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The Beginning Of Something Wonderful

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Aizawa didn’t know what to think when he had been called out right at the start of his patrol.


They had called that two children had been missing after playing in the woods and never came back. Usually, that wouldn't pique his interest, unfortunately, kids go missing all the time. What did pique his interest was that they had discovered footprints, but each time they had tried to follow them they ended right back at the forest edge. So they called Aizawa in to try to erase the quirk of whatever had been preventing the children’s finding. Just as he arrived, however, he finds that the police are dealing with what looks like a mutant child unable to control his quirk. The area had turned to complete winter and Aizawa was freezing suddenly. All from this child’s quirk?


“Momma? Why are you sleeping in the red pool? It's cold here we have to go before they catch us” The small kid had said.


Aizawa quickly wraps his capture weapon around him, hoping to have contact with something grounds the child to reality. He sees the kid jolt slightly but not take his eyes off a spot on the ground.


“I love you too Mama!” the little kid spoke and Aizawa quickly turned on his quirk, which seemed to jolt the young mutant child back to reality. They seem to glance around before locking eyes with Aizawa and falling forward.  Aizawa quickly picks up the child in his arms. Deciding to ignore how light they are and rushes over to the police barricade. This young boy is the size of Nezu. He is covered in short curly hair and what looks like nails that were trimmed with a rock. The young boy has got bat ears, he must have excellent hearing. This child is a full mutant, his eyes are small and he's got a bat snout. He figures it's difficult to see in the day. He quickly rushes past the police barricade and out into the crowd. The crowd seems agitated at the sight of a child being the one that caused the problems. Disperse when they realize no hero fight was taking place. Savages. Aizawa keeps the child unmoving in his arms to prevent further injury.


“This child is malnourished and injured. They need to see medical attention. I have suspect to believe their parents have been killed.” Aizawa kept his tone neutral. But inside a fire was burning. Abuse of people with mutant quirks was a thing of the past. How dare someone hurt this small child. How dare someone harm children who don't know any better? The two lost children, Midoriya and Bakugou were it? Seemed frightened he hoped the parents talked to them about what happened and how it wasn’t their fault. Don't need to have them turn into problem children yet. He shoves his overacting parental instincts to the side to think about later. Focus on the problem at hand Aizawa.


“Really? Get him to the hospital, hop in the car, I'll take you there.” said the officer with bat wings, he fluttered them as he spoke. He seemed shocked at the news. “Just so you know Eraserhead, the quirk suppressant darts didn’t affect him. We will need you on standby.” The officer seemed apologetic. He better be. Aizawa climbed into the front of the cop car with the boy gently in his arms, his capture weapon wrapped around him gently.


“Fine, but I will be taking a nap once we are there,” Aizawa grumbled in response. While the officer put on his lights and began to drive “I've never seen this kind of mutant quirk before. Fluffy green fur, sharp nails, with opposable thumbs, Winter quirk to go with it. Think he's in public records?”


“I dunno.” the Bat cop replied. “I'm taking him to pediatrics hospital, they should be able to get the help he needs there.” His eyes are focused on the road.


Aizawa glances back down at the small child, they seemed to relax in his grip, and he softly speaks in his sleep clinging to Aizawa. No, He did not squeak at his adorable little wild face. He DID NOT. Silence parental instincts.


The car ride to the hospital was quick. Thank god.


Aizawa carefully carried him into the ER, where nurses were waiting. He followed them to his room and began getting him fluids. This was a kids room, and it didn’t have a speck of white in it. Probably for the best, one of his triggers might have been white. He briefly tells the doctors that he might have a trigger with white and he may have been abused. The doctors are careful around him with any white in case he wakes up.


Time seemed to fly when Aizawa zoned out. He blankly noted they took blood samples and DNA. Later they were testing him to see if he got vaccines and took him in for x-rays and brain scans to make sure nothing was damaged in his lack of food water and shelter. All the while the boy stayed asleep. By the time they were done it was 5 am. Aizawa curses. He's going to be late to UA. He just started teaching 2 years ago at 20. Aizawa still goes out patrolling each night even while teaching, He gets restless, and is a bit of an insomniac. He’s glad Nezu gave him the opportunity to teach, but some of these hero hopefuls are idiots. He thinks he better text his Idiot of a best friend and the rest of U.A. high school what’s going on since it’s getting late.


UA Official Teacher CHAT

4 People online - Eraserhead, Nezu, Recovery-Girl, Lunch-Rush


Eraserhead: Situation with the police, I'm watching over a kid who has a dangerous quirk. Cannot come into work today.


    Nezu: No worries Eraserhead. @Present-Mic will cover your class today. I will, however, want to hear all about this Dangerous quirk. ;)


Present-Mic is online.


    Present-Mic: No worries Eraserhead I got this covered!


    Eraserhead: Thank you Present Mic. I will talk about what I can Nezu.


Eraserhead is Offline.


He quickly texts Hizashi in private;


Shota → Hizashi

Hey, sorry about the late text or waking you up. Thanks for subbing for my hero wannabes.


Hizashi → Shota

HEY HEY! No worries! Just got back from my morning run! How goes the babysitting!!

Attached Photo- Post_Morning_Selfie  


If Aizawa was drinking something, he would have to spit it out. He’s glad that no one knows about his small crush on Hizashi. Not even Hizashi himself. Crushes were illogical, and Aizawa is a very logical man. Plus it would be weird to have to fess up to having a crush on his best friend since their time at U.A. But nonetheless Hizashi looks amazing in his post workout. Fuck. Feeling the spirit of enthusiasm, he sends Hizashi a selfie back and sends it before he can change his mind about it.


Instant regret courses through Aizawa.


Shota → Hizashi

Good, kids been out for hours. I am going to catch up on some sleep. Hopefully will find a new apartment after what happened to the last one.

Attached Photo- Babysitting


Hizashi → Shota

Oh wow! You look tired Shota!! I told you I got a spare bedroom, it’s always open for you!! Talk to you later!!!


Aizawa puts his phone down, it's now 6 am, he's exhausted. He wishes he had more time to talk to Hizashi, His idiot best friend, whom he has a small crush on. Aizawa insists it’s a SMALL crush and ignores the small voice that tells him that he had this crush since U.A. But he's going on being awake for 48 hours and he needs sleep. He grabs the sleeping bag he always carries and sets it up on the floor, before crawling inside and laying with his eyes closed. He wishes he was asleep in a new apartment. But figures that this small child could use the company. Plus Aizawa wouldn’t admit to being homeless just yet.


He falls asleep rather quickly, thankfully. His insomnia cooperating with him for once. The nurses and doctors make sure to be quiet, as to not disturb either sleeping person.


Aizawa is the first to wake in a panic to a screaming child at 10 am.