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The Beginning Of Something Wonderful

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Izuku wakes to the sound of children laughing.


Warily wondering why the scientists have let children into his pen before his last few years flash before his mind.


Inko, a promise, freedom, red, fulfilling a promise, exhaustion, and sleep.


He remembers using his powers, he remembers bringing the humans a gift. He remembers being tired.


The sound of laughter causes Izuku to focus on the children once again, he thought this place to be foolproof. Shoving his memories to the side to think about them later. No one can see this place. It sends them in the opposite direction. Perhaps his wish has worn off?  Rustily using the teaching that Inko told him. She taught him how to walk like a human. She taught him to walk like a human. He found himself stretching as he stood on two feet. Using his powers to make him have opposable thumbs he brushes himself off before stepping closer to the sound. He looks through the thick thorn bushes that hide his home to see two young humans playing in the woods.


Odd. They are about the same size as him. Perhaps everyone is short now? He notices that both of them have gotten his gift. One human boy(?) is growing horns and has a long scaled tail that drags on the ground. He has green hair like me. While the other has an explosion gift. It's interesting to see the way his wish has been interpreted in the time that he has been gone. Izuku watches the young children play tag in the woods unaware of the time. It seems the sun is going down. He feels the hole in his heart grow, he misses Inko. But he has a photo of her in his necklace. He gently rubs the heart-shaped necklace that lays against his fluffy chest. He pauses. Fluffy? He was short hair when he first slept.


Izuku quickly rushes to the puddle he noticed earlier and looks down in shock, his hair has grown curly and dark green, his ears are big and pointy, he has new fangs and a short stubby tail, his hair covers most of his features. His nails are long and curly, and thick. But most importantly He hasn’t grown at all. He's still only 2ft tall. Last but not least Izuku looks at the photo of Inko, only to find it dull and worn, but he can still see her.


Izuku realizes that it may have been more than a just few years of sleep. He wonders just when he is. Just when he finished cleaning himself up, he turns around to see the two small children standing in his home.


There is no need for him to panic right?


“Who the fuck are you?” The blonde one spoke first.


“Kaachan!! You can’t swear at strangers!” the green one said.


“Don’t tell me what to fucking do Deku!!” Kaachan replied.


Izuku panics and speaks quietly, hoping to pass off as a child “im..lost..” His voice is dry and unused, he forces tears to come from his eyes.


“Kaachan!! You made him cry!” the green one shouted.


“Shit I did, fuck I didn’t mean to!??” Kaachan shouted back.


Izuku tried to call upon his voice once more, using his wish to make clothing appear in the same manner and places as the children, he shifts nervously “c-can you help me back to town?”


The green one’s eyes light up at the idea “Kaachan we can be heroes! Oh! My name is Midoriya Ifza !” He gestures wildly to Kaachan “this is Bakugou Kaachan!” Izuku does a double take, he guesses that Izumi is a girl now that he looks closer. What was that about heroes?


Bakugou stomps his foot and lets off his quirk before wildly screaming “ ITS BAKUGOU KATSUKI IDIOT”


Izuku, nervous to give out his name quickly thinks of a nickname and goes with, “ me Izu, m-my momma told me not to tell others my name.”

“That's fuckin weird.”




“Let's get moving before it gets pitch black fuckers!”



After about 5 minutes of the sudden random rant about a man named ‘All-Might’ and whatever quirks are. Izuku visibly flinches when his feet touch the pavement. What is this? There are buildings and lights. Izuku finally found the guts to speak up, especially when they entered what he assumed to be the city;


“Um... Midoriya, Bakugou? What’s an ‘All Might’? and a Quirk? what are we walking on and why are all those buildings scary and tall? Um Is this a City? M-my mamma told me to avoid these places, we should leave..” It was about Midnight now. He must have accidentally subconsciously sped forward time while they were walking in the woods. Oops.


Both of them turned to look at Izuku with a weird look on their faces, Why are they making that face?

Izuku turns to see a tall woman with dark hair running towards them shouting “Ifza!” With the police behind her. She rushes past and holds up Midoriya, and she promptly starts sobbing. Bakugou joins in as a tall woman with similar features had picked up him up.


Izuku looks up to both the women.


“Ifza dear, who is your friend?” The woman, who appears to be her mother looks down at Izuku and that makes his heart race. For some reason, he can't focus on making eye contact with the clear adult. “Momma we found them in the woods too!” small Midoriya chimes in.


“Yeah!” Bakugou chimes in “They were lost too! So we wanted to be heroes and take him back to town!” Bakugou has a big smile on his face. His mom sets him down on the ground. “Where’s your parent brat?” His mom asks.


Izuku is scared, his breathing becomes labored he doesn't want to speak. “She’s with the peopl e in coats, and i-i” Izuku can’t stop the tears coming from his face. “I can't go back!!”


Tall Midoriya chimes in “its okay dear we won’t make you go back okay? You can stay right here.” She set down Ifza and got closer to his eye level. Small Midoriya reaches out to grab and hold Izuku’s hand and for a moment he lets them hold hands, it helps Izuku think of the present.


Tall Midoriya looks around for a brief moment. “Could you turn off your quirk sweetie, There's no need to be scared, we can help you.” For a brief moment, tall Midoriya’s face fizzles away to look like one of the doctors. Izuku can feel the moment his heart drops. He looks behind her to see the police car and seeing the increasing worry in both the Bakugou’s faces and the two police officers on the scene. One of them leans into a radio while staring up at the sky, and in the distance, more sirens are coming. Izuku doesn’t know what that means and that terrifies him. This lady is going to take him and hurt him, she’s working for them!!

He can't go back! His breathing turns into frantic gasps.


He rips Midoriya’s hand from the scientist. Much to the shock of both of them. Tall Midoriya-The scientist then looks up at the sky and sees that the temperature dropped. Izuku’s vision is turning white, his body becomes cold. Frost covers the nearby trees in the park. Frost begins to cover the area around Midoriya and himself. Midoriya is crying out for that person he calls his mother. But his mind no longer registers the park, the city. All he can remember is the facility. His Mind bends to his power and creates a snow storm out of thin air. The police are shouting now. Midoriya rips from his grip and runs to his mother. But Izuku cannot hear any of this. All he can hear is the snow and his frantic heart in his ears.


He doesn’t want to go back to the facility. It's cold there. The Temperature drops quickly in the area around him.  To sustain the snow. Suddenly there are people outside gathered around the area the police is roping the area off and keeping people away from him. Everyone is visibly tense. But he doesn’t see them anymore, all he sees is the group of people being the scientists that hurt him. He starts visibly shaking and he turns back to where the forest should have been only to see Inko clear as day Sleeping in the snow.


There's more screaming in his ears but he can't hear it, he feels something prick his neck, but he ignores it. Inko is right here. He found Inko! He found mama. He can only hear the roaring silence of snow of mountains. His focus is on Inko. His only worries are about his mother who raised him.


He manages to speak softly, to his mother, blissfully unaware of the hero approaching him, they lock eye contact but he doesn’t see past what his mind is making for him. He doesn’t see the hero with a black costume.


“Momma? Why are you sleeping in the red pool? It's cold here we have to go before they catch us”


Izuku hears softly the voice of his mother the last time “Its okay baby. They won't catch us. But you need to keep going. Okay? I’m going to rest here. But then I’ll zoom and catch up quickly okay? Keep walking for mamma. Can you race to see how far away you can get before I catch up?” He nods enthusiastically. “This world isn’t the right place for you Izuku. Stay out of sight. I love you.”


“I love you too mama!” With that, he turned to run down the mountain when suddenly Izuku is dragged out of his mind. The crowd that has acclimated is massive, thinking its a hero vs villain. but he stares at a tall man, with black hair that stands on end his eyes are covered in goggles, he sees they glow red. Oh! His gift! They named them Quirks! This man can stop his gift-er quirk. Izuku looks down to his midsection to find that a piece of fabric is wrapped around his waist. Oh, is he in trouble? He makes brief eye contact with the man before looking back at the two boys who helped him.


Bakugou and Midoriya are standing by the lady with the dark hair, Tall Midoriya, and Tall Bakugou. They look afraid. He didn't want to make them afraid. He just got scared it happens when he gets scared his power lashes out and does what it wants.


He begins to become dizzy and collapses just as the black-haired man catches him and pulls him forward in his white tape. He faintly notes that he’s never seen that many people before.


Izuku sleeps once more.