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Pretty cure Sword and shield

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“Come on you three,” said Kaylyn all hyper, “the snow doesn’t play itself,” “sobu (she’s right hurry up),” said Sobble, “we’re coming Kaylyn,” said Nagisa. They got off the plane and played in the snow, they then noticed two girls getting off the same plane, “Erika,” said Honoka, “Celene,” said Kaylyn, they ran up to their friends, “great to see y’all,” said Celene, “why did you come anyway,” said Hikari, “we needed a break,” said Erika.

After awhile of talking, they noticed another plane coming in from Mistraliton city, four familiar faces come off, “Cilan, Chili, Cress, Iris,” said Kaylyn. They ran to their friends from Unova, “hey Nagisa,” said Cilan, “hey Cilan, Chili, Cress, Iris,” said Nagisa, “what brings you to Galar,” “the taste of new adventure since we knew you were coming here eventually,” said Chili while adjusting his earmuffs, “and you Honoka, Hikari, and Kaylyn,” said Cress while he was adjusting his glasses, “Nagisa wanted us to come,” said Kaylyn.

After awhile they explored, Kaylyn said she has a giant cabin to stay in. They entered and they were hungry, so the brothers made some food, Pikachu, Axew, Pansage, Pansear, Panpour, and Sobble were playing around like normal, Vikavolt and Palossand were resting for a bit, Mimikyu was with Chili helping him out. 

After they ate, team rocket showed up again, “can you leave us alone for once,” said Iris, “us pretty cure will fight,” said Celene.

”DUAL AURORA WAVE,” said Nagisa and Honoka, “LUMINOUS SHINY STREAM,” said Hikari, “PRETTY CURE DEVIANT MODE SHINE,” said Kaylyn, “PRETTY CURE OPEN MY HEART,” said Erika, “PRETTY CURE SPINING MIRROR CHANGE,” said Celene. They all transformed into their cure forms. “Hikari no shisha, Cure Black,” said Nagisa as Cure Black, “hikari no shisha, Cure White,” said Honoka as Cure White, “futari wa purikyua,” said both cures, “yami no chikara no shimobetachi yo,” said Cure White, “tottoto ouchi ni kaerinasai,” said Cure Black, “Kagayaku inochi, Shiny Luminous,” said Hikari as Shiny Luminous, “hikari no kokoro to hikari no ishi, subete wo hitotsu ni suru tame ni,” “honō to tochi no shihai-sha, Dreadruler Trio,” said Kaylyn as Dreadruler Trio, “umikaze ni yureru ichirin no hana, Cure Marine,” said Erika as Cure Marine, “tenkū ni mau aoki kaze, Cure Princess,” said Celene as Cure Princess.

 The cures battled team rocket, they couldn’t make them blast off with their attacks. Then their cure pens appeared in their hands, Cilan, Chili, Cress, and Iris were given their hero pens, so they did their full team finisher. “PEN POWER ON,” said Dreadruler Trio, “KAYLYN,” “NAGISA,” said Cure Black, “HONOKA,” said Cure White, “HIKARI,” said Shiny Luminous, “ERIKA,” said Cure Marine, “CELENE,” said Cure Princess, “CILAN,” said Cilan, “IRIS,” said Iris, “CHILI,” said Chili, “CRESS,” said Cress, “ALL OF US ARE HEROES WE’LL SAVE EVERYONE,” said everyone there, “PRETTY CURE HEROIC STORM.” They all pointed the tips of their pens at team rocket, a storm of colors hit team rocket thus making them blast off. After that they went back to normal and went back inside.