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Go the Distance

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Back before the reign of humans, there were two very powerful deities: the deity of Earth, Gaia, and the deity of heaven, Ouranos. Together they bore twelve children, thus creating the Titans. The youngest child, named Kronos, used his sickled to separate heaven from the Earth. Due to this separation, Kronos became the king of the Titans. After becoming the king, Kronos then took Rhea to be his wife and Queen.

Like the rulers before them, the married couple had their own children. But Kronos was afraid of being overthrown by his children, just like he had his father. In response to this fear, he swallowed whole each child he and Rhea created together when his wife presented the baby to him. And since they were not mortal, these children did not die.

Rhea knew of her husband’s wrongdoings and formulated a plan. With their sixth, and final, child, she hid him away in a cave on Mount Ida. This child’s name is Zeus. Instead of presenting the babe to her husband, she swaddled a rock with cloth and showed her husband. Kronos, not knowing that this was a fake, swallowed the rock whole like he did his other children.

Zeus was raised by nymphs in the cave and had also met Metis, who was a Titan and represented wisdom. Following her advice, Zeus disguised himself as a cupbearer and served poisoned wine to his father. The wine made Kronos incredibly sick. In fact, it made him so sick that he throw up the children he ate so long ago: Poseidon, Hades, Hera, Demeter, and Hestia.

Once reunited, the six siblings, under Zeus’s leadership, waged war against Kronos. The band of Zeus and his siblings were called the Olympians. Zeus then went to go release Cyclopes and Hecatonchires from their imprisonment in Tartarus and asked them to join his side against Kronos to which they agreed. Hecatonchires began to throw boulders at the Titans who sided with Kronos, and Cyclopes forged the famous lightning bolts Zeus wields. Together, the Olympians won the war and defeated their father. Kronos and his followers were locked away in Tartarus.

The three brothers, Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades, drew lots to decide upon the realms they ruled over. Poseidon became ruler of the seas, Hades became ruler of the underworld, and Zeus became ruler of the skies. Finally, Zeus was crowned king of the gods and of men. Though Hades was not very happy with the assignment given to him. Ever since they began ruling, Hades began plotting to take over all of Olympus with his minions, Pain and Panic, along with advice from the Fates. This remained hidden from his brothers and sisters since he never stepped outside his realm for very long, if he ever did.

Throughout his reign, Zeus had a multitude of affairs with different women. In effect, Zeus had created a large mass of offspring. Though, there is one certain child of Zeus that is sure to spring recognition into anybody’s mind. To the townspeople he lived with, he was the menace called Heracles. But to others that knew him...

His name was Jung Hoseok.