeling so hot and slick and ready to burst from the powerful vibrations filling me all the way up. I feel like I’m being forced up on the heated torrents of a volcano, the molten pleasure within me surging to the surface as my body thrashes, then tenses. When I raise my hips in preparation for the massive burst that is about to erupt within me, he takes the vibrations away. I give an anguished cry and thrash against the restraints. I am so close that being denied my end hurts.  

A single finger glides over the top of my thigh. “Oh, goddess.... You have no idea what you bring out in me.” he husks and I bite my lip, holding onto my speech as my last line of defense.

For a long time--it feels like hours, but it's probably only a minute or so--he doesn't touch me. Then I feel his power shift and the hum of the vibrations, and he is pressing it against my swollen nub again. It only takes him about half a minute to get me to that point this time, my body adapting and hungry for what he withholds. I give a desperate cry when he cuts off our connection. He lets me writhe, waits for my muscles to relax and my breathing to slow, then he begins again. He does it over and over, taking me to the very brink and then leaving me there to suffer his denial.

I lose track of how many times I almost finish. My slit throbs, and I can feel moisture on my bottom and on the sheets beneath me. The vibrations have become a torment, but it's even worse when he takes it away. I feel almost feverish, so desperate to end this that I can't think straight. My entire body is taut and aching with the need to release my tension. I've forgotten why I'm here. I've forgotten what he is. The fear, the shame, everything is eclipsed by the fire inside of me and my need to burst.

I wail as he removes the vibrations once more, just as my core tightens sharply and something incredible nearly begins. His power is contained, and I hear him put the orb down on a surface off to the left of me. My throat tightens and my emotions tangle and become a maelstrom in my chest. A hoarse sob breaks through my throat as I slump back, defeated. He's going to leave me this way, so desperate for release that my entire body is shaking. ' What more does he want? Me to beg for this dirty pleasure?' Tears soak the cloth and I wishes I could rub them angrily away. ' Of course not, Elizabeth. He wants something more damning.'

I feel him slide up my body and settle himself between my legs. I don't even move, used to his deception by now. His hand goes to my cheek, his thumb sweeping over the swell as he sinks onto my body feeling too good to be true. “You refuse to talk, goddess, an incredible feat.”  

I refuse to budge, sniffling instead.

“But I'll make you, I swear it." His fingers tighten around my jaw and his mouth descends over mine again. My frustration towards him leads me to trying to nip him. But I merely catch his lower lip, which leads to a breathy hum from him. My skin heats further and I do it again, pulse thrumming at the distinctly satisfied moan he makes. I hope that by pleasing him, he'll more than please me in return. Further his weight pushes me into the bed, his lips working mine, nipping and sucking and making me dizzy. Before I know it, I'm falling head first into my second kiss, responding sloppily as our tongues dance and my hips thrust up into his own.

We both shudder at the shock of contact. His hands go under my bottom and hold my hips up. His touch is strong, but I notice a fine tremble there too. He scoots closer to me, breaking the kiss and sounding like he's coming up for air for the first time in ages. "I want you to feel how hard you make me without even lifting a finger." His lips curve crookedly along mine as our ragged breathing mixes in a charged shroud of anticipation.

Then I feel him, hard as steel, begin a sluggish pace up and down my slit. I cry out, my body tensing as he thrusts against me. ' This is it.' My ribs tighten. ' My last chance to say something in hopes of stopping him. Tell him about Ludocial and Gloxinia's meetings. Tell him about what's going to become of Stigma.' I part my lips, but the words refuse to come. It's impossible to lie to myself about not wanting him to finish what he started.

The rocking continues, and he drags his mouth to my throat, sucking the tender spots he made as I go lax under him committing to my fate. He enters me a moment later as if sensing my submission, pushing himself in slowly, gliding in easily between the swollen, wet lips of my slit.  

"Ooh goddess... I knew you'd feel good, but you're fucking snug," his mouth trails over my breasts in hot open mouthed kisses. "You're perfect."

My toes curl as I grapple for the ability to breathe. He's inside me officially and all I can feel is a bone deep sense of relief. That thought allows me to inhale and exhale a lengthy honeyed moan. I can't resist him. By this point, I'm so desperate for him to finish me that my body welcomes every inch of him. He begins to move, thrusting in and out of me, slow as if testing the waters. I shiver in delight at each return of his hips between my thighs making little whimpers and small moans as he grunts lustfully against my throat. The sounds between us are wet and lewd. They make me hotter somehow with the very obvious noises of our carnal joining. He pulls all the way out of me and then pushes himself back inside. Tingles burn at the tips of my being, liquid fire pools and coils at my center. I begin to cry out with every slap of his hips, and as he begins to move faster, I can't help working my hips against him in delicious tandem.  

I feel him nip my jaw then his lips curve up devilishly against my skin and my heart skips. He shifts slightly, and then there's that twitch in the air and a hum. He's picked up the orb again. He settles the vibrations against my swollen bud as he takes me rigorously. My throat constricts. My back arches. It only takes a few seconds to tip me over that elusive edge. I scream a shrill sound as the heat erupts from within me. My entire body convulses, and I writhe against the restraints. It feels like lightning has struck every single one of my nerve endings. Every sensation is amplified. The pleasure is so intense, so overpowering, that it hurts. Each stroke of his length inside of my fluttering core provokes another wave of deliriously pleasurable agony.  

He grunts and groans, length stroking my insides as he keeps the vibrations in place. The spasms of my peak start to dissipate like calming waves, and my slit becomes so sensitive that I begin to thrash, trying to dislodge the orb from my nub, to have a second of relief from the hard member that is taking my body even faster than before. It doesn't work. Our sweat mingles and sears, his chest sliding over my own stimulating swollen nipples. His mouth is all over. My neck, my shoulders, jaw, cheeks, then lips.  

Before I know it I'm arching again with a shattering scream he swallows up. I'm quaking, mind blanking as I slur gibberish pleas. The pleasure-pain crescendos, and I sag again. Our bodies rock together and I feel the tension starting to build in me again. He doesn't move the orb from my abused bud as he continues to pound me into the bed, grunting enticingly with every thrust. "You feel so damn good when you come on my cock. I might just keep us this way," he chuckles breathless, his words making my mind spin. Live like this? Suspended in this inferno of pleasure and pain cycling again and again? I feel overcome with need, my core twinging harshly and I know my body's answer.

He's absolutely insatiable as he curls fingers into the back of my hair holding me in place as he kisses me breathless. He begins to really slam himself into me. The roughness of it, his apparent need to force himself deeper so it feels like we'll never part, tips me over into pained bliss with ease. I scream until my voice cracks, trying desperately to escape from the tormenting vibrations, but he holds it against me, not letting me get away. Not letting me escape as my body threatens to shake apart in his hold.

When the spasms cease, I slump back against the pillows, panting and groaning as he runs his tongue along the shell of my ear. "Do you feel what you're doing to me? Do you feel how close I am...?" He moans a weak sound and it makes me realize he's just as affected by me as I am by him. His muscles tremble above me and his breathing is just as fast and harsh. His length feels harder and thicker than before and a rush of wild abandon takes over as I let him ruin me.  

He doesn't stop his insane pace. He keeps taking my sopping core, keeps holding the vibrations against my swollen nub, not letting the sensations end. I finish again, and this time all I can do is croak. My throat is too raw for the scream to the heavens I feel. My pleasure spurs him on. He takes me harder and forces another peak out of me in a blink. This time I feel my insides crumbling from the blaze, and I begin to sob uncontrollably, crying and peaking, working myself against his length pounding inside of me. All sense of my own duty is gone.   

He's turned me into some feral thing our bodies rocking and humping, the bed creaking and damp with our sweat. The air is heavy with our scents and the pungent smell of our joining. I seek out his lips and he gives me what I want in haste, devouring my mouth as a rushing sensation like nothing before, it builds up like a pressure down low. My body locks up, preparing for it. I feel his body stiffen on top of me first. He makes a wobbly sound on my lips and then he's thrusting sluggishly, his length pulsing deep within me. Behind the black blindfold my vision starbursts in white. I don't hear anything beyond my thudding heartbeat while my body thrashes violently with a massive gush of wet heat. He groans something in my ear as I silently scream, and he tosses away the vibrations, his arms wrapping around me tightly.  

Tears of rapture soak my blindfold as I feel the peak hold for an eternity, wave after wave after wave. His hips still move in languid thrusts, coating my insides in sharp bursts, the feeling keeping me up high as my fingers flex wanting to touch him for the first time. When he pushes all the way in and just bows his sweaty brow to my shoulder and quakes while he finishes, I want nothing more than to wrap my legs around his waist and hold him right there. That's when I finally come down from the heaven he's crafted for me. His breathing is rough in my ear as his fingers start to move. The blindfold is removed and the world seems to go still.

Coal black. That's what my mind first registers before flushed soft cheeks and the pink mouth that's been kissing mine begins to add to the picture. Wild hair like sunshine, a strong jaw and chubby nose all make up the face of my defiler. I scrub that thought away without a second thought, unable to feel that way about him despite it being a hundred percent true. I expected a brutish man to be looming over me. Instead he's handsome and cold with a sharp edge of menace.

But as his eyes refuse to stray from mine something shifts in his expression. I'll always remember this moment, as if watching the clouds finally part after what feels like an age of a horrid storm-soulful green blooms around wide pupils. The color swirls and twists outwards like it's purifying his soul. I'm so still in this moment, heart fluttering and stomach swooping as I watch a flicker of something deeper in this demon. But then a harsh rap on the door disturbs the odd tranquility.

The obsidian comes back like it was never gone to begin with.

The door opens. Both our eyes widen and I notice his expression contort and the color from his cheeks bleed away before I shrink away wishing to shield my modesty. Which makes me feel foolish as more than my modesty was just taken away not moments prior. The demon above me however shifts to cover me more. I welcome him like a blanket with prickling cheeks unsure of why I'd choose his cover instead of bearing this alone as I have not much left to lose.

"Young Master have you acquired the answers? The Commandments are impatiently waiting." The voice of this demon is like an oily slime, his power positively chilling though outshined by the one above me. The two combined though makes the air so thick without the barrier of my own.

"I'm working it out of her if you hadn't noticed," he shifts and I feel his length move inside me less stiff but it wouldn't take much to get him rock hard again. "Now get the fuck out," he dismisses with a harsh gravel and takes my hip in his hand and starts working his body in mine again unhurriedly.

Oh my god...! I groan a pained sound, head bowing back as he stimulates my worn core. The door slams against wood rattling my bones and he pulls out of me, utterly shocking me as I blink up at him. But he's not looking at me, his gaze is pointing down between us at something I can't see. "You're not going to...?" I hush, unable to really speak as he's stolen my voice with his tormenting pleasure.

That green flecks in his eyes as something like wonder softens his gaze before becoming victim to the black again. A slanted grin makes him look overly pleased and I have no idea why. "Even raspy you have a pretty voice. Even better than your mating cries."

My lips purse and my heart beats a mournful tune. I gave him that too. I gave him everything. Not everything, a bolstering voice whispers. Not your secrets or your heart.

His hand comes up and his thumb strokes my bottom lip with a surprising amount of tenderness. "Now that I know you're not mute... I know I can get those answers out of you, princess." His teeth glint in his grin and I jerk my face away when he tries to close the gap between our faces. Answers. Of course. That's always what this is about. He wrenches my gaze back to his. "Although it seems like you're into denial and having your pretty little pussy pleasured until you're singing yourself raw. I guess I'll just have to think of something else, hmm?"  

His presence is like being ensnared in a dark web with no way to get out. His mouth is over mine before I rush out, "You can't do this! My people, they'll come after yours. There will be more bloodshed and pointless deaths to get me back. How can you stand for this?!" My bottom lip wobbles and a sheen of tears obscure my vision before spilling over my cheeks.

I thought there was a coldness to him before, but at my words he's like an arctic blast. He grips my chin near bruising so that my gaze never wavers from his. I feel so tiny and helpless before him. "You're a fucking child preaching fairy tales about peace and harmony. ' The demons are monsters and the goddess our saviors!'" He scoffs and presses his nose to mine and I'm reminded of my dreams. The bleak desolation of the world appearing in the abyss of his eyes. "You'll learn, goddess even if I have to fuck the message into you." He roughly lets me go and climbs from the bed.

My chin raises even though I tremble like a leaf. "So you'll keep me alive, even though I won't give you what you want?"

He looks over his shoulder as he fixes his length back into his pants. His eyes travel slowly over my body like a lecherous graze. "I got what I wanted. My dick in your virgin pussy, fucking you delirious until you soaked the bed."

A flush goes through me at his unashamed vulgarity, all the way down my chest.

"As my prisoner of war I get to have your pussy as much as I want... getting the answers from you is secondary as I figure you and the fairies are trying to team up." He picks up a white high collared coat and shrugs it on, leaving his chest and arms bare, the muscles glistening deliciously in the firelight. "The Commandments and I can handle whatever you all are planning, sweet girl."

My stomach flips at the odd endearment while my heart flops at his words. My sweat turns cold. Speak of the Ten Commandments and his insane power slots everything into place. While looking at the man the goddesses tell the little ones stories about to keep them scared straight, I wonder how it's possible I'm still alive. "Meliodas...?"

He looks at me under messy bangs like he's the bearer of the omen of death leaving no doubt that it's true. The demon prince and Commandment of Love. The most vile of the demons just deflowered me and plans to keep me as his own.

He smirks cruelly, then marches towards the door. "Don't go anywhere." He warns before slamming the door shut and my tension bleeds away giving way to hopelessness.

My bindings come free having been a manifestation of his darkness, but I don't move at the illusion of freedom. My body feels completely spent, drained of all energy. This room of small comforts and amenities is to be my prison, keeping me locked away in the demon's stronghold and in the dark of what's happening outside to all the innocents. The satisfied feeling of our joining is torn away and replaced with soul deep devastation. I thought I had been doing what was best for everyone, but in the end I was doomed from the start.

I turn and curl up, burrowing beneath the sheets as tears trickle silently down my cheeks. "There must be something I can do?" I croak and begin to wrack my mind for any solution.

I blink a while later, a shaky idea blossoming. He'll be back for my body. Maybe just maybe... I can seduce the benefits of peace into him? I purposely ignore the desire that this way I'll feel him again too. My wings ruffle as an uncertainty floods through my veins however. I don't know the first thing about sexualizing myself... But my resolve steels as I allow my eyes to fall shut for a reinvigorating sleep.

I don't know how, but I have to try for the sake of everyone.