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Dragon Age MGIT: I guess Portugal is Antiva now...

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A group of silver armored guards is dragging a dwarf, they enter a large stone building and throw him to a mahogany chair. The dwarf tries to sit up and he cleans blood off his mouth. When he sees a female shadow coming from the darkness of the poorly lit room. "I've had gentler invitations"- sighs the dwarf while guards are surrounding him. The woman comes out from the shadows and presents herself "I am Cassandra Pentaghast, seeker of the Chantry." He reclines himself on the chair and smirks "And just.. what are you seeking?" The stoic woman gets closer to him and makes her intentions known. "The champion and the Seer." "Which one?"- teases the dwarf. The women loses her patience, gets dangerously close to him and points her sword to his neck. "You know exactly why I'm here! Time to start talking dwarf. They tell me you're good at it."-she threatens him. The dwarf raises his hands in surrender and in a more serious tone finally asks her "What do you want to know?" "Everything. Start at the beginning."-she sheathes her sword.

The dwarf starts telling the story of the champion Eddard Hawke , as he bravely destroyed everything in his way, with his sword and shield, alongside his siblings. Until a high dragon appeared on the top of the hill, admiring his work. "Bullshit. That's not what really happened! And what about her? Where is she in your story?" - asked Cassandra exasperated with his lies. "Does that not match the story you've heard, Seeker?"- says the dwarf quite pleased with himself. " I'm not interested in stories. I came to hear the truth."- the seeker starts getting mad once again."What makes you think I know the truth?"- he says trying to change the conversation. "Don't lie to me ! You knew them even before they were the Champion and The Seer!" - she stabs a knife into the book the dwarf is holding. "Even if I did, I don't know where they are now."- the dwarf carresses the book fondly as if he's remembering them. " Do you have any idea what's at stake here?"- sighs sadly the seeker. "Let me guess your precious Chantry's fallen to pieces and put the entire world on the brink of war? And you need the only people which can help you put it back together."- he closes the book quite mad. "They were at the heart of it when it all began. If you can't point me to them, tell me everything you know."- she begs. "You aren't worried I'll just make it up as I go?"- the dwarf says quite surprised by her will. "Not at all."- she says and she crosses her arms. " You'll need to hear the whole story." - he puts himself comfortable and he starts his greatest story. "The Blight had been unleashed on Ferelden. Darkspawn poured out of the wilds, clashing against the army at the ruins of Ostagar. The battle was a disaster. King Cailan died on the field with his men, betrayed by his most trusted general. Unopposed, the horde marched on the village of Lothering. The village burned and many innocents were slaughtered. The Champion's family barely escaped in time, but while they were escaping they saved the one you know as the Seer now, even though she was the one that saved them more. She wasn't always as powerful and renowned as you may think, before all this she was just a poor innocent girl from a foreign land, called Marina...

Marina POV

"I'm late! Oh boy, I'm so late for class! Madame Martin will kill me! As if she doesn't hate me already.Why is it raining?! I hate this!" While I'm running in my green parka and on my probably drenched black converse, I see what seems like a really big White wolf. I must be seeing things. It's just probably a big husky .Oh well finals and the rain do that to you. The poor dog must be drenched. As I try to come near him he runs away. "Come here sweetheart, I won't hurt you."- I try to coax him but he keeps running. Might as well follow him, I probably missed most part of the class by now. "Wait! Don't go!" He runs away and I follow him throughout Lisbon's university campus until he turns to a alley. When I reach the alley the dog disappeared but a really intricate mirror stands in his place. It's black and it's decorated with vines and flowers. "Weird. This mirror seems familiar. But where have I seen it?"- I tap my chin with my small chubby hand in thought. "Oh well, might as well touch it. It's so beautiful." When I touch it, the mirror starts emitting a green light and starts pulling me. " Wait! No! Help! I don't want to go!"- I try to pull myself but it's too strong and soon I'm entirely absorbed into a dark abyss. I only heard a really familiar female voice: "I found you, young seer." After it I pass out.

In Thedas

Hawke's POV

"Keep running mother, we can do this."- I run while supporting my mother's with my arm. Bethany and Carver are taking care of the small darkspawn that were left."Where are we running to?"- asks Bethany out of breath while she's holding her sceptre. "Anyplace is better than here."- grumbles Carver while she slashes the last one. " We lost everything your father and I had built. Everything." - mother leaves my arm and cleans her tears. As we are recovering our strengths to keep running, I hear Bethany scream: "Hawke, there is a girl passed out near the sea but darkspawn are going in her direction! We have to help her!"- she points towards a body seemingly close to us. We quickly run towards it and start slashing and burning the group of harlocks. " Mother! See if she is alright! We'll take care of this!"- i leave her and she goes towards the body. She kneels near it and realizes it's a young girl around the same age as her younger children. "You poor thing. What happened to you? Where is your family?"- mother tries to check on her and realizes the girl is wearing really weird clothes. Soon enough we finish the beasts and we rush towards mother. " Is she alright mother?"- Bethany asks quite worried. "She's drenched, her clothes are definitely not fereldan and she seems antivan due to her tanned complexion. Besides all that she's only passed out and she's breathing evenly. Perhaps she's victim of a shipwreck."- mother looked at us. "Thank the Maker."- says Bethany, quite relieved. " We can't leave her here. She would be slaughtered by darkspawn. We'll take her with us."- I said quite confidently, I don't know why but something was telling me I should protect her. I grabbed her in my arms bride style and we kept walking. " Don't you think we have enough to worry about?"- asked angrily Carver. "We are taking her, Carver. We can't leave the poor girl here She's alone and has no one, unlike you."- I said rather defensively to my brother. He shut up and turned his head towards the ground ashamed of his words. As we keep walking I inspect her closely in my arms, she's quite... cute actually, she has dark brown wavy hair in a disheveled updo and she looks quite curvy actually. I wonder what colours her eyes are? As I end inspecting her, I realize she really is wearing weird clothes. I have never seen pants so tight and this coat thingy she's wearing is quite peculiar. Oh well, it doesn't matter. As I finish looking at her, she moves in my arms and cuddles closer to my chest."Mãe? Pai? Não me deixem! Por favor!"- She cries while she sleeps. As I hear her cries I promise myself I'll protect her with all I have. Suddenly we see a couple, a woman warrior and a Templar. They are fighting darkspawn, but the man looks quite injured. We rush to help them and Bethany and Carver end the last ones. " Are you alright? "- mother asks them. "Two mages! I cannot...hgh"- the man points towards Bethany and the girl in my arms, and holds his bleeding side. I guess you're a mage too, little antivan. " Wesley! They helped us. Can't you turn a blind eye to them?"- the woman said as she holded him. " I guess I can...hgh "- he painfully said. "Come with us, we could use another sword."- I said. "I'll help you."- she said. "I'm Aveline and this is my husband Wesley".- she presented herself. "I'm Hawke, this is my mother Leandra, my brother Carver, my sister Bethany and this girl in my arms, we don't know, we saved her from darkspawn some minutes ago. "Nice to meet you, let's be on our way."- Aveline nodded in our direction and helped her husband walk. We kept our path and then when we reached the center of a slope we noticed we were surrounded by darkspawn. We started walking to some rocks and I landed the girl near them and Aveline left her husband near her. "Wesley stay with her while we fight them."- Aveline begged her husband. I left her in his and in my mother care, while we fought the darkspawn. As I slashed and bashed them with my shield, they seemed to never end. Suddenly a Ogre goes in Bethany's direction and I scream scared for her life." Bethany! Watch out!"- I try to reach her but she isn't turning quick enough. As I start fearing for her life. I hear someone shout?!

Marina's POV

Aw, my head, where am I? This isn't my college! As I open my eyes I look around me and see... Leandra and Wesley from Dragon Age II?! They are kneeled next to me looking at Hawke fighting alongside his siblings and Aveline. As I scrub my eyes and pinch myself wondering if this is all a dream, I realize it isn't. Suddenly I see an Ogre towards Bethany! Bethany no! I've always felt useless when I came to this part of the game and I couldn't save her. Not today! I must do something, but what? Perhaps if I call him to attention, it will give enough time to Bethany run. So I do the only thing I can do right now... I scream! " No!!!!"- I kneel and reach my hand towards her. Everyone turns their eyes towards me for a second, when we hear a roar from the skies. Is that Flemeth?! Oh boy, it is! She will kill the Ogre. Flemeth burns every darkspawn in her way and throws the Ogre out of the cliff. Thank god, they are all ok! But why I'm in Dragon Age II, this can't be happening! This must be a dream. As the dragon turns into Flemeth, and strances in my direction, she talks to Hawke to make a deal with him, when suddenly she gets close to me and speaks: "This isn't a dream young seer, you've got more power than you think. When you finally accept it come to Sundermount and I'll teach you." Flemeth turned towards Hawke "Protect her she will be useful to you and she will be very important for your story."- she glanced at me once again and took off in her dragon form. As she left, everyone got closer to me and they seemed amazed and some scared at what I had done. Bethany got closer to me and thanked me."Thank you so much! You saved my life." As I start panicking, everyone started questioning me about my whereabouts and my "powers", I finally inspected Hawke. Oh boy it's Eddard Hawke my Character that I did in my game. He glanced and smiled in my direction. He had beautiful blue eyes, black wavy hair, he had some facial hair and he was tall and had a strong build. As I inspected his phisique, he talked in a really deep yet kind voice: "Guess I was right, your really something else, little antivan." Besides his words there was only one thing in my mind at the moment: Well shit, why did I made you so hot?!

Chapter I End

"Mãe? Pai? Não me deixem! Por favor!"-Mom?Dad?Don'leave me! Please!