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Absolutely Marbleous

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“Dude we should totally take a picture with it, it would be cool as hell!” Felix exclaims while walking towards the statue he wanted to snap a photo of.


There was quite a crowd surrounding the statue, which was understandable. District 9, or the place where they were, was known for the statue situated at the district center. It was practically tradition that if you went to District 9 the statue would always be part of your itinerary.


The statue was just that of a normal young man, nothing exciting about him except for the legend that surrounded it.


The legend goes that the young man used to be one of the fairest in the district. All of the people that beheld his beauty fell for him. But alas, the man was not blessed by the god of love for he was unable to fall for anyone.


Upon learning of his fate he went to a witch and asked if there was anything that could be done, and the witch told him that the only one he would fall for was the other half of his soul, but sadly that other half was yet to be in that day and age.


Struck with grief the boy asked the witch if there was anything that could be done. The witch then answered, “My lovely boy, there is a spell that can be used for you to meet the one you were destined to be with.” Hearing this the man’s hope was returned. He then agreed to anything the witch wanted in return and the witch immediately started the spell.


And now here the statue was, still in the district center. It was said that their soulmate would be the only one that can turn him back into a normal human, and that can be done by touching him. Because of that everyone took a photo making sure to touch the statue.


Even though Jisung actually didn’t believe in the legend he still wanted to see the statue up-close since he was studying art and was told that the statue actually looked amazing, even almost life-like at times.


Jisung followed Felix to the center of the district. There were still quite a lot of people around, a group of girls were trying to take a picture with the statue, there were nine of them in total and each one of them made sure they were touching the man.


Jisung cringed as he watched the ensemble, they were touching the statue in some of the most inappropriate places, but there really was nothing he could do about that.


The man taking their picture gave them a small smile as he counted down.


He looked back at the statue and started to study it better. The statue looked as tall as him, if not a few centimeters taller. The material used was probably metal which was amazing since it was wearing clothes that looked at least a few decades old and that technique would have been hard at the time, but what stood out the most was its’ pose. For some reason the statue had both of its’ thumbs up, as though he was telling someone that he was ready.


And for such an important statue it didn't even have a podium so it was in easy reach of anyone, which made sense now that Jisung thought better of it. But it didn't even have a title nor the name or alias of the artist, maybe he could look and try to find their sign in the work.


But everything about the statue was just odd.


He was surprised when someone suddenly tapped his shoulder, it was Felix. “Bro stop thinking too hard about art right now, I really want to take a pic and that guy told me that he can take it.” He said as they walked towards the guy that took the girls picture.


The guy in question was looking at them while they walked. “Hi! I’m Jimin, you must be Jisung? Felix here told me that you were an art student and that you wanted to take a picture with Minho?” The man said with a smile offering his hand, which Jisung kindly shook.


“Yes, I am Jisung, but who exactly is Minho?”


“Oh, that’s the statue’s name, we locals were told of his story and every one of us also knows his name by heart, you know just in case he wakes.” Jimin supplied with a smile.


Jisung looked at Jimin quizzically but he didn’t question the guy.


Felix wanted to take a single and a group picture, because he wanted to send the single photo to his boyfriend and the group one, with both of them, to their friends.


Felix went and took his photo first. Holding the guy’s thumbs in each hand with his right foot up and his head thrown back. As though he and the statue were friends laughing at each other's jokes.


When he was done, Jisung went and took his place. He looked at the statue, and up-close he realized that the man had a hopeful expression on his face, he was quite handsome, and had a smile which showed his bunny teeth. He looked amazing, all the details were truly beautiful and perfect.


“Jisung stop ogling the man and take the picture first! I know he's absolutely Marbleous” Felix shouted at him, while Jimin was chuckling beside him.


"Felix, he's made of metal!" he answers back as he felt his face go red, which was odd, but he really couldn’t care anymore. He decided to put his arm around the man and was about to pose with a thumbs up as well when suddenly the statue next to him fell. But he was fast enough to catch it in his arms.


No, not a statue. A man.


A man. No, Minho, who was now in his arms.


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He was sitting in a room a few minutes later watching Minho sleep on the bed.


“Dude, how is he?” Felix asks as he enters the room.


“Well he seems fine I guess.” Jisung answered while still watching over the sleeping figure.


Jisung couldn’t really wrap his head around what just happened, and everything seemed so confusing to him now.


A few minutes earlier.


“Dude what just happened?” Felix says as he approaches Jisung and Minho.


Minho was currently on the ground fighting of some sleep. Jisung seemed to have caught him at the last moments before he fell to the ground so no harm in him hitting his head.


“Oh yeah. He fell. He was that statue. He just unfroze. Wait – doesn’t that mean that I’m his- “Jisung thought while staring at the boy next to him.


He didn’t even realize there was a ruckus around them until Jimin laid a hand on the half-asleep figure. “Minho? You’re finally back! Welcome home.”


“Jimin?” Minho says at last before finally falling asleep.


Jimin then proceeded to stand and directed Jisung and Felix as to where they could bring Minho.




And now they’re at what looks to be Jimin’s house.


The owner of said house just told them where they could put Minho while he gets them some drinks.


The two friends ended up in a room with Minho sleeping peacefully in a bed.


Jisung looked around the room. It was almost barren, it’s obvious how the place hasn’t been lived in for maybe a few decades. But it looked clean and well preserved.


He was still looking around when Jimin entered the room with a tray of drinks in hand.


“Ah he’s still asleep I see.” Jimin says as he puts the tray on what looks to be a study table.


He gave the two boys their drinks before continuing in talking.


“Hmm… you must be curious as to how I know Minho and how he knows me back, right?” He looks at the two boys who nods fervently back.


“Well it’s kind of a complicated story but I’ll give you a run of it. But please don’t interrupt me while I tell you my story, I’ll entertain your questions after, okay?” He says as he settles on the bed by Minho’s feet.


“To tell you the truth I’m actually Minho’s legal guardian.” Upon hearing this both boys’ eyes grew huge.


“Well he’s not exactly a minor anymore but I still like to think of it that way.


This boy actually grew up as an orphan but upon meeting me decided that he wanted to work under me, how cute he was as a child.” Jimin says while glancing at him.


“But sadly, he learned of his fate and wanted something else, he wanted unconditional love, which is understandable when you know his background more.


“So, one day he asked me if I could help him and I agreed, without even thinking of the consequences. The hopeful look he had really did me good that day. Anyway, any questions?” He ends with a soft smile.


Both boys hand shot up upon hearing this. Jimin nods towards Felix “How old are you? How old is he? And are you saying you’re the witch that cast the spell on him? He asks rapid fire.


“Wait I’ll answer that one by one. Well I’m a few centuries old, I stopped counting at two hundred I guess?” Jimin answers thinking deeply.


“As for Minho, he was frozen when he was twenty-two years old, but if you also add the time he was frozen, he’s at least a hundred years old I guess.


And lastly yes, I am in fact the witch. But I’d rather you call me a Moonchild.” He answers calmly.


Jisung’s eyes grew at that. A Moonchild was right in front of him.


Moonchildren or people blessed by all the Gods; they were the most powerful people out there. There are only a handful of people throughout history that were recorded moonchildren. To think that one was in front of him was astonishing.


It was obvious that Felix had the same thoughts as him when he practically screamed “You’re a Moonchild! Wait? Moonchildren still age normally right?”


He was about to ask more when he realized that Minho was starting to wake up from his slumber.


“Well I’ll tell you more about it later. But right now, it seems that sleeping beauty is finally waking up.” Jimin says while looking at Minho who was starting to stir in his sleep.


“Hey Minho, you’re finally awake bud, why don’t you meet your soulmate?” Jimin whispers softly.


Minho slowly sits up from his position and looks at both the boys.


“Oh yeah he was my soulmate!” Jisung thinks as he stares back at the boy also staring at him.


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“Oh! Hello, I’m Felix, this guy over here is Jisung!” Felix says as he offers his hand for a shake.


“Ah, I be Lee Minho.” He says shaking Felix’s hand while still staring at Jisung.


“Ah yer as cute as a bug’s ear, ain’t he Jimin? Also, can I have some city juice mah throats kinda dry.” Minho then suddenly says rapid-fire.


Jimin smiles at him and offers him a glass of water that he brought along with the tea.


While Minho was drinking Jisung suddenly piped-up. “Umm… why exactly is he talking like that? Also, what did he just say?”


Jimin giggled while answering “I did tell you that he was quite old, which also means he’s not from this generation. I can do a spell so he can change the way he talks but this seems a lot more fun.”


“Ah I swear Jimin here is off the cob like he always was, are yeh the man I’m boutta be dizzy with?” He says while addressing Jisung.


Jisung looks at him quizzically, he actually had no idea what in the world the man just told him. He looked towards Jimin asking him for help.


Jimin laughed for one final time before muttering under his breathe and closing his eyes. He held onto Minho’s forehead, when his hand started glowing.


Both the boy’s eyes were wide from what they were watching. Minho on the other hand were still unfazed by everything and still staring at Jisung.


When the light started to fade Jimin then opened his eyes. “Well that should’ve done the trick.” He offered with a smile.


“Anyways as I was saying Jimin is very corny and he thinks that everything in funny. Also are you the man I’m supposed to be in love with?” Minho says as he continues to look at Jisung.


“Umm… I think so? Really I can’t find any of this believable.” And really how could Jisung. A statue just woke up then suddenly he was expected to be in love with him.


Jisung then proceeded to look at his phone to look at the time upon seeing it ha realized that they were going to be late for their train ride home if they didn’t hurry.


“Also, we’re going to be late for our ride so I’m sorry for this, but we really need to leave.” Jisung says hoping that he was able to convey his urgency to them.



Jimin gave them both a sad smile, “It’s okay I understand.” He showed them towards the door. The whole time Minho was just string at them as they left the place. 


They barely got into the train when its doors started to close behind Felix and Jisung.


They went around finding an open seat. They were headed back to their place. District 5, a place known for its arts, or their home.


Upon finding seats Felix started talking “Bro that was an amazing experience, and Minho was actually really like pretty.”


“Yeah I guess so.” Jisung answered as he looked out of the windows and at the scenery passing outside.


“And you were also kind of rude to him.” Felix says with a smile towards his friend. He hated those times. When his best friend knew that there was something bothering him.


He just looked at Felix and gave him a nod. He then continued to look at the scenery.


Sure, he knew he was being rude, but could he really care? No, not really. He knew that they were supposed to be ‘Soulmates’, but he had no concept of that, it wasn’t normal.


Their world, though had magic and gods, never really had soulmates. Sure, some people claim that the people they were with were their soulmates but that’s all it is – a claim. It wasn’t a fact, and there was never proper evidence for it.


Now he was suddenly being told that he had one. It was stupid and unbelievable.


For the rest of the ride home he continued to think horrible thoughts about fate and how it was being unfair.


He told Felix that he was going to go somewhere first before he went home. And that he should go home and not wait for him.


He then proceeded to go to his favorite coffee shop and ordered a mug of hot chocolate and a slice of cheesecake.


The place was a little crowded for the time of day but luckily enough he found an empty table at a corner of the shop.


He was sipping on his hot chocolate when he heard someone clear their throat.


In front of him the most handsome man he had ever seen was stood in front of him, well other than Minho (this was supplied his stupid brain).


“Hello, the place is a little crowded and I saw that you had a free seat on your table can I have a seat if your fine with it?” The man asked with a smile.


“No… I mean no it’s fine, umm… sure he-ere take it.” Jisung replies while stuttering.


The man smiles at him while sitting on the seat across from Jisung. “Thanks for that, I’m Jin by the way.”


Jisung nods at him “Jisung” he offers back. He then continues to eat his food. He looks up and sees that Jin was watching him eat.


“Jisung have you ever been in love? Maybe even just a crush?” Jisung then proceeds to choke on his cheesecake upon hearing this. He drinks from his cup and tries to calm himself before answering.


“No not really no.” He answers frowning. It wasn’t normal for someone his age to say such a thing, but it was the truth, sure he loved his friends, but he never really had a thought about romantic love.


“I understand, I’ve only been in love once to be honest, but have you ever thought why that is?” Jin continued to question him.


“I don’t know? I never really thought about it, love was never important to me.” He replied.


Jin smiled at him though it was obvious that he was starting to get annoyed. “Well love has always been a strong motive it can even make you move mountains. Just keep thinking about why you never even felt anything for anyone. It’s just certainly impossible not to.”


Jin suddenly stood “Well I bid you farewell for the meantime. And remember all’s fair in love and war.” He said while leaving.


Jisung tried to look back and find him but was unable to. All’s fair in love and war. It was the saying of their second god, aptly titled the god of love and war. The lover of the king of the Gods, he was said to have only ever loved the king and no one else.


The odd encounter stuck to him even as he left the café a few minutes later. On the way home he also continued to think about what the man just told him.

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Jisung sighed as he threw his bag on the couch in the living room. It was almost 9 in the evening, which meant that the people of the house were either doing their work for school or, in Chan’s case, cooking food for everyone .


Speaking of Chan, Jisung decided to look at the kitchen to ask if needed any help. And maybe surprise the man.


“Hey, how’s the trip?” Chan was stirring something in a pot, humming happily .


“I hate it when you know where I am.” Jisung walks closer to Chan and looks over his shoulder to look at the pot. “Also do you need any help with that?”


“I’m almost done actually. Why not set the table up while I add some finishing touches to this. Also, it seems that you’re the one who’s in need of help.” Chan says as he finally faces Jisung with his eyebrow raised inquisitively .


“Felix?” Jisung asks.


Chan nods with a sad smile.


“I don’t even understand what happened myself, like waking a guy that’s about a hundred years old wasn’t even part of the itinerary .” Jisung replies while taking the bowls in the cupboard to set on the table.


“You know how weird it is to suddenly have someone who’s supposed to be your ‘other half’ just because a god said you were ‘destined to be’ .


The idea of soulmates themselves seem like absolute bat poop, I’m already a whole person, I don’t need anyone else to fill me .” Jisung finishes while angrily placing the cutlery on the table.


Chan places the contents of the pot into eighth separate bowls. “I don’t think soulmates are people that's supposed to fill you. You aren’t empty and being without them doesn’t make you any less of a person.


I think they’re like a pair of socks, it’s fine to wear socks even if they’re mismatched, but wearing the right pair feels a lot better than just wearing any sock .” Chan offers while he finishes putting all the bowls on the table.


“Anyway, can you call everyone for dinner? I’m just gonna put the rice and side dishes out.” Chan adds while retreating in the kitchen.


Jisung huffs and goes to call everyone to eat.



A few minutes later they were all eating at the dinner table. With Chan sitting at the head of the table and everyone in their consecutive seats.


Jisung loved it when they were all together like this, it always felt like they were a family, no not just felt, they were actually a family .


He was silently chewing on his food when a bout of laughter suddenly put him out of his daze.


“You mean to tell me Jisung just deadass stared at the man after he called him cute?” Changbin asks through a fit of laughter.


Jisung listened in on what they were talking about and it seemed like Felix was telling Changbin all about their trip and how it went .


“Can you guys not?” Jisung tries to plead with them, but of course nobody listens to him, ‘ nobody ever does in this household ‘Jisung thinks .


“Guys I’m trying to eat and it’s hard when everyone of you are yowling. Just get off of Jisung’s case right now.” Woojin tells them.


Upon hearing this Jisung gives Woojin a thankful smile, and the man returns it to him.


“But really though dude can you not like think about it? Minho seems like an actual nice guy and you know you’re kinda y’know.” Felix tells him while gesturing towards Jisung.


“I’m what? Single? Lix I don’t need anyone to be happy with. Like I know you’re happy with Binnie, and Chan’s happy with Woojin, and even Hyunjin is happy with Seungmin and Jeongin . But I really don’t need anyone else right now.” Jisung snaps back.


“Also, I ate enough thanks for the food I’m going to my room.” He stands and walks towards his room acting as though he doesn’t hear Chan scold the others for what they just did.

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Jisung was sulking in bed playing on his phone when he heard a knock on the door.


“What?” Jisung looks towards the door.


“It’s Jeongin, can I some in?” The boy on the other side of the door asks.


“Door’s not locked,” Jisung answers as he goes back to looking at his phone.


A few moments later Jisung feels the bed dip next to him and a hand softly caressing his hair.


“You know you’re being too hard on yourself with that no love business,” Jeongin softly tells Jisung as he continues to pet Jisung on the head.


“I’m not being hard on myself; I just really don’t think it’s possible for me to fall in love just because I was told I was ‘destined’,” Jisung put his hand up to make air quotes at this “to be with him or something.” He ends as he turns his phone off and faces at Jeongin properly.


“Jisung I know it’s hard to see how this love business works but- “Jeongin was abruptly cut off.


“But exactly what Jeongin? My parents practically showed that they were in love with each other but for some damn reason my mother can still cheat on my father?


And that my father can’t leave my mother because he loves her? Love is nothing but a delusion and all it does is hurt you.” Jisung ends with raising his voice at the younger boy.


As Jisung glances at the younger boy he sees that his eyes had turned glassy.


“Hey, I’m sorry I didn’t mean to scream, you don’t have to cry,” Jisung pleads as he tries to console the crying boy.


“I’m not crying because you screamed at me, I’m crying because the way you talked about love was just lonely.


Have you never really thought that what we felt towards you wasn’t love? We love you with all our heart, it may not be romantic, but love isn’t just in that form you know?


Sure, we’d want you to experience romantic love but if you can’t even see that what we have for you is also love then what’s the point.” The crying boy gives him one last look before leaving the room.


Now Jisung is sat on his bed thinking about what he was just told. Sure, he knew about other types of love, its just that people were always stuck on the romantic kind.


He had always seen the guys as his closest friends, heck he even considered them as his family now, he loved them with all his heart, and he knew that.


Jeongin was actually right, he never really thought of the guys when he thought of love, he always saw it as nothing useful and thought that he had none of it in his heart.


But he was wrong all along, what he felt for the guys, and what he felt for his parents, even though they weren’t a great example of love, was still the thing he despised the most.


So, he decided to do something about it.


He was about to stand up from his bed when he heard a knock on the door.


It seems I’m very famous today. Jisung thought “Door’s open,” He says as he stands from his bed.


In comes Felix with an unreadable expression on his face.


“Ah Felix, Just the man I needed,” Jisung walks towards Felix, putting his arm on the other’s shoulder.


“Yes, and I also need you to explain why Jeongin came out of here crying,” Felix answers taking Jisung’s arms off of him.


And explain Jisung did.


After explaining what had happened Felix’s mood became a lot brighter than how it was a few minutes ago.


“Dude, I’m totally in this plan. Oh yeah, what even is the plan?” Felix asks as he looks at Jisung with a smile.


“Well to be honest I just wanted to try going over to them this weekend since I have no way of contacting them.” Jisung scratches his head as he answers.


“Not really,” Felix says as he fiddles with his phone, “To tell you the truth I was hoping you’d have a change of heart, so I took Jimin’s number.” He finishes smiling as he hands Jisung the phone.


“And when exactly did you get that?” Jisung asks the boy.


“While you were watching Minho. It’s gonna be fine Jisung I’ll set the date up.” And with that Felix leaves the room but not before screaming “And you also have to explain to everyone else why Jeongin was crying or else you’re screwed.”


Jisung sighs as he follows Felix out of his room.


But on the bright side, it seems that he has a meeting in the next few days.

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There Jisung was, sat at the table in the café a week after, where, he met the handsome man named Jin.


Now he was waiting to meet another handsome man.


Why are there so many handsome people in this area , Jisung was thinking.


He had already ordered for them and was waiting for the man he was meeting up with to arrive. Though truth be told he really wanted to eat that slice of cheesecake no matter what the guys told him about being a “good date” .


He though about the guys, how within the past week he’d been trying to be more open about showing love and affection to them, well after he explained why a crying Jeongin went out of his room .


But it was one of the best weeks he has ever had.


The guys were very accommodating, not even questioning why Jisung suddenly became a lot clingier towards them . And he was thankful for that because he knows that if they talked to him about it, he’d stop out of pure embarrassment.


He was thinking about hugging the guys when he’d return home when he heard someone clear their throat next to him.


Almost in a moment of De Ja Vu he expected to see Jin but in front of him was Minho, smiling a cute bunny smile.


“Hey thanks for coming, have you been waiting long?” the boy asked as he took the seat in front of Jisung.


"No, about a few minutes possibly ? Was the place hard to find? I suggested that I go to District 9, but I was told you wanted to go here.” Jisung answered not even daring to look at the boy in front of him.


“The place was quite easy to find actually; well I am charmed but that’s besides the point. The thing is I also wanted to see what it was like now, considering I haven’t actually been living for at least a hundred years .” Minho answered.


“Yeah.” Jisung says as he scratches the back of his head thinking of what to say. “Umm… oh, yeah, I ordered some food and drinks for us. I hope you’re fine with cheesecake and hot chocolate.”


“Yeah, I like tasting new things, so I don’t mind,” Minho answers as he reaches for his fork to start eating.


 “Oh yeah, how’s it been since turning back?” Jisung asks glancing at the boy in front of him.


The boy smiles as he chews on his cake, “Well technology has been amazing, I was even given this box thing to message people, er what was it again ? Ah! A phone yes that’s what it was,’ the boy then produces a phone out of his pocket.


“Jimin told me I can use this to call you, well if I was able to get your number, so can I have it?” Minho adds as he gives Jisung his phone.


Jisung is dumbfounded by how easy it is for Minho to do such a thing, but then again, it’s understandable when considering the fact that he’s not from this century and that he wasn’t held by the same social standards .


He silently accepts the phone and types in his number. Minho smiles at him when Jisung hands back the phone.


Jisung was eating cheesecake thinking about what to do. He was never into dating, so he actually doesn’t know how one is supposed to act in one, well he was given tips by the guys since each one of them were dating .


But the thing was they were all friends before they started dating each other. Sure, Chan and Woojin were already together before any of them moved in, but as the others arrived the relationship within the house evolved from platonic to romantic in just a few weeks .


And he was happy his friends were also happy but really he can’t imagine something like that to happen to him as well.


He was filled with thoughts of doubt about love yet again when the boy in front of him piped up.


“You should know I’m also very new to this,” The boy says while playing with his fingers.


Jisung finally looks at the boy because of this and sees a pretty dusting of red on the handsome boys’ cheeks.


Then he was reminded , Minho was also new to this. The boy though loved by many never actually fell for anyone, no matter how smooth he acted they were still both novices at this .


Jisung gave the boy in front of him a small smile, “Well then let’s work together to learn more about how this works then.”


Minho gives him a wide smile, a few moments later they talk about everything and anything.


Jisung talks about the art that he makes, mostly sculptures but he also likes sketching, and talks about how Minho should see it sometime, Minho smiles at his offer and agrees .


Minho on the other hand talks about his work under Jimin, about how he knows a bit of magic now and how he actually charmed himself to not get lost and be able to always find his destination, or so he says .


Jisung gives him a big smile at this, he was always interested in magic, and even in moonchildren, now that he knows one, he just wanted to know all about them .


Jisung asks Minho all about moonchildren and what he’s learned from Jimin about them.


All Jisung ever really knows about moonchildren was that they were blessed by the king of the gods but was also blessed by all the gods . He also knew that in order to be one they need all the other gods’ blessings before they were given the king’s one.


It was hard enough getting blessed by one but getting all of theirs was also impossible.


“Oh! That’s because Jimin married the god of time,” Miho answers matter-of-fact drinking from his cup as though he just told Jisung how the sky was blue when the sun is out .


“He what now?” Jisung answered as he coughs up the cake he was trying to swallow.


Married to a god, and to the most elusive one at that.


“Yeah, they’ve been together for a while now actually, I also think that’s why he can’t age,” Minho nods as though approving everything that he says .


“But I can’t really remember much anymore though, my memory has been hazy since returning,” Minho adds shrugging his shoulders .


Their conversations drifts from that to what ever random things they can think of, by the time they were heading out they’ve already planned out what to do the next time they meet .


He realizes that him and Minho’s sense of humor match well with each other and that he had a lot of fun with the elder. And how the elder’s personality was weird for their century but still bright and bubbly.


Jisung thought about how he wanted to always be around the other.


That night Jisung sleeps in his bed smiling, thinking about the boy with his cute bunny smile, and about why such a person like him even agreed to having to leave his life in the past to find a love in the future .

Chapter Text

A boy of only four was coloring pictures on his favorite notebook when his mother called to him, “Sungie, it’s sleepy time honey,” The woman said as she smiles lovingly at the child sleepily waddling towards her, notebook in hand.


“Mommy look at my pictures, I dwew you a flowew,” the child says as he gives his mother the notebook.


The woman looks upon the notebook as his son climbs up on his bed. She smiles at the new drawings her child has made, their sleeping cat, the apple tree near the playground he plays at, and a beautiful yellow flower.


“It’s absolutely beautiful honey, you’re gonna be an amazing artist when you grow up, just like your daddy,” the woman softly tells her child.


“Mommy, story?” the child pleads pouting and making his eyes look as big as he can, showing that he hasn’t heard the comment his mother has made.


“Sure Sungie, what story do you want? The prince and the hen? The sleepy bear? The statue of District 9? Or maybe you want to hear the story of the ogre Shrek?”


“Mommy noooo, want the stowy about the moon and, and his bwothews, and, and theiw family.”


“That story again honey? Aren’t you tired of it?” At hearing this the boy shakes his head.


“Well alright then, let me tell you the story of the god of the moon, or more known as the king of the gods.


Once upon a time there was a huge explosion, from this explosion came the God of creation, now this god had no shape or form, for centuries this God stayed like this and they thought, “It’s sad without anyone here, I think I’ll make something to talk to.”


So there the god was forming their first creation, thus the second God was made, he was first named as the god of wisdom because the creator poured all that he knew into this god and so he learned.


Now there were two, but the creator wasn’t satisfied with just this, they were happy to have someone to be with, but it wasn’t enough.


So, they made earth and everything around it. They made multiple gods to govern the different planets but still lesser in power to the first god they made.


And since the god of wisdom was made first, he also inherited the first planet the creator made which was earth.


Though small it was full of tiny creatures and life. The god of wisdom loved all that lived in it, especially the tiny sea creatures.


But after a while the god of wisdom grew bored and wanted more company, so he begged the creator to make him companions.


And thus, the creator made him two more brothers.


He first made the god of time. “What does that mean?” the god of wisdom asked the creator.


“Child do you see how on your planet there are times when there is light but also times when there is not?”


The lesser god nodded at this statement.


“Well you see this child will be able to control that, if he wants something to happen shorter or longer, he can do so, which means he can also control when things happen,” the creator says as he gives the finishing touches.


Next, he made the god of health and growth, “What does that mean?” the god of wisdom asks again.


“Well this child will take care of all the living things in your planet. Do you see how there are times when your favorite creature seems bigger?”


The lesser god nodded again.


“This child can help those creatures grow and be healthy at all times, well that is if he were to want such a thing.


Both of them will help you govern this planet of yours.”


After finishing making both gods, he whispered into the god of wisdoms’ ears, telling him of how to create but also how to destroy.


“Now child, you know of everything that you need, now I must bid you farewell for I have used the last of my energy to create everything you will need to be happy and satisfied,” and with those last few words the creator left and disappeared.


The gods spent a lot of their time living with each other, they loved each other’s company, but they still felt as though something was missing.


So as the brothers were taking their rest the god of wisdom took all of what he was thought in creation and got to work.


He gave the being some of his wisdom, the god of time decided how long it would stay on the earth, and the god of health decided how it will love and how it will grow.


Thus, the first being was made. It looked, thought, and talked like them. These beings the called “Human”. And since it was in their shape and form, they decided that they can also help govern the earth.


They loved their creations and their creations loved them back. But they were unable to process what to call the gods since they have not the wisdom of the second god.


So, the humans dubbed them after the things that they see in their daily life.


They called the god of wisdom as the god of the moon.


The god of time is now the god of night and day.


And the god of health and growth was the god of the sun.


The brothers were delighted by this, so they happily agreed.


As the population grew so did their knowledge, and as their knowledge grew so did the emotions they felt.


And as time flowed the humans started fighting with each other.


The gods hated this, so they separated the humans from one another and tried to help each one to learn how to be together.


Now as the population was still manageable, they were able to give council to all of the humans.


And as they counseled the humans the god of the moon started to feel something more than admiration for one of his creations.


And as time went the god and the human fell in love. The god loved the human so much that he blessed him, thus the first moonchild became. And as they grew furthermore in love they then decided to wed, and the human thus became a god.


This human decided that he wanted to become the god of love and thus he became such.


So, he helped spread love all throughout the lands. But this also started more fights between the humans. Thus, the god was given the name of god of love and war, or the god of fairness, because as his saying was “all is fair in love ang war.”


As the years passed the god of the sun also fell, but he fell for humans who were already in their own relationship.


The god was saddened by this, but he loved them enough to ask their brother to also bless them, thus they also became moonchildren.


Being moonchildren meant that they were different from other humans, stronger and to be feared, they were also known as people with direct connections to the gods. One can became a moonchild if a god fell in love with them even if they were aware of it or not.


With their direct connection came time to spend with the god, time where they fell for one another, so they decided to also get married.


Thus, they became the god of youth and the god of strength.


With the youth came beauty, so the god was also dubbed as such. And the most important strength one could have is the passion that they feel for anything they do, so the god of strength became dubbed as god of passion.


They lived happy lives, the three brothers and their lovers.


But what about the god of time? Wasn’t it about time for him to find his own love? Well you see –


The woman was so consumed about telling the story that she didn’t even notice that her son was already in a deep slumber.


So, she tucks the child in, kisses his forehead, and tells him goodnight and that she loves him very much as she leaves his room.


The child dreams of gods and moonchildren. Unaware of what was to happen in his life in the years to come.

Chapter Text

Jisung inhales a huge breath of air as he wakes up from his dream. He raises his hands to rub his eyes free of blur but upon touching it he feels that it was actually wet.


Upon realizing this he let out a huge sob.


He dreamt of his mother. Of the night his father had had it of her cheating.


He remembered how later on he woke up to screaming upon going out of his room he found his father in front of his room crying.


Jisung had no idea what was happening, but the older man just took the boy in his arms and cried. The whole time his father was mumbling sweet words about how it was going to be okay and how he loves Jisung so much.


Jisung had absolutely no idea what the man was going on about, but he always loved his father’s warm hugs. after a few minutes he fell asleep yet again from the warmth.


A few hours later he wakes up again in his parents’ room with his father next to him. He gets down from the bed and goes to the kitchen expecting to see his mother cooking for them.


But upon getting there and not seeing the woman he starts to go around their house screaming for his mother.


After about ten minutes of searching and turning up with nothing the boy goes to his father and tries to wake him up.


“Daddy! Whews mommy? She went hide. Can’t find.” The boy says as he starts to cry out.


His father slowly wakes up, he had dark circles and his eyes were also red and bloated. He woke up disoriented but upon hearing his sons cries he rises and takes the boy in his arms hugging him and shushing him. trying to stop him from crying too much.


As the boy’s cries died down the older man sets him down.


“Mommy is just going away for a while. She was a little tired, so she needed to rest. Don’t worry Sungie she’ll come back after she’s not tired anymore. But she said that if you were a good boy she’ll come back faster. Can you do that Sungie?” the man asks as he kneels down to be eye level to his son.


The boy nods and calms down. He knows that when he’s tired, he takes a rest. So maybe his mommy is just tired.


After that Jisung spend every day being the best son he could be. His father was still the same kind man who loves him.


Jisung loves his father a lot but he also loves his mother he just wants her back.


As days turns to weeks, and as weeks turns to years, he starts to become wary.


Where was his mother? Is she still tired? When will she come back?


After around six years of his mother not returning his father sat him down and explained everything to him.


That was the hardest he’s ever cried in his life. That night he cried himself to sleep in his father’s arms.


A few years later he learned that love was a hard choice. He loves his father, but he didn’t want to turn out like him so when he felt affection for anyone, he did his bet to stomp it out before it got worse.


After years of trying to avoid affection he met his match in the form of a boy named Lee Yongbok, or as the boy himself calls, Felix.


After that he meets more people in his life and starts to be able to truly grasp the affection of people outside of your family.


After a while he stops sobbing and tries to calm himself.


He looks at his phone to see the time but also finds that Minho sent him a text.


Minho 08:32

Good Morning Sungie! Hope you have a nice day; I’m going to District 1 today want a souvenir?


Jisung smiles as he reads the text.


Jisung 08:49

Nah I’m fine, but if there’s a tine replica windmill then sure.


After sending the text he stands up and starts to get ready with his day.


Twenty minutes later he’s freshly showered and is ready to go to school.


He picks up his phone and sees Minho texted him an affirmative on that windmill replica. He pockets his phone and goes down to eat.


He sees the others in different states of wakefulness. He goes to the cupboard and start to grab a bowl for his cereal and a mug for his coffee.


A few minutes pass and he’s now ready to head to school, that is if he can find his best friend, bus companion, and classmate for his first class that day.


He goes towards Felix’s room but before he even got to knock the door opens and out comes Felix.


The boy smiles at him and greets him before grabbing him by the arm dragging him towards the bus.


Minutes later they’re at school and was about to go to their spot when they find a boy a few years older than them sitting near their spot.


Jisung thought back and tried to remember him but his brain came up empty,


So, he just thought that boy was probably new so they just sat beside him and went about their day.

Chapter Text

Well going about his day was supposed to be the plan.


But upon taking his seat he realized that his surroundings suddenly became quiet.


He looked towards Felix, who was blabbering about that movie that he and Changbin watched the other day, and saw that the boy was frozen in place, with his mouth open.


Jisung looked towards the front where most of his classmates were and saw that they too were also frozen in place.


He heard some one clear their throat next to him so he looked and saw that his new classmate was looking at him with what could possibly be a curious gaze.


The man in front of him had cat-like eyes, a small button nose, and upturned mouth. He had hair as dark as the night-sky.


Before Jisung even realized that he was staring the man in front of him was already speaking.


“Boy what’s your name?” the man says as he tilts his head questioningly, it reminded Jisung of a very confused cat.


“Ah. I’m Jisung, do you know what’s happed to them?” Jisung asks as he points towards his classmates.


“Oh. I though you were smart enough to connect the dots. Jimin bragged about you so much so I thought that it’d be easier for you to understand. But I guess not.” The man replies with a playful smirk.


Upon hearing Jimin’s name uttered Jisung got even more confused. What did Minho’s guardian have anything to do with this guy? Unless…


“Are you the god of time?” Jisung hears himself ask before he realizes what he was saying.


“You actually got it, that was fast, faster than Minho at least, that child took at least a year before he actually realized who I was.”


“If I-I may ask what do you need me for? Sir god? God sir?” Jisung stutters out. he was a little freaked out, he was in front of one of the original gods, he was never briefed of how to act in front of one.


Was bowing even a custom? Does he shake hands.


Jisung was so deep in thought to the point of his tongue poking out of his mouth out of his concentration, that he didn’t realize when the god in front of him started to laugh.


“Don’t be so freaked out. It’s not like it’s your first time meeting a god, and don’t worry just call me Yoongi.” The god answers after his laughter dissipated.


“Yes, Yoongi sir. But I’m sorry it actually is my first-time meeting one.” Jisung replies while scratching his nape.


“No, from what I see from you, you’ve already met two and I’m the third god you’ve meet, well that’s only basing on the blessings you have.” Yoongi replies looking at Jisung with narrow eyes, as though he was scanning Jisung’s every nook and cranny.


Jisung had no clue what he was talking about, but he realized that questioning a god probably wasn’t a good idea.


“Anyways I just wanted to meet you, Minho is a very precious child and I just wanted to know if who he would fall in love with was an okay person.


I’m also here to tell you that all the gods want that child’s happiness so if you aren’t willing to help just tell him immediately or else.” The man finishes with a crooked smile


Jisung was unable to reply to this so he just looks at the man.


“Well we’ll see each other another time, it was destined anyway. Also please don’t tell Jimin that I scared you if he asked.” Yoongi says with a smile as he was starting to leave.


“Um… Yoongi? Not to be rude, but what about them?” Jisung asks before the god was able to leave.


“They’ll be fine don’t worry.” The god replies as he was going out the door.


Jisung sat there for a couple of seconds just staring at the door when suddenly the world’s noise returned.


“So, like the lion jumped towards them while they were singing then everyone screamed and…” Felix suddenly started talking again.


Jisung looked at his friend. It was obvious that the boy was unaware of what actually transpired in the few minutes that happened.


“Jisung? Is there something on my face? You’re kinda staring at me” Felix asks.


“Nah, there’s nothing it’s just the god of time kinda just talked to me.” Jisung replies blankly.


“An original god? Jisung you need to tell me all about them like dude that is so awesome- “Felix screams at Jisung while shaking him.


“Mr. Lee I do not care what awesome thing Mr.Han told you but please take a seat and quiet down.” Their professor Kim Hyuna says as she enters the room.


Felix instantly takes a seat and shuts himself off, the poor boy was already so afraid of how intimidating their professor was, that fear didn’t need to double.


Professor Kim started her lesson and Jisung went to think about what the god had told him.