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A Good Day To Remain In Bed

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Cool lips grazed the crook of Jaina’s throat, stirring her from slumber. She sighed as they travelled the curve of her shoulder, slowly, as if they had every right to be there. Which, of course, they did.

“Aranal, Dal’alah,” Sylvanas whispered against her skin. “Your mate is in need.”

Jaina’s lashes fluttered, and she smiled at the term of endearment. Few people would believe that Sylvanas, Banshee Queen of the Forsaken and Warchief of the Horde, used such honeyed words, but it was a secret she enjoyed keeping to herself.

“Your Starlight is sleepy,” she said, swallowing a yawn. “Few more minutes…” As appealing as the thought of indulging Sylvanas was, she was still happily groggy, and knew she would drift back to sleep if her mate allowed.

Sylvanas did not allow. She nipped Jaina’s neck, a low growl rumbling in her throat. “Now,” she insisted, canting her hips into Jaina’s rear. The shaft of her cock was already swollen, and Jaina gasped to feel its firmness. Obviously, Sylvanas had not been exaggerating her need.

“Fine.” Jaina flipped onto her stomach and buried her face in her pillow, pleased to note it carried some of Sylvanas’s scent. The position felt a little different, thanks to the growing curve of her abdomen, but she wasn’t so far along that it was uncomfortable. “M’not moving,” she declared, her voice somewhat muffled. “Still waking up. If you want it, you do the work.”

“As you wish, dalah’surfal.”

Sylvanas rolled on top of her, stretching over the length of her body and caging her between both arms. The hard points of Sylvanas’s nipples dragged against her back, and Jaina shuddered in spite of her choice to stay still. A little more of her sleepiness evaporated.

Her heart picked up speed as Sylvanas brushed her loose hair aside, exposing her upper back to plant lingering kisses upon it. As before, her lips felt cool on Jaina’s skin, but not too cold. Sharing a bed for the night had allowed Sylvanas to leech a considerable amount of her body heat.

“Beautiful,” Sylvanas purred, twisting a stray lock of Jaina’s hair between her fingers. The tips of her claws caressed Jaina’s scalp, and she moaned into the pillow.


Sylvanas chuckled. “Is that so, my pet?” She ground her hips, pressing into Jaina’s upturned rear again. “What happened to lying still?”

Jaina moaned louder, this time with frustration. She didn’t give Sylvanas the satisfaction of raising her ass for a mount, but she did spread her thighs to invite the alpha in.

She was not disappointed. Sylvanas accepted the invitation with more eagerness than Jaina anticipated, pulling her legs further apart. She waited, a little breathless, for Sylvanas’s cock to settle against her opening, but instead, long, dexterous fingers toyed through her wetness.

Ohh… not fair… Jaina bit her lip, afraid the pillow wouldn’t be enough to stifle her cries. Sylvanas truly was wicked, even at her gentlest.

“Open for me, darling. Show me how wet you are.”

Jaina’s toes curled. Wicked, indeed. Nevertheless, she took a deep breath and made an effort to relax her body. One, then two of Sylvanas’s fingers slid in without any resistance at all, and Jaina choked back a whine as they probed her front wall.

Sylvanas hummed her approval. “There she is. My little Kul Tiran whore. I see I am not the only one in need this morning.”

Jaina huffed, twisting to glare over her shoulder. “I wasn’t, until you woke me up and started rubbing off on me. This is your fault.”

“True enough. I will happily take credit.” Sylvanas hooked her fingers again, drawing out a sob Jaina couldn’t bite back. “Just as I will take credit for all the whining and pleading you’re about to do.”

Any protests Jaina might have made were lost as Sylvanas pushed deeper, bringing her thumb to bear on Jaina’s clit. It pressed and rubbed with practiced precision, designed to make her body melt. She sank forward into the mattress, her limbs feeling like tingling dead weight.

Her hips had other ideas. They stirred like a low tide, gentle but insistent, finding a steady rhythm against Sylvanas’s hand. The long fingers inside her sank deeper, and she bit the fabric of the pillow, curling her toes against the onslaught. It absolutely wasn’t fair. Sylvanas was being horrid, exploiting all her weaknesses while she was too tired and comfortable to put up a proper resistance.

Jaina turned her head to the side and said so.

“Horrid?” Sylvanas chuckled. She gave Jaina’s clit a few more strokes, coaxing it from beneath its hood. “Is that truly the adjective you wish to use for this?”

Jaina panted. “Yes. Besides, aren’t you the one who needs to get off?”

Sylvanas withdrew her fingers, cupping the cheeks of Jaina’s ass and kneading firmly. “You should know by now that tormenting you is what gets me off.” She shifted her weight, resting the shaft of her cock on Jaina’s rear, a reminder of what she was withholding.

“Fuck you,” Jaina whimpered, unable to make the words sound truly threatening.

Sylvanas’s claws raked over her ass and down the backs of her thighs, undoubtedly leaving bright red lines behind. “No. Quite the opposite.”

At last, Sylvanas positioned the tip of her cock at Jaina’s opening. It remained there for several moments, and with growing annoyance and arousal, Jaina realized why. She bit the inside of her cheek, but the thickness just barely breaching her entrance was too tempting a reward to ignore.

“I hate you,” she grumbled.

“As long as you also love me,” Sylvanas replied, as fast as Talah’Ental’s bowstring.

Jaina grimaced. It was only because she did love Sylvanas, in spite of, and also perhaps because of, her infuriating habits, that she finally managed to say, “Please. Tides, please fuck me.”

“As my lady wishes.”

Sylvanas pressed forward, and Jaina had to bury her face in the pillow once more. She allowed herself to scream, clutching the fabric as the familiar, yet still overwhelming thickness of Sylvanas’s cock eased inside her.

It was a slow thrust, but not gentle. Sylvanas maintained the pressure, holding Jaina’s ass in one hand and pinning the small of her back with the other to keep her from squirming. She squirmed anyway, because it was so big and so much and the moment was rapidly approaching when she feared it wouldn’t fit despite her ample slickness.

But it did fit, of course, and when Sylvanas hilted inside her, they both exhaled matching sighs of relief.

Jaina was somewhat disappointed when Sylvanas didn’t immediately start thrusting. She stretched back out over Jaina’s body, establishing as much contact as possible. “Warm,” she sighed, and Jaina felt a pleasant tug at her heart. She didn’t know whether Sylvanas was talking about her skin or her pussy, but she supposed it didn’t matter.

“Fuck me,” she said, wiggling her rear in encouragement.

Sylvanas tsked. “So demanding, Dal’alah, for one who begged to go back to sleep a few minutes ago. Changed your mind, have you?”

Jaina refused to be drawn into Sylvanas’s banter. Rather, she rolled her hips back and squeezed her inner muscles, molding them as tightly as she could to the shape of Sylvanas’s cock.

She was rewarded by a hitch of breath. Sylvanas ground her hips, trying for more depth even though she’d already bottomed out, and sunspots flashed in front of Jaina’s eyes. Fuck. Sylvanas knew just how to fill her.

“Lie still,” Sylvanas cooed, pausing to drag her tongue up the side of Jaina’s neck. Once she found a satisfactory place, she bit down hard enough to make Jaina clench involuntarily. “Lie still, dalah kim falo’ban, and take what I give you.”

“You’d have to give me something to take first,” Jaina huffed, blowing aside a few strands of hair clinging to her face. Some of it was Sylvanas’s, which had spilled over her shoulder.

“Oh? Like this?”

Sylvanas withdrew, and Jaina felt a piercing ache deep inside. It was only a few inches, but the loss was still maddening, until Sylvanas snapped her hips and slid back in on an easy tide of Jaina’s wetness.


Fullness replaced the awful emptiness, so wonderful as to be overwhelming. Jaina clutched the pillow tighter, clenching her jaw. She would have risen onto her hands and knees but for the weight of Sylvanas’s body on top of hers. No longer tired, she relished the helplessness of her prone position, trembling as Sylvanas drew back for another testing stroke.

As before, it was slow but deliberate. Measured, but not gentle. Sylvanas fucked her as though she had every right to fill Jaina’s body as deeply as she could, as thoroughly as she could. The knowing thrusts were meant to exploit, and absolutely succeeded in doing so.

Jaina swore through gritted teeth.

Sylvanas shoved her claws into Jaina’s hair, pulling her head back to nip the shell of her ear. “Such language, Lady Proudmoore,” she drawled. “Wherever did a pretty thing like you learn such filth? Didn’t your mother’s sailors curb their tongues around you?”

Were she any less aroused, Jaina would have rolled her eyes and called Sylvanas on her hypocrisy. Her mate had already insulted her in two languages — granted, for Jaina’s own pleasure — and they’d only been ‘conversing’ a few minutes. But greed got the better of her, and she tilted her head to the side instead, baring her neck for Sylvanas’s teeth.

“Do something better with your mouth besides talking about my mother.”

It was an offer she knew her mate wouldn’t be able to refuse, and she was right. Sylvanas abandoned her ear in favor of her throat, sinking her fangs in and growling possessively. There, Jaina thought, that should keep her quiet, but then Sylvanas picked up pace, and Jaina keened in pleasure. Sylvanas plunged in at an angle that battered perfectly against her front wall, and she rocked like a ship riding storm-waves.

After that, Sylvanas made no more attempts to tease. She pounded Jaina into the mattress, still slowly, but with a thorough ferocity that lit every one of Jaina’s nerves aflame. All too soon, she was riding the crest of her first peak, about to tumble over.

Sylvanas released her neck. “No.”

Jaina gave a cry of distress, but it did nothing to soften Sylvanas’s heart or inspire mercy.

“No,” she growled again, rutting hard into Jaina’s rear for good measure. “I told you — you will take what I give.”

Jaina bit back more curses. She knew obedience would be well worth her while in the end, but that didn’t mean she appreciated being manipulated. At least, not completely. Briefly, she considered calling Sylvanas’s bluff, but despite the needy throbs the alpha’s cock gave inside her at the apex of each thrust, she knew Sylvanas was a bastion of control outside her ruts. She would have no problem leaving Jaina high and dry in order to make a point, and Jaina was already far too close to risk it.

She surrendered.

She relaxed, trusting Sylvanas to carry them both where they needed to be in due time.

She went deliberately limp, giving voice to the needy noises she wanted to make, allowing herself to experience the full force of the pleasure Sylvanas’s hands, mouth, and cock offered.

One of those hands slid under her belly and between her legs, seeking out her clit. When Sylvanas circled it, Jaina’s core clenched, and she inhaled sharply, holding her breath to try and delay her release.

Sylvanas mumbled sweetly into her shoulder, glowing words of praise in both Thalassian and Common. “That’s it. My good girl. Taking me so well… so obedient… so responsive.” As if to make a point, Sylvanas pinched her clit, causing Jaina’s core to ripple.

There was little she could do to hasten Sylvanas’s torment, but while she was resigned to enduring it, she also did what she could to earn her reward. She clenched her muscles, bearing down around Sylvanas’s shaft, hoping the deliberate squeezing would please her mate. It did, judging by the way Sylvanas hissed and throbbed within her, but did nothing to encourage a faster pace.

“Are you in need, my love?” Sylvanas plunged as deep as possible and remained there, the tops of her thighs surprisingly warm against Jaina’s ass. “Does it ache? Tell me.”

“You know it does,” Jaina huffed, but her words sounded more like a whimper.

Sylvanas placed a tender kiss behind her ear, pausing to smell her hair before worrying the lobe with pointed teeth. “And what would you do for me, if it meant I would ease your pain?”

Jaina gritted her teeth. She knew what Sylvanas was after, but stubbornly, she didn’t want to surrender. At least, not so easily. That would only make Sylvanas smug, and the alpha didn’t need any extra encouragement for that. But after a few moments of stillness, Jaina began to reconsider. She already missed Sylvanas’s thrusts, damn her, and even the slight pause put cracks in her resolve.

“Just tell me whatever depraved thing it is you want to hear and I’ll say it, as long as you move,” she growled, rocking her hips back in hopes of convincing Sylvanas to resume.

Sylvanas did not resume. She remained frustratingly silent and still, until Jaina gave a broken sob of frustration.


“Better.” Sylvanas rewarded her with another deep thrust, but only the one. Jaina seriously considered wiggling out from beneath her and throwing the pillow in her face — and would have done, if she hadn’t known Sylvanas would leave her to her own hand for who knew how long as punishment.


Sylvanas seemed to realize she was reaching the limits of Jaina’s patience. “Tell me,” she purred, drawing things out by sucking the crook of Jaina’s throat, “to whom you belong. In your own words, Lord Admiral.”

Heat flooded Jaina’s entire being. She had known it would be something along those lines, but that didn’t lessen the effect Sylvanas’s demand had on her. She spilled more wetness around the thick shaft buried inside her, fluttering with the knowledge that she was Sylvanas’s, and was being forced to say so.

“You,” she gasped. It was the only word she could manage.

“And?” Sylvanas gave another thrust out of rhythm, a small reward for Jaina’s obedience, then stopped, waiting expectantly.

Jaina’s stomach sank. Of course that hadn’t been enough. “Damn it, I’m yours, Sylvanas. Yours only. Yours completely. As long as stars do shine.”

That did it. She cried out as Sylvanas took her, plunging in and out at a truly feverish pace, completely unlike the slow, thorough fucking she’d delivered before. Her unrestrained passion sent Jaina reeling, and after only a few strokes, she knew she couldn’t hold back any longer, even if Sylvanas ordered her to.

She opened her mouth to offer a warning, but all that came out was a wail. The large, firm bulge of Sylvanas’s knot had finally made an appearance, grinding expectantly against her entrance. The flash of initial discomfort from the stretch soon dissolved into another tide of wetness and yet more pleasure.

Jaina raised her hips, clawing at the sheets. “Knot me,” she pleaded, biting down on her lip as water leaked from her eyes. “Please, Sylvanas, just fucking—”

Sylvanas pushed inside her with fluid ease, and Jaina’s mouth hung open in blissful shock. Despite having taken her mate’s knot countless times before, the fullness was overwhelming. She tensed and shuddered, then came all at once, pulsing wildly as her inner walls struggled to accept Sylvanas’s thickness.

“Jaina,” Sylvanas whimpered, a surprisingly sweet and vulnerable sound that left Jaina dizzy. Mates though they were, Sylvanas still usually referred to her as ‘Proudmoore’ outside of pet names, which Jaina didn’t mind at all. But sometimes, it was nice to hear her lover cry out her name, especially with such fervent need.

“Fill me,” Jaina gasped, a demand and a plea wrapped into one. “Give me everything you… ahh, fuck!”

Her contractions, which had never really stopped, swelled to another crescendo as Sylvanas pulsed inside her. Those harsh twitches were the only warning she received before Sylvanas came, flooding her core with a rush of warmth. And it was very warm, thanks to all the heat Sylvanas had drawn from her own body. Heat Jaina was more than willing to share.

Sylvanas’s spurts came faster as she latched onto Jaina’s shoulder, sucking mercilessly at the scar there. She growled out something around a mouthful of Jaina’s flesh which she almost didn’t recognize, but familiarity allowed her to translate the muffled word. “Dalahn.”


“Yours,” Jaina keened, and this time, that one word was enough. They rode their peaks together, locked in shared ecstasy.

By the time Sylvanas’s release tapered off and Jaina’s aftershocks faded to weak flutters, they were both trembling. The syrupy heaviness that accompanied Jaina’s former exhaustion returned, and she went limp, groaning into the pillowcase, which smelled even more like Sylvanas than before, much to her delight. “Mm. Good.”

Sylvanas released her shoulder and chuckled. “Merely good? I must admit, I was hoping for more.”

Jaina rolled her eyes. “Fishing for praise doesn’t become you, you know.”


“You like it when I’m a brat. I daresay it’s half of why you keep me around.”

“I keep you around for many reasons, Dal’alah, but I must admit, that is one of them.” Sylvanas’s hand crept beneath Jaina’s belly, caressing her rounded abdomen. “Among many others.”

A flush burned Jaina’s cheeks. She wasn’t entirely sure she was ready for the arrival of their litter, which would undoubtedly grow into a swarm of holy terrors if they had even a trace of Sylvanas in them — or her, for that matter. She hadn’t been the most well-behaved pup herself.

“We won’t get to enjoy many mornings like this soon, will we?” she mused, a little sadly.

Sylvanas nuzzled her cheek. “We will make time. Somehow. And they will be happier for it, because we are happy.”

Are we? Although Jaina didn’t regret her choice to bond with Sylvanas, ‘happy’ glossed over the many complications their relationship had caused. And yet, when she looked inside herself, she found that she was, indeed, happy. Sylvanas was hers as much as she was Sylvanas’s, and that alone would be enough to see her through any difficulties.

“But you are not to take them sailing until they can swim on their own.”

“We’ll revisit this discussion later,” Jaina said, too relaxed to indulge in an argument. She was happy, damn it, and she wanted to stay that way for a few more minutes, before the world inevitably intruded.

But maybe it wouldn’t today. She was cozy in bed with her mate, still pleasantly full and tied, and had no pressing obligations to speak of. All in all, it seemed a good day to remain in bed except for scurrying out in search of food and water. Although I could always conjure some, if I really didn’t want to go anywhere...

“What are you thinking?” Sylvanas asked, stroking Jaina’s cheek with the backs of her knuckles. Her expression was mildly concerned, and Jaina smiled to reassure her.

“I’m thinking…” She clenched around Sylvanas, stirring her hips slightly. “That we aren’t finished yet.”

Sylvanas’s breath hitched in a gasp, even though she hadn’t been breathing before. A low rumble vibrated in her chest, and she buried her face in the crook of Jaina’s neck, cupping her stomach possessively. Jaina shivered. It seemed Sylvanas was of a similar mind.