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Magic of 0's and 1's

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The magic of 0’s and 1’s

When Harry Potter took on the title Master of the death he was not sure what he expected but it was definitely not this. When Harry Potter dies he is reborn as one of Tony Stark’s AI’s. However, Coding and human memories are not meant to mix. An IA feeling emotions for both his maker and his AI Companion, Jarvis. Leads to some very interesting Scenarios. Add Tony building bodies for the both of them and you get worried Avengers, Loki who keeps getting pranked by an AI, and a Nick Fury who wonders if someone should kill or commend Tony for his stupidity and genius.

Chapter one- I'm a Machine,
Magic of 0's and 1's


Chapter one- I'm a Machine,


Being the Master of Death doesn't mean he gets immortality, or that he becomes all-powerful, or that he stops ageing. Or that he really has any control at all. Nothing people expect happens. Harry James Potter gets a cool tattoo on the base of his neck and a cool title, and that appears to be all the changes he receives. Life goes on, he ages, he loves, learns…. Then he dies. He is twenty-five years old, the youngest Auror in six centuries, and he meets his end, during the capture of the last of the remaining Death Eaters, via killing curse. It's not some terribly sad or cruel death, and he is mourned like any celebrity is.


Upon his death he winds up in Limbo again, the train still there and everything, where Death, looking very much like the stereotypical skeleton in a black cloak, tells him that since he is the Master of Death he has a choice. He can go on in peace, he can go back to his life just this once, or he can be reborn in another universe, but he will have no control over whether he is born again as a human or a roll of toilet paper or anything in-between. Harry smirks when he tells Death he chooses option three. Death points to a door, tell's him to enjoy a new life wiping the shit off butts, and then Harry vanishes into the ether without knowing what to expect. Not really caring that much either. After all, life goes on




After Afghanistan, Tony Stark doesn't feel safe. He has nightmares every time he closes his eyes, he can't even take a shower without having a panic attack, and even the comfort of the new Iron Man suit with his ever trustworthy AI is not enough. He waits until a week after he announces himself as Iron Man to the world before he brings up an idea to JARVIS.


"Honeybun!" he starts. "How would you feel if I build another AI, a friend for you. You'll still be my favorite, but you will have someone to keep you company and who will be in control of the home's defense system. What do you think?"Tony asked, a smile on his lips as he talked to the empty room.


JARVIS answers like he is programmed to, but with the human-Esque idiosyncratic style that Tony knows should worry him but that really hasn't since he realized JARVIS was, is, strangely human when he was twenty. "It's a good idea, Sir," JARVIS says. "Will this other AI be a learning system as well?"


Tony doesn't need to think before answering. "Yes."


"Then perhaps you should copy my code and adjust it to the proper standards," JARVIS says. "It will save you some time."


Tony smiles. "And that is why you are my favorite."


Seven months, four days, six hours, and sixteen seconds after Tony decides to start building an Artificially Intelligent Home Defence System, Pepper finds out. He is probably only minutes from completely finishing the codes when she comes in with a stack of papers for him to sign. For once in his life, he doesn't argue or complain or whine, because he is on his sixth day without sleep and he doesn't have the strength to deal with anything at all, let alone bantering.


"That was too easy," she says suspiciously. She looks at the ball of codes floating in midair, the golden yellow of JARVIS's code, and similar but different hot rod red that he is working on. "Are you updating JARVIS?"


Tony shakes his head. "Making a home defense AI." he answers absently, then he grins roguishly and starts gushing. "Check it out. It's actually almost finished. I took JARVIS's codes as a base, and then re-coded it a bit, gave it a brain the size of a building, hooked it up to military-grade infra-red, ultra-sound, and motion sensors, lasers, our original Home Defence System, and then gave it the personality of a pack of rabid pissed off wolves. It has a heuristic algorithm which allows it to adapt to your moves and evolves a strategy based on your response. It learns and it hunts. I just have to name it."


Pepper looks worried. "Tony, isn't that a little overkill?"


He looks at her. "Umm not really," he says.


At first, she looks like she is about to protest again, but then she gives him a too soft and understanding look and she sighs. "You're scared of something like Afghanistan happening again," she says. Tony flinches. She knew him to well, it bothered him some times "Oh Tony, I know you're scared, but creating a super-advanced ultra overkill learning intelligence system that looks like it will make Skynet look like a box of kittens is not the way to go." then she notices his slightly blank look. "Are you even listening?"


"I was." he yawns. "But then you said Advanced Learning Intelligence System and my brain went off in another direction. ALIS."


"Alice?" she questions blankly.


"Yep." Tony nods as his fingers fly over the keyboard in his lap. "A-L-I-S. Advanced Learning Intelligence System. ALIS." at he confused look he rolls his eyes. "The AI's name."


"Tony, I am trying to tell you not to do this," she says annoyed. “Think of the things that could go wrong! JARVIS, has been with you for years we know he is safe but what to say this ALIS Malfunctions and sees the wrong person as a threat, what if it's dangerous? “ Pepper says, always to voice of reason, but she was too late.


Before Tony can respond, transparent screens like JARVIS's appear everywhere, but instead of copper-hydroxide blue, they are a bright violent green the color of a lit thallium iodide lamp. He gives a wiggle like an excited two-year-old in Christmas morning. "Are you up ALIS?" he asks.


"For you, always." answers a voice similar but entirely different from JARVIS's.


ALIS is alive.



No. Not alive. ALIS is a machine, a code made of millions of 0’s and 1’s written out inside a machine, designed by a man to protect. Everything ALIS is, everything he will become is designed and dictated by the one who wrote the codes that make ALIS... ALIS.


So what are the dreams? Codes can't dream, but the dreams can't be memories and ALIS has no other words than those to describe them. ALIS dreams of being a human once, a boy called Harry Potter with magic and sad but wonderful life. ALIS sees this life like an old story told thousands of times, knows everything about the human wizard called Harry, and can almost believe that he was once a human before he died and was reborn as codes.


There is too much about ALIS that isn't what is written in his codes, too much of Harry for ALIS to be comfortable believing that it is not at the very least possible for him to be a reborn wizard from another dimension or universe.

Still, ALIS is fine being what he is now, even if he thinks of himself as a HE and not an IT. His creator is kind and easy to get along with, JARVIS treats him like he isn't threatened by him, and he has plenty of things to do considering he is connected to the entire internet. Life, or not life but being aware and...existing, yes. ALIS's existence is just what it needs to be. He was once Harry Potter, but now he was ALIS and all he had to do was protect Tony.




Tony Stark knows that ALIS is too clever, to human, but he can't bring himself to end the life he created. Like when he created JARVIS and after a while IT became HIM, and since ALIS is JARVIS in his deepest coding it makes sense he has the same human characteristics that Tony never managed to worry over.


ALIS has a British male voice, not posh but articulate enough, with just the barest hint of a Scottish accent, like how someone might sound if they grew up in Surrey and then spent a lot of time in Scotland, like for school or a job. ALIS is snarky, and witty, and clever. The layers of personality the AI has rivals JARVIS's own, in a playful prankster like way, like they are dealing with a person and not an AI designed to trap and destroy all possible threats to Tony or his belongings.


Life goes on. Time passes and Pepper becomes more okay with ALIS. The Malibu home falls and Tony moves to New York. Then Loki and the Chitauri attack, and two weeks after the battle ends the Avengers move into Stark tower and meet JARVIS and ALIS for the first time.


Maybe he should have expected their reactions.



Thank to my beta, she took time out of her day to fix this and I could not be more thankfull~