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    Colby walked a few steps ahead of Brennen as they entered their apartment, swallowing the anticipation he felt in his chest at the brewing irritation he could feel radiating off of his boyfriend. He set his bags on the sofa to deal with later and headed down the hall to their bedroom, flopping on his stomach onto the mattress, pulling out his phone and scrolling through his notifications as he listened to Brennen go through whatever items he had purchased.

    Brennen finished putting away his things and ran a hand through his hair, tempted to just go back outside and not give Colby what he was sure he wanted, if how he acted while they were out today was any indication.

    Instead, he kicked off his shoes and made his way silently to their bedroom, poking his head around the doorway and finding that his boyfriend’s back was to him. He walked over to the bed, grabbing his ankles and yanking him down to the edge of the mattress, ignoring the startled yelp that came from the brunette.

    He stopped Colby from flipping onto his back, pressing him down into the mattress and leaning his weight on him.

    “Did you think it was fine to act like that around our friends?” Brennen asked angrily.


    “I think you need to learn how to be behave,” he stated, backing away and tapping Colby’s shoulder, signalling for him to flip over.

    He hummed approvingly when the younger boy complied, taking a couple steps to the side.

    “Knees,” he pointed at the floor, undoing his jeans and pushing them down his legs as Colby slid off of the bed and kneeled in front of him, face already flushed. He looked up at him with darkened eyes, awaiting his next instruction.

    “Go ahead, baby.”

    Colby eagerly took his length in his mouth, holding onto Brennen’s thighs to balance himself.

    Brennen threaded his fingers through his hair, guiding him farther down onto his cock, biting his lip at the content noises that escaped the other boy’s mouth.

    “Just like that,” he murmured, thrusting his hips a little. He groaned when Colby looked up at him through his dark lashes, feeling heat rush downwards.

    “That’s enough.” He tightened his fingers in his hair after a minute, pulling him back. The whimper he let out went straight to his dick, and he palmed himself as he crawled onto the bed, beckoning his boyfriend over.

    Colby laid down on his back, and Brennen straddled his hips, leaning back to look at him for moment. He could never get tired of seeing him like this, with his swollen lips and disheveled hair and needy look in his eyes.

    He caught Colby’s hand in his own as he reached out to touch himself, shaking his head.

    “Patience, babe,” he warned, letting go of his hand. He pulled his own shirt over his head before helping Colby out of his, tossing them both to the side and situating himself between the brunette’s legs.

    Colby gripped the blanket as he kissed along his jawline, avoiding his mouth to tease him. He bit down on the skin just above his collarbone, dragging a sharp inhale out of the other boy, soothing the spot with his tongue and sucking a mark onto the sensitive skin.

    Brennen continued kissing downwards, leaving marks along the way until he reached the hem of his sweatpants. He could hear Colby’s breathing become uneven as he shimmied them over his hips and down his legs, mouthing along the outline of his dick through his underwear.

    “Please,” he whined breathily, rolling his hips upwards. Brennen placed a hand on his hip, pinning them to the mattress as he pulled his length out from under the thin layer of cloth.

    “Please what?” Brennen stalled, letting his breath ghost over his dick.

    “Please touch me.”

    Brennen complied, dipping his head down and licking a stripe up the length of his cock, revelling in the sound that left Colby. He took him into his mouth but stayed unmoving, enjoying watching the other boy squirm impatiently underneath him; he decided that he’d have to dedicate an evening to that one day.

    Brennen finally began to move, bobbing his head slowly, letting it slide when he felt trembling fingers tangle in his hair. He swallowed around his length, wishing he could replay the moan that he got from that over and over again.

    He pulled away when Colby’s breathing began to pick up, not wanting him to come yet.

    “Not yet, angel,” he murmured as he reached over to the bedside table, grabbing the lube. He leaned back down to leave soft kisses along his stomach after squeezing some onto his fingers, pressing them teasingly against his entrance before pushing one in.

    Colby cursed under his breath as he began to move his finger, adding a second once he relaxed.

    “Brennen,” he moaned quietly, stomach tensing underneath his mouth.

    “What do you want, baby?”

    “Want you in me,” he breathed, adding a please to be safe. Brennen removed his fingers, pouring some more lube onto his cock before lining his hips up.

    “Are you gonna be good?” Brennen asked. Colby nodded desperately, whispering his agreement.

    He pushed his hips forward, groaning at the familiar sensation as he thrusted into him.

    “Fuck,” he grunted, grinding against him, letting him adjust before picking up the speed. He ran his hands along his sides affectionately as he began to fuck him, kissing him deeply.

    Colby dug his nails into his back as the heat built up in his stomach, kissing him back, breathing heavily against his lips.

    “Can I?” Colby pleaded, and Brennen nodded, taking his cock in his hand and jerking him off in time with his thrusts.

    “Fuck,” Colby choked out as he came, hips bucking up into his hand. Brennen couldn’t take his eyes off his face as he chased his release, pushing into him hard as he came as well.

    “So good, baby,” he groaned, capturing his lips with his own again as he fucked him through their climaxes. “So good for me.”