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Port Mafia's Slut

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Chuuya works hard, and besides alcohol, one of the ways he releases stress is by having sex. Anytime and anyplace, Chuuya could take it anywhere he'd like.

In an empty alleyway, he's pushed against the wall. Pantsless, his legs wrap around the taller man, eager to get fucked in public. Odasaku is his to go person, his first option if he's too stressed and still at work. His cock is the biggest one Chuuya's ever seen on a person, thick and wide that stretched him open, created a bulge in his stomach every time Odasaku plunged into him.

Odasaku doesn't mind doing Chuuya at a place like this, bright daylight, and sometimes at night, where anybody can walk in. A low-ranking member in the mafia had nothing to lose. He enjoyed seeing the smaller man come undone, begging for more even after his orgasm. Kissing Chuuya, Odasaku nodded and kept fucking the Executive until they became a mess of sweat and semen, the heat forcing them to separate. It continued in bed, where the risk disappeared but the time carried on.

His meetings with Ango always end up the same. He never figured out how the four-eyes agreed to a blowjob, but it happened the way Chuuya wanted it. Ango hovered over his body, his clumsy movements proof he hadn't done this before. He sat on Chuuya's face, putting his cock in his mouth. As the nights went on, Ango got better, aroused by Chuuya gagging and choking on his length. Chuuya would swallow most of the time, the warm sticky liquid filling him up. Ango enjoyed the break from work, and Chuuya loved being a toy.

Mori would put him on the desk with his ass out, ready for a pounding. Some days he'd pull Chuuya towards the window and fuck him there for everyone to see. Everyone already knows about the Port Mafia's whore, and everyone would kill for a chance to use Chuuya's mouth or his loose hole. Mori was one of the privileged who fucked Chuuya, emptying as many loads an old man can pump out. His ass red from spanking and his hole leaking, Chuuya thanked the boss.

Chuuya knew Akutagawa's ability had a lot of uses, but he never knew it could be used for fucking. He would often spar with Akutagawa and train, his curiosity getting the best to him one day. Rashomon wrapped around Chuuya's body like an invitation for more. Akutagawa swore that wasn't it, yet he didn't stop himself from ripping Chuuya's clothes off. Like rope, he used his ability to keep Chuuya in place, using the dark matter to go in and out of his holes. Chuuya, all fucked-out from the numerous tendrils in him, praised Akutagawa. It only fueled the fire for their next spar.

Nothing compares to what Mori showed him years ago: being the center of attention. Several men surrounding themselves around Chuuya, eager to fuck him all at once. He'd suck others off while some men took him from behind. Cock after cock, Chuuya had endless stamina and went on for a while. He'd swallow their cum, allow it to drip over his face, and leak out of his hole. The men would do this in a private room while Mori watched them abuse his subordinate. Chuuya loved it, loved how the big men shoved their cocks and made his stomach swell. Sometimes he'd take more than one, and fuck it hurt him, but he loved it. 

He didn't want moments like these to end, even when his dripping hole couldn't take any more poundings and his legs started to shake. If it weren't for Mori, Chuuya would go on for hours and hours. And because Chuuya is so slutty and eager to take semen like it was his lifeline, the men didn't want to leave, but they had to. It didn't mean after they were done and Chuuya came back from the room, they couldn't fuck him right then and there. Some of the men had huge cocks, not like Odasaku's where it's a monstrous size. Chuuya knew no one could live up to his girth. He had favorites and let those men continually abuse his hole.

Mori loved it when his subordinate indulged himself. He had a good idea where Chuuya's slutty venture began, the night of his eighteenth birthday where he introduced Chuuya to all those men. It was only for one night, but sucking all those cocks and getting his ass filled with semen must have flipped a switch for him. Chuuya couldn't go a day without having someone cum all over him, and word spread around the mafia that their Executive would drop to his knees faster than you can blink.

Chuuya loved having the title of Port Mafia's slut, sucking cock and taking it in the ass like his life depended on it. He had no problem wearing the title, and no one complained.