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Common Life Mean A Common Love

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Trunks and Goten have been together since birth, born 9 months apart and basically inseparable. They learned to walk, talk, fight, and they also learned all about being Saiyan half breeds together. The boys would train and spar together, as well as apart with their families but ultimately, they would still obtain the legendary “Super-Saiyan" form at a record young age, when you have battle obsessed fathers / as well a brother who followed in his fathers shoes, and hot headed mothers it’s easy to naturally ascend and fight hard to do so.

The bond between Trunks and Goten was strong from childhood to young adults. Best friends through it all, each other's allies and someone they each knew the other could always run to when they had nowhere to turn. Trunk a young Saiyan prince himself would often lead the duo, and according to Vegeta every time Bulma or Chichi spoke about it, “Women, Trunks is a Royal Heir to the torn and if we were on the planet Vetega it would be his rightful place to do so. He is only following his natural instincts to lead!” Of course Chichi always came back to him (abet red like a cherry), “ Vegeta, if they keep it up one day your PRINCE HEIR and Royal pain is going to land my baby in jail. Reel him in! We aren’t on the planet Vegeta and there are rules here."

Although, the parents were always bickering about them Goten never cared. Trunk told him what their plans were and he knew without question that this was the plan was, Trunks always protected him, but he protected Trunks too. All Trunks had to do was say, “Come on Ten we can do it together! “ Trunks always winks at him after saying it of which Goten would always reply with, “ Trunks if we get into trouble it was your idea!”. Of course, they always got into trouble, but neither one ever blamed the other.

This dynamic would not change over the years it would just get stronger. Trunks was mostly an only child; Bulla (now five) wasn’t born until his early teen years so if when he needed someone to talk to, he headed to the Son home. He had Goten there to talk too and if they needed help there was always Gohan not far away. While Vegata and Bulma were married and they would talk things out with him Vegeta would often stand like a pole, grunt at him, or call him a what he came to learn was the Saiyan meaning for “Saiyan half breed". Bulma on the other hand was the over talker, often taking there conversations way too far and embarrassing poor Trunks; but they were his parents and he loved them.

Goten ‘s family talked too but not as openly. Nothing specific everything had to be planned and if Chichi thought it was not a topic to be discussed then that was the end of it. Period. So Goten often spoke to Gohan and Trunks, generally it was easier that way he would get his answers and not offend his mother by the questions he had or embarrass his father when Goku had no clue what was going on.

Considering the Prince of all Saiyan ‘s had no filter he told Trunks a lot of things at an early age, of which Bulma would later give his ear its own workout. Goku not knowing much of Saiyan facts or many humans' ones for that fact relied on what information he obtained from those around him. However both boys managed a basic “ puberty and sex ed talking “ from their families. What they neglected to tell them was Saiyan puberty was a lot different than humans, it took place when a Saiyan was determined “Adult “and only when a Saiyan would be near it's prospective mate. Once the body had decide there was no stopping the events that followed.

Life was going well, the last attack was M.Buu and this gained the boys ability to fuse together. They used the fusing afterwards when they were training with each father to level the playing field more. What no one knew was this power to fuse added so much more of the bonding to the relationship between them, when one hurt so did the other when one was happy or sad so was the other. They weren’t just fusing their bodies and minds but their souls as well.

Trunks was turning 21 this year with Goten right on his heels. He was finished school with a business degree like his mother wanted when she decided to hand down the C.E.O position to him. For now he was just working on odd projects with her, getting the feel for what he would be expecting later on in Capsule life. It was soon going to be his birthday and everyone l knew the brief's always through the biggest parties, Bulma was queen of the ball and she loved it. However, this year Trunks just wasn’t into a huge party making nice with 1000 people he really didn't know and who really didn't know him. So, he sat down with his parents to tell them just that, “Mom, I know you mean well but this year I really just want Goten and I to do something together no fuss? It's been a long year and we haven't had much time to hangout lately.“ He was hoping she would blow a fuse, or cry like a child.

Bulma was disappointed, she loved throwing parties but more than that she loved celebrating Trunks. Although something was off lately she could just tell but she couldn’t put her finger on it. So, she just thought asking was better, “Sweetie what’s wrong? Lately you don’t seem like yourself, your spending more time alone and locked up in your suite alone. At night, we can hear you scream but your almost crying out in your …" abruptly cut off by Vegeta “ Women, leave the blasted kid alone! Him not wanting a parade doesn’t mean you need to ask 50 personal questions of him." That statement shocked them all, but Vegeta turned back to his son again, "Son, it’s your choice please confirm by tomorrow what your plans are! “

Trunks shook his head and left the table unsure if his mother was offended and a little shocked by his father’s choice of sides on this. While that thought passed a deep shiver took over him coming from his core and he felt his Ki start to flutter almost like a disco ball this has been coming and going a lot lately with no rhyme or reason. “Shit, I need to calm down and fast before every z warrior shows up thinking I'm in danger." So he started quickly in the direction of his home suite, and took deep breaths remember he had to call Goten when he got there. A slight warm almost like summer spread throughout his body at thought of just calling Goten, “ weird “.

He left for his part of the capsule Compound, his Wing that was created by his parents they had converted the unused space after high school for him as a home addition. It was almost the size of a small home that gave him his own privacy, especially when he went to College. With space he would go to a far away school to get his own space and then Bulma didn't loss her baby yet! He started to calm down and thought a shower would make it easier and help pass the chill.

Goten would turn 21 the following year, thanks to his mother’s home schooling he graduated High school two years early and has finished his computer program degree thankfully he was right on track with Trunks. Goten had been waiting for Trunks all day to hear what his parents said, they wanted to ditch the party this year and just do something the two of them. Between school and training sessions it’s been harder to hangout which if Goten was being completely honest was starting to create an empty feeling in him. When they are together everything makes sense, just like it always did but sometimes Goten gets this feeling in his core like fire but the kind that keeps you warm. At night it’s different, he has a hard time sleeping he dreams about Trunks and but he just can’t put the dreams together fully however, he knows they're there and it makes his world feel like he;s on shaken grounds. As these thoughts pass over him a deep shiver took over his body as well, “oh my god! Breathe Goten before you alert the world." While he is now calming down he decides to grab a shower Trunks is still probably talking to his parents anyways, and he is losing control.

Goten is still living at his childhood home with his mother and father, while Gohan has moved out into his own home with his wife Videl and daughter Pan who is three. Pan and Bulla are best friends already, almost as close as Trunks and Goten were. Goten slipped into the shower, he made sure it was hot to help his shiver the water touched his chest first and it felt like pure joy. His muscles glistened and he drew his hand over his body feeling all the ripples, Goten didn’t remember the last time washing himself felt so intense and as he was running his hands around himself to clean the soap off an image came screaming to his head. The image of Trunks covered in sweat with someone behind him kissing his passionately and he could feel the passion between them. Goten had no idea who the other person was but the sight of Trunks like that made his Ki spike and his breath come in shorter. Goten was having a hard time catching his breath like this, so he placed he head under the water and that’s when he saw it. Sticking straight up 9 inches hard as steel and dripping was Gotens erection, what was confusing was that he’s never gotten so big or so hard like this and it was already dripping by itself so when he touched it, he could have sworn it felt like electricity. Goten opened his mouth, he tried to repress it but was too late and let out a sigh “oh my god!“, he had to remember that his father had Saiyan hearing and sensing so he had to contain himself but how? So, he thought is he satisfied the need it would go away and he could calm down, Goten wrapped his hand around it and pumped, as he did the picture of Trunks got a little clearer. Goten realized the person behind Trunks was himself and they weren’t just passionately kissing, Goten was inside him, then he saw his mouth latched into is neck and once he did that the warm electric feeling spread throughout his whole body. As soon as that picture was clear Goten tipped over the edge pumping his seed all over the floor of the shower stall. Once he had finished, he slide down the side of the wall he was exhausted but notice still very hard. However, his spine was also starting to tingle, all this would have to wait because he could he his mother screaming his name from down the hall “Goten, sweetheart Trunks just called and said to just go to his wing at C.C when you're ready .” Goten started to shake with excitement and fear, “crap, now what?”.

Trunks was in the shower now trying with all his might to get control of his body but something was definitely wrong. He felt like pieces of him where missing but what. Trunks knew that most 21 year old men had girlfriends and most of them were making life plans but for some reason he and Goten were never interested in any girls, or had ever talked about what they wanted for their lives to come. He started to wonder “was it because of all we have seen in lives that we aren’t interested in settling down? That's most of live had been one hard battle after the other and now we just want to breathe so to speak? or, was it that we’re just so focused on school and training …" his trail of thought ended when the shiver returned and he realized he had no interest is these things . His mother had been right to say he was spending more time alone, he was scared. He only never realized that he was crying out in his sleep as well like he’d been doing in his dreams. He had to admit his subconscious was telling him he needed something and the more he admitted it the deeper the shiver became. He was on fire and breathing hard and a flash that lasted 3 seconds popped into his head, Goten and him were “kissing?” he was aroused by this thought. Goten and him were always getting close and each time he left Trunks heart dropped but what do they do about it? The more he thought the deeper the shiver went. His erection was so hard and he needed it to stop if he wanted to speak to Goten. When he thought of Goten again though different pictures, scenes, and touches came to his mind and his hand wandered down to grab his hard erection that to his surprise was already dripping with pre-cum and once he touched the 9 ½ inches Trunks shook “God, Goten ah" took three pumps and an image of his teeth on Gotens neck and Trunks tipped out the edge with his most powerful orgasm he’s ever had. Trunks slid down the wall of his Shower stall shaking all over he looked down and too his surprise he was still hard, however he also noticed a weird tingling in his spine.

Trunks decided that since he was already having a weird few weeks, so he was sure now more than ever he did not want his mother to throw a party. He wanted to talk to Goten and best if they could be alone, his mother would be hurt if he didn’t do something with her eventually so he would call the main house, “ mother, I have no interest In a large party this year please understand I do not wish to hurt you. I will agree to have a dinner with the family at a later date, this year though Goten and I would like to spend my birthday together. Lately, we don’t get much bonding time and it would be great to do it on my birthday I hope you understand.” Bulma knew this was coming and she had to respect his wishes, Vegata was oddly quiet during this conversation but he nodded along and made one comment, “ agreed!” Bulma on the other hand being the talker, “Sweetie, if this is what you wish for then it’s your birthday and I only want to see you happy. Have fun tomorrow and remember I love you!" She smiled at him, "we can decide later on the arrangements for your dinner. Goodnight." With that Vegata and Bulma ended the transmission, both looking at each other quietly until Vegata had a surprised look on his face that looked more like a realization, “ did he say bonding?”.