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Watch the Earth Burn

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The night was quiet, the stars shining particularly bright and the moon was full. The woods sung its song by frogs and crickets. Unknown to anyone, things was going to change. The ground lift and swirl, making a lump. The water nearby lift from the stream and circle the lump, making veins and pushing mud to from a shape of a boy laying on the ground.

Green leaves landed in the eye sockets before a thin coat of mud covered it. Dark red flowers made up his hair, making it light and straight. The body form into a boy with his eyes close on the ground until the moon shine it's light down onto the body. The body glowed and the wind blew. The body floated up limply till the boy finally took a breath.

The boy open his eyes, which was a leafy green, his skin now a sweet mixture of light brown due to the light of the moon and dark of the ground. His hair was a red brown color, smelling like roses. The body float down as the boy got used to breathing. The ground soften for the boy like a bed. The boy curl into himself, the breeze starting to chill him.

The boy whimpered and held himself. He needed to go somewhere warm and safe. The boy was used to being the embodiment of earth. Why is he a human? Why does he feel cold and empty? Not to mention that his body was nothing but flesh now. The boy looked up to the moon for guidance. It was silent. The boy huffed and tried to stand on his feet.

He was wobbly, his muscles not used before. The boy cling to the trees, the ground still soft under his feet.The boy took his first steps, heading towards a light by hard gravel. Maybe he could get help and a reason why he was alive instead of sleep. The boy tried to step away from the tree and walked on his own, his arms covering his chest instead of his lower half, not knowing he was indecent to the public.

He focus on his breathing and placing one foot in front of the other till he made it out the tree line. The ground didn't soften for him. What did his people call this? Oh, a sidewalk. That wasn't his land, but what humans made on top. What's wrong with the ground? His feet scrape against it, the boy starting not to like it.

He did like the little balls of light above him that was attach to a metal pole. It help him see with his new eyes. Maybe he should follow it. Maybe it's showing him the way to go. He follow with a smile, ignoring fellow pedestrians and a few cars stopping to take pictures or call the police.


Ryan was trying to leave the animal shelter in peace, but the animals was going crazy for some reason. The dogs was howling, cats hissing, and the monkeys and a lion they were holding for the local hospital for them to heal was panicking. The staff was relatively nice and kind to the animals and by the time he leaves, the animals would be relaxed and ready to sleep.

Even his own dog was going wild. His Golden Retriever circled around him and whine, weak barks coming from him. He was usually a chill dog. Then again, animals most time sense things human don't. Ryan patted his dog to calm him. "Calm down Max. Nothing is happening.

Everything's fine." It still didn't stop the whining when Ryan put the leash on him. Giving the leash a small yank and a small coax to his pup, they went outside to his car. Ryan open his rear car door. "Hop up." The pooch get on the backseat and Ryan closed the door.

They have a long drive to his friends and family's house. He worked long enough for a week break. He was going to spend it with his friend Steven. It was his only way to be near him and be friend. Or just spend time with him without feeling needy.

His dog helps since Steven loves dogs, but he didn't have time to take care of one. One of the reason why Ryan got a dog. The other was the fact he was lonely. A dog was a mans best friend and Max sure did prove it to him. It was nice to have a travel buddy.

During the long drive, Ryan encounter a bit of traffic. Weird traffic. He was stop once due to animals, predator and prey, crossing the road together. It bugged him. What was causing this? His dog was getting antsy again. Ryan reach behind him to scratch Max head, his soft fur straighten under his fingers.

"It's okay boy. I got you." Ryan said in a lighter voice, accepting a few kisses Max gave on Ryan's arm with a small whine. The next one was due to a car wreck. One was crushed against a transportation truck while another was upside down over a crack over the road.

This was recent. Police lights flashed and one was trying to hurry traffic. "Shit. Hope they're okay." Ryan drove pass the police with a bad feeling. The last one was waiting for the tree to be remove. The wind was picking up quickly and was turning the air colder than it was suppose to.

It'll probably warm up tomorrow. The weather had been acting up lately. You would think the world was coming to an end. But then again, by they way these people was acting like and how nature was acting, it really shouldn't be a surprise if it did.


Steven was going home to straighten his house before Ryan gets there. He likes to keeps things neat, but also have space for Ryan's dog. He really loves dogs. He just wish he had one as well. But since he love dogs and Ryan knew that, it meant more time to spend to with Ryan.

One of these days he has to ask him out. But until then, he will continue to flirt with him. Steven drove with a happy hum, but it was quickly paused when he saw a naked boy with a cute smile, looking at the street lights like it was the most precious thing ever.

Steven was still a bit worried at the fact he was naked though. Steven pulled over and got out his car. He heard sirens nearby. Steven hurried. "Hey there." Steven said loud enough to catch the boy's attention. The boy turn to Steven and he was surprised by how he looked. He looked childlike, but a innocent teen. Maybe a year or two younger than himself.

Sixteen at best. The boy held no blemish or bruise. No acne. Weird. "Hello." The boy said. His voice was light, but smooth. Like music. Steven smile at the stranger. "What are you doing out here naked? You know that's public indecency and that can get you arrested." Steven spoke lightly. The boy cock his head, a confused expression on his face.

"I'm naked? Arrest? I don't know what you mean." Now Steven was confused. You could tell he wasn't drunk. The boy pronunciated perfectly, not a bit of slur in his words. Steven heard the sirens get louder and closer. So Steven took off his jacket and wrapped it around the boy, guiding him to his car.

Steven place the boy in the passenger seat, turning the heat up since the boy's skin felt cold. Steven wasn't afraid of the boy. He wasn't a threat to him, more innocent and confused. It was adorable. Steven got in his car and drove off as soon as the cops turn around the corner.

The boy looked the blue and red lights. "Are they the bad people? The people who was supposed to arrest me?" Steven smiled. The boy's voice was too innocent. "They're not really bad people.

Certain few though. But their main job is to protect us. Some is a bit power hungry, but I believe most is good." The boy was still smiling. "You have a good heart. Thank you for helping me." Steven nodded his welcome and they both drove away in silence. Perfect and meaningful.

Steven had no idea he was riding with the human embodiment of Earth himself.