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Jack and the Little Sisters

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“There,” The blond woman said as she pointed at Jack with his sisters. “That’s the man I was talking about.” 

“He such a dream, isn’t he?” The orange hair woman said.

”I wonder, does he have a wife? Where did he got all those little girls?” The brunette asked.

”Who knows? Plus I doubt he has a wife, cause I don’t see a ring on that finger.” 

“Sylvia, he would be perfect for you.” The brunette glared at the orange hair woman. 

“What is wrong with you?” 

“Nothing, we are just trying to help you. We don’t want you to be all alone, I mean who wouldn’t want a man like him. He’s clearly a family man, a strong appearance, a hard worker, and isn’t taken. Yet.” Sylvia looked at the man again who was covered with little girls, she got up from the park bench and went over towards him, all awhile her friends watched her.

She was right next to Jack who was playing with the little sisters. “Excuse me?” She said. Jack looked up and saw the brunette woman looking down on him. He got up immediately while blushing. 

“Yes?” His loud voice scared her a bit. (Might have been the big daddy voice modifier back in Rapture.) She shook it off and smiled. “I noticed you enjoy spending time with your daughters.” 

“Da-oh no, they aren’t my daughters. But I do take care of them since I’m all they got. So in a way, we are kinda like a family.” 

“All they go-what happen to their families?” 

“Uh, plane crash. No survivors.” Jack twitched from the mere mention of the plane. 

“My God, that’s horrible. But I’m glad they have someone like you to be around. Such a strong man like yourself who is kind, sweet, and hardworking.” Sylvia laid her hand on his arm and felt the muscle that was behind the sweater. 

“Ms?” Jack asked nervously. 

“Hmm, oh sorry.” Sylvia let go of his arm and covered her face in embarrassment. She cleared her throat and looked up at him. 

“So how do you support all these little tots?” 

“I mostly work at a repair shop near Albany but I have a farm where most of the My work there is done.”

“Two jobs? Must be hard on you.”

 “Not really, I dealt with more painful work.” That sentence reminded Jack of all the bad things back in Rapture. Plasmids, splicers, Big Daddies, Fontaine. He was staring off into space for a while when Sylvia had to tap at his shoulder. 

“Is everything alright?” Sylvia said, concerned about him. 

“Yeah I’m fine. Thanks for asking.”

“You know, I never got your name.” 

“Oh, in that case my name is-“

“Mr. Bubbles!” A little girl came running towards Jack’s leg and started pulling on his pants.

”Sally, what is it?” Jack asked.

”Masha is getting chased by those black and white water bird, she needs your help.”  

“Oh I have to take this, I’m sorry if our talk ran short.” 

“That’s okay, I’m name is Sylvia by the way.”

”Jack. Jack Ryan.” Jack then ran over to his little sisters with Sally on his back. Sylvia Returned to her friends who watched the whole thing. 

“So how was it?” The blond girl asked.

”It was fine, he seemed like a nice person.” 

“Oh really?” The orange haired woman said. “What’s his name?” 

“His name is Jack Ryan.” The orange woman’s face dropped to a shock one.

”Ryan? Ryan, Ryan?”

”Yes, why?”

”When I was younger a man named Andrew Ryan disappeared off the face of the earth, never to be seen again.”