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Mic teased Aizawa for wanting to whip out surprise English on his boyfriend. And after nearly being strangled to death, he finally agreed.

It was more than just simply surprising Yagi. Dave had recently come to the forefront of his thoughts. He missed him...and Yagi has caught on to his (hopefully) subtle melancholy.

The next logical thing for him to do was to learn English, or enough to at least eavesdrop.

So now the time Aizawa would usually spend napping while Mic taught his class English would be spent taking his own notes.

It was like being in high school all over again...only now he was having to balance two jobs, a personal life, and get enough rest so he didn't collapse.

The payoff finally came when Dave took Yagi up on his invitation to visit over the holidays.

The two arrived as he graded papers; having to be indifferent to the conversation they were carrying. Apparently it doesn't snow where Dave lives?

Oh, shit- he had to keep working…

He foresaw getting distracted and tried to finish his work early, but he only had himself to blame for assigning all this in the first place. Fuck…

He was momentarily distracted again when Yagi set a cup of tea down on the coffee table for him with a gentle peck, noticing how Dave regarded them with a distant fondness from the other end of the couch.

Don't worry cowboy, you'll get your turn.

One agonizing eternity and multiple distractions later, the grading that never seemed to end was finally done! And he was DONE. He needed a nap...

The place wasn't the Professor's lap- like he wanted it to be -rather, he settled by his side, claiming the man as a cat would.

He was too worn out to bother with eavesdropping. He was content with having the stiff man cautiously put his arm around him and pull him closer.

They fucked, for god's sake. There was no need for Dave to be this tense.

He awoke some time later to their quiet conversation.

He hadn't been pushed away, rather, he could hear Dave's low chuckling under his ear as Dave held him against his chest.

He didn't stir, but rather continued to listen. To his heartbeat, his breath, his voice…

"Does he normally do this with guests?" Dave asked, having relaxed over the course of Aizawa's nap.

Yagi chuckled, "Only to the ones he really likes."

"So do you think he likes me?"

"Your guess is as good as mine."

"Why don't you ask me yourself..." Aizawa muttered.

The conversation stopped abruptly.

Dave tensed again and his breath hitched. "W-What?"

Aizawa pulled away from the rhythm of his rapidly beating heart to meet his wide blue eyes. That look, along with Yagi's, was well worth the time he spent practicing.

"Ask me if I like you."

He commended the man for how well he dealt with his initial shock before responding.

Dave pushed his glasses up as a slight smirk crept onto his lips. " you like me Aizawa?"

Spoken in Japanese without any help from Yagi, huh? Apparently two can play at this game…

Merely months ago Dave was floundering with trying to ask him for favors in bed. That night had left Aizawa with an ache he wasn't expecting. Even now as Aizawa pressed his mouth to that smirk of his, even as Dave held him in return.

Did he like Dave?


He loved him.