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Cherished Memories

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Click, click, click.

It’s all Subaru ever heard anymore. The sound of Kawase snapping pictures of him and Haru nonstop was..

Well, it could be downright embarrassing. Most of time it was unexpected and while Kawase had expressed that the unexpected and natural facial expressions were better when taking a picture it also sounded like an excuse to keep taking them. Honestly, how did his phone have enough storage for his unhealthy addiction?

The only time it ever felt annoying was when he was trying to finish a deadline, but at least then Kawase had enough decency to turn the phone on silent while taking pictures of Haru as he was busy in his room.

“Kawase, what are you doing..?” Subaru asks peering over the editor’s shoulder. A numerous amount of pictures were scattered across the table along with a blank book. It faintly reminded him of when his mom used to do something similar.

With Haru in the room rolling on her back while holding and kicking a fluffy cat toy Kawase had gave her he’s surprised Kawase isn’t gushing about that.

“Making a scrapbook. That way all our family moments are here in one easy place to find them.” Kawase hums as he continues working, a content smile on his face that has Subaru taking a peek at the book.

A picture of him dressed up for a festival recently that summer with a book and fan, along with Haru resting lazily beside him has his face turning pink. When on earth did Kawase take that one?

He glances over to a picture of him reading a favorite book of his, but with Haru popped up out of his sweater looking up at him in confusion. It was a bad habit of hers, but he can’t say he minded it too much since it was just her curious nature.

However the last one on the page had his face flaring up. There he laid with a book forgotten, sleeping on the floor with Haru curled up and resting on top of his stomach. He even had the nerve to take pictures of him while he was sleeping!?

“K-Kawase, don’t you think this is a bit much? Why do you have so many of us..” Trailing off Subaru spares Kawase a glance to see that the other looked deep in thought; enough to even putting down the glue stick he had been using.

“I know there’s a lot,” Pausing to rub his neck sheepishly, Kawase continues. “But every moment is precious to me. Each picture is a loving moment forever treasured and saved. And that’s something no one can ever take from us.” The soft fond smile has Subaru instantly regretting the question, but the heartfelt words has his heart fluttering. The importance of family was equally shared between them and it’s something Subaru came to adore about Kawase.

“H-hey.. There’s a lot of just me and Haru.. How about we get a picture of all three of us?” It comes out gentle and he feels flustered at the words, but the way Kawase turns to him instantly with hopeful eyes is worth it.

“Really!? You mean it? Haru! Time for a family photo!”

Subaru watches in amusement at the annoyed look Haru shoots Kawase along with a warning growl that has him shaking his head. It seems she still wasn’t used to his energetic personality, but like him maybe she could learn to love it.

With a soft laugh he decides to lend Kawase a hand knowing full well Haru would only sit still in his arms. Even if they were small moments it was nice to experience feeling the warmth of his family once more.