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Someone I used to Know

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Bakugou could remember waking up to the usual morning alarm. The flash of blue cascading across his room as the number lit up 5:00 am. He could remember throwing back his bed sheets, sliding on his uniform- then proceeding to walk downstairs for his morning protein shake and granola bar. He could remember it was a normal school morning.

At least, it started that way.

"Bakugou! Hey Bakugou!"

Katsuki paused as he began to leave the dormitory, granola bar in one hand, his backpack strap gripped in the other. Honestly, he had little desire to talk to anyone, people should know by now to never to talk to him before 6 AM. But when he saw who was calling after him, Bakugou faltered. Pausing in his step he allowed them catch up with a permanent frown, hoping they'll catch the hint and leave.

"Oh, wow, who pissed in your cheerios this morning? Are you walking alone today?" There was a hint of a teasing tone in her voice, something he never heard directed at him before.

"What are you talking about round face? I always fucking walk to school at this time, alone or not." Bakugou hesitated, "though I'm surprised shitty hair and Dunce face aren't around bugging me to walk with them today. Fucking stalkers."

Uraraka seemed to falter at his response and she hesitated, " just thought you were going to give me some advice about yesterdays homework..."

Katsuki perched an eyebrow, "What? When the hell did you ever ask me for advice?"

"Yesterday.." Uraraka replied then frowned, "are your training again?"

"Hah..?!" She jumped at his raised tone; Bakugou turned around, "Listen, I don't have time for this shit, I need to get to class--" before he could close the door and walk away from the tedious conversation he heard a clamor of voices as the rest of 1A's class filtered into the main dormitory area.

"Hey Bakugou! Nice work yesterday!"

"You're up early aren't you Bakugou?!"

"Bakugou, good morning!"

"I'll see you later in class Bakugou!"

"Hey Bakugou I'm bringing snacks to class, I grabbed you one,-" Bakugou let the door slam shut behind him and heard a muffled Sato on the other side, "oh OK... I'll see you there then!"

Bakugou felt heat travel across his face, hands shaking from uncertainty. Where did all this sudden attention come from? When did everyone get so cheerful and...and nice toward him? What the hell was going on? Why was everyone acting so damn weird this morning? The blonde let off a huff of hot air, shaking his shoulders to physically release the tension gathered from his classmates unexpected cheery attitudes.

"Mornin' Katsuki."

Bakugou jumped, almost dropping his granola bar in the process. A face appeared in front of him, green hair traveled down past his ears; a wide grin outlined against freckled cheeks as Izuku hung upside down from the cherry poplar tree Katsuki was walking past.

"Ugh, fuck off nerd. What are you, a bird this morning? Why the fuck are you in a tree for?"

Izuku blinked and let out a cry of surprise when Katsuki pushed him against the shoulder- which in turn caused the boy to ungracefully fall to the grass with a huff. Izuku stood, shook himself, adjusted his book bag and then took off to follow the heated boy.

"Hey, hey what's with that attitude huh? Did something happen, are you OK?"

Katsuki perched an eyebrow at Izuku who raced to walk beside him, large green eyes filled with concern that made Katsuki's stomach twist- it made him sick.

"Of course I'm fucking fine ya loser, you and everyone else are the ones who aren't fine around here," Katsuki snapped, his fist explosively popped with his obvious agitation.

Izuku gave him a precarious look, biting his lip before picking up his pace when Katsuki tried to outpace him.

"Dammit, Deku, leave me alone. You know I don't like to talk to people in the damn morning."

Izuku paused, a frown plastered on his face. It was quiet for a moment and Katsuki thought that the nerd had decided to give up following him for the morning. His eyes traced to the sidewalk, both of them have came to a quiet understanding of one another ever since that night they duked it out in the training zone. Bakugou twisted his neck, still feeling the strain where Izuku punched him months ago. Since then the boy has yet to land a secure hit on him during any of their training sessions. All Might deemed it a great opportunity to learn for both he and Izuku if they were to practice training against one another. Bakugou didn't mind, not all that much. It gave him a chance to practice and beat the shit out of the nerd all at the same time. Though, Bakugou sighed, the meaning has changed, just a little bit for him. Yeah, Izuku drove him crazy, but he was someone who would always face a challenge. Always tried again. It was kind of a thrill. To see when he could actually beat him. Not that he would ever allow that! But... ever since that day- Deku has been more smiles in his direction, more praises, more... advice. Bakugou was hesitant at first when Deku asked him for advice for the first time. It caught him off guard. But really...he kind of liked it. Working together. At least, he'll always have decent competition with the nerd.


Bakugou jumped at the voice then paused on the sidewalk, almost halfway to the UA's schoolyard. Izuku had managed to catch up after all. Bakugou let off a "tch-" annoyed the nerd was trying so hard to grab his attention this morning. What was with that anyway? Even he seemed to be acting completely unlike himself and it set Katsuki on edge.

"Who are you?" Katsuki hesitated, then sent a glare in his direction. This morning was getting more ridiculous as the day moved on.

"What the fuck kind of question is that Deku? Did you wake up an idiot this morning?" Izuku leaned back against his heels as Katsuki threw a fist forward in his direction, "you know who the fuck I am, you trying to be funny? I thought that was half and half's job to have a dry sense of humor?!"

Katsuki felt his fist being pulled down from Izuku, large curious eyes gazing at him. Those big green eyes seemed to almost see directly through him and Katsuki felt a shiver race down his spine.

"So you're telling me that you're Katsuki?"

Bakugou hesitated after he heard his name ooze from a hesitant Izuku, arms crossed definitely. When did the nerd gain so much confidence? But the real issue...when did he stop calling him Kacchan? Wait, did he call him that earlier too? What...what the hell was going on? Bakugou felt his stomach twist hearing his first name fall from Izuku's pursed lips. Katsuki must have took too long to reply, his continuous silent stare giving Izuku the opportunity to continue to speak for him.

"Um, forgive me if I don't believe you..." Izuku continued then began to reach forward and touch his shoulder; Katsuki threw himself back a couple steps with a deep frown.

"Hands off nerd," Katsuki snapped, Izuku perched an eyebrow in interest.

"What got you in this mood anyway? You think you're suddenly tough shit because we train together now, hah?"

Bakugou crossed his arms mocking the boy in front of him, "well I have news for you punk, you can get as sassy and confident as you like, I'll always be a step ahead of you!"

Deku stared as Bakugou shouted, the boy gazed around him as if to see if anyone had listened in to the suddenly loud conversation. When his eyes met Katsuki's again he tilted his head so slight his hair dipped into his big green eyes- making Bakugou's heart skip a beat. The sun's fallen shadows cast over the freckles that lined up across his cheeks. Izuku's silence was uncanny and the longer he took to reply, the lack of stuttering, muttering brought a sense of dread and unease deep in Bakugou's bones. Deku just stared, as if taking him all in. Finally, after what seemed to be forever, Izuku smiled, and Bakugou took a small step back in answer.

What the hell, who was this guy…? This wasn't the Deku he knew. The Deku he knew would have been blabbing apologies left and right. Instead he just got a bright gaze, with an even brighter smile.

"You're not from around here, are you Katsuki? Which begs the question... who are you exactly?"

Bakugou bristled, he just thought of that same question moments ago and he had the audacity to say that to his face!

"You tell me first, you fake."

Deku paused, "I asked first."

"Tch," Bakugou let an explosive pop escape from his palm in agitation.

"You're never this..." Bakugou hesitated, then dared to meet the boys eyes head on. The gaze held strong, and Bakugou felt his own confidence begin to waiver then shook his head in frustration. This was going no where fast, and his patience level was beginning to thin out as the conversation continued.

"Forget it, never mind. Leave me the fuck alone nerd."

Bakugou quickly turned and began to walk away until he felt a strong hand grip his shoulder.


Bakugou jerked back, then reeled on the boy who slowly pulled away his arm back to his side, away from the angered teen. They were not even an inch apart as Katsuki stared down his rival. Izuku tilted his head with a smile, "you're so loud, what's got into you... is everything alright?"

"Hah?" Bakugou was feeling the last of his nerves beginning to faze away as Izuku looked at him with concern. Actual concern. The boy knew better than to dare look down on him. To think he was weak or needed any help. He should know he could do things on his own. why does he keep asking?

"What the hell are you even talking about?! Seriously."

He felt his face heat realizing how close they were as Izuku quietly examined his eyes and he felt suddenly VERY uncomfortable. He could smell the spearmint from his gum the nerd was chewing just moments ago.

"I should be asking you the same damn question Deku. If that's even your name," Katsuki snarled then leaned in closer to the boy. Izuku continued to stare at him with those big green eyes, as if he was trying to unravel the worlds greatest mystery. Bakugou began to feel even more uncomfortable and wished the damn nerd would give up already and back away. Just like he always did. Like he used to. Because from where they stood, with one wrong move the two of them could potentially...


Bakugou hesitated, feeling in awe, as if time slowed down as Izuku's hand left a harsh sting across his cheek. Bakugou in response lifted his hand to touch the mark, feeling anger boil quickly under the surface. Did he just….did Deku just fucking smack him?

Izuku frowned at Katsuki's quiet, stunned reaction and replied, cautious, "so did that knock you back to yourself or…?"


Deku blinked, as if he didn't compute then shrugged with a smile, "I'll take that as a no.... Heh, oh well, I thought I was worth a shot."

Bakugou reached out and snatched Izuku by the shirt then lifted him with a menacing snarl.

"Worth a shot to what exactly? Pissing me the fuck off? Because it definitely worked."

Izuku's eyes widened a tad and before Bakugou knew what happened-- he was being grabbed in response and thrown over the boys shoulder.

With a loud huff Bakugou landed rough on his back, Izuku's foot on his chest with observant, calm green eyes.

"I'll give you three seconds. Where's the real Katsuki?"

Bakugou bristled and felt drool seep out his mouth from the anger that boiled over inside him. He was sick and tired of Deku challenging him as if he was on equal footing. But more than that he was tired of hearing his name again and again, as if the boy has always called him by first name basis. Bakugou felt his shoulders tense ready to leap forward and tackle Izuku.

"You're going to fucking die for that Deku and my name is fucking Kacchan! KACCHAN; and there isn't another one you dimwit!"

When the threat left his lips, it Katsuki wasn't entirely sure why it pissed him off as much as it did to hear him call Bakugou, Katsuki but in the heat of the moment it just rolled off his tongue like any other insult.

"You're the one who isn't real. I should be asking you the same damn question!"

Izuku's eyes flashed as if recognizing something and he lifted his foot off Katsuki who was aiming to grab him with explosive fists. Bakugou was just about to jump to his feet and strangle the kid... but the look he gave made the blonde hesitate for just a moment. Curious.

Large, green watery eyes quietly gazed at him, as if seeing him for the very first time.

"I haven't called you that...since we were little kids."