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Grommile's Mind is a Many-Splintered Thing

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In a meticulously designed containment facility somewhere in Japan, Yui Ikari awoke from fitful dreams to find that in the night she had transformed into a disgusting meat robot made from the legs of God.

"Fuck me, Shinji."

Shinji Ikari stared in uncomprehending disbelief as the girl who'd been insulting and demeaning him for the past two months whipped off her tank top and threw it at him.

The dress was in the style of a Western wedding dress, except for being purple with lime green detailing. Shinji looked at the dress, then at his father, and shook his head.

"I don't want to marry an Angel!"

For a few long seconds, Shinji stayed where he had fallen, terrified into inaction by the fact that he had his hand on Rei's breast.

"Stroking would be more pleasant than squashing," observed Rei. "For both of us."

Shinji stared at the new transfer student. Over her uniform, she was wearing a dark green hoodie with white stripes and a red circle on the front, and the zipper toggle was decorated with a familiar-looking bird mask.

"My name is Sakieru Shito, and I'm delighted to join you!"